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Rail On is the follow-up to The Culture Bunker, the Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes mailing list that ran from 1993-1995. Unlike its predecessor, Rail On is a web-based forum instead of a mailing list, though there is still a way to get posts emailed to you.

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Rail On Archives (from the old forum)
# Start Date Discussion Highlights
01 1996-10-04 Introduction, Interpreter, dreams, Trav's Listening Booth, Silly Survey, WSYM and Fried reissues
02 1996-12-02 Interpreter, videos, Kilimanjaro version differences, Cope collections, online ordering
03 1997-03-03 Favorite bands, record guides, how to find rarities, Followers of Saint Julian, fan pages
04 1997-06-04 Autogeddon, Interpreter, Followers, Rite 2, Propheteering 7", Safesurfer 7", Krautrocksampler, Krautrock, planned projects
05 1997-10-05 Robyn Hitchcock, Skellington, Julian's 40th Bday, tribute show, live tapes and videos, mysticism, Krautrock, Anal
06 1997-11-21 Album recommendations, Droolian, Interpreter, Queen Elizabeth 2, stylistic phases, 1998 tour dates
07 1998-01-07 Survey questions, QE2, Followers, band members, Thighpaulsandra drops by, ancient sites, live gigs
08 1998-02-15 Survey responses, religion, UFOs, archaeology, cover songs, Thighpaulsandra's identity, Sleeping Gas lyrics, hard to find stuff
09 1998-03-28 Tribute tape, EP versions, QE/QE2, Reward and Sleeping Gas lyrics, Reynard origins, Cope quiz
10 1998-04-25 EPs/singles, online ordering, Danny Thomas (13th Floor Elevators) drops by, Scott Walker, Mark E. Smith, French lyrics, tribute tape, Wayland's lyrics, Floored Genius 2 reissue, Jane Pow, Reynard vs Devil's Haircut
11 1998-07-03 Tribute CD, legalities, Soldier Blue mixes, Freight Train (Cope's brother's band), poetry, auction, The Modern Antiquarian
12 1998-10-07 Interpreters Vol 1: Tiny Children, The Modern Antiquarian, readings (reviews and dates through March), Julian's Bday, Spiritualized, Damned, future comps, songs that got people hooked, quality of recent & future albums
13 1999-02-05 Interpreters (tribute) CD, Y2K, Leper Skin sampler, Fried online availability, Cope's puns and humor, early 1999 tour dates, The Modern Antiquarian, Scott Walker, Courtney Love, AAP
14 1999-04-09 Andrew's whereabouts, Leper Skin, 4/20 school shooting, Leila Khaled, MP3, Blur, breakfasts, Cope's height, Cope trivia, XTC, The The, Jam, Troy Tate, "Sleeping Gas" lyrics, wedding music, de-stressing, Live & B-sides CDRs...
15 1999-06-05 Autogeddon opinions, fan orientation and similarity, classic gigs (not just Cope), set lists, drugs, Stonehenge and violence, Audrey Hepburn, "Common Era", Liverpool, Southampton, Cope's "borrowing" of ideas, for sale lists, Y2K, "worst of Julian Cope", MNU, 20 Mothers, Droolian, Repossessed, videos, Bill Drummond, Peter Cook...
16 1999-08-28 Interpreters Vol 2: Second Heads, Ambulance, Rail On search engine, Modern Antiquarian, videos, book signings, best places for online ordering, Repossessed, Odin, interviews, articles, TOTP appearances, rarities, Universal Pansies, Autogeddon, "Reynard the Fox"
17 1999-12-01 Belbin sums it up: "Drinks and More Drinks!": Tours, Odin, Repossessed, tribute CDs, more suggestions on how to find rare CDs, Krautrock, Interpreter song-by-song, Anal, Cornucopea , the return of the Soul Desert web site, lots of inebriated ramblings :)
18 2000-01-29 Trav gets drunk, safe drinking, ancient sites, Repossessed, Odin, Kilimanjaro versions, "Tales From The Drug Attic", Krautrock bands, several quotes articles, Cornucopea, Brain Donor, Universal Panzies.
19 2000-04-23 Brain Donor, MNU and Droolian opinions, Julian Cope for auction (!), Screaming Secrets magazine, MP3s, slow-worms, mouse traps, Floored Genius 3, questions for Julian, Elastica.
20 2000-06-10 Day jobs, upcoming tour dates, Cornucopea, The Modern Antiquarian TV documentary, "The Culture Bunker" lyrics, song-by-song Followers of St. Julian review, REM, and lots of fun off-topic chatter from diseases to pumpkins to TV to having babies!
21 2000-07-29 Touring, lots of different bands (some of them Krautrock), Cope's ability to get new fans, various Cope-related clippings, live reviews.
22 2000-10-14 Live gigs (info and reviews), Trampolene/WSYM box set, Cope's cars, fanzines, least favorite songs, Kilimanjaro and Wilder reissues.
23 2000-11-05 New server, the "old days", An Audience with the Cope CD, live experiences, Kwalo Koblinsky, Kilimanjaro and Wilder reissues, Brain Donor.
24 2000-12-09 I, Thighpaulsandra, "Julian Cope is Dead" lyrics, LOTS of chatting about other bands and various stuff.
25 2001-05-29 Pacific NW, Brain Donor's Live, Peace, and Fuck, new Tribute CD distribution plan, Terrorism
26 2001-11-17 lots of stuff, two and a half years of posts, hard to summarize...
27 2004-05-17 cd players, iTunes, Citizen Cain'd, Hawkwind, post-punk
28 2005-05-25 Dark Orgasm, Rite Bastard, podcasts, other bands, more about Interpreters Volume 3. [final post 2006-08-30]
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