The main areas of focus on this site are Rail On (discussion list) and Interpreters (tribute CDs). I also might build up the reviews and surveys sections into a "Copinions" area where we can share and organize our opinions about Cope, his output, and related topics.


Julian Cope has been my favorite singer ever since I heard "Planet Ride" on a mixed tape back in high school (1988). There was something comfortingly "human" about Cope's voice, and the polished poppy hooks of Saint Julian were the perfect intro to UK-based post-punk, which I still love to this day.

I've since become a dedicated and active Cope fan, semi-religiously collecting all of his albums and books, and vastly enjoying most of them! From 1993-1995 I managed The Culture Bunker, an informal Julian Cope mailing list, and am currently running its web-based successor, Rail On!. I've also put together three Julian Cope tribute CDs (full of great covers by Rail On regulars!) and am accepting contributions for a fourth!

Anyway, enough about me...

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