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1998-03-28 to 1998-04-24

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Mar 28 10:24:13 EST 1998

Hey guys!

I did another archive, about time! That page was getting REALLY huge! Sorry about that!

Well, I like the post-at-the-top idea. Not only does it make the loading delays more tolerable, but it also makes it converting these pages into archives easier.

When's The Modern Antiquarian due out?

I loved that "Sleeping Gas" lyrics discussion! Wish I had heard that 3 years ago when I covered that song! :) (I ended up slurring/mumbling a lot of the lyrics, think I said "Rapperty"!

So, how are we doing as far as Cope covers go? I haven't received any tapes since The Crayon Theatrical's "Bill Drummond Said" a couple months ago. I know a couple of you at least are working on getting some songs together. Copefully (heh heh, freudian slip typo - I'll keep it!) we'll be able to get enough songs together this year to have a whole tape, which I can then send to everyone!

When you finish your cover songs, please email me that they are on the way and send them to:

[address removed -- Trav]

Right now I have about 15 minutes worth of songs. 75 to go! :)

Take care everyone!


HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk Sat Mar 28 17:27:40 EST 1998

Firstly i apologize if this post is retracing old gound for veteran listers/lurkers......

Today i had a bit of a teardrop explodes revelation .... i managed to pick up an american copy of Kilimanjaro (apologies also to american posters who probably won't find this in the least bit interesting!)...for those of you who don't know there are a few differences between versions of kilimanjaros ... check the rail on archives if you are interested, the main difference with the US version is that the track listing is different (Bouncing babies &second head are replaced by suffocate) and the versions of reward and treason are different. The revelation for me was how different the whole lp sounded.... i am presuming that the us lp is remixed????? The instrument separation seems way better, with backing vocals and keyboard lines in particular more prominent...also the whole thing is more bass heavy. I only have a cassette copy of the uk version (which is ropey to say the least.. it is nearly twenty years old now) and the cd re-issue (fontana 836 897-2) which suffers a muddy mix (IMHO) does anyone know which mix got put on the cd was it the first (dodgy) mix or is it just that the cd is crap? Is the remix version available on cd at all?????

sorry to dredge this up if it's been discussed before but listening to the US version the album has made kilmanjaro go up in my estimation..'cos it wasn't one of my fave lp's at all because the mix on the cd/casette didn't do the songs justice!!!

on another (Kind of related) note: has anybody else got a copy of L.U.V. in a white printed sleeve like my copy .... or is my copy a true collectors item???!!!



Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk http://www.version.demon.co.uk Sun Mar 29 05:01:21 EST 1998


re: copetunez

A friend of mine &me have done an acoustic Greatness &Perfection, so I'll get my ass in gear &send you a copy of that. Also I've thinking about doing a Cope song in either a laid back Global Communications stylee, or a really upbeat Finitribe or Chemical Bros or Fluke et al. style. Might not work, might never happen - but I'm having fun listening to the songs and thinking about what would/wouldn't work!

HEX - you could *certainly* knock something up along these lines....

spaceship_mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Sun Mar 29 05:44:45 EST 1998


My LUV has a printed sleeve too. I haven't got it here in Liverpool but I believe the sleeve is basically a picture of the sides of the record. I got it a record fair for £4, which I think was a bargain. I've never seen it anywhere else.

I haven't spoken to Julian for ages but last I heard the Modern Antiquarian was still on target for a September publication, unfortunatley they don't think teyre going to be able to do it for £19.99 anymore, mainly due to the fact that the whole lot's on glossy paper and there's about 150 colour plates(!).

Speak to ya soon,

Spaceship Mark

P.S. can anyone mail me the lyrics to Reward? I've been fiddling with this doorsy cover but my copy of the record isn't here (my record players bust so I left all my vinyl in Blackpool, doh!)

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sun Mar 29 08:35:08 EST 1998


The LUV 12" came in a pic sleeve with an outer pvc sleeve with stickers on the outer pvc sleeve I hope this clears this on up.


tobias btmartin@west.net Sun Mar 29 20:38:49 EST 1998

Re: Beautiful LUV 12". The value should be judged on the B-Side alone. "Dragonfly" rivals "Competition" and doesn't appear anywhere else. This thing's worth bunches...

There is a cover of the Teardrops already out there. The BBC's Janice Long Sessions released The Mighty Lemondrops doing a 2:10 version of "When I dream" on the Strange Fruit label. Their 1st cd w/ bonus ep a must have for Cope fans. Influenced by Teardrops &Bunnymen. They even do a cover of Roky's "Splash #1 (Now I'm Home)"

Okay, I promised details on that BBC live...

BBC College Concert #11
Offical schedualed broadcast date: The week of Nov. 21, 1982
Hosted by Peter Larkin
Total duration:  52:23
side 1
Thief of Bagdad 2'45
Sleeping Gas 4'15
Passionate Friend 2'23
Lela 4'25
Suffocate 3'30
Culture Bunker 8'05
side 2
Poppies 4'45
Went Crazy 2'32
Screaming Secrets 3'15
When I dream 3'33
The Great Dominions 4'35
Treason 2'30

Goodnight all


spaceship mark besmwil2@livjm.ac.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue Mar 31 09:16:01 EST 1998


Does anyone know how much the boxed Peggy pic discs (Heed... and Easty Risin') are worth? When I got mine for £4 each the man in the shop said to the other man in the shop 'bloody hell, they're a bit cheap'. And as we're taking about such things I though I'd ask.

If anyone wants to mail can they use the address above as Jake won't let me use his computer at the moment 'cos I (allegedly) broke his hard drive!

Anyway TTFN

Spaceship Mark

Richard Hayward Tue Mar 31 10:53:02 EST 1998

Hi this is my first posting (using college computer) so can't stay for long. I have some news that will interest you all. Julian Cope Is set to play an acoustic set at this years Glastonbury Festival in one of the tents (date as yet unknown). Also Any one interested in purchasing Synus Cd then Head Heritage have a few copies for sale. £12.99 on Cd. Also Head Heritage releases this year include universal pansies Cd as well as sampler and hopefully Signed and numbered edition of Modern antiquarian.

I can be contacted by phone on (01823) 666164


Richard Hayward.

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Mar 31 13:55:58 EST 1998

Spaceship mark,

£4! That is about what I paid for them when they were first released in 1991. I'm not sure how much they are worth now, but they were both a limited edition, numbered item, and probably quite rare. I would put them at around the £10-15 mark, maybe more! Has anyone else seen them recently?


Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net Tue Mar 31 15:29:31 EST 1998

I paid about $15 for "Heed" about a year ago. Found it buried on the back shelf of a dark and dusty Athens, GA record shop. Needless to say, I was thriled.

HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk Tue Mar 31 17:02:39 EST 1998

Yeah Heed in particular is really difficult to find....it was one of the last things i needed to get an (almost) complete collection....took me about 2 years to find a decent copy! The east easy rising piccy disc is fairly common however going for around £7-10 (or cheaper if you're lucky ... i saw one for £1.99 the other week!!!!)


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Mar 31 20:28:48 EST 1998

Ok...everyone got off on the "Sleeping Gas" query...here's another ???? for you....On the Fried version of "Reynard...",during the part when Jules sing ,"and,and,and..he..spilled...his..guts..etc." there is a subtle voice-over(not the one of him repeating the line)..that sounds almost walkie-talkish...anyone got a notion on that one is saying?

Still looking for a provider of a good Kilmanjaro/Wilder tape...Mike,Trav,Andrew,anyone..?..mail me(male,me?)...gardening season is upon us and Julian and TE always help make it all bliss...



Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Mar 31 21:20:48 EST 1998

Kili versions (Steven): I have the US version on CD, but the UK version as a dub from an LP. Are you looking for an original cassette, a tape of that era live material, or a dub of the studio albums?


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed Apr 1 06:15:53 EST 1998


Nice to hear someone else has heard about the Head Heritage sampler (I was begining to think I was the only one). From whence did your information come?

I have to say the boxes are a bit shot on my Peggy discs but they play cool and it's the music that counts, lest we forget (or something).

On the subject of misheard lyrics I was happy to discover at the Liverpool gig that in 'Poet is Priest' julian does actually sing 'except for one diference, boobies on the side' this was indicated by a booby like extending of the chest area of his sleeveless thing.

I always though 'hangin out...' had the line 'Some identification: Julian Cope, and you're a scene' which has a kind of peotic resonance.

Anymore humerously misheard lines, after all a wise man once said that what you hear is often more important than what was recorded.

Love Mark

P.S. I just found out that the Archaeologists who discovered 'Lucy' the missing link, in Africa named her not because 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds' was on the radio at the time but 'cos they were off their heads on acid! Brilliant! There's hope for archeology yet (and anyway I always though Tony Robinson was on speed)

Patrick Gaumond gaumondp@fsa.ulaval.ca http://www.fsa.ulaval.ca/personnel/gaumondp/cope Wed Apr 1 13:02:53 EST 1998

Can you believe it ? I'm still alive !

I'm back in Copey-mode. I'm reading Head-On, just also got Skellington Chronicles... Wow !

So much promises about an update at Soul Desert that never happen...

Just let me a month or so and I will be back with a new URL to let you view my new pages.


BTW, I will also try to do Animal Farm for the Travis Tape...

Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Wed Apr 1 13:20:51 EST 1998

Greetings all and a HUGE thanx to Andrew for absolutely fab-gear-fave-rave tapes of TEARDROPS!

Trav--if you are still accepting versions of Copey/Teardrops songs, I have a long-finished version of "Books" that I did in my home studio--I'd be more than happy to send it to you as part of this most glorious tribute to the god-like genius...

Spaceship Mark:


does that help?

Blessings upon y'awl--


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Wed Apr 1 17:22:27 EST 1998

Yes! Thanks Rob, much aprecciated, love Sp.Ma.

Brian Downing metranil@one.net Wed Apr 1 21:20:08 EST 1998

Does anyone know how to acquire English translations of the poetry of Metranil Vavin...? Thanks in advance!

(Anonymous) Thu Apr 2 01:39:57 EST 1998

Renyard is French for fox

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Thu Apr 2 10:10:35 EST 1998

I know this hash been prehashed,hashed,rehashed and posthashed,,but what is the general consesus of QE/QE2...and can anyone steer me in the right direction....

Also has anyone received a card from Julianc/o Head Heritage lately? Been on their list months now and nothing..not devastated mind you.. nothing ventured and all.......

(now after reading the lyrics, have Reward stuck in my head...co-mingling with Moonage Daydream...a curious mind stew)

Freak out in an arrogance has it,


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Thu Apr 2 11:27:53 EST 1998

A little tidbit I meant to mention earlier...a quote I ran across yesterday.....Lynette"Squeaky"Fromme...one of Manson's "girls":

"You will serve the Earth as much as she serves you,or you will commit suicide."


Patrick Thu Apr 2 15:41:42 EST 1998

Renyard is French for fox

Non, it's Renard.

Patrick, Québec !

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Apr 3 07:43:27 EST 1998

Was Reynard the Fox not one of Aesop's Fables? Don't know the story though.

Re: QE\QE2, get QE first (cos it's shorter) and stick with it, it grows...

I'm finding QE2 a bit long but I think that's 'cos I like to listen to all of an album at once and 130 minutes is a long time.

Love MArk.

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Fri Apr 3 10:04:41 EST 1998

Although I found that QE sounded better after I'd got my head around QE2. There's more variety on QE2 so you've more chance of getting into something on that. Also QE2 is a limited edition so if you don't get it soon, you may not get it at all !

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Apr 3 15:26:17 EST 1998


Still no change on the HH site.Things are getting a little slow.

I need a little help i'm looking for a album by the gin blossoms called DUSTED it came out in around 1991 could any of you nice people in the US keep a look out for a copy i'm sure i could find some Cope stuff around to swap or you can have cash if you like (cd if possible)

Thanks RUSS

HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk Sat Apr 4 11:06:30 EST 1998

When I get Frontpage to work again!!!!!

I've been trawling the record fairs today and found a few items people may be interested in:

I have multiples of everything (but only short supplies!) so if anyone is interested then mail me!


Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Sat Apr 4 21:58:29 EST 1998

Reynard is not from Aesop's fables - he's from an 'epic' (?) poem, (or maybe not so epic, but long anyway, and rhyming just about every other line for 200 pages or so.) I have the book at home, and no idea off the top of my head of the author. I'll try to bring it to work Monday, so I can tell you all. I have had the book for years - oddly enough, I started reading it last night!


Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Mon Apr 6 09:52:15 EDT 1998

Here is the info I have on Reynard:

"Reynard The Fox or The Ghost Heath Run" - by John Masefield - author of "The Everlasting Mercy," "The Widow in The Bye Street," etc. - published by The MacMillan Company - 1919.

The poem is in two parts, the first being the hunters gathering for the hunt, and the second part starting where they sight the fox. I haven't read that far yet, so that is what I am guessing by scanning the text.


Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Mon Apr 6 17:43:45 EDT 1998

Hey Trav--

How 'bout calling the tape "Count To Ten And Run For Covers"...geddit?

Here's the Cope trivia quiz (you win nuthin' but my admiration and respect)...

Have fun--

Lurve on y'awl--

Rob (Quizmaster)

robin fried Tue Apr 7 08:05:19 EDT 1998

Anyone going to be in Glasgow on 18th April? If so then check out the Universal Panzies at 13th Note (King St). Grand Cope-approved Krautrock from Newcastle, set to appear on Head Heritage sampler and release two Cds by the end of the year (one on Head Heritage).

Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/ss.html Tue Apr 7 10:13:19 EDT 1998

Anyone interested in information on the Julian Cope magazine Screaming Secrets can now check out our web site. It's in its early stages at the moment but expect some archive articles to be posted up shortly!



Paul B

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Apr 7 14:47:32 EDT 1998

I guess this is kind of Julian Cope related, but I have to tell as nothing like this has ever happened to me before. Basically, Spiritualized played here in Vancouver last night, with Thighpaulsandra on keyboards. Thighpaulsandra contacted me when they got into town and got myself and 2 friends all area back stage passes for the show. I won't go on too much, just enough to say it was an awesome night. We hung out with the band before the show and after for a couple of hours before they had to get on the bus for the 800 mile trip to Calgary, where they play tonight. Talked about tons of stuff, lots of Cope talk of course, all I can say is "buy those tickets for Glastonbury!" Spiritualized are headlining and maybe a Cope appearance too...

Thighpaulsandra is so cool and fascinating, it was a thrill to hang out for as long as we did and shoot the breeze. Thank you Thighpaulsandra for a very memorable evening!

Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Tue Apr 7 16:01:23 EDT 1998


Trav--look for my cassette of "Books"--if anyone else is doing this song, as soon as I get my 4-track back, I'll knock out the version of "Bandy's First Jump" I'd been working on before the f**ckin' thing went on the fritz again.

To clear up any possible misconceptions/misinterpretations:

Oh sometimes I wonder if you're really living
Or what is this feeling you think that you're giving
Now you could sit down
And write till dismayed
Or wondering what are all the plans that you laid--
Oh you could watch RAFFERTY turn into a cereal
"  "   "     "     "        "    "    " "
"  "   "     "     "        "    "    " "
It's just like a cartoon by A.A.P.
"     "   "    " "       "  "
Oh yeah
Oh, whether to phone you or whether to see
I never do anything; you never do things for me
I wandered around
I just wandered around
I wandered around
I just wandered around
But you can watch Rafferty turn into a cereal
"   "   "   "     "        "    "    " "
"   "   "   "     "        "    "    " "
Now here comes my head now, my hand's just behind
So yeah, yeah, yeah
I stand on the streets; I look for someone to meet
But you don't call me or phone
Oh, you're never alone
I wandered around
I just wandered around
I just wandered around
I just wandered around
But you can watch Rafferty turn into a cereal
"   "   "   "     "        "    "    " "
"   "   "   "     "        "    "    " "
It's just like a cartoon by A.A.P.
You can watch Rafferty turn into a cereal
It's just like sleeping gas now it's so ethereal...

Anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask--I got the lyrics from my inner sleeve to KILIMANJARO (1st Mercury/Zoo pressing with custom label--that's how old I am!)

Lurve on y'awl--


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Wed Apr 8 03:56:21 EDT 1998

WOW!...Andrew how amazing....funny how all the Copesetics seem to drawn to similar types of music...love to see Spiritualized...had a chance once and had to be out of town.....drat the luck...

Rob...could swear it was "serial",but with Julian you never know I guess...Thanks for the info..

Tra la 'til later,


Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Wed Apr 8 11:24:31 EDT 1998


My eyesight sucks anyway and my sleeve is fading--at this point it's either breakfast food or an ongoing soap opera.

But just who is Rafferty, anyway--I don't remember.

A.A.P. (for all those who had the correct answer) is Associated Arists Productions--in the opening of almost all WB cartoons, you will see the A.A.P. logo with Porky, Bugs, Daffy &I think Elmer's heads--later on A.A.P. also distributed Popeye cartoons (during his white uniform/Paramount period).

Come on, Copephiles--why are there no answers yet to the Cope-kwiz?


Penalty questions:


Keep smiling--

lurve on y'awl

Quizmaster Rob

Patrick Wed Apr 8 11:30:57 EDT 1998

Who opened up for the Teardrops in NY in May '81?

U2 ?

Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Wed Apr 8 12:34:23 EDT 1998


Half right--so far! But I didn't want to be too obvious! There's yet another band that was on the bill... Come on people! Let's hear ya!

Obscurity is the staff of Copephilia!

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Thu Apr 9 10:23:12 EDT 1998


Check last months posts for the Rafferty info..


Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Thu Apr 9 15:39:44 EDT 1998


I'll be more than happy to send you fresh/high quality tapes of all Kilimanjaro/Wilder tracks from CD source--are there any other tunes you'd like? My stereo (I'm proud to say) sounds incredibly great when taping vinyl so B-sides are not a problem, nor is taping "Suffocate" and "Reward" off my American copy of Kilimanjaro.

Any one else out there need stuff?

Any one out there remember a Stiff Records band from 1980/81 called DIRTY LOOKS from my home of Staten Island, New York? Anyone know of their second album, "Turn It Up"? My ex-bass player doesn't want to part with his copy (that miserable t**t--what a plank). Help! Before I have to kill him...

Blessings upon y'awl--

happy holidays to those who will be celebrating...

lurve, the Quizmaster


Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Thu Apr 9 17:14:46 EDT 1998

By the way--I was NOT referring to that dreadful metal band--I meant the ORIGINAL Dirty Looks...

Topper Fri Apr 10 01:23:39 EDT 1998


Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Fri Apr 10 11:53:53 EDT 1998


Thank you for being the only one who showed any moxie!

Here are the correct answers as a Passover/Easter gift for all of you (and that is NOT meant to offend anyone I may have forgotten):

1.  Yes, Dorian said "this is..."
2.  Gary's nicknames are:
  1. Buff Manila
  2. Rocky
  3. Jimmy Luxembourg
  4. Phillip Brittle
  5. Ringo Starr
  and last but not least, my favorite--Rooster Booster
3.  Julian also did "Trampolene" on Arsenio
4.  The first band on the bill at The Palladium was Philadelphia's long forgotten The A's!
5.  Smurf = DAVID BALFE
6.  Paul Simpson
    David Balfe
    Gerard Quinn
    Jeff Hammer

Blessings upon y'awl--

much lurve


Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Fri Apr 10 16:21:02 EDT 1998

Does anyone have videotape of JC on Arsenio? Andrew Johnstone? Is this on any of your compilation tapes? Did anyone actually ever watch Arsenio?

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Apr 13 12:35:25 EDT 1998

Sorry Jennifer, I don't have any Cope stuff from State-side, except the MTV New York Ritz concert from '87. The stuff I have is almost all from the UK, plus a couple of things from France and Germany. I'm pretty sure there must be copies of Cope appearances in the States. There are some of interviews an appearances he has done on Canada's Much Music TV station as I know he went into the studio there in Toronto in 1991 and played a few songs and did an interview, but I have never seen it. Sorry!

Reynard ufocope@aol.com Tue Apr 14 03:00:25 EDT 1998

How can you not love this guy...Even my wondercat Meowzilpuss just plain stops everything she is doing...... just to get a good listen..... I wish he would come here to San Francisco but rumours have it that he doesnt want to play on a shaky fault line.... anyway.... sure wouldhave dug seeing him on this latest tour..... here is someone who is pumping out one great disc after another... and always with that genuine loveable spacealien inducing charm... yes... beam me on up 45 degrees.... if st. julian is flying.. i'm sure it would be an enchanting ride.... keep your eyes on the multicolored skies..... and do try a new salad dressing.... lovevol..... reynard

Reynard De tox ufocope@aol.com Wed Apr 15 03:44:47 EDT 1998

greetings once again my fellow copeheads......i sit here on a cold san francisco night.....my back blown out but at least on some vicodan and a couple of bonghits...... ..... skellington on in the background... my cat crashed and melting by the radiator... and i shouldn't be sitting like this..... but perhaps i'm agravating the situation so i can milk a few extra days off of work.....well..... angels fly because they take themselves lightly.... sadly "fish" a wonderful kitty from san francisco has passed on...... this one is for his parents..... tootles...... reynard

HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk http://www.aztechweb.demon.co.uk Wed Apr 15 14:53:00 EDT 1998

My site is back up again if anyone wants to take a ganders! Megalithomania will be up and running in the next couple of weeks as well which will be well worth a look!

Andrew and Trav can you update your links please!

Andrew can you send me your address again i managed to lose it and i have the video &cd ready to send now!

that all folks!


Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Fri Apr 17 12:28:27 EDT 1998

Hey all,

Wanted to chime in about all the Cope songs I've been attempting to bang out on my guitar of late. Now, I'm far from good, even far from just plain decent, but it's still a good deal of fun. Wondering if others out there have worked out chords to Julian songs? The one's I've been messing with of late include "Robert Mitchum", "Madmax", "Autogeddon Blues", "Las Vegas Basement" (a near-perfect song), and "Senile Get". If anyone's got tabs lying around, I'd love to see 'em.

A special early thanks to Hex for the Cope and Hitchcock singles...

On another note: the big East Coast Fegfest (a Robyn Hitchcock mailing list party) is taking place Memorial Day up in Pennsylvania. We're all swapping mix tapes of different artists. Here's my chance to turn on a field-full of people to the Arch-drude! But then again, my live acoustic renditions of his songs may have the opposite effect :)

Climbing aboard the Mothership...


Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Fri Apr 17 15:33:44 EDT 1998

Greetings Awl...

Actually, I've figured out a few Cope/Teardrops songs on the ax--too bad I can't actually write music out. I've recorded "Books" in full and have a half finished version of "Bandy's First Jump" which I hope to complete after picking my 4 track up from the repair lab tonight. I've also figured out "Passionate Friend", "Greatness &Perfection" and the bass lines to "Treason", "Reward" and "When I Dream". Any of you lot in the New York area for some jams?

Hope everyone is doing well.

Lurve on ye--


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sat Apr 18 04:18:18 EDT 1998

A hearty get well to the earthbound boy Reynard (in body not in mind) and to the fab trio..Russ,Mike,and Andrew....

Thank you Trav for letting this all come down...

Peace and crunchy snacks to all,


dig the sky..it watches us all....

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Sat Apr 18 10:20:48 EDT 1998


Reward is E and G with a chorus of C and D. Even the greatest songs have simple hearts. Encouragement to 8 chord guitar players like me around the world (and to tell the truth I have trouble with B).

Spaceship studios is due to be rebuilt in th loft at the end of May so I can start recording again after an effective two year hiatus caused by varios stuff.

Er...Look Out,


(Anonymous) Sun Apr 19 23:40:39 EDT 1998

What a wonderful combination Reynard, Cope and bonghits! You're OK. Still hoping St Julian might tour the East coast this year. Sent my Cope covers to Trav last week (about 55 minutes worth). Hope he digs them. I'm thinking about attempting "Try, Try, Try", "Arthur Drugstore" and "Battle For The Trees" soon.

Mainly I've been a post-Peggy Suicide fan and I would try and again to listen to the earlier works but could'nt handle it. Just recently, though, I've been really getting into the BBC Floored Genius. I guess it just took some time getting used to, but I'm there now. Besides the BBC CD all I've ever heard was My Nation Underground. A friend has recomended St Julian to me, but record stores around here surely would not stock an item such as a Cope CD. I don't think I've ever heard any Teardrops stuff before. In the past 3 years it seems that the only music I'll listen to is Julian Cope. I'm rarely interested in any other artists. Is that so terrible?



Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Mon Apr 20 07:12:24 EDT 1998


You must listen to WSYM&Fried...again....the genesis of the genius...

TE is essential to boot...55 minutes of Cope covers????..WOW!!....what did you cover???...got to get my ass to the edge and do some to...this Trav tape is coming along.....I'm not schooled musically..so I think I'll go for the odder pieces....High Class Butcher to start.....



Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Mon Apr 20 11:33:48 EDT 1998


The tape with my definitive contribution of "Books" is on route to you as we speak!

I had to do six mixes from three different recorded versions--I would say take either version 5 or 6--5 is in real time and 6 is a bit faster, so you choose. I wasn't particularly happy with the first four because there were drops in the tape.

Anyway, let me know what you think.



Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Apr 20 19:10:50 EDT 1998


My email is going nuts again today, so I will send you my address as soon as I am able to send mail again!


I can't wait to hear the tape of everyone doing Cope covers, when is the tape coming out?

Also, all the listings below Steven's below are now coming through as a bold italic type. It seems everything posted today is normal and anything before that is bold italic. It is quite hard to read, is this just me or has something happened to Rail On?


topper Tue Apr 21 00:03:20 EDT 1998


Thanks for the compliment. Haven't had 'moxie' in some time.

The "A's" that opened in N.Y., are they the same ones with the song "Whose gonna save the world?" I remember that video being on a old cable show called "Night Trax".

Or is my memory betraying me?


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Apr 21 08:06:51 EDT 1998

Hi Andrew,

just wanted to let you know that the tapes are fantastic and a constant source of inspiration....




robin fried Tue Apr 21 10:13:20 EDT 1998

ok.. after all this talk of cope/terdrop covers I was wondering if any of you perform your own material. I know Mark does but I have yet to hear his contribution to the Head Heritage sampler. I'm in a band called the universal panzies - a kind of dinger-mad blend of krautrock-dub-ska-punk-bla-bla. Just though it would be cool if we could maybe hook-up with other bands and maybe organise various gigs in various places. I would give my e-mail address but it doesn't seem to work at the mo. I'm living in glasgow right now but our band is based in newcaslte where we record, play and organise various things. Is it cool to give out addresses on this thing? If people are interested in panzies stuff then express your interest on this here site and I'll try to find a suitable correspondance address.

wishing you well.

robin, glasgow

Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Tue Apr 21 11:09:58 EDT 1998

Greetings awl:

Topper--Yes! It is the same A's (the horrible band who did "A Woman's Got The Power")--and I, too, remember "Night Tracks". How about "Rockworld"? Remember that show?

Andrew--I still owe you a tape and I haven't forgotten.

Robin--Yes! I've already been in two bands: The Punch Line (1983 - 1992) and Smile (1993--and thank God it was brief). I have about 50 songs written and recorded with a healthy handful of covers since going solo in '94. I do all my recording in my living room on a Tascam Porta07 (or Potty07 since it's constantly breaking down. I'm in New York (born &raised) and spend most of my free time trying to write new material. If you took Cope, Weller, The O'Neill Bros., Cole and McCartney and made pancake batter, you've got my style--it's pretty strange ultra-poppy stuff. When in Smile, we wrote for a joke a thing called "Robyn Hitchcock's Clothes" and recorded it--I hate jokey-type songs and bands, but this one I kept 'cos I sang like Syd Barrett. The Punch Line had a great song which was a hybrid of "Sounds Great When You're Dead" and "A Bomb In Wardour Street" called "Does Your Mother Know You're Catholic?", which was my first Hitchcockian foray. The Punch Line had a great single out in '87 called "The Wild Flowers"--psychedelic stupidity written for my (now ex-) fiancee and we appeared on the shitty R.E.M. tribute album "Surprise Your Pig"--we did "Bandwagon" and it sucked logs! (I mean both the album and our version!). I have tapes for anyone who cares to listen. Band o'planks! With the exception of the bass player, the other two guys in Smile were bigger c**ts than Balfey, Alfie or Mac...

Anyway, seeing as this Cope tribute is picking up impetus, I will return to my 4 track this weekend and do up "Bandy's First Jump" and a sweet arrangement of "Greatness &Perfection" although for good measure I might do an ultra-drude and throw in "Sunspots".

Lurve on y'awl,


Rob RobRoss@wmg.com Wed Apr 22 17:17:05 EDT 1998

Greetings awl...

Thought I'd just share this with you (and I'm not kidding). Last night I was awakened at 12:45 a.m. by the police ringing my apartment door bell to tell me that someone had torched my car and that it had been completely obliterated. When I went outside with them, all I could think of was the Autogeddon story...it helped stave off the possibility of me freaking out over this, wondering why and what purpose did it serve; you know, who'd want to do this--I haven't got any enemies as far as I know. The only good thing is that the car was 10 years old and in deteriorating condition (with taped up windows in the back); no one was hurt; there was nothing of value in the car and no one else's property was damaged--it didn't explode, thankfully.

Funny old world, innit?

Lurve on ye--


scott skellngtn@aol.com Wed Apr 22 19:12:30 EDT 1998

Heads Up! as i'm a bit skeptical still bout ordering over this net thing, imagine my luck when i ran across Rite2 in my local, favorite import shop(here in the u.s). i know the owner's a cope fan, but has anyone else seen it in shops round them?

Paul B pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/ss.html Wed Apr 22 21:35:58 EDT 1998

Just to let everyone know: The Screaming Secrets site has recently been updated. I've now included a complete zineography to every issue of Screaming Secrets, plus there's a write-up on the 1996 Liverpool Explodes event.

By the way, Echo &The Bunnymen ruled during their live shows this year ably supported by Paul Simpson's Skyray. Simmo's recent album is shaping up to be my favourite of the year!

Keep on Coping.....

topper Thu Apr 23 00:28:18 EDT 1998


Newbury Comics in Boston has RITE 2. They also have the W.S.Y.M. & FRIED reissues with the 3 bonus tracks each.


Sorry 'bout the car.

ha ha

Don't fall, don't die, don't end.

Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Thu Apr 23 08:46:29 EDT 1998


Talking of Screaming Secrets

Has anyone got spare copies of issue 1-3 I had mine stolen a couple of years ago with a load of live tapes video's and photo's as well as fan club stuff from both TX and cope.If not spare copies photo copies will do



Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Fri Apr 24 02:16:17 EDT 1998


Thanx for the Newbury Comix info...lived in B-Town for years...and my mates are all still there...search party time...extra trax on Fried and WSYM?...what pray tell????

Curiouser and Curiouser,


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Apr 24 08:44:09 EDT 1998


I've found a copy of the w.s.y.m. tour postergramme if anyone wants it e-mail me it will cost the grand total of £7 inc postage

If anyone wants a copy of the MNU tour book i have copy's at the same price


Oh I just found out I'm going to be a dad as well so all I need to make my year is the modern anti and a new Cope Lp to be released

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Apr 24 11:44:19 EDT 1998


I've just found a site with loads of COPE stuff and TEARDROP stuff for sale it's ESPIRIT INTERNATIONAL @


In the indie section on the first screen just click on julian cope for a list

I must say my world wide collection is quite complete but even i found something i needed


Santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Fri Apr 24 13:21:30 EDT 1998

Hi all,

This is Santiago Mozas from Spain. I've been reading all your messages since a year ago, when John Loughney gave me your address. I never sent a message because my english is little bit poor and can be a little bit difficult following all your discussions with the same level as you are all english speakers. But i'll try to do it every now and then.

First of all, I'm working in a cover of "Paranormal in the W. Country" for the tape. Have any of you already done it?



Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Fri Apr 24 13:57:00 EDT 1998



I'll check out that addy...so happy for you...my best friend and his wife are due to bring a new life to this world in a few weeks....The pure joy of children...

Take care of all of you,


Rail On #09

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