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2001-05-29 to 2001-11-17

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue May 29 22:34:33 2001

Hey guys, nice and clean! I'm getting ready for travelling/moving. Please let me know if there are any dead links on this site.


AgentOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com Wed May 30 04:43:04 2001

TOO HOT!!! I think I'm going to fall over...

Nat Feeling Hot Hot Hot Wed May 30 06:16:32 2001

Tut Trav you always stop the discussion when it gets interesting! I'll never know now what happened with Amazon and her baked potatoes oooohhhhh poo! Oh well.....

Izzy Wizzy babe call me about tonight...

Wooo Southampton is like being in the Med at the mo... phew hope it lasts coz I'm on me hols for the rest of the week hoorah...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed May 30 10:44:07 2001

Hey guys! Sorry for "interrupting" the conversation; I just moved the old page into the archives.

Okay, I've been doing some fix-ups to the site. First, I fixed all the weird margin problems with the Culture Bunker archives, and spelled "proceed" correctly. :)

I'm now going through all the Rail On archives and fixing them up. After that I'll tackle the sounds page, but I don't know if I will have a chance to check all the links on the Merchandise page today. I have about 5 hours until I have to start moving out!

If you see any dead links (especially internal) or missing images, now's the time to tell me! email me or post a message on here. Thanks!


PaulB Wed May 30 20:02:32 2001

It is somewhat hot at the moment.

I now resemble a rather large lobster (a distinct improvement, I'm sure many would suggest..)

BTW I snapped up the recent Neu! reissues. Brilliant stuff, especially Neu! 75.

Ron drude@mounet.com Fri Jun 1 09:26:39 2001

someone tells me this thing is broken? hmmm... andrew u owe me an e ;o)

Louise http://707.org.uk Fri Jun 1 09:29:05 2001

ron - it was my poxy's fault! Not Travis'!

Sorry for t'confusion!

ron Fri Jun 1 09:44:36 2001

u appologising for MY confusion is like trying to appologise for the weather, but i DO appreciate it, rather kind of u ;o) ... and yes u still owe me that e andrew.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jun 1 11:45:56 2001

Hey guys! I've moved out of my apartment and am in limbo until I find a new place. Right now I'm trying to decide between east coast (Williamsburg VA) or west coast (Bellingham WA). I've lived in Williamsburg before (during college), but have only been to Bellingham on visits. I loved Bellingham when I was there, but I am curious how it is to actually live in the Pacific Northwest area.

If you've lived in both the mid-atlantic and pacific northwest and have any pointers/comments that would be awesome!

Interpreters 3 will have to wait until I settle down again. I need more songs to fill out the 70 minutes, so keep recording and sending them! When I get situated again I'll work on some covers myself.

Gotta go! I'll be checking back here now and then... See ya!


andrew commonera@lycos.com Fri Jun 1 16:58:54 2001

Pacific northwest? Great if you like earthquakes! Lived just over the border from Bellingham, in Vancouver for 5 years. Wicked "roll yer own" openly available, which could be a good reason for moving there.

Beautiful scenery, the Mount baker area is amazing, but way too much rain - it'll get to you if your not used to it! Seattle is just down the road and is a way cool place. Lots of great bands play at the university in Bellingham, so that could be a good reason too.

If you like shopping, then Bellingham is also a mecca. It grew as a cross border area for Canadians so there are tons of stores at a place called Bellis Fair just north of there, but somehow Trav, I don't quite see you as a "weekend at the mall" type of person!


Nat njt@purpleturtle.com Sun Jun 3 13:18:14 2001

Ahhh Trav you've deleted my little love egg Richard! ahhhh nevermind.. I've still got him in my dreams....... sigh. ;o)

Anyway peeps I be on line at home as from today hoooorahhh, so you can expect lots and lots of totally irrelvant and useless postings at all times of the day and night... woo hoo I hear you all cry!

Ron - don't bother with my work e.mail address as its crap and I keep replying to you and you don't get an answer! Bloody internal rubbish... you can purpleturtle me along with everyone else!!

Ooo PaulB I bet you clash with the Screaming Secrets Page or do you blend nicely with the orange... tee hee ;o)

nat xx

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sun Jun 3 15:20:13 2001

Don't mock me - I'm very sensitive (especially on the forehead - ouch!).

Talking of Screaming Secrets... Nah! It's *way* too soon for that one ;-)

ron 'bush'ed@da ranch Sun Jun 3 23:13:38 2001

ta for that miss natalie, was wondering why you never send flowers anymore... and andrew is definitely rite about the PNW trav... add really big snakes to the quakes and you got it... snakes and quakes... are you in shape to take me yet izzy, working on not laughing so you don't hurt me too badly. oh... groovy priate book, "Women Sailors & Sailors" David Cordingly... he used the Public Records Office and researched the Ships logs / Court Marshals and the Naval Surgeons Journals... heady stuff... sorry so late to post, hope it's still relavant... and yeah i'm a month late nat... guess you know what that means;)

mmm miss silverwolf... til we meet... give my best regards to nigel, posh spice, jay and the crew...


Lauren Silverwolf http://707.org.uk Mon Jun 4 05:38:10 2001

Hey, Trav!

I tried living in the mid-Atlantic, but it got a bit wet for me(hehehehehe)...

PaulB - do you ever hear from Nigel, btw?

AgentBlack&Blue izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon Jun 4 05:52:11 2001

Well Ron, since we last spoke I have been moved in with the seniors (which maybe makes me one) and have consequently been even more colourful than usual of late adding black and blue to the usual greens and yellows and oranges...all I need is a little PaulB style rouge and I'll be a whole spectrum.

I'll look up that book. The lady pirates were truely the best.

Nat, shall we never see you in daylight again?

Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Mon Jun 4 06:38:38 2001


What a wonderful day my wife has just given birth to our second child a beautiful little girl called Lily now its time for some sleep



ron Mon Jun 4 09:21:58 2001

congrats on that Russ!, and positive vibes/bestest wishes to miss russ as well (she did all the work)... Sleep? yyyeaaahhh rrriiiggghttto... hope you like coffee, and if'n not, well... your gonna learn to like it. wot's with the silver crew izzy... needa place to hideaway or sumthin? hmmm... so nat's done the vampiress deal? those chicks DO have some killer outfits, though the pale make up is a bit dodgy...er, look out!

PaulB ss@arc23.com Mon Jun 4 11:27:43 2001

Congratulations Russ - no more quiet nights for you ;-)

Lauren - occasionaly. I'm still trying to prise the artwork for the first few issues of Screaming Secrets from him. This one will run and run.

Mid-atlantic - isn't that where Paul McCartney borrowed his accent from?

Nat Living Daylights Mon Jun 4 12:25:36 2001

Whats daylight? hmmm Me a vamp tee hee.... ooo I may be a tad pale Ron but I ain't no Vamp yet!!

Month late for what? If you were a girlie Ron I'd be worried!!

Speak soon... you and me Izzy the pub really soon preferably after dark though!! Don't want to end up looking like PaulB!!

Congrats on the baby Russ! Lilly is a great name and all the Lilly's I know are great!

nat xx

ron @the bar Mon Jun 4 19:55:02 2001

Margarita or Pina-Colada?

AgentOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com Tue Jun 5 05:47:39 2001

Yeuch Ron, neither, it'll be a Ringwood 49er for me please! And make it sharp. I'm free for a beer tonight Nat, though it will likely be late...

Congratulations Russ! Been listening to the Archers eh?

Nat ahhh the joys of management Tue Jun 5 08:37:39 2001

They trust me to work from home! tee hee..... ;o) Little do they know that all I've done so far is.... ahhhhh I'm not telling you lot..

Oooo pint of lager for me Ron, none of those girlie shandy halves...

Izzy - can do tonight after about 7.30 but if not how about 2morrow night Wednesday? Purpleturtle me with yer decision! I'll tie in with you or we can leave it to the weekend.... Ahhhhhh Vinnie my cats just walked in - say hello Vinnie "jljkjkdfhiuw" ahhh that was his ikle paws on the keyboard.... God I love working from home! ;o)

nat xx

ron Tue Jun 5 08:45:10 2001

sorry, didn't mention... @the bar @the pool... lager and bikinis, sorry... like i told izzy. dead disappointed in my 'island' grrls. i'll be working on perfecting a 'house' margarita, so couple of more bottles of tequila, some contreau, grand mariner, roses and let the experimenting begin...girlie drinks? um, u might want to confer with miss amazon before u rush to judge my drinking habits...

amazon tendollarbill@SBE.com Tue Jun 5 17:54:34 2001

Miss amazon? Hahahaha! Well, miss Natalie, Mr. Ron drinks tequilarrr (and get that measure right, you Goddam cotton picking ho) and I think Guiness. Not that I spy on him, mind. He told me. And I think he told everyone else in the bar that night....hee hee, Ron ;-) Aaaw he is harmless really, I have since found out. Pity I didn't know that at the time, I guess I'm just not used to drunken American men plying me with drinks, being the delicate, shy, quiet, lamb-like, retiring, little flower that I am...... Ahem! (Shut up, Natalie, I AM!) Anyway, I got to leave with my sexy man, so all's well that ends well, etc. etc.

Izzy, how are you, my dear? Didn't get much of a chance to speak to you at Blackhead (Eeeuuwww) which is a pity.

Andrew, thanks for that lurvely photo, but I'm afraid it's a little.......well.....wet.

Nat, I think you've cracked it!! I got an offline message from you tonight and a request to be put on your friends list, aaaaaaahh! How sweet. Well come on then, what's keepin ya? I'm waiting!

Ron, somehow, I don't think sitting in the bar, playing pool, wearing a lager and a bikini is quite your image.....unless it was a halter neck.......or maybe a g-string bikini? Hmmmm.......

Nat Bog off Steve@I'll swear at you if you don't piss off.com Wed Jun 6 04:38:03 2001

The problem Amazon my love with having a computer at home is a certain young man (well middle aged man) who I live with keeps coming in and asking me who I'm e.mailing, why I'm e.mailing, how do you do that, why can't i join in, who's amazon, how do you know her, how come I can't do that, whats yahoo, why is that box up there, why is there a little cross in the corner etc. etc and it gets tedious so I sent you that little note to let you know that i'd been in sorted out the blooming yahoo malarky type thingie and would be in later - BUT I fell asleep oh well there will be another time....

which sexy man did you leave with? I get confused my dear I don't want to cast nasturtiums on your good name but you were with at least 12 men the night of Blackheath!!! ;o) Ooooo Vinnie my cats back - say hello to Amazon Vinnie ' jkib n8h89yh09' ahhh thats Cat 'for you're a babe'

Shit look at the time I need to get to work!!!! speak later babe...

nat xx

AgentOrange http://www.verticalpeople.com Wed Jun 6 10:08:28 2001

Well, nat, think of the alternative steve. Didn't stiff little fingers sing that? Oh no, that was the italian monster song...

hi amazon. yeah, sorry about being flitty at bleakheath. like a flitty flutty thing. parently i missed mr commonera. still there'll be plenty of other opportunities. like that meet up that someone keeps mentioning. and just think what our collective organisation skills could do with that. I remember one years ago when about 3 people managed to meet proper in avebury and some guy called derek floated by them on several occasions throughout the day unaware of what was going on.

Hey kids, if you want the height of fashion come to Southampton and visit the ordnance survey shop. they do skinny-t-shirts with landranger-pink piping and just lovely unbrellas to match. Im quite tempted.

has anyone got what Ron@thebar is on about yet? ;-)

andrew commonera@lycos.com Wed Jun 6 10:44:25 2001

Amazon, you have to explain this one further, or maybe not:

"Andrew, thanks for that lurvely photo, but I'm afraid it's a little.......well.....wet."

I saw you from the back Izzy, at Blackheath, all orange-haired and walking away from me - I can have that affect on women (boo-hoo, poor me). Next time we will meet.

(Anonymous) Wed Jun 6 13:16:04 2001

WOW! You can turn girl's hair orange???

ron thank you mother@please, may i have another.com Wed Jun 6 14:50:59 2001

oh dear... how red is my face... or better yet, how red was my neck? i didn't really say that did i? but, it DOES sound like sumthin' i'd say... at least i did tip, and u gotta admit i do share... even with julian;o) mmm my amazon, ur still mysterious, but u've got me totally sussed! funny, actually i was thinking about u in that same outfit... hmmm, harmless...

u mite be suprised at wot us NA boyz can do to a lass' locks ;O eh up, andrew? er... that wet thing, u may want to drop, i'm thinking she's possibly concerned about ur eyesight...

skinny t's and pink piping... just make sure the 'pink' belt on the karate-san-do-ninja-qito-gi' doesn't CLASH... and don't run in the house with bonzai swoard, same as mumsy's rule about sicssors...

yes, paulb, i'm still outrageous...

AgentOrange Getting@jiggywithit.com Thu Jun 7 06:39:42 2001

OOOh, since the 'julian cope tickets hidden in the drawer' trick is no longer valid to surprise me with great joy and have now discovered 'play the first records you ever bought in your head'. I'm now groooving along to Patrick Hernandez Born to be alive. Jig jig jig jig. Later I will sliding down the corridor to Pretenders brass in pocket...its all your fault Ron, your island girls comments reminded me of Status Quos living on a island...waiting for my friends to come, and we'll get hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...oh hear I go again...

Boolbar Thu Jun 7 06:53:41 2001

Darn ! I forgot what I was going to write. Back to the Ginko Biloba for me.

Buzzardy Thu Jun 7 06:53:52 2001

"whose is this beautiful house, whose is this large automobile..."

Now I've got talking in my head, pah, Agent Orange is a scamp, make no mistake.

"She's got Wheeee-eeels, wheels of steel, da da dahh dahh, dah dahn, dahh dahh, " oo-er

"Momma's alwaystalkin'tryin'to tellme howta live, dah da dan dah dah dan dahn dahn dahh, but ahdon't listento her cuzmah head is like a sieve, da da dan, dah dah dan, dan dan daaaaah" "The basketballcoach done tried ta kick me off the teaaaam, (da dah dahn..) fer wearing high-heel sneakers, and acting like a QUEEEEAAN!!!" (bats away trumpets that have now lodged in brain, aaghy tea, biscuits, normality, (sob).

Louise http://707.org.uk Thu Jun 7 10:09:01 2001

Ron... come back! I didn't delete your post off our corkboard - I think there's been a bit of a misunderstanding!

Russ - Congrats on baby Lily!

Richard Hayward r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Jun 7 10:21:13 2001

SKYRAY AKA PAUL SIMPSON with guests Live at the UNITY theatre Liverpool 20.06.01

Paul Simpson can do no wrong at present. Under the name SKYRAY he has released four fantastic albums to date. 1998's Tranquilliser, 1999's Womb, 1999's Mind Lagoons and 2000's Slow Dissolve compilation CD. Mind Lagoons is in my opinion the best album released in 1999 and one of the best albums released in the last five years

On the live front it is always a great pleasure to go and see SKYRAY performing live as Paul Simpson demonstrated when he performed a wonderful set at last years CORNUCOPIA mini festival.

The evening of the 20th of June will not only see Paul Simpson playing a set as SKYRAY but he will also be reading extracts from his forthcoming book/Autobiography DREAM DIARIES over specially recorded SKYRAY music for the performance.

If you will be at a loose end on the 2oth of June and you are able to make it to Liverpool then the Skyray evening is well worth going to. I have seen SKYRAY live on a number of occasions over the last few years and they are among the best gigs I have been to.

Cost:£5.00/£3.50 (concs)


The Following night is the second in the series of the: -


Thursday 21 June 8:00pm

Curated by Messrs. Collin Fallows, William Sergeant and Paul Simpson,

'Mycroft's Curious Delight' is the second in a series of most irregular live events. Featured artistes of an experimental persuasion will conjure an array of sonic delights for the delectation of ladies and gentlemen of discernment.

Dress code: Elegant.

Presented in association with the Year of the Artist conference:

Work, Talk, Rest and Play

Performing live will be 3 other artists who have also released records on OCHRE records

Land of Nod/Longstone/90Degrees South. Again like SKYRAY they have all released fantastic albums over the last few years and if the evening is as good as the first MYCROFT CURIOUS DELIGHT evening back in January then it is well worth going along to this one

£5.00/£3.50 (concs)


Unity Theatre website:


Box office: 0151 709 4988

In my opinion there is only one place to be on the evenings of the 20th and 21st of June and that is at the Unity theatre listening to some fantastic live music.



PS: At the moment VIRGIN trains are offering 50% off all fairs including those to Liverpool, booked up to five days in advance so if you are thinking of travelling up by train then it should not cost you very much. It only cost me £10.00 return with a student railcard from Winchester.

Details on the 50% offer are available from the following Virgin Trains site:



Boolbar needmorebraincells@once Thu Jun 7 12:07:43 2001

I remember now !

Has anyone noticed that 'Smiling' by The Beta Band is similar to a track by JC ? Darn - I can't remember which track by JC. Anyway that'll do. I'm off to vote before I forget that as well.

Nat Living in the 80's woo mooolait.... Thu Jun 7 13:40:32 2001

Ms Orange - I've got your Croyden ticket stub if you want that back?

I've got my ROBBIE WILLIAMS AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH tickets that I keep peaking at whoooo I am so bloody excited about that... been practising my screaming and I've made my 'Wot no Gary Barlow' banner...sigh role on July AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH... you could come to Power in the Park with us on Sunday Izz and bottle Hearsay if you like! We may even wee in them first to be really rebelious!!

My first proper single brought by my own good self was 'Sweet little mystery' by Wet Wet Wet and I don't really want to sing that one Izz... can I choose another instead? Hmmmmmm peeerrrrlease.........Morfe what time do you lot YAHOOOOOOOOOOO as I was sat here for hours last night like bloody billy no mates tut...bet you only invited me so you could larf at me sitting here on my own ;o( I don't care....I met a lovely man called 'Dark Stranger' from 'The back of beyond', who wanted to cover me in fruit, last night hmm do you think he sounds safe? tee hee...

PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu Jun 7 14:37:07 2001

I'm up for seeing Skyray. Mind you, Tranquiliser is the best album to date ;-)

BTW Who else bought those wonderful Neu! reissues?

Metamorfe Thu Jun 7 16:00:37 2001

Hey we were on last night Nat??

try 11-12 and DO add me to your friends list! (it may help, ;-) )

amazon Thu Jun 7 19:28:37 2001

I'm usually on from about 11pm, Nat, and that's usually when Squid and Moony and Morfe get on too, come and join us....

Don't know what's happened to Starry Eyes though....

Boolbar Neu!-less Fri Jun 8 04:56:26 2001

I've been meaning to buy a Neu! album for the last 10 years but never gotton around to it. So is Neu! 75 the best one or should I just buy the lot and not eat for a while ?

PaulB Fri Jun 8 13:58:12 2001

Neu! 75 rocks. Go get it now.

It's the strangest thing - you can see the influences for OMD and Copey's recent stuff on the same album.

amazon Sat Jun 9 19:46:13 2001

Life is shit.

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sat Jun 9 20:09:55 2001

Say what?

What's bringing you down amazon?

Nat Pooeeeeeeee Sun Jun 10 06:05:18 2001

Talk to Aunty Nat Amazon my lovely... you have my phone number, my mobile, my e.mail and my yahoo thingie majiggy... in the famous and wonderful words of 'Fox Mulder - You are not alone'

I'll be around today if you want to chat hun.... possibly off to see Steps this afternoon - yes Steps... finally I will be able to kill H with my laser sight rifle ha ha haaaa or should I kill him slowly ala 'American Psycho' hmmm I'll see what mood I am in when I get there..... ;o) God I hate H from Steps..... now babe nothing can be as bad as that!!

PaulB Erm....... Sun Jun 10 07:14:34 2001

Sorry Amazon, I thought you needed help - in fact it's wonderful Nat who appears to be in trouble...

Talk to Uncle Paul, Nat ;-)

PS I also have your phone, mobile nos. etc. I have passed these onto Bruce who will now proceed to stalk you for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

Patrick Bateman Trader @n wall street.com Sun Jun 10 12:09:54 2001

I'm quite sure that I have no idea what you are talking about.

amazon Sun Jun 10 19:15:35 2001

Oh my God, not Bruce!!!!!!!


AgentOrange 2@muchsun.com Mon Jun 11 05:34:31 2001

S'okay kids, brooce is dead! O alright I am talking about Brooce the Spruce. But at least you don't need to worry about him stalking you, I brutally chopped off all his limbs last weekend (and have the scratches to prove) so hes just a log now. 3 of the 4 broocettes are doing splendidly on my windowsill...

Nat Wow my very own stalker Mon Jun 11 13:15:34 2001

Well guys I am flattered by the prospect of being stalked!! PaulB how do you know I am wonderful - you been talking to Richard Belbin... ooo he's such a gossip!! Oh and H from Steps is still alive, the prospect of seeing him and 100,000 teenagers blowing whistles was just to much for me so I'm afriad he still lives another day..... shame....

Ahhh poor Broooce the Sprooooce my he be a log in pieces, I hope you are going to turn him into paper Izz!! You could make yer own....loo paper maybe...

Well got to fly as Steve has just asked me to Marry him and I'm in all a quandry as to what to do... I think love is in the air.....(we're talking Pagan Wedding here no HUGE flouncy frocks and all that gubbins... ooo no... butyou can all still buy us presents if you like!!)

PaulB All Your Bruce Are Belong To Us Mon Jun 11 13:36:53 2001

Oh dear

Not the old "I'm getting married so send me presents" scam (again).

I think when we meet next Nat, I'll be blowing whistles at *you* (that'll teach you).

AgentOrange oooh@innitexciting.com Tue Jun 12 04:24:13 2001

Oooh, Natty noo! Did he get on one knee and all that? I can't Squincey out of my head now, so thats who I'm imagining on one kneee. Frightening! So, what's the verdict?

Boolbar Tue Jun 12 04:55:11 2001

Indeed Neu! 75 is just fabulous. I can also see where Radiohead are getting ideas from.

Nat : My wife makes "huge flouncy frocks" for a living and hates the lack of originality that brides have. White or ivory, what a choice ! Go for something colourful to wear, or just daub yourself with mud. Good luck !

Morfe Tue Jun 12 06:34:13 2001

Not aNOTHER new hat, aghy!!

Now Nat, are you sure about this, it'll be screaming kids, bellowing husbands, washing the car on a sunday, shopping on a Thursday/Sat/Sun/MonTues/Weds, lino in the kitchen, in-laws, and Frasier EVery Friday night.

At least you won't have time to go and see Steps :0)

Nat Here comes the bride all fat and wide Tue Jun 12 16:39:13 2001

Ahhh you lot are so nice... he asked me over a pint of lager and a bag of ready salted in the pub!! How romantic!!

I intend to do it in Purple or Blue with one b.maid in Orange and one in Green!! Hoorah.... Steve will probably wear a kilt, unless my dream comes true and its on Glasto Tor in which case we will be wrapped up in blankets coz its so blooming cold up there!!

Morfe you should know me better than that... no kids, maybe a puppy!! Woooo could do with new lino in the kitchen mind, do you think I should put that on the wedding list!!

As for you PaulB You know where you can stick that whistle!! ;o)

Nowt wrong with Fraiser I might add!!

PaulB Tue Jun 12 17:36:30 2001

ooo - I can't imagine who'll be the bridesmaid in orange ;-) But can I be the bridesmaid in green???!!

Regarding where to stick that whistle - I did try, but Izzy raised some objections.

Next week: What PaulB did with his French Horn.

AgentOrange dote@youthinkso.com Wed Jun 13 05:20:13 2001

Its only that I was worried about making strange noises while cycling...

Funny thing happened to me up glasty tor so always been poignant place for me. used to be a really old coin in a little crack in the tower wall but someone nicked it - blighter! can we camp in the campsite at the bottom? G sets up his tent all lovely with lamps and rugs or I may be able to get a yurt... oh im getting all carried away. heaven save any daughter of mine...ill shut up now

Nat Wooo lets do it in a tent Wed Jun 13 07:55:03 2001

My god Izz you are a genius no wonder I chose you as my vision in Orange!! Bev Bird is my vision in Green PaulB I am afraid, though you could be the after ceremony entertainment with your French Horn!!;o)

We can all CAMP....... you are fab Izz.. .I have been worrying about how to transport people from Soton to Somerset and you've solved it we'll all camp... then we can all go and get hammered in Glastonbury afterwards... combination ceremony/honeymoon/my fav town in the whole world and all that Jazz....... perfect...

I read yer message really quick then and thought it read I may be able to get Yoghurt!! Hmmm is that something you chuck at Pagan Weddings I asked myself... well if it is make sure its organic and strawberry flavoured!

Just need to trace a bloke called STUART PRIOR last seen in Glastonbury in 1996 - if anyone can help me trace him PLEASE let me know... we want him to officiate... only 373 days to go (or something Bev is on the countdown) (June 21st 2002) so loads of time for me to find him and Morfe to choose his hat!! Hoorah...

nat xx

Hatless! Wed Jun 13 11:49:40 2001

Wow, I know that campsite so well, it has changed a lot of peoples lives, yours truly included.

And the Rifleman's Arm's just over the way, waheyyyyyyy!!

Auntie Morfe x

PS There is a little Chapel room in G'bury, (Brigid's Chapel I think) I went in there for some solitude one day, and cried at an offering of corn. Big gay egg I am.

nat fire at Will Wed Jun 13 15:38:14 2001

Blimey I've fallen out of the riflemans arms on numerous occasions!! esp when I was a cider drinker ooooarrrrr........

I am still bloody excited! tee hee only 373 days to go and still no white witch!!

nat xx

kaity kguy@columbus.rr.com ? Wed Jun 13 19:35:39 2001

i think the hottest actors are johnny depp, jeff goldbloom, brad pitt,

(Anonymous) Thu Jun 14 09:47:08 2001

I think they are,

Woody Allen, Peter O'Toole, Jean Reno, and Sooty.

AgentOrange Thu Jun 14 10:05:09 2001

I left a box of tampons in the riflemans arms which was a right bugger cos it meant i had to walk several miles one very hot sunday to find a shop to buy some more - this was in the days before most shops were open on sundays.

Bet you wanted to know that.

I also saw the milky way for the first time from that campsite, realised that cool people were not necessarily the best people, watched a friend get very sick then a year later watch her stumble back to health and nearly died on (off) the tor. Well i never...

PaulB Thu Jun 14 10:13:43 2001

That's rather more information than we needed Izzy. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to do a big poo....

AgentOrange Thu Jun 14 10:42:28 2001

nothing so underrated as a good poo, eh paul? When I hated my job, I used to save up big poos for my afternoons entertainment. you're not unhappy are you? go on you can tell aunty izz...oh sorry ive grossed you just a little too much have i?

Ron: ahuurrrr ahurrrr ahurrrr, thats the funniest joke i ever saw!!! do you guys stateside still make jokes about women drivers and NOT get run over then? ;-)


ron east@easyriders.com Thu Jun 14 11:12:00 2001

rode 100+ miles yesterday, then stopped to fill the tank and almost got run over 3 times in the parking lot just standing there putting gas in the bike... grrrr. only 1 of the 3 were female, and only 1 found out about my 007 status...

yeah, we still makes jokes about loads o'shite... evidently y'awl do too...

hmmm, wondering when my BD single will arrive :(

AgentOrange Thu Jun 14 11:45:08 2001

Nah, we don't make jokes about anything any more, life here in Blightly is too damn miserable...

hee hee, only joking!

Praps you and me can have a race Ron coz im waiting for my bd single too. winner gets a packet of tunnocks snowballs. yum yum yum. at the moment my freezer is full of tunnocks tea cakes since i discovered that these delights are vegetarian. please nobody tell me that E*** is an animal product PLEASE!

Bono sex god@beautiful day/people.com Thu Jun 14 13:32:21 2001


PaulB BD-BD-BD.... Thu Jun 14 16:43:09 2001

Count me in for that BD race as well - why, it'd have been quicker to make me own...

One question - Izzy, just why would you take a packet of tampons to a pub in the first place?

Nat Fri Jun 15 03:24:58 2001

To buy them a beer of course PaulB why else would a lady take tampons into a pub... tut don't you know anything ;o)

Nat Do you think I smell!! Fri Jun 15 05:48:51 2001

ta for the parcel Ron!! ;o) I thought it was a statuette of Elvis Presley!! Doh.... I'm sure we'll have fun with it though, good to see its animal friendly too - otherwise I wouldn't have used it!!

Thanks alot!!

nat xx

ron Fri Jun 15 08:06:28 2001

i don't mind the sun sometimes and the images it shows, i can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes, lemony and sugary, and softly spoken lies... itz hard to know how you look thru someone elses eyes...



ps congrats, guess i need to start shoping for a wedding pressiee, as it tends to take me a while;)

Nat my Brain has been donated Sat Jun 16 05:13:26 2001

Why didn't you all go to HMV and buy the BD single?!! ;o) I got it for £1.99 about a week ago!! Its cracking!! Does this mean I've won the BD race?

Good to talk with you Morfe and Moon Cat (did you folks know that he actually does live with Beryl Reid!) t'other night... speak soon hopefully and take care of yourselves.... you... ;o)

Nat xx

Marc Mon Jun 18 12:17:45 2001

the long awaited follow - up to Spiritualised`s "Ladies and Gentlemen..." called "Let it come down" will be released in September, featuring your favourite Brain Donor rockers.

Nat she's off on one again! Tue Jun 19 15:44:26 2001

This is totally unrelated to Julian and I was too embarressed to post on HH - so thought I'd stick it here!

Does anyone out there in pond land know how to cope with an influx of pond snails!! They are free to good homes (not sure how the travel by post so collectors only) AND does anyone know of an environmental way - say predator - of controlling the buggers! They've eaten all my pond weed ahhhhhhhhhhh...... Izzy help me b4 we are over run with them - they are very very cute mind you! ;o)

Oh by the way.... the wedding plans are cool, contacted www.liferites.org and we are now almost sorted! Hoorah... can start sorting out the reception now!! Hmmmm fruit cake or sponge!! (suppose I should tell my parents really hmmmmm nah....)

Izz - you still coming to ours on Saturday for the BBQ? PLEASE as I want to measure you up fer yer frock tee hee...

nat xx

ron whereintheworldami.com Tue Jun 19 20:51:00 2001

hmmm, the future... definitely blade runner... slowly fading into oblivion... locusts, ozone, plagues, dead coral reefs, depleted rain forests, melting polar caps, fanatics with nukes, more people will unsubscribe due to this post, and muppets in charge... nat will be an honest woman, and i will pay good money for those measurements ;) (sorry, my strange, sense of humor... check archive #24 for lemony shower gel references, if you didn't get the b-day pun:)... and no, ur not in the race if'n u can walk around the corner... must be from the source... just like it izzn't fair to see jhc on an annual basis like 25 times, and if'n it's more than an hour away u really can't be bothered... local shop clerks manage to somehow look even dumber, at the mere mention of the drude... lol... just got an image of having to spell out thighpaulsandra to one of the locals... no signs of any strangers on the #9, even though mummsy awl ways told me there izz one on every bus... el saddo... two lovely young ladies, one scottish, and one irish, asked about solstice plans and not even one reply... jeez wot the hell are u guys doing on a wednesday that u can't share in somethin like that... and hopefully see some updates in the common era ;) mmmizzz ron needs a margarita...;) hmmm rocktober cinco...

much love x

Morfosis Wed Jun 20 04:04:40 2001

Huzzah for the rite way!

Nat, how big is pond?

Carp and bream eat snails, as do things like water boatmen (they bite, careful), and great diving beetles (I think).

Of course, you could always purge the snails and serve a few up to yourself and guests? That's an arguably natural predatory method of control?

I might be joking, but then again I may not ;-)

john jnm@imail.barton.ac.uk Wed Jun 20 05:30:24 2001

where can I get deleted Cope cds

(Anonymous) Wed Jun 20 07:16:49 2001

you can find most or all of his stuff second hand at www.gemm.com

Nat Snail anyone? Wed Jun 20 08:04:35 2001

Morfe how could you!! Eat them indeed - they is a little bit small for that at the mo, maybe BBQ them on saturday!! I've given them away to people at work! Hoorah...

Ron mate are you suffering from the heat? ;o) You haven't asked me about the solstice! And I'm only a quarter Irish!!

Solstice 2morrow and that will make it 365 days until I get wed Hoorah....... nights will be a drawing in now, get those thermals out! ;o)

AMAZON I APOLOGISE OH GREAT ONE... I will catch you on line at some point, promise... I still love you hun! ;o)

ron well hung@dawn.com redirected.male Wed Jun 20 10:55:18 2001

truth crushed to earth will rise again... oh u maids of constant sorrow, actually was speaking of littlemeg and kay in their postings on H2H (TMA)... thanks for the offer nat, but you are taken as iz i ;) morfius iz french? hmmm, thot they were big snail eaters... maybe a frog reference there somewhere, or maybe that was a robert plant lemon double intendre...or not.

'from the mothership stepped a freak...'

Nat Earth calling Ron Wed Jun 20 12:37:12 2001

Whats up my lovely Ron - you seem to be talking in complete riddles! Izz just e.mailed me to say she's won - won what I will never know! Maybe the lottery - lend us a £10 Izz!!;o)

As for frogs Molly Moo my middle cat ate one for breakfast the other morning and had green cat sick if thats any help!!

Ooo local news on tv got to dash! Rock on Fred Dinnage (shhhh big rumour - he's having a fling with Debbie Thrower - seen with their hands under the table in Pizza Express tee hee...)

Found a Pagan Rev to do the do next year hoorah....!!

ron riddler@batman.com Wed Jun 20 13:20:47 2001

sorry i've been indulged in a cd called INTERPRETER by this totally whigged out dude named Julian Cope... drat's Izzy won... well hopefully my Brain Donor material will be forthcoming... anyone heard anything about whats in store for the Muesum deal? sure would like to know something... uknow? cors Izzy will occupy most of my time as I've promised to buy her drinks, spar, race, listen to gary's priate stories and view the cat in the hat paintings and probably loads of other stuff i've forgotten;) (did we talk about visiting Screaming Secrets HQ?)... maybe we can solve this world peace thingy whilst we're at it? or not...

miss amazon is rite, i'm harmless, just confused and dizzy...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jun 20 19:05:30 2001

Hi guys! I'm still up here in Bellingham, and found a nice place to live. A REALLY nice place! :) :) :) In a couple of days I plan to drive up to Alaska. I stocked up on used tapes yesterday, and got Jehovahkill, General Public, China Crisis, Wonder Stuff, PiL, Sex Pistols, and the Fall. For American bands I found the Screaming Trees and Guadalcanal Diary. Aside from that, the selections were pretty puny!

What happened to all those tapes people bought in the 80s and 90s? They had to go somewhere! Did people just throw them away (often out of car windows), or are they sitting in shoeboxes in closets? I'm surprised that there aren't 10x as many tapes in the used stores as CDs, since many of us upgraded all our favorites tapes to CD years ago.

Personally, I keep mine because my car and my walkman are both REALLY old (1985 and 1990 respectively) and, of course, every once in a while I'll get a tape for the Cope tribute projects. However, I can't imagine EVERYONE being as pack-ratty (and cheap) as me, so where are those tapes??? Are people reluctant to get rid of collectables even if the collectables are obsolete? Do people who bought loads of 8-tracks still hang onto those too? And vinyl? For some reason, I still have my 20 or so records, even though I don't have a record player? Why??? I can't really tell you! It's just that, ummm... hmmm...

When the next big music medium comes along (assuming there WILL be one; maybe music will move *permanently* towards generic data storage [e.g., hard-disk] instead), I guess we'll still be hanging onto our CDs. Will we lug these around for the rest of our lives, even though we never listen to them or even look at the covers anymore?

Anyway... those are just some pseudo-deep-thoughts-o'-the-day. Lovely weather here in the Pacific NW! Today it got up to 73 and that's considered "hot". :)


Metamorfe Thu Jun 21 06:28:31 2001

Midsummer musings and love to all!! x

Trav, I keep all my old tapes, I think I have what could be THE most dodgy 80's tape, it's called 'Rites of Passage' by a band called Vitamin Z, I bought it cuz a girl I knew from Sheffield knew one of the band, who was apparently a teacher before he become 80's pop poseur. Anyone else? (Or am I sad and lonely?)

What AM I wittering on about, congrats on the new place Trav, and all the best, right, now for some sun..

Nat, you blinked on and off pretty quickly last night, I was rearing to gossip!

Bah, fly-by-nights..

Ron..sleeping on the back seat of that bus, I need some medication !


morfe@morfe.org Thu Jun 21 06:51:44 2001

Whooops, missed the gist,...I agree Trav, we hold on to things long past their sell by dates, and this day sees me attemting to monasticize (I made that word up I'm sure)my living space, including tapes and records. Free to good homes..anyone want any of these?..please one per person, first come first serve (if anyone indeed has a use for them AT all!)

any more come to light I'll let you guys know first, don't want to appear as if I'm casting off rubbish, it's just a point I've got to, need to strip down and get dirty with life !!!

Mail me if U want it!

be x

Nat In the blink of an eye Thu Jun 21 10:16:00 2001

Sorry about that Morfe!! I'll try and be around same time tonight! wierd old evening last night... it could actually have been Steve that was on line mind - don't you go and gossip with him, don't want him knowing all my secrets shhhhh....

Ms Orange is a little busy at the mo, but she's coming too me BBQ on Saturday so I'll tell her off ;o)

Love ya... why are you getting rid of 12"? Save them....

amazon ouch! Thu Jun 21 18:49:29 2001

Yes, save them, Morfe. You might need those twelve inches again one day. Better than the three you've got already........;-)


Hey! Fri Jun 22 06:45:22 2001

Stop talking me up, Amazon!

amazon What was that? Fri Jun 22 09:50:06 2001


amazon Fri Jun 22 17:02:20 2001

I is a cheeky gurl, do I get SMAKS?

(Anonymous) Sat Jun 23 00:33:15 2001

Derrick out with the 'boys' again, eh?

amazon Huh? Sat Jun 23 18:18:49 2001



ron drude@mounet.com Mon Jun 25 11:33:36 2001

oi' Trav, might look to the 'Pawn Shops' for cassettes, as that's where I used to find 8-tracks a thousand years ago... good luck in Gate's Country. Morfe would love to take the lp's off your hands if you are serious... especially any JCope stuff...sleepin on da bus, er...look out, some biker may take advantage of your cute little butt, medication could possibly help, but I'd recommed taking more than the prescribed amount w/alcohol... cheers. Nat ur just plain silly...er hoorah, Izzy just plan dizzy, and Amazon... hmmm, I talk in riddles? me thinks she's having a partial conversation with someone... but, anyways, ur Pina Colada awaits my luv... damn, I forgot how good they are, as I've been concentrating on my Margarita recipie, which is still a work in progress... er weak or rather too strong, as I mistakenly believe that everyone likes the taste of tequila more than using the ingrediants to 'mask' the tequila flavour... hmmm, hard work but someone has to do it... but my Pina Colada is simply incredible... (I think it's the ice cream, but shhhh! don't tell anyone about that secret ingrediant, or they might scream it ;O)

love, lite, and a good week to all...

hmm, someone asked me this weekend "too much sex, drugs, and alcohol?", "nope;o) not yet... and I believe, it's sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, but either way I'm fine really, thanks for your concern..."

Morfeus morfe@morfe.com Mon Jun 25 12:01:36 2001

Cool, Ron, mail me telling me which one you'd like (I gotta be fair and give one each to folk) and we'll arrange shipment. By the by, the WSYM 12" are both singles/EP's, not LP's? Let me know Margarita Chequita Bandito, ooooooohh, I dig dem crazyyy chicolitas with they hey class peepers. "Mommaz always talkin' tryin a-tell me how to live, dah dah dahn.." aaaagh stop me before you buy one!

Ciao baybeeez x

ron donated brain@lamf.com Mon Jun 25 19:38:13 2001

oh man is julian on some seriously funked out trippin' or wot... as you may or may not have already surmised... got's my bd and lamf 2day... hooray! and... planetary sit-in... forgot i'd ordered it... but couldn't resist the presence of the lurverly mavis grind -x- much happiness @ da ranch tonite...

hmmm, mmmorphe... tough decision er... andrew? help...? which do i want? tut tut tut...hmmm, I mean like the poster would be way cool, but i also really, really dig the 'beautiful love' re-mix.. aaahhhh....

er.. trav about those pawn shops in seatac, mite becarefull as for wot ever reason bars and gun shops are located in same buildings... er whomever thot that was a good idea, well... i thot i was the damnest thing i'd ever seen... and quite dodgey looking places too, mind you!

ron double post@double funk.com Mon Jun 25 19:57:16 2001

'for wearing high heeled sneakers...an' actin like a qwwweeeeennnn dah danut dah danut duh duh...'

wot's up with this 'yatesbury manor...?' are m'lud an' m'lady gettin'a little pretentious... just a little... hah haha hee...an' he only knows three cords...

Mothra Mon Jun 25 20:21:16 2001

Shome mishtake Ron?

WSYM 12" EP with poster: a side = WSYM, Reynard The Fox, b side = Doomed, I've got Levitation

Cope V Troublefunk WSYM 12" single: a side= WSYM b side = I've Got Levitation, WSYM (again?)

no Beautiful Love I'm afraid :-(

brian warren Mon Jun 25 21:32:03 2001

so trav is the move to the pacific nw a permanent thing? I accually left utah (finally) And moved to tacoma about a month and a half ago...

Good luck

ron Tue Jun 26 09:26:00 2001

er... yeah, netscape 4.7 kept puking on me, so tried 6.0hno and it never gave me back the 'post' screen... sorry, guess that double post title was a bit forboding... meant two different double posts, not same twoced... so, sorry, better luck today as I hit the #9 on tyme...

morpheneo... just referring to 'beautiful love re-mix' as something i really liked, in regards to a 'trouble funk version of WSYM' as being something intresting to have... sorry... um, tell u wot, I'll send my addy and you surprise me? that'll be the decide... and if'n u ever make it over u certainly have a bunk @ da ranch to crash... but, you'll hafta leave mothra behind, don't need none of his skanky ho's getting pea water on ms. ron's sofa, cuz she makes big frowny face...

lamf is just...well, like all things Julian, like nuthing i never heard before...

ron x

Boolbar frogsRfab Tue Jun 26 10:08:55 2001

Media tit-bit for today :-

It seems that Thom Yorke (Radiohead) has been reading "The Modern Antiquarian" and been wandering around in Julian's footsteps according to Q magazine.

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jun 26 10:52:42 2001

Ron - Get the trouble funk remix. I think the other WSYM 12" is the re-release? Although that might be kind of cool, I didn't bother getting that one, but it has a pretty cool circular poster. Actually I have changed my mind, get the one with the poster! The Trouble funk remix just has 2 versions of WSYM and levitation whereas the the other has 4 different tracks on if I'm correct. Yeah, get the poster one...final answer.

m. Tue Jun 26 13:24:31 2001

yes it is the re-release, Island 1992

still want a surprise Roneo? Or are you going with the Andrew?

All still available, I'd rather they didn't reside at the back of a charity store for millenia ;-)

ron Tue Jun 26 20:06:18 2001

er.. thanks andrew... i think... jus' kidding ;) ummmr morphe, i guess i'll be surprised... either way is fine, i mean if u start to put one in the package, and spontaineously burst into tears i'll understand... seriously, parting with anything cope is a trumatic experience, as i've both lent, and bought 2 of to give, but still i'll feel your pain...

trav seriously, think about vancuvero... should be okydoky for amerikans to live there as i believe the vietnam war is SO OVER...

(Anonymous) Wed Jun 27 00:58:53 2001

Look at the the new Dave Navarro cd. He's trying to do a pose like Cope on Wilder (US) and Passionate Friend sleeves.

And there's a new movie ('Destroying .America' I think) anyways the trailer shows a trashed pick-up truck and on the door it reads: "The Cope"


gary mccabeg@royalscottish.co.uk Wed Jun 27 07:46:40 2001

Got the reissued CD of Wilder yesterday. Couldn't resist- original blurred polaroid cover and everything. Anyway, the version of "Suffocate" seems different from the version I had as a "boy".

Any comments folks?

The Most Modfather Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Wed Jun 27 11:12:40 2001

NO ONE, but NO ONE should even remotely give Dave Navarro the time of day, let alone wasting brain cells analyzing his CD covers! The guy is a complete piece of shit, both musically and as a person. He's the typical product of modern American cliches--a fuck up, a "victim", a 12-step weakling and an arrogant wanker who's a mediocre guitarist at best. PLEASE refrain from ever making a comparison of Navarro's "posing" (apt phrase) like Julian. One's an artist. The other is an asshole.

On to brighter topics...Trav--I found "Greatness & Perfection" and am re-mixing it this weekend. Hopefully, next week, I'll finally have time to do "Passionate Friend".

Love to all of you.

P.S. Has anyone heard from Valentina--aka Vava?

(Anonymous) Thu Jun 28 01:59:48 2001

Never did I mean to imply ANYTHING positive about Navarro. I just hapenned to notice it on the rack of new releases.

I'm Innocent!

(Anonymous) Thu Jun 28 02:03:46 2001


Which release of Suffocate did you have as a 'boy'? There was an alternate version on the 12" of 'You Disapear..' that was labeled "Baroque Version". It has a strings.

The regular version was on the US version of Kilamanjaro.

Anony Moose Thu Jun 28 07:04:58 2001

Who are these people who don't want to give away their name ? Shame on you !

AgentOrange agony@aunt.dot.com Thu Jun 28 08:05:12 2001


Finally recovering from my grotesque accident on saturday, though I still can't walk proper and I'm missing my bike! Somewhen along the way the LAMF cd and brain donor single arrived. Good for cheering me up indeed, dirty rotten bass lines are my favourite. Not so keen on wailing guitar. I could've done with that in casualty when it all went pear-shaped. My advice: after an accident, no matter how good you feel insist a friend stays with you for the 4 hour wait cos when you hyperventilate your hands paralyse and someone needs to hold the paper bag.

PaulB Thu Jun 28 13:06:29 2001

Hey Izzy - what happened to you on Saturday?

This sounds pretty serious. Hope you're OK.

Todd Johnson Thu Jun 28 13:31:21 2001

Hey Trav,

Good luck to you out in the Pacific Northwest.


AgentOrange Thu Jun 28 14:32:17 2001

Paul, you think talking about pooh and periods is gross? You don't want to hear what I did on Saturday! Not too serious just sore and a bit gooey. Think of toes and torture techniques and you are probably there...

nat ooohhhhhhhh owe Thu Jun 28 15:30:23 2001

yeah paul Izz missed my bbq coz she was in casualty!! Ooooo painful poor love.... ring me if u need a lift Izz!!

Ta fer the card Ron - yes I have found someone thank you very much and he's gorgeous!! Hmmmm thats all I am saying there or I'll get told off!!

MORFE WHERE ARE YOU cos I am a little tipsy and though you'd be around!! Oh well I'm off to eat my cheesey chips!!

Nice to see that me and Iz can bring the conversation down to the level it was b4! No more sensible conversation - lets all talk pants!

Wheres Amazon - come on line earlier you naughty person I need to talk to you!! Hmmmmm gossip gossip gossip!!

hic... nat ooo wheres me beer.... hic

Morfeus Thu Jun 28 17:56:56 2001

Bah, sorry Nat, I was fixing my bike and pacifying parents. Home now!

Drunk again? I never drink of course, am never sick on my bed either.


Ron, the local post offiec only opens twice a week, so I'll send the good on Monday. Pigeon mail? re-directed male? No 9?

PaulB Thu Jun 28 20:12:59 2001

Now I am worried...

If I guessed collision with moving vehicle and bike, would I be in the right direction?

Nat oooo so close yet so far Fri Jun 29 06:16:34 2001

Keep guessing Paul! ;o)

Me drunk Morfe surely not....!! And as for you I shall call you 'The Ginmeister' tee hee..I've never been sick on my bed either! Flower Beds and outside shopping centres on a Saturday with my Mother is my usual trick!! ;o)

Woo hoo working from home again today!! Woooo wot a skive - had three cups of tea and a flake this morning already, listening to Pod, and doing naff all at the mo!! Better get on with something useful I suppose ;o) nah... another cup of tea I feel..

Anyone going to see our Lord the is Iggy Pop at Reading/Leeds and fancies having me tag along - let me know as I'm on me tod at the mo! I'll behave and not drink too much and won't be sick! Promise....

PaulB Fri Jun 29 06:34:11 2001

Just in case you missed it - WSYM is featured on a compilation CD 'Essential Drive' with this months Q Magazine. All together now: "WERLD SHATCHA MALF!!"

ron Fri Jun 29 08:33:37 2001

no worries sir morfe... i iz patient... from standing in the rain waiting on the 9;) hmmm, wuzn't it nat whom wrestled the 'bushes' not toooo long ago... cope on a compilation disc, er... no wonder Rolling Stone Magazine continues to be light years ahead of q in recognition of the arch drude... bless the drude... ...and izzy, hope your feeling better... x

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jun 30 17:20:59 2001

Hi guys! I'm up in Homer now (about as far as you can go in AK via road). I can't believe my car made it!!! :) :) :)

I'll stay away from the pawn shops. It is kinda weird to see them advertise their inventories as:

GUNS *** AMMO *** JEWELRY *** (and then a bunch of other stuff)

Guns and ammo *always* come first. Yikes!

Jehovahkill is a great driving album! I love those Krautrock-ish songs on it, and of course the sing-along-ditties are great for keeping the voicebox in shape on those long 10-14hr drives. I still don't understand why so many reviewers didn't like that album. It's definitely one of my top 2 favorites (it and Peggy are in a constant back-and-forth battle).

Rob, looking forward to hearing G&P!

Once I get situated in Bellingham (in mid-August probably) I'll post my new address on here and on my Cope pages... Until then, you can send tribute songs to my parent's address (the one in Charlottesville) or hold on to 'em for a couple months [if you can resist the urge to tweak].

Okay, I gotta go - library time out in 60 seconds!


amazon computerless@home.bored Mon Jul 2 18:46:36 2001

Nat, sorry. Derek has decided to reprogramme the computer so I haven't been on for a while. Hopefully (hahahaha) he will have finished by the end of the year so hold onto that gossip, my girl. I have some goss for you too, we may need to exchange info and stuff on the phone....

Anyway, must hand this thing back to Derek so he can wipe off Netscape again.... bah....

ron damnihateitwhennuthinclevercums2mind.com Wed Jul 4 20:51:26 2001

hmmm, bit quiet eh... well, happy 4th of July everyone... anyone thinking about attending the muesum dates... hmmm, wonder if there will be a test... yeah... probably... julian will test ur education at every opportunity ;o)


(Anonymous) Thu Jul 5 05:57:46 2001


Ron, 12" in the post

Nat, cheque in the post!

World, LET'S GO!

Nat Woo girlie session Sat Jul 7 10:52:22 2001

I'll e.mail you Amazon! AND we must have a girlie phone gossipy type sess. at some point..

Got the cheque Morfe altered the amount to £1000 hope thats ok! ;o)

Blessing Plans have gone on leaps and bounds, if anyone out there is planning to do it speak to Life Rites, they have been absolutely fantastic!! Just need to convince the National Trust to let me do it on Glasto Tor now! Oh and I need to convince Iggy Pop to turn up too.... that may be a little tricky! (Have a dream photo of him stood between my parents on top of Glasto Tor in his see through trousers - they are all the same age!)

Hey ho.... better dash...

morfosis morfe@billiondollarproject.com http://www.billiondollarproject.moonfruit.com Sat Jul 7 12:48:18 2001

er, ok Nat, thats, erm, fine!

I'll get me coat, goodbye cruel world!!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jul 8 21:58:15 2001

Hi! `m in canada (using a weird french-english keyboard; please forgive the typos and brevity)...

anyone else a fan of Wonder Stuff? I`ve been listening to HUP over and over again, a very energetic album! NEVER LOVED ELVIS is also cool. Neat stuff!

I`ll try to check in in a couple days


Morfioso Mon Jul 9 06:50:18 2001

Hi Trav, I hail from Stourbridge, home to the Stuffies , Poppies, Ned's, Plant, Stan Webb etc etc

They used to rehearse in our recording studios (wot me an me mates built) way back in 1985-6. I remember their first demo, a bitter sweet tape called 'A Handfull(sic) of Songs). From what I remember they were a hard working bunch of lads with some good tunes. Haven't they re-formed? Bass Thing I spoke to, he was sweet, bless his soul.

Nat, thanks for the promise of a donation, biliondollarproject.com, the way to go! Just realised I set it up on July 3rd, the day before independence day, another National Holiday methinks!!! 3rd July, Benevolence Day!!! A day where people worldwide forget avarice and give away something, whether a shoe, or their whole business. Or maybe that should be a 52 week holiday ;-)

HUZZZAH for LIFE! xxxxxxxxxxxx

BobTheBarmaid http://707.org.uk Mon Jul 9 12:04:30 2001

For those Lupine Howl fans who may peek at this site every now and again... they will be appearing at Bristol Community Festival on Sunday. It's moved to a new site this year, due to F&M restrictions. Just thought you might like to know...

love, Bob, Lauren, etc....

Nat AHHHHHHHHHHHHH Mon Jul 9 15:31:00 2001

I've only gone and been offered Glastonbury Tor by the National Trust for my blessing next June!!!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO I am so bloody bloody happy......... yipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh Trav - Do I adore the Wonder Stuff or what...sigh own everything they've ever done ever and cried my eyes out when they split up.... God Miles Hunt I loved you.... 8 legged groove machine was my fav - thou Piece of Sky or Cartoon Boyfriedn are just as great! Saw them so many times that I can't remember.....


Just going to calm down... oh fuck it AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited!!

PaulB Mon Jul 9 16:36:14 2001

Congrats Nat - but remember, leave it as you found it. Let's not forget those inconsiderate people who use the tor - and then take it home with them. Baskets.

Mothra Tue Jul 10 04:37:06 2001

Ill get me hat Nat!

Boolbar Tue Jul 10 05:07:20 2001

Well done Nat, may the sun shine upon you. I hope the sheep will behave.

Nat Cheers Guys! Tue Jul 10 07:30:34 2001

Calmed down a bit now... there is a bit of a disapointment as Steve will no longer be wearing his kilt.. His exact words were something like "Its a bit windy up there and I'm not flashing my bits at your mother!!" Fair enough I suppose!!

I hope the sheep behave too, there's nothing worse than disruptive sheep! I wonder if I can colour co-ordinate them with little bows on their heads.....

PaulB Tue Jul 10 10:30:25 2001

Congrats Nat - but remember, leave the sheep as you found them. Let's not forget those inconsiderate people who use sheep - and then don't bother to phone them the next week. Baskets.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jul 10 14:14:09 2001

Re: Wonder Stuff

I really like the liner notes in Never Loved Elvis (although he mispelled "Hasta La Vista")... The notes reminded me a lot of Cope's notes. I like having that human element in there. Too bad the notes in the 1993 album are sparse and those in Hup are nonexistant. :(

Lots of nice scenery up here in BC. Some of the colorful fields and big skies remind me of Photos that Cope used in Jehovahkill and Autogeddon. Very pretty and peaceful landscape!

Reading a really interesting book: Guns, Germs, and Steel; it's about cultural evolution. Neat stuff!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Jul 10 14:14:58 2001

[I accidentally posted twice -- Trav]

heh heh heh... hmmm.... sorry for the double-post! Nothing I can do about it up here, though!


ron baseballizmylife@applepie.com Tue Jul 10 17:01:33 2001

back from knoxville, no, i didn't see johnny, jackass ;)... anyhoo, itz probably the double-vegitation there travis! let's see... hmmm, morfe is definitely my new hero @ http://www.billiondollarproject.moonfruit.com/ whoa, dude is that foto of Kylie for real or didja hijak it? seriously, shes a lucky babe, cors could be that shamrock tatoo on her arse ;) uh oh...er no kilt for the steve? hmmm, i guess if ur mum really does HAVE to see someones bits well i guess just for u since itz ur wedding an' all that i suppose i could accomodate her ;) ok, ok... well wot the hell i awl-ways sez, and morfe deffo count on me for a dollar or two.. do u take monopoloy (sp?) mony? god i could have been worse... at least i didn't put it in ur cleavage, now did i? or did i... er... hmmm, i knew my coat an' hat wuz here a second ago...

wot dij y-awl do to my friend andrew over there? djidja just totally blow 'is mind...

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jul 11 16:39:38 2001

No, I'm still here Ron, just really bust with work and doing as little as possible in between.

Guess who's coming for tea today? Our good freind Travis is hopefully arriving on my doorstep sometime this afternoon! He is on his way back down from Alaska and wanted to swing by Fort McMurray as it is on the way, well, almost, its probably adding about 400 more miles onto his trip, but I'm dead excited about having a visit.

No one usually drops by Fort McMurray as its not really on the way to or from anywhere alse, look it up on the map and you'll see what I mean.

Way cool if he makes it here, and if last night's thunderstorm was anything of an omen then it should be a good night! The t-storm started at midnight and went on for 2 1/2 hours. I was standing on the balcony in a t-shirt and y-fronts in total awe!

andrew Wed Jul 11 16:55:20 2001

"really bust with work"? Should have been BUSY of course, wonder what Freud would have to say about that?

andrew again Wed Jul 11 17:51:31 2001

Travis has entered the building!

ron Wed Jul 11 19:36:32 2001

way cool dudes! at the top o' the world eh? man what an effort, y'awl behaive! man that is just so cool, and no worries on bust as i thot it was one of terms like 'tosser' that i still 'avn't translated yet, but there is this scottish lass that is helping me thru these ruff spots... must be the sunspots;)

oh man... i hope you guys aren't wearing the same outfit!

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Wed Jul 11 23:07:47 2001


Freud would have said "you are obsessed with breasts" , although in German probably.

Re the "bust/work" comment.


PaulB Thu Jul 12 12:17:39 2001

Hey, come on - no one is obsessed with breasts. Let's not get personal or it'll develop into a tit-for-tat situation.

I think it's probably breast for everyone to just chill out, chat about their favourite mammories of Cope and not bust anyone's balls over nothing.

Everyone makes a boob now and again, but it's unfair to milk the situation for cheap laughs.

Jeff jeff@theprimalscream.com Thu Jul 12 13:32:00 2001

I meant to post a message with my subscribe sorry

I just picked up the Brain Donor she saw me coming cd single and was wondering if i have the official UK version. it's on impresario cat no. IMP CD 007 licensed from head heritage and comes in a flourescent orange digipack. is this the official UK version??



Jeff Thu Jul 12 14:27:48 2001

Also in case you hadn't heard yet the Brain Donor full length is called Love Peace & F**k and will be released on Aug. 20


Mothra Thu Jul 12 17:45:22 2001

Did you mean 'Fuck'? there, it's out in the open now.

Fucking = good (unless you were 'really' drunk ;-)

Guns, violence and repression = bad.

Why oh why did we get all our swear words wrong?!

I hope they don't print asterisks on the BD thang?

Boolbar Fri Jul 13 04:30:41 2001

They could print it as F**K, that way we can use our imaginations as to what it means. Funk, Fuck, Feck, Fink, Flak, Folk, Fork ? That's 7 titles in one !

Anyway its nice to know that someone is keeping abreast of the current news.

Nat Flashyouminefor50p@I'mcheap.com Fri Jul 13 06:30:43 2001

Well I wouldn't expect anything less than cheap boob jokes from you lot! Really..... and when I first signed up I thought you lot were classy men ;op

Nice to have someone like Jeff aboard to bring the tone up to a better level! We know about the album Jeff! but ta... you do any of the tour dates... I hope so coz you may recognise some of these reprobates and be able to steer clear! (PaulB and his zoom lense springs to mind!)


Nat x

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Jul 13 11:55:31 2001

Obsessed with breasts? Me? You know it! I was bottle fed when I was a baby and I think I've been making up for that loss ever since.

It does amaze me how publishers do that swear word thing in text, the F**K thing. What's the point? Is there anyone who really doesn't know what it is? They do a similar thing on the radio station here, when a song has a "naughty" word in it, the blank it out, but cleverly leave enough of it in so you know what it is, such as sh.. or f... Its quite funny actually.

Trav is still here and enjoying the "delights" of life in Northern Alberta. What a wonderful person! Thank you Trav for the truly excellent and thought provoking conversations, plus your openess and honesty.

The people I have met through our mutual admiration of everything Cope never cease to amaze me. It was like that when I went to England earlier this year and met up with a few of you at the Cope gigs. You know, we are amazingly wonderful people! Quite unique, thank you all. And meeting Travis for the first time underscores that fact.

Love and light...andrew

AgentOrange Fri Jul 13 14:15:41 2001

Hello, only me!

Back from me hols again! I really must get down to some work. Gonna set to on my CV very soon! Feeling much better as I am mobile again. Toe still looks disgusting but I am very proud of how it is healing and am dying to show someone - so if anyone is less squeamish Ill see if I can get it on the scanner shall I?

Oooh, Im glad the conversation has turned to breasts! I flashed mine at my boss today. Entirely accidental you understand - I was bending down to pour a cuppa with a new top on when I noticed the draft! Also flashed my arse at a workman who was peering in unannounced at my upperfloor living room window when I mooched around the flat trying to get together some form of outfit for work. What a day of exhibition I have had!

The night before last I was awoken in Rotterdam Youth hostel because my bed was rocking with the activities of a middle-aged polish couple in the next bed. It was really rather close-range for comfort and I still feel rather disturbed by this, although I know I should feel great joy for their happiness.

I guess I am just a prude...

andrew again Fri Jul 13 15:39:37 2001

Jeff & Mothra, I'm positive the Brain Donor lp will proudly display the word FUCK in all its glory. Those have the LAMF cd will see that it clearly displays the full title Like a Mother Fucker. At the gigs I went to Cope was saying that the BD lp will actuall be called "Love peace, and fuck" and not "love peace and fuck" (there is a difference, the comma changing the emphasis I guess). I thought the album was supposed to be released sometime in mid july, anyone heard anything? I can't wait to hear it! And Jeff, I think there is only one release of the BD single so you have the UK release, its the same as mine anyway. I thought there was going to another single released soon as well. Hope so.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jul 13 15:46:15 2001

Ok, Andrew... 2 can "play" at this! ;)

So, all you Cope fans, Fort McMurray's pretty dead. It's a nondescript blaaah town in the blaaah middle of blaaah Alberta, but Andrew's personal VIBRANCE overshadows the environmental blaaah-ness and makes this visit to nowhereland a huge delight for me! Andrew's Andrew-ness is an inspiration! He can't help it, so I'm not worried about jinxing it by writing this! :)

One of the neat things is, I *knew* that Andrew and I would get along. There was never any question about it, no doubt in my mind. He and I had never really corresponded all that copiously over email, but when we *had* written to each other, I think we always "got" what the other person was saying very easily. It was kind of like writing to a longtime friend, when you don't have that impulse to be gushy or over-expository or anything longwinded like that. In other words, I never felt like I had to STRUGGLE or EXPEND/SACRIFICE ENERGY/EFFORT when communicating with him, either in email or (thanks to this visit) in person. Communicating with him is, and has always been, very natural and EASY! [unlike this paragraph-to-everybody, which WAS a struggle - argh!]

Anyway, cool, huh? :) :)



andrew Fri Jul 13 16:26:07 2001

Way cool, you just made me blush! The last time that happened I had just made a small faux pas that came out as a comment about a co-worker's breasts...err here we go, its quickly back to breasts again!

PaulB Fri Jul 13 19:07:28 2001

If I catch any fuckers swearing on this forum there's going to be fucking trouble.

PS Please send me pitchers of nakeds womens with big brests...

worsethanthatitsartjim@startrekking.com http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imjs/me.html Sun Jul 15 16:40:35 2001

I saw Lara Croft Tomb Raider last night. The gratuitous part was those enormous lips but maybe breasts seem different from a boy perspective. A million miles better than Pearl Harbour, although Pearl Harbour is a very funny spoof. Speaking of gratuitous, I've created the above page especially for you Paul - its me naked!


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Sun Jul 15 19:50:13 2001


It's amazing how little things can become big things (fingers - stop it! Stop typing in double entendres!).

I honestly had no idea that making a cheap joke about Andrew's faux pas would lead to all that breast talk.

Honestly I'm not the type of guy who thinks that bodily parts are extremely funny, although I have read the occasional Viz magazine in my time. So bodily parts are not that serious either.

Good on yez all. Brain Donations required all round.

(Anonymous) abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz@123456789 justreadtheposting.com Mon Jul 16 00:23:54 2001

"...although Pearl Harbour is a very funny spoof."

Wait till Chris Tucker and Pauly Shore do The Blitz! Won't that

be hilarious!


AgentOrange Mon Jul 16 09:34:49 2001


PaulB Mon Jul 16 16:34:32 2001

Crikey Izz, you have seriously weird looking feet (But we still love you)

AO Tue Jul 17 04:19:01 2001

You haven't seen my right foot, now thats wierd!

PaulB toes@footofdeath.com Tue Jul 17 05:26:34 2001

My Ghod - you could pick things up with that foot! Those toes are longer than my fingers!!

I'm scared now.....

Nat IwasrockedDJ@ROBBIE.com Tue Jul 17 11:22:44 2001


Sigh... he rocked, I screamed, I lost my voice...brought back memories of Take That...GOD HE IS GORGEOUS...


Sigh.. I saw Robbie at the weekend incase you haven't twigged!!

ROBBIE ROBBIE ROBBIE... for one night only I was a small child again.... I LOVE THAT MAN....

Nat x

(Anonymous) Tue Jul 17 12:14:37 2001


Morfeumbo Tue Jul 17 12:35:25 2001

Hey Nat...I hope you asked him for a quid?

suppose he was to busy... ;-)

Roger Wed Jul 18 07:27:13 2001

Hello, Hello, It's good to be back - it's good to be back.

Yep, after being without a working computer since May 9 (just the right time to lose it, two days before the Blackheath gig) I'm finally back on line.

It's good to see that not much has changed while I've been away.


AgentOrange grippytoes@jackstraws.com Wed Jul 18 07:52:23 2001

Hello Roger - and we just thought you'd choked on too many lollipops! I'll have you know I've changed, at least three times since Blackheath. By August 18th I'll have rotated my entire wardrobe. Good to have you back too Nat. Perhaps a wee tipple is in order?

Nat Cheaptart@sighrobbie.com Wed Jul 18 07:53:43 2001

I asked him for a shag, Morfe, forgot about the quid!! But thats the kinda girl I am.... sigh... ROBBIE AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Welcome back Roger!


Nat Wed Jul 18 07:54:46 2001

Hic deffo on the tipple Izz!

AgentOrange peggy@prolongyourpumbo.com Wed Jul 18 11:51:29 2001

Oooh, don't shag Robbie, he'll squash you. Did anyone hear that programme about nightclub health last night. Apparently `PVC bum' and `nightclub finger' are far more common reasons to go to A&E than drug use. No-one mentioned `wonderstuff wrist'. Perhaps I am the only person to every be afflicted with that...

God Im so bored, I just cleaned the department's kitchen. It amazes me how someone can spill sticky coffee (?) from the top shelf of a cupboard that I have to climb on the fridge to reach and not notice. People!

Boolbar Thu Jul 19 04:18:38 2001

I can understand 'PVC Bum' but dare I ask how you can get 'Nightclub Finger' ? I currently have 'boggled mind'.

AgentOrange afullypaidupmember@nightclub.com wwwwhat.am.i.doing.here? Thu Jul 19 04:45:35 2001

'parently nightclub finger is extremely common so we should all take heed. It occurs when a person reaches the floor to flick what they think is a fag-butt (thats a cigarette-end to all you bemused yanks although flicking fag-butts is not an unusual passtime here) from under their shoe only to discover that it is actually a shard of glass. The result is a long cut right down the finger. Not kidding!

AgentOrange spendingmoneyon@beer.vom wwwwatching.the.girls.go.by Thu Jul 19 04:55:10 2001

Nat. Tues night. The Dungeon. Celebrate me wearing a funny gown and doing silly handshakes. Oh yea! Lets see if we can't invent new nightclub injuries e.g. `Nephilim knee', `Tenpole toenail', `corset armpit'. Oooh, I had `dungeree nipple' once, anyone else had that? I forgot to tell you about `frost-bite of the epiglotis' - this is caused by going to close to the dry-ice machine. Seriously!!!

Morfe Thu Jul 19 06:35:04 2001

Barstaff Tympanum:

A curious buzzing in ones ear resulting from close contact of said auricle with the eager mouth of annoyed barperson shouting , "NO, *THREE* POUNDS FIFTY!"

AgentOrange Thu Jul 19 07:12:39 2001

`lightingrig scalp'

caused by sitting on too tall man's shoulders in too small club

(suffered on 1st Jan 1992, The Arizona, Jerusalem)

`stupidity back'

caused by offering your shoulders to a small-looking girl with beads in her hair

`Floella Benjimim eye'

caused by standing too close to small looking girl with beads in her hair on shoulders of stupid man dancing manically. beads are not attached very well.

(it wasn't me, guv, honest)

PaulB Thu Jul 19 11:40:53 2001

'Cocteau ear'

Caused by standing next to tone-deaf fool trying to sing along with Liz Fraser.

(Suffered at some Cocteau Twins gig by at least 4 of us trying to get away from the buffoon...)

'Izzy foot'

Shaking hands with 'interesting' looking person - then you realise it's HER FOOT!! MUM!!!

AgentOrange isthistheinplacetobe@posse.com Fri Jul 20 06:11:28 2001

`PaulB chin'

Caused by the repetitive beating of your own knee on your chin as odd bloke (who has been standing with a sprooce tree in the corner) comes over and shakes your foot vigarously ;-)

`Rhino Brain'

I got this last night. Not quite sure what happened but I found myself in possibly southampton's second worst nightclub (Rhino) wondering what the hell I was doing amid this goddam scarey funk and R&B or something. I did my damndest to inflict `jackson5 ear' on everyone...

Mark Koch finnflash@home.com Fri Jul 20 15:58:55 2001

Just figured I should post some new on an upcomming Thighpaulsandra release on here, and yes I am new to the group, located out in central NJ, near NYC in the USA.. thats about it:

WSD August New Releases 2001

Thighpaulsandra - Michel Publicity Window CDEP. ESKATON27CD.

Coil & Spiritualized member and eccentric genius Thighpaulsandra's

latest release is the fantastical 4 track CDEP MPW. MPW is a different version from the track that appeared on the hugely successful I, Thighpaulsandra CD&LP. MPW is complemented by 3 brand new tracks exclusively available on this CDEP.

Michel Publicity Window - a single length remix of one of the most

popular tracks from the album 'I, Thighpaulsandra'. Paralysed features the voice of erotic singer Siôn Orgon buried in an Avalanche of lip-gloss and electronics. 'Hovercar Von Düsseldorf' - a distant memory of escape from a damaged Childhood in the Fatherland. Fouled - An invocation of the Godfly Tsunsai with vocals from Thighpaulsandra and John Balance, guitar and bass

from Martin Schellard and Drums from Siôn Orgon.

Digipak cover complemented by the artwork of Peter Christopherson and Jon Balance.

Thighpaulsandra - Piano, Synthesizers, Vocals

Jon Balance - Vocals & Text

Siôn Orgon - Drum Kit, Percussion, Gongs & Bells

Martin Schellard - Guitars & Bass

Butros Muller - Staal - Electronic Percussion.

amazon blueamazonxxx@yahoo.com what am i gonna do without sex. com Sun Jul 22 16:46:34 2001

Well, I'm back, Nat. And from now on I shall be on here every night, being a single mum again does have it's benefits...Now I can spend all night on the internet looking for rude pictures of winkies and boobies. Oh I can hardly contain my excitement....*sob*

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jul 23 10:15:29 2001

New Brain Donor single at HH, Get Off Your Pretty face!Can't wait for the double album!

st Mon Jul 23 10:23:19 2001

cor lummy, it's been a while since I've been in this neck of the woods. Just listened to Queen Elizabeth on WSYM all ugly radio and I must say, he's having a laugh isn't he! I've always been prepared to give the lad a break, but this is like Mr. Bean backed by a low budget hawkwind. Oh well that's one to scratch of my wish list, I'll spend the money on brain donor instead.

Boolbar Wed Jul 25 11:45:52 2001

Hey ! QE2 is a good album.

AgentOrange Thu Jul 26 11:31:18 2001

Who is Dennis Marcelo and why am I in his addressbook? dennis, you have been infected!

Boolbar A file for your attention Open me sucker ! Fri Jul 27 05:24:49 2001

Not the 'sircam' virus ? They are making the buggers more tempting every day.

Boolbar Fri Jul 27 05:30:48 2001

Oh, and Dennis Marcelo probably hasn't got you in his address book.

. . . while most viruses appear to come from someone the recipient knows, this one can also come from strangers because it uses both address books and information stored in the web browser's cache files to search for e-mail addresses.

If you visit a Web page and there is in the HTML (code) an e-mail address included...then that email will be among the recipients if the virus is executed on your machine . . .

Marc Sat Jul 28 07:54:12 2001

Spiritualized.com is running now...

nat teehee@ummthats rude.com Sat Jul 28 12:02:40 2001

You know what exactly I'm talking about Amazon!! Nice photos I must say the look on your face in picture three is fantastic (Though she doesn't actually look anything like you!!)!! He certainly looks a mouthful... whoops I mean handfull... hmmm the rest of you will never know!! ;op nice career move though babe, certainly will pay the bills!!

Hoorah for the new BD single.....

AND Hoorah for the new spiritualized Tour... I shall certainly be going to Ummmm Portsmouth probably...

Sigh I think I may join you later in your new career Amazon - I too be strapped for cash... "2 birds on a scam is worth one on a bush" I was told once!! ;o)

Love you all...

Mothra Sat Jul 28 13:18:26 2001

Ron, headspin total bus service breakdown. Please resend your address!

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca/ Mon Jul 30 13:51:34 2001


Due to the fact that nbci.com has decided to close down its free server space and has kicked everyone off (not that I liked them much anyway) I have moved Trampolene to a new location. There is no marker to the new location at the old one, so please update your bookmarks to the following:


Love and light - Andrew (a.k.a. common era)

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jul 30 13:54:08 2001

oops, forgot me w's...the full address is:


ron Mon Jul 30 21:28:21 2001

s'up mothy baby, big shout out to morphius as well... was hoping to use his return addy to send my donation to BDP, so.... since i finally got in BDP (firewall prob's from work) so got that addy and i'll go ahead an' post to you guys, then you'll have my addy, cool? sorry for not getting back sooner, had a death in the family so been outa sorts past fortnight or so...


Morfe Wed Aug 1 06:38:57 2001

cool Ron, cool.

Mothra Thu Aug 2 10:39:19 2001

Oh were are thy frolics, thy mirth and flippancies?

Hath thou all gone sunning?

Let us hope x

amazon blueamazonxxx@yahoo.com Thu Aug 2 13:42:17 2001

Condolences, Ron. Been a death in my family too. take care, I'll be thinking of you.

amazon x x x

ron Thu Aug 2 22:22:08 2001

many thanks for that ms amazon, i too have been thinking of you. i hope all is well, and that we may share a drink again sometyme. andrew, yes i understand about clearing the head... am probably needing to do same, but then again... well, u-know;) ah... monsignoir morfe, planning to hit the #9 in the a.m. course u-know my luck with that...hmmm ms nat still in 'happily ever after mode'... zeriouzly izzy, iz that the foot u plan to kick my arse with... u make me chuckle an snicker;) oh, roger, bostrum rules! well let's 'get on our bad motorcycles and ride...'

my very best to one and awl,

ron x

Nat Morningalll@yepanotherdayoff.com Fri Aug 3 04:45:35 2001

Morning all!!

Yep my boss is trusting me to work from home again today!! ho ho ho...not when there is a very nice sale on in Habitat!! SHOPPING for me today I feel....

Sorry to hear about your loss Ron, can I be number three as I've also had a loss in the family over the last few weeks!

Everything fine and dandy here in Pagan Blessing Land, steve and me have already started rowing over stuff so its all normal!! Mother was cool about it all, a little confuzed about the fact its not legal but hey she's always had a difficult alternative kinda daughter! ;o)

Sorry I've not been around Morfey - will be soon...keep taking the gin babe!

Back later, need to hoover yeeehaaaaaa.... Oooo does anyone (this is just a query) know of any good naturist sites along the South Coast (apart from Studland)... query for a friend honest guv....

nat xxxx

Roger WSB@BrndsHtch Fri Aug 3 14:32:44 2001

Hi Ron

Yes, I was at Brands Hatch and saw Bostrom take the double. at least it was better seeing him win than that Edwards bloke.

Chili put on a good show both in the race(s) and afterwards....he jumped the pit wall, ran over to the spectator fencing, and proceeded to remove his boots and leathers and throw them to an eager crowd.

I'm still rooting for Pichon in the MX World Series and Pastrana and Windham in the AMA MX championships: touch wood this will be one heck of a year for Suzuki.

Actually, I've just got back from another visit to Brands Hatch, this time for a GSXR Festival organised by suzuki. Kevin Schwantz was a special guest but I didn't get to see him.

Had a great night last night....went to see Alternative TV at the 100 Club in London's Oxford Street. first time I'd since them since the early 80's.

Blessed be


andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Aug 3 17:17:51 2001

Ron, Sorry to hear your having a tough time, (roll one up for me too, its been 5 weeks now, big cravings still!). Went to a funeral myself this week. Phenomenal lady here at work succummed to brain tumor and breast cancer, only 45 too! Very sad, certainly makes you think. Plus my old roommate and good friend Adam just found out his sister has inoperable stomach cancer and has six months max. She had no signs until one day coughed up blood and she is only 39. Take care my friend. Love and light - Andrew

PaulB ss@arc23.com Fri Aug 3 19:39:09 2001

Hey Ron - hope you're managing to get through a tough time. Take care.

ron voted off@island.com Wed Aug 8 23:52:06 2001

thanks for all the many kind words... death is something that is coming closer by day... kinda freaky... anyways, not sure wot to think 'bout the latest address, as it sounds as if it is a uk only thingy... no need to remind you guys that we were british subjects 250 years ago ourselves, so i don't really see how that has any relevance to a few thousand years ago... or maybe it does... given the anti-amerikanizm, and general bashing the usa over at h2h i guess i shouldn't be surprised... not all of us voted for w and if you want to be pissed at someone blame fucking ralph nader... shite, i lived thru 12 long years of ronnie ray-gun and george senior... i aint' xactly happy bout the situation myself... but we get to correct it in 3 years and a few daze away... i don't see you're that much better off with tony, as his w arse kissing was pretty nausiating at genoa... i've a pretty nice offer on attending a 707 show in Swindon or Bristol (thanx lauren ;) hmmm, how sad are we (paulb, andrew, travis, roger) that we don't have all these exotic alter egos? or maybe we are comfortable enuff as ourselves... or not...

love and light x

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Thu Aug 9 21:14:31 2001

Me, yeah, I suppose I am pretty content with life just like it is at the moment. Hmmm, shades of Beth Orton, there...'Today is whatever i want...' etc.

That's not saying I'm completely without an alter-ego, though. As a result of watching too many bike videos of the crash & burn/New York's Finest/Starboyz variety, I seem to have developed an idea that I too was 'born to entertain'. However, having already blown up the engine of my DR800 (Doctor Big) through too many wheelies and having gone over the bars of my DRZ400 while performing a stoppie, I'm starting to wonder how much more pain and expense I have to go through before I start getting it right.

As for Ralph Nader, I thought he was meant to be one of the good guys. I mean, wasn't he the one who came up smelling of roses after the debacle with the private investigators hired by the motor industry? Presumably the whiter than white image has worn thin, or doesn't wash with everyone.

(I actually read Unsafe At Any Speed many years ago....always felt sorry for the paper boy who rode his bike into the back of some Chrysler (or something) and got impaled on the tail-fin.)


Nat alteregoisbatman@superhero.com Fri Aug 10 09:15:27 2001

Wooo Ron mate you seem to be on a bit of a downer!! Come over to Bristol its cool!! Let us UK ladies brighten yer life up!!

Trouble is with having an alter ego is everyone knows exactly who you are so they don't really work!! Maybe we are all just shy Ron!!

We know its not your fault about George Dubya - he's just a twat thats all!! I didn't vote fer Tony Blair so I know exactly how you feel! but we have to put up with what we've got!!

Did you ever see that bird u were with again at Blackheath roger? Or was our Julian a bit much for her!!!!

Keep chirpy Ron the sun is sort of shining!! Things can only get better!!

Nat xxxx

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Aug 10 12:32:05 2001

I can see the point to alteregos on the web, as there are benefits to annonymity, but I've just never been clever enough to come up with one! I have a hard enough time with being myself, never mind anyone else. there is also the fact that I don't really have any reason for one as I have nothing to hide really. Common era is my user name when I have to use one on the web, but I wouldn't say its an alterego, it just the name I use for my design work. I do get a few emails because of Trampolene that are addressed to Common era, but I never hide the fact of who I really am, probably because, as you say nat, people know who you really are anyway - especially at Head Heritage, when people register under new names, but still put in their real email address, so when you run your cursor over the name the address still appears. That always makes me smile!

I watched "Dybya's" address last night about the stem cell thing. It was quite interesting, very political as expected. Anyone else watch it? Thoughts? Reply here please...

(Anonymous) Sat Aug 11 06:59:10 2001



Agent Orange Sat Aug 11 07:35:52 2001


Just sneeked in my old office for a quick surf. Completely failed to get on to the web at home owing to extreme stupidity (forgtten that Id lent someone my modem!!!). Watching Hitchhikers guide last night on video (Ive seen Monkey! episodes 19-21 3 times through now, and Im afraid the novelty will wear off) and was explaining how, in the 80s, all famous people talked like zaphod Beeblebrox to my flatmate when I realised that he reminded me in particular of JC. Is this a very terrible thing to say? One of them only has one head, mind.

See you again soon, sometime. Perhaps in Ron's bar?

Roger rogerwood2Abeeb.net Sat Aug 11 08:04:11 2001

Hi Nat

Yes, we're still seeing each other.....in fact things are going very well indeed. Just 2 or 3 weeks ago we spent a weekend down in Shepton mallet for a National Adventure Sports event which was just like being at the X games or the Gravity Games (apart from the fact it rained).

Is it love? Oh yes: things have now got to the point where I'm quite happy to wash her car for her, so it must be serious.

Although I had initial reservations about taking her to Blackheath (what would she think?) it actually proved to be A Good Idea because that's essentially where it all began to happen.

I'm sure it's no more than co-incidence (vis-a-vis JC/Mrs JC) but did I mention that she's italian?

:) Roger :)

hahaha Sat Aug 11 09:55:14 2001

Izzy, you're not on your own with regards to monsieur beeblebrox, the luverly gurl Basha said only last week to me, "you know, he reminds me of Julian Cope"


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Sat Aug 11 11:52:13 2001

You may be on to something. After all, what other kind of person would come up with a song called Second Head??


PaulB Sat Aug 11 12:57:45 2001

The Zaphod/Cope thing is quite strange. I never really noticed when the series was originally running, but now I can't watch it without thinking of Copey.

The question is, what would JC really be like with an actual 'Second Head'? Would it be totally hoopy or absolute belgium? ;-)

Mothra Sat Aug 11 13:22:29 2001

The question is: WHICH head looks like Copey?

head2head, who's a head, who's ahead, headlice, head off, headshrink, head-ing for oblivionion?

I vote the slower one.

ron sussed@h2h.com Sat Aug 11 21:34:40 2001

hmmm, i've just been called a 'pansy assed brit' (well yesterday i think)... maybe i do have an alter ego? hahaha, oh well, glad the dead president got to ya morfe, use it in good health, and if all else fails have a pint or two... an tell mothra we'll deffo haffa fix those seats, leave 'our' marks so to speak... er roger, gotta well... jeez don' know wot to say... italiano hmmm, berry berry guud ;) on the ralph thang, he like took enuff votes from gore ( uknow the internet inventor) so that gw won... same thing happened with clinton, just opposite... boss ross took enough from gw sr. to give b're bill the big job... so no worries eh paulb, we know who we are and where we live don't we, and maybe a bit coy but don't think i've hid who i am sam, green eggs and ham... oh paulb, hey know how to get a blonde to marry ya? eh? tell her she's pregnant... ;) no offense nat... anyways just got back from the island (again) damn, hadda go back an git my shite... damn cannot freaking believe my own would vote me off like that... just goes to show ya....

ever smiling circles...x (i really like that one, ok for me to use sir morfe?)

Mordicus Sun Aug 12 08:15:52 2001

it's yours Sir Ron. Thanks for the offer of pints too, yet if you look on the site you'll see the maths and your name ;-)

Triple figures! onwards....

Nat girlwiththegoldenhair@agnethamoi?.com Sun Aug 12 14:51:16 2001

Ahhh don't worry about the blonde jokes Ron!! Steve is always doing it!! And how do you think I managed to get him to marry me!! Us 'blondes' are brighter than you fink, I put my foot down and banned shinnanigans in the bedroom/bathroom/kitchen/shed etc!;o) I'd probably class myself as more 'mousey' than blonde and too be honest nothing offends me!!! ;o) I do however have one blonde streak in my hair (natural) so i'm getting there! One day I will become Agnetha from Abba circa 1970's!! She was the 'Girl with the golden Hair' A true babe... sigh...

Shepton Mallet Roger... Shepton mallet, Shepton Mallet by crikey you really know how to treat a girl!!! Did you show her the Babysham deer on top of the Babysham factory!!! Oooooo thats a top tourist spot in them there parts of the world (I be a local from them there parts Roger!! Arrrrrrr)

Andrew - I'm quite cross about 'G.Dubbya' and his Brainstem thing... very confused and very cross... but thats just me!!

Anyway must dash there's a re-run of the programme about the 2nd WW on the tv!

Take care all and remember your a womble!

n xxxx

Boolbar Mon Aug 13 11:22:21 2001

The only reason I don't use my real name on the 'net is that it is the same as a major porn king - no doubt someone wull now point out that 'boolbar' is a sexual position in Uruguay.

amazon ffs@getagrip.com Mon Aug 13 15:44:39 2001

What a saddo.

And what a creep! ;-)

(Anonymous) Mon Aug 13 16:49:03 2001

Yes, the stem cell thing really confuses me too. I can't help thinking I'm being had in some way. Its not that I don't believe in the research, I think it could be vitally important. I try to look at it a bit like organ donors. They are dead, so why not use the body parts if it can help someone else.

I try to view the stem cell thing the same way. I totally believe that life is created at the moment of conception and I don't believe that fetus should be killed just for the research, but I do believe in the right to choose, so part of me thinks well, if these embryos are going to be discrded anyway, whether its from a fertility clinic or an abortion clinic, then why shouldn't we use them?

I'm really torn over this and the uS decision didn't help my confusion any, its like they condemmed it and then in the same breath said but we will carry on with it anyway. I can't help feeling that there is something we don't know going on here.

Having said all that I'm going to change the subject by saying a friend and I went to see a hypnotist's show saturday night. I didn't take part but it was hilarious. I haven't laughed so much in ages.


andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Aug 13 16:50:48 2001

I jumped straight into that post without leaving my name, which is kind of ironic after all the annonymity talk round here! It was me who posted below!

Nat BrainStemBrainStem@baby.com Tue Aug 14 06:01:53 2001

Hmmm my concern Andrew is that sometimes they are not dead!!! Sorry to be gross and morbid!! For a short breath and moment in time these 'babies' can be alive and thats what concerns me and you by the sound of it! I do think that this research can help alot of people, but I am concerned about the age of these babies at the point of research, whether they are a couple of weeks or 24 weeks on, and the fact we don't know exactly what happens too them when they get to the lab... I don't know and its scarey stuff!!

I too am not anti-abortion everyone has the right to choose but I really don't like the idea of these researchers playing god whether its with a mouse or a embryo!!

Anyway onto something a little more cheerier anyone out there seen 'Man in the Moon' with Jim Carey? What a great film, I loved it... Can anyone tell me - is Andy Kauffman really dead???? hmmm who was the bloke at the end of the film.... loved it and for all my slagging Courtney Love looked beautiful in it!!

Boolbar hmmm Porn King tut men... all they tink about is porn - I bet your name is something like Bernard Smith or something!! ;op

amazon you can talk you pervert nat@disgusssssting.com mind you, so can i@sex maniacs and willy pictures galore.com Tue Aug 14 08:06:41 2001

Not just men, Nat ;)

Nat mepervert@never.com Tue Aug 14 09:08:11 2001

Hmmmmm you're the one with the rude pics Amazon!! I'm so sweet and innocent I had to ask Steve what was going on in the one you sent me! I really didn't know you could do that with a hmmmmmm.... say no more!! ;o)

Where are you babe? Hmmm o.k.?

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Aug 14 10:10:34 2001

Nat, you summed up my biggest conecrn exactly! I don't think that that is a problem with stem cell research because the embryo is only a couple of days old, its just a collection of cells basically, but for me it still comes back to the question of when life starts. I believe that all life is sacred and a gift that shouldn't be abused in any form. But as I said, I'm torn because the potential that is in stem cell research is quite remarkable. Stem cells are the cells that can turn into any kind of cell in the body and so could be used to help all kinds of diseases. Interesting talk, thank you!

Boolbar Tue Aug 14 10:17:07 2001

Stem cells can be removed from embryos at about 4 days old onwards. I've no idea how old the embryos are that are created for IVF but I suspect they are in the first week. Note that stem cells for research have been removed from aborted foetus's as well as from unwanted IVF embryos.

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Tue Aug 14 18:35:40 2001

Ages and ages ago someone asked whether they had stone circles and stuff over in Europe.

Here's a page (found by my girlfriend Patrizia) that might be of some interest: www.stonepages.com/france/france.html

I think there are some in Holland, too.


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Tue Aug 14 18:48:15 2001

Oh yeah, and if anyone wants to see what I look like there's a couple of pictures of me at www.racer-net.co.uk


st Wed Aug 15 09:08:35 2001

all that leather gear roger - amazon will like that

ron doctor doctor@gimme da news.com Wed Aug 15 20:08:40 2001

izz there a doc in the house? heh, i crack myself up sometimes... any hoo el roger rabbit biker guy, couldaa nota getta tu yo site... hmmm, how bout that carlo rossi in 125cc... eh, coincidently he also has been responsible for a very cheap brand of wine in my country for the past 25+ years;). rite then, gw sez no matter what he said the other nite that that was what he meant and he will not change his mind no matter what research should yield (whatever it wuz he say'ed) cuz he has about as much an idea wot he said as i do... saddo, cors i voted not to clone meself as even though the mistakes made, corrected, and good times might be twice as good, i'd be afraid the bad would be... well u know... twice as bad... hmmm, think it possible that genetic clones of our selfs could carry 'memories' thru the dna and thus create super intelligent/insane 5th generation freaks.... er... lookout! anyhow i would deffo vote to clone morfe, amazon, nat-a=lee, izzy, roger, paulb, andrew, travis, lauren, pamela;), gillian, colette, penny, sethman, julian, dorian, joann, venessa, louise, thighp etc, et al, and so on...and we could all live in some delicously exotic place....and yes, amazon (and nat) u could be naked if you want too;) ican't believe how shrimps popularity has growed since he became jigsaw... anyone goin to nyc for the coil dealio? i had to drive to the island twice and back last week so think i'll pass...cors those goth's kinda creep me out anyways huh trav? and nyc has got to be their capital, like they don't call it "gotham city" for nuthin...

The ancient delivery of transcripts from the Shaman says...

He who seeks the light becomes the guardian... and speaks the hope.

-- Siegfried & Roy

peace, love and that circle deal...

ron x

amazon whatacheeki'mnotthatkindofgirl@whatdoyoutakemefor?.com Thu Aug 16 05:18:18 2001

What? Who? Where? Are you talking about me? Are you trying to say I'm some kind of pervert, st? I'll have you know I am an innocent young virgin and I wouldn't dream of looking at such rude pictures. And let's face it, if it involves men and leather, it's got to be rude. I know what you men are like. Nothing like me at all. I am just easily influenced, that's all....isn't that true, Nat? It's all Morfe's fault, he made me do it! He FORCED me! Honestly!

And Ron, purlease, do you want everyone to run away screaming? You could have someone's eye out with those ;)

whoa Ron! Thu Aug 16 08:03:19 2001

Wonder if they could clone a new me without the HLA B27 factor that eats my joints? Wow, then I could swap souls into the new body and bBQ the old one, send it on a raft out to sea and partaaaaY!

Of course, let's just unleash one of each of us on the world, thats enough surely!

Mothra Thu Aug 16 08:05:41 2001

sorry that last post was me.

Summer storms and thoughtforms, ever smiling circles and new dawns.

XXX Away for me hols, later taters. (PS phwooaar, dig that pic of Roger on his 'turbo'!, raaowl owooooooo!)

amazon Thu Aug 16 12:29:05 2001

Have a fantastic time, Morfey. Don't do anything I wouldn't do ;)

(And keep away from all that clotted cream and custard) Devon knows why they make it so nice.....etc. etc.

I'll update you with the Matt story when you get back. It's getting pretty steamy now ;) nothing like the risk of getting caught, eh?

Secrets and lies x x x

nat Oooonaughtybutnice@putonastone.com Fri Aug 17 11:20:01 2001

Hmmmm you watch them there devonshire lasses Morfe!! Oooooo they like more than jam on their crumpets! ;op have a good holiday...

As for you young lady amazon!! I was that sweet wholesome lass until I met you!! You is so roood! But I love ya! But I do share yer passion for men in leather! And morfe is terribly forceful that I do know ;o)

You better tell me the Matt saga too - can't leave me mid story I want all the gory details! I like steamy!! Oh yes... steamy and leather hmmm I'll go and ponder on that for a while hmmmmm.....


amazon tellyoulater@waitandsee.com Girlsandboysandgirlsandboys@myhousethisweek.com Fri Aug 17 11:48:42 2001

Hahahahahaha! Nat, you're a girl after my own heart!

Off to see Matt again tonight, wooo-hooo! (I call him Matt-Double-D, I'll explain later)

Anyway, I'll speak to you soon, young lady.......and stop trying to corrupt me.

Roger curious@curiouser Sat Aug 18 15:13:28 2001

Eh?.....so what's that you're saying, Amazon....that he's got big t*ts!?

OK, don't tell me - I shoulda known better than to ask.


ron Now, THAT's a party@vital idol.com Sun Aug 19 22:06:08 2001

wwwoohh, dude... according to billy, he wouldn't leave the hotel, so... they sent in the army, strapped his ass down to a streacher and shipped him out a thailand... damn never heard of anyone getting kicked outa thailand for anything... er...lookout! just picked up new iggy hmmm... jury still out, but not bad so far for an aging punk, interesting i-view in maxim, cors they also managed to make lego land look very dull, guess they didn't get the 'behind the scenes' view i got recently; )

...is it the weekend yet...

Jenn Mon Aug 20 05:06:26 2001

Hey All,

Anybody know what songs are on the Cope Collection due out next month?


Marc Mon Aug 20 11:33:10 2001

Julian is rumoured to play some gigs on Mainland Europe in November while promoting the Brain Donor Album...

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Aug 21 15:23:41 2001

Re: Message below

most of you have probably seen it at HH, so I'll quote it straight from there, sorry Marc, doesn't look like there will be any mainland gigs:

"Re. Brain Donor: The album - Love, Peace & Fuck - has been put back by one week. It is now scheduled for release during the first week of September. I'll let you know the exact date as soon as I can. We've had lots of emails asking if Brain donor/Julian will be touring Europe in the next couple of months - no, Julian is going to do some press in a few European cities in the beginning of September and that's it. (There is, however, the likelihood of a solo Julian Aberdeen date in October.)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Aug 25 17:24:10 2001

Wow! Droolian happened to be on as I was unpacking my groceries a few minutes ago, and for the first time ever, I really enjoyed it! I "got" it... Its whole trippy, chaotic, intimate ditty-dabbling. I GOT it! Wow! Took me *how* many listens???

I totally didn't except to GET anything from it. In fact, the only reason I'm listening to it is that I am going through all my CDs in order. (I'm trying to decide which, if any, to sell or trade.)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Aug 25 17:49:37 2001

On some recent jogs through the Bellingham hills, I was listening to Joe Silva's interviews with Julian, dated circa Jehovahkill and autogeddon. In the Autogeddon one, Julian mentions his intent to release "Superstar", an ambient-ish record. Did this eventually become Queen Elizabeth, or is this something else?

Also, he talks about "Propheteering" (the book) as being a collection of notes, poems, etc. It would be a cool thing to see!

Another question: do you think julian has ended up making money off of his books? Did "Head On" make him money, and if so, how much (more than releasing an album)? How about "The Modern antiquarian"?

One of the reasons I'm curious is that in one of the interviews, Julian says he wishes he could live off in the country with his family and never come into the city. He seemed (to my ears, at least) to really begrudge the fact that he *had* to keep dragging himself into the cities to perform and sell books and albums.

Of course, once he was UP on stage or in the presence of his fans, everything's cool. But he'd much rather (as I understood it) not have to deal with all the other stuff, the overhead of getting into the city, getting everything set up, dealing with business people, etc.

So, if books end up making him more money, and he doesn't have to come into town as often... Maybe andrew is right... Maybe it would no longer be in Cope's best interest to pursue music as a main career. Of course, he'd probably always play music at home, and might even make some recordings there... More Skellingtons and Droolians and rites would not be a bad thing!!!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Aug 25 23:21:19 2001

Hi guys! I updated my main Cope page... Changes some links, updated the tribute CD ordering info, changed some colors... Nothing big. it was more of a test to see how quickly I can publish to the website from across the country. Anyway, if you notice anything screwed up on my site (bad links, missing images, etc.) please let me know!


AgentOrange Sun Aug 26 11:37:58 2001


Just burning my M&Ds phonebill on the way back from 32 hours of karate hell - Im a brown belt now. That wasn't achieived without a little blood and a lot of sweat and tears (not kidding - I discovered I can cry better than a baby).

Nothing else to say, except I hope I get a job soon cos this limited internet access is beginning to turn me into a social creature. Wierd.


ron upwards@45 degrees.com Sun Aug 26 22:02:55 2001

eh up... congrats on that mz izzy. hmmm, Andrew thanks for the, ahem, 'heads' up; ) sounds as if the 'proper' fans are as unwelcome as us north americans... well, glad for the updates trav, they look great and certainly happy the link for trampoline works, maybe chris will get the H2H links working also... does anyone else have a problem with the bd site? my poor little pc hyperventilates and then goes into shock.... eh yo... anyways looks like denver for october not london... oh well there's always spring. I seriously dig the whole bd dealio, but in listening to mucho, peggy, autogedden, jehoviahkill last couple of daze and thinking upon the solo gigs, i'm all for another efffort of protest songs in that vien... dunno wot julian makes from the books, but must be e-nuff. otherwise he'd do a us tour and bank some serious cash. i suspect he could do 3 sold out shows in NYC and LA, and hit chicago, dallas, denver etc... types where forward thinking mofos reside en masse... or not.. oh that was valentino rossi there roger, sorry still getting up to speed as we've just started getting those races on the telly in the last 5 or 6 weeks for the first time ever... been awful chilly on that number 9 mothra dude... hmmm, from russia with love ms amazon...

not heard about a cope collection out next month? could there possibly be anything left to release?

ron x

Nat Americano@bluejeans&chinos.com Mon Aug 27 03:39:04 2001

Julian won't do America coz he has to fly guys!! Maybe you should plan to build a very long bridge across the sea, then you might get to see him! ;op

Congrats Izz - hows the toenail babe!! Speak soon....

I think he's made enuf cash from records and books, I certainly couldn't afford to live where he lives in N. wiltshire, its beautiful but expensive, he's in the country and when you live in the country who the hell wants to visit the city!! 1. the air is dirty and you get black bogies!!

Anyway better get on need to feed the cats and wake Steve up!! Hmmmmmm

nat xxx

Marc Mon Aug 27 09:33:41 2001

I have problems with the Brain Donor site as well. I even tried a different computer, but it didn`t work either. I got in touch with holy Mc Grail, but he couldn`t help me. It looks like I have to live without it.

I have always wondered if julian made enough money out of his releases for the whole family. Or is Dorian working as well ? I don`t know, I don`t think the Cope family is "rich" - though they probably even don`t want to be rich.

ron Mon Aug 27 15:30:18 2001

and here i was thinking the drude's trip was about inclusion, not exclusion...

Holy chris@kleber.net Tue Aug 28 19:19:40 2001


I don't know why the Brain Donor site doesn't work for some people - there's certainly nothing extreme going on there, and every platform I've tested it on seems to handle it fine. :-(

For those of you that can't get in, it's bright green and headache inducing. And it's got loads of wallpaper downloads that are essentially all the same.

And that's about it.

On the other hand, The Modern Antiquarian contains no such gimmicks or silliness and should work beautifully for all.

Harsh but fair.


Love from Holy. xx

Roger St@us.quo.com? Tue Aug 28 20:45:33 2001

A thought just occurred to me about the 'good old days' which I might as well mention before I turn this thing off for the night.

Whatever happened to The Cramps?

They were - as I remember - a bit like The Damned.....but better.


PS yeah, Ron, I figured you meant Valentino (Rossi). I don't know if young valentino is related to the famous ice cream family but I can tell you that francis Rossi certainly is.

(Roger's claim to fame #73: when I was 10 [1967] I went to school with the son of the manager of Status Quo, and everyone in my class got to hear the first pressing of Pictures Of Matchstick Men. We could sing all the words - and make nying, nying, nying noises for the guitars - long before it reached the charts)

Roger Cur@e's.Egg Wed Aug 29 19:58:34 2001

Just saw a new CD in the Country section at the library and got it out simply because I hadn't seen it before. It's Chore of Enchantment by Giant Sand.

Some of it's oK, but it wasn't hard to find enough tracks to ditch to get it down from 1hr to 45mins.

It's weird...a kind of cross between Eels and Lou Reed, with a hint of that "Get Yourself A Gun" theme tune from The Sopranos for good measure.

One thing's certain - it sure ain't Country.


Nat Whatsthematter@winge.com Thu Aug 30 11:16:17 2001

Julian H Cope - whats the matter with you lot at the moment... on blooming HH everyone is winging about the British Museum tixs (All good things come to those who wait), on here Ron is moaning about Julian not visiting the USA. People are moaning about wether julian earns enuf cash and if he's rich... The Brain Donor thingie doesn't work for everyone!! It's not the end of the world...bloody hell guys STOP WINGING... its sunny and theres lots of things to do out there, our lives aren't ruled by blooming Julian!!

I thought you lot were a happy bunch tut... or are you all having a simultaneous 'time of the month'!!! ;o)

CHEER UP AND sTOP MOANING!! When ever I pop in here its like an episode of 'Kilroy' (Bad version of Jerry Springer) 'Is he rich or not', 'My Braindonor won't work', 'Does the British Museum really have tickets'...... you lot I don't know....

I'm happy, don't really care if I get Julian tixs not a problem, I'm off to see the Orb and Spirtualised and The charlatans... Julian isn't my life (Maybe he is for some of you! Hmmmmm)

Nat xx

Mothra Thu Aug 30 13:09:36 2001

Oooh, Nat, that was a whinge and a half ;-)

ron wotsamattau@moan.com Thu Aug 30 13:24:01 2001

wuzn't aware i wuz 'moaning' about his coming over to the states, thot i wuz just stating that by coming here he could (probably) bank some serious cash if he needed to... (radio edit) ... yadda yadda yadda,

later homies,

ps. shrimp is rite, u really should pick up the trash...

Nat youwot? Fri Aug 31 04:49:07 2001

Ron I don't get ya - is it yer american sense of humour???? SHrimp & Trash.. I never EVER EVER drop litter eVER...so how can I pick up the trash ;o)

My 'Discover Odin' tixs arrived to day - all good things come to those who wait! Anyone else having probs, just write with an SAE Sent it tuesday tixs arrived to day!! Sigh... ;o)

AND there is another save Silbury Demo on the 8th September - picnic, real ale blah blah blah... anyone want a lift from Southampton let me know!! ;o)

Ron keep taking the tablets love!

nat xx

Mothra Sat Sep 1 19:10:03 2001

Here it's blowing doors shut and windows open, Selene is covered raggedly with a silver tarpaulin, and is that long eared or northern hawk. Alone on the dark.

I don't know.

Hey Nat, you never did write that PJ Harvey review you promised !

Nat Sun Sep 2 14:51:45 2001

Ooooo ummm PJ Harvey Review hmmmmmmmmmm... oh yeah - 'its really good'!! There you go!

Morfey hun - Yarky is having a dig on the U-Know!! Tee hee I won't bite uses the phrase *duh* ooo sounds grown up hey!! I'll just be really grown up and kick them in the shins when we meet!!!

Speak later babe - I'm knackered and off to bed zzzzzzzzzzz...

nat xxx

ron Mon Sep 3 14:46:15 2001

coincidentally, that was my plan for u nat my love... to sneak up and kiss u on the chins... er... tablets?

Nat Tue Sep 4 03:23:04 2001

Oooo u saucey boy Ron xx

AgentOrange izzy@gisajob.com Tue Sep 4 13:35:39 2001


I see old BROOOCE won the last HH comp. I guess if you nag them long enough. Brue is a lovely abbreviation.

Im very happy about this months question cos Ive been reading all up on norse mythology quite independant of DIscover Odin cos I am doing a story about thor this thorsday. Trouble is, if you read the prose edda I think odin is actually something like thors grandson 26 times removed which is rather wierd. so who knows who his mum is. now theres a conundrum. am i talking poo again?

nice to see you sat nat. does steve evva come down?

Nat Higherthanthesun.com Wed Sep 5 15:14:37 2001

Hellooooooooo Izz!!

Maybe the question should be does Nat ever come down!! Had a fantastic discussion after we left you the long forgotten Joey Santiago and how is was the forgotten Pixie!! Sigh... and the absolutely gorgeous Kim Deal came into conversation too.. dream woman sigh!! ;op Loved yer scooter, thinking about getting ourselves a couple now - so watch out Southampton! tee hee..

Good to see ya Izz, lets not leave so long next time!!

Can't do avebury on Saturday - car broken boo hiss... I'm getting a horse.

Speak soon hun... any news on yer tixs?

Nat xx

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Thu Sep 6 10:26:58 2001


Well walked into HMV this afternoon and I was taken back by the 40 lime green slip cases of Brain Donors new offering Love Peace and Fuck looking at me........

I had to get a copy the tracks are

So there you go russ out and buy one!


AgentOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com Thu Sep 6 11:01:53 2001

I was very good today and I turned back when only minutes from city centre with all its record shops. Instead I fed my swimming addiction. 3 times this week. Im starting to turn blooo. Is love peace and fuck good? I rather like LAMF except when the guitar goes WEEEEEEE! which pisses me off.

Great night Nat. You're right you two were wired but hell it was fun. I didn't get to sleep for hours. ended up watching shite TV til the early hours. Its wonderful not having to get up in the morning. Just applied for a job at the council. Im sure they wont be able to resist my charms...

In the city library today (Oh how I love my free time!) reading about EVERYTHING. read about the Cerne Abbas giant in a guide to hampshire and dorset. The author said "long been a fertility symbol and place of pilgrimage for childless women. they would sit on the appropriate part and wish hard". WISH HARD? Ive never heard it called that!!!

Now home to eat (I keep forgetting, been living off malt loaf for 24 hours) and work through this tale of Thor and derring do for tonight. Anyone coming?

shrimp Thu Sep 6 17:17:39 2001

hi peeps - whats up - i thought that u had all gone up with the mothership!

shrimp and the trash

(thats my new band name!)

or should it me brand name!

cherish to ya all

Mothra Fri Sep 7 03:11:12 2001

Hi Shrimp! I don't know whassup, but down revolves and sideways tends to obfuscate something otherwise contrary. I just sneezed and snot came out. We aren't the most civilised lifeforms.

PS Erna Schmidt and Can are rocking my world. Schmidt is a bit of a Zep/Tull thing, but it must be expansive else I wouldn't dig it. Unless it was uber-cheese then I would for the hell of it.

Secret Agent Love Muffin, the goods are in abeyance. Please proceed to platform 11 and listen for the 'bing' near the rubbish bins. Someone will offer you a radish. The correct response is: "Was diss?" They will say "Radish", you will say: "Gladys".

Do not utter anything else, take the camera and leave the station. I repeat do *not* attempt to befriend the bag-person..no..stop..doh. It's all over.

(Anonymous) Fri Sep 7 03:33:47 2001

PS, Izzy, reviews for Love Peace, and Fuck are prety unanimously good. I've ordered a copy, and then remembered the BDP auction, so it's going directly out again if you're interested! Reserve less than I bought it for. Doh!

Hangs self.

Swim on, blue-orange thing..

Nat Muffind'amore@yerservice.com Fri Sep 7 07:37:51 2001

grrrrrrr tiger....... tee hee.....

Agent Love Muffin is raring to go babe! I've warned her about the man with the goods, but will she listen tut nO....she's just a tart I'm afraid, so when the goods arrive at your end via the man with the red van - don't send the film to Boots for processing you know how they are with rudey nudey pics!! tee hee ;op

Izz - sorry we were a little odd on Saturday - we too sat up for hours, should have come back to ours could have sat up together!!

Can't afford the LPF album this month... so won't be reading any reviews at all...

Marc starchamber1@gmx.de Fri Sep 7 13:43:27 2001

for you Spz freaks,

there is an exclusive website to promote the new album :




Mothraaa Sat Sep 8 17:11:39 2001
Today is a trumpet,
Not a strumpet,
Tomorrow is another,
Under the covers,
Yesterday is not,
Nor the day before,
And every day I walk on through,
shuts a yesterday door.
Today is a trumpet,
Not a strumpet,
Know it, but most of all
blow it!


ron Mon Sep 10 20:53:53 2001

curse you roger and your matchstick men... lately whenst i check-in that song gets stuck in me head for daze ;) how'd my boy bostrom do in sweeden? i missed it, but i'm sure the umbrella girls were awesome... hope that love life is pegged at 10000! which reminds me, well actually I found a nice thanks, for feeding a homeless sot'on person for xmas, i need to do that again... anyways rover deal is dead, someone beat me to it, so it'll be interesting to see how the chaps fair... check that 9 mothra, 12" must be stuck betwixt here and there, funny things are everywhere. andrew hope the air is fine;) either way i've got ya covered.


[ironic last word, considering what happened next... -- Trav]

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Sep 11 10:25:14 2001

Rudly awakened this morning by images of planes flying into skyscrapers. This is another sad day in mankind's history, I hope our children will forgive us all. Not sure what scares me the most, the fact that days like this happened or the fear of the president's reaction, right now it is probably the latter. May the goddess/god give light to all those affected and protect all the world's creatures in the days ahead. Light a candle folks, a fucking big candle.

Morfe Tue Sep 11 10:32:55 2001

The latter, the former, the whole freaking lot Andrew. shocking news.

Yes, light candles America, please not bombs. Shit shit shit.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Sep 11 12:57:32 2001

Hmm, what a sickening way to wake up! :(

Random thoughts:


Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Tue Sep 11 19:14:45 2001


Having been in the city; having seen the smoke towers and not being able to get to our home in Staten Island, my wife and I, now safe again, are watching the filmed footage of the carnage. I can only implore all to simply pray for the all those who needlessly perished. Please no fingerpointing at random until the facts are in and then and only then bring those responsible to swift justice.

I am not a man who believes in reactionary violence, but when the time is right and there is a clear line as to who did this, please God, let the payment be whole--now I say an eye for an eye; no appeasements.

The Pentagon--a "no-fly zone"? Someone knows more than they've been letting on.

Trav--yes, sir, I am alright--tired from walking until we found a subway running to Brooklyn, which connected us to the bus back to Staten island (the ferry was not running at that point). Thankfully, the lovely Liz was a few blocks away from my office at her dentists', so I left work, got her and began the emotional trek home.

I am now seeing the filmed footage for the first time and I am numb. My hands are shaking; my mind is racing; my heart is heavy and the only word that keeps coming out of my mouth is "surreal". A nightmare that I saw parts of with my own eyes.

My college was just one block away from the WTC; I worked there in my youth as a messenger; it was our way into Hoboken, New Jersey by train--and now it's all gone and there is no way to begin counting the souls lost.

What the fuck is all this about, anyway? Somebody please tell me why.

God bless you all and be safe

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Tue Sep 11 20:24:31 2001

Hi All

At the moment I'm a bit upset at watching the deaths of thousands of people live on TV from New York. Couldn't sleep...nightmare material...Glad that Rob is OK. Hope all our American friends are ok.

Absolutely incredible....this can't be good for the world in any way shape or form. It's just so easy to destroy things rather than create beauty. How can one be moderate and reasonable in the face of this stuff? Must support moderation though, please don't rush to judgements...How would a moderate muslim in New York feel at the moment....Millions of scrambled thoughts...

We're a long way away here in Australia but people were stunned on the way to work, like being at a funeral. People from every country will be affected by this - we have Aussies missing in the Pentagon crash, a few were on the hijacked planes, many worked in the WTC.

When the inevitable reaction comes i hope it is not indiscriminate and is on target - everyone knows it will come.

Think I'll go and cry somewhere.


Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Tue Sep 11 21:15:44 2001

Hello again, friends--

Needed to come back on here again after watching the endless footage of today's events.

Malachy--extra special blessings to you for your foresight, kind words and good sense. You are correct--a moderate Muslim would shun this kind of violence--whether it be the Old Testament, New Testament, Qu'aran, torah--it makes no difference--the word of God is LOVE--not mindless murder. I feel and fear for many of the good people who make up the Arab community in New york--let us all pray for a swift conclusion to this with no further bloodshed of innocents.

I want so badly to cry; to see live footage of people leaping to their deaths; to see the plane hit WTC 2... I can't say anything coherent.

Is there a way back to quasi-sanity? A way back to smiling and feeling okay again? Or is this the beginning of heightened paranoia

due to a real threat? 200 brave firefighters feared dead; at least 100 brave police officers feared dead. And the count cannot even begin.

I feel like I'm viewing a bad hollywood creation. Only it's painfully, horrifically real.

I thank God I'm safe; my wife is safe; my friends and family are safe and that I have a forum to voice what I feel at this moment. Thank God for you all.

shrimp Wed Sep 12 17:17:13 2001

three loud words shouting from the rooftops across the world


Boolbar Thu Sep 13 06:47:14 2001

I still find the last few days events somewhat unreal. the worries are also there - what if no firm evidence can be found to place blame ? Will the US gov. save face by blaming and bombing the most likely suspect(s) ? What if one terrorist group has left 'evidence' to place the blame at another groups feet in order to create a 'holy' war.

I hope some good comes out of this - somehow.

(LP&F) . . . speaking of which, is it any good ? Or is it as one reviewer said, a complete waste of julian Cope's talents.

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Thu Sep 13 11:10:43 2001

Well Hi everyone..........I've been watching TV over last couple of days just like everyone else and i'm still waiting to hear about a couple of friends but its not looking that good at the moment....I have seen things that I hope I will never see again and the twin towers hold a special place for me as its where I asked my wife to marry me, stood on the top looking out over the most magical city in the world, so I've listened to the TV and people talking about how people should react to the problem. With this new method of terrorism it could have been anywhere in the world that was hit. I have thought long and hard before even trying to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I've had it with the people who say America should be careful before it puts the blame on to a group or person. It won't belong before one of these groups get their hands on nuclear weapons! Bin Laden has the cash and the contacts so should America strike out at these people, should the rest of the world sit back and wait for the next act......These terrorists who planned this mission have had the effect they desired, America sealed off and the world markets plunged into a great hole......An untold amount of human lives wiped out....Every news channel in the world showing endless pictures.....Every news paper in the world full of whats happened......They have done what they wanted to and had the effect they desired they will not stop at this, they will always be looking for bigger and more deadly ways to prove a point....

Well thats made me feel a bit better....I'm sorry about that!

My thoughts go out to andy-Jess-Tom-Jake and Debbie who are still hoping their Dad's/Husbands come home.


andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Sep 13 13:24:16 2001

No apologies required Russ. Thank you for sharing your feelings. It is a wonderful thing that we have forums like this where we can openely express anything we feel.

When all this first came down my first instincts were to visit Rail On and Head Heritage, to read and to comment, because I knew there were like minded souls there. Even though these events haven't directly affected me, I think we all have been changed. I feel an emptiness inside and a deep sadness.

Travis, if you are reading this, thank you for making Rail On available to us all, and much gratitude to all at Head Heritage too. Your roles are important in ways I cannot explain, but just the fact, as I said, that I came here first before cnn or any of the others, says something I believe. It is a comfort knowing all of you are there and again, as I said, no one should apologise EVER for how they feel and we should all be encouraged to express our feelings, after all, this is Rail On, and rail on and on we should.

Love and light.

PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu Sep 13 16:47:36 2001

Some useful telephone numbers/websites:


UK: 08457-711-711

CA: 1-888-2-DONATE



Emergency Info:


Nat Fri Sep 14 06:48:00 2001

As said Rail on is a forum for us to say what we feel - so please don't get me wrong.....

My feelings and wishes of peace go out to you all in the uSA, I cried, please don't get me wrong when I write this - Please please please please please please please please please don't get angry with the Middle East and bomb the fuck out of them please please please..... Don't start the next war by just letting G W Bush and advisors bomb whoever he thinks did it.... think of the women and children in the Middle East or where ever who are innocent in all this - they too have lost friends and family in all this!! PLEASE... two wrongs don't make a right we are all guilty in all this.... We have 2 religions in northern Ireland fighting with each other and shouting abuse to 5 year old children as they cross an estate - just because they are of the wrong religion - we are all guilty in this....

Anger is a very difficult thing and I really do hope you all find your missing relatives and friends I am devastated about whats happened!! But please think, make sure you know.... I don't want another World war, not yet!

Wishes blessings and hugs of peace to you all in the USA....

nat xx

Thinking Out Loud Fri Sep 14 16:30:23 2001

This is a tough question...

How do we prevent future terrorist attacks on the US?

1. Reduce the MOTIVATION for future attacks, by:

a. punishing enemies who attack [and their supporters]

b. rewarding enemies who DON'T attack

c. turning enemies into neutrals or friends

2. Reduce the ABILITY of future attacks by eliminating:

a. the PEOPLE who attack [chemically, perhaps...]

b. the TOOLS of attack [disband airlines, magically remove all weapons from the earth...]

c. the OPPORTUNITY to attack [cease international travel, require passengers to travel naked, unconscious, and/or strapped to chairs]

Hard questions. I don't think we can get rid of the tools. We can probably get rid of most of the people who are motivated to attack, but we'd also get rid of a bunch of "innocent bystanders" in the process... I think reducing the opportunities could work, but America's all about "freedom" so I think it's unlikely that we're gonna go to [sufficient] extremes as far as limiting people's opportunities to behave in a potentially destructive manner.

So, I guess we're left with reducing the MOTIVATION for attack. We can punish the current batch of terrorists, but haven't we done that before? I have the feeling that punishment might not work as a motivation reducer.

Well, there's two options left... we can REWARD enemies who don't attack us; this is basically like paying the bully lunch money for every day he doesn't punch you. If an organization declares itself an America-Hater, and demonstrates that it has the ability to disrupt American life, then we would somehow PAY that organization to not attack us. What sort of payment would they require? Rolls-Royces? American women? More guns? Bigger guns? Nukes?

I think the bully-paying approach might actually work, and could, in the long run, turn a group from being our enemies into being neutrals or friends.... Who knows, though... I've never been violent, so I don't know the motivations behind people who are violent; I don't know what would truly appease them.

The other option is to somehow make our enemies not hate us so much. This is the diplomatic approach. Is this doable? I don't know. There are groups of people out there that have been killing each other for millenia. Again, I don't understand their motivations, so i don't know what's involved in dissolving a nationalistic grudge.

There's actually a third category:

3. Change the TARGET of attacks by:

a. get enemies to fight other enemies

b. get enemies to fight our allies

The first option is tantalizing; let the terrorists fight each other until they are exhausted (or destroyed). hopefully they'll stayinterested in killing each other and will forget about us...

As for the final option, most of our allies are peace-loving and would not appreciate being thrown into a war with terrorists. However, we might have *some* allies who'd love a chance to fight terrorists, though... We could give them money and weapons to do so...

Anyway, those are just some thoughts...

Obviously, the most "humane" and "ideal" thing to do would be to befriend our enemies; how long would that take, though?

The quickest solution is probably to simply eliminate entire countries (or continents), either using chemicals or nukes.

Of course, there's always yet another question:

What about the Ted Kazinskies of the world?

Answering out loud. Sat Sep 15 07:28:45 2001

Interesting post. But you know as well as I do that america's gigantic economy/arsenal is the only thing involved, on all levels.

Some Americans at the top DO know what has motivated such attacks, yet they choose not to tell their people lest they stop waving the flag and turning the US machine.

Every President enters a part of hamlet, he can never be honest to his people, the crimes of the past are never spoken, instead "WE are democracy, WE are the free world, WE have never hurt a fly but in our interests"

I can't condone these terrible acts we witnessed on Tuesday any more than I can condone the US response. They appear the same.

Where do you think the phrase 'dumbing down' came from? that's a legacy.

As Ghandi said when asked what he thought about Western Civilization: "It's a fine idea..."

Find out who did it, find out WHY, bring them to justice, and then let us see America put it's cards on the table about ALL of it's developing world involvements over the last 50 yrs, THEN let's see if we can build bridges. But you and I know that American being honest is, well, it's unlikely.

America: A nation that sells guns. Never forget that, no matter what your own self image.

Nat Sun Sep 16 03:40:00 2001

Two good posts there but put yer names on them!! ;op

I would like to know what America plans to do 'if' by some chance the terrorists turn out to be American - like the Oklahoma Bomber who they assumed was from another part of the world... will they still bomb Afganistan - just for the hell of it hmmmm or say 'whoops Mr binlanden we accused you wrongly we are sorry'!!(I know its not likely but you never know do you!!)

Think of the innocents in all this, please....

Nat xx

Mothra Sun Sep 16 07:10:01 2001

Agent LM, second post was of course me, but I do go on so much I decided to be incognito. So there.

Answer to war = give everyone a pina colada and talk about it. Drinks on me. (De-commission all weapons first of course).

Anyone heard from Ron? I worry about that dude..

Ron, the no. 9 is heading to the hills. Peace to America.

My dearest friend you can,
My dearest friend you can,
You can get well,
You can heat up,
You can heat up get well surely you can
My dearest friend don't go,
My dearest friend don't go,
Don't go to war,
Don't choose to go,
You will not win down the the cursed path
of war...
This is the future of an illusion
Aggressive culture of despotism
Living fantasy of the immortal
The reality of an animal
(Anonymous) Sun Sep 16 10:54:53 2001
But if we run
Or try to hide
And turn our face
We'll have no Hopes to keep alive.
Mothra Sun Sep 16 13:47:16 2001

I never spend long in the hills, but always time enough to let my blood temperature dop before acting/writing from pure anger. This is one moment in history we can, as a world on the brink of some meaningful (hopefully) globalisation process, OPEN UP. It's time very every f*** to come out or be turfed out from under the stones they hide. Be that in backrooms of kabul, or backrooms of the Pentagon, or somewhere in the purse of a transnational company. Something's wrong with the world yes. And that's the distance between the politicians/marketeers, and the good people of the world. we need to close that gap, and I fear if not now, then all ahead is hopeless.

As for religious fundamentalism, well anyone that sings battle songs in temples or churches are saying the same to me.

Intelligence and compassion. Not fervour and pride. Good luck America, our friends, I for one support any person that is willing to put a stop to killing on this earth, but if one kills innocent people, then I must ask what we're fighting for, after all, that's civilisation, isn't it?

Love Muffin The eagle has landed Mon Sep 17 06:15:00 2001

Morfe - Purpleturtle is playing up!!

The Drop has been organised for 1.00 on Wednesday outside ASDA! Love Muffin will be disguised as a pantomime dame so as not to cause suspicion... She will not be alone as Secret Agent 'Fish mudering Bourgeois Land Owner' Dave will be with her as he doesn't trust her with the cash (Asda is quite near to a shop that she loves to pieces and she has her eye on a lovely ethnic dresser for £250) - thou he knows full well that she can probably kick arse better than he can!!

Natalie - the safe contact will phone you later on!

Red Carnations ahoy!!

Nat xx

Mothra Mon Sep 17 08:22:01 2001

All systems go!

Maintain silliness throughout.x

amazon Mon Sep 17 11:32:55 2001


Mothra Mon Sep 17 13:10:20 2001

Ok Nat, I've negotiated a deal with the CCTV operators around the Asda area on Weds. They'll let me have streaming access to 3 key cameras overlooking the rendezvous area. Hah, and all they wanted was a few doughnuts and a copy of Razzle.

We'll cover you.

AgentOrange secretagentorange@purpleturtle.com Tue Sep 18 06:28:20 2001

Crumbs. THAT was a week.

Recent thoughts:

Lucky UK never took a stand against governments that harbour terrorists when the IRA were sitting comfy in US.

Do you think the US know about all the terrorists groups in London?

Whats the point of terrorism is you are going to deny that you did it for your cause? Was bin Laden REALLY responsible?

Thank fuck Sam is OK.

Im fucking scared.

Was at the proms on Tuesday night. hadn't heard the news but was touched and moved by one hell of an atmosphere - the programme was changed in respect of the attacks. Tried to get to StPauls on friday but the flippin footbridge is still shut (workmen on a day-long coffee break - I watched them from the tate modern all day).

Tate modern is great. I have tickets for Cope at British Museum.

Someone else on purpleturtle is using my AgentOrange alias.

Own up!!!

Roger Tue Sep 18 08:46:23 2001

Just back from a week's holiday in the west country.

People used to say 'You never forget where you were when you heard about the assassination of JFK' and now there's another generation who'll know what it's like to have witnessed an event so tragic that it'll be burned permanently into the memory.

We were staying with friends the day it happened, and they called us in to see what was happening on the news as soon as the story began to break, so we saw those terrible images as they occurred.

What I'm thinking about, right now, is the fact it's about two years ago that the editor of one of the bike clubs I belong to asked a number of members - me being one of them - to each write a few words for a special millennium issue of our magazine, to cast a look back over the past and to offer a few thoughts about the future. One of the comments I remember making was 'I think most of us realise the reality won't live up to the expectation' but, hey, I was never envisaging anything like this, that would turn 'The New millennium' so sour, so quickly.

Mothra Wed Sep 19 09:09:16 2001

the herring has landed!

Show me love!

ron shattered, bruised, and battered@easyriders.com Wed Sep 19 18:50:03 2001

peace onya my lovelies, been trying to wrap my mind around this whole dealio...i'm glad that the modfather and co are ok, along with my family and friends in the city, serious trajic event, i just hope the religous zealots of country don't get outta hand... wot can i say, otherthan if i hear another off key piss off version of 'god bless america' i'm gonna go postal... sorry, and no these spontaneous prayer sessions are well... anyways, we got caught with our pants around our ankles which is most embarrassing (at least for most of us amazon). if memory serves it took awhile to catch the unabomer, but catch im they did. nor did they nuke is neighborhood, or mcveigh's... sorry bout gw he doesn't know anybetter, he doesn't do the 'clint eastwood' thang very well, cors he's bout 10 inches shorter... glad to have ya back roger.


amazon Thu Sep 20 05:54:27 2001


Nat Lovemuffin@isatart.com Thu Sep 20 08:35:38 2001

Morfe - Love Muffin had fun with your camera last night!! Tee hee you wait til it arrives!! I tell you its great you can turn the thingie round a take photos of yourself in all sorts of funny old posses!! ;op R u in 4 a treat hun!!

How about i meet you on the Saturday morning after Julian on the Friday and we hand over the goods then!! That seems to make sense then you don't have to have it for the orb and lug it around (there is loads of it babe all sorts of lovely attachments and a zoooooooooommmmmmm lense!) or for Julian! Let me know I should be yahooooooooing at some point this week.

Mothra Thu Sep 20 09:33:57 2001

Aghy! It's not waterproof! Send it in or, erm, er.. argh!

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Sep 20 11:05:08 2001

Good to hear your safe and well Ron. It looks like war is enevitable, so take it easy down there...I know how they like their guns down there! :-)

Heard last night that Pakistan was bought (almost) by the US. The majority of the people there do not want the US to use Pakistan for attacks, but the US offered the Military government squillions of $$$ in aid, an offer they just couldn't refuse. actually the amount I heard was $200 Million. It amazes me where the US gets its money from at times like this. Bush-boy first asked for $20 Billion for the whole disaster, and Congress said "Sure, in fact here's $40 Billion, buy yourself an ice cream!". Don't they realise what could be done in the US with all this money?


AO secretagentorange@purpleturtle.com Thu Sep 20 13:08:22 2001

I hope Pakistan makes sure they get the money in advance - not that I am a cynic.

I was having nookie when I heard Kurt Cobain had committed suicide. Put a bit of a dampner on it, I'd say...

Nat Wooooooooo Fri Sep 21 08:26:43 2001

Izz mate we are connected I too was having nookie when I hear about Kurt Cobain!! Happened to be in the car when I heard about River phoenix and was completely off my tits outside Downing Street running up and down like a looney when I heard about Princess Di!!! Oh the strange places we are when important things happen....... can't remember Elvis though hmmmmm....

Whats up with Purpleturtle at the mo? Anyone know...

Mothra Fri Sep 21 11:23:05 2001

Purpletortoise morelike!

Hey where's my special delivery? hmmm? ;-)

ron Mon Sep 24 22:37:31 2001

girls, girls, girls... guns, guns, guns... tis sad but true my dear sir 'drewude, some of my well armed brothers act not so cool and nonchalent draggin' on their cigarette... as i... i've tried... but, some r just too thick headed to be reasoned with, uknow the type, senselessly slaughtering woodland type small creatures, and sometimes dining on them as well... an' gw, think they only executed 5 or 6 hundred death-row convicts in tejas last year ( slow year, as he was runnin for pres) so no tellin' wot hizz crazy ass is gonna do... hmmm, terrorists in picadilly? er, beggars and thieves yes, but none terrorized me... cors i hear they u-knowcked out the tube stop on ealing broadway my favorite stop... they call themselves the 'real ira', one wonders if theres a crew runnin dey lanes o'shepherds bush with rubber nose/mustaches/glasses being the 'not so real ira'...

thanks for the updates russ! usually the most positive email in abnormally abyssimal tymes... i do hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable weekend of julian. maybe some brain donor dates will come up in the near future... er, nat if'n u see morfe git that 12" he promised me, thanks my sweet;) cors i'll probably be at the storytelling fest... maybe... a couple of hours ok.... but 14 hours with thirty 10 year olds er... well we'll see... hehe amazon ur so coy...

p,l, & f...

somebody somewhere@work.or.home Tue Sep 25 00:22:27 2001

So there you are sitting in your humble tent, waiting for the terrorists to start bombing you back into the stone age and the thought crosses your mind "awe fuck it!! i'd rather have eves volcano dobbie do"

Mothra Tue Sep 25 08:22:05 2001

I haven't forgotten you Ronster. Oh no not at all. What did I do when the world toppled? I got wrecked, for two weeks. Just waking up. lET'S GO! (running a bath...)

Andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Sep 25 13:09:45 2001

Good to hear your words Ron. Be careful down there!

Mothra, I think your choice of actions in the light of events is a good choice. I pretty much got stoned and watched tv the past couple of weeks. Once you get through the paranoia, the whole situation seems ludicrous and almost entertaining, the endless talk and speculation, everyone has an opinion and all the time it comes over as a bunch of kids fighting in the school yard. I know it is much more serious than that, I don't lose my slight grip on reality, but hey, we all deal with it in different ways. I have noticed that I am using the word love a whole lot more now, and also amny things that I thought were important don't seem that way anymore. hopefully the world will also have this recognition, especially here in the west.

love on y'all


andrew Tue Sep 25 16:38:14 2001

Just saw the following "new" Teardrops releases listed at Amazon.co.uk (I think someone else may have mentioned the collection one before

The Greatest Hit - teardrop Explodes (£7.99)

This item will be released on 1 October, 2001. You may order it now and we will ship it to you when it arrives.

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Track Listings:

  1. Reward
  2. Passionate Friend
  3. Treason
  4. Ha Ha I'm Drowning
  5. The Culture Bunker
  6. colours Fly Away
  7. Sleeping Gas
  8. Suffocate
  9. When I Dream
  10. Tiny Children
  11. ... And The fighting Takes Over
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ron Tue Sep 25 22:17:46 2001

indeed interesting Andrew... upon another front, please excuse me whilst i post but... for once i feel like i may have seen a review that the more 'cultured' amongst us may have not ; ) and... as Thighpaulsandra has been so gracious to us here at Rail On! it is both a privilage and a pleasure to present the following:

October 2001 'Maxim' magazine


Let It Come Down (Arista)

"Think big. No, bigger." That's the mantra for spiritualized mastermind Jason Pierce, and his latest is a majestic space-rock opus that makes 'The Wall' sound like a creaky demo tape. With a 100-piece orchestra and a confidence bordering on megalomania, Pierce has put together a symphonic powerhouse. Unlike Radiohead, whose ambition sent them crawling up their own asses, Spiritualized follow their muse without sacrificing accessibility. Bigger ain't always better, but 'Let It Come Down' proves it can be.

-- Victor Blair

4 stars out of 5.

Congrats to thighpaulsandra, Doggen and the crew @ Spiritualized!

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Sep 26 10:10:55 2001

Hi Ron, Great reveiew, thanks. The cd is pretty good, its really growing on me. They are touring soon too. I'm going to fly through to vancouver to catch the show. Here are the north american dates:

Hey Ron, did you get the Brain Donor cd yet? Highly recommended, Cope back on great form in my mind.

ron drude@mounet.com Thu Sep 27 08:09:50 2001

s'up andrew... closest dates are at least 8 hrs drive, which wouldn't be too bad 'cept won't be back from denver until 10/22, so making that drive/ride would be tough... getting old i guess... i got the first bd single, but 'aven't got the lp yet... guess that's something else for the to do list;) do u-know if Joanne had her baby yet? hope she's doin ok, and mavis has mucho family and friends in nyc, hope she is holding together ok. only definite plans for the island are august 2002, otherwise ms. ron's spending my all my $... new furniture, clothes, car, trip to denver is hers, etc, etc, etc... can't live with 'em, can't live with out 'em.... jeez, no wonder i 'aven't gotten any new cds lately...


andrew commonera@lycos.com Thu Sep 27 19:24:10 2001

hey ron, you should get the brain donor cd, it has some great tracks on it, some well dodgy moments too, but hey , its Cope after all. I spoke to JoAnne a short while back and her baby is due in October. Don't know what date though. Shame you couldn't make it up to Vancouver for the spiritualized gig. I'm really hoping Trav can make it up from WA (Trav, if you're reading this...think about it and please let me know!). May be you can make it Ron! That would be too cool.

Agent Orange Sat Sep 29 08:29:21 2001

Nat, thee and me are twins in nookie-dom. You'll all be pleased to hear that I am once again injured. The docs and nurses at casualty are getting to know my feet rather well. My fella has written a tune about the way I always walk funny. On the good side I had my head and foot exposed to xrays 4 times last week. Must be good. Lord I need a job, I am clearly bored and feel a need to injure myself for entertainment.

When Dodi and Di Died like Dodos I was in Dundee. I happened to be travelling through london on my way home and looked in on 'B'uckingham Palace and all the flowers. Eerie.

So is there a plan for next friday? I was thinking of going to town early to be a tourist, maybe look at some mummies and clocks.

AO Mon Oct 1 04:35:36 2001

Morfe, did you get my email or did purpleturtle fail us again. If you didn't please can you resend your email address...

Hi Nat, been a while

M Mon Oct 1 06:57:57 2001

Not recieved a peep AO, it's getting more than cumbersome. Have configured morfe.org so you can 'call me what you like' @morfe.org.

Lets all play trumpets, it's grey outside.

ron huhm.com Mon Oct 1 21:59:32 2001

u best not have skuff'd dat scooter mizzyizzydizzy... paulb shall have nun of it... cors i'm sure he'z awaiting latest footie piccy's in betwixt issues of juggs mag... seriously thou mofre, gotta survey from ur friends @ nra,

question 1. "The anti-gun Mayors all across the country are trying to drive gun manufacturers and retailers out of business by simultaneously filing dozens of frivolous lawsuits. Do you support nra's efforts to encourage passage of state and federal legisation to block filing of these phony lawsuits?"

how ironic that i'm listening to the new spiritualized whilst reading pro-gun proproganda from these opportunistic bastards... any way ru still into invading poland pablo? que? hmmm, vancouver andrew, that does sound very tempting.... oh and wotta bust... mika takes the usgrandprix, no shuie? que lastima! seriously amammymammyzon, ru wanting same info?

maybe itz tyme to pull 'the plug'...

letz vamanos...


Nat love_muffin79@yahoo.com Tue Oct 2 10:00:20 2001

Morfe - Where, what time tomorrow?!! Meeting a friend in the bar at the Royal Festival Hall at 5.30 but will probably be in there from about 4 unless you know anywhere different..... PLEASE let me know as I want you... tee hee... ;op You can phone me hun I'm off work from 5.00 today so either work e.mail or my other e.mail address above. (Can you resend the photos there aswell as Purpleturtle is crap)

As for Friday Izz I am at my brothers but give me a bell when you arrive in London and we'll meet for a pre museum beverage!! Hoorah.....

I've got a new baby everyone its an ikle baby bunny called Marvin! He's orange and so so so sweeeeeeeeeet!!

Better dash.. MORFE I MISS yOU.... ;o(

Nat xxx

Mothra Tue Oct 2 13:18:20 2001

Bah big p*** takers!

;-) Ooops, think the photos went with the files I sent! You must raid purpleturtle else lost forever!

In bar it is.

amazon Tue Oct 2 17:21:46 2001

What, Ron? Mmmm? You mean me?

Natalie, you be careful, young lady. That Morfe is a bad bad boy! Take someone with you, or he might take advantage ;)

(Anonymous) Wed Oct 3 02:19:50 2001

Hmmm, Sounds like a chronic case of projection there amazon ;-)

Nat Bunnies@fluffyahh.com Wed Oct 3 07:24:04 2001

Well took Marvin tot he vets this morning to "get done" and it turns out he is a she!! So any names for a orange baby girl rabbit with HUGE ears would be appreciated or else she will remain Marvinette for ever....

See ya in the bar Morfe

Amazon don't worry babe Steve's with me!! ;o)

See some of you lovely people on friday!


(Anonymous) Wed Oct 3 08:35:02 2001

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme,

Remember me to one who lives there,

For she once was a true love of mine.

@Simon & Garfunkel 1967


amazon Wed Oct 3 12:22:24 2001

No you, Morfe. And posting anonymously won't get you off the hook either, young man.

Ron, are you OK? You weren't on that Greyhound bus were you? Please get in touch and let me know you are OK. What an awful thing to happen.

See you tomorrow moony, Morfe, Squid and Nat!!! Woohoo!

ron Wed Oct 3 13:42:56 2001

thanks for the concern miss amazon, but i'm ok (under the current circumstances). PLEASE u-awl be safe, and be blessed in the next couple of daze. I'm dead jealous of you!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 3 14:27:47 2001

Okay, guys... I wanna get this issue resolved...

Tribute cDs (Interpreters)

I had been selling these as CDs, but I've since stopped, since I felt bad about accepting money for them. I'd love to post at least some of the songs as mp3s, so that everyone can hear them, but first I would like to get the contributors' permissions to do so.

As for distributing CDs, I don't want to accept money for them anymore, but I also can't spend my (very limited) savings on burning and printing CDs for people, since I'm on a *very* tight budget right now (I haven't bought any music for myself since May).

That's the irony... I could *use* the money from selling CDs, but

at the same time I don't want to do anything immoral or illegal.

One "sneaky" idea would be to ask people to "give" money to the "Travis" charity and in return i'll send Interpreters CDs... :) However, that's obviously just a crudely disguised form of selling.

I have a better idea, though. I could sell *other* CDs (e.g., Tripecac), and with each "real" purchase, I'd include a free Interpreters cDs as a bonus. This accomplishes two things: it lets me get Interpreters CDs out to people again without ruining my budget, and at the same time it lets me distribute the "other" music, which nudges me towards legitimacy as a label and/or band (a long-time dream)...

I really like this idea. I can start off selling Tripecac cDs and then, if other people (Cope fans) want to use me as a "distributor", I can sell their CDs... For Cope fans, I'll include free Interpreters CDs. For comsat Angels fans, I can include a free CSA Tribute CD, whenever I finish that one... If we ever assemble a "best of the bootlegs" CD, I could include that... the point is, all the "iffy-legal" CDs would be free.

*I* would get to actually sell tripecac CDs :) and *y'all* would get to hear the tribute CDs, so we're both happy. Plus, since the tribute CDs become freebies, the legal/moral issue dies down.

So how's that for a plan?


PaulB ss@arc23.com Wed Oct 3 17:22:03 2001

So who wants to meet up for London tomorrow?

BTW Nat:

>So any names for a orange baby girl rabbit with HUGE ears would be >appreciated

What else but.... Jar Jar Binks! ;-)

Boolbar Thu Oct 4 04:39:31 2001

Morfe : did you get my bid sent 02/10/01 ? Or is your purple turtle not playing ball.

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Thu Oct 4 09:49:15 2001


Hope all you people out there enjoy Cope tonight and tomorrow, I have a ticket for tomorrow but i'm afraid I can't go....Its a case of babysitters, I can't get one and the wife's in hospital.

So have a great time


The Amazing Mr. Linctus linctus@fuckoffworld.com Thu Oct 4 12:15:57 2001


Dude, that's a great plan to distribute the Cope tribute CDs. From a strictly consumer viewpoint, it's more bang for your buck. I would sign up and send immediately. I know there was a lot of work compiling that tribute disc, and it SHOULD NOT GO TO WASTE!

My emails in my message, if you want to get in touch with me re:addresses and cost.

Thanks for the offer!

-Mr. Linctus

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Oct 4 12:52:50 2001

Thanks for the response, Mr. Linctus. You were the first (and only) respondant to my question!!! :)

I've gotten several requests for Interpreters CDs by now, so I'd like to make a decision within the next few days. Right now I'm very much in favor of my proposed "freebie" idea. Part of me feels like it might seem self-serving (using Cope tributes as a lure to get people hearing my music) but then I remember that Cope fans are simply gonna be getting 2 CDs instead of 1. :) So, no one has any reason to complain! :)

I think it'll work. It'll also get my songwriting butt back in gear, and will encourage me to finish digitizing all my old music. Also, I can start helping other people get their music "out there" as well. That part's gonna probably happen second, after I get a clear plan and web site set up for it. For now, I can just focus on the Tripecac CDs I've already made. blaa blaa blaa (travis' voice fades off into the distance)

Contributors: please email me (or post on here) and let me know if I can mp3 and upload your Tribute song(s).

Also, I still need songs for Interpreters 3... Email me and I'll let you know where to send them (or upload them).



PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu Oct 4 19:32:10 2001

An interesting night at the British Museum by Copey: We eagerly awaited Mr Cope who bounded out and announced "Here's some stuff from my new book..". "For God's sake! Read the early stuff!!" We all cried ;-)

Actually there were two false starts due to a fire alarm going off. Or we think it was a fire alarm, I'm sure it was a track from the new Anal album....

Very entertaining stuff when it kicked off anyway. Copey does manage to draw you in with some cracking stories. Lots more interesting background to Odin and videos of the MC5 and Amon Dull II (Odin played drums for amon Dull II for a brief period. Nice).

Also available were some rinky dink programmes - a booklet/CD this time - a limited edition of 1,000 copies which were each signed and numbered by Julian himself. Expect copies to appear on Ebay anytime now!

More fun and games tomorrow. If any Rail On regulars are turning up, then maybe we can all arrange to meet up before or after the do. Apparently, the Bull & Mouth(?) was suggested so we had a swift one in there tonight. Let's do it again tomorrow!

BTW Both nights are sold out and we were reliably informed that they won't be reselling any, so if yer not pre-booked, you may have problems.

PaulB Fri Oct 5 06:37:02 2001

BTW - At the end of the evening, Julian was flowing free cD's of Odin, LAMF etc. to the audience. What a nice bloke.

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Oct 5 12:38:30 2001

If anyone has a spare copy of the Odin cd programme I would be very interested in buying it from you (£,$). Email me at the above address. many thanks - Andrew

Alberto alberto.olivotto@libero.it Fri Oct 5 12:49:54 2001

I am 36 years old fan from Italy.

I discovered this site and I immeditely asked Travis to inform me about his tribute project.I hope to contact many cope fans from all europe (hello Italy).

Cope is a great infuence for many bands.I think he is like an unconscious psychedelic teacher.

thank you


PaulB ss@arc23.com Fri Oct 5 20:03:51 2001

So there we were at another Discover Odin evening in the company of Mr Julian Cope (Norman Schwarzkopf). I thought tonight was actually better than the first night, almost as if Julian had done day 1 as a dry run. anyway, the ideas were as informative and entertaining as always: Rock N Roll as an extension of shamanic practices, the appearance of Odin in lots of different cultures in lots of different guises (touching on Joseph Campbell a bit as well) - especially the idea of an archetypal tree hanging figures (Adam Ant).

We didn't get the MC5 doing Kick out The Jams (as promised by Julian yesterday) but we did get a great TV performance of the MC5 doing a track called Black To Con (?) which, as Julian said, "didn't rock" and which we'd have to "endure" for 11 minutes. It was hilarious - especially the part where you see the TV producer with his head in his hands. It was a brilliant track - but it was 11 minutes too long ;-) We also had Black Sabbath (Spinal Tap) doing the ubiquitous Iron Man. Classic.

Adding some variety to the evening, Mr Kentucky Jim Bennett (Darth Maul) - who did the cover for the programme - did a great piece on Herne The Hunter accompanied by Mr Donald Ross skinner (David Morse) on Mellotron.

Great stuff on the way: A live Brain Donor album, cornucopea 2 (Yeah!), Possibility of Log Cabin finally coming out (after we hassled Copey with loaded Uzi's) - so expect a Floored Genius 4 and - just to clarify what we all knew - it isn't A Shallow Madness on the Liverpool Unearthed album, it was the Teardrops. Hey - it was Copey what told us and he wouldn't lie. This is the guy who borrowed part of The Great Dominions for one of the tracks on the CD programme!!

We finished the evening discussing more 'interesting' projects within the Screaming Secrets camp - 99% of those are never going to happen.... BTW - Great to meet so many of the sociable Rail On regulars ! ;-)

Willie willieoertel@hotmail.com Sat Oct 6 13:48:45 2001

Trav, as far as the tribute CD's go, I think you should try the method as the guy who does the "Ween" tribute CDs. Just get interested persons to mail the CDRs to you for you to burn, then have a special place on the Rail On site for interested persons to download cover art. If interested persons mail you postage money, all you would have in it would be the time invested.

Willie willieoertel@hotmail.com Sat Oct 6 13:53:40 2001

Yeah, Trav, You can MP3 any of my contributions.

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Sat Oct 6 16:46:25 2001


Well I had to let my ticket go for Friday as I could not get a babysitter....The wife is back home now so normal service has been resumed!, but the ticket went free to a good home.....So I hope everything was fine at the Gig..If anyone has a recording of both nights I would like to get hold of a copy....... I'm also looking for a CD, If anyone can help let me know


Brian Warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Sat Oct 6 17:10:31 2001

Hey trav, you are more then welcome to put the domiana song up as a mp3 if you like. As for #3 I must confess since I have moved to tacoma I haven't even pulled my keyboards out, and maybe touched my guitars once. But who knows maybe I'll start on a track this week.

Also about what should be done with the comps, maybe you should ask head heratige to see if julian would mind if you continued to sell them at a reasonable rate(in the end that would make you a step closer to being like a legitamt lable). Just a thought. Even if in the end you end up giving him like a $1 a cd. that will help you... well I dunno! :P

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 6 20:32:55 2001

Billy, that's a great idea (to ask for blank CD-Rs and let people download the cover art). I can definitely have that as option. burning is cheap and easy; it's the printing and assembly of CD labels that takes so much time (and money). The CD covers are in "SureThing" format. I don't know how many people use that... I guess I could make GIFs out of them as well.

Even with that "ultra low budget" option, there's still gonna be people who want the CDs fully put together for them. I don't mind doing that, as long as I am getting enough money to pay for CDRs, jewel cases, ink, labelling paper, packages, and postage (and a new printer if this one dies).

I also wanna get away from *only* making tribute CDs. that's part of the motivation for bringing the Tripecac CDs into the picture...

Anyway, here's an update: today I burned and printed labels for 5 each of the following:

  1. Interpreters 1 - Tiny Children
  2. Interpreters 2 - Second Heads
  3. Tripecac - The Hermit
  4. Tripecac - Where's My Muse?

I still need to get jewel cases, but I think everything else is ready. As an experiment, I want to try the "freebie with purchase" strategy I mentioned early. This is because:

I also plan to upload mp3s to this site, of both the Cope covers, and of the Tripecac. :) [thanks for the permission, Billy and Brian!]

In the future, I can upload every single song (if i have room) and add the cd-r only option.

By the way, I *did* mail 2 copies of each Interpreters CD to Cope (via Jo-Anne), at Jo-Anne's request. That was months to a year ago, and i haven't heard from them.

Brian, you're practically a neighbor! (I just moved to bellingham). Yes, dust of the keyboards! I am trying to set aside an hour each for music. It's very, very hard to stay motivated with absolutely zero audience (all my friends and family are back east), so that's part of why I'm hoping to be able to get some Tripecac out to people.


PaulB ss@arc23.com Sun Oct 7 07:38:41 2001

That sounds like a plan to me. I can't imagine Julian causing any probs over the CD's, it's really the record companies that are likely to make noises. Generally, they're not likely to bother. I know someone else who's making a tribute album who're worried about treading on toes.

Incidently, another snippet from copey: Citizen Caned might not be with us just yet, but when it does arrive it'll be a double album.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Oct 7 14:09:52 2001

Double album, awesome!!!

I can't wait to hear it! I also need to get the Brain Donor album. I really liked that mp3 that was floating around for a while (I don't know the name of the song).

Today I plan to upload some Interpreters mp3s to this site (and also some Tripecac). I'll let you know when they are up.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Oct 7 22:07:19 2001

Okay, I revamped my Interpreters page (yes, another day sacrificed to Cope)...

It includes 3 downloads. Please let me know if they work for you. I'll add more later.

To get the page, click on "Tribute CDs" above and then on one of the album names. I'll try to streamline the navigation next time I archive this page (which should be soon)


Nat jarjarbinks@myarse.com Mon Oct 8 07:42:05 2001

PaulB - I don't think so!! Jar Jar Binks tut... Marvina it is!! Oh she's having babies too, so anyone who'd like a baby bunny let me know in about oooo 6 - 8 weeks time!! ;o) Grandmother at 28 who'd have thought it eh!

Had a cracking weekend in London..... superb.... but will say that I also had a truely amazing time at the Orb/Gong/Acid Mother Temple on Wednesday night at the Royal Festival Hall - i'm with Squid when I say GONG KICKED ARSE.. I have never ever had such an enjoyable evening since the incident with the salad bowl servers last June!! ;op daevid Allen is Julian in 20 years time (I know Julian hates Gong so no need to tell me!) But I can really picture Julian in Daevids outfit!! AND what a place to go for a fag.... wow wee, possibly the best smoking room I've ever been in!! morfe Steve thought you were a star!! Acid Mothers Hmmm not really my cup o tea, but I'm sure someone enjoyed them... AND to make the evening complete I met Sue pollard at Waterloo Station on the way home!!

Anyhoo...... bloody rain..... yawn I'm cream crackered me... sigh..

Nat xx

PaulB ss@arc23.com Mon Oct 8 09:34:24 2001

Come on Nat, everyone loves that endearing big orange space frog ;-)

Talking of the testy - Copius Freakus made the mistake of asking Julian about last years' meltdown. Shocked Copey went "Meltdown? That wasn't a Meltdown!". Apparently, copey was also recently asked back for a reunion of all the previous Meltdown guests - He politely declined.

amazon ferlipping heck@what a scorcher.com Mon Oct 8 16:56:04 2001

OMG Have you SEEN Holy McGrail???????

Nat HolyMcGrail@I have.com Tue Oct 9 07:29:42 2001

Phrooooaaaaggghhhhhh he kept himself a secret didn't he!! tee hee ;o) I'm framing that photo and keeping it next to my bed, next to my photo of Rolf Harris...... sigh....

PaulB - As a little kid in my local public house said to me 'Jah Jah Binks, he really stinks' think that says it all really!! xx

Love is in the air, Morfey Morfey morfe... sigh.... ;o) Just call me Cilla...

johnny Tue Oct 9 10:36:03 2001

Sh1t, can you believe Julian's gig in Aberdeen tomorrow has been deferred until November! Had meself all psyched up fer it too.....

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Oct 9 10:44:45 2001

JoAnne at HH had her baby on Saturday. It is a girl and her name is Artemis. Many congratulations JoAnne!

Also, the Odin cd programme is now available in the HH merchandiser.

amazon grrrrr@notfair.com Tue Oct 9 16:09:56 2001

I wish love was in MY air......bah......mumble mumble, grumble grumble.....

And natalie, he's mine. I saw him first. So there.

andrew commonera@lycos.com Tue Oct 9 20:37:25 2001

hey amazon, nice pics! thanks.

Nat Wed Oct 10 08:06:11 2001

Ahhhhhhh Jo had a girl!!! I am so pleased she was convinced it was going to be a boy!! Just shows eh! Bit like me and my rabbit.... sort of.... hmmmmmm

OOOO you can have Holy McG, amazon - I already have too many men in my life and I may be good, but I really can't handle any more!! tee hee ;o)

Morfey Morfey Morfey do do do do do do do do...love is in his hair sigh........

webmaster http://heads.moonfruit.com/ Thu Oct 11 10:42:08 2001

Anyone who went to the British Museum can see/send pics at www.heads.moonfruit.com, also a place for silliness and tale swapping. But not like here, here is special.

amazon typical@it's always the way.com Thu Oct 11 18:07:58 2001

Why thank you, Nat. You are so kind ;-) But I think maybe Mrs. McGrail might have other ideas about that. And quite rightly too.


(Anonymous) Thu Oct 11 22:55:46 2001

Julian Cope Cancelled

Thursday 11-Oct-01

We have received information from Julian Cope's management today that his throat illness is more serious that first thought and he will definitely be unable to perform at The Lemon Tree this year.

Full refunds are now available at The Lemon Tree Box Office. We will try to organise a new date with Julian in early 2002 and will keep you informed as soon as we have more information.

For further information and full refunds, please contact the Box Office on (01224) 642230 or email marketing@lemontree.org.

Andy Caitlin, Marketing Manager

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 12 00:50:42 2001

Hi guys! I finished a song today! It's my first "real" one in 3-4 years! (all the others since 1997 have been tests)

If you wanna check it out (it's called "Memorial"), and some of my other songs (and tests), you can go to my Tripecac page.


Nat pleaseaccept@myapology.com Fri Oct 12 05:36:09 2001

Sigh.... sorry!! Been told off and I'm apologising! ;op To anyone I've upset and put my foot in, I'm sorry... u know who u r!! ;o(

Like the heads.moonfruit.com site v.nice and purple!!

Nat x

Mothra Fri Oct 12 09:45:59 2001

awww, Nat-a-leee,

can't imagine you ever upsetting anyone?

Where's Izzy these days? Oi! Izzy!

Anyone going to see Faust tonight?

Mothra Tue Oct 16 06:35:09 2001

Egads? Has everyone gone on holiday? I want to come!

Want to sit and do some crab-fishing, and then go for a walk with ice cream

Want to go and smell the old nets on the boats.

Want to blow up a dodgy rubber dinghy and lie half submerged in a remote pool full of autumn leaves and black swans, floating gently in the eldritch arms of some Ghormenghastly breeze teasing it's way through the endless darkening woods.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Get out of my head!!! oof, Gnf!

st Wed Oct 17 05:31:56 2001

Oi, Richard Hayward, are you the same Richard Hayward as wot graduated RHBNC in 1991??

AgentOrange Wed Oct 17 08:49:35 2001

You called?

Blimey luvaduck. Im sort of here, but just having send a garbled email to Morfe, I think I should be lying in a darkened room. Very happy though. Hey I've got a job! I can;t tell you what it is or Ill hve to shoot you.

Its a horrible planet when you see all the peopl from a long way away and the disgusting way they is treating each other but from my perspective its lovely. Just organising a party for 3rd november, anyone want to come? Also festival in southampton on 15-17th november.

Nat, you sober yet? Can't believe you never actually made it into the BM. Astounding!

PS I hate that heads picture of me, but the pirate fella is pleased to be famous. this is much better http://agentorange.members.beeb.net/pics/me.html . Yeah i know you've see it before...

(Anonymous) Wed Oct 17 08:50:23 2001

had to happen. Duh


Afro-Moo Wed Oct 17 09:37:22 2001

Hi Izzy, have spoken to Mothra bout pic, he says he's remorseful, and you should join Heads promptly to be given Headitorial status, then can download pics/take off pics to hearts content?

(Would you like a links page, he says?)

Yes, it's all a matter of perspective, thank ye godlings we don't live in Afghanistan today though, now lET'S GO!

Bush/Blair/Bin Liner we're onto youoooooooooooooo!

andrew commonera@lycos.com Wed Oct 17 12:50:46 2001

Whats up with Head Heritage? Did they forget to pay the leccy bill or something? Or am I the only one who can't get to the site right now. Hmmm...perplexed indeed!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 17 15:44:29 2001

I don't know... Sabotage, maybe? These are freaky times!

Hey Andrew, how easy is it to become a Canadian citizen? =)


Mothra Wed Oct 17 15:54:56 2001

Hi Andrew, it's up and working over here ol' Blighted ;-)

ho, BBC are running a fantastic documentary called Blue Planet, it's reminded me of that childhood book 'Deep Sea Adventure' (was anyone else a die-hard Willard Price fan??), maybe we should colonise the oceans with forward thinking-bubble-dwelling pacifists and harvest free food away from all the madness??

I don't think you can stick a flag in water? So we might be safe?


andrew Wed Oct 17 17:56:36 2001

Thanks Mothra, I just checked HH again and managed to connect again. Somehow I don't think you would be safe from the flag underwater, afterall they managed to fly one on the moon and theres no atmosphere up there!

Trav...are you thinking of defecting or just draft dodging? I'm not sure that life is much better up here to be honest! I married a Canadian lass (no it wasn't a green card thing, we were actually in love for a while there). Once we got married it was fairly easy and we didn't have anyone coming to inspect our bed etc. Alas our marriage didn't last, we broke up a few years later. But getting married just for a citizenship...hmmm, the jury's still out on that one!

P.S. Why would you want to leave the US? I thought it was the greatest country in the world to live? :-)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 17 18:42:47 2001

I wouldn't draft dodge... It's just weird feeling like a target for death, just b/c I'm an American.

To be honest, I think a lot of the uneasiness comes from the feeling of not being able to DO anything about it, with the enemy being so dispersed.

Then again, I'm sure people in northern ireland have had it lot rougher... [and london during ww2] and israel... and south africa... in fact, maybe the u.s. is one of the few countries in which people [at least from the end of the cold war until now] have grown up feeling like being under attack is something that happens to "other people only".

I'm an educated middle-class white american male... I'm about as "soft" as they come! The only time I ever experience "danger" is when I go on vacations, and there the danger is part of the fun.

Now, knowing that there are people out there who actually want to KILL people like me, and who are actually DOING IT... ugh. It's just sickening...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Oct 17 23:14:58 2001

okay... I added instructions on how to get the Cope tribute CDs...

See: ../../tripecac/store/

I'll update the cope page soon with the same info.


Nat love_muffin79@yahoo.com Thu Oct 18 07:15:38 2001

Izzy - It wasn't that I was too drunk to go to the BM, seriously, I can't believe you've said that!!! I'd just met a very very dear old friend in the pub (Breege) who I hadn't seen for months and months and the conversation just flowed and we missed the beginning and didn't want to walk in half way through - if you think thats an excuse then ok, but its the truth! I don't really care that I missed it to be honest with you, I had a fab night with me bro and Breege!!! You make me sound like a bloody alcoholic mate! One in the household is enuf for me babe! ;o) Had a fantastic weekend in London anyway, the only thing I do regret is not getting the free Odin CD, But nevermind hey lifes too short for regrets....

I'm not using purpleturtle anymore as its tooooooo slllooooowwwwww so if you've e.mailed me and I've not replied I'm sorry, but you can get me on the above!

Andrew Thu Oct 18 10:11:33 2001


Even though I am completely against terrorism in all kinds, and I am totally against the bombing going on, I also think that the fear you are feeling is good. I think Americans have been immune to this fear for too long and the fact that they are now feeling what alot of the world has been feeling for a very long time.

Many people around the world live in fear of terrorism every day. I myself remember the Birmingham pub bombings when I was a kid and going a few days later into town and seeing the bombed out buildings and even though I was very young I remember the wave of fear.

Basically I think I am trying to say that the USA is such a major player that I hope they react positively to this and realise, Hey the fear we feel is felt by so many around the world, lets help everyone and not just ourselves to rid existance of this fear. So basically i think it is good in a very remote and small way that the US is going through what it is, now you know what living in the real world feels like. I think the uS needs to go through this.

Mothra Thu Oct 18 10:34:18 2001

You didn't even miss the 'free Odin CD' Nat, it was a fiver! Why didn't I buy one??? Bah, payed £3 for a crap piddly bottle of beer, braindeath, big cities confuse me.

PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu Oct 18 15:57:29 2001

It's all quiet and then we get a flurry of activity. it's always the way. Anyway, I've been busy developing the new 'Stealth Model screaming Secrets Website'. You can't see it yet, but when you get in the general area of it you can feel drawn in by its gravity well. You're not sure what's causing it, but you know it's big - and possibly dangerous ;-)

Mothra - re: Deep Sea Adventure. I vaguely remember these books. Wasn't there a series and each was titled differently? ie South American Adventure, Arctic Adventure, Kingston Adventure (hang on - that last one was the one I starred in).

The Odin CD's are up for sale on the HH site BTW.

PaulB Thu Oct 18 18:21:57 2001

I'm having trouble getting 'I Can't Get Bouncing Babies by The Teardrop Explodes On The Greatest Hit Album' by The Freshies. Any ideas? ;-)

uknowho gemm.com Thu Oct 18 19:52:25 2001


Add to shopping cart
Price $12.71
Media 7"
Manufactured UK
Condition of Media EX (Excellent)
Condition of Cover EX (Excellent)
Availability ONE IN STOCK
Last Updated 10/14/01
Seller Item ref# REF00003278 (Use this when discussing item with seller)
GEMM Reference #GML74145517
(Anonymous) Fri Oct 19 07:41:35 2001


I didn't say you were too drunk to go into the BM! Thats not what I meant at all. pLEASE stop ignoring me! I didn't me to be a crap friend - give me a chance...

Mothra Sat Oct 20 05:48:32 2001

Yeah Paul, those are the ones, Willard (can't be a real name can it?) slaked our 9-11 yr old thirst for adventure with imaginative titles such as Gorilla Adventure, Amazon Adventure (aiee!), Volcano Adventure, underwater Adventure , Arctic Adventure, (we get the idea), all starring two boys Roger and Hal Hunt, and their father the zoologist. Quite fantastic, I spent years wanting to be a naturalist after reading them, until I saw that other men were somewhat more 'relaxed' on the beach.

'Diving Adventure is best, where the evil 'Kaggs' (of course bald and arched of brow if I remember) plots to kill them in 'Undersea City' where they are colecting poisons from some of the deadliest sea life in the world, wow, talk about danger, corrr!

I'll get me safari coat..

ron err@???.com Sun Oct 21 17:23:08 2001

itz ok if ur weak for the drink, fair damsel of so'ton, miz nat... a perfect gentleman such as i would never think of taking advantage ;) hmmm, ru taking tri-corder readings miz iz @ the bm? i don't know but the alien lifeforms appear pretty obvious uknow, and look how i deftly avoided ye old 'uff 'n mouff pun... hee hee... naw andrew, not too much fear, itz just whenst u fly u can't carry, so pretty much only travel by truck or byke so as to be well armed... cors, lookin into other means... nice not to give discomfort, but comfort... dead glad about moonfruit, as now unless im ratted out should be able to avoid most of those wierdos...especially that qweenie chick! err lookout... maybe spring tyme will bring a braindonor amazon adventure, or a luv muffin pissed in da bush adventure, or an iraplumsteadpolishinvasion adventure... hopefully there will be sweedish chicks cast in a-bun-dance.. wheww... been tired... hard work being an excruciatingly self-righteous undemocratic un-practise-what-you-preach simplistic-minded motherfucker... or som'thin like dat... er.. i still luv u anyways julian, 'appy naked as the day u were born day...

'appy birthday andrew (tomorrow)

'appy birthday ron (yesterday)


andrew Mon Oct 22 10:20:18 2001

Thanks Ron, I can't believe you remembered! And happy birthday Julian for yesterday, you old doood!!

amazon who is this bloke?@nd why do you lot keep going on about him.com Mon Oct 22 15:55:28 2001

Julian who?

"qweenie" neveryou@mind Tue Oct 23 06:42:42 2001

Sorry Ron, us weirdoes get everywhere. Mwahahahaha!

ron stunned@page3.com Tue Oct 23 07:16:19 2001

it's that damn #9... full of them weirdoes i tell ya... is nat still in the sack or just not speaking... very strange happenings at H2H this am...

Queen of Wee har@deharhar Tue Oct 23 07:39:56 2001

....mwahahahaha! ha...

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Tue Oct 23 17:28:53 2001


Well i've not been here for a while so it's good to be back!

I've just started a site for the work of Paul simpson ex Teardrop Explodes and now Skyray love god! you can take a look at www.skyray.freeola.com or in 24 hours www.skyray.info i'm updating the www.julian-cope.com site at the moment but i'm going to upload it all at once instead of a few pages at a time so it will take a while! It's my boys 3rd birthday tomorrow and it seems only yesterday I was here telling everybody about the birth.....It makes you think how time flys past and how some people waste most of their life complaining or fighting for things that in the big picture mean jack shit!

Russ......................nearing the big 40 (well a few years to go yet!)

Russ Tue Oct 23 17:32:12 2001


I have a copy of the Freshies CD! It's wank........but then again!....maybe not ;-)

PaulB Wed Oct 24 06:40:57 2001

Ah, yes Russ, but do you have the new single which is 'I can't Get Bouncing Babies By The Teardrop Explodes On The Greatest Hit Album' by the Freshies ;-)

Good luck with the Paul Simpson site.

Russ Wed Oct 24 06:46:07 2001


I might have 'I Can't Get Bouncing Babies By The Teardrop Explodes On The Greatest hit Album by The Freshies' by the Freshies.........This could go on and on!


PaulB Wed Oct 24 07:45:30 2001

Good luck if you can - because no other Teardrops fan will have! Heee! ;-)

Nat Inthesack@where.com Thu Oct 25 08:49:58 2001

In the sack Ron, what do you mean by that! you've never met me so how can you comment on my dress sense... tee hee..... ha ha haaaaa God I'm funny........ ;o) sigh....

Wow to the Heads Site Morfe I was rocking away to those tunes and I don't even have a sound card...whose the dooood in the flares he's nice!! Looks like the bloke in Porno photo you sent me amazon!!! tee heee........

Wooo I'm in a wierd one today... anyway you lot stop talking about me being pissed all the time, I'm only drunk 6 days a week, on the 7th day I pass out and sleep through it... hic.. pass the Gin Morfe...

Colin colingreen45@btopenworld.com Thu Oct 25 18:15:24 2001

Hi !

I recently acquired a recording of a solo gig that Julian did in Toronto in '95. unfortunately there's no suggestion of any more precise date or location than that anywhere on it. Can anyone further out there help me with this one? Much appreciated!



amazon Thu Oct 25 19:35:57 2001

Nat? Where is Nat? I miss Nat. :-(

ron longhairedcountryboy@slang.com Thu Oct 25 21:55:12 2001

no worries nat, in the sack is losely "still snuggled up in bed, warm, cozy, safe... and wit the one u luv..." in my mind iz how u dress...;) and there u look good in even a potato sack... and i know wot the lurverly mizz amazon looks like, however the fotos definintely don't do her justice, simply a radiant creature, mezzmerising to say the least...mmmm... er, colin i'm thinking that andrew should be able to help u out on that toronto gig thang... he may have been there.... hell he may even.... er nevermind... check hiz website @ http://www.trampolene.ca or russ @ www.julian-cope.com or the infamous paulb @ stealth screaming secrets.com? by the way i expect u to let me buy u a pint next tyme i'm in towne paulb! even if u don't like me we can give each other enuff shite to make it entertaining;) besides i need someone to protect me from that queen chick-io, she's starting to scare me, she's uses all those big words! and izzy's no help wot so ever, i swear the poor gal is falling apart on us... and i don't even want to talk about mothra, he, whom can't find the post office.... probably circling picadillly... dizzy...

be at 45 degrees...


ron Fri Oct 26 14:53:34 2001

brrr, cold draft in here.... kinda like the old daze, eh andrew? wonder wotever happend to lauren silverwolf and if she's still involved with bob the barmaid....quite nasty stuff actually, irish jokes, drum solos, and harley davidson motorbykes.... hmmm.

be @ 45...

amazon sillyhead Fri Oct 26 17:04:00 2001

Aaaaawwww....thank you, Ron. You must be deranged.

I am so "radiant and mezzmering" that I am here alone, sitting in front of my computer alone, on a Friday night alone, with a glass of wine.....alone.



They have all the fun.........

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 26 18:02:24 2001

Of the people who post regularly on here, I am curious how many of us spend most of our Friday evenings alone [with or without chemical enhancements]. I'll be the first to raise my hand. WAAAAYYY up high. Hermit Maximus here! :)

As long as you enjoy what you do during solitude, both while it's happening and months/years later, then I believe Hermiting is actually a Good Addiction. Some people just aren't happy and/or productive when "stranded" by themselves, though... Socializing is another addiction.

Whichever drug(s) you choose, stay productive [or at least "active"] and you'll have a kick-ass life. That's my philosophy at least.

Inactivity is what you want to avoid, NOT solitude.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Oct 26 18:17:31 2001

To illustrate:

While I wrote that last post, I was:

Each of those activities is productive. Most are "merely" entertainment-based, but hey, it *is* Friday! :)


Nat Awwwwwww@alone.com Sat Oct 27 04:54:01 2001

Well to break a habit of a lifetime I was in the pub last night (Friday)!!! Lots of lager enhancement.... hoorah!!

I'm about Amazon, miss you too - you should pop down fer the weekend! Let me know if yer a mad ferret!

As for you Ron I happen to wear a beige flannelet nightee to bed with full length sleeves and a high collar, don't want those bed bugs creeping in!!!

Anyway I'm off to get me hair cut off.. and buy an outfit for a wedding and get my Bjorn Again tickets hoorah...

Whose arse is that on heads????? Morfe I knew that digital camera would be trouble tut youf of today....

(AND who's e.mailing me as Poonam?)

Nat xx

brian cheesesuede@hotmail.com Sat Oct 27 06:09:11 2001

ok forgive me if I geek up the board for a second. Trav you said you were doing aoe2 campaigns... I was working on one the other night and I couldn't seem to be able to create any resources. Have you ever had this problem or am I way wrong?

ron un-alone@tgif.com Sat Oct 27 10:51:44 2001

nope not me... last nite, started out early attending my niece's 1st birthday parti... mmm pizza and home brewed beer, then attended our local high school football game in the freezing cold... actually perfer to be at home in front of a warm fire... as for being deranged, miss amazon... well i'm a little crazy but deranged sounds a little too violent for me... er... does that weekend invitation apply to me too nat? maybe amazon and i could come as a couple ;) ...and maybe ms. ron could cut off me naughty bits with a dull knife.... still haven't sold her on that 'loving more than one person' dealio... oh well...

aoe2? may i ask?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 27 13:48:44 2001

Brian -

In the interest not totally geeking out the list, I sent my response to the email address you provided... If that wasn't your real address, let me know your real one and I'll resend it. :)

This reminds me, though... It would be really cool to come up with some Cope-related scenarios for various games! I can just imagine... A heroes 3 scenario set in the stone-circle-ridden Avebury [and Liverpool] area... cope could start with 20 female units, and the enemy heroes could be Bill drummond, Ian McCulloch, and Bono! I like it!!! :)


ron imin@ubet.com Sat Oct 27 16:14:16 2001

if it plays on the new nintento game cube imin...

mmm saturday nite, a warm fire, bottle of wine or two an get an extra hour to sleep in...mmmm

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 27 18:18:54 2001

Do you actually an entire bottle of wine???

Thanks for reminding us about the clocks! :)


amazon alwaysupferret@uknowme Mon Oct 29 05:47:00 2001

Nat- yes, yes yes! Beats Boring dull Birmingham anyway! can I bring the gorgeous lovely super sexy cutesy cat, Moony? I'd like to sneak him away from the clutches of the evil Queen of wee wee but I am afraid of the punishment.....Naaaaah sod it, who cares? She's miles away in Chestershireshire, i'll do what I want!! Ha ha! She can't reach me from there.....Not unless she has Mr. Tickle arms......Oooooops, starting to sound like ron on one of his rambles....

Talking of ron, OK then, if not deranged, BLIND! What have you been doing to make yourself blind, eh?

Alone meant alone and sad......Trav......Sorry, but I'm not the sit-at-home-and-potter-about-on-my-own type. I'm addicted to a few things, yes, and socialising is one of them. I am a social gal and staying in alone is not my idea of fun. Sorry to get all maudlin on you. I'll stop now.....Back to frivolous frolics and silly shenanigans again! hurrah!!!

So.....who's going to start?

amazon what?youmeanabaldy?@rabcnesbitt.com notanothersteve@yourhouseisit?.co.uk Mon Oct 29 06:18:00 2001

What? Nat? You're cutting ALL your hair off? Is that what you mean? Oh no, I'm not going all the way down to Southampton to visit a baldy.....Surely you could leave one side long and wispy so you can swoop it over the tope of your head like the innovative middle aged men in Birmingham? please don't cut it all off! You'd look......you'd look like.......you'd look like........MORFE!


ron ramblin man@detroit.com Mon Oct 29 08:42:26 2001

why, thinking of you my luv of course... ahem.

Mothra Mon Oct 29 09:06:15 2001

Hey my comb-over is nylon ;-)

Shaved heads are grate, especially when you do it yourself with sideburn-trimmer on electric razor. Hurrah.

amazon rudeyron.com i'mtellingyourwifeaboutyou.com Mon Oct 29 16:14:16 2001

Ron!!! You rudey! I, of course, have no idea what you are talking about...It's Morfe you should be talking to, he's the pervert around here, not me. He's a bit weird too. Shaving his rude bits indeed....tsk tsk.

PaulB Tue Oct 30 08:13:16 2001

Hello Ron - er, where did you get the idea I didn't like you from? Still, I'm always available for beers ;-)

Nat haircut100@hmmmsuitsyousir.com Tue Oct 30 08:17:04 2001

Amazon - come on down and bring who ever you like! except for this weekend as its' Bjorn Again - woooo hoooo waterloo couldn't escape i I wanted tooo.... and I have a visit from a certain lovely lovely lovely man sigh......

My hair's not that short kinda, shorter, but longer than a skinhead, but shorter than it was sort of thing, lots of layers and stuff.....

Give me an e.mail or a texty phone or something if you want to come down... be good to see yoooouuuu....

Nat xx

(Anonymous) Wed Oct 31 06:19:51 2001

Where's he gone to then?? Oi, Richard Hayward, are you the same Richard Hayward as wot graduated RHBNC in 1991??

AgentOrange Wed Oct 31 10:21:38 2001


Getting settled into my lovely new job. I've been put into the goth gang and dont seem to be able to she the label, but its better than others. There are so many goths at OS it makes you wonder about the true nature of mapping. Having to get up with the sun so I don't get killed by the manic traffic "no, I don't always cycle with one arm out at right-angles, I really am turning right"

Sorry Ive not been around for a while. Being learning about other forms of entertainment. For example I cam currently reading a book. No really! Its called private planet by david Cromwell and if, like me, you feel a bit behind in the whole globalisation debate, or in fact you need more facts to quote at people and banking and bananas, its fantastic!

Im very excited. I think Morfe and Holy are coming to my house on the weekend to laugh at my record collection! Luckily I got some far more respectible souls to dJ for my party. Nat, you been a bit psychic there, because haircut 100 was on the playlist (this is a joke for my bro, though he wont find it funny - that sort of joke - like the one where they play wheetus). Look forward to seeing the new hair, mebbe friday, though I have to make nice party foods on friday night rather than see Bjorn Again. Hrumph.

Mothra Wed Oct 31 13:09:35 2001

Hey I never laughed at a record collection, I've got 'Hammond Disco' LP's coming out of ears, may just bring it down ;-)

ron drude@KISSarmy.com Wed Oct 31 20:04:17 2001

er... she already knows, me daze r numbered;) hmmm, all hallows eve, bleu moon and givin chocolates to the kiddies and checkin' KISS rockumentary on VH1...an' wonderin' why Izzy is resurerrected on THIS particular peculiar day... dodgy record collections? thanks julian for my KISS and parliment validation, now just trust me on Black Oak Arkansas er... The Babys 'Union Jacks'? jez, how'd dat get in there... i'll get my wizard 'at an' cloak an' rammmble on...


pspaul ring me... we'll do lunch

AgentOrange or 'Red' as security call me Thu Nov 1 05:09:17 2001

Aaaah, Ron, obscure as ever!

I went partying last night as 'glamourous but dead' or even dead glamourous. My face it itches today. It must be exposure to the sun.

Nothing wrong with a bit of hammond disco, i cant stop with the these animal mens Hammond Glam stuff...phwarrr...

Miss Lauren Silverwolf lauren@707.org.uk Thu Nov 1 10:01:44 2001

Aha! Ron - things have been a little hazy around the 707 front. They split, but are probably getting back together in some incarnation before the year is out. Bob The Barmaid promotions may or may not be doing some work for them. Nebulous, eh?

Louise was made redundant from her Bay Area job, but has found another far nearer in Chipping Sodbury, which she starts on the 12th.

On Friday evenings, we tend to frequent the Royal Oak public house for bottles of Cranberry Baccardi breezer.

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Fri Nov 2 08:25:43 2001


Just to let you know there are two new brain donor articles one in this months record collector and a great one with some new pictures in this months Guitarist magazine......Mark and Lard have also said they would like to have Julian and Brain Donor on their Radio One show!!!!

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Nov 2 15:27:53 2001

Colin, The Toronto show was at Lee's Palace, November 2, 1995. - Andrew

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Sat Nov 3 17:47:05 2001

Trav, Ifell the same as you on the topic of 9/11 and the present terrorism the United States is going through. The US needs to realize the hatred that most the world feels for the country. It is not our freedom and democracy that Bin Laden and other Muslem groups are attacking (which is what the controlled media wishes you to believe), but it is our policies of backing isreal's terrorism of other Middle Eastern countries, our pushing for a global economy and the cultural/ecological destruction it brings, and America's policy of installing puppet governments wherever the greedheads money interests are. the recent terrorism should cause every thinking American to question exactly why we are hated so much. Should we change our policies that are in the interests of Israel and focus our attention on the future of our people.

Dave Mon Nov 5 10:23:04 2001

It sounds from the general consensus that people are looking for a scapegoat now--blame Israel; "Americans deserve to feel the pain of terrorism", etc. The varying opinions on this site are depressing and disturbing--I know that's what opinion is about, so here is mine.

The aforementioned examples are absolute nonsense, bordering on anti-Semitism and long-simmering anti-Americanism. Israel has a right to exist free from terrorism the same as the U.S., yet they never have. All they do now is fight fire with fire, sadly enough. Interesting how people automatically point the finger at the Israelis (and no, I'm neither Jewish or Israeli; I'm Irish Catholic, to clarify any presumptions). I suppose it's back to being gracious to Arab-based terrorism for the sake of political correctness.

Painfully, I pose this question--and please save us all the pangs of "stereotyping"--when you hear of 'terrorism' what do you think of automatically? I think the answer is clear.

Terrorism = zealots = fanatacism = racism. Overstating the obvious.

Billy, I hope you're visionary enough to re-read the things you wrote--I hope it was just momentary anger, as to the naked eye, you came a fraction short of saying "Zion controlled media" and sounding like a neo-Nazi.

People need to keep their heads right now, not start finger pointing, except at the sources of violent, homicidal actions.

Good luck.

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Nov 5 18:23:45 2001

Is that Billy Oertel posting here again? How ya been? its been a long time since I saw your name in these parts! Hope all is well with you.

Trav, are you sure you don't want to come to Spiritualized on wednesday? I'm flying outta here tomorrow to catch the show, I'm dead excited about it, bit nervous about flying though, but then I am at the best of times. It ain't natural I tell ya, it just ain't natural...

I got my copy of the Greatest Hit Teardrops collection the other day. My opinion? Don't bother!

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Tue Nov 6 00:51:11 2001

Hey Andrew! Yeah, I'm back again. I'm sure after reading this long post you (and probably everyone else!) will wish I stayed away. However, I could not leave this one alone!

OK Dave, to answer your questions and to reply to your statements which were: "Painfully, i pose this question--and please save us all the pangs of "stereotyping"--when you hear of 'terrorism' what do you think of automatically? I think the answer is clear." AND "Israel has a right to exist free from terrorism the same as the u.S., yet they never have. All they do now is fight fire with fire, sadly enough. Interesting how people automatically point the finger at the Israelis."

Have you ever heard of Mossad? That's not just some rogue group of assassins and terrorists which operates without the sanction of the Israeli government. It's an agency of the Israeli government. It's part of the government of Israel. mossad sends out its murder squads all over the world to kill people the Israeli government doesn't like. Usually they don't get caught, or if they do the media hush it up. But they've been caught shooting a Moroccan with a silenced pistol in Norway, squirting poison in the ear of a Muslim religious leader in Jordan, putting bombs in the hotel rooms of Arab diplomats in Syria. They've shot down civilian airliners if there was someone aboard they didn't like. They

send assassins dressed as Arabs into Palestinian towns to murder

Palestinian leaders in their homes in the dead of night. In 1981 Israeli aircraft launched a surprise bombing raid on Baghdad to destroy a research center there.

Israel has had several prime ministers who were professional terrorists before they went into politics, including Menachem begin, Ehud Barak, and Ariel Sharon, the current prime minister. The first leaders of the state of Israel were terrorists who carried out the terror bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1946, killing 91 people. Ever hear of letter bombs? They are an Israeli invention. The Mossad has sent hundreds of letter bombs to scientists, journalists, and academics in Egypt, syria, and other countries to kill and terrorize Israel's opponents.

Indeed, there are states in the middle East which sponsor terrorism, in some cases because they have no other way of fighting back against their oppressors. But Israel has engaged in far more state-sponsored terrorism than any other state in the region. And yet the "experts" who speak grimly on American television about "ending states who sponsor terrorism" pretend as if they have never heard of Israeli terrorism.

Clear indications of the Jews confidence in their ability to continue manipulating us for their own purposes are visible in many places, but probably nowhere more than in Israel itself. there's been a lot of discussion among the Israeli politicians in the Knesset during recent weeks about how to take the best advantage of the September 11 attack on New York and Washington.

The Israeli prime minister, Ariel Sharon, is all in favor of carrying out a massive program of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians while the Americans are preoccupied with annihilating the Jews' other enemies in the Middle East. Simon Perez, a former prime minister and currently Israel's foreign minister, favors a more cautious policy -- at least, in public he favors caution.

The discussion between Sharon and perez is almost like a bad cop, good cop routine. Sharon is a certified war criminal, a professional terrorist with a record much longer than that of Osama bin Laden, and a mass murderer, who is currently defying the efforts of an international war crimes tribunal in Brussels to put him on trial for organizing the butchery of Palestinian women and children in the Sabra and Chatila refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982. His principal constituency among Israeli Jews is the raving-mad Orthodox element and the Jewish settlers in the so called "occupied territories." Perez, a member of the Labor

Party, appeals more to the rootless, cosmopolitan, pseudo-liberal Jewish element and pretends to be in favor of the badly misnamed "peace process."

Most of the discussions can be found in Jewish Telegraphic Agency or Reuters news reports, but some of the most lurid discussions

are not reported in print. The week before last the Hebrew-language

Jerusalem radio station kol Yisrael -- that's Hebrew for "all Israel" -- reported one debate that I have not found in print anywhere. According to Kol Yisrael, Sharon and Perez were discussing the Israeli government's actions against the Palestinians. Perez was arguing that the Israelis should at least maintain the pretense of seeking an end to the violence in order to keep the Americans happy. Sharon turned angrily to Perez and shouted, and I quote: "Every time we do something, you warn

me that America will do this or America will do that. I will tell you something very clearly: don't worry about American pressure on israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." -- end of quote --

This outburst from Sharon was followed by another warning from Perez that Sharon should be careful not to say such things. Clearly, when Sharon said that the Americans know that the Jews control their country, he wasn't talking about the Sally soccer Moms and the Joe Sixpacks, who don't know anything they aren't told by television. He was talking about the politicians and the bureaucrats: about george Bush and Bill Clinton and the rest of the crowd that always has done israel's bidding.

I have no sympathy for Islam or any other Semitic religion from the Middle East. But I do not believe that we need to go to war against Iraq or Iran or even Afghanistan in order to protect Americans from terrorism or to protect any other American interests. And I strenuously object to going to war against anyone to protect israel's interests. If we really have proof that Osama bin Laden organized the september 11 attack, then let's punish him without waging war against another country. Confiscate Osama bin Laden's assets wherever they can be found, expel all Middle Easterners from the United States so that he has no followers left here to mail anthrax-infected letters around the country, and send a team of CIA assassins into Afghanistan to find him. But quit waging war on other countries or trying to install puppet governments in other countries for the sake of Israel. 

There have been politicians in Washington who have been putting the interests of one particular tribe of Middle Easterners

ahead of american interests for the past 50 years. The members of that particular Middle eastern tribe has done infinitely more damage to our people than the other middle Easterners ever dreamed of doing. The politicians in Washington serve this tribe because the members of the tribe have gained control of nearly all of the mass media of news and entertainment in America and through this control are able to manipulate the American political process.

And with the support of the American government it had corrupted it began seizing land in the Middle East, killing or pushing aside the indigenous Muslim peoples. Every U.S. President, from Harry Truman through George W. Bush served them, helping them brutalize and kill their neighbors and expand their power in the Middle

East. And every U.S. Congress during the past half century has taken orders from them as well. And every U.S. President and member of Congress who served them understood that in supporting this tribe -- in supporting Israel -- he was damaging the interests of the American people and generating hatred against America: hatred of which we all saw an expression on September 11.

And as far as terrorism from outside this country is concerned, the cause is the U.S. government's blind support of Israeli aggression in the Middle East. Every recent terrorist attack against Americans by foreigners has had this single cause: the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, the 1998 bombing of our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the 1996 bombing of our servicemen in Saudi arabia, last year's bombing of the USS Cole, and the September 11 attack on New york and Washington. In fact, we can go back much further, even to the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, which killed 241 Americans. None of these attacks would have occurred if the U.S. government had pursued a policy in the Middle East based on American interests instead of on Jewish interests.

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Tue Nov 6 01:47:41 2001

Now, back to Julian Cope dammit!

Nat achange@isasgoodasarest.com Tue Nov 6 07:20:40 2001

Phewie large postings... now to reduce things back to my level... Morfe it was soooooooo brilliant having you in our house at the weekend! Thanks for a good un and for making me smile!! lets not leave it so long next time! HUGE BIG HUGS to Jo who was a top top top bird... I'm definately coming on up to see you both really soon!! Poppy misses you both terribly the big tart that she is!

Amazon babe yer next! Come on down to Sunny Southampton.....

Anyway better say something rude whilst I am here...FROTTAGE!!

Nat xxxx

Dave Tue Nov 6 10:18:15 2001

As per Billy's commentary, all I can say is as articulate and erudite it is, it smacks of absolute anti-Semitism; I can only surmise then that Billy would have no problem with a "final solution" as far as israel and "Jewish interests" are concerned.

Yes, I've heard of Mossad and it's interesting how you, billy, have pointed out all the terrible things they've done against palestinians; however you fail to mention the nearly daily terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens--Jews and non-Jews alike (not forgetting there are many non-Jewish Israeli citizens).

As far as the political element of the Knesset goes, ALL governments think and do the same thing. Peres, Sharon, etc. are no different than Bush, Cheney, Blair and the rest.

Sorry, Billy--Julian Cope is just a musician and nothing else. He's a good man as are so many others--you, me, and so on. But arab-zealot-induced terrorism is not something to be foisted on as fodder to "blame the Jews". Bin Laden did it and the world knows it--and he's damned proud.

Mothra Tue Nov 6 13:08:49 2001

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?

- Gandhi

And thanks Nat, for a much, much,much needed break, smile on :o)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 6 13:37:28 2001

My feeling is this:

I don't care about political beliefs.

I don't care about religious beliefs.

All I care about is observable behavior, and the only behavior I can observe is *not* gonna be in Afghanistan, or New York, or Seattle. It's gonna be right here in front of me. Anything that's outside my zone of observation (or zone of influence) is Not My Business.

I don't usually vote, I don't watch the news, I don't read the paper, I don't CARE what's happening outside of my community if it unlikely to affect *me*.

Call me sheltered, call me introverted, call me "neglectful of my civic duty" or whatever... Call me a panzy, a wimp, a "loner", whatever makes you happy.

The thing is, *I'm* not gonna go bomb anybody. I'm not gonna shoot anybody. I'm not gonna hit anybody. I'm not gonna send Anthrax, not gonna send bombs in the mail, not gonna sTEAL, not gonna RAPE, not going to THREATEN. I'm not even gonna boss people around.

I'm gonna do my own thing by myself, be polite with people, try to be funny and friendly and perceptive, and then go return to my little hole.

If *everyone* were a "socially passive panzy boy" like me, there would be no wars, no theft, no virii, no wife beatings, etc.

Am I talking about politics? No.

Am I talking about religion? No.

A lot of your are, however. I think those of you who actually spend your time thinking about politics, thinking about religion, thinking about "injustice"... Y'all are one HUGE step closer to the terrorists in my mind. I'm not saying you are likely to be terrorists... but think about it.

Andrew suggested that a little terror is good for America, that it "toughens us up". I think that's bullshit.

I'm soft, and I wanna stay soft. I wanna stay blissfully ignorant of the "unpleasant", "unfair", "uncouth", or "uncool" things that might be happening outside of my observable domain. Those "un"s aren't my business.

Entertainment's my business.

I hope some of you feel the same way.


andrew Tue Nov 6 14:04:52 2001

I would never suggest that terrorism, either given or received, is good for anyone or anything. That goes against every principal in every cell of my body. In my mind the US lost this war against terrorism the day it dropped its first bomb. They had the upper hand after 9/11 and blew it. compassion, education and the realisation that we are all human beings and that life in all its forms is the most sacred and beautiful gift.

Personally Trav, I think if everyone DID care about whats going on outside their own community then I think the world would change significantly. This is not religous. This is not political. It is a statement that we only have one world to live in. We call, ourselves civilized and intelligent, but how many other species on earth kill each other like we do.

I thank the universe daily that the world is made up of good, honest and loving people. the world is a great place to live and I am glad to be alive.

Trav, the fact that you think those who think about the injustices in this world makes us one step closer to the terrorists baffles me somewhat. I don't see the connection at all. What are we supposed to do?

Having said that, I'm now off to Vancouver , a wee bit nervous about flying I have to say, but tomorrow night I will hopefully be enjoying the sounds of Spiritualized and enjoying some of that West Coast hospitality :-)

Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace Fuck Love Peace fuck Love Peace Fuck

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 6 16:47:16 2001

You wrote (18 oct):

"I also think that the fear you are feeling is good... I think it is good in a very remote and small way that the US is going through what it is, now you know what living in the real world feels like. I think the uS needs to go through this."

If I misquoted or misunderstood you, sorry!!!

I disagree with the idea that "fear...is...good". Fear makes animals bite and cower. It elicits the "worst" behavior; by "worst" I mean least-productive.

High morale = high productivity = high morale.

As for being "close" to terrorism, what I meant is this... By focusing my energy on what I can observe, manipulate, and create, I can construct an eternally enjoyable environment (life) for myself. I choose to remain "blissfully ignorant" of the unpleasant things that are outside of my environment, and TRY TO only pay attention to the good stuff, like fun movies, fun music, fun travel, fun fun fun... :)

Other people actually TRY to pay attention to the unpleasant stuff "in the world". Of those people, a subset try to DISCUSS the unpleasant things with other people. Of those, a subset try to iNFLUENCE other people based on their perceptions and judgements of the "unpleasant" things. Of those, a subset use VIOLENCE to try to influence other people.

I try not to pay attention [to external unpleasantries]. If I don't know anything, I can't discuss it, and can't possibly get caught up in any sort of "mob mentality" whereby a group of people who have expressed similar beliefs engage in behavior that would not normally be exhibited by any individuals of that group.

Notice that I still am not discussing any specific issues. My communication remains entirely abstract, academic, just the way I like it. :)

Israel shmisrael. Any such generalizations about other countries or groups of people outside of our zone of DIRECT observation.... ahh it's just bogus. At least, it's not for me.

Should "we" be bombing Afghanistan? Well, *I'm* not doing any bombing. Someone else is (or so the tv tells us). If the city dwellers of this world want to throw airplanes and bombs at each other, it's their business and not really mine.

Yes, I can "root for the home team", but frankly I'm not all that interested in the game, as long as it doesn't come tromping through my living room. Meanwhile, I'm gonna keep the news turned off and continue writing songs, playing games, watching movies, and going for long jogs in the beautiful autumn air.


Mothra Tue Nov 6 17:47:52 2001

Jog on Trav! Believe me, it's better there.


P.Burns Tue Nov 6 19:45:25 2001

Yeah, Trav, but would you still keep in blissful isolation even when the neighbour down your street was gunned down?

The painful truth is, when should we complain - when my neighbour's hurt, when my fellow American is hurt or when any other human on this planet is hurt... or never? Isn't empathy the most human condition, more than self-satisfaction?

To me, all sides involved in this war right now are as savage, brutal and evil as one another. Killing is the same for everyone. The poor devils in the twin towers or the poor devils under the burning bombs or cluster bombs. In that sense, you are quite right. Don't believe anyone - they're all a bunch of selfish liars.

This war, as any other war, is a show in which each side struggles to be the one to appear 'civilised' and 'fair', but we all know they are all nothing but charlatans in search of self-satisfaction and pride.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Nov 6 20:50:57 2001

Your "twin towers" reference reminds me of Tolkien! I like my Hobbit Hole. :)

As for empathy... you can take your example further that just humans... What about when a non-human animal is killed? How about when a plant is killed? What about when our cells die? Do we mourn for our dying cells? Do we stop using anti-biotics because we're afraid to kill bacteria? Do we stop using soap?

Do we stop cooking our food? Do we stop eating?

If we have "perfect empathy" we wouldn't get anything done. We'd be miserable. We'd be obsessed with all the sin the world. We'd be paralyzed with grief.

Each of us gets to choose where we draw the empathic line today. My line is just very, very close to myself. My "empathic domain" includes those people (and animals) with whom I've had contact or about whom I've thought. If person X in country Y or cell X in body part Y dies, and I have never observed X as an individual organism, it's REALLY hard to summon any sort of empathy.

I'm just speaking academically, thinking aloud. I'm trying to express how it feels to be a hobbit who just wants to go back to his gardening. It's certainly not a new concept. people have probably been debating "empathic responsibility" for centuries.

Anyway, this is getting rambly and i am hungry. I have all sorts of ideas and sentence fragments swimming around my head and it feels much too like WORK to have to support my thoughts. I am thus abandoning my argument. My empathic tie to it has been cut. "So long, argument." it can go wander off into the tundra and die. That's *its* business. I'm gonna play music and watch TV. :)


Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Wed Nov 7 00:44:50 2001

Dave, thanks for the compliments, but why have you always shot back with the anti-Semitism remarks, like I've commited the worst crime? No, I have no love for the Jews. Why does this bother you so much? God forbid, label me and crucify me if I don't think in the same manner as the media and the government wants me to think!

Yeah, it would be great if everybody loved each other, but that is, and always be, just a fantasy. It's OK to have that ideology if you're just a musician, or play games in your own little world. Would you still feel this way if a particular sect of people, say, start terrorist activities in your home town? What if thier activities start to prove successful and it affects your life? It's funny how people get so comfortable in thier cozy little ruts and are not concerned about anything until thier little ruts are being affected by a militant group, a gang, a race, a government. 85-90% of the US population will allow the government to perform almost any atrocity, or pass most any kind of legislation as long as it doesn't affect them buying a sixpack, watching the game, or enjoying mindless sitcoms, etc. How do you feel when you're forbidden to write music, poetry, or fact & fiction? Would you then give a fuck?

I'm sure Julian Cope is much more than a simple mucisian. if it were not so, would he had written "Greedhead Detector," "Unisex cathedral," "London Underground," "Autogeddon Blues," "Pristeen," "Highway To the Sun," "Born To Breed," "The Battle For The Trees," and many, many more. julian Cope is very social-conscious!

Dave Wed Nov 7 10:40:31 2001


Simply put, it makes you either confused or bloody well hypocritical as far as your Cope-topian view of life.

Are you anti-black or anti-gay? anti-Catholic? What are you for? I may be mis-interpreting things, but you also seem anti-U.S. If you "have no love for the Jews" then who else do you have "no love" for? Are you anti-Muslim (the true believers who are suffering the most because a few fuckheads want to kill/die in the name of God)? It's simply interesting how you singled out the Jews first and foremost--at moments, you sound no different than a far right-wing white supremacist, which I'm certain you're not--you wouldn't be into Cope if you were.

If there wasn't a pro-Israel stance for the U.S. so Bin laden, et al. to be pissed off about, he'd be pissed that we were involved with oil interests in Saudi Arabia or something else. His little band of thugs are of a non-progressive mindset. They don't understand the notion of "live and let live". And instead of being pissed off at the U.S.A. yourself, be glad you can sit and piss and moan at whatever you want on a computer in the comfort of a nice, warm home.

Julian's still just a musician--a good man with a good heart and soul, but it sounds like you may have read a bit too much into his songs. People did the same with lennon--he was just a pop musician too. Don't put too much faith in musicians--they'll let you down just like the politicians, clerics and everyone else. Either that or they'll just tread water musically--they ALL do in the end.

Far as I'm concerned, we're going in circles here. Good luck to everyone--at least we know the jingoism and flag-waving campaigns are working along with the pseudo-nouveau hippies and anarchist-wannabes.

Prayer in public schools? God forbid.

Mothra Wed Nov 7 11:20:44 2001

"Good luck to everyone--at least we know the jingoism and flag-waving campaigns are working along with the pseudo-nouveau hippies and anarchist-wannabes."

So I guess that means CND, Greenpeace, WWF, Amnesty International, (and why not throw the Sufragettes in too) where all pseudo-nouveau hippies? Keep your faith in a narrow taxonomy, whilst others keep selling weapons? What is your point? I guess we can all feel superior/and or smugly ironic at times, yet times like these don't leave much room for such things, if we all work towards progress then we shall see progress.


amazon Thu Nov 8 06:16:36 2001

I don't see what wrestling has to do with anything, morfe.

Syd Earthling Thu Nov 8 09:16:05 2001

Check out Copey's Album of the month: Vision Creation newsun by The Boredoms. Mad Japanese heads at it again. It's a fabulous frenzy of Spacerock with the added bonus of percussive accompaniment from the Kodo drummers on Acid. Incredible and insane.

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Fri Nov 9 22:10:37 2001

It may be you, Dave, who is not listening to what Julian cope is on about in his lyrics to Autogeddon Blues, or even the whole Autogeddon cD. Do you ever read about his views on Head Heritage?

Anti-Gay? Anti-Black? anti-American? I didn't say that I was anti-American. I was just saying that the government refuses to admit that any of its policies are the cause of terrorism against Americans. Not only do they refuse to admit this, but, the government is also moving with unseemly haste to silence anyone who dares to suggest that is the case. The ghastly new law, the badly misnamed "USA PATRIOT" law signed by george Bush last week, is a giant step in that direction. The "USA PATRIOT" title is a highly contrived acronym standing for "Uniting and Strengthening america by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct terrorism." The new law is both un-American and unpatriotic. It is also un-Constitutional, although you shouldn't make any wagers that the Supreme Court will overturn it. The law specifically trashes the Fourth Amendment, and it is aimed at intimidating all opponents of the government or its policies into silence by threatening to put them into the category of being suspected "supporters of terrorism," whereupon they immediately lose all of their civil liberties and become, in effect, outlaws.

The new law certainly succeeded in intimidating nearly every legislator in the Congress even before George Bush signed it on Friday of last week. The bill's sponsors rammed it through the Congress without any of the customary debate or public hearings or opportunity to modify it. The customary legislative process of "regular order" was completely short-circuited, and terrified Congressman dared not protest or vote against the bill from fear of being denounced as "unpatriotic."

Denounced by whom, you ask? By the media, of course, which were solidly behind the new law. It was reminiscent of the witch trials of 400 years ago, when people who knew that the accused was innocent were afraid to speak up lest they too be accused of being in league with the devil.

If you still believe that the people elected by the voters to the U.S. Senate and house of Representatives are America's "leaders" and are looking out for the interests of the public, you should contemplate in detail the course of the "USA pATRIOT" bill through the Congress. Nearly 90 per cent of the members of the congress, Republicans and Democrats, all of whom took a solemn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, let themselves be stampeded by fear of media criticism into damaging the Constitution in a grievous way -- perhaps into striking a death blow against the Constitution -- by voting for this bill. And george Bush was

his usual smirking self as he triumphantly signed it into law last


Now Jewish billionaire Larry ellison, the principal owner of Oracle, the country's second-largest software company, is trying to persuade the government to require everyone to carry a national identity card that will allow the FBI to keep track of their movements. ellison has generously offered to provide the software without charge to the FBI to operate the tracking system. In the government the biggest booster of ellison's national identity plan is Senator Diane Feinstein, who heads the senate subcommittee on terrorism.

Hey! It's not Osama bin Laden who hates America's freedom: it's our

government, our media, and people like Larry ellison and Diane


About democracy and democrats, I think democracy is a lousy political system, and it is inherently crooked. It pretends to put power into the hands of the majority of the people -- which is a stupid idea in itself -- while it actually puts power into the hands of the tiny minority that control the opinions of the majority: namely, the media bosses. and I loathe Democrats: they are demagogues who seek power for themselves by appealing to society's resentful losers and dispensing bread and circuses paid for by society's more productive elements.

But as much as I hate Democrats, I hate and fear republicans even more: especially conservative Republicans: for example, Chief supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Vice president Richard Cheney, and George W. Bush. It is among the conservative politicians and bureaucrats that one finds the greatest mania for regimenting people, for making everyone march in step and sing in tune, for slapping down anyone who gets out of line, for sticking the government's nose into every aspect of people's lives. And I'll guarantee you, the mania these conservative politicians and bureaucrats have for controlling citizens and suppressing dissent is not based on either patriotism or a conviction that it's for our own good. They are crooks and liars, and the only good they're concerned about is their


You know, just because I have one view of an issue, and a politician has a different view, doesn't in itself mean that the politician is a crook and a liar. People -- even politicians -- are entitled to have different opinions about things. But when a politician like George Bush announces to the nation in completely unambiguous terms that the September 11 attack was unprovoked and was simply an expression of hatred by fundamentalist Muslims for america's freedom and democracy, it's not a difference of opinion; the man is simply lying. He's lying consciously and deliberately. He's lying to the whole nation on a matter of the utmost importance. This is much, much more reprehensible -- much, much

more dangerous for the country -- than Bill Clinton's lies about the sexual services he was receiving in the Oval Office from a Jewish intern.

George Bush has lied us into a war -- for two very obvious reasons.

First, just as the members of the Congress were afraid to question the new anti-terrorism bill from fear of being painted by the media as "unpatriotic," George Bush is afraid to talk about the provocation which caused the September 11 attack -- namely, the U.S. government's support of Israeli aggression against her neighbors -- because he knows that the media would then accuse him of "anti-Semitism."

And second, if he raised the subject of the provocation, he would have to explain why the government pursued such a policy. He would have to talk about the enormous power of organized Jewry over government policy, and again that would cause the controlled media to denounce him as an "anti-Semite." And he also would stand revealed as a man who had consciously followed a policy dictated by organized Jewry knowing that it was a policy harmful to America. He would stand revealed as a man at least partly responsible, along with his predecessors, who knowingly followed the same policy, for the September 11 attack. He would stand

revealed as a traitor, who had served a foreign power to the detriment of American security and welfare.

So George Bush lies to the whole country about a matter of the utmost importance and continues serving his alien masters. And the

man smirks about it.

Such a man cannot be trusted. A government headed by such a president cannot be trusted. Any reasonable patriot must fear such a government when it is given the powerful tools for repression that are in the new "USA pATRIOT" law and when its secret police agencies begin suggesting that it would be nice if they were permitted to torture suspects in order to extract information. And such a government especially should be feared when it is in cahoots with the news media. In a free society one force that keeps the government from getting completely out of control is a free press. Even when the media also are crooked, if they at least

are hostile to the government they can keep the government in check. But when crooked media are in cahoots with a crooked government, the country is in real trouble. And that is the situation we're in now.

In America's present situation, terrorism is the least of our problems. Certainly, it is a bad thing when our country is so hated by much of the rest of the world because of our government's policies that airliners are hijacked and flown into office buildings, killing thousands of Americans. certainly it is a bad thing when anthrax-infected letters are mailed around the country, killing innocent people and causing major disruptions in the postal service. But these things are nothing compared to the loss of our civil liberties. They are nothing compared to the danger of a treasonous, lying government. They are nothing compared to the damage done to our society by mass media of news and entertainment

being in the hands of an alien minority pursuing its own agenda.

Americans made far greater sacrifices 225 years ago to secure civil

liberties that King George III was denying them than they made in New York and Washington on September 11. When we are obliged to fight again to restore civil liberties now being given up so lightly by an irresponsible and thoughtless public seeking more security, the loss of lives and property will be far greater than in the World Trade Center attack. In other words, even if the terrorism threat to Americans were a thousand times greater than we have experienced so far -- even if terrorism cost us five million lives instead of five thousand -- it would not be as harmful to us and as great a threat to our national survival as a treasonous government and alien-controlled mass media. The

public, frightened of terrorism, may be willing to give up its freedom in the hope of gaining more security, but it will end up with neither. Unfortunately, the minority of us who really value our freedom will lose it too.

(Anonymous) Sat Nov 10 07:30:00 2001

well said, Billy!!

ron ob-sk-ur@in-suk-ur.com Sat Nov 10 11:12:09 2001

yeah, butt wotta 'bout... butt, didn't she say... riiiittte, butt they say... "they" say a lota things don't "they"... yes, yes "they" do...

good luck on the new position mz silverwolf, if'n it doesn't work out, i've gotta a couple in mind;) see the swiss gig iz still on, 16th too? hmmm... so did that queen chick just completely freak or wot?

any word yet on drained boner tour, possibly they're working on video? is kev and doggen over with spiritualized, iz thighpaulsandra back, er... forgot to tell him jay is a friend... andrew hope ur back safe and sound...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Nov 10 13:35:10 2001

I for one would *love* to see people get GPS implants, so that the government can track our every move. I'm totally in favor of that!!!

Just think... In addition to being a HUGE factor in countering crime, GPS implants would help people locate lost hikers, runaway kids, kids who sneak out after kerfew, etc. Parents could have the right/responsibility to monitor their kids' locations. When someone turns 18 or 21, the parent's ability to track the kid would be disabled.

We should be able to "give" our friends/family/spouses the ability to track our every move; we could also take that ability away, at will. In addition, [temporary] tracking ability could be required in certain locations [e.g., wilderness areas]. Also, the government would have PERMANENT tracking ability.

That is, our locations would *always* be logged to a set of computers somewhere. The disclosure of those locations, however, would be what we'd have to grant to people [temporarily] in certain circumstances.

If *everyone* had a GPS implant, I really think life could be a lot safer. It might be a little weird to spy on your wife all day, but hey, in 99% of cases, the granting of tracking ability would be voluntary. Parents should ALWAYS know where their kids are, rangers should ALWAYS know where hikers are, and the government/police should ALWAYS be able to find out exactly who was where at what time.

Now, most people seem to think that mandatory GPS implants are Evil, that they deny our rights of freedom, liberty, privacy, etc. Well, I don't care!!! I think what people forget is the scaling factor.

In the old days, everyone in a pack, tribe, or village would have an almost permanent knowledge of the whereabouts of his fellow citizens. The group, as a whole, would *know* where each individual is at all times. For most of their lives, that was the extent of their society; there wasn't much mixing with other groups.

Nowadays we, as individuals, can interact with any of billions of people. Let me put it this way... if someone knocks on your door right now, that person could have been aNYWHERE in the world a day or two ago. Think about it! Each person is a helicopter and jet away from anywhere in the world.

It is impossible for us, as individuals, and even as groups, to know where "everyone" is, where "everyone" is the set of people with whom we can potentially interact.

In addition, the individual now has the ability [via technology] to cause harm or distress to MANY, MANY people. Think about email viruses, mail bombs, anthrax, school shootings, etc.

[ hey, with all those "hot" keywords, the gov't computers are gonna flag this page and someone's gonna actually read it! :) ]

Anyway, i, for one, think mandatory GPS implants are a GREAT idea. Phone taps, spy cameras, undercover agents, spying, spying, spying... it's all great, but GPS implants, I think, would be cheaper and more reliable in the long run.

For people like me, who strive to be as honest and harmless as possible, we don't care if someone's watching us; in fact, it's actually comforting to consider that we, in our good behavior, are being judged. It's like having a perfect credit history, making straight As, etc. If you try as hard as you can to behave "well", then scrutiny is not threatening; it is reinforcing, encouraging.

For the people who do a lot of bad things, I have no empathy, sympathy, *pathy... If they scream about the "threat" that GPS implants impose on their "freedom" [what it really comes down to is "daily life"], then I don't really care.

For those of you who are borderline [you don't do a lot of bad things but at the same time you feel personally THREATENED by the thought of people spying on you], well, to be honest, I can't fully trust you, because I cannot understand what it's like to fear scrutiny. Not being able to relate to or trust your values and motivations [as is common in extra-large societies such as our own], is *exactly* the reason I'm in favor of GPS implants.

Anyway, that's my little tiny pair-o'-pennies. :)

GPS Implants have my vote.


steve Sat Nov 10 19:48:22 2001

was that a joke?

Dave Sat Nov 10 20:24:03 2001

In all actuality, after reading the banter (including my own), it really doesn't mean anything when you boil it all down; it becomes a tiresome war of words.

You're wrong, Billy, as you are right; I'm wrong, as I am right and it still doesn't mean a thing. Our views are bullshit because at the end of the day, it sounds like a pissing match in a schoolyard sandbox.

Bottom line, there are 5000+ people lying dead in the World trade Center rubble from different nations, religions, backgrounds, cultures and it was a coldly-calculated act of MURDER. No more of this shilly-shallying about "political ideologies"--Bin Laden has wanted to do this for years and he finally succeeded. If it was ANYONE ELSE--I don't care who--Mossad, I.R.A., the ACLU--I couldn't give a fuck--find them and kill them. This is one of those rare moments that I, as a lifelong card-carrying left-wing liberal (which I KNOW you hate, billy) will say purely and simply AN EYE FOR AN EYE. Bin Laden must pay; the taliban for their compliance and galling bragadoccio of being the ones who harbor Bin Laden and his gang of thugs--all involved in these actions. This is no different than putting a stop to Hitler, Pol Pot and other evil fuckers across the boards...

As far as president Shrub goes, well...what can you expect? He's a blinking idiot who looks like a lost dog who's had his food dish moved on him. He smirks because he doesn't know any better. We have a functionally retarded President. And he's a republican. Is anyone surprised?

Bill Clinton? Fuck him, the disgraceful scumbag. Monica lewinsky--a slutty girl with a daddy complex (but see that's where you botched it, Billy--dragging in the fact that she's a Jew doesn't mean anything, because there's Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers and I'm sure a slew more who aren't jewesses. You do yourself a disservice, there). He should have been convicted and removed from office. And I despise his wife equally. Being a liberal does not mean I'm a blind-to-my-party idiot.

And yes, Billy, you're right--I'm NOT listening to Julian's lyrics in the way you do because I cannot put stock/faith in a pop musician. he's not to be deified by me, nor are his words meant to be anything more nor less than good entertainment and perhaps a mode of solace--nothing deeper. I'm too old to be trying to find meaning in a musician--same as putting faith in a great actor or writer...or worse, a politician. At the same token, misinterpretation of lyrics/writings/statements are something I completely avoid; with that said, I think Julian's been great and he'll always rate with me with the finest songwriters of our generation...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Nov 10 21:53:09 2001

One thing I thought a lot about today as I went for my nice long Saturday jog was "Drive She Said".

My family and friends tell me I'm "weird" because I don't like to drive my car around town unless I *have* to (like when I pick up a computer or something that can't fit in my backpack). It's not that I'm afraid to drive (I love long car trips); it's just that on a daily/local basis, I prefer running [and sometimes biking] because it is better exercise, more *fun*, less stressful, safer, and cheaper. In addition, foot-power has some "socially responsible" side effects: it reduces air pollution, noise pollution, risk to others, and dependency upon oil, which is what appears to be funding a lot of the bad guys in the Middle East.

Cope's reasons for not avoiding driving might be just as self-centered as mine [which is perfectly natural], but when it comes time to sing about it, he takes a less personal and more social stance. That's fine with me, too; it's his BEHAVIOR that's key, not how he rationalizes it.

This is something positive that we all can do to help out [both ourselves and our society, whatever motivates you]. run. Jog. Walk. Bike. Just don't reach for those car keys without at least thinking of the COST. If you wanna lose weight, get some fresh air, or get rid of some stress, then go jog for hour or two or three... It's awesome! Bring a backpack and do your chores at the same time. Bring headphones, bring a book. have a blast!


p.s. Yes I'm serious about GPS implants! If someone said, "Hey, you wanna wear this? We can track you wherever you go!" I'd say "Sure!!!" If you had to vote on the issue [mandatory implants] what would you say?

ron Sun Nov 11 00:38:22 2001

hmmm, dunno natural or implants... how do you choose betwixt mind boggling and udder fantastic;)

Billy willieoertel@hotmail.com Sun Nov 11 07:55:55 2001

Yeah Trav, I know what you mean. The years before I could legally drive, my family had horses, so I could travel the back roads of rural Virginia in a most splendid way. It's very true how much detail you miss when when you're driving 55mph in a contraption of plastic and tin. Automobiles do suck, and I do hate the fact that it's such a necessary invention. There is an excellent film which is broadcast on FSTV (Free Speech TV is availible for free if you subscribe to a package on Dish Network) with the topic of Urban sprawl. I've forgotten the title of the film, but the show deals with the subject of how society promotes the use of the automobile.

About the GPS implants, fucking hell Trav, I admire the way you seem to see the positive side of most topics, however this topic brings memories of that old George Orwell book named 1984. devices such as the GPS would be fine as long as you live your life being politically correct. For me, I'm not a rapist, a drug dealer, or any of those bad people that you've mentioned, but I'm a dissident as far as the average american goes, which, in the herds eyes, would label me a bad person and dangerous to most Americans.

Dave, I do have many political views in common with the left-wing liberal. More so than I share with the right, especially environmental issues. I have been enjoying our political banter, and I hope to have many more discussions with you (and others) in the future. I love the fact that you have an examined world view.

Mothra Sun Nov 11 12:54:23 2001

There's a place where I go, to be away from PEOPLE, just to take in the air, the smell of the earth, hear the pheasants, the cries of the buzzads, the wind in the leaves. I can sit there all day, knowing that no-one knows where I am, and more importantly, no-one knows its where I find my peace, a place where interiority can b r e a t h e. I have things there, just little keepsakes, and most of all, it is sacred, it's a microcosm of all that's MOST important to me. I'd rather die than have that taken away.

(Anonymous) Sun Nov 11 23:24:04 2001

Dave, did anything that I've written show that I have faith in Julian Cope? Twice you've acused me of this! No, I have no faith in julian Cope, nor John Lennon. Thier are lots of issues that Cope goes on about which I do not agree. What does any of this have to do with Cope conveying his views through his music? I repeat, have you ever visited his Head Heritage web site? Currently, the web site (Unsung section?), Cope writes about the 911 incident, and also manages to bash Tony Blair, Bush, and monotheistic religions. have you ever fucking read any of his CD liner notes? Does the fact that I have lead you to believe that I "put faith/stock" in the man? Have you ever went through a copy of "The Modern Antiquarian?"

I enjoy Cope's music, and yes I've purchased most of his musical releases which have been available. I do think he is a most honest artist/musician who isn't afraid to let us have a peek at some of his flaws. some of his songs let us know how he feels about things, such as God, religion, environmental issues, etc. Some of his songs simply mean nothing. Yeah, Cope makes money at what he does, but I really do not think that he plays music just to be in the charts, or to make millions. To me he seems to be very consciously non-comercial. This is another appealing aspect of the man. Any artist that doesn't give a fuck if he's not on MTV rates high in my book, but I do not live and breath Julian Cope.

And god forbid I stated Monica is Jewish. That really makes everything I wrote null and void!

Mothra Mon Nov 12 06:22:53 2001

Ron! hahahaaaaa udderly marvellous, please don't show us, whichever one's you finally choose!

No. 9 is crawling and running out of gas, needs a major overhaul, if can get there today all will be well.

King Of Birds Mon Nov 12 09:39:56 2001

A message to both Dave and Billy:

Dave--your wanky right-on politics is such nonsense. Either you're on the left or the right. Your pandering to billy is disgraceful.

Billy--do you iron your Brownshirt before you go to meetings? Obviously, you're proud to be an out-and-loud Nazi.

This room holds no charm--I can't be bothered to ever come back in here. What a bunch of gits.

Buzzard of Morfe Mon Nov 12 09:51:53 2001

Hey, I'm the king of the birds, letsby avenue, gertcha! this room is always a sweet respite, but you're right, politics suck.

amazon Mon Nov 12 16:28:22 2001

Hmmmmm.....These people who post anonymously.....

(Anonymous) Mon Nov 12 17:25:29 2001

God! I'm an "out-and-loud Nazi," how do you like that trav? People are so quick to form an opinion, especially if one doesn't follow the herd. Should I cry that I can't speak my mind without getting people's panties in a bunch? And they say that Americans will accept most anybody's views! There again, as long as it is politically correct!

Billy Mon Nov 12 17:28:04 2001

Sorry, I forgot to post my name on the last entry!

WHERE ARE YOU DAVE? Help me out!!!!!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Nov 12 17:50:07 2001

Herr Billy - Don't sweat it!!!

I'm a Nazi to... just about every night, when I play Day of Defeat (a WW2 mod for Half-Life)! It's very hard for me to consider getting called a "Nazi" a serious insult... you just need to get de-sensitized! :)

Anyway, we can spend our minutes/hours/days/lives focusing on what other people think of our writing *or* we can do something fun...

...like record songs!

I got a new one for you... It's called "Renewal"; I recorded a vocal version yesterday and an instrumental version this morning. You can download it from ../../tripecac/albums/renewal/

Smooth segue, huh? =)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Nov 12 17:58:02 2001

Nice grammar, eh? "to"...

By the way, I'm almost ready to start buying CDs again... of the new Cope-related stuff, which ones would you recommend? I'm definitely interested in Brain Donor... and *maybe* LPF or whatever it's called... the "Ambient Metal". Have either of these aged well in the past months?


ron Mon Nov 12 19:15:47 2001

ur rite about that #9 this am morfe, as cHARlie sez <saddness> oh, and i'll be researching that mammary issue in depth, and shall not rest until i have a definitive answer for the masses... speaking of getting panties in a bunch, how ya been miz ammo... eh? wottcha hear 'bout tour thang... anyways, happened upon these two reviews tonite, and thought how similiar they sounded...

first i read this one:


then this one...


i'm thinking co-labor-ration... anyone else? liverpool reunites? paul can't you take time off from the tv career to put this together?

trav, i could loan ya lp&f for a couple of daze... LAMF is interesting also...

peace out

senile git ron

(wottever that iz) y'all probably 'aven't noticed but this site has definitely improved my vocabulary;)

nat... xx onya

konaman Mon Nov 12 19:45:10 2001

wow, this site is getting heavy!!!!

amazon Tue Nov 13 18:09:37 2001

Ron, real are always better than plastic ;)

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Nov 13 23:03:28 2001

Yes this site is getting pretty weighty. I don't know, you go away for a few days and look what happens! I got back on Sunday after a few days in Vancouver where I caught the Spiritualized gig and got to hang out with Thighpaulsandra and the Doggen and Kevlar before and after the show!

What can I say? Awesome night, great music, fascinating lights and it was so good to talk with Thighp and 2 thirds of Brain Donor. Definate possibilities of a live Brain Donor cd (the cornucopia show) coming out soon, but you didn't hear it from me! Incredible guys. I'm still in a bit of a spin from the whole experience. Plus it was good to be back in Vancouver after 2 years away.

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Wed Nov 14 17:54:04 2001

Hi All

I'm a very irregular poster here (as I'm asleep in bed when you lot are online usually). And I'm gonna keep out of the ongoing debate/discussion/argument over terror and war etc.

Reading Andrew's post reminded me of a recent Brain Donor experience. Following Cope's instructions to play it loud I did and it sounds really good to me now after a few listens. However my onboxious landlord who lives upstairs does not like it at all! I play it loud but I've played other stuff loud too and they never complain. It's only Brain Donor that seems to get to them - maybe the vibrations? I've played hard core punk at 2am and there's not a peep out of them. I play Brain Donor at any time and the inevitable stomping from upstairs occurs, with the occasional plaintive cry of "turn that music down" which I studiously ignore.

(If they had any manners they would come down and politely request that I turn the music down and i would probably turn it down in that case but hey - they are landlords).

A live CD? Bring it on. Will be interesting to see where Cope goes next.

Also bought a T shirt recently from Head Heritage. Good quality shirt and good design that won't disappear in the first wash. Has anyone bought the Modern Antiquarian windcheater? I notice it's only in one size - hope it's fairly large?

Off now to buy a bottle of wine - in vino veritas.



andrew commonera@lyocs.com Thu Nov 15 20:54:25 2001

Excellent story Malachy! Piss 'em off I say, the perfect reaction to Brain Donor. Love and hate are at the same end of the stick, so I think its quite a compliment to BD, it doesn't matter whether they like you or hate you, just create a reaction, like when people walked out of the BD cornucopia festival gig.

There might be also good news for all the Scandinavians out there (as I know there are millions who tune in here!). There is a rumour that JC is thinking of taking brain Donor on a Scandinavian tour as he want's to make it an Odinesque quest/experience!

amazon Fri Nov 16 06:56:17 2001

See what I mean, Tightpurpleshirt?

TightPurpleShirt AmphetamineAGoGo@aol.com Fri Nov 16 08:18:21 2001

I see what you mean Amazon. Now i have two forums in which to talk crap! cHARLIE comes here too ic. Did i scare you last night cHARLie :-)


AgentOrange floatinginandoutagain@floaty-like.com Fri Nov 16 08:30:13 2001

Oooh, hello. Ive just got it, Im sure someone figured this years before me, but I just got why tightpurpleshirt.

Sorry for not looking into the St james request, nat, my pooter at wrk is tied up with big processes, but hopefully when all that is over I can find out the sitch with cheridy. Got a feeling its all national charities though...I do know that you have someone else supporting you as I noticed an ad for blankets a few days after I arrived.

Russ russ@julian-cope.com www.skyray.info Fri Nov 16 12:01:18 2001


Anyone going to the Ochre 7 bash tomorrow in Gloucester.......


If you are i'll see you there!!!


TightPurpleShirt MonkeysMarbles@aol.com Fri Nov 16 12:27:28 2001

I didnt know it was on, but now that i do i ll be there(providing i get out of work before 8pm that is)! what time does it start and is it at the GuildHall?


Billy Sat Nov 17 11:05:19 2001

So, what I read is that most folks simply don't care, or don't want to think! So why do I care that the system is crooked? Why should you care? Why not just pretend not to notice the crookedness and go along with it.

But I believe you really are secretly aware of who's who and what's what. That's what the big shots do. That's what the people do who care only about themselves and don't give a damn what happens to their country or their race or the civilization built by their race, as long as they personally are able to turn a profit from events. That's what George Bush does. He pretends to care about all sorts of things. He pretends to be outraged by terrorism, but he shakes Ariel Sharon's hand and gives him a big hug whenever Sharon shows up in Washington. He pretends not to be aware of Sharon's record as a mass murderer, a war criminal, a terrorist, a man who sends out teams of assassins and orders the Israeli police to torture prisoners.

A lot of people think and behave the way George Bush does. A lot of people believe that's the only smart way to be. We're living in a society in which a great many people are completely alienated, completely disconnected from any sense of responsibility to race or nation or to anyone but themselves: amoral people, people willing to do anything they believe is personally advantageous, people for whom every public expression is simply an act. And because there are so many people like that, including virtually everyone in the government and in the media, America is very, very sick.

I'll go further: individuals who think and behave that way are sick. George Bush is a very sick man. Anyone who consciously and deliberately betrays his own race or his own nation, anyone who commits treason, is a defective person, a sick person. And George Bush, by consciously following a policy he knows is not in the interests of America but only serves Israel's interests, a policy he knows is responsible for the September 11 attack against America, a policy he continues to follow despite that knowledge, is a traitor. That's George Bush I'm talking about, the President of the United States. He may look stupid, but he knows what he's doing. George Bush believes he's a smart guy, a guy who knows which side his bread is buttered on, a guy who can get away with anything as long as the Jewish media will back him up. And so far he has been getting away with it. In a democracy, hypocrisy works; lying works. As long as you have the mass media on your side you can get away with anything, because the majority of the voters never will figure it out.

What has been happening in Mazar-i-Sharif and Kabul and other northern cities in Afghanistan this week is a good example. The big act put on by George Bush and his British counterpart Tony Blair and all of their media supporters since the campaign to destabilize Afghanistan began last month -- the big act was that the Taliban is a bunch of tyrannical fanatics who brutalize women, sponsor terrorism, and do lots of other bad things, and the Northern Alliance, which was supplied with weapons and money by the U.S. government while we bombed the Taliban to smithereens, is a bunch of Sunday school teachers and Boy Scouts. The United States will deliver Afghanistan into the hands of the Northern Alliance, and then everything will be rosy and peaceful and democratic. The people who had been tyrannized by the Taliban will be free and happy under the Northern Alliance. The Americans will be the good guys, who have made this wonderful improvement possible.

Well, of course, it hasn't worked out that way. As soon as the Northern Alliance took over each city it began rounding up people it didn't like, people who belonged to the wrong tribe, for example, and raping and killing them. There have been dozens of mass executions and mass rapes by the Northern Alliance troops this week. There are a lot of people they don't like. And the ones who just get raped or shot are the lucky ones. Eyes are being gouged out, breasts are being cut off, prisoners are being castrated and impaled and skinned alive or burned to death.

That's the way things are done in the Middle East. When the British tried to pacify the country in the 19th century, the rule was never to let yourself be taken alive. If you were wounded and left behind, you always saved your last cartridge for yourself. Rudyard Kipling wrote about that:

"When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,

"And the women come out to cut up what remains,

"Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains

"An' go to your Gawd like a soldier."

The Russians learned the same lesson, to their sorrow, just a little over a decade ago. And the military people around George Bush certainly were aware of the experiences of the British and the Russians. The Taliban indeed may be a rough and brutal bunch, but no more rough and brutal than the people paid and armed by the U.S. government. When the Taliban was in charge at least there was peace and stability. There were no massacres or gang rapes. The U.S. government, with its bombing campaign and its mercenary troops in the Northern Alliance, has succeeded in destabilizing large portions of Afghanistan, and the rapes and mutilations and mass executions have started.

But the lemmings won't hear enough about that for it to sink in. George Bush will continue lying and smirking and pretending that the Northern Alliance are the good guys, and America is bringing freedom and democracy and happiness to Afghanistan. What the United States actually is trying to do is set up a government a little more corrupt than that of the Taliban: a government that we can control with bribes and threats and that will not be a danger to Israel. That's the whole purpose of our war against Afghanistan.

It's the same sort of crookedness that we saw in connection with the Second World War. The pretext that the British government used for declaring war against Germany in 1939 was the safeguarding of Poland's freedom. When the Roosevelt government in the United States finally was able to use the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor as an excuse for jumping into the war against Germany, the act by the media and the politicians here was that Americans were being the good guys and would bomb the Germans to smithereens in order to protect American freedom and the freedom of Europe. And the people to whom we shipped military supplies so they could help us were the Soviets under good old Uncle Joe Stalin, that kind and fatherly fellow who also was being threatened by the wicked Germans.

Of course, what we did, after carpet-bombing German cities and killing enough Germans to make them surrender, was turn Poland and the Baltic states and half the rest of Europe over to communist rule for half a century. It had never been the intention of either the British government or the U.S. government to free anybody. We knew what sort of people the communists were. We knew that they had butchered the cream of the Polish nation in the Katyn forest and elsewhere -- 25,000 Polish military officers and professors and physicians and engineers and writers -- but our government and media people pretended that it was the Germans who had done it and that we were "liberating" Europe from the Germans and protecting American freedom, which never was threatened by the Germans.

It was all an act. The aim was not to safeguard anybody's freedom; it was to destroy Germany because the Germans had gotten the Jews off their backs and out of their country. We made war against Germany in order to make Europe safe for the Jews and for no other reason. We are making war against Afghanistan now in order to make the Middle East safe for the Jews, and for no other reason. Everything else is an act to keep the public fooled. And the public will be fooled: just as they never figured out what World War Two was all about, they won't figure out what the war against Afghanistan is all about. They may hear rumors about the massacres being carried out now by the Northern Alliance, but the television people won't spell it out for them, won't show them gory pictures of the piles of corpses, and so the public won't get it.

So again, why should you care? Why not just go along with the act, the way the big shots do? That's a hard question to answer, in this sense: If you're like George Bush or any of the other big shots who think they're being smart by going along with the act and collaborating with the Jews against their own people -- if you think that's the smart way to behave -- then you won't understand my answer, no matter how carefully I explain it. If you're a person who already is totally alienated -- if you're an amoral person who already is completely disconnected from your race and its traditions and values and you think of yourself solely as an individual scrambling to get an advantage over other individuals by any means that will work -- you won't understand my answer.

But if you still have some sense of being a part of something larger and more permanent than yourself -- if you still have a sense of racial identity, a sense of kinship with a larger family of fellow Europeans, of fellow White men and women with whom you share traditions and values and a way of looking at the world -- if you value the civilization your ancestors built over the last 5,000 years, if you think of it as your civilization -- then my answer is superfluous. You already know the answer. You already understand why you must not collaborate with creatures who secretly sneer at your values, who are contemptuous of the traditions and history of your people, who have been working for thousands of years to corrupt your civilization, and who are determined to annihilate your race. You already understand why men who do collaborate with these creatures must not be permitted to make laws and set policies governing your people. You understand that instead of being applauded and looked at with respect, they should be hanged as traitors and as a warning to others who might be tempted also to betray our people. You already understand that truthfulness and righteousness are their own reward.

Rail On #25

2001-05-29 to 2001-11-17