Rail On #23

2000-11-05 to 2000-12-08

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Nov 5 16:52:52 2000

Okay, the old pages (on cyclone.swa.com) are now replaced with a "moved" page which points to txe.swa.com - it should be easy for you to find Rail On again.

Eventually, cyclone.swa.com/cope will be aliased to txe.swa.com/cope but for now we'll just have to change our bookmarks...

Feedback on speed and reliability is welcome!

Also, I cleaned up the subscription list. If you're not getting email but should be (or vice versa), please let me know.


eggy eggy'email Sun Nov 5 17:32:14 2000

Cant believe anyone could ever diss 'wheelbarrow man'! One of the best Cope tunes to date surely?Agreed on the lonely guy though.

Anyway enough chat of "why no tunes from MNUG on this tour?" What i wanna now is why no tunes from WSYM ? Not that i suffer from rampant nostalgia !

The 24/03/84 gig at the Odeon Brum with the mighty Woodentops supporting will remain forever "one of those classics". Does anyone recall Freight Train ?

Heres to the Drude , see you in Wolves , Strasbourg for the encore please.

ron drude@mounet.com Sun Nov 5 22:08:55 2000

try saying PaulBeetlejuice 3 times and I think he may appear Tony. hmm, the global economy, one of my favorite topics mothra my friend. Times not too pleasant in the english speaking world since our oil producing Arabic brethern decided that the gulf war debt was paid in full huh? Though you gotta admit free oil for the past 9 years has been pretty nice...and you wondered why your boys got sent in with ours...

I understand that Saddam is smuggling oil out of Iraq like cocaine, and is pocketing 35-40 million a month... not bad income for a second job! Oil, black gold, Texas Tea... THE drug of the industrial military complex and the new world order... anyways, e-me if you would like to share a pint in Picadilly...

Julian Rocks!

(Anonymous) Sun Nov 5 22:59:18 2000

Julian has posted 'November Floodion' in ADDRESS DRUIDION http://www.headheritage.co.uk/

andrew commonera@lycos.cos http://www.trampolene.ca/ Mon Nov 6 10:26:02 2000

New server works great Trav. Loads way faster at this end!

ron Mon Nov 6 20:32:45 2000

I had a waking dream in the middle of the day... it was November, the year 1996 and the only inhabitants of rail on! were Travis, Andrew, Louise. Mike and myself. hmmm....

Nat broom@stick.com Tue Nov 7 05:36:00 2000

Ha thought you could loose me! But Hoorah I've found ya! Nice links and so on and so forth! Izzy Wizz - miss you!!

So Eggy me old Peggy are you too a non-MNUG fan?! Am I really the only person in the whole widest world who likes it, surely Amazon you must be on my side!! WSYM - Hmmmmmmmm bit dodgy - the title track being my least fav Julian track ever!

Anyway must fly....


Boolbar Tue Nov 7 07:11:34 2000

What is the title track of the album WSYM ? :o)

ron Tue Nov 7 10:59:07 2000

check out the way cool merchandise on HH. Tour t-shirts and posters.

amazon Tue Nov 7 18:37:19 2000

Well I do like MNUG but not as much as the others, of course. and what is the title track of WSYM?

My fav. has to be Jehovahkill, the one I no longer own. Boo hoo.

amazon Tue Nov 7 18:37:52 2000

What on earth has happened to HH? It is all fucked up!!!!!!!

James Frew james.frew1@ntlworld.com Wed Nov 8 07:45:51 2000

[Posted by Travis]

I sit here in absolute bliss, it would seem to me that I am not the only worshiper of Julian H Cope after all, I have spent many a night tuning into the cope and not fully understanding why the man has not been made king. I have also looked through his eyes via his outstanding collaborations, it seems to me that not only has he remarkable musical and lyrical integrity, but he also know what he`s talking about, so I solute you Julian H Cope and all you archdruid fans out there in the mystical world of the man who should be awarded and recognised for his ability, and by the way Mystery Trend, Las Vegas Basement and Ive got my tv and my pills are amongst the most emotional songs of my generation and many more to come.

A big thank you for this web site I shall spend many more nights of interest here, peace to you all


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Nov 8 08:13:49 2000

Hi guys!

There is a problem with the mail server and firewall, but our system admin says it should be working by Friday.

I'm glad this new server lets you load pages faster!

I'm also glad the [US] elections are over!!! Yay! I don't even know who won, and am going to try to see how long I can go WITHOUT knowing! As soon as I get to work, I'm gonna put my headphones on.

Anyone check out the new Jazz Butcher, World Party, or James albums yet? How about (ahem) U2?


Andrew Wed Nov 8 10:01:32 2000

I think the whole of the US is going to see how long they can go without knowing, aren't they? As jay leno said the other night, its not really an election but more of a vote for the lesser of two weasels. Damn shame Hilary didn't get her butt kicked though.

Nat hung@over.com Wed Nov 8 11:33:04 2000

Maybe HH is hibernating!! I wish I could!

Looks like I better start up a one woman MNUG Fan Club! I love the cover, make a good T-Shirt!!

Why do you no longer own a Jehovahkill amazon? Did it run away?

Izzy I'm having withdrawal symptoms where are you? sob sob... do I smell or something?

Nat x

(Anonymous) Wed Nov 8 11:34:20 2000

Ooo forgot to say Trav - I'm not getting these posts through on my e.mail address - do you not like me either? Or could that be why its so quiet around here as no-one knows you are back?

N xx

Nat Wed Nov 8 11:36:53 2000

Wooo instant karma - its all now explained power of the internet....

Horrah for James Frew welcome to you....

Sorry about that!! I don't always talk to myself..... ;-(

Nat x

PaulB pbrowne@arc23.com Wed Nov 8 14:14:19 2000

Well, I've just returned from a weekend very much like a bad John Hughes film (from a script by Joseph Conrad). Still, I've returned with my nuts and my sense of humour intact ;-)

Both Kilimanjaro and Wilder are being reissued with extra tracks, b-sides and such (but no tacky badge). Hang on though, that's the 'old days' of Copey and we don't want to talk about the old days anymore.

That issue of Q with the Q+A with Julian is currently out (the one with the Spice Girls on the cover - oh cruel irony). I spot some familiar names in there, but no questions as good as "where do you get your ideas from" or "can you explain your sound?" (actual question asked of PaulB during filming of recent TV music prog).

The (slightly) new and improved Screaming Secrets website will stealthly take over from the old one very soon....


PS WSYM (the album) rocks - big time

receding hair Wed Nov 8 15:18:32 2000

trouble is when the 'old days' becomes an obsession

amazon Wed Nov 8 18:11:11 2000

Nat, it was stolen along with everything else I owned, in a burglary.

The sad thing is, the burglar probably didn't get much for all my Julian CDs but they meant soooooo much to me. Why didn't he just leave those ones?

PaulB Wed Nov 8 19:33:40 2000

Do you remember when the 'old days' weren't an obsession? But that was back in the really old days, and we don't want to talk about the old days.

I think we should start a thread discussing why it's important not to talk about the old days. But then we'd have to talk about the old days, wouldn't we?

You never got all this old nonsense in the old days....

Nat Living in the 80's@pants.com Thu Nov 9 06:04:55 2000

Oh Amazon I am sorry... We were burgled on New Years Eve 2 years ago when I lived in London - utterly devasting... luckily for me they didn't take any of my music, but I would have been gutted if they had. It was the first thing I checked when I got in was my CD's/Albums and stuff, like you say worth more to the individual than to any would be burgler....tut.

Anyway PaulB - a - whats wrong with the 'old days' and b- whats wrong with living your life like a John Hughes Film - I'm always wearing pink and me and my friends go out like in St Elmos Fire and sit around talking about the 'old days' and sleep with one another and are always kept in at weekends in school. And I have a friend who plays the saxophone and has muscles and wears a bandana so there...

Just call me Molly Ringwald. (She should have gone off with Ducky - never forgiven her for that) sigh..... oh the 'old days'

Nat xx (currently wearing legwarmers and a ra ra skirt.)

Boolbar Thu Nov 9 09:25:25 2000

We could talk about the present and then we'd only be talking about the old days in the future.

PaulB - surely the answer to "Can you explain your sound ?" is either "Yes" or "No".

Cope at Cambridge was fab. Does he do the education, education, education thing at every gig ?

PaulB Thu Nov 9 09:39:04 2000

Boolbar: To answer your question: Maybe

Nat: All I can say is: MMMmmmm... Molly Ringwald...

We're going to the St Albans gig next Thursday. Maybe some of us could meet up and do something outrageous, like steal Mars bars from the local shop, drink more than 1 pint of lager (I am so hard) or refuse to clap after Julian's set - just to be rebels.

All I need now is my sleeveless T-Shirt and a bandana....

St. Thu Nov 9 11:15:07 2000

Anyone know what time can we expect the SBE gig to start/finish?


Boolbar Thu Nov 9 11:24:52 2000

The gig at cambs started at 8pm and lasted 2 and a half hours. From what I've read that seems consistant throughout the tour.

eggy eggy@eggmail Thu Nov 9 16:55:29 2000

Any of you good drudeheeds got any info. on the setlists for this tour ?

Still no news on Julians brothers band Freight Train either ?

ron Thu Nov 9 21:37:23 2000

I believe SBE is scheduled for 7pm and... as I was ever so politely reminded, Mr. Cope perfers early arrivals in order enjoy his hand picked ambiance/white noize. Show your selfs and the beauty full people may not pass you by. Share your selfs or the trajic-ly hip may trajic-ly end not knowing your inner beauty.

St. Albans, hmmm, see how I feel when I hit the ground. Up awl nite, sleep awl day... have to be someplace that serves imported lagers and whiskey (Budwiser and Jack Daniels;o) and you WILL keep that hard thing to yourself.

Nat Fri Nov 10 07:33:12 2000

No Christ V Warhol on the CD's I can't believe it!! AHhhhhhh

Rant rant rant....


(Anonymous) Fri Nov 10 11:22:12 2000

Crikey. And there was I thinking Rail On is very quiet and look whats gone on in the last week. Was I chucked off cos I'm now too old - shunned now that I charge headfirst towards my thirties? Just tell me and I'll piss off for good...

Before I go though, perhaps you would take the time to view this website:


Entertaining to see Shrimp making himself unpopular over on HH....

Spellbound Fri Nov 10 11:24:57 2000

Nah, still don't seem to be getting my messages...

PaulB Fri Nov 10 17:10:37 2000

Nat: That's outrageous. Let's get a 'firm' together, 'tool' the lads up and pay a visit to these record company nonces.

Alternatively, we can send a stern letter.

Izzy: Piss off.

Only joking.

How the hell are you? What's this Storytelling Festival nonsense? What if we don't have any stories to tell? Do you, like, get a fine or something? Actually, that would make a great story....

Shrimp making himself unpopular? That's just so unlike him!

more popular ...I'd say Fri Nov 10 17:14:00 2000

not so sure about that, izzy. shrimp's been getting loads of free publicity, even a thread dedicated to him.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Nov 10 19:44:52 2000

COooeee! found you all again!


(Anonymous) Fri Nov 10 21:50:47 2000

PaulB, no stories, no life.

PaulB Sat Nov 11 08:02:56 2000

Shrimp's here!

Funs over, everyone...

IzzySpell why aren't these coming to my email account? Sat Nov 11 08:27:27 2000

Oh! Its just like the good old days eh? Paul v Shrimp v Everyone v no-one. As for storytelling its like when you go to a music festival you are not necessarily expected to play...? SO just come along and enjoy, have a lovely beer at the Duke of Wellington (a fine establishment) get your face painted, challenge a side of morrismen to a match, heckle Theatre in a Bag - usual stuff...

I won't be telling any stories myself unless disaster strikes, but I'll be your beautiful Steward on Thu night. I do have a selection of dirty jokes and vile stories if people are looking like they are having too much of a good time.

SO are you coming PaulB? You ain't far away? How 'bout you Richard? Anyone?

PaulB Sat Nov 11 11:14:16 2000

Izzy: I thought we weren't going to talk about the old days? But as we are talking about the old days, it's just like that time when the Teardrops were recording The Wild Dominions, Bill Drummond was chasing Courtney Love with a shotgun, Julian was climbing out of the window of their Hercules Transport plane and climbing in the other side, Gary Dwyer would be talking about his favourite film (Rocky &Bullwinkle) and Dave Balfe was chums with everyone.

Obviously some details might be wrong but you get the gist.

I have no idea what point I was trying to make BTW.

Do I detect the subtle art of arm-twisting from Izzy re: this storytelling event? Get your face painted? Of course no one would ask to look like a member of Brain Donor - o-o-o-h no siree!

Well, I might go to hear your vile stories - or to relate the story of Pete De Freitas and his Duck theory (Liverpool Explodes attendees may remember the tumbleweeds blowing across the room when I originally told this story...).

ron old dudez@the ranch Sat Nov 11 22:37:06 2000

Izzy oh sweet child o mine, you are but a mere lass... too decayed and holding. would love to attend your storytelling fest, but I believe I'll be out of the country on that date. Nat, still owe you a box of sox. PaulB, I don't care what Shrimp sez about you, you're outrageous. Andrew, whadaya want me to do?

who wants to be a millionaire? er... a president? El Americanos now know the meaning of 'dry wank'... did you see George jr. today with the bandage on his head, what's that all about? Was he was out drinking with Ted Kennedy and got lost in da hood trying to score some smack?

god save the queen? fuck that, god save us!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Nov 12 17:46:52 2000

I never said anything - the message after I unsubscribed/subscribed is a plant.

and if I heckle I stay around!


Boolbar Mon Nov 13 05:06:03 2000

What sort of plant would post to Rail-On ? Would it be a double vegetation ?

The new 'Audience with the Cope' CD is groovy but not that vital - a sort of missing link between his 'normal' stuff and Rite 2. But why a 'hidden' sixth track - I mean it was really difficult to find behind 5 minutes of silence. Or is the 5 minute of silence part of the track - a sort of remix of Mr. Cages 4'33"

What are those lyrics to Born To Breed ? Is Cope sugesting that homosexuals give up bottoms for girlfriends ? Queer stuff.

Nat Mon Nov 13 07:17:24 2000

Bonjour mes aimes! I'm doing the storytelling fest so there, and I'm going to paint my own face with emulsion!!

Had what started out to be a really good weekend - went on a works do and got plastered, my partner Steve insulted my boss, who then had a go at me today! Can things get any worse... ;-( My god I'm depressed........ sigh.

AND I still haven't got my cd's yet! Bloody Amazon.co.uk my arse. I'm going to complain yeah....PB lets complain you start I'll follow...

Well now that I've depressed you all I'm off to eat chocolate and cry....

'Born to Breed' I love it, brilliant. The Breeders did it and now Julian the whole nation is being forced to Breed... Izz I want a baby.... ;-(

Nat x

Spellbound Mon Nov 13 08:27:16 2000

Something in the air Nat, I swear my fella was thinking babies last night - and he didn't see Cold Feet. Hmm...

Niagra Falls seems to have relocated in my nostrils, not having fun today either. Although it feels like hayfever I am hoping that it'll turn out to be mild flu so that I can get out of work for a few days...

Very excited about the festival - we ran thru it yesterday. Hilarious pirate thing going on. You gotta come...

Mothra Mon Nov 13 11:54:05 2000


I want to make a baby by the light of the moonlit night!

(Secret)IzzyOrange izzy@purpleturtle.com http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imjs/storyfest Mon Nov 13 12:57:37 2000

Saturday night, cycling down country lanes, wet rooves and tarmac reflecting the full moon. OOO marvelous....

ron east@easyriders.com Mon Nov 13 13:55:01 2000

will anyone from list be at the SBE show?

QUOYLE KOTJ MF Mon Nov 13 14:14:36 2000

From the posts I've seen on here about other shows, W'ton was quite a revamp.

Here's the setlist:

Transporting,How do I understand my Motorman,Battle for the trees,Ver,Just like Pooh bear,Bent out of shape,Born to breed,Kolly Kibbers birthday,Skip,Baby lets play vet,Cummer in Summertime,Warwick the kingmaker,Cherhill down,Great white hoax,I have always been here before,Me and Jimmy Jones,Screaming secrets,Look after your leathers,My nation underground,Bill Drummond said.

Encore - World shut your mouth,Reward,Cold Gin,Breath of Odin.

And do any of the foxes on the front row read this BB?


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Nov 13 15:11:52 2000

If you have been to any of the shows then you should realise what the 5 minutes break is all about. If you haven't been to one of the shows then you might never know!

amazon Mon Nov 13 20:30:53 2000

Huh? That's not the set list I remember. I was at Wolverhampton. (At the front). Maybe you were drunk. Maybe you were never there. Maybe you are making it up....

Morfe I would love to make babies with you by the light of the moonlit night, VERY impressed with what I saw on Saturday. Now I've embarrassed you, damn it. Well, it makes a change from you lot embarrassing me I suppose. Hahaha I'm just getting my own back. Hopefully everybody has got bored of discussing my boobies over on HH.

Anyone here going to Warwick? I'm also going to SBE if anyone wants to meet up beforehand.

IzzyButterflyBelly Tue Nov 14 04:25:54 2000

Duh, Quoyle strikes again 'king of the joking MoFos', My nation underground? Is that really likely????

I shall be back in a couple of hours, hightly elated, I hope...

Boolbar Tue Nov 14 05:04:29 2000

Having been to the shows I do see what the 5 minute silence could be, but only if it was in the middle of a track - not at the start. There is no count in - the song hasn't started yet. No riff is boomaranging around.

Silence is golden, noise is white.

Nat Ooo baby baby@baby baby Tue Nov 14 05:11:35 2000

I think it's the full moon as I'm hell of a broody at the mo. Might just get another kitten!!

Morfe is a love, amazon - he'd make a good dad!! Purple haired maybe, but lovely!! Ahhhhh sweeeeeetttttt.....

I don't remember a 5 mins silence at Southampton, maybe we boogie woogied through it Izz!

Baby making by the light, by the light of the Silbury moooooooooaawwwwwaw.... sounds like fun.. bit chilly, but fun! bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nat x

IzzySpell Tue Nov 14 06:53:21 2000

I remember the silence, it was really funky, but I find myself dancing to the late night snow on the telly occasionally...

Nat Oh you pretty things@tart.com Tue Nov 14 07:20:17 2000

Can anyone tell me about Kwallo Klobinsky?!!!


PaulB http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue Nov 14 08:53:45 2000

Nat: We told you about Kwalo on the Screaming Secrets website, remember?

amazon: just how impressive are these boobies as you're always talking about them? Please send pics ;-)

I' m off to St Albans on Thursday. I'll be the one shouting out for Crucial Three songs, obscure b-sides and other tracks just to make me look really clever and aloof.

Nat Please release me let me go Tue Nov 14 11:07:02 2000

Something wierd happened then woooooooo, you may have this message twice now oh great Paul...

I think I was asleep when you told me personally about Kwallo so for all us non-ssbelievers out there who know nothing oh great,clever and aloof one - please tell us again.... I bow down to anyone who shouts out meaningless things about the Crucial Three ;-)

Shout Mik Mak Mok for me!!

amazon Tue Nov 14 12:06:19 2000

Does Bruce Morton-Cox post on here?

And It's everybody on HH, PaulB. Ask them, a few of them have caught a glimpse.

QUOYLE WWFC =DIV.2 Tue Nov 14 12:54:07 2000

"Maybe you were never there" - I think 3 incidents will prove I was:

  1. That complete prat shouting into his mobile all through 'I'm your Daddy'.
  2. The heckler who ran off when Julian came to squeeze his balls.
  3. The Drude admitting half the Teardrops songs were crap.

Whats with all the hostility?

I'm only trying to lighten your loads - They call me the Black Country Bill Hicks you know.

Tony M Tue Nov 14 14:22:13 2000


I want to download the Astoria gig from the Sounds page but it says the file has been moved. Where is it please? I must hear it.

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Nov 14 15:25:42 2000

Remember that the CD is in reality a tour programme.

Julian made great pains to show us how silence is in itself rock'n'roll as it challenges our very concepts of rock'n'roll. Silence is never silence in our lives as there is always some form of noise and especially those sounds that we emit ourselves.

Therefore 5 minutes of silence is pure rock'n'roll mastery.

Don't skip it - allow it to play in its entirety and you will find something.


PaulB http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue Nov 14 15:27:19 2000

Nat: Kwalo Koblinsky was a character in an episode of 'The Outer Limits' called 'Soldier'. Go to the Screaming Secrets website and check out the 'Under The Influence' article.

Hurry! Site may change with no prior notice! I'm almost finished!

Amazon: Bruce is not on the internet - Screaming Secrets keeps all its employees in a dark cellar cut off from human contact. Also, I don't keep up with the HH forum as it seems to be either Sada-types whining on about New Age lifestyles as fashion accessories or Shrimp ranting/bashing. I prefer the cosy Rail On ;-)

Where's these dodgy pics, then?

Nnnnn - mobile phones. Didn't Trigger Happy TV clue up these bastards? A friend of mine has a state-of-the-art mobile which vibrates rather than play the theme tune to Mission Impossible as rendered on a Casio VL Tone on Volume II (If you haven't seen Spinal Tap you will not get this joke). Remind me to tell you about my real life Trigger Happy TV mobile experience (if I haven't already).

Morfe Tue Nov 14 15:30:39 2000

I 'aint no sweet-freak!!!!! You guy's 'll blush me off the site soon enough, and the jealous male posters are gonna deaf me out big style with my new found crippled-sex-god (odd) status ;-)

Hi Nat, wher've yer been? My chillis have got a dose of aphids HEEEELLLLPPPP!

Bee Blessed

Buzzard of Morfe Tue Nov 14 15:53:49 2000

And Paul B! WHAT a thing to say about the HH crew, I'm sure I've encountered little if anything approaching New-Age-olescence while discussing! Or was that your little joke? Sardonic sarcasm is the new rock and roll, and TV soundbytes are the new black? ;-)

I'll carry on hovering between the inane and the sublime, you know Yiiin and yaaaaang, just to harmonise, man!

What DID the eighties and nineties do to our spirit!!???

Mothra Tue Nov 14 15:55:31 2000

It's night time, I must hoover.


amazon Tue Nov 14 21:28:49 2000

Actually HH is getting a bit bitchy at the moment. I think I'll stay over here for a while...

Spellbound Coooe morfy! Wed Nov 15 04:05:29 2000

Grrrr. Apparently, because I objected to motorised metallic vehicle cutting me up on route to school today a "little girl like me should get my bottom slapped". Intriguing argument, I feel...

We're not being hostile, Quoyle, just doubting. I mean, Pooh Bear? So glad we went to the first wave of shows....

Nat slobber over the Morfe Machine Wed Nov 15 05:31:06 2000

Big kiss Morfe!! I think yer chillies are past it mate!! - I'd try again next year ;-(

I can post you off some of my dried ones if you'd like!

Paul - I knew that really I was just testing you!! (NOT - thank you!!) I like the colour of the ss site reminds me of an orange!

Nat x

Morfe Wed Nov 15 06:09:29 2000

Pah! to everything.

Nat Hmmmm Wed Nov 15 06:42:48 2000

I've just been listening to 'Use Me' in the car and I think its the most powerful song I've ever heard - I was stuck in traffic and Julians voice was booming out the speakers! I felt really dirty and used when I'd finished!!

Anyone want to be used today?!!!

Nat It's just a story Wed Nov 15 08:19:42 2000

Paul this was the kind of answer I wanted - Don't ask where its come from as I'm not telling, but there are plenty more!!!

kwallo klobinsky was the name of the character in an episode of Outer Limits called 'Soldier'. Outer Limits was a brilliant 60's series in the vein of Twilight Zone but loads, loads better. It was total drugs telly.

Not to be confused with the recent crap series (also called Outer Limits).

The 60's ones are in black and white and are mostly fantastic...

The Teardrops watched a video (remember this was the late 70's, so videos were rare and expensive and only tended to be found in film/tv studios.

home videos didn't really catch on til the early 80's...) of Soldier over and over again on acid in the studio where they recorded kilamanjaro. So much so that Sleeping Gas got sub-titled Kwalo Klobinsky's Lullabye...

The episode is about a soldier from the future who gets transported back to 60's suburban America. He hardly speaks english as we know it and is prone to temper tantrums, killing people, etc. Anyway, he moves into a suburban house with the family of the psychiatrist who's trying to find out who he is, where he comes from, etc in an attempt to domesticate him... One of the things he says (don't ask me to explain why...well, alright then, it's when they're trying to teach him english) is: dog, dog, dog, dog, dog...DOG! So the t-shirt is a picture of Michael ansarra (the actor who played kwallo) and the words (you guessed it...) dog, dog, dog, dog...DOG! It was kind of an in-joke, cause we were the only people apart from Julian who knew who kwallo was....

Now, here's where it gets weird: You may already know this, but if you don't you're in for a treat....Julian claimed that in a parallel universe he was actually Kevin Stapleton.

Kevin was the complete opposite of Julian - he was a bluff-speaking working-class Liverpudlian guy. I think the other Teardrops may have also had alter-ego opposites (Balfe was cool, etc), but anyway.....Stapleton had his own group who were called Whopper. Now, Whopper recorded a track called Kwallo Klobinsky's Lullaby which was supposedly a hit in their universe. This track actually exists on a Zoo Records compilation... It's basically the backing track of Sleeping Gas with the vocals erased and some effects on the horns, etc. Sort of a dub remix.

Stapleton would occasionally take over Julian Cope's personality and make him do stuff. Somewhere I've got a live version of Sleeping Gas where Stapleton starts doing the vocals. Also, (and I can't remember whether I saw this on TV or was at the gig...) Stapleton hijacked Julian's face onetime during a live performance. He put a gun to his head and forced him to smile, take on various expressions, etc. I think he said (halfway through sleeping gas, probably) something like: This is the voice of stapleton speaking. I am now hijacking your face....

It's bizarre to think that all this stuff was going on while he was appearing on the cover of smash hits, etc.

Yeah, I liked the bunnymen too. Saw them 3 or 4 times, I think. First 3 albums are pretty good. U2 ripped off all their worst stuff and became famous. Met Mac in 79/80? Second bunnymen tour. We were both 21 at the time. He was okay, bit of a poser though. Could have been a huge star, but it all went pear-shaped. Saw them about 3 years ago out of curiosity and they weren't too bad. Had the odd moment of brilliance, but yeah it was mainly trying to relive the glory days... The Bunnymen are one of Flinty's all-time favourite bands. He used to be mad for them when he was younger...

Boolbar hush Wed Nov 15 08:41:07 2000

I'm not disagreeing that the silence on the CD could well be a part of the listening experience (and I have gone through it virtually every time) but :-

  1. Most uncredited tracks on CD are after a chunk of silence, just like we have here.
  2. This bit of silence is exactly 5 minutes.
  3. What is different about silence that is meant to be silence and silence that is mearly a gap between noise ?
  4. Silence as music ceased to be an original idea years ago.
  5. the packaging claims just over 50 minutes of music (I can't remember the precise words, sorry) which is the length of the CD MINUS the silence. So the silence is not part of the music.

Oh, and I also had a look at the SS site - had to wear shades though. That orange could scare little children.

St. Wed Nov 15 09:01:19 2000

Interesting take from the Time Out sight ....


Julian Cope

No one said that a career negotiating post-punk iconhood was going to be easy. As if the occasional pannings and the unreasonable expectations of major record companies aren't enough to drive you to an early retirement, there's also the unrelenting bother of unpleasant celebrity Sean Hughes* shouting requests from the auditorium every time you play in London. Is it any wonder that recent years have seen Julian Cope spending more time chronicling stone circles? You don't get old lumps of rock shouting 'Safesurfer!' as you're trying to tune your guitar.

So why does he still do it? By way of explanation, let me direct you to The Teardrop Explodes' freshly reissued 'Kilimanjaro' album. Or to be specific, its astonishing extra track - nine sublimely wired live minutes of 'Sleeping Gas' in which a palpably fried Cope attempts to 'land' the song under the apparent belief that it's an aeroplane. Cope pointed out during his 1999 spoken-word tour that the Dionysian trip of the rock star and the Neolithic way aren't mutually exclusive - common to both is a high regard for the knowledge that man acquires through instinct. As the aforesaid epic shows, Cope has always had that instinct, be it the leather Narcissus of 'Saint Julian' in 1987; the righteous reborn visionary of 1991's 'Peggy Suicide' or the spacerocker/ poet/comedian/raconteur of recent years.

He has his detractors, of course. But then, men with fluorescent leggings generally do. Rather more upsetting is the fact that - save for a couple of, um, challenging mail-order albums - there's been no new material since 1997's melody-stuffed 'Interpreter'. Tonight should offer some redress, but as with any Dionysian show-off worth his salt, a certain amount of shameless crowd-pleasing is inevitable. Peter Paphides

*Is there any correlation between Hughes' continuing presence at Mark Eitzel concerts, usually shouting 'Crabwalk!', and the decreasing size of the venues Eitzel plays?

Shepherds Bush Empire, Shepherds Bush Green W12 (020 7771 2000) tube Shepherds Bush

PaulB Wed Nov 15 15:10:30 2000

Nat: Sorry the Kwalo info wasn't good enough for you. I'll just jump out the window.....

Also, please don't describe the Screaming Secrets website as "an orange" or I will cry (like a small child).

"unpleasant celebrity Sean Hughes" Ooooo - get her(!) One journalist who's miffed at not being famous enough to get on 'Buzzcocks'...

St Albans tomorrow. I'm going to take a dump in their toilets - and I'm not going to flush it, because I'm the kind of guy that doesn't follow "the rules"....

amazon Wed Nov 15 16:03:04 2000

Tonight? Why is Time Out saying he is playing in London tonight?

Have I missed something? Did I fall asleep for 3 days?

Mothra Wed Nov 15 18:24:55 2000


SnEx Wed Nov 15 19:44:03 2000

orange orange orange (prefer satsumas myself!)

PaulB Wed Nov 15 20:20:20 2000

Oranges and the 'F' word in one night.

You insensitive bastards.

<PaulB goes off in a strop. Exit stage left (pursued by a bear)>

Boolbar (on-the-scrounge) andy@appliedbusiness.co.uk Thu Nov 16 07:07:00 2000

Can anybody do me a copy of the Cornucopia CD ? (Or even sell me one ?) Pleeeeease!

amazon Thu Nov 16 10:01:07 2000

Mothra, check your emails.

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Thu Nov 16 11:28:11 2000

Having kept shtum for a while, I return now that I've just picked up the re-released "Kilimanjaro" and "Wilder". Nice job by the folks at Universal U.K. Hope springs eternal as they go to work on my other favorite band of all-time, That Petrol Emotion and their 1987 epic, "Babble".

What can I say? I have everything Teardrop, but it sho' don't hurt having it all on 2 CD's.

God help the U.S. if Bush is declared the winner.

I'm still a forward thinking motherfucker...

HEY! Where's Volume 3 of "Interpreters"?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Nov 16 12:54:05 2000

Sysadmin says we should get mail working on here by today or tomorrow. Let's cross our fingers and then prepare for the barrage of buffered post notifications!


p.s. I ordered the "conversation w/ cope" [or whatever it's called]CD from Head Heritage a couple days ago. Looks neat!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Nov 16 12:55:06 2000

As for volume 3 - i'm gonna wait until we get mail working on here again. I still haven't received enough songs to fill up 70 minutes. So contributors, please send your songs in now! Let's get this baby "oot and aboot" by xmas.


Mothra Thu Nov 16 16:03:09 2000

It is night, and I must stir the boiled sweets, and hang out the cabbage...

Mothra Thu Nov 16 17:47:28 2000

Is anyone watching the UK meteor showers tonight? Get your booties out on the hills at midnight!!!!!!

Brrrrrr, oh look, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh.

Make a wish? What was it ?

;-b Not telling!

amazon Thu Nov 16 18:30:29 2000

Anyone who bothers to read this- get on SS now!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's 11.30 I'll be waitin!!


You know who you are...

Mothra Thu Nov 16 18:48:58 2000

It was dark and cold out there. But the moon is half bare.

Tony M Thu Nov 16 21:01:45 2000


I wanna download from your SOUNDS file, but it won't let me.

Where is the SOUNDS file page located please?

Russ Fri Nov 17 03:21:41 2000


Mojo have a review of the 2 reissue CD's and Uncut has a good review plus a CD with TX-Traison, Lupine Howl-Voodoo Raygun and Pete Wylie- Sinful stuck on the front!


Nat Noooooooooooo Fri Nov 17 06:17:11 2000

Paul - please don't jump I just thought that my mates version of the story was highly amusing!! I'm sure that the ss story was just as good if not better. I really don't want you squished on the pavement, you'll make a mess!!

If its not orange then is it a shade of 'red'? or terracotta? I like Orange actually, makes you feel warm!

Achooooooooooo...... bless me bloody cold... brrrrr

Anyway see the shooting stars then? I was asleep high on Night Nurse unfortunately!

All the best for those going to London this weekend, I'll be thinking of you all... ;-( mumble mumble mumble 'lucky bleeders, lucky bleeders' as Ian Dury once sang....

Nat xx

amazon Fri Nov 17 07:48:22 2000

take yourself a nice story to read, Morfe. That will warm you up. erm...

Nat Saucey shinanigans Fri Nov 17 11:04:03 2000

It's so nice to see a pair who have taken the 'nudge nudge wink wink say no more' mantle away from my good self and Mr Belbin!! eh Amazon and Morfe... (Though that could be to do with the fact that the gorgeous Mr B isn't around at the moment!!) ;-)

Oooo I remember those secret conversations that meant nothing to anyone apart from myself and Mr. B.... 'ahh miss im ahh does'

Make me smile you two do, you bring the sun back in on a gloomy day!! Just what does 'hanging out the cabbage' mean I am finally too old!

Love to you both, keep making me titter..

Nat xx

Mothra Fri Nov 17 13:18:43 2000

Nat, you are jumping to shennanigan conclusions! I found some old cabbage in my 'fridge, so I thought I'd take it out, under the moon, and offer it back to the Mother.

Nudge, nudge nothing... !

Hey nat, thanks for the offer of some chillis, I've got a big one, but somethings trying to eat it. Maybe you would like some of my seeds? They are in demand!!!

Yours, Morfemonster, rrraaooowww....X

amazon Sat Nov 18 01:17:57 2000

The clues are there... (alan whicker)...

Morfey morfey morfe- can I see your big one? chili that is. erm

missed you tonight i didn't get back from sbe till 5 am. nearly crashed the car--- eh, morfe??????

amazon Sat Nov 18 01:18:43 2000

mmmmmmm gear stick

little seeds. x x x

amazon Sat Nov 18 01:18:51 2000

mmmmmmm gear stick

little seeds. x x x

amazon Sat Nov 18 01:19:42 2000

seeds- so good i had to post it twice

tc @Disappointed.com Sat Nov 18 05:11:07 2000

Well, did Julian rock at the SBE? I don't know - I seemed to be at a Rocky Horror show. Next time I'll bring the rice and water pistols. Nice to see the boys at the end for 3 minutes of STARCAR though.


amazon Sat Nov 18 12:29:55 2000

tc I was there last night. Why do you say it was a Rocky Horror show?????

rain forest Sat Nov 18 12:51:10 2000

So do you say that it was not a Rocky Horror show?????

mrs snorer explorer Sat Nov 18 12:58:34 2000

snorer explorer happy birthday sweetheart xxxxlove fi and daisy-mae

amazon Sat Nov 18 13:57:43 2000

I have never had the misfortune/pleasure (whatever way you look at it) of attending a Rocky Horror show, so I don't know. They just look so shit to me, which last night certainly wasn't. It does piss me off, though, that Julian only puts his all into the London shows. There are other cities in England, you know.

boots are not good for driving Sat Nov 18 14:02:02 2000

Has anyone else noticed how scruffy that those boots are? They have been worn for a number of months now and must be really hard to drive in as well with those huge platforms. It used to be a pointy hat to make him appear taller and now it is the boots, maybe next year we will see him sawn in half with extra bits slotted in.

Marc Sat Nov 18 17:09:50 2000

could anybody please post some additional info about the SBE gig ( support, set list, surprises, vibe , etc. ) ???


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Nov 19 07:22:29 2000

Thanks Russ for the UNCUT info - I picked it up yesterday and that CD on the front contains some pretty good stuff - If that Lupine Howl album finally gets to be released then it should be a good listen.

Mothra Sun Nov 19 17:24:48 2000

It is night, and fle.

Frank Vink fvink@casema.net Sun Nov 19 18:28:22 2000

Shepherds Bush Empire last Friday:

I can't tell you who the support act was since we came in late and only saw a couple of songs. Wasn't too bad though...

At about 8:30 the intro is started and Dorian and the kids take their places at the side of the stage, together with loads of people I didn't recognize. A guy with cool silver pants videoed (?) (at least part of) the show, maybe something will turn up on the official site?

Julian was great! He played loads more songs than I expected from the reviews of earlier shows here. Sure, there were stories and poems inbetween but mainly it was him and the sparkly acoustic/sparkly double neck! As for setlist (in no particular order): upward at 45, conspiracist blues, sleeping gas, starcar, greatness &perfection, leperskin, I'm you daddy, land of fear, autogeddon blues, paranormal, soul desert, las vegas basement, if you loved me at all, east easy rider, jellypop perky jean(?), the great dominions and probably a couple more. Starcar was the only encore and was done together with Donneye, Doggen and Thighpaulsandra. Best part IMHO was the part he did together with Donneye (and the drum machine). The thing is: I've seen him for the fourth time now but never with the full band and this was probably the closest that I will get (apart from Brain Donor last April)... I'd love to see a full band show with actual Julian Cope songs...

During the "walk in the crowd" there was something about one dork walking up to him and discussing something and before I knew what was happening they were throwing beer at each other!? The dork was looking kind of pissed off and was maybe telling him to "get on with it" because Julian replied with his: "This is getting on with it at a Julian Cope show". Did anyone here get what the argument was about?

All in all, a great show! They were stopped at 23:00 by a curfew but clearly not because they wanted to! (Best of all: my girlfriend enjoyed herself more then at previous shows, so we'll be going next time!) Does anyone have a recording of this or another show of the tour?


PS Did anyone notice that Wilder and Kilimanjaro are apperently reissued with loads of extra's?

Russ Mon Nov 20 07:52:39 2000

I'm sitting here listening to the new issues of the 2 Teardrop CD's and are Mercury telling porkies......Why because I have the original copies of the Japanese 'Kilimanjaro' and I can't find the extra tracks! same with the 'Wilder' saying that the extra tracks come from the US release 'Buff Manila' which I have never seen! and also inside the booket it say's Bobby Zodiac on 'Christ Versus Warhol' but where is my favorite track!! nowhere thats where...... Come on Mercury play the game we are not that stupid....OK we might be!


Nat Wooo wot a wopper Mon Nov 20 07:54:02 2000

Morfe - I've got a huge chilli too and lots of really hot small ones.. I think I've still got your address so I'll post off some seeds pour vous, probably better to wait until the srping now before potting them up, unless you have a heat lamp. Maybe we could set up a seed swapping scheme! I've got alsorts of seeds ;-) I'll have some of yours too! As for the cabbage hmmm I belive you, thousands wouldn't.

I'm glad that SBE was a good un. I did think about you all.

Frank I think if you look further down these posts you'll see we talked about the re-issued albums! I've got mine.

Nat x

(Anonymous) Mon Nov 20 07:55:54 2000

Yeah Russ you tell them I've already written and complained! Just call me Anne Robinson.... Blooming 'Christ V Warhol' my arse.

Nat x

amazon Mon Nov 20 11:56:20 2000

Hey if we are gonna do seed-swapping with Morfe, can I join in?

Nat sowing the seeds of love Mon Nov 20 12:02:16 2000

Amazon - the more the merrier, you know what they say! 'Three in the bed is worth two birds in a bush' ;-p

Anyone fancy meeting me for a rendezvous at Avebury next week? Ill be wearing my wellies!!


amazon Mon Nov 20 12:08:37 2000

Yeah Nat, but I want him ALL TO MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!!! RRRRRRRAAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

I'm selfish and greedy. What's your email address?

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Mon Nov 20 12:25:58 2000

Well, St Albans was a strange venue to see a Cope gig at. As a friend pointed out, it was more suited to school plays(!). From what I can gather from reviews of other venues, St Albans got pretty much a cut-down set. All the usual suspects were there: Upwards At 45 Degrees, Pristeen, Greatness And Perfection, Sunspots, Sleeping Gas, Land Of Fear. The only real nod towards recent stuff was Autogeddon Blues. And no encores for us :-(

Julian "Do I Look Scarred By The 80's?" Cope did his wander through the audience during Sunspots and scared the bejesus out of some of the bemused audience. He also sat near me (which must have scared the bejesus out of him..).

It was nice to see some familiar faces at the 'do' though including the ubiquitous Richard and even some old faces from the Liverpool Explodes event (Hi Liz!). It was nice to chat to people in person for a change, rather than over the internet so a big hello to all those people I did manage to bump into.

A drunken twit at SBE? Well *that's* never happened before! (to be read in sarcastic/ironic tone of voice)

Those Teardrop Explodes reissues are certainly nicer than the WSYM/Fried reissues in terms of quality and track listings. You also get the original artwork and even the alternate covers inside the booklets (a nice touch).

But there are a few cock-ups: no Christ Vs Warhol (as previously pointed out), no All I Am Is Loving You or Books (perhaps Julian didn't want them on there?), the version of Suffocate is that shitty single version and not the brilliant Baroque/strings version that's listed on the CD.

I loved the "mini albums" though ;-)

amazon Mon Nov 20 12:39:32 2000

Did anybody see Bruce Morton-Cox at any of the gigs? Apparently he was at the Southern ones, but I was at London and I didn't see him.

PaulB Mon Nov 20 12:54:50 2000

Hang on - Kilimajaro does have Books. I got confused as my copy of the Japanese mini album Kirimanjaro doesn't have it.

It's a good job this message board isn't available to every Cope fan with internet access, otherwise I'd look dumber than a box of spanners ;-)

Amazon: you are obsessed with Bruce Moreton-Cox. Just what is the story with you two?

Del Mon Nov 20 13:56:14 2000

Doh! Just thinking 'Surely Trav has got Rail On sorted by now? Best go have a look' and there's all this stuff I missed :o(

Nat - I luv MNU too, you aren't alone. And yes the cover is great and Julian looks rather great in the China Doll video too.


Roger W rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Nov 20 14:00:06 2000


Just thought I'd let you know about some Krautrock I found last night.

It's on a site dedicated to a German girl who races a Suzuki. Yeah, proper bike racing. That's why I looked her up...I'd got no idea she'd made a song.

Try www.katja-poensgen.de - it's bitchin'

Matter of fact, I'd put money on her being on the next series of Eurotrash!


Mothra Mon Nov 20 15:49:44 2000

Thanks for the offer Nat! I've just sprayed soapy water over the whole thing (this gets worse) in an attempt to rid it them of unwanted little visitors!!!! Fingers crossed...

Amazon, stoppit it right now or I'll send you to bed!

Dave dave.berry@ntlworld.com Mon Nov 20 16:07:12 2000

Hello all,

anyone know who recorded "Don't Jump Me, Mother" before Julian????????

boots are good for kotjmf Mon Nov 20 16:20:29 2000

Yes, I did happen to notice Mr Droods 'scruffy' boots. Indeed, in the trenches of rock-n-roll (lighting candles and freeing minds), a smattering of blood, mud, mothers milk and the inevitable 'scruff' will occur to ones boots. What you see as 'scruff', I see as a badge of honour.

Frank Vink fvink@casema.net Mon Nov 20 17:14:05 2000

The correct answer of course is: Mono Man

And yes, I know I'm spoiling my own chances in this months competition...


PaulB Mon Nov 20 18:42:50 2000

Re: Copey's boots. In fact, a bit flew off them during the St Albans gig.

I'd ask for my money back.

Nat Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk Tue Nov 21 04:06:51 2000

Amazon - Speak to you later .. I challenge you to a game of british bulldog within the inner sanctom of Avebury Rings... Winner gets the Morfe! ;-p


OrangeSpell izzy@purpleturtle.com But don't bother emailing me cos it doesn't work Tue Nov 21 04:28:17 2000

Morning! Aren't you up early Nat? Shirking the tea-making again? We saw Broocie at Salisbury didn't we? Scarey stuff...

Nat Broocie Bonus Tue Nov 21 05:02:08 2000

Ffffrrroooowwwwwwwww - not half Izz!! Bit of a dish isn't he ;-p

It's the way he tosses his hair that gets me - just like Ginolla in the shampoo ad! Remember how we chased him down the street in London thinking he was someone else! ahhhhh those were the days....

I have staff to make me tea Izz!! (cracks the whip!) It's great you ought to try it!

Now Del are YOU the estate agent from Salisbury or the Social Worker from Oxford? - I am so confused.. But I'm glad you like MNU Hoorah.


IzzySpell Tue Nov 21 05:23:25 2000

Scruffy boots? The aftershow driving trainers had also seen a few battles. I like scruffy footwear, indicator of a wholesome mind I think. Except those trainers that computer science students wear during those late-night porn-printing episodes...

Staff? STAFF! But I am destined to always remain at the bottom of the work-place hierachy, sigh. Perhaps you would come and work for me Nat? I'll buy the biscuits and you make the tea? That could be our sole occupation. Bliss.

ron Tue Nov 21 05:50:52 2000

missed you in st. albans, paulb... i was in the red dress, and you were in.... wait... oh my god was that you I was sitting next to? richard you were wearing a red shirt, dark jacket, and someone called out to you after the show in the auditorium...? boots, bots, bits and bytes, Julian and I compared our boots aftershow in london... is that wierd or what? mine were much more 'scruffy' as you say, whilst his deffo got all the style points.... he looked me in the eye and said some amazing things... and I looked him in the eye and said some rather outrageous things... but I'm sure you'll see the pic's in upcoming SS issues... well worth the trip.

won't someone sign my release, ba boh baba ba...

Nat Hob nobbing Tue Nov 21 06:01:30 2000

If you make them plain chocolate Mcvities digestives I'm all yours Izz - I'll do anything for plain chocolate!

Scruffy Boots tell me that a mans been there seen it &done it! I like a good scruffy pair me... I always used to rate a good gig on how much blood had been spilt! Got a broken rib once and a friend had her nose broken, now that was a good gig - not Julian mind you. (Senseless Things - incase you were wondering NOT! ahhh 'Shopping at Tescos' what a classic)

I think I'm more grown up now and just rate them on footwear and the quality of the ale!

Nat x

eastofequator cerverator@yahoo.com Tue Nov 21 08:13:19 2000

Hi, I've just got from the mail the 2 Teardrop Cd reissues. I am also wondering what happened with the baroque version of "Suffocate" and "Christ versus Warhol". Can anyone tell me if they are included on those mini albums advertised on the back cover. One is called Buff Manila, is a US only release; the other one is the japanese only Kirimanjqalo. I've been looking for them thru the web, but there's no trace they've been released yet in Japan or USA.

Does anyone how to get them? Does anyone know the tracklisting? Does anyone know if those are just a private joke to confuse die hard fans?


Del Tue Nov 21 08:49:55 2000

Sorry Nat - nothing so interesting. I'm the engineering machinery wholesaler from Brighton. You told me off about the Robster a while ago!

TTFN, Del.

Nat Rodney you plonker Tue Nov 21 10:38:14 2000

Oh well Del someone has to sell engineering machinery. I've met so many people over the past few weeks called Del/Dan/Dave/Darren that I'm confused as to who is who!! Brighton is cool I'm down that way in about a week or so visiting friends! Maybe we'll walk past one another and not know...woooo spoooky!


Buzzard of Morfe Tue Nov 21 17:28:39 2000

holymutha-ovgod, I can walk, in fact I can run, all of a sudden..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhh.

Anyone for volleyball at Lanyon Quoit, I *won't* be there! ;-)

PaulB Tue Nov 21 20:23:58 2000

What is this whole Bruce obsession? Girls: he's too preoccupied with records to be mooned over. Me, on the other hand, I'm always up for being chased down the street... I think I have a opening in my schedule...

ps: ron: sorry I missed you. I guess that's what I get for wearing stilts to a Cope gig.

Nat Theres a Bruce Loose aboot this hoose Wed Nov 22 04:20:52 2000

Bruce just has eveything that a girl needs PaulB he's ummmmmmmm...

I'll get back to you about that ;-)

Anyway I think you were there when we chased Bruce down the pavement! Which one of you runs like a girl let me think....hmmmm!!

Morfe my lovely Stanton Drew Wednesday hey hey say no more!

Nat xx

IzzySpell izzy@purpleturtle.com hurrah, its working again! Wed Nov 22 05:06:00 2000

Isn't it remarkable what a bit a sleep can do for a person? I feel almost human. Just dropped an email to my boss with lots of big words in, plan is to keep him chewing over it for a week or two while I skive off and get a life...don't think it'll work mind. Morfe, I've got the coolest scooter (and the bruises to proove it), I'll let you have a go if you wear your purple wig

Morfe Wed Nov 22 09:02:30 2000

How COULD a guy refuse?! Would the wearing of it while riding the scooter constitute a change of denomination? There's no way I'll be seen in dead in a purple helmet!

hmmmm (thinks, time to get on with life....)

(Anonymous) Wed Nov 22 09:16:16 2000

um, is that meant to be rude, or is it my filthy mind?

(Anonymous) Wed Nov 22 09:32:02 2000

there's an element of both!

Buzzard of Morfe morfe@purpleturtle.com Wed Nov 22 09:43:21 2000

Right, thats it, I've had it with you guys, and your Carry-On, its just getting too hard to keep up! I mean, I've only got to pop in for a second and someone's using their mouth. Gah. It's catching, I must go away and practice severe abstention, lest I too become pitifully and weakly enchanted by the nudge-wink mores of the working class populist conspiracy.

(stomps around a bit)

good- bye.

And stop that.

and bee blessed X

Mothra morfe@morfe.com Wed Nov 22 09:50:22 2000

Me too. I'm off.

If anyone wants to save the world, starting right now, suggestions please to mail@morfe.com.

Right, where's No.9 bus...

Nat Don't leave me this way... Wed Nov 22 10:10:53 2000

Morfe - Don't go, don't leave me now now now, while the sun smiles, stick around and laugh a while... (Sorry had a Hothouse Flowers moment there!!)

Please please don't go. I'm sorry. On bended knee....you make me smile :-) We've had too many chilli moments for you to leave me - what about our seedlings, who will care for them?

I'm crying Morfe, MORFE.....

Nat x

(Anonymous) Wed Nov 22 10:27:44 2000

The Morfe abides!


(Secret)IzzyOrange Wed Nov 22 11:01:28 2000

Morfey don't leave us! Mothra Don't go! I've got a whole hour of work to kill.

Oh! How long has it been the year 200? Nobody told me to wear a toga.

Morfe Wed Nov 22 11:14:12 2000

Get a proper job, get bizzy izzy!!!

DizzyIzzy Wed Nov 22 11:37:03 2000

Hmm, that really helps my self-esteem...

M Wed Nov 22 11:41:29 2000

Aw, Izz, I didn't mean it like that! You know you are a genius, come and help me change the world! Your one of the only people who have shown any active interest in furthering this countries interests, and I really appreciate the help you have given so far. So there.

(don't kill work, breathe life into it!!!!)

Nat Wed Nov 22 11:42:11 2000

Don't know about a toga,

But I'm off to Yoga!!

ho ho ho poet me!

amazon Wed Nov 22 12:31:47 2000

PaulB - I am not obsessed with B.M.C. I'm obsessed with sexy Mothra. Ooooops, shouldn't start, I'll be told off.

So- Izzy and Nat- keep your hands off, he's mine!!!!!

Hahahahaha! 30 miles away is safe?

Steven Wed Nov 22 17:45:31 2000

Wow...where is everybody?

Boolbar Thu Nov 23 10:25:27 2000

I guess they are all off breeding somewhere.

Nat Thu Nov 23 10:28:35 2000


I've just got back from the moon and yes it is made of Wensledale Cheese!! Quite amazing!

(Anonymous) Thu Nov 23 11:45:22 2000

Yes, sorry Steven, Boolbar is absolutely right, I've been busy at my where stud for most of today.

St. Thu Nov 23 12:18:38 2000

must've been good you seem all flustered

(Anonymous) Thu Nov 23 13:39:09 2000

Extraordinarily relaxed, actually

BigNoo bigNoo@bunnemail.zzn.com Thu Nov 23 15:43:02 2000

Er i wonder if you guys could help me:-

Has anything by Brain Donot ever been released on CD and if so Where can i get a copy of the Brain Donor Cd in the UK

Ta very much like

BigNoo Thu Nov 23 15:44:40 2000

Sorry that should have been Brain Donor!

dont want to start any more rumours about a Cope spin off although brain donut sounds quite good!!

Homer Thu Nov 23 16:04:23 2000

Mmmmmmmm.... Brain Donut....

dunkin donuts Thu Nov 23 18:26:15 2000


IzzySpell Fri Nov 24 04:53:54 2000

Hey BigNoo, I'm afraid I am unable to answer your question (except I think the answer is no, even under the arguably better name of brain doughnut) but I've been dying to tell you on H2H that my fella is your wife! Work that out...

Nat Wooo who wears the trousers Fri Nov 24 05:07:22 2000

I knew there was something odd about Gary, Izz!! My suspicions have now been confirmed he's married! tut.....charlatan leading you on like that.

I don't think Brain Donor have release anything either! Oh well

Have you noticed that the screen has got very wide again!

Nat xx

Brian Doughnut Fri Nov 24 08:28:14 2000


Spellbound Fri Nov 24 08:35:23 2000

Oh disaster! I've just managed to install Prince of Persia on my PC....

Ron drude@mounet.com Fri Nov 24 08:41:11 2000

yes, I too have heard about these folks of varying heights (widths?) and genders. Could alison possibly be about?

'bout Brained owner, An Audience with the COPE 2000 tour cd purports "supported by...Cope's two Brain Donor cohorts, Doggen and Kev, look out for the on-the-one proto-Krautrock sound FX of 'Ill Informer'...". I believe that the soundtrack for the BBC programe The Modern Antiquarian features some brain donor riffs from the boys in boots as well. ordered two copies (of the tour cd) last nite myself, as I was rather smashed and did not do so after SBE. fair 'nuff?

are you people at work today? what's that all about? too much shagging yesterday? hopefully all are re-cover'd.


Boolbar Brains R Us Fri Nov 24 11:36:18 2000

I thought Cope mentioned in the Q article that they had manufactured one-off Brain Donor singles and stuffed them in various record stores in the Cope section with 99p stickers on to cause mayhem at the cash-tills.

Of course he could have been lying.

(Anonymous) Fri Nov 24 12:03:07 2000

none of those spotted in ealing broadway tube area in the 4 shops I looked.

course it's possible that someone living west of shepherds bush has some taste and actually bought the damn thing.

andrew commonera@lycos.com Fri Nov 24 13:09:49 2000

Its true, copies of the Brain Donor single did appear in some shops. I have it on good authority from someone who found one. It only has one track on it unfortunately, "She Saw Me Coming".

starry eyes Fri Nov 24 16:14:18 2000


In case you don't go / haven't been to HH, my Copey / TMA website is now up and running at:


Come have a look!

amazon Fri Nov 24 23:31:42 2000

Nat- did you get my email?????????

IzzySpell izzy@purpleturtle.com Sat Nov 25 06:58:35 2000

Ehup Amazon. Nat won't be around til Monday, but give me a shout and I can relay any messages (except the ones about Morfe cos he's mine OK?).

clem clemso@appleonline.net Sat Nov 25 08:27:54 2000


I've put some Teardrop/Cope CDs that i have doubles of on e-bay.

Cheers Clem...

Minimum bid:                     GBP 4.99
Reserve price (if any):          GBP 0.00
Quantity:                        1
Auction Ends on:
Title of item:                   COPE &THE TEARDROP EXPLODES KILIMAJARO CD
Minimum bid:                     GBP 4.99
Reserve price (if any):          GBP 0.00
Quantity:                        1
Auction Ends on:                 Sunday, Nov 26, 2000 at 08:59:06 PST
Title of item:                   COPE &THE TEARDROP EXPLODES  WILDER CD
Minimum bid:                     GBP 4.99
Reserve price (if any):          GBP 0.00
Quantity:                        1
Auction Ends on:                 Sunday, Nov 26, 2000 at 08:48:58 PST
starry eyes Sat Nov 25 08:35:39 2000

Just to let you all know I've got an mp3 of the brain donor track - I'll be on napster, 6pm (UK time) on Monday should anyone fancy grabbing a copy!

starry eyes Sat Nov 25 08:36:44 2000

Oh, I'll be on under the ID 'emilydanielle', should you want to try to find me!

amazon Sat Nov 25 17:11:38 2000

Er no, Izzy, he's mine, ACTUALLY.

basha(mrs buzzard) Sun Nov 26 13:16:19 2000

ACTUALLY, little girlies he's MINE !!!

starry eyes Sun Nov 26 14:20:06 2000

Oooooh you're in trouble!!!!

BigNoo Sun Nov 26 17:02:25 2000

Has my innocent query regarding Brain Donuts R us caused me to stumble on some kind of bizaare Julian Cope wife swopping cult!?

er i think i will have to take guidance from Jue 2 on this one

amazon Sun Nov 26 21:00:26 2000

Hahahahaha!! She's cooooool!

Nat Puking in the Free World Mon Nov 27 08:05:06 2000

amazon - yes I did - I got the two you sent me last week!! Have you sent me more? You up for Avebury? I'm in until tomorrow I'll send you me phone number incase you want me.. ;-)

Hey Izz I threw up in the entrance of the West Quay Shopping Centre on Saturday afternoon! Infront of my mother and thousands of Xmas shoppers! Mum then proceeded to shout at the top of her voice how I stank of stale alcohol!!! Piss head or wot!!! Cool, Bitterne Triangle is next! tee hee hee

Dr IzzyButterflyBelly Mon Nov 27 10:20:15 2000

Nat! Yeah!

Nat Mon Nov 27 10:58:36 2000

Hoorah hoorah hoorah for Izzy Wizzy Woo!! Yippeee Skippeeee....

I'm back on line now blooming chaos today, tell you about it in a mo, though if you've seen the local news you'll probably know already!!

PaulB Mon Nov 27 12:58:11 2000

I think Trav should rename Rail On as 'The Izzy And Nat Show'. Why, it's just like a soap opera ;-)

Nat East Emmerdale Street Tue Nov 28 05:12:55 2000

In this Soap Opera of yours Paul Can I be the big busty bar maid who sleeps around alot but everyone still likes cause she's got a heart of gold, but a terrible dress sense...Big earings and calls everyone darling ;-)

Stanton Droooooooooo tomorrow.. woo hoo...pick u up about 9.00 tomorrow Izz but I'll phone ya!

Going back to a Julian related vein - Does anyone happen to know who says the line 'Christ V Warhol' on the single of the very same name?

Nat Tue Nov 28 10:34:11 2000

Sorry to use this as a personal message board but....

Amazon - have you replied to my e.mail at all about Thursday as I haven't heard anything I'm not sure if your email is working or mine is receiving! I sent you my phone number...if we're meeting up then give me a bell if I don't hear then I won't meet you and I'll speak to you next week!!

I'm now on leave and won't be around until Monday.

(Anonymous) Tue Nov 28 15:55:12 2000

'The Izzy And Nat Show'? Thanks paul, I had never realised...

(Anonymous) Tue Nov 28 16:23:52 2000

Isn't this really the PaulB show.

PaulB Tue Nov 28 16:47:41 2000

No, the PaulB Show goes out on a *completely* different channel

amazon Tue Nov 28 19:21:14 2000

Nat, I did send you a reply, but obviously you haven't got it yet.

Where is Morfe???? We are missing him tonight. :-(

lake richard@yaphet.fsnet.co.uk yaphet Tue Nov 28 19:36:58 2000


St Wed Nov 29 05:33:54 2000

I just decided to treat myself to an early Christmas present and made my first ever order on amazon.co.uk. Still not convinced with the tour CD I decided to get the re-issues of kilimanjaro and wilder (GBP 7.99 each, not bad at all!!). I'm a bit of a loss as to the rhyme or reason by which the extra tracks have been chosen. Is it just a pick'n'mix of b-sides, live and previously unreleased or is there an actual pattern (it's not all the b-sides from the single releases of each album for instance. Is it??).

In plain and not pedantic if you can .....


OK? Wed Nov 29 08:41:40 2000

The Izzy, Nat and PaulB show then, to keep everyone happy.

:o( Wed Nov 29 08:54:10 2000

I'm not happy. What about the badgers ?

st Wed Nov 29 09:28:51 2000

sorry, sat was me fumbling

Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Wed Nov 29 13:37:35 2000

Hello to all...

I am now disavowing the whole Mod way of life pertaining to myself, so I will no longer be referring to me as "Modfather Rob"...what a wanker. Just old-fashioned, normal Rob will suffice...

I'd like to steer all Copeheads, etc (i.e. fans of good music in general) to a place in London called The Blue Posts. They have a night called the "E.J.C."--the "Elastic Joy Collective" on a monthly basis. It's usually on a Thursday. You will see 2 BRILLIANT performers/singers/songwriters. One is Mr. Ciaran McLaughlin and the other is Mr. Raymond Gorman. Ray has a tape available of his project known as THE WAVEWALKERS. His music is fresh, vibrant and warming--believe me, this is music you do NOT want to miss. Check them out--check out Raymond Gorman. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Wish I was there with ya in London, but please go to The Blue Posts--you'll love the E.J.C.


P.S. If you have a daughter, bounce her on your knee. If you have a son, send the bastard off to sea. (original lyric, thank you)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Nov 29 14:37:57 2000

This is actually a test (to see if the mail is working), but since I'm here, I've been meaning to say that I think the new Jazz Butcher album (Rotten Soul) is really cool!!! Any JBC fans should check it out! You can get it through http://www.amazon.com


dave daveroberts45@hotmail.com Thu Nov 30 09:47:19 2000

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a copy of the recent "Cornucopea" CD? I'm getting desperate!


Rob Ross robr65@hotmail.com Thu Nov 30 12:44:23 2000

I'm sorry--I forgot to mention to you fine folks (to hopefully give you impetus to go see THE WAVEWALKERS)--Ciaran and Ray of the Elastic Joy Collective were once in a band called...

THAT PETROL EMOTION (where Ray was the splendid "Reamann O'Gormain", guitar/songwriter; Ciaran was the powerhouse drummer/songwriter).

Those boys do covers of "Books" (Ray) and "Passionate Friend" (Ciaran). Ray's also trying "Use Me", though I don't know if he's doing it just yet. But go see them--you'll dig them; they're really fab...

(Anonymous) Fri Dec 1 09:54:52 2000

Publication: CDNow / Allstar

Date: November, 2000

Transcribed by someone (?@?)


title: Tool Gets Sued By Manager For $5 Million

author: Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna

Nov 25, 2000, 10:50 am PT


Larrikin Management's Ted Gardner, co-founder of Lollapalooza and Tool's manager of eight years, filed a $5 million-plus lawsuit against Tool on Wednesday (Nov. 22) in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The suit is for rescission of the management contract between the band (Maynard James Keenan, Adam Thomas Jones, Danny Carey, and Justin Chancellor) and Gardner, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract, and quantum meruit.

Gardner claims that he was not paid his 20 percent commission on, among other things, the lucrative multi-million dollar joint venture deal the band made with Volcano, formerly Zoo, in 1998 that was a result of the messy Tool/Zoo legal battle (allstar, Dec. 7, 1998). Gardner claims that the band said they would not pay him his commissions unless he signed a new "extremely onerous" management contract, which "substantially reduced the commission rate of, and limited the time for, the continuing commissions," according to the suit.

Gardner, who "was in financial dire straits by the end of 1999 as a result of defendants' actions," signed the new deal this March and the band fired him shortly thereafter, around May 23. According to the suit, "[Tool] would conceal from Gardner their intention to fire him and to deprive him of his continuing commissions. [Tool] would falsely represent that they wanted Gardner to be their manager.

"[Tool] would withhold the commissions they owed Gardner," continues the suit, "thereby putting him in a precarious financial condition, until he signed a new, substantially less favorable management contract, which would specifically provide that [Tool] had no obligation to pay continuing commissions if they terminated his employment for 'cause.' And, once Gardner signed the new agreement, [Tool] would immediately fire him, without any basis, and then assert that it was for 'cause.'" Gardner is asking in excess of $5 million to be determined at trial.

Under Gardner's management, Tool has sold more than 800,000 copies of Opiate, approximately 2 million copies of its breakthrough album Undertow, and approximately 2.4 million copies of Aenima. The band is currently in the studio working on a new album for an April 2001 release.

Meanwhile, to hold Tool fans over, a limited-edition box set containing a CD with previously unreleased live material, studio tracks, and the band's covers of Led Zeppelin's "No Quarter" and Peach's "You Lied," (Chancellor's other band) as well as a DVD or VHS with all four videos will be released on Dec. 12.

The track listing for the box set is:

  1. "Third Eye" (live)
  2. "Part of Me" (live)
  3. "Push It" (live)
  4. "Harry Manback II" (unreleased studio track)
  5. "You Lied" (live)
  6. "Merkaba" (live)
  7. "No Quarter" (unreleased studio track)
  8. "L.A Municipal Court" (unreleased studio track)

The DVD or VHS includes the videos for "Sober," "Prison Sex," "Stinkfist," and "Aenema."

Posted to t.d.n: 11/28/00 01:32:21

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Dec 1 12:04:48 2000

Last night I was moved to tears...

I received in the mail yesterday a copy of Cope's recent gig at the St. Albans Arena, so last night after the girlfriend had gone to bed I lay back with headphones on and listened to the show. First, it is one of the best live recordings I have heard, and those of you who know me know that I have "a few" Cope tapes. The quality is superb and with my eyes closed it was like being there myself.

A few tracks into the show he does a rendition of Search Party which brought tears to my eyes. It completely brought back to mind all the reasons why I love Julian Cope so much and proved to me beyond a doubt that he still has it, whatever "it" is.

Then Donald Ross Skinner joins him and somehow it gets even better, with renditions of classic Peggy tracks, including one of my personal all time favourites, If You Loved Me At All. But the ball buster has to be the 12 minute version of Sleeping Gas.

About half way through the song cycles down a bit and for some reasons it reminded me a lot of seeing Hawkwind a couple of times in the mid eighties at the Odeon in Birmingham and they were incredible shows. It was my first experiences of marijuana as well, but thats beside the point. Listening to Cope last night made me feel all those wonderful feelings again, it was like time and place disappeared.

I'm not sure how to conclude this, except the openness and passion that this man displays time and time again is a lesson to me to live my life more spontaneously and to reject the values that this society impregnates us with and to extend compassion and love to everyone and everything. Julian Cope shocks, pleases, provokes, inspires, educates and entertains me. I didn't see Julian Cope on this tour, this is the closest I got, and I am overjoyed to have that experience.


Boolbar On The Scrounge (again) Fri Dec 1 12:39:02 2000

So, can anyone supply me with a boot of the recent tour ? I can do a copy of QE2 in exchange.

Email andy@appliedbusiness.co.uk


starry eyes starryeyes@btinternet.com Fri Dec 1 13:28:09 2000

I've got a tape of Northampton - complete except for half of if you loved me... &great dominions, but good quality off a dictaphone.

Haven't got QE2 either so would be v. interested!

Mail me! That goes for anyone else fancying doing swaps too - I'm after the first Rite, Cope interviews and live stuff.

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Sun Dec 3 20:19:20 2000

I just read Andrew's review of a taped live Cope performance and it nearly brought a tear to my eye as well.

Where there's Cope there's Hope.

I think I know where you're coming from Andrew.

TheNatAndIzzShow live! Guest Starring PaulB Mon Dec 4 04:47:35 2000

eh up! looks like you all survived without us. Trav, tell us more about that Jazz Butcher album. Don't know a great deal about them, but what I've heard I've liked. Is it in any particular vane?

Lake, hi! You are not 'Richard Lake' are you? Just curious...

Nat Socks socks socks &more socks Mon Dec 4 05:49:49 2000

Ron you angel thanks for the socks!! But I also received a HUGE package in your name (our address) enclosed in which was a number of brochures relating to Landrover BOOOOOOOOOOOO Hissssssssssss are these yours? I'll forward them on otherwise they'll be re-cycled!!

Still no e.mail Amazon!! Right address? Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk Did you get to Avebury in the end?

STANTON DREW My god what a fantastic day out - lots of mud and wellies and woolly hats and gloves - brilliant.. There will be a photodiary in due course for you all to view with stunning photos of me and Izzy my mate Cory and Iron Age Sharon! Hoorah!!

Nat x

ron red@boy_is_my_face_ever! Mon Dec 4 08:58:41 2000

glad you got your box of socks, hope everything got there ok... sorry for the rover stuff, I'm toying with the idea of opening a stealership here... so, what's the negativity involved with rover? can you be a dear and send on? pounds for postage and pints will be forthcoming...

ain't no gettin' around gettin' around...

Nat Do do Ron Ron Mon Dec 4 09:24:02 2000

Certainly shall post it on to ya! It's just the 4x4 Whole Landrover/Range rover experience which I don't like. They tend to be driven by complete morons over here who never take them Off Road just use them to drive the kids/dog to school/park and block roads, pollute the atmos and then get arsey with you when you flip them the finger!! ;-) Usually horrid women with boufant hair and silk scarves and a poodle.......

(Sorry to Julian if he happens to be reading this as I think he owns one!)

Those that do take them off road rip up the country side, run over bunnies and shout TallyHo an awful lot!!

Hope I haven't put you off! How about opening a bike shop!

Don't worry about the pounds for pints I'll just write on the envelope 'Moved Away try blah blah blah USA' and then I won't have to pay!! Hoorah! Probably won't arrive before Xmas though!

ron P.T.Barnum@a_sucker_born_every_minute Mon Dec 4 10:26:18 2000

Cheers for that Nat! Understand about your feelings, we had a couple of inches of snow yesterday as a reminder that that we are just borrowing time on the green mother until the next life cycle. I read where someone asked about bad weather on the weekend vs weekdays, and the folks at the Home Office are finally starting to admit there is some credibility to the pollution, and gaseous offerings of the 5 o'clock world.

yet, it would give me a chance to get out on my own, maybe hit the UK (my new most favorite place), a little more often... and then again, I wouldn't worry too much, it's just an idea. i've got loads of 'em, just not too many good ones...

oh, and there definitely would be rail on! discounts, cuz we want ms. amazon home to those babes on tyme, and deffo get mothra off'a the number nine;o)

I was thinking that Julian was a Chevy man, but then again, my thinking is a little 'foggy' at times...

PaulB The PaulB Show (Guest Starring Nat and Izzy!) Mon Dec 4 15:17:17 2000

Actually, Copey is an Izuzu Trooper man.

Jazz Butcher - haven't we done this one before? Well, there's more than a few good tunes there: Living In A Village and Bicycle Kid spring to mind.

Nat I could kiss you! Tue Dec 5 04:28:32 2000

Ron you star!! I was just going to sling the box away when I glimpsed the crisp £10!! What a lovely person you are!! If you weren't living millions of miles away I'd give you a big sloppy kiss!! You are now a honorary member of St James and will be the proud owner of our Year 2000 Annual Report! Woo hoooooo!! I bet you are chuffed......

Izuzu Trooper, Range Rover, Land Rover, Frontera (snigger) still all 4 x 4 that are driven by rich bitches with 2.4 children that clog up the road whilst dropping their kids off!!

Sore head Izz Tue Dec 5 06:53:45 2000

Thanks PaulB but I really meant the current JB release. Amazon doesn't have any clips for me to listen to.

I just bopped my head trying to dismantle the printer. I does sicken me how the academics in this place jam it up and then hide in their offices until a lower life (such as I) sort out their mess. Oh well, soon to be free...

Picked up Floored Genius yesterday for four squids. Vinyl seems to be in OK nick, one hopefully superficial scratch and a small blob of goo. It appears to have been stored in a pond, however, as the cover and inner sleeves have gone all wibbly wobbly. Was I robbed?

ron do british girls french@kiss.com Tue Dec 5 08:26:58 2000

Well, ms izz was SUPPOSED to tell you that I taped a couple of the 'Cope' handbills inside the cardboard (the part the message was written on), that the nice girl at SBE gave to me... please check again to make sure you found everything... new to the espionge game are we? I am honored to be a member of the St. James Society. I look forward to the shareholder annual meeting;o)

love and light,

Nat oo la la I snog for Britain me Tue Dec 5 09:41:17 2000

Ron - I've found two pics of Jules from the Tour and £10 some pants and some socks and some hankies! Is that it? Or is there more to be had!! I'll go and re-rumage!!

Dr Izz Tue Dec 5 10:28:16 2000

Sorry Ron, I was rather crap on my last weekend of Ms Izz, but I have now endeavoured to make amends as the new Dr Izz.

Thank you

andrew commonera@lycos.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Dec 5 16:01:45 2000

Unbelievable! There is a copy of the video for Head on eBay right now and it is already at £26 with 8 days to go! I guess because non of those Peggy videos are on Copeulation...but thats crazy. 'Bout time we had a Copeulation 2 (The Second Coming?). I know there are videos for Beautiful Love, East Easy Rider, Head, Try Try Try, Planetary Sit In, as I have them. Has anyone seen any other videos that aren't on Copeulation? Was there ever a video for I Come From Another Planet, Baby? And Trav, is there any way to fix this no word wrap/side scrolling thing? Sorry to ask but its driving me crazy.

Just coping Wed Dec 6 09:19:10 2000

I begin to feel a great sense of foreboding as I realise the volume of mail that is about to deluge my mailbox...

Nat I've got the golden ticket Wed Dec 6 11:49:12 2000

Ron - you can indeed vote at the shareholders meeting!! Next October! I had a chat with Trev my boss (who says ta very much!)and he says your welcome to come, but we can't pay the air fare!!! ;-)

ron Wed Dec 6 14:51:45 2000

much thanks for the invite, if I cannot attend, I hope I can trust you with my proxy. Tell Mr. Trev we said 'hey'. will the infamous Dr. Izz be there, cuz I got this thing with my foot I've been meaning to get someone to look at, must be caused by wearing scuffed boots iz all I can figure...

got your e andrew, will talk to you soon... so how confused are the customs guys now? im sure my recent trip added an inch to the ol' f b i file;o) believe it or not, I went to see elton john last nite. He was brilliant. You really forget how accomplished as a musician he is.

Julian hit me the same way. You know how he 'slags himself off' in Head On as a musician?...

and that's probably what impressed me (amoungst everything else about julian) most was his musical ability. I've seen some of the 'so-called' best, and julian should make no appologies to anyone when it comes down to the single catagory of musician.

if you have a son, send the bastard to sea? hmmm... I rather enjoyed 'Mod' Rob though...

...and something very strange in the middle of the concert last nite.

somewhere betwixt 'tiny dancer' and 'benny and the jets' there was a quiet lull and thru the speaker I heard '...she looks good, fine to me, walkin round with my very best friend...annneeeeeeyyow, it goes away...'

sorry for the interuption, you may now return to the 'Nat in the Sack Show' featuring the music of Thin Izzy, and comic relief from paulb and his crusty sidekick shrimp.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Dec 6 16:53:51 2000

Hey, mail should be working now. If you are subscribed (or think you should be) but didn't get this message via email, please let me know!


ron uknowho@uknow.com Wed Dec 6 21:39:33 2000

check check

one two

one... two...

check check

sorry. been wanting to do the mike check all day;o)

Marc Thu Dec 7 07:37:49 2000

I think I once read sth about the Head - video. I think it was Julian and the band being in a room and Sqwubbsy walking around or sth. I guess it was quite a low - budget promo. Haven`t seen it myself, though.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Dec 7 07:53:39 2000

Hey guys, there were a few email addresses that appear to be invalid; the mail bounces back to us. I'm going to unsubscribe them now. If your email address is one of these, and you want to remain subscribed, please email me!

[addresses snipped --Trav]


Never did trust that farkkle Thu Dec 7 08:13:41 2000

Lordy crumps Trav, you REALLY have called your domain tripe cac. Are you hoping Miscrosoft will try to buy it off you?

Does anyone know where to buy Top Trumps cards, particularly the ones with robots on?


Nat My Robot has more power than yours I win.com Thu Dec 7 08:46:27 2000

If you really are after Top Trump cards Dr Izz you could try that antique toy shop at the top of Shirley High St. Then you could pop into mine for a cup of char.... (Got a lovely box set from that film The Italian Job - lovely mini and a figure of Michael Cain all for less than 10 english pounds)

Me I prefer Pokemon Cards meself - beat up a small child to get his Squirtle Turtle yesterday....

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Dec 7 09:22:03 2000

Tripecac actually means "Travis + IPECAC". IPECAC was my 2-person band in high school.

Is mail working for everyone now?


Del you're only supposed@to blow the bloody doors off! Thu Dec 7 09:49:55 2000

That Italian Job set sounds nice Nat. It's like a Corgi thing is it? Do they have the Minis in red, white and blue?

As for Top Trumps, ToyStack and Gamleys in Brighton both have them, and I think there's branches in Soton. (Or try Toys 'R Us -SPIT!)

TTFN, Del.

st Thu Dec 7 10:14:21 2000

A big old non-cope, but righteous people mail coming up, I don't know if you've seen the below at U-know or have got it as an email, but I've got a hunch that the good people of Rail On will wish to help.

Cut and paste bit coming up ....


You may have seen that after a seven year parliamentary fight, at last, Stonewall (Fighting for equal right's for homosexuals) have won an equal age of consent for gay sex (Same as straight sex; 16) The speaker of the House of Commons signed the necessary document and the bill gained Royal Assent.

As we have come to expect from our good friend Baroness Young (not) she has started a web site http://www.ageofconsent.org.uk in which she asks you to vote on the issue of age of consent. The idea of course is that at some early stage she will use the statistics from this survey in the House of Lords to overturn this Act. (provided of course it is to her advantage!)

Lets scupper her plans. Please, please go on to this site and register your vote, VOTE; NO! It does ask for your name and postal code. It's up to you if you put your name in or not, but it would help if you did. They won't trace it. And for the postal code please put N/A. It will ask if you are a UK Citizen. As far as I can see. Who cares if you are or not?! So just tick the box anyway and Vote 'No' on the next page.

The questions are very carefully worded to make you vote 'Yes'

Also please do take time to forward this e-mail on to all your supportive friends and ask them to do the same thing.

Thank you for your support!

... end of cut and paste

Already there is fine proof that this kind of tactic can work, at the moment it stands at 70% "No" and I've already recieved this mail from three friends today, so you know it's doing the rounds, but ain't it especially grand to fuck with Baroness Youngs head. Especially considering the proviso "Note that the database is regularly purged of rogue entries. More than 4,000 invalid votes have so far been culled ", hmm I wonder what way that's being regulated. So who wants to take bets on how long before the pricks shut it down. Slán, S.

Nat Thu Dec 7 11:49:25 2000

Del its a fab dinky toy shop - its got the Dukes of Hazard set too..no Miss Daisy Duke figure though, just Bo and Luke! Its cool, they've got all three minis. And the James Bond cars (Robbie for 007 - vote now - I've got tickets to see him in July and I'm excited!!)

St - I think you should paste your message onto the HH site too.. and why not leave your name and address and postcode, why hide your identity - let the old cow come round to my place and tell me off for voting NO!!! tut...you'll just get some junk mail thats all!

st. Thu Dec 7 12:02:04 2000

Hi Nats, it already is at the HH site in the U-know bit, I was going to paste it but I'm glad to say someone got there before me, it was really good to see it being picked up so quickly by cope heads. As for the name and postal code, I agree, I put in mine, but I think what that part of the mail is getting at is even if you don't feel comfortable with filling those in vote anyway.

Just to bang on a bit further, I think it's interesting that when you go to vote they ask your sexual orientation, presumably so if it does go pear shaped they can blame it all on some gay conspiracy. So come on all and sundry, it's all our fight..... VOTE NO, VOTE NO, VOTE NO......

andrew commonera@lycos.com Thu Dec 7 13:25:27 2000

Marc, the Head video features Julian walking through the country with a beautiful white horse, and then arial shots of the various white horse hill carvings around England, Uffington etc. Theres also shots of Julian and the band playing in the studio. the video you mention rings a bell, it might be the one for Try Try Try, can't remember now. The Head one is pretty good, although east easy Rider is better in my mind with the motorbike zooming round the Hebrides.

Marc Thu Dec 7 14:06:54 2000

as far as I`ve seen the videos :

Nat Also on HH but I need everyone to see Fri Dec 8 06:24:39 2000

This is taken from a half page spread in my local Recruitment Paper last night. Brings up an issue of biological war-fare and animal care in the same passage...... I'm applying!!

The address and web page to apply is: www.dera.gov.uk/careers

CBD Personnel, DERA Porton Down, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 0JQ

The jobs are: Deputy Manager, Animal Breeding Unit £25,000 + benefits!

Theatre manager £19,000 + benefits

Trainee & Experienced Animal Technologists - £15,000 + benefits

The type up at the beginning reads:

"At the Chemical and Biological Defence Sector, our fundamental concern is to protect members of the British Armed Forces against the use of banned weapons. Labratory Animals are crucial to our research into the containment of dangerous pathogens - and its here that we now seek capable professionals with proven affinity and respect for animals to support our valuable work."

Make of that what you will!!! Respect to animals my arse...Myself and a small team are applying for the posts, and are disrupting things as much as we can..... we'll keep you posted as to whether we get in for an interview or not.... How dare they call it Animal Care...Please feel free to apply yourselves, I won't get cross if you beat me to an interview.

Bov http://www.bov.clara.net/music/ Fri Dec 8 07:01:40 2000

Mornin' all!

I know I'm a bit of a non-regular here these days, but I just thought I'd let you know that the Brain Donor single is currently free to download from http://www.bov.clara.net/music/ for a limited time only!!!!

......but if you'd rather just have some fun with lemons instead, then visit http://www.bov.clara.net/funwithlemons/

Love Bov


PaulB Fri Dec 8 15:33:28 2000

Nice one Bov.

However - you've not closed your Table Row tag so Netscape users won't see anything.

Rail On #23

2000-11-05 to 2000-12-08