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2000-12-09 to 2001-05-29

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Dec 9 09:24:11 2000

Hey guys! I just archived the old page. Sorry for all those tests last week! :) They should all be done now.

I'll get the new Archives pages up soon...


p.s. Listening to My Favorite - anyone else heard of this band?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Dec 9 11:08:09 2000

Interpreters 3 - as soon as I get enough songs from people, I'll start assembling it. Contributors are welcome! (For you newcomers, we're talking about the upcoming Julian Cope tribute CD).

Sounds - The RealAudio links to the live Cope ought to work now. Let me know if you have problems with any links!

Jazz Butcher - I really like the new album (Rotten Soul). It's upbeat and has tons of memorable songs. Max Eider (the Jazz part the band) is back, giving half the album a gentle, jazzy feel like in the early days of the band. Pat Fish (the Butcher) brings a bunch of cynical rockers that are consistently punchy. It's a great mix! If you are at all a fan of the JBC (old days or new days), I think you'll dig this CD!

My Favorite - we need more bands like this!!! http://www.allmusic.com/ calls their 1999 debut Love at Absolute Zero "quite simply the best album of 1983, delivered sixteen years after the fact." I like it! It reminds me of China Crisis and Aztec Camera. Their 4-song Joan of Arc Awaiting Trial EP is also really cool, and is getting heavy play locally. I bought both from http://www.tweekitten.com/

Kilimanjaro/Wilder reissues - I just ordered these from http://www.amazon.com/ - they're only $16 each!!!

Ivy - drool... I loved their first 2 albums, can't wait to hear the third! (Not yet available here - hopefully early 2001)

I am curious about the new James and World Party albums - any good?


Bov http://www.bov.clara.net/funwithlemons/ Sun Dec 10 15:19:22 2000


Bit of finger trouble there with the old HTML.

Netscape probelm now sorted - once again it's: http://www.bov.clara.net/music/

Quoyle Goodbye Jumbo Mon Dec 11 13:01:52 2000

The new World Party album is mostly excellent.

Very mellow with a couple of weak tracks but the usual Beatles + Stones "pastiches" (okay steals) are still intact.

Its a shame it has sunk without trace like Egyptology - especially when garbage like Travis sells by the truckload.

Still at least those Robbie Williams royalties keep Karl going.

Now where could Guy Chambers have learnt all those tricks?

(Anonymous) Tue Dec 12 02:04:33 2000


Thanks for the lead on the Teardrop's remastered re-issues on Amazon. Both lp's have about 6 bonus tracks and Wilder finally has the flower picture on a cd release. At $16.00 they're a worthy deal, however about 4 of the xtras on Wilder are also on "Everybody...".

But we can now hear 'Rachael...', 'East of the Equator' 'Traeson'(french), 'Use Me', 'Windowshopping...' and 'Sleeping Gas (live) and there's more still on hese 2 cd's.


IzzySpell Tue Dec 12 06:13:02 2000

Gosh'm, there was us all being discrete about it, when JC himself announces to the world, in the Yule address drudion, from which little village in Wiltshire he hails...

Still got the chuckles after phoning up Baroness Young today. 'Phone influential people' - its my new hobby. Dreamt I met the Queen and her mam last night. The older one was looking particularly shocking all bald on top and spikey from the back of her head. Her daughter said its all cos she knows she's gonna die soon so she can say and do what she wants...

Nat Jingle Bells Batman Smells Tue Dec 12 07:52:25 2000

Thanks to Jules Yule tied Greeting I finally feel X-Massey! Hoorah!

I'm off to Avebury to see the sun rise through the rain on the 21st Dec for the good old Winter Solstice - I'd love it to snow! We shall see! Anyone fancy 'a jig a jig ahhhh' around yonder stones then let me know... I'll bring a hot beverage to warm to cockles...

Right I'm now off to rescue a Ferral Cat - I feel like Rolf Harris sometimes I can tell ya...

Start getting Cristmassey NOW peeps and I'll snog you all under the mistletoe at Avebury....yeeehaaaaawwwwww

(Izz my lovely I dreamt about Abba last night - 'I had a Dream' I suppose you could say! That was bizarre too, they were holding up letters in a Sesame Street kind of way and I was scratching them off on a Lottery scratch card!! hmmmmmm)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Dec 12 09:36:57 2000

I really like that Brain Donor mp3!!! Do you know where we can find more Brain Donor songs? I hope they make a full-length CD! I don't know why people didn't seem to like them at Cornocopea (sp?)...


brian Tue Dec 12 11:50:10 2000

where do you find that new brain donor mp3

st Tue Dec 12 12:07:21 2000

you can download it from http://www.bov.clara.net/music/ but be quick, Bov is doing it out of the kindess of his heart for techno prannies (like me) and those who can't get on to Napster to download it and hence will be taking it down fairly soonish. Slán, St.

ron anarchy@usa.com Tue Dec 12 21:07:18 2000

3 cheers for the post Nat. We definitely owe you and your's a nice evening, say... dinner for 25 in Avebury? Maybe paulb can be a gentleman for a nite... never say er... uknow

natives are festless and restless,
unstableness draws nigh.
druid and mistletoe,
jesus and frankensence...
will we live to know?
Nat you got a president yet? Wed Dec 13 08:53:11 2000

Hoorah! You bring the beer and I'll supply the entertainment - Twister alright with you!!

Gave a good crimbo me old mucker!!

Spellbound Wed Dec 13 08:55:56 2000

Been having the most vivid dreams for over a week now. Its wonderful, puts me in a damn fine mood for Yule. I'm up for it Nat! I'll ask the others. I had kinda planned a Yule dinner for me flat, but I recon I can handle more than one event a day....

Anybody know anything about These Animal Men? I bought some EPs from a lovely chap on ebay and I can't get enough, particularly light emitting electrical wave. Phwarr get that hammond organ...

nat ha ha I'm drowning Wed Dec 13 10:50:40 2000

We've been filling sandbags Izz. Our office is due to flood this evening. We've had the warning!!

I'll keep hold of your wellies Izz if your coming with me next Thursday Hoorah!!! Actually might need them as spares for the office! ;-) Good job I'm nominated flood officer!

Amazon where are you flower?

Nat x

amazon Wed Dec 13 18:29:47 2000

I'm here, Nat. My littlest bay bee Wayland is teething and is not very happy today, so I'm gonna get to sleep early as I just know I'll be up all night with the poor little lad.

I will email you soon.

Nat Voyeur Cuckoo Cannonball Thu Dec 14 09:34:30 2000

(or whatever it was the 'Glorious' Deal sisters sang)

Yeeahhhhhhhhhhhhh The Breeders are back, best news I've had in the last 24 hours!! Yippeeeeeee......

Yiippppeeeee all we need now is Belly and Babes in Toyland and my life will be complete!

bye........off to the land of Pod.

Boolbar cashless@themoment Thu Dec 14 12:22:07 2000

Blimey ! This page has been archived again. I'm scared at its emptiness. Can I be the first to type in an overlong word to bugger up everybodies browsers again ?

No perhaps not.

So, did anyone else get a question printed in Q magazine the other month ? Did you get any cash for it ? I'm still waiting. I need to buy some coal you publishing bastards !

Oh, Merry Yule (or whatever) to you all.

Richard Hayward Fri Dec 15 09:11:59 2000

I have just downloaded the following details of the Fouthcomming Debut Thighpaulsandra Solo Album, from the official Coil site:



  1. Lycraland
  2. The Angelica Declaration
  3. Optical Black
  4. Abuse foundation IV
  5. Michel Publicity Window
  6. Terrible
  7. We, The Descending
  8. Limping Across The Sky
  9. Home Butt Club
  10. Celine and Julie Go Boating
  11. Beneath the Frozen lake Of Stars

2001 Eskaton

Notes: Release date set for Jan 22nd on Eskaton double digipack CD

It features John Balance on text and vocals, Julian Cope, members of Julian Cope Band, and members of Spiritualized.

Richard Hayward

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Dec 15 10:49:56 2000

Thanks Richard, that's great news, hopefully it'll be worth the wait. Do you have any idea on the availablility of the cd? Where can I buy it from? Obviously its not going to be a huge release, but I wonder whether I'll be able to get it through amazon uk etc? Any ideas anyone?

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Fri Dec 15 13:42:07 2000


I was watching YoHo Ahoy with my little boy and I noticed one of the voices is done by Joss Cope, Julian's little bro!



Marc Fri Dec 15 14:03:14 2000

I have been reading the Coil website and I think there is a link to another website where you can buy all Coil - related releases. You should find it when you take your time and check out Coil`s site thoroughly.

Thighpaulsandra`s EP could be ordered there as well so they will probably offer hisnew release too.


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Fri Dec 15 19:20:07 2000

Middle Pillar will most likely carry the Thighpaulsandra CD as they temd to stock all the Coil/related releases,and I believe they had his EP as well.


Merry Almost everyone

starry eyes starryeyes@btinternet.com http://communities.msn.com/TheInturpreter Sun Dec 17 08:04:43 2000


I've just added a page at:


Called Cope Swaps - the idea is to set up an on line swap meet to exchange tapes / videos. I've put up my (small) collection so far, so if anyone wants to start the ball rolling, get in touch with swaps! Hopefully we'll get hundreds up there!

Mothra morfe@purpleturtle.com Mon Dec 18 06:36:29 2000

Yuletide Greetings to all you railers, and of course Trav, keep on keeping on!


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Tue Dec 19 07:43:20 2000

Sorry to have to use this forum for this but...

Trav - I've been trying to Email you (without success) because I'm interested in purchasing the 2 tribute CDs if they're still available. Is it OK to send cash in the mail? Obviously I could buy US$20 (about 40 of my Australian dollars on current exchange rates - pitiful eh) and stick that in an envelope and send to you. Is it Ok to send cash internationally in the mail? I know it's only a small amount but...an international money order costs money itself to buy and presumably to cash at your end.

And should I send a bit more to cover extra postage costs to get em across the Pacific?



Del Tue Dec 19 11:50:05 2000

I regret to tell you all (those who haven't heard) that Kirsty McColl has been killed today at the age of 41.

According to Radio FiveLive, she was involved in a boating accident in Mexico.

Music has lost a great singer/songwriter and the world will be all the poorer. Condolences to Kirsty's family and friends.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Dec 20 19:41:44 2000

Man, two awesome bands I just recently got into:

Great stuff!!!

My new computer is en route! I'm excited because I will finally get to record some Cope covers for Interpreters 3! :)


Nat Money money money Thu Dec 21 04:37:33 2000

Ummm Boolbar I apparently had my question in Q magazine! Had £25 cheque arrive last Friday!! I had no idea it had been prininted so if anyone has a copy of Q and could remind me what the question was I'd be appreciated!!! I think it was something to do with - Buckaroo and Kerplunk?!! (Seriously its no joke - I was in print!)

Oh and also I've been off sick this week and have been watching Childrens TV and a certain Joss Copes Cartoon has been on CBBC!! 'Yo Ho Ahoy' its about pirates and its brilliant! Tune in folks I'm addicted. They were on a see saw yesterday and one pirate fell out of the crows nest and hit the see saw and made the captain fly into the air! Brilliant stuff had me entertained - move over Teletubbies!

Nat xx

Nat Thu Dec 21 04:39:20 2000

Whoops Russ looks like you've been watching Yo Ho Ahoy too!! Didn't read down far enough! Beat me to it

Merry Christmas!


Spellbound Thu Dec 21 05:06:18 2000

Eh up Nat, well done on the question, drinks on you then? Morfey was after you earlier, but I'm not going to tell you that cos he's mine OK?

I got up stupidly early to see the sunrise this morning. It was beautiful, a really bright orange sun right low on the horizon making the cloud shine orange. After an hour or so it occurred to me that I was actually looking at a very bright light in the docks. In fact there was no sunrise at all. Hrumph.

Nat Mofeous and the Underworld Thu Dec 21 07:16:02 2000

I'll e.mail him myself and not tell you then Izz!

I'll buy you a swift half a tap water from the pub if you like Izz - generous me.

Ron - we've had some more landrover stuff arrive for you so I've forwarded it on and given your US address to the Landrover people here in Southampton - Offered me a free test drive they did!

Nat x

Boolbar now@bank Thu Dec 21 08:03:35 2000

Nat, thanks for that. My Cheque also arrived Friday as well with ego-boosting letter - perhaps Q are not such 'publishing bastards' after all. I remember the Buckaroo/Kerplunk question , I'm sure Copey prefered Buckaroo - I wouldn't know, having been deprived of Buckaroo as a child.

If you want good sunrises, try Norfolk. I often see the sun peeping over one horizon just as the moon sets on the other. Not a stone circle for miles though. (Apart from that wood sea-henge that was moved away).

Happy Winter Solstice everyone ! Come back daylight, all is forgiven.

ron not@the ranch.com Thu Dec 21 10:30:04 2000

a free test drive did they? wow... how are your negotiation skills? been caught up with da cope lately, got a huge package from those fine folks at HH...the glam dicenn is glorious... had a rough day last week, and I was complaining about it being a 'monday', and the response back was "no, it's the sunspots thats causing it" I almost went to the ranch... I told him that was so close to the truth it was scary.

coolian yulean to awl...

IzzySpell Thu Dec 21 12:12:19 2000

I could do with a few pints of water, Nat, can't seem to keep my cells hydrated these days.

Bool, you may not have any stone circles but as I understand it there are loads of VERY ancient sites in Norfolk. Places wither people could walk from the continent 10,000 years ago. Or am I making it up?

Tried to play Odin to our guests at our Yule eve dinner last night but they all took the piss so I had to take it off. Humbug.

PaulB Thu Dec 21 16:54:52 2000

Nat: Surely I flagged up your entry in the Q questionnaire when I brought to everyone's attention some time ago on these very pages? Perhaps not.

I also got a package from HH recently. The first part of Glam Dicenn is somewhat ropey, but the final parts are some of the best things that Copey's done in ages. I'd love to see an album of that stuff in the future.

Bad news about Kristy McColl. What makes it worse is papers talking about her "hits with The Wonder Stuff" and Bono getting his christian asshole oar in. Show some compassion - there's no need to take the piss.

ron back@da Ranch Thu Dec 21 20:46:04 2000

paulb... whhhhaaasssssuup nice question nat... translation por favor?

"thhaasasad story, gotta smoke?"

Sgt. Stadanko: "There's no smoking Plisken, this is ameriKa"

Snake: "land of the free, home of the brave..."

Nat Please don't shout at me Fri Dec 22 04:03:54 2000

PaulB - I am sorry I'm just a dippy girl who knows nothing!! :-( You always shout at me!!

Ron - I felt rather 1970's at the time of writing the question and whilst sat on my spacehopper in my poloneck jumper and tank top with my tarten bay city roller drylon flared trousers on (Why did your parents always dress you in such flamable clothing!). I played a tune on my stylophone and into my head came the question -Which is a more superior game Kerplunk or Buckeroo! Personally I prefer Kerplunk a game of high skill and marbles and those coctail stick things that you can poke people with!!

Anyway me old muckers Have a blinding Christmas everybody and please dress up as Slade and stagger in your platforms this New Years Eve.... See you in the real millenium...

Nat xxxxxxxxxx

Izzy Fri Dec 22 08:49:01 2000

Hope everyone has jolly good holiday. Here's hoping for a little magic to guide you into 2001. I'm going to try to avoid computers until 2001, lets see if I can manage it...

ron Please don't shout @ nat Fri Dec 22 09:56:57 2000

how's that Madonna wedding thing going? I understand the Archdrude is to play Conspiracist Blues at the reception, or maybe that was Mick and Co... you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might find, you get what you need...

yeah, that whole decade was a fire hazzard, lime green leisure suits w/5in plats included. might be good outfits for twister thou ;o)-~

colin powell? what about michael jordon, definitely a better negotiator, and to my knowledge has never killed anyone.

peace on earth and goodwill towards men...

Spellbound Fri Dec 22 10:07:26 2000

Hey! and the chicks!

(Anonymous) Fri Dec 22 11:21:47 2000

2001 already? damn that was quick... yes and the babes too... I figure if the boy's are behavin' then the gals are ok.

Steven Fri Dec 22 14:06:25 2000

Safe and Happy Holidays All

umm..err..what's Buckeroo?

Never heard of that one.

I always liked Gnip Gnop

PaulB Fri Dec 22 18:13:38 2000


Anyway, everyone knows that Mousetrap is the ruling game...

David Lewis Basso davidlwbasso@hotmail.com Sat Dec 23 18:23:19 2000

New to all such interactions - here in Santa Barbara, California - any Cope fans w/in days of here?! He sits in the Used Cd bin in these parts - when I worked the CD store, I got in trouble for always buying him used off people for the store - I was fired in infamy long ago, &they sit there still! The gut just looks so un-Hollywood &post-ironic for these lattitude/longitude coords...

But it was a lovely Winter Soltice Sunrise over the Pacific (S.B. sits oddly on the coast- the sun doesn't set over the ocean here...) - like Christ returning or an H-Bomb in slo-mo...@ 1 point looking like a pupae rising out of a coccoon, 1/2 red &1/2 yellow. Saint Barbara is a quite interesting Lady for our town to be named after - associated w/ Rapunzel &THE TOWER card in the Tarot...Barbarians &Strangers, The Faery Queen Herself over which Christians imposed mythology - the definition of mythology is someone else's religion...#subscibe:davidlwbasso@hotmail.com

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sat Dec 23 20:23:41 2000

Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year to the Rail On regulars (especially Izzy &Nat).

David: So what was Julian doing sitting in the used CD bin of a Santa Barbara record shop?

(Anonymous) Sun Dec 24 06:29:36 2000

Does anyone know more about this? I found it tonight on Amazon.com

Best of BBC Sessions 1983-1991 [IMPORT] [LIVE]
Julian Cope
Our Price: $35.49
Availability: This title usually ships within 4-6 weeks.
Please note that labels occasionally run out of stock.
We will notify you within 2-3 weeks if we have trouble
obtaining this title.


(Anonymous) Sun Dec 24 06:42:07 2000

Was that you that took out the pedestrian overpass at Cabrillo and the 101? Enjoy the traffic jamming this weekend there at Milpas.

"An intellectual snob is one who will hear The William Tell Overture and not think of The Lone Ranger."

(Anonymous) Mon Dec 25 19:06:33 2000

Bill Drummond said... "Sit here Jules and I'll send Balfe 'round with the Royalty check"

Nat Fat Blowter Wed Dec 27 04:21:21 2000

My god how much chocolate! Feel like Mr Creosote!! One more wafer thin mint! Hope you all had a good one!

Anyone, know about this tour in May at the City Hall (somewhere) which falls on my birthday, or am I being tricked into a saucy weekend away on the pretence of seeing Julian? (Lets hope so!!)

Yawn think I'll sleep off some more chocolate.....

Nat xx

Mothra winterwonderland@home Thu Dec 28 05:25:36 2000

Woke up this morning, head like a war zone, body like a chocolate factory (hi Nat!), but, but, what's that quietitude? What could muffle the sound of traffic so effectively? That strange and magical silence? SNOW, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!

off into the forest of Morfe, oh beleauguered steed with cheap tyres and dodgy crankset don't fail me this time..............I may be some time.

Anyone out there NOT eaten chocolate?

Nat Snow balls Thu Dec 28 07:28:02 2000

Howdy Mothra me old Morfe you...

Snowed down south too! Hoorah...my poor kitten doesn't like it much but I do! Woo hooo..crunched to work this morning as the car was dead! boo..

Nevermind eh! Good news though - aparently tickets have been purchased for Julian Cope at the Sheffield City Hall on April 18th 2001! I'm hopefully popping on up... wonder if there will be anymore dates! Now thats enough to warm yer cockles.

nat x

Mothra Thu Dec 28 07:59:35 2000

Yeah, dead cars are the way forward this Yule!

Fantastic news about the Sheffield Venue eh Nat-a-lee!? Any chance of a lift? ;-)

Now what was I saying about cars....?

amazon Thu Dec 28 11:47:58 2000

I know you will all be missing me, so I just thought I'd say hello to you all and I am waiting for the holidays to be over so I can get flirtin again!!!!!!!!!!!

See ya!

Keep that stable warm Morfey. x x x

rich belbinoid@hotmail.com Thu Dec 28 13:37:11 2000

Evening all, nice to be in agin albeit briefly. Hope we all enjoyed whatever we did over solstice/christmas/eid/whatever, and are planning a fine millenium do (actually, after last year I know hardly anyone who has owt seriously planned, probably a good thing)

Anyways, to the point. This Sheffield gig thing, does anyone know if there are more planned, or is Mr C merely making up for the fact that he missed out this lovely city on the last tour? The venue is in keeping with those just played - its the small hall in the City Hall, all seated &normally used for classical. Piss poor advertising so far, the only thing I've found is the City Hall's own list - which actually has it down for May 2nd. No mention in HH or nme site.

Whatever I've got three front row tickets, so I dont really give a monkeys cuss (one spare for you if you want it Nat, otherwise it'll have to go to that nice boy with the glasses, or Julie - who decided Copey was more impressive than she thought after she'd been dragged to see Gong)

Enjoy all, and be groovy


starry eyes inturpreter@hotmail.com Thu Dec 28 18:05:57 2000

Just did a search at livegigguide.com and found this on a search:

05 May 2001

Julian Cope

Leicester - Princess Charlotte

To-ur, to-ur, to-ur!!!

Oh yes!! I start saving and begging for lifts now!

Nat Sexy Lemons Fri Dec 29 06:33:20 2000

Of course you can have a lift me olde Morfe! You've only got to ask...

I'll let you know about the tix after I've spoken to people next week Rich, good to have you back even if it is only briefly.... will I stay with you and yours or will I need to book an hotel!? will B mind?

Maybe a London date will appear which would be cool.

Anyway have a cool new year everyone and celebrate the REAL millenium with Style! Mine will involve lots of Gin and Lemons...hic.... hic

Nat xx

dave daveroberts45@hotmail.com Fri Dec 29 10:56:57 2000

Can anyone help make up for the Royal Mails ineptitude? They managed to lose my copy of the Cornucopea CD and now I'm without one! Oh what can be done? Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy?

Also where can I locate a copy of the Teardrop Explodes In Concert album? I've never even seen anything more than an advert for it!

have a cool yule,


ron snowed-in@the ranch Sat Dec 30 01:58:01 2000

packed in to greet the 01, not sure if it's the millieneum, not sure if anyone really nose... figure got's bout 48 hrs of firewood, milk, bread, essentials...

http://www.headheritage.co.uk/ is a good start er... you said cornucopia? nevermind... live teardrops, hmmm, Andrew? Paulb? dare I say it shrimp? plant?

oh my, actual dates, may have to arrange a test drive, a boat ride, and a train trip, quite possibly #9... give to a registered charity, us heavy drinkers need a place to stay... save the rainforest... the amazon is a delicate flower, a mysterious creature.

"question authority" Tim Leary, MD PHD LSD

amazon Sat Dec 30 11:38:13 2000

Why, thank you, Ron.

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Sat Dec 30 12:22:29 2000

Hey, I finally managed to get a copy of the Copulation Video !! Did we talk about it ? Anyway, nice sleeve, nice pictures, quite a long text, and the following running order:

reward.colours fly away.treason.sleeping gas.greatness and perfection.laughing boy.reynard ( live 1986 ).

wsym.trampolene.eve`s volcano.charlotte anne.5 o`clock world.china doll.spacehopper ( live 1986 ).

A perfect companion to head - on and repossessed. Catch it if you can.

ron Sat Dec 30 18:16:19 2000

My pleasure.

ron Sat Dec 30 18:18:35 2000

My pleasure.

ron Sat Dec 30 18:31:38 2000

If submission takes long, please be patient; rehitting POST can result in duplications.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Dec 31 09:50:50 2000

All right, here's another address that's givin us delays:


I plan to start reading The Modern Antiquarian tomorrow! Any pointers on how to get the most out of reading it (if you don't live in the UK and can't go see the sites)? :)


old father snorer Sun Dec 31 12:23:18 2000

six hours to go...2001 here we come.mines a large DJD and coke,and pass the rizlas.Where ever you all are tonite have a good one and take care.Ron...good luck and dont eat the yellow snow. 2001-we,re standing on the verge of gettin it on.PEACE.

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sun Dec 31 18:08:47 2000

Have a cracking New Years do, where ever you Rail On reprobates hang out - see ya all in 2001!


Mothra Sun Dec 31 21:54:13 2000

Q1. Sprout. Cabbage. Morfeum in Excelsis.

Thighpaulsandra thighp@pwdu.demon.co.uk Sun Dec 31 22:30:23 2000

My new album 'I Thighpaulsandra' will be released on the Eskaton label on 22.01.01. It is a double CD and vinyl. The CD is over 2hrs long.

It should be in all good record shops or available from www.thresholdhouse.com

It features members of Coil, Spiritualized old and new, J.C., The Boy Anal and a few other spacers.

I'm going to put out an EP early March - new material and a single remix of 'Michel Publicity Window'

Thanks for your support in 2000 and thanks to all the people who came to say hello at the Gloucester and London S.B.E. gigs.

Have a cosmic 2001.


Russ Mon Jan 1 05:24:23 2001


Happy new year to you all!!!

Well I'll be at Sheffield and the new site is on its way.....Oh and my PC blew over the holidays but its sale time!!!!


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Jan 1 08:21:58 2001

OI OI OI, Happy New Year!

Some time ago (months ago, in fact), someone was asking about Leila Khaled (as in Just Like Leila Khaled Said), in terms of whether she was a real person and, if so, what she'd done to get her name immortalised by a song by the Teardrop Explodes.

I think the question was answered at the time - that she was a terrorist - but if you want to know more, there's actually an article about her (with photo) in today's Daily Telegraph.


amazon sadwithoutmorfe@home.waiting Mon Jan 1 19:10:42 2001

ignore me, he does

Nat Tue Jan 2 07:00:59 2001

I asked about Leila Khaled - as she was the subject of a TV Programme ooo last year sometime, so actually knew about her!! But ta for the Newspaper tip - Daily Telegraph indeed..

Trav - Belboid@myremarq.com is Mr belbins e.mail address and I don't think he uses it any more. As he's not about much I'll contact him and get it to sort it out!

Hope we all had a good New Year - just me and Jools Holland on the TV this year... BORING but brilliant oh well roll on the Julian Tour.. Nice to hear from Mr ThighPaul.

Speak to you all soon and HAPPY MILLENIUM... Woo hoo..

Nat xx

lisa a Tue Jan 2 09:56:55 2001

Hi all - you don't know me but ...

Is the Q mag cash for questions article online anywhere? I missed the paper issue.

hoping for a manchester Audience sometime soon

love and peace


starry eyes inturpreter@hotmail.com Tue Jan 2 15:20:05 2001


I'll be putting it on my site - probably this weekend - so keep an eye out at:


the ubiquitous starry eyes bogoff@youtwonk.com Tue Jan 2 15:48:47 2001

Hi y'all

I'm just putting togther some stuff on the tour for the second edition of my fanzine, just wondered if anyone has any thoughts, since it's been a few weeks since it ended, that i can include in the review?

Simple stuff like whether the seats were a good idea, set list, that make up and those tights spring to mind, but any deeper thoughts would be appreciated.

Love ya!

(Anonymous) Tue Jan 2 18:29:35 2001

well... ok, maybe the tequilia had a bit part... anything intresting happen after the $10 incident?

paul middleton pmiddle@nla.gov.au Tue Jan 2 19:11:48 2001

Hi all. I thought this would be the most likely place to get an answer to my question. I have a copy of Fried [Mercury, US] on CD. I have had it for sometime now and was wondering if that release came out at the same time as the LP, ie. 1984? All help gratefully appreciated. Regards, Paul.

Brian Wed Jan 3 01:29:10 2001

re: Fried

Cope didn't have any U.S. solo releses till St. Julian. With it's success came the 're'-issues. A friend of mine was writing to him around that time and apparently there was talk of a compiliation of the first 2 solo's.


Izzy Wed Jan 3 04:34:01 2001

Happy NY!

Installed back at my desk having avoided computers for a whole 11 days! Well, I'm impressed. Beautiful snow. Inspired some excellent dreaming of JC, but shan't go any further. Of course, the plan to visit A'bury "next time it snows" fell through as we were dispersed about the country for the festivities. I passed nearby on the train and also saw a very white white horse at Warminster. Ramble waffle mutter.

Arthur C Clark's 2001 as book at bedtime. Genuis! New I go to bed in time to wake up refreshed for work in the morning. I am also finally beginning to understand. Entered the NY with a sense of doom. Oh well, shall keep at the Christmas Laphroaig and stay rid of that...

ron Wed Jan 3 09:34:15 2001

welcome back mis spell...

ron east@easyriders.com Wed Jan 3 10:05:14 2001

I can't seem to find the 're-issued' fried mentioned on trampolene... anyone have the lyrics to the Bill Drummond ditty 'Julian Cope is dead' by chance... not morbid, just curious...

know how, know why, know way, know where, know when

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jan 3 11:04:30 2001

Just for you Ron, I found the following at http://www.student.brad.ac.uk/alradtke/lyr-jcid.html

Julian Cope Is Dead

Julian Cope is dead / I shot him in the head.

If he moves some more, / I'll kill him for sure.

Now, Julian Cope is dead.

The Teardrops weren't they great?

In their own wee way.

'Treason', 'Reward', 'The Thief Of Bagdad', / The Teardrops weren't they great?

A footnotes all they'd have got, / In the annals of rock.

Until I got wise, / And hatched up my plan, / A footnotes all they'd have got.

Jules C. just follow me, / I have your interests at heart.

Now take this knife, / And write to your wife.

Tell her it had to be.

Now Julian said no, / He didn't want to go.

More records he wanted to make.

But if ?pitch? is your man, / You'll go with a bang, / Bigger than the Beatles for sure.

Now, Julian Cope is dead, / I shot him in the head, / He didn't understand, / The glory of the plan, / Now, Julian Cope is dead.

We'll have platinum records not gold, / To hang on our walls at home.

When the neighbours come round, / I'll always break down, / Repeating the stories of old.

But who is this man, / With holes in his hands, / A halo round his head.

That Arab smock, / And golden locks, / It can't be, it could be, it is! / J.C. please, you've got to see, / I was doing what a manager ought.

The records weren't selling, / And Balfie was drooping, / And Gary had a mortgage to pay.

From the LP "The Man" by Bill Drummond

The reissues shouldn't be too hard to find. Try GEMM.com, always a food resource! Best wishes - Andrew

andrew Wed Jan 3 11:08:09 2001

Err, that should have been a "good" resource, not food. Oh god I need caffeine and sunlight. Help, get me out of hell!

ron Wed Jan 3 14:21:03 2001

muchas gracias Andrew. hmmm, I'm torn between it being a half-hearted apology/justification or a half-assed attempt at a slag off... have to ponder this, intresting... any thot's?

thanks for the gemm.com reminder, that's only about the 10th time you've told me... maybe this tyme it'll sink in... duh...must be my 'mouldy' grey matter. a copy of KILIMANJARO arrived yesterday which was pretty cool...

so hell hath frozen over? btw the site updates are killer, really, really like what you've done with the albums/spot of tea ;o)

andrew commonera@lycos.com Wed Jan 3 15:34:17 2001

Ron, I do have the Bill Drummond album if your interested in a tape! I have to warn you though, its mainly crap, or at least strange...not sure how to describe it really, its kind of Scottish Country &Western. Bad probably sums it up best in my mind. Julian Cope is dead is just an extended limerick really, and if that is the best he could do in response to Bill Drummond Said, well...

andrew again Wed Jan 3 15:36:59 2001

Get thee to HH now for the new tour dates in April and May!

Marc Thu Jan 4 05:10:06 2001

re: new tour dates

once again no dates located beyond GB.

and no gig in London, either...

such a shame...

izzy dot@dotdot.com Thu Jan 4 06:45:24 2001

Marc - according to my calculations on my super duper computer there are 3 gigs in london...as a woking girl I count Croydon, Hackney and Blackheath as London...I now have an electronic map of the tour if anyone wishes to own one for to put on the fridge door...


nat bloody e.mail.com Thu Jan 4 07:23:51 2001

(I've crashed it Izz hence not replying to your wonderful joke about the Giraffe!!)

I'd love a map shall we go to all three Izz - we can plan on Saturday in the pub Hoorah... I have friends in Croydon with a spare HUGE bedroom and Hackney is lovely (a little scarey but lovely!)

Horrah for Tours!!

nat x

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Thu Jan 4 08:35:47 2001


I'd really appreciate if you can e-mail me a map with the locations of the gigs, or just tell me in which town is every gig.

Maybe I can go to Britain during those days, and see Julian playing live foer the first time for me.



OrangeSpell Thu Jan 4 11:28:09 2001

Oooer! I was kind of joking about the map, taking the piss out of my own anorakness (and deep boredom at work), but you can have it if you like... http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imjs/jcmap.ps and and an even crappier jpeg version at http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imjs/jcmap.jpg.

Let us know if you do come over Santisan, or anyone, and we'll organise meets maybe.

Nat I'll be along with a flip board and a large marker pen...

Marc Thu Jan 4 14:18:46 2001

cheers Izzy, but I am going to see Nick Cave in concert on May 9th in Duesseldorf so it would be rather difficult to combine all these dates...

btw, didn`t Julian say he didn`t want to tour foreign countries any longer because of his kids ?

I`d say going up to Orkney and Shetland would be a longer way to travel than using the channel and play some gigs in Holland. No stones there, though...

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Thu Jan 4 15:41:43 2001

Hey, the gods must have been listening.

I've been on the mailing list of Blackheath Halls since I went there to see Difford and Tilbrook, formerly of Squeeze.

Last summer I got a call from them, partly to invite me to become a supporter, and partly to ask some questions for a survey, such as the sort of music I was interested in.

I'm going to have to check, but, as a 'Friend' (yes, I did donate to their appeal) I might qualify for ticket discounts, if you wanted to book via me.

They've got a webiste which will presumably contain a map: it's www.blackheathhalls.com

Roger :)

PaulB Thu Jan 4 18:47:11 2001

Blackheath Halls is actually in my neck of the woods (I saw Martin Stephenson there last year). How kind. Perhaps I can get Copey to perform in my living room next year....

OrangeSpell izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Jan 5 05:47:05 2001

I think its the flying that he don't like mainly, can't speak for someone I don't know though. Travelling up to Orkney and Shetland would have to be regarded as a pilgrimage but I'm willing, despite my fear of boats. Its not pick on Marc week or anything, but there ARE tombs (and possibly stones - I shall have to ask my Netherlands correspondant) in the Netherlands. I going over to check these out this year...

poor Marc Fri Jan 5 07:48:04 2001

oh dear oh dear "I know that I know nothing" or what ?

Anyway, but WHAT I know is that you don`t have to fly any more to get down to the continent...

But it`s probably no pilgrimage but just a crap trip.

Santisan Mon Jan 8 04:39:18 2001

Thanks for the map OrangeSpell. It's very useful. I don't know yet if I'll go to England in May. But it can be a good idea to arrange a meet.

Jonathan Laidlow J.M.Laidlow@bham.ac.uk Tue Jan 9 05:48:36 2001

Hi folks,

delurking for a second because in my post-Xmas clear-out I've decided I can live without the following JC CD- singles. £5 ea including postage.

Email me on J.M.Laidlow@bham.ac.uk if interested.


(who wants the next instalment of the autobiog, and a Citizen Caned this year...)

Johnny john.w.smith@expro.shell.co.uk Wed Jan 10 04:52:10 2001

Fopp records in Byres Road, Glasgow are selling copies of "Repossessed/Head On" for £3 each if anyone is interested, or still to pick one up.



Nat Thu Jan 11 09:40:31 2001

Hello me old muckers - whilst we're all on this for sale vibe thing has anyone got or know where I can get a CD copy of 'Peggy Suicide'? Side B Tracks 2 and 3 of my vinyl copy are worn away!!

Rob Ross (ex-Modfatherrob) modfatherrob@yahoo.com Thu Jan 11 10:34:32 2001

Greetings to all...

Nat--try www.GEMM.com--you can find any and every record you could ever look for there!

Good luck!

ron quiet_nite@the_ranch Thu Jan 11 22:12:03 2001

thanks Trav... no login, no passwords to remember... think i'm up to 6000 or so... checked snail mail lately? sent to Franklin Drive. right?

since you did your usual bang up job, i promise not to throw Bill out the window whilst on the interstate when he arrives... sorry to spoil the surprise :O(

am i that scary?

need a june #9, what's he got against hot weather... the twister possibilities boggle the mind.

sleeping gas in my skin, sunspots in my head.

Richard Hayward r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Fri Jan 12 05:59:51 2001

The julian Cope Gig at Hackney is not the odeon as previously listed but at a brand new venue called the Ocean that will be opening soon.

The main orditorium where Julian is playing has a capacity of 2100 standing or 1000 seated. (I hope Julian has gone for the standing option?)

Tickets are £15.00 onsale now and they are avaliable from their website address:


They state that the venue has "state of the art sound, lighting and audio visual technology."

If you have time check out their website. The venue looks fantastic definately going to be one of the gigs of the upcomming tour

Richard Hayward

Nat Heaven, found heaven baby... Fri Jan 12 07:58:21 2001

Oh God Mod father Rob (why ex-Modfather?) You have taken me to sheer heaven!! Thanks for the www.GEMM.com tip - I have now spent a fortune on all sorts of gubbins... I am truely grateful!

Hoorah - brough me Peggy S.!! Hoorah.....

Nat x

Rob (still ex-Modfather) modfatherrob@yahoo.com Fri Jan 12 10:25:04 2001

Nat, darling...

glad to be of help/service...be careful, though--GEMM is ADDICTIVE!

ex-Mod--at 36, I no longer feel compelled to cavort about in a target t-shirt and have people think of me as big a prick as P.Weller...I'm just a tad nicer...

Plus, I wanted to let my hair and beard grow and heavens forbid a "Mod" does that! LOL...

Blessings to all you good people.

Nat Addicted to Gemm Fri Jan 12 11:05:04 2001

Thats so true...I am now a GEMM addict I can't belive how much they've got for sale... I WANT IT ALL AND I WANT IT NOW!!

Ho hum I'm going home.....ta fer the top tip Rob (forever the mod father to me) if you are going to any of the London dates I'll buy you a swift half of Pernod and Blackcurrant...

nat x

Rob (Petrol Dude) modfatherrob@yahoo.com Fri Jan 12 12:40:05 2001

oi, Nat...

If only I were in London! Being in NY, the best I can do is pick up a bottle of Cinzano and listen to The Style Council... BE STRONG, Nat, my darling--if you have bills, you don't want to inflate your credit card on GEMM!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend...

And let's get contributions for Vol. 3 of the tribute (ho ho ho)...

Andi andi@vowers.freeserve.co.uk Sat Jan 13 15:42:30 2001

I am going to New York soon, never been before, any recommendations on where to go?

Russ Sanders russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Sun Jan 14 13:52:10 2001


Anyone going to see Skyray and Glide in Liverpool on the 31st Jan?.

The cope auction pages are open at www.julian-cope.com


Oh and happy new year to you all.........better late than never

Russ Sun Jan 14 13:55:42 2001

Oh Yeah!

Who's up for Sheffield then........

Richard r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Mon Jan 15 04:53:27 2001

Just to let everyohne Know.

I have found out that the fourthcomming Hackney ocean show will be Standing and not seated.

So at last Julian will be playing a large venue with a standing capacity of 2100, in the London area that is not seated.

Richard Hayward

Nat Start spreading the news.... Mon Jan 15 05:09:26 2001

Well Mod Father Rob I'll have to come to you for a shopping spree in NY and you can show me round and I'll take you for a pint of creme de'month....

Julian spotted on 'I love 1980' on BBC 2 on Saturday Night....

Must get me tickets today I'm glad its standing! Hoorah..

Small party of Julianettes meeting in Avebury for a picnic on Sunday 21st January if anyone is interested... wear your wellies and bring some ginger beer.

Nat x

PaulB Mon Jan 15 09:14:39 2001

I don't think Julian was on I Love The 1980's - but they played Treason and Reward. The bands of the year were OMD and The Human League. I supplied all the OMD stuff for the show so I can now say that my sleeve of Enola Gay has made its TV debut (it goes on to a career in daytime TV in the autumn...)

Russ Mon Jan 15 10:54:35 2001

Wow Paul,

Do you need an agent!!!

Nat Mr Big Stuff who do you think you are........ Mon Jan 15 10:56:04 2001

Wooooo (Produces a handbag)......

seen/heard/played/listened/spotted its all the same to me PaulB - Julian was on I love 1980! I promise to be more accurate next time, oh great one... ;-)

I had a picture on 'Take Hart' once so I too have had something I own on the TV! (And I was on 'Get Fresh' with Gilbert the alien - so your record sleeve is not the only star amongst us!!) :-)

Anyone here ever won a Blue Peter Badge?

Nat x

Russ Mon Jan 15 10:56:35 2001

mind I have been on crimestoppers


Nat Mon Jan 15 11:13:05 2001

As a wanted man or in a reconstruction shouting 'Stop Thief'?;-)

izzy Mon Jan 15 11:33:12 2001

I was given some blue peter stickers by a guy I met in Jerusalem. He worked on the programme (and going live, but I wasn't into those stickers) and said the presenters were "thick as pig-shit". I've pulled my trousers up on the richard and judy show and I was on Songs of Praise in xmas 1990...they were in Prague and if you cared to look carefully there were two drunken girls slumped under the arches totally oblivious to the choir. I swear to this day those singers never made a sound.

Still, not as cool as the album cover...

Boolbar TheManWithTheNunsInHisEyes Mon Jan 15 13:01:48 2001

I was once on BBC Midlands Today (a local program for local people). They were interviewing two nuns in Birmingham (can't remember why) and I spotted myself dodging cars in the background. I knew it was me as I was carrying a cardboard cut-out of Kate Bush at the time.

johnny johnny@itooktotaladvantageofherandnowfeelguilty.com Mon Jan 15 13:12:28 2001

I had a BBC1 TV producer/occasional presenter fairly recently.


Izzy Mon Jan 15 14:13:20 2001

Johnny, you're a rotter!

PaulB Mon Jan 15 15:01:46 2001

Johnny: we want names and details and we want them now.

Boolbar: we *have* to hear the whole story on this one!

BTW my bigger TV moment comes up later in the year..... ;-)

unwanted extra rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Jan 15 15:08:38 2001

Never did get a Blue Peter badge, but then again I switched to Magpie as soon as it came out.

Probably my biggest claim to fame was being in Quadrophenia, as one of the mods beating up Ray Winstone.

Just about all the other scenes I was in ended up on the cutting room floor, apart from one in the cafe (Alfredo's in the Essex Road, Islington) where Jimmy and Ferdy were doing their "I'll have the lot" drugs deal, where I was at the back - in a blue shirt - leaning over the juke box. I knew it was my one chance to get on the big screen but even when the argument broke out between Jimmy and Mark Wingett - giving me, I thought, just reason to turn to look at what was going on [and get myself facing the camera] - the director would invariably say, between takes: "You at the back there...stop turning round."


PS Curiosity has got the better of me as regards Izzy's reference to appearing on Richard &Judy. Ummm, what were you doing with them down?

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Tue Jan 16 04:45:24 2001

Does anybody know the reason for Julian's dislike of Bono, apart, obviously,from general naffness. Was there a specific incident which sparked it off?

Spellbound Tue Jan 16 04:59:55 2001

Heh heh. Well I was a-strolling around the Albert Dock one morning in a rapidly dying pair of kahki long-johns when the elastic in the waistband gave up the ghost and they began to slowly decend. Looking out into the dock I hoisted the trousers up, nonchalantly then, turning round, I noticed two very familiar presenters through the glass window, apparently talking to a camera. In truth I don't know if I was actually on the show (it being live), but I like to think I caused some amusement.

As for Bono, my special reason would be the Joshua Tree, and I don't care would everybody else says...

PaulB ss@arc23.com Tue Jan 16 08:34:12 2001

Copey's classic comments on U2 go back a long way. It's generally that 'stadium band' thing, and the fact that Bono likes to pretend he's Jesus (a role already asigned to the lead singer of Depeche Mode - as he at least looks the part. Har.).


Off topic - is there any audio whizz out there who knows anything about working with Real Audio files?

johnny Tue Jan 16 11:13:25 2001

Izzy, I am a rotter, but in my defence I started off with the purist intentions! Just didn't pan out really. She still likes me though, so I suppose I wasn't too badly behaved...8-)

PaulB, Sorry mate, feel bad enough without doin a kiss'n'tell to the world. Wouldn't be fair.

She was pretty though!



Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Tue Jan 16 12:10:14 2001

Mein herren unt damen

News from Blackheath Halls (in SE London) is that the JC date in May will be part seated (cabaret style), part standing. Tickets are on sale now at £15 seated and £13 standing.

Dressing in the style of Sally Bowles - unt speakink in a phoney German accent - is entirely optional.


(Anonymous) Wed Jan 17 01:38:23 2001

Me thinks that Julian got tired of Bono's attitude that he was carring the weight of the world upon his shoulders. Comments like "I think we've got the whole world here tonight!" at shows started Julian to say "It looks like we've got the whole audience in here tonight!"


oh, yeah. And that Joshua Tree thing too.

PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu Jan 18 15:41:38 2001

An update on the Blackheath Halls gig - the concert isn't in the main hall as such, it's in one of the recitial rooms upstairs.

Having seating/standing tickets isn't the case from what I've been told - it's all seats. However, due to the intimate nature of the venue, I don't think anyone will object to people standing. Unless, of course, they decide to bus in the asshole security from Shepherds Bush Empire to give that classic London feel ;-)

Thighpaulsandra thighp@pwdu.demon.co.uk www.thighpaulsandra.com Thu Jan 18 18:38:37 2001

Just to clarify some of the posts on Head Heritage.

Julian does appear on my new album He is on the track 'Beneath The Frozen Lake Of Stars'. This track started life as a Queen Elizabeth experiment but did not fit with the overall concept of QE2. Julian was initially unaware that I had used this material on my album but he's there for about 32 minutes playing doubleneck.

I must apologise to all those people who emailed me recently and did not get a reply. I have had another computer crash this week which wiped all my emails for the last two years. Please get in touch and I will promise I will answer your questions.


ron Thu Jan 18 21:00:49 2001

maaaan, i hate it when that happens, havin' to deal with Julian in an intimate setting and all... i mean the guy's got no respect at all for your personal space, he comes in tight an whispers shite to you that just blows the parameters out of the neither regions of your mind. complaints on postcard please.

yes, i remember brutish Empire security (a small black woman) whom said loudly "oh, here HE comes again" each time i went to refresh my cup'o guiness, or pee or go downstairs to seek the fair Alison... i simply raised my hands in mock surrender, whilst her partner laughed his arse off;o)

PaulB pbrowne@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Thu Jan 18 21:19:07 2001

ron: the problem is, the venue is a shoebox with crappy sound and crappy views of the stage. The security (bless their dim little minds) think they're actually working at Wembley Arena.

Yes, Shepherds Bush Empire is a scaled-down holographic simulation of Reality ;-)

'Beneath The Frozen Lake Of Stars' - I'd buy that just for the title alone....

ron Thu Jan 18 22:40:57 2001

jeez, what's it like 3 am in London? but of course she was beautiful Johnny, all island (British isle) women are, as well as infinitely fascinating (spell check por favor).

yes i would Sam i am, i would eat green eggs and ham, in a box, with a fox;o) appologies to those unfamiliar with the literary brilliance of the late Dr. Suess. Highly reccommed 'The Sneeches' it's probably on a shelf that is reachable in the childrens section. hmmm, Wembley, Brittney Spears was there the Saturday nite i was in town, saddly i chose to return to the irish bar in Shepherds Bush to have dinner and nurse my somewhat massive hangover with a guiness extra cold and a salmon sandwich instead. talk about your serious security... dem boys don't play.

s'up t? sorry we didn't get to speak at SBE but you looked as if you were enjoying yourself, we politely nodded to each other.

seriously, and i believe that i've said this before, if julian is playing oasis/moby on spoons in victoria station, if theres a chance, i'm there. hell man i'd like to just 'road trip' accross the uk with him. but, i guess there are those that would bitch about Julian coming to their house and sitting in their living room playing acoustic because he didn't bring the band... free your mind, free your mind...

IzzySpell izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Jan 19 04:34:36 2001

When you do your tour of the UK, Ron, you gotta pass by Woking station (everyone does). Theres a cat in a hat that was painted on a wall there when I was a nipper and the council have done there best to avoid its distruction. Its a beautiful thing...

All this talk of security. Can anyone confirm that this happened: at some point in the 80s during a Spandau Ballet gig, the bouncers turned on the audience and started beating them up shedding quite a lot of blood on frilly shirts. Or was it a dream I had?

Jeez Nat we oughta get our tix sorted...

Spellbound izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Jan 19 05:37:56 2001

Its snowing AND we've already planned the trip to Avebury - cool!

rich belbinoid@hotmail.com Fri Jan 19 08:23:02 2001

There's a longish piece about Mr Man in todays Guardian - their 'Home Entertainment' bit. Not dreadfully exciting, but...the paper itself is almost worth buying just for the lovely picture of JC - delightful shade of orange. i hope he wears it in Sheffield.

As the car pulls up to the bright pink Wiltshire farmhouse, Julian Cope's face, painted orange, appears beaming from a window out of which a strange and heavy noise is emanating. After being jumped upon by his dog, Iggy Pup, we are led to the room where he makes his sonic explorations.

The records are arranged neatly and alphabetically, masking the chaos that lies locked within their grooves. First up is a collective of Japanese, Tokyo-based musicians who make apocalyptic rock'n'roll that is torturously discordant.

"Acid Mothers Temple are one of the bands; they're part of a cult who describe themselves as having around 30 members: famous and unknown musicians, artists, dancers and farmers. Yeah!" Cope enthuses. "Their central tenet is that rock'n'roll will save the world. Mainliner are another band who are part of the same scene; they are a three-piece that uses digital distortion as their fourth member. Which makes it sound like this." What comes out of the speakers could well reduce them into non-solid matter.

"When I say that I aim for shamanic otherness," screams Cope over Mainliner's mayhem, "I'm aware that you can't do it with pure meditational music, because that's made with a city-dweller sensibility that sends you back to a foetus state. This keeps you on the edge. If you do lunar meditation and listen to this, you certainly stay alert." Mainliner add to their distortion an extra beat every 16 chords, making their music constantly out of time, and completely disorientating.

It's what Cope terms gnostic rock'n'roll. "A lot of people say that they believe in rock'n'roll, but when something has been going so long, you've got to do something with it. It needs to be mysterious, too. So it's great when you get a band like Musica Transonic [another extreme Japanese band], who'll say: 'OK, not only have our songs got weird titles, we've printed them in a language you can't understand.'" All the titles on Musica Transonic's album are in Symbol, which is halfway between Greek and Russian, and entirely meaningless.

Along with the anti-hippy late 1960s biker band Blue Cheer, the Stooges, Satanic Mexican rockers El Ritual, Sir Lord Baltimore, failed heavy metal poets Granicus and the MC5, Julian has been listening to some less righteous members of the heavy-rock pantheon. "Have we become such snobs that if it doesn't have a root in the Velvet Underground or the Stooges, we don't give it the time of day? A lot of the stuff I consider to be extremely cool, I have to sort of slip in. Like the first Van Halen album, and some of the Kiss albums. Kiss started off as a money-making proposition inspired by the New York Dolls, but while the Dolls made two patchy albums, Kiss made three albums a year for five years, and some were actually OK."

Old favourites include the 13th Floor Elevators, the Texas psychedelic pioneers whose two main members, Roky Erickson and Tommy Hall, became delusional. Hall sang into an amplified jug, and is currently in an institution populated mainly by Vietnam vets. "I used to wonder what it must be like to sing for two hours into a jug. Where would that take you? Surely it's the ultimate shamanic experience. Tommy Hall started off as a white supremacist, then took acid and changed his mind."

Cope's own LSD experiments back in the 1980s (almost every day for two years) almost saw him follow a similar path. "I did all the acid from the Teardrop Explodes period up until '85. My album Fried came out in '84, and I thought that people would think, 'Well, he can't be mad if he calls himself mad.' But of course it was total delusion - I was much worse after that."

Funkadelic, Sly Stone, James Brown and Miles Davis in his funkier moments are regular favourites. "I'm into stuff at the moment that is either on-the-one groove-based, or very fuzzy rock. My favourite Miles Davis albums are Agharta and A Tribute to Jack Johnson, in which he starts to let it go loose. Miles's head is there, but he gives the musicians the space to do what they want. As for James Brown, he does what I try and do and what all the best Krautrock bands did: he goes into the studio with an idea, and while he's messing around he comes out with two more albums of material. And when James's songs go beyond the nine-minute mark, they're really starting to happen."

Listening comes to an end when Cope has to pick up his two daughters from school. Do they share his tastes in bands such as Acid Mothers Temple? "They like Britney Spears," he accepts. "We're going to form a big-hair girl metal band called Britney Houston."

Perkyjean perkyjean@home.co.uk Sat Jan 20 15:02:38 2001

I met Ian McCulloch in my local pub in Brixton on Friday and he was very funny and charming, he and his friends found it amusing that I was a JC fan, he is obviously still bitter. He said he didn't fall out with him because Julian was shagging his sister, but because he stole 3 songs off him. I mentioned I would be seeing him live soon and he said "well, watch yer handbag,love".

Ron drude@mounet.com Sun Jan 21 20:40:17 2001

wotcha! I just love Mavis' enthusiasim... this Brittney Houston thing sounds like party, but me without a date... paulb are you available? with your gallagher bros/screaming secrets/wembly connections i'm hoping you can secure the entire front row for us. maybe together we can work thru these security/venue issues;o)

Woking... hmmm, there was talk at one point of this 'walking' tour of the island, maybe passing by Woking on walking route, mother knows it's time for a walk about, maybe a pair of kahki long-johns for effect...;o)

delightful story on too mccool for school. maybe bono shagged julians sister... er, i don't think he has a sister, maybe... na, lets just not even go there... i have no idea of the bad 'blood' betwixt jules and bono... my personal reasons are church and sheep, church in that when 'Bloody Sunday' first came out that there was this vicious rumor that bono said it was based on his hatered of getting up for church services on Sundays, at the time i had only heard the song a couple of times so i wasn't sure what to think, and it was stated that he quickly renounced that as the basis for 'Bloody Sunday' true or not, every time I hear a U2 song i recall that story, and the credibility just isn't there for me...fairly or unfairly... the sheep, 9 of 10 times the sheep (aka the masses, aka those determiners of hip and cool) just follow what they're told to, i try my damndest not to be a sheep... but usually if the sheep like it i don't, should be obvious the sheep would follow a u2/me2 band... musicly i can't say i've ever been impressed with their work... as far as parodies/picking on a band, at least in this country (usa) U2 are far behind their sister Sinead... poor girl. course that river dance dude is closing fast (there's a 'Hudson Riverdance' parody on the tv as i write this). anyways... madonna does the 'linda blair' thing with the cross, and sinead rips a picture... sinead's career ceases and madonna's increases... go figure...

ron xx

Nat Feeling Chirpy Mon Jan 22 08:25:03 2001

Went to Avebury at the weekend with Izz and chums and had a crackingly wonderful time! It was foggy and cold and lovely and muddy!

Silbury was consumed by fog but still looked wonderful!!

I loved the place so much that I'm leaving my man, leaving my job and moving up there with my cats! Hoorah........

Drank a lovely real ale called - Stonhenge....... Hoorah!! Sideburns and shouting oooarrrr at people will soon arrive...

Still on a high....

Nat x

Johnny Mon Jan 22 08:36:27 2001

Ah, Nat, your posts just cheer me right up sometimes...8-) Much needed on this gloomy Monday in Aberdoom!


Nat Mon Jan 22 11:32:37 2001

glad to be of service Johnny!

You are not my hamster reincarnated are you? Rev. Johnny Orange he was called, slightly mad with brown fuzzy hair!!

See ya tomorrow

(Anonymous) Mon Jan 22 16:14:12 2001

Oasis' Noel Gallagher: 'Americans Have 'Bad Taste'

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher blamed the ``bad taste'' of the U.S. public on Sunday for hindering the sales of British bands in the world's biggest music market.

``Americans have got very bad taste, hence the Backstreet Boys,'' Gallagher told a news conference, adding that the popular five-member boy band from Florida ``can't sing, can't play, can't dance''.

The Oasis star, whose three-year marriage to Meg Mathews ended in divorce on Friday, called the Backstreet Boys' songs ''rubbish'' and even blamed them for damaging children's' teeth by promoting soft drinks.

``They should be shot,'' he said.

Oasis, whose fortunes have declined in recent years with poorly received records and line-up changes, will close the four-day Caracas Pop Festival on Sunday.

The biggest music festival in Venezuela's history, attracting an estimated 150,000 music lovers, it has featured pop legend Sting, Sheryl Crow and teen idol Christina Aguilera.

PaulB Mon Jan 22 20:58:01 2001

I don't think it's the Americans having bad taste, I think it's because they can spot a bad guitar band at 50 paces.

Also, bear this in mind: no Oasis would have meant no Embrace.

And while we're on Oasis: Meg Matthews = Bloke - discuss....

And to really nail it in - Emeniem takes the piss out of boy bands with a lot more laughs and style (and tunes).

May the sun finally set on the Eyebrow Brothers....

Nat Embrace my arse.... Tue Jan 23 05:40:23 2001

Embrace pah....They are pants!! Moaning bunch of girlies who built sheds before forming a band....crap. No Oasis No Embrace phewie I cry.

(I actually like Noel Gallagher probably makes me a bad person with people on this list but I don't care I think he is incredibly talented)

Some Americans do have terrible taste in Music - ummm Billy Ray Cirus, Boys to me, New Kids on the Block and Shania Twain (or is she canadian? who cares) spring to mind, but they also brought us NYD, Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, REM ahhhh I could go on, but I won't..


(Secret)IzzyOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com Tue Jan 23 06:23:03 2001

I don't think the American's have the monopoly on bad taste. The Canadians spawned Celine and the Irish Westlife for instance. Can't think of any equivalents to come from the UK of course...

Dunno about Embrace, see I've never decerned the different between them and Travisty and Idlemind and the Shitening Seeds and (I've just been run down for being too long in the middle of the road)...but you can prove me wrong if you like

Ron drude@mounet.com Tue Jan 23 09:18:45 2001

oooh spelly, i glad i'm not the only Celine basher on the planet ;o). truely jealous of the avebury trip, wish i coulda been there. hey paul try kid rock if your into m&m, don't know if they are similiar but the kid defo rocks!

sadly, amerikans do have mucho bad taste in music, the number of times i've heard the phrase/question "Julian who? never heard of 'em" is proof enough for me... it's that sheep thing again. much to Julian's chagrin i must admit that i'm a major areosmith fan from back in the waywards days of my youth. i gotta tell ya though, i'm really enjoying tool lately... not something very radio friendly, more AOR than most crap out now... i guess they are a faustish krautrokish metalish thing, give it a try...

two daze into new admin and the sheep discover we are led by the illegitimate son of george sr. and mags thatcher... woh is us.

best wishes to all

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Tue Jan 23 11:37:15 2001

Bit of a coincidence that PaulB should bring up Eminem, just as I've got back from Greenwich Library with one of their albums and am, so to speak, trying my first taste of them. It's not bad at all. Middle-of-the-road it isn't, but if I'd wanted that I'd have gone to Emines.

My first knowledge of the group had come a little earlier, when I took an American motocross/extreme sports video round to a friend's. His teenage son looked like he could take or leave all the crash and burn stuff with the bikes, but his face lit up when he was able to pick out one of the characters caught on the footage from the X-Games. "That's Slim Shady, that is....he's cool."

Matter of fact, those American MX videos are always good in terms of the music they add for the sound-track. It helps if you like bikes but they're a fair way of sampling stuff like Methods of Mayhem, Suicidal Tendencies, 7 Seconds, LEAD, and Custom Made Scare and finding what's hot and what's not.

But wait a second. Would I be right in thinking there are folks out there who don't like Shania Twain? Ferchrissake, how can anyone not like Shania Twain.

OK, OK, so you just plain don't like Country music. It's not all sickly as treacle, y'know. Just check out a guy by the name of Robert Earl Keen Jr from the early '90s (eg West Textures or A Bigger Piece Of Sky), or Robbie Fulks who had his first release - Let's Kill Saturday Night - only about a year ago. They're, ummm, different.


Spellbound izzy@purpleturtle.com Tue Jan 23 14:36:37 2001

What Shania Pain is country music? Nah, I can't beleive that...surely thats very insulting to some very talented country musicians? I have to say that I have really enjoyed some country music with twangy geetar and fine harmonies. Give me more! I got that way through listening to Flesh for Lulu. Remember them?

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Wed Jan 24 16:37:50 2001

I've just been thinking about a fireworks party I went to last year. The idea was that everyone going would take along something for the barbecue.

What's got me thinking about it, again, now? ... the fact that a family who lived in South Africa turned up with one of the things they used to do back home.

It was baked beans with slices of banana and just a hint of mayo. It was served cold but I guess it could also be eaten warmed up.

Unlikely as it all sounds, it really was surprisingly good.


Boolbar Thu Jan 25 04:35:13 2001

Country music : I quite like Lampchop, do they count ? It's amazing what you can do with a glovepuppet.

Baked Beans with Bananas : I can imagine that - sounds delicious ! Try adding a bit of marmite as well. Mmmmmm.

Bad taste in music : I'm sure there is a high percentage of UK people with bad taste as well as Americans. At the end of the day, we buy their shit, they have the sense not to buy ours.

IzzySpell izzy@purpleturtle.com Thu Jan 25 04:48:42 2001

I tried to post this yesterday, respect:


Nat yeeehawww Thu Jan 25 06:21:04 2001

Had a really amusing post about country and western music to post up yesterday but ho humm thingie was down...so I won't bother now!

Off to lay my blanket on the ground and watch Billy Joe Macalister jump off the Tallahasse Bridge!

Nat x

Del Thu Jan 25 06:56:45 2001

I'm with Izzy on this country music thang (and with Rich Hall if you saw him on Room 101). Proper country music (some of it) is fine, such as Steve Earle's 'Copperhead Road' and some of Elvis Costello's efforts in that area, but Shania and Garth Brooks just is awful.

And of course, when other bands are influenced by real country, you get some interesting results. Waterboys' 'Fisherman's Blues', anyone?

TTFN, Del.

PS-who's coming to Worthing? The town won't know what's hit it!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jan 25 08:03:33 2001

Hey, Del, that's so funny! I was just about to paste the same message into Rail On! It's in my clipboard, in fact... and then I see you just posted it!!! Wow...

Anyway, this morning I saw Mojo's little blurb about the Cornucopea (sp?) CD being a collector's item. Only 2000 made. Is this disk similar to An Audience With the Cope? I notice that Head Heritage doesn't have it for sale. Am I a few months too late?

Roger - did you live in South Africa too?


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Thu Jan 25 11:43:38 2001

Umm, no, Trav, I can't say I've spent any time at all in SA.

What makes you ask.....do I write with a funny accint or sumting?


PS I'd have kept the Country music and put Rich Hall into Room 101. I don't know any other kind of music that can leave you with tears rolling down your cheeks. Yeah, I don't mind admitting it. The first one I heard that had that effect was "Saying Goodbye To A Friend" by Suzy Bogguss....there have been plenty of others since then.

ron Thu Jan 25 12:25:43 2001

As a fifth generation bastard son of Texas decorium dictates that I must weigh in on this 'country music' debate. I believe that the genere is 'Country AND Western' music, and unlike 'Rock AND Roll' there is a striking difference betwixt Country Music and Western music. Most, but not all Western Music, is based on a 3/4 measure (the musicians amongst will know what this means), and eminated from the style known as Western Swing, er.. Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys/Hank Williams Sr.. Country Music conversely came out of the hills of Appalichia in which I now reside, in fact, in what is known as Carters Fold, and specificly the Carter Family, of which June (married to Johnny Cash) decended from, and carries much more of a Bluegrass sound. (me attempting to speak like I know what i'm talking about... er... did it work?)

right then, having said that, there is just something special about a smokey Texas honky-tonk with a live band. Your arms wrapped around a sweet young thing from Austin in Wrangler jeans, rubbing those big belt buckles together whilst twirling around, and round, and round the dance floor doing the 'Texas two-step' with your long-neck beer in your back pocket on a hot Saturday nite.

y'all double cinch that saddle, ride safe, and come back, ya hear?

Spellbound after too much tea, I'll be up all night izzy@purpleturtle.com Thu Jan 25 12:30:06 2001

I actually bought Copperhead road, but never really considered it proper county music, i think its been relegated to the 'bought on a whim' section. Haven;t listened to it for years, will I still like it? Also the way that fishermans blues went, though probably more to absent mindedness. Does anyone else think that David Gray sounds just like waterboys. Now youre gonna tell me hes out of the waterboys. Was listening to Cure's Faith last night and felt really depressed that its 20 years old this year. Surely that makes me old now, crumbs. Can't make Worthing I'm afraid, because my boy is starring in a local pirate event. Oh actually, we could get along afterwards, but I had to put the bit about being attached to a local star because I so proud, I'll say it again: he's gonna be famous for his pirate stories, you mark my words. Stop! Take a breath. Aaaaaahhhh.....................

Del Thu Jan 25 15:41:20 2001

A little while ago, someone (PaulB?) posted some poetry and a link to a site. What was it?


Deep Calm almost restored but not quite.. izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Jan 26 05:23:17 2001

I missed your posting last night Ron. Mmmm, bluegrass, like the soundtrack to Brother, where art thou? Great film, great soundtrack, and George Clooney surprisingly talented, particularly in a hairnet...

Did anyone see that programme on the Miami Circle thingy last night? Kind of facinating, kind of really bloody irritating (it was about 20 minutes before we had any kind of perspective on the size of the thing). Also the developer who said "this is a young country, only two hundred years old, we don't have any sites that are a few hundred years old and certainly not as old as Stonehenge..."...oh thats right, nobody lived on the entire continent before the europeans arrived...Ah!, sorry I needed to vent that.

Sweet Nat, where art thou?

Del, your man for poetry is the great buzzard of morfe, he's been published you know.

Nat back from beyond Fri Jan 26 05:43:11 2001

I'm here my lovely!! Still plodding along sent you an e.mail explaining all!!

I saw that programme about the Miami Circle never heard so much "hear say and ummm maybe its this" in my life!! Should have had a Time Team special and got Tony and the boys in!! They'd have sorted it out in 45 minutes!!

I fancy some 'bluegrass' hmmmm sounds lovely! George Clooney hmm yum - that films supposed to be brilliant. Must get it out on video! Hmmm George Clooney...

And talking of hunks I had a letter read out on BBC Radio 2 by Terry Wogan this week!! Fame...at last!

I'm around Izz, Saturday quiet pint of real ale?

Nat xx

Izzy izzy@ajokeaday.com Fri Jan 26 05:45:39 2001

Quick, before they stop it happening:

  1. go to www.google.com
  2. search on "dumb motherfucker" (pardon my french)
  3. laugh at the result
IzzyBelly Fri Jan 26 05:48:40 2001

Hey nat, seems to be some delay in my satellite link, no email yet, will check again now. Quiet ale sounds good, you really been converted to the deep brown nectar then?

Nat oh pants Fri Jan 26 07:20:39 2001

Darn it I sent the message at 8.45 this morning! Oh well obviously my pigeon got lost enroute to the university!

I have indeedy doody (as Ned Flanders would say) been converted to the real stuff, after my half a pint of Stonehenge 'ooaaarrrrr sideburns ahoy get orf my land' on Sunday! I'll phone you Saturday... Bellemoor?


izzy izzy@nudgenudgewinkwink.com Fri Jan 26 08:34:49 2001

Sorry Nat, I've been tied up, it was smashing, oh good god what am I saying? Your pigeon still not here, probably stopped for some contraceptive-loaded feed outside the hellmouth on the way over. Good thing too, cos I was so pissed off at finding a nest of eggs in my mail box the last time. Secret messages from our richard, eh? Does that mean you'll be along too?

ron play dat funky music@white boy.com Fri Jan 26 08:52:02 2001

google giggle indeed izzy, thanks for that... my day has started kinda rough, Julian is Dead... yes, my little blue fish named Julian that lives on my desk passed during the nite...

Richard r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Fri Jan 26 08:53:25 2001

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing Don Mandarin(Apache Dropout/Applecraft) performing live at the Borderline in London. It was a great performance featuring 8 musicians including Mike Mooney (Lupine Howl/Applecraft) on Guitar and Damon Reece (Lupine Howl) on Drums as well as Patrick Duff on guitar (ex Strangelove). It was a great performance.

I had decided to go up to London during the day as I wanted to purchase my ticket for the Bunnymen In March as well as visit a few record shops. I decide to go to Rough Trade in Neal's Yard first. Whilst I am browsing the racks I look over to my left and see Julian Cope standing there. I decide to have a word with him

Julian tells me that he is up in London for a meeting with Harper Collins and that he has just purchased some more face paint in preparation for the forthcomming tour.

After about 5 mins Julian has to go as he has a meeting to get to.

I then proceed to look round London Some more.

In the evening I have a word with Mike Mooney. He tells me that the Lupine Howl Album is finished and that It will be released in April. They will also be touring in April.

Richard Hayward

PS Anybody going to see Glide/Skyray in Liverpool?

Nat Fri Jan 26 09:03:44 2001

He's a bloody nice bloke that Cope isn't he ahhhhhh. Did you get to Sister Ray Richard? Thats a pretty darn good place for the old 2nd hand vinyl.

Getting me tixs this afternoon Izz 2 fer each place just incase I have a friend who wants to come with me.... have you had it yet?

(Its 2.00 british time izz)

Hello Ron sorry about the fish, would you like to talk to someone about it, grief can be a traumatic thing. ;-(

Nat xx

Nat Fri Jan 26 09:06:40 2001

Just re-read what you wrote Rich.. Patrick Duff eh! He's a bit of a dish and a half he is - still lovely as ever I hope. I was at Strangeloves first ever gig ever.. blinding it was too. Patrick Duffy from Dallas is alright aswell - prefered him as the man from atlantis mind you. hmmmm those gills....

ron Fri Jan 26 09:58:23 2001

hey nat, thanks for the offer and even though I've loads of fish pass, this one was a little difficult... counting on you to save me a place in the society of St. James house for heavy drinkers though ;o)

Richard nice spot... didja offer to purchase something for him? I've a mind to send a tool cd to julian, but the ZOO label might be a bit much for him. you were wearing a red shirt at St. Albans gig?

Izzy, try this one for the trashing and missles: http://www.drudgereport.com/

Nat Drink, Feck, Girls Fri Jan 26 10:25:16 2001

One urine and vomit stained arm chair in our Heavy Drinkers House waiting for you Ron!.. may you spend may happy days swearing at staff and throwing empty lager cans at the TV!!

Nat x

ron thank you mistress Nat, may I please have another?@spanked.com Fri Jan 26 11:18:46 2001

eeeuuu... as Phoebe of 'Friends' says whenst she she see big hairy naked guy... whilst I wonder what arm chair shipping costs to UK run...

sober, and now forever standing up, thank you very much,


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jan 26 20:05:15 2001

It's taken me a while to get into Kid A, to be able to take a relaxed listen to it. Cool stuff! It's very home-studio and familiar, like they are right there playing in your living room.

I wonder what would happen if they had used Hall Reverb instead of Room Reverb... :)


IzzyBelly Sat Jan 27 04:14:32 2001

Hmmm, I took Kid A off my wishlist after hearing the samples on Amazon. I never really listened to OK computer and rather than being 'challenging' (as it was described on release), those samples just sound dreary. Perhaps I should give it another try...?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jan 27 11:09:02 2001

Regarding Kid A: last night I really got into the whole album, for the first time. I'd always liked "Idioteque" but none of the other songs really leapt out and grabbed me like that.

Anyway, last night, I purposefully sat down and listened to it, with my good stereo. And it clicked!!! It was so cool! It felt like there were a bunch of british geeks jamming in the same room. It felt very live, but not in an on-stage sort of way. Instead, it was like listening in on a practice session... very intimate and humble, very anti-rock star.

And isn't that what reviewers have been saying about Radiohead recently - that they are trying hard to shake off the Superstar Stigma?

I don't think it's just a gimmick. If you listen to the music on a good stereo and close your eyes, you can imagine someone's living room full of keyboard stands and open instrument cases... And what's that, uh-oh, here comes the band, back from their break and ready to jam... quick, hide behind the couch! Wow, they sound great; get that dictaphone rolling...

Does anyone else feel the same way? Like the band is purposefully trying to sound like the geeky living room equivalent of a garage band?

You know, Kid A is like Radiohead's Skellington. It's an intimate, raw, humble, "back to the roots" recoil against Big Pop Stardom.

And just like I didn't "get" Skellington when I first heard it (after having grown up on Saint Julian), I didn't "get" Kid A because I expected something more poppy, with loud guitars and neatly packaged ready-for-radio songs. The low-budget lack of polish was a big turn-off... at first.

Heck, maybe most Cope fans didn't "get" Skellington at first because it's so gloriously humble compared to Saint Julian and My Nation Underground. And anyway, that's what I think of Kid A - gloriously humble!


p.s. Does this mean Radiohead's next (already-recorded) album will be like Droolian, and their follow up to that will be their equivalent of Peggy Suicide???

p.p.s. Sorry for the ramble - I'm procrastinating moving all my furniture around, which I do just about every weekend now... Sigh... Is anyone else in room-tweaking-mode these days? Trying to get all your computers, stereo, tv, books, etc. positioned Just Right??? It's tough!!!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jan 27 11:21:46 2001

Really quick... I am curious to hear what everyone's favorite musical acquisitions of 2000 were...

For me, the two biggies are:

I have played these CDs over and over again since I got them! I never got tired of them. Cope has mentioned Love a few times - they are a 60s group who were relatively "unknown" at the time; Billy introduced me to them and I got totally hooked!!! My Favorite is a current band who sounds very 80s; imagine New Order meets the Sundays, with ADDICTIVE songs! I bought a lot of CDs last year, but those (Love and My Favorite are the ones I played the most).

Okay, I'd like to hear some of yours!


rich belboid@ntlworld.com Sat Jan 27 13:08:46 2001

Fave purchases of last year:

Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Sat Jan 27 15:38:59 2001


My best buys of last year were

LaLaLand Nude not a new release but pure class, Its by Phil Marshall ex Color Blind James Experience from Rochester NY. (well I tell a lie Phil sent me a copy!) and The Eels Daisies of the galaxy again pure class. Kid A well I just can't get on with it, I've tried but its just not.........that good maybe I expected too much who can tell it may grow on me but i'm not sure. I'll be at the Skyray/Glide gig on Wed 31st if anyone else is going.....HH gets a mention in the NET magazine in the top 10 band sites this month

well bye for now back to the crap on saturday night tv.....

ron east@easyriders.com Sat Jan 27 22:45:33 2001

I feel your pain Trav. Spent the better part of the day caulking, spakling, and taping to repaint a bathroom.

Whew, 2000? hmmm loads of Julian's back cataloge. 2001 has already seen Audience Tour. CD is worth price just for liner photo of 'Now you have a hard shoulder to cry on' billboard. TOOL Salival DVD/CD box set is seriously raw stuff, not for the faint of heart. And last and best, St. Albans recording...

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Jan 28 06:18:13 2001

Try anything out by Grandaddy - and I agree with Russ over Eels.

But the highlight of last year was the BBC sessions disc from the Faust Wumme Years Box Set - the first part of the disc is probably the best stuff that they ever did - probably!

Big Blue Skies today! just needs to crisp up underfoot!

Del www.bbc.co.uk/fivelive/ Mon Jan 29 03:42:52 2001

Hi guys,

If you click on the link above at 10am GMT, you should be able to listen to Nicky Campbell interviewing Leila Khaled. You'll nead RealPlayer BTW. If you want to listen on the radio, it's FiveLive on 909 &693 AM MW.

Should be of great interest.


Boolbar picks-of-2000 Mon Jan 29 07:54:24 2001

In no particular order . . . .

are albums that took up a lot of time in my CD player during 2000. (Yes I know they weren't all released in 2000 ! Yes I probably have got the odd title wrong.)


Mothra Mon Jan 29 08:10:55 2001

Boolbar, I last week took delivery of GSYBE LYSFLATTS (acronyms are econmical regarding todays trend for looooong titles?!)it is indeed a profoundly satisfying work, likely on repeated listenings to induce an altered state, like a depressed primordial forgotten-deity stranded in post-millenial tundra landscape! Stark, ultimately melancholic, alternately unsettling and satisfying, and very, very beautiful.

Phew, need a good dose of At The Drive In to extract me from my bottom after listening to GSYBE, it can be injurious for your mental health ;-)

Mothra Mon Jan 29 08:12:48 2001

Whoops, I meant to say..GSYBE: LYSFLATH (not to the sky!)

Musicology is for pedants. Now, where's the No. 9 bus?, I must go today.

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Jan 29 10:24:22 2001

Hey, here's me been spending days trying to whittle my favourites of 2000 down to two, and Boolbar just wades in and delivers a whole play-list from a John Peel programme.

After much deliberation, my list is down to about three or four.

I'm not sure I'd say Life'll Kill Ya is Warren Zevon's best album, ever, but it's good to know he's still making LPs. I particularly liked one about a lovelorn magician, using clever allegory to say he could make love 'disappear' and that he could 'cut a woman in half'.

Next would be Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits. I saw this in the library and thought, do I really need to get this when I've got most of the tracks, already, from his previous albums? I'm glad I got it out because of the tracks I hadn't heard before, one was truly exceptional. It's called I'll Try and the sleeve notes confirm it as 'not previously released'. Heaven knows why, because it's one of the best songs I've ever heard.

Then there are the two first Eels albums, but I guess there's not much I need to say about them.

For the last one, it's another 'Best of...' kind of LP. It's Frank Zappa's "Strictly Commercial". All those familiar favourites like Dancin' Fool and Valley Girls (aw, come on, you MUST have heard Valley Girls!), all one one handy LP!

Oh, just one more. Teenager Of The Year by Frank Black.

Now, am I meant to choose a book as well? That'd probably be Gulliver's Travels by Ted Simon.


Boolbar Mon Jan 29 12:55:55 2001

Hey Roger, I just couldn't be bothered to do the whittling !

Indeed the GYBE : LYSFLATH album is most satisfying. If you enjoy the QE stuff or like listening to classical music whilst playing air guitar then it could be good for you too. It sort of reminds me of that Towering Inferno album of a few years ago (Kadish ?)

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Mon Jan 29 22:07:59 2001

Hi All

Just picking up some threads - I wonder what Leila Khaled said in the interview. Back in about 1970 if I was going to be hijacked by Palestinian terrorists I would love it to have been her...she was quite a sort and I think Palestinians are good looking people anyway. She could frisk me for weapons any day! Perhaps that sort of thought occurred to Copey himself when he wrote that song.

As for music of 2000 I agree about The Eels - unfortunately missed their tour of Australia last year. The albums I enjoyed the most were: The Eels Daisy etc, Dandy Warhols whatever it was called and Moloko's Things To Make and Do. I must warn you that the Moloko album does have some filler crap on it amongst some real gems. I'm not a real dance/electronic music fan but when the gorgeous Roisin sings I go a bit weak at the knees. I can see how people could either love or hate the Warhols but I think Courtley Taylor is very very clever indeed.

Cheers to all the Railers.

Nat WIT WOOOO (wolfwhistle) Tue Jan 30 07:25:02 2001

Richard Belbin is back! Hands off girls he's mine!! Howdy gorgeous!

Going back to something constructive, my most played album of 2000 and one of my favs was Performance and Cocktails by the Stereophonics... love it. "The Bartenders name is Keith" is one of my all time fav tracks! ;-)

Izz and me went and saw the Eels on tour and ate ice cream... had a smashing time!

Nat x

Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Thu Feb 1 03:21:43 2001


Well I hope the Skyray gig went OK last night and sorry to Richard for not making it after I said I'd meet at six......I set off in time but ended up in a ditch driving over Woodhead Pass...The reason a fucking drunk driver....I rounded a bend to find some arsehole on my side of the road so I swerved to miss him and ended up at the bottom of a ditch with a few cuts and scrapes...The police found the guy in a layby about 2 miles further down the road and he was too pissed to get out of the car.... So if anyone got a recording of the gig it would be nice to hear it....Mind its a good job its a company car as the guy has no tax, mot or insurence.....It hard typing with just your right hand ehen you are left handed......


IzzyBelly izzy@purpleturtle.com Thu Feb 1 04:33:52 2001

Russ, what a nightmare! Sounds like you were rather lucky. Hope you heal quickly. Do they ban drunk drivers for life yet? They should do...

Russ Thu Feb 1 06:37:41 2001

He will loose his licence for 5 years the cops said but if he's driving without an MOT/Tax or Insurance then it will not make any difference.......


Nat Thu Feb 1 07:14:48 2001

Poor you Russ! Luckily the injuries weren't any worse. Bet he got off unhurt, bastard. Always the way with no tax and insurance etc.

I got hit by a Drunk Driver about 5 years ago, lucky for me all I got was whiplash...she just got a fine. (Doctor she was too!)


Richard Hayward r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Feb 1 09:26:07 2001

Had the pleasure off talking to Paul Simpson. at the Liverpool gig last night. Fine performances from Skyray, Glide and Colin Fallows ensemble.

Paul told me that his Autobiography is to be called High Viking. He is in the process of getting a publishing deal so that he can release it in Paperback. In the meantime It will be released in a special hardback edition of 2000 copies to be published by John Moor's University. Sometime during the Summer. Details of where to obtain a copy from will appear on the Skyray site nearer the time.

Paul tells me that it will contain stories about Julian that he might not like seeing published and recently he obtained from Yorkie Photographs that Yorkie took of the very first Teadriop Explodes Gig ever, in Liverpool. Some of these photos will be in the book. Paul tells me that there existence was only recently known about and that they have never been published before.


Nat you're so vain, you probably think this song is about you.... Thu Feb 1 11:29:44 2001

Musicians get really stroppy about old photos don't they, all of us had bad hair/teeth/partners/clothes at some point!

There's some photos of me around with a curley perm ala the singer from 'Europe'!! tee hee wearing a rara skirt and a bat wing jumper ooo and Dierdre Barlow glasses... Gorgeous I was... Bet Julians aren't as bad as that! Tut vanity eh!

Though I expect photos of Julian are worth more than photos of me! Mine have never been published either!

(I am looking forward to reading the autobiography though! Should be a larf).

Nat x

Izzy confession@online.com Thu Feb 1 12:35:27 2001

Nah, I've never had bad hair/teeth/partners/clothes and certainly never been photoed with them. Dunno what you are talking about...

Nat Ooooooooooooo Fri Feb 2 07:41:18 2001

I've seen that photo of you Izz with Gary...tee hee hee Say no more!

I think my pigeon has got lost again my flower look out for him and give him a telling off from me if he arrives, I think he's met some rough bird from the wrong side of the tracks!

I'll phone you.

Nat x

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Fri Feb 2 08:09:21 2001

After some earlier ambiguity I can now confirm that the seating arrangements, for the JC concert at Blackheath Halls in SE London, in May, are as I had said, namely cabaret style seating (@ £15) at the front with an area at the back for standing (@ £13).

The venue is the main hall (not a smaller hall upstairs) and having seen the 'table plan' I can't see anything to grumble about.

One alteration, though, to what I said before, is that I can't after all get tickets at reduced rates; they're just not allowing any discounts on this one.

To book, phone 020 8463 0100


Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Feb 2 08:52:00 2001

Got me tix for Blackheath and Hackney. My appologies to all those at our table in Blackheath, when you arrive it won't be there cos thats just my luck! Anyone going to Kings Lynn? I just might be in that part of the country at that time...or will I be the only one there?

Nat, your pigeon arrive rather bedraggled, poor thing, said something about 'bloody seagulls' before passing out. I've wrapped it in a woollen scarf (hopegrown) and have some milk and whisky on the stove...

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Fri Feb 2 09:11:25 2001

Izzy, I gotta know....which table are you on?

My tickets, bought yesterday, are B49 &50.

OK, so there's a hint of optimism about buying two, given that my first date with the person I'm looking to take is still a full five days away. Yeah, I'm sort of bouncing around the house doing my best to sing things like Brand New Friend, and casting the odd glance at the phone, in case it rings.

Ooops. I'd better get off this thing, in that case.


Nat Poor Poor Roger Fri Feb 2 10:48:42 2001

Izz & Me and various allsorted people have tickets - B44 - B48! Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa evil laugh... may you have a pleasurable evening!! ;-) Should be a right larf.

I asked about the £13 tixs and the woman told me that there weren't any! So whats the table plan like are we talking 70's Jazz type with small lights on or are we talking wedding reception buffet style!

Whose brave enough to tackle Croydon!!

Tut blooming Pigeon Izz, I don't know..

IzzyBelly Fri Feb 2 11:37:14 2001

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAROGERHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! (wheeze) You be between Nat and me!!HAWHAWHAWHAWHAW You better start dating a big butch body guard quick sharp!

Hope your date goes well. Here's some tips, gained from observing my less-successful male friends (they'd kill me):

Wash and then wash some.

Don't drink sweet coffee before you go out.

Don't talk about low energy lightbulbs, loft insulation, formula 1 or how bad your flatmate is at washing up, unless she initiates the conversation.

When dancing, thrusting your armpits in her direction will not endear her to you, particularly if your armpits are full of jelly (I'm serious!).

Nowhere is the 'Girls guide to whats big and clever' does it mention reciting Monte Python word-perfect, OK?


Monty@PythonHQ Fri Feb 2 12:01:46 2001

Ignore her Roger. The dead parrot sketch works every time.

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Feb 2 16:05:06 2001

I had been toying with the idea of going home to England for May 1st for a while now as that is my dad's 70th birthday, so I finally bit the bullet and decided to go. It also very nicely coincides with the Cope tour, so I've got a ticket for Leicester, May 5th too! Life is so sweet at times. Haven't seen Cope live since 1991, so I'm well overdue. Anyone else going to Leicester? Russ? I'll be the guy with the big grin on me yap. I'm told the venue is really small. Oooh I'm so excited...god knows how I'm going to get to sleep between now and then.

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Fri Feb 2 16:25:31 2001


And today had been going so darn well up till then.

Thanks so much, Izzy, for that invaluable advice regarding jelly: without you I would probably never have known.


(You can presumably guess that the little wheels have been whirring round on that one for the last couple of hours, like...hmmm...how strange...wonder what sort of jelly it was....)

Rich belboid@ntlworld.com Sat Feb 3 06:58:34 2001

Oh god, I'd forgotten how much I love Napster. What a wonderful service. Now I've got a copy of 'Julian Cope is Dead' again, and a little bit of Brain Donor. And anutha weird one I've never seen before - 'We Love You Julian Cope' - by Burroughs, Gysin &Cobain. 2.37 of slightly strange noises, with no reference to JC (well, bot one I heard on first playing it).

Anyone know any history to this track?

belly izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon Feb 5 05:04:13 2001

Belbin? Warrrrr!!! How ya bin mate?

And after my experience on the Saturday, Roger, here's another tip:

Whilst dropping a fart that would out-compete even those stink-bombs that were banned in the early 80s may clear you a bigger space on the dancefloor, your date may not forgive you for forcing her to give up her dinner in a convenient corner of the club. And please bear in mind that a diet of cabbage is a VERY dangerous thing.

Well, I have to admit that All About Eve on Friday were actually quite good (the shame!) particularly as they managed to slag off (with humour) each of the cranberries, waterboys and mission more than once during the evening. In fact I really enjoyed myself during the long gaps of banter between songs. I suspect this is a rather different show to those in the old days.

Andrew, if you fly over a few days earlier I could meet you in King's Lynn - that would mean two people at that gig...

Nat Oi tart... Mon Feb 5 08:07:34 2001

Mr Belbin hmmmm now that would be an interesting Jelly scenario!

Ooo sorry mind wandered there...

Roger you're in for a treat - you should see what we are wearing!!

Ron - you coming over to London again?

Izzy izzy@poptarts.com Mon Feb 5 08:30:49 2001

All my excitement about the tour combined together to cause a dream last night that involved a pair of stilettos, Nat, Morfe, Buffy and Faith and all with a soundtrack of Status Quo....


Nat Oooooo saucey stuff Mon Feb 5 08:42:59 2001

Francis Rossi!! tee hee....he came with us to see Juilan last time!

Was he in the Stilettos?

Don't let amazon know about Morfe she's already accused me of being a floosy on the HH site!! As if...I'm actually a slapper! ;-)

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Feb 5 10:17:37 2001

King's Lynn sounds tempting, but unfortunately I don't fly into Manchester until the 27th which I think is the day of the gig and my dad's birthday is on the 1st May. I wonder if he would be interested in going to Aberystwyth for his birthday?

On another note, I have just posted up some great photos of the man at the Shepherds Bush Empire last November taken by Alison. Excellent photos and many thanks to her for letting me include them in Trampolene. The address above should take you to them.

Whateveryouwant Mon Feb 5 13:27:02 2001

Nat, please PLEASE keep that Rossi bloke away from me in your dreams! I can deal with the stillettos, just NOT the Quo.

;-) Morfester x

Woops, I meant Izzy! Mon Feb 5 16:59:31 2001

Izzy, please be more vigilant, Quo have no place in our nocturnal ramblings!

Morfe in heels.

ron comida@el rancho grande Mon Feb 5 20:25:22 2001

#9 special: cod fish w/macaroni & cheeze... ol' dad can cook on the campfire. takes a little while, but it's worth wait... as awl good things are;O)

wish i were there, but no-go on fla on ms... seeking bargaining chips. photahg's just too excellent, it's almost like i wuz there... i wuz wuznit i?

Izzy Tue Feb 6 04:44:41 2001

Ha Morfe, caught you out, it must've been you in my dream cos how else would you know that whatever you want was the very song playing in my dream. Huh!

You and Francis look divine in the heals, by the way. I don't know how you boys walk in them, I really don't.

Ron? Wibble?

Nat, you been sending pigeons, cos none have arrived?

By the way, Gothvixen.net has been updated.


Me, bored? Never izzy@purpleturtle.com http://www.gothicvixen.net/games/game3.html Tue Feb 6 05:03:41 2001

I do appologise for wasting space, but this did amuse me....

Once upon a time there was a young girl named Izzy. Izzy was xx years old and lived in Southampton, Calm Exhaustion. While walking home from school one day, a dusty hot penguin jumped out from behind a insanity and tackled Izzy to the ground. But just when she was about to let out a scream for help, Izzy realized that the dusty hot penguin was only licking her face, not trying to bite it off. At that moment, Izzy decided to keep the dusty hot penguin as a pet. And on the way home she decided to name her pet dusty hot penguin ''Nat.'' When Izzy and her new pet finally got home, guess who was standing on the front porch? That's right, it was Izzy's mother, Mum. And boy was she surprised to see a dusty hot penguin following Izzy into the yard! ''What in world is that?'' shouted Mum. ''It's a dusty hot penguin,'' answered Izzy. ''Dah, I can see that, Izzy, but what on earth is it doing here?'' said Mum. ''It's my new pet!'' answered Izzy. ''Oh you think so do you?'' remarked Mum. ''I wouldn't get your hopes up. You know how your father hates dusty hot penguins. But, well, I suppose you can keep him until your father comes home.'' And with that Izzy grabbed Nat by the scruff of the neck and led her new pet into the house--even though she knew her father was probably going to dissaprove. Once in the house, Izzy and Nat played and played, that is until Izzy's favorite television show, ''Buffy,'' started. At that point Izzy forgot all about Nat having an unsupervised run of the house. That is until half way through ''Buffy,'' when Izzy was brought back to reality when she heard her father shout, ''bugger!! Izzy! Get your plump in the the kitchen...NOW!!'' With that Izzy rushed into the the kitchen to see what all the fuss was about. When she entered the the kitchen, there stood her father, Dad, pointing toward the pea-green wrap-around armchair. ''Will someone please explain that?'' asked her father. Then, as Izzy followed her father's finger to where it was pointing, she instantly knew what her father was so upset about. There, smack dab in the middle of the pea-green wrap-around armchair, was the biggest pile of penguin doo-doo she had ever seen! ''I don't EVEN want to know how that got there,'' said Dad. ''But you had better get it cleaned up now! And you had better get rid of whatever it is that could have done such a thing!'' Well, knowing her father as well as she did, Izzy knew there was no sense even asking her father if she could keep Nat for a pet. So without hesitation, Izzy set out to find where Nat was hiding. After a few minutes of looking, Izzy discovered Nat crouched beneath the table that Izzy did her put a record on have a cup of tea on. ''Come on, Nat, it's time to find you a new home. And hey, don't look at me that way, I'm not the one who did the dirty deed on the pea-green wrap-around armchair!'' scolded Izzy. ''Thanks to you I'll never get to have my own pet penguin!! And with that Izzy led Nat out of the house and down to the local wardrobe. They had a pet section and Izzy knew the owner would find Nat a good home. So after saying good-bye to Nat, and thanking the owner of wardrobe, Izzy walked backed home and attempted to drown her sorrows by slamming down a half dozen ales. But Izzy's pitty party came to an abrupt end when her father reminded her about the mess she had neglected to clean up. And low and behold, midway through the clean-up, Izzy suddenly became thankful that someone else was going to have to do it from now on. The End.

Izzy Tue Feb 6 05:04:15 2001

Oh shit, that was rather long. Sorry!

rich Tue Feb 6 05:06:15 2001

This discussion site's becoming tres strange. Not that I'm about to re-introduce any semblance of order or owt.

Aye up Izzy, I hope you've been combing your cobwebs.

Anyway, one of the people i used tyo live with in London is coming up to see us this weekend, and she's finally managed to find the box of records I had to leave behind when i moved (tho how anyone can lose 100 lp's for four years i dont know, it wasn't that big a house). And now , of course, I cant remember what the hell was in there at all. It's a little scary, could be really embarassing. All I can recall are Ananta, Carly Simon (you can see why I left them behind can't you), and Caravan - at least I hope the Carava's still there (must be room for a pp pun there somewhere), cos I think the rest of it's gonna be sjite.

Nat Tue Feb 6 05:42:13 2001

How could you leave me Izz even if I did poo on your furniture!! Abandon your own hot dusty penguin... I'm really sad now. ;-(

Only a pint of real hot dusty penguin ale will cheer me up now! Saturday? My baby bro the ikle dusty penguin is down to see his big sissyter.

Blooming pigeon I'm going to have him stuffed.

Whats wrong with Carly Simon - she rocks big style.

Nat x

IzzyButterflyBelly Tue Feb 6 06:52:15 2001

I am so sorry about that huge post! I am utterly guilt ridden, how can I redeem myself?? Perhaps sitting in a darkened room and subjecting myself to just like pooh bear for several hours?

Buzzard Tue Feb 6 07:26:38 2001

At least! Izzy, you must write, 200 times.."I must not abuse hot dusty penguins"...and make sure you use lined paper.

Thats just for starters!

Nat I'm Pooh Bear Tue Feb 6 07:37:03 2001

I like 'Just like Pooh Bear' can't believe I'm in a minority... If you are really sorry Izz you should subject yourself to and afternoon of Celine Dion....

Pigeons been shot Izz, seems that for some reason the e.mail is sending out random postings and you're not random enough!!

Pooh Bear tut...

Nat x

ron woodstock_rulz@itz 4 ur own good.com Tue Feb 6 08:40:30 2001

izzy, please don't eat the brown acid...

hot and dusty, hhmmm... i wuz thinking hot and sweaty, but i can work with that too...

amazon amazon@greeneyes.com Tue Feb 6 09:28:30 2001

Natalie, you ARE a floosie. Goodbye.

Nat Olde_Slappers@R-Us.com Tue Feb 6 09:36:05 2001

Doh! ya got me sussed amazon, you're good I'll give you that..please forgive me! I'll never ever do it again! Promise...

Do you know what with the HH conversation and Ron getting Hot and Sweaty I think spring is in the air and everyone wants a shag!

This spring I will be mostly being a tart...


badger Wed Feb 7 01:40:35 2001

This was posted to the Belle and Sebastian "Sinister" mailing list, which I have been reading just for the stories and writing. Anyway, this was posted and I thought y'all might get a kick out of it.

  1. They like indie music. Obviously.
  2. Their regulation thick-frame black glasses. No more breakable item of nosewear has ever been invented: on slow afternoons I could happily cruise the streets for hours walking up to indie kids, lifting these ridiculous excuses for spectacles from their filthy-pored noses and breaking them at the bridge. How the indie kid would howl! Perhaps they would threaten to "kick my ass". Needless to say all indie kids have adequate eyesight: any slight impairment of vision is due entirely to their regime of perpetual masturbation.
  3. Indie kids are at it like rabbits. Or want to be. Scratch any 'community' or 'scene' of indie kids and you will find a seething cauldron of sexual frustration and backstabbing. Most indie kids are vile to look upon: I think this because I am enslaved by societal standards of beauty.
  4. Societal standards of anything are bad, pretty much. Unless it gets you a shag. Or earns you - or more likely your parents - the vast amount of money needed to get through college on some no-mark computer games degree AND buy a billion useless identical records.
  5. On the rare occasions when an indie kid does get it on it at least distracts them from listening to indie music. Or making it. All indie kids are in indie bands.
  6. Indie is short for independent, because indie kids are not mainstream. No sir. They are individuals. A quick look at an indie kid website will reassure you of that.
  7. All indie kids are unique. They are however looking for other indie kids who are unique in exactly the same way as them - cool, huh?
  8. Among the unique things about indie kids are their haircuts. The square mainstream observer might mistake the uniform dyed bobs and crops of indieland as the sinister hairstyles of a clone army hell-bent on taking over teenage america and making it listen to At The Drive-In. But such an observer would be a fool. There are crucial differences in the haircuts. Some are, like, really expensive.
  9. Some records are really expensive, too. You must really love the music to spend $200 on eBay on a one-sided seven-inch, right? It shows your dedication to music is for real and unique, like your taste.
  10. Indie fashions are individual and unique too, and are marked by the indie kid's strong sense of irony. For example, a lot of indie kids like wearing overalls and workshirts as worn by real live working class people. As the indie kid finishes a two-hour shift at Border's they feel solidarity with their working-class brothers and sisters in the bakeries and pizza delivery companies all across the nation.
  11. They don't feel solidarity with the suits working in offices, though. Those people are a plastic fake herd of manufactured, soulless brainwashed lemming robot drone sheep enslaved to mass culture pap. (This is true, obviously. But sorry, indie kids are worse.)
  12. Not all mass culture is pap, though. Hey! What about those cool Powerpuff Girls?
  13. Infantilism is endemic to the indie kids. When was the last time you heard one of them use the word 'man' or 'woman'. Nope, it's always 'boys' and 'girls'. Some girls are 'cute'. Some boys are 'cute' too. The more incurable indie kids use the words 'grrrl' and - shudder - 'boi', for all the world as if they were living in a Disneyworld 1994 Experience ride or fell into a copy of Sassy once and never escaped.
  14. When indie kids pair off with a cute grrrl or boi (all indie kids are in theory bisexual, of course. Just don't ask them to do anything about it.) they tend to treat each other like shit and then write it up on their web pages ("I am SUCH the geek"). This is because they are very sensitive, not as the casual observer might have guessed because they are emotional dwarves with no concept of human interaction outside a fanzine problem page. You become sensitive by listening to Belle And Sebastian a lot.
  15. All their records sound the same, due to influence inbreeding. The gene pool of influences on indie rock has been shrinking steadily since 1977, thanks to paranoid scenester tastemaking. The constant slathering praise directed at the likes of the Get Up Kids and Sleater-Kinney is the critical equivalent of a one-eyed chinless inbred mutant winning a beauty contest.
  16. Indie kids like experimentation, but not too much experimentation. They like extremity, but not too much extremity. They like songs, but they like them to be a bit shy and fuzzed-up and nervous and not too songish. Best of all they like bands which sound comfortingly like the other ones they already know are cool.
  17. Of course they listen to other stuff too, carefully weighing it up for its purity of motive and general indie-ness. Other genres are assessed with a practised eye, and only the records which have the most spiritual kinship to indie are acceptable - no attempt is made to take these musics on their own terms, since indie is in any case superior. Eventually a fashionably anti-PC stance allows the indie kid to reject even bothering with hip-hop or dance records - that would after all be 'tokenism'.
  18. The worst thing about indie kids is how apalling they are at even being indie kids. After idling their college years going to 'shows' every other day and then spending two years in retail working on a screenplay or writing a novel about following a band or recording a thousand tinny songs on a hundred cheap cassettes and giving them to people they fancy in the hope that a rare Braid EP track might get them a quick fuck on some other indie kid's sofa and pretending to like the Spice Girls and pretending to like the Magnetic Fields and pretending to like each other - after all that they suddenly get a job and start listening to Moby and Aimee Mann. What I ask you is the fucking point?
Boolbar JLPBFC Wed Feb 7 05:19:47 2001

The 'Just Like Pooh Bear' Fan Club annual meeting will be in the phone booth down the road tomorrow. We will also be holding the Hottest Dustiest Penguin awards.

Nat I'm like Pooh Bear Wed Feb 7 07:58:49 2001

I'll be there Boolbar, and I'll bring a flask of tea and some honey....Tigger, Eyore and Piglet are coming with me.

We'll all go climbing up to your honey... (hmmm is that rude?)

Nat xx


John Thu Feb 8 07:13:17 2001

Apparently, during one of their songs at U2's Astoria gig the other night, Bono started singing Reward. The greatest band in the world. Apparently. What an honour for JC...

Russ Sanders Thu Feb 8 07:27:34 2001


I have seen an interview in the press from a few years ago just before Julian left Island when he had the adverts slagging U2 and other bands off...Bono and the Edge had nothing but praise for Julian and even went on to say that they listened to the Teardrop Explodes and they were one of the bands that set them off on their trip......REM are also big fans and even said that Julian was GOD.....so what can you say....


Nat Take a letter Maria.... Thu Feb 8 12:02:23 2001

Sorry to use this once again as a personal message board... BUT....

Izz the pigeon has flown and buggered off again. Still on for a few swift pints of ale (tickets please get orf my land) on Saturday Night? I don't think I can e.mail you at the mo so send me a :-p or phone me. But otherwise I'll meet you (and whoever else around on this list who's in the Southampton area on Saturday) at 7.30 in the Bellemoor!!! Blooming technology...tut....

I like U2, Bono is lovely.... there said it now!

Nat xx

rich belboid@ntlworld.com Mon Feb 12 07:43:08 2001

following on from russ' comment

if I remember rightly (and for once i know i do) what Michael Stipe said was that Julian Cope was the only person he'd vote for for president.

(Anonymous) Tue Feb 13 00:03:37 2001

"Michael Stipe said was that Julian Cope was the only person he'd vote for for president."

But in Bizarro World he'd be the obvious choice. By doing things in opposites there, George W. would win there too...


GeorgeClinton@theWhiteHouse Tue Feb 13 07:49:15 2001

Oh no he wouldn't!

Boolbar lawyersR@us Tue Feb 13 10:33:08 2001

Oh yes he would, you can . . er . . count on it.

JamesBrown@theWhitehouse Tue Feb 13 12:56:01 2001

If they gonna keep putting aliens in power, why at least don't they pick one that knows the fonk?!

George Clinton for President, make my congress a funk congress, I wants to get funked, not f***ed!

Izzy scattiebrain@duh.co.uk Tue Feb 13 15:48:07 2001

Not only did I have the excitement when my JC hackney tix arrived in the post but, having completely forgotten that they'd arrived, I had the joy all over again when I rediscovered them last night. I love have a brain like a goldfish's.

Just thought I'd share that happy moment with you!

Boolbar (elephants!) Thu Feb 15 09:19:44 2001

It would be even nicer if you forgot that you had already gone to the gig and be able to go again.

Richard Hayward r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Feb 15 11:21:38 2001

I Thighpaulsandra Press Reviews

Independent (26.01.01): "It's a fantastic record, in all senses of the word.."

NME(17.02.01): "In parts it's stunning enough.."

I have spent the last week or so listening to I Thighpaulsandra. I have to say that it is a fantastic album and one that I could spend hours listening to.

For those of you that are still considering whether to purchase a copy here are a couple of reviews I have come across:

The Independent 26 January 2001

"Wizard 's Robe, mini-Mohawk tonsure, wand-youd never guess from the album sleeve that Thighpausandra was a mate of Julian Cope's , now would you?

The man whose name contains not just male a female principles but the upper-leg principle, too, is helped out by Cope on this debut double-album, along with fellow members of Coil and Spiritualized, his other main musical outlets. It's a fantastic Record, in all senses of the word, packed with cosmic synth-scapes, prodigiuos Krautrock Riffing and a courageous strain of art-rock improvisation that miraculously steers clear of longueurs. For all of its experimental leanings, it is articulate and approachable-whether hammering away at a 10-league-boot feedback stomp like "Home Butt Club" or sticking a French horn through a ring modulator on "Celine And Julie Go Boating", Thighpaulandra strives to avoid the solipisistic tendencies of much improvised music. Indeed, the best pieces aren't shamed by comparisons with such illustrious influences as Zappa (the clarinet and furtive strings of "Abuse Foundation IV") and Sun Ra (the organ overload of "Lycraland"), while the baritone saxaphone and marimba of "The Angelica Declaration" combine to conjure up the mutant Jazz of the whole Pop Group/Pigbag Bristol boho-punk scene."

NME 17 February 2001-edited review

" 'I Thighpaulsandra' is two cd's and over two hours of surreal, menacing, semi-improvised noise... In parts it's stunning enough 'Beneath the Frozen Lake of Stars' is what music would have sounded like if Gong had won World War Two instead of the allies-and even on bits when he disappears down a blind alley you can marvel at the sheer, glassy-eyed, hugeness of it all.

You could ask him to edit it down, you could ask him to write more tunes, but what's the point? 'I Thighpaulsandra defies rock 'n' roll and convention while defying your patience. It comes from another planet, Er, baby" 6 out of 10

For those of you that want to buy only one version of the album then I would recommend buying the CD as it contains an extra 25 mins of music the track entitled "Michael publicity Window" which features Michael Mooneye.

For those with a little cash to burn there is even an Amythist Double vinyl set limited to 50 copies for the large sum of £55.00. (The standard vinyl set is limited to 1000 copies on Clear Vinyl).

Copies of the album on vinyl and CD can be purchased from:


As I write it is hard trying to sum up the words to describe this LP. It is like nothing I have heard in quite a while. It really is a fantastic monumental doulble album

Richard Hayward


ron Thu Feb 15 19:21:34 2001

I was about 100% positive I'd nab, as in buy... not nap, as in steal, ThighP's cd, but thought someone... Joanne Wilder(?) maybe on HH saying they would have it on the Merchandiser.

Jules for US President, hmmm... that's a rather large demotion down from 'god' isn't it? I, mean, like, I'd vote for him sure... but... dizzyizzy...;o) you sure bring a smile and a chuckle... AJ, east is dead dude. Was anyone at PaulB's parti last Saturday? huh....

support your local ecentric concentric musician, buy his/her cd...

OrangeSpell izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Feb 16 05:16:43 2001

What you had a party and didn't invite me PaulB? But I'd've worn my dungs if requested. Hmm, I don't think I really want to start down that alley actually.

Tell you what, Ron, or anyone for that fact, if you have trouble getting going in the morning, buy yourself a JC ticket and pop it in your sock drawer or behind your razor or something. That daily thrill is more invigorating than lemony shower gel....thats probably not much use to you is it Ron, sorry!

If anyone can get hold of one of these swallowable cameras I'll wear it in my hair and we can have a live link up...

ron Fri Feb 16 10:58:32 2001

hmmm, lemony shower gel... there's a robert plant reference in there somewhere, but i'm not gonna do it...;o) some cat from san fran was on the 'Today' show this am and had bought a round tripper over the web for $24.95 to london... now the bastards are trying to revoke saying a mistake... well I sure know i pay for my mistakes in spades... please take care of andrew @ Leicester... i'd really really appreciate it... speaking of the tour... i've got this stupid cultural thang going on and would some one kindly help with the pronouncuation of this Aberystwyth (?) place, I'm sure it's lovely, but can't get there if i can't say it... know what i mean jelly bean? so... howz dat letter with maria coming nat? still not sure about the dusty penguin, but the busty barmaid thing deffo works;o) honestly give up on u2, theres surely is not a shred of integrity there as i can tell... best (well second best) one liner on the telly last nite "I'm NOT gay, I'm British';o)

Squggsby, the red fish that lives on my desk, sends big love and positive vibes to all Rail On'ers, and yes, we do rule...

Billy-no-mates rogerwood2@beeb.net Fri Feb 16 11:42:50 2001

Hi Ron,

The pronunciation is easy, just try: Abba - wrist - with, with the last syllable quickened up as in 'whiff'.

By now, I should have been telling you all about how the date went, and whether the tips and hints were any help. I think I did all the right things, like I had a wash, made sure not to go out with jelly under my arms, and banished all thoughts of Formula 1 and Monty Python sketches from my mind....

....thing was, she stood me up.

This week, therefore, I have been mostly singing Set Me Free by Patti Smith. Gimme something, da-de-da, no not sympathy...

Lonely guy

rich Fri Feb 16 12:38:05 2001

ron - I'm sorry but Aberystwyth is a complete shit-hole

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Feb 16 13:17:28 2001

Ah Aberystwyth, memories of childhood summer holidays...actually the only thing I remember is that it always seemed to pee down with rain for the 2 weeks, except for the day we went home which was always gorgeous of course.

I just got a note from the post office that they have a package for me, my guess is that its the Thighp cd that I ordered. Interesting review below, thanks for that Richard.

ron Fri Feb 16 13:28:18 2001

awww... now i can't possibly believe that about Aberystwyth, maybe like Ealing the trash/rubbish just simply needs to be picked up... oh yeah, this patti smith chick, did she happen to be known as patti smythe at one time? hmm, f1... does tend to do it for me (go team williams), but nascar (my fave is #9) is more the vogue in here in appalachia... and believe me the byrds seriously dig it... so if you can give up culture and the copester, the babes await your arrival on these shores, and the monty python stuff is 'gold' as it is misconstrued as culture in their beautiful, but culturally deprived heads...


rich Fri Feb 16 14:52:19 2001


no no no. i recall from the late eighties - not that long before she came back for real - that i came across this new album by patti smythe, and sort of (how i really dont know) heard that it was actually patti smith, who'd changed her name as part of being a born-again christian kinda thing. the album was a rockie born-again thing, but distinctly not patti smith. and absolutely not worth paying good money for.

whatever you think of my opiniuns of aberystwyth, please believe me on this - it really was a crap album

ron Fri Feb 16 15:25:07 2001

cheers for that rich... always wondered what the diff was smith/smythe er... born again anythangs give me the major creeps...an' i believe you if you say it was crap. about aberystwyth, i hate to dis a place i never been, well cept'n NYC of course;o)

ron Fri Feb 16 15:26:59 2001

shite, the war's started...

Nat ACHHHHHHHOOOOOOOO Mon Feb 19 05:21:50 2001

Bless me!

Hope you all missed me whilst I was off ill! Achhhooooooo, Oh and thanks for all my Valentine Cards it was nice to know you all care! ;-) tee hee.....

Anyway - any of you going to see the Bunnies at the ULU in March?

Ahhh poor Roger, maybe you should have gone for the Jelly, still you have an evening with me and Izz to look forward too, you'll be like the veggie meat substitute in our human sandwich! You can talk to me about Formula 1 too if you like I Love it!! Schuie, Schuie - the "Rainmeister" will do it again this year! (Jenson Button drinks in my pub at home he's a really nice guy) Hoorah......How will we cope without Murray Walker, I do not know.. tut

Ron my love - Maria ran off with the pigeon, b4 she'd taken the letter floosie. Good to see someone else gets up to pleasant things with lemons! Hmmmmmmm lemons

Anyway back to my box of tissues and vicks vapour rub.

(Izz did you see that thing on BBC2 last night about the Animal Rights Stuff - blooomin good that was).

Izzywoo Mon Feb 19 07:03:47 2001

I have to add to the Aberystwyth pronuciation bit - the 'th' at the end is as in 'thin' rather than 'there'. The Icelanders make this distinction with different letters, you know.

And heres another Welsh plce name to pronunciate:


Mmmm, I love that one...

Roger, bad news, how crap is that? Standing people up (and if I hadn't split THAT infinitive, the meaning would have been very different eh?) is shit and mean - it only takes a phonecall, there's no need to be so cowardly. It makes me so cross... Perhaps you can advertise on H2H for date for Blackheath? Don't mention who you're sitting with though you want to be in with a chance

...all this talk of sarnies is making me very hungry indeed. Unlike programmes on animal rights which usually have me reaching for a bucket and having nightmares for several nights.

Born again, you're right Ron, truly scarey. Particularly with a guitar. I seriously offended some born-agains with some artwork once. They told me I should burn it immediately because it had an air of evil. Which was rather funny because it was based on a fair amount of research into Christian symbolism...

Boolbar Mon Feb 19 08:10:14 2001

I think 'W' wants to finish what his dad started.

(Anonymous) Mon Feb 19 08:31:11 2001


Nat Mon Feb 19 08:44:35 2001

Did you that CND's memberships have gone through the roof since 'W' got the Presidency!!

Boolbar Mon Feb 19 08:52:50 2001

Does this 'know' I've just found belong to you Nat ? You must have dropped it. :o)

Boolbar Mon Feb 19 09:53:21 2001

Machynlleth has that place with wind-turbines, recycled poo and cute pigs doesn't it ? I pronounce it ma-clun-cleff which is most likely wrong.

ron Mon Feb 19 10:24:25 2001

er... yeeowww... damn re-entry from weekend and no heat-deflecting tiles on my face to deflect the atmospheric burn...ouch...ouch... ouch... hot... poor nat, so sorry 'bout the underweather stuff, i'm well familiar with the vapor rub... not sure about the CND's, jeez I feel like a dunce having to ask for explainations/pronouncuations everyother post, duh... course help is around the corner, and rite next door, cuz in the spirit of Paul Revere (not the PR and the Raiders guy... the other one) the brits are coming, the brits are coming... we've had quite the influx the past few months, so maybe things are turning for the good... I spoke with a local yesterday that was to be interviewing with one of these brits, and he said 'you know what these british guys are into? EDUCATION, EDUCATION, they love education'. it was very hard not to give away my personal experience with a fanatic education supporter i met whilst in the british isles;o) but I think we all know about whom I speak... mmm, oh my lovely island girls... how i miss thee....hee, hee... Machynlleth - er... Ma-klien-ey-whiff???

well... I see someone disturbed the Shrimp's rock and he has re-imerged from beneth it. I stand humbled before his great knowledge, mighty wit and profound understanding of the world around us... as I stupidly stumble through the bloodied and polluted landscape of greed, sloth, fear, envy and hate with but just a solitary candle to lite thee way... thee one way...

was watching Copulation last eve, and Sleeping Gas just blew me away, hadn't seen it since seeing Julian for real, and whenst the Greatness and Imperfection of love came on, i said to ms. ron that the greatest injustice is the fact that sir cope is not recognised as the greatest living rock-n-roller on the planet... and u2 gets the grammys? where's the justice in that... rant over, resume discussions amongst yourselves

war... what is it good for?

absolutely nothing...

Mothra Mon Feb 19 10:28:19 2001

Say it again!!!

Nat I'd drop me pants if they weren't elasticated Mon Feb 19 11:09:46 2001

Ta for finding me 'Know' I've been looking for it everywhere!

Yawn... Shrimp...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Ooo sorry about that. Ron my love - CND - Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (sorry about the bad spelling my heads still fuzzy!) Ban the Bomb! Hoorah

Oh yeah if one of you lot was the person on the H2H complaining about the advert for Lemsip Full Strength then hoorah for you cause they are crap! I had 3 of them in my mug and they still haven't had any effect on me........

Mordicus the Buzzard Mon Feb 19 11:36:49 2001

Dear Nat-a-lee,

I have effectively fended of the worst of the seasons manky buglets and cured a long-standing insomnia with the following remedies, I don't know if they are Nat-friendly, but I'd like to help...

Oranges. Lots.

Vodka and lime cordial.

Last but not least, Essential Balm (also known as Tiger Balm). I find a small amount of this heavenly stuff applied ritually to each temple, small dot under the nose, and lastly one on the third-eye (bindhi balm!!), it works wonders, clears the head, and leaves you snoreless and drifting. (smells miles better than Olbas oil too!)

Bee Blessed x

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Feb 19 11:52:23 2001

Thanks, Nat and Izzy, for your good thoughts.

Just one thing, though, Nat. You probably said it without thinking, but did you really have to remind me that it's "back to the box of tissues"?

Rub it in, why dontcha! And I'm not referring to the vicks vapour rub.


For all of that, hope the cold gets better soon. Well, by the end of April, anyway.

Nat Doc, doc, doc, doc, doctor beat.. Mon Feb 19 11:55:17 2001

Morfey my lovely,

Ta for the health tips!

I don't like Oranges! :-( I'm really fussy when it comes to fruit and only really eat bananas and Strawberries as they tend not to have maggots in them, I have a maggot phobia! I'm a wierdo I can tell ya!

Vodka makes me violent! Broke a blokes nose once after he plied me with vodka! So I try to avoid it AND I can't have spirits in the house and you know why!

But Tiger Balm yum yum, completely forgot I had some of that, I shall go and smear myself in it this evening!

(Garlic apparently works too, I only tried the Lemsip stuff as I was so blooming depressed that I was trying everything! Next time I'll just sweat it out in bed and eat ice cream!)

Nat xx

Nat Mon Feb 19 11:57:15 2001

Roger are you being rude.. you better sit on your hands at Blackheath if you are...

Tut youf of today!!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Feb 19 19:15:41 2001

Hey guys!

The new Fall album (Unutterable) is really good!!! It's a lot catchier than Levitate and The Marshall Suite.

Has anyone read Kaleidoscope Eyes, the book on psychedelia? Supposedly it talks about Cope in it a bit. Also, how about Jon Savage's England Dreaming?

I'm still trying to decide which Cope songs to cover for the next Interpreters CD. Send in your songs, folks!!! I plan to move in a couple months and would like to finish the CD before then. Which reminds me...

Has anyone been able to download the Fall tribute album ("we are not the fall")? I can't get those links to work!


rich belboid@ntlworld.com Tue Feb 20 03:47:09 2001


England's Dreaming is a superb book. Obviously written by someone at the heart of, and with his heart given over to, the wonders of punk its easily the best book on those times - and it rates 'camera, camera' as one of the greatest of the post-punk singles.

A Day in the Life, on the 'English Underground' is also well worth a look.

I used to own that fall covers album as well, pretty good in many places, certainly interesting, I'l havbe to dig around and see if i still have a tape somewhere.

And completely off point...arent things meant to get smaller as you get older. I went to see the Sisters of mercy at the weekend, at Leeds University Union, which is probably the venue I've seen most gigs at having been at university there. And tho the only change they've made to the place is to put a couple of bars in, I'm sure it was actually BIGGER than I ever remember it. Sumfink wrong there shorely?

IZZUB Tue Feb 20 04:36:09 2001

ROGER! You make me chuckle. I love being a girl, boxes of tissues only have the simplest of meaning to us. I also love being able to get up the day after a hard karate work-out and cry "golly I'm stiff this morning!". Such a luxury.

How were the sisters belbiebaby? This whole goth re-touring thing is getting me nervous as I think my other half might start wearing his buckle-boots again...

Morfe, I'll have to try your insomnia remedies. I've personally never found anything to beat a whisky and triominic (which are now withdrawn, sob) and banging my head against the wall...usually after a couple of days I find I finally fall into a deep deep doze for all of half an hour. Fortunately things are much better now. Isn't it amazing how something so simple and common as losing sleep can send one over the edge?

Oh Ron, you flatter too much. But I lap it all up. I think you have Machylleth just about right Bool, something like MaKUNclleth

I've done something very unlucky, very unlucky indeed. I repotted a neighbour's xmas tree in the hope of having a healthy portable tree in a few months time. That in itself isn't unlucky, but in the intimacy of the battle with its needles and branches as I wrestled it into the pot I went and named it. Darn, I KNOW that naming plants is a death sentance, the sad demise of theWorld the ivy, Thort the voodoo lily and Thomas the aloe is testament to that. But that isn't all, what did I go and name this ill-fated tree? Brooce! Brooce the spruce of course. Duh!

Mordicus Tue Feb 20 05:13:56 2001

Sleep, whassa? Over the edge , I never went, parrot cuttlefish vaccum , must vaccuuuuuuuum,

everybody stop looking at me now, pleeeeeease.

Morfe Tue Feb 20 05:21:31 2001

Good luck Brooce the Spruce!! It is indeed a deadly thing to do, plants, cuddly toys, I'm sure even telephones do NOT benefit from anthropomorphising. Oh but they do, silly me. I bought a teeny three armed cactus last year and called him Ricardo, shortly afterwards Ms Buzzard mistakenly dropped him and his little arm fell off. Ye gods I cried, I make no bones about it. The amputee rolled once, showing we his poor milky-blood wound. I used a tiny elastic band to splint the arm back on, and believe it or not it worked.

The moral of the story? Well, if it had been called George I wouldn't have rushed to the rescue quite so readily, might even have ignored it.

Nat Tue Feb 20 06:12:42 2001

Oh we are so terrible at naming things aren't we, is it just a British trait or do other nations do the same! I found myself playing with my kitten 'Poppy' last night and I've named her toys! 3 ikle mice which she carries around by their tails whom I call 'Barry, Clive &Geoff', "Bring Mummy Barry" I was saying last night to Pops as Steve stared at me quite bizarrly! and she did....a clever girl is my baby Poppy.

Brooce the Sprooce is a good one Izz. Are you going to name all your seedlings too? I have a Bright Red Dahlia who I call "The Bishop", Izz I think you were there when I brought it, and I have a bush at the bottom of the garden called 'Kate'.

Poppy also doubles as an aid to sleep deprevation too, when she lies on yer chest and purrs its so soothing that you just drift off into the land of nod. A HUGE Spliff usually knocks me out.....

Anyway I'm off to name my mouse mat.

(Izz I'm a purpleturtle today!)

ron Tue Feb 20 09:42:16 2001

er... golly, i was stiff this morning... even without the gym workouts ;o) legal ramifications prohibit entering a discussion of naming plants... a couple o'kids will deffo iron out the peculiar habit of naming things, and will do wonders for that insomnia thang too... ha, you just THINK you don't get any sleep.... crying babies, sleepless nites... a huge what? knoks nat out... oh, oh, ok i see it now, spliff... not st...er well... u-know;o)

hey, heyheyheyaaaahey, wot's this george won't rescue? i'll have u-know i just saved a young lad recently that fell from a chair and bashed 'is head, whilst everyone was just standing around watching him cry.

izz, is the so called better half (which i doubt seriously) still doing the story telling? if so, may be interested in this http://www.storytellingfestival.net/ it's supposed to be pretty big, and it's close to the ranch, and ms. ron sez it's cool if y'awl could get over, to crash in the bunk house...

actually, i'm bloody fed up with my govt killing children and telling me it's 'routine'...

Nat Tut Ron...... Tue Feb 20 10:09:18 2001

Tut Ron you're worse than Roger...the only huge stiff thing that knocks me out at night is a large whiskey!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Kids, now that is scarey, I'll never be grown up enough for kids, not in a squillion billion zillion years, well unless Iggy Pop begs of course then I may have at least two, but he'd have to beg real hard!

Well done you for saving that young child! I probably would have left him on the floor mind you, but then I'm like that!

Ex-modfather Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Tue Feb 20 11:50:08 2001

Hey Trav--

I have a long-dormant version of "Greatness &Perfection"...

Want it for the tribute?

IzzySpell Wed Feb 21 03:56:17 2001

Hmmm, you see I am not convinced that dealing with babies is worse than insomnia. At least a baby will sleep eventually (surely) unlike my brain which seems to be able to tick on and on for several days...also I didn't plan to have insomnia and I do not love it with all my life and would do anything to keep it healthy and out of harms way...but as a non-parent (and several women have already made this point to me) "what would I know?"

Nat Dream, Dream, Dream... Wed Feb 21 04:01:54 2001

Oh my lovely Izz, do you fancy a moonlight, midnight walk on the common? I'm not sleeping either! And when I do sleep I'm have strange dreams about David Ginolla - I've never found him attractive before, until now ;-)

Am I the only person who constantly dreams about celebrities? Does anyone know what this means... I rescued Robbie Williams from committing suicide the other night he was going to drive his Ferrari out of my bedroom window! and I was also Harry from 3rd Rock from the Suns wife the other night... Am I just wierd or do they mean something do do do dooo, do do do doooo.

Call me if you want a walk (Yoga tonight - but any other night!)

Nat x

ron Wed Feb 21 10:06:37 2001

yes, nat you are VERY wierd, but we love you anyways;o) mz izz, it'z not worse just different (babes vs insomnia), and even without a child, i think you probably have a pretty good idea... speaking of which anyone hear from our fav mom, ms-teryous amazon? oh, and 'hey' to mothra, my #9 pardner... hope all is well in your world... in fact hope all is well with all... especially u nat... i get the sense of some undeserved pain, and i'm hoping things will work themselves out... if you need a hard shoulder to cry on, u-know where to find me...

hmmm, worse than roger... still not sure about that, even though been thinking that one over for a while... nope, i'm pretty harmless... i mean no offense to anyone, well maybe shrimp and annexus... but the occasional flirt, jab, and jest is purely for entertainment purposes only (mine and yours), so please don't take me quite so seriously (paulb), my sense of humor can be a bit dark... so, if i've offended I do sincerely appologise.

rite then, cherish the day-zies,

ron XOXO

Nat Baby I love you... ooeee baby... Wed Feb 21 10:24:08 2001

I love you Ron!! You are fab don't let anyone tell you otherwise, though I am a wierdo so my vote may not count!

I'll be in touch thanks for the kind words, Izz has been my 'hard shoulder to cry on' recently and I love her so much...ahhh bless.

Last thing I heard from Amazon was that she called me a floosie! So I expect she's hiding from me!!

You couldn't offend me if you tried!

'all for Ron and Ron for all' Don't let the buggers get you down.

Nat xx

Izz Wed Feb 21 10:52:26 2001


Nat Wed Feb 21 11:50:14 2001


Nat Njt@purpleturtle.com Wed Feb 21 11:52:27 2001

Wots yer e.mail Ron - I've lost it again Doh......I'm such a blond girl sometimes tut

Who am I?

Ron drude@mounet.com Wed Feb 21 13:28:58 2001

cheers for that! you ladies certainly brightened my day...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 21 19:48:17 2001

Rob - Yes, please!!! :) :) :) -- Trav

Tonight's order from Amazon.com:

  1. Nick Drake - boxed set I haven't heard any of his songs yet but I read about him in the Unknown Legends of Rock and Roll book
  2. Saints - Wild About you (boxed set) :) :) :)
  3. Comsat Angels - Land and 7 Day Weekend - a lot cheaper than I thought they'd be!

Can anyone recommend a good 13th floor elevators CD? I've just heard one of roky's solo ones and I don't think I got into it that much. i'm hoping the elevators will be more accessible.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 21 19:56:34 2001

oh yeah! and i also got england's dreaming :)


Mordicus Thu Feb 22 05:18:52 2001

Nick Drake? (sigh) Trav, I was only introduced to Nick Drake 3 years ago, and you never forget the first time!!

Sounds twee I know, but there it is ;-)

Mothra Thu Feb 22 05:30:24 2001

I believe there are three songs by three different artists, written at three different times, all telling the same story. A psychik interconnectivity and a timeless ebb and flow of spirited melancholy. They are:

Naticus Do you remember the first time........ Thu Feb 22 05:48:54 2001

.....I remember the first time I heard 'Hips and Makers' by Kristen Hersch, I have never heard such a beautiful album in the whole of my life and probably won't again.... 'Your Ghost' is truely one of the most beautiful duets I have ever heard ever in the history of music ever, sung with Michael Stipe it is truely wonderful....listening to it is like that moment when you wake up in the morning and you stick your head out the window and you can smell Spring in the air ...sigh... call me a girlie, I don't care...savour your moment with Nick Drake as it will probably never happen again....

Mordicus Thu Feb 22 05:53:20 2001

Trav, with regards to the 13th Floor Elevators, I only have 'Easter Everywhere' LP, yet it's great, each song has this hummy-noise that runs throught the whole album, both disconcerting and reassuring at the same time. How do they do that?

Boolbar CrazyLoon@EvilHairdo Thu Feb 22 06:14:23 2001

'Hips and Makers' by Kristin Hersh . Yes I can remember first listening to that. I was wandering around the then newly opened Tower Records in Birmingham and I recognised Your Ghost (which someone sent me on a compilation tape) being played and then wonderful track after track followed. I bought it on the spot. Superb acoustic stuff.

Trav : I have a compilation album by the 13th floor elevators, the title of which escapes me, but it was very cheap (3.99 pounds) and has a large portion of each of the first two albums and some of the third. Jugs ahoy !

Mordicus Thu Feb 22 06:41:21 2001

Its funny how certain artists just make us 'fill up'? I had a (not raging but clowning) debate with a friend yesterday. He was all Eminem and Ice Cube, taking the piss out of my (I'd like to say broader!)tastes in music. It made me think. Why don't I listen to Eminem et al? Well, it's because we only have one go at this life, and I want to listen to music that fills my heart up. I also love music to shake my bootie too, and that can be anything from (eek) Kylie, to (wahey!) James Brown. Yet singing about AK47's and mofo'in 'white bitches' just makes me feel sad? Am I missing something? I just heard 'Coyote' by Joni Mitchell, and her voice, humour and soul just leaves all the other pretenders spluttering their quickfix soundbyte anthems in her wake. One would hope they sink quicker wearing gold chains. It's not a musical comparison, that wouldn't make sense, just an observation on the 'filling up with heaven' effect that some songwriters seem to have, while other music is just like fast-food packaging.

Nat The good olde music debate..... Thu Feb 22 07:08:08 2001

... trouble is with Eminem and I don't want to start a debate on whether he's right or wrong as thats going on the H2H, is that if the press etc just ignored him, then there would be no Eminem, so we've all had a hand in at making him the person he is, offensive or not... I actually own the 2 of his albums and think they are great, but because I am a relatively sane person (Don't comment Ron!) I'm not going to go out and rape, pilage and shoot people and I'm not racist, sexist or homophobic! Those protesters out side the Grammys last night, only make Eminiem etc sell more records and perpetuate the myth and get us talking about him. Let him get on with it I say....and Dr Dre - I like him too!! But each to their own.. life would be very very dull if we all listened to the same thing!!

Music is a total mood drug and music makes me cry - Cat Stevens does, Carly Simon does, Pink Floyd do. Kylie is great she rocks and hence my love affair with Robbie Williams - they get me dancing and feeling happy, I adore 70's disco - and will quite happily boogie away in my front room with my glitter ball on the ceiling (not quite worked out the laser thing yet) my hair brush in my hand and a bloody good 'Disco Inferno' blaring away!!

Just think what the world would be like with out these individuals like Eminem and kylie and Julian etc. we'd all be sat discussing the finer points of Westlife and Briteney Spears...on that note I'll toddle off.

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Thu Feb 22 07:13:46 2001

Yeah, I know the Kristin Hersh album - I like it a lot. I still remember looking down the list of tracks, with names like 'Teeth' and 'Beestung' and wondering, "Hmmm, God only knows what this is going to sound like".

Another LP which I got on the same day, back in Nov '98 - which I like even better - is This Fire by Paula Cole.

I suppose, while I'm at it, I should also mention Ten Song Demo by Roseanne Cash. If you liked Hips and Makers I reckon you'd love the tracks The Summer I Read Collette; Western Wall; Bells And Roses; and Take My Body. Me, my favourite is List Of Burdens.


JoeTex@sexolettes Thu Feb 22 07:21:25 2001

Yay Nat, fancy a cyber hairbrush moment sometime, rrraaowwl, we can do the loose-caboose!

A fine point you made, music cannot (as can anything) be either 'right' or 'wrong', yet I can see how it affects certain people, it is a very powerful force.

"Can you feel the force.."

Bee blessed and more Joe Tex x x

Nat Sisters, sisters.... Thu Feb 22 07:23:07 2001

.. I'd also recommend 'Love Songs for Underdogs' by Tanya Donnelly. Thats beautiful tooo. How two sisters could write such beautiful music just amazes me.. I certainly can't do it.

Afro Nat and the Silver Lurex Sisters Thu Feb 22 07:26:48 2001

.....yep sure do Joe Tex? "Burn Baby Burn" "ooooooooooooooo I feel love, I feel love, I feel love.......ooooooooooooooooooo"

Boolbar Thu Feb 22 08:03:09 2001

I find Jane Siberry is good 'fill up' music for me - some tracks from "The Walking", "The Speckless Sky" and "Maria" are just so . . . Ooo !

Is Tanya Donnelly Kristin Hersh's half-sister who used to be in Throwing Muses ? My brain seems to be telling me this from some distant part with cobwebs.

When's the last time you shook yo' caboose? Thu Feb 22 08:10:46 2001

"Why, faahve thirty this moh'nin"!!!

Nat Rock Chicks........grrrrrrrrrrrrr Thu Feb 22 09:10:25 2001

Yep boolbar absolutely right, that incestuous world of Throwing Muses, Pixes, Breeders, Belly, The Amps and so on and so forth. Beautiful music by beautiful women... Kim Deal will always be my fav though..lovely woman we shared a cigarette once and chatted, very sweet person.

'I'm yer venus, I'm yer fire pure desire....' come on Disco Joe strut yer funky stuff, I wanna hear yer flares go swish....'play that funky music white boy'..

Mofester Thu Feb 22 09:29:31 2001

Aaaaaaaaw, but *I* wanted to wear silver lurex toooooo!! :-(

Nat Boob Tubes and Platform Shoes Thu Feb 22 09:36:39 2001

Morfester - I had you in something Spandex a la 'Boney M'.. Something with leopard print and maybe batwings... possibly a head band, definately leg warmers. Lots and lots of glitter face makeup. And people say I have no fashion sense tut...

gitdown@yo' local Thu Feb 22 10:21:03 2001

Nat, I am yours to do with what you will. (admires bat wings and risks doing the splits) OWW! hot DAMN!

Hot Digity Dawg Thu Feb 22 10:38:45 2001

Man you look so hot tssssssss, wow!

"...theres nothing more, than I'd like to do, than take to the floor and dance with you, keep dancing...wooo...Shake yer groove thang, Shake yer groove thang yeah yeah..'

I've always had a thing for men in Spandex...hmmm I feel an e.mail to Mr Cope is in order, bet he'd look good in spandex, esp with the Tour coming up... (Mr Belbin Grrrrrrrrrrrr you'd look hot in Spandex too..make you sweat!)

Tee hee...


ron it's a beautiful day... or not@kak_pop Thu Feb 22 11:04:04 2001

you kids be careful with that '70s shiiituff... that whole decade was a major fire hazard... polyester everywhere... loads of causualties... my 9 year old is a big m&m fan, so thats what it takes to win a granny, er... grammy... whatever... Steely Dan was cool, actually picked it up for ms. ron when it came out so she was excited... i also saw that kid a pick one up for 'alternative' album, which is cool cuz i've heard lots of comments by you lots... i hate to tell you this but that moby cat sucks big time! can't you send over something better than that? i know, you bastards are gonna keep julian to yourselves, but moby? damn man...

Morfe (still gittin'down@ya) Thu Feb 22 11:14:04 2001

Moby? You can have him! He's a great export, specially as he lives over there ;-)

Wonder how it feels to get rich via TV ads????

Ron, get on that No. 9 to yaw Copey gig, pronto!

nat woo yeah boogie I am the girl with the golden hair... Thu Feb 22 11:32:13 2001

... blimey 'you are the Dancing Queen' Morfe.. 'get down on it'... wooo yeah....

The 70's were very flammable, my mum used to dress me in a red nightie that had a lable on it that read 'liable to melt, very very flammable material' and she always sat me down next to the open fire!

Not much of an opinion of Moby - I tell you what Ron we'll swap him for ummmmmmm Iggy Pop....!! :-) Fair deal I feel...

Nat 'Hasn't stopped dancing yet...'

(Anonymous) Fri Feb 23 07:37:28 2001

Aah, Nick Drake, worra guy. Still love Time HAs Told Me to bits, beutiful track. As are most of them, apart from the'my god that man's depressed' ones on Pink Moon, an album which makes leonard cohen and ian curtis sound like the spice girls. wondeful.

There's a little interview with thighpaulsandra in this weeksnme (tho not online as far as i can tell). he thinks the new album's great, is working on a new ep already and 'about 6' coil albums. he also says that working with jason Pierce isn't that differant to working with Julian - apparently 'Jason's like a Prada version of Julian'.

dont know what it means but it sure sounds good

Mordicus Fri Feb 23 07:58:00 2001

Maybe Julian is a RADA version of Jason??

Russ Fri Feb 23 08:18:09 2001


Received my copies of Thighpaulsandra's new material today and its a bit to early to say what I think but a couple of tracks stand out on the first play so i'll let you know. The CD is a great package stunning to look at, and the 2 coloured wax editions are of the same quality but just lack something (ah! yes a record player!). The white vinyl is not really white more of an opaque clear vinyl but the amethyst vinyl is the same colour as the 20 mothers vinyl. If you have the cash then buy the CD just for its stunning foldout cover. Right Nick Drake what a guy....Moby nice music for a bald bloke....Kristin Hersh wow agree with everything said Your Ghost is one of my fave tracks....Eminem total gobshite he had to get back with his wife so he could abuse her so he can write about it on his next LP same with the pistol whipping stunt!


Old Vinyl Oh go on please play with my 33 and a third... Fri Feb 23 08:37:40 2001

Russ - Wot no record deck tut some people, they buy these new fangled CD mini disc type machines and forget all about the wonderous me, two speeds, three if you are really lucky and how about that crackle you get ahhhhhhh can't beat it. Remember a record deck is for life not just a phase you go through until something better comes along....

Ahhh I'm sure that Eminem is a good egg really.

Mark & Lard blimey you crack me up... Carry on...

Izzy Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene... Fri Feb 23 09:11:28 2001

Hey you kids! I take half a days sickie and you just go and fill me up! (my mailbox that is) I often wonder if 14 years olds are getting the same thrill out of the music they are discovering as I did, when it was the be-all and end-all of existence. As an old duffer I really can't see how you can be blown away by a dodgy bloke in expensive shoes spouting anger and hatred, but perhaps I would if I were 14 again? I recently bought an xmal deutchland album to relive my goth yoof and I still get that same feeling, can't explain it. Is it like your parent's roast potatoes are always the best because they're the ones you've grown to love?

I am also in love with Tanya Donnely, what talent. Star is one of my al time favourites. Slow dog does that thing for me. Similarly I get that thing from the stuff that Cerys Matthews writes. I know you hate her voice Nat. We should have an evening in round the record player you know. I haven't done that for so many years...I'll buy no. 1 and you get smash hits.

Spent the morning in bed listening to women's hour ('lesbian's hour' as a dear friend calls it!) which was broadcast from the States. Scarey scarey people! Particularly those in Harlem and NY in general. Only sane person (particularly odd given her strong religion) was that tennessee chic Dolly Parton. Respect.

(Anonymous) Fri Feb 23 09:22:04 2001

Talking of greatest hits!

Nat Rebel Rebel... Fri Feb 23 09:31:05 2001

Ahhh kids have always rebelled against whats going on - we all did it to varying degrees.. I did it by the likes of Nirvana, NIN, Babes in Toyland, Hole, Throwing Muses, Julian and so on.. in the 70's it was the Punk thing, Mods and Rockers previously etc. whose to say that the kids of the year 2000/2001 aren't rebelling by listening to Emininem and Marilyn Manson we might not like it but did our parents like what we listened to or wore..I'm certainly not going to stop them, I'd feel like a right od fuddy duddy killjoy if I did!! It might be pants but what the heck.. The Sex Pistols swore and we thought it was cool Eminem does it and we tut at him. Leave him be the more we talk the more famous he becomes!!

Izz - I'm up for a evening of Teenage Angst, Jackie and Smash Hits mate! Spangles and rollerboots....Did you know that blooming Top Shop are selling leg warmers Bang goes our alternative outfits for the you know what and when Izz, have to have a rethink or we'll look trendy. Aparently the 80's look is back big stylie..

Right I'm off for a "bigity bigity bong" with Mark &Lard.

Nat x

Nat Blimey where have I been Fri Feb 23 09:41:05 2001

... my god I've just heard Polly Harvey on Radio 1 she sounds absolutely fantastic....where have I been. I'm off to by the album. Brilliant stuff. Is she still with John Parish - does anyone know?

For a fellow Yeovilitte to our Polly and John, I feel so out of touch, tut cripes. Blimey head in the sand time.

Nat xx

Mordicus Fri Feb 23 09:58:19 2001

Yeah Nat! I only caught up with Polly's new stuff last week, it 'aint Shelagh Na Gig, but it IS great stuff, songs from the city, songs from the Summer Country ;-)

Good fortune...

Nat Fri Feb 23 10:30:48 2001

I'll give you a review next week Mordicus - I've just ordered it.

Dry is a fantastic album, I started seeing PJ Harvey b4 they were signed absolutely yonks ago (we're all from the same town and area, Mr Nat used to be in a band with John P). They played some well dodgy pubs in Somerset supporting a band called Grape (anyone remember them!!!) - she does backing on their single 'Baby in a Plastic Bag' I've heard its worth a few bob but not sure - anyone know!? (Not that I'd sell) PJ Harvey just used to shine pure class all the time, 'Victory' off of Dry is my fav. always hoped it would be released as a single and Sheela Na Gig and Dry are class. I brought her stuff up to 50ft Queenie and then stopped so it was a real suprise to hear her on Mark &Lard - she really does sound fabulous.

God Somerset was amazing for live music during this time. Has anyone else notices the decline in decent live music!! Ho hum.....I'm depressed now....

Boolbar Fri Feb 23 11:09:52 2001

Yep, also thumbs up from the wife and I for the new PJ album. She's got that voice of hers well in control (in an out-of-control way). Also enjoying that new Fall album too, surprised M.E.Smith still has a voice, must be all that pumpkin soup and mashed potatoes.

Jorgen jgrahn-http@algonet.se Fri Feb 23 15:08:11 2001

Regarding the 13th Floor Elevators CDs: you might be able to buy all three albums for little more than the price of a collection CD (cheap stuff in the 'Oldies' section).

I have a collection - "the best of..." - and "Bull of the Woods".

Roky solo is... uneven, as I understand it.

The Roky tribute album is also nice, and the version of "I Have Always Been Here Before" might be Julian Cope's best song ever! (Or at least it is to me, right now.)


(who can't believe that they haven't erased my psychedelic eye-in-the-pyramid artwork from the whiteboard at work yet..)

Pat freecalls@lineone.net Sat Feb 24 03:48:17 2001


There's a great Copey live video at




Nat being a bit of a thickie..... Mon Feb 26 08:20:58 2001

You'll probably moan at me but I'm having a girlie thick day - can anyone out there in Cope Land tell me the 'A Side' to 'East of the Equator'?

Oh and I know its a long way off but are we planning to meet up b4 the Hackney &Blackheath etc dates for a swift half... anyone know of any pubs in the locality? AND is anyone else going to Croydon or am I really the only person! (Hope so a one to one show sigh..!)


Richard Hayward r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Mon Feb 26 11:24:28 2001

For those Pete Wylie fans out there here are details of a forthcomming mini tour:

Tuesday 27th March. Aberdeen. Forum 01224 648000
Wednesday 28th March. Leeds. Irish Centre 0113 2480887
Thusday 29th March. Worcester. Mars Bar 01905 613336
Friday 30th March. Salisbury. Black Pig Barn 01722 501858
Saturday 31st March. Norwich. Fat Pauly's 01603 441044
Sunday 1st April. London. The Ocean 020 8533 0111

Each artist will play a solo set and then all four will hit the stage at the end of the show.

Running order will be drawn at each show.

Call venues for ticket info and for door times, as this show will be over 3 hours long!!!

For further info on Pete Wylie Visit:


Richard Winchester

North of the Equator? Tue Feb 27 08:08:25 2001

Nat, my resources tell me that "East of the Equator" was the B side to 'Colours fly Away', along with 'Shopping for a New Crown of Thorns'?

I got the info from Netbeat, so don't quote me ;-)

Morfe x

Richard Hayward r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue Feb 27 08:41:44 2001

Lupine Howl The Band featuring Mike Mooney who have an album out in April have anounced details of a forthcomming tour. If you get the chance they are well worth checking out. The reviewer for the Melody Maker Called their show in Manchester last November as "one of best gigs he had had the pleasure to attend all year"

23rd Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach
24th Brighton, Pressure Point
26th Northampton, Soundhaus
27th Liverpool, Lomax
28th Leeds, Rocket
29th Edinburgh, The Attic
1st Sheffield, Casbah
2nd Wolverhampton, Little Civic
3rd London, Dingwalls
5th Oxford, Zodiac
6th Dublin,Whelans
9th Bristol, Fleece and Firkin

for further details on the band visit


Nat Tue Feb 27 08:41:49 2001

Cheers Morfey babes,

I believe everything you tell me so I'll take your word as final!! tee hee.... :o)

Am I really the only person going to Croydon - cripes thats scarey I'll have to get my hair done special now.

Nat xx

Blokey Bloke Coils Velvet Underpants Tue Feb 27 12:11:05 2001

Got the Thighpaulsandrs CD the other day, and on first listening I was blown away. But sadly on consequetive listens I've become less enthrawled. The stuff he does with Cope , Coil and Spiritualised comes over a lot better. The last track, 'Beneath The Frozen Lake Of Stars' is nothing more tha 30 minutes plus of ambient noodleing, and the opener, 'Lycraland' is just, well, a sad attempt at being 'different'.

Most of the CD IS listenable, with the tracks 'Optical Black', We, The Descending', 'Limping Across The Sky' and 'Home Butt Club' being the best. But as for stringing it out over two CD's, It's a non starter.

If your only experience of Thighpaul' is from Cope, you'd be well advised to steer well clear of this.

Though if you want to check him out in a more 'Together' frame of mind,, get hold or Coils' Musick To Play In The Dark, Volumes One and Two.

Mordicus Tue Feb 27 12:13:55 2001

Nat! the sky is gonna fall down, quick, ruuuun!

ron Tue Feb 27 14:07:24 2001

thanks for the review shrimp, I think I'll judge it for myself. By the way how's your mom?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 27 14:15:43 2001

that was not 'I' that was someone else de do ron ron!

my mum is glowing and lighting up the suffolk night sky!

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Tue Feb 27 14:22:32 2001

there will be an article about Thighpaulsandra in the March issue of the Wire UK (www.thewire.co.uk )

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 27 19:27:27 2001

http://www.furious.com/perfect/krautrock.html - neat article!

ron Tue Feb 27 21:11:01 2001

yeah... whatever...

Nat |Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Drakey Lakey, Goosey Loosey Foxy Loxy Wed Feb 28 04:28:14 2001

Phew Morfe that was a close one there, wore a hard hat into work!

(Hey bet yer all chuffed that I remembered all their names! Clever me deffo I've got a degree! Hoorah...)

Still no takers for Croydon?


Izzcoughsplutter Wed Feb 28 06:43:18 2001

Hmm, I question 'Cocky Locky', Nat. When they did that story on play school they gave it a happy ending, the cheek!

Nat you won't be alone at Croydon, I think I'm going with my brother. With him along the auditorium will feel very full..hee hee. However, I think I will be REALLY alone at Kings Lynn.

Oh, I hate being back at work...

Nat Hoorah for Izzy Wizzy Woo Wed Feb 28 07:00:54 2001

Hmm I'm sure it was Cocky Locky! ho hum I do only have an 'ology degree mind.... :o)

Hoorah for you me and yer bro at Croydon...Still up for Saturday? I think my e.mail is working Izz I'm not sure if not Purpleturtle me.

Oh yeah anyone out there who lives in the Southampton area - and I know there are a few of you - there is a PUNK ROCK NIGHT (Woo hoo) with the fantastic 'Smog' at the Joiners Arms in Portswood on the 9th March.. anyone who is anyone will be there ie. me... so put on yer glad rags and pop along.. I'll be the babe in the Pikachuuuuuu, Pikachuuuu T-shirt and you are all welcome to rub my tum!! (Ant &Dec fans will understand that one!!)

LooseGoose@theloosecaboose Wed Feb 28 07:25:24 2001

Run Nat, run! Apparently the skies so big that when it falls only those running at that precise moment will escape being vapourised!

Its something to do with matching the rotation of the earth and creating a cumulus window. Find the bluest patch of the sky that you can see, and keep running so it is always directly above you.

Good luck x...gotta run..

Nat About to be squished Wed Feb 28 07:48:04 2001

... but but its cloudy here in Southampton, there is no blue sky.

Oh bum, looks like I won't be going on the Tour :o( I'm really sad now I don't want to be squished....boo hoo hoo

Only a man in leather pants can save me now! :o) (I live in hope!)

................SQUISHY SQUISH SQUISH.......

(oh before I'm totally squished by the sky - Ron I e.mailed you this morning and I don't know if it worked can you let me know!!)

Morfe scaffolds-R-us Wed Feb 28 08:09:47 2001

S'ok, I'm building a giant network of uber-scaffolding, should be done by 2pm if Chicken Licken wouldn't stop for a bl**** cup-a-soup every 15 mins, grrrrrr.


Blue skies are comin'.

Bee Blessed x

Nat I need a hero Boom.... Wed Feb 28 08:28:27 2001

Ahhh Morfe I always knew you wore leather pants! :o)

Hoorah I'm saved...blooming chicken licken always knew chickens were skivvers..tut, my dad always told me never to employ a chicken to errect scaffolding.

ron rip van@snooze.com Wed Feb 28 08:45:02 2001

aye my love, got your e... there's that time diff thang, just draggin my sorry arse in... an don't even have a good excuse like you ;o)

Nat Dear Ron. do do do do do dooooo Wed Feb 28 09:00:54 2001

Morning babe! I know about the time difference type thing, the problem is at my end, according to the Computer Bloke - 'I have a blockage in the wire, hence my work connection is only sending random e.mails to people it feels like'.. so sometimes I write these messages to alsorts of people and send them and they don't get there, just sit in the blockage apparently!! He's hardly Bob the Builder is he! at least "he could fix it".....tut..... anyone out there in computer land know why my machine is so random? Person wins a Cadbury's Creme Egg if the fix it...

Izzy gurgle hack hack Wed Feb 28 10:12:42 2001

In fact Natalie, you machine is not random. Computers, as they are today, are utterly incapable of being random. Was it the comadore 64 that acheived the best simulation of randomness by detecting the static in one of its sockets? Bring on the quantum computer, let us achieve true randomness...as for your problem, I haven't a clue!

Ron, do you ever catch world service? I often listen to it at ungodly hours and wonder if there is anyone out there that I vaguely know listening too. It would be a comfort to know that someone else is awake too...

Nat aaaahhhhh I see.... Wed Feb 28 11:00:10 2001

.... that might explain it then! here at the charity we actually run a bank of ZX81's that are joined together with cups and string - so that might explain the problem maybe there's a knot...

Cheers for that Izz but I'm still convinced that I've got a random blockage!

Ex-Modfather Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Wed Feb 28 11:30:18 2001

Not to get up on a soapbox, friends, but go out and BUY the newly re-issued "BABBLE" cd by the magnificent THAT PETROL EMOTION. If you love Cope, you'll have a religious experience with the Petrols. I wouldn't lie to you guys--any Petrols questions--ask me!



Nat Sing, sing a song... Wed Feb 28 11:51:19 2001

'Sensitizes, burns and numbs...helter skelter sweet and something... something something something...' I like That Petrol Emotion can you tell I've got some of their singles I'd recommend them too! Hoorah...

(I've got 'Swamp')

ron er.....com Wed Feb 28 13:29:39 2001

world service? hmmm, not sure, ms. izz, post the addy an i'll deffo check it out... hope you get to feeling better soon, as the so'ton streets are no longer safe with the fierce (but lovely) nat running amok by herself:o)... unfortunately i'm very much a metal head and jools is my musical vise. don't get me wrong, i love 'em to death, and he is by far and away my fav musician, in fact the past couple of daze, kinda been wondering what it's gonna be like when he's 60 and i'm still in the crowd(?) just afraid to try too much other ecentric music as i don't want to tarnish the buzz i receive from julian. i will deffo get the ThighP CD, even though pointed out so very rudely, (and cowardly) that not worth my time, i think it IS... worth my time and $, and I'm looking forward as a 'forward looking MOFO' should, to hearing it.

i've got levitation...

Del Wed Feb 28 15:29:45 2001

That Petrol Emotion were formed from the remnants of The Undertones weren't they?

What about The Mighty Lemon Drops? Seek out the first album 'Happy Head', kind of Bunnies/Teardrops cross-breed.


Ex-m-father Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Wed Feb 28 15:42:45 2001

Not quite--Reamann O'Gormain (a part-time DJ from Derry and guitarist with Bam Bam and The Calling) formed the band with Sean (ne John) O'Neill of The Undertones, well over a year after The Undertones' demise. They gigged as a duo with a drum machine, then with a girl singer and finally left Derry for London. Drummer Ciaran McLaughlin joined the band before they left for London; Damian O'Neill joined as the last member for nearly a year. Reamann and Damian shared lead vocal duties for most of the first year--their first single, "Keen" c/w "A Great Depression On A Slum Night" was initially recorded with Ray and Dee splitting the vocal sides--Steve Mack joined the band on a mention through friends and re-recorded the vocals (at varispeed) immediately upon joining...

Glad to fill in any blanks...

P.S. 10 points to anyone who knows where the band's name comes from! (A big kiss for any of the girls who know)

Nat Get ready to Pucker up and Blow Thu Mar 1 05:39:48 2001

That Petrol Emotion got their name from a visit they took to the mud flats of Weston Super Mare bordering on Breen Sands in Somerset. Upon visiting the area the saw a small black petrol feeding (a bird for those who don't know! ;o)) and were so overwhelmed by the experience that from that time on it was refrred to as 'That Petrol Emotion'! the tale was told of the small black bird for many a year and if you visit the area now there is a plaque on a bench near the sea front to remind folks...

Morfe Thu Mar 1 07:23:34 2001

Any petrel inna storm eh? ;-)

Of course the name really came from the ex drummer who worked on an oil depot on the Northe-East coast of the UK. His nickname was 'Petrol' funnily enough, and on tour he would get lachrymose and pine for his distant workmates. Of course the rest of the band understood this condition as being representative of institutionalization. That petrol emotion.

Glad to be of help.

Big Gay Egg Thu Mar 1 07:55:46 2001


Mirror www.threshold.com Thu Mar 1 08:17:13 2001

CONSTANT shallowness makes people evil

Morfe Thu Mar 1 08:52:00 2001

Good job this discussion group has a deep end, a shallow end, and a precarious slope then eh?

btw, whoever you were, the link was a duff one?

Nat Thu Mar 1 09:14:02 2001

Which end are you in Morfey babes... I'm shallow, but I do have a precarious slope!

Yeah you tell 'em about the link....

Morfeybabes??? Thu Mar 1 09:15:44 2001

Erm, I'm the one with the armbands ;-)

Nat Um sorry at that... Thu Mar 1 09:32:04 2001

Whoops I'm sorry Morfe...don't mean to keep calling you babes - spent this morning communing with my brothers Bird Bev (or Bev the Bird as she's known in Soho circles) who calls everyone Babe and its kinda stuck...... hmm I shall just call you Morfe from now on..... ;o)

(Oi Izz you had my ;e) yet about Saturday? Tut blooming machine..)

Morfeybabes Thu Mar 1 09:42:08 2001

Awwwwwww :-(

Boolbar (won't melt in your hand) Thu Mar 1 09:56:01 2001

The linked worked for me - it was a lez&gay page reporting on Eminem's gay-hating lyrics.

I did see the bit of the Brits where someone with a sense of humour got Elton John to present Eminem with an award. (I think it was the 'making record company lots of money' award).

Morfe@BigGay Egg Thu Mar 1 10:00:03 2001

heheeeeeeee! I saw that too. Boolbar, it was actually me that posted that link, I was referring to www.threshold.com, hoping that the enigmatic poster had a profundity to share there? ho hum...

On with my so-called transvetite tendencies, hope I don't get an AK47 up me bootie!

bee blessed x

X-M-father Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Thu Mar 1 10:09:43 2001

Well...ahem...good works of fiction to you lot...nothing anywhere near the mark on the origins of the moniker "that petrol emotion", but I give you kudos for your creativity...especially the lovely Nat (wink wink)!

Nat Yawn, not blooming M&M again....... Thu Mar 1 10:13:08 2001

God you lot, stop moaning about him and he may go away! Morfe Babe I'll slap your legs for you young man...tut..;o)

tee hee you make me blush Rob...you cheeky winker you...

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Mar 1 10:38:23 2001

That Petrol Emotion were an excellent band, I have 3 of there albums, including Babble, which is fantastic, but I think Chemicrazy is my favourite - excellent guitars.

Actually I have a vinyl copy of Babble that is signed by all the band members at that time. They had just done a record signing at the HMV in Brighton and the store got them to sign some extra copies and sold them at the regular price after the event.

Thanks for reminding me of TPE, great band, must go and dig them out again and relisten. - Andrew

P.S. SO what is the origin of the name Rob, you never did say...

Morfey@omgwhathaveidonenow! Thu Mar 1 10:38:33 2001

On account of enjoying having me legs slapped by the lovely Nat, I'll have to say its a good job for her that there isn't a white- trash rapper inciting violence towards bunnies and cute things ;-)

Baaa baaa baaa grrr x

MorfenMothra Thu Mar 1 10:59:40 2001

Sorry about that guys, but I can see the future. I'm gonna have a long lie down :-)

Nat Ms. Whiplash to you young man... Thu Mar 1 11:30:12 2001

.. and you will need a good long lie down Morfey Babes...NOW SIT... tee hee ;o) I enjoyed that woo hooo... new career.

(Ron me e.mail gone again! tut..try again 2morrow)

XM-father Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Thu Mar 1 11:48:04 2001

As arcane as the tale is, you can surmise that it either came from a song by Reamann O'Gormain's previous band, Bam Bam and The Calling OR it came from a line in a song that appeared on the band's 2nd single, "V2". The song is "The Gonest Thing" and the line clearly says "feel that petrol emotion".

I still prefer the name they took than their original moniker--Novacaine Combo.

Amazing band, even more amazing people. Good God, what guitars!

That Petrol Emotion were never "just a band"--they were more of an "alternative information service"...


XM-father Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Thu Mar 1 11:52:38 2001

Oi Nat...


wink wink kiss kiss

Nat oldslapper@tart.com Thu Mar 1 12:06:07 2001

tee hee... it's nice having the reputation as a bit of a tart...

Big kiss and a wink back Rob.. ;o)

amazon www.keepyerandsoffitellya http://youaintslappinMYmorfey'slegs Thu Mar 1 19:06:18 2001

Noone is more of a tart than me, Nat. (Apparently)

Grinchybabes F**Kxmas.com Thu Mar 1 19:30:02 2001

What kind of a tart, Jam or Custard????

ron all shook up@Seattle.com Thu Mar 1 19:33:55 2001

Oh, ok i'll conceede on "That Petrol Emotion". But, only because Andrew stepped up and gets dem prop's in place. FoLoMoFoRob don't give up the ship yet! dearest nat, oh dear I can see Professor Higgins 'as is wouk cut o' for 'im...aye mm' luv?

hmmm, my sources in picadilly tell me a certain crustation developed severe foot-n-mouth and was uncerrimmmoooannnnuously cast upon the funeral phyre by dear ol' mumsy, thus lite'ng up the suffolk nite sky ;o) full details in the next issue of Screaming Secrets, with exclusive pics of gallagher bros reunion tour...

it'll all wash down when it rains...

Nat toolateamazon@I'vedoneit.com Fri Mar 2 04:31:09 2001

...jam tart with a whipped cream little floret on!...

God I'm in a fantastic mood today.. thank crunchie its Friday! Yiippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Izzyrumble Fri Mar 2 07:31:14 2001

Oh all this talk of food! I was going to stop and chat, but I'm too hungry now...

ron east easyrider going zax@suess.com Fri Mar 2 08:35:10 2001

happy bday doc suess... spent most of nite and better part of morning making thing 2 costume for number 2 son... jeez dye blond hair blue... er...wherez buzz of m when you need 'im? in da sack? what was her name? promise i won't tell;o)

Buzz of M Fri Mar 2 09:05:04 2001

Ron you horror.

PS Mothra sez don't forget the peawater.

Nat I'm so pretty oh so pretty I feel pretty and witty and bright and I pity any... Fri Mar 2 09:30:36 2001

....girl that isn't me tonight, I feel chariming, oh so charming...

How much do I love today.........sigh. I love everyone. It's sunny, I'm being seduced in the office by a georgeous man and I had a another dream about David Ginolla..can my life get any better.. Yep its Friday and I'm off shopping with Izzy Wizzy Woo tomorrow ;o)

My e.mail is sort of working IWW and RON I've e.mailed you both today.

Morfey Morfey Morfey Morfey...sigh

hey ho off we go....Nat xx

ron Fri Mar 2 09:33:27 2001

no horror dude, like thing 2, like da cat-in-da-hat thing 2 u-know?... thing 1 and thing 2, not the john carpenter thing 2... wazn't that a kurt russell flick? can't recall... i won't forget the peawater, if he doesn't take the piss... hey i offered to purchase a pint in picadilly.... but, nooooo... my calender is looking better for #9 in october, i'll be in the red dress...

give a hoot!

Nat Just killing time.. Fri Mar 2 11:53:50 2001

Just had a flick down the list whilst waiting to go home and blimey I talk some real crap on this list don't I!! tut...better think of something serious for next week....nah ;o)

Bet you'll all avoid me at these London Dates just incase I waffle complete drivel at you for hours on end.... Ooo here's something of mild interest I had a message from HH today aparently the Whiltshire Downs are locked in with Foot and Mouth, so pray its cleared up by April or Julian won't be touring!! Hmmmmmmm bet you never thought of that one....

XMFather Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Fri Mar 2 12:00:39 2001

Still on my Petrols re-vitalization...here's a suggestion for you all--and I wouldn't lie--check out Raymond Gorman's (that's Reamann O'Gormain, ex-That Petrol Emotion guitarist/songwriter) new project, WAVEWALKERS. He has a brilliant cassette demo (only thing available at the moment) of new material which is best described by me as etherial, lovely, moving, melodic and uplifting. If any of you have been looking for something new and fresh to listen to, this is definitely the thing for hungry ears. Write to Ray@wavewalker.freeserve.co.uk and order a copy--it's only 5 pounds and well worth it. Some mellow dance grooves, great lyrics, some out and out pop gems... Check it out!

You'll thank me for this later!

And hey Nat--don't change a hair on your lovely head for anyone!

Love to all...

Nat Gee shucks... Sat Mar 3 06:46:17 2001

... X.M.F-Rob yer sure know how to make a girl feel wanted... I won't change just for you! ;o)

Just popped in on a Saturday on my way to pick up Izzy Wizzy from Karate yeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, then we're off to stuff our faces with cream buns and find ourselves some glorious 2nd hand clothes for the Julian Tour.. Hoorah...

Hmmm cream buns.....

Nat Hello - is there anybody out there...... Mon Mar 5 08:09:28 2001

Blimey its quiet today! Or is everyone busy and I'm not...probably

Oh Mr Belbin, I've put that Mini Disc in the post 4 U today, hope you like Bonnie Tyler!...I found that wonderful duet she did with Shakin Stevens wot a classic. ;o)Anyone else want a copy? tee hee

(e.mail still out of action Ron - you can purpleturtle me if you like!!)

Who's going to Leicester on this Tour thing, coz its me birfday just b4 and I thought I might pop on up...

Clairese Silence@Lambs.COM Mon Mar 5 08:26:22 2001

yes, Dr. Lecture, I'm here.

Nat Oi Clarisese you cheeky tart..... Mon Mar 5 08:36:16 2001

....are you saying that I look like an old man who eats meat and drinks red wine! Tut, tut no wonder you weren't a very good FBI agent Ms Starling.

I'm a gorgeous babe who hasn't had a meat product go past her lips for ooooo quite some time now! And prefers a pint o' lager! Hoorah

But you can be very afraid of me oh yes very afraid.....ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Buttnaked Bits Streaker@naked bits.com Mon Mar 5 11:37:02 2001

As there's no-one here I'm going to run around completely naked!

Hoorah.... wooooooohooooooooo........yippeeeee skippity skippity skip...swing yer bits...yeeeaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaa Jumpity jump...

Knackered now phewie that felt great ;o) I think everyone should run around naked at some point this week! Hoorah..

ron bugger@it awl.com Mon Mar 5 13:46:00 2001

jeez, ur-karma is too strong to even throw a fright in to ya fair, just, and naked Natalie ;o) actually, was afraid assuming the dr.'s role woulda been a little over the line... oh well... purpleturtle ya? er... lookout... is that what you young folks are calling it these daze...? must have a cold shower...now... lookest thou not at thine naughty bits... well, maybe just a peek;o)

hope everyone had a splendid weekend... i finally attached my new licsence plate to me motorbyke, er...wot's this then? dirt underneath the old...grr... must polish, can't have any of that... and happily did the billy joel thang (not christie brinkley, the riding my motorcycle in the rain thang) ...and yes, it was intentional, as riding in the rain is good for your soul... oh, new plate is 'KOTJ'... thought for just a minute of doing whole 'KOTJMF', but was pretty sure even the dept of motor vehicles would figure that one out ;o) and their sense of humor is not very highly regarded...

hmmm... gotta new neighbour, and he's from 'south' London... hope 'e 'asn't been on a farm lately, as i shook 'is 'and... wotta mess... my sympathies for all affected... i tried to tell 'em to pick up the trash... but nnooo... nobody listens to me... what's a poor boy to do... had a brilliant dinner with a lovely young chinese couple last eve... they read our prophesis from a calander book of 1000's of years of chinese wisdom and it was frighteningly dead on... ignorance of your culture is not considered cool, but, that doesn't mean you have to dig up the victims of the black plauge either... wot the hell are THEY thinking?

good gwad y'all... what is it good for? absolutely nuthin... WAR...

Woodsy the owl says 'give a hoot! don't pollute!'

Smokey the Bear says 'Only you can prevent forest fires'

the cow says 'moooow'

amazon stickyermeatbetweenmylips@spunk.com Mon Mar 5 19:46:30 2001

Not a SINGLE meat product, eh, Nat? Not even a teensy little lick of one? You lie, my girl. I thought you were a girl after my own heart.........

And yes, I will certainly be going to Lestahhh, so if he's still touring, I would love to meet you there. But I'm not bringing that bloody pervert Morfe, I don't want a fight on the first night I meet you.

So you say your email doesn't work? Oh, I want to send you a message, do you have an alternative address I can use? I want to talk to you IN PRIVATE. There are so many things I want to discuss with you away from PRYING EYES..... and you know who you are, young man.....erm....

Nat mygodhastheworldgonemad@yippeeletshopeso.com Tue Mar 6 04:35:24 2001

Amazon!! Thats rude - I am a virgin queen of innocence I have you know...... you can contact me on Njt@purpleturtle.com

As for the meat products - does a quorn sausage count!! So e.mail me away I am intreagued!!

Shame about Morfey not making Leicester oh well I'll just have to call on him instead!! Watch yer letter box Morfe I iz a cummin to see ya!!

Ron - how did you know it was me running naked around the site yesterday? Tut I thought I was by myself....though I did think I heard a russle in a bush as I scamped past!! tee hee ;-)

Morfe Tue Mar 6 06:14:36 2001

Watch out for Russells!

Nat Pluck me its Russell Crow..... Tue Mar 6 06:51:26 2001

Its russells in my bush's that I'm concerned about, you never know whose out there do you, tut! Unless its Russell Crow... hmmm yum... god I'm in a wierd one today. ;o)

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Tue Mar 6 09:10:03 2001

does anybody know Dr Fiorella Terenzi`s solo releases ?

She`s the cosmic lady from Jehowahkill`s "Poet is priest". What does she sound like when she`s on her own ???

amazonian one notforyoumrego@noseyparker.com Tue Mar 6 17:34:51 2001

Nat, I emailed ya, did ya get it??

ron somewhere@range.com Tue Mar 6 20:54:49 2001

hmm, nat xx, we are students remember... and as the footstep sounds were distinctly female, i knew it could only be u or paulb (runs like a girl), and since he's pouting from his base in london, i figured it was u, go figure... mmm mmy sweet amazon... and i thought i could offend, shame on u... buzz boy, lad if'n you wanta hit me up for $ get in line... betwixt fed res chair alan green-eggs-n-spam and frat boy georgie, we done be broke:o( anyways, you'd hafta be behind nat... which reminds me i've misplaced my st. james info, could you repost... ahh ur a dear xx. was thinking more along the lines of moving my peeps to lend a hand... andrew got those tix in hand yet? u crazy guy, you gals better get ready for this one!

Nat Ground Control to Major Tom... Wed Mar 7 04:10:33 2001

Nowt at the mo. Amazon - did you send it to Njt@purpleturtle.com thats yer best bet (work is: Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk)!! It seems that the plug keeps falling out of the hub here at work so thats why my work e.mail is dodgy!! You could however try both....and I'll drop you a quick reply to let you know its arrived..

I think I should stick to writing letters on the snail mail and using the telephone...I'll sort the stuff out for you Ron - a new newsletter is out this week so theres some more bits for you! (Did you get my e.mail about my Criminal Past?)

For those of you who got my cross e.mail last night - I am sorry I swore I haven't joined the circus yet and my hair is still intact, I do however plan to become a nun of the silent order, I went home and had a good cry and now I feel even worse ;o( Amazon I'll fill you in later...

Oh yeah - PaulB does run like a girl coz Izzy chased him up the road in London and I saw... ummmmmaaa

rich belboid@ntlworld.com Wed Mar 7 07:08:55 2001

ah the travails of the rich and famous

dave balfe is in court this mornig apparently. sadly he's only doing the prosecuting, not a war crimes thingy. He's suing blur for the profits from 'Blur'. apparently when he gave up control of Food Records, he struck a deal that he'd get the profits from the next 2 albums - great escape sold 2.3 million, and then Blur released Live at Budokan - only sold 80,000 - unlike blur which sold 2.4mill (too many numbers here, sorry), and Mr B thinks the only reason Budokan was released was to do him out of profits (as if!!).

One has to say - nice one damon, more power to your elbow. Tho next time you write a song about Mr Bumfe it would be nice if it was better than Country House (temptation for mis-spelling there overcome with great effort)

Nat Prhrrooooaaghhhhhh Mr Belbin....whit woo Wed Mar 7 07:33:17 2001

Amazon nothing has arrived yet and its 12.20 (lunchtime - is that the right one Rich, or is it dinner!!) I think your pigeon has been eaten! ;o) Oh well, send it again to the purpleturtle address..

Blooming Balfey - maybe its all a ruse to get him to Court this Blur thing and he may get done for war crimes - or at least crimes against sanity anyway. Fingers crossed!

Grrrrrrr Tiger xx

Buzz-boy Wed Mar 7 07:45:43 2001

Ron, I 'aint after your money, just yer body! No, seriously, I was asking for information *regarding funding* (you misread), if anyone has any experience of raising big cash then I want to know!

And I only want the readies from big corrupt businesses or the government, that would be a fine coup, getting them to fund a sustainable non-profit project that would eventually educate and describe the downfall of their wasteful asses! Of course, Ron, if you fit in the above bracket (Big, Corrupt Business) then give us all yer *** money, now! ;-) otherwise stay on the no.9 with us mere mortals.

Izzy, may have found a suitable site for the project :-O (fingers crossed)

Nat, don't talk to that Amazon, she corrupts! ;-)

Nat Money, Money, Money Wed Mar 7 07:57:58 2001

Morfey my love, you leave your fundraising cash malarky to me! I work for a Charity hun, as a part-time fundraiser! I have piles and piles and piles of information about suitable places to get cash!! I'll e.mail you a list as and when I have 5 mins!

As for Amazon - I loved to actually talk to her, but we don't seem to be able to commune at the mo!! ;o) And I love being corrupted...sigh....

Buzzard of Morfeum djs@morf.org Wed Mar 7 08:01:07 2001


The Nat abides x

inmyexcitementshall I fail! djs@morfe.org Wed Mar 7 08:05:20 2001

May get things rolling if I could post my email correctly!

its 'oldarseypants@morfe.org', or in fact "anything"@morfe.org (s'ok Izz, its still rerouted via purpleturtle, so the cash is going to those flippers in need ;-)

Nat Whats me reward...? Wed Mar 7 08:12:08 2001

..do I get a big kiss if I'm helpful Morfey?!! xxxx

I'll be in touch my dear.... If you e.mail me and give me a postal address I have a load of articles that may be of use too - also let me know what sort of sums we are looking for and what it will be used for. Not much point in giving you duff info... I won't use your address to post filth and smutt! Maybe myself in a box, hmmm wot a good idea...

Use the purpleturtle.

beingpartofthesolution@rewardenough Wed Mar 7 09:05:28 2001


ron my bad@fundraisers-r-us.com Wed Mar 7 09:25:37 2001

sorry morfe for misunderstanding... fundraising is to be sure, become a cottage industry. myself, have been doing it for homeowners association for 3 years, andrew can vouch for my accomplishments on that front... done with that in April yea! am probably moving on to a refurbishing a train station project onest i'm outa the other... the ironbridge location looks absolutely fabulous, if i found the correct area(?) http://www.ironbridge.org.uk/ have been 'toying' with the idea of bringing my boy scout troop over, an puttin' them on the number nine for a service project for the citizen of the world merit badge. the logistics will be a nitemare, but i believe it could be a once in a life time experience for some of the boys, and open up their minds to global issues... but, then again i've loads of ideas... rite nat? ...about that criminal history... havn't got an e from u, but i believe i may be onto something... http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20010306/re/crime_crowe_dc_1.html ;o) is it just me or does the room go silent whenst i enter? walked into a bar sat nite, and same thang happened, and the big corrupt businessman at the bar, said 'it got awful quite in here when u walked in' me: 'er... yeah i seem to get loads of that lately... uh, yes.. burbon and coke please...'

wondering wotever happened to that vylbik jon character... he was funny...

"from there to here,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere..."
Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Mar 7 10:17:14 2001

Ron, you should tell everyone some of your achievements as they blew me away. If everyone just did a little bit in their home communities, just think how wonderful the world would be!

Did I read somehwre below that there are others going to the Leicester gig? Let me know as I got my ticket the other day so I'll be there.


Nat Rons a Star! Wed Mar 7 10:26:32 2001

As I said on the H2H site "If everyone was a little more Tom and Barbara and not so much Margo and Jerry then the world would be a better place"!! tee hee I was well impressed with that.. but little things please little minds. ;o)

Lots of gubbins (probably useless) in the post for you Morfey!

Ron - have you had the e.mail yet? If not I'd stick with my Purpleturtle e.mail!

Nat x

ron think global@act local Wed Mar 7 10:58:37 2001

thanks for that andrew... been missing u. springs upon us, maybe get us some new ladies to hang with? did u-know Marc's question, if'n i 'ad to guess, i'd say she's a screamer...:O miss natalie XOXO, i just got an e that had a jumpin' jools... too cool i's trying to scan one for you but, scanner buggered it... duh... not sure about tom/barb/margo/jerry reference, please enlighten us culture bums... im thinking that leicester is gonna be the place to be...;o) ...has anyone heard from alison lately? might hafta give a ring...

Nat Self sufficiency rules Wed Mar 7 11:06:08 2001

Tom & Barbara, Margo & Jerry were two next door neighbours in a 70's (?) sitcom comedy thing on the TV called 'The Goodlife'- (Don't know if you can pick up UK Gold as I'm sure the re-runs on there!) and Tom &Barbara gave up their jobs to become totally self sufficient and grew their own food and raise their own animals and so on and Margo &Jerry were the posh couple next door who ate at the best resturants and so on... it was hilarious! ;o) a series about all the japes they got into in their flares and mad frocks.. oh how we laughed ha ha haaaaa!!

Hoorah for the e ron!!

Izzy Wed Mar 7 12:36:41 2001

and they all lived happily in Surbiton..ahhhh I loved them nettle-green pullies. You go me singing the theme tune, Nat, makes me happy!

Saw Richard Briers at the theatre the other night, he said the f-word. I was shocked.

Hello! Sorry I've been quiet, its you Ron, you just keep walking in and I have to shut up! You know some people just have a aura and you just have to watch them. I guess you are just one of those, Ron, enjoy it. I clearly don't have that as I can stand at a bar all night and never get served. I think you should bring your scouts over, it'd be cool. Give me shout if you need an assistant over here (save airfare) - I can get references (ish).

So wasthis Morfe? Got your own domain? Things are keepin moving? Cool! Nat, does your info pack have details of grants and stuff? I may be able to get some more from the So'ton Environment Centre. How's that proposal thing going...? Send me info via purpturt.

I have a sad game that I play whenever I go to pick up my purpleturtle messages. If you press the Login button at just the right mo, it freezes the big turtle with a big spew of greenie infront. Looks like he sneezed in a strong current!

Nats thinking of going to Leicester AndrewCE. I would, but my other half has his debut as a pirate here and I don't think we have enough time to travel up. I'm still up for Kings Lynn on my own though...

I remember Vybik Jon, as I remember he disappeared off to make badges for cornucopea and never came back...

amazon whathaveidonenow?@sweet'n'innocent.com Wed Mar 7 16:44:28 2001

Morfe, it was actually YOU who corrupted ME, so Nat, take no notice. Before I met Morfe, I was a sweet, quiet, shy, retiring little creature and he just whispered a few rude words in my ear and now I am tainted!!

Ron, don't believe a word of what Morfe the naughty little sex-fiend has to say about me, it's all lies. You met me yourself, you should know how inexperienced and virginal I am.

Nat I shall try your email AGAIN, I want ALL the gossip....

Oh, and I will be at Lestahhh too, Andrew, so watch out!!!!

Morfe@OMG.com Wed Mar 7 19:56:55 2001


nat ...why don't we do it in the road... Thu Mar 8 05:34:26 2001

Got it amazon - message sent to you full of secret juicey tittle tattle from down there ere parts....looking forward to your installment...

Izzy Wizzy you and Gary remind me of Tom and Barbara - I think it must be that lovely jumper that Gary wears and you in your kaftan and wellies! (You in at the weekend as I'd like to come and get some of your nettles!)

Anyway onto something serious - I'm a member of the Southampton Nuclear Awareness Group/CND and we're planning the following - Direct Action. Lets lie in the road and "get ourselves arrested!"

Following the very successful blockade at the Faslane Base, London Region CND have agreed details about a blockade of AWE, Nr Reading on 14th May 2001. Aldermaston Womans Peace Camp are having an action day and there are currently some famous names interested in helping out.

We are looking for Support! We need people to help out with food/drinks, transport, welcoming and registering people, sorting out accommodation, training, briefing &legal support, collecting from police stations etc. You would need to be available from Sunday 13th May - Tuesday 15th May and able to get to Reading for starters.

A meeting of interested people will be held soon in Oxford and Reading and via the e.mail so if anyone out there is interested in helping then please e.mail me on Njt@purpleturtle.com and I can send you some information.

Cheers my loves and BAN THE BOMB.... hoorah...

ron impressed@u-go-grrrl.com Thu Mar 8 08:37:28 2001

atta girl natalie, impressive doings for sure... hmmm, inexperienced and virginal... may hafta do sumthin 'bout that... thanks izz, for the offer and the aura... must use my powers for good, not evil;o) and i'll get you a drink anytime, no worries there.

ron XOXO

Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Thu Mar 8 09:43:01 2001

Hi everybody,

I'm finally going to get my 30th birthday pressie soon (about 18 months late, but at least it means I'm aging slower), which is my first geetar.

Anyway, where can I find some JC tabs? I've had a look at Soul Desert and got some from there, but I'd really like Trampolene and A Crack In The Clouds (then I can do a track for an Interpreter!)

Anyone know?

luv Del.

Nat Yawwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn Thu Mar 8 10:44:21 2001

....blimey this is a slow Thursday. Anyone fancy a game of scrabble ;o)

Ta Ron - you've got to do these things! be a bit 'Tom & Barb', when I pop off this fair earth at least I'll know I did my bit!

Morfe - big HUGE probably irrelevant parcel of bits and bobs in the post for you...and I can't believe you corrupted amazon like that she really is such a sweet innocent virginal thing....

Bigfatbuzzard Thu Mar 8 11:17:21 2001

Nat you are a star o fthe highest firmament, I'm sure its not irrelevant!

And yes, I am a corrupting influence, drat, sorry ;-) Only the other day I converted a friend of mine into a curry-monster, and now he partakes at every given opportunity, while all I can do is stare like Dr Frankenstein as my creation wreaks effluvial havoc. pooooooo!

Bee Blessed, the weekend is rolling on, one day we shall all be so happy with the day job that the weekend is irrelevant or even tiresome ;-) x

st. Thu Mar 8 11:42:36 2001

Had to read up on all that Blur/Balfe stuff, didn't know a thing about it. So for anyone else equally ignorant as I here's the story


and here's the outcome (Balfe gets his quartet million)


So come on all you smarty pants give me the full Blur/Balfe/Cope connections. Was Country House really written about Davey-boy, wot a larf. I seem to remember someone quoting Damon Albarn as naming Cope as a major influence, or did I just imagine that. Plus, I've long since said that "Colin Zeal" (the second track on "Modern Life is Rubbish" you can here the clip on Amazon if you don't know it


) is a take on "Sleeping Gas" though no-one has every agreed or disagreed. Plus, plus it's also followed by the track "Pressure on Julian", spooky huh! So come on educate me you clever folks.

Slán, St.

P.S. Congrats Del, just hit the big three-o myself and for my present I got ......... my first trumpet!! I can see a trend forming.

amazon atlastheadmitsit@he'sanaughtyboy.com Thu Mar 8 19:58:45 2001

What could you possibly mean, Ron? I'm sure I have no idea.

Nat, I got it!!! All the juicy gossip, as promised...... wow!!!! if only they knew......I, of course don't have ANY gossip as I am innocent, naive and virginal and lead a dull and boring life. Nothing exciting, steamy or rude EVER happens to me. So I have no juicy gossip, I'm afraid.

Right, I'll send you all the sordid details in my next email then, Nat. Make sure you're sitting down, though.... some of it might shock those of a nervous disposition.

Nat Squeeze Me, Baking Powder Fri Mar 9 04:14:54 2001

Amazon u r a loopy woman!! Exciting, Steamy and rude! Whose e.mail was that you were reading.... I told you I'd been out with Exavier, Stacey and Trude! As for the juicey gossip... if lemons really get you going the you are madder than I thought!! ;o)

I don't shock that easy my dear! Been there seen it and done it!

Speak to u later girlfriend...

Izz ArseOnFire@RollingDownTheRoad Fri Mar 9 05:27:45 2001

Golly, any 14-yr old searching the web for the word 'virgina' would get several hits on this page eh?

Oh, how today I wish I'd never been converted to curry, at least not to lime pickle. Every time I go to the Bombay Duck, I spend the wee (or should they be renamed?) hours of the following night in the loo. You are indeed a wicked man for corrupting your friend the same, Morfeus!

Those links didn't work St, am I too slow? I'd like to read the story too, as I didn't know a thing. Then again, Nat probably told me on the weekend, but my goldfishbrain left it at the back of a drawer somewhere. Its like the country house claim, I always forget that between people telling me, which means it is just as amusing each time I hear. Oh the simple life. Tom! Help me get out of these wellies...

OrangeSpell Fri Mar 9 05:31:44 2001

Oi Nat, I see your letting Cwith Packam out the shed for a night, will he still have his chains on?

st Fri Mar 9 05:50:42 2001

Hi Izzy, I guess that you are clicking on the links and since they are broken you are not getting through. THe best way is to copy and paste the entire link. If that doesn't work just go to The Grauniad (sorry Guardian) and do a search on Blur that's how I found it. Oh yeah and I still want your opinion on the sound clip. Slán, St.

MOrfeus and in The Ultraworld Fri Mar 9 05:54:38 2001

I think he was a latent curry-monster already Izz, you know the type, tried a few kormas after being cajoled by friends, didn't think it'd do much harm, must've been a Pisces, next thing its a Bhuna here, maybe a few Rogan Joshes before watching a video. One day the inevitable happens, the pickles, the madras, the (oh I shudder at the thought)...Jalfrezi, hot, dry, does the job well but leaves you craving for succour. Of course, before long the dependency cuts in and beer, social gatherings, vids, in fact anything can trigger the desperate twitchy cravings of the currymonster. You can spot them easily by what has been classed the S.M.E.L: 1. Smell, they often have a pungent and distasteful aroma about their person, they may try and disguise this by ritualistically asking everyone around them: "did you fart?", it is at this point we should be compassionate and help them address their addiction openly. 2. Menu, yes, look around their house, it shouldn't be too hard to find a stash of Deliver-a-Curry menus, they find them in the local papers and store them near the phone for emergencies. 3. Evil countenance, yes, long exposure to spices and often the strainingand filtering involved (often through herniated rectal cavities) leaves a characterisitic 'Evil' look on the curry-dependent's features. 4. Last but not least, Loo-roll, go on, look in their bathrooms, yes, acres of loo roll in the wings, ready for the onslaught. If you can spot the S.M.E.L, then it is often too late, and I fear lime pickle is top of the 'A' class categories for duodenal dependency. I know, I've been there, I even got to asking for extra green chillies IN the already flaming pickle-juice. Must go...

Nat Downboy@slave.com Fri Mar 9 06:00:21 2001

Izz, I may let Cwis Packham out the shed but he's still going to be on a long length of chain attached to my person, and he'll be blinkered until he's ready to perform... I'm not letting him loose amongst all those Students, he'd be terrible always cocking his leg like that - like a dog on heat tut!...I'll come with you though, we could abuse him verbally and sensually from the front row and try out our Julian outfits and see if they impress!! ;o)

PUNK Night tonight at the Joiners Arms from 8.00 Izz if you fancy a quick Mosh &a Pogo with some of my gorgeous work colleagues!!

Stinker Izz@Jehangir.food Fri Mar 9 07:25:32 2001

Shit Morfe! Only seconds ago I was sniffing at my jumper thinking 'phooweee!'. I hadn't realised I had a problem. Surely the pinboard dedicated to curry-house literature is normal in every house? And the 64 bog rolls under the sink? (I kid you not!)Ah, but at least I haven't developed the evil countenance yet!


WiffyChick Fri Mar 9 07:27:58 2001

Sorry NatNoo, can't make tonight, got something altogether more civilised planned. You sure that its safe pogoing in the Joiners? Its very low. I go nearly knocked out by the selecter's keyboard player there, clumsy fella pushed the mike stand off the stage. I wore that bruise proudly....

Nat Love_Muffin_And_The_Flange_Monkey@purpleturtle.com Fri Mar 9 07:47:21 2001

I can do it coz I iz hard Izz!!? ;o) And I've had my hair coiffered into a mosh pit pogo stylie.. ;o)

Low Ceilings pah! I'll just go through the roof... Saw Suede there many years ago (ooo must be about 10yrs ago now - blimey)and can't remember it being that low - maybe I was smaller then..or maybe you were wearing those 16" Stilletos last time you were there, I've told you b4 you can't wear those shoes and not expect to be taller than everyone else!

To be honest if you still smell of curry I'm not sure I want to hang around with you for a few days anyway. Nothing worse than a chick who stinks of Vegetable Madras! I thought Shirley was a bit more wiffy than normal this morning! ;o)

Roger meatphall@symbol Fri Mar 9 14:56:12 2001

Despite being down with a real bad cold at the moment, I figured it was time to add my tuppence worth to the current topic of curry.

You can learn from kids, and I guess I learned something from my ex-'s kids. She (the ex-) would serve up meals, and if the kids didn't like 'em, they'd say so. On one hand I'd be saying, "Aw, your Mum has spent ages making that, so at least give it a try"...but on the other hand I'd be thinking, "Hey, these kids are cool for having the confidence to say what they like and what they don't".

Over time, I guess my own views shifted, to the extent that my current thinking is that life is too short to have to put up with doing things you don't really like. And one of the things I don't much like is 'typical English cuisine'. (Y'know, cook the meat until it's dry as a leather, and boil the vegetables until they're ready to fall apart.)(I hate pasta too, but that's another matter.)

Fortunately curry is one of the few foods I found that actually stimulates my taste buds.

However, this was never intended as the preamble to a 20,000 word dissertation starting with the words "I love curry because...."

[and believe me, I could write it if I wanted to.]

All I want to know is....is there anyone out there that actually likes okra, aka lady's finger.

Every now and then I make a point of ordering something which includes it, hoping that this time, maybe this time, I'll come to appreciate its 'unusual flavour and texture', but to this day I'm completely baffled as to what there is for people to like about it.


amazon exactly.com Fri Mar 9 18:52:10 2001

Nat, I was referring to the distinct LACK of gossip, yow eeejut. I wanted oodles of juicy stuff about how things were going with S, not a detailed description of your facination with citrus fruits!

I'm afraid it was MY email that had all the juicy gossip, so come on, it's your turn now..... spill! Fair's fair, I am waiting.....

Izzy Guff@waftmantions.cuz Sat Mar 10 04:55:07 2001

I do Roger! Every 3 weekd or so I buy a load of okra and cook a fab curry. I still have a portion in my freezer from the last one (though the freezer is froze shut). Yumm! Trouble is it does get chewy after a few re-heats and I start picking it out. And its slimy, so it you don't like slimy...

Off for another curry tonight. Oh how my innards will thank me!

This thing about "are cool for having the confidence to say what they like and what they don't"...its not confidence, as I remember, its not knowing any better. You don't wanna bring your kids up fussy cos when they are grown up and their chums are trying to find a place to have a celebratory meal, it becomes a real pain when they won't eat anything other than beans on toast...

CurriedBuzzard Sat Mar 10 13:04:22 2001

Me too Izz, tonight I shall be mostly doing mixed pickle washed down with lassi. We'll exchange aromas on Monday morning!


rich belboid@ntlworld.com Sun Mar 11 06:28:17 2001


i went off and listened to the blur - the snippet on amazon doesnt give you much of a clue (that is to say, it sounds nothing like Sleeping Gas) but getting the whole track of napster provides quite a shock. Cos, yup, it's there - the verse completely lifts the bassline, there is no mistaking it. And its not a bad track.

Cant see any connection with Pressure On Julian tho - other than it's a bit silly. musically it's entirely dissimilar and i cant see any lyrical connection - take a look at:


rich still Sun Mar 11 08:13:28 2001

and more on the cope/blur thing, as taken from http://rockpop.netbeat.com/artists/julian_cope_5547/longbio.html

"'Kilimanjaro' for example, was a huge influence on Britpop with its classic pop melodies and English sensibilities. Listen to Blur's first lp, 'Leisure' and spot how many times they utilise the Sleeping Gas bassline. There is even a track called 'Coping' (doubtless there to annoy Food Label boss David Balfe, a member of The Teardrop Explodes and Cope's nemesis)." the same article also says there's another Mercury teardrops compo coming out this year (The greatest Hit) to 'tie up any further loose ends'

right, off to download 'coping'

rich again Sun Mar 11 15:37:59 2001

eeh i dont know - dont some web-sites do dodgy research.

coping (and presumably the rest of the tracks referred to) are on blur's modern life is rubbish, not leisure at all.

tho - were they released differently in the US?

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Sun Mar 11 16:44:13 2001

Having heard some time back of the 'Cope' references on Modern Life Is Rubbish, I got the CD out of the library to hear it for myself. I'd say that the suggestion of any link between 'Pressure on Julian' and JC has got to be pure fancy...it'd be just as easy to say it's about Julian Clary.

Tell you what, though. Thanks to a rotten cold, I was in just the right kind of mood last night to start playing through my old Lou Reed albums. First Berlin, then Lou Reed, then Coney Island Baby.

And you know what....all those 'shock controversial themes' that Eminem is singing about now, are there on those LPs from 30 years ago. You name it, they're all there. Alcoholism...wife battering...child abuse...suicide...homosexuality...mindless violence...death...yup, there's not a single thing that the old Godfather of punk hadn't done.

The odd thing is, I grew up listening to Lou Reed, and back then, it was a case of most people thinking he was dull and boring, not that he was some kind of messiah. He didn't shock people (like Eminem does now) because he got hardly any media coverage, and therefore very few people got to hear him.

I know one thing, after listening to it again. Kicks (on Coney Island Baby) is STILL one heck of a song, and still just as shocking/scary as anything being written today.


Nat Who, Where, What am I.... Mon Mar 12 04:19:33 2001

Morning, I think its Monday......woooo Punk Rock Rules....I can't remember getting home and when I came to on Monday morning I found a poster of a naked woman blu-tacked to our lounge wall!!

Luckily 4 me I woke up in the right house with the right bloke! But I remember an incident with a chap called - woooooo don't think I'll go there...;o) And a very large bruise on my jaw line!

'Stu Dent and the Wankers' aka 'Smog' Rule... yeah.

Amazon - I'll e.mail you in a wee while... once I've cleared my head.. but I'm in the clear mate so no worries (apart from the citrus fruit reference! tee hee hee) ;o)

Nat x

nat Where is my mind, where is my mind.. Mon Mar 12 06:03:46 2001

It was Friday I went out and I came to on Saturday morning...;o)

God it ws a heavy weekend... I'm going back home to bed. How did all you original punks cope!... how much "Rudimentary Peni" can you listen too before your head explodes...Ahhhhhhhh

johnny Mon Mar 12 06:29:55 2001

You didn't say where though, Nat! Seeing a different side to you these days. Usually I go out on Friday and come home on Saturday.....Sunday if'n I get really lucky...8-)

It's all a state of mind! If you condition your body then you can drink 4-5 nights a week till 2-3am, get completely twatted and still make that corporate mincing machine in the morning! I've made a career out of it, and my mate Paul is legendary. Two of us went on a business trip to Hastings, arrived at hotel at 7pm, in a taxi by 7.30 to Brighton (Sunday night) wandered around and found the Honey Club (or pot?) got completely wankered playing drinking games, thrown out at 2ish (probably for being Scottish with intent), wandered around looking for a taxi in the freezing cold, got one at 4am-ish, back to Hastings, woke up and wound up the night porter and were at a meeting by 8 where we'd to play mind games. Damn good night out. On a plane back to Aberdeen by nightfall. Gonna go back sometime soon.


Nat Where do you go my lovely... Mon Mar 12 07:06:06 2001

.. just in Southampton Johnny!! :o) I don't go far, I get scared!! But on Friday it was definately far enuf for me! I got back to my house at some point Saturday morning, not sure where, when or how.. but I know I had a very good night - which is all that counts I think. I woke up in the right bed - facing the wrong way mind you, but I was with the right fella! I don't get bladdered that often (no really!) so I do tend to fall over after about 8 pints of lager! Bit of a girlie light weight me... but I'll start to condition my body Johnny and we can have a drinking Comp in about 6 months... first one under the table is a girlie!! ;o)

Izz - The Joiners was cool!


amazon whatastench@myhouse.com Mon Mar 12 12:36:43 2001

Poo, poo, stinky old poo. I was just about to reply to your messages, Nat, when I noticed that i need to change TWO stinky pooey nappies that have burst their banks. Eeeuuuuwww.

Anyway, I'll email ouback just as soon aI have mpleted the clean-up job........ oooooooh, who'd be a Mom, eh?

Nat coughchoke@gaspairfresher.com Tue Mar 13 04:36:00 2001

Holy Smell of Smells amazon mate I'm gagging here....Poooooo stick them out in the garden!;o) Smells worse than Poppy Kittens litter tray after she's eaten Cod &Plaice in Gravy! pooooooeeeeeeee

Speak later babe...

Nat x

Squid squid@squidweb.co.uk squidweb.co.uk Tue Mar 13 08:52:45 2001

Now I know where all you lot have been lately! Just popped over here to see whats what, only to discover certain ppl who have been distinctly missing from HH lately - does HH need to wash it's armpits?! And I've been missing all that talk of poo. On second thoughts I haven't, but I had wondered why it had gone so quiet on the gossip front over on HH. Hope you are all fine and dandy,


Boolbar IDDQD@FRAG.IT Tue Mar 13 09:01:57 2001

"I Thighpaulsandra" has finally reached planet Boolbar and I am slowly wading through its' sonic swamp with my aural wellies.

Packaging is great, (although I hate the fact it is hard to prise the disks out of the sleeve - a common fault with such cardboard covers) but I'll reverse judgement on the music until I've heard it all a few times - at the moment I seem to enjoy disk 1 (heard twice) and disk 2 (heard once) is great to play Doom to.

Nat Gossipoverthefenceooohedidn't.com Tue Mar 13 09:46:50 2001

Well Mr Squid, the gossip has been a flying like muck over here lately! It's amazing what you can learn about people - isn't it Amazon! ;o) You all lead such amazing intertwinned lives......tee hee hee... !! And you can't really gossip on the HH site without being interrupted by Merrick who disagrees with everything you are saying (he'll probably turn up here now), though maybe he'd like the poo and beer conversation over here at the mo...who knows! ;o)

Anyway about Merrick... well I heard that he did... hmmmm keep ya guessing...oooo misses he never!! ;o)

Nat Gossip is my middle name

Moon Cat pantscruttock@cakarse.com Tue Mar 13 14:02:48 2001

Wow, so this is what this place looks like. I'm impressed by the gossiporama to worthy speeches ratio. Also impressed by the numerous mentions of poo going on. I shall have to get QoW to empty her pants on this site too. And Morfe... I saw you use Big Gay Egg down there! Pah! Still, I know where to look now should Amazon et al have some scurrilous things to say. Watching intently.

squid squid@squidweb.co.uk squidweb.co.uk Tue Mar 13 15:04:11 2001

yes, we're all watching intently now aren't we Moonie - can't trust that Amazon character to run around here unsupervised now can we? Or Morfo for that matter, never know what they might get up to, in fact they probably already have, whatever it is...

Moon Cat fatorangemousehasshaggedkylie@boobie.com Tue Mar 13 15:25:56 2001

Still Watching.

Hmmm not much happening. Think I'll go for a lick

IzzyBelly mixingmetaforsagain Tue Mar 13 16:00:11 2001

Eh kids, thought I'd pop by and let you know I haven't drowned under this mountain of work - less than 3 weeks to go oh shit/hurrah! Anyone got any temp work they want doing over the next few months? I can touchtype/lay footpaths/program/kick arse/drive minibuses/garden/fix bikes/cook/rear landsnails/count to 100 in Dutch (nearly). Just enough to keep me going til I get a bit of sanity back and then I'll start looking for a proper job, perhaps. But one more fulfilling than this...

I do hope this Foot and Mouth clears up for everyones sake, and personally now cos I'm worried the Copes will be holed in Wiltshire for the tour and my whole existence depends on it.

amazon i'llcallthepoliceyouknow@that'sharrassmentthatis.com www.bigtitsrus.com Tue Mar 13 19:13:02 2001

Hey, Moon Cat and Squid!!!!! What made you come over here? Been following me again, have you? Didn't you know that sort of thing was against the law? Are you some kind of perverts watching me from a distance, looking for a cheap thrill? That's disgusting, that is. You two sound like sex-crazed monsters.

So, my phone number is.....

Nat, I am waiting for an email from you, my dear. You owe me one after my last War and Peace email.

Moon Cat, don't bring that pint-sized little lad over here, too. My goodness, is there no escape?

thy bosarde Tue Mar 13 20:52:24 2001

And keep that Fat orange Freak off here too Mooncat. grrrrr

Nat ooooilikeperverts@pervy.com Wed Mar 14 04:05:49 2001

Um I thought I'd sent you one amazon. I'll have a look and send it again!! Blooming e.mail..hows the poo ;o)

Izz mate do you know anything about Pond Snails?

And Morfe hun and anyone else I'm compiling a list of this years organic seeds if you or anyone else wants a share! Let me know and I'll send one... not sure who lives in a flat and who can grow veggies!!

Julian better not cancel or I shall cry, I was almost certain to pull on this tour - totally ruin my chances now if he cancels ;o) (Amazon don't even think about it)... I will understand, but I will cry... (Have you noticed though that even though the F &M thing is horrid and bad no one has actually put it into perspective as to how many farms there are in Britain... there maybe 220 cases but how does that rate in farming terms? Anyone know....thats todays starter for 10!)

Off to powder my nose...

Nat xx

IzzyOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com Wed Mar 14 06:36:50 2001

Well Nat, according to the NFU there are 200,000 full-time farmers and growers in England and Wales. Heard Lady Marr talking in the Lords this morning. Told a tale of a vet inspecting an animal's mouth and as he opened it, its tongue fell out. URGH!

Pond snails breed like billy-o, but they are very sweet an need no real care I don't think. I can get you some from Netley if you like, so long as you let me come and gaze happily into your pond for hours on end.

I actually finally listened to Odin the other night. Its not bad really, not bad at all...

Nat pondsnails@cool.com Wed Mar 14 07:09:22 2001

Izz Wizzy - Yep we need Pond Snails.. Ours is up and planted and it needs life ;o) woo hooo.. and you are welcome to sit on the edge and stare into it. I'll even get you a fishing rod and a little pointy hat!! tee hee hee so cheeky!! ;o) Also want to come round to yours and dig up some of your nettles if thats o.k. u free Sunday?

The vets tongue fell out thats grosse...poor animal. Where do we get these so called qualified personnel from!

God I'm funny aren't I...

Nat x

Squid squid@squidweb.co.uk squidweb.co.uk Wed Mar 14 07:33:01 2001

Ammo, what happened to you last night? We were all worried we'd offended you in some way, although with hindsight that seems unlikely! And no, I don't think I was looking for a cheap thrill coming over here (although now I come to think about it...) - after all, I reckon you're probably quite expensive (is that an insult or a compliment??!!).

Stop licking yourself Moonie - that's horrid!

thy Bosarde Wed Mar 14 07:49:01 2001

Nat, thanks for a timely offer! I'm hoping to secure a garden plot (allotment type arrangement) as I have no garden of my own, so seeds may well be very useful ;0)

I asked the wise old man of the village to pull some strings for me last night, so here's hoping for an organic larder this year onwards!

I'll keep the world updated with this groundbreaking (sic) news, as I 'm sure those in Copeland are interested in parsnips and such ;-) Tom and Barbara's are hard to find these days!

Organic Nat Erewannaseemygertcombine@wotawopper.com Wed Mar 14 08:31:12 2001

Arrr Morfe - I 'ave carrots, peas and runner beans at the moment and a few Anya spuds! oooo and a right bumper crop of mushrooms! All in seed form at the mo. so can send you some seeds or some ikle baby plants when they have been potted out for a while! arrr...the obligatory Chillies and Peppers are still on offer too, but I bet you still got some of those from last year! let me know (plenty of flowers too from Hollyhocks to ummmmm Marigolds!)

I'll be a Barbara if you'll be my Tom! ;o)

As for you Squid Boy, Amazon is bloody expensive I can tell you! I was shocked - she certainly is an High Class Bird that one! tee hee hee

I'llbeMargotif youbeBarbara! lesbiantrappedinagardenersbody Wed Mar 14 08:43:53 2001

Thanks Nat!, (how dyou get Mushroom seeds??????), I am praying to the Greenfingered Gods that I get this plot!

Some would say I lost it ages ago ;-)

Bee Blessed x x

Nat lesbiantrappedinawomansbody@anytakers.com Wed Mar 14 09:30:28 2001

tee hee... I'll have thee Margot especially if you wear something nylon and flamable and very very 70's!

My mushrooms were supposed to be in brackets!! () I fergot to put 'em in! Its mushroom compost I have!! But I expect there would be a way of collecting a few spores!

I think we all may have lost the plot - hence being here!

Love ya Morfey

amazon comeandgerritwhileit'shot.com Wed Mar 14 09:40:03 2001

Pah! Cheek! I am NOT expensive, just one vodka and I'm anybody's. Well, not ANYBODY'S, they would have to have the right "qualities," and anyone who knows me will know exactly what i mean......

So, any takers? I know SOMEONE with a erm...... to spare. What dya reckon? Or should I wait? Less than two months to go now!!!

Anyway, Nat, you're just as bad, spreading your seed again... you're just as depraved and perverted as Squid and Moon Cat. At least they've got an excuse; they are old and wrinkly and can't get any, (or is that me?) what's yours?

See, I left you out of it, moody pants and paranoid.

Nat Spreaditaboutlikemarge@spreadable.com Wed Mar 14 09:51:48 2001

Pass 'em on then amazon I need someone with a bit of erm....to spare! Though saying that I've already be asked by an American to scan my boobs onto my Work Web Page today!! So I've already pulled... ;o) And I haven't even left the office....Why wait take it while its there my lovely!! (And did you get my e.mail - tea and bun in order I feel!)

I actually like my men old and wrinkly! Someone with the qualities of Des O'connor can usually tweek my bits! Come on down to Hampshire boys - I is a waiting for ya! (Blimey wot smut and its only 2.45 in the afternoon!!)

Nat xx

st Wed Mar 14 09:56:39 2001

Just one vodka and I'm anybody's, two I'm everybody's

or as dear old dorothy said

I like to have a Martini
Two at the very most
After three I'm under the table
After four I'm under my host.
IzzyBits Wed Mar 14 11:58:46 2001

Nah, I've seen wizard of oz loads of times and I don't remember that bit st...

I'm up for some seeds nat, now that we almost have a garden, I'll swap for some pond goo...

ere, 'parently gardeners question time are doing a speriment with broccoli to see if the time of the moon effects its growth.

Nat IsharemybirfdaywithAlanTitchmarshyouknow@gardenersworld.com Wed Mar 14 12:06:54 2001

Izz - done deal pond snails for peas, pond goo for runner beans..

I'm off home to propagate me seeds...

Nat x

JuliusC Ides@March.con Wed Mar 14 14:49:13 2001

Hmmm, I can't imagine dear little Dorothy saying that, either. Judy Garland, maybe, but not Dorothy.

Somebody mention Netley? I've been there...and what a terrific place it is. I'm talking about the country park where the old military hospital used to be. I know it isn't the brightest of subjects, but one of the paths leads to a cemetery, where the headstones note the final resting places of soldiers of various nationalities, who were shipped across to Netley from all manner of places where Britain has been involved in conflict.

The people who took me there were from Hedge End. One thing I remember about the journey was passing a road sign that said Buttock.

Apparently the real place name was Bultock or Butlock, but someone had altered it. It was good enough to have me fooled...obviously not yer average oik.

Del turtleshell@thebeach Wed Mar 14 15:16:35 2001

According to the (spit!) Daily Mail, 'Fried' has been voted No.66 best record sleeve ever. Apparently Q are producing a bokk with them all in.


OrangeSpell Wed Mar 14 15:27:51 2001

Netley chippy does THE BEST pea fritters that I have ever tasted. Next time you go, you've gotta try. Shoot up to the abbey for the afternoon and scoff your chips in its shade. MMmmm. Come on then Del, who was number one? My fave is the 3d picture on the cover of Stones - On her satanic majesty's request (or whatever). Oooh and that L&R gatefold with the really detailed collage based on something else I think, I used to gaze at that for hours, before I discovered pond snails. Am I wibbling? Perhaps I should get me coat.

Del Wed Mar 14 15:39:11 2001

God Save The Queen by the Pistols was no.1. In the top 100, I owned 5! A lot I'd never heard of, but then I've had a very sheltered life...

A few of the others I can remember...Sgt.Pepper (obviously), Diamond Dogs, the 'generic' 2-tone black &white sleeve, Parklife, Sticky Fingers, Stone Roses.

What's L&R by the way (or am I being dense?)


rich Wed Mar 14 18:31:38 2001

L&R = love and rockets, fine band

Joy Dvisions Closer at numer 2 - beautiful sleeve

sticky fingers is anutha fave of mine, and all of the packaging on shellac albums is awesome (oh, apart from terraform, which is shit)

IzzySpell izzy@purpleturtle.com Thu Mar 15 04:34:34 2001

Cheerio Gayl.

Golly, having a bit of a psychadelic one last night, collage filled gatefolds, hmmm. Had a quick rummage round my LPs, always liked the artwork on Verve's Storm in Heaven. Have to say, that when you think of the opportunity that that lovely big 12" sleeve presented, the results didn't always make the most or am I being harsh? Don't know what you've got til its gone, eh? My least fav that I noticed was trex's ride a white swan sleeve. Urgh, sort of pimply with dark blue and white and tubey and pink, tho I'm sure it was lovely at the time...

Nat morning me old muckers... Thu Mar 15 04:50:49 2001

Isn't it wierd how the conversation suddenly got all grown up over night! ;o) I notice that Amazon isn't around...tee hee... ;o)

My fav album sleeves are: 'Peggy Suicide' (I know its a bit dull to pick Julian but its a great album cover!) And 'Surfa Rosa' by the Pixies... wooo that man's back is hairy! (Or have I picked the wrong album - Is Surfa Rosa the one with the spanish lady on? ummmmmm oh you know the one I mean...) the English Bull Terrier cover on the Pixies 12" was rather splendid too and the screaming baby! Blimey they were all good - apart from 'Bossanova' - what went wrong! "alllisssonnnn alison..."

Oh the joys of a 12"... just don't get it with a CD cover now a days you end up looking at detail under a microscope! sigh..

thy Led Buzzard Thu Mar 15 06:52:07 2001

I may be old and rickety, but I know a good lp sleeve when I see it, and Percy and chums did my teenage head in with Led Zep 3 and Physical Grafitti respectively, all those little windows you could peer through, and on one there is the rotating dial, on the other, you just turn the inner sleeve round and hey presto, is that a sepiatone Jimmy Page? or is it Liz Taylor, and whats that Heath Robinson invention? oooooohh, I'm off to have a look now! ;-)

One of my favourite wastes of time. Sad I know, bu Izzy I like looking in ponds too, some would say I am unconsciously reclaiming my not too distant ancestry, hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa

rich Thu Mar 15 07:55:59 2001

oh god i spent hours fiddling with that little dial - convinced there must be a way you could get it to show up all 4 of the bands logos at once (I couldnt). cd's just arent the same, by and large, tho i do like the way you can get interchangeable covers -Pulp's common people album (mind going here, cant remember what it was called at all), Sonic Youth's Jet Star &Trash, and some bands do make the effort - bizarrely Shellac, the 1000 Hurts packaging is georgeous (bizarre cos Steve 'Godlike' Albini professes to hate cd's preferring the 'richness' of vinyl)

Differant Class, that's what it's called. and actually all the alternate covers are pretty crap, still a nice idea tho

Bob Dylans Shot of Love - must be the worast cover I've seen

Morfues and the Otherworld Thu Mar 15 08:18:22 2001

Ye gods Rich, I too spent hours fiddling with that little dial trying to do exactly the same! I'm sure I imagined that if you got the right combination then passage to Valhalla or wherever tight-ass jeaned rock gods go to, a slip in the space time continuum, a land of hair, heath-robinson and harrowing riffs ;-)

Could be worse, could be Michael Crawford.

Nat no please no not again... Thu Mar 15 08:27:11 2001

Morfe my lover - this reference to Michael Crawford has me a tad worried... this morfeum of yours, its not a 'Michael Crawford Home for the Mentally Insane' is it?

I'm not helping you fund a Michael Crawford Shrine in Devon....that goes far beyond my remit as a Charitable Fundraiser ;o)

Squid squid@squidweb.co.uk squidweb.co.uk Thu Mar 15 08:29:49 2001

back to the not-so-grown-up conversation I'm afraid folks...

Ammo, I'm not old and wrinkly, just well lived in. Nat - Hampshire eh? that's where Suzie Squid's folks live, maybe wecould all meet up sometime when we're down that neck of the woods. And I like the Peggy Suicide sleeve too - got a massive poster of that up in our house.

Someone mentioned T Rex - anyone remember the amazing psychedelic drawing of Marc Bolan that used to grace the inner sleeve of the Electric Warrior album?

Crawfords Cream Crackers Thu Mar 15 08:39:41 2001

Nooooo, fear not Nat, it was a bizarre and distant memory, having met Rich briefly at Cornucopea, we were watching Copeys acoustic set, and on the pillar in front of us was a poster of Michael Crawford, it began to weird me out. Doesn't take much sometimes ;-)

Nat At least no mention of poo Thu Mar 15 08:42:44 2001

Certainly can Mr Squid.. I'll show you the delights of Southampton and area in all its glory! We can visit Beruit by the sea (well dirty river) that would be a grand day out.... ;o)

Horrah for Peggy Suicide - I painted the picture of Peggy onto my rucksack!

Rich - where for art thou 2day you old flange you..

Nat x

ron shedousedmewithcoldwatershedid@notsohorny.com Thu Mar 15 08:43:01 2001

brrr, er.. Led Zep 'in through the out door' isn't it the one that turns color with a lite damp cloth... and of cours Kiss 'alive' cos well... lets save that story for another time...

Nat Crawfordcreamedmycrackers@wiffy .com Thu Mar 15 08:47:41 2001

Blimey - I remember those posters well Morfey...scarey!!

At least i didn't get drunk and steal one of those! Now that would have been embarresing waking up the next morning and finding a post of Michael Crawford stuck on your wall...I feel the naked lady from last Saturday was much more tasteful! ;o)

Boolbar sawthroughth@one Thu Mar 15 09:37:44 2001

I quite liked the cover of that first album by Faust. And that cheap one they released with the Bridget Riley cover. Makes me fall over.

Nat ididn'tmeantogetyouwet@splosh.com Thu Mar 15 12:01:59 2001

I'm sorry Ron I didn't mean to dampen your spirits! Let me pass you a nice warm towel! ;o)

Amazon - uno message pour vous in yer e.mail box!

Roger Ithamythtery Thu Mar 15 12:29:57 2001

I know they're not album covers as such but, hey, I used to really like the sleeves that Toyah's singles came in. At the time they used to be coming out about once a fortnight, it was a real buzz to go rushing off to the record shop wondering, "Wow, I wonder how she's gonna have her hair done this time!"

The only thing which has ever come close, since then, was a Kylie Minogue CD cover with a 3-D/hologram effect and colours that change according to the angle of the light. (No, I can't say I bought that one.)


Moon Cat poopooweeweecaca@bot.com Thu Mar 15 15:05:55 2001

I like the sleeve of Janes Addiction's Ritual de lo Habitual. Doesn't do anything, but looks cool. The Future Sound of London's ISDN album on vinyl has a pretty groovesome foldy outy sleeve too, and Dave Clarke's RED album thingy was niftily sealed and very..erm...red. Oh, and I too have wasted several moments fiddling with those funky Zep sleeves. Old hippies may also like to check out the cover of Yessongs. On the front of the very-of-its-time Roger Dean sleeve, you can see where Mr.Deans cat walked over the painting while it was drying, forcing him to attempt to cover the paw marks with clouds hee hee.

Hey Amazon..I'm not old and wrinkly...you know I'm a cute ambi-sexual luv being from planet Throb so there! Oh and Morfedude, Fat Orange Mouse goes where he likes...I have no control in the matter I'm afraid.

rich Thu Mar 15 17:51:17 2001

random comments on other random comments:

morfe: i has=d managed to forget all about mister crawford's intervention in that otherwise fine evening, and i wish it had stayed that way - darn you to heck

and nat - some of us have work to do in the day you know

right off to wash me shirt nice and clean for soft cell tomorrow

thy Bosarde Thu Mar 15 18:08:24 2001

Hearty apologies Rich, dude, it was all in the best possible taste,mmmmmwm beteeeee!

Nice to see a man who can darn tho, do you do socks as well as hex's? ;-)

I'll shut up.

oh and FoM, you're days are numbered.

Moon Cat ogglyspogglywibblywoo@flimble.com Thu Mar 15 18:19:57 2001

I passed on your regards to F.O. Mouse mesire Buzzard.

Here is his reply

"Careful with the threats against mousekind. You never know when you might get a dose of foot from mouse disease. And now I must away to frame my souvenir Miss Minogue pants"

amazon isaid keepheroutofhere,youtwo@fomisaliar.com Thu Mar 15 19:26:14 2001

Nat, I got it, phew!!!!!! Thanks for the advice, and I shall phone you soon, with my major dilemma.

Moon Cat, I told you not to bring him on here!!!!! Jim.

Squid, old, you mean?

Nat again, you cheeky girl. Some of us have children to lock in the gas meter cupboard while we lay on the sofa watching re-runs of dallas, scoffing chocolate liquers and peeled grapes, sorry look after while daddy's "hard at work." Not like you skivers sitting at your desks looking at pervy websites and pretending to work!!! Pah!

Nat wooorichyouworkdoyou@hmmnotlikely.com Fri Mar 16 04:01:16 2001

Have a good one at Soft Cell Rich... ;o) work tut Me thinks not kind sir..I know exactly what you get up to during the day! ;o) grrrrr tiger!!

Amazon - speak soon, you Mother of Children you - can't you send them out to work!! Our chimmneys need a good clean, I heard you munching on those chocolate limes yesterday! slurp slurp slurp.

Anyway I'm off to take notes at a Disciplinary Hearing today woooo exciting - SACK HIM YOU BARSTEWARDS, HE'S GUILTY....

Moon Cat - Ooo I stood behind a guy at Glastonbury who had that Janes Addiction album cover tattooed on his back! The most amazing thing I'd seen..

Nat xxx

IzzyBelly Fri Mar 16 06:08:23 2001

SO just because it has me in a sweat, Amazon, its not hard graft? Oh, I'll have to rethink my attitude to work then...

Nat gonnamakeyousweat@bo.com Fri Mar 16 09:58:53 2001

Lots of things make me sweat! Eh Ron...nudge nudge wink wink tee hee hee....(Oh and fart but I'm not allowed to mention that as 'women aren't supposed to fart' apparently!!) Work doesn't though! I think you are probably sat too near the radiator Izz! ;o)

Anyway back at work booooo hissssss...god I need a pint o'lager .. Yippeeeeee St Patricks Day 2morrow - yet another excuse to get hammered, pretend to be Irish (Well I am a quarter Dublin Irish) and do wierd things and not get arrested! Hoorah...

Speak soon Amazon and get your kids up my chimmney!

Nat xx

Louise louise@707.org.uk Fri Mar 16 10:18:25 2001

hey all... why's Uncle Julian not coming round here during the next tour? 'Snot fair. :(

How's it going, anyways?



Confussion Fri Mar 16 10:21:40 2001

Coming round where?

Its all going everyway at the moment ;-)

Louise Still here Fri Mar 16 10:37:33 2001

In the jolly old West Country! ;-)

Nat Ibeawestcountrylasstoo@arrr.com Fri Mar 16 10:43:52 2001

Where be you frum too then, Louise?

I be frum Yeovil in Zummerset...raised in them there hills of Dorset me ;o) (Living in Southampton now - if you want to join the Southampton Massive well me and Izz anyway!) I love the West Country...lets all be Paranormal Hoorah.... God I still need a pint. ;o)


Louise Fri Mar 16 10:46:49 2001

heya Nat! I be in Brizzol me lover.... ;-)

Me too. Pint, that is. Drink up thy zider....



Nat Arrrrmelover@BrizzolRocks.com Fri Mar 16 11:01:56 2001

Izzy Wizzy's lovely bloke Gary comes frum Brizzol. I love the place me! Like my 2nd home! hoorah for West Country Women..we rock! (Well Nick Cave likes em!)

Welcome to the Wibbly Wobbly World of West Country Women.. I'm so please I'm no longer alone! sigh.. ;o) Oooo 40 mins to go and I'm off to the pub.. Hoorah I shall have a pint of zider in yer honor Louise!!

Tis a shame about Julian not doing closed to home - but are you going to any of the others? We're off to Croydon, Hackney and Blackheath (possibly Leicester if SOMEONE WILL COME WITH ME IN THE CAR AS I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE ALL THAT WAY ALONE.....PERLEASE SOMEONE I DON'T BITE - much!!) could meet you for a pint!

Izzy chrimassteps=nicenessstreet=myarse Fri Mar 16 14:36:13 2001

Oi loves Brizzol oi do, bin goin ther since oi gat a penfren ther when oi waz fif'een. Sill intuch wi'er too! Seeoo in Lahndogger Trow then Looze?

Mussamit oi thor'it funny Joolyan weren't playin roun'yer.

Cahnmake folk out oi cahnt...

amazon Fri Mar 16 22:29:31 2001

Hello Nat, I just wanted to say hi and I hope you are having a good time at work, I know how boring it is on here at weekends.

email me soon and we'll chat too.

Take care Nat.

x x x

ron 707izzyverymccoolparanormalwestcountrynbluegrassband@almostfamous.com http://707.org.uk/ Fri Mar 16 23:35:00 2001

hey louise, haven't spoke to in ages... how's everything with 707, are y'awl still planning the Swindon gigs in april/may? give ms silverwolf my warmest regards... *grin* do u still have Paul Browne's e addy? andrew... washed that shirt yet?... naw, me neither... thanks for the warm towel natalie, they're my fav;o)

good nite...xx

Nat Saturday&I'mintheoffice@suckerdoh.com Sat Mar 17 04:56:58 2001

Just thought I'd pop in and say hi b4 I get on with something!

Yeah right.... its 9.45 and I'm listening to Belly - 'Hey Gepetto...decapitated all my dollllllssss' and I'm swaying away in the office all alone on my wheelie chair - its great I can zoom down the office really fast as no-ones here weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. may dance around naked in a mo to 'Feed the Tree' - give the builders out the back something to brighten up this dreary old day!! ;o)

Eating marmite sarnies and drinking tea!! Hoorah..

Any hoo, speak to someone later I hope! ;o) Your kids did a grand job of sweeping out my chimmney Amazon!


(Anonymous) Sat Mar 17 05:16:40 2001

.....wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......

Nat Yawn......... Sat Mar 17 07:22:57 2001

...still here! Sorry about the 'weee' Trav [no problem, fixed - Trav] I'll wipe it up, think I've cocked up the margins type thing.... whoops sorry ;o)

AMAZON - I'm off home my lovely (at 12.30) I'll be in tonight after 11.00 if you want a chat! :o(

Oh by the way if any of you tight wads didn't give to Comic Relief last night.. send me at St James' a cheque instead. Will make you feel alot better! ;o) Promise... £5 makes you a member!

squid squid@squidweb.co.uk squidweb.co.uk Sat Mar 17 19:39:16 2001

Nat, Suzie and I are also going to Croydon and Blackheath - so will have to meet up. Croydon is a full moon, and my birthday - hooray!

Dave Daveroberts45@hotmail.com Sun Mar 18 06:18:53 2001

Just a quickie to let people know that a new compilation from Viper Records features a previosuly unreleased pre-Teardrop Explodes song. "Straight Rain" by A Shallow Madness is one of many unreleased song from the early Liverpool days. The album "Unearthed - Liverpool Cult Classics Volume 1" is out now!

Also Robyn Hitchcock reports that Charlotte Anne is one of the ten records he's most inspired by! He palces Julian alongside Syd Barrett and Dylan which can't be bad!

Dave Daveroberts45@hotmail.com Sun Mar 18 06:19:09 2001

Just a quickie to let people know that a new compilation from Viper Records features a previosuly unreleased pre-Teardrop Explodes song. "Straight Rain" by A Shallow Madness is one of many unreleased song from the early Liverpool days. The album "Unearthed - Liverpool Cult Classics Volume 1" is out now!

Also Robyn Hitchcock reports that Charlotte Anne is one of the ten records he's most inspired by! He palces Julian alongside Syd Barrett and Dylan which can't be bad!

Izzy Kevin@suppersready mum.im.locked.in Sun Mar 18 06:42:41 2001
"Daddy! Its the man with the lightbulb head"
"Avert your eyes from his gaze junior, and we may yet be saved"
"But Daddy, its you!"
"You're too late, I've come to turn you on..."
thy Bosarde Sun Mar 18 10:42:50 2001

Izzy, (bottom lip trembles), you're s-s-scaring m-m-meeee?

Roger Genesis@EXUP.YZF Sun Mar 18 11:28:43 2001


What the **** is that?

It sure ain't any version of Supper's Ready that I know. Mine has got something about "I swear I saw your face change - it didn't seem quite right"....but I sure as hell don't remember anything about heads like lightbulbs.

I dunno about gettin' the seeds out of mushrooms, Izzy, but trying to suck 'em out with a straw is not a method I'd generally recommend. (Particularly if the 'mushrooms' you happen to have found are those pretty red ones with white spots on.)


Nat Morning Mon Cherie Mon Mar 19 04:01:19 2001

Roger its me with the mushrooms!! And they are great!! tee hee ooo look a flying tea-pot - 'lost his eye in a fruit cake' ;o)

Looks like Mr Shrimp has unsubscribed from here! We're loosing troops guys - are we really that wierd!

Mr Squid - definately meet up! Amazon has told me all about you and your amazing tentacles tee hee.....

AND FINALLY - was anyone sad like me and watched the 'Pete Waterman Story' on Channel 5 last night (bit of a Rick Astley fan me phrwooaawww!) PETE BURNS wooooo scarey stuff how much collagen in his lips! AHhhhhhhhhh....aand ikle Kylie ahhhh sweetie...

Another thing has anyone been watching the I love 1980 - series. Can anyone tell me who the absolutely gorgeous guy is with the flat top? Jon something or another - I go all misty eyed when he comes on the tv and can't read his name... he's my kinda guy that one!

Glad you sorted out the Weeee Trav, I won't do it again. Promise..

Nat xx

rich belboid@ntlworld.com Mon Mar 19 07:11:17 2001

wow, what a scrummy venue Ocean is. really nicely laid out, good size, and really good views from wherever you're standing. massive stage as well - what more could you ask for? well apart from decent bar prices, and bloody hell they've even got them (£2.20 for a pint of bitter, £1.20 for an OJ - can't complain) makes it very tempting to come down for Mr C. only wierd things - upstairs in unreserved seating, first come first served - which made it look quite odd on saturday as the upstairs was virtually full and the downstairs virtually empty. and the use of 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' - a special prize will be awarded to anyone who can work out where in the building that is!!

And, jeepers creepers, what an absolute bloody STAR Marc Almond is. Absolutely gorgeous, still wonderful voice, knows just how to work an audience, and so obviously really really happy to be there, and having a great time. best gig of the year, easy maaaaaaan.

Nat I'd like a pee please bob Mon Mar 19 07:12:56 2001

Ladies Loo! ;o) tee hee

Moon Cat flatheadtwathead@smakhead.com Mon Mar 19 18:25:26 2001

Dear Nat

I have also been watching the 80's things on BBC2. I think the flat-topped bloke you are lusting after is John Robb, a music journalist (NME etc) and also singer with rock n roll wannabee's but okish mob Gold Blade. He's also written a book on the stone Roses and some other music thang. He's (supposed to be) a bit of a "face" oop here in Manchester, which means he can often be spotted lounging round trendy bars holding forth on various subjects of little interest and generally talking very fast at people. I think he's about 64.

To be honest I think he;s a bit of a plonker but whatever floats yer boat. I hope this info proves useful anyway in your non wee and poo moments of contemplation. Ta Ta m'dear!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Mar 19 20:41:57 2001

Man, Rail On's getting sluggish! I need to archive this page soon.

I am listening to "Audience with the COPE" closely for the first time ever, and am loving it!!! This got me thinking: wouldn't it be awesome if we got Cope's permission to trade live mp3s? That would be awesome, to collect live Cope performances.

Have you guys ever seen Phish's fan books? They are huge Bibles all about Phish! Gigs, interviews, stories, pictures, setlists, song reviews, gig reviews, and all the glorious collectors' stats, like longest jam, "funkiest" Reba, etc. Collecting is like building a shrine, it gives you an excuse to listen to Cope several times a week. With Phish I always had new gigs coming in off the internet, a constant Phish-fix, something new every day.

Imaging hearing something new every day from Cope!

It'd be awesome.

Here'd be my pitch to HH:

My sister and her friends are getting into Julian Cope now. They are also getting their first full-time jobs. For the budding music collector, Cope's awesome because he's accessible, funny, re-listenable, and has released lots of CDs. A collector's favorite!

Maybe 1/100th of the American population have heard of Julian Cope. [Or at least of Virginia...] Radio doesn't play him, MTV doesn't play him, his music isn't in movies. Americans have not gotten exposed to Julian Cope.

Well, free online mp3 trading would expose a whole bunch of budding collectors to Julian Cope. It'd also make us long-term fans very happy.

What's in the best financial interest of Head Heritage?

What does Cope want? Would he enjoy having an online audience?


Nat It'srainingmen!@phrooaawww.com Tue Mar 20 04:08:01 2001

Ta for that Moon Cat, and what a polite little Moon Cat you are.. basically anything human and male floats my boat! I'm not particulary choosy! Tee hee....;o) In my situation you can't be you just have to take what comes! (ooooo don't you dare call me a slapper Amazon - I know you!) (i am joking!!)

I must admit he does seem like a bit of an arrogant twat mind but he is extremely pleasing on the eye, and once I get my hands on him he won't have much of a chance to spout rubbish!! ;o) Oh and 64 hey I like my men a bit older than me... I'll be 62 in May! Hoorah...

Mr Squid I noticed you said it was your birthday the night of the Croydon thing, well its mine the day b4 so we'll have a few birthday pints!!


Nat xx

Nat Tue Mar 20 04:10:49 2001

Oooooo forgot - Teardrop Explodes on Never Mind the Buzzcocks last night (incase anyone wants to tape the repeat!) AND Miles Hunt on the same show....sigh a dream televisual feast for me last night (not forgetting Shaun Hughes hey Izz!!)

Del Tue Mar 20 05:41:18 2001

Sean Hughes admitting he's a big JC/TE fan too. Wonder what other top showbiz types are fans?


Nat SeansShow@seansShow.com Tue Mar 20 05:59:53 2001

I think I've seen Sean Hughes at every Julian in London date I've been to! ;o) And after his wonderful presentation skills at Cornucopea last April, well...shame he didn't pick Izzys entry in the Colouring Competition - I thought her modernist take on the humble acorn was lovely! (I think Sean and Julian are blooming good chums too!)

Michael Stipe likes Julian, I think the list is endless.... ;o)

amazon nat, you ARE a slapper, goodbye.@oldermen,phwoar!.com Tue Mar 20 06:28:51 2001


Nat Theolderthebetter@maturelikecheese.com Tue Mar 20 06:48:12 2001

No amazon you are the biggest slapper...Goodbye!

Nat x

amazon nat, you leave with NOTHING, goodbye.@big towelling pants.com Tue Mar 20 07:04:01 2001

No you.

Anyway, what are you doing on here, young lady? You should be replying to my email!! Come on, I'm waiting!

Dun der da der der da. Dun der da der der da. (music to the Countdown clock)

buduh buduh, buduh de duh! pow!

Nat Godwomancan'turead@DOH.com Tue Mar 20 07:07:29 2001

I have sent you uno message! I am now away from my desk at a boring meeting for the rest of the afternoon, thinking completely filthy dirty thoughts to brighten up the boredom! Hmmm oooo misses...;o) Yawn...

Nat x

IzzyWizzyWoo Tue Mar 20 08:06:24 2001

I like Julian and I'm a big star!

Oh arse, this is the waking world isn't it? That's right, the world in which I am destined to fade from rather than leave my job without so much as a leaving do. Sulk. I'll make them cake next friday, then they'll be sorry...

rich pedant@whatsthepoint.com Tue Mar 20 08:09:47 2001

going back to the Buzzcocks thingy:

the question was where did the teardrops get there name from - the answer from a panel in an old daredevil comic. I always thought it was, and indeed in the bit they showed it looked like, the Fanrtastic Four. Anyone know for sure? indeed (ultra-pedant talking here) anyone know what issue it was? a must have item for the ultra-saddo collector surely!!

and, oi Hunt - no-one ever danced to Silver Machine like that!!

IzzyOrange Tue Mar 20 08:24:33 2001

Its in Head on somewhere I think. I'd look it up, only its been borrowed from me for the last year or so...hmmm, a signed copy tooo...

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Tue Mar 20 08:25:59 2001

The DareDevil mag was issue 77. The story includes Daredevil, Spiderman and the Sub-Mariner. The Teardrop bit is on page 17 and its set in central park!

I've got the comic in my hand at the moment and it has some great ad's in it, For magic tricks - How to make your self taller - Build a graet body with Charles Atlas you know the type Viz got most of its ideas from this stuff


Louise louise@707.org.uk 707.org.uk Tue Mar 20 08:30:43 2001

Ooops! Forgot to bookmark this page - now I've found it again!

Ron! Heya! Thanks for asking... Miss Lauren Silverwolf is working hard for BobTheBarmaid promotions, bless her cotton socks! She booked the 707 boys into their packed-out Fleece and Firkin headline gig in Bristol last week (we got the same number of people as Sigue Sigue Sputnik had the previous week - so I'm happy, and Dave the Fleece promoter was also very happy!). We've got a couple of Swindon gigs coming up...Fri 6th April at The Queen's Tap &Thur 3rd May at The Victoria. Support at the Victoria will be from Indica (who I tip for very big things) - an indie rock 4 piece from Midsomer Norton!

Nat & Izzy - if you're ever round this part of the world, drop me a line & we'll grab some pints!

Russ Tue Mar 20 08:32:31 2001

I'm on holiday for 2 weeks at the moment and I wanted to do some work on the site........but the wifes got me working on the house, although i've just been baking aload of muffins and i've just taken them out of the oven.....yum! the breads going in next!


MsIzz henpecked@URNOT Tue Mar 20 09:44:09 2001

"the wifes got me working on the house"

Oh Russ, purlease!

Up for that Louise. I'm usually down your way a few times a year. Let us know about any good gigs coming up after April and we'll see what we can do, eh Nat?

Russ Tue Mar 20 10:01:43 2001

No she has!

I spend my working week working on websites so she won't let me near one while i'm off.........pregnant women should be sent to live with father ted! I thought it would be better the second time round but oh no! us blokes never learn


Del Tue Mar 20 10:21:24 2001

Can someone please resolve an argument? A friend tells me that Deacon Blue did a cover of Trampolene as a b-side, but he can't remember when or on what single.

Anyone heard it? Does it really exist? And if so, is it any good?

I've never heard of it.


Russ Tue Mar 20 10:30:41 2001

Tis true, Tis true

I've played it once can't remember where I put it now but it was a load of old bollocks!


IZZUBBUZZ Creepinandacrawlin Tue Mar 20 10:47:16 2001

Oooh, I like that 707 mp3. How bout the loosiana on 17th May, then Louise?

Really, Russ, you need a serious ribbing for that "the wife" comment. I actually work for Father Ted. I would put a link here to here photo for the humour value, but if he ever found out, I don't think I get that reference... But really Russ, you know you love it...

rich etc@etc Tue Mar 20 11:13:32 2001

thanks for that russ- gives me something to do for the remainder of this v dull afternoon (anyone know any good online commx shops?) i used to love those adds - the glasses that gave you x-ray vision, and lordy lor, i was just so jealous of the amount of money you could earn selling grit magazine...

now, hmmm, how much am i prepared to spend on issue 77???

Nat Working 9 - 5 wot a way for Russ to make a livin... Tue Mar 20 11:17:50 2001

Tee hee.. poor Russ.. I want to be pregnant! :o( Cherish it Russ as some of us won't get the chance to have kids! and will envy you for ever!! ;o)

I wish Steve would work on the house (He's on 2 weeks leave at the mo, spent every day in the PUB SO FAR Grrrrrrrrrrrr), If I haven't written it down then he won't do it and that includes Washing up!! Tut I think all men should go and live with Father Ted!! Hmmmm maybe not, I feel alot of Father Jacks returning home! ;o)

I up fer a mad weekend in Brizzol Izz! Well I'm up for anything anytime really...

Nat x

iZZY Tue Mar 20 11:28:25 2001

I blame the mothers...

(Nat, you can have my babies!)

Louise Tue Mar 20 11:32:15 2001

*lol* The Louisiana, Bristol you mean, Izzy?

Oh I heard the Deacon Blue Trampolene years ago... and as I recall it was bloody awful. It was part of a double 7", I think... was Wages Day the main song? Uggggh!

Russ Tue Mar 20 11:40:39 2001

Its better to say 'THE WIFE' than what I was goin' to say......But yes it is great and I would not change it for the world....but she changes her mind more than Tony Blair on acid! (now there's a thought!)


I'll find the deacon blue record out....but it was crap!

Russ russ@julian-cope.com www.julian-cope.com Tue Mar 20 12:04:41 2001

Have added a new mp3 to the downloads page a TX track called 'Larceny' its the Acapulco version as Julian calls it. Its taken from a US radio show.



I'm just listening to Disaster at the moment! what a refreshing change

Ron drude@mounet.com Tue Mar 20 13:10:24 2001

whooray! all are coming to see in bristol tennessee...yea! must find my list... hmmm, nat wants babys...er... i'll need to wash up... musn't waste time so much to do... by the by whom is this hughes person and more importantly was he/she one of the ones i bought a shot of tequila for in london...

keep sweepin sister til the brush comes apart...

amazon ihateyahoo.com Tue Mar 20 17:53:20 2001

Morfey, I waited for you on Yahoo, but I think it's buggering up again. It's now 10.45pm and I'll wait a little longer, then I'll reboot. You said you were coming over to Rail On so I hope you get this message.......

Speak to you in a few minutes, I hope x x x

Nat BouncingBabies@impregnateme.com Wed Mar 21 04:17:44 2001

Ummmm I don't actually want babies just yet - but thanks all for the offers of taking your children!! I just want to be PREGNANT more than anything else (But not by any of you lot I'm afraid - but again thanks for the impregnation offers!)...sorry I'm a tad hormonal at the moment, must be the spring feeling! ;o)

Anyhoo back to Cope things - Sean Hughes, Ron, is a bloke and he's lovely, very sweet, funny, Irish and a comedian... lovely chap. Hmmm thats about it really....

RICHARD PLEASE COME TO HACKNEY - Thats the only time you'll hear me beg! ;o) (well when there's people around anyway!)

IzzyWizzyWoo http://www.davidpughltd.freeserve.co.uk/art/past_cast/buchanan_mcgowan_hughes/se Wed Mar 21 05:59:45 2001


Ha ha! Amazon, Morfey was with me last night!

I used to be likened to Sean Hughes a lot, must be the eyebrows and the irish accent. Obviously at the time I hated him for stealing my identity, but I've forgiven him for being a fine DJ on (sob, tremor, wail) GLR (Boooo!)

Compose yourself girl...

Me&Izzyrockedlastnight breakfast@yourplace http://nav.to/morfe Wed Mar 21 08:28:19 2001

I deny everything, I was in France, or Germany.

Nat tut can't trust anyone these days Wed Mar 21 08:36:06 2001

Blimey Morfe and I've been accused on these very pages of being a tart... tut...France or Germany wot a poor excuse.

Amazon will "whoop your arse" for this one... ;o)

thy Blushing Buzzard Wed Mar 21 08:49:29 2001

I WAS in Sweden, I can prove it (wail).

mmmmm, whupped!

It's all that Izzy's fault, bah.

ron Wed Mar 21 10:06:15 2001

don't wear her out there buzz boy, cuz i've been needin a good spanking;o) thanx for the hughes link izzy, looks like a likeable bloke, not sure if i saw 'im @ sbe or not... course i'm pretty amazed that i could see anything... oh wot ever happend to that couple that 'were perfect for each other'. didja talk to mickael whilst in sweeden... shoulda gone to poland and brought back paulb... i tried to tell him not to go it alone... don't worry about ms. russ, ms ron has gotten over it pretty much... maybe they should post on here to each other... hmmm on second thot maybe not such a good idea... glad to heare ms silverwolf is doing so well! god wotta name;o) as well as 707, maybe this hoof-and-mouth thingy will go away, the us economy will get better, and everyone will decide wot a bad idea pointing ballistic missles at each other is... or not. aww, nat u don't want my babies :o( they are already half growed, and come with all kind of toys and clothes, and don't care about your credit rating, i'll make you a good deal... er.. u mean Tony isn't on acid... shite u guys are in big, big trouble...

tBuzzin' in fields of snow Wed Mar 21 10:24:21 2001

This page is getting decidedly smutty!

Spring is springing, time to get busy cleaning out heads and houses folks!

Right, where's me broom and rubber gloves...

amazon unfaithful@caughtyouatit.com Wed Mar 21 15:59:06 2001

I don't think I need to say anything to you, young man. Get yourself onto Yahoo at once, you will be punished....

Moon Cat lickykylieboobie@hotbutt.com Wed Mar 21 17:49:37 2001

hahaha Morfe's in trouble with Amazon, Morfe's in trouble with Amazon lalalalalala.

(Mind you she;s a FINE one to start tart monitoring hee hee hee)

Nat Itssinfulitstragic@wylie.com Thu Mar 22 03:50:03 2001

Woooo who spotted Pete Wylie in his Jim Morrisson garb last night on topt2!! Tee hee.... woo and that Rufus chap 'Walking the Dog' wow brilliant pink outfit or what! Worth catching the repeat just to see it again...

Ummm Morfe did she tell you off, hope you kept your rubber gloves on...Where's my e.mail you olde slapper Amazon you &When are you available on Tues? Let me know!! I will contact you for a girlie gossipy chinwag! ;o)

amazon whatatroublemaker@naughtygirls.com bah!bloodykylieagain.co.uk Thu Mar 22 05:16:19 2001

Oooooooooh you trouble maker, you, Nat. Sorry, I went out last night so I didn't get chance to email you, but I will send it now. I have loads to tell you, lots more developments on the "rude and naughty exploits in amazon's part of the world" front. Ha ha ha ha! That should keep you amused for at least twelve seconds.

And as for you, Moon Cat, I thought I'd given you STRICT instructions to keep that little lad OFF this page! I see somebody else is after a punishment....

izzy@thomasdolby.com Thu Mar 22 07:52:39 2001

Pah, just blinded my boss by talking in 4 dimensions, that should buy me some time on the web... 6.5 more days to...weee! Off in a suit to talk to those military boys next week too, jeez I'll be glad to shed this burden.

Skived off yesterday afternoon to snog in the back row of the cinema (had to appease my fella cos he found out about me and Morfey, he doesn't mind now, he understands that I can love more than one person at a time. Ahem). Saw 13 days, which is quite good for a film with Kevin ('supper's ready') Cost(yawn)ner. Anyone know about the cuban missile crisis, how true to fact is the film?

starry eyes counterlanguage@hotmail.com Thu Mar 22 08:40:05 2001

Just a quick invite to my new Copey website!


Enjoy, you rude people!

Oooh you are awful, but I like you!

Nat Ticktickticktick@boom Thu Mar 22 08:46:19 2001

Why are you going to talk to the Military Izz? :o( you haven't swapped sides have you...I know about your uniform fetish Izz, but really the Military..tut tut no wonder Garry Worries so much, has he got his suit yet? My Baby Bro has found his leopard skin pants!

7 weeks tonight folks and its HACKNEY wooo hooooooooo.. am I excited or wot...I've already practiced me dancing!

thyBosarde sheblindedmewithscience@theflatearthconvention Thu Mar 22 09:20:54 2001

Izz, mail me re the proposal if you would? I need *somewhere* to send it to, if only to make me feel like I'm at least doing something in this big old world ;-)

rich commiebastard.com Thu Mar 22 09:36:50 2001

from what me know's of the film and the Cuban missile crisis - its reasonably accurate - for a Hollywood bit of history. of course that means that it makes out Kennedy as a complete hero, rather than the bigotted war-mongering pig that he actually was (Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, putting missiles in Turkey, etc etc), and it gives Kruschev/the Russians no credit whatsoever for their role in ending the crisis, but what can you expect, eh?

IzzyRed Thu Mar 22 10:49:08 2001

I watched the film through my hollywood visor (which still doesn't filter than soppy ending bit - need to fix that) and thought the soviets came across very well. The film was basically about the kennedy's fighting against the action and advice from their military men that were trying to drive them to war. It gave the impression that a similar battle was going on in the soviet government and that Kruschev very much wanted to end the crisis. I don't beleive that either of the kennedy's were a perfect as made out in the film in fact some of the documents that are becoming available seem to show your opinion to be the more accurate, richsky, but I can beleive that a lot of their previous mistakes could have been due to the greater will of the military advisors...

speaking of which, don't worry nat, nothing has changed. Its worth baring in mind that DERA (defense evaluation and research agency) have money that the EA don't but which they are happy to put towards environmental research. So its prostitution....

Roger lazysod@school Thu Mar 22 11:07:54 2001

I think my first lesson in terms of Hollywood, erm, 'altering the facts' came home to me about thirty years ago, at age fourteen.

The book we were reading at school, for English, was War Of The Worlds by H G Wells, and one of our homework exercises was to write an essay about it.

"But hey", I thought (after seeing what was in the TV Times), "why take the trouble to read the book when they're showing the film on TV and I can watch that instead."

Of course, my essay was based on the film. And, of course, my homework came back with a crap mark and some pretty terse comments.

However, it's not just Hollywood. A year or two later I nearly fell into the same trap again when we were reading Graham Greene's Brighton Rock as our book for English O-level. There's a film of that, too (an English film with Richard Attenborough in the lead role) and that was also shown on TV during the period leading up to the exam.

Fortunately, that time, I stuck to the book. (And, with hindsight, I'm glad I did because it was a whole lot 'grittier' than the film and - again - it had a completely different ending to the celluloid version.)

Although it might appear that I've started rambling again, there is actually some amount of relevance in mentioning Brighton Rock. You might know a song called Kolly Kibber's Birthday.....well, if you've ever wondered where such a strange and unusual name comes from, it belonged to a character in the book. (Presumably JC - who is about 7 months younger than me - was doing his O-levels the same year as me.)


PS Yes, that does mean my birthday is in March. It was on St Patrick's Day to be exact. But I don't mind the fact that none of you remembered:(

Izzy me@6moredays2go Thu Mar 22 11:33:41 2001

Happy belated birthday roger the dodger. Mmm, books v films are often disappointing. I want to read captain korelli's mandolin but noted with dismay last night that I'll probably end up seeing the film first, which is usually the least disappointing way round at least. When I was a nipper, playing with an even younger neighbour, we were looking at books. She had the disney publication of sleeping beauty (or something) and I still remember wryly her comment: "this is by disney so its the proper story" ... oh how we are so subtly duped

Morfey, you got my email???

Nat Happybirfdayhappybirfday@toooyouuu.com Thu Mar 22 11:34:00 2001

Poor poor Roger I'll buy you a birthday pint when you are squished in between me, Izz, Garry, my Baby Bro and Bev the Bird at Blackheath in May! Everyone here forgot to send me a Valentine Card too ;o( So you are not alone...

Phewie Izz glad you haven't turned!! Becareful though, I heard that the Military have ways of making you become one of them. I'd wear your wooley hat and that visor thing of yours just incase..

Izzy failing@tospottanks.ha Thu Mar 22 11:44:12 2001

Lordy nat, (chuckle) not a hope of that with these people, unless they put something in the roasted mediterranean vegetable sarnies. They used to ask me regularly to go and work for them, but they've given up now. My visor of cynicism makes me immune to even the truth anyway.

Just planning a trip to the netherlands, anyone got any hints...?

ron Thu Mar 22 11:51:56 2001

happy belated bday jolly roger! and Izzy in uniform... hmmm send a pic and i'll let u know... 'bout the only thing i know of jfk is that he had impecable taste in women... i'll get my coat as i've probably killed the conversation... again... damn...

IZZUBBUZZ Thu Mar 22 12:43:24 2001

hee hee, more than can be said for clinton, perhaps, not sure I wanted to say that, oh what do I know anyway..?

Go for your hard hats kids, Mir is heading home....

thy Bosarde Thu Mar 22 14:29:55 2001

Yes, happy belated wishes Roger, hope you got a big cake with a member of your chosen gender popping out etc! hhmmmmm, it's mine next thursday (not a hint of a hint there ;-) )wonder if Amazons got any cakey plans? (shudder)

Got the mail, all in order Izzypoos x

Ron, there's no such thing as an impeccable taste in women, only us misguided males attempting hone in on something that roughly dwells within the confines of amiable/mildly accessible and desperate!!! Probably ;-) "Bus conductor!!..."

ron beg-ur-pardon@i believe u may have stepped in sumthin...com Thu Mar 22 16:30:26 2001

hmmm, nope i'm pretty sure i share the man's same impeccable taste in women... as i would hardly refer to Jacilynn Onassis, Marilynn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, Isabel, Tracy, Natalie, Louise, Lauren, Miranda, Venessa, Colette, JoAnne, Alison, Wendy, Mavis...etc. as amiable/mildly accessible and never ever sam i am, even with green eggs and ham, as desperate... cours i could be wrong... shall we take a vote? #9 has left the station...

er..Kruschev? izzn't he the big ugly unforward mofo, scary like a monster whenst I was but a bit of a lad, that banged his shoe at the un and said that 'they would bury us all, that communisum was the wave of the future' yeah, rite, i got ur wave, yeah... so long, see ya, bye bye communisum... which was never really communisum anyways... if you've read marx's manfesto... ho hum...

...and even tho you go, i still love you so...

Roger theC@Iam Thu Mar 22 17:26:22 2001

Geez, where's all this fancy poetry comin' from....it's just like the stuff cute (?) old Andy Sipowicz would read to his son at the end of an episode of NYPD Blue.

Just to avoid any confusion there, for anyone who didn't get past the third series, I'm not referring to the grown up son who joined the police (and got shot) but to the little boy Andy had with the Attorney he married (and who got shot).


PS Thank you all for your kind messages:) Oh, and one other thing: after the ignominy of being stood up, last month, I've now met someone else:) (Fortunately she looks nothing like Jacky O or Marilyn Monroe.)

And one last thing. That's just a full stop and a bracket, that's all. It's not some strange attempt at "Gabrielle smiling".

ron ezriderincuffs@busted.com Thu Mar 22 20:13:50 2001

ya got me rog... my youngest reads dr seuss to me most nites... loads of wisdom in 'em, some damn nut i met in londonderry kept speaking of education, or some such nonsense....

uknow wot i mean jellybean;o)


Nat goingwildwildwildinthecountry@bowwowwow.com Fri Mar 23 04:30:26 2001

Good Morning my little Copey love eggs you!

Just enquiring if anyone will be around in Somerset this weekend as I be goin' 'ome to see ma and pa...arrrrr.. I'll ring you Izz about Cwis Pacman when I get back but I'm still a mad ferrit...(should be back in Soton on Sunday). Do you want any more Willow Izz coz I'm going to Glastonbury to re-charge me cosmic vibes 2morrow!! Oooommmmmmmmmmmmmm (Thats if I can get there coz of the f &m!! hadn't thought of that doh! Probably closed the Tor - does anyone know?)

Things are looking positive at the moment for everyone... Roger has scored a new bird, and Morfey has a birfday coming up..ooo 21 again...I've got a little something for ya! ;o) &7 weeks today we'll all be heading to the Blackheath Halls! Hoorah...


Izzyyawn Fri Mar 23 05:21:12 2001

Morning all!

Hi Nat. There's sheeps on the tor so it may well be shut. Nothing to stop you chilling out in the blue note then popping round for some personised incense in spiritual child. I'm jealous, I'll be working and clearing out of my office all weekend. Maybe going dancing tonight, to ensure I'm in not fit state tomorrow...?

IzzyOrange Fri Mar 23 05:22:56 2001

congratulations roger, you bringing her to black heath??? we'll behave I promise! <fingers crossed>

Nat IwouldgoouttonightbutIhaven'tgotastitchtowear@poshfrock.com Fri Mar 23 05:32:23 2001

Bonjour Izz - yep the Tor probably is closed, thought it would be ;o)... but they do a mean Vegan Chocolate Cake in the Blue Note so I will sit in there all day! Hoorah...then go to the "Angel Shop" up the road and buy myself an angel! ahhhhhhhhhhhh...

Good Luck with the office clear out Izz, hope you've hired a skip!

(Anonymous) Fri Mar 23 07:07:15 2001

what'ya sayin Nat???

Nat woooospookyinvisibleperson@boo.com Fri Mar 23 07:19:51 2001

saying about wot?

That a )Izz (as I'm sure its you, you cheeky annonymous scamp you) has lots of junk in her office...coz its true!! Your corner was as bad as mine! tee hee ;o) Except mine has a few more Julian pics, a photo of a bloke in a balaclava, a novelty fluffy pen and a Barbapapa note pad in it!

Or b)I'm a greedy pig for wanting to sit in the Cafe in Glastonbruy and stuff my face with chocolate cake! hmmm chocolate cake....I DESERVE IT I'M A WOMAN.....

Oh yeah Richard my lovely (if you finally get here!) - the Postmans just been and he didn't notice.. phewie! ;o) I feel the tumS police may turn up soon...

Miss Lauren Silverwolf Fri Mar 23 08:01:06 2001

Oh ron! You're such a tease, you old devil, you! *mmmmmmwwa!*

Boolbar noknickers@glastonbury Fri Mar 23 11:09:17 2001

Buying stuff at Glastonbury is all very well but as one elderly resident once said "With all these new-age shops taking over, there isn't a single shop left that sells decent knickers". So, anyone wanting a business opportunity, open a new-age knicker shop in Glastonbury.

Personally I get some groovy trousers there. They annoy the in-laws.

thy Bosarde Fri Mar 23 11:55:01 2001

mmm, I just can't help going to that little coutyard in G'bury, sliding up to that freaky organic wooden door of 'Star Child' 'essential oils for colourful people shop', and licking IT! lick lick lick. mmmmmmm, gibber. Carrot cake may look innocent...

(Anonymous) Fri Mar 23 12:29:06 2001

So thats why it is sticky !

IzzyBelly Fri Mar 23 12:40:38 2001

'star child' that what I meant! Do they still have that door? When I was young and goth I bought a 'scorpio' perfume oil from there (actually through EastWest in Guildford). Its really, hmmm, erotic. Anyways, when it had nearly run out I went to Glsty and bought anuvva bottle, but its not quite the same. I still have both, one sniff and I'm transformed back to those heady something-teen days. Spiritual sky make incense and henna, but they are french I think (thus probably subject all manner of mammalian species to their products first). I clearly got the 2 confused. Its been a long day, but we did have a sickening chocolate break in the middle. Mmmm. I think I am halucinating slightly.

I discovered today that my computer will probably go to my boss when I leave. I'm a bit worried I leave some cheeky JC photographic evidence in an obscure folder on the harddrive...

thy Bosarde http://www.therobin.co.uk/ Fri Mar 23 14:17:23 2001

I have just been informed of what appears to be an extra date with The Cope, May 2nd 2001. The Robin Hood R&B club, Bilston, West Midlands.

Check the above URL, I'm -a- dancing with glee!!

lee. Fri Mar 23 17:38:32 2001

check out the comments on ocean at the marc almond board.. http://www.marcalmond.co.uk/marcboard.html .. if you're planning on taking photos or taping, think again or bring some friends ;-)

Izzywoo Sat Mar 24 06:07:37 2001

Oooooh, another Cope gig!!! Nat, fancy a little 'celebratory' trip to the black country?? I may swap this for my lonely Kings lyn trip...

Moon Cat Babyspicesbigforeheadisscaringme@antndec.com Sat Mar 24 06:49:54 2001

Is anyone going to the Manchester gig at the Lowry centre on April 23rd? Myself and Queen of Weeee shall be in attendance (along with KoW aka Slacker and Monkey) and should be only too pleased to parade before our public. If you are there, we shall be the ones looking somewhat aloof and yet exuding a strangely potent sexual allure, a mixture of aristoctratic mystery and earthy, perhaps dare I say, primitive, echoes of forbidden lust. And I shall also wear my studded flea collar.

Anyway, while I'm here, I've just got over a nasty virus; thing is, should I go out and play tonight with reckless abandon? Or should I follow medical advice and stay in and pace around, wash my hair, paint nails, think unsavoury thoughts about Buffy and do laundry etc. (please note: the last two items are in no way connected). Advice plis

ron Sat Mar 24 10:37:48 2001

guess all are up an about on this fine saturday (saturn-day?)... Izzy work e not checked on weekend... snoggs *back at cha* miss silverwolf, tell gribbles we said 'hey' ;o) morfe may have to help nat get splinters outa her tounge on monday, monday, u two try to behave... u2 amazon....oh yeah, one more date added... gee thanks, makes me feel so much better that now i'll miss yet another :o( ...oh rich, if your moblie fon is the one that plays the original star trek theme, might just want to change to a more conventional 2 ring chirp... just trying to help cus yo narrow white arse is gonna need it... don't know wheither to pity, or be jealous of your placement betwixt the grrrls of so'ton... good luck;o)

hiway to the sun...

Russ Sun Mar 25 08:55:07 2001


There is a copy of Liverpool Explodes on ebay at the moment priced £2.00 a bargain if your a fan of either The Teardrop Explodes, Julian or the Bunnymen. It came out in 1982 and is a great read and has some great photos in it



Izzyrumble Sun Mar 25 12:28:45 2001

and how shalt thee smell Moon Cat...?

not sure what you mean by work e not checked on weekend but yes this is my 20th day in work without a day off...

Moon Cat bettertypethisfastcosIneedaweewee@littleaccident.bog Sun Mar 25 12:55:02 2001

Hmm well hopefully I shall attempt to cultivate an odour combining the smells of musk, rare spices from the east, wild abandon and pan-sexual space lust. Or maybe I'm fat and I'm thin; I'm happy and I'm sad; Contradiction by Calvin Klein.

If all else fails I'll just have a shower before I go.

Oh..and the fates decreed that medical advice was to be ignored and I went out to play and now feel fab. Beer...is there nothing it can't do?

amazon istayedinallweekendandturneddownloadsofoffers@foryuonat.com okilied,iwentoutandpartieeeeeed.co.uk Sun Mar 25 19:25:24 2001

Still waiting for that phone call, Natalie.

rich Mon Mar 26 04:51:21 2001

bleedin heck! i caught that totp2 that jung natalie menioned with the Mighty Wah! and discover that she missed the two most notable facts about the whole show.

  1. Pete was always a big fat bastard with really really bad hair
  2. CAn were on! I mean CAN! damo Suzuki et al.. it was quite astounding. Though, they looked like shit too
IzzyBelly izzy@bitterexperience.com Mon Mar 26 05:23:17 2001

Beer: it won't give you firm stools

Will QoW smell as I imagine her to?

Moon Cat loosestools@sploosh.com Mon Mar 26 17:19:36 2001

I am too much of a gentleman to possibly say if QoW would fill your odour expectations Izzy. And if she knew I was even debating her fumes without royal consent she would no doubt batter my arse eeeeek!

(Anonymous) Wed Mar 28 07:23:32 2001


Bono dead of a heart attack!


Nat WooooslagmeoffwhileI'mawaywhydon'tyou@notgoinnatalknow.com Wed Mar 28 07:49:25 2001

Tut you lot - moan about me whilst I'm not here!! Slappers the lot of you...;o)

Richard - you should know I have terrible taste in men ;o) I can think of ooo at least one right now and he lives ooop north, and as for bad hair - well the phrase call the kettle black pops into my head..meeowww!!

Amazon - I did bloody phone you! Tut tart.....I'm not doing it again ;o) (Good to speak to you though, all but briefly).. I'm around this weekend apart from Saturday afternoon when I'm out CND Campaigning with a pretend Nuclear Sub...

Izz - well up for Dudley - AS ITS MY BIRTHDAY HOORAH... though I suppose I'd have to drive so couldn't celebrate ;o( doh..

Somerset/Dorset/Wiltshire was all completely closed at the weekend, no sheep anywhere very scarily silent..

Chris Packam was fantastic last night - you still haven't told the tale about the Albatros Poo Izz!! I was leaving that to you!!

Anyhoo - I'm back for good as Take That once sang.... I hope thats not true about Bono - I for one will be sad.. just like I am about BLOODY GLEN HODDLE walking out on Saints... bugger...

Still moaning..

Nat xx

Mordicus Wed Mar 28 09:15:43 2001

WB Nat!

I have doubts about 'pretend' nuclear subs, I've heard it all before, is it a 'pantomime' one with someone in the front and someone in the back, their legs sticking outta the bottom disguised as seaweed?

nat bonjour!! Wed Mar 28 09:32:14 2001

Tut we are classy protesters Morfe!

Our Nuclear Sub is bright green to represent a nuclear waste spillage, I'll be sat on the top dressed as a mermaid (waving happily to the crowds as they cheer and throw flowers at me) with my fellow protesters running along side dressed up as 3 headed-fish!

Its built on a trailer so can be towed by a car which will have speakers on the roof and will play classic records by bands such as Erasure, OMD, King, Shakin Stevens and Dead or Alive as we all know that 80's pop was fab and will draw in the punters as we move around Southampton City Centre!! Hoorah.... seaweed hmmm now thats a bloody good idea I wonder if I sprayed my cats green and stuck twigs and leaves in them they'd behave, ooo Vinnie would love it... ;o)

I have actually lied about the above it does actually look a little like you've said!! ;o( Is that why I can't recruit anymore volunteers!

amazon duh i'm so stupid@der-braincom Wed Mar 28 09:37:39 2001

Nat, I went to phone you back yesterday but I realised your number is on my other computer, which has died. So I don't have your number anymore.....boooo. I do have your work number but i am a bit reticent about phoning you there. Phone me up again and give me your home number again!!!!!

And why does noone ever go to the Brain Donor chatroom? It's nearly as bad as the Screaming Secrets one, tumble weeds and everything. Mind you, it was 4am when I tried. Perhaps THAT has something to do with it being deserted. Bah!! You bunch of lightweights, you.

rich Wed Mar 28 09:42:24 2001

bizarre facts #237a

Shakin Stevens was a member of the Communist Party ya know

Mothra@subs-R-not-needed wakeupanssmellthecoffee@thehouseoflords Wed Mar 28 09:46:01 2001

I admire class, but most of all, please don't spray the cats (mind you, they do a fair bit of spraying themselves ;-) )

Good luck with drumming up volunteers, I know from experience it can be a disheartening experience when all of a sudden you wake up to all the shit thats going on, and then all of your co-citizens and friends develop strange maladies and complaints, they sit at home stuffing their faces with TV or beer or both, saying "good luck hippies!" I wish you all well on Saturday, believe me I would be there if I hadn't this strange malady! (no, really)

And make sure you get plenty of beer on Sat night ;-) x

starry eyes counterlanguage@hotmail.com http://www.geocities.com/counterlanguage/ Wed Mar 28 09:55:26 2001


I've tried the BD chatroom - at about 1.30am last night - and no one was there - think at the moment you just have to sit there on the off chance that someone turns up!

Could do with a chat actually - going a bit mental at the moment because I split up with Em yesterday and am rattling around the flat by myself (all my friends are at work or at college, got lives - the buggers!). So I'll probably be looking for chat later tonight!

Nat ringring@whydon'tyougivemeacall Wed Mar 28 09:59:01 2001

Amazon - Its 3.45 if you want to phone me at work you can as I'm here on my own apart from Battle-Axe Iris the Finance Dragon... but I don't care about her...Actually anyone can phone me apart from Richard as he makes me want to pop to the little girls room and I can't leave the office this afternoon!! ;o) tee hee..

Usless fact #459 - did you know that albatros poo won't wash out of clothing! So don't stand under an albatros!

Ahhh ta Morfey - 2 b honest I'm not sure if I'm definately going to be there on Saturday yet... too right though about the cats spraying tut the amount of graffitti on our garden fence saying 'Molly woz ere' 'Poppy Kicks Ass' 'Vinnie rules to world so f*** you Smokey' its terrible... (Smokey is next doors cat who Vinnie beats up on a regular basis!!)

Nat yawnboredsoI'moffhome@pants.com Wed Mar 28 10:58:52 2001

I'm off home in 15 minutes its 16.38 for those of you who are clock watching like me....yawn ;o)

Amazon - phone me at work 2morrow afternoon if you like, when you are free, and if I'm not available we'll arrange a proper time for a chat, save all this tooing and froing... I don't want to wake yer boys and I'm scared they'll scream at me down the phone and I'm always putting my foot in it and contacting people at the wrong time!! I've got yoga tonight so will be in and out of the house like yo-yo...(you still on the same e.mail address?)

Speak later god I'm so bloody bored anyone fancy doing something naughty.... tee hee.....

Nat x

amazon i take it you're not joking@poor starry eyes.com Wed Mar 28 15:22:13 2001

OMG Starry, no!!!!!!!!

Not little Em? Not the totally cute and completely in love couple? Poor you. Poor Em. I hope you are both OK and it was a well considered, mutual decision. I feel for you Starry Eyes. Get onto Brain Donor and we'll cheer you up. Well, we'll try. (Anyone know any jokes?)

Are you still off work? Well stay there and I'll come and chat to you. I shall stay up with you as long as you need me to, if you don't have to get up for work, it might help a little to talk to someone.

My bestest wishes to you both, Jay x x x

Nat bloodypurpleturtles@doh.com Thu Mar 29 03:39:47 2001

Seem to have a purpleturtle prob Rich so can't e.mail you at the mo. Good to hear from you last night. Will speak to you later on!

Amazon - all is quiet at work if you have a spare 5 mins and want to call. I can ring you back...

Poor Starry Eyes...relationships are shite for me at the mo too, maybe we should all move in together as our relationships on the Rail On seem fine!! ;o) Chin up me old mucker....

amazon Thu Mar 29 06:07:33 2001

It was lovely to talk to you, Nat. Email me your home phone number again, please, so I can talk to you there, glasses to the wall not withstanding!

(Anonymous) Thu Mar 29 10:46:29 2001
birthday to you, happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear morfey
happy birthday to you...
The Birthday of Morfe notrelativespuleees!!'popcrispsandtattle.com Thu Mar 29 11:57:27 2001

Many thanks anon-e-mouse x

Today I will mostly be drinking.

Izzy nonotrellies@only ME.com Thu Mar 29 13:43:30 2001

Oh so very nearly finished my contract and I found it so hard to hide the glee from either of my bosses today. Actually no, it wasn't hard at all, I just let it all out! Got some free food, but why do people insist on making polite conversation when I am trying to scoff as much as possible before going home??? Got me gear for blackheath I think. OH! you will love it!!! Whats more, I've got me tix for me hols and the return journey gets me back in time for king's lynn...

I will be here tomorrow, in an even better mood, no doubt...

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Mar 29 17:08:29 2001

If anyone in the US is thinking about a last minute dash over the pond to catch any of the shows then do so now! I was just talking with a friend in Cleveland and she said that they are advertising return flights to the UK for $100US! Everyone is cancelling or not going because of the F&M thing I guess.

Nat Tourshuhwhataretheygoodfor@absolutelynothing.com Fri Mar 30 07:28:36 2001

Why oh why oh why oh why do bands/people have to Tour at the same time...this time its Julian and Lupine Howl...why oh why do they make my life so difficult.. I think its done on purpose to wind me up!! ;o) tee hee hee.....

Izz I'm going to miss you babe, please don't forget me...I am after all your only friend (apart from Gary) ;o) Speak to you next week young lady (if not later!) Beers on Thursday, Beers on Thursday.....

I'll speak to you amazon on Sunday too! Morfe a little suprise in the post for you too... you meant to get it yesterday but me being a plank forgot to post it! DOH...

starry eyes counterlanguage@hotmail.com Fri Mar 30 08:33:54 2001


Thanks for the chat on bd the other night - where did you disappear to by the way? Things still aren't simple to be honest (can't say more here) and it wasn't mutual at all but I'm determined to get things together. Poor Em, she'll get her act together and be happy I'm sure too. Still love her to bits to be totally honest about it

Would appreciate emails / chats / phone calls / general getting together with yourself and people on here at the moment - like the wise Nat said, relationships on here are perfect so I think I'll go with that at the moment.

So yeah, won't get myself down any further, but emails and the like would be appreciated - haven't got your number/address amazon or I'd get in touch and have a good moan.

seey'all at brain donor anyway!

Nat Njt@purpleturtle.com Fri Mar 30 08:47:51 2001

Poor you Starry Eyes - keep yer chin up mate.... ;o( Not alot can be said to cheer ya up I know, but big hugs from me up to you!! Its good to talk mind...

Remember its Rolf Harris' 78th Birthday today so if you need an excuse for a beverage then there we go! I'm certainly taking advantage of it!! ;o)

N xx

IzzyOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com http://storyclub.org.uk/ Fri Mar 30 10:37:05 2001

oooof! warra week!

Well, I think I'm going to a bit quiet at least for a month. I'm finally out of my job. Hurrah! But because of foot and mouth all my concervation/farming arrangements have been postpostoned. My trip to the Netherlands may have a few problems with that too...but I'll just have to see what happens.

I owe a few people some emails, which I will endeavour to send over the weekend, while I tidy out my desk. However, the way things are looking, I may be back in May on a couple of temporary contracts, to tide me over while the country gets back to normal!

Who'd've though eh?

Until then, then, tut-ta

Boolbar Canyouseewh@itisyet Fri Mar 30 11:27:50 2001

Rolf Harris : he may be old and has the largest collection of coloured demin jackets on Earth, but he's still only 71. Still I'll drink to that. Cheers !

starry eyes Fri Mar 30 20:44:36 2001

I could do with a good old chat, yeah - anyone fancy making a date to meet at braindonor, maybe Saturday night, 11-ish or after?

Not just whingeing about relationships, honest, although right at the moment I've got a lot to get out of my head I have to admit!

The Jumping Monk of Morfe Sat Mar 31 07:54:23 2001

Sorry I missed you last night Starry, I was in rather a pathetic state owing to having imbibed much grape juice of a fermented order. I sent you big sloppy kisses and ran off, as is my wont!

Nat, thankyou x

Starry Eyes Sat Mar 31 21:23:59 2001

No worries Nat - can understand the grape juice thing - much regretting drinking a bottle of it tonight and bringing my mood back down to where I started a couple of days ago

Have emailed you anyways!




(Anonymous) Sun Apr 1 09:43:59 2001

Cornucopea one year anniversary !!!

Nat I'msosorryIamsosorrynow@sorrysorrysorry.com Mon Apr 2 03:59:13 2001

Amazon I'm so sorry I didn't phone! A friend turned up out the blue looking for a bed and beer flowed! I'll phone this week....

Ummmmm Capital Gold said Rolf was 78 - someone is lying tut...

Happy Jumping Monks Morfe!!

AND ITS SUNNY Woooo hooooooooooooooooooooo


ron back in da saddle@the ranch.com Mon Apr 2 23:35:30 2001

cheerio izzy! may the goddess of the north sea watch over ya, and provide safe passage... been working my way thru I, Thighpaulsandra which i received recently from http://www.thresholdhouse.com/thighpCDbig.html it's certainly challanging... but the best things in life always are;o) however, makes the constant moby, m&m, u2 crap that much harder to swallow... these are truely the doh-kest of times in amerika... 3 years 256 daze til the bush burns out... who needs a survivour on the telly whenst we live it daily, whilst the republican school guard colors the streets with the blood of our children... poison meat, poison air, poison water... poison their uneducated minds... they won't figure it out b4 the cheque is cashed... no love, just hate... everywhere... retreat unto ur caves, cover thyselves well, the greedheads despoil the mother... and we are the ignorant ones... the tree huggers, wierdo hippies... don't you want to make money too... no, no i don't sam i am, you may keep ur radiated glowing green eggs and bse hams...

Boolbar Tue Apr 3 05:37:44 2001

I Thighpaulsandra is definitely worth working on - the longer tracks seem to shrink in size after a while and become familiar journeys. Only the somewhat messy first half of 'Lycraland' (followed by a splendid ending) tends to still . . . errr . . . challenge me. 'Michel Publicity Window' is just one fab float-out. 'The Angelica Declaration' makes me laugh with those OTT vocals. All good stuff. More please.

Del nobbynomates@worthing Tue Apr 3 10:23:16 2001

Got my Worthing ticket this morning. There are distinct advantages to being a lone attendee. Only four weeks to go, but only wanting one ticket means I got a seat in the fourth row.

Got my geetar on Sunday. Sunspots here I come!


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Tue Apr 3 21:36:34 2001


Don't we all know by now that greenhouse gases are good for us?

Perhaps the greedhead plan is to allow water levels to rise dramatically on Earth, wiping out 95% of the population (mostly dark skinned people) by about 2040. The rise of water levels will mean the rise of the water table and inevitably, salt. Meanwhile robots will be modifying Mars environment to allow human habitation. Then they will leave this polluted hothouse world to create a new Jerusalem in the sky - on Mars.

They've fucked this world - what will stop them fucking up others?

Oh Gaia - what vengeance you will take...

Nat Caught by the Fuzz Wed Apr 4 04:44:43 2001

Bonjour my sexy peeps you...

Forgot to let you all know that the protesting on Saturday with my nuclear sub and CND went very very very well - we were chased by the Police but managed to hide in a pub... Hoorah.... Wore our radiation suits (on loan from Greenpeace) and masks and created lots of havoc in Southampton City Centre... next Stop Reading on the 14th May, those of you who have seen the news will have seen those lovely German protesters cementing themselves to the railway line! Well that will be us in May! Horrah... Anyone wishing to join in and 'GET THEMSELVES ARRESTED' please let me know... we're taking lots of gin, flourescent jackets and so on and so forth!

Amazon - please speak to me... ;o( Just a hello would be nice, had a shitty week mate and its only Wednesday ;o(

Mordicus love-subs@dawn Wed Apr 4 09:54:52 2001

Bonjour righteous and wholly Nat-a-lee, wahey, eh? You cheeky scamp, using the underground pub-system for refuge (and no doubt a few imbibings whilst there).

Radiate love on the world, the sun is coming to burn or make us learn.

bee blessed, may Natacha Atlas sing you through summer glories x

Nat DoIsmelloristhereasecretIhateNatsociety@canIjoin.com Thu Apr 5 04:16:07 2001

Hello ;o( I don't think anyone likes me anymore or is everyone talking on Braindonor when I'm not around and I can't get in there coz I've forgotten my password! ;o( boo hooo and I miss Izzy....

The Underground Pub-System in Soton is fab Morfey...lots of cheap Gin & Tonics consumed and the world put to rights with some singing men from Wales! Hoorah...

Morfe if you speak to Amazon b4 me tell her I'll ring her and this time I promise!! ;o)

Feeling sad...

thy Bosarde isittrueyouguysaregoingtocopegig@bilston? Thu Apr 5 07:53:34 2001

Will do Nat, although she's not around so much these days, I'm sure she can't resist us for too long ;-)

Hey, re-register on H2H? A different name maybe? Can't they tell you your password? bah.

Quote of the day: The word 'politics' is derived from the word 'poly', meaning 'many', and the word 'ticks', meaning 'blood sucking parasites'.

Larry Hardiman

Nat Ummmbilsden@maybe.com Thu Apr 5 08:03:34 2001

Bonjour Morfe..

Could be coming on up to Bilston, went out with Izz Wizz last night and talked about it, the only thing thats putting me off is the fact that It's my birthday and I'm the only person with a car! So I'd have to drive, which would mean that I'd have to watch my beverage consumption.. and I've been promised a HUGE piss up by my work mates with a 'Des O'Connor-a-gram' so I'm a little torn at the mo... and then there's the fact that I'm off to all the London dates! But I wouldn't rule out a visit to the Black Country just yet!!

I have re-registered now... the Flange has now departed ;o( Its just plain old Nat now!

Obi-wan-Kinobe@thedeathstar Thu Apr 5 08:05:44 2001

We are the only species on the planet that spend $1.2m a minute on machinery with which to destroy ourselves. Nats suggestion of us all becoming Jedis is the most sensible thing I have heard in the last 12 months.

Spring it is, skip you may!

Nat Actually came from Richard! Thu Apr 5 08:12:55 2001

As some of you may know there is a census coming around in late may

For those who don't know, a census is where the government collates general information about its residents (number of people living in your house,religion, etc)

If there are enough people, who put down a religion that isn't mentioned on the census form it becomes a fully recognised and legal religion. It usually takes about 10,000 people to nominate the same religion.

It is for this reason that it has been suggested that anyone who does not have a dominant religion to put "Jedi" as their religion.

Send this on to all your friends and tell them to put down "Jedi" on their census form. And remember ......If you are a member of the Jedi religion then you are by default a 'Jedi Knight'.

So if this has been your dream since you were 4 years old.... Do it because you love Star Wars, If not........... then just do it to annoy people.

"May the Force be with you!"

(I'm currently sat in the office dressed in a white sheet with 2 cottage rolls attached to my head - yes Matthew this afternoon I will be Princess Leia!)

Awwwwww natyoushallneverbeplai@leastaslongastheskystaysup Thu Apr 5 08:43:17 2001


Nat awwwwyousureknowhowtomakemefeelgud@hmmta.com Thu Apr 5 09:44:44 2001

Awww thanks.... ;o)

Just popped into the Braindonor thing tut no-ones there! Was it worth the effort of re-registering I don't know.....tut... ;o)

bah I was just in BD meself! missedopportunities@BrainPoliceCentral Thu Apr 5 09:57:22 2001


Moon Cat onlythelonely@echoey.com Thu Apr 5 16:00:58 2001

I have also just been in BD, a lone voice mewling in the echoey pinkness. Yet to work out when seems to be "peak" time. Just popped in (20:45 as we say in the Jedi Training Academy) and no one around. Yet sometimes yer josslin' for space. I know one of the American HHer's (Seth Man) was reportedly on it for 8 hours the other day! Could do with having a way of being able to tell whether its in use or not.

Interested about sticking Jedi as a religion on the Census. I've also been asked to put Pagan, which is a nice thought too. The idea that Pagan would cover all the sub-paths of paganism i.e Wicca, Craft, Northern Traditions etc and build the overall numbers up. I think you should post the Jedi idea on HH as well Nat. Catch all that dont come here. I shall certainly back you up and stick the pagan idea on too.

Anyhoo, I am experiencing a post-buffy lightness of brain and so shall bugger orf! Ta ta

Nat HelpmeObieWan@trappedonthedeathstar.com Fri Apr 6 04:31:52 2001

Become a Jedi one and all... its posted on the H2H Moon Cat - Can anyone out there tell me who Charlie is? tee hee... he's a cheeky scamp!!

I can't get into the BD Chat Room in the Evenings as I don't have a computer at home... but will do soon hopefully If Mr Nat gives me some dosh! ;o) One day we will all meet there, just a shame its not all different rooms really....like the NME Chat Room thing..

Oh well back to work c u all later, I'm off to Endor to save the Ewoks...

Nat xx

Izzy Fri Apr 6 11:40:10 2001


Bloody hell it took a while to find my way here. Having lost all my links and EVERYONE having the old rail on address on their links pages (including me). But I knew there was an s and an e and an x in there and managed to remember the address eventually...

'ere Nat, can you insure me on your car 4 your BD and I can drive and be terribly sensible all night?

Still no-one going to King's Lynn? Oh well...

Izzy Fri Apr 6 12:22:46 2001

Bye then.

Morfe Fri Apr 6 13:11:49 2001

Bye Izzy, and bon voyage x

ron @work...? jeez who'm i trying to kid.. Fri Apr 6 18:01:04 2001

don't know which is more dangerous, izzy driving sober or nat driving drunk...

either way, always remember "don't drink and drive... u may hit a bump and spill some"

may the ferry fairys watch over ya mz izz!

ron xx

charter member of DAMM - drunks against mad mothers...

Nat Baby,youcandrivemycar@beepbeepbeepbeepyeah! Mon Apr 9 07:17:00 2001

Looks like we are coming to Bilston Morfe!! Hold on to yer purple hair as Nat and Izz are coming your way!! Hoorah...is it worth buying tickets do you think or just risk it on the day...

Woo hooo how exciting.. better tell Amazon too.. ;o)

I never drive under the influence of alcohol Ron, I do however drive really well under the influence of other substances!! AND can parallel park extremly well! ;o) Hoorah...brrrummmm brrrummmmmm

Nat x

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Apr 9 18:21:11 2001

Time's movin' on, tour looms closer and closer. I just booked a ticket for the Blackheath show as it seems a few of us are going to that gig. Thinking about Bilston too, but I don't want my parents to think I'm travelling 3000 miles just for the Cope tour (or am I?).

So who's going to Leicester and who's going to Blackheath? I'll be a both...

thy Bosarde Tue Apr 10 08:49:51 2001


Nat Oi Nutter NO Tue Apr 10 09:35:10 2001

What you cheering about there then Morfey? You can't really be that excited about an evening with Love Muffin and the Flange Monkeys can you!! ;o)

Andrew - if its any help, Izzy, me and various others frum down these ere parts will be seeing Julian at Bilston, Croydon, Hackney &Blackheath...phewie...maybe see you there!!

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Apr 10 12:37:11 2001

Wonderful, I hope we can all meet up. Any ideas without going through the whole badge dilema again? Although we do have a great 3" badge machine thing here at work!

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Tue Apr 10 17:40:46 2001

With more and more references to Blackheath - now only about a month away - it's crossed my mind there was talk a while back of sorting out somewhere to meet, prior to the event.

There's various pubs and restaurants (it's a bit like SE London's answer to Hampstead) but the place I'd suggest would be a pub called the Crown.


As for whether the 'new person in my life' will be coming with me, I have absolutely no idea. Fact is, I think JC might be a bit of a culture shock for her. We'll see.

amazon Bilston is a comin@lets get pissed.com Tue Apr 10 21:27:33 2001

Oooooooooooooh Nat, I can't wait.......

Nat It'smybirfdayI'lldrinkbeerifIwanttoo@bladdered.com Wed Apr 11 03:58:52 2001

Hoorah for Bilston.....!! ;o) Got to get there first mind you amazon! What with Izz driving we'll probably end up in Bognor Regis!! tee hee ;o) I can't wait... my birfday, friends, Julian Cope, lager, Morfe what more could a woman possibly want!

Also b4 the Hackney date there is a pub over the Road from the Ocean called the Samuel Peeps which is apparently rather nice!! Croydon theres lots to choose from too..

Hmmmmm badges, didn't work last time maybe we could all wear something like a Hat!

gah!hopemeandBilstonliveuptoit@eek.com pisstakingbarstards/have@you ;-) Wed Apr 11 07:03:38 2001


thy Bosarde Wed Apr 11 07:06:19 2001

Forgot to say Nat, thanks for the text-e thang!! I haven't phoned the dudes yet, but I damn well will. You rock!

andrew commonera@lycos.com Wed Apr 11 10:55:42 2001

Nat, Go to the Robin's web site at:


and then click on Find Us and there are some excellent directions to the Robin 2 where Cope is playing. Its right off the M6 so it looks fairly easy to get to. They even give you maps to the place. So Bognor Regis will have to wait until the next Cope tour, as its sure to be on his list.

I was thinking of silly hats, could work!

ron hey pretty@why don't you come and ride with me.com Wed Apr 11 22:29:02 2001

RollingStone.com: Poe, Haunted, 2 Stars

On her second album, former angry-young-singer-songwriter Poe comes on like an ambient arena queen.

sounds like julian's kinda woman... anyways hope all u fortunate sons and daughters pity the geographically, financially, and deffo grammatically;o) challenged amongst u and provide plenty of details on all the haps (note to seth man: haps=happenings)

andrew please don't encourage the natives with things like wearing silly hats... no telling where that green forehead thingy will end up at, besides a silly hat would just cover the purple/orange/flavor of the day hair ;o)

mothra.. don't hold the #9 for me... sorry dude, rain check? tell anexass I said "hey". should be a parti, as someone is having a birthday, but can't remember whom.... damn... gettin old I guess, but so's she;o) best of luck with the young lady Roger, seriously... love hurts...

oh... and before i go... was watching Jurassic Park with the kids last weekend, and Jeff Goldbloom's character questions the judgement of the scientists cloning dinosaurs... "you were more worried about if you could, instead of worring about if you SHOULD"

Nat Oi cheeky Thu Apr 12 04:14:18 2001

.... 68 isn't old Ron I'm only as old as the man I feel and he's 27! Hoorah...... I am having a party on May 4th actually if anyone is in the area and fancies a beverage and a cheesy club! ;o)

Andrew - ta for the web site link - but you really do have to travel with Izz and we will still probably end up in Bognor Regis!! ;o) Birmingham isn't that far away from us - straight up and left a bit so we shouldn't have to much trouble finding it!

You'll probably find us no problem Andrew - I'll be the drunk one singing Happy Birthday to Me and dancing with Izzy's bloke Gary and Izz will be running around like a mad thing trying to organise!

Moon Cat losingmyreligion@REMungous.stipe Sun Apr 15 08:40:55 2001

It appears that the plan to get "Jedi Knight" as a recognised religion is doomed. This has actually made national BBC (web) news following on from the similar attempt in New Zealand.

Apparently The Home Office is aware that thousands of email's have been sent or forwarded asking people to put Jedi down as their religion in the Census, and as such, are treating it as a hoax and will discount any such entries. Either Jedi will be ignored or lumped in as "Other". Putting pagan down might meet with a similar fate, but the UK Pagan Federation is slightly more optimistic of it;s acceptance...sounds like it has more chance than the Jedi thing anyway. Booo! The Man is on the Dark Side again!

I was gonna stick this news on HH too, but it seems that HH is like, not all there man, at the mo'. Seems to have done a Lewinsky and gone down for a bit. Oh well.

Hope everyone's Hunky Dory, (Feeling a bit Ziggy too hee hee)

X :>)

Mothra Sun Apr 15 08:53:48 2001


Nat Doh! Sun Apr 15 09:18:49 2001

Hmmm I heard the same on Saturday Morning Moon Cat (woke up in a very drunked stooper and thats the first news I heard!) Apparently in Australia people are being fined $500 if they are found to have put Jedi on their form! Oh well....surely Pagan is alright though? i thought it would be a more recognised religion than being a Jedi!! ho hummm

I the words of Bill Clinton 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman!' tee hee... yep I've had a cracking weekend!! God I'm knackered.... ;o)

ron sorry for long posting@thot u would well... uknow Sun Apr 15 22:21:41 2001

hijaked from mtv.com... my appologies:

Joey Ramone, lead singer of legendary punk band the Ramones, passed away at 2:40 p.m. Sunday at the age of 49.

The towering front man, born Jeffrey Hyman, did not respond to treatment for lymphatic cancer, a disease that attacks the body's ability to fight infection.

Along with his cohorts Johnny, Tommy and Dee Dee - all of whom adopted Ramone as a surname - Joey was credited with helping found the modern punk movement. In mixing the griminess of the New York streets with a love of bubblegum pop, '60s girl groups and the Stooges, the Ramones inspired everyone from the Sex Pistols and the Clash to Green Day and Blink-182 to stake their turf on four dirty chords and an (often) inane hook.

With his trademark rose-colored shades, black leather jacket, shoulder-length hair, ripped jeans and alternately snarling and crooning, hiccoughing vocals, Joey was the iconic godfather of punk. He gave voice to some of the most revered songs in the punk canon: "Blitzkrieg Bop," "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment," "Rock 'n' Roll High School," "I Wanna Be Sedated," "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker."

His profile was indelible.

The image of Joey's body, left foot forward, right foot back, left hand strangling the microphone, fist pumping in the air as he shouted one of the band's unofficial mantras, "Gabba Gabba Hey!," is forever imprinted in the minds of any fan who attended one of the band's 2,263 shows.

Born in the Forest Hills section of Queens, New York, on May 19, 1952, Joey founded the Ramones in 1974 with Johnny, Dee Dee and Tommy. Originally the drummer, Joey switched to vocals two months after the band played it first show in March 1974 at New York's Performance Studio.

The group soon became a staple at the dingy New York punk club CBGB, home to fellow downtown bands Talking Heads, Patti Smith and Blondie. In 1975 the Ramones became the first punk band to sign a record contract. Their self-titled debut, recorded for $6,000, was released in 1976 and featured such rock landmarks as "Judy Is a Punk," "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue" and "Beat on the Brat."

Destroying the '70s prog-rock idea that rock had to be played by learned musicians in full command of their instruments, the Ramones pioneered the do-it-yourself ideal that inspired thousands of punk bands with lots of energy but dicey chops to pick up instruments and rock.

Their 1977 album Ramones Leave Home featured a quintessential mix of gutter-punk anthems and homages to classic pop songs ("I Remember You," "Oh Oh I Love Her So").

It also featured the unofficial Ramones anthem "Pinhead," in which Joey sang, "I don't want to be a Pinhead no more/ I just found a nurse that I could go for."

The Ramones not only prodded bands such as the Sex Pistols, the Clash and X-Ray Spex to take up their instruments and take on the world, but they also laid the path for the next generation of new wave and punk bands to rock maximally with minimal flourish.

Inspired by the Ramones' wide-open subject matter - which ranged from sniffing glue to male prostitution to lobotomies - as well as by the music, '80s bands such as Husker Du, the Replacements and Devo further exploded the notion of how rock could sound.

The Ramones released what is arguably their best album, Rocket to Russia, in 1977. Featuring such concert staples as "Cretin Hop," "Rockaway Beach" and "We're a Happy Family," the album not only summed up the glum outlook of the punk generation, it was a shrill counterpoint to the disco music that was sweeping the nation in the wake of "Saturday Night Fever." After trying their hands at the movies, starring in 1979's "Rock 'n' Roll High School," the group entered the studio with one of their idols, '60s' "wall of sound" producer Phil Spector. The resulting 1980 album, End of the Century, included a cover of "Baby I Love You" by the Ronettes, who were fronted by one of Joey's favorite singers, Ronnie Spector (Phil's ex-wife).

The group followed with 10 more studio albums of speedy, anti-social punk and a relentless touring schedule, and enjoyed Beatlemania-style fame in Argentina and Japan.

Although the band rarely cracked the album charts and achieved marginal album sales during a 22-year career, its influence continues to this day. With most of his contemporaries faded, dead or inactive, Joey became the embodiment of first-wave punk, with a shy, soft-spoken manner that belied his band's twisted songs about social misfits too bored, disconnected or disaffected to play by the rules.

Joey may have shared a last name with his bandmates, but familial love couldn't keep them from their constant bickering, leading to the Ramones' dissolution in 1996. After the group played its final show on August 9, 1996 - such fans as Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Soundgarden's Chris Cornell jammed with the Ramones that night - Joey continued to carry the torch for the music he loved.

In addition to producing an EP and an album by horror-ska rockers the Independents - whom he tirelessly championed and managed for much of the late '90s - Joey co-produced a 1999 EP by his idol Ronnie Spector.

The EP featured one of Joey's most poignant tunes, "She Talks to Rainbows," a ballad he wrote for the Ramones' 1995 studio swan song, Adios Amigos!. It was about a girl Joey would often see in his neighborhood, who he said looked like she was in her own world.

"She's a little lost girl in her own little world/ She looks so happy, but seems so sad/ Oh yeah/ I'd like to help her/ I'd like to try/ Oh yeah," Spector sang in her trademark yearning voice on the EP.

In addition to trying to help resurrect the career of his hero Spector, Joey was working on his debut solo album over the past three years.

Collaborating with long-time Ramones producer Daniel Rey, Ramone had written nearly 20 new tunes that he planned to record with a band that included Andy Shernoff of the punk group the Dictators, Cracker drummer Frank Funaro and Rey on guitar.

Joey kept a low profile over the past few years, jumping onstage to belt out occasional Ramones songs at birthday parties in his honor thrown by his punk-rocker friends in New York. In February 2000, he buried the hatchet with former Ramones drummer Marky Ramone, recruiting Marky to play on a handful of his solo songs.

-Gil Kaufman

Moon Cat atlastweshallhaveourrevenge@sith.doublesabre Mon Apr 16 18:38:33 2001

Yeah...Nat. 'Tis a twat about the Jedi thing. I'm appalled you can fined for it in Australia. Government in sense of humour by-pass shock.

Oh well.....I'm gonna stick pagan down then. And you cannot be fined for that. (and it's a lot easier to prove than Jedi in the crunch. I mean all you have to prove is "none of the above", whereas Jedi, THEY might ask you to lift an X-Wing out of a swamp wwith brain power!)


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Mon Apr 16 20:31:46 2001

Sorry to dispel a rumour but it just aint true that you get fined here in Australia for putting something like "Jedi Knight" on a census form. But like any Western country I'm sure there would be some form of punitive sanction for deliberately trying to stuff up the process. The Census hasn't actually taken place yet so can't see how anyone can be fined.

And vale the great Joey Ramone!

My main memory of the Ramones was way back in 1980 when they appeared in my home town. There were about 3000 people in the audience all going "gabba gabba hey" and waiting for the gig to start. Everyone was, as at any gig, expectantly waiting for the band to come from behind the curtains on stage. Imagine our surprise when we hear a commotion coming from the back of the hall and look around to see the crowd parting like the Red Sea to allow Joey and the boys to push through the crowd on the way up to the stage. Maybe there was something wrong with the stage area and they had to come on that way...but to my immature mind it seemed like a statement of egallitarianism in literally rubbing shoulders with the audience. Compare that to a Guns and Roses gig where the band come in by helicopter....

I don't wanna be buried, in a pet cematary, don't wanna live my life alone...

Nat I'll never trust another Newsreader! Tue Apr 17 04:04:55 2001

Bloody Moira Stewart I trust her to give me the facts about whats going on in the world and Saturday morning she told me about people being fined in Australia!! Tut.... I'll never believe a word she says ever again ;o( Nicholas Witchal will be the man for me now..... tut bloody british press.

I've done my census form and yes I put down Jedi!! Hoorah... I did try to lift an X wing out our garden pond on Saturday and I did it horrah!! I am Jedi...

rich Tue Apr 17 08:57:27 2001

Never trust a word Nicholas Witchell says either - he used to be the editor of the University of Leeds magazine in the mid-70's, where he spent most of his time reviewing porn films. Sadly we can find no trace of his wonderful early writing, as the archive copies mysteriously vanished at the end of his year in office.

and...whilst it is illegal to put deliberately false info on your census form - for some reason this doesnt actually apply to question 10 - the religion one.

ron pilgrim@usa.com Tue Apr 17 09:22:44 2001

y'awl still into that religious intolerance deal huh? oh, well maybe tyme to get ur coats, hats 'n leave and start a colony somewhere west, maybe even 13 colonies;o)

i see tis just a mere seven daze until whitehaven... bastards... why doesn't tony just give us discount airline tickets to come over, instead of millions to shop owners whom may or may not need it, i promise not to visit a farm. hmmm... anyways, we did census 2 yrs ago... big, big mess, but don't recall a religion question. nope, just the annual payoff to the irs... jeesus, for a "free" country, they sure charge alot to live here... i really wasn't gonna fill my census cause they always know where to find me at tax tyme, but ms ron made me... becareful wot u ask for rich... seriously, love hurts... and dear natalie my luv, i'm sure the locals are aware, and will be expecting something outrageous on ur form ;o) andrew, are u still 'in kountry' or.... gone...

Nat Lies damn lies Tue Apr 17 09:57:07 2001

You've got me well and truely sussed Ron!!

Under Religion I put Jedi... Under name I put: Love Muffin, and under Occupation I put: Stripper! Hmmm I'm up for proving I'm right in a Court of Law!! ;o) Wonder how many people have stripped in Court!! tee hee....who gives a fudge let them fine me!! ;o) Bet loads of people won't even send them back! ;o)

Hmmm Nicholas Witchell & Porn hmmm what a devine combination I'll never look at him in the same light when he reads the news!! I knew he had a cheeky glint in his eye....hmmm perve.....wonder what he wears under the newsdesk!

ron pardon@believe u dropped sumthin miss nat Tue Apr 17 10:57:24 2001

if u need a court appointed attorney/barrister, uknow where to find me... bet we could charge admission for that! can u imagine the 'characters' we could call for character witnesses....;o)

can't possibly believe those auzzie's and new z-land-urs anyways, wot with standing on their 'eads 24x7, do y'awl haffta like wear gravity boots to keep from falling off the earth... ;o) jus kidding Mal, glad to hear of someone else that appreciates both Julian AND Joey...

...and no wonders about what that newsreader is wearing here... http://www.nakednews.com

Mordicus Wed Apr 18 05:24:51 2001

Good morning!!!! Sorry about the raincheck Ron, we're catching the 297 (to the pub) today tho! Huzzzzzah, today the sun shines and David Dickinsons teeth glint in the verdant splendour...well, never mind , but what WILL they be worth at the auction?

It doth fast approacheth!

rich Wed Apr 18 05:40:46 2001

well - picked up the Unearthed cd yesterday, and all I can say is - thank god for the Wild Swans. Tho it may improve wth perseverance, on one listening almost everything else is dreadful. A couple of tracks are okay, but on the whole they are dreadfully dull. Yes even the 'Shallow Madness' track, which is just uninteresting.

Talking of which - sad pedanticness here, but - the cd claims that Shallow Madness were, at this time Cope Simpson Dwyer &, oh bugger I've forgotten the other blokes name, but anyway, in Head On JC insists that Gary didnt join till they'd changed the name to Teardrop Explodes - so if the credits are right (including the one that says it was recorded in 79)it must actually be the first known recording of the Teardrop Explodes. Of course Copey could be having memory lapses (what! no! never!), or the compilers could just have cocked up - tho my guess would be avoiding possible copyright issues that would be involved with TE

(Anonymous) Wed Apr 18 05:44:15 2001

FINKLER that's the other sod's name innit!!


Anyone else going to Sheffield tonigt? hopefully (being able to find a mike allowing) should be able to get a recording of it too!

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Wed Apr 18 06:34:58 2001


Sheffield here I come Row D seat 22 its gonna have my big fat arse on it in 8 hours time, mini disc at the ready!

Russ (copefan)

Lauren Silverwolf lauren@707.org.uk Wed Apr 18 06:54:23 2001

So so sad about Joey, Ron. :'-(

Me, part Jedi, part Pagan... can I put both down? ;-)

Enjoy Sheffield you guys - let us know how it went...


rich Wed Apr 18 07:06:26 2001

do peeps rill want to know how it went? (other than 'bloody brilliant'/'complete crap')

me brother - amongst others - always insists on not seeing any reviews etc before he see's a gig cos he doesnt want it spoiling by finding out some obscure classic is gonna be played - especially if it aint played at his gig - and just enjoys the surprise of each new track

let us know - or we'll do our best to ramble on incesantly

Nat Tell me more, tell me more... Wed Apr 18 08:54:55 2001

Rich - do you mean to tell me you have a brother!! grrrrrr tiger...tell me more, two of you, my god how can the female species cope hmmm let me think of a few more ways, think of those leather trousers.. hmmm I am.. ;o) Tee hee...tart...god I'm cheap.

Amazon - Steve in his drunken stooper only told me you'd phoned yesterday after he got into bed and I was dropping off to sleep...so sorry I haven't called you back! Will do though....roll on Bilston!! ;o)

(Anonymous) Wed Apr 18 10:53:41 2001

nat - i have two brothers - but only one of us is 'slim' enuf (okay, has taken vast quantities of speed for long enuf) to not look complete shite in leathers (I may still look stupid, but not cos I'm too fat)

Nat Wed Apr 18 11:00:33 2001

Woooo mr mysterious man with brothers who wear leather and take vast quantities of speed! Fancy a weekend away!! Tee hee...haaaaaa ;o)

God I'm going mad!

(Anonymous) Wed Apr 18 11:05:21 2001

Going mad ?

Nat Purpleturtle ain't working - and neither am I! Hoorah.. Wed Apr 18 11:43:29 2001

Oi what do you mean! Tut cheeky monkey... I need Izz to keep me sane... I miss her ;o(

amazon i'm so excited@i just can't hide it.com i'm about to lose control @ i think i like it.co.uk Wed Apr 18 18:17:16 2001

Ooooooh only 4 more days to go for me!!!!!!!!! And less than 2 weeks for Nat, wahey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you there girl....... You've got lots to tell me!!!! Oh and you'd better phone me beforehand or I won't know who you are. Hahahaha! I hope it's not shit, I hate those seats.

rich richard.bndfc@virgin.net Thu Apr 19 04:58:33 2001

aah what a night

2 hours 17 minutes of the normal ramblings, stares, and a few songs. All very familiar scenario from the last tour, no great surprises. Two completely new songs - Man in the Moon (risky title to try - REM and Sugar already having written brilliant songs with the same title - still think the Sugar's the best, but ,hey, I should really give Jules' a bit more of a chance), and another that I've forgotten the title of, but sounded pretty damned good. and lots of old ones - undoubtedly loads of faves are omitted, but even more included, so there can be no complaints. A lot of empty seats, which was a little disappointing - suppose the old man has been playing quite a bit recently, tho. Twas almost intimidating being smack in the middle of the front row (so me or the woman next to us must have bought the very first tickets, also scary) - neck ache was definitely induced. And the first few tracks I felt oddly uncomfortable - tho i think that was largely down to paranoias about fucking up the recording - and feeling far to exposed to go and have a fiddle with the mini-disc - buthey all worked out fine. No Brain Donor or LAMF cd single out yet - should be for next monday, and no other exciting new merchandise, but you can't have everything. All in all tho, all one can say is

who's the fuck wot eat the rest of ma shoes?

Ron drude@mounet.com Thu Apr 19 05:44:54 2001

muchas gracias rich! any snippets of info are mucho appreciated... any signs of hecklers/plants by any chance...

woke up in the fireplace, slept like a log...

rich Thu Apr 19 06:22:43 2001

some beast had the nerve to say he wasn't as pretty as he was!! tho the make up wasnt quite up to kiss standards last night (that's the band Kiss btw, not snoggability factor).

And for the very first time I've ver seen Mr C, for the very first time, no-one called out for Robert Mitchum - it seemed a little sad

no plants or flowers, nor leggings, but very big boots

Del Thu Apr 19 07:04:50 2001

I'm still here! I've only got WebMail at the mo and my Inbox has got full up with RailOn! posts.

I'll still be about here tho'

In the meantime, anyone care to recommend the best Spiritualized and Lupine Howl Albums?


rich notworkinghard@all.com Thu Apr 19 07:45:41 2001

well, the Lupine Howl choice is easy - there's only one - and it does seem to be pretty fine (only picked it up on tuesday, not had a good enuf chance yet to get right into it). there are, apparently three singles tho - vaporizer, bronzage, and another - anyone know what the other one is?

spiritualised - trickier, especially as my memory for names is crap, but electric mainline or ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space (the pill box cover one anyway) would, i think ,take it for me

Nat Boredashell@goneferafag.com Thu Apr 19 10:00:18 2001

'ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space' is a corker, gets my vote everytime....

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH AMAZON - not long now babe......tee hee... I'll be the bird in the birthday hat and big 'I am 6' Badge at Bilston! you'll find me.....!!

rich Thu Apr 19 10:31:27 2001

pure phase - that's the one i meant, with electric mainline on it. and lazer guided melodies is pretty fantastic.

is it really her? i dunno@i bet it's not.com Thu Apr 19 19:16:35 2001

Is it really Courtney on HH?

Nat Courtney@oldslapper.com Fri Apr 20 04:02:19 2001

If it is her she's just proved to me that she really has no life! Silly old tart....

Marc Fri Apr 20 04:29:21 2001

the third Lupine Howl single was called "125". I`d appreciate more info on their debut album, as I still consider to buy it.

Spiritualized ? Buy all you can get. They are brilliant.

rich Fri Apr 20 06:13:50 2001

what can one say about the LH album? The boxed cover package is very attractive, nice little insert inside with the lyrics and all that - wont fit in any known cd-rack, but hey! tough.

Musically, well on first listen I was disappointed with it, Vaporizer is obviously brilliant, but the rest didnt seem to be of the same standard. However, playing it very loudly on my headphones made it sound a hell of a lot better. 125 is on there, but not Bronzage. !25 is probably a more accrate guide to the album than Vaporizer - which just kicks so much arse nowt, still can match it. Like 125, much of the rest is drug addled spacey drone rock with silly lyrics, that make you (well make me) go 'oh bloody hell, is that what it's on about'.

Buy it you wont be disappointed. Well, not very anyway.

Now what's all this about my beloved Courtney on HH??? lets go have a look

Del Fri Apr 20 09:48:30 2001

Well thanks for all that guys!

More CDs to put on my 'must buy that one day' list.

amazon What? Is he blind? @Wipe that outta your eyes.com Fri Apr 20 17:10:10 2001

Pardon? Your beloved Courtney? Obviously you have no taste in women whatsoever!! tee hee

(Puts hands over head and winces, waiting for much flak and deluge comin my way)

amazon littlelad@noboobs.com Sat Apr 21 16:54:18 2001

But better than Kylie though, eh?

U-know! (Who you are)

(Anonymous) Sun Apr 22 07:53:40 2001


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Sun Apr 22 10:05:57 2001

What? Me? (as in meeee?)

But all I did was to mention how nice the lovely Kylie looked on one particular album cover printed with a kind of 3-D effect.

If that's what I get for doing something as simple as that it's probably just as well I made sure to keep shtum about something else - that I, er, heard in a pub - which is that if you turn that cover to the right angle, you can see right down her top.

Hey, don't blame me....I'd much rather be talking about another great album cover I've now come across, which is from a XTC LP of a couple of years ago, and is no more than a peacock feather on a white background. It's so realistic looking that, at first, you could think it's a real feather stuck to the paper.


Nat Swim free my pretty.... Mon Apr 23 04:31:30 2001

... my purpleturtle has run away again so in the Words of Suzanne Vega 'If you want me, you can find me, left of Centre...or at perky_jean@nme.com

Amazon tut... I'm not saying a word young lady.... tut...

Nat xx

Morfeus and the Undertwirled Mon Apr 23 07:29:51 2001

Zoiks! Ta Nat, I was beginning to get hippie paranoia! Come on PurpleTurtle!

rich etc@etc Mon Apr 23 10:21:05 2001


me luv that xtc cover too - bloody good album n all

and comrade amazon i have fine taste in women - just ask nat!!

& btw - did anyone see in the HH Q&Amp;A thing jules basically said he didnt shag the adolescent courtney becos she was TOO UGLY!!

shame on he

nat comeandgetmetiger@teeheehee.com Mon Apr 23 12:04:47 2001

I'm a right tasty bird me!! ;o)

Shhh Rich that was a secret between you and me...hmmmm big boy!

nat xx

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Tue Apr 24 00:58:07 2001

Courtney Love is an oxymoron!

In my humble opinion of course. I suppose there's no accounting for taste - like or fancy whoever you like. But I suggest that any budding Courtney Love fans out there should get a hold of the video made by a bloke from Rolling Stone (sorry I'm a bit vague on details as usual)who spent ages trying to track her down for an interview and in the end made the film about his unsuccessful attempts to do so.

She is more than just nasty - she could end up in politics as a born again Republican. I'd put her in the Thatcher camp. I suppose you could say she is good looking physically but that's a good reason why physical appearance should not count for too much. Inside she is totally black.

BTW - this doesn't mean I don't appreciate some of Hole's stuff.

Copey did the right thing back then.

rich kneeling@courtneysfeet.cor Tue Apr 24 05:55:09 2001

i do agree wityh much of what u say mal, but.....evryone i've seen on telly trying to track down and 'get the truth' from/about courtney has been far more dishonest and full of shit than she has, they always have a (barely) hidden agenda to hold against her (eg she's 'yoko' she killed kurt etc etc) v would YOU be very nice to such people?

most of those interviews were aslso taken around the time she AND HER HUSBAND were totally fucked up on smack, or shortly after her husband had blown his head off with a gun. Neither state is really conducive to giving good interview (tho it makes a grteat story for some lazy, scumbag journalist)

Could she go tragically all republican on us - yup - like Neil Young/Bob Dylan/Hunter Thompson/too many others to name but who are still great

i dont know if i'd like her if i met her, i certainly dont think i'd like her to be my 'girlfriend', buti do think the woman deserves respect - certainly far more than she gets, esp, it seems, from old nirvana and julian cope fans

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Apr 24 08:15:09 2001

Last week of work! :)

I'm getting errors for the following email address, so I'll unsubscribe it... [snipped - Trav]


Nat Unsubscribe me babe Tue Apr 24 09:34:54 2001

Thats me! Purpleturtle has been playing up really badly due to a tin of spam that someone sent them aparently!! ;o)

I'll resign up when its sorted!

Nat xx

rich Tue Apr 24 10:35:01 2001

too late nat - you cant resign, you've already been fired!

oh you mean re-sign!

Nat Crusin 4 a bruisin Tue Apr 24 10:58:33 2001

Shut it you or you'll get a slap...! You and your little - marks! I'll give you a --- you young man.....hmmmmmm.....

annonymous tipster tipster@fromthehorsesmouth.com Tue Apr 24 14:04:14 2001

Anyone going to the Swansea show on April 30th? I have it on very good authority that Thighpaulsandra will be joining Mr Cope on that evening only for fun frolics and face painting galore.

ron Robert Downey Jr@leagalizeitplease.com Wed Apr 25 06:51:17 2001

hmmm, bet she is rather tasty, er, Nat that is, i's thinkin more peach flavoured than bird thou... And as long as you are administering punishment, I require a good bad boy spanking. Mothra mi amigo, careful on that day one may number nine, the mayor is not pleased, but am hoping he will be sacked by may too, sustain, dude, sustain. Still mizzin mz Izzin.

top notch post onthe one abrigade buzz. keep the faith, the candles are being lit as we speak... blair fiddles and bush kibbles whilst cumbria burns...

love and lite beer,

Boolbar Weird Wed Apr 25 12:48:40 2001


BoM bom@morfe.com www.popmusique.com Thu Apr 26 05:24:04 2001

Watched an interesting thing on 'race' this morning, left me still trying to decide whethr I'm proud to be 'British'??? grrrrrr, its too hard to figure, and as I HAVE to think about it, I'd prefer to be proud to be 'me'.

Yay!!!! We'll light a candle for you at Beltane Ron! keep the Ire Brigade engines turning!

And Nat did you get my mail?

And Amazon, shut up.

Nat Walkingonthebeacheslookingatthepeaches@myarse.com Thu Apr 26 07:33:51 2001

Yep got yer e.mail Morfe me lover, and replied! Off sick yesterday with suspected food poisoning (tee hee thats my excuse anyway!)hic, hic...

I get confused over the 'proud to be british thing' I know exactly what you mean Morfey....

Off to see 'Soft Boys' on Sunday Night should be a cracking night if previous reviews are anything to go by!

"No Sleep to Bilston"

nonbreeder madeleine_west@hotmail.com Thu Apr 26 07:36:38 2001

What do y'all here think of the 'homophobic asshole' allegations about JC re 'Born to Breed' over on HH? You seem like a pretty forward-thinking bunch generally!

BoM ouch my botty@one too many Thu Apr 26 08:32:50 2001

Have'nae clue? But he certainly seems to use 'buttfucker' and 'boned-up-the-ass' as some sort of superlative insult? Whether that re-claims and re-allies such statements away from gay folk is another matter. It may not be Eminem territory, but I feel it's suitably worthy of the artist himself accepting responsibility and maybe some clarification?

Russ Thu Apr 26 11:46:28 2001

There is a brain donor review for the single in the NME this week and Echo and the Bunnymen are playing live on Mr Ross's Sat morning show on radio 2!

Richard r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Fri Apr 27 05:57:38 2001

I am considering taking a camera to the Cope gig at the Ocean, but I have been told that there might be metal detectors in place just before you enter the main orditorium as is the case with the Barrowlands in Glasgow. Can anybody who has been confirm this and tell me what my chances of getting the camera in are likely to be?


Nat Ask Him!! Fri Apr 27 06:38:59 2001

Instead of casting nasturtiums about Julians lyrics & possible homophobia (never - we've all read the book) why don't you e.mail him and ask him or e.mail Jo! Get it straight from the horses mouth! I doubt if he is being insulting on purpose - Would it change your opinion of him if he was or do we go back to that old chestnut about 'Freedom of Speech'!! ;o) maybe its just something that rhymes! And we were "born to breed"!

Rich - As for a camera hmmm bit dodgy unless you get one of those disposible ones made out of cardboard! You could try e.mailing Bruce on the other mailing list thing, the orange one, as he seems to carry his around all the time!

hey ho.. back to work.. ahhhhhhh Morfey my lover not long til Bilston.. Oooo am I excited, getting my funky new outfit this weekend... Izz is back this weekend HOOORRAAHHHHHH!

Roger Fri Apr 27 06:59:41 2001

Nah, I wouldn't have said JC was at all homophobic. Like Nat said, check out the book (eg, the bit in Head On about lashing back at a real homophobe).

Truth be told, another expression he uses a fair bit is 'Mo-fo', but it's only a figure of speech....it doesn't necessarily mean he's got anything against people with an Oedipus Complex.

By the way, does anyone know if there has ever actually been a king called Rex?


Huzzzayy! Fri Apr 27 07:15:45 2001

No sleep til Bilston! (if I'm not entirely swoggled by the Welsh Experience!)

It's nearly someone's birthday! Zikes! Whats in store Nat? Lurex? mmmmm, or are you staying ra-ra and sweatbands?

x Buzzard (can't fit into me best dress anymore, waaaaa! :-( )

Tyrannosaurus Rex Fri Apr 27 07:25:26 2001

He was King of the Dinosaurs.

Nat Yes sir I can boogie.... Fri Apr 27 07:37:00 2001

Morfe - I thought I'd go naked to Bilston and then add layers of clothing as the Tour progresses!! Maybe just 'Happy Birthday Badges' covering vital bits what do you think!!? tee hee ;o)

Actually Morfe I'll probably wear ahhh its a suprise!

BoM velcro@ouch.com Fri Apr 27 08:46:37 2001

Aghy!!!! Please use those non-pin type badges , ayeeeee!

Nat Pierced as a newt! Fri Apr 27 09:10:08 2001

No probs there Morfey babes! tee hee.... ;o) Only kidding, or am I hmmmmmmm.. u will never know!! ;o) Rich B. shhhh secret mate!

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Sat Apr 28 20:51:35 2001

One last check in before I set off on the pilgrimage tomorrow. Departing northern Alberta 1 pm mountain time, arrive at Gatwick 11 am the next day. 2 whole weeks of beautiful beer, familiar accents and of course the Cope tour. For anyone at either the Leicester or Blackheath shows I'm going to try and pick up something with a Canadian flag on it and wear it in a visible location. For those who don't know the flag it is this red maple leaf thing. So if you see me come up and say hi, don't be shy now...

arnex arnex@yahoo.com Sun Apr 29 03:15:33 2001

I've got a quick question for all of you who own the cassette of "Peggy Suicide" and the "Floored Genius 3" CD.... is "Uptight" from the PS tape the same track that was later released as "Tighten-Up" on the FG3 CD? According to Patrick Gaumond's page the lyrics are the same, but "Tighten-Up" sounds like a live track and I would love it if there were a studio version of this song. If you've got both and can tell me the difference, please let me know.

Roger Sun Apr 29 10:49:47 2001

About a month ago Izzy was talking about Sleeping Beauty in the context of a childhood friend having the Disney version of the book, and insisting that it was therefore the authentic version.

For what it's worth, here's something from today's Telegraph, tucked away in an article about proposals to feature the Princess Pocahontas in a new stained glass window for a church.

"The Disney cartoon transformed the 11-year-old into a statuesque temptress and depicted Smith, who contemporaries described as a short ginger-haired middle-aged man, as a barrel-chested 6ft blond hunk."

Smith, of course, was the English Captain whom Pocahontas saved from a gruesome death sentence.

Hmmm, maybe it's understandable why Disney decided to make the change. They probably figured that if the guy with his head on the block looked like Chris Evans, whole audiences would have been booing at the princess for halting the execution.


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Mon Apr 30 00:36:48 2001

Greetings from the southern part of the planet again.

Just picking up some threads - interesting about Pocahontas and how myths are created. Speaking of myths I don't know where this Is Cope Homophobic? idea comes from but I don't believe it. The only vaguely homophobic line in any Cope song I can think of is in Aint But The One Way from Autogeddon. He sings "one too many butt fuckers controlling me" but who says "butt-fucker" is a pejorative term for a homosexual anyway? In the context of the song he is advocating assassination of greed-head monarchist types - I don't think he should be taken too literally on this. Yes put butt-fucker in the "mo-fo" category - really just a figure of speech.

Years ago (I think it was on the pre-Rail On American Recordings or maybe the Culture Bunker site) Cope related an amusing story of supporting Queen at Elland Road in front of 6000 Queen and 6 Teardrops fans. He says the crowd didn't really like him (Cope was wearing lipstick and a dress) and started throwing bottles on stage etc. They were chanting homophobic stuff like "get off you faggot". Cope was amused by being the brunt of homophobic abuse while Freddy Mercury was waiting in the wings to come on. He then goes on about the stupidity inherent in homphobia...Copey is definitely not politically correct but he is definitely not homophoblic.

Hope you all enjoy the concerts (no matter how or what you are clad in) and I envy you the person from Canada (Andrew).

Nat Oooo what a night Mon Apr 30 04:17:24 2001

Went and saw the Soft Boys last night! Woo what a cracking evening! Absolutely fab...What a genius Robin Hitchcock is ahhhh..lovely hair cuts too! Great stuff.

Malachy I think this idea of Julian and Homophobia comes from the H2H site where they are discussing the track 'Born to Breed'! I dont believe it either but people believe all sorts don't they!

2 days to go Morfe, 2 days to go.....woo Izz is home and its 2 days to go... we need directions can someone find me that link as to where the Bilston gig is again! (Wooo 1 day for you and Aber Morfe have fun!) ;o)

IzzyWizzyWooWooWoo zeynabadowi@rules.ok Mon Apr 30 05:55:55 2001

Hello Volks,

Ik ben back from the lowlands, as you zie ik kann the lingo well speak, ja? Couldn't quite get to grips with Frisian, mind, which was a surprise when the language appears to consist of only one phoneme (ie moo).

Hummed and harred over my census form yesterday and ended up writing 'heathen'. Not really sure what I think about that, maybe I'll change my mind for next time. See how seriously I take it. Listening to 'sunday' and excellent current religious affairs programme on radio 4 just before the most dire hideous aweful 'morning worship' it appears that many practising pagans were not going to put 'pagan' on their form for fear of um something, though they were being encouraged to do so (except by some dodgy christian fella who claims they aren't pagans cos they don't sacrifice things).

How was softboys nat? I foned around to the respose 'who're they?' so gave up and sat in watching an extremely disturbing documentary about the weaver family seige and killings in 93. Utterly shocking. Next week its David Icke - yippee!

On that myths thread, it is muchly amusing to visit the william wallace monument in stirling and to be greated by a curiously mel-gibson-esk statue of the man. Deary me.

izzyandnatallsynchronised Mon Apr 30 05:58:44 2001

woo spooky. that'll teach me to take forever to compose and entry...

Orangeasapples Tue May 1 10:22:25 2001

So, is everyone off protesting?

Should I go orange or pink for blackheath, bearing in mind that pink will cause me to resort to a french company spiritual sky who may or may not squirt their henna into the eyes of rabbits unless anyone knows a source for Ganeesha henna? Opinions please...

Nat Ooooo clash babe! Tue May 1 10:28:55 2001

Ooo Pink flares and orange hair I think is the way forward my lovely! I'm going Red for Blackheath! You could try that Goth shop in the Bargate they may do hair dye stuff...

We still off to Bilston? Sorry I didn't phone last night I'll phone when I get in from work... god I'm crap aren't I!! ;o)

IzzyBelly Tue May 1 11:04:50 2001

Eh up love, you should see the choice tops I got to go with the flares too!

Nah, Jacinder don't stock Ganeesha no more. They don't seem to understand my dilemma with french products neither, the goths of today, eh? Hey, I bet they even use hairspray rather than wasp-friendly sugar solution...

Mmmm, still def up for Bilston, particularly as I have the kick-off meeting for my new job the next morning...Kicking ass tonight (or rather being battered into the sprung floor for missing a month of practices)...hey why don't we continue this by email - save boring everyone...

ron maydaynotpayday@anarchy.com Tue May 1 12:03:38 2001

good rocking to all those fortunate enuff to be headed to the gigs in the next few... glad to have u back mizz izz, i've mizzed u terriblely. still hoping to hook up in october... but former Londoner i met this weekend told me i was crazy to do at that tyme, should be june/july... to his credit, Julian Cope sounded familiar but wasn't sure, but he 'ad the pronounciation of Julian Cope to a 't'. it'z amazing how an american accent can butcher a thang as simple as a name... go figure, and speaking of figures, our favorite naked grrll running in the bushes will mature 1 year upon the morrow... think she'll finally grow up? naw, and who really wants her to... stay sweet, and lovely my fair, albeit, pierced nat ;o) much love to you and all celebrating your birth @ bilston... hmmm, izz and nat in a motor car on the hiways and byways, and london thinks they have kaos and disorder...

question authority, think for yourself...

(Anonymous) Tue May 1 12:16:18 2001

Hey Ronalong, you really should be coming over now, but october will do I suppose. where you doing, what are you going? I predict rain and more rain, particularly in Southampton. after 7 octobers here, I am beginning to see a pattern. looking forward to spring, whens that due then??? I'll be celebrating entering a new decade at the beginning of nov, will you still be here?

I've packed a blanket for her nakedness's journey to bilston and my bis/kenickie tape for I cannot drive without it so perhaps her nudiness should have some earplugs too? And yes, perhaps the nation should be warned...

theedoggen theedoggen@hotmail.com Wed May 2 06:49:13 2001


(Anonymous) Wed May 2 08:57:49 2001

Everyone now!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Haaapppy Brithhhhhdddayyy dear Natalieeeeee
Happy Birthday to you!
Izzy Wed May 2 09:14:39 2001

Hello! Natalie is away from her pooter today, have a well deserved birthday off, but I will personally sing your sentiments to her tonight. I'm sure she'll love that! BTW, if you care, we've decided that we can't go to Bilston tonight what with the insurance company not beleiving that Izzy is a girl's names and thus Nat having to drive the full 6plus hours. Sorry partic to morfe and amazon we were exited about meeting you again and meeting you. Roll on next week. Instead its a bottle of plonk and a girlie vid. Thats a video for girls...

(Anonymous) Wed May 2 09:27:24 2001

so... it has like, naked guys in it, rite? shoulda come over to be a personal driver fo y'awl

ron Wed May 2 09:47:11 2001

hmmm, maybe try ahnolds (arnold swartzenagger) 'The Sixth Day' veryily,veryily, scary stuff indeed... sorry for the pants talk, nat's birthday suit has me in a tizzy, izzy.

IZZUBBUZZ Wed May 2 10:42:58 2001

No, a video for girls contains close-ups of various landranger maps and tips on painting your toenails, get with it! Oooh I like a scarey film though, preferably one with Kevin Bacon in. Yummy. Arnie is a bit too heavy for me, couldn't throw him. Doesn't he have terribly dodgy political leanings too?

Roger Not@Oxford.St Wed May 2 16:11:11 2001

Just had delivery of SE London's free weekly newspaper, the News Shopper, and its leisure section has a piece about JC's forthcoming gigs at Croydon and Blackheath. The write up isn't unflattering though it's hard to tell if it's by someone with a genuine appreciation of JC or if it's simply been lifted from a press release. The headline....it's 'Rock Genius Hard At Work'.

Was I up in London, yesterday, for all that mindless hooliganism and destruction and stuff? Hellz no, I was up in Lincolnshire taking part in my own....a track day for motorbikes at Cadwell Park.


ron curious george@maninbigyellowhat.com Wed May 2 19:21:44 2001

a motorbyke track day on a tuesday.... hmmm, doest thou folks ever work? wish i coulda been with ya Roger, how do the harleys hold up on your track?

why yes, i would say that ahnold would have rather dodgy politics as unusually dodgy fellows tend to do... the subject matter is what is disturbing to me... hmm, kevin bacon, do y'awl do the 'kevin bacon game' where you connect back to him? he seemed unamused by the concept last i heard;o)

good luck on draggin nat outa the bushes... and i certainly hope morfe and amazon are mis-behavin themselves...

BoM Thu May 3 06:28:47 2001

Cope shook Bilston to the roots of it's sizeable bootie last night. Wodens-day. Someone said he had extra bootie!

But where oh where were those two reprobates who go by the names of Orange Muffin? pah! ;-)

Izz, I had a packet in my hand for you, and Nat, I had to drink orange squash all night long grrrrrrr. Happy belated birthday wishes x

Just like to say that Amazon was a star these last two days, driving the Mooncat and Starry one and I around the Copeyverse whilst we drove her round the bend. And that's not to be rude Ron, tsk! All in all, Aber 1 - Bilston 10, and heckling was dealt with in such entertaining fashion by the man himself that I fear he's gonna write a book about it! Or maybe claim that heckling is a pre-christian oblique form of politics, where devices of taunts were used to solicit shamanic truths from the taunt-ee, or something. I have my coat. PS 'Man in the Moon' and 'another new song whose title escapes me' HUZZZZZAY!!! and , and 'Upwards at 45%' STILL makes me feel like a silver fish flying to the moon. That man might be skinny, a thin white fluke even, but his rock n' roll muscle is a throbbing, growing, shaman's tool.

BoM Thu May 3 06:40:39 2001

Euphemisms aren't my strong point. Apologies to all involved ;-)

OrangeSpell Thu May 3 07:21:29 2001

Oooops, sorry Mr BoM. I missed your package too! I think yesterday went a little not-quite-apple-shaped, Nat? Not to worry though, we still have next week.

I thought I'd just blown it. I told my new boss that the main reason I won't be at work next week is because I'm going to see Julian Cope (well, he did ask). Hmmm. Apparently though, he saw JC in Sheffield in 83 and possible at Pheonix in the nude (or perhaps that was JC in the nude, something I would prefer to imagine) so actually I am rather impressed. Phew. Work, Ron, whats that?

Hurrah for Amazon!

The old Kevin Bacon game. I think my flatmate and I figured that we were both 4 time removed from Sarah Michelle Gellar which he was more chuffed about than me, but that does make me 5 times removed from David Boreanaz. If you want real cool though, anyone who knows me is 3-times removed from Patrick Moore and allegedly (though we have our doubts) 3 times removed from Wayne Hussey!

I can smell how impressed you are!

andrew commonera@lycos.com Thu May 3 07:39:20 2001

Hey Ron, are you there? Greetings from England. I made it safe and sound and all is going well. Severe jet lag initially but slowly recovering now in time for JC at Leicester on Saturday, the Blackheath the next week. Also heard I'm on the guest list for both shows! Must send Ms. Jo some flowers or something. Will call back later. Much love - Andrew

IZZUB Thu May 3 08:00:20 2001

Hey Andrew, where are you? Come to Nat's BD do on Friday, we can get you on a train to Leicester for Sat night no probs...and why not come to Croydon and Hackney too???

ron Thu May 3 09:40:47 2001

cheers for that andrew! glad u made it... sounds like everyone is having a fantastic tyme of it... tell jules, mavis, and joanne I said 'hey'... be sure to see how joanne is doing with the pregnacy... well I hope, but have not heard anything for a while... and deffo give mums the slip and head to the sot'on parti with izz and nat...

wow morfe, amazon ferry'n you, moonie, and stary around... jeez where was she when i was stuck in shepherds bush totally ploughed under? hmmm, i don't think i want to go there... just don't believe a word she says about me, I really am a nice guy;o) does anyone else think she looks like the darkhaired lass in the 'China Doll' vid? and becarefull about using the sustainability phrase, as i heard a local politico using it on tv completely out of context, and it made me sick... so they (the enemy) are starting to pick up on the 'buzz' words of environmental issues :O

about the heckling is that common? that's a dodgy propostion at best here, as that's a real good way to get your ass kicked! I mean people are spending money to see someone they don't like and heckle them? whats up with that? especially given the possibility you could be seated to someone like myself that wouldn't care too much for that sort of behaviour;o) ...if uknow what i mean jelly pop perky jean...

love on you all, have a glorius tyme with out me, as i'm dead jealous of avery one of you!

er...work?... what i'm supposed to be doin now...

Buzzard of Metamorfe goingbacktomyroots@last Thu May 3 09:58:50 2001

They do Ron? Fuck, we've gotta invent another word, lets just eschew words entirely and send out subliminal messages?

Sustain: "To suss out the stain" (Wetherpants Glossary of Laundry Terms, 1967)

S'ok dude, I never believe anything, ever, nope; all things, always.

Remember, EVERYthing is real, the problem arises around the time we question why one thing is 'more real' than another. Thats it.

IzzYawn Thu May 3 11:53:06 2001

Lord. After 4 weeks I'd forgotten how dull work can be. SAVE ME! Nat? Where are you? Seems I've already lost all my drive and ambition after 6 hours in the post.

I thought heckling was all part of the fun, or is this nasty heckling. The most artistic heckle I ever saw was an almighty chunder at Howard Jones Guildford civic in 84. Obviously I was disgusted at the time, but now I really appreciate the art of such critique. The best hecklee has to be Pauline Black, of course...

Looky, who's going to Croydon that isn't wierd (ie not PaulB hee hee) cos I'm really keen to go and I'll be ripe and ready for partying after 2 days hard grafting...

Lummy that sounds so dodgy...

Nat I am so sorry! Thu May 3 12:10:58 2001

Sorry to Morfe, Sorry to Amazon and Sorry to Izzy!

Izz Mate - I had a blinder night with Steve last night hence not getting to yours I have to make the most of these when they happen as its not very often!! It did end in a row but the beginning was good!! ;o) You still out Friday? Everyone is invited... Dolphin pub at 7.30!!

Sorry about Bilston Guys... see you in London?

Croydon Izz, still a mad ferrit can stay with my mate Gail so won't have to travel back on British Rail! ooo that rhymes.. anyway I'm off home, One year older, one year madder and looking forward to next week! Hoorah...

Ta for all me birfday cards and so on, you really are a nice bunch despite what others say!!

Moon Cat comedownfromabermoot@boohoo,com Thu May 3 15:07:18 2001


Just to thank my esteemed comrades, Morfe, Amazon, Starry Eyes and Wychbury man for a really fab time on Tues. I'm glad that the Bliston thing rocked, I thought it would. Wish I coulda come but thats the way the Wookie mumbles. Still, we must gather amongst the stars again and there shall be revells and carousing, capers and japes. Spent today in work with Celine Dionism i.e long face cos I had such a cool time. Hope to see you all soon.

Much love to you all XXX

Roger Thu May 3 17:54:48 2001

Hi Ron, Oddly enough I do actually have a Harley (an 883) and - odder still - I have taken it round Brands Hatch once or twice. It wasn't the easiest of bikes to get round the circuit but it wasn't the last bike over the line, and there was a definite pleasure (albeit a perverse pleasure) in completely ruining the occasion for the various sports bike riders who trailed in behind me.

Nowadays, although I still have the Harley, most of my riding is on a DR-Z400, and that's what I was on on Tuesday. To quote Travis Pastrana "my Suzuki was running like a rocketship" and there wasn't much that could keep with it through the bends. And, yes, there was still a perverse pleasure in ruining the occasion for the sports bike riders, who got completely freaked out by a dual-sporter zipping past them.

It was on Tuesday I heard about a video 'New York's Finest' going free with a (British) bike magazine called Superbike. I bought it yesterday: the magazine ain't much but the video is awesome.


Starry Eyes counterlanguage@hotmail.com http://www.geocities.com/counterlanguage/main.html Thu May 3 21:27:17 2001


If you fancy a peek at some pics of Mr Cope in Aber / Bilston, follow the URL above.......

Yep, will second the thoughts about Aber & Bilston - sad that we could stay sat on the banks of the Ystwyth for a week or so longer and had Welsh Adventures aplenty. Ah well, another time!

Izzy Fri May 4 08:46:56 2001

Does anyone want to meet b4 monday's show in Croydon? I don't know the place (except a small part of thornton heath) so don't know where, if anywhere, is good...

ron thatzthenitetheliteswentoutingeorgia.com Mon May 7 09:27:39 2001

three ta's for the 883 rocket roger! they have their own classifications (several) over here, but u already knew that didn't u? now the matt miladan reference makes sense, course i'd be a hayden fan. like that dz-400, nice bike, but i'm getting too long in the tooth for that sort of nonsense... nope, just a nice pleasure ride through the town center at 80mph, with an underage girl, shit-faced and local law enforcement desprately wanting to speak with me;o) ride safe, (but we both know that's no fun huh?)

there's nothing i'd rather do more than meet b4 the croydon show izzy, but... er... bad luck on the Leichester gig andrew, hope u had a good tyme despite, from the H2H ref's sounds like it was offically 'asshole' nite... i guess you have to be pretty bored and/or shallow to go to heckle Julian, or possibly a former 'bunny man'? if u happen to see squid-diddly tell him 'happy birthday', and of course u will see him... oh wot shall you be sporting on yon forehead mr. tempest? would a 'bulls eye' be to obvious;o)

see by jules latest address, that octobre quatro, y cinco are the British Mewseum dates... anyone have the slightest clue what will this be... other than a good reason for a party and drunkin' tom foolery... and wonder if 707 will partake? might be a happining... hmmm, maybe tyme to start practicing those 'twister' moves... er.. lookout

ps nice pic's Starry Eyes, course the personal one's (fans with jules and mavis are my fav's....)

andrew commonera@lycos.com Tue May 8 08:18:24 2001

Hi all. Just a quick note. Leicester was awesome, tiny venue, packed to bursting. Over 2 hours of amazing entertainment and big boots, plus I got to spend about an hour after the show chatting with Julian! Dreams can come true. Incredible night...roll on Blackheath.

Del del@sunspots.fsworld.co.uk Wed May 9 04:00:04 2001

Just a short note to mention SunSpots, a new kind-of fanzine that I'm involved with. Not directly about Julian but certainly inspired by him, first issue due out for Summer solstice.

Contact 63 Brecon Road Abergavenny Monmouthshire NP7 7RA or call Paul on 07733 435390.

Also just to say Worthing was a blinder - 'Greatness and Perfection' on the sparkly acoustic. And Donn-Eye on drums - is there no end to that man's genius?

This hanging-out with The Drude...just kind of loaf about by the stage door and nab him when he comes out or are there better methods?

Sorry, turned out a bit longer than expected!


Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Thu May 10 06:00:01 2001


Anyone off to Hackney tonight may fancy meeting at the Samual Peeps next Hackney Empire, apparently....I'll be mostly orange haired...later I shall be wiggling my shapely arse to oh so funky paranormal/poet thing....

BoM Thu May 10 06:30:14 2001

Heading off drekly.

Make sure your handbag can manage a big envelope Izz.

Mines a Vodka, straight, one cherry.!!!

metamorfosis Thu May 10 07:10:56 2001

Why does everything I say seem like a euphemism?

Sad. Must be spring.

i Thu May 10 07:49:36 2001

looking forward to your large packet morfe, will a large army-surplus dufflebag be big enough for it?

Boolbar Thu May 10 11:34:32 2001

Went to see JC at Kings Lynn. Not many other peeps did - place was about one fifth full (about 100 people). JC seemed rather uncommunicative compared with 2000 tour (was that the lack of audience)?

One very old lady (80 ?) in wheelchair arrived - stuffed her ears with tissue during first song, left during second. I think she was expecting something different.

The Guardian liked the new Brain Donor single. I'd put the review up here but it's under the hamster.

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Fri May 11 12:37:21 2001

Just to say that Bruce, myself and the whole Screaming Secrets team (23 and rising..) will be at Blackheath tonight. We'll be bringing the pantomine horse (just in case).

I am struggling to do this Screaming Secrets Phase II upgrade, but I've been involved in a prolonged bout of cyber terrorism on one of the sites I'm responsible for. Lovely.

Meanwhile, check out the Arc23 website at www.arc23.com and go "Oooo"


Morfe Mon May 14 08:27:25 2001

I'm a bit emotional.

amazon Mon May 14 11:43:39 2001

Me too.

AgentOrange Tue May 15 06:09:39 2001

Has he gone?

What a difference Tue May 15 07:43:47 2001

Four days makes. Well, this bucolic cripple has been fried slowly over 4 days and many square miles of both Norf and Sarf Landon, The Cope rocked, and not only did he rock, he told us that he rocked, and in case we forgot, he told us again ;-) Still got 'Feels Like a Crying Shame' reverberating at sub-psyche levels around my form. Funny how one song picks you out, you never 'choose' it, it just gets ya! Already missing the careering hilarity of Amazon and our odyssey across the pervscapes of serendipity. x x

Andrew, I wish we could have talked for longer, bah!. Gary, Izzy, Nat, WHY oh WHY couldn't we have partayed onwards!!!!! it was all too, too brief. Nonetheless, I danced (after a fashion) for the first time in 3 years, hence being a bit emotional/painful aghy!, and you guys just raged and raved in a fervour. Shall never forget the security personage attempting to anull the enjoyment by clearing the floor of dancing folk, whilst Izzy beat her into submission via 'innocent' smiling and 'the continuance of groove'.

Squid, never let it be said that you can't blow Satans pipe! Celestial dude x

I just found an orange lolly in my bag, now that CAN'T be gelatine, can it?

Four days, the very pink of perfection. And now, home is double vegetation, who would've thought that 4 days could bring about such a ginormous profusion of growth?!!!

Mother, Ma, an Electrical Stormgirl, and while the sound of thunder rolls off the hills, the breeze stirs heavy leaves and a promise of summer. aaaaaaaaah

Bee Blessed x x

Nat Bored Wed May 16 07:38:15 2001

Hello all!! I didn't know you were getting married Izz!! you kept that one quiet babe....

Good to c u all at Blackheath, wish it was still on going..! I could have partied all bloody night and as fer Bev the Bird well she fell in love with our Donald Ross and hasn't been the same since, has been wearing red and has taken up drumming!! ahhh wot a bird she is.... I love her....

Don't eat the lolly Morfe it may change you into something you'd rather not be!

If anyone has a spare 5 mins can they try e.mailing me at work on Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk as I'm sure its not working or maybe I am just billy no mates!! ;o(

(I sent Morfe, Amazon and Izz a massage yesterday did you get it? bloody bollox thats what I say!!)

Anyway off back to work!! C u lot soon.... (izz def up fer Saturday at Avebury!)

Nat xx

BoM Wed May 16 08:03:43 2001

Bah, I never got a massage!???

Hows things Nat? I could've partied all night too. In fact I did ;-) BAH!!!! Lightweights ;-)

Ok, I'm sending you a mail babe. I'll find a bad joke and put one in. (Squeezes self thru floppy drive)

HUZZZAYYY for the leaves!!!

amazon hands off he's mine @ DRS.com Wed May 16 12:17:45 2001

Nat, I didn't get a massage either :-( But the three I got in London will keep me going for a few days, so don't worry ;-)

I shall send you an email, let me know if you get it. It was great to see you at Blackheath, I'm sorry we didn't get to chat/ party for longer. Booooo!! Oh well, at least I got to cover myself and Morfe in feathers and wear a Beatles wig whilst having my "shoulders" rubbed by one of the sexiest men on Earth..... poor substitute, I know.

Morfey, I keep getting booted from Yahoo, sorry. I'm not ignoring you, honestly. I have sent you an email with the latest news ;-)

Nat Angel is a Centrefold Thu May 17 09:16:07 2001

Ahhhhh got the photos this merry morn Amazon!! Wooo hoo he's a cracker isn't he phrowaaagghhhhh!! I sent another e.mail this morning, let me know if it turns up!! Fill me in on the gossip babe.. you can e.mail me even if I can't reply as yet!! ;o)

Should be on line at home by the end of the month so please bear with me!! I'm not ignoring you!! ;o)

Anyhoo better dash! Anyone out there speak Mandarin, worked as a firefighter and has qualifications in working with delusional people??!! Serious offer - we need someone urgently... paid work!! e.mail me at work Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk ... god you can tell the tour is over can't you!!

PaulB pbrowne@arc23.com Sat May 19 19:15:32 2001

Nat * Izzy: Well, you two must have been keeping a very low profile at Blackheath ;-)

If you had hung around, you would have seen Mr Cope hanging out with 'the fans' GASP! And you wouldn't have missed this great sketch:

Twitus Fanus: Why haven't you done a new album yet? When is Citizen Caned coming out? Why? WHY?

JC: I'll do it when I'm effing ready - Now eff off!

Not content, TF came back twice more and was told to eff off twice more. Then, unhappy with Copey's response, TF proceeded to rage on Bruce's ass.....

I should have saved film for that one.

PS Yes, that was me being most outrageous with a camera, stage front during the gig. Hee hee!

AgentOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon May 21 04:46:23 2001

I'd hate to be famous. People always make an arse of themselves with famous people. People who would rather not make an arse of themselves avoid you and pretend you do not exist, leaving all the people who don't care about making an arse of themselves, i.e. the drunk and the irritating, to really piss you off.

PS roger is being very quiet, not because of the horrible time that Nat and I gave him at blackheath (although that may be contributing) but because that fabulous storm that happened in the week before took out his modem...

Nat Get yer baps out! Mon May 21 08:02:31 2001

Fab time had by me and the Izz at Avebury on Saturday! Hoorah....

If anyone gets the chance e.mail the lovely Ms Orange and ask her where and infront of whom she had a wee too, and what happened to it afterwards!!! tee hee... ;o) Oh what fun....

We missed the demo at Silbury on Sat. but turned up at the same time as Mr &Mrs Cope, nice to see we are fashionably late too!!

nat Mon May 21 08:05:54 2001

We didn't keep a low profile at Blackheath Paulb we just kept out of your way!! Izz was scared incase you carried her off to get married....

AgentOrange crypic@clues.com Mon May 21 09:09:09 2001

Its not the marriage so much as having to appear on Dispatches to tell the tale of my abduction that scares me...

And just remember young natlee, I know somat 'bout an MP!!!

Nat Secrets Out..... Mon May 21 10:35:23 2001

Shhhhhhhh......I know nothing.... it was all a lie... I was not there at that time with that MP! ;o)

amazon ffs@lickybumbum Mon May 21 19:29:51 2001

Paul, why didn't you say hello then? I was at the front too. And what's this about Bruce after the gig? I didn't see anything.

metamorfe Tue May 22 07:26:31 2001

intense sunshine. Joyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

AgentOrange bad@placeforapicnic.com Tue May 22 11:57:07 2001

Smashing isn't it? I've had me legs out all day, though there ain't much sun under my desk. I'm sorry folks, I'm off camping on the weekend, so it'll be floods all over the country then...

(Anonymous) Tue May 22 15:02:24 2001

Whatever you make, make it funky!

andrew commonera@lycos.com Tue May 22 16:10:50 2001

Hey Paul, That guy had a go at me at Blackheath too! I was there while he was abusing our beloved JC about citizen cained. I made a comment about Julian releasing it whenever he felt like it, and after Julian walked away he started on at me, asking me why I had defended him. I simply asked him why he was so angry. What a plank, although he did kind of scare me. Way too intense for my liking.

I came all the way from Canada and probably stood right next to you without even knowning it. Err, you didn't happen to tape the show did you?


AgentOrange izzy@sillysunnydaze.com Wed May 23 05:42:39 2001

My very own Donneye!

My lovely beau has just turned up wearing all red. Its for good luck cos he has to do a talk. Aaah...

amazon gerroffim! Wed May 23 20:05:57 2001

There is only one Donneye, Izzy, and he's MY donneye!

I'll fight you to the death.......

The castle doth lie yonder, my lady......My lady?


AO Thu May 24 05:13:43 2001

Gad so Ammo, is there a man thou wilt not possess?

Bring me thine custard!!!

AO Thu May 24 05:15:54 2001

It has just occurred to me that that may be taken insultingly, which it was most certainly not meant to be...

(Anonymous) Thu May 24 08:48:50 2001

Ben Affleck has attacked the British monarchy.

The Pearl Harbor star said America shouldn't have anything to do with it because he didn't want "alcoholic 90-year-olds running the country".

He made the comments during an interview with Channel 4's Big Breakfast at the world premiere of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Ben added he thought English girls were "quite loose" and "women of easy virtue".

But he described co-star Kate Beckinsale as an exception.

"It's not normal how beautiful Kate is - to top it off she's also extremely smart and funny," he said.

"I think I kind of traumatised Kate at first because you guys in your country are very polite and decent, you know, civilised people - we're barbarians, we bark and yell.

"I think she was terrified that she was going to be screamed at and so she had a very tough time.

"But she developed quite well and she's almost turning American on me."

Lauren Silverwolf Thu May 24 10:20:23 2001


I saw him first.

andrew commonera@lycos.com Thu May 24 11:48:32 2001

Hey Amazon, I got quite a good photo of you and Julian after the Leicester show. Email me if you would like a copy. I also have a good photo of Donneye at the drums at Blackheath during the soundcheck, but having just read below I think we will start an auction on that one. Who'll start the bidding at...


AO Thu May 24 12:12:38 2001

Oooh, hang on, hmm yes, here it is! I shall start the bidding at one old fluffy orange lollipop...

amazon whatacheek! Thu May 24 18:04:42 2001

It's only Donneye, Izzy. I'm not interested in anyone else. So there!!

Ner ner na ner ner.....

amazon Thu May 24 19:42:14 2001

I don't mind giving you the poo that my son did on his brother's bedroom floor earlier. Now don't all grab at once....

AO Fri May 25 04:06:05 2001

Depends if its a vegetarian poo

Nat Tut youf of today Fri May 25 11:10:40 2001

I go away for a few days and the conversation has already turned to poo! 'Bog of Eternal Stentch' in your house then amazon my dear!!.... I know what you have been watching - what fine taste you have in films... which one of your babes is the 'babe with the power'.. !!

My pretend sister 'Bev the Bird' fell in love with Donneye - looks like he's a bit of a babe magnet... though she was only in love with his arms! So maybe you could cut him up and share him out!! ;o)

Speak soon all... oh Mr Belbin, oh Mr Belbin... sigh.... please please please be mine grrrrrrrrrr.... ;op

nat xx

AO Fri May 25 11:19:55 2001

Donneye: nice legs

How bout you have the torso Ammo, leave the head to operate the drum machine...

Oh god, Im not saying this...nor did I ever speak about poo. Usually I am such refined person, look what you have done to me!

AO get@backtoworktolazytyke.com Fri May 25 11:40:46 2001

Click on the 'Radiohead exclusives' and then play 'tick the man' to your hearts content. Hours of fun, whiled away...


PaulB ss@arc23.com Fri May 25 15:19:28 2001

I was at Blackheath in the stunning (and reasonably priced) Screaming Secrets T-Shirt. Bruce was in the panto horse.

We were stage left (where the 'vibes' were...) but then I started jumping across tables to take photos. Was that your head I stood on? Apologies if it was.

Andrew: didn't tape the show but I'm gutted that I didn't have a change to say hello to you.

Izzy: You will be mine, oh yes...

Nat: You will be mine, oh yes...

WHat the? damn cheap CGI scripts... Hello? Hello? Is that my ISP??

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri May 25 15:34:33 2001

Paul, Sorry to have missed you too and it wasn't me you stood on. I was in about the third row of tables back on the left. Didn't go down front when the dancing began (too shy), but I was the only one at my table who got up and had a wiggle during Paranormal/Poet is Priest. I did take a few pics during the show but the came out crap basically.

I'm going to do up a page on Trampolene soon revealing my whole adventure over there (I'll include the Donneye shot too for all you adoring fans). Tthe crowning moment of the whole day being the 40 minute conversation I had with Julian a few hours before the Blackheath show. I was the guy walking round wearing the green ball cap with CANADA in white letters on it.

Too bad I missed you, I had a feeling you would be there. Let me know if you find a recording of the show!


AgentOrange Fri May 25 15:40:28 2001

PaulB - I did see you several times, in fact yu and brooce were only metres from me and my bro and RiotGibbon...but we ignored you ha ha ha ha ha

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sat May 26 19:37:18 2001

That's charming, that is ;-) Izzy, I brought along a copy of 'Julian Weirds Out' just for you. Oh well.

Andrew: Next time you're over, drop me a line. Keep up the good work on the excellent Trampolene site.

amazon Sun May 27 18:58:25 2001

Izzy: Does the torso include the important bits? And yes, veggie poo. You could see the sweetcorn.

Nat: Smell baaaaaad, smell baaaad......

PaulB: I was at the front, left of centre. I think you smiled at me a few times. Why didn't you say hello? I didn't know who you were at the time...Although I can't mistake Bruce, he hasn't changed much in the 11 years I have known him.

Andrew: I'm glad you got back OK and I am really glad to have met you. Thanks for the food after the Leicester gig, back at your hotel, you really are very kind and a cool guy. Why didn't you come down and dance with me, Morfe, (Yes, even Morfey got up and shook his booty at Blackheath) Squid, Mrs. Squid, Alison and RiotGibbon? No need to be shy with me, young man, you know that. ;-) As for the pics, I'd love to see them, thanks. I'm just afraid the Donnie one will be a bit ripped after Izzy, Lauren and Bev have been clawing away at it!! Oh well, I'll just have to stare longingly at baked potatoes ;-)

You have no power over me....

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sun May 27 19:12:39 2001

amazon: There are times when you have to scream at me to get my attention. How did I know it was you? They should have had name badges.

I think we need to organise a fan gathering of some sort...

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon May 28 10:15:51 2001

Amazon, I didn't come down the front at Blackheath because I had my backpack with me and it was a bit clumsy. I could see Morfe shaking his stick in the air from where I was standing. I'll email you the pics, have to scan them first so give me a moment or two. - Andrew

Nat Gather thy fans! Tue May 29 07:45:22 2001

Hmmm fan gathering... I have a lovely electric fan on in the office at the moment PaulB can I bring that along or would it just be a gathering of those lovely paper fans one had as a child! tee hee.....

I will not be yours PaulB as my heart belongs to another, oh yes, I am afraid I belong to Richard Belbin and his amazing leather trousers hmmmm leather.... sigh... ;o) Grrrrrr though you could fight over me if you like. I really really don't mind, honestly I don't, preferably in Chocolate angel delight mind!!

"jump magic jump..." Hmm now he had a nice baked spud amazon! Can see why you watch the film so often tee hee.. god I am so rude..

Rail On #24

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