Interpreters (Tribute Songs)

I've added mp3s for the Interpreters (tribute) CDs:

Live Cope Sessions [RealAudio]

I uploaded several RealAudio versions of Cope's radio shows and concerts back in the 1990s. I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep these up here, since (I presume) they are copyrighted. I recommend you save these files to your computer and then play them locally. You'll get better sound (with fewer interruptions), will put less strain on the server, and will be able to keep them if/when I have to delete them from the site.

Date Venue Event Downloads Notes
1986-11-01 Astoria concert part 1 (5MB) part 2 (4MB) Doesn't work with VLC
1994-07-14 Mark Radcliffe radio complete (3MB) -
1995-06-22 Glastonbury concert part1 (1MB) part2 (1MB) -
1996-07-04 Mark Radcliffe radio complete (3MB) -
1996-10-07 Mark Radcliffe radio complete (3MB) -

Other Sound Repositories

You can hear short samples of Cope songs on some of the bigger online stores/sites: