Interpreters is the name of the Julian Cope tribute project, started back in 1994. So far, there have been over 20 contributors and three CDR releases. If you have Cope covers you'd like people to hear, or are interested in other people's efforts, you've come to the right place!


Interpreters Volume 1 - Tiny Children 1998
This 72 minute tribute CD contains 24 songs from 7 different bands. I've never gotten sick from listening to it, and people seem to like it. :)
Interpreters Volume 2 - Second Heads 1999
18 songs, 72 minutes. Lots of variety, better production, and stellar performances! Check it out!
Interpreters Volume 3 - Triple Vegetation 2007
8 years in the making, we finally finished this 73+ minute monster in November 2007. Hooray!

In Progress

Interpreters Volume 4
We're accepting submissions for the next volume.
Alternate takes, etc.
Cope Fan Originals
I'd love to release a compilation of original songs from fellow Cope fans.

Please let me know if you would like to contribute!


I've added mp3s for all the songs. Check their pages for links, and enjoy!


I used to send out the Interpreters volumes on CDRs for $10 each. After a while, however, we started suspecting there might be ethical/legal problems, so I stopped. (This is all documented on Rail On if you are curious.) Additionally, these days almost everyone has a burner, so there is less need for me to burn copies for everyone.

My plan at this point is to upload the songs as mp3s, along with a printable cover, so that everyone can burn his/her own copy of each volume. I could also mail copies burnt from the uncompressed audio files (which will sound a bit better) to the contributors, and possibly other people who either don't have burners or want the best possible sound. I'll probably do it in exchange for blank CDRs rather than money.