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2000-10-14 to 2000-11-05

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Oct 14 17:33:35 EDT 2000

I was hoping to move the Cope pages over to the new server today, but I had some technical difficulties (grimmace) which will probably have to wait until Monday to be resolved. Feel free to post whatever you want now.


PaulB Sat Oct 14 20:23:33 EDT 2000

Whatever I want now?

10,000 Cadburys Creme Eggs

snorerexplorer Sun Oct 15 12:38:45 EDT 2000

hey folks longtime no see.now got internet on my tv!way to go ntl.must buy a keyboard,its too hard using the remote!backsoon.

(Anonymous) Sun Oct 15 13:35:27 EDT 2000

only10000?on a diet are you?

Katrina Mon Oct 16 01:27:06 EDT 2000

What a terrific site. Just found it tonight. Please help me with a question I've had for a long time...

On the song 'Transporting' from the WSYM ep, there's a part where Cope is singing backwards.

Does anyone know what he's singing?



Izzy Mon Oct 16 04:51:06 EDT 2000

Snorer you've joined the darkside! ntl huk spit, costing me lots of money for no service. I wonder if it is possible to ask BT to refuse to pay the bill for phonecalls to another company?

I've said it before, but its now archived (and PurpleTurtle is down so thats about 3 of us who haven't got the messages by email yet), JC Friday night, Sarum, wonderful, funny, enchanting. I've felt like a teenager in love all weekend.

Have located the last remaining wool shop in ye olde Soton. 'Parently its a dying art...

Izzy Mon Oct 16 06:19:50 EDT 2000

So tell me, did somebody shout 'Izzy' as I minced to the loo after the gig, or was it as I initially thought, someone exclaming a surprised 'is he?'...?

If you did, it was me, come and say 'is he?' to my face and I promise not to bite your head off (not until after you have bought me a beer anyway).

Oz: "on the plus side, you killed the bench, which was looking a little...shifty"

Richard Hayward R.P.F.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Mon Oct 16 07:39:16 EDT 2000

Basingstoke 15.10.00

Basingstoke was another good show on the tour. The set list was similar to that played in salisbury except that julian played played If you loved me at all as well an encore of Great Dominions.

He also spend a fair bit of time between songs tuning his electric guitar and sunspots was played on the acoustic guitar rathur than on the doubleneck which was not used last night. The highlight for me though was when during Sleeping Gas Julian comes up to me a shakes my hand and decides to kiss it.

Richard H.

PS Anybody going to Reading on Wednesday

Izzy Mon Oct 16 09:12:34 EDT 2000

Thanks for the review Richard.

Encores:Why does turning the lights on always seem to stop people clapping for an encore these days? See what we missed out on in Salisbury...

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Mon Oct 16 23:44:42 EDT 2000

Thanks for the reviews Richard and others

I thought that Cope would have done STARCAR as a regular - didnt he cover that at Leeds?

The harsh light of (hard-nosed) reality - it really is a shame isn't it. Although on the weekend I played the role of stage manager myself at a local music festival. And was very close to having to turn on the lights after one of the acts went 40 minutes over time and other performers were banking up behind, having nowhere to put their gear etc. One of those situations where I would have offended people no matter which way I went. Fortunately they finally heeded my 3rd and final warning and finished up.

Take care.

Izzy Tue Oct 17 05:24:03 EDT 2000

Hi Malachy,

I appreciate that people want to get home etc (and in your case, with acts after the current act, then you have to be strict), but the gig ended in enough time for us to mill, chat, purchase merchandise and wend home and Eurotrash hadn't even started when we got there! From the look off the people just 'in the wings' (is that correct expression?) there would have been an encore if the clapping hadn't've stopped so abruptly as the lights went on (and they didn't turn them on full at first anyway)...

Roll on Sunday, Southampton will be different (Nat where are you? I've got the jitters)

Nat Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk Tue Oct 17 06:13:32 EDT 2000


Well I'm back to work finally, been in bed all weekend. Salisbury was brilliant, shame the audience was so small...... East Easy Rider was the best I'd heard in many a year... I got home in time for Eurotrash and watched an abismal american comedy thing called 'PAYNE' and it was too, in the arse.... Talking of arse wasn't Julians mighty pert!!

Looking forward to Southampton on Sunday.

On a Julian trip a friend of mine sent me a Julian box set through the post on Saturday, its Trampolene/WSYM 2 x 7" 's with posters, stickers, photos etc in it. On the front it says number 12. Does anyone know if this is one of 12 Julian box sets, one of 12 various artist box sets or one of 12 editions of the same box set. I think its a radio station promotion box thing. If anyone can fill me in I'd be grateful..... He also sent me the ltd. edition Trampolene cardboard wallet with poster thing, I've already got that one, so if anyone wants my spare one for free e.mail me on the above and you can have it!!


Del Tue Oct 17 08:05:33 EDT 2000

Only three days to go to Brighton.....OOOOOHHH!

Nat, I've a Trampolene/WSYM box set also. It's white and comes with the 'WSYM - All Ugly Radio' sticker. I don't know about a number, it's at home, so I'll check when I get back but I definitely remember something about 'Radio Promotion' or similar written on the front.

Also, the Trampolene cardboard thing, I've got that too, but I 've opened it. Would that make it worth less if I ever wanted to sell it (which I don't!) ?


andrew common.era@hotbot.com Tue Oct 17 10:33:17 EDT 2000


I think the box set thing was from the Cope fan club in about 1986/87. The best person to ask is Russ Sanders. (Russ, any ideas?)

There is another radio promo box set, but that consists of 2 singles, with WSYM, Levtitation, WSYM (Trouble Funk), Umpteenth Unnatural Blues, plus phots with bios and a sticker. Go to Trampolene as I have a picture and details of that box set there:


But yours sounds like the fan club set to me.


Russ Tue Oct 17 11:11:29 EDT 2000

Yes the box sets include

Antar fanclub box Christmas Mourning (Original Demo)/Transmitting (Studio Version)/ Interview

WSYM transcription disc World Shut Your Mouth/Umpteenth Unnatural Blues/Levitation /World Shut Your Mouth (Trouble Funk Mix)

I think thats right


Nat Radio Sit In.... Tue Oct 17 11:13:05 EDT 2000

Yeah its the radio promo thing on your web site Andrew... Blimey I'm missing a couple of singles, not many mind you, about 2!! (Have to go and trawl those record fairs!) Sad isn't it really, you can't take them with you when you go, and you don't want to play them when you've got them!! hmmmmm ;-)

I'm sure mine says number 12 on it though could be wrong! Usually am.

Thanks for that. Oh if anyone goes to Brighton on Friday and they meet up with the 'Yeovil Massive' give them all a snog from me! (Especially Mark as he's my fav) Sing a 'Chesterfields' song and offer them a pint of Scrumpy! They will be there oh yes, they will be there.


Del Tue Oct 17 14:21:16 EDT 2000

Nat - yep it's snap. Mine says No. 12 too, but what it relates to I dunno. And I'll say hello to Mark if I meet him in Friday (altho' I've never met him before, do I just listen for the accent?).

Where can I find values for records? I don't want to sell, I'm just being a greedhead for a bit.


(Anonymous) Wed Oct 18 00:51:14 EDT 2000

That 7" box (turtle picture) on the Antar label is his old manager Calli's label. There were only a very few hundred made. And only avilable through the old fan club.

The other box version is the one with Copes's picture. The photo cards in this box are one sided, the other box they are 2 sided.

The promtional ones are really hard to find. Julian was certainly surprised when I had him sign mine as he didn't have one.


(Anonymous) Wed Oct 18 03:57:23 EDT 2000

Please help me with a question I've had for a long time...

On the song 'Transporting' from the WSYM ep, there's a part where Cope is singing backwards.

>> Does anyone know what he's singing? <<


Nat YeovilYeovil@Town.com Wed Oct 18 04:15:54 EDT 2000

The Yeovil massive will be the drunk ones singin' I've got a brand new combine 'arvester'.. All wearing either PJ Harvey T-shirts or Chesterfield T-shirts as basically they all were in the Chesterfields/Grape/Basinger!! Friends for life if you buy them a pint!!

There is a very large Julian Cope Fan Base in Yeovil ever since the incident with the carpet in the Hotel in Yeovil, its like a Mecca site.

Had another look at that box set thing last night and the pics are 2 sided with photos on one side and writing on the other... Its a nice looking box set. I've got one similar for 'Lips like sugar' by the Bunnies which I picked up for £5 in Camden. Bargin. I often wonder what they are worth too, I paid £25 for my vinyl copy of Droolian does that seem fair?

As for those lyrics kat - I have no idea!!

Nat x

R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Wed Oct 18 06:26:25 EDT 2000

I was talking about the WSYM Box set with the cope freak last Friday in Salisbury. He pointed out to me that the World Shut your Mouth Radio Transcription 7" box set was not presesed up to promote the single before it's release as I had previously thought.

He was told at the time that because of the success of the single Island Records decided to hurriedly release another version of the single in a 7" boxset and cassette,(The WSYM Island "Far Eastern Promo cassette".) The reason being an attempt to increase sales of the single and hopefully send it higher up the charts.

Apparently at the time both the cassette and the box set were availiable in limited quanties in recoerd shops around britain.

Richard Hayward

Nat Go on have a banana Wed Oct 18 07:30:41 EDT 2000

Thank you R P F Hayward oh knowledgeable one. The record shop thing would explain it as Yeovil has an independant record shop (Called Acorn Records) who specialise in box sets and lots of interesting things like that and the owner was a bit of a Cope/Iggy/Wire/4AD etc etc fan. I didn't think it was a rare thing, really just wondered about the No. 12 on it more than anything! I am a curious orange.

Feeling Fruity...


(Secret)IzzyOrange blackbird@I'llave'ee Wed Oct 18 08:26:33 EDT 2000

Oooerr, Odinsday awlready, I'm starting to get all excited about Sunday. Got nothing intelligent to say, as usual...

Brooce, you are so 'up for it!'

Nat Fruit Loop Wed Oct 18 09:29:23 EDT 2000

I be excited toooooooooooo about Sunday! Yippeeee

'Brucey bonus' are you coming to Southampton? You could meet us all in the pub if you'd like b4 hand! Don't want you walking into the Guildhall on yer own! (Probably the nicest toilets I've ever been in at the Southampton Guildhall! Nice tiles)

Or anyone else for that matter! Goblets me thinks about 7.00ish? Izz does that sound alwight wiv you?

Nat x

santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Wed Oct 18 09:42:37 EDT 2000

Hello again,

I've been away fo a while, bu I keep following your discussions.

I also have that box, but i'm not sure about nº 12. I'll check when i get back home.


thank you very much for your comment and indications about Ireland. It's been very useful, and help me to visit some very interesting places.



Izzy Wed Oct 18 11:39:43 EDT 2000

Glad to be of assistance Santisan, so where did you go, what did you see? I never did write the trip up properly did I? Got really miserable about having lost some photos of beautiful places. What was your favourite place? I still think mine was Caldragh Cemetary on Boa Island with the sand pit (build you own stone circle) at Breaghmore coming a fun second. I confess the happiest moments were me pissed on the plane to and from Dublin, but then I am shallow like that. Oh and flying over Avebury, how cool?

Goblets and if not the mufflemuffleFatahemCatspitcough at 7pm. Come and say hi, go on do! Guildhall, nice tiles, but not as nice as in the Red Lion ladies. ANyone arriving early to So'ton may like to get some nosh there as it is jolly good.

Nat Natalie@societyofstjames.org.uk Wed Oct 18 11:56:48 EDT 2000

Anyone know off hand where I can by Peggy Sucide on CD? I can't find it for sale anywhere. Let me know!

Cheers me dears


Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Oct 19 06:33:42 EDT 2000

Juliamn Cope Reading Concert Hall 18.10.00

I went to see Julian Cope in Reading last night and it was a fantastic show.

At 8 PM Julian walks on stage:

"Okay tonight I'm going to play loads and loads of songs...I'm not going to fool around I'm going to be a professional...Your going to be stunned, I hope."

Julian then plays great versions of Upwards at 45 degrees, Soul Dessert,I'm your daddy and Autogeddon Blues.

Julian says that he has a "between season cold." "So Iv'e been doosing up with all this stuff which is 24 hour...and been doosing up with all this stuff which is 48 hour and I'm just kicking in a bit of extra 8 hour and all these things are combining to create a hallucegentry effet."

Julian then plays Promised land followed by Land of Fear. Before he performs the next song Paranormal in the Westcountry Julian tells us that he's "been recording this album called Citizen Cained anmd I'm no closer to finishing it I'll tell you...I keep thinking of new Ideas for books...education."

Next Julian Plays Conspiracist blues followed by Sunspots and Me singing. Then Donald Ross Skinner comes on stage and the first song they play is a great version of If you Loved me at all after which Julian asks if anybody wants to "stand up" and "if you wanna dance I don't mind." at which point a number of people stand up and start dancing at the front of the stage. By this point Julian has turned it up a gear and he performs stunning versions of East Easy Rider, Leaperskin, And Sleeping Gas. During Sleeping gas he does his audience invasion in which at the start he says "common now follow me..." Then he walks around the hall with a line of people following him.

Next Julian performs Silbury Moon, Jelly Pop Perky Jean, Pristeen and an encore of the Great Dominions.

Last night in Reading was a great gig. Julian was in great form and the audience were really getting into it. Whatever the medication was that Julian was on it did the trick. The result was one of the Best Julian Cope gigs I had been to.



Richard Hayward Thu Oct 19 06:36:03 EDT 2000

I must appologise for the double posting. I accidently pressed send before I had finished writing. [Fixed it - Trav]


Izzy fruitaddict@stickyfingers.com Thu Oct 19 06:55:31 EDT 2000

sounds fantastic Richard, and the Soul Dessert sounds delicious...lets hope he doesn't burn out...

Nat Kiwi@wiwi.com Thu Oct 19 08:44:01 EDT 2000

Yum fruit...

Richard - Reading did sound brilliant, lets hope he holds it together for Southampton!! Wooo hooo...

Everyone has got this cold. I used my kitten Poppy as a cure, she slept on my chest the other night and purred so much that she dislodged all the flem and viral infection from my lungs/chest area!! So for 20p you can hire her... Exploitation of Animals thats what I preach! ;-)

Izz I'm off in a while for my hols so I'll see you Sunday in Goblets at 7.00... I may ring you Saturday!

I'm excited.....

Nat xx

Steven Thu Oct 19 13:04:13 EDT 2000

Thank you Richard!

For those of us unable to attend any of Copey's shows due to finances and/or geographics,your review was muchly mucly appreciated...keep 'em coming folks

Glad you're feeling better Nat..now Poppy can get back to its normal gig..stealing the breath from babies

Enjoy the shows

Rail On!


micheal micheal @ Thu Oct 19 16:35:43 EDT 2000


Del Imsoexcited@Ijustcanthideit Fri Oct 20 05:10:12 EDT 2000

Brighton tonight! Despite having been a fan since Reward this will be my first Julian gig!

Can't concentrate on anything, I've been told off twice for day-dreaming at work and it's only 10.08!

Anybody else there tonight?


Izzy Fri Oct 20 05:20:52 EDT 2000

Sorry Del, we never got it together for Brighton - its a bloody awkward journey from here (you have to spend an hour in Fratton, not nice). I'm all excited for you though. THink you should hve a sicky, go home and spend all afternoon getting the make-up just right...

Del Fri Oct 20 05:58:19 EDT 2000

Izzy - I've driven through Fratton and that's bad enough so I don't blame you.

As for the sicky unfortunately the boss has now gone out for the day, so I'm in on my own, but it means I can daydream all I like now and stick as much Cope as I want on the CD player. That'll keep me going 'til 5 o'clock!

As an aside, I notice from the reviews that the setlist is early and late stuff (i.e. Fried and then Peggy onwards) Is Julian embarrassed now by St.J and MNU? Haven't got Repossessed yet so I haven't read any thoughts from JC on the matter.


...dancing on my own...

Tim tim@tim.com Fri Oct 20 07:48:15 EDT 2000

Hey there.

I am also going to be at Brighton Gardner Arts Centre tonite, and am well excited!

Went to the Sunday of Cornucopea in April, and that whetted my appetite for a full-on Cope set (he was on in the middle and only did about an hour, which went v quickly).

Seen a setlist here, and on Headheritage.co.uk site, which contains lots of my faves (e.g.Sunspots, my fave song _ever_!!) so ROCK ON tonite!

ron Fri Oct 20 09:55:20 EDT 2000

Happy Birthday Julian! er...well for tomorrow anyways...

Izzy Fri Oct 20 12:34:22 EDT 2000

Quite rightly its gone all quiet here and on H2H tonight. I'm waiting around for the departmental beer and curry. Free food, can't say no! Hope all those who go to Brighton have a smashing time, I'll be thinking of you and your encore while I'm clickety clicking in front of Eurotrash (no Buffy, *gasp*). Oh I am very excited about Sunday, I'll get up and wiggle my arse if you do...

Hope you managed to get something done today, Del. As my flatmate put it, 'Hmm Fratton, next stop down can only be Paulsgrove'. There you go, I said I was a snob...

Del Sat Oct 21 12:21:51 EDT 2000

What a gig! What a guy! It's 18 hours since I walked out of the brighton show and I'm still flying! Julian came on stage bang on 8 o'clock, face painted orange with blue paint around his left eye, a black Lycra catsuit(prompting much discussion as to whether he's wearing any pants)under a blue camo. gilet and knee-high biker boots with 4" soles.

'Hello. I'm going to be very professional and very together. Oh yes!'. Unfortunately half of the audience were still making their way in, so 'Tell you what, I'll come back on in a minute'.

And so five minutes later he reappears, with his sparkly acoustic.

'I'm going to play some old songs and some very old songs' like this one...' and launched into 'Upwards at 45 degrees'. The rest of the set that followed was the same as Reading, with 'Sunspots' played on the red double-neck. Jullian says that somewhere 'Sunspots' is always playing, it's a cyclical riff he just plucks out of the ether. Because he starts it , he decides when it stops.

Again Donn-eye appeared after 'Me singing' and tearing into fantastic versions of 'If you love me at all' and 'Leperskin'. 'Sleeping Gas' turned into a 10-minute freakout, no audience walk, but Julian decided to steal two people's drinks and flung them over the audience and did the same with a bottle of water!

'We'll play one more somg and then we're gonna sod off' at which point someone shouts 'JellyPop Perky Jean!'. He turns to Donn-Eye, 'What do you reckon? Can we do that?' Donald nods and into it they go, so shout loud for MikMakMok, you never know. Then we get 'Pristeen' and they're gone. No amount of shouting, whooping, clapping and whistling brings them back though and I think, 'Can I afford Southampton?'

His audience interaction was superb, his rants against roads and Government also. His theories about Neolithic rock'n'roll were brilliant. Best quote? 'People keep asking me to do interviews about the Teardrop Explodes. What do I say? We were cack and split up? Short interviews!'

Luv Del.

FrankZ oneton@uswest.net Sat Oct 21 12:22:42 EDT 2000

Happiest of Birthdays to Julian!

Del tickets@ontheblag.com Sat Oct 21 13:42:01 EDT 2000

Has anyone got a spare for So'ton? Not for me I hasten to add but for a guy called Paul who I met at B'ton last night. If anyone can help please e-mail revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk or call me on 07930-122520 and I'll put you in contact with Paul. I know it's a long shot but I live in hope.

Luv Del.

snorerexplorer groovyfamily1@cwctv.net Sat Oct 21 15:18:56 EDT 2000

24 hours to go until Soton...excited?you bet!Last gig before the tour breaks for half term,and so far so good...got tickets and a lift plus cash for the goodies on sale:cd/t shirts/posters and the M.A jacket! IZZY,where is Goblets?email us please!

clem so clemso@appleonline.net Sun Oct 22 07:52:04 EDT 2000


Does any one know where i can get a great copy of the Teardrop Explodes radio session that included "Better Scream" Bent out of Shape" Screaming Secrets" &"Fighting Takes over" Also wondering if theres a full band version of "Log Cabin"

Thanks Clem...

Roger W rogerwood2@beeb.net Sun Oct 22 18:39:23 EDT 2000

I think it's in the sleeve notes of The Followers Of St Julian that there's a photo of JC in a Saab, with logos painted on the doors. And at the centre of each logo is a bear. I couldn't quite grasp the logic in how the "Hoffmeister Bear" was supposed to convey any kind of 'personal statement' but - unaware of any other explanation - I put it down to a matter of choice.

I recently had to go up to Stafford, via the M6, and saw the same bear on the sign that says "Welcome to Warwickshire". Doh!...I'd got no idea that that's where they make Hoffmeister.


tom wilson tom@wilzon.fsnet.co.uk Mon Oct 23 04:24:29 EDT 2000


Saw the man last night at Southampton Guild Hall Great concert and great night - the man's still go it.

Please could you tell me where else he is touring and I'll get in as many remaining concerts as possible,


Antiquanarian Tom

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca/ Mon Oct 23 11:35:01 EDT 2000


The car you talk about is actually a Karman Ghia, Copes old prized possession and the logo is the Saint Julian logo and is based on the county coat of arms for Warwickshire, which represents the bear and the ragged staff.

In recent years the politically correct members of society put pressure on Warwickshire County Council to change the symbol. It used to show the bear chained to the ragged staff, but they deemed this cruel to animals, so the chain was taken out, which is a shame a) because the last wild bears were eradicated from Britain hundreds of years ago and b) because the coat of arms had be used in tact for 500 years and was suddenly unacceptable. Shame really. How do I know this crap? Well, I'm from Warwickshire and my father worked for Warwickshire County Council at the time when it was all going down.


I have a copy of the radio session you ask about. drop me a line and I can run you off a copy.


lest her bangs Mon Oct 23 17:57:25 EDT 2000

Saw this big fellow with long gangly hair in lycra the other day.

Man he sucks big time.

Can't sing, Can't Dance, Can't arse

Frank fvink@casema.net Mon Oct 23 18:23:33 EDT 2000

Came across this review, thought you might like it:

JULIAN COPE: Salisbury, October 13, 2000 Venue: City Hall Ticket Price: £10.50

The country's most spiritual of places plays host to the country's most spiritual of stars.

"I'm going to play a lot of songs tonight, so that's why you've all got seats" quips self-styled Arch Drude Julian Cope, essentially one pair of knee-high 5" platforms and The Truth.

This two hour semi-acoustic set takes in Cope's vast back catalogue of extraordinary music - constructed using 20 years-worth of equally extraordinary drug abuse - which takes in Margaret Thatcher, the Poll Tax riots, paganism, ley lines, Courtney Love, the environment and his two young children "sound asleep some 40 miles from here."

The songs themselves include woozy ballad 'Promised Land', a song that would give Nick Cave a run for his money, the wondrous 'When I Walk Through The Land Of Fear', a forlorn 'Las Vegas Basement', and an ear-splitting march through 'Sleeping Gas', one of the first songs he wrote with the Teardrop Explodes. We also get 'The Conspiracist Blues' which neatly manages to slag off Madonna, Courtney Love and Thatcher in some style by embroiling them in a fruity lesbian love tryst.

All this is fronted by a man so idiosyncratic as to be off the map. Cope rants about paganism, chats up his sound engineer 'Mr Horn', wanders around the audience indulging in casual conversation about the weather, and directs a long and withering stare at Music365 when its mobile phone interrupts a speech about ley lines.

At one point Cope looks embarrassed when heckled by a group of nubile young ladies who declare him to be "not bad". "Did you hear that?" he asks long-time side kick Donald Ross Skinner, sniggering. "They think I'm not bad." Not bad at all in fact, not bad at all. 9/10

Anthony Gibbons

Eyewitness Report:

See youse in London!


Frank fvink@casema.net Mon Oct 23 18:25:26 EDT 2000

Forgot to post the URL: http://www.music365.co.uk/autocontent/live_48176.htm


Roger W rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Oct 23 21:00:25 EDT 2000

Thanks for that, Andrew - I could've sworn it was a Saab but it's so long since I last saw my copy of "Followers" (it's with a friend on what seems to have become permanent loan) that I'm willing to admit my memory might be failing.

I think I'd agree about the bear, that the chain was an authentic feature and should therefore have been retained. Those who think they can alter history by editing out the nasty bits aren't doing favours to anyone's education.

In terms of bears being persecuted, though, the tragic thing is it's still happening in some countries. Not so long ago I read that conservationists had actually re-introduced a number of bears to a nature reserve in the mountains in the border country between northern Spain and France, hoping to see if they would recolonise an area where they had existed in the past but had become extinct. Inevitably, it wasn't long after that that the project was in the press again, owing to the fact the local farmers, seeing the bears as a threat to their livestock, were shooting them on sight.

And, in some countries, they still put rings through bears' noses tether them to posts, and let dogs loose on them.

Of course, nothing like that occurs in Britain, anymore. Er, except for the systematic eradication of entire populations of badgers in certain areas. Sorry, maybe that one's not fair because it is, after all, being done for the benefit of science, and all the killing is being done humanely. Be that as it may, there are still more than a few of our farmers and gamekeepers who see just the same as their Spanish counterparts when it comes to eagles and other birds of prey.

Rant over.


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Tue Oct 24 00:48:39 EDT 2000

Well put Roger, history is too important for the nasty bits to be left out. And there are lots of nasty bits...In my country our erstwhile Prime Minister decries what he calls the "black armband" view of history ie.the history that includes the attempted genocide of indigenous peoples and the degradation of the environment. By doing that of course he is promoting the "white armband" view of history ie.that brave explorers and settlers colonised an empty desolate land and everyone got on like jolly good fellows.

And just to let you know that all the reviews that get posted here get printed out (not on recycled paper though cos it stuffs the printer up - bummer) and get sent on to the small bunch of Copeheads who don't have Net access that live in this part of the world.

Del Tue Oct 24 03:51:42 EDT 2000

Sorry Andrew, but if we're talking about the silver car in the Trampolene video, that's definitely a Saab (a 96 I think). I remember reading about this in Record Mirror years ago and thinking then 'that's not a Karmann Ghia'.

The Saab has a roofline that drops in one long curve down to the tail, whereas the KG has a definite 'boot' (although the engine's in it!)

Roger, agree 100%. It reminds me of a quote:'Just because it isn't nice, doesn't mean it's not miraculous'


Izzy snobbycow@southampton Tue Oct 24 10:06:40 EDT 2000

My hugest appologies to Fratton locals who I may have insulted last week. This was an unnecessary comment designed for cheap laughs. Thank you Snorer for putting me right, I admit my prejudice is based on only one bad experience there...

Good to meet snorer and dru and all the girls + a couple of brave boys who joined us dancing in the Guildhall. More appologies and great cringing for being me .... rest assured I am mightily embarrassed by my behaviour ... we met JC outside later on. Oh how smashing that man is...


St. Tue Oct 24 13:53:38 EDT 2000

I've eventually got round to recording a JC2000 tour sampler for the newbies I'm bringing and I've got a couple of questions. I've got "Land of Fear" as having been played at most gigs and I wanted to check is this "Land of Fear" one of the extra tracks on the re-issued Fried, which I haven't got (the re-issue that is), or is it an abbreviation for "When I walk through the Land of Fear" from 20 Mothers, which I do? And while we're at it is there any link between these two, I've never heard the first?

Another question, with nothing to do with Cope but kind of appropriate, my German girlfriend asked me for the English for "sampler" which is German for a compilation/various (correct me if I'm wrong Marc)and I was trying to work out if there was a difference between these two. Personally, I'd call anything I bought featuring various artists a various, but if I make a tape myself I'd refer to it as a compilation, whether it was by various artists or off various albums by the same artist. Is this just all in my head or do others make a distinction? Just wondering..... St.

Rich wahthemongrel@hotmail.com http://freespace.virgin.net/mighty.wah/ Tue Oct 24 16:32:46 EDT 2000

Check out the new Mighty WAH! / Pete Wylie site:


Del Wed Oct 25 04:29:03 EDT 2000

Where can I get Cope fanzines? I know the esteemed 'Screaming Secrets' is one, but I've searched the site and a new one doesn't seem to have been published for ages - Paul? And are there any others?

Also I noticed that 'Screaming Secrets' no.1 again mentioned the Karmann Ghia? Where did this idea appear from? I watched the Trampolene video on Copeulation last night and it's definitely a Saab, it's the same type as my mate's girlfriend's car. So what's the deal? I hope Julian didn't pay Ghia money for it!



Spellbound Wed Oct 25 11:31:11 EDT 2000

My bruvver has just reminded me of his nick-name for me as a nipper, any objections to me using it as an alias? Can abbreviate to 'spell' and you'll all think I'm a goth.

St, I think the version of land of fear is the one on the fried++. I don't totally trust myself here and my fella has both the CDs so I can't check. Here, if I sing it will it help? Its the one on the mellatron that goes "When I walk, da na na na, <pause> through the land of fear ... ". Sorry about my voice.

Del, SnorerExplorer is another fanzine that was going to have an issue come out on ?Sunday? but it didn't pass Mr Snorer's quality control, which is a shame cos I expect it was fine...

As for the Karmann Ghia, I've only just determined the distinction between a mini and a transit van...


Del Wed Oct 25 14:01:29 EDT 2000

Spellbound eh? - Let me guess, Izzy is short for Isobel, which was shortened to sbel, which is like spell? I'm intrigued about the Mini and the Transit...

So when Snorer Explorer does appear, how will we get hold of it?

'Land Of Fear'- at Brighton it was ' When I walk through...' I've got the other track on the Sunspots EP but haven't listened to it for yonks. I'll try and check it out tonight.


starry eyes starryeyes@btinternet.com Wed Oct 25 15:59:02 EDT 2000


I do a FREE Cope related fanzine - called starry eyes funnily enough, although it'll soon be mutating into something else - drop me an email and I'll let you know more.

snorerexplorer Wed Oct 25 19:20:44 EDT 2000

some comments on old Snorers...."really cool"(D.Cope,Wilts),"can I take 3?"(Copius Freakus)," 's alright I suppose"(Paul.B),"Read it,it's great"(J.D Cope,Wilts) number 5 willbe out in december...honest....r details will appear here and on h2h hi izzy,nat and friends,great gig at soton,shame about the non_encore tho

PaulB Thu Oct 26 15:02:43 EDT 2000

Re: new issues of Screaming Secrets - keep watching the usual place. You never know what you might see ;-)

Re: Snorer Explorer - I guess the alternative PaulB made that quote (in the universe next door). BTW 'World In Motion' was terrible ;-)

keith allen universe next door Thu Oct 26 15:22:06 EDT 2000

Paul B:I still haven't forgiven you for saying I look like Snorer!!

PaulB Thu Oct 26 18:29:31 EDT 2000

Never mind the small chat - get on with the zine or it'll be 'Shallow Grave' for you again ;-)

Pumpkinhead Thu Oct 26 18:45:54 EDT 2000

Grow up the pair of you.Both your zines are rubbish anyway.

woah haow Thu Oct 26 18:47:59 EDT 2000

hey - anne calm down

PaulB Thu Oct 26 19:12:14 EDT 2000

You're right - I've just looked at a back issue of Screaming Secrets and it's totally crap.

What a waste of time.

I should have gone with my dreams and become an arctic sea explorer.

Oh well.

Roger W rogerwood2Abeeb.net Thu Oct 26 19:33:26 EDT 2000

Hey, with all this excitement going on, I came close to forgetting something I saw in the paper the other day. Apparently, Avebury isn't as ancient as it looks. It was created in the late 1930's by a rather rich member of the Keiller (marmalade) family, and they've recently discovered home movies of the guy telling his labourers where to put the stones.

It's not just the stone circle he created...he altered the whole village to be just the way he wanted. If a barn or cottage - that he thought spoiled the view - came on the market, he had the cash to purchase it and have it pulled down.

So there you have it, Avebury, created circa 1938AD/CE*.

It won't change the way I feel about the place: my memories will be happy ones. Like the time my ex-girlfriend and I took our dog there, when she was a mere pup, and she finally overcame her fear of the sheep and went up to one, with a sort of 'will you be my friend?' look on her face. The sheep took one look at her and went BIFF...can't you see I'm eating!


*Don't believe me?....then check out the Telegraph for 19 October!

Boolbar forgot@memoryloss Fri Oct 27 04:46:46 EDT 2000

20 Mothers "When I walk through the land of fear" is a new version of "Land Of Fear" which first appeared on the fade out of some single (can't remember which) and then out in its own right on some EP (can't remember which).

(Anonymous) Fri Oct 27 05:47:26 EDT 2000

Bout Avebury and Keiler if you'd like the link it's -


- bit strong though saying he "created" Avebury, to my understanding he restored it, albeit with creative license. Avebury in it's present incarnation may be from early this century (yes this century) but it is still an ancient site with ancient stones. Like many of the megalithic sites superstitious christians tried and failed to destroyed it. As for tearing down buildings, if they put a Butlins on top of New Grange I'd have no issue with pulling it down :)


Del Fri Oct 27 10:15:12 EDT 2000

Hi chaps,

I fancy getting some Krautrock, but I haven't got Krautrocksampler yet and wondered where to start. I know of Faust and Can but other than that I have no idea (not even how it sounds). What Julian songs are most Krautrock-y?


Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Fri Oct 27 11:53:30 EDT 2000

Calne isn't a specially large place, is it? For head of population, it seems to have more than its fair share of off-road motorcyclists.

At the end of September I went down to a motocross meeting at Farleigh Castle (a beautiful place not far from Trowbridge) and spotted a team van written up with a Calne address. The rider's name was Ryan Zebedee, and the impression I got was that there's a family business (plumbers or suchlike), in Calne, with that name.

Last week-end, some friends and I went to Weston-super-Mare for the Beach Races and, again, there in the programme, were a number of riders listed as being from there.

Of course, as useless information goes, there'll be even less relevance in all this if I'm completely wrong in my understanding that that's where JC lives.


Spellbound Fri Oct 27 13:20:43 EDT 2000

I think you are wrong Roger, my understanding is that it is somewhere else rather small, that I don't want to mention publicly like this as it seems rather rude. We went there once, the locals looked at us kindly/knowlingly. I was rather embarrassed and shall never return. Silly really. Wish my name was Zebedee...

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Fri Oct 27 18:41:03 EDT 2000

Wowee, St, what's all this you've uncovered!?

Having seen the Telegraph article on the day it came out, I figured what will I see that's different by calling it up on a computer screen?

I'm glad I took the time to look it up: not only are the photos in colour (b/w in the paper itself), there are a whole bunch of threads that you can click on, to find earlier stories on Avebury, Silbury and Stonehenge, etc.

I guess the most, er, surprising report was the one about plans to turn Avebury Manor into "an Elizabethan Theme Park".

No, I'm not joking.


clem clemso@appleonline.net Sat Oct 28 06:22:28 EDT 2000


Does any one know any good on-line sites for buying deleted Teardrop explodes cds. In the Uk that is.

thanks Clem...

amazon Sat Oct 28 13:03:08 EDT 2000

roger julian used to live in calne but not anymore, as spellbound says.

And as his village is very small indeed, i agree, it would be very disrespectful to divulge.

Spellbound http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imjs/storyfest Tue Oct 31 04:15:10 EST 2000

Rail on! where were you yesterday? Did you get blown over by a big gust?

Just a little advert posting, for anyone in the south of the UK. I'm very excited, its really coming together (more details via the website above)...

"Southampton Story Club invites you to delve into the world of myth, legend, history and intrigue. Set in Southampton's historic heart, the festival will include professional and local story-tellers, workshops, street theatre music and a ghostwalk. Attractions are aimed at both children and adults and provide a unique opportunity to learn more about our city's heritage. The majority of events are free, with a small charge being made for some of the Saturday evening performances. The festival is supported by Millenium Awards for All. "

Nat Tumble@dryer.com Tue Oct 31 04:58:31 EST 2000

Talking about Avebury as you were I heard that, the stones were actually found lying down and buried under the earth, then some bloke found them whilst doing a dig and stood them up and cemented them in. This happened in about 1930ish so may tie in with the story mentioned earlier....

There was also a story in The Blackmore Vale about them moving Stonehenge to Wales!! Hmmmmmm

Happy Halloween.....woooooooooooooooooooo

Nat x

St. Tue Oct 31 05:46:10 EST 2000

That Cope lad is a bleedin tricky beggar. I have in the past been known to slag off 20 Mothers as a piece of kak, but having relistened and relistened and relistened to it in the course of making a compilation, I recant all. I'm pretty hooked on it now and as soon as I can I'm going to get a mate to reburn it for me minus the three or four shite tracks that have always put me of it. All those that argued for it in the past, accept my apologies. Now if I could just get into MNU, I'd have nothing left to slag.

Happy Samhain y'awl, St.

Steven spooks@thedoor Tue Oct 31 09:51:55 EST 2000

Ooh...St....what 3 or 4 tracks off 20 Mums are the guilty parties in your opinion?

Just curious

Boo and all,


Nat Pumpkins@scared.boo Tue Oct 31 10:07:56 EST 2000

Anyone heard from Buzzard of Morfe lately or seen his purpleness at any of the Julian dates?

Does anyone have any info on this extra London date at all?

Living in a spooky house....woooooo

Nat x

st. Tue Oct 31 10:31:27 EST 2000

Apparently, according to HH, JC was considering doing a second gig on the Saturday night, but previous commitments made it impossible for him. Sad that cause I'll be over all weekend and would have considered trying to get a ticket for the downstairs bit for the second night. Still going to try and wangle my way out of the balcony and onto the floor on Friday. I'm really getting excited now, I'm coming over from Germany with my girlie and two mates and then I get to meet three other great friends from the west country at the gig. Woo hoo, roll on the 17th. Are you going to be there Nat?

Steven, re: my 20 mothers hates. I'd have to say "Wheel Barrow Man" (I like his wacky stuff, I love Skellington and Droolian, but this just doesn't work for me. Of course this pales into insignificance next the heap of sh*t that is "Pooh Bear", that just makes see red and the next thing I know I wake up in the police cell with no shoe laces. I'm not fond of Lonely Guy though if it was the worst I'd probably leave it in, but since I'm chopping it up, out it'll go. I think that's it (I don't have it in front of me), the rest of it goes from very good to sublime. I'm glad I've learnt my lesson. St.

St. Tue Oct 31 11:38:32 EST 2000

Oh yes "Stone circles and you", I just can't make my mind up on that one. But definitely like the rest.

One question, are they selling the pink Peggy Suicide at the concerts? I see they've dissapeared from the merchandizer on the HH site and I really wanted to get one. Schade, St.

amazon Tue Oct 31 12:47:54 EST 2000

Nat, he has posted on HH a few times recently, but he's definitely been quiet for a while. I think he may have been in and out of hospital. But I am supposed to be meeting him before the Wolverhampton gig, I think that's the first gig he is going to.

St. What are you talking about????????????? Wheelbarrow Man is cooooooooool!!! I love it and so does my 20 month old son. Maybe that says a lot about me, I don't know, hahaha. But it's such a happy happy song, how can you not be forced to dance and dance and dance to it?

Lonely Guy is a bit dodgy though, I must admit.

Spellbound Tue Oct 31 15:58:51 EST 2000

I understand he's been a bit busy with organise fun for the locals. How has it gone Morfe?

Buzzard buzzard@morfe.com Tue Oct 31 16:06:40 EST 2000

Thanks for asking guys, I'm flitting about rather a lot these days, yet worn out with ic24's shit connection times.

Well, Spellbound, it went a treat, there were little witches everywhere, and some big ones. I even sneaked some Hawkwind on to the decks at one point! Big disaster, my 40-person vegetarian chilli that I sweated over the night before, went bottoms up 2 hours before the do and began fermenting. I had to chuck the lot. Thought about feeding it to some local pigs just to see if they DO fly!

See you at the Wulfrun Amazon!

Bee ye all blessed, and Happy New Year to us heathens X

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Tue Oct 31 17:38:51 EST 2000


Hope everyone's OK in the UK after the big blow. The weather heh...remember Mark Twain saying everyone complains about the weather but no-one does anything about it. Well unfortunately we HAVE been doing something about the weather by pumping CO2 into the atmosphere for 200 years.

My 2 bob worth about 20 Mothers: I agree that The Lonely Guy is an embarrassing piece of work - at times I have played 20 Mothers for friends and I have cringed when that track came on. Disagree about Wheelbarrow Man though - think that's fine, quirky, warm -hearted with a a west country neo-folkish feel to it. Pooh Bear I can take or leave but as a "disco" type song it leaves a lot of other dance music for dead.

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Tue Oct 31 18:30:16 EST 2000

I think I can see where this is all heading.

Everyone is going to write in to say about their least favourite songs, and we'll end up with a kind of "Chart" of the ten worst TE/JC songs of all time. Yeah, ten would probably cover it...I couldn't see it running to more.

Me, I can't stand "Poet Is Priest". It's, like, scary.


amazon Tue Oct 31 20:34:32 EST 2000

Poet is Preist is completely brilliant.

IzzySpell Wed Nov 1 03:57:44 EST 2000

I try to avoid these discussions, being a fence-sitter, but poet is priest grooves....

Sounds like a great event Buzz! Shame about the chilli, a little bit of fermented rye in it could have gone down a treat, with the witches turning to werewolves.

My new office mate is really setting up for a bought of SAD. He's come in, closed all the blinds and put the electric lights on. Aaargh!

Nat Yeahyeah@Wheelbarrowbird.com Wed Nov 1 04:51:02 EST 2000

I can't go to London - St. firstly as its Izzy Wizzy's Ghost Walk and I couldn't get a ticket and I didn't want to go on my own! ;-(

Have to wait for next time!!! Ooo I have a pink Peggy T-shirt - they are a bit thin material wise so you have to wear a vest underneath or all yer bits show!!

I like 'Just like Pooh Bear' and don't like 'Poet is Priest' hmmm my fav of all time though is 'Drive she said' - well the whole of side B on Peggy to be honest.. classics... don't know about a top ten though - i think one has already been done on this site! Possibly.

Izzy Wizzy we must get Buzzy this weekend my love....

Oh Mr Morfe. Good to see hear from you. shame about the Chilli ;-(

Nat xx

Spellbound Wed Nov 1 06:47:57 EST 2000

Mad boy from the Southampton gig suggested High Wycombe, Nat? We could run into Howard Jones! Huh, and get Goblin on H2H. Like, nobody else 'rocked' at the Southampton gig? We tried eh posse? Posse! I'm scouting round for some chinese indoor fireworks for the weekend, like to do something a little classy for my BD afterall...

Nat Wed Nov 1 07:58:06 EST 2000

High Wycombe is cool for me - Mr Belbin is going there too. I'll pollute in my car if you like!!

Rock on in Southampton - Bestest night of my life!! Wooo hoooo....


Bov bov@bov.bov Wed Nov 1 08:52:37 EST 2000

Ok Ok..... I know I haven't posted here for a long old time, BUT.....

DON'T LIKE "LONELY GUY"????????????

C'mon kids, it's a complete cracker! (As opposed to half a digestive)

Nat Wed Nov 1 09:02:51 EST 2000

Wasn't 'Wheelbarrow man' written as a tribute to the fact that Julian had made up with Joss? If I remember Julians ramblings at the Bierkeller in Bristol 1992(? - Big Issue thing) correctly... was the first time it had been sung live and I've loved it ever since.

(Actually the line 'I've made up with my brother/sibling yeah yeah yeah' probably proves my point! Oh well...)

Hmmm Bov - I'm with the 'Lonley Guy' dislike massive unfortunately, not one of my favs.

Nat x

Nat Wed Nov 1 09:11:32 EST 2000

Just read Goblin on H2H Izz... hmmmm maybe he was facing the wrong way and saw my Steve who sat still all night (except when he went to the bar or for a wee) Might explain it!


amazon Wed Nov 1 13:21:27 EST 2000

OK talking about shitty Julian songs, I MUST say that "Rail on" is CACK CACK CACK, and it really winds me up.

flood waters penetrate Wed Nov 1 19:00:37 EST 2000

Watch out when the dam bursts, Rail On is cack cack cack and it should be wound up.

Boolbar 25poundsricher@bank Thu Nov 2 04:41:13 EST 2000

I like "Rail On" - so there. Also "Just Like Pooh Bear" (fab!) and "Lonely Guy". Yes, "Poet Is Priest" as well. It takes that second track on QE to stop me.

BTW, Q Mag with Copes Cash for Questions is out now with plenty of photos.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Nov 2 04:54:58 EST 2000

In The review section of the latest issue of select magazine there is printed a page review for UK Remastered reissue copies of the first two Teardrop Explodes Albums. The pictures of the sleeves that select print show that the reissue CD's will contain the original artwork ie the group shot for Kilimanjaro and the Flowers sleeve for Wilder.

The great news is that select say that both will contain B sides

KILIMANJARO (2000)    Format: CD album
Cat #: 5483222        Released: 06-Nov-00
WILDER (2000 RE IS    Format: CD album
Cat #: 5482842        Released: 06-Nov-00

So at last it looks like tracks such as Christ V Warhole will be avaliable on CD.

I have searched various Online record stores and it looks like you should be able to buy each CD for around £10.00 including P+P to UK addresses.

The release date according to various on line stores is the 6 November 2000



Nat FatgirlSlim Thu Nov 2 06:17:28 EST 2000

Hoorah! Christ v Warhol - one of my absolute favs. Sometimes Julians B sides are better than his A Sides.... I'll be buying even though I've got 4 copies of Kilimajaro and 3 of Wilder! Hoorah... greedy not me mate. I do prefer the Julian B &W shot on the front of Wilder. Best news I've had for a while...

Izzy Wizz you in mate?


(Anonymous) Thu Nov 2 06:22:12 EST 2000

If you go to amazon.co.uk the CD's are £7.99 each!

stewart Thu Nov 2 12:57:03 EST 2000

what does anyone think of the tour cd? track 6 could be fab with better production, &why the blank 5 mins to start with?

amazon Thu Nov 2 13:32:24 EST 2000

Me too, me too, me too Nat.

starry eyes Thu Nov 2 14:44:06 EST 2000

I really love the stuff on the tour CD - glam dicenn kicks it off really well in a spacey way. Then Born To Breed gets you going in a hanging out.. / greedhead sort of way, although i wish I could get into the lyrics - can hardly hear a word!

The one thing I'd say is that overall, it's Julian going in a forward direction - I don't think any of it is stale or self indlugent (no, really!) which for a 43 year old rock star is cool!

clem clemso@appleonline.net Fri Nov 3 07:49:20 EST 2000

So are they going to re-release Every body wants to shag the teardrop explodes as well?

What are the b-sides that will feature on both albums?


Dave Roberts daveroberts45@hotmail.com Fri Nov 3 16:12:55 EST 2000

Having spoken to Mick Houghton it appears that no there will not be a release of "Everyone Wants To Shag". Half the album is old 'B' sides and some of the other tracks were never really intended for release. However, if these re-issues do weel Mercury MAY!! consider re-releasing Julian first two solo albums with extra tracks, there are quite a few unreleased tracks accoridng to Mick.

(Anonymous) Sat Nov 4 05:18:21 EST 2000

Apparently both the teardrop reissues will contain 19 tracks. So that is quite a lot of material that has not been availiable on CD before.


(Anonymous) Sat Nov 4 05:34:08 EST 2000

Here are the tracklistings for the new Teardrop Explodes Reissues


  1. Ha Ha I'm Drowning
  2. Sleeping Gas
  3. Treason
  4. Second Head
  5. Reward
  6. Poppies
  7. Went Crazy
  8. Brave Boys Keep Their Promises
  9. Bouncing Babies
  10. Books
  11. Thief Of Baghdad
  12. When I Dream
  13. Reward
  14. Strange House In The Snow
  15. Kilimanjaro
  16. Use Me
  17. Traison
  18. Sleeping Gas (live from Club Zoo)
  19. The In-Psychlopedia [probably a mistake -- Trav]


  1. Bent Out Of Shape
  2. Colours Fly Away
  3. Seven Views Of Jerusalem
  4. Pure Joy
  5. Falling Down Around Me
  6. Culture Bunker, The
  7. Passionate Friend
  8. Tiny Children
  9. Like Lila Khaled Said
  10. And The Fighting Takes Over
  11. Great Dominions, The
  12. Window Shopping For A New Crown Of Thorns
  13. East Of The Equator
  14. Rachel Built A Steamboat
  15. You Disappear From View
  16. Suffocate
  17. Ouch Monkeys
  18. Soft Enough
  19. The In-Psychlopedia

Richard Hayward

clem clemso@appleonline.net Sat Nov 4 06:58:51 EST 2000

I can't believe that i only just bought Kilimanjaro & Wilder for the first time on CD only "two weeks ago"

If any body sees the new 19 track versions reasonably cheap on a on-line cd site.please lmk

..... Also looking for the Shag album on CD,if any one knows where i can get that,e-mail me

Thanks Clem...

Steven Sat Nov 4 12:34:08 EST 2000

MmmMmm..Thank you for the info on the discs Richard

The In-Psychlopedia on both discs??



amazon Sat Nov 4 18:15:57 EST 2000

God, Saturday night and noone's on here. BBBBBBBOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!



Copey's Big Boots Mackchf@aol.com Sat Nov 4 19:50:19 EST 2000

IS the fanzine Screaming Secrets still in operation?

amazon Sat Nov 4 20:48:00 EST 2000

No idea try the s.s. website.

ron Sat Nov 4 23:46:41 EST 2000

I believe that PaulB is busy working on an expose' of the Julian Cope / Ian McCulloch reunion tour of EATB,which coincidently will begin in Poland;o) for the next issue of Screaming Secrets.

are we still on for the number 9 mothra? 16\11...

Mothra Sun Nov 5 05:59:37 EST 2000

That depends wholly on the global economy/and/or rainwater Ron, it would seem!

Tony Sun Nov 5 11:38:21 EST 2000

I have tried contacting Screaming Secrets on the web but got no reply. Any help on this one please?

Rail On #22

2000-10-14 to 2000-11-05