Rail On #17

1999-12-01 to 2000-01-29

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Dec 1 13:50:09 EST 1999

Hey, folks! I'm back in good ole Virginia, at least for the Holidays. Feels great to be back out of the frozen north, and among family again! :)

I archived the old page - lots of cool stuff on it! I encourage people to try out the search engine. I've added a "search" link to the top of this page so that you can get to the search page more easily.

Interpreters Vol 2: Second Heads is finished, and so far the people who've heard it (mostly contributors at this point) seem very enthusiastic about it! Hooray! :) Now that I am back, I can start churning out CDs for people. You can click on the "Tribute CDs" link at the top of this page for the latest info on the tribute CDs and how to order them.


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Wed Dec 1 14:43:09 EST 1999

Welcome back, Trav!

Howard - funny you should mention Mike Scott.

On one the Drudes tours of The Highlands and Islands in the mid 90s, he played a small place in Findhorn Bay. The venue was some sort of religious/spiritual centre (I don't have the name to hand) and Mike Scott was actually staying there at the time. He was in the audience for the gig and maybe they talked after.

Who knows what occurred?

Far away from the thrill of the world...

brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Wed Dec 1 15:44:38 EST 1999

welcome home trav,

my opinion of second head goes as follows...

wonderful, julian truely has some talented fans.

A few things that I thought were especially great about it, rob ross's treason was amazing, and I must say I have always wanted to do a version of head hang low with a female singer, sogood job to tayna.

over all all the songs were great, I am very happy about it.

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com Thu Dec 2 10:24:57 EST 1999

Welcome back Trav. Don't talk to me about the frozen north, it is 3ºF (-16ºC) this morning.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Dec 2 14:17:57 EST 1999

It's a bit quiet on the Western Front today - Are you there or are you all listening to Odin and Elizabeth Vagina? The birth of the unconquered Sun will be upon us soon!

Cheers me dears


Bryan Van Donslear vandons@yahoo.com http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/friedthejuliancopeclub/ Thu Dec 2 22:53:19 EST 1999

I've started a Julian Cope Club in Yahoo.

Please check it out, join, and discuss.


Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Fri Dec 3 04:23:42 EST 1999

Vybik Jon - The Findhorn foundation is quite a long established community and co-operative where all sorts of things go on. In its early years wonderous feats were apparently accomplished e.g. growing vegetables that were way bigger than any normal ones. Mike Scott became interested in the whole Findhorn thing, went and stayed there for a while and recorded his "Bring 'em all in" album in Findhorn's Universal Hall. Be seeing you, Howard.


Oh dear, the weather is dreadful.

Russ, do you have time to nip up the attic and dig out some tapes? Particularly Wolverhampton 95.

In case we are all wandering around aimlessly wondering who's who, are we definately meeting in the Red Lion at 12:30?


Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Fri Dec 3 06:28:54 EST 1999


I'll see everyone tomorrow in the Red Lion.

I'll bring some tapes they are my originals so you can tape them and send them back.


The weather and the wind are clearing up so tomorrow should be OK.

spontaneous search-party do_rain@hotmail.com Fri Dec 3 08:00:43 EST 1999

Hey russ, could you post the uncut article on here for those of us who can't get it for months away.


verian verianthomas@breathe.co.uk Fri Dec 3 09:32:08 EST 1999

Thanks Russ, I should have a few bits and pieces for you as well


Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Fri Dec 3 09:35:01 EST 1999

Woooa, windy day, be careful on those motorways tomorrow folks. Hope you have a great day, I am really quite jealous. I was looking through the photo's from my last trip ... sigh! Travel in the bizarre knowledge that I shall be catering (vege) for 60+ karate kids ...

Russ Fri Dec 3 10:52:22 EST 1999

I'll try and get the article up as soon as I can


Russ Fri Dec 3 10:55:12 EST 1999

I anyone wants a lift tomorrow let me know before 9pm tonight


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Fri Dec 3 13:22:52 EST 1999

I'd love to join, Bryan, and I did try 8 times. It kept throwing me out.

Wish I was going to Avebury tomorrow. Enjoy it y'all.

When I dream...

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Dec 3 13:33:13 EST 1999

See you in the Red Lion about 12.30 tomorrow - if I don't find you sooner. The weather might be quite interesting!

UNCUT has Repossessed as no 9 book of the year, No 1 is something to do with Elvis (boooooorrrrriiinnnngggg!!) No 2 sounds quite interesting though as its the autobiography of John Cale (another interesting character) and No 6 is Patti Smith Complete.

Got to go and sort out some more tapes for Verian.

Cheers me dears


Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Fri Dec 3 15:07:32 EST 1999

Safe and happy trip all

have a great time

drive she said,


Steven Fri Dec 3 15:09:17 EST 1999


and welcome back Trav!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Dec 3 18:09:03 EST 1999

Hey guys! To make your holiday shopping a little easier, I added a new Merchandise page [see the links page]. It has links to the major online CD sellers and lists all the Cope albums, books, etc. available at each site. Enjoy!

Has anyone heard the new Buzzcock album yet? Also, how about the new Andreas Vollenweider album (new age)?


Paul Whelan paulwheeliebin@yahoo.co.uk http://www.liverpoolthen.co.uk Sun Dec 5 00:22:36 EST 1999

Hello peeps,

I'm a new addition to Rail On. Been a Teardrop/Cope fan since 1981. I'm based in Liverpool. Right in the heart of the hurricane. Bit of a plug this bit but I think it is of interest. Check out my NEW web site called LIVERPOOL THEN. In Cope terms i've added a recent contibution, a review of Cope in L'Pool doing his book thang.

A full list of bands Cope and the Teardrops where in before they where fab as we know them. Also in a couple of days i'm meeting Pete Fulwell. Doing an interview with him. Who's he? Only the co-owner of ERIC's in L'pool where the Crucial Three met. He was the manager of Wah! and the Christians too. Hopefully he'll spill the beans. He says he's got loads of photos/demos of the bands from the early 80's. I'll post rellevant goodies here next week but do check out my site. Contributions are welcome for reviews old and new alike, gigs and book signings etc.. Anyone got any Book signing photos of Cope in full battle make-up that I can use.

Web shut ya mouth, web shut ya mouth. First and only last plug, honest, shut ya mouth. http://www.liverpoolthen.co.uk

Can ya Cope

Paul Whelan

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Dec 6 03:51:14 EST 1999


Just an observational report from this weekend.....

On Sat. Night I met up with some 'Hardcore' Bunny fans and we went and saw Echo &The Bunnymen at Bristol Uni... and I just stood there and stared at Ian and to be honest with you I felt so sorry for them. There was probably 120 people there at the most (my ticket was no.7!!!) There was no way Julian would have attracted that few fans.... And to be honest I don't think Julian would want to stand there and sing oldies to an unapreciative audience. They were brilliant but there was no excitement and tingle... I was proud to be a Cope fan that night... (Were you the guy in the leather jacket with the long blonde hair? Had Julian Cope 'Eves Volcano' style on the back of your jacket?)

And was anyone at the Ochre (?) Skyray gig in Bristol the other night cause according to the Bunney fans I was with 'Julian was there and was behaving like he owned the joint and was swanning around like some sort of god!!!?' Surely not our Julian!!!!!

Anyway.... better dash, have a stonking Xmas and I'll pop in in the New Year....

Nat xx

Johnny john.w.smith@expro.shell.co.uk Mon Dec 6 08:41:25 EST 1999

I'm back.

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Dec 6 11:28:07 EST 1999

That's very forward of you, John.

Derek Derek@Whitaker46.Freeserve.co.uk Mon Dec 6 14:02:47 EST 1999

Hello! I went to Avebury on Sat. and must apologise for not turning up at the pub.Anyway, to cut a long rambling tale short, I got stoned. There, thats all I will say on the matter. Crackin' day though, Windmill hill is a fantastic place, crazeh views dudes! Oh to live in the country (my girlfriend won't let me!) I'm still waiting for Odin et al to arrive from HH it's taking ages, is this usual? Ta Ta for now - Dewik

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com Mon Dec 6 15:22:37 EST 1999


I got an email a short while ago from JoAnne who runs HH in which she said:

"we are so inundated at the moment that, i'm ashamed to say, we're a bit further behind on some orders than i like to be."

So bear with them if they are a bit slow. The wait is worth it. - Andrew

Steven swaldfogle@aol.com Mon Dec 6 16:04:15 EST 1999

While hunting around today I found this Lester Bangs interview/tribute that I thought some might find intersting(as I recall a passing discussion concerning him a few weeks back).The site is an e-mag called Perfect Sound Forever which has quite a bit of good stuff(Fall and Beefheart tributes as well)....well worth exploreing






Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Dec 6 17:23:37 EST 1999

Shame that we missed you Derek - was that you getting stoned in West Kennett Long Barrow?

Russ, Verian and turned up. Russ and Verian both took some photos (Shrimp ain't got a camera!) It was bloody cold but the ale helped!

Doubt we'll be hearing from Verian for a while as he has a few tapes to plough through!!!

I wonder what it is that HH are selling? Perhaps Rob is buying up all the copies of Odin! or is it that stocking filler Repossessed? (I'm waiting for the next book now!!!!)

Cheers me dears


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Dec 6 17:38:11 EST 1999

I've just finished reading an interview with Boards of Canada who are based in Edinburgh. They have an album out called Music Has The Right To Children on Warp.

The last paragraph is as follows:

'So if they rarely venture out into the clubland of The Capital, what do Boards of Canada see as a great night out?


I reckon that you should check them out.

Cheers again me dears


Politician Rob bobsyecho@hotmail.com Mon Dec 6 18:18:23 EST 1999

I am not buying up all copies of Odin but I keep trying Shrimp. I have already 86 with me which will be worth thousands in the far out minds of the next "millenials". Also far too busy now, sorting out my trip to the far far east next week. Far is the word to be used in the Commons these days. Far out.

(Anonymous) Tue Dec 7 02:43:02 EST 1999

Hi there! Shrimp, I was very stoned in the long barrow, but I don't smoke da 'erb, I bake it into little cupcakes! So.....if you saw someone running around with an out of control, heavily burning smudge stick and red eyes, that would have been me! I was there around 11am(I think!)We may have even passed each other, who knows! What did you guys get up to?


St. Tue Dec 7 04:23:19 EST 1999

I don't know if this has been mentioned already, I've been a bit busy and unable to keep uip wuth the mails, but according to my friend in London "the latest Mojo magazine that has about six pages on Julian Cope". Hmmm, one for the christmas stocking.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Dec 7 13:20:33 EST 1999

Derek - I think we must have passed then - I was there when a couple of people came out and one was trying to put out the smudge stick? I then went inside in the far chamber and listened to Paranormal on me eadfones - if that was you then in the group sitting in the second LHS chamber I didn't wish to disturb you!

Rob - Sod the Commons its in Europe where the action is!! Agitation Free - Last gets better with every listen and Odin compares quite favourably.

Cheers me dears


Derek Derek@Whitaker46.Freeserve.co.uk Tue Dec 7 15:13:59 EST 1999

Shrimp! Yes, that nutter trying to desperately extinguish an amazingly out of control smudge stick, was in fact, I.Who were you then? Were you the geezer with the black(I think) hat and headphonesand goatee(think) This is like "Crimestoppers". I think you may have also being wearing round, gold rimmed glasses, am I right? You can phone a friend if you require!!!!!!I am still trying to recover from a totallyamazing day I WANT TO GO BACK. NOW! I may even return the weekend before Xmas if I can sort it out. Speak to youse awl later- Derek.

Mike michelle@pacificcoast.net Tue Dec 7 17:59:27 EST 1999

[Posted by Travis]

I used to have this Julian Cope CD called "Dancing Heads- The Remixes". It was stolen from my house during a break in (with all my other cd's). I've been searching for a couple of years now and no luck. Any suggestions? I live in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.



Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Dec 7 18:11:54 EST 1999

Mike -

SamGoody.com is advertising Dancing Heads for $5.99, though it is currently listed as "unavailable".

I've also seen it on a few used/auction sites. For starters, you can try http://www.gemm.com Search on "cope, julian" and "julian cope" separately since they give different results. Right now I don't see Dancing Heads there, but there are a couple of "Head" EPs which might be the same thing.

Hope that helps!


p.s. Anyone on here willing to sell a copy?

Derek Tue Dec 7 18:16:14 EST 1999

Shrimp-I will attempt to buy Agitation Free this FridaY -recommendations perrlease?!!!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Dec 7 19:11:54 EST 1999

Derek - yeah that was me with the rucksac, glasses and headphones.

I should have stayed for a piece of cake! I told Russ and Verian about these 'weird' characters inhabiting the Long Barrow whilst we were in the pub! Probably the best place to be out of the cold.

The Agitation Free - Last disk has been raved about by Rob for a while and has a track called Looping IV - The second Queen Elizabeth and Odin are similar. You can get it from Ultima Thule in Leicester for £11 (0116-285-4545). My copy came from CD Paradise but took nearly 2 months to arrive!!



Derek Wed Dec 8 02:37:01 EST 1999

Cheers Shrimp! You should have stayed for a bit of cake!

verian verianthomas@breathe.co.uk Wed Dec 8 04:01:07 EST 1999

My world has gone Krautrock crazy- aaarghhh. Currently on the Krautrock curriculum thanks to Tutor Shrimp is Tangerine Dream. One minute I like it, the next I don't, then I do again, it's really quite strange. In places I think it's like atmospheric music that you find playing quietly in the background in fairly crappy films, then there'll be a sound or a phrase that pulls it together and it's like, Oh, I see.

I'm sure I can see the influence that this has had on stuff like Rite as well. Not that this has been ripped off but that there is an attitude, a feeling of space as if they'll finish when their good and ready, and you're not quite sure when this will be but when it does end you wish it would have gone on a bit longer.

Overall I think I like Tangerine Dream but I'm not 100 per cent about it just yet. So thanks to Shrimp for going taping mental and sorting these out for me. If this isn't boring for everybody, I'll post some more stuff as I wade through the tapes.

On Saturday we discussed the possibility of putting together a Krautrock Sampler CD for those that are interested. Is anybody?

Thanks go out to Russ as well for some great Cope stuff. I feel a little spoilt for choice at the moment as I have so much stuff to listen to but I ain't complaining. How was the Ritz CD Russ?

Shrimp - do you remember we swapped beer because you had mine and I had yours. Bloody good choice, I had a bad stomach all Saturday night. If anybody goes to the Red Lion in Avebury, avoid the 6X at all costs!

Anyway, it was great to meet Shrimp &Russ and I had a really good time, so I hope we can repeat this in the future, maybe with a few more people turning up to hang out.

This is getting way to long because I have bugger all to do at work this morning.

I'll go away now but I'll probably be back later.


Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Wed Dec 8 04:02:19 EST 1999

Shrimp, Dewick, you're painting some lovely pictures of yoursel's!

Oh for just a day out in the country...

Russ russ.sanders@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Wed Dec 8 08:30:22 EST 1999


I'm adding a wants list to my Cope site so if you need anything cope or not drop me a line

I'm also going to add reviews done by fans to the site on any cope related item so if you fancy writing a review send them to me at the above address


Andrew common.era@hotbot.com Wed Dec 8 10:06:17 EST 1999


Yeah. GEMM.com is probably your best bet for Dancing Heads. I recently bought a copy of it through ebay as well and I have seen it come up there a few times recently, so that is worth keeping an eye on. - Andrew

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Wed Dec 8 10:23:10 EST 1999


Just got "Interpreters Vol. 2"--once again, it's a f**kin' gem!


What do you others fink of this glorious outpouring of our musical loins?

Modfather Rob

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Wed Dec 8 10:24:02 EST 1999


Just got "Interpreters Vol. 2"--once again, it's a f**kin' gem!


What do you others fink of this glorious outpouring of our musical loins?

Modfather Rob

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Dec 8 13:24:26 EST 1999

Verian - Glad that you're giving the tapes a chance - that is all that's required. My stomach was OK but my head was hurting by the time I arrived home. The Cd's are rather good - thanks

Derek - Yeah maaaaaannn!!!

Izzy - My paintings are rather good actually! Get out in the country and enjoy it.

Cheers Me Dears


Politician Robbo Blanko bobsyecho@hotmail.com Wed Dec 8 13:35:18 EST 1999

It was never my intention to turn this into a Krautrock discussion list but due to Izzy's interest here is Agitation Free's discography in chronological order: Malesch / Second / Last / Fragments. Looping IV is their overlooked oddinistic statement, which loops and loops forever, like Odin. But perhaps they are also the ones with the most gorgeously melodic intense Krautrock too, sometimes sudden acid-blues guitars scything through your mind trip.

As Verian pointed out, you never know if it is going to work or not. But I'll tell you something: Krautrock is atemporal and hugely otherdimensional and it never sounds the same in different moments so they are worth the 11 pounds (Ultima Thule's price). Your whole life needs to act accordingly too. The Moment is Awl-Important. But no worries, the music will do the trick eventually. Soon you will be taking it with you on to windswept hills, dense forests and desolate moors and you will get the impression EVERY minute of your life is so bloody important in its pagan-ness.

The Freeman Brothers at Ultima Thule are the wise Gandalfs of Krautrock, true Wizards with a musical vision. Phone them and they will send you a catalogue free of charge to choose from. Apart from Agitation Free, briefly mentioned in KRS, there are a few other jewels to fill a KRS-second part, but perhaps more obscure and with only one average release each of them. In the vein of Ash Ra Tempel / Cosmic Jokers / Agitation Free: Mythos, Gila, Sand, Deuter (D), Annexus Quam, Between, Dzyan, Emtidi, Yatha Sidhra, Virus, Limbus IV. Most of them released just one album, as if all they had to say was intensely compressed into one. Or else, get their debuts. For the KRS recommendations, stick to ALL 50 of them and forget the rest. Don't be fooled by names - much Krautrock is utter shit once the trip was over (just check 98% Tangerine Dream). Your trips to Leicester will turn into a Mad Quest.

"Allow the artist his or her metaphor", don't prejudge, but trust. forget your preconceptions and experiences. free your mind and your ass will follow, the Kingdom of Odin is within.

spaceship mark Wed Dec 8 13:42:05 EST 1999

Wotcha chaps,

In case yous guys hadn't spotted it Select magazine reports that Kosmiche's Christmas Special at the Garage in Islington features a secret DJ 'renowned for his love of the genre. Without giving to much away, he's a safe surfer, darling. Clue enough?' Thats on December 18th 7:30 to 3am and costs a fiver...

Good to here you all had fun in Avebury, anyone find the Pollisher? Or is it's secret safe...?

Awl love


PRB bobsyecho@hotmail.com Wed Dec 8 14:12:08 EST 1999

Its secret's safe. Whereabouts unknown.

Verian verianthomas@breathe.co.uk Wed Dec 8 16:29:36 EST 1999

Woooaaahhhh. Hold everything. I have had to re-evaluate tangerine Dream after hearing Outside The Dream Syndicate - Tony Conrad With Faust.

This is much much better.

PRB Wed Dec 8 16:51:40 EST 1999

Excellent, Verian. Pure Trance. Gorgeousssssssss after 10 repeated plays. Fun-da-men-tal-(ism). Great sound too.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Dec 8 19:28:23 EST 1999

Verian - Glad to hear that you're listening with intent!

I hope that you're viewing pleasure has been combined with the appropriate page of Krautrocksampler open as it provides another colour to the palette!

I think that it's about time for another of my listening 'reviews' so for your delicictaion I will be posting my thoughts on 'Interpreter' tomorrow. Pin back your lugholes!!!

Cheers again my dears as I've had a few already!!!

Scrimp and save for tomorrow because today may never come

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Thu Dec 9 09:10:53 EST 1999

The definition of irony : just been reading the corking book on life at the turn of the first millenniium, "100AD". I would unreservedly recommend it to all you troops out there as there are a number of "ins'" to TMA and also it's a thoroughly fascinating read. Anyway, there is a sequence expalining how villages in England derived their names from either the Viking or Anglo-Saxon lanuage and how the ending of a place name thus defines this.

With a wonderful sense of irony the authors state that " the name Scale, as in Windscale, means a safe or sheltered place."

Windscale = safe ?

cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Thu Dec 9 09:13:24 EST 1999

That should, of course, read as "1000AD". !

DevDev Thu Dec 9 09:15:54 EST 1999

Or even 1000 C.E.

paul quinlan paulq@oniva.com http://www.nme.com/newsdesk/19991209132552.html Thu Dec 9 11:26:29 EST 1999

hi everybody,

(vaguely) cope related news on nme.com:

regarding spiritualized/thighspaulsandra/mike mooney

Pierce is working with keyboard player Thighpaulsandra and saxophonist Ray Dickaty but the rest of the Spiritualized line-up is unknown. The singer sacked three members of the band - bassist Sean Cook, drummer Damon Reece and guitarist Mike Mooney - earlier this year.....Meanwhile, Lupine Howl, the band made up of the sacked Spiritualized members, have completed ten songs for their forthcoming debut album and recorded more than 20 hours of music with Massive Attack.

Derek Thu Dec 9 12:59:10 EST 1999

Hi awl. I finally got my copy of Odin (my cat is waving it's paw verrrry close to my head whilst I type - quite distracting! He's a total nutter!!) Q.E. and Rite 1&2 this morning. I listened to Odin on the way to work WHAT A WAY TO START THE DAY - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! F a n t a s t i c. I presume that Copey is D.Jaying at the Garage, Mark. That is cool 'cos I live in London(unfortunately) Anyway, I will definately be going-anyone else? Shrimp, Awwwwwwwwwllllllllrrrrriiiiggghhhttttt(I must stop saying that!) How's It going? Still got that Waden Hill vibe, Druid (I think my cat is tripping he is currently trying to climb on my head!) Must return to Wiltshire soon, I might go before Xmas ,or maybe New Years Day.

Izzy, I'm not crazy,honest!(Well, only slightly) Do you still want this JC interview thang?? You're quite welcome! Just give me a shout an' I'll sort it out.

Mark, my mate lives in Manton 2 miles from Avebury and he knows where the Pollisher stone lies. I went there in May of this year and searched for it- but to no avail! Obviously he wasn't with me - next time.

OK I'm going to ring my Mum, then ingest pot cake and listen to Shamanic vibrations! Until next time - farewell you beautiful creatures!!!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Dec 9 15:56:53 EST 1999

Interpreter - Julian Cope - an Interpretation from Shrimp

I Come From Another Planet Baby
Joy Division mixed with Lou Reed - Baaeebeee now where does that come from - Mellotron swirls - spaced out OMD - snare drum driven pop mix. Ambulence does the thing a whole lot better though.
I've Got My TV & My Pills
Haven't I heard this before on a previous album?
Planetary Sit-In
Planetary lullaby - round and round we go and lets hold hands and swing - Great I luv it. Strings are superb.
Since I Lost My Head, It's Awl-Right
Lets recap and go back a bit to Teardrops and Fried etc. Again its driven by the drums. Is that the Police I hear a bit of there? Lovely 80's bass sound.
Cheap New-Age Fix
Does this really need all those vocals? It sounds like a jam that got a bit out of hand. Backwards voices - those drums just keep the monotony going and going and going. Joy Division/New Order, what an influence!
The Battle For The Trees
Lovely sentiments - the sun and the moon they got married and we all got high (Derek!). Doesn't quite get heavy enough as the chainsaws and security plough in. Quite disappointing. This could have been a great track but it doesn't quite cut it. It's just too jolly!!! A lot of effort has been put into this - I just wanna go home. Epic without being epic. The Directors cut will no doubt be available on video shortly.
Arthur Drugstore
Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah - Is this a Fried outtake? Argh that's better built those strings and wah wah - one of those songs where the singer walks off stage at the end of the concert.
S.p.a.c.e.r.o.c.k. With Me
I thought that this was shit when I first heard it - but there is a lot beneath the surface if you give it a go. Somehow it reminds me of Stingray. Marina speaks.
Re-Directed Mail
This only works in a live environment or played at very loud volumes.
Maid Of Constant Sorrow
Late Nite Groove Machine - schmooch - Doors of perception - lizard king. Great!
The Loveboat
Is this a joke? Too many words again - story telling should be on the page rather than on record - stick to it son!
Superb and should have been about 30 minutes long, another bootleg live classic - build your own Silbury in the comfort of your own home without the dreaded sticky backed plastic. Is he making those vocals up as he goes along?

Overall very patchy - I bought this the day after I saw the live show in Cambridge - it has been a disappointment to me ever since. Now whether that is because the show was so good I will never know. There are some really good string and mellotron arrangements here but there is something missing - was he trying too hard or not trying? Perhaps Head On 3 will explain in about 5 years time. It's one of those albums that should have been recorded after the tour and compiled from the live extended jams. I don't know but perhaps that's just where my head is currently.

Cheers me dears


spaceship mark Thu Dec 9 16:06:17 EST 1999

I'd tell you how to find the Pollisher but it's got to be done by showing the way, it's the rules...The grid reference can be found in one book, but i'm not telling which...


Plot-ician Blank-O bobsyecho@hotmail.com Fri Dec 10 08:09:27 EST 1999

Are any intelligible words uttered in Odin or is it my mind playing tricks on me?

Derek Fri Dec 10 13:14:27 EST 1999

I don,t know, I thought I could hear words - but then again. Listened to Rite 2 whilst in the bath, the lights were off....just candle light....IT REALLY FREAKED ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!I got quite scared at some parts, especially when all that weird singing happens!

Thank Goddess it's Friday, I HATE WORK- AAARRRRGGHHHHH


Deemo Fri Dec 10 16:56:38 EST 1999

<<S.p.a.c.e.r.o.c.k. With Me

I thought that this was shit when I first heard it - but there is a lot beneath the surface if you give it a go.>>

This song is great!!! It's SO over the top that you gotta dig it.

In Dead Los Angeleeeeze,


Deemo Fri Dec 10 16:58:58 EST 1999


Sorry, I was referring to S.p.a.c.e.r.o.c.k. With Me in my post.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Dec 10 17:20:25 EST 1999

Yeah its over the top but still a pile of shit!

Awaiting the backlash


Derek Fri Dec 10 19:52:23 EST 1999


st Sat Dec 11 08:44:24 EST 1999

for that last posting Shrimp has my vote for mail of the millenium. You the man!

steve s.bayley@virgin.net Sat Dec 11 17:31:10 EST 1999

Hey there! Its been too long.

Well, what can I say? I met the Drude at the Bath signing (sooo long ago), became a stoned vegetable when I reached the front of the queue, asked none of the questions I'd prepared, grinned like an idiot and left. Met some fellow Southamptoners in the queue, could have been Izzy?

Anyone know how to get to the Garage? DJ Cope sounds too tempting to miss.

Glad to hear of irresponsible goings on concerning Kennet and Cake. (I stopped by the barrow on my way to Bath and was amazed to find the stone I'd hidden away in the back wall of the large chamber was still there). Me and my friends were considering making Avebury our destination for new years eve (we were to take a trip to oblivion whilst there) but fear of pneumonia have scuppered those plans. If any of you lot wanting to visit some sites in the near future let me know, i've been to avebury six times now and only twice have I not been accompanied by a philistine of two ( and one of those times I was alone).

Oh no, the joys of a shared house strike again - why do girls from London dig RnB so much? One of lifes little mysteries, anyway, a big hello from me to yous whoever yous may be.

Take care


"Those who have had any dealings with the odd are not interested in the disbelief of those who have not"

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Dec 11 18:43:35 EST 1999

Today's, yesterday's or tomorrow's millenium - when are you counting from? Now there is something to not give a shit about!!

Cheers me dears


Michael Glover michael_Glover@bigfoot.com http://www.bigfoot.com/michael_Glover Mon Dec 13 01:19:48 EST 1999

Is anyone aware of a virus, which is attached to a game called Christmas Skittles, which is presently doing the rounds on the internet? Apparently, it will dump the contents of the HDD on Xmas day. Or is it all a hoax?

This is one very worried Michael Glover, with skittles on his computer!

belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Mon Dec 13 06:35:12 EST 1999

greetings fellow drudes. nice to be back amongst people who appreciate good music (just been on holiday to thailand, where all the locals seem to adore the f'in eagles - it was nasty). shame to have missed the avebury jaunt - it sounded fun.

anyhow's, important business. whilst away I picked up a copy of a Teardrop Explodes video (for $240!) that I havent seen before, tho I think someone else on the list was talking about it, tho I havent been able to find it when searching thru the archives. 28 minutes long, only 7 tracks - books, passionate friends (sic), like hela khaled said (sic), suffocate, treason. and two others that i cant remmber right now. Credited as 1981, it looks like it was recorded for a bbc in concert or some such. Anyone any ideas as to when and where this might be from, or if this is the same vid as whoever else it was found?

Quality wise it's not that great, nothing wrong with it, just not very exciting. Even if my girlfriend did moan at me for much of the rest of the holiday for having wasted yet more time on Julian bloody Cope.

be groovy


belbin Mon Dec 13 06:38:31 EST 1999

Even if my girlfriend did moan at me for much of the rest of the holiday for having wasted yet more time on Julian bloody Cope.

I think that should have read:STILL WORTH HAVING, Even if my girlfriend did moan at me for much of the rest of the holiday for having wasted yet more time on 'Julian bloody Cope'.

Louise louise_franklin@hp.com Mon Dec 13 08:14:26 EST 1999

Hi Michael,

Is that the Elf Bowling game? If so, the virus is a hoax. There's several websites that debunk it:



If it's a different one - sorry - can't help!



Andrew common.era@hotbot.com Mon Dec 13 11:19:56 EST 1999


I think the video you are refering to is of them live in concert 16/08/81 at the Nottingham Royal Theatre (Tracks: Books/Passionate Friend/Ha Ha I'm Drowning/Leila Khaled/Poppies/Suffocate/Treason). The video case doesn't actually say when and where though.

It was an official release video in 1981 in the UK. Not sure how many copies are around. I managed to find a copy of it when I was still in the UK. I found it in a bargain bin for a couple of quid if I remember right. Did you really pay $240? Or was that a typo? I hope it was! Or is that $240 Thai money? Which no doubt is about £2.50 or something like that. I would be interested to hear how much that actually is if it is Thai-dosh.

belbin Mon Dec 13 11:49:48 EST 1999


cheers, it sounds like it must be that concert, for it is that very tracklisting.

it did indeed cost me $240, but that's Hong Kong dollars, which is about twenty quid/$30 US (still a lot methinks, but, hey, it's the cope). I also bought a cd of an album that I've already got on vinyl, and guess what, it was by the Teardrop Explodes. Wilder - differant cover (the shot that's used for the cover of Head On in fact), quite cheap ($90), and playable at an even louder volume. And it has an odd coding on it that reads 'SMFCD3 - purchasers do not use, for collectors info only' or somesuch. Strange. But still dull.

Paul Whelan paulwheeliebin@yahoo.com http://www.liverpoolthen.co.uk Mon Dec 13 12:18:23 EST 1999

Setting up a guest list/guest book on my site called Liverpool Then. Talk about the Liverpool Erics's scene or whatever, just in time for Chrimbo. Get ya name on the Eric Guest List. There's a competition to test your Cope I.Q. A John Lennon rare photo is the prize, can ya cope. Is this a cop-e out or wot!!Imagine.

Contributions are welcome for Copey reviews old and new alike, gigs and book signings etc.. Anyone got any Book signing photos of Cope in full battle make-up that I can use. please post and I'll be ya passionate friend.

I wrote, well bragged last week I was meeting An old Eric's co-promoter from the 70's. Well he disappeared from view, nowhere to be seen. So no tales just yet from the punkie days of Liverpool.

Web shut ya mouth, web shut ya mouth.

Can ya Cope

Paul Whelan

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Mon Dec 13 13:22:02 EST 1999

It's very quiet at work; has been for the last few weeks. I'm going to be away from my desk from Wed. the 15th until Mon. the 3rd, which will be four days before my 35th birthday. Thus, I thought it would be an appropriate moment to make my millenial end of something or other address... Keeping in mind, I don't have a computer at home--yet!

What a year it's been...

2 books from the Cope; 1 album of chill out music and I still think the best live show I've seen in years was...ROBBIE WILLIAMS!

Crazy bastards in schools killing fellow students; cops in New York going on killing and beating sprees; a fucking dictator for a mayor in this city; the Mets choked against a bunch of shitheads like the Braves; Liz and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary; we had to say goodbye to our oldest cat; Geri Halliwell put out my favorite video this year...

...and when you break it all down, there really isn't that much to say...

...except what have I learnt? BELIEF IS ALL!

If I don't get to hear from any of you for the next two weeks, I'll be at home, finishing my next contributions to the "Interpreters" series and reading/resting while Liz is at work during the day. Until my return in 2000, I wish for all of you much happiness and love and nothing but the best things for Xmas and the New Year--and especially to my fellow chosen-people bretheren, a happy belated Chanukah--no, I didn't miss the yontiff!

A quote to close out with...

we've got stars directing our fate
and we're praying it's not too late
'cos we know we're falling from grace...

(I KNOW it's not Copey, but it's prophetic enough)

Okay, I'll tow the line--

Oh I could shit the past, yes
And that's a chance I'll have to take...

Until next century, God bless you all...

Take care!

CHR chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Mon Dec 13 17:06:33 EST 1999

HH site updated... neue head guide &drudical address.

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com Tue Dec 14 10:21:13 EST 1999


Actually I think 20 quid for the video isn't that bad, I haven't seen it for sale anywhere in a long long time and I think it is pretty rare now. I'd probably pay £20 for it.

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Tue Dec 14 12:29:34 EST 1999

Steve! It was me! Yous the skinny-head fella with the embarrassing mobile phone? Mes the short dark-haired lass. My memory is fading already though. Iron-age Sharon promises the photo before christmas. If I don't mention it again, it is really baaad...

Later Kids


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Dec 14 13:54:22 EST 1999

Hello playmates!

Seems like HH are eavesdropping on our discussions re the note from Jo Anne Wilder! The Archdrudes latest address is even more wacky than that which I come up with - What is he on?

Odin is still wonderful and a lot actually happens if you get underneath it! (try balancing the disc on the end of your nose)

Cheers me dears


St. Wed Dec 15 03:51:50 EST 1999

Too right shrimp, more rant and rave than rock and roll, not the I'm disagreeing with the drude but some of his points of reference just leave me spinning. Like the David Bad-Deal spiel bout him givin Donal MacIntyre a hard time has to do with an article from the Guardian last thursday (Why Hicks doesn't quite fit the bill). Who else read that? And what the hell does "only Gerry Adams, mate" have to do with Jeremy Clarkson?!? Answers on a post card. Anyway, I guess since big changes are afoot a bit of millenium mad(bad ass)ness is allowed.

The important thing for those of you that haven't read it (and are in London, and were intending to go to the garage to see JC as DJ) is that it ain't him babe. No, no, no it ain't him babe. Damn, got to go call my mates that I told it was happening, d'oh.

Still if anyone goes I'd like to know who the safesurfer in question was.

Back to Ireland (via dear old London Tawn) next Monday so in case I don't contribute before then, Happy Holidays and LUV on y'awl

and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles of......

Richard R.P.F.Hayward Wed Dec 15 04:48:44 EST 1999


It's the news everybody has been waiting for:

According to an Add in This weeks NME On Saturday the 1/4/2000 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall There will be:

Julian Cope (Electro Accoustic set)
+Brain Donor (World Premiere performance)
Box office 0171 960 42 42



belbin bnelbinoid@hotmail.com Wed Dec 15 05:30:42 EST 1999

St - the full line on Clarkson/Adams is Clarkson saying the car user is 'ill-served' by this government (the other JC talking more bollocks once again), Given Adams' car being bugged by self same government, there is clearly some connection. Sadly, I must also say I agreed more with David Baddiel than JC as regards Donal 'very dangerous' Macintyre, one massive ego grossly over-stating the amount of danger he placed himself in, and then being surprised that fascists aren't very nice, and that there's a bit of coke knocking around the fashion industry. I would agree with you tho' that, who the hell else read the article, and what meaning will Copes comments have to anyone who reads them in six months time. None whatsoever, I'd have to say.

Andrew - yeah I do think £20 is just on the right side of reasonable for the video, tho I was slightly surprised to see it in an HMV (rather than some 'specialist' store) for that.

And re the Cornucopea thing, I do hope it's true, but isn't that the first of April? Might it not be one almighty josh on JC's part? Let's hope not.

CHR chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Wed Dec 15 05:40:49 EST 1999

Cornucopea IS real.

The fact that's it's on All Fools Day is just a coincidence!

Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Wed Dec 15 09:43:49 EST 1999


There is a copy of Anal Zero Beats CD on Ebay what ever you do don't bid. It's the same copy as both myself and Richard bid on a few weeks ago. I won and posted $40 to the guy in New York and have not recieved a thing since. So be warned I've lost $40 don't get shafted the way I did


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Dec 15 14:41:07 EST 1999

I've recently managed to get a copy of the Copuelation Video and this has led me to reappraise Reynard - The live version is absolutely ace, I still do not think though that it transfers to the studio. You need the Iggy theatrical performance. Spacehopper is also rather good live on Copeulation.

Has anyone actually got the Anal disc?

Cheers me dears


Andrew J common.era@hotbot.com Wed Dec 15 16:18:44 EST 1999

I have Anal. We've discussed it here more than once I believe, quite a while back though. Conclusion? Its a good name for it. Sorry folks, couldn't get into it at all.

Sorry to hear you got shafted Russ. It makes me sad to hear that, very sad, I'm trying to get into the habit of reading the seller's feedback profiles now when I see that "Oh my god, gotta have it" item, but I guess that still isn't any guarantee.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Dec 15 16:49:42 EST 1999

Any chance of copying Anal for me on CD? re the old discussion it sounds right up my tree!



Plot-ician Blank-O bobsyecho@hotmail.com Wed Dec 15 19:17:58 EST 1999

ANAL. Legendary. Imagine a Heavy Metal Aphex Twin with an acid assortment of shrieking crushing cranky metallic regurgitations and sonic farts on a background of machine orgasmic sighing . Very acid. Brain indigestion. Huuuuuuuuuggee Ur-Industrial Protest Music. Technocrat Nightmare/Balls-up. Heavy pre-postrock post-everything Absorber Beyond Music/Comparisons. Arch-Magician Thighpaulsandra took part in it. Interesting too for it being a snack of what's to come under the name of Brain Donor...YESSSS!!!!give me more.

Recommended track: Journey Through A Burning Anal. But beware: nothing much happens. Mind you, easier listening than Elton's pretty well-trimmed melodies.

Shrimp: would gladly copy it for you and anyone else but will have to wait for my return. Went on a chourney. Not exactly through a burning anal but pretty close right now.

Andrew: don't bother to tell my home address (cos I'm not there) but have you received the envelope?

Billy Oertel Wed Dec 15 23:57:48 EST 1999

You guys have gotta get Interpreters Vol.2. Everybody did an excellent job! Some great bands on it

Paul Whelan paulwheeliebin@yahoo.com http://www.liverpoolthen.co.uk Thu Dec 16 07:44:17 EST 1999

Cope's in this months MOJO magazine in the UK. Boss write up. Haven't bought it yet just thumbed the pages in HMV.

Web Shut ya mouth. Web Shut ya mouth

Paul Whelan

Andrew J common.era@hotbot.com Thu Dec 16 18:29:41 EST 1999

Rob, I did get the videos, but no envelope. I'm sure it'll come through soon.

Also, I managed to pick up a copy of Mojo last weekend. Excellent 8 page article on Cope, the best I seen in a long time. Highly recommended!


CHR chris@kleber.net http://www.kleber.net Thu Dec 16 19:50:41 EST 1999

Anyone here taken a risk and ordered the Synus album from HH?

Rooster Cosby and Mick Swift (who he?). Electro-acoustic instrumental grooves. Credits Julian as "Executive Producer" - but the only real evidence of him is that 1/ most of the tracks are about 15-20 minutes long and 2/ it's totally great.



Mark Manson markmanson@compuserve.com Fri Dec 17 08:47:05 EST 1999

Hello fellow head drudes

I know this is bound to have been covered in a discussion thread somewhere and that i am probably pissing awl you riteous drudes off but can someone satisfy the curiosity of a confused fan. The Adolescent so mysteriously referred to in Head On is this Courteney Love? The rumours abound about losing her virginity to Mooneye and Pete de Freitas so rigourously by both these drudes abound but who has the real dope on who The adolescent is?

Love on y'awl


Verian VERIANTHOMAS@BREATHE.CO.UK Fri Dec 17 09:45:08 EST 1999


It is Courtney. I seem to recal that there was a legal reason as to why she couldn't be named in the book. Probably because she would have had Cope shot!

belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Fri Dec 17 10:05:29 EST 1999

Talking of Courtney (who I used to have quite a lot of respect for, but who now seems to have turned into a complete air-head), does anyone have a copy of the advert that Cope placed slagging her off? I remember hearing a lot about it, but have never actually seen it.

Must say that work excepted (god I'm bored) it's a bloody good end to the week, managed to get tickets for Beck Primal Scream &Cope (well got them on order as they are not on sale yet), found a really cheap copy of the Rabbi single (along with the Julian Cope Gift Set #1 - whatever that actually is), and Tranmere Rovers have are almost at Wembley.

Tippety top stuff.

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Fri Dec 17 10:15:16 EST 1999

Belbin, what tickets would these be for Beck, Primal Scream and Cope? What am I missing out on???? Be seeing you, Howard.

belbin Fri Dec 17 10:30:30 EST 1999


Beck Manchester Apollo March 24 £17.50 + booking fee (not playing anywhere else 'near' Liverpool)

Primal Scream Sheffield Octagon March 9 £13.50 + booking fee (they're also playing Nottingham, &Manchester)

Mr Cope (as previously mentioned) South Bank Centre Queen Elizabeth Hall, as part of Scott Walker's Meltdown festival April 1 (he's got Wire on as well! Oh why did I move out of London)

check 'em out &see you there!

Andrew J common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca/ Fri Dec 17 13:02:18 EST 1999


OK, so it only took me a year to get this done, but I have finally posted the "new look" Trampolene Julian Cope web site. Check it out. I have also moved it to a new server, so please update your bookmarks. The old server does have a link to the new location.

Right now it has pretty much the same content as the old site, with a few changes. I still have to post the Books section. Hopefully I am now going to include more pictures and articles on the Arch-Drude and hopefully soon I'll include a feature on the Universal Panzies too.

As always, if you have anything you would like to contribute then please do so, I want Trampolene to be more than my point of view, so email me if you have any articles or reviews that you would like to see up there and they will be included and also email me if you want a link to your site.

I have moved the site to xoom.com, who offer free unlimited web space for anyone. The only catch is that your site displays their navigation buttons at the top of each page, but I figure that is a small price to pay as they aren't too obtrusive. You can get an awesome counter which gives me stats on how many hits and where they are from etc, plus a guestbook! So drop by and sign the book and let me know what you think or what is needed etc.

Best wishes to one and all


Kevin Fri Dec 17 15:17:59 EST 1999

Rabbi Joseph Gordon up on ebay again

spaceship mark Fri Dec 17 18:35:11 EST 1999

I seem to recall that when Head On first came out someone asked J why Courtney wasn't mentioned. He said that he had written her in in her full capacity but then she had pissed him off so he had written her out again just to annoy her.

I saw an interview with la Love ot longer after the MA came out and she said she was 'So proud of Julian'Hmm...



St. eurstm@eur.sas.com Sat Dec 18 05:04:33 EST 1999

... these things I saw, road culture at the end of the line, city dwelling at the end of the line, mother-fucking at the end of the line, these things I see and these things I find...........your drunken developments making me Sick, your drunken developments making me Yawn, I shit on your reason, your rose is my thorn......it's a barb wire fence which side to choose.........I don't mean to hold the gun up to your head, it's just the anticipation I can't stand....and I'm sure that the genius that did this didn't even hear the thud as he drove by..........treason and infamy enter my life...........scream holy murder he's done us tonight come little sister, behold the mother.........No shit Sherlock....and I'll do it again till she dies.......all night Barry Manilow loud over the speaker system, just trying to drive the fucker out.....a mind resolved.............Yeah I'm hip....I gotta walk...........Oh today I just feel so confused, oh so battered and so psychically bruised...but the travel bug has got me and the buggers all have taught me, there ain't no getting round getting round....like a pig pulling a cart load of sausages I draw my own conclusion...........Oh today I just feel so confused, oh so battered and so psychically bruised...but the travel bug has got me and the buggers all have taught me, there ain't no getting round getting round....like a pig pulling a cart load of sausages I draw my own conclusion............ain't no getting round getting round.........paranormal in the west country.......get away from the government, get away from the scrum, get away from the inbred Fuckingham palace scum............cause I love my life, I love my life, I love my life to death........fascists are all I see, one to many butt fuckers controlling me......ain't but the one way to be free.....but suicide or vigilante, to up the ante, which is my way.....step into view, step out of line...........fascists are all I see, one to many butt fuckers controlling me......ain't but the one way to be free.....but suicide or vigilante, to up the ante, which is my way.....step into view, step out of line...........fascists are all I see, one to many butt fuckers controlling me......ain't but the one way to be free.....but suicide or vigilante, to up the ante, which is my way.....step into view, step out of line...........fascists are all I see, one to many butt fuckers controlling me......ain't but the one way to be free.....but suicide or vigilante, to up the ante, which is my way.....step into view, step out of line...........fascists are all I see, one to many butt fuckers controlling me......ain't but the one way to be free.....but suicide or vigilante, to up the ante, which is my way.....step into view, step out of line...........fascists are all I see, one to many butt fuckers controlling me.........ain't but the one way to be free.....but suicide or vigilante, to up the ante, which is my way.....step into view, step out of line......

or to put it another way what a fucking great album!!! I know we've been through this before, but I just got home at about nine this morning and couldn't go to sleep (erm, due to one thing and another, ahem). So I decided to finish the second side of a compilation for an ex girlfriend/still good friend. I thought I'd just stick on one track from Autogeddon, some hope! This is just such a good album, whatever y'awl say, the minute I started I couldn't stop it.

Indeed, I had to send her a mail with just a couple of the choicer lyrics, which ended up as the above. And that was me being really constrained.

I know before a lot of folks have said that it just doesn't do justice as the third part of the Peggy/Jehovahkill triloy, but I gotta disagree. It's in turn monstrous, witty, artless, zietgeist (oh I know that can't be used as a verb but what the hell), apocalyptic, clever, harmonious, too fucking good to describe.

Oh well thats my two euros. Anyone in London going to the Shane MacGowan gig on Monday night?


St. Sat Dec 18 05:13:32 EST 1999

cause I'm off on my holidays on Monday and if I don't do it now I'm bound to forget.



......and as night does turn to day
and the sun does rise
and will every morning
so this morning does this man know that he must leave this festered ratmosphere
does not look back at the two bodies now
there is grace where before there was only malignant anger
and there is dignity in his new upright stride
and with longing in his longitude
and with attitude in his latitude
the once little man leaves the chrome condo carbuncle and faces up to the
  arresting officer
does not swerve in his arrival though one hundred and thirty police automatics
  point directly at his head
and with a tacky sense of humour
but with a true sense of the moment
he says..........
St. Sat Dec 18 05:47:40 EST 1999

ooh er missus, I've no idea why loads of the stuff was repeated in my second last mail. I wasn't being a smart arse or arty or anything, I did indeed only paste each lyric in once (I think, though in my state of stupidity anythings possible) maybe the wonder of the web has decided that Autogeddon should be repeated ad infinitum.


.......I've spent a long time without making a blunder..?!?...

St. Sat Dec 18 05:51:23 EST 1999

now this is just getting plain silly. Last try.

Cool yule y'awl


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Dec 18 08:41:53 EST 1999

St - You're not actually supposed to type the quotes themselves. If you're having trouble (un)subscribing or posting, you can email me and I'll do it for you. When I have time, I'll get the PERL script to ignore quotes around URLs and subscription requests.

I haven't received any comments about my Cope Merchandise page. Is it useful? Do you want me to make a point of keeping it updated? Its goal is to let you not have to search all the online sites for availability and prices. Sort of like a mini-GEMM, except it's just Cope stuff. Anyway, I'm curious what you think about it.

I'll clean up all the dud posts when I archive this page.


Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Sat Dec 18 10:56:09 EST 1999

Can anybody please give us the latest information on Julian playing QE - hall ??

Will it be a one - off gig ??

Will Thighpaulsandra be featured ( though he is working with the Spacemen at the moment ?? ) ??

Please keep you drudes us informed, please ...

Merry X-mas to evrybody !!

Marc ...towards 2000

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Dec 18 14:38:22 EST 1999


Where are you? Has nobody got anything to say?

Here's one in your eye.

I have come to the conclusion that the Archdrude is the biggest rip-off merchant still in existence!!

The problem is the following:

  1. He openly admits it.
  2. He is actually rather good at it.

Cheers me dears


PS. Many happy celebrations of the birth of the unconquered sun

verian verianthomas@breathe.co.uk Mon Dec 20 04:19:36 EST 1999

This came as a bit of a surprise!

Return of Living Dead II, Sndtrk LP

What strange company to be in.

Plot-ician Blank-O bobsyecho@hotmail.com Mon Dec 20 09:33:44 EST 1999


SYNUS is a very laid back and lovely album of music in the Cluster/Kraftwerk tradition. VERY accessible. It is in my group of albums I listen to after midnight, when it is quietest, cos the effects sound crystal clear and they are more evident. Apart from that, the only different track is the second one, where a mellotron (?) dominates the melody which, I believe, is played by Cope. Thighp's participation in it? Maybe he could clarify this conundrum himself.

As you say, great album.

Shrimp, I will be back in mid-January from the far east. Will you be able to wait until then?

Andrew, the envelope business does not let me sleep at nights. As far as I could see from the outside, it was an ordinary Ultima Thule order form...I hope it hasnt been opened by some greedy postman.

Rob Mon Dec 20 09:43:04 EST 1999

Isn't Mick Swift the guy who plays/ed with Will (Sergeant)? Please correct me on this.

Cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Mon Dec 20 09:56:14 EST 1999

Trav - re the merchandise page. Good job mate. Methinks that it will come in most handy as a source of ready made info.

Shrimp - the ArchDrude a rip off merchant ? I can see where you're coming from but I'd have to disagree.

Mind you, on a critical note, after going to two of his book signings for "Repossessed", I must confess that I was extremely disappointed by LaCope.

For me his patter was pish, his logic at times flawed and the carefully rehearsed routine subsequently came over as stultifyingly dull. As much as I love him, he aint no performance artist and that's where he is undoubtedly headed. (Though it would be cool if he could pull off a Turner Prize winner or summat of that ilk - imagine Julian slugging it out with Tracey Emin ! Right on !)

Cope as a performance artiste/cod philosopher/avant-garde ambient krautrocker/post-modern ironic author is kinda trying to cover too many bases. There is no doubt that he is indeed a genius and, arguably, the Greatest Living Englishman - praise indeed from a Scotsman.

I just sometimes worry that Julian is overstretching himself and getting sidetracked by quantitive considerations and allowing the quality of his work to be diluted.

Or am I worrying too much about the old boy ?

belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Mon Dec 20 10:28:33 EST 1999

Re Cope as rip-off merchant:

I remember when Island put out Followers (I think) JC's postcard asked fans not to buy it, complaining off it being a rip-off. I thought at the time that, considering how many versions he released of each single, this was a 'bit of a cheek'. Trying to find all the versions after their release got bloody difficult, especially when I couldn't remember which ones I'd bought in the first place. (incidentally, I recently wrote to Island about their releasing another compilation, but they have yet to respond)

Re: 'Greatest Living Englishman':

I've always put Cope at the top of my list of great British musical eccentrics (along with the likes of Colin Moulding/Andy Partridge; Kevin Coyne; Nick Drake; Syd Barrett) - the only problem with this argument being that, as he was born in Deri, isn't he actually Welsh?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Dec 20 13:22:04 EST 1999

When I referred to rip-off I was talking about musically. I thought that you had all read Head-on &Repossessed - they are full of references to rip-off riffs etc. It got you going though!!Plot-ician Blank-O - guess I'll have to wait - thanks

Sounds like the Synus disc will be on its way to me shortly as well - sounds superb!!!

anal technical advisor


Patrick patrick.gaumond@fsa.ulaval.ca http://www3.fsa.ulaval.ca/personnel/gaumondp/cope/ Mon Dec 20 15:06:15 EST 1999

Believe it or not !

The Soul Desert Site has been redone from A to Z ! After near 5 years of lethargy I did it !

Right now 90% of the old site is there but in a new "shell". Some nice features will be added thru the christmas vacation. I hope you will go see it.

I'm very anxious to read your opinions and suggestions.

The URL will be the same tomorrow but if you're in a hurry, you can use http://www3.fsa.ulaval.ca/personnel/gaumondp/cope/ to see it. Tomorrow both www.fsa and www3.fsa will work.

I prefer if you send me email directly than posting on Rail On.

I'm finally back... and this time it's personnal !

Patrick Gaumond

Soul Desert Keeper

B.Y. Mon Dec 20 16:06:04 EST 1999

Re: latest address drudion--what's the difference between grown men collecting beanie babies and grown men collecting toy cars and robots ?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Dec 20 16:16:39 EST 1999

Nice job, Patrick! It looks super!


Boris Becker Tue Dec 21 03:34:18 EST 1999

Hi folks,

before two weeks, my friend told me that there is a Julian Cope song where I am mentioned in the lyrics ???

Is this true or what ??

That would be cool !

Can somebody help me ??


Andre Agassi Tue Dec 21 06:10:06 EST 1999

What about me?

Boris Yeltsin Tue Dec 21 07:49:08 EST 1999

Boris, I really hate you but I will tell you the track where u are...mentioned. It is called "If i could do it again I'd do it all over you" which sounds OK now that you mention your name. It is a long rant with background music. B-side.

What are you up to these days? claiming a pension?

Andre, who are YOU?!

Plot-ician Blank-O bobsyecho@hotmail.com Tue Dec 21 09:06:05 EST 1999

A fellow Plot-ician in the list...mmm, brilliant. This is beginning to get interesting.

Andre Agassi Tue Dec 21 09:28:12 EST 1999

I've shagged Brooke Shields you know so I think should definately be in a song as well. Perhaps I could be the A.A. in A.A.P? It could stand for Andre Agassi's Pants (or Penis).

Must go, indoor tournament to practice for and I'm having my chest waxed this afternoon.


Shrimp - a ha, I see. aah the wonderous vagaries of the English language. I still hold with what I said, even if it was nothing to do with what you were on about.

However, with Blur and (oh so especially) Beck about, there's no way JC can be called 'the biggest' rip-off merchant about.

Neil Hamilton Tue Dec 21 13:11:56 EST 1999

I am not corrupt!!!! Am I mentioned in the books?


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Dec 21 13:14:50 EST 1999

Rip-off Rip-off Rip-off - Just listen to Can - Yoo Doo Right

I think that I've heard that bass line somewhere else.

Cheers me dears

Boris the new mayor of London

sir robert peel Tue Dec 21 13:30:36 EST 1999

Hey you fale people. I am dead and I get better mentions then you do :p


Martina Hingis Tue Dec 21 18:51:02 EST 1999

I could not care less whether or not some hippy musician mentions me, because I am so friggin' hot.

I'm blessed, you're not,


Yeltsin Tue Dec 21 20:02:27 EST 1999

Martina, give me your phone number.

Senator George Mitchell Wed Dec 22 03:52:49 EST 1999

I think everyone should calm down.

Let's have some peace

Andre Agassi Andre@Agassi.com Wed Dec 22 04:13:14 EST 1999

Martina, fancy a bit of AAP?

Martina Navratapavlova Wed Dec 22 04:15:09 EST 1999

Hands off, she's mine

derek Wed Dec 22 15:35:55 EST 1999

.....and a very happy, full - mooned Winter Solstice was had by all!

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Thu Dec 23 05:05:46 EST 1999

Hi, everybody. Is there anyone out there who has a copy of the Cope article from issue 50 of the U.S. magazine "Magical Blend", and if so, could they post on Rail On. Thanks,Howard.

Andrew Johnstone common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Dec 24 10:51:21 EST 1999

Wishing you all peace, love and happiness and I'll hopefully see you all on the other side of the madness. Love on ya. Andrew

Russ Sat Dec 25 13:25:10 EST 1999


Hope you all have a great holiday


Ron drude@mounet.com Sun Dec 26 20:29:52 EST 1999

Nice work Andrew, very nice. With all the resources available here, ie; Travis, Andrew, Russ, and the 'un'usual suspects, you'd think Heritage Head would tap into some of their expertise to have a 'killer' site...

Anybody 'hording' up for the big event? Blimey, you limey's seem to be getting a bit silly in your latest posts.

ain't but the one way,

S. x-mass Mon Dec 27 11:44:36 EST 1999

merry Xmas!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Dec 28 06:13:38 EST 1999

Christmas - my arse -its a pile of bollocks - let me get back to work now!!!

Cheers me dears


KIeran Flynn keys180@hotmail.com Wed Dec 29 06:30:51 EST 1999

Does anyone have an mp3 of Pretty fly for a rabi that they could send via email. Or tell me where it can be downloaded from.

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Dec 29 14:49:21 EST 1999

Wow! What the hell happened? Why all the big text? Or is this just me? My very best wishes to everyone who tunes in here for the new year. May it be big and bountiful for us all. Much love, Andrew

Wayland Wombat Wed Dec 29 18:44:08 EST 1999

A merry festive time, to all ye heads out there. Is there anybody out there who found Odin difficult, or was it just me &my 2 year old, who asked me to turn it off and put on 20 Mothers pooh bear song. Any way vast amount of blessings to all of you and all of your new xmas jumpers.


I loved the Peter Cook bit a few months back, does anyone know any Derek &Clive sights??

Wayland Wombat

Shully Liebermann Slieber696@aol.com Fri Dec 31 10:10:12 EST 1999

In 1980 or 1981 the band appeared at the City Hall Sheffield. It was on the KIlimanjaro tour. Can anyone tell me the name of the support band?

Comment from julian-cope.com


I can't remember the support band myself but can you help Shully, I was their but time has faded the memory and I was seeing around 12 bands a week


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Dec 31 10:51:25 EST 1999

Back from Mexico. Updated my Cope page a little. Have a safe Y2K everyone!


Steve S.bayley@Virgin.Net Sun Jan 2 13:32:02 EST 2000

Wow, I'm honoured, first of the millenium n' all. Got a favour to ask of anyone with extensive music industry knowledge. I need some examples of contract negotiation and in particular disagreements. I'm talking about situations like the old Stone Roses thingy with Silvertone (does anyone know the facts of that case?). Know any involving Cope and Island? anything may help, cheers y'all.

I hope the fact that noone has written anything this millenium is nothing to do with any mass suicide attempt or anything, as I'll feel very left out. Maybe you've all just got old computers, who knows. Hope it was a good one at any rate, and I hope no one else is feeling the anticlimax that the flu can induce on a millenium.

Y'all take care now y'hear?



Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Jan 2 15:26:53 EST 2000

We're very quiet cause we're keeping out of the way of the non-event!!!! You only need to celebrate the solstice's and your own birthday - flu is upon us all and is the modern plague along with capitalism, the arms trade, Macdonalds and genetic engineering -the US has a lot to answer for!!!

Have a very happy new year - if and when you might celebrate it!!!

Cheers me dears


Brian Warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Mon Jan 3 00:22:09 EST 2000

So I was at my local porn shop(It is the only place you can get goth mags here in the land of zion).This time I found a copy of mojo so I have now read the article about julian.I think it was an ok article but it really said nothing that I didn't already know.


Derek Mon Jan 3 15:45:06 EST 2000

Odin rocks da house-unfortunately, I seem to have been banned from playing it by my facist girlfriend. Oh yeah, spent Millhellium in the bath, drinking tea, listening to a Nick Drake album, whilst the rest of London tried to blow themselves up with a stupid amount of fireworks,cynical? You'd better believe it!

Modfather Rob robr65@hotmail.com Mon Jan 3 16:18:35 EST 2000

"...And through the wire we can talk..."

Yes, yes, yes--I know it's not standard procedure to get on the Cope-site and open my spiel with an old Peter Gabriel song, but fuck it--Weller's playing guitar on this most glorious track from 1980 (off "Peter Gabriel", not "Peter Gabriel" or "Peter Gabriel"...) which precedes "Games Without Frontiers"--and I didn't just discover this lp--well, I just got the CD 'cos the vinyl is 20 years old and pretty well worn out and blah blah blah...


I am back and refreshed and so far so good inasmuch as this whole "new millenn.ium" thing and after spending New Year's Eve in a bunker with a shotgun and a whistle and K-rations and a Bible (?)...

I am full of shit...

Actually, the vacation was spent reading and recording (hey Trav--I've got 4 more for you) and RESTING--having time to do nothing at all was wonderful and brilliant and being that we don't celebrate Xmas anyway, we saw a genuinely funny and clever film, "Galaxy Quest" and do stay away from "Man In The Moon"--it says nothing about Kaufman's genius--Carrey plays him with such wide-eyed wonder that you'd swear the late comic was retarded...

Anyway, hope all of you had wonderful holidays as well--let's hope this year is as good as the last was...

Peace, love and good vibes to you all--

Modfather 2K

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Tue Jan 4 05:42:51 EST 2000

Lupine Howl's debut single "Vapourizer" will hit the shops next Monday.

Lupine Howl is almost an all - star group featuring our all - time favourite guitar player Michael Moon - Eye and sacked members of Spiritualized.

The thing is, there will only be a limited number of copies ( 500 ), probably only for sale in the UK or by mail order.

I ordered a copy at Chunky's mail order ( hopefully, I'll get one ).

I think everyone contributing here should check them out.

Additionally, for all of you listening to Krautrock and Kosmische Musik : go to www.cue-records.de to order your favourite music on CD ! Some great international electronic acts are in stock, too.

Marc 2000

John johnsimmons32@hotmail.com Tue Jan 4 13:11:02 EST 2000


In the stone roses case, the court ruled that their publishing and recording agreements were invalid, essentially because they gave Silvertone full control over the roses' output for 7 years and yet there was no obligation on Silvertone to release anything at all. Because of this and the fact that the band were represented by an inexperienced manager and a lawyer who knew sod all about music law, the court ruled the whole contract void. A similar case was won by Holly Johnson against ZTT Records.

The key is record companies taking advantage of young inexperienced musicians with stupid managers - then there's a case. Otherwise, the musician will get stuffed. Which is what happened to George Michael when he tried to sue Sony - he knew what he was doing when he signed up to Sony and he had experienced managers and lawyers to help him, so the court told him to piss off.

Hope this helps.

Derek Wed Jan 5 02:28:11 EST 2000

Is this site still working? Sent messages and nothings happening.

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Wed Jan 5 07:36:29 EST 2000

Hello, Hello, its good to be back, its good to be back....

Well guys I'm back, can't keep an old dog down!, so fill me with your vibes!!

Had a bloody dull New Years Eve - Poor Molly my ikle kitten got Roundworm!! Bet none of you can beat that for a New Years Eve Festive Fun time!! so spent the Eve sober as a judge!! (She is fine now though!!)

Anyway, met a young lady who used to dog sit Smelvin, over Crimbo, meeting her in Jan at some point!! I'll fill you in with some juicey gossip - she's seen more of Julian than the average woman (bar Dorian) has!! Polaroids a go go....ooo saucey......

Anyway speak to all or none of you whenever....

Nat xx

(Steve from Southampton hey...hmmmmmmm!!!)

Izzbuzz imjs@soton.ac.uk Wed Jan 5 07:57:14 EST 2000

Happy ewe's ear everyone! Hope you had some good parties. Hope not too many were struck down by the bug which decimated our millenial-party numbers - oh the coCOUGHany at midnight! I was lucky I had a preminition in September and got the jab. Preminitions for the 2000's? Gambling will take the place of recreational drugs in the headlines and the kids will follow sport like our generation followed music... OK, I know its obvious.

Natalia! sorry to be so crap b4 christmas, got my pucker back now and need some beer. What are you doing tonight? Sorry to hear about Molly, glad she's back with us, must come over and meet her. That Steve from southampton, we met him in the Q at Bath. Tell you more later! Got the photo - it is not going to be published or reproduced in any electronic form, no no no no no, yes.

Derek - GLR at Christmas - 2 hours of Sean Hughes interviewing Tom Jones, then Sean Hughes festive fifty...bliss...I understand he's a very big JC fan. So why are there threats to change GLR? Is it because its good?

The longest official holiday EVER and we still need a break!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Jan 5 14:32:55 EST 2000


Go on blow your girlfriend's brains and play Odin again tonight!

Tell her that I told you too and you might be able to get away with it.

A few Popol Vuh discs arrived this morning - I can't wait.



Krautrock rools OK - stuff your Travis's and Manic Street Preachers's!!!!!

nat perky_jean@nme.com Thu Jan 6 03:53:16 EST 2000

Don't know quite what happened there!!

Hello Izz my dear, glad you had a good one. Didn't get the message about meeting last night until this morning!! We're probably better off communicating by the old dog and bone!! I'm doing the old Trainor Family Xmas this weekend with my parents (YAWN)so won't be in Southampton (Fill me in on the Steve gossip!!). BUT I could meet you usual place usual time on Sunday night!! (Or tonight Thursday - Give me a bell... ansaphone is always on!!)

Sorry if thats dull for ya awl out there in Cope Land........social life must be sorted.......

Does this thing work? Millennium bug? Woooooo Tom Jones yummy.....

Nat xx

Richard Hayward Thu Jan 6 07:51:10 EST 2000

Regarding Lupine Howl .If anybody is intersted they will be playing live at The Garage, Highbury, London on February 17th.

Tickets are £7.50.


belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Thu Jan 6 08:07:17 EST 2000

And regarding their former band....

what is it about Jason Pierce that makes him want to recruit members of JC's bands? Apparently now Dogan has joined on guitar, to work on an album, which, according to thighpaulsandra, is "a lot more krautrock than it used to be" (not difficult) &"a bit of country, a bit of Elvis, a bit of Krautrock, and a few other things all mixed together"

Flu - the only real millenium bug

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Thu Jan 6 08:16:52 EST 2000

Oi Belbin what no messages!!! tut....


Derek Burgess dburgess@technologist.com Thu Jan 6 08:48:05 EST 2000

My Christmas gift to myself just arrived - Head On!!

I'm blown away just by peeking at the pictures. I'm afraid this book may cause me to fall head-first into hero worship. I don't want this... I just like his songs, you know?

Steve S.bayley@virgin.net Thu Jan 6 09:14:42 EST 2000

Thanks for the stone roses info John. Its pretty usefull as I now have five days to compose an essay on the subject of contract negotiation in the music industry. Incidently if anyone has any views or opinions of shamanic influences in music let me know them, another darned piece of work pending.

Also if Izzy could fill me in on the gossip about me I'd be interested. Apart from the fact that I was V.Stoned and probably smelt a bit I'm in the dark.

Thanks again and um, bye bye.

belbin Thu Jan 6 09:41:46 EST 2000

I work for a smallish company that helps co-ordinate and validate (usually non-academic) courses for outside organisations. My job is overwhelmingly boring (as you may have gathered), but every now and again a interesting course comes along.

So today I found myself putting a course called Healing Energy Therapies on the database, including a unit called 'Subtle Energy Therapies &The Subtle Energy Body'. As far as I can make out (according to this course) 'subtle' energies relate to Colour therapy, Crystal therapy, Aromatherapy &Reflexology, &'subtle body phenomena' are Near Death Experience, Out of Body Experience, Reincarnation, &Destiny

Prior to this I'd only ever come across Subtle Energies on Jehovakill, where I thought it was a great title (pretty damned good track too), even if I had no idea what it was referring to (not for the first time). Looking at the lyrics tho (cheers Patrick), they only seem to relate to the therapies in the very vaguest sense.

Out there is the high society
Out there where they generate loneliness
Out there where they venerate piety
In here are the destiny angels
Of duty bound to be risen
Our high-society's wit and grace
Deliver us from our prison

Am I just being too literal here do you think? Is it just a good title that bears little direct relation to the lyric? Or very very cryptic?

Whatever, it is, it provided a little ray of light in this bleak and bleary job.

btw - marc, is it just the 12" of the Lupine Howl that's limited, or the cd as well?

JöG jorgen.grahn@opensoftware.se Thu Jan 6 13:21:10 EST 2000

I know someone else here wrote almost exactly this a year ago, but it's worth repeating:

I recently found a copy of the ''Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye - a tribute to Roky Erickson'' album.

Julian's contribution ''I Have Always Been Here Before'' is such a wonderful post-MNU and pre-Peggy song -- can anyone who's heard the original describe the differences? To paraphrase ''Las Vegas Basement'', it does not sound like the Elevators...

The rest of the album is also good. Even ZZ Top are listenable...

Synchronicity: the Spacemen 3 album I bought at the same time turned out to contain two endless, grinding versions of the Elevators' ''Rollercoaster''... which also ties in nicely with belbin's posting about Jason Pierce earlier today.


Eric The Half-A-Bee Thu Jan 6 15:52:09 EST 2000

Is it just me or is it fat and old in here?

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Jan 7 04:17:50 EST 2000

to Belbin :

I think only the first single is limited - they seem to have their own label for that one.

The entire album will be out in spring and will be on a different label then - so I suppose this release is the only limited release.

Apart from that, no wonder that Pierce hires Cope musicians - they are the best and they are free when Julian is not touring...

Hopefully, Julian does not lose all of them ! ( I wonder who is in "Brain donor" ?? Doggen ??

Flinton Chalk ?? )

And what, by the way, has happened to Rooster Cosby ??

I read in "Repossessed" that he is unable ??

Who knows any details ??

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Fri Jan 7 05:42:25 EST 2000

It's just you, Eric.

I walk...

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Fri Jan 7 10:15:00 EST 2000

Aren't we lucky? Julian has got to follow "Interpreter" at some stage, and we've got the third installment of autobiography to look forward to. Imagine hearing the low down about the genesis of "Peggy" and "Jehovahkill" or the story behind "I wandered lonely as a cloud" and "Battle for the trees". It's going to be great; I just hope that Julian writes a bit more about the actual creative process of a song from initial idea to final recording, than he has done up to now. Incidentally, if any of you has a child, ill in the night, who can't get to sleep, for tossing and turning etc. then Odin does the trick. You even get repeat requests for that "music about the wind". Be seeing you, Howard.

Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jan 7 12:14:10 EST 2000

Hi guys! If anyone's having trouble posting to Rail On, please email me. Remember, you have to RELOAD after you post in order to see the updated page.

I am thinking about buying FrontPage 2000. Has anyone noticed whether it is less buggy than FrontPage 98?


Jennifer sunspots@riconnect.com Sat Jan 8 00:13:25 EST 2000

Has anyone heard anything else about this gig since this notice was posted back in December?

"Richard R.P.F.Hayward Wed Dec 15 04:48:44 EST 1999


It's the news everybody has been waiting for:

According to an Add in This weeks NME On Saturday the 1/4/2000 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall There will be:


Julian Cope (Electro Accoustic set)

+Brain Donor (World Premiere performance)

Box office 0171 960 42 42


Winchester "

Sounds like it is time for me to plan a trip to England...[British Airways is offering $114 each way, based on RT] but I need confirmation - yes, I am planning on ringing the theatre, but does anyone here have any other news? Will there be other gigs?

On my last visit[Feb 98]I saw Cope two nights at the Astoria - one of my best trips yet! Hopefully this is a list of people who will not think I am insane for planning my holidays around Cope shows... if only he would come to the States [to perform] more often, but as far as I can remember November 1995 was the last time.


Cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Sat Jan 8 06:52:42 EST 2000

Jennifer - don't worry, you're not in the least bit insane. If Cope ever toured the States then I think that I would do the complete tour ! Cool idea, grooving around after Cope, from gig to gig and visiting a few mystical sites in between.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Jan 8 07:08:15 EST 2000

Come on over ladies and join the party!!!!! And ensure tha Avebury is on the list.

Cheers me dears


Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Jan 10 04:34:56 EST 2000

I was at those Astoria Gigs and they were fab, I hope its something similar this time around (Stood next to Shaun Hughes he is very small!). Though I haven't seen anything to beat that 3 hour extravaganza he did in 1996 (?). That was so cool.....

I think that Belbin should do that Course he spoke about earlier and let us know what its all about... Go on Patsy do it!!


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Jan 10 08:46:29 EST 2000

Look, I'm really sorry about this, but get your anoraks out.

What was/is/will be HH5? QE3 possibly?

If I've remembered properly (I'm at work, so the order probably won't be right) the others were:

Yes - it's a very quiet day.

Where the flying fishes play...

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jan 10 12:33:04 EST 2000

Was the Rooster Cosby/Mick Swift Synus cd "Synusrythum " put out by Head Heritage? I don't have it so I don't know. Maybe this is the illusive HH5?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jan 10 14:46:26 EST 2000

HH5 was a special edition freebie which came with the initial hardback copies of Krautrocksampler.

The title was 'Rolf's avving a lauf ain't eh!' and it came in a free cardboard box with a design of the Callanish Cross in the top left hand corner. Rumour has it that Klaus was not at all happy with his picture on the back of the sleeve and Manuel was only paid at flat session rate for his contributions.

The Tracks were as follows:

  1. I came, I ate my cheese and pickle sandwich 33:56
  2. Up you Kaiser!! 41:02

The line-up was:

The sound was a little flat but then again that's the quality of CD for you - Check out the vinyl version which was issued on Kosmische Musik KM 58.018 for the lovely centre fold out sleeve.

Cheers Me Dears


DANNY THOMAS sweetlicks@webtv.net http://www.geocities.com/~solidgroove Mon Jan 10 23:57:02 EST 2000

Hi! Greetings from the 13th F E DRUMMER.

Rob Bl-K.O. bobsyecho@hotmail.com Tue Jan 11 02:02:07 EST 2000

Jetlagged and forced back into cold dark winter slumber, I have accomplished my Plot. It was a huge Overload of events. 4:23 a.m. Odin brings visions in my jet-laaaaaggggged head. Space? Which one? Time? No clue. Odin Reawaken. Thrust forth 2000 C.E. Don't ever think you're no longer receiving.

Danny, checked your pages last year and loved them. Keep sweetlicking.

belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Tue Jan 11 06:29:23 EST 2000

Having just picked up the Lupine Howl single mentioned by [Marc] last week, i'd really have to say that he's absolutely right, and everybody really should buy it. A tip top wig out that reminds me of Primal Scream at their finest. I'm led to believe it's only the 12" version of the single that's limited to 500 copies, the cd of it should be freely available.

Also just received my copy of 'Competition'. Having waited years to even hear this, I was really pleasantly surprised. A perfectly good tune, fine vocals, only a bit silly. Not quite the bargain it first appeared (has the aussie dollar just collapsed, or is it that I couldnt read in the first place? I'm sure it was over $3 to the pound when i ordered the single, down to $2.50 by the time i had to pay for it). Together with getting stiffed for import taxes, it ended up being nigh on £25. Still, that appears to be kinda the going rate, so.....

Copies are still available from the same place if anyone's interested - www.augogo.com if I remember rightly.

Oh, and Nat, as a great man once said, 'I am not a Patsy' (give or take one word)

Tim Maher timmaher@nccnet.co.uk Tue Jan 11 13:20:37 EST 2000

I have just received a note from the Festival Hall which reads as follows:

"Re: Julian Cope 1st April. Your tickets have been booked for you. Tickets will be in the form of CD's which will have seat numbers printed on them. These will be posted to you in March"

Frank fvink@casema.net Tue Jan 11 18:29:28 EST 2000

I just checked out this augogo.com and it has:

'Julian Cope Gift Set #1' - Not For Sale. Julian Cope drivers club only, stickers, prints etc. 3 Tks

Anybody know what it is?

Thanks, Frank

Brian farbcore@aol.com Tue Jan 11 23:56:56 EST 2000

Yes, there use be a Julian Cope Drivers Club. Free with membership was this 3 trk 33 1/3 on his old manager's (Cally) label; antar.

Couple hundred of these at best according to Cally. The cover picture is a small boy riding a turtle.

The tracks are:

  1. interview (from the WSYM promo cassette)
  2. B/W Christman Mourning &Transmitting

Lots of rare stickers

the pictures from the WSYM promo 7" box and a note from Cindy &Francesca who ran it at the time. If you'd like a copy of the note with stickers email me and I'll send a jpeg straightway. The note is addressed to "Dear True Grit Fan" btw.


belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Wed Jan 12 07:57:59 EST 2000


I bought a copy of the Drivers Club single at the same time as the Rabbi one (it seemed almost like saving money), and it's pretty much as Brian described - tho he didn't mention it comes in a very nice box. My copy didn't have the note referred to either (tho I'd be very interested to see a copy, Brian) and was pretty badly warped, tho it plays fine (what the hell, I've got the tracks, and Aus is a bit far to return it to - that's the risk with mail order). i think it was numbered number 350 odd (tho that might well be the Drivers Club membership card)

Nat Perky_jean@nme.com Wed Jan 12 09:23:44 EST 2000

Where is Queen Elizabeth Hall too in London? Can't find it on the A-Z type thing.



belbin Wed Jan 12 09:31:37 EST 2000

Its part of the South Bnk Centre. An interesting venue, I saw Faust there a couple of years ago (managed to get one row further forward this time) and most people weren't quite sure how to behave in such a presitgious venue - not a problem observed when i saw Psychic TV there last year tho.

The tickets sound well funky, lookking fiorward to receiving it, and I discover the Wire gigs the day before tranmere should be at Wembley in thew Worthington Cup Final, so I may be able to make it to that as well - hurrah!

Russ Wed Jan 12 10:15:05 EST 2000

Well i'm booked in seat E something so i'm looking forward to it. I'm taking my mini disc to record the event so it won't be lost forever


Nat perky_jean@nme.com Wed Jan 12 11:06:35 EST 2000

Ta for that.... is the whole place seated..... I can't get mine til the end of the month, so there had better be some left. Hate seated venues...oh well beggers can't be choosers (or Cheggers can't be Boozers). Hmmm long day.

Soup and a blanket anyone.....zzzzzzzzz


belbin Wed Jan 12 11:37:38 EST 2000

oh lordy yes.

'You WILL all be seated' we were told before - tho as i said, they didn't seem to care/were too scared at Psychic TV to make people go back to their seats.

It doesnt appear to be selling too quickly - I booked my ticket this morning and am on row G. If Russ can say when he booked his, that'll allow you to work oujt how long it's taken to sell 3 rows. i cant remember quite how big the hall is, but its a very long way from selling out.

ian mckay imckay@rfh.org.uk www.southbankcentre.co.uk Wed Jan 12 11:46:07 EST 2000

To all Julian Cope fans

Julian will perform live for the first time with his new band Brain Donor at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London on 1 April 2000. Tickets from 0171 960 4242 or Royal Festival Hall web site (www.southbankcentre.co.uk).

The gig is part of Julian Cope's Mini-Meltdown, titled Cornucopea. This mini-festival will allow Julian to choose some of his favourite acts as well as premiere Brain Donor.





brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Wed Jan 12 12:15:44 EST 2000

ok does any one know how to get tickets on-line(thay venue website does not have a listing for it yet.)

And yes I am accually thinking about coming all the way from america.The card look like they could fall into place and the time is right for a return to england :)...

I don't see why he can't come and play utah, I would go :)isn't that enough?

Brian Warren

Russ Wed Jan 12 12:34:54 EST 2000

I booked mine first thing this morning

Frank fvink@casema.net Wed Jan 12 17:12:09 EST 2000

I booked my tickets this evening and they told me that centre was filled up to 2/3 of the hall, I'm slightly out of centre now on the trird row... hard to tell how quickly it's selling!


Btw: Thanks Tim!

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Thu Jan 13 04:42:18 EST 2000

mentioning Faust,

in fact, the weirdest gig I've ever been to was a Faust gig in Germany about two years ago.

It was a tiny venue. Just 50 people or something.

The thing is, they had all kinds of construction things on stage which they used for drumming and stuff.

In the middle of the gig, the lead singer stripped down completely, took out a chainsaw, ran around in shamanic frenzy and cut a canvas beside the stage into pieces. Ho - hum.

At the end of the last song, they started one of those construction machines, which was filled with hay or stuff !! The whole shit came flying out of this machine right in the first rows (incidentally, there was basically just one row :) ) !! So we were all completely messed up with hay and mud and stuff after the gig !! Totally weird. You could forget about your shirt afterwards...

That is Faust. The music was not too bad, though.

One more weird gig, I suppose...


..towards EXPO 2000 ( man nature technology )

... Doggen does not jump over Silbury moon any more...

Dev dev Thu Jan 13 05:26:42 EST 2000

Oh well, better late than never.........

From the Irish Independent, 26 November 1999

Skeleton Find in Farm Mound

The remains of eight 4000-year-old skeletons have been discovered in Co. Meath. The find, near Julianstown, was made by a local farmer excavating stones from a mound. The landowner contacted experts from Duchas, the heritage service.

Archaeologists believe the mound was a severely eroded pre-historic cairn similar to passage graves found elsewhere in Co. Meath. The site has now been preserved and a clean up will be carried out.

Belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Thu Jan 13 07:05:26 EST 2000

I recieved my Cornucopeia tickets this morning (only rang up yesterday!), and sadly, for me, there was no mention of funky cd's - just the plain old tickets. Tho these do allow entry into the Purcell Rooms (right next to QEH) 'time and space allowing', presumably for more of Julians 'mini-meltdown'

[Marc] - your Faust gig sounds a damned sight more exciting than ours was. They came (for the first time in ten years or so I think), played a very brief (45mins) ambient set, and pissed off. I found it 'pleasant' and nicely atmospheric, but half the audience at least were expecting more 70's style stuff (or the kind of show that you got), and thought it was 'tedious shit' (according to one of the blokes I went with), and even booed once they realised that the band was NOT coming back for more. All went to make a highly memorable gig tho'.

(90 minutes closer to seeing Wire!)

Marc Thu Jan 13 08:41:06 EST 2000

I have just come across a remarkable CD in the 2nd - hand record shop on our campus :

Jehovahkill, but with a different sleeve and different poems &pictures ! Front sleeve is the American serpent, new quotations and a cool picture of Julian sporting duffy duck shorts and a funny plait.

The poems sounded familiar to me, were probably published elsewhere before.

Still, it is the first edition of the album ( has there ever been a 2nd edition ?? ).

Maybe it is a German edition. Must look more closely.

Anyway, the tracks are the same, and some things are even missing.

Does anybody know this edition ??

Finally, I have managed to order Spiritualized's Broken heart E.P German edition. This one feature additional live recordings from some festival ( Shine a light, Electric mainline, Home of the brave, The Individual ).

Belbin : Faust playing Ambient ?? Are we talking of the same group ?? I remember they played Kraut / Dronerock. No synthesizers. Strange enough. At least you could keep your shirt...;)

The Vapourizer

Belbin Thu Jan 13 09:07:05 EST 2000

Marc: most definitely the same group. Most definitely synths (or keyboards anyway). Thgey sounded nothing like the Faust I or anyone else was expecting, which is, I imagine, why they were booed.

Brian waren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Thu Jan 13 10:18:33 EST 2000

I was accually thinking about asking about the jehovakill too. When I bought it years ago I fond a copy in a totally blue case with a clear sticker on the outside with the tracj listings and the inner sleeve has the american indian snake on the cover and not the normal pic.... I have accually never seen this again? So I am also curious about the diffrence.

Belbin Thu Jan 13 12:22:09 EST 2000

Just thought of two online vote things that may be of interest (but probably not)

Votes are being taken for who punters would like to play Glastonbury - no promises that the 'winner' will do of course, but it's always worth reminding them. So far Radiohead are doing very well, SFA not badly, Hawkwind surprisinghly well, but the runaway leaders are....Marillion! Some kind of fix going on methinks.

Just one vote for Julian so far (guess who), so to add tyour voice go to: http://www.glastonbury-festival.co.uk/index.shtml

Also an Oasis vote (I know, I know) as to what cover version you want them to play specially for the Lamacq show (anything except the Beatles considered). So far I've gone for Out of My Mind on Dope &Speed, and Gates of Delirium by Yes. Both of which should be, in rather differant ways, quite amusing. Apparently they HAVE promised to play whatever comes top: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/alt/feature_oasis.shtml

Could be worth it for the royalties at least...

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Jan 13 13:44:50 EST 2000

Just ordered my ticket for Cornucopea - On the side I'm afraid in something called G35 - the only other I was offered was about 3 rows back in the gods! £17.50 plus the usual £1 booking fee (why can't they just make include it in the price - we have no choice but to pay it anyway and its a total rip-off and I'm also surprised that the Archdrude allows it!!!!

If you try to book on-line don't bother at the moment its not listed yet and I've e-mailed the Manager to tell him what I think of that!!!This is his response

'The SBC web site is still to be updated with April info. This will happen shortly. Tickets are only on sale at SBC Box Office. No other agencies are handling tickets so they won't know about it. Tickets went on sale on Friday last week and we've sold a third of capacity. Expect sell-out within the next couple of weeks. You can buy tickets by calling our Box Office (0171 960 4242).

Hope that a lot of us can meet up before hand - somewhere appropiate for a couple of beers and a natter!!!

Frank - The Anal disc arrived this morning - Industrial my arse or what!!!! Cheers again and thanks for the artwork.

Cheers Me Dears


Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jan 13 16:44:41 EST 2000

Brian, The blue box version of jehovahkill wasn't too uncommon, not sure how many were released but you can still find it for sale at places like GEMM.com. It was a special edition version that was only available in the uk (I believe). I have never seen an Island US imprint version of it.

As for the one you got Marc, god knows what that is! Let us know if you find out any more.

Dead jealous I'm not going to see Brain Donor (somebody tape it, please!)... Andrew

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Fri Jan 14 08:29:16 EST 2000

Well, talking of Glastonbury (Not really but someone was) I was at home in good old Somerset (Parents live near to Glastonbury) and apparently my Dad says that Jean Michel Jarre and David Bowie are playing this years Glasto plus some up and coming American bands!!! Good old Jean Michel is also doing Tribal Gathering (Parents up on this funky music malarky - Boogied to Oribital at Glasto last year!! - Raving parents)

Certainly makes you want to go now!! Any takers!! Bowies worth it not sure about good old Jean Michel though! (Personal taste and all that!)

Oh well.... Izzy and me have our tickets for April 7 rows from the front apparently!! (We shall see) There must be a pub near Waterloo station where we could all meet (Probably a Weatherspoons) Plenty of time....

Nat xx

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Fri Jan 14 08:46:07 EST 2000

In respect of Cornucopea (puns!) and having a drink before, I'm rashly offering to get some little Rail On badges made (buttons to the new worlders).

I know that some of you know each other/will recognise each other, but many of us don't/won't. Anyone interested?

Badges? Badges?...

Richard R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Fri Jan 14 09:25:26 EST 2000

Regarding The Queen Elizabeth Hall Gig I am also seated in Row E, E24.I also booked my ticket on Wednesday. Also if anybody has not brought a ticket yet then perhaps they should try the NME Booking service. They might have tickets that are close to the front. Hopefully I too will be recording the event, But I do not have a digital recorder.

Richard Hayward

Russ Fri Jan 14 09:27:53 EST 2000


A few drinks in a pub sounds good to me!

I hope all you good people in the UK will be turning on to the new series of League of Gentlemen tonight......Are you local!


Bowie and JMJare just got to take some acid this year then!!!! (well no more than last year)

Belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Fri Jan 14 10:15:08 EST 2000

Drinks drinks and more drinks! Oh yes. There are no pubs particularly near the Southbank Centre, if memory serves me right, and whilst there is a spacious bar in there, getting served is a bastard when the place is full (and especially if you've just knocked back a serious mushroom concoction). there must be somewhere more decent near Waterloo.

Vybik - I think we might just need your stinking badges

(John Michel Jarre - please god NO)

Russ Fri Jan 14 10:51:07 EST 2000

JMJare no but his light show on acid a big yes


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Jan 14 13:24:46 EST 2000

Badges sound a great idea - it reminds me of all those punk badges that we used to buy!!

  1. will someone please agree to design and produce them and
  2. can they mail them to all partici PANTS?

Anybody know where to park as I might have to drive - presumably close to the station and also to a pub (I knew that Russ would be keen! - as long as it sells Hoegarden (you know that weird cloudy stuff!) on draught I don't really care.

Anyway for all you Anal haters - get off your arses and actually listen to it - 1. it is not a pile of shit and 2. it does not get around the bend totally so you have to give it a hand!

Cheers me dears


Drum graak@btinternet.com Fri Jan 14 14:41:31 EST 2000

As Homer would say ... Hmmmmm! Hoegarden! Wonderful stuff eh Shrimp

Yep got my tickets booked today. Damn convenient close to Waterloo. Had no problem persuading my dear wife to accompany me. I hadn't realised how much she'd enjoyed the Astoria gig.Perhaps it was me saying that it sounded like some folks were thinking of coming over from the States especially! Hopefully this will be one of a series of special events which will make 2000 a truly memorable year.


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Jan 14 14:54:09 EST 2000

Its weird looking but then again its Belgian and they make wonderful beer as do the Czechs - Prague is on the agenda for late April!

Cheers me dears


Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Sat Jan 15 04:58:33 EST 2000

info on the "strange" booklet of Jehovahkill :

Anything else is the same. Strangely, on the back sleeve it still reads that the front cover is Callanish though it is not.

Music is the same, however. A pity ! :)

What do you make of this ??

Does anybody have this copy ??

It is not a German edition or something.

... I came alive in a prehistoric time...

(Anonymous) Sat Jan 15 15:14:59 EST 2000

"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Jan 17 05:19:52 EST 2000

2 in favour of badges so far and (I think) 1 against.

I'm more than happy to get the badges done, but design? I was planning on something small and very simple in purple and yellow (or yellow and purple).

I'm open to suggestions.

So here I go...

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Jan 17 07:53:15 EST 2000

Badges sound cool. Bit La La and Tinky Winky in design!

Shrimp, probably easier if you have to drive, to park somewhere like Wimbledon/Southfields or on the outskirts and get the Tube in or Train if you park in Wimbledon, takes you straight to Waterloo. I wouldn't attempt to drive and park in the centre, it will cost a bomb. No train near you? Might be easier!!

Nat x

Nat Mon Jan 17 07:55:41 EST 2000

Sorry if things are coming through twice, I have no control at this end!!


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Jan 17 08:42:49 EST 2000

The purple and yellow was from 20 Mothers rather than the Teletubbies, but I can see the association.

Other colours anyone?

Could have Jehovakill blue and gold.

Does this man know...

Jennifer sunspots@riconnect.com Mon Jan 17 09:56:19 EST 2000

Well, the plane tickets are purchased and more importantly, the tickets for the April 1st show have now been purchased! We are in the front stalls on the left - row D.

I was panicking reading along that the seats were starting to go so quickly last week, and wondering why I hadn't booked the first time I rang --- may have had something to do with not having had the plane tickets yet - just a small matter!

So now anyone who needs to convince any of their friends to go can say that Yes, there are people from the States coming to see the gig. And, no, these people are not rich, they like Julian Cope and they like to visit and discover your island.

Cheers -


Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Jan 17 13:21:45 EST 2000

If anyone is still looking for a copy of the recent Mojo magazine that featured the lengthy article on the Drude, there is one up for grabs at ebay right now (although I'm sure back issues are probably still easily available). - Andrew

Quoyle Mon Jan 17 14:19:15 EST 2000

You Krautrock frauds.

You stone circle-jerkers.

We know you are all holed up in your attic rooms listening to Rush/"2112".Oh yes.

If you've all finished "Repossessed",you should read Victor Bockris' biography of big Lou.

Now there is a truly obnoxious rock star - just how they should be, Copey doesn't come close.

"Berlin-Street Hassle-New York".Right on.

My week beats your year.Ha.

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jan 17 14:25:34 EST 2000

Badges - well volunteered vybik - any colour will do for me, and any color will do for our overseas cousins? and a hearty welcommen to dear old Blighty!

Nat - I'll be driftin down by the train but unfortunately the last train back to Ipswich via Liverpool Street is at 23:30 (that's public transport for you!!) so I might have to leave fairly prompt (bugger!) but it will mean that I can have a few beers!(yippee!!!!)

Hope you get a great welcome Jennifer and make sure that you see the sights!

Cheers me dears


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jan 17 14:32:07 EST 2000

Quoyle - yeah right right on!! Suppose you get a thrill from that calling names business.

Cheers no ears


Frank Mon Jan 17 18:47:00 EST 2000

"Big Lou" did the most pompous reading from his own work that I've ever seen a "rock star" do... here in my home town of all places! Probably even worse then his performance itself was the the overadoring and overserious public he attracted. What a load of arty crap was he reading and how they loved it... All pose, not a tiny bit of rock 'n' roll!

Ron drude@mounet.com Mon Jan 17 20:29:50 EST 2000

I'll take a badge with a 'Teardrop Exploding', as I won't be able to make the show... again. Maybe something will workout. $340 is cheapest I can find airfare which is from Boston, that is only 13 hours from me, then there's that Inn fee thing, cab fare, etc... by the by, who da fuck is big lou?

this is not a dainty world,

Brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Mon Jan 17 22:24:16 EST 2000

I have found airfare from utah to london for about 340.00. But atm I don't see anyway I can afford it at this time, so I hope something falls into place.Or I hope he plays again soon when I have more cash.

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue Jan 18 07:52:57 EST 2000

Make sure all you people coming from overseas take in Glastonbury. Hmmm love it. Climb that Tor and hold on tight!! Lovely views of the Vale and all the floods, poor willow farmers got washed away!!

Shrimp - blooming British Transport I agree, should be over by then though, would have thought..... Izz need to sort out our train too, least its Waterloo I suppose.

Monsieur Swaldfogle you o.k???? Not making the trip from where ever the sunflowers grow?

Nat xx

Nat Tue Jan 18 09:21:49 EST 2000

I apologise for things coming through twice, not my fault!! May be blonde but I'm not that silly!! tee hee heee......

sticky keys I'm afraid, old machine with lovely coffee glueing everything together... I'm sorting it now!


Quoyle Tue Jan 18 12:20:03 EST 2000

Oh Shrimpy.

Name-calling is not my business, and business is good.

Were you at the Liverpool Royal Court on the Jehovahkill tour?

I'm sure I remember your beady little black eyes.

Now then:

Odin versus Metal Machine Music.

One is the biggest 'Fuck-you' in musical history, while the other is the biggest load of odious bollocks in musical history.

But which is which?

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Jan 18 12:55:02 EST 2000

Quolye - who cares! its only a matter of opinion anyway and by the way I have blue eyes which sometimes I use in the singular and sometimes in the plural and somtimes I use my third eye!

Cheers me dears

Colonel Blimp

BIG Yank Tue Jan 18 13:15:27 EST 2000

Did y'all know that Ron Fair, MNU producer and Repossessed cast member, is the guy who "discovered" and brought out Christina Aguilera ? RRRRowr..

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Jan 18 18:05:50 EST 2000

Sometimes the best thing to do with a disruptive child (Quoyle) is to ignore it, they usually give up when the see their misguided cry for attention isn't working.

I'm probably falling into my own trap here by saying this, but Quoyle, whoever you are, Rail On so far has been an excellent resource for serious discussions surrounding Julian Cope, please don't bring us down with your disposable opinions and unintelligent comments. No one here really cares whether one thing or person is "better" than another, if you knew anything about Julian Cope and the people who follow his career then you would know this already.

This will be my last comment about this and I suggest that non of us respond to anyone who is clearly being antagonistic for the sake of being nothing but that.

Andrew Johnstone

(Not too scared to use my real name and email address)

R.Blanco bobsyecho@hotmail.com Wed Jan 19 04:13:09 EST 2000

yeah, the Bland and he Tame will never see beyond my Game

in other words


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Jan 19 14:21:12 EST 2000

Metal Machine Music - anybody want to read about it check out Lester Bangs- Psychotic Reactions and Carburetor Dung - he describes it in intimate detail and also includes dear old LouLou's thoughts on the matter. I for one have never experienced it (to my knowledge), but then again all that I read about it does not inspire me to even want to. Its one of those albums best left on the shelf otherwise if you heard it you might start to develop an opinion on its content or context. Its just a very minute part of recording history.

All of the Archdrudes output should be considered in the same context - its only music - you can buy it - you can nick it - you can borrow it - you can play it - and most important of all you can bin it! Whether you appreciate it in any way shape or form is solely up to you and you are entitled to your opinions and I to mine. One of the most important aspects of music appreciation, to me, is debate - and isn't this after all a discussion page? Anyone reading Head On Parts 1 and 2 must appreciate that central to both is music debate.

Forever Rail On

Cheers me dears

The Krautrock Fraud - caught listening to Van Morrison last night!

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jan 19 15:08:52 EST 2000

Anyone know who the other members of Brain Donor are? Haven't heard much about who it is and what they are like. I did hear that Cope has recently been heavily into Kiss, hence the face-painting experiments, but thats all. Intrigued - Andrew

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 19 19:19:21 EST 2000

Hi guys!

I'll be doing an archive pretty soon.

I still need to get Repossessed and Odin. http://www.Amazon.com (US) has feb 15 as a release date for repossessed. not too far away, right?


Belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Thu Jan 20 07:29:15 EST 2000

Aye up y'all. Flu 'epidemics' make for a bloody good excuse not to turn up at work, shame I can only self-certificate for three days.

Still - back to more important matters:

thee will be parking around the South Bank - and not that expensive, cos they stop charging in the evening (cant remember what time this starts happening at tho)

The Purcell Rooms are a smaller venue attached to QEH - if Copes putting on his own 'mini-meltdown', I guess various of the acts will be on in here.

So far 9 people want Julian to play at Glasto

& the nme have recently been running at top 100 'rock events', with readers nominating there number 100. In their pick of these is 'Julian Cope' chasing Dave Balfe across the countryside (the fact that it was actually Gary Dwyer is mentioned). also a pretty good Lupine Howl interview.

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Jan 20 10:27:39 EST 2000


Is there any reason why you don't order the book from Head Heritage? Bad experience? I order my copy from them and it came through really quickly, about a week or so. Is anyone still having trouble with them?

Just wonderin'... Andrew

(-38ºC here last night and yes that's cold, so very very cold).

Cave kave@nildram.co.uk Fri Jan 21 04:09:57 EST 2000


anybody got any info. on the gig at the QE. is this cornucopea festivcal a tour or just a one off date?

i've been told that i can still get seats in 'the rear stalls' and that they are not that far away - dont they always say that! anyone actually been there b4??

Belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Fri Jan 21 05:36:46 EST 2000

The rear stalls really arent that far back, perfectly good view and sound. All the Soiuth Bank is set up for classical/theatre stuff, so it is actually better laid out than most gig halls as far as 'poor' seats are concerned. If you were right at the back you'd be about a third as far away from the stage as you would be at Manchester Apollo/Brixton Academy. Still well worth it.

Anyone got the ticket for G9, wethinks its right between me &Nat?

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Jan 21 05:53:56 EST 2000

I got my ticket for Cornucopea today.

It is B 9, does that mean second row ???

I am looking forward to meeting you guys ( we do need stinking badges ;) ) and for a great gig, I hope.

I don't know what "Brain donor" will be like - maybe Flinton Chalk on the guitar or something ??

Any electronic stuff when the group is described as "Ambient - metal" ?? ( How can it be ambient without keys ?? ) Let's be curious...

Melltron Marc II

santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Fri Jan 21 08:44:49 EST 2000


I recently have a problem with Head Heritage: they sent me (and charge) a Synus CD and a bowl I hadn't ordered.

I said nothing to HH, because I thought it wasn't worth, and the Synus Cd wasn't too bad



Brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Fri Jan 21 13:05:03 EST 2000


I got me reppossed from http://www.amazon.co.uk

it was very fast and made me smile

Quoyle Fri Jan 21 13:22:09 EST 2000

I'm a Bit Confused.

Andrew says I'm not allowed to have an opinion and know nothing about Julian Cope (now THAT hurts).But obviously regurgitating 3rd hand Quotes from his old album sleeves is SO worthwhile.

And yet The Shrimp says I'm allowed to have an opinion.

What gives?

I wouldn't have thought Cope was into KISS, face-paint or not.

But lets hope so - KISS ALIVE! is one of the greatest live albums ever made, along with ROCK'N'ROLL ANIMAL of course.

Russ Fri Jan 21 14:17:12 EST 2000

I hate to say this but i've been forced to KISS are and always have been SHITE...... I can't belive that they have been let loose on these pages however brief!!


sorry for that rant before the insults start to fly its just a pet hate a bit like the Manics I just can't stand the crap that they release.....

is there any other bands out there that make you spit feathers

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Jan 21 15:18:36 EST 2000

Shall we generalise then - Ok your starter for 10

It's easier to list those American bands who are any good!

Woh the joy of keeping belbin and Nat apart has to go to someone!

Seconds out round 2 - dong!

Krauts rool OK (and a few Swiss & Austrian musos also and maybe throw in a couple of Brits and bit of hollandaise sauce)!

Cheers me dears


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Jan 21 16:47:07 EST 2000

I see that I've just recieved a peerage and have been elevated to the lofty title of - The Shrimp!

My first nickname was the Incredible Shrimp but over the years I kinda lost the Incredible bit! but heh lets give me a tag - The(?)

What aboout:

Sorry but it will still be plain old Lou Reed to me!! - How about telling us about The John Cale instead - now there is an interesting fellow - oh and by the way wasn't he also Welsh!!

Cheers me dears

Plain old boring bastard shrimp or even Shrimp but please never The Shrimp!

(Ha I've just thought we could have on our badges The Russ, The Belbin, The Nat, The Wah-Wah(Pedal!?) and swap them around so that we all have to guess who is actually the real one!!) What a sad bastard I am!

Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Fri Jan 21 20:16:15 EST 2000

I got home from England and Scotland almost two weeks ago. I picked up a copy of Head On/Repossessed in a book store in Edinburgh. I read Head On on the flight back to the states. I thought it was a good page turner.

Of course my mind kept wandering. I was anxious to get back home and crawl up in my attic and put on 2112. There's a nasty skip on my LP on "The Overture." I usually have to cue it up on track II, "The Temples Of Syrinx", which is kind of a bummer since I think "2112" loses it's impact without The Overture.

My "Metal Machine Music" has scratches in it too. Side two is almost unlistenable due to scratches. In order to fully appreciate MMM you have to be able to listen to all four sides to appreciate what The Lou was trying to accomplish.

I guess I always thought RCA was making more of a musical statement by releasing it than The Lou was in making it.

When I'm in the mood for KISS I usually leave the attic and stumble down to the basement. I got "Dressed To Kill" for Xmas. That album really rocks!

I noticed that the Julian cited a few instances in Head On where he lifted riffs from other sources. I believe (plain) shrimp noted that as well last month. Although The Julian didn't specifically cite KISS in Head On I wonder if he wasn't influnced by songs like "Rock Bottom" and "C'mon and Love Me." Then again maybe he just likes the way The Gene Simmons spits blood and paints his face. I guess I always thought it was cool that The Gene wore clogs on the back photo on "Dressed To Kill." There aren't a lot of rockers who would wear clogs.

At any rate I'm envious of all you stinkin' badges fortunate enough to see the upcoming The Julian Cope concert.

The Todd

IzzBuzz imjs@soton.ac.uk Sat Jan 22 08:14:34 EST 2000

Hello folks, 'sbin a while just dropping in to spend a penny er give my pennys-worth.

Dead excited about the Cornucopea gig. Badges - I say yellow. And curious about who's in G9. A single ticket, eh? don't worry we'll be your friends (manic laughter). Actually Nat, the other girl has G8 but I'm sure she'll swap with you if you want to hold hands with Belbin across 'The Unknown One'...Vybik, can s/he have a badge too?

Got the Universal Panzies CD before christmas, actually in the light of that full-moon yule (the postie had stuffed it behind our bin that he had rammed up against the front door - just what you want at 01:30!). I like it, but I don't seem to want to play it much, probably the weather. Joy division, yes. Hawkwind, um yeah. But I kept thinking - The Cure! Got me listening to Pornography, Faith, 17 Seconds, aaaah I'd forgotton.

Kiss? Wha? My personal hate is that Sheryl Crow. Urgh, spit spit. Dunno why, just me...Sure she's lovely mind. But they don't make them like Suzie Quatro anymore do they?

Spooky Christmas experience - finding Can in my dad's record collection. Wierd.


Annexus Quam bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sat Jan 22 13:57:29 EST 2000

izz buzz

try starbard/I wont mourn...once only, to start with. this is tremendous. play it for 15 minutes and stop blaming the weather. the panzies rule the universe right now. wait for the coming stuff.


The Annexus bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sat Jan 22 14:09:22 EST 2000

Shrimp's is THE message I have enjoyed most since I found out about Rail On. I had never laughed so much. Call me The Annexus, please. I will try and find a badge soon...I suggest we all use THE before our names from now on. Shrimp, you are The One!

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Jan 22 14:14:10 EST 2000

O h S o M ourning O n S tarbard E cstasy! - nice capital letters Rob(Annexus Quam!)

- I wrote a tune myself once with that self same chord sequence but it was really down and morbid and entitled 'The Ballad of the Dead'! yes I won't mourn - hope Christophe f. got a few royalties for it and as he nicked/borrowed it off me perhaps he could lend me a quid!

Todays thought - THE Seeds, THE Patti Smith Group, THE Stooges, THE Doors, even THE Velvet Underground and remember it was THE Teardrop Explodes but it was never THE Echo And The Bunnymen!!

Cheers Me Dears


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Jan 22 14:23:40 EST 2000

Woh the Panzies! I just had to play it after that.

The bass is so PHAT and over the top when it comes in and I just love that foghorn sax playing - I can't wait for the new stuff!!

Put that track on a compilation in your car and you will be cruising all day long.

Just rembered that from now on it will be THE Christophe f.

Cheers to THE Panzies


Cave kave@nildram.co.uk Sat Jan 22 18:01:43 EST 2000

andrew, i was just checking out your link to 'trampolene', and you have a note about the tickets for the April 1st being cds. is this correct? they told me that my tickets would be on the post monday.

but i like the idea of a cd better.

just realised that the gig is on april fools day!!

interesting, what have we let ourselves in for!!!!!!

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sat Jan 22 18:44:45 EST 2000

There are more of us a-comin, more of us like me, funked up, psyched up with nothing to lose! See y'all at Elizabeth Hall! I be a-comin from Worcestershire (purple haired cripple)

pee-ess: Does anyone have a Copey at Phoenix Fest video copy I can buy at small cost, the link I found has gone?

The Annexus Quam bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sun Jan 23 03:39:20 EST 2000

The Buzzard

The Stratford Phoenix Festival, 1993, I think. Gorgeous one. My favourite. Contact me or better still The Andrew, he is the one in charge of The Julian on video.

The Annexus

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Jan 23 05:47:27 EST 2000

Cave - It's definetly going down and its gonna be THE event of THE year - You've let yourself into a treat! My ticket arrived with no mention of a CD but I won't be surprised if something will be stirring on this front - maybe some form of Cornucopealation in respect of the melt-down aspect? mmmm!

The Synus disc arrived - I somehow developed a sniff on the same day - executive producer is The Copeman with thanks to Thighpaulsandra + Elwell? - must say I was a mite disappointed but check it out anyway as its up to you and not me! The Panzies disc is a must have though and that is up to me and not you! Ha!

Cheers to the corns but not to the pawns


Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sun Jan 23 08:07:17 EST 2000

Thee Annexus Quam, THANKYOU! I've been out in the sticks too long, I'll mail you for advice. Oh joy.

And yes, Vybik Jon, we Do need stinking badges! Purple and yellow is cool, or gold and purple. If anyone's interested I've been given a right on design, inspired from my old snaps of Silbury, how about the outline of silbury with rays of sun emanating out to the heavens, no need for words! What do we think, Anyone? I'd be happy to provide my services regarding design (my profession in the world of the deathtripping greedheads!). New to this business of E-manating conversations over desktops, but great to know there's some Heads out there!!

Love, Buzzard.

Thom Bosarde z-bird@ic24.net Sun Jan 23 08:34:03 EST 2000

Sorry, is there some etiquette involved with 'The' as the emphatic pre-cursor to the noun. So The Annexus would be saying, (would you not?), that you are most definitely THE Annexus, as in THEE definite article! Strange to note in the old days I was prefixed as 'thom', as in 'them', but not 'those',no, -rather the singular of 'them'.

Funny that. no i'mnotanarseyinterlektualittlenigelfartypantseithersothere.

thom Bosarde X

Tim Maher timmaher@nccnet.co.uk Sun Jan 23 10:02:43 EST 2000

I phoned RFA for clarification on the tickets as CD's. Evidently they were planning to issue CD's with seat numbers on them. To which they sent out compliment slips explaining their plans to the initial applicants for tickets.

They evidently changed their minds and hence why conventional tickets were sent out to subsequent applicants. At present they are deciding how they are going to honour their original promise, whether to issue the CD's, or some alternative instead.

In the meantime the seats have been reserved for those that have been promised the CD's.


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Jan 23 13:22:41 EST 2000

Please can we decide on the definitive article - Oh sorry I'm talking Bollocks here (badges) - right Buzzard will design them and get the design to ? who can get them made/produced whatever and sent/downloaded to whoever wants one.

It would seem sensible in my tiny brain that something can be produced that can then be downloaded by anyone from say Russ's site in a printed form which can then be stuck to a small piece of card and a safety pin attached. - simple really and please can I have a Blue Peter badge!!


Shrimp and the sticky backed plastic

The Nat in the Hat came back perky_jean@nme.com Mon Jan 24 04:45:20 EST 2000

Izzy Wizzy - casting nasturtiums on my good name - Holding hands peerrrrlease!!! Not on a first date!! What would my dearest beloved say!!! :-) Interesting to find out who is in G9 mind you! Hope they don't have BO!! tee hee hee

Did anyone see 'Time Team' on BBC 2 last night? A new Henge site found down at Portland Bill!! Really exciting, poor old lady had an Iron Age settlement in her garden!!!! I'm going to get Tony and Team in to dig ours in the spring!! :-)

Badges are a good idea, but don't you think red carnations and all meet under the clock at Waterloo would be a better idea!! :-)

Has anyone heard from Steve Waldfogle? I am a tad concerned?!!!

The Natxxx

st. Mon Jan 24 06:15:47 EST 2000

Add me to ___ list of those going to ___ event of ___ year. I haven't really been keeping up with ___ chat on who is going from here, p'rhaps one of you can recap, to save me having to trawl ___ archives. Gotta get my ass into gear about getting one of those cheap flight to London, more to the point (Buzz Frankfurt to Stanstead DM174, that'll do nicely sir). Are there plans afoot to meet up at an alehouse, pre-event to share a jar or two? It'll be fun to put a few faces to (nick) names.

santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Mon Jan 24 09:02:21 EST 2000

Is there a list with people not-going-to-the-event-of-the-year-and-completely-jealous-of-you-all?

then, add my name to that.

El Santisan.

Belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Mon Jan 24 09:45:27 EST 2000

Ha ha, being an organic potato, my tendrils spread everywhere!! (dont worry about it) no interloper can get in my way! The 'interloper' has been dealt with, anyway, they will not dare show their face. The seat will be mine (cue more manic giggling). Probably because it always was, and its just my rememberry that's a bit crap.

Panzies - as well as all the rest that have been mentioned, it kept reminding me of Peter Hamill (on the second track in particular, I think it was)

Philosophically speaking I must oppose the use of 'the' as a direct precursor to one's names, as it is either superfluous or incorrect. That, and me sister would beat me up if I were to claim to be 'The' Belbin.

Hmm, is it worth £25 to go and see this Lou Reed chap who has been the subject of such recent brouhaha?

Vybik The Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Jan 24 12:03:53 EST 2000

So, let's see about these stinkin' badges.

They're purple &yellow/blue &gold/purple &gold/yellow/with an exploding teardrop/with the outline of silbury with rays of sun emanating out to the heavens/saying Rail On/with no words.

I can do that.

You'll get what you get and be thankful!

(Honestly - kids these days).

I can't seem to win...

PS What I had in mind was to get the badges done, let you all know and leave you to e-mail me direct with an address to send a badge to. Complete discretion of course.

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Jan 24 13:18:23 EST 2000

Right now pin back your lugholes we have arrived at a decision.

Anyone requesting a badge please e-mail Vybik Jon with your name/nickname or whatever and your address and he will send it to you.

If we then need a list of who's gonna meet up etc then Vybik Jon will have all the details and can do a posting in the future.

I've sent my details off today.

Has anyone noticed that Verian is rather quiet?

And for any of you still wanting to use The - then today is designated as end of discussion -period - lets rail on! (sorry I started it!!!)

Cheers me dears


Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Mon Jan 24 14:27:47 EST 2000

A message for those who won't be able to make it to The Fools Day Freakout.

You can have a badge too if you want. It's not much compensation I know, but it will strengthen your spiritual bond with us on the day. Or something like that.

Alaskan Andrew and Trav were getting one anyway.

Lost in the garden...

PS Andrew - I haven't forgotten the tape. Ditto Frank Vink.

Drummond. Bill I_Suck@KLF.com Mon Jan 24 16:09:01 EST 2000

Don't bother sending me a badge, as I am a complete twat.


Rhys, Gruff SFA@ywnalg.hir Mon Jan 24 16:12:36 EST 2000

Nei di dorri fy ngwallt asdiia9

#*&asdf003Tom Jonesgynnesi.


Andrew common.era@hotbot.com Mon Jan 24 18:07:10 EST 2000

Just got a message from another Cope fan which read:

"ps. you might let other non-UK JC fans know that Repossessed can be found at Tower Records in the States (maybe not all, but the one in Philadelphia had three copies this past week)."


Arckangel66 Arckangel66@aol.com Mon Jan 24 18:25:43 EST 2000


Would anyone be able to tell me if Cope has been signed up to appear at Meltdown 2000? Thanks.

Ron drude@mounet.com Mon Jan 24 23:01:09 EST 2000

THE Scorpions... ooo krautrock and the 'the' theme, and just a pitance before the day is done. I also confess that I rented, watched, and enjoyed (oops) 'Detroit Rock City' this weekend. Sorry, but we all have our vices.

Pure KAK? My personal hates: 'The Eagles', and 'The Steve Miller Band'.

Now that I know whom 'THE Lou' is... well... he for some reason, was allowed to give a one sentence statement in THE Harley-Davidson documentary I was watching this weekend. I'm sure that he musta thought whatever it was that he said was earth shattering, but I didn't pay much attention, other than 'oh yeah, he's that guy, uuhhh, 'the lou', yeah, that's 'im.

I bartended a parti a couple a weeks ago with this older gentleman from the UK. I asked where he was from, he said 'near London'. I asked him if he knew where Tamworth was. He looked at me as if had seen a ghost. He said 'mmmmy sister wennt to college in/near Tamworth'. Poor ole bugger, he definitely wasn't expecting to hear that one.


Brian farbcore@aol.com Mon Jan 24 23:28:14 EST 2000

The mention of The Scorpions and Detroit Rock City on Rail On reminded me of the scene in SPINAL TAP when the model of Stonehenge was lowered onto the stage in its accidently scaled down size and almost trod upon by a dwarf...

No apoligies, but I sure laughed, and I'm a fan.


st. Tue Jan 25 05:14:30 EST 2000

I eventually gave into the inevitable and read through all the old mails to find out the origin of the badges mania. Now two hours later (gross exaggeration) I am enlightened. Sounds like a truly fitting momento for our big day in London Tawn. The mail is in the post.

Any numbers yet?

....well I need to get to London and I need to get there fast....


The Annexus bobsyecho@hotmail.com Tue Jan 25 17:49:02 EST 2000

'The Eagles', and 'The Steve Miller Band'. Mmmm, they don't even need to be mentioned on this list at all. They belong to another dimension of cupboardheads and drywanks. The Annexus Quam is totally Maggot-Brained right now. Has anyone out there ever heard it and is ready to enlighten me on Maggot Brain and its connection with The All? It seems to me that track is the origin of Starcarr/Can/Universal Panzies/AshRaTempel etc etc etc etc etc etc. Still freaking out courtesy of Christophe F's Unconventional Wisdom.

Belbin Wed Jan 26 08:27:35 EST 2000

I used to be on a Super Furries discussion thing, but people kept writing in Welsh and I'd no idea what they were on about, so I dropped off.

Anyone any idea what 'Gruff' is on about here?

Nei di dorri fy ngwallt asdiia9

#*&asdf003Tom Jonesgynnesi.

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Jan 26 08:48:54 EST 2000

belbin - does it really matter its only a bunch of words! - try listening to the music, attitude and general feel it's far more important - if Gruff wanted you to understand he would have turned it into English but then again it might not have had the musical effect that he was after. Welsh is a great musical language. German is pretty good. French is not though.

J'ai regardez le television


Belbin Wed Jan 26 09:25:13 EST 2000


uhh, yeah I quite agree when listening to albums. But this is a discussion list, so it's hard to work out the attitude. In order to discuss it is surely important to know what is being said.

Thom Buzard zbird@ic24.net Wed Jan 26 10:10:45 EST 2000

Woo hooo!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Jan 26 12:27:32 EST 2000

Hey guys!

I just found out that the Listening Booth is currently inaccessible. This is because the old server, thunder.swa.com, crashed a while ago, and has since been replaced by a PC running Linux. The Listening Booth had the Julian Cope samples and the Live albums. I *hope* I can get those files back, because a lot of effort went into making them and I don't think I have a local backup. I'll keep you posted, and sorry for not noticing the dead link sooner!

(This issue will be eliminated when I migrate all my Cope stuff over to FP2000).

Speaking of computers... I just re-formatted and re-installed Windows 98 on my two Pentiums (after first moving my important files to my backup disks). There were some bumps here and there in the installation, but now everything is running fine! I was really intimidated at first, since I've never installed an OS before. But my friend says he'd done it "many times" before with no major problems, so I gave it a go.

Anyway, my computers are running better than ever. They're faster, their registries are nice and clean, and they don't crash as much. As an added bonus, this reinstallation process has give me time to re-plan the roles of my computers. For instance, right now I doing using email and web browsing on my old computer, since speed's not a real issue; it's also my scanner, mp3 player, and print server. This frees up my newer computer for web development, sound editing, image editing, programming, and (of course) games! Since I have internet connection sharing, I can switch roles back and forth; ICS is *much* more transparent than WinGate. Hooray!

Okay, enough geekin' (for now)!

I was reading the January issue of Mojo this morning and noticed a reference to a Julian Cope article in a past issue. Was that a really good, long article? Has anyone ordered Mojo backissues? The mag seems very expensive! I wonder where I can get an articles index.

Which reminds me, I need to finish my Top40 Index for Big Takeover.... Sigh... Too much to do! :)

Hope y'all East Coasters are enjoying the snow! Yesterday my parents and I went tobogganing (sp?) on a big hill behind our house. I brought an inner tube (which we usually use for rafting) along on a whim. After a few runs we got a nice flattened groove for it, and it turned out to be more fun than the actual toboggan! Plus, it was a lot easier to carry back up the (long) hill. I tried to build and igloo but the snow was too light. Maybe it'll melt a little today and then freeze back up. Then I can build and igloo... And some megaliths!!! :)


Derek Wed Jan 26 14:20:48 EST 2000

Yo Druids, Have had a bout of technofear recently (happens every so often) so haven't been on da net. Got my tickets for THE gig - right at the back (bollocks) IZZY - I must send you that tape 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 apologies! My copy of Odin has started skipping and jumping 68 minutes into th thang and is DOING MY FRAGILE HEAD IN!!!!!! Should I send it back and complain ? I don't know ho HH deal with such things. Off to Avebury on Saturday to try and get my head together(Impossible!!) A solitary spiritual treat. Blessed be to one and Awl!

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Jan 26 17:26:24 EST 2000


The mojo mag article in the December issue was pretty good, nothing new though. If you go to Trampolene I have posted a bit of info about it in the articles section of Cornucopia. You can jump to the mojo web site from there where I believe you can get back issue info. I'm going to put up some more articles from the archives soon (have to watch that old copyright infringement thing though).


P.S. Ice magaliths! Wow, never thought of that, no shortage of the white stuff here for msuch an adventure.

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Thu Jan 27 04:02:01 EST 2000

Just having a sneaky surf before I start work. You got snow on the east coast? Coool, very cool. Its Brrrrr here, my back brake and gears froze up this morning (that's on my bike Shrimp - listening to Panzies in my car is not an option 'fraid, cos I don't own one). But the orange sun over the twinkly frosty grass of the Common - wow!

Back to this Panzies thing. I'll give it another go next time I get the office to myself (my computer is my only CD player). I'm not listening to it coz I'm catching up on Elastica before monday's gig. (New EP is excellent, with Mark E Smith on an' all.) Please don't be offended if I don't share precisely your music taste, and anyway I didn't say I don't like it (so there!).

Derek, tape-whenever. Maybe take it along to the QEhall gig and if Nat and I decide to break our anoniniminimity then you can pass it on....oh and send that CD back. When we were as the Bath Repossessed signing I happened to mention to JC that the AVebury pages of MA were falling out (some thing to do with a photocopier) and he wouldn't let it lie until I promised to take the book back. Of course I haven't - its signed. I think HH will be cool. Have a fine time in Avebury!

Rob, I wait for the coming Panzies stuff with Anticip...

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Thu Jan 27 04:43:17 EST 2000

Shhhhh disguises ready!! Anonimity is certain, apart from the fact eveyone knows we are sitting in seats G5 - G9 (One seat to sit on, and one seat for handbags! of course!!!)

Izzy Watch those brakes girlie, mine went on the car this week.... brrrr chilly weather, the River Itchen was frozen in places this merry morn too....looked lovely.

Shouldn't have any probs returning stuff to HH, I have in the past..They are pretty good about things..

Have fun at Elastica on Mon.... I'm in Brighton if anyone is around!! Larging it on the Pier, Dolphin Derby ahoy!!

Also as a plea to your good nature, if anyone has any blankets to spare and lives in the Southampton area, could you PLEASE PLEASE contact me as we've run out and our Rough Sleepers slept in -6 last night! (Serious plea!!)

I can collect if you don't live too far away from Southampton or live in Brighton. (Or can get to my parents in Yeovil, Somerset)



Belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Thu Jan 27 07:31:48 EST 2000

Oh what a jolly pleasant morning it is


Wembley &now it even looks like

Wah! as well - Wylie's playing a one off at Talk of London (wherever the hell that is) on Monday 28th (£8.50)

Be good to bring the flavour of Merseyside to London. Even if Wylie'll probably be a pompous old arse.

Izzy - personally I'd be quite surprised if you could get into the Panzies at work, if only because I'd imagine that everybody else you work with would demand its removal.

Annexus Quam bobsyecho@hotmail.com Thu Jan 27 07:38:30 EST 2000

Spaceship Mark, I know where the Polisher is, OS numbers and all. Beaker village nearby. She shines in translucent glow, wow! Endlich!!!! after years and years of wild searching...

Cammy cameron@borland94.freeserve.co.uk Thu Jan 27 08:21:05 EST 2000

Belbin, Wylie a pompous old arse ? I think not. He played last years Haddington Festival and was utterly outstanding. Just ask him to play "Hey Mr. Anarchist" and watch his reaction !

Ted Ziminsky TZiminsky@aol.com Thu Jan 27 10:44:10 EST 2000

[posted by Trav]

repossessed in the states

...just thought i'd let you know that i came across, quite unexpectedly mind you, copies of Head on/Repossessed at Tower Records in philadelphia on my bi-monthly visit to that city. so, if you're like me and cringe at purchasing thingsover the net- i'd give the local Tower a buzz.

st. Thu Jan 27 10:45:44 EST 2000

Got me tickets today, woo hoo!!! Rear stalls of course BB1 and 2. Anybody been there before and knwo the lay out of the place? It should be one hell of a night.


Modfather Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Thu Jan 27 10:54:37 EST 2000

All my people right here right now...


what is the deadline for the next CD--I haven't had time to do the final overdubs and mixes and I need to re-do "Colours Fly Away" (this first version sucks logs)...

In much envy of all those who will see the unveiling of (ahem) Brain Donor...

Ah yes--the return of the glorious WIRE!

d'yer know what i mean?

le pere du Mods...

(note the xtra e-mail address...)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Thu Jan 27 11:33:13 EST 2000

Interpreters Vol 3 Plans

(For you newcomers, we're talking about the Julian Cope tribute CDs... See my main Cope page for details.)

When I start getting close to a full CD's worth of material, I'll let everyone know a ballpark deadline. For the first CD it took about 3 years to collect enough songs! The 2nd CD took about a year. So far it's only been a few months since Vol 2 came out.

Lots of people have mailed me saying they have songs ready for Vol 3, or are getting them ready. But so far no one has sent any (which is understandable, since I've been on travel off and on and have had to put things on hold intermittently).

Well, now the "hold" can be officially lifted. Next week I start my new job here in Charlottesville, so no more moving around! My mailing address will stay the same, so all cover songs can be sent to: [address snipped -- Trav]

I'll let everyone know when we start getting close to a Vol 3 release! And by the way, I got my burner and printer working again (after reinstalling Win98), so I can now make more Vol 1 and Vol 2 CDs!

When Vol 3 comes out, I'll come up with a special deal on the first two volumes, say $15 for the pair (instead of $10 each). This will hopefully keep them from being forgotten (as they are both EXCELLENT CDs!!!) in the "hoopla" over Vol 3. :)


DeeDee Thu Jan 27 13:57:44 EST 2000

Beat on you brats with me baseball bat!


Elisha zbird@ic24.net Thu Jan 27 20:35:45 EST 2000

High on Glastonbreee Tor, Pope Gregory's New Year's Eve, 1999, 1201 AM, (thankyou kind bearded fellow for the party popper), the goddess did rise in silver winged splendour as the drums did beat up an ancient rime. Beacons burning on the distant Quantocks, another over Dolebury Ring, everyone together, mostly in groups, yea even our little group added our together-apartness.

New Years Day 7PM. Hometownsmallmindsdailygrind

All the people right here right WHAT? Is this a New Dawn?

ARE WE WELL HUNG!? or do we join in the Neo-American Youth TEEVEE warcry, 'Apathy As A Mark Of Cool' chant of - "Whatever"

NOTACYNIC.go figure.

Maggot Brain bobsyecho@hotmail.com Fri Jan 28 04:51:03 EST 2000

Baby Elisha, we are all well hung! Smalltownnarrowmindedbollox...? let them be, poor buggers, the huuuuuge dawn is all part of the mother-reawakening process. get ready for a wellhung spring.

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Jan 28 06:19:08 EST 2000

I found out that the Purcell Room has got 270 seats - seems to me it is gonna be quite an intimate night...

to St.: please e-mail me !

more info then !


Belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Fri Jan 28 06:52:59 EST 2000

Just been on the phone to the South Bank Centre for me Wire tickets, and they say that the Queen Elizabeth Hall seats go up to Row PP - so at a guess Row BB (which somebody was asking about) is about two-thirds of the way back. There are still about two hundred tickets left - the back five rows in their entirety, &various others scattered around.

just chop me like a lime

Thom Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Fri Jan 28 11:09:57 EST 2000

Can anyone tell me what's going on in the Purcell rooms?

I'm row K in thee QE hall, I don't know if that's good or bad!

Mebbe they're gonna' seal us all in and do some voodoohoodoo with muse that's rising!

Cuz I'm a newcomer, reading some Rail On archives, (what nice intelligent peeps you all seem to be) me an my girl couldn't help being suprised at the number of seemingly unCopey bands we like that you guys dig also, The The(early days, Nick Drake, XTC etc..)

Belbin Fri Jan 28 11:21:59 EST 2000


Row K is pretty good - 10 rows back or so.

The gig is part of the Meltdown festival held every year (now) at the South Bank Centre. This years is organised by Scott Walker, and includes a right ranghe of stuff - Riuchi Sakamoto (sp?), african drummers, Magma, 'classical', as well as stuff like JC &Wire. Apparently JC is organising his own 'mini-Meltdown' - so I guess some of it will be taking place in the Purcell Rooms.

Re bands: I kinda thought that all those you mentioned seem as 'Copey' as anyone. Who do you think are 'Copey' types, then?

(Anonymous) Fri Jan 28 12:33:56 EST 2000

10 rows back, woohoo! notsobad! Ok,Ok, maybe it sounded a bit glib to say 'Copey type' bands, and to be honest Belbin, the harder I think, the harder it is to pin down such a thing! The Archdrude(sic) has re-invented and re-explored, ripped off and tripped-out, all so charmingly well I hasten to add. Yet there is an 'undulating current' of both fragility AND great artistic strength 'fighting for some room'. I don't look for a 'type', I guess we just get moved by a vibe and sometimes that vibe is shared by other musicians and listeners alike. cosmic!

The pure unadulterated energy of the song Jehovakill shook me to my pagan roots, in a similar style to that shocking rawk out-fit The MC5 did in the seventies, 'cept of cause Julian's sentiment holds tight. On the other hand, 'Laughing Boy' gently eases me to that little boy I was in 1980, looking at The River Stour flowing dirtily by, yet loving the stench nonetheless, 'cos I was there!

I'll get me coat! Hope you don't think me a typecaster!

Blessed Bee X

Derek Fri Jan 28 14:12:11 EST 2000

"71 minutes of Faust" -very good buy if you ask me,anythin by early Pere Ubu or the very shamanic- Joy Division(check out the "Heart and Soul" 4 cd set - the live cd takes you places!)

Me and my girlfriend are in seats FF21 and FF22-if anyone wishes to make an assasination attempt!

To the bat-poles......

Ron drude@mounet.com Fri Jan 28 16:19:32 EST 2000


Very glad to hear you got the boxes up and running. Are you actually in Charolettesville? If so, do you know anything about Sprint's ION product? Do you know of anyone using it? If so, post/email your thoughts.

I'm glad someone pointed out that the strange post was 'welsh', as I thought it was Marc 'tripping' on the keyboard ;o). As far as clairity of the post is concerned, that's really never been an issue on this board, although I have asked for some translations of the more 'british' posts. Not complaining, jus explainin'... 17 archives, and working on the 3rd tribute,which reminds me I need numero dos.

Izzy has a bike? Is that 'as in bicycle, or motorcycle?'

I look back, but I don't see
walking round with my very best friend
She looks good, fine to me...
Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Jan 28 21:53:42 EST 2000

Yep, in Charlottesville, but I don't know anything about the Sprint ION thing. I'll keep my eyes open and let you know what I hear.

Real quick... Guess what I saw in Barnes and Noble yesterday, totally out of the blue... The Modern Antiquarian! Three copies of it in the Archaeology section. What a surprise!


Rail On #17

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