Tripalot (Trav's Webs)

Welcome to Tripalot!

This is the home of several hobby and personal sites, all managed by Travis Emmitt. They range from large to small, interactive to static, current to dated, autobiographical to having nothing to do with me. My goal is to provide unique and/or useful information, tools, and entertainment. If you see any bugs or have any requests, please contact me.


What does "Tripalot" mean?

As with many of my titles, there are multiple meanings:

  1. I wanted a permanent space (i.e., a lot) on the web for Tripecac and my other sites.
  2. I often read and run at the same time; on rougher trails I tend to trip a lot.
  3. I enjoy travelling, and have taken a lot of trips in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the world.
  4. I liked the idyllic image and smooth sound of combining Tripecac and Camelot.
Who manages these sites?

These pages are all maintained by Travis Emmitt.
The blog uses Wordpress, the forums use phpBB, but everything else is hand-coded.

Many other people have contributed posts, quotes, images, and songs. I always try to make it clear who contributes what, but if you see any mistakes, please let me know.