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2000-06-10 to 2000-07-29

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jun 10 13:31:47 EDT 2000

Archive time! Enjoy the fast page loads while they last. :)

In case you didn't read my last message, thanks to Frank I was able to get my Julian Cope Live files back online! Click on the "Sounds" link to jump to check them out.

I've made some updates and am currently uploading...


Izzy izzy@hothothot.co.uk Sat Jun 10 13:33:11 EDT 2000

Oh I do love a fresh page to write on...

SHame about the tab hunter gig, still its the Autumn in which we need cheering up isnt it.

Just got back from an inpromtu trip to Cambridgeshire (sorry about the cinema thing, Nat, they flew some images and I had to chase around underneith trying to get in the picture - I do so love my job!). ANyone on the list from Cambs? coz I think I may really insult someone by saying 'Huntingdon is a real dive', we were thoroughly unimpressed. And the surrounding villages, those that remain after the M11 was ploughed through, don't even seem to have pubs. This is wierd sh*t in the UK. I'd like to get Mouldy and Sculler on the case.

Right petals, bis Montag...

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jun 10 14:06:02 EDT 2000

Lots of changes... Try not to freak out! Parts of my site might not be hooked up correctly, but I hope to have everything ironed out and up to date soon.

Feedback is welcome, but please be gentle! :)


Izzy Sat Jun 10 15:55:49 EDT 2000

Woowooo, this is rather swish. Trav you've done a fine job, though the bold font makes me feel like I'm shouting...oh and the curser has wandered off the browser...perhaps the page could be set to fit the configuration of the user's browser (sorry if I'm not using the correct techy speak)?

I'm rather regretting my comments on Huntingdon. I'm sure, its a great place really. Afterall, even Woking has some good points, apparently...

PaulB Sat Jun 10 16:57:43 EDT 2000

Why, I'm sure you have good points too Izzy ;-)

Izzy Sat Jun 10 17:50:45 EDT 2000

I used to do a pretty good Jarvis Cocker...

(thats really bloody terrible)

Brian Warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Sat Jun 10 20:06:21 EDT 2000


I have some new stuff ready for volume 3 when you going to start?

I haven't decided what has made my cut yet...I'm thinking of keeping away the domiana tracks..But I have a few other with other people that may work.. E-mail me your addy again.....

I'll get some on the way.....

well izzy jarvis isn't jesus but he has the same initials...

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sun Jun 11 08:44:46 EDT 2000

The Screaming Secrets website has been updated. Click on the link above to check it out. More updates and features are in the works (oh yes).

Izzy: you're outrageous.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jun 11 09:31:06 EDT 2000


Actually, the font isn't bold [at least in my browser] but it *is* pretty big. I'll shrink it next time I do edits.

Interpreters 3 - I've been accepting submittals ever since Vol 2 was finish! :) I'm aiming to have Volume 3 done by the end of the summer. I'll be accepting songs up until the last minute, but even so, the sooner I get lots of songs, the sooner I can start putting together Vol 3.

If you want an FTP address where you can upload songs, you can email me and I'll let you know where to put them.


Buzzboy morfe@f1racing.co.uk Sun Jun 11 12:06:25 EDT 2000


Hoooooray and sweet meadows and wot glastonbureee web-cam, and my gods it's all changed. BBC2eh? gosh crikey. I'm all overcome with newness so I'll say TTFN.

Blessed are you all.

Mothra Sun Jun 11 19:31:49 EDT 2000


My Summer has started with a verbal scrap and tussle avec local Greedhead Russel Eden (pro - car lobbyist). I shall fight them on the beaches, and the valleys, and the Stones, ye son's of Thatcher-bitches! My dander is rightly up, this guy reckons the Gov'nt are plotting to bring us all, and I quote, "Down to the lowest level of person, who doesn't own a car." Oh cycnicism is rife it would appear, and the ossifying and redundant neo-tories are having a field day with our apathy.

I know Mr Edens debate originates locally, but his message is intended for our future generations, I wish car-abusers would wake up to the fact that their right to own and drive a car over the Mother, and schoolkids, cyclists, pensioners, ancient heritage sites etc.. is upheld totally, whereas my, and anyone else who cares, right to a clean and safe life away from the infernal combustion engine, is ignored, yea even derided by the snivelling majority who call us free-thinking mofos 'politically correct'.or 'Eco-Warriors' or some other tabloid trashism. Never Destiny Angels!

Well Heads? Please visit www.ringroad.fsnet.co.uk and e-mail the bugger to give the other side a fighting chance of making our feelings known.

Rant not over...later.

A happy Summer to you all. *cough*

Nat brrrrrmmmm@bbrummm.com Mon Jun 12 07:20:41 EDT 2000

I'm a cyclist, a car driver, a pedestrian and a crappy public transport user, does that make me a bad person? My partner cycles everywhere has never learnt to drive!!

We're not all bad!! Some of us do care!! If the public transport system was better then I'd never own a car (Actually I don't at the moment).. if cycle routes were better I'd never replace my car, but unfortunately they aren't!!

Nat :-(

The SnorerExplorer Mon Jun 12 07:57:14 EDT 2000

Hi Trav,and the rest of you Cope-fiends,The SnorerExplorer here just to say hello.I'm doing the rounds at the moment(free internet acess from the local library-can't be bad).I'll join in with y'all later but there's a cheese and onion pasty with my name on it back at work and I'm hungry. PS MNU doesn't suck it's just a bit of a softy(that stadium rock mix sucks big time however).Live versions of the songs are a million times better.

Mothra Mon Jun 12 08:48:30 EDT 2000

Nat, you're not a 'bad person', maybe you missed my point. I am talking of the 'pro-car lobbyist', the blinkered and slavering offspring of Jeremy Clarkson and Margaret Thatcher (shiver).

The people who feel wronged and abused when 'alternative' methods to their gas-guzzling, selfish, high speed (caught in tailback at 3mph, listening to Steppenwolf, thinking they look like Steve Mc Queen, and the skies ahead seem blue in the adverts, but in reality the smog turns it a sickly brown!) are mentioned by those of us who say it's gotta stop somewhere. 'Aint no getting round getting round...' But they don't want to get 'round'. They want 'thru', and 'over' and 'across.' Nothing is sacred in the face of the Automobile. In just 100 years, a dust mote in the span of human history, we have gone from free range to barn fed. Life is safe in a bubble, but how dull not to feel the ground under our feet! And evn though I've moved to the country, all I can hear most of the day&night is traffic. Guess only rich noisy folk in big cars can afford the exclusivity of silence.

Apathy is the byword of the times. Q.When does caring become tiresome these days? A. Before you can even say 'wait a minute...!'

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon Jun 12 09:05:36 EDT 2000

Mothra mate, you are making sense! I know why this list means so much to me, cos there's folk here who care. Though I won't tell the whole story, I got very cross yesterday because I passed someone chucking a plastic bottle in the bushes. Seeing red I simply shouted 'you shit' at him. Not very clever. If I had time to think there are all sorts of classy comments that I usually use, but I was SOOO angry, its my bush as much as his (!!) and he was so nonchalant about it. I said I won't tell the whole story because I am rather ashamed of what the consequences may have been, I don't think he even realised wthe real reason for me shouting at him. That is the sad thing, that so so many people don't even realise the harm they do, not just that they are apathetic.

I feel just a little calmer now...

Izzy Mon Jun 12 09:06:49 EDT 2000

Does anyone else have trouble with this page being bigger than their browser?

(Anonymous) Mon Jun 12 09:11:51 EDT 2000

Oh, forgot to say, baby chilli plants now number a grand total of 13! 1/2 inch high, two leaves apiece, and quite beautiful in a fragile way. Thanks again. They will have names, that way I trick myself into caring for them, I can't go for ever not watering them when I know they're called Cheech, Kylie, Ant, Dec, Ricardo, Satellite Uplink Fernandez Cheekbiter, etc...

Blessed All

Mothra Mon Jun 12 09:19:35 EDT 2000

Yes Izzy, it's hard to appear caring, especially when the person who's attitude you are caring for is having his empty plastic container inserted firmly and kindly up... NO. I must bemore 'pro-active.'

Education is the only way. I work there. I know.

Many, many greedheads are so nearly beyond hope, we must save the greenfields for our children. (Minus the hippy drivel that has characterised the movement for decades!)

What they cannot understand, they cannot care for, that is the sad fact, there will be more of them than us for many years, but we must stick together.

Nat Mon Jun 12 11:58:33 EDT 2000

Oooo glad the chillies are good - I take it from the "blessed be" - that they are my chillies!! Hoorah!! They are yummy yummy too...

Probably did mis-understand you Mothra - I think its the heat!! Phew... anyone know a really good cure for hayfever? One that works...I look like I've got Pink Eye at the mo!! ;-)

Izz - I shout at people for dropping litter all the time. I even stopped my car and made Steve walk back to pick up a chewing gum wrapper he threw out of the window along the Dorchester Road to Bournemouth.. litter dropping is the one thing that angers me more than anything else in the whole wide world.. apart from Aldermaston Nuclear Testing place that is currently pumping crap over Southampton...oh and the Beauford Hunt.... But thats me I'm off home...

And remember Mr Belbin - when you're smiling, when you're smiling the whole world smiles with you!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh Pukey..

Natx x

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk http://www.bov.clara.net Mon Jun 12 12:14:30 EDT 2000

You guys are all brilliant.

Admittedly I'm feeling very tired, drained and emotional today, but ... you just are. ok?

I'm getting seriously fed up with the things that my life revolves around at the moment, and I really want to try and change things. It's reading the stuff on this page and on HH that makes me really realise that there ARE people out there that care.

Every morning I hate myself for getting in my car and doing the hour's drive to this totally awful-arsing business park with it's big corporate shiny-windowed offices and sitting in front of a fucking computer screen all day long. I look around me and I so don't want to end up permanantly like these other poor bastards.

Luckily this is only a four-month contract, and it finishes in two weeks. I've gotta start doing something creative and positive with my life but I don't know what.

Mothra - you say you work in education - what exactly is it you do?

I've had such a positive response from my new website so far that I'm getting a much needed bit of renewed confidence in my creative self at the moment, I gotta catch it and go with it. I can't spend the rest of my life giving a twelfth of every day to sitting in my car.

Anyway, sorry..... this isn't a problem page.


Buzzard Morfe@f1racing.co.uk Mon Jun 12 12:35:22 EDT 2000

Sorry to hear you've got the sniffs Nat, and pink eye can be got in a much more enjoyable way than imbibing pollen (I'm told.)

The only one I know that is said to work, is to eat lot's (unfortunately fattening) of honey, but it MUST BE GATHERED FROM LOCAL BEES, as it acts as a pollen barrier, a bit like taking snake venom as an anti-venine. So find a local producer (2 Mile radius preferably, and sprea it on yer toast (or toes?!), take it with tea, etc. Good luck.

Morfe wazbuzzandmothra Mon Jun 12 13:03:02 EDT 2000


Smile as big as the sunrise! I'm glad you didn't think me a wingeing limey, and yes, the morning day to day drag is a freaking soul-suck I agree.

I used to be a Graphic Designer, and wannabe popstar, so I too joined the rat-race, jumping on dirty buses and trains, feeling sick when I sat down at the same desk, no windows (luckily coz the outside looked worse) in my studio etc.. never got my act together as a popstar, so I quit. Just walked out one day without saying a word, left the desk spinning so to speak. It felt like the whole world smelt and tasted a million times better. The feeling of not knowing what comes next is a rush of the highest order! ALIVE.

I won't go on, but as you asked, I have been a Learning Support Worker for the last 6 years, until an accident forced me out of work. Working with Children who have special needs, primarily Profound Autism, has been the most wonderful and enlightening experience. It is more than enough of a challenge for even the most ambitious of individuals, and although the pay was nothing to shout about, the reward of achievement, (even the smallest breakthrough can take many months/years of hard work) the love and laughter cannot be recreated in 'business' jobs, no matter how big the budget is for 'team-building' and 'shite-ball' sessions with the Marketing Dept around some beleaugered corporate woodland!

My job was also out in the country, in an old school of the Rudolf Steiner persuasion, although we teach National Curriculum, so instead of rushing home and turning the TV on, I'd hang around and visit the bio-dynamic home-farm, or study philosophy in the fantastic old library. I'd like to return one day, but the last 2 years have had me crippled, so I'm turning my hand to writing (children's books), and setting up an Alt Tech convention centre.

I'll shut up know. But yeah,... it doesn't have to be any way you don't want it.

Bee Blest.

Morfe Mon Jun 12 13:10:47 EDT 2000

Sorry about the double-vision, new PC blues. ;-) [double-post, fixed it -- Trav]

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon Jun 12 13:30:24 EDT 2000

two weeks markybov TWO WEEKS. That must be the best feeling ever! My contract doesn't finish til march 2001, but by winegum am I counting the days...and the sickness in the morning?....(no I am NOT pregnant nothing so creative could come out of this shite occupation).

Worse thing about a crap job is not the work itself but the way it destroys your confidence to do something new.

Funny thing that honey cure. I got me hands on some local Southampton honey last year so's I could be protected this year but its been worse than usual this year. Not really a scientific study, I think its more likely to be just a bad year. I'll get you a jar when I next contact the beekeepers (3rd party...(this ones for you Belbin)) if you like, Nat. Like crazy city-fools, my fella and I went mad when we found a set-aside field in Cambs last Thursday - a beautiful meadow of a million different flowers and grasses - we ran and rolled in it. But I did regret it later, red eyes, arms covered in weals, itchy itchy itchy. Should stick to my concrete and pollution...

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon Jun 12 13:44:55 EDT 2000

What a life already Morfe! What the convention centre about?

Morfe Morfe@f1racing.co.uk Mon Jun 12 13:58:11 EDT 2000

You don't kow the eighth of it Izz! I am a mad procrastinating fool, but I am driven, make no bones about it! I have usually 243 schemes in play at any one moment, however, this (hopefully) brief disability is a big message from the Mom to sloooow dooown..

Ta for asking, I did mention it in the last pages, so check back if you have a moment. In short, I am trying to raise capital and contacts to fund and build an institute in England (Devon or Shropshire)devoted to the Study of Sustainable Technology (Transport, Power, Homes and Utilities), Permaculture, Bio-Dynamics and a Village based Shared-Work ethos. I'm not claiming a new philosophy, it's just that if people can't see and feel new technology happening, they are suspicious of it, and most likely don't know about it. It's my dream. It will happen.

Any ideas E-Mail me, Ms Purple-Turtle!

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon Jun 12 15:24:38 EDT 2000

I'm trying to spread the word of purpleturtle - cos they give money to turtle conservation


Ideas? Got no brain to think anymore. I 'spect you've been to CAT, at least by internet http://www.cat.org.uk/

Its fantastic, beautiful, in the Welsh valleys where its wonderful raining all the time. I'd like to work there when I grow up. Keep in touch about the centre, if you need volunteers to help set up, I'm sure you can find a few by these pages! I can build steps and dodgy drystone walls! So far as contacts, I've got a few via my degree in Environmental Sciences. If you have any questions whatsoever, I should be able to find the right person to ask. The Southampton Environment Centre, where I have a few friends have masses of information. Keep plugging away at it, its got to be dreamed to come true!

Off home to eat pasta and watch 2 episodes of Buffy. Hurrah!

Morfe Mon Jun 12 15:53:07 EDT 2000


2. Yes I have, it rained.

3.Will be questioning you and your friends, beware...

Right On, as someone says...

Morfe morfe@purpleturtle.com Mon Jun 12 15:57:54 EDT 2000

I'm willing.

PaulB Mon Jun 12 16:15:01 EDT 2000

Don't talk to me about cars - London is enslaved by car culture (and I missed my train today because of it). Fate farts in my face yet again...

Izzy: People are stuffing things in your bush? no wonder you got angry. Outrageous.


Morfe Mon Jun 12 18:26:17 EDT 2000

I shouldn't laugh. Ouch. You are a bad man.

Nat Achhooooo@snuffle.cough Tue Jun 13 04:07:15 EDT 2000

I don't like honey!!! (I don't like reggae, huh....)But thanks anyway....

Maybe I should rub it on my toes instead of eating it, then at least I wouldn't have to taste it!!

I LOVE MY JOB!! Hoorah!! someone has to be happy about it, its sunny I'm in the best job in the world and I love everyone... hoorah!! Bring out yer homeless alcoholics I love you all.....

Izz - I too have a passion for rolling in fields! Lets find a big hill this weekend and pretend to be the small child from 'Little House on the Prairie' and roll down it!!

What a crap game of footie last night - I turned over and watched a really sad programme about some elephants who live in the desert and the baby one died and I cried! (But not as much as when Nurse Carol Hathaway rushed back to Dr Ross on ER - that was sooooooo romantic)

Achooooooo......snuffle....back on my drugs...

Nat x

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Tue Jun 13 04:15:18 EDT 2000

and I didn't spot that a mile off Paul...

Izzy itchyeyes@dr.hook you're right, I am Tue Jun 13 04:20:03 EDT 2000

love to Nat, but not this weekend...you know why. Big sorry. Were your ears burning last night? I was talking about you...

Nat Tue Jun 13 05:56:51 EDT 2000

Nice things I hope! My ears were burning actually, but I put that down to the warm weather!!

Did you know that August is National Pumpkin Month! So if anyone wants to grow a pumpkin let me know as I have some spare seeds! You can cook over 51 different receipes with pumkin according to the WI.. I can't stand the stuff myself!!!

Nat x :-)

markybov pants@moustache.com Tue Jun 13 05:56:52 EDT 2000

Feeling much better this morning. If only for the fact that I've just realised that I have it within my power to make several of Sun Microsystems' public websites say things like "BUMS!" in big flashing red letters if I want to.....

Morfe - ta for the words of encouragement...... and as Izzy says, when you need the volunteers, you know where to come.... I do a good line in putting up shelves and make a bloody good cup of tea.

I thought it was just me who was getting bad hayfever this year. Was in Australia last year and didn't get it at all - I thought I must have grown out of it. There's a cure for you Nat, get down under, they haven't discovered hayfever there yet.


markybov Tue Jun 13 05:58:30 EDT 2000

Pumpkin soup is the way forward.

Nat Tue Jun 13 06:01:57 EDT 2000

2 messages at once now that is clever!

Australia hey what a good idea! Good top tips for hayfever suffers!!

I went into hospital for tests earlier this year re. hayfever and learnt a trick of holding saline solution up my nose for 10 seconds and then firing it into a funnel!!! Great laugh and a good trick!! I also had part of the lining removed from my nose and that hurt like mad... but I've still got it!!


Johnny john.w.smith@expro.shell.co.uk Tue Jun 13 06:29:39 EDT 2000


There is one sure fire cure for hayfever and it's given me a new lease of life. Get down to Boots and buy some 'Beconase nasal spray, aqueous solution', not the aerosol version. Two squirts up each nostril and you should be clear. It is a steroid spray however and tastes pretty yeuchy at first, but it's worth it. Could only get it on prescription before, but now it's clear for over the counter.


Nat sneezes@hanky.snot Tue Jun 13 06:53:43 EDT 2000

Oooo thank you Johnny!

I'll give it a go!! achhooooooo.....

Nat x

Nat Tue Jun 13 06:59:24 EDT 2000

Morfe - don't know if you are still around, but re your message about building a place in Devon etc. Have you been in touch with Tinkers Bubble in Somerset? They may possibly be on the web... they may be able to give you some assistance... if not they when I next go back home to somerset I'll see if I can get in touch with my chum Robin out there and get him to contact you...if you are truely serious that is...


Morfe Tue Jun 13 07:15:15 EDT 2000

Yes Nat, and no. I mean, I found a link some time ago, but I,ve changed address and PC, so I'm all in a tizz with my files!

I'd appreciate a contact. Thankyou

NO-ONE DISLIKES HONEY!!! Try this one...

Walk 3 times widdershins (anti-clockwise) arond a piece of bacon, (LMcC Sossie if yer veggie), all this be done at the quarter moon, then blow the nose similarly thrice on said bacon, thereafter taking great care to bury it covertly in unhallowed ground, erm, using a Nezbury stick, and er, bob monkhouse is yer uncle.

Bless you. ;-o=

markybov Tue Jun 13 08:40:28 EDT 2000

Oh arse.

I've just realised tomorrow is the last day for questions for Jules, and I still haven't thought of anything good to ask. You can bet they'll all come flooding in when it's too late.

Hands up who's ever shagged to Odin. Come on.....

Morfe morfe@purpleturtle.com Tue Jun 13 08:44:13 EDT 2000

I think the last time I did that was to 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin,1986 if I remember.

It was all over in the cymabally bits. Doh.

markybov Tue Jun 13 09:38:52 EDT 2000

Of course..... I had to put Odin on repeat...

........no, really......

update http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue Jun 13 10:06:35 EDT 2000

Oasis walk-out blamed on row with ''idiot'' brother

LONDON, June 13 (Reuters) - Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher has blamed his walk-out from the British band's world tour on a bust-up with his brother.

Gallagher, who has refused to play any more overseas dates with the group, accused lead singer and younger brother Liam of ''losing it'' and said he could no longer bear being with him.

''I have had a major disagreement with monkey boy, the singer,'' he told BBC Radio on Monday.

''It's been made virtually impossible for me to tour at the moment because he's been a bit of an idiot.

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jun 13 10:22:21 EDT 2000

Hmmm, not too much Cope talk going on here is there? Maybe you should change the title to The Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes and just about every other subject discussion list, Trav.

Just got back for my daily visit to eBay, theres some interesting stuff there right now, US version of Copeulation, Rite 2, QE 1, Krautrocksampler and even a copy of the Cornucopea cd. Check it out if you're after any of these (no its not me selling them).

Good luck to Mr. Keegan &the lads, it ain't over yet!


webmaster Tue Jun 13 11:45:09 EDT 2000

wot's footie got to do with Cope. Answers on a stamp please

markybov Tue Jun 13 11:53:07 EDT 2000

Same as Oasis - bugger all.

Personally I hope we get thrashed at every match and Liam and Noel both suffocate in a nasty pumpkin related accident.

Bah humbug.

Mothra Tue Jun 13 12:55:29 EDT 2000

Let's not get hung up, the discussions link us all together, we can't (don't want to) spend forever trawling the minutae of Cope related consumables on auction sites. Lie back, think of where you'd like to be most, slap in Autogeddon, tune to s.t.a.r.c.a.r, and remember why we like things Cope.

Julian, if you're reading (yeah), Bridgnorth has some quirky little toyshops I've just discovered.

Izzy Tue Jun 13 15:33:10 EDT 2000

Great idea Mothra. I stood on my chair to get to my CD shelf and found I'd left Autogeddon at home. I did find Trancendental Floss, though, so I put Elastica on.....


/\ that's me with my tongue in my cheek...

Izzy steroidjunkie@work Tue Jun 13 15:38:17 EDT 2000

Beconase is the business, its true. But I wonder about 20 years time when then finally have data on the long term use of inhaled steroids.

Tell you what, my nose is really hard!

PaulB Tue Jun 13 17:11:52 EDT 2000

Now someone (and of course we can't begin to imagine who) is making fake posts using the SS URL.

...and posting up Oasis updates??

Well, whatever.


PaulB Tue Jun 13 17:16:30 EDT 2000

Worse still, old numbnuts actually managed to mark the URL as a mailto address. What has Homer Simpson actually got against good old SS we wonder?

oh dear oh dear oh dear


andrew Tue Jun 13 18:23:34 EDT 2000

football has absolutely nothing to do with cope, unless you get a game going at Avebury and use the stones for posts

Nat It'smurder@Quincey is God.com Wed Jun 14 05:09:39 EDT 2000

At least we are all talking about something, you can't talk about Julian forever! As the phrase goes 'It's good to talk'.... As I am very very sad, I also belong to the 'Quincey ME' Mailing List and we don't just talk about Quincey you know!! Oh no...!! We also talk about 'Ironside' and 'Petrochelli' too... We are after all only human..

Anyway back to something vaguely Julian related in a round about non existant way - I watched a cracking programme about Janis Joplin last night - Does anyone know if that brillinat song by I think Elkie Brooks 'Pearls a Singer' is about Janis? (Janis's alter-ego and album was called Pearl?) What a beautiful human being Janis was.. poor angel.

Anyway thats my unrelated posting for the day. I hope your nose is now soft Izzy! Maybe I won't try Beconase!!

Nat xx

ron Oscar Madison iz god?@odd_couple.com Wed Jun 14 09:18:54 EDT 2000

Seriously... the lazy good for nothing Oscar makes this incredible leap to become forensic pathologist Quincey? hmmm, sounds like a case for Screaming Secrets...... if they can break away from that Bothers Gallagher feud? Petrochelli? ok, I'll give you Barry Neuman(?) course prefered him in 'Vanishing Point'.

Inhaling steriods, wellll ok... I guess, not exactly crystal meth, but if it gets the job done...

Personally, I've all but given up on ebay as a 'decent' resource for just about anything. A few weeks back there was a Kilimanjaro CD available, and on the last day of auction was about 5 or 6 bucks with NO bids. I proxy bid something like $30-35, and I still got beat out... I don't wonder if people are offering something they really don't have (what'a ya think paul?), or there is a group (loosely defined as 2 or more individuals) intentionally bidding up prices... I believe my uncle, Sam, is looking into these type of allegations as we speak. Also, seem to recall, a warning on these pages sometime back about someone not coming thru on Cope items in an auction. No, not your auction paul, a real one... was that Richard W.? don't recall.

currently in CD player: Soundgarden - Superunknown... and don't care if you want to buy it or not.

hanging out, and hung up on the line...


PaulB Wed Jun 14 12:23:59 EDT 2000

Isn't it amazing that the opening credits of Quincy always started with him feeling up a girl young enough to be his daughter? What was that all about then? Petrochelli? wasn't that the one where he lived in the desert and he was saving bricks to build a house? Personally, I'm looking forward to the return of Crossroads.

Ebay were at the centre of some dodgy goings-on recently when a painting was initially put forward at some absurd price before finally going for a 4-figure sum. Apparently, some friends of the bidder were putting in false bids to bump up the price. Ebay stopped the auction at the last minute.

Cope items for auction - seems to ring a bell. Does anyone remember some guy posting up an ad here which basically consisted of his entire Cope collection? I contacted him out of interest and vaguely remember some story about a member of his family being terminally ill, hence the need for cash. I decided to pass.


PS On the subject of Oasis, has anyone noticed the resemblance between the Gallaghers and the Slag Brothers from Wacky Races?

Nat JackKlugman@God or Wot.com Thu Jun 15 03:59:25 EDT 2000

PaulB - Don't cast nasturtiums on my Quincey!! Quincey always attracted the lovley women, due to his witty repartee and handsome boyish looks....! ;-) Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) made a gust appearance on Petrochelli 'as a youth with a car'!!! Now thats exciting... if I'd been Petrochelli's poor wife I think I would have left him after episode three, fancy having to wait that long for him to finish the house!!

I'm always worried about bidding on these Ebay things - seem a bit dodgy to me! I suppose they are alright, I'd rather go to a record fair and be able to check the goods out first, might end up with something scratched to buggery off the internet.... though saying that I don't think there is much in the way of Julian Stuff that I actually want to be honest...

Anyway thats today's posting... no-one got an answer for me about the Elkie Brooks single then!?! Obviously I have stunned you all with my brilliant knowledge and taste for musice!!! NOT... ;0)

Mr Belbin where are you? Mail me you cheeky young scamp of a boy...

Nat xx

markybov Thu Jun 15 05:54:25 EDT 2000

Did Janis used to stand up when she played the piano?

In a nightclub?

I've only bought something on Ebay once - On the Beach by Neil Young, and it all worked out cool as beans.

The Julian stuff on there is generally pants though. I mean, how many bloody white vinyl I Come From Another Planet Babys does a man need?

Nat Thu Jun 15 06:19:31 EDT 2000

She used to stand up whilst swigging out of a bottle of bourbon in a bar, whilst playing the spoons! Some similarity there!!

Maybe the song isn't about Janis! Oh well..... whatever....maybe I can think of some other tenuous music links!!

Nat x

Nat Standingstones@wooo spooky.com Thu Jun 15 07:25:56 EDT 2000

Izzy (or anyone else thats listening) - Just being incredibly dull and flicking through the Southampton A-Z and noticed that we have a Castle Earthworks and Roman Road and a Chilworth Ring!! You ever been out to see any of them? All out in Lords Wood. (And on page 24 C5 there is a strange looking symbol that could be another ancient circle - Basset near Glen Eyre Halls)

Fancy a visit when you are free, maybe a picnic and walking a dog? (I say a dog as neither of us have one so we'd have to borrow!)

Unfortunately the Golf Course cuts through most of it by the looks of things, buggers, but I'm sure we could trapse across naughtily!

Ron - do you want Julian videoed next weekend - its no bother as we'll be taping it anyway as were off to a wedding (Yawn boring) and we could send you out the tape!

Nat x

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Thu Jun 15 08:33:15 EDT 2000

Nice work with the list, Trav.

Izzy Thu Jun 15 08:59:04 EDT 2000

Didn't know anything about Chilworth. I think we should explore definately. As for Glen Eyre. One night I was at the Dungeon on goth night when I met Saltybeard the Sailorman (actually that's not his real name) and he kept us entertained for hours with scarey stories about the Glen Eyre area, particularly Copperfield Road/Brunei House (where I used to live). I believed every word and have been dying to explore since. I know several secret paths into the woods there, how about a moon-lit night around about the end of October? I'll look out sone nasty check trousers so that we don't look conspicuous.

Nat Wooooooo@spooky.com Thu Jun 15 09:08:27 EDT 2000

Izz - Blimey, scarey stuff Saltybeard eh!!... I think October would be good esp. if there is one of those low lying mists! I could make a lantern out of my pumpkin which isn't very big at the moment, but will be by then...wooooooooooooo....... Be like an episode of Scooby Doo, I bet Saltybeard was really Mr Jones the Caretaker...pesky kids..Basset House where I worked at the Uni, had a strange feel to it, bit spooky..

I've got an hilarious story to tell you about Lilly the old dear who died in our house, it involves some stale bread 6 inches of mud and some slippers!! Very funny, but I'll save that for another day, when I can tell you in person!!

Better dash see ya soon Izz, remember Saturday if you are stressed...

I like the type face Trav - looks good...

Nat xx

Izzy Thu Jun 15 09:20:14 EDT 2000

Bags I be Velma!

ron drude@mounet.com Thu Jun 15 09:48:13 EDT 2000

Thanks for that Nat! I would love to have a copy, as all my satallite friends seem unable to locate BBC2. Although.... not sure how much Julian 'in a jock' I can handle. If he's semi-fully clothed. ok.

Should anyone contest you on the golf course, tell them you are volunteers with the National Conservatory, and some 'eco-scum' thought it would be amusing to loosen an alligator on the course, and you are helping to locate it.

Good ole' quincy, must be a 'girl thing' as my better half is a fan too, especially Columbo. I prefer Oscar, but that's a 'guy thing'. Petrocelli... hmm, maybe I'm confused, the 70's were my 60's though ;o) hard to remember...

big love on all ya's

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jun 15 10:42:43 EDT 2000

Sorry to hear everyone's disillusionment with eBay. I've bought about 15 different Cope items on there over the past few months without any trouble and also got some screaming deals too. Just bought a pile of old Cope articles for $3, plus I got a copy of the Rabbi 7" a few months back for $16US! And also got the Fear Loves This Place cd set (yes both cds) for about $20 too. I think its a great resource, but of course you have to be careful, always have a price in mind and don't go beyond it. Always remember that non of the items there are unique and there will always be another copy up for grabs at some other time.

Nat Thu Jun 15 11:00:11 EDT 2000

O.k Velma, Bagsy be Daphne and your Gary can be Shaggy and Steve can be Freddy... cause Steve looks lovely in a cravat and he has a wonky eye...

Ron - Video on its way, well after next weekend, do you want me to fill the tape up with good old English TV!! - like Eastenders and Crappy gameshows!! Be a treat for you won't it!! (My fav programme is 'Third Rock from the Sun' but as thats American I won't tape that for you!!)

I think Quincey is a girl thing, hes quite forcefull and demanding!! I've always had a thing for old wrinkly men though, I have a fine selection of Des O'Connor videos (and Izzy fancies Tom Baker!!).

I'm still not going to buy off of Ebay! I too have both Cd's!! Hoorah.... and both 7" singles in a box type wallety thing and I paid £2.49 for mine!! Woo hoooooo.......

Anyway I'm off to see the wizzard..

Nat x

(Anonymous) Thu Jun 15 13:31:53 EDT 2000

On July 8, 1947, witnesses claim a spaceship with five aliens aboard crashed on a sheep-and-cattle ranch outside Roswell, NM, an incident they say has been covered up by the military.

On March 31, 1948, exactly nine months after that day, Al Gore was born.

That clears up a lot of things

PaulB Thu Jun 15 17:59:28 EDT 2000

Surely Merrick should be Shaggy?

Isn't it 'Qunicy' rather than 'Quincey'? How did a pathologist always stumble on a murder every day of the week? Why didn't he switch careers and become a detective? Why did every episode always get solved with some outrageous example of pathological technobabble? How did the victim really die? Was it connected with Mr Roberts the caretaker? Or was it really Mrs Bennett? What was the stain on the stairs that no one else noticed? Do we fancy dinner? Should we go Italian? Or maybe that new Thai place?

See next weeks episode for the answers.....

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jun 15 19:20:32 EDT 2000

[ Santisan - thanks! :) ]

Eek! Blue! Slow! Font too big!

Okay, guys, I'm up for suggestions. I can make the navigation buttons text instead of images; that'll help speed up page loads. I also definitely plan to reduce the font, and shorten the header a bit. Any other requests?


ron Thu Jun 15 21:10:33 EDT 2000

hmmm, suggestions, oh dear where to start? Well, to begin with world peace would be nice. A very close second would be for SS Site to quit running updates on Quincey md and the Oasis stuff... hmmm, young sweedish girls are always nice... and could you get Julian to play a date or two in Charolettesville while your at it?

Thanks Trav! you da man!

markybov exterminate@k9.co.gallifrey Fri Jun 16 04:24:50 EDT 2000

Things are getting pretty fucked up here right now...

Aaahh...Tom Baker....the Dr.Who El Supremo and no mistake.

Trav - I reckon ditch the clouds and have a huge picture of Daphne instead. And maybe lots of little animated Scrappys that you can shoot with the mouse pointer and watch them die a horrible death. Or maybe not.

Nat Dr WHooooooo@the Darleks.com Fri Jun 16 05:11:33 EDT 2000

Trav - I like the big print!! Think it looks cool!! Leave the site alone its perfect!

More of a Trekkie unfortunatley, Dr Who scared me, but then so did Basil Brush...

I like the inane ramblings on topics other than Julian, shows we are all human with far too much time on our hands... I'm sure Julian talks about more than music and Stone Circles when he's out with his chums for a swift half in his local...

Anyone passing Southampton this weekend Steve and me have open house, bring a burger (vege or otherwise) and some beer or squash and you are all more than welcome..... (It's Steves B'day - we have a wide screen TV thing for anyone who wants the footie!)

Nat xx

Mothra Fri Jun 16 06:54:27 EDT 2000

Does anyone know the definitive point of convergence between 'vanity' and 'self respect'?

Is it combing one's bottom hair?

And while I'm unfortunately debating this, what is the cut off point between 'soft' and 'putrefaction'. I have a tomato in my fridge, should I eat it or not? hmmm.

Mothra Fri Jun 16 07:03:55 EDT 2000

Actually, I suppose vanity aptly describes my un-gentleman like and swanky presumption that you wonderful peeps should have to consider such things at all.

I am most dreadfully sorry.

Izzy izzy@twighlightzone.grog Fri Jun 16 07:05:55 EDT 2000

This w/e is becoming more of a possibility NAt, or maybe its the extreme tiredness speaking. Why is that that going to bed early means staying awake til 4? Still,I finished Cider with Rosie (a portrait of village life before the motor car) and just started 3 men in a boat, which is rather funny. Got one of the box sets of classics at chrismas y'see. And Jet-Plane got up out of estivation to spend the duration with me. Anyone from the list gonna come to sunny So'ton for Nat's barbecue? The forecast is for a roasting.

Mmmmm Tom Baker. My flatmate comes from the village next door to Tom's. I've been a few times but, though I've tried, never bumped into him. I expect they warn him...

Ron, hee hee

Anyone else going to video the thingy on the 24th? I would like a back-up incase ours chews the tape (its prone to that) coz I'm going away to Wales to become a bus driver!

The SnorerExplorer Fri Jun 16 08:04:32 EDT 2000

Forget Petrochelli what about Jim Rockford-living in a car-park in a caravan with a phone that only seemed to work on answer-machine mode!AND the caravan got trashed every week! And...amI'm I the only one who thinks it a bit weird that most of the people using Trav's pages are from the UK?Just an example...Izzy and Nat...I'm just down the road from ya...about 20 miles to the east(can't miss it,we've got the south coast OTHER crap football team),but this message is going via the US of A! And finally MR.B,the SS site looks great but saying I look like keith allen???I'm gonna set Joe Pesci onya!!!!

Morfe Fri Jun 16 08:15:27 EDT 2000

Yeah it's weird, I'm from the UK.

It's a conspiracy, we're all die hard imperialists like Livingstone, Gladstone and Queen Victoria. Who are in fact all in my family.

Ok, not all of them, I embellished that bit.

But my surname tallies with a great explorer, so watch out mr Snorer! You might get caught napping and wake up with a flag sticking out of your....lawn.

Morfe Morfe@purpleturtle.com Fri Jun 16 08:40:59 EDT 2000

You, know, I've been briefly looking through Repossessed in a half-hearted attemot to get the answer to the HH compo, I ended up laughing so much that I forgot about the damn competition. He's a funny old boy is that Cope fella. The bit when he get's into his Buddhist/Jogging sessions, and is confronted by 'ugly and violent dogs'. Diamonds.

Thank you Julian for what must surely be a tonic in these post-ironic and greedy times.


(Anonymous) Fri Jun 16 08:46:08 EDT 2000

Where's Miss Fortune, is it well with you?

(Anonymous) Fri Jun 16 09:33:33 EDT 2000

Oh Jeeez...

One pint at lunchtime and I just can't be ARSED with the afternoon.

Bottoms and armpits.

(Anonymous) Fri Jun 16 09:50:31 EDT 2000

Rail on Drudes!

ron drude@mounet.com Fri Jun 16 10:11:48 EDT 2000

Don't know what's up with my American counter parts. A year or two ago was primarily US folks... Mike in Florida used to contibute, a guy in Utah, I think there was a Jen or Jennifer in NYC, a couple of cat's out in California (San Fran) maybe? It is spring/summer... so many outdoors, and not at computer? Don't know, becareful what you ask for! you might just get it...;o)

Caught the end of a piece on Neil Young last nite on VH1 Legends, and was amazed at the similarities with Julian. Misunderstood by his record companines, in fact was sued by Geffen because they said he wasn't producing 'commercially appealling' albums. He's went thru various stages of blues, country, and rock-a-billy before coming back with the 'Freedom' album. "This note's for you" was banned by MTV, yet won the write-in-vote for MTV video of the year. Always at odds with the critics, record co's and the mainstream music industry. Then, they touched on his passion for toy trains, and the incredible set-up's of trains and tracks in his home. So much so he bought into the Lionel Train co. along with some partners. Weird huh?

Markybov bored@wannagohome.com Fri Jun 16 10:21:12 EDT 2000

Can I be an honourary American? Oh go on - I've been to LA for a day....

Neil Young...... now don't get me started on him. In fact I've only just finished doing a Neil review for Unsung. Weird eh?

He's a God-sized God of godlike proportions. I've often heard it said before that Julian is the English Neil Young - and it's very true.

Can't ever see 'em recording together though. Shame.

Nat BBQ@myhouse.com Fri Jun 16 10:42:27 EDT 2000

Hoorah for Izz and the Snorer Explorer - A Copey from Portsmouth! Hoorah again.. I take that's where you are from!! But all the footie teams along the South Coast are pretty lame (except Yeovil Town - but they're not really on the coast)

AHHHHHHHHHH Major news flas I we speak - I've just had a phonecall from my good Cope fan Tony who informs me that Julian Cope is playing at the Southampton Guildhall on Sunday 22nd October 2000 - an Evening with the Cope. Tickets for me on the way home one thinks!! I AM NOW SO EXCTIED I'VE FORGOTTEN WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT......

Now I am excited... Izzy Tickets? I'll go on the way home.. if you get this ring me at work before 4.30 (Friday ) I'll e.mail you privately my phone number as I don't want every Tom Dick and Harry ringing me.....If not we'll do it next week...

I'm so excited....

Nat xx

ron Fri Jun 16 11:34:17 EDT 2000

geezz, and they said we would hear about it on HH first... great news for Nat. BBQ and tik's, your karma reading is off the scale... Markybov, as far as I'm concerned you most certainly can be an honourary American. However, to become an offical American, you must be part of the 'teathered, huddleded masses, wreched, poor, and in no way be able to contribute to society in any significant way', as that seems to be the only types we accept anymore... I would have to say, quite saddly, any one with your intelligence, and spirituality, would be turned away for citizenship poste haste.

Cheers for the Neil Young, I've always enjoyed his music, but never took any time to really delve into it, this is quite extrordinary... Julian, the English Neil Young, hmmm, interesting.

have a lovely weekend in So'ton, I'm so wanting to be there, sounds like a parti :o(

Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Fri Jun 16 11:38:54 EDT 2000

Maybe there could be an Exchange Nationalities Day here on Rail On.

I wear Manchester United shorts when I play not-American-football-but-what-we-call-soccer and I've also always wanted to remove something from the boot of my car instead of the trunk.

I had a history teacher in high school who said his sister or sister in-law (I forget which) was married to Neil. He did not seem to care for old Neil like we students did. I think his distaste had more to do with the length of Neil's hair and general slovenly attire than his music though.

Did anyone see Barry "Petrochelli" Newman in "The Limey?"

Trav, I just got FG 3 yesterday. Thanks for recommending ordering from HH. My order took about 15 days.

I think the "make-over" looks great too.

Izzy Fri Jun 16 12:14:23 EDT 2000

Woooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurrah for Southampton (and that ain't the footie team). Hope you're not kidding me Nat, coz there a few people wanderin' around the Uni with very big happy grins tonight. I'll get tix tomorrow. Mr Snorer (your name adorns my filemanager y'know) I think we breifly met at the Portsmouth MA signing. You won't remember me, but I was was Francis Rossi who turns out to be a HUGE JC fan. We'll miss you on the w/e Ron. Golly my, I AM excited now...

brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Fri Jun 16 14:58:03 EDT 2000

am I the "utah guy" ? Or is there another fan in utah?

ron Fri Jun 16 15:32:00 EDT 2000

Hey Brian,

Sounds like we have a target date. Time to scour the 'net for airfare. I've been following London fares for a while: http://www.lastminutetravel.com/ and they have been running $337 round trip outa NYC, but 2 days ago suddenly jumped to like $2,400. ouch.. not sure what is included, but outa my range... Now that some sort of time frame has been set, can be a little more serious about shopping. Anywhere near Moab? Scary thot that, '2' JC fan's in utah ;o)

Tour Dates Be there!!!!! Fri Jun 16 16:00:28 EDT 2000

From HH site

Tour Dates

A few of you have emailed us to let us know that some of Julian's autumn tour dates have been announced locally. The tour ads will not be running until the middle of July, and we were not planning to post the dates until everything was 100% confirmed. However, we did say we'd have it here first, and the following dates are 99% confirmed. At present, though, that is all we know. Further enquiries should be made direct through the venues. We will update you if anything changes. Julian will be telling you what you can expect from this tour in his next Address Drudion.

Oct 2000
6 - Glasgow, King Tuts
7 - Edinburgh, Liquid Room
9 - Leeds, City Palace Varieties
10 - Nottingham, Rock City
11 - Preston, Charter Theatre
13 - Salisbury, City Hall
15 - Basingstoke, Anvil
17 - Aylesbury, Civic Theatre
18 - Reading, Town Hall
20 - Brighton, Gardner Arts Centre
21 - Southend, Cliffs Pavilion
22 - Southampton, Guild Hall
Nov 2000
6 - Cambridge, Corn Exchange
7 - High Wycombe, Town Hall
9 - Stockton-on-Tees, Arc
10 - Bolton, Albert Halls
11 - Wolverhampton, Wulfren Hall
13 - Liverpool, Royal Court
14 - Warwick, Arts Centre
16 - St Albans, Arena
17 - London, Shepherds Bush Empire
PaulB Fri Jun 16 17:32:03 EDT 2000

Jesus H Cope!

Not content with choosing the shittiest venue in London last time around, Mr C chooses it AGAIN for this tour!

Dear Julian,

Can we PLEASE switch to either Brixton or the Astoria because:

Yours sincerely,

The Independent State Of Screaming Secrets

'Eris Bless Her And All That Sail In Her'

the copeman cometh Tiger Fri Jun 16 18:25:18 EDT 2000

so why not go to one of the other gigs.

PaulB Sat Jun 17 08:59:41 EDT 2000

Go to one of the other gigs?

Are we allowed to do that?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Jun 17 10:03:41 EDT 2000

Hi peeps - It's been a while and you ain't appeared to have missed me - chat chat chat chat!

Anyway I just booked a ticket for An Evening With Julian Cope at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge.

I expected a standing arena ticket which is usual for the Corn.

What do I get offered?

'I am sorry sir it is all seating only'!

Doesn't sound like much of a rocking event to me in the guise of Brain Donor.

Perhaps its going to be singalonga cabaretcope like the Cornucopea sets.

3 Copes at once maybe:

Can't wait till November.

Are we gonna arrange another meet up for at least one of the shows?

Perhaps Screetching Toenails could arrange it all and the lovely Brooce could then take all our pics and post them all over their site.

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to see Copey!


Morfe Morfe@purpleturtle.com Sun Jun 18 07:42:09 EDT 2000

Hello Shrimp, I see you've been stirring up a nest of Vegetarians at HH. My, my.

I believe all eating comes with a spiritual responsibility, wether you're digging in to a nice lamb chop or a soyaburger.

Where was it grown. By who's hand was it sown.

I won't buy meat unless it's free-range, and I am prepared to kill it myself.

I won't eat produce from unethicals sources. It becomes nightmarish in these so-called Supermarket days. It's hard to believe that in our grandparents lifetime, most of the stuff they ate was grown locally, even in their backyards. The whole issue will go on bickering and self-righting until the day that people will assume the task of providing for themselves, on a more REAL level than swiping a card at the Superstore for all that packaging. You know, the stuff that takes a doctorate in additives in order to understand what exactly it is that you are eating.

This week I 'ave bin mostly eating....


Morfe Sun Jun 18 07:45:23 EDT 2000

Right, that said, I'm off to get sunburnt again. Joy to all.

Bee Blessed.

M Why don't you eat carrots? Sun Jun 18 12:15:09 EDT 2000


pleaseSPAMme@duh.com Sun Jun 18 18:30:26 EDT 2000

Those are crappy venues. Maybe we should all be thankful in the states that he won't tour here. Look how he treats his local fans with those piss poor clubs... I'd probley do the same if I was responsible for what he's putting out now, "We'll start the show just as soon as we can shovel the horse shit off the stage!" The drugs have adversly affected him for the worse. He's so busy saving the trees and bugs that he's forgotten to save his own mind. After all, charity does begin at home you know.

I speak the truth.

ron drude@mounet.com Sun Jun 18 21:22:13 EDT 2000

Not sure I understand the 'crap' venues statements of late. Of the one's I've found so far, they look reasonable to me... but I am not that picky. I personally will never be thankful Julian won't tour the states or a state, whatever. I would even be willing to go to NYC. Any reccommendations will be gratefully accepted for the Oct/Nov tour dates, as I said, I evidently don't what is crap and 'non' crap.

Hope all had a glorious time in So'ton ;o)

(Anonymous) Mon Jun 19 04:41:07 EDT 2000



All of a sudden, I don't care that I missed Cornucopia any more!!! Let's see....I'll have a ticket for Brighton....and maybe one for London too......and maybe Southampton as well just so I can throw pumkin seeds at Nat and Izzy.

What a bloody lovely weekend eh? I went down to Bristol and popped in to Avebury on the way there and on the way back. It was the most beautiful I've ever seen it and I just sat on the bank for ages yesterday watching people and feeling fantastic. Saw Dorian and the kids wandering around on Saturday too.

Really fancy doing the Ridgeway to Goring this summer. Did it a few year ago and it was brill.

Shrimp - good to have you back - i was beginning to think you'd got pissed off and gone to join the foreign legion. Nice work with all the veggie stirring on HH, how is the veggiedom going by the way?

It's so bloody nice outside and I'm stuck in here....

Oh well....two weeks to go and then I can leave this fested ratmosphere....

love and shugs,



Markybov Mon Jun 19 04:42:24 EDT 2000

Oh arse. That was me by the way...

Nat Achhooo Mon Jun 19 04:49:58 EDT 2000

Blooming hayfever....

Anyway, Izz and me have decided to do, Southampton, Basigstoke (Now thats a strange place), Salisbury, Cambridge, London, Brighton and maybe Bolton, just cause we've never been there..

PaulB - I was hoping for the Astoria in London, but the Shepherds Bush place isn't that bad, and to be honest, I know we all love him to bits but I don't think Julian would fill the Brixton Academy (My fav venue in the whole wide world)

Anyway those off to Glasto take yer wellies, my dad was right, heavy thundery showers all weekend according to John Craven from Countryfile!!

nat xx

brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Mon Jun 19 08:42:50 EDT 2000

So what are the chances that they will do even 1 show here in the states? Does julian not like the yankes? What are the other americans planning?

Izzy Mon Jun 19 09:01:39 EDT 2000

Bye bye John at Shell. Are we losing more than we ever had? Is it my feet? (is it my feet, ye-heh)

I think those stateside should hijack a plane and force a landing at Southampton Parkway, then get the 101 bus to the Guildhall (the Cenotaph stop) on 22nd Oct. We'll paid the fare...

nat Mon Jun 19 09:38:39 EDT 2000

Oooo Izzy thats naughty Hijacking planes...

It's Julians Birthday on the 21st October - as his tour is around then shall we by him a pressie from the Rail-On? I suggest a plane ticket to America then he could play for you all!!

We're off to see the Eels.... Horrah....

Nat xx

Markybov Mon Jun 19 10:21:27 EDT 2000

Hmm... The Southend gig is his actual b'day.

I think he'd like an Our Price record voucher.

The SnorerExplorer Mon Jun 19 11:31:54 EDT 2000

Looks like it'll be Southampton and maybe Brighton for me.There'll be a new issue of Snorer Explorer(No.5) out in time for the tour.Better start typing it now I supose.

PaulB Mon Jun 19 14:03:17 EDT 2000

I fancy Southampton. Izzy/Nat: You'll put me and the team up, won't you?

That new issue of Screaming Secrets will be out for the tour (yeah, right) with 3 special limited edition embossed holographic covers featuring Copey fighting The Incredible Hulk (if you do not read comics you will not get this joke).

Expect to see me and Paul SnorerExplorer fighting over who's got the best Cope magazine. I'll have to put together a "firm" and get "tooled up". Expect to see newspaper headlines saying 'The Shame Of English Julian Cope Fans' and 'COPE SCUM'.


It's the heat! THE HEAT!!!

Shrimp eels sit down and veggies Mon Jun 19 14:21:32 EDT 2000

When is the campaign for standing at gigs gonna start.

Eels will make you sit down and Julian will make you sit down.

I want to stand!

James have a lot to answer for.


ps - I have found a balance in my dietary habits - not true veggie, most people who claim to be aren't anyway - that is not to slag true veggies and vegans, or those who have also found harmony as they deserve a great deal of respect. It is more important to treat food like music. If music is crap tell people and don't listen to it - If food is crap tell people and don't eat it. The world is entitled to its opinion though so you will end up listening to crap and eating crap sometimes but you don't have to do any of it in your own home.

My prediction for the future.

Violence will erupt at Stonehenge in the next few days. Batons will be raised.

andrew common.era@hotbot.com Mon Jun 19 17:20:50 EDT 2000

Izzy - does that mean you'll pay the bus fare or plane fare? Tempted to take you up on the offer seeing as how the 22nd is me own barfday - wouldn't that be awesome! No doubt I will once again have to get my vicarious pleasure from the bootleggers bounty, unless the lottery picks my numbers.

ron Mon Jun 19 22:13:06 EDT 2000

Hi Andrew,

Think we could 'work' our way accross the pond as merchant Sailors? Maybe stowaway on a cruise ship destined for Sweeden, and would we go to Briton, if we did indeed, do make it to Sweeden? Is the Liverpool venue total crap? Just curious, as it is one of those mystical type of places in my mind... Strawberry fields forever?

Any news on the set list or line ups?

Mothra Mon Jun 19 22:55:06 EDT 2000

I've just discovered that I've missed Santana playing at my local venue.

Goodbye cruel world. I missed Woodstock. Saw film. I missed Supernatural tour. Saw misery.

Julian, I know you come from a whole different white trash angle.

But I must not miss you in autumn. I am most dreadfully stupid.

Izzy Tue Jun 20 04:33:05 EDT 2000

I had thought that whilst you were seeing your way to hijacking the 'plane, the authorities may see their way to waving the fare. I'll pay the bus though, its about the price of a pint...I say we meet at Goblets beforehand.

Yes, what is this sitting down at gigs thing? Surely, with all the hoodlums away at Euro 2000, they can trust us on our feet with a real glass of beer? I tried to stand up at Howard Jones when I was 12 and got told off - I've never really tried again...

Akshully Nat, thee and me should go dancin' in the aisles for Eels as practice for JC. Can you dance to Eels?

Izzy Tue Jun 20 04:36:49 EDT 2000

Oh, er PaulB, no. OK? Its just that thing with the dungerees, I have several pairs and I don't want to risk you tampering with them. Nothing personal though.

Nat bashc@crackkersplash.com Tue Jun 20 04:41:42 EDT 2000

Yes its thundering and lightnining (? Hmmm) here and I'm very wet and have lost the ability to spell...

Izzy - I like dancing on Jellied Eels me 'olde cockney sparrow...'

I think dancing would be fun... lets break the rules and be rebelious... remember the Brain Donor set at the Cornucopia thing was seated but people still danced, I think Julian would like us to dance.... Ooooo Happy summer solstice..can't get to stonehenge so I'm dancing naked in the garden tonight if anyone fancies making a circle with me!!!!

Paul - I can put three of you up in our anderson air raid shelter in the garden if you like, but you'd have to share with the lawn mower!!

I like Santana!!

Nat x

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Tue Jun 20 05:42:16 EDT 2000

Ron - The Liverpool venue is not crap. The Royal Court has seen better days but there's a great atmosphere. I saw Ken Dodd there when I was about nine. Be seeing you, Howard.

PaulB Tue Jun 20 05:52:40 EDT 2000

Izzy: You are outrageous. Just what are you suggesting here? You shouldn't believe everything you hear about me.

For instance, this sordid dungarees business is clearly a slanderous rumour spread by the Enemies Of Screaming Secrets. Also, that trouble with the police was dropped due to lack of evidence (as well as lack of a body).

You're intrigued to see just what will happen (which is, of course, Screaming Secret's whole philosophy). Will he set fire to my house? Will he be wearing a hat? What's the deal with the stilts? Pictures of giraffes wearing leather trousers? What do I fancy for dinner tonight? If a tree falls in a forest and there's no one there to hear it, should the police bring in Crusty for questioning?

Questions, questions. Perhaps even some answers.

I'll even bring you down a cream cake.

Nat Tue Jun 20 07:49:37 EDT 2000

I was told off for dancing in the aisle to Rick Astley at the BIC in Bournemouth!!! Hmmmmmm

The SnorerExplorer Tue Jun 20 07:58:13 EDT 2000

PaulB:See you at Southampton unless we get turned back at the Botley border-crossing.I'll bring my firm(well Fiona anyway!).We'll have to be carefull or the baton-wielding NoDancingPatrol will get us!Will there be calls to have Cope thrown out of the tour if we misbehave?Snorer Explorer Vs Screaming Secrets:there can only be one winner.....race you to the printers!

Almost forgot why I logged on...this weeks Radio Times(24-30 June) has a half page colour pic of Julian and a good write up!

"Anderson shelter" is that where Clive and Gerry live?

Frank fvink@casema.net Tue Jun 20 18:20:25 EDT 2000

Browsing the net I stumbled on this, about a band formerly "known" as Stormchild, now "known" as Jezebel Dreams:

Track Three: You're not Stormchild! (19 minutes 50 seconds) 14 Mb in size. Description: It's the A-Bomb! If you want a cheap no thrills trip through the metropolis don't take this one. This is a modern day opera. Stories within a story. R&B mixed with underground sounds. Highlight is twelve ladies singing with a thumping good beat accompanying them. Written shortly after a disagreement with Julian Cope about Stormchild's name and the origin of the name.


Does anybody know of such a "disagreement"?


PS I'm still downloading, I don't know how crap it is yet...

PPS. For the ones not living in the UK: Stowing away to see Julian might be a bad idea seeing how they discovered 58 (!) people dead in a container heading for Britain this weekend...

Frank fvink@casema.net Tue Jun 20 18:40:40 EDT 2000

I seem to be surfing to much. I found this on N*****r:

Foe Tamajiro - H.I.S. [Three Ghosts of Burroughs, Gysin and Cobain of Nirvana] rare foe4foe bonus track_we love you julian cope 444.mp3

Anybody know what the hell thsi is? All I know is that it sounds a bit weird!


Nat brrrr@chilly.com Wed Jun 21 04:26:06 EDT 2000

Blimey whats happened to June!! brrrrrrrr about -10 here in Southampton...

Actually Brett lives in my Anderson Shelter!! ho ho ho....

Can I recommend that if you come down to Southampton on the train that you don't nip into the pub opposite the station for a swift half (the name of it escapes me for a mo - Izzy?) You seen Deliverance, well I say no more......... I'd recommend The old Fat Cat or Goblets, but I'm sure me, Izzy and the rest of our merry band of Cope fans will meet you somewhere...

Izz me and co. are front row middle - do you have your tickets yet?

Roll on the Autumn...

Nat x

Markybov goat@sheep.cow Wed Jun 21 04:47:13 EDT 2000

Crap isn't it? At least the hayfever's better when it's like this.

I still wanna be back in Oz though. Humph.

Well.....what a nightmare about the footie eh? It seems I totally cursed it by switching on for the last five minutes! Oh well, it's only a game.

Can't say that I'm remotely fussed it's all over, but I did want us to beat Romania as my Romanian collegue is now going to be gloating all day.....

Tickets for Brighton out at the end of the week..... woo-hoo!!!!

And a big fat HAPPY SOLSTICE to all!

Bov xxx

Nat cowpoo@smelly.com Wed Jun 21 06:35:26 EDT 2000

Ooo talking of footie and hayfever etc. I was watching the footie last night thought it was crap turned over and watched a programme about allergies.... apparently if all us hayfever sufferers had been brought up on farms and had inhaled lots of cow poo fumes then we'd not have hayfever, due to the bacteria we'd breathed in... so Dr's are going to start injecting severe sufferers with essence of cow poo bacteria and other lovely germs to make us better!!!! (and same for asthma)

So if we live in dirty environments and eat lots of bugs then we'll all be cured!! Hoorah..... dirt sandwiches and listeria on toast for me for lunch...

I got soaked this morning dancing round the garden in the rain, welcoming the new dawn.....Happy new solstice year type thing....

To tie this waffle in with Julian as I'm sure someone will moan about its irrelevance - Is the Julian thing on Saturday night a one off or a pilot for a series?

nat xx

markybov really@funny.not Wed Jun 21 06:47:02 EDT 2000

Hmmmm...... the road I grew up in was right next to loads of farms, and they always used to reek of cow poo every year. Didn't do me any bloody good!

I'm really very bored today. ho-hum....

(Anonymous) Wed Jun 21 08:48:31 EDT 2000
Cease all suffering
Cease all strife
This day is for living
This day is for life.

A blessed Summer to you all.

Morfe X

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Wed Jun 21 10:05:23 EDT 2000

I've told Head to Head, and now I've got to tell you all; I've got my tickets for the Liverpool concert, and I'm so happy

ron squeal@like_a_pig.com Wed Jun 21 10:07:46 EDT 2000

Seen Deliverance? I live Deliverance every day... ahhh good ole' Rocky Top, Rocky Top Tennessee...... yee haw... The only folks even remotely as genetically deficent are the Royal Family. Even in Appalachia they refer to big eared banjo players as Prince Charles look alikes, and jeez you'd think with that kind a money (ya'lls money) he could do better than Camellia, yuk! Poor Diana, still do miss her :o(

Anyways, Trains, Planes, or Automobiles? Best bet's on the trains? Rent a car? Not sure I could handle people passing on wrong side of me in a car, maybe should lease a motorbike... I ride mine on the sidewalk when necessary(which is quite often), hmmm... trust british rail, trust myself not to 'head-on' someone in a round-about, or trust the green mother for positive weather on a motorbike? decisions, decisions... ain't no gettin' around gettin' around...

Thanks for the info on Liverpool, Howard. Hope every one gets over the allergy stuff, I don't know if you have it over there, but Sudafed Sinus works wonders for me.

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jun 21 10:17:56 EDT 2000

Received tapes of the Cornucopea weekend yesterday so I'm working my through them - weird and wonderful stuff to say the least. I have to say that I am quite impressed by Brain Donor. The first 2 tracks suck but then the 3rd song appears with a much stronger form and its uphill from there. Its reall trash metal that takes me back to my teenage years. Its very entertaining to say the least, and if you don't take it too seriously then you can really get into it. Just have to wade my way through QE, Skyray, Coil, Ash Ra Tempel now. The 2 Cope shows are, well, there Cope shows, say no more. First day of summer and its bloody raining again...

Quoyle Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Wed Jun 21 11:00:54 EDT 2000

Come on people - a very poor response to my request for Jimmy Saville information.

I can trade with some extremely hot Kevin Keegan info - verified by my Press Association source.

I'm sick of hearing about the shows in Cambridge/Brighton/London/Southampton.

You Southerners think everything revolves around you - well the most ROCKING show will be at the Wulfrun as usual.

Last time out Julian announced he was proud to call himself a "MIDLANDS MAN" alongside Ozzy and Robert Plant and Steve Bull (Okay I added the last legend myself).

So take that lager-drinking Southerners.

They're ain't no Stone Circles in the Black Country (I think).

Quoyle/Arizona Bay.

Nat Burp@Beltch.com Wed Jun 21 11:32:44 EDT 2000

Quoyle - We be Cider drinking southerners. Wot be larger then....

We talk about thy southern shows coz we be the only ones ere at the time... maybe if you'd been around earlier like, we'd be talkin more communially about all them there performances....hmmmmmm

Nat xxxx ;-)

Morfe just buzzin' Wed Jun 21 12:16:07 EDT 2000

Quoyle, Wattyadda mean they're ain't any stone circles in the Black Country! We've got real live Megalithic peoples, trading in a simple language, and they all worship the Sun. (Newspaper).

There are four stones atop the Clent Hills. But they are some 18th century fop's idea of a larf.

Ug.og. gi si yu bag.

Wulfrun Schmulfrun. It's my nearest gig and it makes me honk with despair!

Rob Plant Squeezemylemon@least Wed Jun 21 12:25:44 EDT 2000

i con spaek laerk thit if i wentoo. so doe yow be a dissin me.

ower diarlict is bostin, an' koind of primeevill. Ozzy! worra saiend blowk. And Noddy. We ad the biggest 'air in the god seventies so con yow gie us respect.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Jun 21 13:13:34 EDT 2000

I have received today a ticket for an evening with Julian Cope at Cambridge Corn Exchange. Yippee Hooray Can't Wait!

I just hope that it is not the cabaret Cope of Cornucopea that I have to sit through. I've seen, heard and done that already this year and it was OK as a warm-up but of little overall worth.

2 hours of sitting through a smile solo will not be a good reason for getting my Starcar out of its siding. Of course I will though and that is one thing that I love about Cope - you just don't know which Head that you will get.

Who cares whether you are from North South East West or from Mars just enjoy and if for some reason you don't enjoy please feel free to tell all.


ron ok@I_give_up Wed Jun 21 13:33:48 EDT 2000

How, pray tell, are all you people aquiring said tickets? Are you buying at the box office, or is there a way online? I've tried the dreaded evil dispicable Ticketmaster, and no luck...

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Wed Jun 21 14:11:52 EDT 2000

Hi, I tried ticketmaster, because it seemed easiest, but the seat allocation was Row 0 seats 30 and 31, i.e. miles from the front and way over at the side. Nothing I clicked on would change the seats although that is supposed to be possible. So I phoned the Royal Court and asked if I could book now for a concert in November. She said who is it. I said Julian Cope, she said, where would you like to sit? Simple as that. I said I'd call and pick them up; she said you can if you want or I can post them out this afternoon. Try it. Bee seeing you, Howard.

tc tc@tc.com Wed Jun 21 17:40:19 EDT 2000

I spoke to a nice lady at Shepherds bush Empire.

She said tickets would go on sale in July:

I'm off to find Julian Club badge and passbook



markybov peanuts@yummy.com Thu Jun 22 04:26:25 EDT 2000

What arsing Julian Cope fanclub?

I think I've still got my Dennis the Menace fan club membership badge.... do you think that'll do?

Nat Thu Jun 22 06:26:39 EDT 2000

I twernt dissn ya Quoyle!!! Just aving a larf me old cockney apples and pears, syrup a figs sparra..... ;-)

I've got my Julian tickets I'm Row A -19, 20 &21 (Southampton)!! Hoorah... Izz Eels on Sunday 19th July, got them too!

It's going to be a good tour, where and what date is the mass Rail on meet?

Ron - you could always ask one of us to get your tickets!! Who's going to the date you'd like!! If it's Southampton let me know how many!! Thats the simplest way to get tickets.... you could pay us when you arrive! Simple..... ;-) Genius or wot

Nat xx

Quoyle Houses of the Holy Thu Jun 22 08:58:56 EDT 2000


I didn't say you were dissin' me.Rob Plant was not me in disguise.

But if you are the real Percy, have you renewed your season ticket yet?

Sales are down so come on and get behind Colin Lee and me Babbies.

I actually lived in Kingston-Upon-Thames for 3 years and it wasn't TOO much of a Soul Desert.

But it was too far from 'The Custard Bowl' (Molineux).

I also got my Smashing Pumpkins tickets this morning - Most uncool for this board I'm sure.

BUT last time at the NEC they were looser than the Cope.

30 minute Soundscapes and Judas Priest covers - Pure Glambience.

Quoyle/W'ton Rock City.

Percy Pecker In@theoutdoorminesa vimto Thu Jun 22 09:15:35 EDT 2000

Cor, ay yow lot gooin on.

Waste a' time being beyinde me babbies wor it?

Is this joolian bloke the one thet toald us to shut ower maweths?

'Es a poof ay 'e? 'oos 'e fink 'ee iz in 'iz leathur 'keks?


markybov Thu Jun 22 10:11:18 EDT 2000

Quoyle - please do not tell me you were a student at Kingston school of music

Nat Thu Jun 22 11:24:41 EDT 2000

Whoops sorry Quoyle - My mind has been on other things of late... withdrawal from not being on the Glastonbury Site at this present moment very drunk.... instead I'm in work..... hmmm at least its raining I suppose thats on good reason not to be there...

Izz - fancy the Larma Festival near Romsey?

When were you in Kingston? I was in Putney for 3 years....hmmm we may have passed like strangers in the night, on that huge shopping precinct...

Maybe not.....


ron Thu Jun 22 11:41:35 EDT 2000

Thanks for the offer Nat, me missus says I must get back from Cancun before I begin to try to schedule a trip to the UK. Course if you buy my ticket I won't be able to sneak up on ya'll, and what if you are disgusted by my appearance, or worse yet what if we are wearing the same outfit, how embarassed would we be?

Cheers to all you who have tickets, and hoping that you have what we so lovingly call ticket 'scalpers' here stateside, in case I'm a last minute arrival.

Quoyle Power age Thu Jun 22 12:21:56 EDT 2000

I was in Kingston '93-'96 and avoided the Bentalls Centre at all costs.

Malls make me crazy.

And I was not a student in Kingston - I went to Edge Hill College in mighty Ormskirk.

Quoyle/Not doing any work.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Jun 22 14:15:33 EDT 2000

Hi World!

There will be a couple of Brain Donor songs on the soundtrack of JC's weekend telly jaunt.

If any of you has access to digital tele then BBC Choice will probably be repeating the programme sometime over the weekend or next week. They always repeat the best programmes of the week but they are normally reluctant to tell you when!


Mothra Thu Jun 22 19:35:03 EDT 2000

For those music-heads out there in dreamland...

Has it occurred to anyone else how much 'Reynard the fox' sounds like a slowed down take of 'I can only give you everything' by the much-missed and adored MC5, their first single, back in 1967. In the Spring (I was born then too, so I feel big on this one!).

http://www.addict.com/atn/music/mc5/mono-excerpt -- i can only give you everything.mp2

Or has it been mentioned before?


Mothra Thu Jun 22 19:37:51 EDT 2000

Sorry I over-cooked the URL!

Mothra Thu Jun 22 19:41:45 EDT 2000

Sorry I over-cooked the URL! Check out the MC5 on http://addict.com

It's extremely interesting. (Brothers and Sisters, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem!)

I have Testified.

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Thu Jun 22 19:43:33 EDT 2000

Not that old fossil.

Beck also ripped it off for 'Devil's Haircut'.

Before 2012 Armand Van Helden or Sash! will have used it for a EuroTechno dance hit (or your money back).


Screaming Secrets - The Techno Slammin' Magazine

Mothra Thu Jun 22 20:12:41 EDT 2000

And was Beck referring to Rob Tyner's death-defying barnet when he wrote that (ripped it)?!

Markybov blimey@missus.com Fri Jun 23 03:13:06 EDT 2000

Strangers in the night indeed, I worked for Kingston Uni for three years, and also lived in Putney for a few months one summer.

Lovely place.

The Bentalls centre in Kingston is a confusing and scary place. All the escalators seem to be designed in such a way that they all lead you further inwards and it gets very hard to find a way out again.

And as for Volts.......

Izzy Fri Jun 23 06:58:15 EDT 2000

Last time I went to Kingston they were still building Bentalls. I didn't go back, there were loads of very tall people there. Anyone been to Books, Bit and Bobs? Does it still exist? The bus used to cost 10p from Surbiton station...oh memories...

A german fellow has just complimented me on my English...I'll be chuckling all day about that!

Festival? Romsey? there's more than the Beggars' Fair? Most certainly fancy it! When?


The SnorerExplorer Fri Jun 23 07:21:11 EDT 2000

Izz:how much are the tickets for Southampton?I'm planning on getting ours Mon 2nd(payday!),convienient(sic)as I'm going to a meeting at Sot'on Guildhall that day!!Also thanks for the stuff on the Solent Stones...not what I wanted to hear,but thanks all the same.

Just a thought everyone...why don't you all put up info on the gigs in your areas(prices/box office numbers/decent pubs etc).There are a few postings on HH asking this sort of thing-it'll be a Rail-On public service!

Looked on teletext this morning to check BBC2 for tomorrow-underneath the listing for Modern Antiquarian it said "Programme times subject to change"!!!Watch out if you are setting your videos!

Have a nice weekend everybody see you all next week!

Boolbar Fri Jun 23 09:01:34 EDT 2000

Got tickets for Cambridge Corn Exchange, but what's this about being a Southerner for going there ? I was born and bred in the Midlands and now live in Norfolk (that's EAST !). No stones for bloody miles though.

Any info on what Cope will be doing ? Any band this time or will he be doing his nifty solo jukebox again ?

Anyone know how to get rid of nasty green bubbly algae from a pond ?

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Jun 23 09:16:06 EDT 2000

www.nme.com reveals that Julian will be touring extensively. Julian is even quoted as saying that the tour will be a wah - wah electro / acoustic guitar and fluorescent mellotron thing along with memories of twenty years of rock 'n'roll or something. It will be a 100 - minute - show. Sounds like the tour will be like the Cornucopea solo gig in the foyer only a bit longer.

Mothra Fri Jun 23 10:56:12 EDT 2000

Re. Nasty slimy algae.

Be sure to use barley straw, depending on how big your pond is, a bale of straw chucked in the bottom will keep the water at an acidity level that inhibits the growth of algae, yet is harmless to other pond-life.

Obviously don't use a whole bale if your pond's 4 feet wide!

Put it in some netting or weigh it down in some of your old tights/nylons to stop it floating about.

Hope this helps.

Bee blessed and slime-less!

PaulB Fri Jun 23 12:53:10 EDT 2000

Mmmm, Southampton is looking a lot more likely now. I haven't been down for a while but it is a bit of an old haunt (the fabulous Screaming Secrets shirts are printed there).

Izzy: send me your address so I'll know where to go. I might come down early just to settle in. Is two weeks pushing it? I'll pass on details of my "rider" so you can stock up. The medication is working and I rarely attack anyone with hammers these days (unless they look at me in a "funny" way).

Ahhh - Kingston. What memories of people up in trees....


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Jun 24 16:16:47 EDT 2000

The Modern Antiquarian -

Rock and Roll

Make that ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!

The Brain Donor sounds were fantastic!!!!

PaulB Sat Jun 24 16:29:52 EDT 2000

What a great show The Modern Antiquarian was. Those stones must be pretty old - possibly 100's of years. Amazing.

Let's hope Julian doesn't blow it now like other TV presenters and decide to launch a musical career. Next it'll be a single followed by an album then the inevitable tour. Outrageous.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Jun 24 16:34:13 EDT 2000

stones mr paul, did you see just stones - mere rocks!?

you flanker you!

ronald fogg Sat Jun 24 16:57:32 EDT 2000

sitting here in austria as julian follows up his top of the pops performance as the william aubrey of the internet age is quite a bag. anyone else wonder whether reward or sleeping gas if you were really on the ball was some introduction to one weird weird joint path of learning. none of us then could know what the stones had known for a mere four thousand years.

julian you are a starrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! probably Sirius!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Jun 25 07:09:13 EDT 2000

16 hours or so since MA was aired and still no Screetching Toenails piece with review, sounds, pics and drawings and feedback and .......

I await thee Mr Paul.


PaulB Sun Jun 25 08:21:15 EDT 2000

Well, we know you're one of our most avid readers Shrimpy, but I am somewhat waylaid by something rather serious that's cropped up on another project at the mo.

The Culture Bunker review section is on the way, and I may also have to do some slight redesigning of the website as it comes together.


Russ russ@julian-cope.com Sun Jun 25 08:31:17 EDT 2000

Well I watched the TV last night nothing special on so I ended up watching some guy called Julian Cope running round the country looking at deformed boulders what a waste of a saturday night!!!!!

I'm going to try and put the TV show onto a CD sometime over the next couple of weeks!!! If I get time but i've never done it before so I'll have to let you know how it goes......


Morfe morfe@tpurpleturtle.com Sun Jun 25 08:31:58 EDT 2000

We were settled in front of the specially imported TV, ready for an evening of soul-stirring. O yes Mr Cope you are a true gem, and fine presenter. And then our appetite is further whetted by a fine portrayal of the legendary Michael Eavis, with some fine footage of the Spirit of Glastonburys Gone. And then, fermenting with the afterglow of Silbury Hill being broadcast to the globe, we opened a bottle of 94 Buzet, ready for four hours of Glastonbury 2000, the voice of youth, the agitant adjutants of contemporary culture, the living soul of those who defy the greedheads in a pageant of world culture, performanc, music, and green future-promise.

I take the first sip, and yes the pyramid stage is resurrected, it must be something soooooo good, it's, it's,....

The fucking pet shop boys. All night. And then travis. And then some more pet shop boys.

What have I, what have I, what have we done to deserve this?

Glastonbury nil, Julian Cope 10, no extra time.

Who can fill the shoes of Michael Eavis, Julian? Should he accept the challenge. Let us hang the po-faced presenters responsible for that god-awful coverage, by their tonails, and subject them to the strains of Odin 'til they repent. I have been to the Festival at least seven times, and I know one thing, it's just not meant for the likes of media-babies with their air of vacuous deprecation and snivelling satire. These people do not feel. They present.

Thankyou Julian for saving BBC2's bacon. An honour I'm sure he would not sit comfortably with.

GGGrrrrrrrrr.rant, snifff.

I'm going out. Pah.

Bee Blessed.

(Anonymous) Sun Jun 25 10:01:25 EDT 2000

I've not finished, I want to share my righteous fury.

My eyes have been fully opened to the role that our TV presenters play in many peoples lives.

In the UK, (I can't speak for the rest of tyou 'coz I live here)the sum total of airtime directed for the newly created 13-35(ish) target audience is a heap of spamming bullshit. Yeah I know it's nice to turn off your mind and turn on the TV sometimes, but when there is a real element of positive action, for example Water Aid, topically covered by Ms Middlemiss(total-miss) last night, she responds, as do so many of their ilk with, 'eeeh, I didn't know that many died' and then SMILED AT THE FU****G CAMERA.

TFI, The Priory, whatever, they are all in a fantastic position with a huge audience, with the money behind them to make some real-mind bendingly positive changes, and reach the hearts of a young, and not so young culture, and fill it with joy and promise.

Instead we are insulted with a 'Yes I'm largeing it tonight Zowie'

And as for the Sustainable Future showpiece, and Free Tibet, well, 'Don't fancy yours much!, but I'm sure these people are doing a fine job, now onto the 30 minute snogathon Jamie...'

Are our bright young things characterized by this waving of handbags and soundbyte 'yoof' sycophants-in-designer pants and off to Ibiza-nothing-else-is-real-FOR REAL!'bullshit?

I'd like to think not. Come on guys, you are payed a ridiculous amount of money to perpetuate this non-thing you do. Once again, the archdrude has educated by example, and last nights epic voyage was so poignantly followed up with epic dirge. We look to our young generation to change the world and challenge old ideas, yet this 1950's gameshow sleazeball marketing sensation is as old hat as can be. One would be forgiven for thinking that the only thing likely to be changed by these backward thinking no-hopes would be the brand of cargo pants they choose to wear. Pah.

An are twice the size of Austria is cleared from our rainforests every single year. Much of it for plywood that gets used only once for moulding concrete. These trees are mined, they are never replaced, and the topsoil remaining is cleared by bulldozers and rain, silting up the rivers and poisoning life. 20 species become extinct every week. Largeing it? Somebody will always be there to say, oh not the (two ironic waggy fingers aloft)'saving the rainforest again'. Come on tv, let's be having it. Grrrahahagghh.

I too am driven, the skies are clearer, thanks for listening.

Morfe Mad@it all Sun Jun 25 11:23:32 EDT 2000

Now I've just seen Sting advertising a new flash sporstscar on a TV advert. Mr save the rain forest himself. Blaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhspitseethe, the machine has turned full circle, Leftfield take the stage at Glastonbury and play excerpts from a famous Guinness advert, how cool? How NOT.

Rock and F***ing roll is the new enemy? Grease their palms people.

I'm sending this TV back, it's made me go all funny in just 24hrs since it was loaned me.

Sorry guys.

Morfe Sun Jun 25 12:35:20 EDT 2000

Wasn't it Gil Scott Heron who famously said, 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!'

His words of inspiration now become warped into post-irony!

I really really will shut up now, and have a bit of a lie down and think (drink).!

(Anonymous) Sun Jun 25 14:01:32 EDT 2000

I can't get over PaulB's redundant 80's attitude to all things Cope. It fucking frightens me. Can he not see where he is now and where most of us are as a direct result?

Please, just fuck off.

Cowardly Anonymous Poster.

Morfe Morfe@purpleturtle.com Sun Jun 25 14:30:16 EDT 2000

If not as a direct result, at least someone's on the world stage that we can relate to, Head to Head have been discussing where and when individuals have discovered the music of Julian Cope. For me it was Peggy Suicide, written at a time when I first met loads of positive and beautiful folk at Glastonbury, my disaffected 'boy in the woods, no mates at school attitude' was catapulted into space, that album was a beautiful awakening, and just as exciting to listen to ten years on, if not moreso in the bland current situation. Many, many people are reclaiming their right to spiritual and physical freedom, the very lifeblood of our ancestors who held that ideal as the most holy of goals. Right On. Come out you cowardly poster! Lets not carp from safe havens.

Bee Blessed X

PaulB Sun Jun 25 17:06:28 EDT 2000

"80's attitude"? I need a diagram for that one.

There's also a disturbing herd instinct theme in that posting. There's a suggestion that due to Copey's activities there's a cult/gang/gathering that have snapped into line to do his bidding - or what they perceive as his bidding.

Worse, it's back in 'Right Man' territory. "We're right so you must be wrong". There's characters who've appeared on Rail On who I've wanted to shoot in the past but I would be the first to defend the fact that they can express an opinion, even if I don't agree with it.


Mothra Sun Jun 25 19:12:19 EDT 2000

I don't know to which herd you refer Paul, but in no way do I imagine that the right to seek ones personal spiritual freedom, away from the chains of dogma and social mores, could be considered as doing anyone's bidding?

So that's that cleared up then.

I don't know what they meant by 80's attitude either. The most I remember of the eighties was great national shame and every man and woman for themselves.

Riotous capitalism, some terrible music, and my haircuts, a source of constant concern for me and my family and friends!

PaulB Sun Jun 25 19:37:03 EDT 2000

Mothra: Now you've lost me as well.

It was that line: "Can he not see where he is now and where most of us are as a direct result? "

That's pretty much a Christian trip which suggests a need to be led. Horrible as it sounds, there are people out there who get through life like that and then convince themselves that they're avoiding dogma (and that they're "right"). There's a (thankfully) slim percentage of Copey fans who think like this.

AND NOW - I must replay Autogeddon to get this weeks' instructions.

Mothra Sun Jun 25 19:45:25 EDT 2000

I questioned that too! Where did I lose you?, that wasn't me?

I (in an ego frenzy) thought you were referring to me when you spoke of the herd. Dur.

yours truly

Morfe Mothra Buzzard ye Spookfish Lord Fungus II of Shropshire.

PaulB Sun Jun 25 19:56:31 EDT 2000

Mothra: No, not you. Where did you pick that one up from? It's got mighty confusing. Plus, I think you are fab. I loved it when you kicked Godzilla's arse anyway.

Actually, I had a thought. I shouldn't be slagging off any Cope fans - even the lunatic fringe - as that's a potential market for Screaming Secrets.

So - Just to clear things up for the fundamentalists: Julian Cope is Lord. Please forgive me. Buy lots of merchandise.

I love you all


Sincerely Secrets

Mothra Sun Jun 25 20:06:58 EDT 2000

'Their relationship consisted / In discussing, if it existed.' Henry James

Come to think of it, the very word 'Dis-Cuss' implies a removal of 'cussing'! Does it not? A break between insults in a drunken bar is the closest some people I have observed have come to a discussion.

Rail On.

PaulB Sun Jun 25 20:11:56 EDT 2000

Yes, and I doubt that the world will shift in its orbit on the basis of the topics discussed here or on HH or even godforbid SS.

But then again...

Mothra Sun Jun 25 20:38:35 EDT 2000

Nihilism in it's sincerest form. What about little acorns and all...? Although I agree that nature will get along in some form or another after we've become an epidemic (we HAVE become an epidemic!), it would be wrong not to pursue the right path, and every man and woman have their own path on which to travel, sometimes alone, sometimes crossing and travelling with others!

It is our responsibility to hold out on our ability to bring about change for good. There is such a thing, although I too laboured under gross cynicism before I crawled out from my rectal passage.

We are lucky to be able to discuss such big topics over such large distances. I think. Then again, if we had walked 6000 miles to say something to each other, we'd probably say it rather more efficiently. Progress, ah, the myth of progress.

spontaneous search-party do_rain@hotmail.com Mon Jun 26 03:37:39 EDT 2000

I was just wondering if anyone had come across "WILDER" on cassette, as the tape I have with the flowers on the cover has the b-side of "colours fly away" at the ends of side 1 &side 2. (1)window shopping for a new crown of thorns. (2)east of the equator.

anyone seen this before?

Nat Njt@purpleturtle.com Mon Jun 26 06:23:45 EDT 2000

(Looks like we're all turning into purpleturtles!!)

Watched the Julian thing - sheer brilliance.... my mum and dad phoned me afterwards and are in love with him, probably coming to see him in October - at 27 is it cool to be seen with your parents or is it still embaressing!!!! Wot a star Julian is, shame it was only a one off, should have done the whole country, Blooming BBC offer Millions of pounds for the footie, when they could invest in a programme like the MA.... Oh the only thing I didn't really understand was his use of the word MOFO - what does that mean or am I being a plank?

I am also so glad that I didn't got to Glastonbury, blooming pants from what I saw... except for that David Gray bloke he was rather good in a MOR type of thing.... oh and African Black Mambazo and Jools Holland but they go with out saying in the 'World that is Mine'.

Anyway I'm off, I've been promoted and I'm feeling jolly 'respect my Authoritaaa' I'm off to dance merrily in the car park...

Oh Mr Belbin where are you, you little monkey?

Ron - Vids done - taped Glastonbury and the Michael Eavis thing on the end for you!! I just hope you can watch it - something to do with PAL apparently!! (Not dog food I hope!!)..will post it Saturday...


Goat clarken@logica.com Mon Jun 26 06:57:48 EDT 2000

I have to say that I agree that the BRAINDONOR track excerpts on TMA sounded top quality. Mr Cope really should get let Braindonor out onto the unsuspecting General Public. FALSE METAL!!!!

markybov mark@mauvedromedary.com Mon Jun 26 07:06:26 EDT 2000

Still haven't seen it yet - got a mate to record it for me and have to go round and watch it. The only tv in our flat is stuffed in a big dirty cupboard and probably wouldn't get Beeb2 anyway. So Shrimp - feel free to shit on my children, even though I haven't actually got any....

Congrats on your promo Nat, now you're allowed to have a private stash of choccy biccys on your desk.

I've only got four and a half days left in my job!!! WOOO-HOOOOO!!!!!

I'm glad the consensus on Glasto seems to be that it was pants. I've got this creeping feeling in my loins that someone or something soon is going to shake up music good and proper real soon. It has to happen and it can only be a matter of time. Tried listening to Radio 1 this morning for about ten minutes and couldn't do it anymore. The whole of radio and tv needs someone to hijack it all and vomit everywhere.

Pink fat chunky pink and orange vomit.

Love Bov xxx

The SnorerExplorer Mon Jun 26 07:49:03 EDT 2000

You think watching Glastonbury on BBc2 was crap-we got digitalised on Saturday and flicked between Beeb's 2 and choice.You get twice as much shite that way.Fatboy on choice -flick to travis on 2-back to choice,it's travis-aggh quick back to 2-nooooo it's Fatboy again.And while I'm going on about it wasn't Bowie shite as well-I only recognised Heroes when he started singing.

The MA was the best thing on the tele all weekend.Even my in-laws loved it!(they want to know how to get to the sites-I'll show them if they take me Fi and Daisy...it's gonna be a cooool summer(when it stops raining that is.)

Cowardly Poster-leave Paul B and the SS alone...if you don't like what they do then do your own fanzine/website.Until then shut up.We should be celebrating our differences-Julian Cope-a man for all people.We all have our own trips,and the one thing we share is JC-might not like everything he does but hey!

Morfe Mon Jun 26 09:02:35 EDT 2000

Pink fat and chunky! Yeah!

Buzzard Of Morfe Mon Jun 26 09:49:54 EDT 2000

Well done Nat, have you got yer mirrored shades on and your nightstick at the ready?!

Shall we tell her what 'Mofo' means?


(Ian Astbury from the 'Cult' used to use the same expression, liberally and somewhat worryingly!)

Bee Blest, And Nat, we respect your Authoritaaaa, I'm sure!X

markybov Mon Jun 26 10:28:44 EDT 2000

Sorry... I'm in the dark as far as Mofo goes as well....

Is it some kind of kitchen appliance?

Boolbar Mon Jun 26 10:30:04 EDT 2000

Thanks for the pond tip Mothra. Although strangely the green algae has disappeared as quickly as it came without me doing anything.

Glasto has been 'pants' - the presentation equally so. A bit of the Beta Band and occasional bits of Old Man David Bowie struggled to be broadcast past the presenters useless banter and endless showings of Basement Jaxx. Cuts to bands just winding up songs or halfway through something showed editorial incompetence. Enjoyed those Omni Nutters (or whatever they were called) on the Jazz stage.

At least JC on TV was decent viewing - I take it the bits of music I couldn't identify were Brain Donor, recognised the obvious album tracks and Odin, Rite 2 stuff. There was also some beepy tune that annoyed the wife.

Much happiness to all.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jun 26 10:30:11 EDT 2000

Apologies Markyboy I will not be taking up the offer. I am still extracting the hose-pipe from my letter box!

Paul B - It wasn't me by the way. I admit that I have posted numerous messages under different guises but stopped doing so a while ago. I even had a few discussions with myself!

Debate should not be hidden and no I do not hide behind Shrimp as I have been called it for years and years and.....If you were called Neal then you sould use Shrimp as well!

Simple Secrets is still that though but I do acknowledge that there is a market for it.

Overheard at work today -

Soap fan1 - Did you see that wacky man on telly on Saturday looking at stones and going Waaaaaa!!! and flapping his arms around? What a wonderful ruck sack and shoes he had - who was he?

Soap fan2 - dunno!

end of conversation.


Boolbar Mon Jun 26 10:33:32 EDT 2000

Did the ruck sack inspire the spine of TMA or vice versa ?

(Anonymous) Mon Jun 26 14:22:02 EDT 2000

Talking about rucksacks? Anoraks, Shoes aaaaaahhhhhh!

PaulB Mon Jun 26 19:42:25 EDT 2000

Looking at the HH site reminds me - Paul SnorerExplorer is after a copy of Copeulation. Shrimpy, if you still have your copy can you sort out a deal with the guy as no one else deserves a copy more then he does.

Nat Mofo@what the heck.com Tue Jun 27 04:01:11 EDT 2000

I really have no idea about the word Mofo!! I am so sorry that I am a plank... I shall start wearing tweed (a la Julian) and wearing a knee length skirt, knee high socks and sandles. :-(

I did a blooming english language degree for pants sake and I still don't know.....

Buzzard of Morfe I thought you were nice too :-( e.mails can be deceptive....

Nat (Feeling daft)

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Tue Jun 27 07:03:32 EDT 2000

MOFO! I've asked Head to Head, perhaps Julian himself could post a reply. I've suggested Men Of Forwardthinking Outlook. Be seeing you.

Morfe morfe@purpleturtle.com Tue Jun 27 07:14:50 EDT 2000

OK, Kick out all this jammin' Mofo's, enough already.

Nat,I'm concerned when you say E-mails can be deceptive!!!????

I only remember thanking you for the chilli seeds? Mail me.

(Anonymous) Tue Jun 27 08:16:09 EDT 2000

Mofo is a more polite way of saying Mother F****r. That's my understanding anyway.

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jun 27 10:05:08 EDT 2000

Why is everyone suddenly being so polite? MoFo is MOTHER FUCKER. There now, doesn't it feel better to say it out loud?

markybov Tue Jun 27 10:11:26 EDT 2000

What? As in someone who fucks their own mother?

That's disgusting.

Mothra Tue Jun 27 10:25:45 EDT 2000

Please everyone visit the modern antiquarian pages on HH and help stop this road through Stonehenge. I was involved heavily in a long battle and legal wrangle over a similar scheme through Wychbury Hill Fort in the UK midlands. My experience is that the sooner the letters start pouring into MP's, the better chance we have of avoiding a long winded and ultimately upsetting physical battle. I know this might seem a UK issue, but Stonehenge is a so-called World Heritage Site. If THAT cannot be sacred from the all-consuming CARCULTURE, then we are a very, very sorry and un-intelligent bunch of twits.

In a ruck again, Right, that's it, I'M GOING IN!!!!! Chhhaaaaaaaaarrrrrggge!

PS Why the option to move the road completely AWAY from Stonehenge has not been adopted I'll never know. Transport Ministers, eh? Puppet-ninnys all. HH have excellent guidelines for writing a letter, and believe me, the form it takes is of importance. I am the worst at suppressing a rant when feelings are running high, you've just gotta say ommmmmm, and then hit the mark firmly and well-aimed. Where's my chewed pen now....

Russ Tue Jun 27 10:47:08 EDT 2000

Andrew go and wash your mouth out with soap you bad little boy !!!!


Nat Ummmm youswore@naughty.com Tue Jun 27 11:50:09 EDT 2000

Ahh 'Melon Farmer' tee hee heee heeee....

N xxx ;-)

Morfe Tue Jun 27 12:03:49 EDT 2000

Isn't 'Melon Farm' an american web site displaying, no, maybe not.

I wouldn't know if it was.

Has anyone seen Beaver Creek?

I'm off...

PaulB Tue Jun 27 15:17:54 EDT 2000


What a bunch of unfo's.

Mothra downstairs@erics Wed Jun 28 01:25:56 EDT 2000

I had a terrible dream. I was walking over a lonely moor, then, all of a sudden, this guy drove up in a 4X4, you know the sort, in tweeds and all.

There wasn't a rock in sight, and I was just too tired to argue...

Howard Morrison howardmorrison Wed Jun 28 09:35:49 EDT 2000

Shouldn't that be MOFUS

Nat Wed Jun 28 10:01:27 EDT 2000

Morfe - I've not seen Beaver Creek, but I own a copy of Beaver Patrol by PWEI. Is it similar!!!!! :-)

Anyone else notice Julians personalised number plate!! Woooooo very posh...

Nat xx

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Jun 28 12:37:13 EDT 2000

Blimey no Cope for at least 3 days and my head is already Fried!

Guru Guru - UFO and Hinten are in the paddock at the moment and are played constantly back to back

- immerse yourself in a couple of albums over a few days and see how they come to life.

Must try that with My Nation Underground which is currently stabled.


Morfe Wed Jun 28 12:59:49 EDT 2000

Yes Nat, it is similar. Those boys are from my hometown, much to my and their discredit!

Stourbridge, Neds, Stuffies, Poppies, Zeppies, hell, even Roy Wood is my neighbour. The epicentre of Glam Middle-England.

(it's all faded to the god of shopping and cars now tho') hence my escape.

That dream of the man in a black 4X4, I didn't catch the number plate... %)

Nat Dream@Dreamy.com Thu Jun 29 05:06:08 EDT 2000

Hmmmmm The Wonderstuff.... dreamy dreamy sequence of lovely lovely memories.....DM's and bouncing and stuff like that....I loved the Wonderstuff.....Hmmm Miles Hunt I loved you.....

Anyway back to reality 'PJ Harvey' came from my town and The Chesterfields.

Has Anyone heard from Mr Belbin lately? I'm a tad concerned about his where abouts. Any news would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone going to Guildford to see Motorhead?


Marc Thu Jun 29 06:10:35 EDT 2000

Did anybody else notice that Droolian was released as a "MoFoCo" - CD ??

(Anonymous) Thu Jun 29 07:51:05 EDT 2000

PJ Harvey, mmmmmmmmm

Markybov blub@blib-blob.com Thu Jun 29 09:24:26 EDT 2000

Oh My Holy Mother I am so bored.

Tommorow is my last day in this job and this week is crawling like a complete mofo.


Well, The Moody Blues live in my home town so nyer!!

I used to work in the local Blockbuster Video (wow, what a difference) and this mad American nutter came in and told me that he'd come over from the States especially to see where they live, so I had to give him directions to John Lodge's house.

AND I bought my first ever Julian album in the Moody Blues' record shop.

In fact, my Dad made John Lodge's gates.

And Cliff Richard's .

And I once skiied into the woman out of the Gold Blend advert.

She was very nice about it.



PaulB Thu Jun 29 10:46:26 EDT 2000

"Skiied into"

So that's what they're calling it these days.


Tracy tracyr@stone-circle.fsnet.co.uk Thu Jun 29 11:31:50 EDT 2000

Well, as everyone is talking about knowing famous people, has anyone here heard of Julian Cope? I know his home address, his last 4 addresses in fact, his registration number of his car, his parents' address and his home telephone number. Although none of that will mean anything to most of you because you probably won't have heard of him anyway.

(Anonymous) Thu Jun 29 12:02:16 EDT 2000

Propheteering was also a MoFoCo release.

Julian's telephone number is '7'.

Morfe Thu Jun 29 17:18:57 EDT 2000

I hereby retract my musician/geographical statement of earlier.

It was inappropriate and liable to incite a deluge of neighbourly reflected glory tales.

I am most dreadfully sorry.

Noddy Holder is NOT my grandfather.

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Thu Jun 29 19:46:17 EDT 2000

Yeah well amazingly people have heard of a chap by the name of Julian Cope, but most posters to this site do not indulge in hero worship so they dont feel the need to cyber-grovel at the feet of our great man. Great man yes god NO!

Let the subject matter go wherever it takes us.

I hate the Olympics!

Oz E-Cope fan

Markybov lastday@aboutbloodytime.com Fri Jun 30 03:44:50 EDT 2000


It's my last day at work!!!!! I'm so happy I could test-drive a Tonka.

Finally got to watch TMA last night, and all I can say is that if that was Brain Doner, then when's the album coming out?????

It was a great watch, and even my car-mad mate I watched it with didn't complain once that he was missing Jeremy Clarkson. I particularly liked Jules' Ozzie accent.

Tracy, do you have a pair of his soiled pants as well?

Nat Fri Jun 30 05:16:17 EDT 2000

Morfe - I wish Noddy Holder was my Grandfather and Rolf Harris and Des O'Connor and Shakin Stevens... hmmmm off to the funny farm...

My mum used to go out with Dave Dee from 'Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch'!!!! Ho hummmm, no wonder I'm wierd...

Nice to have some Aussie's Cope fans around... hows Steve Irwin!!!

Nat xx

Morfe Fri Jun 30 08:57:44 EDT 2000

I'd like to be in the Corrs;-/

Morfington Stanley Friday@home Fri Jun 30 09:26:49 EDT 2000

Hooray it's Friday, and not withstanding my sorry pun involving two members of a popular Irish band, I would like to wish Markybov well for he does leave work today.

New beginnings are the best thing.

Good luck, with a big bow on it. :o)

(Anonymous) Fri Jun 30 09:29:15 EDT 2000

Oh, Nat stoppit you're scaring us!

TRACY Fri Jun 30 11:33:12 EDT 2000

Soiled pants? No thank you. Yeuchhh!

markybov Fri Jun 30 11:45:10 EDT 2000

I'm kind of glad about that. :o)

Tracy tracyr@stone-circle.fsnet.co.uk Fri Jun 30 12:18:16 EDT 2000

Hello Markybov. Are you on here now? (It's 5:15 on Friday) as everytime I go on these chatroom/discussion pages noone else is on at the same time. And have you been on the screaming secrets page chatroom? There is NEVER EVER EVER EVER anyone on that.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Jun 30 13:18:29 EDT 2000

Hiya all - just thought that I would pop by and say a big HELLO!

So how was it for you? Nearly a week has gone by since Cope on the box. Has it touched your life? Got your ruck and boots out for a weekend trek?

Me I'm off to the local beer festival! but come Sunday the boots will be dusted and a bit more of Suffolk will be walked.

I'm not expecting to see many standing stones though but if I close my eyes and make a loud MOOOOOOOOEOEEEEOOOOOEEE noise you never know.


PaulB http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Fri Jun 30 15:02:17 EDT 2000

Ahh, the wonderful Screaming Secrets Chatroom - chat to Copey fans live and exchange gossip and rumour.

Of course there are people on there but, as the old saying goes, RTFM ;-)


frank fvink@casema.net Fri Jun 30 18:11:50 EDT 2000

Did anyone order tickets for Londons Shepards Bush Empire already? I called them last week but no-one knew anything about it... maybe somebody can post the correct box office number?

Thanks, Frank

Roger W rogerwood2@beeb.net Fri Jun 30 18:54:46 EDT 2000

Back in the '70s I gave myself a birthday treat by going to see a London punk group Alternative TV at Greenwich Theatre. I'd heard some of their records - Love Lies Limp, How Much Longer?, etc - but I'd never seen them live before.

As it turned out, it was the night the group kind of announced an entirely new set, and a new name...The Good Missionaries. The stuff they played was very different to anything they'd done before, so much so that some of the audience started heckling and it came to the point, eventually, when the group's manager just pulled the plug on the whole thing...like he literally treated them like naughty kids and switched off all the amps.

Personally, I thought the group had taken a brave step and it soon became apparent that they were right there (along with groups like Here And Now) at the creation of a new genre which, in hindsight, could be described as music for New Age Travellers. In those terms, maybe there's some degree of similarity between the group's front man, Mark Perry, and JC.

I went to see them a number of times after that, anywhere from the YMCA at Tottenham Ct Rd to, erm, a scout hut on Bromley Common, and I guess I always had a sort of sympathy towards the fact that while everyone else seemed to be "making it", Alternative TV/The Good Missionaries never really did.

I guess, after all these years, I'm still curious to know if anyone else remembers them, and also if anyone knows what Mark Perry is doing these days.

Roger W

Tracy You're all in bed, then.com Fri Jun 30 19:58:01 EDT 2000

Is anyone still awake?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jun 30 20:43:53 EDT 2000

Billy, if you're out there, please give me a call!


p.s. Todd, I hope you like FG3! [Sorry it took me almost as long to respond to your message as it took you to get the CD!]

Mothra of Morfe Fri Jun 30 21:23:03 EDT 2000

I am always awake at night, it's something to do with the owls!

tc tc@tc.com Sat Jul 1 07:36:01 EDT 2000

Shepherds Bush Tickets available on www.ticketweb.co.uk i believe.

At least that is what i presume 'an audience with the cope 2000' is.

The Good Missionaries made at least one album "fire from heaven" - memorable if only for the last track: bugger the cat.



PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sat Jul 1 08:58:02 EDT 2000

The July issue of Record Collector features an article entitled 'Liverpool Post Punk' looking at Liverpool band websites which features (amongst others) the Head Heritage website.

Strangely enough, there's no mention of either Screaming Secrets (or indeed the forthcoming LiveArc website) despite the reviewer bemoaning the fact that he missed the opportunity to bid for the Ebay Julian Cope auction. Outrageous.

Still, the Official OMD Website looks very nice ;-)

urgh ooh Sat Jul 1 14:58:50 EDT 2000

just listening to kolly klibbers birthday and sunshine playroom on repeat makes rather too much sense in the year 2000.

god it must have been a hard trip being a genius in the midst of 1983 and Thatcher's Falklands buzz.

Julian you are a starrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Pale and excitable.com

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine/ Sat Jul 1 15:06:24 EDT 2000


Comrades E-zine is now open and you are all cordially invited.


Tracy Sat Jul 1 18:52:43 EDT 2000

Hey, is anyone on here at this time of night?

High Sat Jul 1 19:28:15 EDT 2000


Tracy Sat Jul 1 20:00:59 EDT 2000

Hurray!!!!! Someone to talk to!

(Anonymous) Sat Jul 1 20:24:43 EDT 2000


rhett espsummer@aol.com Sun Jul 2 13:30:12 EDT 2000

does anyone here own "queen elizabeth II"? I am dying to hear this and would love it if someone with cd-r capabilities will email me about trading something. I have a huge shoegaze/new wave collection......not to mention lots of copey/teardrops stuff.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jul 2 17:00:31 EDT 2000

Guys -

You gotta check out Souls in Exile! I found them on mp3.com...

They're like a Buzzcocks/Pogues/Aztec Camera/Fairport Convention mixture, with vocals that sound like r.e.m. mixed with jim morrison. It's really cool to hear the mingling of British and American influences, like half the band is American and half is British.

Some of the other influences that pop up at times: Thin White Rope (American), Widespread Panic(American), Clash(UK), Public Image Limited(UK)... Man, it's fascinating to spot them all!

Definitely check them out if you're into British *and* American music. http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/20/souls_in_exile.html

Another example: "Jump out your Window" sounds very much like Blur, then it turns almost into Cheryl Crow/Shania Twain! It's a really freaky juxtaposition, but they do it all under actual songs of solid/mature musicianship and some downright catchy songwriting at time.

They even wax Cope-ish during "Lean on Me"!

And then they do the Comsat Angels in "Sun in my Eyes"!


markybov holiday@woohoo.com Sun Jul 2 17:41:42 EDT 2000

Hi Drudes,

Just thought I'd do you a late Sunday-night posting to wish you all a splendid week at work. hohoho.

I'm really excited right now - have just had a v.cool weekend and am off to Stonehenge and Avebury tomorrow with my mate who's over from the States for a week, and then we're off way oop north to the lake district with TMA's in hand.

I hereby refuse to do any inane jobs for big multi-nationals ever again. I am not a number, I am a human being!!! STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT!!!! AAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

Love and shugs,

Bov xxxxxx

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Jul 2 18:10:04 EDT 2000

Current news on HH from the Drude himself.

'October tour ....- Safe to say there won't be a band with me.'....

'Anyway, I may have somebody with me on tour but it sure won't be my band. Uh, lookout!'

I can't wait, another 'chatalongwithcopeandmaybeatsomepointI'llgetaroundtoplayingsomenumbersifIcanbearsedtour!'

At least there is talk of some more material coming out for us to listen to.


Mothra of Morfe Morfe@purpleturtle.com Sun Jul 2 18:25:16 EDT 2000

Wishing Markybov The Explorer a safe trip....

Bee Blessed in the belly of the Great Goddess X

Tracy Sun Jul 2 19:05:23 EDT 2000

hello everyone. You say there's something new on H.H?

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Sun Jul 2 21:58:42 EDT 2000

Greetings All

Been reading with interest the feedback re The Modern Antiquarian TV doco. Sounds great! And Julian putting on an Aussie accent!!!???? I HAVE to hear that. Here's some obscurata from down under. When TE toured Oz in 1982 someone wrote graffiti in a car park near Kings Cross (our red light district): JULIAN COPE IS GOD.

Unfortunately that's now been built over but I have this image in my mind of an archaeologist in thousands of years times excavating the site and pondering over that graffiti. What could it mean?

Now - Nat wrote on a posting that there is a Steve Irwin? here. I must suggest that any Oz Cope fans must start lobbying our ABC to get the Modern Antiquarian doco shown here. It was on BBC wasn't it? I think that our ABC might have some sort of deal with the BBC (the Beeb was a "mother" to the ABC after all) to get their TV shows.

And just for information I have received a package from Head Heritage - 4 CDs including FG3. It only took about 3 weeks. I usually have to wait much longer for books and CDs from Amazon.com to get across the Pacific from the USA.

Bi all


Brian Sun Jul 2 23:34:59 EDT 2000
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"Go Action With Da Da Sound".....
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8. No Time Chewing Gum
Mothra Mon Jul 3 07:14:34 EDT 2000

We want our souls to be soften gently, it has to be.

Please more, it entertain not lightly but with a strength of four lion.

George zimbo_00@hotmail.com http://etb.webjump.com Mon Jul 3 08:43:24 EDT 2000

Ok, here's a question:

Does anybody have all the lyrics to the Culture Bunker? It would be much appreciated.



nat Waffle@crap.com Mon Jul 3 11:28:42 EDT 2000

Learning the lyrics just incase he sings it in October!! Ooo what a good idea.... I always make them up, sometimes they are even better when made up! ;-)

'Dick head potatoe on my side' was my fav for ages...sang that for years until Izzy told me it was 'Decapitated all my dolls' (Belly - Gepetto, for those uniciated in the delights of Tanya Donnelly!!) Steves best one was going to see The Breeders in Bristol and he was singing 'Wanna buy a Camera' instead of 'One Divine Hammer' DOH what a plank.....

Best Julian mislyric I ever heard though was by my mate Gail, bless her heart, who thought Julian was singing 'I'm a safe sofa darling'!!! Actually sang it at the top of her lungs, whilst watching Julian at Bristol - Jehovah Kill Tour!!


Anyway, sorry to waffle crap, Just had a quiet 5 mins and like to put my 5p forward...... Ron - Izzy wants to borrown the MA Video befor I send it on, so there will be a slight delay!! Sorry about that ;-)

Nat xxxx

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jul 3 18:47:45 EDT 2000

Is anybody listening in?

Mothra Mon Jul 3 18:51:06 EDT 2000

Only us night owlers.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jul 3 18:55:42 EDT 2000

My antena is focused on the cosmic world.

Just been watching Julian at Phoenix 93 - daffy duck shorts n' all!

Started off like a cross between Neu! and the Stooges then became the Stooges then .........!

Crap sound, dodgy camera work but a star in the making!


Shrimp Mon Jul 3 18:57:46 EDT 2000

Tracy, you out there?

Dedicated to George from the great Soul Desert page Mon Jul 3 19:03:04 EDT 2000
The Culture Bunker
Julian Cope
Take me to the moon
It's Safe and I want to lie down
Take me to your heart
There must be a soft spot somewhere
I like some of this
I've been waiting so long
Waiting for the Crucial Three
Wondering what went wrong
I stoned out in the culture bunker
Finger on the pin do you like my grin? ha ha
Dragged underneath with a burning seed for you
I feel cool when it turns to gold
I feel cool when it turns to gold
For you
Early warnings in my town
Do you hear the doodle bugs roar
They never make a noise
But finally they crash to the floor
Oh so many times
Silly things why don't they learn
Don't expect us to tell you
It's fun to see you burn
I stoned out in the culture bunker
Finger on the pin do you like my grin? ha ha
Dragged underneath with a burning seed for you
I feel cool when it turns to gold
I feel cold 'cos you're so far away
I stoned out in the culture bunker
Finger on the pin do you like my grin? ha ha
Dragged underneath with a burning seed for you
I feel cool when it turns to gold
For you, for you.
Mothra Mon Jul 3 19:59:02 EDT 2000

Shrimp, I watched that vid last month, I like it when he strips off and lunges off the stage like a big hairy and gangly ape...

Spotted me in the crowd, and bemoaned my current inactivity.

Ahhhh..hot summers, where are you?

George zimbo_00@hotmail.com http://etb.webjump.com Mon Jul 3 21:23:54 EDT 2000

Thanks for posting those lyrics... I should try not to sleep all day. That has little to do with anything, though.



Nat Tue Jul 4 04:29:39 EDT 2000

Don't know if anyone is interested but I had a postcard from the fabulous Mr Richard Belbin last night.... the reason he's been so quiet is that he was burgled and had his Mac pinched!! Tut youth of today..... poor love.

Anyway he sends his love and copeness to all and plans to be back in touch very very soon.

Nat x

izzy back@work.arse Tue Jul 4 05:57:05 EDT 2000

Hello, smee back for a day afore I jet over to Ireland. Just about waded through all the postings.

Snorer: have you got your tix yet? If not the number for the Guildhall is 023 8063 2601. Can't remember how much (do I care?) but it were less than 20 squids. Much much less than Robbie Williams thats for sure.

MoFo: I thought Perry Farrell's version was the best...

Nat, thanks for saving the video, sOK though coz our recorder managed it (shocking!) and didn't eat any part of it whatsoever. I think it only reacts to the porn, oh sorry art, that my flatmate records... Saw Modern Antiquarian last night and thought it was splendid. JC didn't come across too mad or anything! Going to keep that tape with all the Buffy's on it too and force feed it to my grandchildren.

Visited some lovely sites in north Wales while there, and failed to find many more. Them roads ain't designed for mini-buses. I'll try to do a breif summary for the Headheritage site and maybe scan some photies in. Off to Newgrange and hopefully some stones in a few days. Shock horror, we are thinking of hiring a car. Perhaps its bikeable...

PaulB. I'm ignoring you.

Nattynoo, see you soon....


Izzy Tue Jul 4 05:58:40 EDT 2000

Oh yes, and pass on my regards to Belbin, glad he's OK.

Nat back@frombasingstoke.arse Tue Jul 4 11:57:34 EDT 2000

HOORAH IZZY WIZZY is home!! Hoorah.... missed you!!

Eels definately next Sunday - get yer glad rags on and your beer head in gear!!

Ron - I'll now post your video on this week as Izz has a copy!

Speak to you later on..I'm phoning Richard this week so I'll send him your best.

Nat xx

p.s. Hows the Chillies doing Buzzard? Mine are HUGE....

PaulB Tue Jul 4 14:30:12 EDT 2000

Izzy: You've lost me

Buzzard of Morfe morfe@purpleturtle.com Tue Jul 4 18:00:53 EDT 2000

Thanks for asking Nat, funny you should mention it, I separated them into individual pots yesterday, I can't believe how stressful I (as a 'never before' gardener!) found it, their poor little roots snipped and snapped as I tore them from their brothers and sisters! oh!

They're about 3-4 inches, except for Kylie, who's still only a little thing with just two leaves.

I could go on, but that would convince the world of my extreme lak of a life...

Bee Blessed na-t-a-lee, and u too iz-ee X

Morfe Tue Jul 4 18:09:05 EDT 2000

I forgot to say, check out the troops and send your support at the Stanton Drew Nine Ladies Stone Circle, they are repelling the enemy with vigour, they need support and food and stuff...

'No sodding lentils', was the reply when I asked what they wanted!!! Does smoked salmon degrade by posting??

Get busy you Stone Heads, another site is in danger...lets help these forward thinkers who fly in the face of the greedheads...


(Anonymous) Tue Jul 4 18:14:21 EDT 2000

Apologies, Stanton Moor, not 'Drew', I don't know. Tchoh!

anybody out there Tue Jul 4 18:39:26 EDT 2000


(Anonymous) Tue Jul 4 18:42:17 EDT 2000

Yes, Earth calling Jupiter...

hello again Tue Jul 4 19:13:14 EDT 2000

sorry I was waylaid somewhere else.

where does your telescope point?

At present 45 degrees Tue Jul 4 19:22:27 EDT 2000


That wasn't MEANT to sound rude... Tue Jul 4 20:10:15 EDT 2000


Mothra Tue Jul 4 20:26:37 EDT 2000

Julian-Cope.com say that the lyrics to the middle bit of Not Raving But Drowning go:

'Oh you treacherous mixes and sea serpants(sic) that live in the depths of the ocean and it's world, for now I'm the man of importance, now I'm the man of importance'

So Nat, one of my great mislyrics was to sing 'you treacherous nixas' cuz I know that Nixas are water spirits. And I thought 'World for' was 'whirlpools'.

Anyone know who's right.

Happy in my ignorant discord...

One for the factofiles ;o)

tracy Tue Jul 4 20:44:00 EDT 2000

hello everyone. i just wanted to ask- does anybody actually use the Screaming Secrets chat page????

Mothra Tue Jul 4 20:47:13 EDT 2000

Hello Tracy, erm no, but I'll meet you there, race ya...

Tracy tracyr@stone-circle.fsnet.co.uk Tue Jul 4 20:53:02 EDT 2000

Talking of dodgy lyrics, my ex-husband used to sing

(American Lite)

"Cleck my love is stronger now, than love has ever been before...."

Now, whilst I usually delight in pointing out how thick he is, the funny thing is- it actually does sound like "cleck."

I did ask Julian what it really was, and he just laughed and said "It says whatever you want it to say,"

helpful as ever, Julian.

Tracy tracyr@stone-circle.fsnet.co.uk Tue Jul 4 20:56:22 EDT 2000

And in "Use Me,"

is it "Cats around the marble throne," or "Hats around the marble throne?"

or what?

Don't know ! @Screamin Secrets defecting.. Tue Jul 4 20:58:28 EDT 2000


Mothra Tue Jul 4 21:44:50 EDT 2000

Goodnight Heads.

There is only ever...today.

Love, and Sweet Dreams.

colin c.richardson-webb@altavista.com Wed Jul 5 07:15:40 EDT 2000


company at glasgow gig in oct

The SnorerExplorer Wed Jul 5 08:07:27 EDT 2000

Izz:havn't got tickets yet(thanks for the phone number).Didn't go to Southampton as planned Monday due to getting shot on Sunday!Yes that's right SHOT!A 13yr old asshole fancied himself as a sniper(luckily he only had an air-rifle).Got hit on my right arm,and spent Sunday afternoon in hospital.I'm ok now though.The scary thing is that if he had aimed about a foot to the left and a little lower he would have hit Daisy-Mae(my little girl) in the head.The cops caught him about 15 mins later and the cowardly bastard started crying.

Anyway,getting tickets later this week.Hear it's gonna be another one-man band job.Never mind any Cope gig is gonna be good.

Got to stop typing now as my arm is aching.Catch up with you all tomorrow or Friday.

Richard Hayward Wed Jul 5 09:36:50 EDT 2000

There is a review of Floored Genius 3 in the August issue of select magazine. The LP gets 4 out of 5, as well as a brief interview next to it.

Tickets for The Shepherds Bush Empire show on Novembwer 17th Have gone on sale at TicketWeb:

Friday, November 17 at 7:00 PM
Metropolis Music presents Audience with The Cope 2000

Tickets can be brought for online from TicketWeb. Go to the following Addess and scroll down the page:


Richard Hayward

Ronaldo muchas margaritas@mexico.com Wed Jul 5 09:57:32 EDT 2000

Buenos Dias senors y senoritas,

Lovely to be back at work (yeah right). I was helping former US president James Earl Carter observe the Mexican elections, and I'm happy to report all went smashingly well. My good friend Jose Cuervo and I met around 8:30 am on election day, and from our vantage point, a lounge chair stratigically positioned on the sandy white beach of Cancun, we began an intense day of Q&A of each and every bartender and waitress within crawling distance;o)

Cheers to the just and fair Natalie on the vid. I look forward to seeing what everyone is talking about. I did manage to finish Reposessed, and must say that it is required reading for any serious drude followers. Also, returned to los estados undidos to find my ebay purchase of 'Wilder' awaiting me... such fun to be able to rediscover Julians work over and over again.

Izzy and PaulB, beginning to wonder about you two... Sorry 'bout the sniper SE, should I arm myself if coming to Britian? When fired upon, I consider it rather rude not to return fire. Bad form and lack of a proper upbringing I should say. Hope Mr. Belbin has recoverd from the burgle, and back with us sooner than later. Yes, definitely will have to pack the .45's and maybe a couple of the glock's.

be blessed,

Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Wed Jul 5 10:36:49 EDT 2000


The tape has been posted via good old U.S. mail.

It contains:

Thanks again!


Tracy Wed Jul 5 12:44:54 EDT 2000

Nice to see NOONE has answered my question.......

Mothra Wed Jul 5 16:19:42 EDT 2000

Nor mine, but I shan't stamp my foot!

The answer my friends is blowing in the wind Wed Jul 5 18:04:59 EDT 2000


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jul 6 08:20:43 EDT 2000

Rob - Excellent! Thanks!

Hopefully by the end of the summer we'll all be listening to Interpreters 3! :)

I threw together a song the other day, a kind of QE2-type thing. It's actually pretty cool to listen to (for me at least) - I've never done any trancy stuff before! I won't put it on Interpreters 3 (since it's not really a cover song or even a song), but it sure was a fun experiment!


Morfe Morfe@purpleturtle Thu Jul 6 08:36:34 EDT 2000

Trance-On Trav! Put a snippet out on the web! I dare you...

Bee Blessed

Nat Read it in Books@ooothatsintersting.com Thu Jul 6 08:39:59 EDT 2000

Anyone here read Mike Pitts - Henge World? A look at the lives of inhabitants of Avebury and Stonehenge? I got it free from Amazon.co.uk and wondered if it was any good?!!!

(Currently reading Franz Kafka - The Trial....hmmm confused)

Get your KafkaKebabs @Nats Grill Thu Jul 6 09:57:55 EDT 2000


(Anonymous) Thu Jul 6 12:05:51 EDT 2000


It's 'cats'.

Come on, we know he's a bit loony and everything, but...

Boolbar Thu Jul 6 12:08:21 EDT 2000

Odin is Fab. No really, finally found an hour to listen to it all the way through and it hits the spot in a sort of Brian Eno meets Ingram Marshall fed through a large cavernous space sort of way.

Tracy. Thu Jul 6 17:51:03 EDT 2000

Thank you. Whoever you are.

Any thoughts on the "Cleck" dilemma anyone?

Tracy. Thu Jul 6 17:52:24 EDT 2000

Shrimp- are you here tonight?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Jul 6 18:46:24 EDT 2000

Yep - the walls have ears!

Won't be around for long though as I'm on a three day course and need to get up earlier than usual.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Jul 6 19:18:18 EDT 2000

Tracy - Catch you tomorrow.

Trav - any chance of putting the time in GMT as well on the posts?

Very Very Quiet Hear These Days.

Perhaps I need to wind you all up again - I'll listen to a Cope album tomorrow night then post something.

So many to choose from ................ now which isn't talked about very often ........... mmmmmm......... aaadddddfdkdf........ dhhhdadf......................... d.ddddc...d..d.d.c........ mmmmm....... oooooddddhhhhhhhhh!!!!.............YES!

The Followers of Saint Julian!

go on dust it off and give it a whirl.


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Thu Jul 6 20:14:42 EDT 2000

Greetings from the bottom half of the world (you know those bits south of the equator?).

Just wanna repeat my earlier question: Was The Modern Antiquarian on BBC? Or on a pay TV channel? I know I could probably go through old postings to this site but 1) I am lazy and 2) I am at work and don't have the time.

I need to know where it was shown so I can ask that it be shown here also (Australia). If anyone can help greatly appreciated.

Mothra Thu Jul 6 20:53:56 EDT 2000

BBC2 cobber! You only pay if you have a TV licence!

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Fri Jul 7 00:58:16 EDT 2000

You beauty Mothra!

Yeah - both paying to watch TV and paying for a TV licence are still fairly alien concepts down here, but after a few more years of our neo-Thatcherite Greedhead government who can tell?

Tony Blair forgot which country our PM was from...ha ha ha. Although the man with the permanent smile may have been embarrassed by that slip in Parliament, the real embarrassment should be for the Australian politicians who decided to celebrate 100 years of Australian federation IN ENGLAND...Sychophancy never generates respect.

That's enough of a whine for now.


TracyToo tairey@telia.co.uk Fri Jul 7 07:32:42 EDT 2000


Re American Lite, I always thought it was (and sang it as) "in fact my love is stronger now...", but you only hear "fact" which sounds like "fect" which sounds like "cleck".

Maybe it's "infect my love"!

Your thoughts?


Mothra morfe@purpleturtle.com Fri Jul 7 09:32:36 EDT 2000

Yeah, Malachy us Brits hold the Olympic record for whine-ing, so don't get above your station! *mmmbbllleegggrrumbl*

Mothra Fri Jul 7 09:36:44 EDT 2000

I don't know my clecks from my hecks, and thats a feck.

What about 'It's a five a clock world when the whistle BLEUOUWWS'

I was singing 'BLOWS' for ages until Tim 'nice-but-dim' pointed out my grave error. Doh.

ron I wuz kidding@jus' joking.com Fri Jul 7 10:26:43 EDT 2000

jeez, sorry bout the armaments comments, didn't mean to put everyone off... lighten up. Besides couldn't take the chance of Screaming Secrets getting their hands on them and wanting to invade Poland could I? ;o) Sweden? well ok, maybe... they do have those young Swedish girls and absolut Vodka, but Poland? hmmm... no wonder they've resorted to Oasis updates, and stalking oceanographers...

My 'chilies' are doing great, well two of 'em anyways, others are rather stalky. er lookout...

TT, my vote is for "in fact my love is stronger now..." course,.. it could just be my phony American accent (which by the way is much, much better than my phony British and Mexican accents ;o) maybe I should douse myself in holy water...

every man is frightend
praying for enlightend... days ahead
promised land...
TracyToo tairey@telia.co.uk Fri Jul 7 10:32:12 EDT 2000

Second "cleck" is "bet".

TracyToo tairey@telia.co.uk Fri Jul 7 10:54:54 EDT 2000

...it was like all the other burning globes, except for one difference, boobies on the side...

Someone enlighten me. Poet is Priest. Boobies on the side? On the side of what? This must be wrong. I can't sing these bizarre lyrics.

Morfe Fri Jul 7 10:58:32 EDT 2000

In fact, I know I slag off 'My Nation Underground' for it's hairsprayed yet '5 0'Clock World' rocks in way that no other record does...

... it gets me doing my washing. Now THATS worth a lot to me!

The SnorerExplorer Fri Jul 7 11:27:15 EDT 2000

"Burning Globe"=the planets

"except for one difference..boobies on the side"=Mother Earth


Nice to see new people joining Rail-On,welcome one and all(even Aussies).

Ron:I didn't take offence.In fact I'm disapointed at the lack of jokes about me geting shot...come on y'all-think Conspiracies-think asassinations....

TracyToo TT Fri Jul 7 11:43:32 EDT 2000

Yeah, I geddit. Still sounds odd though. But odd is cool. Thank you for the welcome.

ron drude@mounet.com Fri Jul 7 11:55:19 EDT 2000

well SE you beat me to it but that's what I get for being to 'wordy'...I'll post my lengthy comment anyways...

miss tracy, check the liner notes of 'Peggy Suicide' ie: "In the summer of 1990, I had a vision of the world. In that vision I saw the Mother Earth - an enormous goddess standing upright and proud, but throwing her head back in pain and confusion at the treatment that Mankind has chosen to mete out to her... ...Julian"

I belive it IS 'boobies on the side', as anytime Julian refers to this world, it tends to be in the female form - mother earth, mother, ma ma, etc. Therefore, I would say that following that logic, our planet being female, would quite naturally 'have boobies on the side'. and the lyrics are not bizarre in the least.

peace at 45 degrees...

(Anonymous) Fri Jul 7 12:30:02 EDT 2000


I do understand the underlying theme and appreciate where Julian is coming from. Still, the thought of the planet having boobies on the side is strange/bizarre to me, and there are other words he could have used to express this concept that would sound less odd. But, hey, each to their own. You get it don't you, and you are comfortable with it, it just doesn't sit right with me, that's all.

Warm regards to all.

ron Fri Jul 7 13:43:21 EDT 2000

no problem, I understand, Sir Jules can do that to ya, disrupt your comfort zone, that is. I'm still not real crazy about the 'yellow jock strap' performance... that strays way, way outa my comfort zone. He is truely a wierd MOFO for sure. But, ya gotta love'em.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Jul 7 14:42:58 EDT 2000

I bet that you don't play this album much, I don't! - even if it has some good stuff on it, it is dispensable and is better off taped or added to the end of a tape of your favourite Cope album of the period. Surprisingly a lot of it has dated very quickly but that is due to those plain awful fashion productions which the eighties didn't stray very far from.


tracy Fri Jul 7 21:09:15 EDT 2000

nobody on here tonight?

(Anonymous) Sat Jul 8 16:34:59 EDT 2000

this format is tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo wide for my screen.

(Anonymous) Sat Jul 8 17:38:04 EDT 2000

too wide for mine toooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Legs Apart Sat Jul 8 17:49:08 EDT 2000

Open wide madam?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Jul 8 19:12:19 EDT 2000

A quiet night?

tracy Sat Jul 8 19:30:57 EDT 2000

well, i'm here (AGAIN!) but i seem to be on my own. I keep checking back to the Screaming Secrets chat page to see if anyone's there, but i keep missing everyone!! Oh well, i'll try again later......

It doesn't help that i can't tell what time people leave messages on this site.

Anyway, back in a bit................

Mothra Sat Jul 8 20:38:30 EDT 2000

Eventide, and the Goddess is in gentle repose. Breathe in night hours like silver flowers.

Mothra Sat Jul 8 20:39:15 EDT 2000

Eventide, and the Goddess is in gentle repose. Breathe in night hours, silven, scented flowers.

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sat Jul 8 22:45:04 EDT 2000

Tracy: The Screaming Secrets Chat Page usually has chats scheduled for 9:00pm (GMT) on Saturdays. I've been a bit busy recently so I haven't managed to drop in much.

If anyone has suggestions for a better time, or wants to schedule a chat, then drop me a line. It's there to be used!


(Anonymous) Mon Jul 10 04:50:13 EDT 2000

Nu format is toooooo Wide for my screen as well

Boolbar (Not too wide) Mon Jul 10 08:23:00 EDT 2000

It's only too wide 'cos people keep typing in long words !

It will be as wide as the longest word.

If Trav edits a bit then all will be fine.

[yeah -- Trav]

Boolbar (Not too wide) Mon Jul 10 08:26:18 EDT 2000

It's only as wide as the longest word typed in.

Quit the long words (or loads of full stops separating words) and all will be well.

If we are luckly, Trav will do a bit of editing and get it back to normal.

[double yeah -- Trav]

Nat tuttut@tuttut.com Mon Jul 10 08:32:36 EDT 2000

Ooo what a bunch of moaning minnies you are!! TOOOOO LARGE....

be grateful remember...Size Matters!! :-)

Now for irrelevance, anyone know an organic way of getting rid of Blackfly!!?!

Anyone gong to Guildford Festival!!?


Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Mon Jul 10 09:47:51 EDT 2000


I've been about for about two months and have finally subscribed.

So here I am, 31yo from Brighton, definitely going to the gig in Oct.

I've been a Julian fan since 'Reward' really, but got re-activated with the release of 'WSYM' (the single) although 'Crack in the Clouds' is far &away my favourite track. A heavy dose of real-life means that I'm still way behind in my record buying tho' (I STILL haven't got Interpreter, but it's my b'day next month so fingers crossed) and haven't even heard any of the 'experimental' albums.

Anyway waffled on for too long, see you chaps and chapesses around!


Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Mon Jul 10 12:11:39 EDT 2000

Shrimp, surely not; Disaster can't be absolute crap when it opens with "Confident at last we have set our sails for Egypt, Penury and Newgate far behind"! What an image, and all set to a triumphant, stirring tune. I love it, and think "Followers" worth it just for that. Be seeing you.

Boolbar (No flies on me) Mon Jul 10 12:31:27 EDT 2000

Most insects don't like citronella oil (I think that's the right spelling).

Also Lavender can put the flies off.

Don't know of anything particular to blackfly though.

What are they on ?

Cope Bit : The Times TV critic chappie thought that Glasto coverage was pants but was uplifted by Copes program.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jul 10 12:33:57 EDT 2000

Howard - I don't listen to words - I just listen to the music and the overall effect - each to their own!


Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Mon Jul 10 16:34:29 EDT 2000

Oops, first post not so hot!

Lotsa lomg lines and posted twice,promise to do better.

Anyway, heard Tubbie Williams' new single 'I don't wanna rock, DJ' (yuck!) and blow me if the first 10 seconds or so don't sound exactly like 'Almost Beautiful Child'!

Also, if anyone needs directions or any other info for the Brighton gig, just ask.


Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Tue Jul 11 03:40:31 EDT 2000

Sorry (again). I meanit sounds like 'Almost Beautiful Child (II)'

Big difference!


Nat TakeThat@Party.com Tue Jul 11 05:05:04 EDT 2000

I adore Robbie Williams, sad as I maybe - he's funny and whitty and lovely, fit, sexy oh I could go on, so don't diss the man!!

Nothing wrong with being a little tubbie, more to grab hold of!!

Ahhhhh dreamy dreamy world of the Robster!

Nat x :-)

whinewhineamericanwhine Tue Jul 11 07:37:19 EDT 2000

The words aren't too long..unless 'own' and such are your idea of long words..this page is Very difficult to read properly and I have a Huge screen

..and it's so damn British!!;-)

Nat Tue Jul 11 09:07:11 EDT 2000

Now for something relevant,

I've had a distressing e.mail from a friend of mine in Leeds who is most upset to discover that the venue for the Leeds night of the Julian tour doesn't exist.. 'City Palace Varieties' closed down ages ago apparently!

Does anyone know if this is a typo by Head Heritage or a mistake by the ticket office in Leeds? Anyone going to the Leeds date!!? Who has actually got their ticket!

Nat xx

Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Tue Jul 11 09:42:43 EDT 2000

To you, Nat--


Robbie Williams is BRILLIANT (and I'm a 35 year old married man!)

Let no one tell you otherwise!

Santisan Tue Jul 11 09:46:15 EDT 2000

Muchas Margaritas... buena idea, Ronaldo.

ron na-neu! na-neu!@ork.com Tue Jul 11 10:04:46 EDT 2000

cheers for Mork from Ork! Robin is a comic genius, but rarely shows thru in the congestive roles of moviedom...

he is at his best during spontainious combustion stand-up.

Prompted by a remark on H2H last nite, I watched the Phoneix Fest last nite (aka yellow jock performance) to get to the TOTP 'I gotta walk' performance...

Julian is one wierd MOFO. The vid also had a 2 separate performances of Try, Try, Try, and did I really gain a new appreciation for that song, even though I always enjoyed it, I really enjoyed Julians energitic renditions.

So.... outa the player goes Jehovakill, in goes 20 mothers...

non-whining american,


hello hello Tue Jul 11 18:58:46 EDT 2000


hello hello Tue Jul 11 19:05:17 EDT 2000


(Anonymous) Wed Jul 12 05:13:34 EDT 2000

Dunno what this idea about long words being the problem is, that seems to have sod all to do with it from where I'm sitting, it's just that unless people put in their own line breaks it runs twice the length of my screen. Basically either the font is too big (I don't think so, I like big font) or it needs twice as many line breaks (or alternatively a shrink to fit thingy).

Anyway enough yapping and on to some rabble rousing. For my monies worth (which with my bank balance ain't much) "Followers of Saint Julian" is pretty shite but worth getting for three kick ass tracks - "I've got levitation" (this one in particular), "non-alignment pact" and "umpteenth unnatural blues". The interview is kinda pointless, but a bit of a grin, the rest isn't worth commenting on save to say that the covers from St. Julian are all miles better on the original.

Don't know why but I always liked the Shepherds Bush Empire as a venue, always got a very good vibe there. Plus it's got the main bit standing. And I like the bars in the middle. But another flight from Germany just to see the man. I can't, I can't, I can't ......... d'oh. Anyone know how the ticket sales are going for the London gig? Do I have to a decision soon?

Well enough tat for now, later my lovlies, St.

Nat Mybreathsmellsof100fags@pooh.com Wed Jul 12 05:38:56 EDT 2000

Hoorah for Robbie!! Horrah for the ModfatherRob!

Full version of his new video on CDUK at midnight on Thursday (ITV, HTV, Meridian which ever regional channel you get) apparently couldn't show it all on Saturday morning tv as its a bit horrid.. takes his skin off apparently!! Oooo scary.. blooming censorship laws pants aren't they. Seen him live twice, fantastic.

Marvellous... hmmm

Off to join the Robbie list now... HOORAH.

Nat xx

Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Wed Jul 12 08:22:24 EDT 2000

Quite some time (ie 5 or 6 years) Q magazine had a feature on the origin of band's names, one of which was TE, and they had a pic of the frame from the comic (Daredevil, No.77 ?)that the name was taken from.

Does anyone have a scan of this pic or the original, so I can use it as my desktop wallpaper?

My copy of Q got chucked during a house-move.

BTW, sorry Nat (and other Robbie fans) didn't mean to stir up such feelings about the Robster. FWIW, I don't actually dislike him and I agree about a little excess, that's one reason I luv my wife so much! I've just realised, caliing him 'Tubbie' makes as bad as Liam Gallagher <shudder>! Again, apologies.


I know my feelings well, at least I think I know And I was quite in love, 'cos you told me so.


Pristine mark_silver@cyphergroup.com Wed Jul 12 08:29:17 EDT 2000

Del, isn't the cartoon strip in Head-On/Repossessed? I think I remember seeing it in there. I could see about scanning a copy if you like, assuming we have Repossessed in stock still. Alternatively, if you know the Q issue number, I might have it kicking around at home.


Del sameasbefore Wed Jul 12 08:40:36 EDT 2000


Could be, but I'm so behind with my purchasing that I haven't got Repossessed yet.

I'm hoping it might come out as a seperate book cos I got Head-On first time around. If it is in there is it in colour?

Can't remember the Q issue number. If you could scan it from somewhere I'd be v.grateful!


Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Wed Jul 12 09:46:20 EDT 2000


Big love to you and all who believe in The Ego...anyone who says that "good pop" doesn't exist obviously has NOT heard the "Life Thru A Lens" album...


Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Wed Jul 12 09:47:54 EDT 2000

Cooey, I'm home. Hope everyone is well and happy. Its important to me.

Spent a fine week in Ireland, the republic and the other bit. Didn't see too much trouble, just a few burnt and/or trashed things. Visited many many tombs and stones circles and castles and such and learnt lots and took masses of photos. Unfortunately lost one film with photos of tombs and stones in Wales and a few of Ireland and am very very miserable about this. Please could everyone check under the cushions of their sofas in case its found its way there? Anyone in Ireland please spread the word. Thinking of setting up a lost and found photos web page...

Just learning how to use MacOS, marvelous stuff, though could anyone tell me how to dissassociate a file extension with a particular application? Much gratitude...

Nat: I survived it, did you get my email? See ya sunday, perhaps we could warm up in B&Q? Do you know who is supporting?

Snorer: Nasty, particularly scarery that your daughter could've been hit. See you in the Guildhall?

PaulB: Phew.

Trav: I've figured it out. If I read this in 8pt font then the format is not too wide, unfortunately my eyes can't take it for very long...is it at all possible to change the format of this page oh so slightly? I see the word 'Microsoft' in your code, so I understand if there is a problem....;-) Your archives must be HUGE. When I look at all the postings I have to read through after only a week it is scarey how much you must have collected. Perhaps

Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Wed Jul 12 11:11:54 EDT 2000

Hey Trav, Yeah, I'm enjoying FG3 very much.


PaulB ss@arc23.com Wed Jul 12 11:27:56 EDT 2000

Snorer: I assure you, Screaming Secrets didn't take out that contract on you ;-)

Izzy: You've *still* lost me. Please send diagram.



Izzy: Mail me with Mac problem and I'll sort it for you

Nat Hoorah I Rock.com Thu Jul 13 04:51:28 EDT 2000

Izzy - Welcome back.... B &Q Sunday would be grand, fancy coming back to ours for tea? and then we could head off OR...

we could go to B &Q and then into town for some grub and a swift half before they start!

Let me know what time (Is love - ooeee ooeeee take the beat back... )(Or is that two differnt KLF songs? hmm ) Either my telephone or e.mail!!

Maybe Robbie will be in support!! I hope so...

Nat xx

(Anonymous) Thu Jul 13 06:48:55 EDT 2000

Maybe it's time for "Robbie joins the JAMS"

Markbov wabbada wabbada Thu Jul 13 12:09:11 EDT 2000

Oooo blimey, I'm away for a week and a half, and Rail On gets twice as big, not only vertically but horizontally as well.

And also in the third plane sticking out of the screen in a weird kind of way too....

Had a wonderful time last week - took my American matey, Maiko, to Stonehenge which we both thought was completely ruined, but had lots of fun laughing at the bloke's accent on the little telephones they give you to walk round with. Then went to Avebury and both completely freaked out. I always end up running around and dribbling when I go there, but Maiko started doing the same before I'd even started this time. Great fun.

Then went up the the Lake District and spent a great morning at Castlerigg circle going "oooooooo" a lot at the views all round.

So now it's time to look for a new job. Oh arse. Gonna move to Brighton though, well excited about that bit.

Have got my tickets for the Brighton show and the Shepherd's Bush one, is anyone going to either of these?

I always thought it was "I stormed out of the culture bunker" rather than "I rather stoned out". Am I'm STILL conviced he's saying "Since I lost my HAIR, it's alright" too.

Finally finished Lord of the Rings last night, and now I can't put Battle of the Trees down. What a fuckin' (scuse me) excellent book!

Lots and love and stuff,



izzy Thu Jul 13 12:48:40 EDT 2000

Hi M'bov, congrats on surviving your job til the end of contract - enjoy your freedom! You just reminded me of just about the coolest thing that happened during my time away (apart from being given a Mac laptop absolutely free - or maybe even cooler than that) on the way home we were flying along the M4, when I looked out and we were flying over Avebury! I few minutes before we had spotted Clifton Suspension Bridge and I didn't think it could get much better and then to see this gurt henge with houses in...!

Nat, fancy going to the Brighton gig? See you for a great late veggie breakfast in DiscoBiscuit...

PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu Jul 13 18:56:44 EDT 2000

Izzy: Solution in the email. Try not to blow up yer Mac ;-)

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Jul 14 04:11:26 EDT 2000

Thanks for that Paul. I applied it all over and it seems to be working. The nurses are even starting to look at me now and they say that the duty doc may pop in at lunchtime and there's hope for an early release. As for my mac, the imp in the next bed already saw to that and the last I heard it was bobbing around the ceiling of ward F4. Lets hope it doesn't rain the day they let me out...

colin c.richardson-webb@altavista.net Fri Jul 14 05:58:29 EDT 2000

need help in locating early mercury singles and videos

anyone out there ??

Nat Brighton Rock.com Fri Jul 14 06:37:25 EDT 2000

Izz - Love to do Brighton!! Can probably get us somewhere to stay over too if you fancied it! Are we talking Iron Age Shazzer too?

Talk about it this weekend, unless you wanted to get tickets Right Now!!!

What about Sunday what time shall we B &Q it!! Goblets for pre-show drinkies?

Let me know... I'm around all weekend, except for Saturday morning, having me hair cut and then going to the art exhibition in the Guildhall... hmmm woman in the Local Paper said it contained 'Sheer filth and porn and the artists should be arrested under the obscenitis law!!' looks like my kind of show!!!! Filth is my middle name!!

See you soon Izz...

nat xx

(Anonymous) Sun Jul 16 16:15:52 EDT 2000

why does nobody post anything at the weekend ??

Are you all posting at work ??


Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Sun Jul 16 19:43:29 EDT 2000


I only speak for myself but I only have access at work, between hours of 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday. Because I'm in the Southern Hemisphere when I'm on nearly everybody else is asleep.

So you are not alone in being alone...


Mothra Sun Jul 16 19:48:53 EDT 2000

My brain is in another hemisphere, I am always awake at night!

Izzy izzy@sadandlonely.com Mon Jul 17 04:33:09 EDT 2000

I post at work, which also means the weekend, but because noone else seemed to be around I didn't this weekend.

Good night last night Nat, did you get home OK? They came back on stage just after you left while the lights were all on, absolutely unprecedented. My Cope 2000 flyer survived the cycle home, I've got a frame for it and am going to hang it over my bed for much giggles of an evening.

So here's a question for the list. You have two camps to choose from:

Which one do you choose?

(I have a feeling I'm going to be quite lonely in mine)



St. Mon Jul 17 05:20:23 EDT 2000

Don't worry Izzy, you won't be completely on your tod, there's at least one other person that would be happy to mooch round your REM free zone. Not TOO much Robbie Williams though... S.

Morfe Mon Jul 17 08:27:13 EDT 2000

Doesn't REM stand for Repetitive Ear Maceration?

ron Mon Jul 17 10:44:37 EDT 2000

I dunno, REM doesn't disgust me, but I also don't have any of their cd's.... better, would be a U2 free zone, for which I would gladly sign up for.

Brighton rocks? hmmm, looks like a sit down venue, and not many hotels near Sussex Uni. that I can find on the 'net, Is So'ton gig sit down also? Having a moral delima as there are cheap fares to Miami... or attempt the UK thang... got this killer tan going from Mexico, and a Flordia trip would touch it up nicely for the winter. Any chance of 'catchin some rays' on the south coast of Briton in October? Any news on the set Julian will be doing?... would it be better to wait til he does a gig with Donn-eye, and Moon-eye?...

Was on the Screaming Secrets chat this weekend with PaulB ;o)

Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Mon Jul 17 11:39:06 EDT 2000

Morfe - on NMTB not long ago, Mark Lamarr said REM got their name from a reaction to sleep (Rapid Eye Movement) but sleep got it's name from a reaction to REM!

Izzy - sounds fine, but can't I listen to 'Losing My Religion' just occasionally?

Ron - you may find that the Uni. rents out a few rooms during the vac., otherwise I can offer a lift back into Brighton.

And I agree about U2.


Del as below Mon Jul 17 15:47:10 EDT 2000

Oops, the gig isn't in the vac is it?! Still, the offer of a lift still holds (room for two more if anyone finds they're stuck)


Roger W rogerwood2@beeb.net Mon Jul 17 19:22:53 EDT 2000

Does anyone know the origin of the expression "Badgers, badgers - we don't need no stinking badgers"?

I think it got used in the dialogue of a Cheech &Chong film from around the late '70s, but I've a notion that wasn't the first time it was used and that the original quote might go back even further.

Sorry if you've been singing it as badges all these years....it's definitely badgers!

Roger W

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Mon Jul 17 19:48:38 EDT 2000

Roger: It's actually a well known quote from the film 'Treasure Of The Seirra Madre' starring Humphrey "Mr Happy" Bogart.

The scene has Humph and chums under seige from some dubious Mexicans who claim to be officers of the law (or somesuch). When they ask for their badges, the Mex types reply: "Badges? Badges! We don' need no steenkin badges!!". Then a big gun fight erupts and the Mexicans run away.

Unfortunately, Bogie later goes mad and gets mugged (terminally) by the same cheery Mexicans. Brilliant stuff.


Steenkin Secrets - The Big Bogie Magazine

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Mon Jul 17 23:08:07 EDT 2000

How interesting about the stinking badges.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre is one of my favourite all time films but I dont recall that line being used, although I do recall the incident. Have to watch that again.

Cope does seem to be able to incorporate so many minor elements of popular culture into his lyrics. Jelly Pop is another example - if someone who didnt know Cope was listening to that they would assume he was talking about a girl.

Izzy flygirl@antday.com Tue Jul 18 03:56:27 EDT 2000

Yeah, I'm winning, Natty gets to buy the ice-creams at the Guildhall! Yep, its a sitting gig, but as Nat and Ginger pointed out if its "100 minutes of rock and roll memories" (or whatever it says on the gorgeous flyer) then would you really want to be standing up? The only problem is nipping off to the bog - it'll be so obvious.

Nat, you there? Please let me know you got home safely!

Ron - forget the tan, they're way out of fashion now. You won't get one in So'ton in October because that's our rainy season - just when the freshers arrive in fact. And that's cool because we all look wan and pale and sickly. I've never really made my mind up about U2 except that I know I hate the Joshua Tree era, but then there's been some interesting stuff more recently....

And Del you certainly may NOT listen to loosing my religion, I feel compelled to use a rather strong word here, like um tedium or dross. And now I feel I have to appologise to anyone I may have offended. Sorry. (very english that)

Oh its badges is it? Silly me, always the rude connotation on things...ahem (appologies to any members of my family who may be listening in)

St. Tue Jul 18 07:28:47 EDT 2000

Right enough about "badges, badges we don't need no steenkin badges" coming from Treasure of the Sierra Madre opriginally, but just to be doubly pendantic, I'd say that it was brought into popular culture in the movie Blazing Saddles which spoofed up the scene from the original. God, I must have better things to do with my time - St.

Nat Stipe@genius.com Tue Jul 18 07:31:42 EDT 2000

Got home fine!! Had to stand at the bus stop for ages with a group of Youfs singing 'Craig David' Records!! 'Ain't yer Wayne got a great voice Sharon... he could be famous like Craig' (re-enactment there of the conversation!) Infact he sounded like a strangled cat!!! (Craig comes from Southampton everyone loves him!! Local boy and all that...Pants More like, UK Garage - U WOT, getting to old!)

As for REM - Might cause a few arguments here but Michael Stipe to me is a lyrical genius - along with Shane McGowan both are just fantastic poets, songwriters.

'My shoes are worn my life is spent' could keep going but I won't.

REM my fav band. Can't put a foot wrong in my book.

Can't think what to play put on REM... ahhhhh

Anyway thats my rant....Oh the Eels were fabulous...

I'm also glad that Julian is seated - 100 minutes of him ranting on about Children, S Club 7 and Cheese phew... might even have a kip!! (only joking there!!!)

Izzy Beer this weekend - with the Iron Age one!?

Nat xx

nat Njt@purpleturtle.com Tue Jul 18 07:40:15 EDT 2000

Whoops sorry there!!

Anyone on to a serious matter does anyone out there know anything about a religious group going under the name of 'The Children of Light'... they are currently recruiting in Southampton and are targetting some of our vulnerable residents.

usually those 18 or under... can anyone help with details about them - can't find anything on the Internet, but I maybe looking under the wrong thing.

We would be grateful here at the Office, if anyone knows... please e.mail me at the above address!


Nat x

Pristine mark_silver@cyphergroup.com Who knows? Tue Jul 18 07:55:02 EDT 2000

Thank God someone is sticking up for REM!

Great band.

Bit strange the kids singing Craig David songs. Pretty hard to sing I reckon.....there seem to be enough lyrics in each line for three songs. Not my kind of stuff but I reckon there's some talent there. Isn't he only 19 or something? Mind you he can grow a beard better than I can...


Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Tue Jul 18 08:13:27 EDT 2000

Izzy, I'm travelling to Ireland in 2 weeks. Can you tell me where can i see tombs and interesting stones over there?

I promise I'll search for your film under the stones ;-).



ron drude@mounet.com Tue Jul 18 08:45:20 EDT 2000

Big thanks on the offer Del, be carefull, cause I might just take you up on it... and I don't care what mom says, taking rides from strangers IS fun.

yeeoouuch, no sun worshiping in October? jeez, with a semi-tan, and phony American accent I'll stick out like a sore thumb. Hope the locals don't try to stone me... well, maybe just a little;o)

wierdo christian cults? never heard of that particular one, but they do tend to be very similar, with a few new wrinkles. If you know of someone caught up in one, do everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, you can to get them out, I don't know of anyone that has every had a happy ending in one of those things. For some apparent reason, most 'cults' are self-destructive with borderline suicidal tendancies... well at least here in the US.

Headed to Texas this weekend, If you would like a postcard, e me the addy, and I'll see what I can do... dear sweet Nat, sorry for not sending you one from Mexico, you just can't imagine how totally drunk I stayed the entire time...

ron Tue Jul 18 09:10:52 EDT 2000

hey Nat,

are these the cats?


look pretty well organized, and pretty heavy line of crap...

they are outa NYC apparently. if these are them, I have some biker friends up there that may be able to get futher info...

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jul 18 10:03:00 EDT 2000

Life's Rich Pageant is still one of my all time favourite albums, I haven't listened to it for a while though. Perhaps I'll give it another spin. REMs latest stuff is a bit repetitive in my mind, but their early stuff is incredible.

Nat Tue Jul 18 10:59:56 EDT 2000

Ta for that Mark &Ron, I'll try the NYC e.mail address now...

Nutters probably, but you can't be too careful.

If I see them I shall kick them in the shins!!

Bit scarey really... wooo

It's blooming cold here in October - bring your woolly hat and gloves.. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Good to hear from you Monsieur Silver - Hows Gerard?

Nat x

Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Tue Jul 18 11:16:36 EDT 2000

REM. Yes.

Former REM drummer Bill Berry's wife Mary gave me a hug once, so even if I hated their music, I'd vote for playing them.

Monsieur Silver lightsonbutnoone@home.com Tue Jul 18 11:57:55 EDT 2000

Well it's good to be here Nat.

Gerard is feeling alot better. The rash is clearing up and he should be back to his brass rubbing collecting soon enough. Teach him to wear knitted underwear...

Oh yeah, one of our Reps has a few problems with his laptop. He's stuck in a carpark in Southampton...you couldn't help him out could you?

Cheerio...best be off.


Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Tue Jul 18 13:53:26 EDT 2000

Ron - It'd be no problem. I live in central Brighton, so I'd be driving anyway. Normally I'd use the train or bus, but they both have to go through some of Brighton's less salubrious areas, and don't intend to risk it.The train was shot at a little while ago.

Izzy/Nat - Have I understood right? This tour is Julian on his own, having a chat and no music?


I had to seal the ventilation shaft, now I'm dancing on my own.

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Jul 18 16:58:32 EDT 2000

Hey All...it's been awhile but here are some Random bits of little or no true import:

REM...errrumm..I'm with Andrew on this..their early stuff is far more intersting to me..or maybe it was just how it connected with me at the time.A Yes or Yay,but I think Stipey may take hisself a bit too seriously at times

Now Shane...genuis indeed

There..that oughtta earn me some Nat points:-)

Children of Light..yes,another sham psedo-religioius group..they tend to hit campuses and other places where young confused kids gather.Avoid...or kick in the shins as you see fit.

Rail On list..well the scroll bar at the bottom helps to read across,but something just isn't right about the layout..a bit of a pain to read,truth be told..though the font is certainly big enough..sorry Trav

More line breaks /shorter lines would help

Off to Boston in a week to see Einsturzende Neubauten..ooh

Anyone need any baked beans or attitide?

And lastly,but by no means least;Julian...hopped up from hearing the samples while reading Verian's very fun journals a few weeks back,I went to HH and got both FG3 and Rite.Only took a week to arrive ,so another thumbs up to the cats and kittens there.

FG3 is enjoyable,but a bit disappointing.The idea and the heart behind it are right on though.It could grow on me more though..heck,I'll give it another spin now.

Rite,I lurve..very very very enjoyable.My fave so far of Julian's space/kraut/whatever work..granted I only have QE and Odin,both of which I like..Odin moreso,but Rite is a real treat.

Hope all are well..nice seeing the place so hopping



Steven Tue Jul 18 17:14:56 EDT 2000

I thought I had taken enough line breaks, but I'm clear off the page on some of it

Sorry folks

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine/ Tue Jul 18 17:17:49 EDT 2000

Hello folks,

Sometimes I ask the strangest things, however, here goes. I'm writing a piece of non-fiction about public toilets and would love (well sort of) to hear of any tales that anybody might care to share. If included in the final piece credit will of course be given. Perhaps you met Copey in the toilets! Below are a couple of excerpts to give some idea of what its all about.

Excerpt 1:

There was one quite fine toilet in Oxfordshire in a pub just down the road from where my brother lived. It was a small toilet with a high cistern. Nothing particularly special about that but this particular cistern was made of glass and housed goldfish. It had plants, rocks, the whole lot even a plastic deep-sea diver. When the toilet was flushed the water level dropped and the goldfish, who where obviously used to it by now, just carried on as normal. The tank would fill and they would be back to normal. What felt particularly strange about this toilet, apart from the fact it had goldfish in the cistern, was the need to hang about and wait for the cistern to fill before leaving. And if the truth be told, people tended to have a second flush so they could watch it again. I can't see that happening in any other toilet anywhere.

Excerpt 2:

Only a few months ago we went to a comedy club called 'The Glee Club' in Birmingham. There where 4 comedians on and it was inadvisable to go to the toilets whilst they where performing so in the 15 minute interval between acts there was a mad rush. The men's toilets consisted of a long trough down one wall and two cubicles by the door. The men where 3 deep at the trough, as one satisfied customer fought his way out another shuffled in to take his place. The cubicles had been hijacked by women, which was in itself a little odd. What was odder was the woman who came in, found the cubicles where being used and decided to use the trough. I have rarely seen anything stranger than this woman pulling down her knickers, hitching up her skirt at the back and, with back to the trough, trying to aim into it.

Drop me an e-mail with any tales you have to tell at verian@safesurfer.co.uk

Many thanks


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Jul 18 17:41:19 EDT 2000

Toilets - are what joy!

Once upon a time at the tale end of my schooldays I was persuaded to enter into the spirit of all things classic and theatrical - Orpheus in the Underworld - I played the wonderful part of Jupiter and had to where a skirt and tights, not just one pair but about three.

On the third night of the performance, by which time I knew the lines off pat, we decided to enter into a little fun and games. We started off at the curry house as there was to be a lot of frolics on stage with all that kissing stuff (yuck! they were all Gods and Goddesses though!) I drank rather a lot, nothing new there, and we continued the drinking back stage - We all managed to put all our costumes on, but each others, back to front etc etc. I ended up with about 6 pairs of tights on and a couple of skirts and makeup everywhere.

Anyway about 2/3's into the performance I started to come over a little queer, if you know what I mean, and by the end of Act 4 or something I was in Dire Straits. I rushed to the nearest toilet and went direct to a cubicle, did not pass go, hitched me skirt up, pulled me tights down, or so I though and just about sat down and >>>>D>>><><.,c.,d.,.,d.x.,..,.,.,.,. what a mess!

But unfortunately I had not managed to get all my pairs of tights down and there was shit running down everywhere and smeared all over. The tights had acted a like a tea strainer and ....d..d..e.euch!

Just then I was recalled to the stage urgently as the other members of the cast were fed up ad libbing etc - I pulled as much as I could up around me waist- unravelled me skirt and went back on for the final act.

The final act was quite a romantic bit with a lot of canoodling with the goddesses etc. you can imagine!

and I got a standing ovation!


nobsongs rob@elwes.clara.co.uk Tue Jul 18 17:48:31 EDT 2000

Some kay-razy person's flogging their Copeulation vid on ebay Item #381351566 UK PAL version. So if your doggy eats it, he won't get indie-gestion. Closes 20/7 before 9am!!

Me? I've already got my Copeulation vid and could never part with it. Never. Those early Teardrop vids, with the running around building sites still make me chuckle out loud.

N of NE.

Roger W rogerwood2@beeb.net Tue Jul 18 17:51:46 EDT 2000

Ron (see below) just mentioned wierdo-Christian cults as having a propensity towards Suicidal Tendencies. All I can say (after hearing their '99 LP "Freedumb") is that if that's the sort of music they're into, no wonder they're screwed up.

Thanks, PaulB, for the answer to my question. OK, so I was wrong about it being badgers. I've got to admit, though, I'm running out of guesses on what Izzy could've thought the word was, if it wasn't badges.

As for REM, I go along with Mark Lemarr.

Roger W

Mothra Tue Jul 18 18:53:33 EDT 2000

There are some even weirder and scarier Odinist cults around.

Check out my report on U-Know at HH. It's not keeping me awake worrying, but I really don't like the thought of sharing this planet with those people (if you can call them that?!)

Bee Blessed X

Oh, Shrimp... you've put me off my lovely cup of tea I had planned...

And Verian, I too have visited said Glee Club, it's true, the minimalist piss and shite facilities cause a plethora of human social behaviour that is best studied in hindsight.

What ARE you on?

Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Tue Jul 18 19:21:42 EDT 2000

Xtra-wide Rail-onners!

Hello, I've been quiet for a long time. Hello! [smiles blandly]

Anyway - just thought y'all might like to know that Julian has completed his Q&A session - and you can get straight to it from the HH homepage - Drudical Q&A. It's pretty mighty and it should put *everything* into perspective. It has for me: last night I dreamt of Odin.

See ya there!



Mothra Tue Jul 18 20:44:41 EDT 2000

My Gods, questions, answers, there's gonna be some talkin' after what I've just read, FANTASTIC!

must go back to HH, catch you natterers later!

Julian you ARE A HERO! I make no bones about it...

ron Tue Jul 18 22:11:38 EDT 2000

'head'y stuff indeed (HH Q&A that is)... oops, past my bed time...

The SnorerExplorer Wed Jul 19 08:14:37 EDT 2000

Hi everyone,I'm back and fit and reday to go!!The guy who shot me has been charged with ABH and will be in court this week(and my new bulletproof florescent vest is just dandy .

Just been looking at the Q&A over at HH.Phew!I only skimmed through it and it took 45 mins.It is absolutely ROCK.

Back soon

Love you all

PaulB Wed Jul 19 15:49:54 EDT 2000

Well, I've taken the time to read the HH Q&Amp;A and it certainly is an intriguing read. Loved Mr Mojo's 1001 questions about the Fat Lizhad (aka Jim Morrison) and the fact that my calling him "fat dead guy in a bathtub" (after Dennis Leary) made him blub. Hee hee!

No credit for moi regarding Alan Gill (again). I could get pretty annoyed at this. But hey-ho.... Look at Record Collector - they couldn't even get the Copey online auction credited right. When I do that Dalek I thing, I'm sure future "researchers" will conveniently forget where the info came from. Why do you think I'm sitting on LiveArc at the moment?

Justice at last regarding the Suffocate/Log Cabin fiasco!

Markybov: You have some serious issues to deal with re: "drugs".

Lots of interesting stuff in there though, especially as I'd kind of lost interest in the HH site. I was going to plough through the H2H archives but gave up. Rail On is more of a laugh and the Screaming Secrets Copeuniation (although expanding slowly) throws up more surprises.

questions and answers Wed Jul 19 18:52:41 EDT 2000

[Someone pasted here most or all of the "Julian's Q&Amp;A" content from the Head Heritage site. To see this ultra-cool content in its original, much more readable format, check it out (under "Story of the Drude") at: Head Heritage -- Trav]

PaulB Wed Jul 19 19:07:09 EDT 2000

Well, there's a poor sod who's yet to learn what "redundancy" means ;-)


Mothra morfe@purpleturtle.com Wed Jul 19 19:21:10 EDT 2000


In a similar vein, that's my contribution.

Here's a true story I just made up:

more to follow ;-]

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Wed Jul 19 19:32:34 EDT 2000

Wouldn't it be weird if Snorer's assailant had been listening to say, Autogeddon. Perhaps he thought he had a good plan, aimed for snorer as the main man, although perhaps he should have got a hit man in for the job, and definitely should have laid low.

Easy for us to laugh, especially those of us who have never been shot. I've only once had to look down the barrel of a high powered weapon - and that was in Belfast in July 98. What scared me more than the weapon was the absolute fear evident in the face of the very young British soldier's face. He should have been in first year of university or just starting a career, rather than patrolling the miserable and dangerous streets of Belfast.

I too was impressed with the Q & A on Head Heritage. Definitely worth printing out and disseminating. As for Jimbo Morrison I doubt that he'll be turning in his (alleged?) grave because some people think of his excesses (fat etc) more than the obvious genius of his work. A true shaman wouldn't give a rat's arse what others think of him. No sacred cows. Cope makes a very good point about the shallowness of hating "famous" type performers like Morrison. I guess the test here is: Imagine if The Doors never made it big, and you came across their obscure records at a second-hand shop. You might take them home, put on songs like The End, Break on Through, Roadhouse Blues, People Are Strange etc etc. You would think they were great! Perhaps we do sometimes dismiss the obvious and the over-stated artists, Cope refers to The Beatles in the same context in Repossessed.

See youse all.

And REM for me is merely evidence of sleep rather than a cause of sleep. I saw in an unauthorised video biography of the depicable Courtney Love that Stipe was another of her victims...

Mothra Wed Jul 19 20:04:38 EDT 2000

I got shot with an air gun, my last day at school, I was setting of an Air-Bomb (the firework, not a fart, you rude people), I got robbed at morning break by so-called classmates, then shot by one of my best friends in the back. He looked at me and then ran off. Weird? I was such a quiet kid as well, maybe that was it...

Unscarred, yet mystified by the cruelty of school...

UK colloquialism- 'Launch an air-biscuit' verb. Definition: to break wind, esp. the noxious silent and heavy-type sneaky-leakys.

Just in case I ever use the term, which I won't.

PaulB Wed Jul 19 20:37:00 EDT 2000

Personally, I didn't get Copey's point at all. A lot of the artists he talks about sound intriguing and interesting. I just don't get the Doors fixation at all. I'l admit when 'Light My Fire' is edited down from the 3 hour dry-wank muso version it sounds quite good. But.. I think Waynes World II kind of covered Jim's big fat ass in the best possible way.

ron drude@mounet Wed Jul 19 20:54:35 EDT 2000

I feel your pain Paul, as my single question was left out as well...

Upon reflection, I believe he answered my question by his lack of an answer.

I guess he felt more comfortable answering the standard boxer or briefs type, and yeah, anything to do with mrmojorisn makes me yak (a US term for vomit), as he clearly has no clue what the Doors were about, his simplistic TOTP mentality and analysis of Morrison misses the mark totally.

I don't think we'll be seeing a 'Supernatural' (ala Carlos Santana) release from Julian and all his closest music industry friends any time soon... does he like totally slag off everyone that has ever crossed his path?

Definitely rethinking attending the gigs.

(Anonymous) Thu Jul 20 00:16:04 EDT 2000

1982 in Nebraska USA, a full size replica of Stonehenge made entirely of automobiles was built. It was called Carhenge.

Believe it or not!

Duck Call Thu Jul 20 06:12:03 EDT 2000

So hang on...

It's OK to like the Doors so long as you don't like them for the reasons that Mr Mojo Risin' likes them?

What kind of snobbery is THAT?

The SnorerExplorer Thu Jul 20 07:38:22 EDT 2000

Mr MojoRisin

Don't let 'em get to you-if you want to be into Jimbo and The Doors then carry on.It doesn't matter what people think of your tastes as long as you dig it.There are loads of bands that have been mentioned on Rail On recently that I can't stand,but I don't feel the need to carp on about it.So what if you've been totally consumed by your love of The Doors....same thing happened to me 1984-88.It caused me to cahnge the way I dressed,thought,and acted.

It made me change the songs I wrote for my band,from garage punk to pysch-garage punk.My trip was so real to me thatI split the band up the day before my 27th birthday(Jimbo being 27 when he died)-we played our last gig that night-full of long pauses,extended intros etc.It was a magical occassion.

Some might laugh at all the above-how many of you have changed attitudes,style of clothes etc because of Julian?Maybe more of you than care to admit it.

Sorry this has gone on a bit but I don't want to see this descend into a "your faves are shit-mine are better" page.There is enough of that in the music press each week.

Ignorance of your culture is not cool.Celebrate our differences and let's move forward.

Love .

ron Thu Jul 20 10:18:48 EDT 2000

my sincere appologies, no longer will I dis' anyone that has seen the Doors movie, thought Val Kilmer was cute as Jim, owns the original movie soundtrack, and considers themselves 'resident expert' on the Doors.

Point of Order: I grew up in the desert Southwest, I saw the dead Indians on the hiway, don't tell me about MY fucking culture.

The SnorerExplorer Thu Jul 20 10:44:07 EDT 2000

Hey Ron,

Chill out.There's no need to get so uptight just because someone thinks of the Doors in a different way to you.Kilmer looked sexy as Morrison but the film was still crap.I don't think anyone claimed to be a "resident expert" either.

You grew up in the desert and saw dead Indians...that doesn't mean that only you can dig Jimbo's poetry.It is universal-as all good things should be.

Finally,I wasn't trying to tell you about your "fucking culture".It is a quote from The Residents(an American beat-group I believe).

I used it as a way of saying people should not slag off each other just because they have a different view of a band to some one else.

Maybe it was a badly thought out use of it but my point still stands.The Doors are part of our culture-ROCK AND ROLL CULTURE.

You like the Doors in your way- Mr Mojo Risin likes them in his-surely the important thing is that you BOTH like them?


St. Thu Jul 20 11:26:11 EDT 2000

I read a few of MojoRisin entries in H2H and he came across as a seriously self opinionated, mysognistic, homophobic no mark, with no tolerance of anyone elses taste in music but his own. All high irony I'm sure, but it sure didn't come across that way. Couple with that his totally sycophancy and harping about the Doors (for fucks sake it's a cope site) and I'm not surprised that people got pissed of with his attitude. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've all got our right to our own taste in music, but if your gonna shove down everybodys throat in an insulting and aggresive manner don't be surprised if people bite back.

As for the Jimbo debate (shouldn't that be The Doors anyway, it wasn't all down to Mr. Morrison), I'm kinda on the fence, some moments of genius, lot good stuff, but I couldn't listen to more than one of their albums, back to back, without it getting on my nerves. Give me Van anyday of the week.

Ah well, that's my two pfennigs worth, St.

brian warren Thu Jul 20 12:14:11 EDT 2000

hey trav I was kinda curious, have you ever sent copies of the tribute albums to head heratige? Just curious?

Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Thu Jul 20 12:19:55 EDT 2000


I just wanted to make a small personal statement here.

I've now finished reading through Julian's Q&Amp;A on this discussion board and I would like to thank him for something he said.

In his description of his love for Dorian, he put in to words what I only wished I could to describe my love for my angel... As simple as "loving her is the easiest thing in the world"--simplistic to some but right on to me. That entire paragraph has moved me deeply.

Thank you Julian.

God bless.

The Keeper

mikmakmok mikmakmok_2000@yahoo.com Thu Jul 20 14:46:14 EDT 2000

re headheritage competition

looks like king of chaos did just that

i really wanted to win

(Anonymous) Thu Jul 20 16:19:23 EDT 2000

this is Julian Cope : writing a book about sites dated thousands of years ago and then talking about forward thinking mofos...

Mothra morfe@purpleturtle.com Thu Jul 20 20:20:05 EDT 2000

Any forward thinking mofo would realise that a greater understanding of our cultural and spiritual history REMOVED from today's headlong and slavering craving for material goods, would begin to give us a more BALANCED view of humanity. A little thought would reveal this paradox:

Progress is civilization. Civilization is organised society. Advanced civilization is often considered to mean great builders and scientists. History shows that progress is not a linear upward surge of improvement, yet a cyclical procession of peaks and troughs. Spirtuality/Earth worship, and then Materialism/Patriarchal dominance/war.

If we have nothing to learn from history, then we may as wellgive ourselves over to cynical progress until we become fat bloated consumers with no opinions or feelings. Native American culture is another case in point, it is still alive in a macerated form, yet their HISTORY teaches us beautiful things. Mr?Miss Cynic, please read The Education Of Little Tree by Forrest Carter, and then tell me that history is backward thinking?!! Should you care.

Right, thats my tuppence for tonight. At least Q&Amp;a HAS GOT THE BALL ROLLING!

Bee Blest

Malachy lho63@hotmail.com Thu Jul 20 21:46:42 EDT 2000

Only a very backward thinking (and gutless) mo-fo would post anonymously (Anon E-MOUSE) a pathetic slagoff.

I remember a guy once telling me he had nothing to learn from history - he then went back to his racing form guide (history of horse's performances).

I'm from a country that is still seriously in denial about its past (or at least the government is) and with way too much anti-historical anti-intellectualism. Anon E-MOUSE would be right at home in some parts. I could show him/her places where no-one is interested in the past, only in where they're gonna get their next heroin deal or bottle of metho. That's REAL forward thinking...

Thanks to Mothra for an articulate reply.

St. Fri Jul 21 05:21:45 EDT 2000

So eventually the great tour question has been answered

No tours of the States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada (cuz he don't like flying). The good news for us mainlanders is he "shall be playing in Sweden in the future, and all up and down the European seaboard to the Iberian Peninsula". Hmmm, I'll believe it when I see it.

"If you know your history, Then you would know where you coming from", as another forward thinking musical MoFo once put it.

Talking about history I thought some of you might find this interesting, from the Guardian's notes and queries section, the question was - "Does the human race have a future longer than its past?"

This was a replay to a former answer - "Russell Hughes (Notes & Queries, July 13) claims that because Homo sapiens sapiens emerged around 150,000 years ago, humanity has only just embarked on the four million years of existence that represents the "allotted span" of all mammalian species. But Homo sapiens is merely a sub-species - the latest - of the much larger Homo family, whose origins stretch back to the emergence of Homo habilis , around two million years ago. Further, Homo habilis itself evolved from other human-like precursors: australo-pithecus afarensis and australo-pithecus africanus , which emerged around four million years ago.

The conclusion, therefore, is that the human species is already at least halfway through its "allotted span", and may even be reaching the end of it, in the much-discussed "sixth extinction" of which many biologists consider we are the proximate cause."

Love on y'all, St.

Morfe Fri Jul 21 09:29:31 EDT 2000

Hmmmm. At the rate we're going I think 'borrowed time' is a phrase we'll have to get used to!

"So what lies ahead for the human race? How will our bodies respond to changes in the environment?

What will man look like in the year 2000? With the help of science, perhaps we can answer that question.

Study of prehistoric remains show clearly that man's arms are getting shorter. There was a time many years ago when prehistoric man picked berries from tall trees, and walked with his long arms dragging on the ground behind him. Today our arms aren't nearly as long, fitting comfortably into our trouser pockets...

Unlike our arms, HANDS have become busier. Man has entered the computer age, and our ten fingers work flat out to operate the growing keyboards that larger computers demand. The fingers of the future will be shorter, perhaps with only one joint, but there will be lots more of them. Perhaps as many as ten on each hand.

Old fashioned speech will be as redundant as the caveman's spear. Instead we will have developed RADAR EARS looking more like satellite dishes than the ears we see today. And our poor eyesight will be unheard of. Man will be using INFRA RED VISION. 'Remote control' eyes will send out an invisible beam- similar to the TV controls we use today-and high quality 'flat screen' TV pictures will be produced inside your head, complete with Ceefax..."

Extract from 'Viz,The Sausage Sandwich' John Brown publishing 1991

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri Jul 21 13:18:57 EDT 2000

Crumbs, what a week! Its been blazing here in Southampton, like the Med it is. And I get to sit in infront of this computer all day. Still, I am developing a rather impressive wan-ness, which can't be bad.

Santisan - I'll try to sort out a list this weekend. We visited loads of places in the North-East. I'm going to write a breif summary with photos soon anyway...but that may be too late for you. Where/when are you travelling and how?

Del - no its not 100 mins of talking. When I remember I bring the flier in and scan it you'll get a better picture. Sounds like it'll be plenty of music with the usual chat in between times. Don't fret petal, you know you want to go.

Roger - it may be a colloquialism but its rather vulgar - think of the first letter of that word.

Chrissie! Hello! (I will feel forever sorry for not being enthusiastic enough at the Fire Station)

Snorer - welcome back! - are you coming to the Guildhall, fancy a beer b4? We can compare scars (another favourite passtime).

Anyone off to the Green Gathering next week? I'm having wierd dreams about it...

Nat, beer, hair dye....

Rob Ross modfatherrob@yahoo.com Fri Jul 21 13:39:11 EDT 2000

Hey Trav--

I'm a paranoiac--did you get the tape?!


Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Fri Jul 21 15:27:28 EDT 2000

Izzy - you're damn right I want to go! I'm 31 yo and thanks to circumstances at the time of other tours such as no money, no car, no gigs near me etc., this is going to be my first Julian gig. That's why I want to make sure there's some music!

Morfe - how gullible am I! It wasn't until I got to the bit about ten fingers on each hand I thought it was a bit suss. I thought it might have been a scientific research paper from the 1900s!



Morfe Fri Jul 21 16:33:58 EDT 2000


TracyToo tairey@telia.co.uk Fri Jul 21 17:42:47 EDT 2000

Sounding a bit sad I know... but I'd realy like to go to a couple a Julian's gigs and don't really want to go alone... went to Cornucopea and had to drag along a Julian novice/virgin. They were kinda put off by Coil! Would like to know if anyone would agree to meet up with me. I live in Bristol so any or all of the Southampton/Salisbury/Reading/London gigs would be cool. Anywhere else would certainly be considered too. It's 22.40 GMT. Please change the size of these pages Russ. I've only got a little laptop.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Jul 21 18:50:03 EDT 2000

So no more band tours - do I care? well no actually. I do not really care to see a man in his 40's prancing around and preening and showing his cute arse as if he is a cross between Iggy and Jim.

I'll stick to the memories thank you.


Tracy2 - you are never alone going to a Cope gig.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jul 21 19:33:56 EDT 2000

An idea:

If music companies are fearing mp3 because it's so easily for the "common man" to download, then why don't they get clever? They should create programs or devices which work ONLY on the CD-audio (redbook) format. The mp3 format would not be supported. So, in order to get the cool features, the person would have to have huge, non-download-friendly files.

So, in order to pirate the music, someone would either have to exchange CDs with a small group of people (lame), waiting months or years until a desired album on bootleg gets in your clutches [like trying to find a Droolian CD]. Or, you would have to get a cable modem, download the WAV files from a rapidly dwindling number of mp3 sites. [mp3 is going the way of the 486s]. It would be hard and inconvenient to pirate, so you'd end up just going and buying the album. And that is what the record companies want. [it makes sense]

Of course, DVD music is going to catch on, and we'll never be able to stand CDs any more. Kids will learn to tell the difference between good music (DVD), almost-good music (CD), and crappy music (mp3). They will be audio-connosieurs [man I can't spell]...

I predict that DVD will catch on, that we will spending money on really cool sounding music, in the near future. We'll see better and better desktop audio systems. It will *ROCK* to sit at your desk at work. I use headphones now, and on fridays sometimes people break out their own music... But just imagine if you could have AWESOME "you are there" sound, stuff that convinces you, if you close your eyes, that you are IN THE ROOM with the band as they play.

You know, how some movies can suck you in, make you actually forget where you are and totally immerse yourself in the story...

Well, that's what CDs are: stories. They are re-tellings of what has happened before. Just like movies... The songs are telling stories, even the instrumentals. They are conveying moods and ideas and scenes. Books can do it too.

Anyway, I think we'll get really big advancements in home audio and video. Just look: monitors are getting bigger and bigger. TVs are getting used, more and more thanks to playstation and webTV... TV screens are getting wider still, which makes having a standalone DVD player is better that a DVD drive [wimpy monitor].

So audio is going to come next. Hopefully!!! This is my optimism talking...

What do y'all think? Will we soon be blasting our ears out again, like in the old days? I hate having to moderate!!!

Trav (half-workaholic, half-hedonist...)

Mothra Fri Jul 21 19:52:02 EDT 2000

Yeah, we want coffee table size holographic gigs on Digital Immersion Discs, now that would be something. You could walk around and view it from any angle? hmmm Kylie?


thanks in anticipation...

More Questions &Answers Sat Jul 22 07:01:13 EDT 2000

Julian Cope - from the BBC Celebrity pages

It began back in Liverpool in the late 70s with the Teardrop Explodes. Then came the Poll Tax and Newbury Bypass demonstrations and an altogether more idiosyncratic kind of music. These days, Julian Cope has assumed another mantle as chronicler of Neolithic Albion through his book, The Modern Antiquarian.

What first stimulated your interest in pre-Christian/Neolithic history?

"I realised that I had a lot of time on my hands and the funds to pursue my ideas. For some reason, our society rewards the rock 'n' roller far more than the fine artist or the archaeologist, so I thought I'd take advantage of this to try to rediscover the root of our existence.

"I had examined Christianity, Islam and Judaism, then checked out polytheistic religions and came to standing stones only because they were the first temples and embodied the moment when we stood separate from mother earth and sought to celebrate our independence. They were the first physical manifestation of what I was looking for."

Would you describe researching the book as a personal pilgrimage?

"It's a personal journey and a guide for others. As the pilgrim you can't be like the archaeologist and take a passive, objective stance, you have to become involved."

What made you think there was a market for an archaeological gazeteer written by a musician?

"Like it or not, the celebrity in this society has a value and people are interested in vicariously experiencing life though them. The most important thing was to recognise that I had a voice and that if I used it wisely I had the chance to achieve something out of nothing. My trip and the book that came from it takes you to a place that truly exists, that existed in the same form 4,500 years ago and existed on the same horizon 50,000 years ago."

If more people visit the sites will this not produce a negative effect similar to that experienced with Stonehenge, harming the spiritual/natural atmosphere of the sites and even denying them their original purpose?

"I didn't want to create a need to follow directly in my footsteps, so I made it impossible for people to casually travel there. If it is a heritage site there are clear directions. If not, there's just an Ordinance Survey reference point so you have to want to go there enough to make the effort to find it. The idea was to register sites in people's minds. In that way it could gradually generate interest to the point that English Heritage might get involved and cater for larger numbers of people."

In the past, you have been associated with anti-capitalist movements such as the Anti-Poll Tax benefits and support of the Newbury Bypass protestors, is your interest in Ancient Britain politically motivated, anti-church or anti-establishment?

"The political angle is to challenge the scholarly approach in such a way that they have to answer you. When the book came out I was asked to write for Antiquity and The Archaeologist, speak to students at the big archaeological faculties, and I said no to all of them. It was a victory to be asked but the point was that my research wasn't just archaeological. I used loads of cultural devices as back-up to create a different reaction to the sites."

What do you say to those who see these sites as little more than astrological calendars and Neolithic boneyards?

"I wasn't trying to turn on the sceptics. All I wanted to do was say to people who were looking for something anyway, "Here's what I have found. Give it a try". Even if you just go to one of the sites and think "what a beautiful sunset", that's a start.

"Having said that, the sites themselves bring out a sense of compassion in the cynic. Even if you think that what these people believed in was a load of old tosh, they believed it and created this remarkable place. In an increasingly faithless society, anything that instills a passion, even if it's your collection of Homer Simpson beer mugs, is a manifestation of something important in the human condition. "

Are stones the important thing or the setting?

"It changes depending on where you are; some sites were intended to deliberately play psychological games with their peers. A case of one-upmanship in that same way as Christian churches although not as priapic as 'my steeple's bigger than your steeple' and rather more to do with reconciling the temple with its natural setting. The sky is the roof and the walls are the horizon. That's the power of it."

What do you think of modern-day pagans and druids?

"I can relate to those people on a rock 'n' roll level. Remember when Oasis were really big and there were 3 tribute bands gigging at the same time? That worked because the music and the hype were sufficiently powerful that even a facsimile provided the necessary noise and the chance to shake about. That's the strength of human ritual, even if you are just playing at it, it still affects people. I believe very strongly in the power of human magic...it elevates our species."

Is your next book, 'Let Me Speak to the Driver', a similar project?

"The premise is to explore the impact of early Christianity on existing religions. It's going to take people to less obvious sites: places where a church has been built on top of a Neolithic site or around a sacred hill. The Modern Antiquarian accepted the city dweller's need for a physical object as proof that something once existed here. Once you have re-versed people in seeing beyond that they can stand on top of a hill and recreate the scene in their mind."

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jul 23 10:03:59 EDT 2000

I broke up those long words so they wouldn't mess up the page.

I'll do an archive soon. When I do, I'll make the following edits:

  1. shrink font
  2. replace images with text wherever possible [images are slow!]
  3. any other quick-n-easy requests?


p.s. Billy, please try to call me when you get a chance. [For the rest of you who are wondering, Billy doesn't have phone or email yet; hence my "pings" on here!]

Chris chris@kleber.net Sun Jul 23 13:27:34 EDT 2000

Hey Trav.

One suggestion I would make for this page would be to make sure each message is in a table of its' own, or at least in no table at all.

The reason it takes so long to load is because it has to load all of it before it can render the table. So, if it's not in a table (or the whole thing isn't confined by a table), it'll load quicker; bit by bit, message by message.




PS [To everybody] I'm in London so if anybody needs companionship at London Cope gigs - let's do it! None of my friends are gonna go!!!

Izzy newginger@work Mon Jul 24 04:09:27 EDT 2000

Mornin' all. Having a bit of a nervous one today. I dyed my hair on the weekend and, predictably, mum called while I was on the bleaching stage so it got very bleached and the final colour (body-shop extra-red henna) is now VERY LOUD! I like it, but people can be conservative these days can't they? I'm not really the attention seeker it says I am, so any encouragement for my first day at work with ORANGE! hair will be appreciated.

Sorry about the weekend Nat, for some reason I went right off going out at all...(actually I was very good and did lots of work on my thesis)

Hi Trav, thanks for taking on board our comments!

TracyToo, we'll be your friends. If you come to the So'ton gig, let us know and we'll meet up before. Nats massaging the Salisbury gig too, I think, and perhaps London? We come highly recommended by Chris@Kleber, eh Chris? Our first impression is next to none...

Santisan, and anyone else off to Ireland: I've put together a rough list of places we went on our recent hol with hints etc and I'll put this on the headheritage site on the modern antiquarian chat thingy as this seems the most appropriate place. I've taken it directly from my notes, but since most were written whilst my fella drive round country lanes, I cannot promise that they are perfectly correct. Anyway, they'll be there in a while...

Chris chris@kleber.net Mon Jul 24 07:03:44 EDT 2000

Yes, having met both Izzy and Nat, I can definitely confirm that they are, at very least, "nice".


Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Mon Jul 24 08:44:30 EDT 2000

I've seen H2H mentioned a few times recently but what is it? I know HH is HeadHeritage, but H2H?


Izzy izzy@orangeturtle.com Mon Jul 24 08:53:59 EDT 2000

Cheers Chris, think you're rather 'pleasant' yourself!

Del, think H2H is the chatty bit on the HH site isn't it? Its the second sun-ray from the right - click it...

Sorry to hear about the cats Nat, hope they are right as rain soon.

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Mon Jul 24 09:14:14 EDT 2000


thanks for your interest. I'll check HH every now and then, till next monday, when I leave.



izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Mon Jul 24 10:04:14 EDT 2000

Santisan, its on HH now - the purple ray (H2H) in the modern antiquarian section obscurely filed under a heading of 'Snowdonia and East Ireland', currently about 3rd in the list...

St. Mon Jul 24 11:27:25 EDT 2000

I always thought that http://www.stonepages.com/home.html gave quite good coverage of Ireland (considering the MA does bugger and sod all).

Luv, St.

St. Mon Jul 24 11:47:44 EDT 2000

Whoa Izzy, having just read your notes I guess the stone pages are a bit arbitrary. Hell I grew up Ireland (Dungannon if you passed through it) till I was eighteen and I've never heard off half those places. I'll have to set aside a week or two next time I'm visiting the folks to investigate. Good going Sherlock, St.

Doc lfsdoc@tiscalinet.it http://web.tiscali.it/lofisucks/ Tue Jul 25 05:54:07 EDT 2000

hi all

i've got a (nearly mint) copy of a 4-track 12" sampler from Fried released in 1984 (when else?). is anybody interested in it? please e-mail me privately

thank you


Nat buckeroo@yippeeee.com Tue Jul 25 06:59:21 EDT 2000

Your nice too Chris!! Ahh sweetie....big hugs.

We've currently got Cat Flu at ours hence me not being around much...Molly Moo almost passed on to that great catnip cushion in the sky, but she's pulled through...hoorah. (Been on compassionate leave from work, what a super boss I have!!)

Probably Brighton too if I can wangle a place to crash...so I'm sure myself and the Wonderful Izzy Wizzy will meet some of you at some point.. London can be arranged Izz and Salisbury can be got too in 20 mins from my house in me super duper red car... brummm brummm.

Oh and by the way Izz, what we talked about, I've asked him, lets wait and see what the answer is, bribary with Buckeroo and a cheese and pineapple hedgehog always works!!!

Nat xx

Markybov bringyourtoothbrush@myplace.com Tue Jul 25 13:12:32 EDT 2000

Eh - oop,

Back again!

I'm really enjoying this unemployed lark. Been buggering about in Europe for the last week and a bit, and guess what? I got engaged up the Eifel Tower! Woo-Hoo! Gonna go out and buy a Volvo next week, and maybe a nice M+S jumper and a pair of slippers.

Anyway, you're all welcome to crash at my place in Brighton, that's if and when I manage to find one......

The Q&Amp;A was great wasn't it? I haven't had time to read it all yet, but very impressed that he answered all questions.

PaulB: Me? Drugs? I'm clean as a whistle, mate.

Lots of love and stuff,


Del revelationjoe@totalise.co.uk Wed Jul 26 08:00:56 EDT 2000

Got my Brighton ticket this morning! Can't remember when I was last as excited as this! Sad, isn't it?

Markybov - whereabouts in Brighton are you looking? There's normally a few flats near me for rent. Drop us a line if you want some more info.

On HH, why does my PC at work not show the 'cosmic rays'? Is it some wierd and groovy applet?


Hasina ...^_^ hasina@noavar.com Wed Jul 26 18:42:01 EDT 2000

HI :)

My best love is shaghayegh and if your name is shaghayeg please tell and you will recived gift from me, because i like this:) and please tell me than how does is it feel with me:)??


OH......, HASINA IS COME BACK :)- ......^_^

Jenn Thu Jul 27 02:43:50 EDT 2000

Does anybody know what is the issue # of the Daredevil comic that Cope got the Teardrop's name from?

Any idea of the value? I'm looking to buy one.



No Mark pedestrian@life.com rail on! archives #14 Thu Jul 27 13:53:41 EDT 2000

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Tue May 4 14:30:36 EDT 1999

Yeah, I was a comic book head too in earlier days - almost strictly Marvel. For the sake of completion, it was Daredevil 77, a truly dismal edition featuring DD, Spider-Man and Namor, The Sub-Mariner.

I recently discovered that the US comics of that period (60's & 70's) are now referred to as Silver Age. It means they're officially comic history now, which is a weird feeling when they were such a motivational force in the young Vybic-to-be.

Incidentally, if you take the time to trawl around some of the comic book sale sites on the Net, you'll find DD 77 without too much trouble. I found 3 for sale, but they were all in bloody dollars. US comic books for sale in US dollars! Unbelievable!!

Certain weekends will find me down the cafe at the end of our road, early Saturday or Sunday, gorging on a full cooked breakfast. With a huge mug of tea of course.

I'm making soup from your bones...

Mikef Thu Jul 27 15:51:17 EDT 2000

HI All,

my posts here seem to be down to one a year or so...

anyone out there going to the Basingstoke show? I got my tix last week. I may go the Reading show also, if peeps out there are interested in meeting up and comparing socks.


andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jul 27 18:06:12 EDT 2000

Whats with the glut of Cope stuff at eBay? Wow. Is someone selling off their entire collection or something?

Anyway, I'm off to spend 3 weeks back home in Britain tomorrow. Dead exciting. Trips to Wessex imminent. Only drawback is the 8 hour drive from here to Calgary before the 9 hour flight to Manchester. Oh well, keep telling myself that 100 years ago it would have taken months probably.

Love on y'all. Andrew

tracy tracyr@stone-circle.fsnet.co.uk Thu Jul 27 20:59:12 EDT 2000

Hey, Morfe!!!!!

I had my baby on 15 july. After all that deliberating over girls' names- it was a boy!!!!!

3 boys. Whew!!! Wish me luck........

Tracy. The tired milk machine.

Morfe morfe@purpleturtle.com Fri Jul 28 07:25:35 EDT 2000


Didja call him Odin?

Keep on milking,blessed MOM!

Is this the first Rail On birth?


Gas Boy joeystation7@hotmail.com Fri Jul 28 07:39:46 EDT 2000

Hear a cover version of "Books" by Gas in Real Audio (streaming) at this site: http://rockcovers.com

Go to the bottom left of page, click on Covered Songs and search for Gas, click on Books song title.

Hear thousands of unique cover versions by many other artistes (if you can get past the Green Day and Oasis covers).

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jul 29 09:16:27 EDT 2000

I'll archive the page as soon as I get back from my morning jog, unless it starts thunderstorming. I'll definitely be shrinking the font and making various other cosmetic changes.

I've got some more info, too, but I'll save it for the new page!


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