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These archives are from The Culture Bunker, which was a mailing list I ran from 1993-1995. Each "issue" consisted of a couple days' posts which I emailed manually to the subscribers (who number peaked at around 100). Every couple months I'd put the latest issues in an archive. We stored the archives at Patrick Gaumond's site (which is now down). Shortly after American Recordings started their own Cope mailing list, I discontinued The Culture Bunker, mostly for technological reasons. A couple years later I started Rail On, which continued where The Culture Bunker left off.

Note: To improve the signal-to-noise ratio, I've deleted most of the email headers, old links, old contact info, and most of the "banners" that accompanied the mailings. If you prefer the old format or want to read the archives off-line, you can download

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Culture Bunker Archives (from the old forum)
# Start Date Discussion Highlights
01 1993-02-26 Introduction
02 1993-03-05 Lyrics, Rite, album availability
03 1993-03-23 Results of first favorite album/song poll, more Rite, "A Rune With a View" interview
04 1993-04-08 Various liner notes, Select's "Spiritual Cowboy" interview 
05 1993-06-24 Skellington Chronicles, CDs vs tapes vs vinyl, Teardrops/Cope discography, Mercury Records bio
06 1993-07-15 Some lyrics from Fried, more Skellington Chronicles, Radio 5 interview, concert reviews
07 1993-10-10 Still more Skellington Chronicles, different song versions, cope videos
08 1993-11-04 Guitar tabs for Fried songs, results of second favorite album/song poll, Cope popularity, reviewing reviews
09 1993-11-17 Radio sessions, Floored Genius II, Roky Erickson, recommended bands
10 1993-12-13 More Roky Erickson, Cope mania, more Floored Genius II
11 1994-02-12 More Rite, "Petulance", some Jehovahkill lyric/chords, Everybody wants to Shag...
12 1994-04-12 Pre-Autogeddon chatter, miscellaneous album and concert discussion
13 1994-06-21 Autogeddon (including complete liner notes!), Julian's postcards, concert reviews, Head On, Kilimanjaro versions
14 1994-07-12 More Autogeddon, more Head On, concert reviews, bootlegs, discography additions
15 1994-09-27 Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes covers tape, more Autogeddon, more Kilimanjaro versions
16 1994-10-31 Revised discography (including bootlegs), more postcards, more on the covers tape, Queen Elizabeth, "Road Tripping" interview, bootlegs, Paranormal EP, Big Takeover
17 1995-02-10 Krautrocksampler, more on covers tape, more Queen Elizabeth, album availability, entry of and merging with the American Recordings mailing list, entry of The Soul Desert, collapse of The Culture Bunker [final post 1995-04-06]

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