I conducted several surveys on The Culture Bunker and Rail On. It was a great way to hear from people and get a peak inside their Cope-appreciating heads. It also inspired revisiting old albums. Surveys are sprinkled throughout the archives, and a few of the larger ones are compiled below:

Survey Results

Survey #1 - 1996 ("Silly Survey")
Held shortly after Interpreter came out. This was a whimsical spur-of-the-moment survey that covers many topics including Cope, books, TV, etc.
Survey #2 - 1998
This focuses on Cope's periods, albums, and songs. The results are pretty colorful.
Survey #3 - 1999 (still open)
still ongoing; the results haven't been tabulated yet (yeah, I know, it's been over 4 years!!!). You're invited to take the survey!

You also might be interested in a survey I did for The The fans: