Rail On #19

2000-04-23 to 2000-06-09

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Apr 23 11:53:40 EDT 2000

There we go! Nice and clean again. That was the biggest page so far! In case you're wondering where it went, it's all in the Archives section.


diane saintdi2000@aol.com Sun Apr 23 12:24:27 EDT 2000

hello with a smile

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Apr 23 17:34:54 EDT 2000

That's wiped the slate clean - ladies and gentlemen 'Start your engines!'

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Apr 24 08:20:12 EDT 2000

Hey guys, what's the "HH versus Rail On" issue? I just read about this morning as I was going through the recent posts. I checked out the Head to Head area over there (very cool implementation of a thread-based discussion list) but I didn't see any anti-Rail On posts... Not that I'm complaining!

But I *am* confused. Are there some genuine gripes over there regarding Rail On's chaotic, headless nature, or is it more like friendly discussion list rivalry?

Personally, I think some of the discussion on Rail On has gotten WEIRD over the past couple months. More slangy and, well, hyper. It's almost as if there's been a huge influx of young British folk who into weirdness and anarchy rather than the music. Like a bunch of punks, I guess!

Anyway, I'm not complaining (I guess), but it's becoming harder and harder to follow conversations on here, let alone think about contributing! Maybe it's the Britishness of the newcomers, maybe we got "found" by some huge search engine out there, maybe it's just the Spring Time rambunctiousness kickin' in...

However, I also feel that maybe the recent chaos and "spasmaticity" could've been at least partially influenced by the way that last page started out: with my long drunken stream-of-consciousness babble and then a [half joking/serious] request that other people post more drunken messages on here.

Hopefully things'll simmer down on here soon. I'm settled into my apartment now, so I can begin working on Interpreters Volume 3. So, keep your tribute contributions coming!

I also have a bunch of updates I need to do on the other Cope pages, like link fixes, album reviews, contributor bios, etc. Expect to see those relatively soon. I'm not slacking!!!

Also, I need to get my Listening Booth back in service. Turns out all the old concerts are gone for good; whatever disk they were on is kaput. Does anyone have copies of the old Julian Cope Live RealAudio files? If so, please email me. Unfortunately, I don't have any backups; I made those huge RealAudio files back before I got my CD burner, and for some reason never kept a local copy.

Anyway, I've got lots of good stuff to put up here, and as Volume 3 gets roaring again, and with Citizen Caned on the horizon, hopefully we'll be able to have some real cool thoughtful and productive ideas to discuss on here.

Sorry for the abrupt end. Gotta run to work! Bye!



St. Mon Apr 24 12:27:59 EDT 2000

I must admit to being a bit miffed at the not so warm and cuddly mails that have been going on on this list. It's not so much that I really give a toss it's just a bit boring if you're not interested. As I was saying to dear old Shrimp at the Fire Station (pre gig pint, I was the one looking after me leathers, where the hell were the rest of you) I do quite like it when we all get up front and critical on our likes and dislikes (Autogeddon is a startling piece of genius, MNU sucks the big one) and I think it's fun and informative when we all argue our corner, but just slagging, especially totally ununderstandable slagging is just a drag. Less postings, more quality. BTW, I still think that Brain Donor was top notch, here we go again.


Ps. Skyray on the freebie reminds me of lots of bits of the soundtrack to Flirt (by Hal Hartley). If you thought, as I do, that it's the best track on the freebie, you should check it out.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Apr 24 16:50:05 EDT 2000

St. - What's all this dear and old shrimp lark eh! you're having a laugh ain't you. I am still not quite as old or dear as dear old Julian!

MNU still sucks big time but it is the crap production techniques of that era which grate on my ears and not the tunes. Autogeddon is still one of the best, if not the best, serious but vaguely experimental Cope album.

Brain Donor were an April Fools joke but a rather good one, still makes me laugh just thinking about it. The studid projected film worked a treat as well.


Dear old Shrimp from dear old Blighty.

Nobody Mon Apr 24 18:19:44 EDT 2000


But not the best track on the freebie dear fried.

Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Mon Apr 24 19:36:54 EDT 2000

It does seem like there are a lot of Englanders posting lately. I know I enjoy reading their slang. The English have such a way with the English language. It's almost like they invented it.

Here in the midwestern United Colonies we like to flatten our words and pronounciations. It has something to do with the level prairie country we stare at all the time.

My favorite poster from across the big pond is Shrimp. He's not only prolific, but he has away of making me chuckle. Also, I generally agree with his musical assessments. He's a knowledgeable Shrimp indeed.

Also, I'd like to thank Nat for stickin' up for us ignorant Yanks awhile back. I do believe someone accused us AmerEEcans of being MNU lovin' Cope fans.

It wasn't until this year that I brought myself to pick up that particular release from Julian. I saw it in a used bin, gritted my teeth, and bought it. I paid for it in pounds, as I found myself not in the USofA but in Scotland.

The clerk behind the counter said, "You must be from the states because no repectable United Kingdomner would buy this."

I confessed to being from one of the states. When I informed him I was from Minnesota he wanted to talk about hockey.

I was thinking on writing a post on why I sometimes wish Julian Cope was Robyn Hitchcock. The main reason I wish JC was RH is because RH often plays more gigs in Minneapolis than local bands. He even released an album on a local lable at one point. Last year Robyn played two gigs in our fine and fair city which gave him the opportunity to mention the Foshay Tower twice. The Foshay Tower is 30 story buiding that dominated the Minneapolis skyline for forty years, but is now lost among all the glass sky kissers. I had to imagine what it would be like if Julian said, "Foshay." He could have dedicated "The Tower" to the Foshay.

I was thinking of faxing Julian a list of antique toy stores even if I had to make some up to try and sway him in our direction. There are some native American burial grounds in our neck of the woods that he may find intersting too, but I doubt they are as old as a stool at a local pub in England.

Actually, I was going to make a point about MNU and AmerEEcan Cope fans even if it is beyond the statute of limitations for such comments. Over here it is cause for much joy and celebration if one even encounters someone who has heard of Cope, yet alone owns one of his albums.

At the risk of having already dulled your senses with this rambling post, I would like to thank everyone for their posts regarding their opinions on the recent concert event. I doubt the Brain Donor conflict will ever be resolved, but it is enjoyable to read the various points of view.

verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Tue Apr 25 03:56:54 EDT 2000

Hello one and all,

For those of you that missed me, I'm back. For those of you who didn't, I'm back. For those who don't know who I am, I'm back.

I appear to have missed a shitload of happenings during this past few months, much to my annoyance, but there was no way around it. Confined to bed most of the time unfortunately.

I did manage to buy Odin and completely refuse to comment on it as so much has been said already, I think that all I can say is that I am in the middle somewhere, perhaps sitting on a fence, leaning to different sides on different listenings.

On another subject, any writers or artists out there?

There's a new literary e-zine called Comrades that is currently accepting submissions for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, reviews and anything else that's interesting. Its mine and can be found at www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine . The first issue premieres in July this year so we need submissions now.

Shrimp - how about knocking up a book review of the Leter Bangs book or John Sinclair.

Anybody fancy doing a good piece on Cornucopia.

Do you do poetry?

Do you do art?

All the submission details are at the site.

Apologies for advertising but........ actually I'm not sorry at all!


Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Tue Apr 25 04:07:39 EDT 2000

Forgot to say,

One of the reasons I posted the ad here was because I am receiving a shitload of submissions from USA (no problem there) and not a scrap from the UK (disappointing).


Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Tue Apr 25 05:36:01 EDT 2000


don't worry, this site will always be the big one I hope.

However, there is one advantage for Head to Head : you cannot submit anything anonymously - so there is no "crap" spread out. Couldn't you try and find a way to do take over their system for this glorious page ??

I think that would be a good one !

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue Apr 25 07:52:24 EDT 2000

Just found the old posting!! Ta for the cash offers, I just hate asking really... If those interested e.mail me personally then I'll let you know where to send it and what we'll be doing with it. We're only a small Charity as charities go, so ever penny counts!! If you send over a £5 you become a member of the Society and get a free newsletter!! Woooo hoooo.....

I know there were a few postings about people posting grap on the Rail on - but I have to tell you this as I'm so so so excited and girlie - I had a ikle fluffy baby bunny as my easter pressie from Steve (my lovely georgeous, sexy other half - he's now on line so I have to be nice - LOVE YOU!!) we've called her Sarah! I was going to have a competition to name my rabbit - (no prizes alas) but I believe Sara Cox already did it on the radio last week - oh well nevermind (and I may have sounded two faced after my last effort on competitions!!)

Does anyone know if ikle baby bunnies (she's female) need company (not male!!) I'm never sure with rabbits!!

Thats it - I promise cross my heart that my next posting will be Julian Related.

I still like MNU!!!! Sad aren't I - Its' good to drive to and sway to!

Nat (still going gooey over baby bunnies)xx

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk www.geocities.com/markybov Tue Apr 25 09:04:23 EDT 2000

Hello pea-pods,

I think it's time I began dipping my proverbial cyber-toe into these hallowed pages.

I only discovered this page recently thanks to those of you who posted on HH. Am I stoopid or what?

I currently find myself somewhat covered in bruises at the moment due to the harsh kicking I've been regularly giving myself over my foolish decision not to attend Cornucopia. Had a bit of a cash-crisis you see. Could have happened to anyone.

Anyway, I'm glad you all had a fa-fa-fa-fine time of it, and reading all the postings has certainly helped in some small way to disperse my feelings of utter left-outedness.

Still, spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, and in the words of the great visionary Mark Knopfler, "Why worry? There must be laughter after pain...".

Nat - When I used to have a rabbit (many years ago), we got him a ginea pig for company, and they got on like a house on fire.

MNU is indeed largely pants, but Charlotte Anne is still one of my fave songs.

Hope you all had a most uplifting weekend.


Nat Tue Apr 25 09:55:52 EDT 2000

Ahhhhhh Markybov....

Guinea Pigs.....forgot about them... could call it Julian or Dorian or Something Copey! (Told you this message would be Julian related!!) Splendid plan...... used to have 3 called Betsy, Katie and Susie when I was small (why do all my pets have stupid names - maybe I should have a baby!!!)

Anyway - my fav MNU track is also Charlotte Anne...and also sad to say 'My Nation Underground' I like to sing along to it as I'm washing up or driving along....

N x

markybov bov@clara.co.uk Tue Apr 25 10:39:51 EDT 2000


I like the song "My Nation Underground" better since I read Repossesed and discovered that Julian is singing "it's hard to smell a fart" at the end of it.

If I had a guinea pig, I think I'd call it Wayland.


St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Tue Apr 25 11:09:37 EDT 2000

...... and don't forget China Doll , ooh I do like that (see I do have a soul, maybe just a very small one).... can't think of a name for the ickle bunny but surely its gotta be Guinea-pig Perky Jean.


Paul B ss@omd.uk.com Tue Apr 25 11:39:35 EDT 2000

Trav: There wasn't really any Rail On vs HH argument - just a posting from someone who thought you'd invented CGI scripting ;-)

Nat: What else but Smelvin?

BTW Where is this pic of Izzy in dungarees? (oo-er) as I cannot find it on her website.

Also, go and buy the new OMD Peel Sessions album as they are one of Liverpool's finest bands (and I wrote the sleeve notes!).

Paul B

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Apr 25 13:48:16 EDT 2000

Todd J - I just love the word 'Englander' - you 'USAers' have such a way with our glorius language. - thanks for the grooves.

Verian - Glad to hear from you again! I missed you. A review of books - oh dear that might take a lot of words - especially on dear old Lester - now there is a wise man indeed totally passionate in his writings.

A quick example from Psychotic Reactions pulled at random - this was actually quouted as Richard Hell of the Voidoids fame but it is still good! - 'Among musicians there's more professional jealousy than any kind of racial thing; there's so much backbiting in any scene, it's like girls talking about shoes. All musicians are such scum anyway that it couldn't possibly make any difference because you expect 'em to say the worst shit in the world about you.'

MNU is more interesting to listen to following Repo but it is even more disappointing for the sake of it!

Have we now got a pet pet page as well. I bet that we are all animal lovers at heart so what is/are your pet(s) names.

I have always been partial to cats and my cats have always been named cat but it also has an anonymouse posting name of Shrimp's Cat! so beware. I do not currently own my own cat so I let the neighbour's cat use my facilities free of charge as long as I get some attention/acknowledgment from 'it' when it crashes through the cat-flap. It is now known as Shrimp's Neighbour's Cat. I am currently teaching 'IT' to play the intro from China Doll as well!

I'll keep you posted on the progress as it might make Trav's next Interpreters disc!



chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Tue Apr 25 14:37:31 EDT 2000

(Greedhead alert)

Just so you know I've added Floored Genius 3 to the HH Merchandiser. Thighpaulsandra's "Some Head" EP is also available, as is Merrick's "Battle For The Trees" book.

Byeee luvs

Chris xx

thom Bosarde zbird@ic24.net Tue Apr 25 14:46:35 EDT 2000

MNU? Ickle Furry things? Where do I start (or shall I end?)

I think 'My Nation...' is a triumphant piece of cheese, I used to dry my hair to it. Fantastic!

Nat, Rabbits do indeed like guinea pigs for company, but not polecats, I once had a polecat called Dog who took great interest in bunnies on our land, but he used to play rather TOO fervently.

Then he escaped and bit a car. Bless his little soul. He is sadly missed. I still have his stinky little nametag, boohhooohoo!

I'm not sorry for being a Briton, and rambling is what we are good at, all of us! (Especially Mr Izzard).

I'll ask again, does ANYONE wish that Brian Doner could be released on CD? I haven't anything good to dry my hair to these days! Should we campaign! Or is the irony best kept 'secret' as Mr Cope sees fit?

He/She who has their antennas, please keep receiving. The Mom hasn't gone.

I deem myself unfit for a discussion page of facts and figures, I have never been much of a collector, so I'll just drop in from time to time and have a nose from now on! Spring leads into summer, and there is much afoot OUTSIDE.....mebbe I'll send some ramble - ons to your E-Zine, Verian, I'll check it out, er- watch out!

Bee Blest XXX

chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Tue Apr 25 15:30:38 EDT 2000

yo me again.

WSYM now has 2 more shows - courtesy of the divine Mavis Grind.




Nat perky_jean@nme.com Wed Apr 26 04:00:16 EDT 2000

Don't think I'll be getting a Polecat!!!! Maybe another rabbit call it Smelvin!! Brilliant name...

Thom - I'm with you, I thought Brain Donor were fantastic, a total piss take and a right laugh, I'd love to see them release something, I'll back the 'Donor Campaign'.... Whether they were an April Fools Gag or not - brilliant.....

(My pets at the mo. are 2 Cats - Molly Agnetha Dowsett (or Mu Mu (and she's Justified but not ancient)) Vinnie Fernando Dowsett, Rabbit - Sarah Freida Dowsett and a sad departed Hamster called - The Rev. Jonathon Orange (Who was ordained thanks to Mr Belbins sister!!)) Hmmm whose the Abba fan!!! Oi nutter.... mad names for mad pets... good job I'm not having children or I'd probably call them Spot and Fluffy!!

Anyway - better dash, thanks Shrimp!!! I love to ramble on fields and through famers land!! (and ramble on and on and on about rubbish too... Brits are good at that!!)

Nat xx

Ron drude@mounet.com Wed Apr 26 11:04:49 EDT 2000

Anyone know anything about the 'Remaster' releases of Autogedden and 20 Mothers by American Recordings last month? Interesting...

Marybov bov@clara.co.uk www.geocities.com/markybov Wed Apr 26 11:20:44 EDT 2000

Gosh, FG3 looks rather fruity doesn't it? How exciting!

Shrimp - I too am a sporadic borrower of my neighbour's cat who pops in occasionly to say hi and to groove around for while. His name is Mr.Tips due to the white tip at the end of his tail. Which isn't really very interesting.... If I had my own cat I'm afraid it would have to get the non-Julian-related name of Lucifer Sam after the Pink Floyd song.

Have you ever noticed that no-one ever calls their pets things like John or Peter or Bill?

Have any of you lot ever done the journey up to Callanish??? I'm considering a jaunt up there myself in the summer, and would be interested to hear from anyone who's already done it.

As for Brain Doner, I'm with you guys. If we do a repeat of the QE2 thing though, HH are soon going to rue the day that they let us post on their site.....

Love and stuff,


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Apr 26 13:52:55 EDT 2000

Todays bit of Lester Bang:

'Not always immediately accessible, it might take some getting into, but the time spent is well repaid. Because properly conceived and handled noise is not noise at all, but music whose textures just happen to be a little thicker and more involved than usual, so that you may not hear much but obscurity the first time, but various subsequent playings can open up whole sonic vistas you never dreamed were there. So you play the record many, many times, slowly making your way to the heartland of its diffuse complexity, then revelling long in its multiplicity, finally growing slowly tired of it months and innumerable playings later since any record gets old eventually.'

Perhaps that's the problem with MNU!

Cherish dear peoples


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Apr 27 14:27:29 EDT 2000

I'll Bang-On for the last time.

'Still, all this, ah, don't you think it sounds kinda, well, dull? I mean, how many hankies can you throw out before you start to go catatonic? At least Sid Vicious got to walk onstage with "GIMME A FIX" written in blood on his chest and bash people in the first row over the head with his bass if he didn't approve of the brand of beercan they were throwing at him.

Sid got to have all the fun.'

Now if Brain Donor had just been like Sid!



Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Apr 27 16:58:58 EDT 2000

Just got out MNU and put it in the player - it lasted for about 10 minutes before I got totally bored with it and had to press the eject button - whether it is MNU itself or that I have just moved into a different world of mystery and wonderment, I am unsure.

'My Nation Underground - The Tanz Der Lemminge of the Cope Discography! Throw it out the car window - throw it out now! It is crap!!!!!!!!'

Why did I press eject? Well, one other reason was that Droolian was winking at me in the rack and it hadn't been aired for a while. It was also all the recent animal/pet talk on Rail-On that did it - such a lovely sleeve I am just a sucker for cuteness!! Smelvin! AAAhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

Wow! What a difference a Droolian makes - this is just superb! How could I have forgotten such a masterpiece?!

Sqwubbsy - Rail-ON!

This contains some wondrous cavernous stuff - just check out Look After Your Leathers - It is not cool to have shitty clothes! But it IS ok to piss on them so that they fall apart brother!

Wah-Wah - Unisex Cathedral and Commin' Down..... - reminded me of the Cornucopea performances - the memories came flooding back. I nearly heckled!

Safe Surfer - absolutely glorious! This should be the National Anthem of Heads! It's a Blue Peter performance only just held together by that sticky-backed plastic!

Yeah Yeah Yeah - Performance time Julian - make the faces and place yourself firmly on the cross! Beat me baby!

Jellypop Perky Jean - WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWO FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The perfect COPE song. SO So jolly and absolutely beautiful in its pure innocence.

When Will I Get To Hold You - so quiet amongst the darkness - creepy trippy-hippy toes!

Louis 14th - GGGGGGRRROOOOVVVEEEyyyyy - dance round the fire naked conquering up the spirits! Cajun Krautrock - listen to it properly and it will take you over - Cope's campfire tapes!

"...Atonement Of Wasp" - Get yerself educated DDDEEEeeeeeebbbooorrrahhh!

Gentleman Dude - For all the geezers of the world, heads up and be a gentleman dude!

Kelly... - watch the stars, I am off my head and the tape is running long and hard. John Cooper-Clarke even! BEEEEZZZLLLEEEEY Streeeet! The end part is absolutely amazing in its overthetopness - jamming with weird and Copey!

Church of England 1991... falling/going down down - enough said! Not even play-off potential anymore.

Cherish fried's


Mash'n'Peas Lukewarm@Erics Thu Apr 27 22:09:20 EDT 2000

You've done it now, Travis.

'He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils: for time is the greatest innovator'

Bacon 'Essays'

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri Apr 28 03:35:16 EDT 2000

Oh come on, MNU's not THAT bad. But then...I am often known to groove around to ELO albums....

Droolian eh? Now I have to admit that it's not a JC record I've ever really raved about, and is probably the only one I don't regularly listen to. However I have just decided to make it my mission this weekend to dig it out again and see if I can end up LOVING it my Monday.

Will report back in due course with my findings.

Wishing you all a most well-hung weekend.



Nat perky_jean@nme.com Fri Apr 28 05:55:04 EDT 2000

'Mr Blue Sky' by ELO is one of my fav tracks ever!! Rock on ELO.....

I'm with Marky when it comes to Droolian, I don't rave about it much either, infact I think I've only played my copy once, shame really, but most of the time I can't be arsed to get it out the sleeve...

I may just frame it for the doggie picture...

I'm home to beautiful Somerset this weekend, anyone passing through Yeovil (Local town for Local People) and fancies a pint I'm in the Butchers Arms Saturday Night from 8.30.... Bring your dog on a string and be prepared to drinky thy scrumpy...

Oh well back to my world of Prog. Rock, Kate Bush.....and The Wurzles

(Oi Izzy mate Chas and Dave are at the Hobbit on Monday!!)

Nat x

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri Apr 28 07:13:17 EDT 2000

Right. That settles it.

I'm posting a review of on the classic ELO album "A New World Record" on the HH site this weekend!

For too long have this stupendous band gone undervalued and forgotton! For too long have we had to suffer the likes of "Dancing Queen" and "Waterloo" when "Livin' Thing" and "Mr.Blue Sky" would've done the job much better!

I won't rest until Jeff Lynne is getting multi-million dollar offers to reform the band and do a new album!


Love Markybov

Nat Fri Apr 28 09:02:20 EDT 2000

Yeah right on... go for it Wooo hoooo......ELO ELO ELO!!

(I happen to love 'Dancing Queen' though... I am so obviously 'the girl with the golden hair'... Agnetha Rules)


Whats all this about posting on the HH site - I was there yesterday and didn't see anything - is that why its so quite here at the mo - only seems to be me Marky and Shrimp around

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Fri Apr 28 11:27:15 EDT 2000

Oh happy happy day, just nipped (as nippy as you can be, on a worn-out pushbike, on the roads in Southampton, in rain-like-an-ocean) into town and picked up some fairy-wings, glitter, various butterfly items and a bottle of shear-joy. I'm set for a fine weekend.

As for Droolian, as you know I try not to have opinions (ahem) but I would like to say that I was mightily disappointed by the version of safe-surfer. Tis rather short I thought, and doesn't quite build-up like that full version....or have I been ripped off?

ELO seem just fine to me, though apparently relegated to radio 2 these days. Having said that, my flat mate introduced me to Boy George's slot on Radio 2 last night, I don't think relagation (or however it is spelt) is the word. Promoted perhaps? Hmmm, perhaps that's too much....

Despite the fairy wings, I've never been a Dancing Queen fan, give me Does Your Mother Know? any day. Even King Kong Song.

By the way, Hi Markybov, glad to have you along!

Nat - Its been so long! Have a good weekend, I'm so nearly finished, so very nearly...sigh...

And Chas&D? Marvelous stuff the place will be heaving! Apparently they started as a mickey-take (please note my improved language all) but everyone liked them seriously and there was money in it.

Oh you knew that....


(Anonymous) Fri Apr 28 11:54:12 EDT 2000


Don't point that gun at me!

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Apr 28 13:15:00 EDT 2000

Just saw that theres a copy of Queen Elizabeth for sale at eBay, shame its not QEII though, as the lack of copies of that cd seem to be causing some controversy right now.

Droolian? Its a crazy album, but has some wonderful moments on it. The original safesurfer is a gem, yes its too short, but it is wonderfully raw, as are the now classic Jellypop Perky Jean and Unisex Cathedral. Give it another listen, one is not enough.

It was, at first, hard to figure out where it fits into Julian's musical career, but that was 10 years ago now, and with hindsight it fits perfectly into a career that has wandered serpent like all over the road and will hopefully continue to do so for a long time yet.

Oh yes, the track Kelly still cracks me up..

"...she said rockin', good rockin', good rockin' tonight, gave me a fright, the fright of my life..."


(Anonymous) Fri Apr 28 13:31:15 EDT 2000

The answer to this months HH competition can be found clearly for all to see with the HH site. Seek and thou shall find... Hint: Story of the Drude might be a good place to start.

AndyTee a_tice22@hotmail.com Fri Apr 28 15:18:14 EDT 2000


I was trying to deliver this to the Arch-Drude in person (or at least in my electronic persona) but failing here goes .. ahum:

Today I replaced my knackerd copy of Autogeddon, and was confronted by this news arcticle on the way home:

Cars collide in the twilight zone

POLICE were astonished after two cars of the same make, colour, age and mileage crashed at a druids' haunt. The two drivers, strangers to each other, shared the same birthday and house number.

The cars' registration plates were an anagram / numogram of each other.

The head-on smash between the two white H-registered Rover 214 Si's occured outside a pub called The Wizard in Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

The are is said to be the haunt of pagan druids.

The drivers in the accident escaped serious injury while both cars, whilst only minorly damaged failed to restart.

One police officer said: "It was like something out of the X-files. It was just so weird and bizzare.

The cars involved must have beeen next to each other on the assemblyline".

If anyone is familar with the myth about the Arthur, Merlin and Alderly Edge (or has read the WeirdStone of Brisingamen) it should tickle your fancy ... I mean WHITE Rovers!!!!????!!!!!!

Any comments on this experience ... or if anyone could pass it on ... I well come all comments....

Cheers, take care


andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Apr 28 18:18:19 EDT 2000

Great story! I wonder what the odds are on that happening? I remember our teacher reading that book to us at school when I was about 10 and I was fascinated by it, so much so that the next time our family visited relatives in Cheshire I asked my parents to take us to Alderly Edge where I was fascinated by the carvings on the sandstone bluffs, especially the one of the wizard's face. Plus the wonderful view of the land towards Manchester. Awesome spot, I'd like to get back there someday and hang out.

AndyTee a_tice22@hotmail.com Sat Apr 29 08:58:20 EDT 2000

Further to the rantings (above) I would like to point out the further bizzare timing of this happening.

As all UK co-respondents will know, Rover are currently trying to free themselves from their tutonic past. On Friday the Alchemy group pulled out leaving the way clear for the Pheonix offer.

Arthur, was possibly, one of the last keltic leaders of the Britons (although history is unclear). It would be nice to think that his returning will be in a Rover (or at least an Austin Allegro!).

I'm currently entrenched in Birmingham and wait to see what happens....


kcabs'kcaj namdamam'i@12am'n'themorning Sat Apr 29 10:22:38 EDT 2000

drooolian can't you just see them, the ants are back into the cake marching forwards backwards-marching side by side.play this as loud as hell(whats scrach on the re cord)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Apr 29 18:10:50 EDT 2000

Blurt on -

'Ego? It may not be the greatest word of the twentieth century, but it's sure the driving poison in the vitals of every popstar.'

Lester had a BIG ego!



Mothra Sun Apr 30 07:41:35 EDT 2000

It was prettily devised of Aesop: The fly sat on the axle-tree of the chariot-wheel, and said, What a dust do I raise!

If vanity be the 'sixth insatiable sense', then the Cope must continue. Good news for all!

Annexus Quam Odd-in Rules Sun Apr 30 11:41:38 EDT 2000

Ego. What a great word. What a great sound.

Throat-intone and mind your ice caps, everyone.

BMW 0 Rover 0 (After extra-time) Sun Apr 30 14:31:12 EDT 2000

The winner of this relegation dogfight will play Team Ford in the play-offs in order to secure their place in the English Premier Division.


Dr. Tom Mon May 1 09:08:12 EDT 2000

My girlfriend reckons that Sting is up there with Damo &Iggy as frontmen of all time. I wasn't two surrrre. What about ewes?

jus gone through mc5 tim buckley, stooges stereo lab and all on elekTRA something going on if you throw in the doors and 45 by drummond.

Has anyone been to all 3 B.Drummond triade sites (Iceland, Matthews St. and Papua New Guinea)? If so what were the viberations?

Bank holiday from the line of conjunction, julian is awake and ready to roll and Brain Donor are the future

Anyone out there with a Feeling Groovy Barbie for sale?INTEEERRRESTED!a bit

Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Mon May 1 11:48:46 EDT 2000

We didn't quite get that Dr. Tom. Can you say that all again?

I can't speak for anyone else, but the Screaming Secrets team is eagerly awaiting Shrimp's report from the Mayday demo in London (he'll be the one in the 'KILL EBAY' shirt).

Paul B

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon May 1 14:18:01 EDT 2000

There you go Paul - championing Screetching Targets again rather than blurting on with your own opinions - If I had been at the Mayday festival I would have worn one of your ridiculous screeching wombat tees and burnt it right there for the whole world to see in the middle of the Mcdonut street party.

Instead I decided to champion that wonderful yellow disc up in the blue yonder and excercise a little bit of green-fingered paegentry on a couple of old beer barrels. My mom was right proud of me.

And I bet all you ravers at Scrunge Towers are right disappointed that FG3 includes some of your faves for selling at ridiculous prices on e-bay.

Keep it blowing.

Cherish the blurt


Struck off The Register Mon May 1 14:29:24 EDT 2000

Dr Tom get a new girlfriend.

Paul B ss@arc23.com Mon May 1 17:42:00 EDT 2000

What? Shrimpy (our resident anti-capitalist) wasn't at the London demo?


I demand my money back.

I hereby dub thee Crusty The Christian Crustacean. God bless you and all who sail in you.

Mothra Mon May 1 18:21:25 EDT 2000

Were they planted? MAYDAY,MAYDAY! The Green Man doesn't understand in his bucolic bliss.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon May 1 18:38:57 EDT 2000

The only thing that I like crusty is bread and lots of it!

Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Mon May 1 19:36:33 EDT 2000

Due to Screaming Secrets raising funds for the next issue we have been forced to sell Julian Cope via internet auction.

Interested buyers should check the Ebay website for further details. A direct link is as follows:


Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul Browne

Screaming Secrets - The Magazine Of The Eschaton

markybov bov@clara.co.uk Tue May 2 05:07:39 EDT 2000

Morning Lads and Lasses,

Hope you all a freakin' speakin' weekin'

Well, I've undertaken extensive research into Droolian this weekend, and I have to say that I now like it much better than I used to, although I still don't think it's a great, GREAT album. Just because something is lo-fi and raw as fuck doesn't make it good by default. Give me Skellington any day, it's got much more balls to it.

However, I intend to continue my research, and delve yet deeper into it's random fuzziness.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 2 05:12:46 EDT 2000

So you own Julian Cope do you? or is it a CDR that you are selling.

No doubt that you have put a reserve price on his head as well as your portfolio is just about to lose a couple of points when FG3 is released.

Perhaps you could register yourself (oops Screaming Lord Secrets) as a bona-fida charity and then we could all contribute without you having to revert to selling the family silver.

My heart bleeds.

....and I notice that the bids are flooding in - now shouldn't that tell you something.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 2 05:18:50 EDT 2000

That's more like it Markboy - an open enquiring mind able to revisit previous territory and listen with a bit more experience and hindsight.

Now try playing MNU and you will appreciate that it sucks big time, but go back to the likes of Fried and that is even better than you imagined.

I've even got to like/appreciate Reynard and if you look at what I have previously said about that then I hold my hands up totally.

Perhaps I'll also get around to appreciating Screetching Egos sometime in the future.


Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Tue May 2 05:34:54 EDT 2000

So, I wrote what (in several Editors opinions) turned out to be a really terrible poem. Submitted it for publication at several places and received some of the worse rejection responses ever. Oh well. It is sort of relevant as there's a few stone lovers here, and as I'm feeling cruel I thought I would punish you all with it!(though I quite like it)


A sacred place of worship
Built of sweat built of stone
Circles within circles
A skeletal construction
Purposefully purposeless
Temple or tomb or womb
Layers of mystery
Evidence not evident
Mother hills watch from above
Underneath all reverbs
What secrets secreted
Buried beneath female feet
Phallus and vulva displayed
Sequential exhibition
Random exultation
To single syllable goddess
Unclouded invocation
To sky and sun and moon
Dance in celebration
Feel the raving resonate
Echoing down the ages
A static shock resounds
Bloody revelations
Umbilical connection
Copyright Me 2000
PaulB ss@arc23.com Tue May 2 05:37:11 EDT 2000

You'll have to order some back issues first ;-)

WARNING: May involve capitalist transaction (like buying tickets for Cornucopea)

Izzy (aka Titania) Tue May 2 05:42:51 EDT 2000

To Natalie:

Happy birthday to you
Squashed tomatoes and stew
48 and still great
Happy birthday to you!

Heh heh


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 2 05:54:15 EDT 2000

Verian - do not get upset that editors are not interested - it is just like music the record companies are only interested in gaining another band like that other band that made a lot of money for someone else - poems are currently from what I have seen/heard all about love and the millennium future etc. the past is not current. You either have to go your own way - which you are doing already - or seek the independents but you have chosen an art-form of the minority as a starting point. Perhaps I could sell a couple of Bowie's that I have stashed up in the attic and I will finance a book of your poems with illustrations and pics and ask Thighpaulsandra and Julian to write some background grooves.

The poem is excellent.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 2 05:58:10 EDT 2000

Apologies for hogging the postings but hey - Nat is having a birthday and Izzy suddenly calls her Natalie - bit imformal Titty?!

How many people would it take to give Natalie 48 bumps?

Happy one Nat


Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Tue May 2 07:35:01 EDT 2000

Phew, just back from big celebrations in the old land! It's amazing to notice ice cream all of a sudden. I just clean forgot!

Summer promise and joy to you all! Happy birthday too, Nat!

48 my arse. (that is indeed the measurement of my arse after a long winter of binge. Oh well, the only way is sup)

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Tue May 2 08:25:18 EDT 2000


Sounds like an impossible pipe dream that would never work in a million years - LETS DO IT!

Here's one bump for Nat, errrr, *BUMP*


ron Tue May 2 09:22:06 EDT 2000

Happy Birthday fair Natalie...

Don't drink and drive... you could hit a bump and spill some.

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue May 2 10:41:13 EDT 2000


Just out of interest, what is your reserve on JC? It seems kinda ironic to have a reserve on a man who comes across as having none himself! - Andrew

Derek Tue May 2 13:47:47 EDT 2000

Happy b'day Nat!

PaulB ss@arc23.com Tue May 2 14:53:56 EDT 2000

Andrew - what else but.... £23.00

Happy birthday Nat.

Izzy - send me that fetching pic of you in dungarees (oo-er) and I may flow you some zines in return. Or a cake. Or a pic of Bruce looking "buff". Or something.

Paul B

Izzy Tue May 2 15:21:34 EDT 2000

Paul, mate, you're scaring me!

Paul B ss@arc23.com Tue May 2 16:26:09 EDT 2000


No, I'm being serious!

PaulB ss@arc23.com Tue May 2 16:36:02 EDT 2000

As an aside (christians, you may wish to leave the room at this point) I'm SERIOUSLY riding into a wonderful synchronicity net at this point in time. Mmmm - gotta love that energy rush.

If any characters out there indulge in magickal rituals then let me know as I'm willing to give your particular desires the appropriate indifferent push they may need.

Hey, I've done all mine for now!

Paul B

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 2 16:36:23 EDT 2000

I can fetch my dungarees if you really want some Paul.

Paul B ss@arc23.com Tue May 2 16:39:48 EDT 2000


Some people look good in dungarees... and some don't.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 2 16:45:17 EDT 2000

You'll just have to stick with Brooce then darling.

PaulB ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue May 2 17:53:21 EDT 2000

The Screaming Secrets Newspage has been updated. There are more wonderful updates in progress, but then you always have to wait for the finer things in life;-)

Sorry Crusty, Bruce doesn't "bat for the other team".

Hurry up with the pic Izzy. I guarantee I'll send some zines if it's intriguing enough....

Paul B

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 2 18:39:14 EDT 2000

I was only talking about possibly looking good in them dungarees - I couldn't care less about your or Brooce's habits.

Bong News At Ten Tue May 2 18:55:13 EDT 2000

Screaming Secrets has just updated its Newspage.

No news must be good news. If anyone has been following the plot then they would already have realised that FG3 is about to be released. How about telling us what you think of it or why there aren't better Cope albums in the chart or telling us why Shack 'n all shouldn't be there.

And finally

Screaming Secrets has put Julian Cope up for sale, what will these wacky chaps think of next and they tell us that we are all asking where the Log Cabin is. Why?


verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Wed May 3 04:01:47 EDT 2000

Floored Genius 3 arrived this morning. Its really quite weird but somehow having an official release makes things seem less valuable somehow. The music is the same of course, better quality, decent packaging etc. But its not my vinyl 7" 45 or my c90 tape. Not complaining though, not at all, there are some great tracks on here, some of which I have never heard before, praise be to Dorian for getting the whole thing off the ground I say. If this had never seen the light of day it would have been almost criminal.

Anybody notice, as its been discussed recently, how 'Sqwubbsy versus King Plank' could slip easily onto Droolian?

"The One I Call My Own" worth the admission fee alone.

'Tighten-up' a cool version of 'Uptight'

'Zabriskie Point' the middle of WSYM live, didn't realise it was a song in itself!

Log Cabin and Belief in him would have finished it off nicely, but its still bloody marvellous.

Find me Medusa's eyes
Transmogrify me into rock
Lay me on my back
So the future can wonder at my cock


kevin k kevin.kokoszka@buzzhits.com Wed May 3 04:23:53 EDT 2000

eh, so what's this deal about selling Julian on ebay? i'm first in line for a good gag, but I'm really hoping there is a good punch line!?! i guess we'll just have to wait and see?

-kevin k

nat Wed May 3 04:56:43 EDT 2000

Ta for the birthday messages!! I had a brill one... lots of pressies!!

My granny got me a signed photo of Rolf Harris!! How cool is that -best pressie ever!!

Steve got me the Peggy Suicide T-shirt and Floored Genius 3 and some of the singles I was missing - wot a star!!!

Anyway - Izzy mate I've never seen you in dungarees!!!! Hmmmmmm I've seen you in most things but not dungarees!! BEER BEER BEER PLEASE THIS WEEKEND NO EXCUSES O.K!! Mail me....

Anyway back to the world of non-birthdays. Got the cheque Shrimp!!

Nat x

PaulB ss@arc23.com Wed May 3 06:00:29 EDT 2000

No one's really commented on the May Day protest as yet. Yesterday's papers featured a colourful description of some of the people responsible - The Daily Star's front page was "ECO SCUM" (Does anyone have contact details for that particular organisation?). Were you there that day? (we know Crusty wasn't). Perhaps you were enjoying a Happy Meal when you got a side order of chairs you hadn't actually asked for. Ouch!

I loved The Guardian's front page which showed one of the victimised police officers, protected by little more than riot armor, shield and baton, defending himself against a girl protestor who was viciously attacking him with a plastic spoon (You just know the moral fabric of society is falling apart when people can blatantly carry spoons around in broad daylight).

Anyway, does anyone want to comment on the whole affair? I can see a healthy debate emerging from this - although it will probably degenerate in pointless squabbling and name-calling and someone's bound to get hurt (at which point I'll be telling mum).


Keep them bids coming in on Ebay for Julian Cope!

PS Crusty, I love the way you ignored all the SS news updates expect for the FG3 one. Fundamentalists do that with the bible to justify persecuting minorities. Remember: Made-up-names and nasty comments make the Baby Jesus cry

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 3 06:59:29 EDT 2000

I read no news today - oh boy.

The Daily Comics.

Nat - spend it wisely.

FG3 arrived today and hey it was just as expected a disc in the main for the screeeeammin trainspotters of the world.

There are a couple of stand-out tracks however but that would be telling and spoil your enjoyment - till later.

The Thighpaulsandra single came as well and that is far superior.

Cherish you all later

Nat Wed May 3 07:56:31 EDT 2000

I thought the May Day Protest thing was quite amusing!! Shame idiots have to intrude on what would have been a lovely walk through London waving banners and singing.... Glad people are still attacking MacDonalds, my mate Spike used to wee on them, but never got as far as throwing bricks!! Broken glass can chaff your hands and cause a nasty gash!! Cover the window with sellotape first...

I was on the Anti Poll Tax thingie many moons ago with my cousin, but we were so far back we missed all the trouble!! Typical really... always too late for everything...

I'm now fully armed with my plastic spoon mind, never know when they may come in handy!! Hoorah....

Talking of troublesome things, my Dad and my dog and me were chased by a farmer with a gun at the weekend, the bastard had taken down the footpath sign (new land owner and all that) and threatened to shoot my dog!!! Tut and we're supposed to pity the farmer!! Maybe things would have been different If I'd had my spoon on me...


Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Wed May 3 13:19:06 EDT 2000

Nat! Stroll on!

I don't know what to say about it all really. Direct action so often works against the cause, yet we cannot tolerate the pigs at the trough for any longer surely? (Capitalist ones that is)

Let's allow genetically modified politicians through the net, I'll grow some from naughty seeds. They'll all look the same, but that doesn't matter, 'cos they're freakin' intelligent and loyal to the Mom. They will bully their way into top ministry jobs, creating a Minister for Social and Responsible Education, a Minister for the Earth, A Minister for Systematic Disposal of Noxious Wasters, and of course, A Primeval Minister to rule them all. Sustain, not down the drains please. Oh, and let's leave the 'Crusty' issue alone please. If we're not punks we're crusties, if we're not crusties we're hippies, if we're not... and on and on. Forward thinking Mothers please.

Blessed All XXX

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 3 13:55:59 EDT 2000

I thought that Julian summed it up pretty well on the Sunday of Cornucopea - At the end of his Mother Ship rant, where we were all transported to Avebury for a mad gathering, he threw away a couple of lines something like this 'and we came back to London along the motorway, after all we are all human'.

How many of those protesting will have gone home and then the very next day taken the kids out for a nice McDonut mega-meal? Mcdonut exists because society cannot live without it. If it is destroyed then something or someone even more powerful and corrupting will take its place. It will happen sooner or later on a corner of your neighbourhood. Move to the country at least it will take a few more years to reach you!

It's the same with any protest, you might change the faces but will you change the polocies? you might change the polocies but will you change the faces? You need to try, but unless you change America as a starter then you don't stand a hope in succeeding. Money and consumerism fuels the minds of all humans whether you like it or not. A small token here and there is all you can ever hope for.

Look at the Poll Tax Riots - yes it got rid of the Poll Tax but what is in its place, Council Tax which you are all very happy to pay without even a whimper. It's still a tax.


Buzz Wed May 3 14:04:53 EDT 2000

No I'm not a crusty! I even had a side parting yesterday! I'll grow some dreads now though, 'cos I'm balding on top.

Also, on retrospect, we already have a primeval minister or two, so let's grow a new thing and call it a MOMister, just so we know who they stand for.

'The depositary of Power is always unpopular.' Disraeli.

What are we going to do folks. There are so many comfortably numb types that don't even see we have a problem. Yet press headlines of 'ECO SCUM' anger me to the point of maniacal laughter. Not for those involved so much as my dear old land that I love and loathe to see going to the dogs. Burn society and it will grow as before from the ashes, just like the forest fire. Educate our children and changes will come, in time.

I'll get me sandals (post modern ironic soundbite to pacify the JudgeMentals)

Can anyone post a track list for FG3 please!

Buz zbird@ic24.net Wed May 3 14:11:18 EDT 2000

Yes Shrimp, and no. You are as poor an old cynic as myself sometimes. Bit I'm taking your advice and moving back to the country in two weeks, hooray!

If anyone wants to come and stay for a few days, helping me with a few artistic and cultural projects, mail me in a few weeks.

Onwards and upwards, at whatever degree you feel comfortable with!

Izzy moved to open my big gob http://www.ON-Luebeck.DE/~mfranke/nrestftw.html#anchor181122 Wed May 3 14:23:11 EDT 2000

So, Shrimp, should we just sit at home on our ever-fattening arses winging(pomme) that nothing ever changes? Things do change. I have the vote, laws have been passed to protect animal welfare in my politically active lifetime (cosmetics, farm animals) maybe they don't go far enough (and people chose to buy cheaper or more glamourous products from just over the channel that are no where near as virtuous), it is more difficult to get planning permission to build out-of-town shopping centres than ever before, road-building is being reduced but cycle facilities are increasing. This is all due to various forms of protest.

The point is to get everyone to question their every action. Things change, but heaven forbid it happens too fast. This society cannot cope with quick changes, and perhaps that is a good thing.

(do you like the url Mr.Belbin?)

Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Wed May 3 14:23:24 EDT 2000


FG3 Tracklisting (now with audio clips) are available on the Head Heritage site...

...also recently added are 2 bizarre non-musical Radio Shows from Godhaven..... welcome "Radio Savage Houndy Beasty"

Did anyone dig Mavis's shows?

Ta, luvs

Chris xx

Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Wed May 3 15:09:29 EDT 2000

Mr Julian Cope has been recording in a Welsh studio with the other members of Brain Donor. Gasp! What about "Brain Donor will never record" you ask? Well, a reliable source tells us that the material will be sneaking out under the Tab Hunter banner. More news on the Screaming Secrets site later (when I've finished the *next* round of updates).

The bids for Julian Cope on Ebay are pathetic. Where are those die-hard fans? Why I oughta.....

Nat: After careful analysis of the Guardian photo the "spoon" was revealed to actually be an AK47 Kalashnikov assault rifle. ECO SCUM!

Izzy: Where's my pic?

Crusty: You are Dave Spart from Private Eye and I claim my £5.

Buzzard: (re: Crusty The Christian Crustacean) keep up or you'll stay behind after class

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 3 19:44:35 EDT 2000

Of course we can get small results but it is the big one I'm after and the only way of achieving that is through education of the little ones. Teach the kids Equality, Reading and Writing, History, Respect, Culture, Citizenship and how to embrace and respect the environment for starters and you will sow the seeds - you then need to keep the weeds and pests at bay and you can then reap the reward but it will never ever happen so we're stuck with the minor league results. At least you can teach your children.

We can all vote but most of us don't bother and the one's that do very rarely vote for the indiviual as the party machine is ever present. I always vote and I always vote so as to keep the most obnoxious individual or party out of power. In Suffolk without the combined support of the other parties the fat farmer Tory always wins. I have seen the way the other parties work as I have been part of the process myself and most of the individuals that canvas your vote you wouldn't even trust them in delivering your newspaper.

Night Night and sleep tight.


Izzy Oh I love the world Thu May 4 04:43:46 EDT 2000


I'm totally with you on the education thing Shrimp, but I think you are also wrong. Many of my friends are teachers, this is because most of my friends are environmentalists by thought AND education and many don't want to go into waste management or consultancy. They want to educate. I know that they are all dedicated not only to teaching their subjects but teaching the kind of respect that you talk about. Kids are far more socially aware than in my parent's generation. Change comes, but as I said, slowly sos we all have time to adjust.

I've voted twice today, as our MP died on the weekend I moved out of his constituency (one of the reasons for moving was in fact to get out of his constituency because he had been more than useless for the mortal non-land-owning citizen - that is another story) fortunately I'm still registered there. I'm very excited because I know people involved with the campaigns and there is real hope for a change...

Man this prozac is good shit.

Paul - the photos are on the web for all to see, half the planet has already accessed them via the BTCV website...

Nat Thu May 4 05:47:24 EDT 2000

You've come out with some valid points there Shrimp, but I have to mention the one major factor which is Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Choice, I chose to march against the Poll Tax cause I belived in my choice, I also campaigned and Free Partied against the CJA, I don't eat MacDonalds, My partner does, I don't eat meat and love fluffy bunnies, Steve eats meat and likes Rabbit Stew!!! Freedom to choose... I like My Nation Underground you hate it!!!

I recently had the pleasure and complete privalidge of spending an afternoon with 5 young men from Kosovo who had no choice and were forced to leave their country cause they had their own voice...one of them had a young wife who'd just had a baby and will probably never see that baby!

I belive as you do in Education its the way forward but we mustn't force everyone to belive in the same thing, freedom to choose must come first but freedom in a society where its fair (That probably makes no sense whatso ever!! I think before I type!!! Bad grammer for someone who has a Degree in English Language!!) :-)

(I like the sow the seeds keep the weeds at bay metaphor - make a good car bumper sticker!!)

Anyway off with my rifle, knew I was wrong somewhere SS!! Hmmm think I may stick with the plastic spoon - Gouge away, you can Gouge away...

Nat xx

Nat Thu May 4 06:02:10 EDT 2000

Sorry about this turn 27 and you loose your mind..

Do you want some seeds for you country garden Mr Zbird!! I have some lovely organic pumpkins, chilies, peppers and some green things that sort of look like vegetables, but I'm not sure what they are!!! Tomato plants and some geraniums too!!

I dream of a little small holding in the country, where are you moving too? we can all pop round for a BBQ in the summer!!


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu May 4 06:55:30 EDT 2000

Of course my dears you are right, but I am right to - we all have the same goals and at least we are all using our goals to try to change our society for the better, be it in whatever small way we can.

When I kept telling you that I think MNU is a pile of crap what do you do, you revisit it and defend your thoughts and beliefs. If you are able to continue along that tact then we will stand a small hope of success. In the case of MNU it is of little consequence whether it is crap or it isn't, at least we have communicated and that comes down to Rail-On.

Cherish to the bunnies (a very underrated, cheap and free-range meat)

Nat Thu May 4 09:00:20 EDT 2000

Oi leave Sarah my bunny alone!!

Nat xx ;-)

Jason head.on@popstar.com Thu May 4 12:59:48 EDT 2000



I'm putting together a Cope zine - Modern antiquarian inspiured stuff and that - any ideas / contributions and stuff from anyone?

Also, has anyone got a spare copy of Copeulation? I'm desperate for a copy or any other video stuff - you know how hard it si to get....



PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu May 4 20:32:29 EDT 2000


I finally found that pic, which was hidden away on your homepage (doh!). I can't really make my mind up about it. Perhaps we need a pic of you in dungarees, but holding a spoon in a threatening manner?

Some of the pics on your site are quite unusual. Are you sure they're legal? Looking at some of the people in the pics, they seem to be doing acts which violate God's laws. Perhaps I'm not looking at them right.

"Researching the use of artificial intelligence in remote sensing" There's a familiar chat-up line we've all used before. I don't think I'll be using it however as it says here that you're a Karate expert (oops!).

Paul B

Marc Fri May 5 02:55:38 EDT 2000

Hey guys,

Julian will be touring in the fall,

isn't that good news in the morning or did you already know and I bore you so much ???

Izzy Fri May 5 04:28:20 EDT 2000

Julian will be touring with the Fall? Marvelous plan! Will Elastica-big-chums-of-MarkE be playing too? That would be a splendid evening!


Ha! Shrimpy-boy, big landslide away from the Tories in this 'Tory-stronghold'. I celebrate today. Having met the demised previous MP I cannot beleive that NOTHING will change...

Paul? What ARE you talking about??? It amuses me how 'doing karate' gets confused for 'karate expert'. Think what you like...;)


Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri May 5 04:35:45 EDT 2000

What is this?

National Confusing Day or something?

Personally I'd rather climb a black pineapple with a hosepipe than wash away forty-nine of Terry Wogan's metal detectors in Bolivia.

Love and Shugs (whatever they are)



Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 5 05:34:21 EDT 2000

Izzy - congrats on a bit of tactical voting sense in your area. That is the only way to combat the blue rinse brigade. But will it change anything for the better?

If Julia is touring in the autumninal then we must all get round a table somewhere and actually have the sense to speak to each other this time. Perhaps we could raise a flag like they do at festivals.

If there is a tour then that normally means the album just before.

Cherish to the tabloids


Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com www.hacklesraised.com Fri May 5 05:43:56 EDT 2000

Shrimp? Is your intention to provoke everyone on the list, one by one or do you not realise what it is you say...?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 5 05:54:48 EDT 2000

Provoke? What is it that I say that is deemed provoking?

Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Fri May 5 06:16:46 EDT 2000

'tactical voting'

'But will it change anything..?'

'speak to each other'



Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 5 06:29:38 EDT 2000

Tactical Voting - all the info I have got re your by-election was that there was a great deal of tactical voting at play - If that is the case then great it worked and should be repeated across the country as soon as possible. I was not inferring anything other than that.

But will it change anything - Just having a sensible MP will not in itself change/solve anything. But it is at the minimum a very great day.

Speak to each other - A lot of us went down to Cornucopea and went in the Fire Station - I was just as much at fault as anyone else of not speaking so that most of us missed each other. All I was saying is that perhaps next time we don't all miss each other.


rich mr.belbin@virgin.net Fri May 5 06:41:21 EDT 2000

Shrimp - one day you're having a go at people who dare to stand up and fight, and saying sanctimoniously how 'none of us' bother to vote (interesting to see how you can read the minds oof us railers), and then congratulate someone for 'their' sense in tactical voting?! Is there not some contradiction there?

Oh, and which of 'the little ones' (an expression I'm assuming you used in jest - not that it comes across that way, but noone could REALLY be that patronising could they) are you going to teach? prince Willy? Ewan Blair, the sons and daughters of the ruling-class who go to eton etc. Doubt it, we never get to meet them do we. Yet they're going to be the ones with 'the power' in our future, and you can be damned sure there mummy and daddy aint gonna let them get influenced by no crustacean, or his ilk. Oh, and rioting, imho, is already teaching our kids summat - that we dont have to sit back, we can fight back ,and occassionally even win.

I was there that day, and I'm proud to admit it.

(Anonymous) Fri May 5 06:42:46 EDT 2000

and on a lighter note...

The evil Q has Kilimanjaro in as the 97th greatest album EVER!

Izzy Fri May 5 06:52:20 EDT 2000

sorry shrimp, that last quote was actually a joke...

Hi Mr.Belbin

Kilimanjaro in the top 100? Shock news. I shall have to go home and listen to it over the weekend and report back with my opinions on Monday ....

(that, too, was a joke)

I am truly off now

Cheerio and have smashing weekends, happy in the knowledge that I am slaving away over a hot computer...

Marc Fri May 5 07:00:03 EDT 2000

Shrimp, raising a flag is a cool idea.

Maybe we should all wear uniforms or stuff.

The album which will be promoted on the tour could be FG 3...

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 5 07:57:46 EDT 2000

To have an uprising you need leaders, or someone who will pronounce themself leader.

I curretly see no leader(s) who I will hang my hat on apart, not even Julain but he is closer than anyone else.

Minor scurmishes will always be there as small tokens to be fought, won and lost.

At least you are fighting rich and I am rightly proud of you, your brothers and sisters and your actions.

Don't all the little ones go to school?


Reynard the Fox Fri May 5 09:45:10 EDT 2000

Don't make me call you a twat again Shrimp.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 5 09:50:27 EDT 2000

It's a free country.

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Fri May 5 11:26:50 EDT 2000

Shrimp, loved your line ; "Look at the Poll Tax Riots - yes it got rid of the Poll Tax".....are you trailblazing the way as a tribute comedian ? If so, which third rate stand up are you professing to be ?

The "Poll Tax Riots" are fondly recounted in my Glaswegian hostelry - recalled in the sense of where the donald duck was everyone for the year that Scotland got shafted ? Of course, that's where everyone was, getting down to Tangerine Dream and leaving the sweaties to get on with it.

As an unreconstructed nationalist, I could live - just about - with getting shat on by the English. But to watch the dummy-spitting pramsters "riot" brought tears of anger to our eyes and still now in deepest Possil resentments ride higher than a Roller groupies hipsters. Then again, who gives a fuck about a third world ghetto, one that is serviced a burgeoning band of a-holes in Holyrood and Westminster, a land that truly chimes with the trammeling of tracks, the growl of loan sharks and the empty hearts of the an entire generation of junkies.

Still, you cissify our ancient stones with your presence, claiming knowledge of our land yet none of p-celt and q-celt (no mention of it in TMA, either. How strange, eh ?)

Forgive them uber-Father, they know not yet.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri May 5 12:34:24 EDT 2000

Man, mp3.com rocks!!! I am totally addicted to it!

I've downloaded around 5 GB of songs from there over the past month or so. So far the most consistently satisfying genre is Electronica: trance, techno, "goa" (Israeli techno???)

I've tried hard to find some good [post-]punk but the vocal categories seem to be much more hit-and-miss.

I got a sampler CD from mp3.com in the mail, "103 of the best songs you've never heard"... some of the vocal songs on there were really cool. Pyjama Charm sounds a lot like Julian Cope!

Any idea where I can find some more cool mp3s?


Paul ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Fri May 5 12:55:38 EDT 2000

Yet *another* round of updates to the Screaming Secrets website.

News page has been updated as well as new Cope Box quotes bit. There's also a new Lip section with gossip and rumours around the May Day protests.


In a previous posting I refered to Miss Izzy Letsgetbusy as being a "karate expert". This was untrue. She is actually the European Feng Shui champion and we apologise for any distress caused. Now can you put all our furniture back facing South please?

Paul Browne

for Screaming Secrets - The Reality Check Magazine

Derek Fri May 5 17:13:33 EDT 2000

How do you "cissify" an ancient stone?

Mike D. Fri May 5 17:20:48 EDT 2000

I've got a 1,000,001 proxy bid on Julian at ebay. Someone go and outbid me so that the current amount shows up as over a million! I tried to do it myself, but it only will move in 1 pound increments. Although if I re-bid 999,999 more times....

Bored in California

P.S. Who just won the Julian clock??? What a cool item.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 5 18:40:22 EDT 2000

If you got it to over 1,000,001 how much would that be worth to E-bay?

Bet the clock works in a strange mysterious way.


Morfe the severn Fri May 5 18:56:58 EDT 2000


'We are all of us, more or less the slaves of opinion.'

...Merrick, Political Essays.

Bee Blessed.

(No more quotes I promise)(Yeah!)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 5 18:58:53 EDT 2000

Nice to see that old Sratching Toenails has included a decent quote at last (I do still read that crap!).


Morfe Fri May 5 19:10:18 EDT 2000

You have swallowed many a wasp, sire. Please keep your poisons.

Thom Bosarde zbird@ic24.net Fri May 5 19:57:01 EDT 2000

On reading back over these new postings, I am uncommonly struck with the lack of joy at Summer's approach! Rejoice all!

Also, Shrimp you are becoming a champion bottom-biter, and I fear it is because people must be nipping away at your busy mind!

Have you ever seen taxi driver?

No, I'm not looking at you.

I'll make good and be off now.

Pearls, swine, and cast-offs. You decide which is which.

Thanks Travis, long may you Rail On.


Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Sat May 6 06:02:35 EDT 2000


www.napster.com is a great place for mp3's. you do have to download a bit of software but it works just fine and is pretty reliable.


Everybody seems to be picking on you a bit, strange that.

Free speech is only allowed if you say what I want to hear?

I dunno,


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 6 06:06:36 EDT 2000

I've just been listening to FG3 again and its still not doing it for me.

Yes it should have been released but it ain't worth much in the context of the Cope catalogue.

No doubt you will all disagree with me but that's your choice.

Cherish - the sun is shining in my backyard at last!

rich Sat May 6 08:16:39 EDT 2000

Trav - I do believe you're on a pc, but if you are on a mac, then www.macsrter.com isthe equivelant - doesn't contain as much stuff (only one JC song), but a fairly groovy selection of stuff (mm, must go and look for some Atari Teenage Riot),

Verian - wouldn't not allowing people to respond to something they find disagreeable, in whatever way, be a denial of their fre speech?

Ringmaster Sat May 6 08:49:38 EDT 2000

Yesno. Hippies.

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Sat May 6 12:23:13 EDT 2000


yes it would, but there's no need for name calling is there?

FBI Iloveyou Sat May 6 13:07:33 EDT 2000

I really do.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 6 19:16:51 EDT 2000

I've just worked out that Scatching Toenails currently owe e-bay abou £130 - hope that they can afford it.


Mark mark-zoilabrown@home.com Sat May 6 19:21:07 EDT 2000


I think you'll find an easy addiction at Napster. Essentially, it is a community of users sharing whatever music is on their hard drive. So, you find different things every time you log on.

Unfortunately, unlike Verien, I have yet to find any Cope on there despite my constant searches. Maybe you have a few on your hard drive I'll be lucky to snag someday.

Better hurry, though. The powers that be in the music "industry" (and by that, I mean the busniess) are trying hard to shut Napster down.

Where oh where is John Sinclar, now that we have another worthy cause to fight for.

"And when I dream, I dream about you . . ."

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Sun May 7 04:14:01 EDT 2000


I've never found any Cope stuff on there either but there is a better chance of picking up mp3's from better known bands than at mp3.com I think.


Paul B ss@arc23.com Sun May 7 08:42:21 EDT 2000

Never mind, Crusty

Jesus still loves you.

(and he also loves The Teardrop Explodes)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun May 7 11:22:49 EDT 2000

Who the hell is this Jesus character.

Have I said that I don't like the Teardrops?

Calais 1 Nantes 2 French Cup Funeral Sun May 7 16:49:16 EDT 2000

1 dodgy penalty and the Calais buoys are beaten.

Jimmy Hill

(Anonymous) Mon May 8 01:13:21 EDT 2000

Will Florred Genius 3 be availible anywhere besides Head Heritage?

(Anonymous) Mon May 8 01:14:59 EDT 2000






(Anonymous) Mon May 8 19:52:11 EDT 2000

um papa?

(Anonymous) Mon May 8 19:53:18 EDT 2000

wie comme ich um bestum zum bahnhoff bitte?

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Tue May 9 03:48:56 EDT 2000

This page has just gone plain weird now.

As for me, I agree with Thom Bosarde's posting earlier on, there is an alarming lack of joy at Summer's imminent approach here at the moment.

It's getting full-on hard-core gorgeous out there! WOO-HOO!!

Seeing as everyone's slagging off the Teardrops at the moment - am I the only one who actually "quite" likes Everybody Wants to Shag?

And another thing.....where's my FG3??? I take it everyone else has got their's already?

And ANOTHER THING..... if Julian gets sold on Ebay, will he still be touring this year??? What happens if his new owner wants to keep him in???

Love and custard,


Nat Tue May 9 04:37:54 EDT 2000

Blimey grumble grumble grumble...... tut.....moaning bunch aren't you - its sunny be happy.... good to see you Izzy in the storms..

I love the summer, I love the amazing thunderstorms we've had recently, I love the Teardrop Explodes - did you know that Kilimajaro was in the Top 100 albums ever in Q...

Anyway I love everything except for the lovely shirt that Mr Belbin got me for my birthday!!! Hmmmm you are wierd!!! Love you .....I definately won't be wearing it next time we meet.....

If you want to buy me flowers then go ahead now,
If you want to talk for hours then go ahead now,

Nat xx

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue May 9 05:35:33 EDT 2000

Ah yes, but remember that Everybody Wants To Shag The Teardrop Explodes *isn't* Everybody Wants To Shag The Teardrop Explodes (it's not even the third Teardrops album).

Review thang on FG3 will be appearing on that Screaming Secrets website shortly.

Nat: Shirt's in the post.

Paul B

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue May 9 08:24:36 EDT 2000

Anyone know anything or any good websites on 'Slow worms'? We've got loads in our garden and unfortunately Steve keeps chopping them with the lawn mower and we want to save them!!! What do they eat and live in? Any help would be most appreciated, unlike shirts!!! (Sorry Rich - CD was a stormer mind thanks for that, been singing Scott Walker for days now, you coming down for Homelands? Pop in for a kebab and a swift half!!)

Nat xxx

Izzy Tue May 9 08:34:10 EDT 2000


You want a lovely drystone wall in a sunny location - they love it all warm and dry. I'll come over a build one...


Nat Tue May 9 09:57:34 EDT 2000

Ta!! They are currently living under our compost bin - but we were thinking of building a pile of rubble for them!! Come on over and give us a hand, you are more than welcome. I've been in touch with Dorset Wildlife Trust - but should have known that Izzy would have the answer!!!

See you later


Boolbar boolbar@hotmail.com Tue May 9 10:07:19 EDT 2000

Blah !

You lose a job, gain another, get married, move house and finally get back onto the 'net only to find that you've missed Cornucopia. Still, at least Odin makes my car vibrate in a freaky way.

Boolbar Tue May 9 12:18:12 EDT 2000

Oh, Kilimajaro was in the Top 100 albums in Q , but they were British albums only (as selected by Q writers).

Paul B ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue May 9 12:33:36 EDT 2000


I had hoped to bring an update on the "Sell Julian Cope On Ebay" item. But...

Strange things have been occuring.

I can't seem to get onto the Ebay site AND their last email to me manages to crash my whole system when I try and read it.

What could have caused such a catastrophe?

  1. Crusty brought the wrath of God (Charlton Heston) down to smight the Evil Ones (ie Screaming Secrets and Ebay)
  2. Our magick rituals went off target and rendered the equivalent of 'friendly fire'. Dennis Wheatley commented (by Ouija Board) "That'll teach you to muscle in on my operation"
  3. A plumb crazy kid (Matthew Broderick) has hacked into the Ebay system FOR CRAZY KICKS

The film rights are still available

Julian Cope Sad But True Sold Tue May 9 13:21:44 EDT 2000

Sold to the people on the telephone for £10,100.

A bill from e-bay will be sent shortly.

That means that Screaming Secrets newsletters can be issued free for the next 54 years.

PaulB Tue May 9 14:26:21 EDT 2000

Newsletters? We do newsletters now?

No one tells me anything these days...

simple question Wed May 10 01:19:31 EDT 2000

Will Floored Genius 3 be availible anywhere besides Head Heritage? Will Floored Genius 3 be availible anywhere besides Head Heritage? [repeats about 50 times -- Trav]

Markybov Wed May 10 03:43:04 EDT 2000

I'm sure Shrimp'll sell you his copy for a pickled egg and pint of Tanglefoot.

Will Floored Genius@forsaleanywhere.com Wed May 10 04:45:53 EDT 2000

The answer is no, so don't be so tight and buy it from Head Heritage - whats the problem....?



harry the bastard teaplease100@hotmail.com Wed May 10 06:22:47 EDT 2000

IS IT TRUE THAT the teardrop explodes arer reforming ???

scary or what not. harry the bastard

st. Wed May 10 09:18:25 EDT 2000

Anyone read the latest update from JoAnne at HH - "Some of you have e-mailed and phoned wondering if everything Pramhead has said on the forum is true. Well, it is - but, at the moment, I can't really offer much more information except to say that the tour is being planned for the autumn" - or did I just miss this discussion while I was on my travels? Does anyone know what exactly it was that the mysterious Pramhead said, I checked the Head to Head forum, but couldn't find a thing. Oh well good news anyway.


donbosco donniebosco@iname.com Wed May 10 10:15:22 EDT 2000

st. it was kinda buried but heres pramheads post:

Well here goes. I check out this site nearly every day but I've never felt right about posting anything. But this Mayday I left my lady buying postcards at the National Trust shop in Avebury and walked to Windmill Hill and who did I bump into but the Drude himself plus his beautiful kids Albany and Avalon. They were sitting at the foot of Windmill Hill having a Beltane picnic in the warm May sun, pasta salad I think it was. I was a bit embarassed but Mr Cope was so friendly that we talked for a good 15 minutes. He told me he's touring later this year, that Brain Donor are doing an album, that the new Spiritualized album has been put back till 2001, that Donald Ross Skinner and Rooster both applied for the Spiritualized guitar and drummer post but Jason took a shine to Doggen and Kev instead. Cursing the fact that I'd left my Modern Antiquarian in the car, I got him to sign my copy of Aubrey Burl's guidebook of stone circles and Jules said he'd just got back from filming with Aubrey in Aberdeenshire. I told him I was an avid reader of the Head Heritage forums and that they were pretty fiery at times. Great, said Jules, and told me he'd avoided them till now incase they were as boring as Billy Bragg said his were. I asked him if all the info was confidential and he said I could tell who I liked. So here's my first posting. I got back to my lady, told her my story, and she kicked my lucky arse round the Avebury carpark.

Quoyle Quoyle@wlv.ac.uk www.wolves.co.uk Wed May 10 10:26:56 EDT 2000

The Sophtware slump has begun.

Don't give in 2000 man.

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Wed May 10 11:31:30 EDT 2000

Phew, finally get a breather from chasing slow worms, I log on and find that the 'rail on' has been taken over by wierd mad people!! Must be this wierd weather...

Ron, my lovley in the USA (who incidently sent me a lovley b'day pressie from Memphis, Tennesee) can you re mail me your address and e.mail address as I've done your mini disc and can't post it!!! I told you I was forgetful!! DOH....

Hoorah for a Tour!! Hoorah... have to start planning where to meet etc pretty soon as we all sort of missed each other last time....

Rich I'll wear the Shirt, Izz you wear those dungerees!!

Big hugs to all.....


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 10 13:03:49 EDT 2000

Tanglefoot - maybe but Pickled Eggs - a big no no!

Anyone want a copy of the Copulation video?

I have one for sale which I got second hand and have watched once and will not miss it.

I might put it on e-bay but I would prefer it to go to someone who is desparate to see it rather than some trainspotter with the most money who just wants it as a Cope artifact.

Any ideas?


Thom Bosarde zbird@ic24.net Wed May 10 13:11:36 EDT 2000

Oh Nat, you lucky thing to have slow worms in your garden.

Mine are really quick!

Only joking...it's fantastic! They're usually so shy, you know, blushing and feigning nonchalance!

Please tell them to come off the lawn and don't get chopped up! Is your grass short enough for them not to be able to hide? Or maybe you could grow it and let it go fallow!

The web is useless for slowworms and British reptiles. I have some info, which may be useful.

The slow worms favours dry places. It mates in late April, May and June, the males can fight, and usually do, quite viciously, around about now. They are definitely LIZARDS, not snakes or worms.

They are called Blind-worms (again misguiding) or Orvets also, depending where you come from.

(God-Waerms where I come from)

They live longer than other lizards in the UK, usually 15-40+ yrs! SO PLEASE DON'T CHOP THEM! They live on slugs, worms, spiders, insects and their larvae. Tiny white slugs are their favourite grub. They rarely come out in daylight unless mating or if pregnant come out to bask in the sunshine.

When picking them up AVOID THE TAIL, as you probably know, it comes off easily as a form of defence. (I don't favour that method personally!) They can also discharge runny pooh onto you!

This is due to fear. Very occasionally pregnant females may bite, but it's nothing serious!

They are ovo-viviparous and the 6-12 young hatch from membranes from late August to early September. They will not reach full growth until 7 or 8 years, so be careful when dealing with what you may think are earthworms. Slow worms have many more enemies than gardeners, including foxes, badgers, buzzards (aagh), rats, kestrels, owls, mistle-thrush and red-backed shrike.

They will hibernate from mid-October 'til March, usually under leaves or stones, so your stone pile sounds great. They also burrow. Keeping them in captivity is not recommended, I did as a child for a short time, but you need a heat source, and you can never (in a vivarium) recreate the habitat they need.

Hope this has been useful Nat, and ta for the seeds (HOW DO I START THEM!?.) What's this got to do with Julian Cope?

WELL... If you go out late at night, you can hear all those little legless lizards chillin' to: 'I'm a slooow rider, 'cuz ah'm a...slllooowww rider.' I'll get my coat....

Bee Blessed X

(Anonymous) Wed May 10 19:00:20 EDT 2000

The auction for which you were a participating bidder:

322566095 - Julian Cope

has been determined to be in violation of eBay's listing policies. As a result, neither you or the seller are required to complete this transaction.

mr disa pointed Wed May 10 19:02:24 EDT 2000

what a shame - violation!

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Thu May 11 03:49:58 EDT 2000

Blimey, slow-worms really sound fascinating. I wish I had them in my garden, or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough. Not really being an Alan Titschmarch (or however you spell it) type.

Well, today is truly a happy day, my FG3 finally arrived yesterday along with Odin which I was long-overdue to get hold of, and they're both great.

Although, Odin did give me a bit of a shock when I woke up in the middle of the night to find I'd left it playing. For a minute I thought I'd died in my sleep and gone to Om-land.

It's a great record for reading Lord of the Rings along to.

Love and shugs,


Nat Thu May 11 06:39:17 EDT 2000

Ta for the slow worm info Thom, they are brilliant things to watch!!

I started my chilies off in a flower pot with some potting compost in, covered in a piece of cling film!! Leave in the window and then seperate when they get a bit big!!..... They are from my own chillies so are a bit spicey!!

Anyway, I'm sure Julian likes chillies.... and please would Satan stop e.mailing me, I know its one of you lot and you are giving me the heebee geebees!! Thank you!!


Izzy don't eat chocolate this early in the day Thu May 11 06:54:45 EDT 2000


Natalie, that is a nifty way of germinating chilies. Mine took months for I planted them, soaked them, left them to dry out in front of the radiator, forgot them over winter and then watered them out of curiosity. I hadn't a clue what was sproating. The one survivor after the 'great Paignton Zoo Poo fly epidemic of 1999' (which also took all my peanuts and strawberries and nearly Jet-Plane him/herself) has just sprung its first flowers. I am very proud.

Chris, I keep meaning to say thank you for the hints on internet such and such, blimey that's pricey! Also I listened to Mavis Number 1. Did I rock!? Its not Bon Jovi though is it? But I do like Stooges, never so keen on Kiss. Used to go to the rock night at the Agincourt in Camberley and hang around with those lurvely greasy bikers. Mmh-mmmmmm. Anyone know it? Also went to the Goth night, but perhaps I won't mention that here...

Now that was all plain and simple wasn't it Markybov, me fella?

Mike D. Thu May 11 10:43:41 EDT 2000

Just got back from Las Vegas to find out I've won Julian for only 10,001 pounds! I'll FINALLY get to see him play live!!! Er...um...whaddaya mean the auction is nullified????? Damn! Well at least the missus and I saw David Cassidy in Vegas...

Mike D (not of the Beasties)

P.S. Do you think Julian would come to L.A. if I REALLY offered 10,001 pounds???????

Nat Thu May 11 10:53:24 EDT 2000

Oooo David Cassidy, I used to fancy him when I was wee... also Freddy from Scooby Doo (just loved that squiffy eye and cravat look) and also Donny Osmand... ahhhh did David still have that lovely blonde flick to his hair..... Ahhhh

I fancy getting Married in Vegas so look out for me and my other half this summer........ooooooooooo (Fancied it after reading "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" - I like Orang u tans and like the idea of doing acid in a casino) (or even on a casio as I almost typed)

I think Julian would play in LA if you offered him a $10 and a stone circle, maybe throw in the odd burial mound and you'd be sorted... Echo and the Bunneymen did it last year for around the same price.....

Nat xx

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Thu May 11 13:01:24 EDT 2000

I think Crusty was right - Ebay do spoil all the fun. So no Julian Cope for sale I'm afraid.

I was very ill yesterday with some *seriously* killer migraine/nausea wave. For a short time I gazed into the abyss (then the abyss replied: "are you looking at my bird?").

*Lots* of stuff coming up on Screaming Secrets including a run-down on our pop star auction (we had some great emails), an interesting angle on FG3 (and then some) and some funky things which I'm actually working on at the mo. More details to follow.


PS Shrimpy, re: Copeulation: get everyone to email you with the best excuse as to why they didn't get the video at the time then award it to the best excuse. Don't sell it as that's capitalism and its EVIL.

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Thu May 11 13:20:19 EDT 2000

I would sell my soul to the devil for a small amount of self publicity.


PaulB ss@arc23.com Thu May 11 16:20:39 EDT 2000

Children, Did you see what Crusty did?

He posted up a message in my name.

This is actually forbidden in the Bible (apparently) which means he's going to Hell.


PS My soul is still for sale and may be available on Ebay in the near future

B.L.Z.Bub horned1@hell.ac.uk http://www.godzkilla.com/ Thu May 11 17:22:09 EDT 2000


having met with utter rejection at the fingers of Ms Trainor, I would be more than happy to acquire your soul.Let's see. if Mr Cope is apparently worth $10001, then the editor of a magazine dedicated to his name must be worth, what? About $487? Make it a round $500 if you throw in the picture of Izzy in her dungarees (Satan can't surf bro')

Oh, and I'm not having any bloody crusties down here thankyou very much, all they do is tell the golums to chill out, and use the eternal pits of fire as bloody lighters.

They do irritate the heaven out of Enoch Powell tho, so...

Adam Ant Thu May 11 17:46:24 EDT 2000

Can someone please post the track listing of the recent CD giveaway?


Adam Ant

P.S. I used to be great. Really. Look for me on VH-1 soon.

Skellington Coricles Wickerman Thu May 11 19:09:54 EDT 2000

Row row Row the boat.

When will I reach the other side?

A Screaming Secrets Exclusive Thu May 11 19:13:28 EDT 2000

"Have you been taking drugs?"

Bruce to Alice Copper after the Dingbat event.

My lips are always sealed.

Floured Genus the turd Thu May 11 19:24:46 EDT 2000

Rating **/*****

Please try harder next time.

Oddbin 2 is a lot of laffs Copepeoples and includes Julian on Vibes and a choir of Mellotron 2000's.

Brian Doner

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Thu May 11 19:49:59 EDT 2000

B.L.Z.: Apparently my soul has already been given away in a tragic incident involving it being used as the contents of a Lucky Jamboree bag many years ago.

The Izzy dungarees pic was *way* overated. She just over-hyped the whole thing and ruined the whole experience. What a tease. Perhaps she'll pose for more dungaree shots in the near future (perhaps not).

Adam: CD listing (+pics) is on the Screaming Secrets website (see above link). BTW, I thought Apollo 9 was smashing, even though no one else did ;-)

Crusty: You *seriously* need to work on your material.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu May 11 19:55:20 EDT 2000


I know a GREAT group for you to check out. They're called Pyjama Charm and they have some songs on MP3.COM.... Look them up! Here, I'll do it for your:


The vocals sound VERY like Cope! That's what got me into their music. But then I listened beyond the vocals and got to the MUSIC! It's like China Crisis! Wow!!! What an awesome sound! You just *have* to check them out!

These guys need to get signed, and QUICK! Listen beyond the cheesy keyboard sound and get at the MEAT of their songs and it's awesome! It takes a few listens to get past the demo-quality production but once you do, JEEZZZ!!!


Izzy Fri May 12 04:24:41 EDT 2000

Adam Ant? You still are great, I lurve the blonde hair and I have Apollo 9 and still play it (to annoy visitors).

Sorry to disappoint you Paul. I did overrate the dungerees, you are absolutely right. Its just my pathetic ego, I'll try harder next time ...

Trav, it seems that China Crisis have a regular spot at the Brook in Southampton (between the Oasis tributes and the dodgy blues bands) if you fancy a VERY expensive night out, come on over!

Nat Fri May 12 07:57:42 EDT 2000

Ha!!! Satan you've just give yourself away!! I know who you are, and I am appaulled that you could possibly want to dice up my ikle puddy cat and my rabbit.... tut I don't know,youf of today... in the words of the great Frank Black - ' You go to hell, you go to hell and you die....' hmmmmmmm

Thats enough nastiness for today... the person who sent me that e.mail from satan is now a member of the Status Quo mailing list so watch yer boxes.......

Nat xx

Nat Fri May 12 08:02:04 EDT 2000

Oooooo guess what I've just heard from a secret source....... Our Lord Drude Julian of Cope is playing in Salisbury quite soon!!! A friend of a friend of a friend works at the booking office and will mail me more details by Monday!!

HA HA HAAAAAAA - thats made my day WOOOHHHOOOOOOO not even Satan can piss on my parade now.......

Fancy it Izzy?

Nat xx

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 12 14:14:13 EDT 2000

Is that likely to be Brain Donor Nat?

Adam Ant Fri May 12 14:45:52 EDT 2000

Thanks Paulie. Well, it took some extended digging but I finally found the Cornucopea tracklisting at SS. Are these gonna pop up at HH? After all, the send-this-sticker-in-a-used-envelope-RIGHT-NOW-and-we'll-send-you-a-CD Paranormal In The West Country single ended up there. Did anyone else run around like a madman getting the sticker and envelope off???

Oops, Gotta go. It's lunchtime in Los Angeles and Marco is VERY hungry,

Madam I'm Adam

P.S. For some weird reason I threw a tiny box of candy (NERDS) onto the stage during the Viva Le Rock tour and Marco picked them up and ate them. Don't know what was stranger, me throwing them or Marco eating them. REALLY.

Mike D. Fri May 12 14:55:55 EDT 2000

How about a trade...we'll give Anthony Hopkins back if Dorian moves back to the States. She'll of course have to bring her children and that husband of hers (what's his name again...). We will even grant him a work visa so that he can play in, for example, California.

Or better yet, here in L.A. I believe we have two of your Sex Pistols. Two-for-one Mother's Day special.


Poppy explode@total.net Fri May 12 16:17:56 EDT 2000

Can anyone tell me how to contact the drude's agent to book him here in North America?

Cheers Poppy (www.poppyseed.com)

Mike D. Fri May 12 18:10:45 EDT 2000

I do believe it's ole JC hisself that doesn't want to come over. I think the last extensive tour he did was to support Saint Julian or My Nation Underground. I missed the East Coast acoustic shows (found about them well after the fact).


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 12 20:44:35 EDT 2000

Copeulation video for sale on e-bay.

Greedheads unite!


I need the bread so that I can get Tarot!


Hmm Sat May 13 02:10:10 EDT 2000

Cash is better than charity,I suppose

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 13 05:35:45 EDT 2000
  1. I purchased the video in the first place - it was not given to me free. I have invested some cash on it and wish to convert it back into cash or an equivalent.
  2. It is charitable to make the video available as I have watched it, no longer have a use for it and do not wish to keep it just for the sake of having another Cope artifact.
  3. It doesn't mean that I cannot enter into another form of transaction other than cash with an interested party.
  4. I would prefer to do a swap deal for Walter Wegmuller - Tarot, however I doubt that anyone will have a copy - so if I decide to accept cash then the funds raised will go towards hunting out an overpriced copy of said CD via Ultima Thule.

Therefore somtimes cash is better than charity, but on other occasions charity is better than cash.

Sometimes cash is charity and other times charity is cash.

But far more important is Peace and Love is Harmony.

Cherish to the greedheads like me.

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sat May 13 09:48:19 EDT 2000

I guess anti-capitalism is "s-o-o last week" in the world of Crusty.

Remember those po-faced attacks on people who would dare (gasp!) to sell their Cornucopea CDs for money (shock!) on Ebay?

What will he surprise us with next?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 13 10:03:14 EDT 2000

PaulB - Blindness is your passion.

FG3 - A superb work of extraordinary personal love over a period of 2 decades.



PaulB ss@arc23.com Sat May 13 14:20:43 EDT 2000

Good grief - First the about-turn on capitalism and now FG3 suddenly transforms from "ain't worth much" to "a suberb work of extrodinary love".

Next week: Why The Teardrop Explodes Were Actually Quite Brilliant After All (Now That I Think About It)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 13 15:58:27 EDT 2000

Capitalism - This man is not for turning. Perhaps you can tell me where?

As for FG3 - So what do you think Mr PaulB? - perhaps you can let us know what you think instead of what everyone else thinks for a change. Have you actually got any opinions or ideas which you can enlighten out lives with?

The Teardrops - I have never said that they were not brilliant - but if you really want to know they were absolute crap most of the time and especially live!

Try reading the biogs.

Cherish to all the tossers of the world

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Sat May 13 16:38:40 EDT 2000

Sorry Shrimp, but as Mr Royle might say, crap my arse.

Saw the Teardrops - oooh, 20 or so years ago - and they were quite magnificent in their pseudo pop-art fashion. At least there were no inclinations of the TangerineDreamness crap that we are wallowing in now.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 13 16:52:01 EDT 2000

Did I say that they always were? Julian himself says that they were absolute shite on occasions - so what!

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Sat May 13 16:57:00 EDT 2000

So what ? I wouldn't trust what that wonderfully talented self serving egotist says ! Despite what Head On/Repossesed say, JHC was but a part of the group (albeit a vital one) thus, he was but the Bernie The bolt of the Golden Shot that were the teardrops.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 13 17:16:49 EDT 2000

I don't trust Julian on most things but I do on this one as he wrote the books after the event and he was, at least in body, at most of the gigs! He would, I am sure agree with you that he is a wonderfully talented self serving egotist for starters.

Can I be a bit presuming and suggest that as a Scotsperson you have passion in your blood and I respect that. Left a bit Right a bit up a bit FIRE! - The Golden Shot - bring it back now and replace the piece of string with Margaret Thatcher. My memory is fading fast.

I have been going to gigs for years as well and I honestly cannot remember much about most of them and it is normally something other than the music that makes it memorable and clouds the memory.

I remember Pink Floyd as being excellent in 1967 or was it 1968 or even 1969 - or was I even there!? It was a great gig though!

Blimey great gigs I have been to?

X-Ray Specs - Marquee 70something?

it changed my music tastes overnight.


PS - does anyone remember Cornucopey back on fools day?

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sat May 13 17:43:52 EDT 2000

Someone who was there wrote the book so it must be "true" (or "right").

Never, ever mistake the map for the territory.

Head On/Repo are very good models for a certain period in the Liverpool music scene. But then so was Liverpool Explodes. So were sections of 45. But they're only models - A writer's opinions on the experience (and written long after the events have occured).

We interviewed Paul Simpson for Screaming Secrets and he said: "I read Julian's book and at first I was a bit kind of, "well, that's not strictly true...". But then I thought it is his story, it's not my story...".

If you asked half a dozen people they'd all have different accounts of the whole Liverpool music scene (although Pete Wylie being on the guest list was right every time...).


PS I think you agree with Julian's POV a *lot* more than you'd care to admit ;-)

(Anonymous) Sat May 13 18:40:32 EDT 2000


We interviewed Paul Simpson for Screaming Secrets and he said: "I read Julian's book and at first I was a bit kind of, "well, that's not strictly true...". But then I thought it is his story, it's not my story...".

Well Paul has said this on a number of interviews

Sorry very jet lagged just got back from somewhere very far away and had a great time


did you get the disc's


I will have to catch up and listen to FG3

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 13 19:08:08 EDT 2000

I don't ever admit anything as I just talk bollocks just like everyone else - It is your interpretation of what I say and mine of you and everyone else that is interesting.

It will be interesting to read Paul Simpson new book though.

You make a big mistake just linking the likes of Head On to the Liverpool scene - you obviously are too young to have been around during that period but that cannot be a critism.

Paul Simpson wasn't interviewed for Screaming Secrets as that is attempting to suggest that Screaming Secrets is of importance. Why couldn't you just have said - 'Paul Simpson has said etc......

Did you ever leave?


Reynard the Fox Sun May 14 08:35:11 EDT 2000

I keep telling you. That Shrimp fellow's a twat.

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sun May 14 09:37:40 EDT 2000

Just to set the record straight: I interviewed Paul Simpson early in 1996 for Screaming Secrets around the release of his first single Invisible. That interview appeared in issue 8. Any Screaming Secrets regulars who use this messageboard will confirm this. Paul Simpson will confirm this - drop him a line at the Skyray website.

Copies are still available but then to actually own a copy would greviously wound Crusty's Christian dogmatic reaction in what is clearly a case of "Right Man" syndrome ("I'm right and everyone else is wrong").

I find it quite bizarre that someone who professes to be such a big Cope fan has managed to completely bypass Screaming Secrets. Mind you, it has only been going since 1988...;-)


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun May 14 13:30:39 EDT 2000

There you go again - trying to suggest that Screaming Secrets is of importance.

Anyone who vaguely possesses to be interested in Copedom would not miss anything if they bypassed the site.

It seems like you are only extolling its virtues because you are so aware that the HH site has taken over.

To be accurate I do not profess to being a big Cope fan. I do profess though to have a similar interest in a number of avenues that Julian has taken and some of them I definetely do not.

Screaming Secrets RIP


Russ Sun May 14 13:36:06 EDT 2000


Stop being a twat!

You know i've got SS I would still have all the issues if somebody had not nicked the first 3. Like I said it has been said in a number of interviews and i'll look them out and post them. I did not say it had not appeared in SS


PaulB Sun May 14 14:49:21 EDT 2000

"The HH site has taken over..."

I suppose if we all thought like El Crusty then we'd give up any idea of creativity. But because we're not we have sites like Rail On, Trampolene and (indeed) magazines like Screaming Secrets.

On the Simmo front: The quote was merely illustrating a point.I guess we could be really anal and check the exact date I did the interview and see where it slots into any other interview Paul may have done around the same time.But then we'd start having a site looking like a shopping list ;-)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun May 14 15:31:03 EDT 2000

Rail-on, Trampolene and julian-cope.com just exist and they do it without resorting to harking on about themselves all the time. They also exist purely because of Julian Cope not because of some tripe called Screaming Secrets. Of course a great deal of dedicated hard work still has to be put into it but they all do it as fans not as individuals wanting recognition and worship for doing so.

12 years is a long time to exist though.

Perhaps next year you will have found a life.


Mothra Sun May 14 18:28:53 EDT 2000

'A contentious man will never lack words'.

Cherish what, I ask?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun May 14 18:34:43 EDT 2000

Cherish whatever you like or don't like.

Cherish especially the Universal Panzies though.

Cherish Screaming Secrets.

Cherish Julian Cope.

Cherish Mothra.

Cherish Life.

Cherish Death.

Cherish the Sun.

Cherish the Moon.

Cherish the Stars.


Dickens Mothra@what-the. Sun May 14 19:04:24 EDT 2000

'I am a lone creetur'...'And everythink goes contrairy with me.'

PaulB ss@arc23.com Sun May 14 19:37:57 EDT 2000

You see Shrimpy, this is how it works: A Person (or persons) puts together a book, a product, a website or, indeed, a magazine. Then they "promote" it so that other people who may share an interest in the subject can check it out.

I know that on Planet Crusty it doesn't work like that. You (hypothetically speaking) put together a Julian Cope magazine which looks fabulous, *but* it would be evil to push it (LIKE DRUGS!) so you bury them all in your cellar...

It's also interesting to note your reactionary attitude to a magazine that (GASP!) you haven't even seen yet.

"they all do it as fans not as individuals". No, they do it as individuals (and creative ones at that) who also *promoted* their sites so others would know about them.

After that, your posting seemed to go into some very bizarre areas that our Travelcards just won't stretch to..


Soon to be gone shrimp be gone Sun May 14 21:22:53 EDT 2000

Oh dear oh dear.

Shrimp is so convinced that he is 'for real' and somewhat righteous, but sadly has to resort to belittling others to reinforce this belief upon his own psyche.

This turn of events has sadly left us with a page of bickering.

I feel it is of importance to express that simply ending a statement with 'cherish' does not cancel out any rudeness or bigotry on your part.

It appears that this will be my last message on this page, i have far less trivial concerns than picking out parts of other peoples postings and systematically criticising them. (which is exactly what i expect to happen to this message when a certain someone reads it).

Reynard, you are absolutely correct. Shrimp is an un-utterable twat. End of story.

Give me your best shot...

But don't hold your breath for a reply monkey boy.

"what monsters would walk the streets if peoples faces were as unfinished as their minds."


is that cherish by madonna or kool and the gang?

Jennifer sunspots@riconnect.com Sun May 14 23:06:52 EDT 2000

I spoke to Dorian at day two of Cornucopea and asked her if she couldn't convince Julian to come to the States to play...she said he now won't even go there to see her family. So it looks like we are out of luck for US gigs. Keep saving your pennies for trips to the UK.


Mike D. Fri May 12 18:10:45 EDT 2000 said

I do believe it's ole JC hisself that doesn't want to come over....



Poppy explode@total.net Fri May 12 16:17:56 EDT 2000 said

Can anyone tell me how to contact the drude's agent to book him here in North America?

Cheers Poppy (www.poppyseed.com)

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Mon May 15 04:41:54 EDT 2000

Sorry folks, but I have to comment on the discussion below.

I think what all Cope fans "suffer from" is the fact that Mr Cope wants us to behave in such - and - such way, just like being a politician.

So you have to ask yourselves whether or not you agree with him partly, completely, or whatever !! Thus, there will be lots of different opinions ! But isn't arguing about these completely childish ??

Isn't the wonderful MUSIC basically what Cope and Rail - On is all about ??

I mean, if you are into his music AND the stones, it is perfectly okay as well, but do we all need to have the same opinions about our ways of life, stones, politics and so forth ??

That would be boring !!! The only solution is to ACCEPT different opinions, isn't it ?

And talk about music, FG 3, Cornucopea, a forthcoming tour !

Please remember if we were a Blur list we'd just talk about their music and no more !! So why the heck argueing about childish things and get people on their nerves ???

Back to the roots, I'd say : Julian Cope music ( which was first, by the way ) Julian Cope books, tours but Julian Cope policy ??

I will NOT take part !

Now turn on your stereos and listen to the brilliant "Ascension".

That is what it is all about.


Nat Mon May 15 05:00:01 EDT 2000

Crikey a weekend of slag off Shrimp!!!

Could well be Brain Donor playing Salisbury - info is a bit vague at the moment and my psychic channels to Salisbury are currently being blocked by a Mobile Phone mast....

Who cares really who it is, Julian could be duetting with Rick Astley doing 'Hit Songs from the Shows' and I'd still go... does that make me mad, probably!! But I don't care...

Exactly how old are you Shrimp as I thought you were about 16 and living at home with your parents - but I'm obviously wrong if you saw Pink Floyd in the 60's - weren't at the Isle of White Festival too were you? Bit rude to ask really, but curiouser and curiouser said Alice....

Stop Slagging now please as it makes me sad..... Belbin... where art thou'

Nat xx

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Mon May 15 05:17:09 EDT 2000

Too right!

Either stop slagging, or sort it out once and for all with a round of handbags at dawn. I'll be the referee.

Very sorry that you guys seemed to spend the most wonderful weekend of the year so far in front of your computers and not outdoors in the glorious sun.

On a lighter note - and continuing once again with the animal theme that seems to have been somewhat prevalent of late - does anyone know of a good way to trap mice?

I have a particularly slippery little rodent (named Malcolm) in my kitchen at the moment who keeps eating my potatoes and munching into the soap in the bathroom.

I have no desire to harm Malcolm as I have no quarrel with his existance - only his dietry requirements.

I bought one of those "humane" traps on Saturday but twice now I have found it with the door having shut fast, and no sign of either cheese or Malcolm within. I've no idea how he does it as the trap is quite clever and I'm sure I couldn't work out how to escape if I was a mouse. Malcolm has since been renamed "The Great Suprendo" as a result.

Anyway - any suggestions?


Izzy Mon May 15 05:45:39 EDT 2000

Well, I think the Markybov and Nat have both summed up what I was thinking. What a glorious weekend! I spent most if it playing grease-monkey in the back garden, didn't even think to come inside and check the email. Methinks the heat has got to a couple of Brit's heads.

Markybov, we had a lot of mice in our last house, they can squeeze through anything and are thoroughly untrappable. Nat has experience of the blighters too (as pets) and may have some ideas. How about a milk bottle? Sometimes they crawl in after something and can't get out if its too slippy (and slightly inclined).

Its spring fever I tell ye. Even my snail made a dash for it last week...

Nat Mon May 15 07:40:33 EDT 2000


Top mouse tip - Don't use cheese as they don't like it!! Try a piece of Cadburys (only the best) Fruit and Nut!!

I had three (Pinky, Tiny and Mr Perkins) who escaped all the time...also I doubt if you've only got one mouse as they usually travel in gangs!!!

The milk bottle is a good way. Also try and find where he's coming in and block up the hole. If it is a little boy mouse I pity you as they smell really really bad!!!! Good luck with the mouse hunt!!

Nat xx

PaulB Mon May 15 10:37:29 EDT 2000

There's nothing like a bit of drama to spice things up ;-)

I'd love to spend more time in the sun. Unfortunately I have a somewhat large amount of work to plough through. Will it never end?

Back on the Copey side of things: The last issue of the Wire featured a Cornucopea review, in case anyone missed it.

Catching mice: milk bottles are the best option.Remember to tip the open end up slightly. Once Mr M Mouse enters the bottle, he can't get out again. If this fails, invest in a flamethrower (it worked for me).

Paul B

Boolbar Mon May 15 12:40:09 EDT 2000

I tried one of those humane mouse traps and found that other smaller things (like wood-lice, beetles) go and eat the cheese. Then the mouse sits on top closing the door without going inside. Try hamster or rabbit food or bits of bread. It doesn't stop the insects but mousey likes and it eventually worked for me. One smelly mouse (so must be male ?) released into the countryside.

Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Mon May 15 14:53:00 EDT 2000

Cadburys. Mmmmmmm. Damn, those are good. After eating one of those, American chocolate tastes like wax.

Todd J Mon May 15 14:54:32 EDT 2000

Say something once, why say it again? Sorry all. [Todd was refering to a duplicate post, which I've removed --Trav]

Kevin kevink@buzzhits.com Mon May 15 16:38:43 EDT 2000

Question: how long does it take for headheritage to ship to the US? I ordered about 9 days ago...needless to say I can't wait to get floored3. thanks. -kevin

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon May 15 17:06:05 EDT 2000

I ate a piece of pecan pie today and drank at least 3 cups of tea - I played no music whatsoever.

If that is the crap that you want then that is the crap that you will get - I might even start my own Cope NonFanzine for those who wish to question one or two things, but I'm afraid that I've got better things to do like listening to music.

You all deserve the likes of Screaming Secrets and if that is what you want so be it - just leave me out of it - I can live without it and will not give it any more free publicity.

You've all been trying to live Cope so long that you cannot stand anyone critising anything about him.

All the people in the States keep saying please please tour here soon etc etc - why don't you just say I think that Julian is a complete turd as he won't tour here or is there a justifiable reason why Julian will not play here or why won't he go to the States to see his family.

Cherish(it's only a word which obviously seems to affect you in strange ways).

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon May 15 17:28:44 EDT 2000

For those indiviuals into trivial information I was born on 23rd March 1959 about 2 years later than a certain Mr Cope which makes me a contempary (or whatever) of that period and no I did not make it to Isle of Wight except early last year when I had a fine time walking around that glorius little island.

Lets try another word shall we


Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Mon May 15 18:18:15 EDT 2000

Phew, got back from a hot weekend building Lord Spookfish the Second (my new and incredibly funky pushbike), to find that people have indeed been 'railing, complainin'...

For the record I think Mr Cope's politics are semi-whimsical, he's a rock and roller, so what? I still find him among the most lovable and entertaining mavericks in the biz, and we must remember, he's as much a media who' as the next boardtreader. Never boring. I think politics are poo. (Right, I've said it guy's, I'm off and running, don't throw shoes at me and stuff..!

Nat, I've just been to my new country residence, and found the Chilli seeds, (thankyou thankyou, for my first post at Buzzard Manor!), how're the not-so-quick-waerms going on!

As for the bickerers and name callers.. you put me in mind of a classic line from Addison..'Our disputants put me in mind of the scuttle-fish (squid) that when he is unable to extricate himself, blackens the water about him till he becomes invisible.'

You boys...tchoh!

Blessed All X

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon May 15 18:52:32 EDT 2000

Buzzard - who else, besides Mr Cope, do you find among the most lovable and entertaining mavericks in the business?

I am invisible.


Sorry nearly lost in cyberspace! Mon May 15 20:34:47 EDT 2000

yes Shrimp, that would have to be..er, ooh on the spot, erm.

Yes...,erm,..we are seriously undernourished in this area. Erm,

Ok, I've got it.

Ant and Dec. Got to be.

Buzzard Mon May 15 20:38:54 EDT 2000

And that guy, something kid, who dances for that other guy from The Inspiral Carpets, The Clint Boon (non)Experience, what do they call him, erm..t-shirt kid or something, anyone know?

Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Tue May 16 00:07:51 EDT 2000

While I wish Cope would tour the states, I certainly don't hold a grudge against him or any other artist for not wanting to do so. Touring is a grind.

Besides, what's his motivation? Our candy sucks over here.

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Tue May 16 05:10:31 EDT 2000

What's his motivation ? Mmm, perhaps we should get a focus group onto that one. Personally I think he's a turd for not touring up here (there you go Shrimp, putting words in my mouth !) but like the difficult "second album" scenario, I've learned to live with it.

Shrimp has a valid point in saying that some people do not like to read criticsm of La Cope. I'm all for criticism as long as it's relatively constructive.

As for the man himself, well, I think that Julian plays the role of Julian very well despite the ludicrous Krautrock trip (I endured it once - never again but that's his bag and good luck to him) and the pick'n'mix philosophies/historical revisionism. I disagree with Cope on many things but I admire the gusto, panache, verve and passion that he brings to his subject matter ; it is immensely admirable and long may it continue.

Right then, careful with that axe Shrimp !

Nat Ho ho ho@he he he.largin it Tue May 16 05:47:43 EDT 2000

Oh shut up Shrimp for petes sake (who's Pete - well he's my brother) you are obviously old enough and worldly wise and honestly should know better than to be wound up by the likes of us!! Most of the time we are 'avin a larf!! Personally you would do most of us a big favour by disappearing into your own World of Cope.. and leaving us to get on the the trivial wanderings and drivel that most of us gabble on about.....Don't take life so seriously, its sunny (well until tomorrow when rain is forecast) and I've had my car broken into, young car theives couldn't get it started could they - youf of today can't even start a blooming car!!! Had they rung the doorbell Steve and me would have given them a push....

Buzz - I like Ant and Dec and have a poster of them in my downstairs loo when they were P J and Duncan....Let's get ready to rumble

Anyway thats my say for a while - I'll just sit back and wait for you to bite...

Nat 'havin a larf'

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Tue May 16 05:57:15 EDT 2000

Ah, The Cult Of Ant & Dec ! How jigglypuff.

steelmaker steelmaker@hotfurnice.com Tue May 16 06:31:43 EDT 2000

Julian, smelt on man!!

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Tue May 16 07:08:31 EDT 2000

Two things to say today:

  1. I've met Shrimp and I think he is probably one of the good guys. The idea of him being 'forced' off this list is just terrible. For my own part, I find that he often makes insightful and interesting observations. His opinion does not always match mine but another opinion is always good to have. Unless of course, the idea is to just continually post 'Julian is great' over and over again. Which would be quite dull.
  2. The suggestion that Screaming Secrets is 'Vital' reading for anybody who likes Cope is a bit silly. I've been listening to Cope for quite some time, certainly before Screaming Secrets came on the scene and have never felt the need to buy an issue. The fact that its out there is great, but to suggest that I 'have' to buy it for some form of credibility is ridiculous. As for the web site, its ok, and in a way I'm grateful that its there, but I still won't be buying any hard copies.

That's it, slag me off if you wish, doesn't bother me in the slightest.


Nat Tue May 16 08:13:20 EDT 2000

I'm not forcing anyone off anywhere, and I'm not the only one on this list who finds Shrimps opinions annoying and sometimes pointless. I'm just the only one who replies/comments honestly with my own name on the top of the e.mail. I'm sure Shrimp is a nice bloke, I'm not denying that in the slightest, me on the other hand am annoying and a pain the butt most of the time......

As you have said everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that is mine (and a few others who shall remain nameless and blameless).....

As for posting Julian is great, most of his stuff I find completely dull and boring and only really like anything he's done up to Peggy Suicide.... I haven't even read Repossessed yet, but still brought it... and Queen Elizabeth which is pants...BUT I do find him absolutely georgeous and have a thing for tall skinny men! Makes me shallow but do I give give a 'fishpaste sarnie' no I don't.....

I don't own a copy of Screaming Secrets either, but I do own copies of Shooting Fish a Fanzine with interviews with Julian and EATB in. I didn't buy them for credibility I brought them cause the related to two people/bands I liked.....

Anyway I've waffled far too much about crap which probably puts me in the same league as the above....... everyones opinion is vital on a forum such as this, but not when it upsets and sometimes offends ....

I speak how I find....and don't get offended....

Nat x

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Tue May 16 09:31:01 EDT 2000

Everyone's pretty much in agreement here....it's not the opinions themselves that cause any problem, it's just the bickering.

That's the trouble with the internet is that it makes it too easy to slag people off and say things that you would think much too rude to say to someone's face in real life.

ALL the people on this site have great points to make most of the time. There's just a bit of room for a certain amount of lightening-up here and there. Differences are what makes the world go round.

When people are expressing their opinions, that's just what they are - THEIR OPINIONS. I don't have a slight inkling of a problem with people slagging off stuff that I like. I happen to have a very wide and weird taste in music, so it's inevitably going to happen all the time.

It's BECAUSE I have a wide and weird taste that I DO like pretty much everything Julian's done. I love Queen Elizabeth, I love Jehovakill, and I will quite happily listen to MNU, but I totally understand how many people would hate them. I also happen to love Neu, Dire Straits, ELO, Underworld, REM, Andy Williams and Ralph McTell. Why....only last night I was listening to a Micheal Jackson album while doing the washing up and I'M NOT ASHAMED!!

However, the chances of anyone else sharing my tastes are pretty slim. Do I care?


Oh...cheers for the mouse advice.... Malcolm / The Great Suprendo is still at large, but I will not be beaten....

Love Markybov

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue May 16 10:02:24 EDT 2000

Ahem! (clears throat, looks "serious")

I'm not sure where the "Screaming Secrets is vital" bit came from (possibly from one of Shrimp's increasingly bizarre attacks on the mag-he-hath-yet-to-see).

I'm not sure about the "forcing" Shrimp off issue either. I think he comes out with the most bonkers ideas put forward in a *far* too serious and righteous manner. That's like running in front of me with a somewhat large target painted on his head saying "SHOOT ME!". But I wouldn't DREAM of taking action to force or ban anyone from this or any other forum.

Shrimp suggests he may start his own fanzine. Even by merely suggesting the idea he's fulfilled one of the principles that forms the Screaming Secrets manifesto. Everyone wins. A non-zero sum solution.

Through conflict comes change, as someone once remarked.

Shrimp is born on the 23rd - you have to love those little synchronicities ;-)


PaulB Tue May 16 10:04:41 EDT 2000

..and then, as he finishes that dramatic post... as if on cue...

Beautiful Love comes on the radio

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue May 16 10:43:56 EDT 2000

Ho hummmm I'm not forcing Shrimp anywhere or off the list I can't force anyone to do anything, especially as he's not even around to say anything or put his opinions forward not really fair discussing people who aren't around, I moaned first this merry morn, cause he's usually there to put 10 pence worth of thought in...... wonder where he is today..?...

BUT, he is upsetting people.... people are being offended by things he says and the opinions that he's putting forward...

This is a mad forum for opinons and everyone has an opinion, I agree, we'd all be dull if we all thought the same......but not if we offend and upset people surely a line must be drawn somewhere....a little bit of curteousy and thought maybe?

My friend who is currently in Japan was in Tokyo recently and went and saw a fantastic Japanese punk band who used visuals from Julian Cope videos as the back drop to their set!! Very surreal said my mate Darren..

Anyway I'm sure I've re-offended someone somewhere......and I apologise....wait for the bait to be bitten.....


Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Tue May 16 12:56:35 EDT 2000

Please Cammy, no focus groups!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 16 14:20:44 EDT 2000

Hi everyone - I'm still here and I've just read all of your postings about me and what you think about ?? or ? or ! etc and even some actual contradiction of all things Copian. Brilliant.That confirms to me that Rail-on has a serious role. There is no way that any of those postings would have been made on the HH site.

I congratulate you all but it was not a game.

  1. You are all correct and at the same time you are all wrong.
  2. No I will not go away as freedom to express your thoughts is part of this site - Trav never butts in or tries to act as controller. Good on him.
  3. You actually did take my point and got down to a little debate over a couple of issues - it is totally irrelevant whether anybody is right or wrong at least there was some honest soul-searched committment to the cause whatever you thought it was.

Marc got close to it when he suggested that we should get back to talking music but what has come out of it for me is that there is far more to Cope than just music or politics or stone awareness or mother worship or biography. He is a teacher we have all focused on who has opened our minds to different parts of our lives through whatever route that we started. We are all connected enough to meet up here and on other sites but we are not lambs just programmed to follow. We all follow different paths but we do have one thing in common - we are not afraid to ask.

Long may it continue.

A big big cherish to you all.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue May 16 15:10:21 EDT 2000

I'm not gonna boot anyone off. That's why I started a Cope list [The Culture Bunker] in the first place - I was tired of getting kicked off of mailing lists [for being argumentative and persistently off-topic] and I decided I needed a list where I was *guaranteed* not to get censored or banned. :)

The funny thing is, once I started running my own list, I stopped getting into arguments [although I still love off-topic rambles]. Maybe I felt like I didn't *have* to jostle around anymore (you know, nit-pick, debate, play devil's advocate, engage in semantic rough-housing, etc.) but instead I shifted into a mode where I genuinely prefered being helpful and constructive rather than reactive.

Intellectual scrums are often fun, though there's sometimes a point where people get entrenched and absolutely stubborn about making up. I used to be like that. And then the whole business would turn stressful, and people would seem to get pissed off, and I would feel pissed off... Yuck. Anyway, just try to be tactful.

I'm getting ready to buy a keyboard... a Korg Triton! $2200, from Musician's Friend. Has anyone ordered from them before? My first project when I get the thing will be to record some Cope covers! :)

Regarding Head Heritage shipping: I ordered FG3 last week, and I don't think it's arrived yet. They might be swamped with orders, so I guess we just have to be patient.

Jazz Butcher *and* Chameleons back together... Wow!!!


Miss Fortune Odd-in Rules Tue May 16 17:29:06 EDT 2000

Been browsing thru the Rale On list intermittently over the last months and reckon it is time to give Shrimp my thumbs up for his last great posting which has made me stop for more than a couple of seconds. Inspiring is what Joolian is apart from his music more than anything else, teacher, healer, whatever... blond or dark, he makes you see things in a different way. He is Inspirational. Some of us started this trip alone and have found one another. Some have reached the same conclusions, which is incredible. Even stranger is the fact that some were into stones and psychedelics before the teacher spoke which makes it almost self-affirming and confirming your best suspicions. Others haven't but still have an interesting or important tale to tell. After all, all Cope fans I have met are truly great and do not deserve to slag each other off in incestuous squabblings. Perhaps an outside intruder (who may well be conspiring and laughing at us now) would make us concentrate more in our bonds and not our differences. NOT everyone is a Cope fan in this world.

No Krautrock, then fine. But which one then? Is it not a bit like saying I do not like British music? Or are we being island-centred here? After all, this term was coined by Brits, though satirically adopted by some not too serious Germans who saw into some serious domains. It is truly so Vast'n'Varied that it gives you no time whatsoever for anything else. To say that you listen to it because the man listens to it is a bit like saying you listen to music because your baker does.

No stones, then fine. But which stones then? The Celts only adopted them after almost 2000 years un-used / forgotten or misused / re-interpreted them. The ones in Morocco or the ones in Japan? Oh, you mean Avebury! That one! If you had never been into Outdoors stuff before Cope then you are truly sick. After all, the message is get out and SEE and NOT visit the monument and bring back the souvenir and say how queer these ancients were and forget about it.

No Scott Walker, Funkadelic, Love, Pere Ubu, Seeds...? So what? To my Mongolian friend he always Mis-Takes them for Cope but wouldn't anyone else? They all sound the same to him. Only Odin reminds him of his shamanic trance states, cos he has the Time.

No Churchill? I always thought he was not so righteous only right-wing but then again, Freedom and Peace is Cope's "political" message.

Echoes. Echoes. Echoes in a big All-encompassing web which the man has himself given sense to. If you cannot see the connection then I have lost the interest. Some of the things are here for us to take. Difficult records? Cryptic books? Poetry or Farce? Esoteric messages? Simply laughing at yourself? Gimme more and more. They seem to pop in my way all the time with no effort. You just have to want them. Stop analysing the texture of my words and live your own trip yourself and then be amazed by other people reaching the same self-evident conclusions. Open your mind and your ass will follow.

PS. A taped slice of TCLethbridge B-side is going your way and you will see even more connections.

Miss Fortune OdinRules Tue May 16 17:34:43 EDT 2000

Chameleons back together? I do not believe that! Have an intellectual argument with me Trav, I truly don't believe it! Burgess hated the others and the other ones hated him! Anyway, that was back in 1986...

PaulB Tue May 16 17:54:02 EDT 2000

Personally, I love all that synchronicity shit that seems to bombard my life. I remember being seriously dismissive of the likes of Terrance McKenna, but he might have the last laugh yet.

Ooo - my immune system seriously goes nuts at words like "teacher" or "guru" or "leader". Copey comes out with some interesting ideas sometimes. But then again he seriously fucks up Big Time on occasion (ie patriachy is "bad" but matriachy is "good". Yeah, that'll be right...).

Screaming Secrets wasn't really adapted for any of that fawning carry-on either. You have to take a trip through Chapel Perilious to get new information sometimes. Other times you just have to open the door for people (but just a crack..).

I'm really, really shocked that some people actually looked at the recent postings like they were watching Poland being invaded. I've yet to break a sweat. Don't worry - some major scream-ups will be forthcoming. What *will* you do then?

Shrimpy makes a good point in his last posting that we're all wrong and at the same time right. That (for a change) makes a lot of sense. Although you may want to reconsider the point about it not being all a game. Personally, I reckon the next 12 years are going to turn into the final episode of 'The Prisoner'.


PS Ahhh - TC Lethbridge. I'm still waiting for my album BTW...

PaulB Tue May 16 17:58:02 EDT 2000

The Jazz Butcher indeed.

One way or another we all knew a 'Bicycle Kid' didn't we?

Mike D. Tue May 16 18:39:56 EDT 2000

(All the people in the States keep saying please please tour here soon etc etc - why don't you just say I think that Julian is a complete turd as he won't tour here or is there a justifiable reason why Julian will not play here or why won't he go to the States to see his family.)

Sorry for not making my post in the form of a question, Alex. I assume he hates flying (as do I).

I'll take Potpourri for $200.

Mike D. Tue May 16 18:53:20 EDT 2000

Shrimp sez:

(Marc got close to it when he suggested that we should get back to talking music but what has come out of it for me is that there is far more to Cope than just music or politics or stone awareness or mother worship or biography. He is a teacher we have all focused on who has opened our minds to different parts of our lives through whatever route that we started. We are all connected enough to meet up here and on other sites but we are not lambs just programmed to follow. We all follow different paths but we do have one thing in common - we are not afraid to ask.)

If that aint Zen, I'll eat my meditation pillow.

Mike D. Tue May 16 18:56:45 EDT 2000

Sorry about those last two posts. I obviously don't know how to quote other posts. Nevermind. [fixed -- Trav]

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Tue May 16 19:22:40 EDT 2000

Ok. I know I said politics was poo, which is a childish and flippant statement indeed, yet I am very angry at the state of our so called progress. In the wake of Waheyday 2000, let's get our Heads together. Although I have no mainstream political inclination, I, as a citizen and not COMPLETE misanthrope, have a deep love for nature (I find it bizzare that we have developed down an intellectual avenue that dictates we give a name to life itself, a name that sets it somehow apart from us, the OUTdoors, nature is OUTside. Are we not part of it anymore, many of us would appear not to recognise their umbilical connection to the living world, living in sealed bubbles, cars, houses, offices, nightclubs, restaurants, taxis, burger bars etc, etc. You can even go on holiday to a freaking CenterParc (2.4 kids, Forest Burger and Woodland Fries, and a Squirrel Nutkin, to go!)where nature is sanitised, packaged etc.

I know this sound like a rant, yet this question has eaten me awy since early adolescence. I love nature, especially my own haunts, the Severn Valley, the long summer evenings, the sounds of Cockchafers, Pipistrelles and the Swifts. The plaintive yet homely 'Kew-ick' of the Tawny Owl, I could go on for years attempting to transcribe even some of the sights, colours, smells and feelings that I get being amongst these things, and PART of it all. Before I became stricken with this Inflammatory-bastard-Dis-ease, I would walk 30-35 miles every Sunday, and drink in the Seasons, year in, year out. In the late eighties, early nineties,I became heavily involved in a campaign against a monster bypass proposal that threatened my local hill fort (Wychbury). This was not a crusty reactionary shout -in, I had grown up in this place. I love that land, the places I go to plan, to laugh, to cry, to just be at peace for even a few moments.

Where is this going, well, I'm moving nearer to the Severn in a weeks time, in order to pursue my music and writing. I have purchased several impressive domains, in order to sell them as internet real estate. Along with the revenue from my music, this money will be ploughed into a conference centre for raising AWARENESS and planning ACTION for a national drive towards an increase in Sustainable Technology, and planning for a healthy future. This will be neccessarily semi-political as things must be pushed through (ie. we must task polluters very heavily and the increased revenue will go into prevention and solutions.)

Britain has had it's day as the Grandfather of steel and industry, our island cannot support the greedheads, and if you read the projected car ownership for the short term future it makes you wanna throw! Let us begin a new movement, where the Arts are a fundamental part of our education and leisure, where nine tenths of the law is strangling the polluter, rather than looking after the capitalist! These are not new ideas, (although I have devised a few). 'In here are the destiny angels'

Duty Bound, folks... Any ideas for naming this seed of change, I one day shall build into an international movement? Not Newtopia either! We have had enough cheese and sandals, Bring nature back to a nameless love. She who is everywhere but on th TV, instead of nowhere but on the fucking TV. Raaaaaagghhhh.

Blessed All X

'Every man and Woman is a star' Crowley.

verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Tue May 16 19:27:53 EDT 2000

Sorry to pick out what may be a minor point, but I've been to centre parks recently, and to quote an American friend of mine, 'it sucked some serious suckage!'


Buzzard Tue May 16 19:34:38 EDT 2000

I know this is outside the discussion for alot of Copeheads(?) So I promise I won't pursue this on Rail On much, (I too discovered Cope around the time of Peggy Suicide, and it blew my young brain to find someone in the public and youthful(ish) eye saying stuff very dear to me). I am planning a similar discussion page for the aforementioned.

OK, thats enough for now. And well done Shrimp for shaking things up, however roundabout you may be!

On with 'Where are Brain Doner today'...

Blessed are you all. Miss Fortune, may the wealth of Summer gird your Head and spirit.

PaulB Tue May 16 20:58:02 EDT 2000

Off-topic, but funny and Only In America:

The recent 'Million Mom March' saw a big protest regarding gun laws in America. As expected, a number of pro-gun types also made their voices heard (to the strains of 'Duelling Banjos' no doubt). A TV reporter questioned one of these characters as to why she had a picture of Adolf Hitler on her pro-guns banner. She replied that first, Hitler had imposed gun control laws in Germany. After he'd done that he'd gone on to KILL MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!

Just imagine: If Hitler hadn't introduced those draconian gun laws then the Second World War would *never* have happened. Now why didn't David Irving bring up that sensible argument in his recent court case?

I tried to conjure up a more bonkers story from my imagination but I guess my imagination isn't quite that strong ;-)


"..and a squirrel nutkin - TO GO!" Brilliant. let's make that the Meme Of The Month

JetGirl MizR@hehe.com Tue May 16 21:06:54 EDT 2000

Hello, all. Just thought I'd pop in and give my 2. All I want is a CD, Paul B.

Have a lovely day.


Izzy Wed May 17 04:39:32 EDT 2000

I've just realised that I love you all. Would you come over for tea? I've made trifle....

PaulB Wed May 17 08:26:44 EDT 2000

Izzy -

I'm on my way! You provide the trifle, I'll provide the cream cakes...


Santisan Wed May 17 09:39:49 EDT 2000

I think that I've lost something.

Boolbar andy@appliedbusiness.co.uk Wed May 17 11:24:41 EDT 2000

Another mouse trap.

Put some tasty food in a bucket (smooth sided) and put some bricks piled up to one side of the bucket. Mouse will climb up bricks, dive into the bucket, eat the food and then will find it impossible to climb back out.


Is that BBC thingy based on The Modern Antiquarian still on ?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 17 18:04:17 EDT 2000

It could be on Saturday as they've cancelled Grandstand due to a lack of sport. Perhaps the BBC are going to replace sport with stones as it would be a lot cheaper.

Papa Lazarous papalazarous@yahoo.co.uk Thu May 18 14:49:17 EDT 2000

Could the people who I promised Cornucopea CD's to please remind me who they are as I have just moved house and in the process managed to lose their addresses! I can remember the gist of the addresses so don't try to request one if you weren't promised! Things are nearly organised in the new improved Swansea Lazarous dwelling and I hope to be joining in more frequently soon!

Love 'n' Light


rich me.belbin@virgin.net Thu May 18 18:34:45 EDT 2000

just got my head heritage packet, fg3 is as damnerd good for what it is (ie out-takes &rarities), I do especially love Highway Blues &Zabriskie Point, The One I Call My Own, is good but not quite as good as it sounded it would be when I heard it in the background of Planetary Sit-In. Sqwubbsy is less 'silly' than I thought it would be, and I Neeed Someone the best thing I'd NEVER heard before. oh, and 'Oh yeah, but never like this before' is just such a great title

But the most noteworthy thing must be - JESUS CHRIST MAN, that picture of McCulloch, dear lor what does he look like, makes Julian look positively trendy.

the anti-poll tax medley on Skellington definitely makes it a worthwhile purchase (tho admittedly I was looking for an excuse to buy it even tho I'd already got the vinyl - thirty minutes is just too long for a side of vinyl) - tho my cd player keeps doing odd things when playing it

and the thighpaulsandra ep is almost great too - kinda like JC's ambient albums, but better



ron drude@mounet Thu May 18 23:33:40 EDT 2000

hey rich,

like yourself I was very much pleased with FG3, yes I know, empty headed americans, give us big breasted blonds, a snippet of rare, ha, julian cope and we're happy as clams. ANYTHING julian cope in this micky d's infested ratmosphere is rare! Been through Odin 1 time, but will return again... and again... and again... Both jewel boxes arrived from HH totally busted up... but I trust it wasn't their fault, the US postal workers just aren't the cheery type.

Love FG3, even the cheezy 'satisfaction', something haunting about that guitar...

non-banjo-playing-hillbilly ex-texan drude sez 5 stars outa 3, check it out!

me 'n jimmy jones had a falling out...

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri May 19 03:51:03 EDT 2000

HEY! I'm starting to love Americans! At least they're nowhere near as whingeing as us Brits.

Thanks for the mouse catching advice everyone. Unfortunately, though, Malcolm / The Great Suprendo is STILL at large, having had a veritable feast of muesli, potato, and grapes last night from the bottom of a large bucket AND having managed to escape again.

I'm giving him one more chance to comply with my trapping (this time in the biggest bucket I could find), otherwise I'm afraid it's down to Homebase at the weekend to buy a big fuck-off trap involving large spikes.

How many of you lot have got Thighpaulsandra's ep thingy? How QEish is it?

Have a great weekend one and all...


Nat Fri May 19 04:45:48 EDT 2000

Re fg3: I actually thought it was a pic of Pete Wylie until I looked and saw it was Ian!! Obviously matured with age like a piece of cheese......

Ron - MD in the post tomorrow morning had a little bit of trouble with the Editing thingy ma jiggy.... also a little something else to say sorry for the delay....

Please dont' use a spikey thing for Malcolm, try and find his way in and out hole and block it up!! Spikey traps make a goey mess on the floor...

Have a cracking weekend one and all... off to find beer and do something illegal.... fancy it Izzy!!!? Give me a ring - promise to listen the the answerphone this weekend....

Nat xx

Russ Fri May 19 05:16:55 EDT 2000


Well a auto'd copy of Slow dissolve by Skyray landed on the door mat this morning and what a great comp it is to. It came with a nice letter from Paul Simpson as well. FG3 well what a great comp as well from start to finish a great piece of work. Thighpaulsandra Some Head ep well I have it but i've not had time to listen to it yet as i've been washing and stuff since I got back from my holiday. I bought the nearly new Velvet Crush Cd 'Free Expression' while in the states and I would say it is one of the best i've listened to in ages. I have also caught up with the CD orders so you should all receive your stuff in the next few days............

and Shrimp are you still with us its gone a bit quiet over the last few days.............


Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imjs/homepage.html Fri May 19 05:21:57 EDT 2000

My appologies for this posting, everyone except Markybov and Nat...

Just a note on mouse hunting, as I built up some knowledge in my last very humble abode. That poisen stuff that they sell in the shops simply makes the mouse ill. The intention is that it will die from hypothermia, so it is an utter waste of money in the summer, and usually they find a nice warm pipe in winter until they are better. We had to resort to the nice man at the council in the end ... not something I was ever very proud of, but traps do not work either. In the end I moved house...

Nat, I may be on fieldwork tomorrow, otherwise (ie it is raining) I'll give you a shout.

Utterly un-Julian related missive over and out

Markybov Mouse-murderer to-be Fri May 19 07:38:03 EDT 2000

Izzy - don't apologise for your posting - I thought one of the upshots of the big dicussion this week has been that we all have the right to post whatever we want here.

Anyway - the life or death of Malcolm the Mouse could certainly be labelled an "eco" subject so is surely permissable here, even though it's probably boring most people to death. :o)

I can't block up the holes as there are millions of huge ones everywhere. It's part of the charm of my flat.

Believe me, I'm trying to save his furry little hide, but my flat-mate wants to get in rent-a-maim.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 19 08:39:54 EDT 2000

Afraid that I'm still here. Just had a break to help say farewell from this world to my Uncle. He didn't need his body anymore.

Slow Dissolve - Skyray

I also got a copy Russ and it is an excellent compilation of all things Skyray. The other 3 discs are excellent also.

Thighpaulsandra Single

If you like Queen Elizabeth then you will like this, if you don't then it is likely to sound more accessible to you. The more that I play it the better that it gets. A grower.


I get more into it with each play but have not yet got to that point where it starts to grate and has to be put to rest on the shelf. I really like the duffness of some of the recordings as they add a breathe of immediacy to it all.


Just get a cat and watch them playing or just sitting watching at an empty space where they think one is every day.

The latest Kraftwerk is also pretty good - 'A short introduction to'.


Russ russ@julian-cope.com Fri May 19 09:21:46 EDT 2000

Hi Shrimp

Whats on the new Kraftwerk 'A short introduction to'.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri May 19 12:59:10 EDT 2000

Kraftwerk - a short introduction to

It also comes with a 81 page booklet giving a history of the band. Although only 1/4 is in english.

Its on SIAE Sonic 023 - The likes of Sisterray stock it.

It says that these are all unreleased versions of the tracks.

I received an e-mail telling me a lot about the various tracks but unfortunately I have deleted it.

There is a lot more to Kraftwerk than you might think as like me you probably only saw them as robots and the klings and the klangs. Explore at will and you just might be surprised but then again you just might not.


Mike D. Fri May 19 19:32:48 EDT 2000

WARNING: There's a CD on eBay called "Rarities". I'm pretty sure I checked it out one time at a record swap and the quality was horrible.


P.S. Regarding FG3: I wish JC would release one a month until the vaults ran dry. CD of the month club. Devo are starting to blow the dust off old tapes and it's great! Beats 99.99% of shit currently being recorded and released.

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Fri May 19 19:57:36 EDT 2000

Oh Lordy!

That Screaming Secrets website has been updated with an article on how we tried to sell Copey on the Ebay site, a new interactive Chat Page feature and some News (of sorts).

That auction stuff seemed to cause some interest as a music mag contacted us wanted to get the low-down for an article they're doing. Oo-er!


PS Slow Dissolve is great. Perhaps we should see who got sent theirs first. We could send the packaging down to Quincy MD in forensics to examine the postmark. The winner would win a Julian Cope embroidered anorak ;-)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 20 06:27:15 EDT 2000

For once I agree with you Slow Dissolve is excellent and should be released properly at a cheap price.

There were 10 up for grabs in the competetion, so they said, now I have one, Russ has one and PaulB has one - now I wonder if we can track down the other 7?

Now to check out all that new wacky stuff on SS.

Good to see that Soul Desert has included a few more guitar tabs following the request posted on HH.

So a bid of £21 has been withdrawn for my Copeulation video on e-bay - I wonder why?

As for the Cope auction I let NME know that it was happening but then they do not seem to care what is happening in the world of Cope anymore as it doesn't help sell their rag to the massed ranks.

An interesting review of Yo La Tengo on their webpage which uses the following word:


PaulB Sat May 20 09:40:13 EDT 2000

There was a competition? No one tells me anything these days ;-)

The NME wouldn't touch a Copey news event with a barge pole. Perhaps if Copey formed a rock band that cited Oasis as an influence? Perhaps not.

Re: that Copeulation video: I know for a fact that Portsmouth Paul (who runs the Snorer Explorer zine) is after one. Check out the link on the SS Links page and drop him a line.

If anyone wants to try the new SS Chat Page then drop by around 9.00pm tonight. I'm sure it will all go horribly wrong but at least some people will have the opportunity to give us a hard time in real time (crikey!).

Paul B

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 20 09:47:17 EDT 2000

Am I invited?

PaulB Sat May 20 10:03:37 EDT 2000

...only if you wipe your feet first ;-)

Ron drude@mounet.com Sat May 20 11:36:21 EDT 2000

aka 4pm on east coast... hopefully I did that right(?) hey mark, in the process of draining my pool, I managed to capture a small shrew, a rodent like varmit. He musta lost his way and fell in. Happy ending... he went to live in my asshole neighbours yard ; )

so don't call me Mark Chapman...

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sat May 20 12:00:33 EDT 2000

The 9:00pm is a fairly loose starting time so anyone on the other side of the Atlantic, feel to drop in later in the evening.


He went to live in your neighbour's ASS? I've seen specialist websites that have pics of that kind of thing ;-)

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sun May 21 08:22:47 EDT 2000

Thanks to all those that made it for the debut SS Chat session last night/this morning..

It certainly proved to be entertaining, although it got somewhat outrageous in the early hours. Some people would not have appreciated some of the ...er topics that were discussed though ;-)

I am going to get into so much trouble.....

Thomas Lel tlol07@sprog.auc.dk Sun May 21 10:49:11 EDT 2000


Does anyone know about the "Rarities" cd currently being sold at Ebay. Is it worth going for?? I have heard any of the early demos before so here might be a chance...

agent orange sparkstersvienna@hotmail.com Sun May 21 13:12:13 EDT 2000

david icke remember him.

visitations come in the strangest forms. just wondered if the teardrops reformed and did brain donor covers would they become bigger than britney spears to the valid under fourteens of this generation.

eurovision song contest has proved that age is no barrier just ask those finnish, norwegian or eskimo old dudes that won.

kids need education and if tony blair's new nipper is going to follow on he(or is a she) needs to be introduced to the idea of levitation.

so back to basics back to the horns.

just listened to kilimanjaro twice after three weeks of listening to internal wrangler by clinic.

no joke when i dream just finished and went blind to the shelf of two hundred cds and picked out queen elizabeth.


long live the rabbi

Morfe zbird@ic24.net Sun May 21 14:28:18 EDT 2000

Goodbye cruel world. Hello green thunder.

Blessed All X

Catch you later.

Nat Ramblings of a mad woman Mon May 22 05:40:33 EDT 2000


Hows the Malcolm 'T' Mouse? Poison disolves their stomachs!! my Steve had a wild one that he kept in his jumper under his desk at work and fed it cornish pasties...it then had babies and his boss poisoned them!! Steve complained in the end and was allowed to trap the mouse in a box and move it!! Hoorah.... Sometimes cats aren't too good with mice - Vinnie my big boy is scared of rabbits and hamsters so would probably not be very good as a mouse catcher.

You could try a ferret or an owl...

Has anyone noticed Ian Mac's lovely Sandle and Sock arrangement on the back of fg3!! Hmmmmm he sure had style....

Ron - Mini disc posted - you are missing the last two tracks though as it went on too long... if you want them let me know. I have also enclosed a copy of the "Southampton Daily Echo" for your reading pleasure too! A very fine read!! Hmmmmmmmm......not...

Nat x

Markybov ramblings of an equally mad bloke. Mon May 22 06:11:06 EDT 2000

Malcolm still alive and well. I reckon I have the world's first winged mouse on my hands.

I set up a huge steel bucket upright with loads of grapes and muesli, and a ramp going up to it, and he got in, stuffed his face and SOMEHOW managed to get out again.

Am going to try the milk bottle trick again as he surely wouldn't have room to stretch his wings inside and fly out.

Markybov XX

"....and Malcolm did just swoop down from the sky,
A grape, and some muesli in each paw,
And hanging over buckets, and hanging 'round my kitchen,
I saw me a mouse eating some Kraft (cheese)...."
Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Mon May 22 06:26:49 EDT 2000

Queen Elizabeth Screensaver!

Available in the Head Guide section of the HH site.


Markybov Getting very bored Mon May 22 06:32:19 EDT 2000
....It was a FLYING MOUSE!
Wings outstretched and muesli-powered!
Descending....suspended but descending to the veg-rack,
In the corner of the kitcheeeeeeeeeen.
Down....Down came the rodent,
"DAMMIT!" said Malcolm, (but in a mousey kind of way),
The tall skinny blond bloke in the hideous shirt
Is keeping his potatoes in the fridge again!
And Malcolm had none of it.
He bid the bloke Good-Day!
Jumps into the Rodent-car (which has suddenly appeared),
Checks that he packed the grape and the muesli,
Malcolm-Mousey has wings!
Malcolm-Mousey has wings!
Malcolm-Mousey has wings!
Malcolm-Mousey has wings!


rich mr.belbin@virgin.net Mon May 22 07:20:36 EDT 2000

he he

and what a darned fine screensaver it is too - even comes with a mac version (tho I'd a been jolly annoyed if mr C hadn't thought of putting one on there considering his fondness for the pretty things of the shop). Well worth downloading even if it is completely unnecessary these days, and just bungs up me hard disc.

Hmm -sandals &ODD socks no less. e must be my new guru.

Chris chris@kleber.net Mon May 22 08:45:16 EDT 2000

Fondness of the pretty things of the shop?

I does not understands!

I love macintosh.

You should too.


Ron drude@mounet.com Mon May 22 10:06:43 EDT 2000

Thanks for that Nat! I look forward to it.

don't care what anyone says, the SS chat was not that outrageous, nor did it include absolutely any conversation about Izzy's website, Julian Cope cult's, or the invasion of Poland...

Markybov - don't eat the brown acid! AJ are you still with us? lighting system is in place (mostly anyways ;o) Papa, clean sheets and towels at your disposal...

harmonically balanced at 45 degrees,

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon May 22 13:53:29 EDT 2000

Anyone fancy a CDR of the Anal Zero Beats - album?

Just let me know as I have laid me grubby mits on a proper copy so I can now let go of me CDR. I have no method of doing any more copies.

The Copeulation Video auction on e-bay finishes today if you require it.

Of mice and men.


Charlene Hails cfhails@hotmail.com Mon May 22 15:38:10 EDT 2000

I once had copies of Droolian and Skellington on CD. My home was broken into a year and a half ago, and all my A to C CDs were stolen. Needless to say, I have been unable to replace the abovementioned. Does anyone know a source for these?

PaulB ss@arc23.com Mon May 22 16:02:52 EDT 2000

Cheers Ron. Why don't we just post up a log of the whole evenings chat?

I am going to get into so much trouble...

PaulB Mon May 22 16:30:25 EDT 2000

HH are suggesting we post questions to Julian for a Q+A session (now I wonder which website I've seen that idea on before...;-)....)

My questions would be a little more original and interesting than the usual queries:

Where do you get your ideas from?

When are The Teardrop Explodes touring again?

What's all that stone circles nonsense all about?

Is it alright to invade Poland on your behalf?

Is Sqwubbsy gay?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon May 22 18:39:14 EDT 2000

What about us providing the answers and Julian giving the questions?


Nat Womble and Ramble Tue May 23 04:57:39 EDT 2000

My question for Julian would be, and I'm sure some of you could answer it...

Whilst watching a very interesting documentary about British Prisons last night - Holloway womans prison infact. They mentioned that the whole scheme of womens prisons changed due to one Palestinian Bomber called Leila Kahled (blew up a BA plane in the 70's apparently) ... is this the woman who has been immortalised by the Teardrop Explodes and my fav track of all times?? And why?

Answers on a postcard please......

Nat xx

PaulB Tue May 23 07:12:55 EDT 2000

Nat: I was watching the same programme actually. Bizarrely enough, some of the music used was part of a choral sample used for an OMD record.

That Leila Khaled is one and the same. We did a little bit on her on the SS website in the Under The Influence article (+ pic).

Another Liverpool coincidence: Pete Wylie was on the guest list at Holloway on a regular basis and Club Zoo ran there for 3 months with the Teardrops as house band.


WARNING: Above posting may contain lies

Nat Remeberyourawomble.com Tue May 23 07:50:29 EDT 2000

Ta Paul! Brilliant programme, felt really sorry for that bloke the other week who was in complete solitary confinement, and had been for 14 years!!! Poor man fancy not talking to anyone for that long, you'd probably forget how to talk, bit mean I thought, victim of the prison system totally.... I'll have to look at yer web site and learn about Ms Kahled!!

I thought Pete Wylie was on the guest list for another Prison too after his stalking episode!! Oooo he gets around a bit....


biddy ghostbiddy0@hotmail.com Tue May 23 09:16:39 EDT 2000

hello, dont want to intrude on anyones conversations going on here but I would just like to say hello and that I finally got a browser that has some Cope sites on it YEAH!!! I'm the only fan I know of around my area and I'm trying to get my friends into Cope. I got his CD at a yard sale about a year ago not knowing who he was and after reading some of his views in the CD inlet I tried looking for more info. and never found it. I love what I've heard so far and I'm glad I found your site. As for this discussion board I think you have to have been in it awile to know what any of you are talking about...but I'm very glad for the information part of your site. thank you, biddy

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca/ Tue May 23 10:28:08 EDT 2000

Hi Ron, Yes I'm still here! My children left home on Sunday, well, nine out of twelve of them did. Its all in the hands of the big Mother now. Best wishes - Andrew

Andrew Tue May 23 16:39:51 EDT 2000

Does anyone have a copy of the tangerine dream Three Classic Albums cd set? It says that Cope wrote the linber notes for it, just wonderin' what he said. Andrew

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 23 18:09:31 EDT 2000

All I've seen on any of the CD reissues of the first 4 classic Tangerine Dream albums are quotes direct from Krautrocksampler. I haven't seen the liner of the 3 classic albums but would imagine that its the same. If you haven't read KRS there is a chapter on TD and three pages reviewing the albums. If you're into things Krautrock then it is the bible part one. Part two is Crack in the Cosmic Egg.

and by the way, Julians comments are totally utterly butterly correct.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue May 23 20:49:34 EDT 2000

Hey guys!

Floored Genius 3 arrived yesterday [I got it today]! It took Head Heritage 7 days from the time I sent my order in.

So, you US folks, go for it! You can get FG3 right now; you don't have to wait for a US release! :)

Anyway, I listened to it at work today and some of the songs were very distorted. Only when I "ripped" them into mp3s [via Real Jukebox; MusicMatch was even more distorted than the original songs!] and played the mp3s via WinAmp was I able to reduce the pre-amp levels enough to make it undistorted. Anyway, did anyone else have really distorted sound? I first noticed it on "Propheteteeting".

The music? A very weird mix, very weird. Even casual Cope collecters outghta get it, though. It's like Skellington in terms of song quality; some songs are really cool, with memorable melodies and lyrics. Others just groove along nicely, pleasantly. Some are "just there" and others are weird and jolting, disrupting the smooth groove of before.

Of course, I'm sure different people on this list will like different subsets of the songs. Like on Interpreter...

For those of you who bought Odin and were let down... Don't worry, this falls under the "real release" category. Nothing could have been a bigger let down than Queen Elizabeth! God, that was a bummer!

So now it's easy to take Cope's "joke/bad idea" phases with a begrudging grin. We *know* he's still capable of creating awesome songs ["I Come From Another Planet Baby"] but anyway, I'm rambling...

Chameleons reunion -looks like it's for real. I'm not really paying attention to the tour... I'm just waiting to see if they come out with a fourth album! Imagine, a *real* sequel to Strange Times!!!


Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Wed May 24 03:48:13 EDT 2000

Trav, the sound quality of FG3 does vary from good to pretty downright bollocks. The "distortion" you mention on the song Propheteering is because that song was (for some strange reason) mastered (and badly) from the 7" vinyl. You can even hear the needle click off at the end of the song.

However, I wouldn't exactly call it distortion, just rubbish sound quality. Maybe you do have a dodgy cd.

And I reckon you should smoke a big yankee reefer and have another listen to Queen Elizabeth - it's a very slow grower, but an absolute classic nonetheless.

Mark son of Derek son of Samuel.

shedmeister Wed May 24 04:11:07 EDT 2000

article on cornucpea in june issue of select


PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Wed May 24 06:12:58 EDT 2000

FG3's sound quality is a bit wobbly due to the various different recordings. As the CD states: DO touch that stereo!

There are some must-have's (Prince Varmint being LONG overdue) on the album as well as some maybe-not's (the not-so Mighty Carl Jung).

I'm currently working on an interesting review of FG3 for the Screaming Secrets website. I'd love to see a review of the album in the NME or the Wire just to see what those cloth-eared giraffes make of it ;-)

Some people bought Odin and were let down? What were they expecting? WSYM? I actually bought Odin on the strength of hearing it at Copey's Repo signings and I love it. A lyric sheet would have been nice though ;-)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed May 24 08:04:09 EDT 2000

I listened to FG3 yet again last night, this time on my CD player using headphones. I still heard frequent patches of "distortion" (fuzz-outs) during "Propheteering" and a couple other songs. It doesn't bother me now, though, knowing that it's a problem with the CD rather than my set-up.

Headphones [which I also use at work] seem to make production problems more noticeable. Which reminds me...

I'm thinking about buying new headphones. Right now I'm using a $60 pair I bought back in 1995. They have great bass but the treble seems to have been drained out of them over the years. I'll be using headphones for: listening to CDS, watching DVDs, and recording music. [I'm VERY close now to buying the Korg Triton workstation...]

So, can anyone recommend a good pair of headphones? Something in the $60-$100 range? And is there such a thing as surround sound headphones? Thanks!

Favorite songs on FG3... I really like the spirit of kraut-esque "Mighty Carl Jung" and "King Plank". If only they were longer and a *little* bit more polished! I also think "Oh Yeah, But Never Like This Before" is great. I like that repetitive stuff, as long as the underlying groove is cool!

Hey, does it sound like they cut off the WSYM chorus near the end of "Zabrieski Point" [and jumped straight straight into the outtro or whatever it's called]? I wonder if left out the WSYM vocals for legal reasons...


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 24 08:31:17 EDT 2000

Lyric sheet for Odin.


Wonderful I agree with you Paul at last.


PaulB Wed May 24 14:17:48 EDT 2000

Zabriskie Point is indeed a live intro into WYSM (although it was previously regarded as just Copey ad-libbing before launching into WYSM). It would have made more sense to keep WSYM in there but I guess that would bring in Island into the equation....

Actually, I thought that line in Odin went "Wooooaaaaarrrrrrooooooaaaaaoooooo" which sums up my love live perfectly ;-)

Shrimp and me agreeing? Good grief. Whatever next?

I'm reading Battle For The Trees at the moment. It's like a soap opera. I keep losing track over how many people Merrick is shagging ;-)


Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed May 24 15:22:40 EDT 2000

Now that I know the name of the live intro to WSYM does that mean I have to go back and change all the tracklists for the bootleg tapes I have?

I can see that there would be legal reasons for including any of the actual WSYM song, and that is too bad (I may be naive, but doesn't Julian own the songs?).

I remember when I first saw Cope live and Spacehopper blended into this pschedelic workout by Donald Ross Skinner and from out of the humming quiet came the line "She's flying in the face of fashion now..." and then into what we now know as Zabriskie Point, slowly and almost orgasmically building up to an exploding into WSYM. God, it was awesome. Pure Rock n Roll. The FG3 version seems lacking without WSYM, somehow the point is missed, plus it seems poorly edited to include the last few bars of WSYM. For anyone who missed the full blown version see if you can find a copy of the BBC Westminster Halls 23/1/87 In Concert show. In my mind it is pure sex in music. I dare you to sit still while watching it.

PaulB Wed May 24 15:47:13 EDT 2000

Andrew: You will indeed have to go back and retitle all your bootleg tapes otherwise you're not a TRUE fan and you could go BLIND or even DIE.

I suspect you'll find that although Copey is credited as writer, The Evil Imperial Galactic Empire... I mean Island actually own the songs.Using the songs without permission usually results in a battle station the size of a small moon obliterating your home planet you rebel scum (apparently).


More questions for Julian:

When is Floored Genius 4 out?

What super powers does Sqwubbsy have?

Who would win in a fight between Sqwubbsy and The Incredible Hulk?

When does the world tour for Odin start?

What is your favourite catalogue number?

If you took your "thing" (cock) out on stage, would you instantly achieve the same level of fame as Jim Morrison?


DISCLAIMER: Rebel Scum are not affiliated in any way with Eco Scum

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Wed May 24 16:50:16 EDT 2000

Thighpaulsandra will release his debut album in September, entitled "I, Thighpaulsandra". It will feature members of Coil, Lupine Howl, Spiritualized and the Cope group.

Guys, you error : the real lyric for Odin can only be WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :-)

(Anonymous) Wed May 24 16:51:28 EDT 2000

Andrew, you are right. I am just watching the BBC live set with Zabriskie point and it is great.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 24 16:54:05 EDT 2000


Questions Questions so many goddam questions - think of a good one please!

PaulB ss@arc23.com Wed May 24 18:58:37 EDT 2000

Re: Odin

I know I'm right because I just happen to have that particular copy of 'Smash Hits' that has the songwords in. I bet you feel REALLY dumb now.

Battle Of The Trees is just a big book of porno really. When you read about getting up tall, thick trees I think we can read between the lines...

Merrick, you jammy, jammy BASTARD!


Last Sexual Encounter: Just before the dinosaurs died out (that's a funny coincidence. Perhaps I just have something for a stegosaurus in stockings and suspenders..mmmMMMMmmm...)

(Anonymous) Wed May 24 21:23:44 EDT 2000

I'm sure odin goes hatatata somewhere in it.

Anonuevo Amoeba_Amigos@hotmail.com Wed May 24 21:30:06 EDT 2000

Isn't zabriskie point an old pink floyd tune? I haven't gpt FG3, but I saaumed it was a cover.

How is everybody? good I hope.

does the zabriskie point in question have a pedal bass playing octaves for the most of it? then theres some nice keyboards drifting in. If it does, its floyd.

Please let me know, as i cannot yet afford FG3 (poor n all that)


Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Thu May 25 03:44:55 EDT 2000

Andrew - Jules' Zabriskie Point is not the Floyd one.

Paul - you're starting to get scary....go and have a wank for godsake. Battle of the Trees sounds interesting.... am reading it next, but seeing as I'm deep within Lord of the Rings at the moment it may be sometime before I get there...

I'm desperately trying to think of some good questions for Jules at the moment, but it's really difficult. One of those things where you are always thinking of great questions to ask, but when you actually get the opportunity all you can come up with is "err...what do you eat for breakfast?".

Muesli, I reckon.

And maybe half a grapefruit.


Markybov. xxx

Markybov Thu May 25 03:46:28 EDT 2000

ooops...bit of finger trouble there....

Marc Thu May 25 05:34:38 EDT 2000

Julian, why are women not supposed to fart ???

PaulB Thu May 25 05:36:08 EDT 2000

Are you wanking and using the keyboard at the same time again? ;-)

Markybov Thu May 25 07:15:45 EDT 2000

It's a common problem, evidently....

Nat Ooooeerrr@saucey.hmm Thu May 25 08:38:32 EDT 2000

Porn eh!! Looks like I better start 'Battle for the trees' tonight I was going to start it next week on my hols.... now Dame Barabara Cartland has popped her clogs I better start reading some other decent smut...

You lot are terrible....

I certainly fart and I belch like a trooper... Women aren't supposed to fart as it makes their cheeks flabby......

Nat x

Markybov Thu May 25 08:49:26 EDT 2000

Better out than in, that's what I always say.

Russ Thu May 25 09:57:39 EDT 2000

I've never seen a woman with flabby cheeks, It must be all that chatting they do!!!!!!


The wife could fart for england

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca/ Thu May 25 10:11:49 EDT 2000

So does anyone know exactly what or where Zabriske Point is? Or is it just some kind of penis reference?

Belching? Farting? Pornography? Masturbation? Flabby cheeks? Awl-right, now this discussion is getting interesting again!

(Anonymous) Thu May 25 11:07:25 EDT 2000

Zabriskie Point is in Death Valley apparently....!!

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Thu May 25 11:12:36 EDT 2000

I'm a bit late with this one but I only recently obtained a copy of the Cornucopia CD, Its really, really good. For some reason I actually prefer Temple Of Diana in this context than in the original, Ver as well. I have it on continuous play right now and it just blows me away.

What's even better of course is that it was free. Perhaps there is such a thing as a free lunch.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu May 25 13:41:15 EDT 2000

Hi peeps - Satan here, I got out the dice and they told me to post something.

I played the following last night:

Just playing 20M and it starts brilliantly but has dropped off somewhat as I go through it.

Always a pleasure to ignore the sexual crap that you have resorted to talking about.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu May 25 13:48:29 EDT 2000

Woah - just got to track 12 - Girl-Call

A total Can rip-off and wonderfully wonderful it is to. Suddenly its all come back to life again and I'm dancing(not a pretty sight).

Phase 3

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu May 25 13:59:32 EDT 2000

Is track 16 dedicated to PaulB?

(Anonymous) Thu May 25 14:13:04 EDT 2000

The HH site has just gawn bottom up and crashed.

Chris where are you?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu May 25 14:17:45 EDT 2000

What a wonderful, wonderfully excellent album -


Full of Krautness and when it is it is superb.

I'm not afraid anymore.


Chris chris@kleber.net braindonor.org Thu May 25 14:43:13 EDT 2000


I was tinkering under the bonnet of the mothership.

She's fine now.

Izzy Thu May 25 15:04:48 EDT 2000


Why are you vegetarian?

Izzy Thu May 25 15:05:34 EDT 2000


Because I like farting so much!

Izzy Thu May 25 15:10:52 EDT 2000

Sorry, bad humour, but great in polite company I find.

Must make some orders from HH, they owe me for not supplying me with Paranormal....FG3 or FG2???

Nat, we were thinking of the cinema on Sat? I'd like to see the new Kevin Bacon number meself, but I may have trouble convincing folk to see a flick solely for one man's nostrils...anyone got any other recommendations?

If you have that breakfast conversation I will have come full circle and be reading Rail On where I came in, oh so long ago. I do like circles, so complete.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu May 25 16:14:47 EDT 2000

I'm on a major Cope trip this week.

St Jules - too pop and reminds me too much of the Teardrops for my liking but some great tunes and a great live band really getting it together then the last track suddenly comes from nowhere in a totally different vein. A Crack In the Clouds - check out the start of it - wonderful. Whatever happened between Crack and MNU only Julian admits in Reposs. All the talk of Funkadelic and he never managed to record the groove at all - Listen to MAggot Brain and it is nothing like MNU.

Next up - Peggy

No comment necessary other than it is totally crap and the worst thing ever of the Cope discography - dissown this worthless shit now.


andrew common.era@hotbot.com Thu May 25 16:32:39 EDT 2000

Useless Information Part 1:

Zabriskie Point

As well as being a spot in Death Valley NM/CA it is also the title of a film: Zabriskie Point by Michelangelo Antonioni, 1970, 110 mins) Starring: Mark Frechette, Daria Halprin, Paul Fix, G.D. Spradlin, Bill Garaway, Kathleen Cleaver, Rod Taylor. The original Motion picture soundtrack contains the following songs:

  1. 1 Pink Floyd Heart beat, pig meat
  2. 2 The Kaleidoscope Brother Mary
  3. 3 The Greatful Dead Dark star
  4. 4 Pink Floyd Crumbling land
  5. 5 Patti Page Tennessee waltz
  6. 6 The Youngbloods Sugar babe
  7. 7 Jerry Garcia Love scene
  8. 8 Roscoe Holcomb I wish I was a single girl again
  9. 9 The Kaleidoscope Mickey's tune
  10. 10 John Fahey Dance of death
  11. 11 Pink Floyd Come in number 51, your time is up
  12. 12 Jerry Garcia Love scene improvisation - version 1
  13. 13 Jerry Garcia Love scene improvisation - version 2
  14. 14 Jerry Garcia Love scene improvisation - version 3
  15. 15 Jerry Garcia Love scene improvisation - version 4
  16. 16 Pink Floyd Country song
  17. 17 Pink Floyd Unknown song
  18. 18 Pink Floyd Love scene - version 6
  19. 19 Pink Floyd Love scene - version 4
PaulB Thu May 25 16:49:23 EDT 2000

Well that's part of our FG3 review blown wide open ;-)

On the subject of films: A posting on another website that made me chuckle: Someone who went to the premiere of 'Honest' was surprised that it was utterly crap and that the only reason anyone might want to see the film would be to see All Saints' breasts.

Well DUH!!!!!

Sorry, we're back to sex again (Wanking makes Baby Jesus cry).

If I was a girl and I'd suggested I'd not done "it" for a long time, I wonder what the response might have been?

It's a full-time job trying to hypnotise yerself out of that patriachal/christian mind-set, but it just has to be done (some "bird" told me that).


PS Go read Battle For The Trees as it's brilliant

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri May 26 03:27:08 EDT 2000

I'm glad I'm not the only one who farts like a bastard. I became veggie about six months ago and have been leaving trails of eggyness ever since.

Shrimp, Re: Peggy, you're having a laugh right? I never quite know with you..... Saying it's crap is like saying that.... well..... it's like saying that vegetarian's don't fart. Or like All Saint's breasts arne't a great reason to go see a pants movie.

Going anywhere nice on your hols Nat?

If wanking makes Baby Jesus cry then he's one miserable little fucker.



Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Fri May 26 04:04:06 EDT 2000


hahahahahahahaha - you lie!

verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.safesurfer.co.uk/ezine Fri May 26 05:16:40 EDT 2000

I'm a big kid, I can't deny it. 32 years old and acting like my age is those two numbers added together.

Go to http://www.comrade.org.uk/verian/ click on todays date and find your new name, go on, its silly I know, but what the hell.


Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri May 26 05:41:38 EDT 2000


From now on, I shall be known as Pinky Toiletbrain!

Like it.

Izzy aka Chim-chim Pizza-Sniffer Fri May 26 05:49:29 EDT 2000

My God! That's so accurate, how did you know that about me Verian? I was thinking of starting my own fetish site with the hope of appearing on the next series of So, Graham Norton...

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Fri May 26 06:52:36 EDT 2000

First my name was Howard; owing to great difficulties registering at HH, I had to become Blood, Now according to Verian I am Cheeseball Bananachunks. I, also, am not afraid any more> Be seeing you.

Marc Fri May 26 07:04:15 EDT 2000

Michael Moon - Eye / Don Mandarin are Applecraft : The shining city on the hill. Today in my post.

I believe it is good for Lupine Howl fans but not so good for Cope fans, since there are hardly any brilliant e - guitar tunes on it. It is quite accoustic and synthetic.

Not my cup of tea after the first session.

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Fri May 26 07:07:17 EDT 2000

Where has all this talk of bashing your bishop come from and Markybov why do you think All Saints got their tit out.....because they were told it would put bums on seats and dicks in hands.....


Russ russ@julian-cope.com Fri May 26 07:10:16 EDT 2000

Wow i'm Loopy Pizzahead

How true can you get!!!!!

Loopy P

Marc Fri May 26 08:01:13 EDT 2000

HH question : Jules, what happened to Pristeen, take one ??

Will it be on FG 69 ??

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri May 26 08:46:27 EDT 2000

It had a major mistake in it


verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.comrade.org.uk/verian Fri May 26 09:35:42 EDT 2000

Cope has released under pseudonyms before, but will he use Poopsie Giggletush? Perhaps thats a question to ask him?

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.comrade.org.uk/verian Fri May 26 09:38:44 EDT 2000

Chim-chim Pizza-Sniffer, as I understand it your well known for it!

Chim-chim Pizza-Sniffer Fri May 26 09:46:30 EDT 2000

Darn, all my secrets are out now. I must tell you about the day I inhaled sweetcorn...sometime....

But did you guess that Russ and I were related, eh?


My head hurts, my feet smell and I don't love Jesus

andrew common.era@hotbot.com Fri May 26 10:11:28 EDT 2000

Stinky Monkeytush here! Thanks Verian, that sure put a smile on my face this dreary Friday morning. Hey Verian, where abouts in Warwickshire are you? being from North Warwks myself, I thought I'd ask. - Stinky

Squeezit Gerbilfanny Squeezit Gerbilfanny@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.comrade.org.uk/verian Fri May 26 11:07:08 EDT 2000

Hey Stinky,

I'm in a little village about ten miles from Leamington Spa, Daventry, Banbury, Coventry and Rugby, sort of in the middle of them all.

Where are you from in warks

Squeezit Gerbilfanny (that sounds like a command)

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Fri May 26 11:12:24 EDT 2000

Well, it's been a very silly couple of days on rail on, and I hope you guys all have an equally silly weekend.

I'm off to Cardiff to do things that I really shouldn't. Hoo-ray!

See you later,

Pinky Toiletbrain


(Anonymous) Fri May 26 11:47:18 EDT 2000

Hi Sqeezit,

I'm originally from a tiny village called Shustoke, which is near the town of Coleshill (about 13 miles from B'ham). Coleshill is at junction 4 of the M6. Shustoke is kinda in the middle too, its about 8 miles from Tamworth and Atherstone and Nuneaton and... My parents still live there and I shall be back there in the summer. In 1991 I moved to the east coast of Canada, then the west caost and now I'm in the north east part of the province of Alberta.

All the best - Stinky Monkeytush

Do the names change each day?

zippy pizza Fri May 26 12:25:00 EDT 2000

MMM! not much of a new name is it? Reminds me of Rainbow!

(Anonymous) Fri May 26 12:25:59 EDT 2000

Hi Sqeezit,

I'm originally from a tiny village called Shustoke, which is near the town of Coleshill (about 13 miles from B'ham). Coleshill is at junction 4 of the M6. Shustoke is kinda in the middle too, its about 8 miles from Tamworth and Atherstone and Nuneaton and... My parents still live there and I shall be back there in the summer. In 1991 I moved to the east coast of Canada, then the west caost and now I'm in the north east part of the province of Alberta.

All the best - Stinky Monkeytush

Do the names change each day?

Gidget Pizza-Sniffer zbird@ic24.net Fri May 26 16:28:51 EDT 2000

I'm ashamed.

(Anonymous) Fri May 26 16:50:17 EDT 2000

Sqwubssy will speak again...

PaulB ss@arc23.com Fri May 26 17:08:21 EDT 2000

The Name-Change gag? Not that old fossil. That was doing the rounds on emails yonks ago. Before that it was in some kids book. I refuse to indulge in such childish nonsense.

Markybov: Calling the Baby Jesus one miserable little fucker makes Baby Jesus one miserable little fucker.

Izzy: Your own fetish site? Stop now. RIGHT now...

Russ: No, you see that was the joke in the posting. Go and have a few beers and meditate on the WSYM catalogue number for a bit.

Yours sincerely,

Doofus Toilet-Tush

stinky monkeytush common.era@hotbot.com Fri May 26 18:20:22 EDT 2000

Ah, sometimes the old gags are still the best gags! Did everyone read Julian's guide to reviewing an album on HH? Heady stuff indeed. Have a good weekend everyone, now I have to see what can be done with me old stinky monkeytush.

BILLY Sat May 27 12:21:15 EDT 2000

It took me a while and many listenings to appreciate MNU. I think what turns people off to it is the slick/brassy-pop production. If the songs were recorded differently (like anything post-MNU) the brilliance of the songs would shine. Charlotte Anne is a great song played acoustically. I don't care for the cover of "5 o'clock World", though.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat May 27 14:49:15 EDT 2000

It is the majority of the 80's recording techniques that turns MNU into a pile of crap - there are though a lot of people who are keen Cope fans who were brought up with their music in the 80's so they know no different. Julian tells us that he tried to achieve a mix of Krautrock and Funkadelic/Parliament but he failed totally in my book. Look at what he came up with just after and you will see though how important MNU was to his development. Repossessed tells us as well of a number of extended jams that were recorded just prior to the recording and Julian still enthuses about them so they must have been more in keeping of what he was trying to achieve.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun May 28 07:03:29 EDT 2000

Pages 145 & 146 of Repossessed:

'The demos rained thick and fast, and soon we had an amazing song called 'Caffeine'....We recorded a mightily melodic Krautrock bonanza called 'Ballad of King Plank'....We recorded an immense eight-minute on-the-One instrumental epic entitled 'My Nation Underground'...Other songs were coaxed out of the mystic. 'Wanna' (this turned into Girl-Call later)........I has just told Donneye that we were dumping all the demos.....'

Has anyone heard or has this stuff as it sounds like it could be pretty good as Julian still is referring to it in glowing terms.

If it is available in any shape or form can someone do a tape or CDR for me?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun May 28 16:47:31 EDT 2000

"Ballad of King Plank" might be the same song as on FG3...


I keep on liking these more and more:

Interpreters 3:

Still accepting songs! I just bought myself a keyboard and guitar yesterday, so things are picking up musically!


PaulB Sun May 28 18:45:56 EDT 2000

Ballad Of King Plank?

That need not concern you now..... ;-)

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Mon May 29 08:57:23 EDT 2000

I've just received FG3, and don't know what to thing yet. I have to hear it quitely.

Ipswich 4 Barnsley 2 boring old football Mon May 29 13:41:30 EDT 2000

and I don't like it but the community seems to!


St. Tue May 30 06:15:14 EDT 2000

I do like the queen elizabeth screen saver, but does anyone know if there is a way to turn the volume off? It's playing even when the screen saver is not on and it's driving my colleagues mad. Must install it on my home machine.

Markybov bored, tired and wishing I was in bed Tue May 30 07:08:22 EDT 2000


Shrimpo, me old mucker, allow me to present you with the hallowed golden spoon award for services to the art of stirring above and beyond the call of duty, this time on the HH site. Nice one.

Was going to go and see Honest last night but fell asleep instead.



Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue May 30 07:20:01 EDT 2000

Fans of Paul Simpson and Skyray might like to know that there is an indepth interview with Paul Simpson in the Spring 2000,issue 4 of Anthony Strutt's excellent Fanzine Independent Underground Sound.

The 13 page interview covers everything from The Liverpool Scene, Industrial Domestic, The Crucial Three, The Teardrop Explodes, Julian Cope, Will Sergeant, The Wild Swans, Care, Skyray, and his plans for the future which include releasing His Book Magnetic North, Recording with Will Sergeant as Industrial Domestic, Recording with Alan Holmes of Ectogram, and releasing More Skyray Albums on Ochre.

Of Julian Cope Paul Simpson says:

"I love what Julian's doing now, I loved Interpreter, I thought it was a great Album but from Bouncing Babies right thru till even, I liked Fried a bit then I hated all the Julian Cope Band Stuff, when he went all corporate again but Peggy Suicide was a fantastic album, I really admire what he is doing now, he has found himself." (IUS Issue 4 pp 35-36.)

This is a great Zine and for Paul Simpson fans this interview is well worth having. The interview contains just about everything you ever wanted to know about His musical career since the late 1970's

Copies cost £1.50 including P+P (UK) and they are avaliable from

Anthony Strutt
174 Casterbridge Rd

Incidently Issue 3 of IUS featured interviews with Pete Wylie and Will Seargent and copies should still be avaliable (£1.50)

Richard Winchester

PS Has anybody heard anymore regarding the possible forthcomming Brain Donor Gig in Salisbury?

Marc Tue May 30 14:22:23 EDT 2000

St., turn the sound up instead and use it to turn your mates to QE... :-)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue May 30 17:37:20 EDT 2000

I was just counting my US dollars - like you do when you're bored.

I happened to glance at the reverse of the one dollar bill.

Lo and behold I was confronted by a pyramid and atop of which is what resembles an Odinist 3rd eye. Now is that strange or just pure coincidence.

There is also some latin shit which says Annuit Coeptis which is pretty close to looking like Copetis and Novus Ordo Seclorum which sounds like a load of bollocks.

Does this mean that the Americans are weirder and more in tune with things than I imagined?


a23 a.k.deering@ukgateway.net Tue May 30 18:53:55 EDT 2000

Yes, Shrimp, the Americans are much weirder than you thought. There is no such thing as co-incidence. You could check out the "Illuminatus" trilogy by Robert Shea (first volume=" the eye in the pyramid") which is full of little nuggets of gold amidst the hippy shite. (It also will tell you about the significance of "23")

The eye in the pyramid is meant, amongst other things, to symbolise the energy field radiating from the pineal gland to the extremities in Buddist meditation. Or something...

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue May 30 18:59:13 EDT 2000

That is, of course, the Illuminatus! Trilogy by Bob Shea *and* Robert Anton Wilson ;-)


On Behalf Of Arc23

St. Wed May 31 05:09:37 EDT 2000

....and a very fucked up excellent book it is too, take my advice read it with a pen and pad though or you'll be struggling to remember whose who after the first hundred pages (well at least I was). I'm not so sure about it being full of hippy shit though - I know it comes on that way some times - I'd say it was more of a huge cosmic farce. But there you go that's just my 'umble opinion.

Skyray, somebody rate the albums. Which one is the Cornucopea track taken from? Is it just a one off, or does the whole thing soumd like that (nb. I hope it does, it's by far my favourite track of the freebie)- as I may have said before, it sounds like "the missing track" from Hal Hartley's Flirt (soundtrack - also highly recommended).

Current listening, Iggy and the Stooges - Funhouse, is this the best Rawwwk 'n' Roll album world ever, soz Jules, but I think it is.....

Johnny john.w.smith@expro.shell.co.uk Wed May 31 05:36:44 EDT 2000

I always thought that the eye in the pyramid on the US banknotes was the "All Seeing Eye", mixed with other Masonic symbolism which represented the foundations of modern American society. Especially since the Knights Templar discovered America well before the pretender Columbus who never even set foot on the mainland of North America.


Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.comrade.org.uk/verian Wed May 31 05:56:36 EDT 2000


Today I have not only been childish, but down right vicious.

See todays entry at the address above. Join in, you'll feel a whole lot better if you do.

Andrew - That's about 25-30 minutes down the road from here but I've never actually been there.

Somebody lent me Reverence by Faithless - It's crap.


Markybov bov@clara.co.uk Wed May 31 10:30:05 EDT 2000

Verian, couldn't agree more about Scrappy, drown him in a bag along with Godzuki, that's what I say.

Can anyone suggest where I can get a copy of Jehovahkill on vinyl???


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 31 13:47:15 EDT 2000

Skyray - I'll post something later - the compilation is the best one but I don't think that it is available properly.

If you need a tape then I might be able to oblige if Simmo isn't watching!


a.o.o.k. Wed May 31 14:50:11 EDT 2000

the conspiracy family tree.

jesus rewritten by the romans


oliver cromwell


industrial revolution


hitler's failed art classes


roswell 47 0r 48




margaret twatcher


billy gates

any of the above over five foot three me eat my hat.


ps. where were all you guys on toosday, not one entry my god.

Izzy Wed May 31 15:33:20 EDT 2000

Verian, you funny fellow, Scrappy Doo? What about fricking Velma and her stupid glasses, grrrr, did she piss me off? So clumsy....

Must say that your choice of music on Monday most sound. Did I ever mention that I rather like elastica? Funny really, I seem to be listening to Tull lately, rather embarrassing for a youngun such as I. Speaking of old hippy shit, anyone going to the Big Green Gathering this year? Find me in the permaculture area....

Nat? Where you gone? Belbin?????

Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.comrade.org.uk/verian Wed May 31 16:52:31 EDT 2000


Feel free to post a 'I'd rather kill Velma' description if you like, How would you do her in?

Elastica are a strange beast, every sinew in my body tells me that their just not any good but I somehow can't help liking them.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed May 31 17:24:12 EDT 2000

Mind Lagoons by Skyray

Coming across as a subtle mix of Cluster, Albatross period Fleetwood Mac and B J Cole with more than a hint of Radio 2 late night smooching but without ever annoying you with the likes of Terry Wogan, Mind Lagoons is truly marvellous in its execution.

Imagine one of those nature programmes that the BBC can still do so well. You are in the ocean swimming with a shoal of brightly coloured fish of all shapes and sizes - you dart one way then the other but always following someone else's lead. The water glistens against the underside of the boat as you drift past. Pink flamingos fly overhead from the drying lake and everything is in peace and harmony.

Perfectly balanced and in a world of its own.


rich mr.belbin@virgin.net Wed May 31 17:30:20 EDT 2000

ooh, it's so nice to have me mac back - god I've had to actually TALK to people! whatever next.

I actually got the eye in the pyramid in the sun thing as a tattoo after seeing it on the back of a, umm, Hawkwind t-shirt. i was led to believe that it was one of the ancient Bavarian illuminati's five sacred symbols which they were going to somehow erect and shift the universe's cosmic axis. or something. the pentacle was supposed to be the most notable of te five symbols, but it's all probably bollox. (the bit about the illuminat inventing it that is, the rest is deffo bollox, no probably about it)

Verian, have to agree with you about elastica, I laways thiunk they're a bit crap really, but still rilly like them. bit scary tho man, every day you seem to have a great piece in your cd player - not one bad record of the day so far.

And finally, was listening to an old bootleg of the Bunnymen from Glasto 85 the other day. It starts with a track called 'She Cried' couldn't work out who it's by. Any ideas anyone?

PaulB Wed May 31 18:56:29 EDT 2000

I'm also a big fan of Elastica. Their best song by miles is No More Heroes. Rock N Roll!


St. eurstm@eur.sas.com http://www.unamerican.com/catalog/index.htm Thu Jun 1 00:42:38 EDT 2000

Naw, this time your head is better than your heart, Elastica are shite of the first degree, even if they do make you tap your toes. Izzy, stick with Tull, they may well be outrageously hippy-shit in bits but lets face it in their good moments they are really very good.

shitstirringlybutnonetheless yours, St (with a capital zzzzzzzzz).

ps. needless to say the url isn't really mine but if you scroll down a bit it gets good - if cope ain't a sloganizer what the hell is he

Maggot Brain Odd-in Rules Thu Jun 1 06:10:13 EDT 2000

agree with st. elastica? I thought they had vanished long ago...

look for your pyramid and it may meet your eye.

(Anonymous) Thu Jun 1 06:51:12 EDT 2000

The Bunnymen song you mentioned rich is a Johnathan Richmond song Called "She cracked"

Richard Hayward winchester

Santisan Thu Jun 1 09:02:02 EDT 2000

" She cracked " by Jonathan Richman ;-)

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Thu Jun 1 10:21:16 EDT 2000


Please e-mail me (for the umpteenth time, sorry!) your address. My contributions to the next "Interpreters" are LONG ready to go!



Verian verian@safesurfer.co.uk http://www.comrade.org.uk/verian Thu Jun 1 12:51:49 EDT 2000

agree with st. elastica? I thought they had vanished long ago...

But no, the new cd is awful/brilliant if you know what I mean


Miss Moneypenny Fri Jun 2 13:51:06 EDT 2000

Shaken but not stirred.

Morami Tulov

rich mr.belbin@virgin.net Fri Jun 2 19:39:28 EDT 2000

Thanks to the wondrous patience of Mr Russ (to whom thanks again) I've just had the opportunity to revisit the Queen Elizabeth at QEH. And I was gobsmacked. Completely drug free (well, okay not COMPLETELY drug free, but as close as ever come), it was still really bloody great. The first twenty/twenty-five minutes were just excellent, really uplifting music. I thought it went off a bit in the middle, but then was really good at the end too. As you may recall, I've never been a great fan of cope's 'ambient' stuff, but this really moved me. I tried listening to the bit on the Cornucopea CD, but don't think it came over anything like so well there. Perhaps the section chosen (from near the end??) was just a duller bit, or perhaps it just didn't fit in as well with the rest of the cd, but it lacked sumat.

And I'm now very definitely pissed off at having missed Skyray.

And thanks to those who corrected me on the 'She Cried/Cracked' thing. Which album is that on? hell, no, just tell me, what are the best two or three Jonathon Richman albums to get - I feeel there is a hole in my record collection (now worth only £500 according to my tossy insurance company).



Steven Fri Jun 2 21:06:25 EDT 2000

Belbin-Get the Kim Fowley produced early Jonathan/Modern Lovers album..pert'near essential and the official first release is tasty as well...the rest all depends on your willingness to follow Jonathan's childlike whims

The Bunny's did She Cracked?


Izzy izzy@purpleturtle.com Sat Jun 3 10:18:48 EDT 2000

Velma: well since she's so blimmin brainy I'd give her a job in academia where she has to sit in front of a computer all day and have her boss sneak up behind her on a regular basis insisting that SPSS for windows is a powerful and slick statistics package. Then I'd leave her there to rot...Why did I hate her so much? I hated her for being the brainy-boring-bespectacled one, because brainy had to be boring and blind didn't it?

Elastica probably are crap, but I never cared about that, they shout, they jump and they have fun. Let that be my epitaph.

Belbin, I enjoyed Skyray, but I think we were all (that's the little gang of girlies I was sitting with, not the rest of you!) taken by the fish most. I was thoroughly entertained waiting for them to pooh. And they did. Little things, please little minds (so come on then, please me and mine). Very mellow though, I certainly ain't dissing it...

Any more news on Salisbury??? Summer's here allegedly and I'm ready to start being sociable again....

PaulB ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Sat Jun 3 16:15:54 EDT 2000

Izzy: No one is smarter than you (unless you've been telling big lies on your website). If you're into fish poo then please mail me as I can direct you to some specialist websites.

Elastica are brilliant. Isn't it amazing that Damon Albarn's girlfriend is so talented? One thing that pisses me off is that some boy band (because they're all blokes) called Wire have been ripping off Justine's sound. BASTARDS!

Honest has sunk like a sack of hammers. I feel really sorry now because the girls will have to simply rely on their music. Still, I'm looking forward to the surefire hit that is Battlefield Earth.

Something dramatic has happened on the Screaming Secrets front. GASP! What can he mean?! More details soon. It could mean the end of Western Civilization (although I don't want to overstate the situation).

Roger rogerwood2@beeb.net Sat Jun 3 19:19:14 EDT 2000

I've been done!

On the way home from a trip to the Czech Republic, I stopped at a service station in Germany for a coffee and a trip to the loo. Hey, I thought, looking at the condom machine...they've got Safe Surfer...some souvenir that'd be! I put in 2DM and pulled open the drawer, only to find they were a different make altogether. I dunno...I thought the Germans were supposed to be efficient!

One thing, though: two condoms for well under a quid? How come the Krautrockers get 'em so much cheaper than we do?


Marc Sun Jun 4 16:35:11 EDT 2000

because we have them produced in Asia :-)

Nat Whitter@whitter.com Mon Jun 5 06:29:19 EDT 2000

Hello Ms. Purple Turtle!!

Back from my hols feeling refreshed and ready to rumble...

I didn't think Damon was with Justine from Elastica anymore!?! Oh the relationships of the rich and famous......

My unreliable drunk and drugged up souces say that Julian is playing at Salisbury City Hall in either July or October!! How vague can ya get!!! Hmmmmmm

Oh Mr Belbin...tut tut tut......

Fish Poo, now that was funny - and when your Gary sat on his seat and it made a farty noise!!!


Nat Yippee@lunchtime.com Mon Jun 5 07:49:10 EDT 2000

Phew you lot been busy....just been skimming through the list to see what I missed....

Izzy - Cinema last Saturday would have been great!! I fancy the new Johnny Depp (hmmmmm Johnny Depp), going again let me know?


Didn't go anywhere on my hols - stayed in and painted the back bedroom and helped out my poor little kitten who got stung by a big bad bee - ahhhhhhh - Markybov - hows the mouse?

Shrimp - Peggy Suicide Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm (mumbles things under breath)I think I'll leave it there..... keep yer mouth shut girlie....

Izzy - leave Velma (Thelma) alone, poor love, I'm sure she couldn't help being intelligent and partially sighted (Bit like me really!!!) I used to be in love with Freddy - oh that cravat - oh that wonky eye.... hmmm pure sex was Freddy..

Mr Belbin - tut tut tut - you poor angel.... keep taking the tablets and pass some on to me!!

Nat xx

izzy ratherfull@lunchtime.com Mon Jun 5 08:30:33 EDT 2000

this brings me to another subject. before Natalie sent her last message i didn't know a single girl that fancied any cartoon characters, but lots of boys who do. its wierd you know, getting all oooey over ink on acetate. no, really wierd.

hi nat, good to have you back. looks like its the odious at ceisure world for Stir of Echoes because the other cinemas aren't going to show it. one night this week? i'm gonna check on buses and such.

justine and damon split up and got over it (one less publicly than the other) a long time ago. (i understand that he played on 'menace' under a different alias than on 'elastica'.) i think PaulB knew that and sends all his messages with tongue firmly in cheek, don't you Paul? i'll be dissappointed if you don't, cos you usually have be giggling.

that thing about velma was a reaction to the steriotype rather than the character, afterall I'm in love with Willow (I'll have Oz and Zander any day) but she's interesting isn't she? i also detested blondes for being stupid and blacks for being good dancers...I suppose its more that I hated the fact that, at the time, there never seemed to be clever blondes, interesting brains and arhythmic blacks, you know, normal people.

Nat beltching@teabreak.com Mon Jun 5 11:12:56 EDT 2000

Ahhh thats better, nothing like a good beltch in the af'noon...

Izz, cinema this week brilliant - let me know.

Power in the Park this weekend Izzy - fancy 5ive on a Sunday!!!! Phroooawww I'll be there!!


andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jun 5 13:27:02 EDT 2000

Get yer vcrs set Britain. Just read at the HH site that the Modern Antiqurain tv show is set to air on BBC 2 on June 24th, didn't say what time though...now I wonder if it'll be shown over here? PBS maybe.

rich Mon Jun 5 14:01:37 EDT 2000

Modern Antiquarian being shown the weekend of Glastonbury?!

bloody typical

and what's all this about fish poo? i know I was drunk, but I'm sure i'd have remembered that. mmm, maybe not

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jun 5 16:14:35 EDT 2000

What a glorius wonderful weekend.

1. Just finished reading

Battle for the trees - Merrick

It's only £4 (available from HH) and one of the best reads ever - If you are not jolted into some thought provoking processes then you should be felled yourself.

2.Met a lot of worthy people

The Countryside Alliance - mmm! I happened on one of their pro-hunt stalls and just behind the cage of stategically placed fluffy furry floncy ferrets (the kids loved them) were all the brochures and booklets on their wonderful history. There were loads of pics and photos of red coats and biogs of all the workers and lots of cute sepia pics of the horses and hounds all named and with their owners. There were a couple of bottle stalls where whatever ticket you purchased you won and your bounty was taken home wrapped in a lovely yellow bag promoting the CA and your token was gratefully received.

I tried to purchase a picture portraying the Hunt.

They told me that they did not have such pics showing Foxes and pet cats being ripped to shreads and blood and guts spilled over the mother earth and smeared over some young hopefuls face.

They asked me to leave very politely.

Maybe next time.


PaulB ss@arc23.com Mon Jun 5 18:39:38 EDT 2000

That's a shame.

If anyone manages to get a good pic of a fox or pet cat being ripped to shreds and blood and guts spilled over the mother earth then please let me know as I'm trying to expand my collection.

I also have pics of baby swans being beaten up for no good reason for sale or trade.


Screaming Secrets - The Reynard The Fox Magazine

ron drude@mounet Mon Jun 5 21:27:58 EDT 2000

Hey Mr. Browne, I think I may have a pic of an alligator whom had recently dined on a Golfer ;o) Course the gator had seen better days as well... missed you Saturday nite, hopefully Poland is still intact!

izzy Tue Jun 6 03:17:24 EDT 2000

wahahey! i'm all for eating golfers.

nice try shrimp, think you should badger them on a regular basis. what a peculiar verb that is...

izzy Tue Jun 6 03:21:41 EDT 2000

hi nattynoo

i'll let you know about the kino. mmmm, jonny depp, mmmm or phwarr kevin nostrils bacon? think my sleep pattern may be a bit out this week as the last time i slept was sunday night. gave up at 0430 today and came into work. rather nice actually, got to listen to farming today...everyone is just starting to arrive and my tummy is telling me its lunchtime.

Markybov bov@clara.co.uk http://www.bov.clara.net Tue Jun 6 03:48:02 EDT 2000

Ooooff! All this talk about Daphne is getting me all hot under the collar.... The Lara Croft of the seventies....

Well, isn't everyone cheery around here this week? I really do think that there is some kind of national happiness level in this country. I mean, last week everyone seemed to be having a bit of a grumpy session, but this week it's all smiles and Mr. Kipling lemon drizzle.

What am I talking about?

Paul, I can't do you maimed fox, but I do a nice line in dismembered Yak if you're interested?

As for Malcolm the winged rodent, well I've given up trying to catch him, he's too wiley for me. I've just taken to doing the washing up more regularly and have screwed the veggie rack onto the wall rather then leave it standing on the floor, and this seems to have him perplexed for the time being.

I noticed something very sad this morning - according to my cd player, Odin is actually five seconds shorter than is claimed on the box!!! FIVE SECONDS!!!! That might have been the crucial five seconds where the Doo-Wop chorus comes in accompanied by Peter Skellern and the Grimethorpe Colliery band.

Anyway, to do a bit of SS-stylee blowing-of-own-trumpets, the above link is to my new web-site which I just put up at the weekend. It's a virtual trek in the Nepalese Himalayas, and there's a free slice of lemon drizzle going to whoever can find the most typos in it. Oh, and the guestbook doesn't work yet.

Love and Shugs,

Markybov xxx

St. Tue Jun 6 08:18:38 EDT 2000

Nice one Markybov, I'd only intended to take a glance, after all the site may "take a few visits to get through", but once I was started I had to read each next installment, thus wasting a whole mornings work. If I get sacked I'm blaming you. Seriously though, cracking stuff, made my feet itchy just reading it.

Laters, S.

rachel celia_cyanide@yahoo.com Tue Jun 6 13:20:51 EDT 2000

Hullo...sorry to barge in on you like this, but I thought I'd tell you that I am cleaning out my record collection, and I have some Cope/Teardrop 7"es for sale. We are having a garage sale, but I want my record collection to go to fans. email me at Celia_Cyanide@yahoo.com and I'll tell you what I've got. thanks!


Markybov Wed Jun 7 04:28:45 EDT 2000


Stirring things up on HH really is good fun!

Santisan Wed Jun 7 08:59:21 EDT 2000

The modern antiquarian on BBC2? ADoes anybody know if is just a programme or a everyweek program?


Markybov Wed Jun 7 09:09:12 EDT 2000

Sounds like it's just a one-off thing. Can't wait to see it myself.

Check out the info on Head Heritage in the Head Guide section.

Nat Very sad TV Watcher... Wed Jun 7 10:11:37 EDT 2000

Oooo Julian on the TV how exciting...one to video. Hope it doesn't clash with Family Fortunes!! (Ron do you want a video of it sent out? Let me know, I'll enclose another copy of the Southern Daily Echo!!))

For those of you going to Glasto this year, my dad who's a 'local man' has predicted rain!! Apparently the crows are nesting lower down the trees this year!! Just like they did 2 years ago when it rained so pack your wellies!!

Check the cows too as your travelling down to Glastonbury if they are all laid down then turn back, turn back I say!!

I'm not going this year, first time for 10 years, got completely fed up with it all last year so commercial and blooming internet cafes everywhere and Virgin sponsorship etc... and I got a bad back, too old.... Have a good time those who are going though... send me a postcard...

Also looks like the tour is in the Autumn, how exciting... new CD too. busy man isn't he old Julian....

Nat xx

Quoyle Pound for Pound Wed Jun 7 11:10:27 EDT 2000

Can someone please clear up these rumours about Jimmy Saville and a certain very distasteful and illegal practice.

Urban myth or some truth?

The Irvine Welsh book contained the biggest hint I've seen and B*****l + S*****r made a reference last night.

Sorry for my interest, but I am sick.

Richard Hayward r.p.f.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Wed Jun 7 12:05:16 EDT 2000

I have just heard from Head Heritage that any plans Julian has for playing live in Wiltshire under the name Tab hunter, (as mentioned in the Cornucopea CD Booklet,) are at present on hold.

JoAnne from HH has told me that "unfortunately, there are no tab hunter gigs planned and that's the truth. Julian will not be performing anywhere, under any guise, until the autumn."

Richard Hayward

PaulB Wed Jun 7 17:46:56 EDT 2000

You see Richard, that's just what they *want* us to think. I know what the deal is and I'll be at the venue at 8.00pm sharp. Oh yes.

Quoyle: Jimmy Saville does indeed own a copy of 'Three Lions'. Appalling. He should be sentenced to wearing one of those loud nylon football shirts (with the name of a major electrical retailer on the front). Fashion never really arrived on Planet Football did it? Also, are David Baddiel and Ian Broudie one and the same person?


Screaming Secrets - The Magazine That Thinks Heavenly's 'Ben Sherman' Sums Up Footie Fans Quite Nicely

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Thu Jun 8 05:10:23 EDT 2000

Paul B - fashion never left plantet Fitba' mate.

Nat Thu Jun 8 11:15:39 EDT 2000

Ooo I don't know though tight shorts otherwise known as 'hot pants' are in this season and the perm for men is still widely available in certain areas of Southampton... Polyester is the new cotton aparently...hmmm I used to have bright pink polyester nighties and bedding as a small child, used to walk round highly charged most of the time!!

Southamptons kit is the height of fashion for this area with the red and white verticle stripes making the larger person look decidely thinner....very very flattering...

Izzy - fancy the England v German match in the Rising Sun with the lovely lads of the Shirley area (Gold soverign rings and tattooed knuckles!)

Nat (I'm excited about the footie!!)

Ron drude@mounet.com Fri Jun 9 19:46:53 EDT 2000

Wow Nat... talk about clearing a room! Obviously too many 'blokes' in the room... Pink nightie's and bedding? Oh, Behave... these British boys scurry at the mere mention of ladies apparel. Gun's and the invasion of Poland? No problem... (which suprised me) but, speak of ... well a certain someones undergarments.... 'see how they run like pigs from a gun, see how they run..' Then I say, 'ok... DEFINITELY British'.

Thanks for the offer of the tape, but my 'Northern' counterpart (AJ... the absolutely coolest person I never met) sez that y'all are on a different format (PAL) than us heathens in the western world (VHS). So... not sure if it would work out(?) Although I truly enjoy the Southampton news.

Polyester? egads woman, we were lucky to survive the 80's in that crap, the entire decade was a total fire hazzard! Thankful for the PVC and leather, not sure if it comes in pink though, must check Victoria's Secret ;o) shagadellic, and very groovy (sorry for the Austin Powers take off, I know very pooor taste, but isn't that what we American's are know for... well besides teenage pregnancy).

Ta mates, you can come out from under your beds now..

disclaimer: posted with the help of my close personal amigo Jose Cuervo.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jun 9 21:46:24 EDT 2000

Hey guys! Sorry, it's been a while! I've been shopping for musical equipment, trying to get things moved to a new web server, reviewing old tapes and Interpreter CDs, etc. I'm getting ready for a big musical push this summer. And this includes a new Interpreters 3.

Anyway, as a present to y'all, I updated my main Cope page (just a little!) by adding more colors, changing some fonts here and there, and... I added the Julian Cope Live section back! So now you can download and listen to Cope concerts and radio shows! Have fun! :)

And in yet more news, I've started updates on my UNME site. This is the musicians' forum I started back in 1996 but let stagnate. Now that I'm starting to feel settled for the first time in years, I'm able to be productive again. Yipee!!! Exciting times ahead!

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