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In the previous version of these pages, I had a large, colorful table listing each Cope and Teardrop release, the online stores which were selling them at the time I searched, and the price at each store. Since prices and availability fluctuate, and since each store has its own shipping costs and taxes, the usefulness of the big table quickly degrated. I'm not sure how many people used it or trusted it; I don't remember ever receiving comments about it.

Therefore, I've switched to a less detailed but hopefully more trustable approach. I'll list a bunch of online stores, and the number of releases available at each, a link to each store's "Julian Cope", "Teardrop Explodes", and "Brain Donor" search results (or as close as I can get), and a brief comment. The numbers and comments should give you a rough idea of how "good" each store is. I'll leave it to you to do the comparison shopping for specific items. That's part of the fun, anyway (finding good deals)!

Last complete search: 2008-05-21

Store Teardrop Explodes Julian Cope Brain Donor Books (Cope) Comments
Head Heritage teardrop 1 cope 10+ donor 0 books 3 Official site, also contains posters, magazines, etc.
Action Records teardrop 10+ cope 10+ donor 5 books 0 In the UK, decent prices (even for US residents), best place to find Fall CDs. teardrop 10+ cope 10+ donor 5 books 5 My favorite online store, Amazon (which acquired CDNow) has user reviews, a savable shopping cart, and an excellent return policy. The only downside is the tax (for WA residents). teardrop 10+ cope 10+ donor 5 books 6 This UK sibling to has an awesome selection.
Barnes & Noble teardrop 3 cope 1 donor 1 books 3 I've occasionally ordered from B&N because of Amazon's taxes. So far I've been impressed; B&N seems on par with Amazon for service, although their selection isn't as impressive.
CD-Connection teardrop 5 cope 4 donor 2 - I've never ordered from this company, but they've been around for several years, which is a good sign of customer satisfaction.
eBay teardrop varies cope varies donor varies books varies The counts vary so much that it's not worth putting them down. eBay really isn't a "store", but I put it here for your convenience (and as a reminder).
GEMM teardrop varies cope varies donor varies - Amazing selection; I found over a thousand hits for "Teardop Explodes"! I've never ordered from these guys, but havve heard only positive things about them.
Parasol teardrop 2 cope 11 donor 1 - Parasol handles a lot of the mail order for one of my favorite labels, Independent Project Records (IPR).
SamGoody teardrop 5 cope 5 donor 0 - Back in 1999, this store had one of the best online Cope/Teardrop selections. Since then, it's slipped into LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) top40ness. Oh well.
Tower teardrop 6 cope 8 donor 3 - I figured I might as well throw in one mega-store.

If you know of any other good sites, especially ones that have either (a) lots of Cope stuff, or (b) hard-to-find Cope stuff, please let me know!