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1998-04-25 to 1998-07-02

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Apr 25 00:24:24 EDT 1998

Hi guys!

Sorry I've not been very vocal recently - it's the end of the semester and I am swamped!

Two packages of Cope covers have arrived at my parents' house; I'll try to get over there this weekend so that I can check them out! :)

I've updated the main Rail On! page to make it easier to get at the archives (you can download one big zip file if you want. I also added some links back to The Culture Bunker archives.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Apr 25 00:31:54 EDT 1998

For my fellow students out there...

Good luck on exams!!! :)


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat Apr 25 06:53:05 EDT 1998


that ESPIRIT web address for anyone that missed it is


They have a Julian Cope list tagged from the indie section on the main page there are lots of very cheap and collectable stuff so happy hunting

Thanks for the message Steve i'm Chuffed to bits the thought of being a dad is just well i can't put it into words but i can't wait untill november.....


steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sat Apr 25 18:30:35 EDT 1998


So happy for you...single and have none of my own,but adore children(as they do me~smile~).."chuffed"...god/dess....I love language...checked out the site....any particular recommedations???

Hi and LUV to all...good to see you back Trav...was wondering.....

feel free to mail,anyone...always good to hear from fellow drudes...

off to dig the world,


Russ russ.sander@dial.pipex.com Sun Apr 26 06:51:06 EDT 1998

Hi Steven

The things to buy are:

These are all at a very good price anyone in the US needing UK issues of singles should try the Espirit site they also have the LUV 12" pink Vinyl at £3.99/$6.00


Willie ErtlW1@aol.com Sun Apr 26 15:25:22 EDT 1998

Lookind for Skellington Chronicles in U.S. on CD. Can anyone help? Good to see you back, Trav.

Patrick gaumondp@fsa.ulaval.ca Mon Apr 27 10:17:49 EDT 1998

-- Lookind for Skellington Chronicles in U.S. on CD.

Buy direct from the Drude at:


21.75 US Dollars (13 pounds) for Skellington wich is my best musical investment of 1998 so far !


santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Tue Apr 28 10:08:34 EDT 1998

Hi all

Does anybody have the lyrics of "Interpreter". i'd like to know what are they about. Thanks in advance.


of all the stuff that we can buy at "Spirit", do you know if there are rare songs, different mixes or something really interesting in the different pressings of the different countries?




Craft craft@craftcom.co.uk http://craftcom.co.uk Tue Apr 28 11:19:42 EDT 1998

hi - is anybody there?

Rob robross@wmg.com Tue Apr 28 12:47:19 EDT 1998

Russ isn't kidding--I just got "Sunshine Playroom", "The Greatness &Perfection" &"Sunspots" singles from Espirit at ridiculously low prices! Thanks for the tip!

Lurve on ya!

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca/ Tue Apr 28 14:10:26 EDT 1998

I just took a look at the GEMMS mail order site and they have a couple of things of interest. They list a copy of the Anal "Zero Beats per Minute" cd, for $25.99US, if anyone is looking for a copy and they also list a vinyl version of the original Skellington release for $30.00US. The URL is:



Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Apr 28 14:18:29 EDT 1998

Head Heritage? Four months and counting... Over 14,000 hits since last July is pretty good traffic. I wonder how many of those hits are mine? Is no news good news? Surely something is happeneing in Wiltshire? Wasn't there a tour in February?

Jeff Penczak leapday@goes.com Tue Apr 28 20:46:44 EDT 1998

Hello everyone. I seemed to have missed the info for the JC covers tape. Is this part of a trade? How can I go about obtaining a copy?



Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Wed Apr 29 02:03:09 EDT 1998


Rob I'm glad you managed to find some of the records you were looking for if you subscribe for the list you get to know first when anything new comes in


Santisan I'll send you a list of different mixes ect

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed Apr 29 08:16:32 EDT 1998

Hey y'all,

Top thing to do: Build a Theremin! It's pretty easy and they are the best fun ever (especially through delay). I can't remember the address offhand but you can get plans off of the theremin home page. They're great, they go woooooweeeeeeewooooooowewewewe, and stuff,

Love mark

PS this weeks NME style guide lists Julian as a pop fashion disaster currently to be found 'lurching around the downs of Southern England looking like an anorexic puma with the worlds worst crusty mullet and wearing only a pair of 'magic trousers''.

Rob robross@wmg.com Wed Apr 29 11:50:28 EDT 1998

I'm sorry--I forgot--I saw "The Skellington Chronicles" in a store here in New York--they are KIM'S UNDERGROUND on SAINT MARK'S PLACE--call NY information: 212/555-1212! They may still have it in stock--they have the "Rite" CD's &Queen Elizabeth CD's as well.

skellngtn Wed Apr 29 19:27:06 EDT 1998

i was jumpin when i heard rite2 had invaded the u.s. import shops so i was pleased to find it at the not-so local import shop i lurk at, but i blew out of there without checking for anything else....after seeing rob's message about the QE cd"S" i found out they had QE2 as well, but it sold out a day or two after i was there. ugh!

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri May 1 06:53:53 EDT 1998

Happy Beltane!

It's now summer so the winter cold and chill are firmly behind us, only two months to the Solstice.

Burn them Beltane fires,

Love Mark.

Danny Thomas SWEETLICKS@webtv.net Sat May 2 11:48:14 EDT 1998

Note from Travis: I got this email today. As I don't know much about the Elevators or what Roky's doing these days, I thought maybe you guys could help him. Here it is:

I am Danny Thomas. formerly the drummer for the 13th Floor Elevators. I found your e-mail while searching for Elevator stuff. I thought your data base was intrguing but I can not figure out much of the meaning and I'm almost computer and technology illiterate. Anyway i would like to know of your connection with Roky et. al. Maybe you can bring me up to date. I have not talked to him in about 12 years....Thanks

Trav tripalot.com/travis SatMay 2 12:04:39 EDT 1998

The songs for the covers tape are still being collected. In the past week I've received covers from Billy Oertel and Rob Ross. We still have room for around another 20 minutes of songs.

I regard it as an ongoing, multi-volume project... as soon as we have enough songs for the first tape, I'll put it together and distrubute a copy to anyone who wants one!

If you're interested in contributing some songs, my mailing address is on my main Cope page.

Okay, time to study! :)


santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Sat May 2 12:39:08 EDT 1998

Hi all,

I heard "followers of Saint Julian" was 1st cd on a trilogy. Does anybody know something about it?.



Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat May 2 15:31:31 EDT 1998


Yes Followers is part of a trilogy it's Island trying to make more money out of Julian an artist they said was passed his sell by date and uncommercial. Island still say they are going to release parts2/3 but it may be a long wait.

As for us cope fans the sooner the better it means I don't have to keep getting the vinyl out it's so easy and safer to pull out a cd unless your George Micheal

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Tue May 5 09:04:34 EDT 1998

Wow, the drummer from the Elevators,

I know Roky put out an album a couple of years ago called 'All That I Do May Rhyme' (or something). Henry Rollins publishing company also put out 'Openers II: The Lyrics of Roky Erickson'. The last I heard he was living behind a pawn shop in Austin with loads of TVs all tuned to different stations. Apparently he hardly writes anymore and the last album took about 10 years to do.

There was also a tribute album to raise money for Roky in the early 90s called 'Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye' which was on a major (I think) and is still available.

Julians Texas only LP 'Droolian' was also to raise money to free Roky (although I'm not sue where he was incarcerated).

Tommy Hall is aparently getting ready to publish a book. He writes in the week and does 'acid on mondays'.

Hope this is some use

Love Mark.

Rob robross@wmg.com Tue May 5 16:12:22 EDT 1998

Greetings awl:

1. GEMM's listing for the original "Skellington" CD is useless, 'cos I'm the maniac who bought it.

2. I actually found the ANAL CD and both "Rite" CD's this past weekend at VINTAGE VINYL in FORDS, NJ--I already have the "Rite" CD's, but I will forego ANAL.

3. If you're looking for original singles, I can't recommend Espirit enough--I received the three (technically, 4, 'cos I bought the 12" of "Sunshine Playroom" as well as the 7") singles today--within 1 week of calling--they sent everything in perfect condition--brand new singles, showing no sign of aging. Espirit rules!

Finally, this has nothing to do with JC--if you 've never seen Gary Numan live, you will be amazed! His first show in NY in 16 years and it was one of the best things I've ever seen. Do not miss the Gazzer!

Lurve on y'awl

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Tue May 5 16:38:01 EDT 1998


I wish I'd never put the Espirit address up

You're buying all the best stuff

No only kiddin' glad to be of help

I've bought a couple of item's from them in the past but it's getting harder to find the things i still need as the collection expands the serching gets harder


Jörgen G Wed May 6 11:17:04 EDT 1998

Regarding Roky:

If I'm not completely mistaken, he has some (physical) health problems these days. Parkinson's disease or something along those lines.

This was from an article in a swedish magazine some time in 1997. Apparently, yet another tribute album was recorded to raise money for his hospital care. Apparently, an unknown swedish band was supposed to be on the record.

(This is a very vague memory, so don't take it for The Truth until someone can confirm it.)


santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Wed May 6 14:59:44 EDT 1998

Hi all,

For those of you who are interested in "Skellington" you can find a copy ( for a ridiculous big amount of pounds) in :


Good luck and xxxxxxxxx


Rob robross@wmg.com Thu May 7 11:04:13 EDT 1998

And now once again, droogies, this is what happens when you post record ordering services on-line--I was able to get "Sleeping Gas" on Zoo through Vinyl Tap. If yer gonna buy Cope-stuff better get on it before it disappears from view... Actually, I don't need anymore Teardrops stuff--that's it! Got them all!

Hope everyone is okay--grey days lend themselves to writing somber melodies on the keyboards...


Rob (the Modfather)

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sun May 10 15:30:25 EDT 1998

Wishing a Blessed Day to Mother Earth

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun May 10 20:29:32 EDT 1998

I added some new features to this discussion list. Here is a brief demonstration.

First, here is an auto-linked url: http://tripalot.com

I didn't need to use any HTML

Try to surround it with white space so that the parser doesn't get confused. Be careful not to have any trailing periods. I'll try to add robustness later.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun May 10 20:31:39 EDT 1998

Right now these features are "fresh out of the oven." If rail on gives you any problems when you try to post, please let me know so that I can fix it.

Hope these make using the list a little easier.


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue May 12 13:57:04 EDT 1998


I like the new "features", keep up the ever excellent work! I only have one question though: Is there a way to have it so that it automatically enters my name and email address etc in the boxes everytime I log onto Rail On, so that when I do a post I don't have to type out all that info? I'd like to say that this request is motivated by my desire for saving time, but its more likely to be motivated by my laziness if the truth is known!

Just a though. Sorry this isn't really a Cope related post, but its so damn quiet out there...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue May 12 15:27:09 EDT 1998

I thought about automating the Name/Email/URL fields; it would entail quite a bit of programming if I were to do it the traditional way (each person gets assigned a unique URL which embeds the name, email, and URL as hidden fields).

I might be able to automate it so that when you type in your name, it figures out a default email and url for you, based on your previous entries. If people have the same name, or if people go by multiple names, then this approach will run into consistency problems.

I will think about it...


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Wed May 13 06:36:10 EDT 1998


Seems that Head Heritage have given up totally on their site. If I see Julian at the Solstice I'll ask him whats going on. Trav...did that Elevators guy get them messages? Did anyone see the thing on Stonehenge on Saturday, it's on tape at home but I haven't seen it yet?

There doesn't seem to be much to talk about at the moment does there? Maybe someone should pretend to be someone else and say something contravertial? (That can't be spelt right).

Anyway by for now,

Spaceship Mark

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed May 13 10:07:25 EDT 1998

I pointed him to Rail On, yes... But I think he is new to email and the Internet. Hopefully he'll show up again soon.

I saw a movie last night, from the 1930s, called Nothing Sacred. It had a narrative line in it:

"truth, crushed to earth, rises again, more phony than a glass eye..."

That particular quote is kind of corny, like the whole movie, but it sounds like it's making fun of an earlier quote. It'd be neat to find out the original inspiration for that line in "Re-Directed Male."


spaceship mark Wed May 13 10:23:44 EDT 1998

Did Martin Luther King not say 'Truth crushed...' or am I getting mixed up?


steven swaldfogle@aol.com Wed May 13 11:22:44 EDT 1998


If you don't own any Scott Walker..get some...A nice comp out on Razor&Tie...must run..more soon..



Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed May 13 12:18:57 EDT 1998


I have a few Scott Walker albums and agree, they are awesome. The compilation that Cope put together way back, Fire Escape to the Sky: The Godlike Genius of Scott Walker, is an awesome introduction to Scott, although it is pretty hard to find now. Marc Almond (of Soft Cell fame) is also a big fan and he too put out a compilation a few years ago that is worth grabbing a copy of. I think it was called Boy, but I may be wrong.

On first listen Scott Walker's sound is very mainstream, almost crooner stlye stuff. But if you listen to the lyrics they are incredible! Very dark side stuff, full of sex and violence, disasters and disappointments, tragic broken love-affairs etc.

Well worth a listen!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed May 13 13:05:34 EDT 1998

MLK must have also been citing, because I found an even earlier reference (William Cullen Bryant. 1794-1878):


The "truth crushed..." phrase is in the last stanza.

Man, I'm dying for a new Cope release! When's The Modern Antiquarian due out, anyway? If it's written in the style of his last two books, it's gonna be a blast!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed May 13 13:29:49 EDT 1998

Aha! Notice how my own URL got overwritten by the URL in the message. Well, I fixed that, and fixed another bug which was somewhat related.

So, this url should not override my own: http://www.excite.com/

Sorry for this admin type stuff recently - consider it growing pains...


Rob robross@wmg.com Wed May 13 14:40:55 EDT 1998

Ahh, now some new thoughts to share with you all... Scott Walker is the voice of God--I have all 4 of the original lp's ("Scott 4" being the most consistent as he wrote the entire album) and if you are new to exploring this amazing singer/songstylist/interpreter (no puns or plugs intended there), I strongly suggest you pick up "Scott" (1). From the minute you hear the bullring fanfare trumpets to "Mathilde" you are hooked. I actually paid $60 for the mono copy of The Walker Brothers' "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" lp (my parents had given me the single as a kid!) and $45 for the UK lp "Portrait" (which the $60 lp was the U.S. bastardization of). For a good sumnation of the Walkers' best work, get the import comp "After The Lights Go Out". As far as Scott's later work, after "'Til The Band Comes In", I don't rate it highly--"Climate Of Hunter" is pretty unlistenable. There are some moments where I can actually hear Julian sound (as far as intonations go) like Scott, since they both have deep voices. But if you haven't picked up on Scott Walker before, do it now--get "1" or "4" first and let yourself be washed over with this most majestic of singers.

By the way, which was the 1st pressing of "Sleeping Gas"? Red sleeve, blue sleeve or yellow?

Lurve on ye...

Ted skellngtn@aol.com Wed May 13 17:03:37 EDT 1998

ah....i was wondering when scott walker would be mentioned here at length. his popularity seems to come in waves, with "tilt" finally getting released here in the u.s. and articles in raygun and interview magazines. i agree with andrew......the Boy Child compilation is a good jumping on point for cope fans- it's his solo self-penned compositions (minus a few good ones-"always coming back to you" comes to mind) and sounds less dated than some of the covers he does on the first three solo albums and til the band comes in. "it's raining today"'s good as well, and it has some of his more popular cover tunes and is semmingly easier to find than Boy Child. his last release, tilt, has gotten a lot of critical acclaim.....but it's nothing like the early "pop" stuff....hard to categorize. there used to be a scott walker website, but i believe it folded a year or so ago.

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Wed May 13 21:09:24 EDT 1998

My My My,

That fleeting comment this morn certainly livened things up!The Copehead fround unified and strong..beaming like a love-struck school boy here...

I find Scott's version of Brel's 'Next' to have a real maniacal Julian-like flair to it...Definately going to do my level best to delve into his body of work more...been hearing and reading about him fir years..glad I took the plunge..

btw..Scott Walker(ne:Engel) was born about 45 minutes away from where I live now(in Ohio)...glad to see this place produces something besides ignorance and intolerance..

More obscure worthwhile musical pursuits,folk???


oh and welcome back Trav..been a busy lad I see~s~

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Thu May 14 14:48:48 EDT 1998


As far as I know, Sleeping Gas single was issued in three different covers:

#1: Red sleeve with the folds/flaps at the front.

#2: Re-released in a blue cover.

#3: Re-released again with a red cover with the folds at the back.

I have never seen or heard of a yellow cover version, maybe someone else has?


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Thu May 14 16:11:28 EDT 1998


Now we are talking


what a god!!!

can anyone remember his TV show or am i showing my age

i've been listening to Scott since i was around 5 and prob before that my Mum had great taste (apart from Neil Diamond but when you have grown up with them you do see a good quality in them believe me)

Scott 1 and 4 were the first LP's I bought with my own money when i was 6-7 as my mum's copies were getting to sound crap

The CD reissues are a god send as my vinyl are like the crown jewels only come out on special occasions

as for the SLEEPING GAS covers they were only released in RED and BLUE but who knows maybe some yellow sleeves did appear you never know with DRUMMOND and CO


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri May 15 09:15:23 EDT 1998


As far as I know the Modern Antiquarian is still due for September. I seem to recall someone saying that the promotion was going to start in June, and Richard and Judy (UK daytime talk\makeover\phonein type show with cult following due to drunkenness of Judy and shoplifting and general madness of Richard) was mentioned..Er..Look out!

The sample pages I saw looked tops, with the titles done in that 'Jehovahkill' writing. I didn't really have chance to read it but apparently it's in a headsy style that won't piss of the Archeologists.

I'm going to have to try one of your fancy features; if you go to


and look at the Julian Cope entry it's been recently updated thatnks to my persistance, however there are still balls ups in it so if anyone fancies annoying them mail 'em and tell whats up (I did actually get a personal thanks last time as well as an automated message)

Must buy some Scott walker cos I'm missing out on this praise discussion thingy.

Anyway I'm off to revise more Applied Geomporphology, if anyone lives near St.Louis mail me about the floods,

Awl Love,

Spaceship Mark

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Fri May 15 09:17:12 EDT 1998


I missed the http:// bit so here we go...


hows that?

spaceship mark Fri May 15 09:21:14 EDT 1998

oh well, was that my syntax or your thing trav? I suppose you'll just have to be lazy and type those 31 characters. One last try


Rob robross@wmg.com Fri May 15 10:43:55 EDT 1998

greetings awl...

many thanx for the "sleeping gas" info--i know someone out there wrote that there were 3 issues; that's why i asked, so thanx again...

it makes me seriously wonder just what is going on with Head Heritage; seems like things have been too (uncomfortably) quiet since not only January but since word came down that Seb had given up managing Julian. i know the drude is working on "modern antiquarian" but an update i suppose would be nice... seems like those who write in to "rail on" know more--thanx to all...

i must apologize to some who tried to do the Copeqwiz... i failed to add one of Gary's nicknames--i think i forgot "philip brittle".

as far as st. louis goes--what the hell happened to the Blues against the Red Wings? i'm sick of shanahan and that lot--an edmonton/st. louis 3rd round would be ideal. any arsenal fans? chelsea fans?

new york is sunny right now after 12 straight days of heavy rain--81 degrees and i'm stuck in the office... thankfully i work for a record company ('cos i'm a whore, admittedly) and we aren't trussed up in suits. my girlfriend is moving from indiana (where she's a grad school student) to columbus, ohio this saturday to do her summer internship with a consulting firm--that's the closest i think i've gotten to st. louis except for my trip a few months ago to bloomington, indiana--a nice town with the shittiest record stores i've ever seen. christ! this is supposed to be a college town.

anyways, enuff rantings... everybody have a nice weekend--don't forget to watch Space Ghost/Cartoon Planet, Kevin Nash still rules okay (n.W.o. 4 life) and thank the lord that "seinfeld" is over and done with (psych 101 text book analysis: an unfunny t.v. show about mean spirited/pathetic sociopaths for marginal dullards with no lives).

lurve on ye--

modfather rob

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri May 15 11:54:57 EDT 1998

Spaceship Mark -

When you tried to post, I think you used http instead of http

I've since changed the script to accept both forms, so you shouldn't have that problem in the future. Thanks for pointing out the problem! :)

For those of you who are looking for Scott Walker CDs, CDNow.com has the following:

'Til The Band Comes In ----------- $15.49
It's Raining Today-Collection ---- $14.49
Looking Back With Scott Walker --- $13.49
Stretch/We Had It All ------------ $15.49
Tilt ----------------------------- $13.99
'Til The Band Comes In ----------- $21.49
Climate Of Hunter ---------------- $21.49
Looking Back With ---------------- $19.99
Scott 2 -------------------------- $19.99
Scott 4 -------------------------- $19.99
Sings Jacques Brel --------------- $19.99
Stretch/We Had It All ------------ $16.99
Tilt ----------------------------- $22.49
Best Of -------------------------- $28.49
S/T1993 [self-titled, I think] --- $36.99

I personally don't have any Scott Walker, but am very curious about them. Is Walker's emphasis more on lyrics or music?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri May 15 12:20:15 EDT 1998

Last Call for Cope Tribute Songs!

I'm determined to put the Cope Tribute Tape out sometime this summer, so now is the time for deadlines. I will start putting the tape together shortly (I've already bought a bunch of blank tapes).

Let's set the submission deadline to 1 June 1998. That gives people two weeks to finish up any songs and mail them.



Ted skellngtn@aol.com Fri May 15 22:32:02 EDT 1998

trav &s.mark, if you decide to give some scott walker a try, i advise staying away from the recently rereleased "Looking back with Scott walker" as these are recordings from his early days...also avoid the Stretch/we had it all compilation, as this was, if i recall(from the "Deep Shade of Blue" book on Scott), done to fulfill record contracts/or just for the cash and is all countryish/folky cover tunes. Any Scott completists have the Man from Reno single or that Dylan cover he recently did for nick cave for that australian movie soundtrack????? and finally, Russ....i wish i was around and able to have seen Scott's show when it was on. in hindsight it seems like such a surreal thing to have happened. never seen/heard the album "scott sings songs from his tv series(?)" either. maybe they'll get around to rereleasing that on cd soon.

Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat May 16 06:24:21 EDT 1998

Hi Ted

I have the lp Scott Sings if you send me your address i'll send you a tape


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat May 16 13:55:29 EDT 1998

Speaking of other bands, I've been innundating myself in Catherine Wheel recently. I got Ferment and Chrome back in college (it was 1994, and thanks to a C.W. T-Shirt I saw Jack Rabid wearing at a Springhouse reunion gig), but back then I never really got into C.W. for some reason.

However, for this past semester, I play C.W. almost daily. They've grown on me totally. If money's burning a whole in your pocket, I suggest you check 'em out if you haven't yet. Every single on of their albums is a killer.

Also, is anyone else depressed about Mark E. Smith being arrested recently? Man, the guys looks like hell to begin with these days and now he's missing... If he shows up on your doorstep, tell him he looks ematiated, that he needs to eat himself fitter... <rimshot>


steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sat May 16 14:15:23 EDT 1998


Mark E. arrested????..whenwherewhy??????

very depressing news,indeed.....


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sat May 16 14:17:54 EDT 1998

I've never liked Mark E Smith or The Fall i bought there first few singles and lp's as John Peel used to play them a lot i've tried to get in to them but every time i've met him he comes over as such a twat it's just hard to like the music when he's such a shit head.

Sorry about that

i may get a bit of stick about saying that but that's how it is


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun May 17 14:27:00 EDT 1998

Steven -

You can read about Mark E. Smith's latest troubles on The Big Takeover website: http://www.bigtakeover.com/

Russ, you've actually met him???


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sun May 17 15:30:42 EDT 1998

Hi Trav

Yes i have met him 5 or 6 times and every time he's been a right twat he just comes over as a person full of his own self importance and he can't take anyone having a go at his music even if it's fair comment


spaceship_mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Mon May 18 05:42:08 EDT 1998


Yeah, he got arrested for hitting his girlfriend/keyboard player in America somewhere and got ordered to do councelling or something in England. Then all the band apart from the girlfriend/keyboard player left and Mark and her did a gig n London that was supposedly an absolute shambles.

How the mighty fall (no pun intended). Not that i was ever a fan but I'm sure John Peel's a bit narked.



CATHAL BLAKE cathal.blake@ucg.ie Mon May 18 10:55:19 EDT 1998






Ted radioted@earthlink.net Mon May 18 13:54:14 EDT 1998

i had a copy of "head on", that someone gave me for a gift... i loaned to to a friend and he lost it. i am having the hardest time finding another copy... even the mega amazon.com doesn't have a listing!! anybody help me out??? i work in the music biz, and can totally make it worth your while!!!

Rob robross@wmg.com Mon May 18 14:45:02 EDT 1998

funny thing...i've seen the fall twice and there just wasn't anything there to hold my interest (except for the beautiful Brix). I never got to see them when Marc Riley was in the band, so that could be a major factor. one of the bands i was in did an e.p. of fall covers for a joke (much like the band itself) called "brix have fallen" (geddit?). talk about a band of retards, but we did do "cruiser's creek", "my new house", "mr. pharmacist", "totally wired" and "prole art threat"--it shows the state of mind i was in as i was going through a divorce (before my wedding) and all i ever listened to was the fall especially whilst boozing it up but good and being as much of a hate filled f**ker as m.e. smith. it's time for mark e. (uh) to sober up (uh) and find a proper job (uh). still love some of the songs but i've realized that sometimes being a complete twat overshadows the music and i can't really appreciate the fall on those grounds anymore. the band i was in was called smile and we would tell people that we took the name from the fall song, not the beach boys album which was a complete lie anyway but it sounded cool.

i'll stick with me old mate captain sensible--he's one of the last true "gentlemen" in music. and of course, the drude.

as far as scott walker goes, there seemed to be a greater emphasis on the lyrics after he went solo. i say this because the walker bros. had such big arrangements to begin with but a lot of their songs didn't have particularly deep meaning lyrically. as soon as scott went the solo route he was able to explore the heavier lyric styles of (naturally) jacques brel and was able to write his own far more complex words than say "after the lights go out"--a great song, but pretty much your standard love-lost lyric.

anyone out there dig that petrol emotion as much as i still do? thought i'd throw another band out there!

Rob robross@wmg.com Mon May 18 14:48:34 EDT 1998


just saw your note--write to head heritage or call virgin bookstore in nyc or vintage vinyl in fords nj--they all have head on (the bible)

good luck

lurve to awl...

Prince of Space griffin@rust.net Mon May 18 22:10:26 EDT 1998

Big cosmic hello to all on rail-on from Prince of Space.

Just found this page, been a huge JC fan for 7-8 years (ever since Peggy), but a frustrated one of late. I ordered several items from Head Heritage and never received them; I was charged for them, and it seems like the webpage is pretty much abandoned. I've sent mail to them for ages and have never had one returned to me, so someone is reading them??

Any info?

Prince of Space

Brian Tue May 19 00:34:26 EDT 1998


Will the covers tape have a picture sleeve and how many variations will there be for us to collect?

Wouldn't be proper otherwise...

luv onja awl!

Patrick gaumondp@fsa.ulaval.ca Tue May 19 08:38:59 EDT 1998

Robert Mitchum...

Anyone know WHY Copey sing in french in Robert Mitchum ? If I ever do a cover of this song I will reverse engeneering the song to sing it all in french except the french part that I will sing in english...

Anyone has the lyrics to Robert Mitchum ? I miss some words.

Patrick, the frenchman in Quebec

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Tue May 19 09:42:02 EDT 1998


Dunno why the French is but it's not too good is it? 'Je voudrais aime, oui Je voudrais oui J'ai really do'. It's a real old song from pre-teardrops so maybe it was a anti-disintelligentia punkantipunk message. I think I made those words up.

As for Citizen Caned, I heard it was going to be a kind of poetry\music\book thing but I'm sure I also heard it was abandoned, maybe not. I wonder if it had 'Everything blows me away' on it. That song is fantastic use of just C, G and D (and maybe a little F),

Love Mark

PS Cathal, no need to shout. Is that right? I know nothing of this 'netiquete' ):-p stuff. Is that an angry man with his tongue out or something? Do all internet folk have sideways heads? Am I rambling like a fool so I don't have to revise?

PPS If anyone ever goes near Liverpool go out to Formby beach and just on the high tide line the sand sometimes washes away to reveal 6000 year old footprints in mud of Aurochs (3m high cows!!!), wolfs, elk and sometimes even people!!! It's top shit. Some one should do a documentary called 'In the Footsteps of Our Ancestors'.

Patrick Tue May 19 13:42:26 EDT 1998

> why the French is but it's not too good is it? 'Je voudrais aime, oui Je voudrais oui J'ai really do'.

He sings (from memory):

Robert, Robert Mitchum j'écris("j'ai écris" is the right thing to say) une chanson pour vous.

Robert, Robert Mitchum j'vous ("je vous" We do that contraction a lot in Québec) aimes, j'vous aimes je really do.

The first time I heard it it was like "did I hear it right?". His "Robert" pronunciation is perfect french.

My english writing could be improve but hey I learn my english on the Internet !


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue May 19 19:35:18 EDT 1998

Patrick - Hey, nice to see you again! What have you been up to recently?

[ For those of you who don't know, Patrick ran The Soul Desert, the main Cope web site at the time, back when I was doing The Culture Bunker. Kind of a blast from the past to hear from him again! :) ]

Rob - Your Mark E. Smith impression had me rolling! :)

Check this out, guys, something I stumbled across while looking for Head On for Ted:


Okay, as for other online sites, CD-Now doesn't carry Head On, and neither apparently do CD-Europe or German Music Express.

Hmm, a stumper!

(Yeah, I'd say go through Head Heritage if you can, unless someone gets a breakthrough on the net)


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Thu May 21 07:54:46 EDT 1998


Anyone know where I can get a copy of 'Guitar Army' by John Sinclair, manager of the MC5? It does not seem to exist anywhere.

Love Mark

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Thu May 21 09:33:18 EDT 1998

SS Mark-

Put out a few feelers with some book find places I use..Should hear something in the next couple weeks.Can't promise anything,but I'll do my best...


spaceship mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com http://www.ndirect.co.uk/~jake/mark/index.html Fri May 22 09:35:12 EDT 1998


I've sent a tape with some covers and a load of Spaceship stuff. I'd recomend 'Wayland's Smithy Has Wings' cos the singings awful on the rest and I'm sure no-one else has done it cos it's a bit silly, and it's recorded IN Wayland's Smithy!

NCC-1701F Mark

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sat May 23 03:53:45 EDT 1998

A "can't sleep,house shaking storm post"

Some Topics for the weekend:


(Nope still awake..time to pace~s~)



(offering the head of Bono for a copy of Head On)

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Sat May 23 09:12:03 EDT 1998


Wayland's Smithy Has Wings is a track in the middle of Skellington 2 with chanting and banging. It's about Wayland's Smithy which is a Neolithic chambered tomb just off the Ridgeway. Legend has it that travellers leaving silver coins at the entrance will have their horses reshod by Wayland, the Norse God who is a smith. It goes:

Waylands Smithy has wings (x4)
And Wayland did just swoop down from the sky
A hammer and an anvil in each hand
And hanging over Wayland and hanging there like thunder
He saw him a most almighty thing(?)
It was a star car, it was a star car, wings out stretched and megalith powered
  hovering over the Mother Earth,
Down, down came the smithy;
"Damn it" said Wayland, but in a Norse kind of way
The man in the hideous suit of armour left a pittance at the stones
  and Wayland had none of it.
He bid the man good day, jumped back into the star car,
  checked that he packed the hammer and the anvil
  and off away and into the sky.
Waylands Smithy has wings(x4)

Or at least something like that,

Spaceship Mark

Bughouse steven swaldfogle@aol.com Mon May 25 03:13:39 EDT 1998

Thanks spaceship mark...

really should get the skellingtons I suppose,been so lax in getting the obscurities..Heck out here I had to hunt 5 diferent stores before giving up and getting Interpreter on line...advantages of living in a big city..Yes,Julian the country is grand,but when you have to gas hog an hour to get to a decent place to get the goods the land doesn't give..something is lacking..we're all burning things up anyway,no matter how we try not to..you wonder what the point is..

(but since you wonder the point is made and kept alive)..clap trap and babble I know..but maybe a reaction will occur...

You think these things after being trapped indoors for days as the rain it hammers down and insomnia is shaking you awake..

(Feeling a bit like the page wack right now,but I'll leave this here for you to puzzle...it's all been written in the reverse sumarian transfer code)(I'll be selling of squares later~s~)


(Anonymous) skellngtn@aol.com Mon May 25 13:10:16 EDT 1998

i saw a different/new version of "floored genius 2" at the import shop yesterday-any word of other rereleases?

Cathal Blake cathal.blake@ucg.ie Mon May 25 13:13:51 EDT 1998

I'm really sorry for blowing everyones ears off. You must understand, where I'm from, anytime I try to talk about The Drude, "Julian who?" is usually the response. I guess I just got slighty carried away shouting about Julian in public.

I went to see Pierce Turner a couple of days ago. An amazing gig. I dont know if anyone has heard of him but you should check out some of his records. He should appeal to Cope fans.

Didnt julian use dodgy French lyrics previous to Robert Mitchum?. On the Kiliminjaro track "Going Crazy", he sings something like:

Je suis suicide, Je suis pain
J'avais indecision, here we go again

And while Im on the subject of Kiliminjaro, I have a cassette of that album that has a yellow cover and has the words "Priceless Recording" printed on it. Can someone tell me how priceless is it?

Liz LizHFox@aol.com Mon May 25 13:40:07 EDT 1998

Cathal - unfortunately, probably not priceless (in that way) a'tall. The vinyl used to have stickers saying the same thing that they were using to indicate a 'nice price' or mid-price recording at that time.

spaceship mark Tue May 26 09:00:08 EDT 1998


Before anyone tells me I know I missed a load of lines out of Wayland's Smithy but I was doing it off the top of my head. Listening to it again I think mybe he says 'I saw me a most almight kraut' but I don't know.

slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Tue May 26 10:46:02 EDT 1998

What I like about the lyric "Je suis suicide je suis pain" is that he pronounces "pain" as the English pain, but if you read it you'd think he were saying he were bread. Tee hee.

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue May 26 14:02:33 EDT 1998

Also, the b-side to the 12" version of Trason features a version of that song sung entirely in French by Cope, "Traison (C'est juste une histoire)". I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that he is pretty fluent in French. I have no evidence to back this up though.


Andrew Johnstone Tue May 26 14:03:46 EDT 1998

Oops, I did mean TREASON, but I'm sure you all knew that!

Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Tue May 26 15:16:23 EDT 1998

Yes he studied french at school from what i can recall

I'll have a look back through my cuttings I think it was an article from Smash Hits.

Billy Oertel ErtlW1@aol.com Tue May 26 23:44:11 EDT 1998

In response to the "Truth crushed to earth will rise again" line in Cope's song "Re-directed Male" , yes this was probobly quoted from Dr ML King, however, the line may very well be from a much earlier source as Dr King was a known plagerist. Not to knock Dr King, but, it seems to be a common and accepted practice among southern baptist preachers to use quotes from various sources. I don't know why they get by with this though I guess that most people who follow these evangelists are really not concerned with authorship.

Waiting to hear those great Cope covers, Trav.

I'm still awaiting to get "Skellington Cronicles" and "Droolian" in the mail from Head Heritage. Good things come to those who wait I guess.

John John_Samuel@uk.ibm.com Wed May 27 09:38:09 EDT 1998

Who is Mark Chapman?

St. Julian of Cope sings about not calling him Mark Chapman but who is he and why does Julian not like him?


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed May 27 09:38:16 EDT 1998

Hey, guys!

On the covers tape... I'll give everybody until the end of this week to get their stuff in the mail. After that, I'm gonna start making tapes! :)

By the way, Steven was talking about storms... There were some really violent thunderstorms when we want camping over the weekend. Up in the Senaca Rocks area of West Virginia... Could this have been the same storm system Steven was talking about? Anyway, it was pretty insomniatic, yes! :)

As far as finding Cope stuff - most of the Cope CDs I've gotten have been from on-line sources. The local stores just don't seem to be keeping up recently, which is sad, because I used to love to go in and browse.

Oh yeah, also, anyone a Jazz Butcher fan? Know what's up with the Sumosonic album? I haven't been able to find that anywhere, on-line or not.

Take care, and don't let the storms blow you away!


HEX hex@aztechweb.demon.co.uk http://www.aztechweb.demon.co.uk Wed May 27 12:10:25 EDT 1998

John: Mark Chapman was the guy who shot john lennon.

Co-incidentally he is also the subject of the new Spiritualised single Come together and jolly good it is too ..... well of course it would be!!! seeing as it features ThighP &micheal mooneye!!!!!

does anyone know what the deal is with JC and echo at the mo????

has he been dropped????

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Wed May 27 12:47:50 EDT 1998

I too saw a re-released version of Floored Genius II the other day, slightly different cover. It was at the Virgin Megastore here in Vancouver. They also still had 2 copies of Interpreter in the fancy mini-pizza box. They also had the re-issue of Fried, the one with the extra tracks, plus Followers of Saint Julian, all for around $20-25CDN each. I was quite surprised!

If anyone is still looking for any of these let me know and I can pick them up for you.


Ben Maki bmaki@interaccess.com http://homepage.interaccess.com/~bmaki/acetone/home.html Wed May 27 15:36:39 EDT 1998


In response to your request about Sinclair's "Guitar Army," I just flipped through the most recent catalog from the ArtRock Gallery in San Francisco (a gallery/mailorder house dedicated to the concert poster and other such ephemera) and see that they are offering a copy. It's a hardbound edition and is going for $30 US. They also have some flyers from the Free John Sinclair rally of old. You can find out more information from their website:

ArtRock Online

If you don't have any luck finding it there, I'll dig out the pertinent info tonight.


Ben Maki bmaki@interaccess.com Wed May 27 15:39:15 EDT 1998

Sorry 'bout the blown HTML.



santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Thu May 28 13:36:36 EDT 1998

Hi all,

I suppose that most of you is interested in "Spiritualized" due to the Julian Cope link. Well, they are playing these days in Spain, and they have recorded a 1/2 hour live performance to be shown on TV next week.If anyone is interested just tell me.

Cheers and xxxxxx


Russ Sanders russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Sun May 31 06:29:57 EDT 1998


I've placed a records wanted ad in this months Record Collector Magazine if i get anything worth posting i'll place them here with the seller's address ect ok!


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Tue Jun 2 16:04:13 EDT 1998


Floored Genius 2 has changed the re-issue is through BBC/Strange Fruit the lable that brought you The Peel sessions ect the catalogue number is sfrcd 061 theres nothing else different about it though


Richard P.F.Hayward Wed Jun 3 13:11:00 EDT 1998

As all of you will probably know by now Julian Cope will be headlining in the accoustic tent at This years Glastonbury Festival On sunday 28th June, but as Julian is headlining the same time as the headline set from Spirituaslised on the 2nd stage it seams that all the tape dealers I know, such as Ian Rankin From Glasow, will be taping The Spiritualised set instead. So I am making a request that anybody going to see Juian play Live or anyone who knows someone who will be going to make it known on this site and to make sure that they get hold of a Tape machine such as a DAT or Professional so that the Julian set can be recorded. For I am sure that most people reading this would love to have a recording of Julians set. So please can everybody make sure that they contact anyone going to the fedtival and try and persuade them to record Julian.

Richard Hayward Foxmoor House Rockwell Green Wellington Somerset TA21 9DH Tel 01823 666164.

P.S Please contact me if you are recording Julian and I am also looking for a copy of the Radcliff Radio 1 session From February 1998 So if anyone has has a master recording fronm the radio then please contact me on the above Phone number. "http://whereever.com/"

spaceship mark Wed Jun 3 13:48:54 EDT 1998


Do we all know that Julian is playing the acoustic stage at Glastonbury on June 28th at the same time as Spiritualized yet?

Might be seeing Julian this weekend, if I do will distribute news forthwith...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jun 3 16:17:43 EDT 1998

Hey guys!

I just put my Jane Pow CD on and I feel compelled to tell y'all again that this is a great band to look into, especially if you like the Teardrop Explodes. Their sound is a mix of the teardrops, echo, and a bit of Catherine Wheel and Stone Roses. It's really exciting music, definitely up my alley.

They're on Slumberland Records. I'll try to find some info on how to get their CD. (The CD I have is Love It Be It/State). By the way, although the name is "Jane Pow," the vocals are sung by a guy.

Has anyone else heard of them?

Any last minute Cope tribute songs before I start building the tape?

Gotta run!


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Wed Jun 3 16:30:19 EDT 1998


Trav let me know about the Jane Pow CD a friend of mine has been going crazy about them

As for Glastonbury I'll be working there on the BARS I'd tape it but my tapes out of order.I work for the workers beer company in my spare time the money we get goes towards keeping the local recording studio going so any one going look out for a Julian tshirt behind the bar

I'll be working Glastonbury/Phoenix/Reading all the gig's in Finsbury Park and a lot of other one or two day festivals this summer


Oh yes we get in for free get free beer and get paid (although we don't keep the money not bad eh!!!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jun 3 21:41:45 EDT 1998

Wow, Slumberland Records has given up on their website - that's discouraging. Maybe I should start one up for them. Well, lemme get my IPR pages rolling first. Anyway...

Okay, Jane Pow's Love It Be It / State CD (their only full length CD as far as I know, and it's a double album) can be found at:

The band's mailing address is: P.O. Box 656, Brighton BN1 4SH UK; you might be able to get CDs that way.

There's a discography at: http://www.twee.net/bands/j/janepow.html - click on the TweeNet link for even more items

If you're looking for singles, they're scattered all over the 'net. Jane Pow have been on a few compilation CDs, which helps spread their name around. Of all the compilations, I recommend the Why Pop Stars Can't Dance most highly - it kicks.


Billy Oertel ErtlW1@aol.com Fri Jun 5 00:16:11 EDT 1998

Hey, just got Skellington Chronicles last week! It's the only CD I've played since I got it. Great stuff! Still waiting for Droolian.

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com Sun Jun 7 09:24:34 EDT 1998


I saw Julian yesterday, he's had his haircut and apparently people keep saying he looks like Rod Stewart! He's now got an office at Harper Collins and he's on his second editor, although the books seems to be coming on really well, if getting bigger all the time.

He seems exited about playing Glastonbury, although Rizla his guitar tech has been double booked with Billy Bragg! As if Billy Bragg needs a guitar tech.

Forgot to ask about the website although it doesn't look like we'll be seeing anything out of Head Heritage untill after the book's out as Julian's in London most of the week at the moment,

Anyways thats all


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Mon Jun 8 07:44:28 EDT 1998


Just got back from a weekend of drinkin and smokin at finsbury park it's great working on the bars.There was a bit of trouble on sunday from the SKINHEADS (DICKHEADS MORE LIKE)but other than that a great weekend.Billy Bragg played there well Billy Bragg plays every festival and he gets worse i've never like Billy I suppose you either do or don't there is no middle ground.That much politics shoved down your throat is not what music is about and it's upto the man or woman! to decide what he needs in his life not some pop star (even though Billy has never fitted into that bracket)

Bring on Glastonbury


Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jun 8 14:12:54 EDT 1998

That is too funny! I had a dream the other night in which Julian made a brief appearance and guess what, he had had his hair cut off! In fact he was wearing a dark suit, white shirt and a straight tie, and looked like he'd stepped out of Reservoir Dogs or something. What the hell does that mean? Is Julian about to start doing SKA? Go figure.

slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Tue Jun 9 16:51:22 EDT 1998

Julian doing ska would be interesting if he puts his usual bent perspective on it. Is he going to do a book signing tour when it finally comes out? The fat bloke down the pub told me he was.

Gutted I can't see Julian at Glastonbury but I'm stuck out here in Germany. I met my first German Julian Cope album owner last week. He has Autogeddon but professed that JC was a bit too weird for his liking. Or maybe my German's appalling and he actually said "Man alive, the man's a genius, where can I get Droolian?" Who knows.

Jay thesonics@earthlink.net http://home.earthlink.net/~thesonics Tue Jun 9 22:30:18 EDT 1998

I have been a fan of Julian for YEARS. I was lucky enough to meet him on more than one occasion.

I have been a collector of his stuff for longer than I care to remember but I also have some very rare, hard to find items for sale.

If interested e-mail me privately at:


I will send you a list of EXACTLY what you've been looking for.

TODD H anlo33@yahoo.com Sat Jun 13 02:02:08 EDT 1998

ahh .. imagine how it must have sounded to hear sk. chr. for the first time what a rush .. almost like hearing interpreter the first time... wow... they have this big deal going on about "THE VERVE" in the U.S. NOW if they only knew about storm in heaven or northern soul oh well::::: any way its time for another cope awakening????....l...

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Mon Jun 15 15:13:07 EDT 1998


Has anyone got a copy Of Kilimanjaro on CD on the US Skyclad Lable for sale or trade


Andrew johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jun 15 19:42:58 EDT 1998

OK, I screwed up! Someone out there emailed me in the past few days about Cope bootlegs and I accidentally trashed his email before I could reply to it. I'm on a mailing list for my car, a 1969 datsun 510, and get lots of emails that go straight to the trash and it must have got mixed up with them. Anyway, I erased this persons email.

I can't remember who you are, but if you are out there, I apologise and please email me again, I promise to reply!

Andrew Johnstone

WhiteRabbit aliceb@seanet.com Tue Jun 16 23:19:29 EDT 1998

Good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever!

Please forgive me if this subject has been exhausted to death, but I just scored the Interpreter album.

Is there anyone out there who is familiar with Marlborough Downs and can fill me in on what some of the cartological madness means on the liner sheet?


Alice B. Wildered

st. eurstm@eur .sas.com Wed Jun 17 12:19:53 EDT 1998

Hey Slap take comfort, Germany's not a totally Drude free zone after all. Although I haven't met any natives who get it. Two questions;

Has he cancelled Glastonbury (he's not the programme anymore and I was half considering going back for it) and is there any talk of him playing dear old deutchland???

spaceship_mark spaceship_mark@ndirect.co.uk Wed Jun 17 12:45:46 EDT 1998


I saw Julian two weeks ago tommorow and he said he was playing Glastonbury, inspite of guitar tech difficulties. As for the Downs, it truly is one of the most effervescently cosmic places I've been to. You really just need to go to Avebury and walk east and it all unfolds as you cross the Ridgeway, if you're really lucky you'll run inti a head who can tell you where the Polisher is! As the map says it was from here that the Stones for Avebury and (the BIG stones at) Stonehenge came from.

When I get round to updating my web pages i'll try and get some Marlborugh downs stuff up there. Watch this space.

Love n hugs

Spaceship Mark

PS weather out look is good for the upcoming Solstice, Silbury Hill here comes I...

st. eurstm@eur.sas.com Thu Jun 18 06:12:45 EDT 1998

Hi again,

I just came across this site yesterday due to getting a new copy of Kilimanjaro (my old one having been thieved by some plank who wouldn't even have liked it). Anyway, having taken slightly longer to read through some back mails today, I can see I've been rude, so let me introduce myself. I'm from Ireland, living in Germany (Heidelberg, if you know it), I was a mere kiddy-winkle when the teardrops came out and although I bought the records, I lost track of his Copeness solo til about 91 when a fine friend and drude reintroduced me with the aid of Skellington, Droolian and Peggy - what a blast, what else could i do but freak. So I've scrambled around getting my mits on whatever i can (though I must admit not in a "I want the rare, only 10 copies left b-side single version of china doll, which sounds exactly the same as of the album, except he farts in the third verse" kind of way), but through crappy timing I've still never seen JC live. Hence, my interest in whether he's gonna or ever has toured Germany. I just assumed that the Krautrock meister would, but I've been here four years now and......

Anyway thats enough of that, finally a question and a recommendation.

????? I've heard long ago a, possibly apocryphal story, that towards the end of the teardrops, Bill Drummond orchestrated a concerted campaign to get JC to top himself, his logic being, it was the only way that the TD's would become forever famous. Cope in turn is supposed to refer to this (though I've never seen how) on "Bill Drummond said". Billy-boydidn't dig this and in return released a song called "Julian Cope is dead" (never seen it). There's no mention of this in head on, so is there any truth in it or is it all complete kak?????

And the recommendation (and sort of question) is The Illuminatus Triology by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. I guess a lot of you have read it, but what a mighty fine book. No direct Cope connection as far as I know, but it sorta suits listening to while you read. Has anyone read anything else of his that is nearly as good?

Love, peace and hair grease y'awl


Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jun 18 09:52:21 EDT 1998

Hey guys!

I have all the songs for the Cope Tribute, but am currently waiting to see how a friend of mine is doing with his brand new CD burner. If he figures out how to make audio CDs, I just might buy myself a burner and make it a tribute CD instead of a tribute tape. I'll keep you posted!


Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Thu Jun 18 13:13:40 EDT 1998

Greetings awl...


Yes, Big Bad Bill Drummond did record a song called "Julian Cope Is Dead", which is on a 1987 or '89 lp called "The Man"--it came out in the U.S. on the now-defunct Enigma Records label--I actually found an unopened copy for $2.99 and was tempted to buy it. The lyrics to Drummond's song are, admittedly, funny, but I couldn't bring myself to buy the album on principle. The lyrics are available on the Internet--have a look.

Auf wiedersehen!

the Modfather

Mike Runion mrrunion@palmnet.net http://www5.palmnet.net/~mrrunion/ Thu Jun 18 13:31:23 EDT 1998

Hey Rail-On!ers,

Trav, a CD would be superb (witness the stunning "Glass Flesh", the Robyn Hitchcock tribute CD that the mailing list put out last year).

To all, I stumbled upon the reissues of WSYM and Fried the other day in Orlando's brand spanking new Virgin Megastore and, after some indecision, snapped 'em up, if only for the added tracks (that I've never heard before). Anyway, I'm wondering...here these are supposed to be remastered and all, but the cover art is horrendous! Compare a reissue to the original Mercury versions. Same cover, but BLURRY, and the colors are all degraded. I mean, jeez, what does it take? Spend some time on packaging, will ya?

Ah well, other than than, life is good.

Mik Mak Mok! Mike

Andrew johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jun 18 16:59:09 EDT 1998


Ah, this is where being a graphic designer comes in handy: I have seen crappy packaging on quite a few reissued cds. What happens a lot is that the original artwork is lost, the film and printing plates etc, and they have to take the artwork from a printed copy of the original release. Scanning an image that is already screened (the dots when you look under a magnifying glass) can present tons of problems unless it is done properly. It is guaranteed to reproduce way worse than the original. Also could just be a really crappy print job or a designer who is, (how should I say this?), a little inexperienced. Yes, it sucks.


A tribute cd would be awesome. It is quite easy to burn a cd, we have a burner here at work and have burnt quite a few compilation cds, they work great. I have been tempted to burn a few bootlegs onto cd, but haven't tried yet. I think the Mark radcliffe sessions would make an awesome cd and I keep meaning to do it. The quality doesn't improve any if you are burning from an analogue tape, but you do have a beautiful cd.

Also, Trav, if you need a cover deisgning for the tape or cd, which ever it turns out to be, let me know. I'd love to work on something like that!

And finally...

As far as the Bill Drummond album goes, it is a weird one. My understanding was that Bill Drummond heard Cope's "Bill Drummond Said" which pissed him off, although I have never understood the lyrics totally myself. In response he wrote and recorded the pleasant little ditty "Julian Cope is Dead", as a feeble revenge.

The album in my mind is weird. It is a cross between Scottish folk and country and western, lots of slide guitars etc. It lacks a direction. I bought it years ago when it came out and have listened to it a few times. Not my cup of tea really. Maybe worth getting for avid collectors. I have seen it around in bargain bins etc, usually for less than $5. I wouldn't pay more than that. I think it is only available on vinyl. It always amazes me how he went from playing this kind of uneventful music to that of KLF, oh well.


Jeff Penczak leapday@goes.com Thu Jun 18 22:19:23 EDT 1998

To St. Eurstm,

Not to dwell too long off topic on Robert Anton Wilson, but as he is my absolute favorite author, I can very highly recommend anything by him that you can lay your hands on. Although you apparently have started with The Illuminatus Trilogy, try Masks of the Illuminati next (a sort of continuation of the same themes.) After that, his fiction gets a little heavy going (The Schroedinger's Cat trilogy is almost impenetrable unless you understand the basics of Quantum Theory). I would, however, suggest hunting down some of his non-fiction works (the 3 Cosmic Trigger volumes are at once, hilarious, insightful and definitely not PC!) He does tend to repeat himself a bit throughout the non-fiction works (I've got and read about a dozen different titles), but they all are thought provoking, sometimes complicated, but always entertaining and, yes, quite psychadelic!

Happy reading,


P.S. As to the Cope stuff, I'd also love to get in on the trib CD when it's available.


Patrick Fri Jun 19 14:59:24 EDT 1998

Follow this link to "Julian Cope is dead":


Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Fri Jun 19 15:20:07 EDT 1998


Anyone going to GLASTONBURY let me know and we'll try and meet up.

I'm going to be working on one of the beer tents but I'm going to be off for JULIAN'S set and most of the rest of the festival if I have my way


Pablo pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Fri Jun 19 16:33:03 EDT 1998

I'll try to post up some new material on the Screaming Secrets website soon(ish).

Robert Anton Wilson is the ruling writer, he has a lot to say about fules following dogmatic causes. Mmmm......


Marc raudembo@rz.ruhr-uni-bochum.de Tue Jun 23 06:11:01 EDT 1998

to St. in Heidelberg :

Hi St.,

so viel ich weiss, hat Julian 1987 auf dem Bizarre - Festival in Köln das letzte Mal in Deutschland gespielt, im Rahmen von "St. Julian". Seitdem wohl nicht mehr. Im Rahmen des Krautrocksamplers gab es eine Pressekonferenz in Köln vor 2 oder 3 Jahren, es gibt ja mittlerweile auch eine deutsche Übersetzung des Buchs. Wenn Du den Drude live sehen willst, muß man leider nach Großbritannien übersetzen, auch wenn es dann teuer wird !!

As far as I'm concerned, the last time Julian played Germany was in 1987 on the Bizarre - Festival, Cologne. He held a press conference in Cologne about two or three years ago to promote the Krautrocksampler, which has even been translated into German afterwards.

Isn't it about time for the drude to go to Germany again ???

spaceship mark spaceship_mark@hotmail.com Tue Jun 23 13:39:07 EDT 1998


Went to the Solstice in Avebury and I'm pleased to report a good time was had by all, even if the only cloud of the weekend was when the sun was supposed to rise...doh! Nontheless Julian 'hosted' the Solstice cafe, which involved sitting around eating toast and going into Avebury to sing his Scott Walker style 'Breakfast is served' song.

I got sunburnt,

Bye for now,

Spaceship Mark on the Mothership

Jennifer jens@mysticseaport.org Wed Jun 24 09:58:50 EDT 1998

Is it just me, or does anyone else think the riff in Beck's "Devil's Haircut" sounds like "Reynard the Fox"? (Yes, I realize I am stating this about two years after the fact!)

Also, for anyone who gets the E! Entertainment network - do you think the music in the background of the commercials for "Fashion Emergency" sounds like "World Shut Your Mouth"? Or perhaps I'm just mad...


santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Wed Jun 24 14:09:32 EDT 1998


As far as I know the riff in "Devil's haircut" is a sample from "I can only give you everything" (Uh! great song) by The Troggs, 15 years older than "Reynard". So it would be the opposite, "Reynard" would be "based" on "I can only..." (but I don't think so, i'm going to check it righ now).



Pablo pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Wed Jun 24 14:12:32 EDT 1998

OK, there's a (slight) update to the Screaming Secrets pages re: Copey and the Echo situation. Follow the links etc.

Another issue may be in the works, but I'd rather do another Liverpool Explodes, or even an Avebury trip. Who's up for it?

spaceship_mark Wed Jun 24 14:47:56 EDT 1998

Devil's Haircut, Reynard etc. are just three strings going up on the same fret so could easily have been arrived at indepentently. WSYM is just three chords that everyone uses.

Sorry to piss on the conspirisist parade.

Love Hugs and Solsticial Magic,


Pablo pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Thu Jun 25 15:06:08 EDT 1998

Ah, the old Reynard/Devil's Haircut story. We covered that in Screaming Secrets yonks ago. I was always puzzled as to where Copey had lifted it from originally. Is it The Troggs?

Arrive at independently? It's like saying The X Files aren't based on classic sci-fi films. Oh well.


Jörgen jorgen.grahn@NOHAM.opensoftware.se Sat Jun 27 14:52:52 EDT 1998

Regarding Bill Drummond's "The Man" album: I bought a used copy some time ago. I think it's actually fairly good, but that might be because the musicians on that album are the members of my favourite band (except Cope): the Triffids (anyone remember them?)

Today I found a used copy of "TX82-G" by the Teardrops. Anybody who knows anything about it? It's a 12" single featuring Tiny Children, Sleeping Gas (live) and something called "Rachel Built a Steamboat".

Also some early weird Cope writings on the cover.

steven swaldfogle@aol.com Sun Jun 28 15:58:21 EDT 1998

'Lo All,

Sorry I haven't been around much lately,been unfortunately "doc"cupied..~sigh~...

Love the idea of a Cope CD tribute Trav...hope things work out on that front...a most welcome addition to the Cope canon....

^Dumb "stuck out in nowhere" question^....been looking through old posts re:'Ambulance'Cd...any info??

Thanks and luff,


Pablo pabs@netmatters.co.uk http://www.netmatters.co.uk/users/pabs/index.html Sun Jun 28 16:35:46 EDT 1998

I've added a little polish to the Screaming Secrets pages. Check it out and let me know what you think.I'm still not sure what to do about posting up old articles. Any suggestions?


PS Not too keen on the italics!

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jun 29 14:19:21 EDT 1998


It sounds like you have a copy of the Tiny Children 12" there, the TX82-G you mention. It has the same track listing as the 12", but I think the general release has a different catalogue number, maybe this is a promo version?


slap bjc20@cam.ac.uk Tue Jun 30 10:34:01 EDT 1998

Noooooooo, please don't do just a CD. Not having a CD player pisses me off already with it being impossible to buy singles or Droolian but the tribute album too? Oof, that would push me over the edge and you'd see me on the news being led away (behind the brave reporter whose back is to me and therefore feels a little uncomfortable in case I escape and murder him for owning a CD player) along with the story of the quiet, shy and retiring law student who found one back catalogue too many on CD only re-release and murdered everyone.

I heard that Bill Drummond wanted JC to kill himself to sell more records but I've no idea who from, probably my old friend the fat bloke down the pub.

Any idea where I can get the German version of Krautrocksampler anyone? Or a code or something so I can have my oh so helpful shop assistant order it for me?

Andrew Johnstone andrew@alchemedia.net http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jun 30 12:48:52 EDT 1998

I remember redaing/hearing something about Bill Drummond wanting Cope to kill himself so that they ouwld sell more records too. There was something about if Cope killed himself then the Teardrop Explodes could become bigger than Jesus.

I was actually watching Much Music (Canadian music tv channel for the uninitiated) and they played the video for KLFs 3 a.m. the other day. There now, isn't that a riveting piece of information!


P.S. Good luck for today, England! Of course there are no political conotations to todays game, just like the USA vs. Iran. Apologies to all as this isn't a Cope thing, not even remotely.

Boolbar boolbar@objectivesw.co.uk Wed Jul 1 05:06:20 EDT 1998

Q mag has reviewed Floored Genius 2 ('cos it's been re-issued) as follows . . .

"Julian Cope crawled away from the wreckage of Teardrop Explodes to the nostalgic reality of Tamworth, where he'd spent his childhood. The drug-fuelled messiah in leather pants undertook this retreat with future wife Dorian, and wrote childlike psychedelic pop on a drum machine and Casio keyboard. Much of Floored Genius 2 provides an intimate snapshot of Cope's mind in the early-'80s, as he developed his simple solo compositions for the two 1984 albums, World Shut Your Mouth and Fried. This is the best material here, as an uncertain Cope treads the line between burn-out psychotic blues and lucid inspiration. Material from his Peggy Suicide comeback period closes Floored Genius 2, as the Krautrock influences begin to kick in with distinctly mixed results. (3 stars out of 5) - Steve Mallins"

Russ russ.sanders@dial.pipex.com Thu Jul 2 08:14:17 EDT 1998


Well back from Glastonbury at last had a grat time and got to see most of the band's i wanted to see.I've just installed Win 98 as well i've been running a beta for months now and i've got so used to it i hadto buy it.Well back to Glastonbury the heavens opened again for the second year running but it did not stop the music or the vibes Julian played a very good set no doubt it will be on sale on cassette real soon other good bands of the weekend included

and loads more

santisan sicigia@vlc.servicom.es Thu Jul 2 14:03:06 EDT 1998

Hi all,

Can any of you english speakers explain to me what does "Rail on" mean in the Julian Cope song? Cos is one on my favourite songs but can't understand this expresion, even reading the lyrics on the back sleeve of the 12".


Rail On #10

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