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Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Feb 15 16:08:40 EST 1998

[This post contained the Early 1998 Survey Results, which I have moved to the survey pages -- Trav]

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Feb 15 22:53:19 EST 1998

Okay, done! It's weird to see the posting box at the top, but let's give it a try and see what people think in the long run...


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Feb 16 07:46:40 EST 1998


It does look wierd but it will save all that scrolling when the page gets big. Good to see Mik Mak Mok flying high (another tune demoed on the Casiotone MT-40 and the only one I know that used the 'swing' setting). Loads of the other least fave tracks were ones I love but each their own. Sorry I didn't have time to fill in survey myself, I've been a busy bunny with school (uni) work.

Spaceship Mark

Hungry for lunch

Willie Oertel, III ErtlW1@aol.com Mon Feb 16 10:18:17 EST 1998

Hey folks! Great to finally find other Cope fans. It was getting pretty lonely here in central Virginia. I've been a Cope fan for about 3 years. I enjoy the stuff from "Peggy" up until present."Interpreter" is fantastic! Can't get enough of it. It may seem strange, but I'm a huge Beatle fan as well as old Grand Funk, Rush, Kansas, Led Zep, Violent Femmes, Ween, and so on. I'm 37 yrs. old.

It seems most follks on this site knock Christianity. It seems that most of them are not well read concerning the Bible, or were brought up Catholic (which is Paganism mixed with worshiping a female-human-mother-of-god). If one is to sit down open mindedly reading the Bible the truth will be revealed to them. That book addresses the early religions very well. Most of the beliefs I've read in this site (as well as Julian's) worsip the creation instead of the Creator. I'm not saying that people should disregard nature (I'm a very natural fellow), but God should be praised for his creation. Nature explodes with the revelation of the beauty and grace of God. Christianity didn't destroy the American Indians, ancient ritual sites, the rain forests, and so on. The sinful nature of man did! I don't want this to come off as I think that I'm a superchristian or something. Just voicing my opinion.

Well, enough of that for now.

I'm into song writting/recording. I've also recorded some covers of Julian Cope's tunes. He is a genius! Wished I had the gifts and pasion he has displayed. Good to know there is a Cope fan as close to me as Charlottesville, VA. I reside in Farmille! Hope to hook up with you brother (and you others)! Will get back to y'all!


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Feb 16 13:27:31 EST 1998

Here we go again! OK, so what I see is the major drawback of most religions is the separation between god and yourself. Christians worship god as an entity (given the image of a man!) that is removed from oneself. I don't advocate the worship of nature, what I do advocate in a very low key way, is the recognition of the god in everything. Everything in the universe came from the same source. We are all made up from the same material that was created when time began, therefore I am no different to the sun, sky, trees, earth etc. If I choose to worship the mother earth then I must recognise that I am choosing to worship myself. This isn't ego, I'm not saying I am god, what I am saying is that the universal energy runs through us all, there is no separation, except in our ego heads. What I don't like about mainstream religions is the separation of man from his god, saying that god is perfect, you'll never be as good and you will be punished for eternity. Any religion that creates a fear in any form is not in my mind the truth. The universe knows nothing but love. Fear is created control and protect and that surely isn't right.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Mon Feb 16 16:11:41 EST 1998

Right on Andrew,

Seems to me that by needing this personification 'God' as good and 'Satan' as evil is like needing someone to blame. The goddess is both good and evil, it's not a Judgement thing. We all know that most of the worlds organised religions are merely evolution of earlier 'folk' beliefs, imposed by what was basically the tax-collecting, ruling priesthood/monarchy. As soon as you start to put yourself under these belief systems you're sacrificing your free will to something made up and that doesn't make sense.

I lead my life by a doctrine that I believe the Magician Jesus Christ advocated, that of Loving thy neighbour. I'm a vegetarian, I have not purposely killed anything for years (including wasps, which believe me is a challenge). I see know need to place myself under a patriachal diety. the whole Goddess kick is just that the world HAS to be female.

The family line was always passed down through the female. the female gives birth, the female is the creator.

Anyway, I don't think Rail On is the place to discuss this (he says somewhat hypocritically) So everyone put thier piece in of they want but lets not start any protracted arguements when the only conclusion is that we will have to beg to differ.

After all one of the greatest failings of orgainised religion is it's desire to impose itself on those who don't want it.

End of rant. You will here no more from me on this topic on Rail On.

The e-mail address is at the top of this post



Ron drude@mounet.com Mon Feb 16 20:42:15 EST 1998

Amen, brother Andrew. Nice survey Trav, but where's all the tour reports? Is the pilgrimage/tour (spell checker please!) over?

not drowning, but raving....

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 17 00:01:58 EST 1998

Hmm, religion... I've chosen the "easy" way out: determinism, where people are just automata, and the "laws of nature" are all there is to the universe, to life, to consciousness, to everything. Some say that's pretty bleak. I think it's shallow and obvious, a no-brainer faith, low impact, suits me just fine! :)

Time to shower!


HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net http://freespace.virgin.net/bantha.poo Tue Feb 17 04:32:06 EST 1998

I think the thing with any belief system is that it's a personal thing, everybody finds their own spirituality in their own way (or at least should do....) This is the main problem with organised religion (and particularly the various incarnations of christianity)people are encouraged to become part of a "movement" where eventually the movement/organisation becomes the deity and the real reasons behind peoples faith are conveniently forgotten about. Prime examples of this are the catholic church and englands anglican church where doctrine and loyalty to the "Church" (rather than "GOD") becomes more important. Also organised religion is very restrictive and people are not encouraged to learn about other ideas/philosophies which are often seen to be evil or occult by those good old elders of the movement, "we can't let them read that they'll realise that it's all a con......"

The thing that really pisses me off (and a lot of other people as well) is the way that the christians ripped of pagan (i do hate that word as well......not nice) britains traditions and bastardised them to their own needs. Building churches on ancient pagan sites and incorporating the local pagan rituals into their own doctrine, all to attract the locals into their "movement" and eventually to brainwash them. The fact is that most christians don't realise that most of the festivals that they celebrate are pagan festivals celebrated by goddess loving souls many centuries before christianity appeared on the scene, christmas (the winter festival) being a prime example!

A really cool and quite funny thing about this is that because the churches were built by the pagans, pagan symbolism was sneakilly incorporated (without the churches knowledge) into the carvings and stonework of the building, the "green man" or "jack of the green" being a particular favourite!

Having said all this i don't think at the present time that i'm alligned with any particular belief system myself, i'm still in a process of learning (and probably always will be).

My main hang up at the moment is ....where do the UFO's come into the thing? How can we worship something that is in all probability from another planet? Julian seems to have got this straight but for me it's a complete headfuck!

Anyway that's my lot.....i'll leave you with a quote from Voltaire:

"Organised religion is a series of inhibitions which prevent a man from making full use of his intelligence..."

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 17 11:15:41 EST 1998

Jason (DRUIDON@aol.com) wrote:

Do you know any sites with ant guitar tab for any of Copes work? Apart from the Soul Desert pages, my search has been fruitless. Appreciate your help.

Try the Culture Bunker Archives. I know we had some tab in there.

Patrick might have extracted it for his site.


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Tue Feb 17 15:25:45 EST 1998

UFOs are a wierd thing. I seems to me that the whole 'Alien' thing is a product of 1950s USA. The space race, the cold war and the science fiction explosion meant that anything unexplained was suddenly a UFO. I believe in extra-terrestrial life, one would be stupid not to. I'm just not sure if it's been here.

Prior to the 1950s what we now call alien craft were earth-lights, willow-the-wisps (not Kenneth Williams), ghosts etc. UFOs could just be the latest fashion. Or maybe it's always been them?

The problem is people like that chap Erik Von Thingy who wrote Chariot of the Gods. The book itself reads OK till you read the critisisms of how he totally bent his data to fit his argument.

Paul Deveraux's 'Earth Lights' and 'Earth Lights Revelation' are probably a good place to start. These things have been acused as much as UFOs for crop circles etc.

One has to remain open minded and not close your mind before you've heard all the arguements, which so many fanatics seem to do.

As for Julian, I don't think he really takes UFOs that seriously, they just look cool. I've never heard him talk 'seriously' about them.

Anyway, make your own minds up folks, while they're still yours to make up (or something)


Spaceship Mark.

P.S. the spaceship in Spaceship Mark is the one I'm metaphorically traversing the cosmos in with my art (or something) Er...Look Out!

Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Tue Feb 17 17:10:59 EST 1998

My 2p worth:

The word religion, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong...<G>), come from an Old French source meaning an obligation, or bond between man and the gods (or godesses I assume). It's first recorded use in English came in the 12c in the context of having a 'state of life' bound by vows and a rule (applied to monks I think).

I certainly think we have obligations - not least to ourselves. There is nothing wrong with religion per se, it's just the way 'we' have applied it. As a people we tend to make a mess of most things we touch. As humans we should be working towards a more harmonious way of living, again not simply with each other and the planet, but also with(in) ourselves.

Christianity is f***ed up because (IMHO) as an *organisation* it stopped being about religion a (very) long time ago, and started to be about politics and power. That is not to say that there are not good and spiritually powerful people who have found their god on a personal level within the Xtian framework - there are and I've met some. As Hex said, people can find their own spirituality in their own way, the problems arise when that way clashes with another.

I'd love to be able to round of this post with something profound - but, like Hex, I'm still looking and learning. I've found things that makes sense to me - but probably wouldn't come across too well in a message like this - assuming anyone would be remotely interested that is!

To try to drag this post back on topic, one of the reasons I like Julian so much is his passion and his own personal spirituality shines through most of what he does. Even in his more diverse outlets such as Krautrocksampler - which is very spiritual in places. &I'm positively bursting to read The Modern Antiquarian...

BTW, Mark. I think that more Goddess-related posts would be *very* cool - and if this means having to discuss other belief systems as well then so be it. Maybe the ArchDrude himself could be persuaded to start a discussion off....?

(Sort of) With reference to this, Hex and myself were thinking of a road trip in the near future so he can pick some stuff up from Devon. On the way (there and back) we would like to use the time to visit some stones etc. Would anyone like to recommend any to us? Any and all information (how to get there, best time of the day to visit, any stories about the site) would be sincerely appreciated. If you feel that you don't want to clog up Rail On with this info, please email me.

Well, it seems to have been a long post. Thanks for your patience <G>


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 17 20:38:09 EST 1998

The religious discussion is interesting and definitely pertinant since Cope sings about it so much. I personally don't feel strongly about what other people believe, or even all that strongly about what they think about my own beliefs. However, some people feel strongly about criticising/defending various religions, so basically I'm saying that if we are religiously "interested", we should try extra hard not to offend or be offended by other people's comments. Remember that email sucks at conveying conviction.

By the way, is anyone else a pure determinist?


HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Wed Feb 18 05:04:25 EST 1998

On the UFO thing:

I think a large percentage of recent UFO sightings ie from 1947 onwards are the product of military research it seems suspect to me that we know that during WW2 the germans (or more particularly the more Occult members of the third reich) were researching new flying machines using the traditional "flying saucer shape". It seems to me that after the war it would be logical for the various superpowers to use the scientists involved in those projects to develop their own "flying saucer" type ships.... This would certainly explain the hysteria about UFOs in the 50's because test flights (and accidents) would be regular (i guess) at the time. Throughout time there have been sightings of unidentified flying objects ussually the result of mass media attention at the time. prime examples of this are: the present (with the X-Files and other such programmes) and also the many cases of "Phantom Airships" sighted during the latter half of the C19th in america. Huge media attention "creates" ufo sightings because "untrained" people tend to jump to the conclusion that any strange light in the sky is a ufo.

That said i think a good percentage of UFO sightings are interesting because they can't be explained.......whether that is because they are topsecret military aircraft i don't know!

What particulary interests me is the ancient sightings from Aztec and Mayan times and the strange bits in the bible which seem to describe ufo sightings. I too think that Von Daniken's writing is flawed and he was at the time thought of as a fraud because he had no historical background (he was a hotel owner), but the fact is that his books do make you think about things because (like Julian) he had a real passion about what he was doing (it's just a shame he was a bit gullible!). Most of the research done by archeologists (who, let's face it were winging it and hypothesising about the real meanings of sites anyway!)into ancient sites was done in the C19th before the modern developments (like spaceflight and aircraft) what if we look at these sites with the benefit of modern knowledge (that the original archeologists did not have)could we then not see the space craft that Daniknen saw as well? It's worth thinking about at least.....

I think also that it will be interesting when Julian releases his book because, like Von Daniken, will he be seen by the "traditional School" of archeologists as a fraud because of his "unhistorical" background?


HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Wed Feb 18 05:09:40 EST 1998

Forgot to mention that there is a really good book on crop circles/earth lights by Colin Wilson (i think) which covers pretty much everything on the subject in a balanced way (including the famous KLF crop circles fake!) well worth a read! I'll look up the title and post it later....

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Wed Feb 18 07:39:33 EST 1998

I don't think the archaeologists will be able to ignore Julians book. I've seen a mock-up of the entry on Howden/Blakey Topping and it looks scholarly as fuck. The archeaologists are (finally) coming round to taking an interest in wahet the 'earth mysteries' folks have been at for years. I hooked up with some arch. students from Nottingham last summer (cos they let me come on there full access trip to Stonehenge) and they were mad for all the symbolic landscape stuff and site inter-connection (one lecturer even mentioned ley-lines!) that they were ignoring a few years ago. Even Time Team's Mick Aston has written a book on it.

Thinking is evolving, Aubrey Burl is a consultant editor on the Ley Hunter (Aubrey Burl!!!). Julian has tried extremey hard so that the fact he is a relative neophyte will not predudice the 'establishment' against what will be a book to be reckoned with.

Spaceship Mark

P.S. I just got Rite2 and QE2, the poems on the inside of Rite 2 are a hint to what Julian's working on for the next thing.

Willie ertlw1@farmvilleez.net Wed Feb 18 10:30:19 EST 1998

Well, I'm sorry I blew up! As I stated earlier, there are very few who have read the word of God. Most just look around at people who call themselves Christians then judge Christianity by human actions or words passed down by other humans. Humans are imperfect! The word of God is perfect. Faith can actually be seriously harmful. Some varieties of faith actually lead away from the true God---substituting superstition, falsehood, or faith itself in place of truth. Such faith inevitably leads to spitual disaster. It is reckless faith.

Reckless faith goes to two extremes. At one end of the spectrum it looks within--- relying on feelings, inner voices, fantasy, or subjective sensations. At the other extreme it fixes its hope on some external human authority---the teachings of a supreme leader, religious tradition, magisterial dogma, or some other arbitrary canon.

An obvious non-Christian example of the first extreme is New-Age mysticism. An obvious non-Christian example of the secound is Islam. But even among groups that profess Christianity, both varieties of reckless faith are clearly in evidence. The charismatic movement, for example, tends toward the first extreme; Roman Catholicism epitomizes the secound.

Note that at both poles reckless faith seeks spiritual truth apart from Scripture---and that is the very point at which it becomes reckless. Both kinds of reckless faith also have this in common: they are irrational and anti-intellectual. "Anti-intellectual" doesn't mean they oppose intellectual snobbery. It means they spurn the intellect and encourage blind, uncritical trust. Anti-intellectuals often set faith against reason, as if the two were opposites. That kind of faith is gullibility. It is foolishness, and not biblical faith. Biblical faith is never irrational.

God has never stiffled Knowledge. Check out king Solomon. The bible has a wealth of knowledge. You would find this out if you would just read it and quit listening to other's opinions.

And SPACESHIP MARK, this is a prime spot to discuss topics like this. Just as Julian Cope CD's seem to be the place for him to discuss his beliefs!


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Feb 18 12:42:58 EST 1998

I was just reading through the last few posts and I guess what comes to my mind is the fact that we tend only to focus on the bad aspects of modern religions. As stated here, there are many good aspects to it that causes people to do many wonderful and great things for each other, just look at the never ending care work given by the Salvation Army, but we only tend to hear about the bad, and for that I blame the modern media.

My experience is that on the whole the world is filled with wonderful, open, caring people, no matter what religion they are. I personally do not know anybody "evil". In many ways I think religion is a necessity as people need something to direct them.

I was watching Julian on the Channel 4 Star Test interview from 1989 the other day and he said in it that he thought the human race was actually doing pretty well considering we were put here with out any rules or guidance, and I have to agree. Basically we don't know what we are doing on this earth or how we got here and in my mind I also think we are doing pretty well. The media tends to focus on how bad things are getting etc, but my experience is that almost everyone I have ever met is a "good" person.

Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Wed Feb 18 15:16:24 EST 1998


My spiritual background is Christian. I *have* read the Bible. I *do not* believe that the modern church(es) still hold true to the fundamental spirituality that we as humans need and in many cases can not provide it in their present form.

The most active and powerul part of the Christian church that I personally experienced were at the interdenominational gatherings in the UK, for example the Greenbelt Festival (we are going back over 10 years now, so forgive me if anyone has a more recent experience, and the now is different from then...). This was an incredibly free way of expressing ones spiritual side. It also had a stong secular aspect, but most people had no problem with this. Rather it made the Christian side more real/relevant.

The reason, I believe, that these festivals worked was because they are much closer to the *original* church meetings. No preconceptions, so ritual/rules, no bullshit (OK, less bullshit) - just people who want to be around other people and to share, express and learn about their own spirituality. They didn't always work, but when they did :-D

This is what is happening now in other spiritual arenas. People are gathering together from aneed to learn and to experience something deep(er). This is why I believe that it is important for us as humans to have access to old places such as stone circles, mouds etc. These places are a focus for us to gather, join together and explore our spirituality. This in itself is importnat, never mind the energies that may be present at such sites.

You are probably right, God does not stifle knowledge. Any true god or goddess would have absolutely nothing to fear from humans gaining knowledge - and indeed would welcome it if that knowledge led to a deeper understanding and connection.

The argument was, I believe, that the church does stifle knowledge - and even replaces extant knowledge with a bastardised version of it to fit it into their framework.

I could go on, but I feel that the discussion seems to have no particualar focus, save to generally dis the 'organised' church. As I seem to be the main contributor and even Willie has problems with certain churches, I'll not take up any more space. [GRIN]

Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Wed Feb 18 15:40:43 EST 1998


Resisting the urge to wax lyrical on UFOs &the ETH being a new religion [VBG]...

Has anyone else noticed the huge increase in the level of UFO/Paranormal content in the media over the last 1-2 years?

A couple of years ago I contributed to an Fido newsgroup called Beyond. One guy there claimed that this was going to happen (and he did post the message a good few months before I noticed it happening in the UK), because we were going to be 'softened up' for an announcement by the powers that be that they have been in contact with aliens for many years...by the time they are ready to announce, the populace would at least be familiar with the concept of UFOs &aliens and it wouldn't be so hard to accept.

Spontaneous Search-Party cafe@coffee.co.nz Wed Feb 18 19:46:22 EST 1998

Good to see what kind of weed I'm growing up to be?.

Ron drude@mounet.com Wed Feb 18 22:09:25 EST 1998

Haven spoken to many of the elders, there was an incredible amount of 'atomic' testing in the White Sands in the Mid 40's. Many believe the infamous 'crash' was curiousity of our heavenly brothers (I like to believe a couple of very stoned bros). By the way, the crash site was Corona, NM.....not Roswell.

Religion, here again is my simplistic Native American heritage talking but, my people had belief systems based on the goddess mother earth. Spirits explained the inexplicable. etc. ad nausum. Current organized religions seem to like to color of money, not the inexplicicable nor spiritual awareness. nota bummer....3 major religions, each seem convinced that the others are going to hell. Who's right, who's wrong, who's behind the grassy knoll? The US Govenment has/is UFO's? The Prez can't even get a little head in the White House, do you really believe we could keep a secret like that from Geraldo?

don't touch that dial...Gulf War II highlights at 11.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Thu Feb 19 09:16:35 EST 1998

Ok, if this is the place. Willy my friend, you seem to have this view that Christianity and God are good, but you do seem to agree that the church is a little fucked up. The way I see it the Bible wasn't written as a guide to life, rather as a collection of philosphies. Much of it's content must be like a modern, good, film i.e. it's pure fiction but it has a message (this is a crap analogy but the best I could come up with, sorry). In this respect some of the Bible is good. But... it isn't the 'word of God' it was written by elders to teach. Many of the stories, especiall I suspect in the old testament, are complicated versions of very simple myths. In his book 'The White Goddess' Robert Graves shows how many of indo-europes central beliefs all come from the same Ur-myths. The Bible has got some real bad, mysoginist, horrible stuff in it to though.

All these writings form the worlds faiths are advice, nothing more. All the 'thou shall nots' etc. were added to oppress.

But I repeat, if there is some kind of devine spirit how can it be male? Men are crap, ruled by our hormones. Another throwaway thing was on that TV show 'Sliders' they went to a world ruled by women, there was no war, the country ran like clockwork etc. One character said 'It makes sense, women cycle once a month, men cycle every eight seconds' or something like that.

On aliens and the build up to a revalation. Call me a cynic but I think a hell of a lot of it is jumping on the X-files bandwagon. c.f. The Outer Limits, Dark Skies etc.

HEX bantha.poo@virgin.net Thu Feb 19 10:51:53 EST 1998

I think the thing to remember about the bible is that over the years it became bastardised by whoever had control, generally the people who could read at the time.......remember it is only in the last 100 years or so that "commoners" have been taught to read....it was all about the church/establishment restricting power away from the masses (see gribbles comments about the Church + Politics = Power). The common incarnations of the bible in modern times stem from the "King James Version" .....think about that for a moment......a version censored/controlled by King James of England. How can we trust that teh bible is a true representation of the original christian faith? Even the original texts for the bible were written years (even hundreds of years) after the events happened..... it would be ridiculous to believe that these were exact accounts of what went on at the time .. but this is what many christians do.... it takes the term "Blind Faith" to an extreme. The good thing is that the more "unusual accounts" in the bible remain pretty untouched because lets face it Revelations is pretty hard to decipher anyway!

My feeling on the whole subject are this: the fact is that great spiritual things happened around the world at the same time as biblical events, whether this was in the east (Buddism etc) or in Europe (Paganism/Goddess Worship) or the Americas (Shamanism) the fact is these things were happening. Unfortunately the christian faith is the only one which heavily featured "evangelism" (and correct me if i'm wrong here) none of the others bothered to much about this aspect concentrating more on spirtual development. Because of this the christian "word" was spread throughout the world and other religions were subdued mainly through the power that the church wielded. As i said earlier it is only in the last 100 years or so that "the masses" have had the capacity to question the church and if you like "rebel" against it by discovering the old ways again. I think it is more than coincidence that this is happening now.....religions are supposed to exist in 2000 year cycles...... i'll stop now before i get on to 2012 etc 'cos otherwise I'll get started on that too ........!

My goodness that nearly sixpence i've had now!


TODD anlo_33@yahoo.com Thu Feb 19 18:36:49 EST 1998

hey people , i got my stuff from H.H. so theres hope after all things are all good again..!! how are the dates for J.C. in FEB. so far???

Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Fri Feb 20 04:48:00 EST 1998

Can I just say that I, for one, find the discussions here way cool. Even though we all seem to be coming from the same general direction, it is very... erm refreshing to read what you are all thinking out there. If find this completely in line with what Julian seem to do and encourage through his music/writing etc.

It is also very encouraging that, given the charged nature of the topic, things have not decended into the flamefest that other areas of the net would....Perhaps we should all order ourselves some virtual luminous POLITE waistcoats to wear while we are typing in the messages...[GRIN]

I agree with your views on Ur-myths,Mark. I would heartily recommend reading Fingerprints of the Gods. This ties in flood and messiah mythos to many different cultures. As well as scaring the pants off you about 2012....

Another thing that I'll throw into the pot....I was in Cambridge with my wife on Thursday &we thought we'd visit the Museum of Archeaology &Anthropology. I wanted to have a look at some aztec/mayan stuff first hand, &generally have a look at any 'old' art.

I read something quite cool (unfortunately I had to read it hurridly, 'cos the Museum was closing, so I've already forgotten the region it was from - doh!). There was a figure (from S. America) of an earth goddess, that has some symbolism of the virgin mary incorporated. The note with the figure went into a bit of detail and explained that though the goddess was old, all the figures tended to have this Christian symbolism incorporated. There were no pre-christian figures because the worshippers saw the goddess in the creation around them (my italics). They didn't need anything artificial to focus their worship, because the goddess was aleady apperant and very real to them.

I learned a little lesson there....


Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Fri Feb 20 16:43:42 EST 1998

Saw Julian play 14 &15 February at the Astoria in London. Two great shows. Like others have said before, there was a mix of chat and songs, and most of the songs seemed to be chosen by request. He played nothing from Interpreter. I am interested in finding tapes of these shows, can anyone help? The guy standing next to me on Sunday was taping, but would not give me his address because I was (gasp!) an American.

Here's hoping Julian will come back to the States sometime - last time was November 1995, I think - I will not be able to afford to travel to England each time he plays out there!


slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Fri Feb 20 22:36:08 EST 1998

Sorry to break off from the GOD thing but I've not popped in for a bit and had to express my delight at the survey (albeit tinged with inevitable cor blimeys at the least favourite tracks). Any chance of a JC quiz? No, that wouldn't work would it. Someone e-mailed me with a vaguely cope related messge the other day which may or may not be of interest, anyway, here he is trying to sound like JC but sounding more like Einar from the Sugarcubes...

Although I remember catching my head on a brick chip the rest is a blank now i'm here waking up with a tennis ball in my mouth and a crucifix in in my veins. As I stare vacantly through the skylight high atop my modest penthouse perch I ignore the pain and Ponder over the myriad diversities of existence, God, Time, Reality, nothing eludes my thought although it only got me wondering.

Do Ants go to Discos?

Spreadingg like wildfire the infectious mental disease course through the population kill ing anyone with an IQ above 10. The world entered a brave new age where PE Teachers ran the governments and Clitheroe was made galactic capital. See the homepage and touch the muslin.


God bless my shoes

Mr. Adam x

See what I mean?

slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Fri Feb 20 22:37:24 EST 1998

Oops, forgot to mention that the JC connection is hidden in the website, but don't bother, it's just a let down.

Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Sat Feb 21 03:20:55 EST 1998

O.K., Here I go again. The Bible is probably the most maligned book that has ever been written. It has been attacked as no other book has ever been attacked. Yet it has ministered and does minister to literally millions of people around the globe, and it has been this now for several thousand years. A book of this nature and with this tremendous impact upon the human family certainly deserves the intelligent consideration of men and women.

In many ways the Bible is a most unusual book. For instance, it has a dual authorship. In other words, God is the author of the Bible, and in another sense man is the author of the Bible. Actually, the Bible was written by about forty authors over a period of approximately fifteen hundred years. Some of these men never even heard of the others, and there was no collusion among the forty. Two or three of them could have gotten together, but the others could not have known each other. And yet they have presented a book that has the most marvelous continuity of any book that has ever been written. Also, it is without error. Each author expressed his own feelings in his own generation. Each had his limitations, and made his mistakes---poor old Moses made mistakes, but when he was writing the Pentateuch, somehow or other no mistakes got in there. You see, it is a human book and yet it is a God book.

It is a very human book, written by men from all walks of life, prince and pauper, the highly intellectual and the very simple. For example, Dr. Luke writes almost classical Greek in a period when the Koine Greek was popular. His Greek is marvelous! But Simon Peter, the fisherman, wrote some Greek also. His is not so good, but God the Holy Spirit used both of these men. He let them express exactly their thoughts, their feelings, and yet through that method the Spirit of God was able to overrule in such a way that God said exactly what he wanted to say. That's the wonder of the book, the Bible.

Archaeology has demonstrated the accuracy of the Bible. Many of the manuscripts that have been found do that also. It's quite interesting that when the Isaiah scrolls, the Dead Sea scrolls, were found, the liberal leaped at that because he thought he had found an argument that would discredit the Bible. However, the scrolls have not discredited the Bible, and it seems the liberal has lost a great deal of interest in them.

Fulfilled prophecy is the one proof that you can't escape. One-forth of the Scripture, when it was written, was prophetic. A great deal of that has already been fulfilled.

Yes, I've heard that one about King James re-wrote the Bible for his own needs. Well, for example, The New International Version is a completely new translation from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts. You have to understand that all Bibles do not derive from The King James Version. The King James Version is but one of many, many translations.

Now, as for Julian Cope, I sat down and learned to play "Try, Try, Try" and "Arthur Drugstore" tonight. Great tunes indeed. The man is alright! Can't get enough of "Interpreter."


Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk http://www.version.demon.co.uk SatFeb 21 06:55:35 EST 1998


I don't want to get into a discussion about the veracity of the Bible as Word of God. It is a complex book, but it must be taken in context.

I would recommend that you look into the aspect of Ur-myths, mentioned by Mark. Look into the flood stories of Egypt/Proto-Maya/Atlantis(yes, this is now starting to be verified as a physical place). These are stories that predate the biblical flood stories.

I accept that you would probably argue that these are other cultures 'reporting' on God's work, but from a purely objective viewpoint (a viewpoint that anybody should find almost impossible to take) no one cultures 'holy writings' are more true than anothers.

There is now strong scientific evidence of the flood and why it happened. It is becoming evident that it was the most recent of many great cataclysms to befall the planet. And the next is due. (Again there is a growing body of evidence over and above mythos to support this)

The point is that the Bible deals with spiritual development in one part of the world. There were other large and advanced cultures with beliefs that were not unlike much of the Bible 'stories'.

I'm glad you mentioned that Moses writings contain no mistakes. Moses was educated in Egypt, and some sholars believe that it was the Egyptian flood myth that was the base for his writings. Noah=Osiris.

I have no personal stance on this, Willie, and no particular axe to grind. It is my experience that one must look at things in a wider context. I am still looking, forming opinions and trying to live my life as best I can.

These posts do seem to be wandering off topic (ie Julian). I would say that, after you have had the last word of reply, Willie (should you want it), we put it to everyone else on the list - do we continue or not? I rather think it would be interesting to get Julian's view on this. Is there any chance of him getting a copy of the posts from the last few days &getting a comment? (Mark? You seem to be in contact now & again...?)



Alternity alternaut@hotmail.com Sat Feb 21 09:30:40 EST 1998

One more note on the Spaceshp/UFO phenomenom. I think it is wonderful that Jullian has a few references to them in some of his songs.I am not going to get into my veiws about exterrestial ships or lifeforms but it is another trippy thing to think about on a cold wet fall afternoon or starry midsummer night...

~night your old pal , altern

GrRibbles graham@version.demon.co.uk http://www.version.demon.co.uk/ SatFeb 21 18:28:49 EST 1998

Just a quickie to let y'all know that I've put up a few articles culled from the last few years about JC.

It is in no way an exhaustive list (and will never be), but there's a couple of interesting bits in there!

Take a look &let me know what you think....


Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Sun Feb 22 20:04:11 EST 1998

Hey You all, I'll stop the ongoing God/Church/Bible debate if ya want. I'll wait 2 days to see you guys opinions. If you want me to blab on about it, then I'll address Gribbles, Hex, and Spaceship Mark's recent posts. Please post opinions on me contiuing those talks. I don't want to alienate you fellow Cope fans at all. I apologize if I've upset anyone or used this site in the wrong way. And Trav, I'll do some new mixes of my Cope cover tunes and get them to you as soon as I scrounge up all of the masters. Hope you'll be able to wait. Thanks all of you guyz and galz for being patient with my posts. I'll be back later tonight to talk about Cope, music, and only that. Later!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Feb 23 05:34:11 EST 1998

Okey Dokey,

Yeah I think it's fair enough that we should probably stop this clogging of the rail on gears (or something). I can't see any way of getting Julian to comment 'on-line' as he hates the internet. If someone has fax capabilities maybe they could fax the pages to Head Heritage asking that they show Julian. These faxes do get through if they're important.

Willie, your beliefs are yours and mine or mine but the only thing I don't get is your proclamation as a genius a man so fervently anti-monotheism, anti-patriachal etc. The man who wrote 'The Tower' and 'Jesus Christ is not the Cross' to name but a few. It's like me being a massive fan of Stryper (was that their name?) or Rush or some other Cliff Richard daddy-sucking crap. I don't know maybe I got tunnel vision too.

I believe in the world, it seems you believe in a book.

Love Hugs and Cosmic Rays,


P.S. who is Cosmic Ray? Has he been cloned so we can be bombarded by Cosmic Rays, or is it a cool diner type cafe affair called 'Cosmic Ray's'?

spaceship mark Mon Feb 23 06:57:39 EST 1998

Sorry, I meant Kings X not Rush (although those high voices are a bit sus) The old drummer from Napalm Death's a devout Catholic, wierd eh?

Willie ertlw1@farmvilleez.net Mon Feb 23 08:40:30 EST 1998

Spaceshipmark, I was wandering when someone was going to inquire about my beliefs/Cope. You see, when I first got into Cope around the time of "Peggy" I was a total atheist. Well, I called myself an atheist but my faith was really in science (you know, the universe exploded into being, evolution, etc.). I actually believed that I was too intellegent to believe in something such as God and what seemed such an oppressive religion. I held the same arguments as some of the ones on this site who were commenting on my posts. Yeah, I actually believed the Bible was written by men who wanted to control women, lives, money, races of men, etc. I thought I knew that all religions were bullshit derived from ancient mans myths. Cope was still a strange thing to be into with all of the godess and alien stuff. It was the way Julian wrote the tunes and how his vocals fit with the chords he was playing. Beautiful in its simplicity is the only way I can describe it. I remember listening and re-listening to "Las Vegas Basement" and "Pristeen." It was like the engineer just rolled the tape while Julian ran through the tunes and whatever happened got captured unto tape. Being an amature songwriter/recordist (and also into stuff like the Beatles outtakes/demos/rehearsals) I realize how almost magical things happen on such early takes of songs that you just can't recapture on the ultra-rehearsed almost sterile final takes. It wasn't what Mr. Cope was saying as much as it was the way it seemed he was recorded and how he used the instruments or didn't use the instruments in various parts of the songs. That's what made the light go on! As for what he is actually saying in the songs I understand that the words are saying exactly where he is at one particular period in his life. I don't knock him for believing in aliens or paganism like most Christians would probobly do. I know what it is like to be into things that seem strange to others. I also know that people are very subject to change. Something that I may say now might embarras the

Richard Menabney rm066@students.stir.ac.uk Mon Feb 23 10:45:44 EST 1998

Reading the results of the surrvey i noticed that in 12a most of the bands that people listen to, other than copey, is a mixture of nicey nice and hippy dippy, no wonder the man himself can get away with releasing poor musical standerd products like interpertur or whatever it was called.

love and war


93 93/93

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/mrrunion/ Mon Feb 23 15:02:37 EST 1998

I swore I wouldn't comment on the religion issue. Never swear.

My blatantly subjective statement is this: blind faith in anything, be it an organized religion, a model of God, or even the Bible is a constraining and limiting force. Religion attempts to deal rationally with the irrational realm of spirituality. There's a reason why our brains remain on earth rotting when we die.

On a lighter Copian note: I just received Volume 2 of Andrew's fantabulous Julian Cope videos. This one is a real winner, if only for the wonderful interviews, including the already mentioned "Star Test" (why don't we have deliciously wacky interview shows like this over here in the New World?) and a full length tour-de-force interview/home-movie type collage from the Peggy days. Many Kudos to you, Andrew. You do us North American-bound drudes a unique service.


P.S. Yes, I was raised and schooled Roman Catholic until the age of 17. I've toyed with Judiasm, Southern Baptist Christianity, and Episcopalian in my day and I've come to learn that the differences in the organized Christian religions stem from interpretation of scripture, just as the differences in all religions stem from interpretations of reality. In that sense, we all stand on equal footing before the Deity. Scripture, like reality, can only ever be viewed subjectively. There are no hard and fasts, no "rocks"...or should I say stones? :) Peace awl.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue Feb 24 14:06:51 EST 1998


just to say that me web page should be looking a bit better as of tonight if anyone wants a look. Go the cosmic music pages for the cope stuff.


A--- Wed Feb 25 05:45:07 EST 1998

Hi everybody! ('Hi, doctor Nick!')

My name is A---, I'm 19 and live in a tiny village called M--- (sound familiar?) in Flanders, Belgium. I've got only one CD by Julian Cope: 'Jehovahkill' and I think its the best thing I've ever bought. I must say I'm realy interested in the things you lot discuss here and I'ld like to share some thoughts and ideas with you. I would like to know as much as I can about ancient cultures (Inca,...)

I'm still trying to verbalise (?) my thoughts on things like Life, Love, UFO's, vibrationtheory, energy, spirits and spirithelpers (groups) etc. (stuff you probably already know a lot about).

Since this is my first message, I won't take up too much space. I'll be back as soon as I translate my thoughts into words (and then into English words).

Bye for now.

Rob Ross RobRoss@wmg.com Wed Feb 25 13:14:59 EST 1998


You now have three potential buyers for your volume one videos of The Teardrops/Julian. Please contact me immediately so I can get your address and send you a check for the dubs! We're getting very anticipatory and starting to drool over the possibility of actually seeing Teardrop Explodes footage!

Many thanks--

Rob Ross

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Feb 26 10:08:13 EST 1998


if anyone looked at me website yesterday it wasn't actually tip-top cos I couldn't work the ftp. It now is better.

Does anyone know the prescise location of Spiritualized right now? Are they touring the US or Europe before the tour comes to the UK?

Soryy this isn't juliany, so try http//www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/juliancope.htm for history and manchester poetry festival review (including photo and flyer)

Make sense soon

Markus of Spaceshipshire

Willie ertlw1@farmvilleez.net Fri Feb 27 23:02:14 EST 1998

Trav, Getting some of those masters together. I've been able to muster up "Double Vegetation", "Promised Land","Safesurfer","If You Loved Me At All","Beautiful Love", "Las Vagas Basement","Soul Desert","No Hard Shoulder To Cry On", "The Mystery Trend", "Up-Wards At 45 Degrees", "Gimme Back My Flag", "Julian H. Cope","Fear Loves This Place", "The Tower", "Autogeddon Blues", "Madmax", "Don't Call Me Mark Chapman", "Ain't No Gettin' Round Gettin' Round", "Paranormal In The West Country", and "Ain't But The One Way". These may take some time to mix. I just may send a few of the better ones. I do a fast electric version of "Promised Land" which is on the lines of the old CCR tune "Hey Tonight". The song "Julian H. Cope" is also a thrash electric one. "Paranormal" is quite different also. Maybe I'll just concentrate on those.

After all this time I still can't get enough of "Interpreter". GREAT CD!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/juliancope.htm SatFeb 28 18:47:29 EST 1998


No-one seems to have written for a while so i'll say hi. Does anyone know if the Tim Sanders who did the strings on Spiritualized "Ladies..." is Thighpaulsandra? I know he does string arranging and Tim Paul Sanders sounds reasonable. I ask cos I was looking at people wondering on one of the old culture bunker archives.

Did anyone try the fax to Julian thing?

Willie, differences apart, how can you bastardise Promised Land with a 'fast electric version' it's the only song that can make me mate Craig cry.


HEX ChunkeeMunkee@compuserve.com Mon Mar 2 08:46:17 EST 1998

sputnikmark i think [Marc] mentioned thighp's real name a while ago when qe2 came out ..... have a trawl though the archives .....

Everybody note the new Email for me ...... i have parted company with virgin for the moment.....ahem! This means my site is down again at the moment (not that anybody cares anyways......) this is only a temporary address so when things are more stable i'll upload the site again (in around a month i guess!). The site had only been uploaded again for a week when virgin decided to disconnect me (again) Whatever happened to the 30days notice thing huh?

On a musical note just got the new Pere Ubu album (pennsylvania) and it's a real return to (lo Fi) form! Excellent stuff!



Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Wed Mar 4 00:54:07 EST 1998

Sorry I got your panties in a bunch, Markie. I woder how Cope would feel if he heard various INTERPRETations of some of his tunes. Folk music is folk music. Once you publish a song it's no longer just yours.


spaceship mark Wed Mar 4 06:00:06 EST 1998

sorry willie

I just got a little annoyed, I must have been in a bad mood. My version of pulsar is awful. please accept my apology

Love Mark

Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Wed Mar 4 11:12:17 EST 1998

Don't worry about it SMark. I was a little hasty also. I checked out your site and I really enjoyed it. I don't really want to go on about our differences. We really should get on well because of our love of Julian's beautiful (and crazy) music. The version of "Promise Land" of which I've covered is not devoid of feeling. If it is possible, I'd very much like to send you a tape of the tunes I've covered and see what you think. You know that I've really got to admire Cope to cover to many of his songs. I'll also send you some original tunes and get your opinion on them (Get your address to me). This site may not be the place for personal conversations such as this. In the future I'll just e-mail you.


Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Wed Mar 4 11:56:27 EST 1998

Can anyone get me a tape of "Rite" or "Q.E."? I'll suply tape &postage. Just curious to see if I like that sort of thing before I purchase CD's. I'm also looking for any post-"Peggy Suicide" to present live shows. Got on MTV chat line last night and bashed alot of folks and MTV for ripping off teens and dictating fashion, music, and attitudes to teens. I plugged Cope on a few occaisions, also.


A--- Thu Mar 5 03:33:15 EST 1998


About what I call 'Spirithelpers':

Spirithelpers are Entities on another (higher) frequency than us humans. Everyone has a bunch of Spirithelpers.

This bunch forms a Group. Each member of this Group (each Spirit) is responsible for a piece of your personal devellopment, thoughts and hobby's.

E.g. one of my Spirithelpers is responsible for my interests in parapsychology, another for astronomy, music, etc. (Apparently the combination parapsychology-music led to JC).

Your Spirithelpers protect you from physical and psychological harm (or They deliberatly don't so you can learn something). They give you advice, let some information through from 'the other side' (other frequency/phase) and give you answers on important questions you ask Them (at least if you're open to Them).

These things mostly happen on an unconscious level (if you're a beginner) like when you're sleeping and/or dreaming.

Your Group can have a strong connection with another Group (of another person). This explains why you can immediately feel very comfortable with someone you just met. Your Group can exchange 'information' (energy) with another Group: 'emotional energy' can be felt 'best'/strongest.

We experience this as telepathy or 'coïncidence' (as in 'parallel', 'simultanuous'(?)).

Your Spirithelpers live on (Mental/Thought)Energy. The more you think of Them, the powerfull and more significant They become. In my opinion, Pure Love is the most powerful energy.

When you die (physically), you rejoin your Group and you feel 1 again.

Then (although 'then' is misplaced: time, space and frequency are irrelevant), the Group, of which you are now an equal part, decides what to do:

do We sent someon back to Earth (in the past, present or future?), or do We go to another planet or do We have enough experiances and go back to the Source? (I must say I haven't figured out this Source-thing out yet). I know I have at least 10 Spirithelpers with 1 'leader' (I've seen them, you know). I realise this piece of text is difficult to read and my English isn't that great either but I think (hope) you lot understand at least part of it. Questions an remarks are always welcome. Thanks again Willie. Later.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Thu Mar 5 11:03:34 EST 1998

Oh my ludd!

What are you on about? Spirit helpers? I'm sure you're really into all that so I'll leave you to it. I came to the resoning a long time ago that although the dowsers, energy liners, past lifers etc. were just all out for the proverbial cheap new-age fix they were still beautiful people.

However I just can't handle all that stuff. All this spirit helper stuff seems very similar to the bi-cameral mind stuff. This is that it's thought that the hemispheres of the brain were not originally fused and so one side would 'talk' to the other and the person would believe they were being spoken to by their god/goddess. Gradually people lost his ability until eventually only the shamen could 'contact the spirits' (in his head). After a while even they needed drugs to do it. It's thought the modern condition of Schizophenier ('scuse spelling) may be a similar thing. The fight is against those who live in their heads. We live in our bodies. No one controls my life 'cos I don't believe in fate (except when it suits me)

Love n Hugs

NCC 1701-E Mark.

Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk www.version.demon.co.uk Thu Mar 5 15:59:31 EST 1998

Its all levels.

Spirit helpers/tapping into earth energies/joining with the goddess/talking to your fairy godmother - who's to say?

Coarse/fine - low/high - it's probably all part of the same anyway.

If you are developing into a wonderful human person then more power to ya!

To quote from a John Cougar Melloncamp song (whoa! shit! I dug this one up!) You gotta stand for something or you'll fall for anything

Gribbles (In a very liberal mood for a change....)

PS I would like to make it PERFECTLY CLEAR that I listened to John Cougar Melloncamp a VERY long time ago, and his inclusion in this mail implies no present inclination towards tepid Folk-Rawk doodles. :-D (Bugger. Smileys. Someone must've spiked me coffee....)

Anastasia Mairs comsat@eisa.net.au Fri Mar 6 21:04:04 EST 1998

Hello All,

Can someone please tell me where on Earth Travis is?

I haven't heard from him since 22 Feb and I'm really worried. I just hope that his computer is playing up and nothing has happened to him.

If anyone knows anything please can I ask you to write to me.


Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Sat Mar 7 00:04:29 EST 1998

I believe Trav is on Spring break.

Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Sun Mar 8 03:01:08 EST 1998

Hey folks, this site has really slacked up lately. Maybe everyone is on Spring break? So, how many of you people actually play a musical instrument or compose songs? Are there any other 4-trackers out there who would like to circulate a master between us adding your track before passing it on to the next 4-tracker? I've always thought that would be an interesting thing to do.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue Mar 10 11:28:10 EST 1998


There doesn't really seem to be much to talk about at the moment. Here in Liverpool the weather is cold and dull and there still isn't much sign of spring (except it's light till later). See nothing to talk about but the weather. How English of me. Hex and Gribbles, hows the road trip planning going? What is a hollow rope? I think it might be one of those tubes you swing round your head that goes woooooooooooooooooowoooooooooo, but i don't know. Anyone every built their own theremin? Anyone else got an MT-40? Anyone read John Mitchel's Megalithomania? Water on the moon, how about that? I managed to get a William Stukely reference in my geology dissertation, good eh? Check my website to view the all new and improved spaceship mark cosmic chair-iot. Seeing is believing. Reward as latest 'Match of the Day' tune, better than Blur I suppose... How about 'World Shut Your Mouth' when we win the World Cup in France (yeah right).

Chocabloke, Checking out

Lunar Prospector Mark.

Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Tue Mar 10 11:57:43 EST 1998

I picked up a copy of "Head On" at the show at the Astoria last month and I just (finally) had time to read it. Brilliant is all I can say. I hope I am not such a fanatic that I would be satisfied with reading about Julian and his bellybutton lint, but at this point I just want to read more and more written by him. For now, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of "The Modern Antiquarian," as I am sure most of you are.


Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Tue Mar 10 18:27:32 EST 1998


No more moves on the roadtrip (life's enough of a trip at the mo') - but I'm looking at a Network Manager's job in Hants - so who knows I may be closer to the sites soon....

Theres nothing wrong with talking about the weather (ask red lorry yellow lorry)

...Hollow rope, yup reckon you're right there (see also The Chameleons)


(Who's just listened to Fried again after ages and cannot get Sunspots out of my head....)

Marc raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Thu Mar 12 08:58:40 EST 1998

RE : Mr Sandra

I don't really know if Thighpaulsandra is Tim Sanders but what I know

is that Thighp is Tim Lewis.

He is still touring with Spiritualized (currently in America supporting Radiohead)before coming back to Europe to play another

tour and a couple of festivals, e.g. Glastonbury and Phoenix !!

He is even rumoured to be a full member of Spiritualized, since

Kate Radley seems to be somehow detuned...

The extended tour of Spiritualized will delay the release of

Thighp's first solo album, I'm afraid.

Bye, Marc (probably just falling)

HEX ChunkeeMunkee@compuserve.com Thu Mar 12 09:19:10 EST 1998

Hmmm......i have a feeling Tim Saunders did some production work with the mission (sad dodgy gothic past coming through here .... ) but i don't have any mission records to check(I thought they were overrated myself!)

Just bought a fantastic Krautrock book called "Cosmic Dreams at play" well worth hunting down if you dig the scene.

Mike runion did you get my mail?????? I haven't heard from you!!!!

signing off


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Mar 12 12:06:54 EST 1998

hi y'all.

Yeah, he's definitely Tim Lewis (cos the Ur-Pagan thing sez his grandad's called Lewis too)

I got Cosmic Dreams at Play. It's mad isn't it? You know that 24 carat gold record with the gold sleeve? I'm sure I've seen it hundreds of times in second hand bins but I don't know why. The book also scared me by saying some of the bands were 'symphonic rock' this sounds v.dodgy. Some of the translating is fun too.

Don't worry, I had a mission record once! And loads of Iron Maiden, ha.

It would appear Kate Radley is fixed-decamped but we're not allowed to say that cos Jason doesn't seem to like the idea...

Can't think of anything else except that I am happy cos I've just finished my dissertation on 'The Sarsen Stones of the Marlborough Downs'. Any geology students out there take note, this is a very cool way to do 2 weeks field work near Avebury in the name of Academia and eat loads of cake from Stones!

Love Hugs and a sigh of relief

Goodyear blimp mark

PS Hex, I'm afraid I won't be able to catch you at the comics thing as I'm seeing our kid in Manchester. Let me know if you're in the 'pool again.

HEX ChunkeeMunkee@compuserve.com Thu Mar 12 13:11:37 EST 1998

appollonine mark by sheer co-incidence i'm in manchester at a comic mart on saturday as well ! so if you're around drop me a line and i'll send info!

Yeah i'm sure ive seen that album around as well (along with some of the others as well) i'll be scouring those dodgy second hand shops more closely now! steering clear of the synphonic rock sounds like a wise move........

Not much happening here getting lots of hassle with work (banks who needs 'em?) but cheered up a little bi cos i've just borrowed a fantastic Clash acoustic bootleg (which i'm listening to right now)from my friend Eagle and it is the badgers nadgers indeed!

Jimmy Jazz........

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri Mar 13 06:50:52 EST 1998


Hex,I just though of something, I'm not at home so if you e-mail me it will be useless. Post on here where this Manchester thing is and i'll try and get access on my sisters library account at Manchester.

Further thoughts on symphonic rock...maybe these Germans had heard of Jazz rock and they thought 'aah.. so these americans are taking a traditional and respectable form of music and making it into noodley rock, we will do this with our german tradition of great clasical music and it shall be called SYMPHONIC ROCK'.

Has ANYONE heard any. I need to know what it is. Is it like Wagner with electric guitars and Bruce Dickinson vocals, or is it more like Venessa Mae doing some techno rock Bach?

Scuse me I ramble

Viva Symphonic Rock

Spaceship Mark

en route to Titan 130898CE

HEX ChunkeeMunkee@compuserve.com Fri Mar 13 10:12:54 EST 1998


The mart is at a big hotel called "Sasha's" smack bang in the middle of manchester not far from the arndale.... it's actually almost opposite Eastern Blok records... starts at 12.00pm goes on til 3.30 -4pm.

If Symphonic rock does sound like wagner with guitars them it might not be too bad....not sure about teh Bruce Dickinson Vocals though....(Interesting fact pop pickers: Bruce Dickinson originates from Worksop a mere stones throw from wher i live in Gainsborough....cooo! thats interesting.....)

Seriously though.... i think Yes (et al) are what is commonly known as symphonic rock aren't they? ......i'm sure that the great bald one would know eh, gribbles????? ;)


Gribbles graham@version.demon.co.uk Fri Mar 13 15:07:19 EST 1998

Yes. Hmmm. The great bald one AKA the twat in the hat....he knows everything, no?

One a more copian note - I've decided to get off my arse &learn some copey songs. Thought I'd hit Fried first as its what I'm listening to most at the mo' (along with World...).

Sunspot - no probs (apart from my verison sounds knida flat without the oompah bass &synthflute lead).

Bill Drummond. Hmmm. Got some tab from the Culture Bunker &I have a prob with some of the words. In the tab it has the line "And the family cried, go spinning 'cross the sky". I always thought that it was "And the family pride goes spinning 'cross the sky" (Which if it isn't it should be 'cos its a better lyric anyway [GRIN]). And is it sit and pRay, or sit &pLay? Anyone help?

Next to fall (I hope) is Greatness &Perfection.

So actually how many songs has JC recorded that have a Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba in them somewhere.....?



Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Mar 15 15:32:56 EST 1998

Hey, guys! Just got back from Spring Break! Hope y'all had a fun one too!

Can't wait to hear those Cope covers! :)


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Mar 16 08:47:11 EST 1998


Sorry I didn't get to the comic thing, we had to get a metro tram to bury for a family 21st thing and me and our kid slept in somewhat due to a heavy night (Friday Night Fever at Manchester student union...forget about it!).

Don't how many bababa's there are but if you do a kind of acoustic ddors version of Reward using E and G you can do the trumpet bit as bababas. Also you can be all Jim Morrison and go 'Bless my cotton socks I'm in the new-oo-oos' with the middle oo going down like jim did...

Anyone know about an ARP Axxe? I saw one for 300 squids and i was wondering how cool they were (not that i can afford one!

Hi trav, good to have ya back


The Mark of the Spaceship

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Mar 16 18:09:48 EST 1998

Hello Everybody!

Well, I am back. We were off line for about three weeks while we moved offices and changed service providers etc. I have to say it, that I was going slightly crazy without email!

I haven't read everything here yet, so give me time to catch up. Thank you Mike for the wondeful words about the Cope videos. I can still do copies for anyone who wants one, they are $10 each (US). Email me for more details!

I aslo have copies of 3 tapes from the recent tour, Wolverhampton, Liverpool and Glasgow (thanks Steve!). Email me if anyone wants a copy.

I will write again soon. Also, I just got a ticket for Radiohead on April 6th, so I'm looking forward to seeing Spiritualized for the first time.

Best wishes, Andrew

Rob Ross: I will email you direct about copies of video #1, so you will hear from me soon.

Andrwhone andrew@alchemedia.net Mon Mar 16 18:15:41 EST 1998

Its me again. I just have to say that in the past 3 weeks or so I have been kept going by the thought of getting back on line to see whats been going on here at Rail On! and also going to Head Heritage to see whats happening there. Well, I have just been to HH only to find nothing new since January, anyone else out there disappointed? Wasn't there a promise of monthly updates? Hmmm....


P.S. Trav, I prefer the box at the top!

spaceship mark Mon Mar 16 19:06:36 EST 1998

There seems to be a general hatred of the internet by all at head heritage so i think its a bit of a bind for them. Could be nothings happening. Maybe all us internet lierate types should apply for a job as their in house web character...or something

love mark

Mary anjon Tue Mar 17 02:20:19 EST 1998

hello! a comment, this web page is very nice.

spaceship mark, what you said about blessing the cotton socks made me laugh, laugh, laugh. i think julian cope is great. i am slowly learning a cover for travis, i want to play an instrumental stone circles n' you, but filling it with 'bababas' to make it more serious:) oh and i got my tickets too andrew! april 12th. i saw spiritualized once. we were sitting, but i had to stand up! to fully feel the 3-D movie effect, maybe it was the strobe-lights, anyway, maybe you will see? i hope you will have a great night. good day everyone

Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Tue Mar 17 14:37:15 EST 1998

Hello Andrew Johnstone - I tried to email you through alchemedia.net, but my mail was bounced back. Please contact me regarding your videos and the new live tapes you have. I would like to know more about them. Thank you.


Jörgen anonymous@anywhere Tue Mar 17 14:57:52 EST 1998

Hi, hope this gets through; Netscape 4.04/Linux bombs on the mailing list page, so I use lynx. I'd really prefer a real mailing list.

Anyways, I'm a Cope fan. Seems I just missed a poll, but here goes:

First song heard: Trampolene on radio, in 1986/7. Lost interest, started buying used records last year, and I have a fairly complete collection now, except the mail order stuff.

Favourite albums: Wilder, Peggy, 20 Mothers and Autogeddon (why do people dislike that last one? It's my favourite right now). I didn't like Interpreter very much.

Other music: well, I'm listening to Syd Barrett right now. Elevators as well, but also much unrelated (Triffids, Shamen, Television...)

I want a new Cope 70-minute album, and I want it now!

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Wed Mar 18 06:48:39 EST 1998

Hi. Would love a copy of the Wolverhampton gig. Does anyone in the UK have this ?

Finally listened to and enjoyed 'The Dianaver' (QE2) the other night. It takes it's time to sink in. Afterwards tried QE again and loved it. Must be a mood thing.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed Mar 18 07:52:48 EST 1998


The QE stuff's wierd. When the first one came out and got slagged Julian was pissed off cos the journalists had only listened to it once. He said you have to listen to it at least 500 times to get it (altough i don't think anyone could listen to it that many times). I have this theory that 'wierd' music is much better if you've had a go at doing it yourself. I hereby present the Spaceship Mark guide to fun:

  1. Buy a really shit keyboard or guitar (or anything that makes more than one tone)
  2. Buy a delay pedal
  3. Plug everything into the delay pedal, turn the echo up and go

No one except you will like it but it's tremendous fun!

Love Mark.

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Mar 18 12:14:30 EST 1998


My email still isn't working properly, agghh! I mentioned below that our office has moved recently and with the move we have changed service providers and internet connection etc which has taken a while to sort out. Anyway, they are trying to set my email up at the new place with an alias mailbox so that I don't have to change address and despite the promise of it being ready yeaterday, it wasn't. Hopefully today.

Anyone interested in anything I have, bootlges, videos etc, should post a request here for now and I will contact you directly once my email is working again.

The full list of what I have right now can be found in the Cope List section of my Cope site, Trampolene. The URL is above.

With apologies, Andrew.

Rob Ross RobRoss@wmg.com Wed Mar 18 14:55:36 EST 1998


Still interested in the first video with all those Teardrops clips--let me know how to get a check to you for the cost of tapes. Good luck in getting set up again!

Best of everything to all--


Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Fri Mar 20 05:07:08 EST 1998

I don't know about listening to something 500 times but generally 10 times gets me 'into' something otherwise it's leave it for a few years and try again. QE2 disk 1 is relatively straightforward. Disk 2 isn't but will work if you are in the right mood (and have an hour to spare) but I find it doesn't work as 'background', you have to float with it.

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Fri Mar 20 11:36:57 EST 1998

Hi Trav and all (Travanal..by prescription only),

This one is directed to the Magick Andrew Johnstone..Hope your e-mail is back up(believe me..I KNOW the feeling)....The tapes were fantastic

Even earned Julian a new fan...blew my bro's mind!...Give me a spot check hello...very curious about the new tape etc.

First day of spring..rainy and gloomy out,but I have a brilliant Runion tape on(HI MIKE!!)so all is Fa-Fa-Fa-Fine

Happy Equinox all,


Russ sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Mar 20 17:44:49 EST 1998

Hi Andrew

Did you get my last e-mail

well i've sent the tape off today

if you didn't get my mail e-mail me when your back on line

I've just bought a ST Julian ZIPPO lighter a nice item at that


Tobias btmartin@west.net Sat Mar 21 03:41:24 EST 1998

hello everyone,

First, I've been a Cope fan since I heard "Hey high class butcher", and then 'discovered' that I already liked him in the Teardrops...

I still have my membership card to the "Julian Cope Car Club". It's been a long journey &a relief to be among fellow heads &droppies.

I'd appreciate help with this burning question;

What's the value of my copy of The Freshies "I can't get bouncing babies by the Teardrop Explodes"?

If anyone's unfamilier with it, they matched the layout, inks, typestyles, everything down to and including the paper label and the Zoo! logo which was replaced with their record co; Razz! It laments the difficulty of getting a copy of the Teardrops record and is played on piano.

It's quite a compliment to any band. But Julian politely refused to sign it.

Thanks for your help. Back next week



Tobias btmartin@west.net Sat Mar 21 04:23:36 EST 1998

Andrew Johnstone>

I'm interested in videos &tapes. Please e-mail a list and any other info I'll need to place my order.

Track listings too?



Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat Mar 21 07:01:43 EST 1998

Hi Tobias

The Freshies record is worth about £7.00

the singer Chris Seivey later became no other than


who released some great records and a computer game called the BIZ on the late ZX Spectrum

GOD I'm full of crap information like that


steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sun Mar 22 15:25:12 EST 1998

Ok...a question that has been bugging me since '80-81,when I first started listening to TE...In "Sleeping Gas",what is Julian really singing in the chorus that sounds like,"You can watch Rockford/He turned into a serial(2x)/Just like a cartoon by AAP,oh yeah"?...A daft question I know,but it has bugged me for soooo long...One of you

Copeulists must know...Thanks in advance....Fighting for anything...


Tobias btmartin@west.net Sun Mar 22 21:55:09 EST 1998

*RUSS-Firstly, thanks for the quick reply, though I'll have to look at it as something other than an investment.

*Steven- Uhmm... uhmm.. well, I'm sure Rockford isn't refering to the US tv show Rockford Files w/ James Garner. But with Cope there's no tellin'. As for the "serial", he never made the Wheaties cereal box cover so the spelling is correct.

However, "...Just like a cartoon by A.A.P." their logo is displayed prior to the Warner Brother's logo on many classic cartoons featuring the great Daffy Duck (or Bugs Bunny.) Cope obviously knows talent.

But not all are by A.A.P., seems to be a late 40's or early 50's thing. (My guess is American Artist's Production) dunno.

*Hey! doesn't Cope make a reference to Daffy on Auotogedon? When he was talkin about the acid tabs. It's been a while since I listened to it but the thought (beer) just struck me.

Did I just confound matters further?


JoG Mon Mar 23 04:11:21 EST 1998

"Actually, it's all impregnated in my Daffy Duck shorts... I'll be selling off some squares of it later... to the real heads!" (Cope, somewhere on Autogeddon, sounds like a clip from a live performance)

a.a.p. also had its logo on old Popeye cartoons. They seem like the 30s rather than the late 40s.

Also, my copy of Kilimanjaro came with lyrics on the inner sleeve, and I'm 99% sure it says "Rafferty", not "Rockford".

I just don't understand his early lyrics...

HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk Mon Mar 23 09:25:12 EST 1998

7 days and counting..........

Firstly new mail address of a permanent variety is above......i'm revamping the site this week and it will be up again next Monday..so trav &andrew update your links then.... Until we reach dry land, now with added megalithomania!!!

i think AAP is Associated American Press but i'm not sure.....obviously all the cartoons were originally in newspapers and the like before they were on the big screen so it seems likely to me...

I always thought it was Rafferty not rockford as well......

hangin out.....and trying not to get arrested for indecent exposure ;)


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Mon Mar 23 13:10:00 EST 1998

My Email is operative again! - Andrew

(Anonymous) Mon Mar 23 13:27:07 EST 1998

You can watch Rafferty turn into a serial

Its just like Sleeping Gas, its so ethereal

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net Mon Mar 23 15:41:09 EST 1998

Hey all, long time no post. Life is just too full-up at the moment. Thought I'd slip in and supply a snippet from last Friday's Robyn Hitchcock AOL chat from the South x SouthWest Festival in Austin. One of the questions I asked was the following:

What's your relationship with Julian Cope? I know you've spoken in the past, and you've covered his songs occasionally.

RobynSPIN: Uh... I don't know him very well, but we enjoy the occasional long chat. He's a very enthusiastic person. He's got a book coming out soon bout megolithic British sites - something my father was also interested in.

Ah well, back to it. Andrew, I still owe ya. I haven't forgotten.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon Mar 23 16:12:23 EST 1998

Hello folks,

The mysterious anonymous e-mailer seems to know what they're on about

love mark

Brian Downing metranil@one.net Mon Mar 23 18:18:54 EST 1998

Can anyone give me some info on the Teardrops BBC live on RadioOne release. Did it ever come out, and if it did, where can I order it?

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Mon Mar 23 20:59:15 EST 1998

Thanks everybody....the AAP part I had figured out as being cartoon connected(just threw it in to complete the verse)..Have been thinking it was Rafferty...now I'm good a trivia,but who the heck is Rafferty??? A british comic book/strip character?

And while I'm here...played some TE for my gf(rsvp,asap,tgif,tcb*s*), she loved it,but my old vinyl copies are pretty beat...could anyone tape them for me?Heck,she would like it;I would love it...Any Copedrude volunteers? mean a lot....thanks...

Andrew:be in touch with you,glad you got things straightened out



Pat Lynch patrick.lynch@virgin.net Tue Mar 24 05:20:43 EST 1998

Hi All

Wasn't Rafferty some sort of DangerMan/The Prisoner(weird cult 60's Brit TV series) connection? Something about a pilot being made and then turned into a series?

I'm not saying this with any real confidence but somewhere in the midst of time I seem to recall an interview with the great one and he said something along those lines. Possibly. I think. Well, maybe?

Oh I don't know...



steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Mar 24 09:15:54 EST 1998

The Prisoner....positively brilliant show!Don't know about the Rafferty connection...His character's name was Drake I believe...

Could I have tossed a stumper in?Take care all..Hope you got my e-mail Mike...



biff bang pow

Ben Maki bmaki@interaccess.com http://homepage.interaccess.com/~bmaki/acetone/home.html Tue Mar 24 15:01:39 EST 1998

Here ya go:

--from IMDB and other sources.

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Tue Mar 24 23:13:38 EST 1998

Wow Ben....Thanks...Julian obscuria revealed at last!....and I only had to wait 17-18 years..*lol*...geez now I feel old......Nurse...time for my medication....


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed Mar 25 06:58:37 EST 1998

Anyone who saw the Head On tour or the Phoenix show will be familiar with the late lamented Daffy Duck shorts, can we only assume they disintigrated with old age? Or maybe they dwell still in the Arch-Drude's sock draw, biding their time until we all are ready?

One must assume the 'actually it's all impregnated...' line is a response to the ubiquitous 'you're on acid!' type hecker.



Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Mar 25 13:46:44 EST 1998

I think the Teardrop Explodes Live on BBC Radio One that is refered to below is a vinyl copy of a In Concert that was broadcat sometime in 1981, from the Guildford Civic Hall. The BBC used to press vinyl copies of concerts they broadcast and then the copies were distributed to radio stations around the world.

I have never seen this item, but I know it exists. I think it is about an hour long.

I may be wrong about this so don't go quoting me on this!!


HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk Wed Mar 25 14:26:23 EST 1998

5 days and counting...........

I think that Windsong who do all the BBC live in concert cds had plans for a live teardrops cd a while ago but as far as i'm aware nothing has been released....(although these things do tend to sneak out so i'm prepared to be corrected!)

Hopefully it will be released in the near future!



Tobias btmartin@west.net Thu Mar 26 02:01:02 EST 1998

What the hell was I thinkin'?! Not Rockford; RAFFERTY.

Sorry 'bout my SNAFU.

* The Teardrops BBC vinyl was last seen in a Goldmine magazine ad for $300. minimum bid about 2 1/2 yrs ago. Very few as these went only to FM stations. (I heard that the BBC made only about 100 to 150.)

Screaming Secrets is on it and references their next album; "The Great Dominons" aka Wilder. I'll post the track listing but give me a week or so to complete. Somewhere in storage

*Q:I have a 12" vinyl (pink) of Beautiful Luv (that lousy remix version) and it came in a clear plastic sleeve, and is backed with "Dragonfly". It's around 8 minutes in length. Anyone have a idea as to the value and or production run?



Anastasia Mairs comsat@eisa.net.au Thu Mar 26 07:47:59 EST 1998


I have a question...

Was "The Teardrop Explodes" taken from a Daredevil Comic book?


Paul paul@excelmgmt.demon.co.uk Thu Mar 26 08:12:41 EST 1998


First time I've visited this site and excellent stuff indeed.

I've tried for years to get hold of a copy of the 'Copeulation' video which I somewhat stupidly conceded to my then girlfriend when we split in the late 80's.

I figured it would be a doddle to replace but so far no luck.

I live in England (not far away from Tamworth trivia fans). Is anybody selling a copy.

I'll offer a good price!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Thu Mar 26 08:22:29 EST 1998


Yeah it was from a Dare Devil comic. Someone with a copy of Head On near to hand can probably tell you the exact quote but there's this teardrop handing off a tree and all of a sudden (for no reason at all) 'The Teardrop Explodes'.

Re:Copeulation, try writing a blagging letter to Head Heritage, a believe a few copies are knocking about but don't expect anything. To tell the truth I think most of the videos are pretty ropey (apart from China Doll and the one that's just them pissing about filming the Fried cover). What we want is a Peggy to Now compilation 'cos I've never seen half those videos and the ones I have seen it's only been once.

Anyway type ya soon

Mark of the Spaceship which cruises the cosmos and watches 15 to 1 in twenty five distinct space/time zones

Azeem Opel87@aol.com Thu Mar 26 11:46:27 EST 1998

Hey everyone, I've never posted here before and I just got into Julian Cope. I just bought Interpreter a couple days ago and loved it! I thought maybe it wouldn't be great because I read a sour review of it online. They probably just didn't understand the album. I want to find the single for I Come From Another Planet Baby. I hear its good. I also heard you all talking about Robyn Hitchcock. I've been into him for a while now. To be completley honest I got into both of them because of Syd Barrett. I've been a Barrett fan for a while now and I kept hearing about Robyn Hitchcock and Julian Cope. I couldn't stand ir any longer so I picked up Globe of Frogs and Underwater Moonlight from Robyn. I then got Saint Julian from Cope. Since then I've gotten really into both of them. I know you all have all the cds and boots and videos and books, so I guess I have a lot of catching up to do.

HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk Thu Mar 26 12:33:08 EST 1998

hmmm how many days now???....

Hey Mark,

I think one of the chaps from the screaming secrets fanzine was doing comp vids of julian stuff with these later videos on them .... maybe they could post details here... (the cry goes off into the lurkers ether.....)

as for copeulation i still haven't managed to track that down myself ..... and i do have a pretty complete collection as anyone who visited my site/ knows me is aware!

re: beautiful love (pink vinyl) i have no idea how may were pressed bu the value is generally around £7 - £10 depending on condition. I'm not sure if all the sleeves were seethrough pvc 'cos my copy is in a white &pink peggy suicide sleeve with a pink sticker although i have seen more copies with the pvc sleeve than the printed one so make of that what you will!!


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Thu Mar 26 14:50:20 EST 1998

The Beautiful Love remix, L.U.V., isn't very rare. It came as a pink vinyl 12" in clear plastic sleeve only and I would figure it to be worth about £10.

Ecellent idea to write to Head Heritage about re-issuing Copeulation and putting together a second compilation of the Peggy era onwards. I have the videos for Head and Beautiful Love and East Easy Rider, but not too much after that.

I agree that Copeulation isn't a great collection. Why wasn't the video for Sunshine Playroom included on it? That video was done by David Bailey and was banned by the BBC for its images of a runaway pram. I do have this video and can't see anything in it that is offensive so go figure!

The best bits on Copeulation are the Teardrops videos and Eve's Volcano, with its great shots of Julian's toy collection and Laughing Boy too. If anyone wants a copy of Copeulation then I can easily do copies. I have both the PAL version and the NTSC version. Its not quite the same as owning the real thing, but it is pretty hard to come by now.

Also, HH might not be interested in putting out a Copeulation 2 because most of the videos would come from the Island years and I don't think relations between HH and Island are too friendly, but if everyone writes a begging letter to HH then who knows!


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Mar 27 08:55:18 EST 1998


They should issue another video and include early teardrops stuff as well When I Dream ect as well as the home footage Julian and crew have filmed over the years.

Eric Muhlheim muhlheim@alumni.stanford.org Fri Mar 27 15:42:37 EST 1998

Haven't posted for a while, but here's a little thought for y'all:

Is "Stone Circles 'n' You" basically a ripoff of Robert Johnson's "They're Red Hot" (cf The Complete Recordings...you can find a sound clip at Music Boulevard)?

All for now.


Liz LizHFox@aol.com Fri Mar 27 18:39:01 EST 1998

Re. the 'Beautiful Love' pink vinyl - mine's also in a clear sleeve; when it came out the Island Records sales rep. swore blind to me that it was an exquisitely limited edition and would probably be worth about £100 "in a few months". Well, that was bollocks. As far as I know, still about £7-£8.

BBC live recordings - haven't seen any vinyl, but I got hold of a couple of tapes of BBC sessions a few years ago. One tape is 1979-82 Teardrops and the other is 1983-86 Julian. Neither is what you might call marvellous quality (Camden's finest) but there's a few interesting gems on there...

Rail On #08

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