Rail On #18

2000-01-29 to 2000-04-23

[Okay, I'll explain this first bit of this VERY long page. Being fitness-obsessed, I don't drink very often, maybe one drink a week, sometimes no drinks for a month. Anyway, one night I drank a bunch of margaritas until I was thoroughly drunk. Since I was living in my parents' basement at the time [between traveling and working] and couldn't easily invite friends over or drive anywhere, I decided to immerse myself in Julian Cope. So I put on Autogeddon and hopped onto Rail On. The result is several pages of lame, confused, mood swinging babble, but it seemed to amuse people at the time, so I guess I'll leave it on here. -- Trav]

Trav http://tripalot.com/ Sat Jan 29 22:52:16 EST 2000

OKay, guys, new clean page! [says the office Trav...]

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jan 29 23:04:16 EST 2000

All rihgt, the fun Trav steppeth forward...

[Sigh. Here we go... - Trav]

Dudes, I'm drunk! You don't know how hard it is to type this! Every other word contains a typo! I'm not exaggerating! I'm STILL not exaggerating!

I'm drunk and what do I have on? Autogeddon! It's actually pretty groovy!

It's like... There are two realities, people, Travie's... [you can replace "Travis" with your name]

So there's the NORMAL, sane, somewhat reserved self... What's the word... It's a cliche, and y'all know it and are probably blurting it right now... INHIBITED! yeah, that's the word. A prettry lame, over-used word, but we have so few words in our language if you think about it. How do you describe the different flavors (or flavours) of enebriation? Y'all nonconformists know what I mean.

Hmm, so how many of you DIDN'T instinctively select to regard yourself as part of the NON-CONFORMIST crowd? I think we all want to be NON-CONFORMISTS. Are there any people that consider themselves CONFORMISTS?

[This is a rare chance at catching a Sysop drunk.]

"Sysop" is so pretentious a term! ha ha ha! It has this tag of "Authority" pinned on it. I MUST protest, folks! There's no aura of authority emanating from me! I'm just a fan, like y'all, and I know even less about Cope than most of y'all. However (says Travis, suddenly frantically trying to justify his role of responsibility on here)....

Well it all comes down to WORK. It takes EFFORT to archive these lists. (No, I'm not asking for money, pity, or anything!!! but if you read the rest of this paragraph, I'll be happy! Actually, I won't know if you do or don't, but in theory I'll be happy). Umm, I forget what I was gonna say. Oh yeah, WORK.

Hold on... I'm gonna totally BREAK my traditiona and put on another COpe CD.... AUTOGEDDON was so cool I gotta do more, more, more!!!

You see, I'm very habitual. I like order. you know, the geek type. I am watching the James Bond movies in order, and am up to GoldenEye. My goal is to finish before I start my job (Monday). And for my CDs (listen up, this might be intesting to some of you...)...

For my CDs, I pick 10 CDs, staggered, from my collection. So I pick the first CD (the Aints) and then something from the C's, something from the D's, etc. I pick ten.

Here's the cool part. When I finish listening to the ten, I put them back in the case, and pick the CDs that follow them! So I grab Amon Duul II's Yeti, and the next 'C' CD, and so on. So, when picking each batch of 10, I simply pick the successors, and never have to make any decisions! It's easy! And it guarantees that I will listen to ALL my CDs, even the losers (like Queen Elizabeth!). [ahem]

The only CHOICE I have is which of the 10 CDs I have out I want to play. Did you understand that sentence? I felt it was weak. Umm.... So, I have 10 CDs out, and I get to choose which one to listen to. When I finish listening to these 10, I put them back, and for each CD I put back, I grab the NEXT CD in my case. That's the cool part. I don't have to decide which set of (10) CDs to listen to next! It's pre-determined, by the order of my CD collection. I alphebetize, but put Jazz, multi-artist compilations, and new purchases separate.


So thins time, because I'm a little drunk (notice the "a little" - this means I'm coming down. Should I drink more? Or should I retreat into Water? This is in essence a guerrilla foray into Coolness a/k/a uninhibitedness). Ummmm, I totally lost my train of thought. Ummm......

Okay, so yeah, I was trying to "justify" my role of responsibility on here. Well, first of all comes precendence. I've done this since the mid or early 90s (I forget).

(sorry, just took a break. went up and got a beer and put on Twenty Mother)

I want to emphasize how much of a GEEK I am! (Or is that as over-used and universally self-applicable as "non-conformist"?)

ummm.. Okay, so please try to follow me. This post won't be all that interesting (or useful) if you skim it. But who am I kidding! I'm just Travis! I'm Mr. Geekoid. Okay, so well all know that, and we all somewhat relate to a guy who considers himself a Geek. Nothing all that new here, although perhaps we've never heard a (chuckle) "sysop" (snicker) collapse like this before. Heard? Or witnessed? Hmm.. I'm so rusty author-wise that it's hard to pick!

Okay, step back. We've ALL had friend who get drunk and ramble on and on. Yeah. So this is perhaps old and cliche (sigh... here the self-consciousness sets in...)

Okay! So my point (please be patient, cool people!) is (we all KNOW y'all are cooler than me, so pat yerselves on the back!)

Se? I can't even make "YERselves" (as in the 9-letter word, not the concept) appear cool! I'm

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jan 29 23:04:50 EST 2000


(Anonymous) Sat Jan 29 23:05:18 EST 2000

EEEK! i KEEP SUBmitting these! I am SO DRUNK!!!!

T Sat Jan 29 23:08:44 EST 2000

I am laughing and laughing. See? THat's one thing. I am a happy drunk! ...

when I drink I inevitably get happy and

Ha ha ! I cannot look at the screen anymore. I can just look at the keys.,

So, Mr. Keys, I gotta remmber not to hit RETURN! If you MUST hit return, hit HISFT_RETURN, because it doesn't send the message!

See? Hey, y'all, I hope this interface doesn't suck! IF so, I can change it.


hey, I just hit return and it DIDN'T send! (see how authoritative Trav is? See how intimidating he is? Ha ahahahahahahah!!!!)

Okay, look, I wanna get serious for a second (have to send now before I, well, gotta send now!) :)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jan 29 23:45:41 EST 2000

(You know, I would like to see more of these types of letter from you!)

okay, guys, I'm trying to extract a point here. But isn't that the raison d'etre of all drunks? They drink in order to HAVE a point, to HAVE an original thought. And then their goal, their RESPONSIBILITY, as a drunk, is to COMMUNICATE that point? This is their one and only (well, unless they are alchoholics) opportunity to dig up the inhibited, buried, patted-down, frostyed-over, and (almost 1000% but not quite and we ALL NKOW we are not 1000% happy about our level of relaxation) ummm, DArn! I forgot again what I was gonna say...

Okay, HONEST. I am very HONEST. Like now. Do I want to veil my less-than-impeccable state from you? No! I want to SHARE! Certainly MOSt of you (the "Non-conformist" majority, which I will henceforce perceive as "everybody" with hopefully no harm)

ha ha ha ha ha! I jsut realized that even if I deceide to erase this drunken SPIEL (and I am really tossing around the snow and sand now) Hey, I build an igloo tonight, guys! The snow melted and re-froze enough over the last 6 days that I was able to pack it together, and with the intermittent help (no, *I*ntermittent help, since they only appeared once or twice each, but I was ahappy each time they came out of the woods and acknowledged my creation) of my Mom and Dad, I was able to FINISH building the roof! It doesn't have a foyer, but it's a 'building' (single quotes for y'all Brits)

Hey, do books in England really have ' instead of "? Or are American re-prints pretentious? Did British books USED to have ' and now have " but American publishers, waxing Anglophilic, re-adopt the dead baby carcass of the '?

Mmmm.... Hope I didn;t offend anyone there. It's just this image. Americans are SO (and yes, this is a much more stretched amd rained generalization than the one associated with all of our self-regarded 'non-conformity'... siuh you get the point/gist/jis... double sigh!) ummm... DARn! I forgot again about which I was talking!


Anyway, so I FINALLY broke my RULE. You all (aka y'all) KNOW I am a geek, a nerd! (remember, most of use feel this label pasted to our foreheads every once in a while, and most of use feel we have a blue patche perrmanently inked/stained there...)

Oh yes, I remember my point. Here we go, the Real Thing! The real Point of it all!

Why am I "sysop"?

First, precendence. I've done it a long time. And something about my honesty and humility, and HUMAN-ness (hey, most of you have know idea who this 'Trav' guy is!) seeps through and people trust me. I am very trustworthy, and that is NO exaggeration! I am one of those few (maybe even 1) individuals who is compulsively honest. Honestly, I think there are other compulsively honest people out there, and that I am not unique. Perhaps MOST of use are honest? No. I doubt it. Because I *used* to be dishonest, and I know how easy that it.

okay. the point...

precedence, #1. Honesty/Trustworthiness #2 (I'm not gonna disappear or censor anyone based on my personal perceptions of 'propriety').

Reason #3 is that it's WORK. I have to keep an eye on Rail On every day. I CANNOT to ignore any posts. I skim some of them, yeah, but I always keep an eye out for critical info, HTML errors, questions addressed to me, questions that I can answer quickly, and so on. I *have* to read all the posts. I feel that compulsion. And I am perfectly happy satisfying that compulsion, because I, deep down and shallow up, want to help out people like me, who are looking for Cope info.

I am NOT going to go into a history on myself ("Hey, Trav, take a chug of your beer... you're getting non-euphorically contemplative!") okay, I took a sip! And i am grinning. Trust me, guys, I am grinning!

Okay, point. The 'Point' after which we all seek. The 'Insight'. Well, I've got a secret/sudden realiazation! I thin the 'Enlightenment' after which we seek is.... (and the same goes fro the Great American Movie)

... is ....

We want, deep down inside, to 'CONNECT' (note the quotes) With Other People. We want to Commisserate, to Share, to Empathise, to, to sum it up in a '90s-(anti-deprecated... what's the opposite of deprecated???) word, 'Communicate'...

Did you get that?

I'm saying, we, as humans, as animals, as living beings, feel a root-level COMPULSION to hijack other people's heads. To 'Get Inside'. To really KNOW that we are Not Alone. There's an INSTINCT in us to be Social. To Share, to Procreate, to serve the Rules of Life (tm). We have a GUT urge to find a mate, to find a pleasure, to continue. We want to CONVINCE ourselves that our gene combination is optimal.

(hold on... gonna post this... everying that come after within this message was written before this line!> --- honesty at Werk ;)

Quiztion : (why wasn't 'American Movie' called 'Great American Movie'?)

Trrav (I am HONESTLY toot drunk to spell my own name. don't thin k i am exaagerrating. you know, it'/s easy to get drunk. very easy. ha ha ha !) :)

p.p.s. I am NOTfabiracating this! trust me!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Jan 29 23:58:54 EST 2000

My point, my real, honest point, which I had forgotten, is that however Geeky and Obseeive and Rambling and Chemically Irresponible I am...

I *interrupted* my 10-CD/next10-CD/next10-CD 'Rut'/'Responsibility' which I've been nurturing/kissing-up-to for the 2 months, to play TWO COPE CDs IN A ROW.

Thi is *unhread* of. I *never* break my responsibility. I *never* relax before I complete my task.

Bu tnow I am listening to the 3rd Cope CD in a row. I have BROKEN my pattern. I have DESERTED my rut. I have strayed from that path of (obsessive) responsibilty and strayed onto the pastures of Hedonism.

And COPE... JULIAN COPE, is the *only* artist that has caused me to break my Pattern(tm). His is the ONLY music that wrenches me from compulsivity and PLOPS me into a field of yellow (neon!!!) granny-flowers, colored red starwberry weet and yet slighly tained by an illusive, ((LSD ? never had it) aire. Hey, is 'aire' a word in any country?

Gosh, I'm sorry folks, I'm really blitzed!

'Blitzed.' That's KrautSpeake! :)

See? I'm a bonefied (gosh, Trav, shut up for a second will ya?!?) Cope whatever....

hey, I'm sorry, guys! I'm *really* getting myself hammered, and all the other cliches for what almnost everyone one of us can associate with 'Drunk')

BY the way, for you Americans who find the ' instead of " pretentious... I do that because I am accustomed to expressing quotations in FORTRAN (yes, it *must* be all-caps to be correct) via the ' instead of "

So it's not me trying to be British (admittedly many (i/e/ at least 1) of us admires Brits -am I a Tory? pro'lly not... hey, anothe cliche, pretentious expression: 'prolly' (hy, again, the single quotes.... hah ah ahah ahh ah a)))))) [however many parens are needed to close that bit] ummmm...

See? I forgot again!

Hold on, I'm gonn apost this piece o' Kak b/c I 've got a Point coming up.... No, I'm serious, a COOL point...


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jan 30 00:11:31 EST 2000

My POINt, fellas and FELLESSES, is...

(Sheesh. I forget)


I don't remember!

Oh yeah!

Something about something.


Okay, I promise (and I'm DEAD serious when in comes to promises... you'll see!) that this will be my last post.

Not because I'm getting tired or coming down (I'm slurping a Molson Canadian as we [I] speak [type]), but because, ummm, I forget.

Shoot! Oh yeah, I promised jthis is the last message, so it will be. I find it funny that I cannot rescind these. They get sent to every subscriber! Even the SYSOP (obligatory group snicker) is no immunte to the 'written in stone' (no, those aren't pretentious quotes... they are FORTRAN habituated, almost 100% unconscious)...

I forget what I was going to say.

Hey, is a band name: "Habitual Soimethign or other" (I forget) cool?


I gotta stop! And I said I would, so I will! And since I promised, this is the last you'll hear from me tonight!

(EVERYONE breaths a sigh of relief, including Trav, who regards Third-Person self-reference as horribly pretentious but inklingly modest pizz)/.

Shoot. I'm loosing the urge to QC my paragraphs. Hence Cope's later Works! no QC. Just a lot of JC

That's somehow better.



Bono isn't.

All right, co-ed sufferered who most lioekly skimmed more than half of the preceding Travis-tagged entried....)

Good Night!!!! (perfect timing, as "Land of Fear" just ended)


p.s. This won't happen very often! Just Super Bowl Eve (ha! I haven;'t watched a single game all season)... well, an excuse for griming myself was that i found out how to get a Microsoft Personal Web Server running.... okay, enough!

(insert creative parting words here)


Robster bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sun Jan 30 05:18:08 EST 2000

the page is nearly full now. better erase it and start it anew once you sober up, dont you think? you Americans scare me...

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Jan 30 06:18:05 EST 2000

Trav - Hope you're feeling good today!

Three points -

  1. If you were that drunk you would not have bothered/been able to make all those postings as you would/should have found something better to do. [Well, try living in your parents' basement at age 27 for half a year --Trav]
  2. I thought that your drunken self was far more interesting than your normal geek self - now that is actually a compliment not a put down!
  3. Perhaps we could all get drunk at the same time and post and post and post and then we might get down to some serious crap!

Boring me dears


thom buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sun Jan 30 09:49:51 EST 2000

"Licker talks mighty loud w'en it git loose from de jug!"

J.C. Harris "Uncle Remus"

Okay it's not particularly Cope related, but the writer in question shares the old initials.

Are you ok now Travis. Don't you Rail against our most mediochre of post-modern sooo-boringly OK band of the same name these days. Now that would get me boozing big time!

blessed bee. Linda McCartney sausage and egg butty sir? I find it does a power og good the day after!

Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jan 30 10:41:36 EST 2000

Hi, guys! Wow, sorry I wrote so much last night! :)

To "make up for it" I just ordered Odin and Repossessed from Head Heritage. For those of you who live in the states, the complete number we dial is: 011-44-1672-539454. They give you 2.5 minutes to state your name, address, phone number, credit card number, and a list of the things you want to buy.

Enjoy the SuperBowl and the new dash of snow!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sun Jan 30 12:28:22 EST 2000

After I left my answering machine message, I sent an email to HH as a backup, and asked for an acknowledgement. JoAnne replied already! She even asked about the snow here on the East Coast. :)

So, another extra point for HH. :) We'll see how the actual shipment and billing go. I'll keep y'all posted!


Brian Warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Sun Jan 30 13:09:28 EST 2000

Hey trav I hope that drinking didn't totally do your head in? But more then likely it wore the hands down with all that typing.How is the snow? I have seen one snow torm this year thats it....I hope the same thing happens in 2002...heh we would like to have the olympics but they have no snow...THats what they get for giving us the olympics because we gave them hookers.... Oh but I digress.

Last time I asked about lyrics for "ouch monkey" I had a few people say they had them, but I never heard anything after that. So I was hoping that someone would dig em' up? Or was everyone to frightened by the charolotte anne cover on second heads?

"I am not jesus but I have same initials" jarvis cocker....but julian could say that too?

Rob bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sun Jan 30 18:07:07 EST 2000

After just too many highly-charged repeated plays of Cherhill Down's yellow vinyl I shifted to the Rite CD - does the vinyl sound too fast or is it my record player being just too bloody ancient and fickle and therefore in need of replacing?

The Refrigerator Sun Jan 30 18:07:41 EST 2000

Hi, I quite like cream of tomato in my soup bowl.

Tip of the day - make sure that you wear a helmet.

Stats of the day - offense 10 nuclear strikes - defense 12 doughnuts

Kiss my big fat butt!

Commander Will Paton

His Master's Voice Sun Jan 30 18:10:08 EST 2000


Suggest you buy a new rubber band

John Logi

Bill The Cigar Sun Jan 30 18:14:14 EST 2000

Hi guys, thought that I would drop by and have a chat as all those other yankie boys and girls will be glued to the box.

I always thought that nookie sounded better than rookie anyway.

Be seeing yer

Bill the Boss

ron drude@mounet Sun Jan 30 21:11:40 EST 2000

Yo Trav,

'sup drude, you ok? been laughing my ass off, your post's were much like the ole daze of Rail On. I recently read through some of 'em, amazing how young we all were back then. Whatever happened to Louise, Mike Fiddler, Slap, etc...? Have you tried the new frozen cokes from Burger King? They're grrreat! jus dump half a bottle of Jack Daniels in....;o

go titans!

PAUL boyfraser@hotmail Mon Jan 31 09:30:33 EST 2000

To any drudes who like collecting all things Copey....

It is with a heaving heart and wet cheeks i tell you the following story.

Many moons ago my friend was a graphic designer working in the same studio space as a certain Rob Carter, who I'm sure you all know has designed many a record for the boy king Julian. In fact, my friend even helped Rob to lay out the type for Floored Genius II and Autogeddon.

When the studio had a mass clearout of 'old junk' my friend rescued some stuff for me, including an LP cover for Jehovahkill which came back from the printers the wrong colour (it's light blue). I also have some 'flat artworks' - the things the designers sent to the printers to follow in the days before computers totally ruled the design landscape. They include: Jevohahkill, Autogeddon, Floored Genius II and the re-release of World Shut Your Mouth on CD single.

Due to life ganging up on me I'm considering letting these go to an equally loving home. If you're interested please email me at boyfraser@hotmail.com and I'll send you a yet-to-be completed itinerary. Artworks will go to the homes of the highest bidders, naturally.

Needless to say these artworks have touched the hands of Saint Julian as he had to sign them off. Sadly, the artworks aren't actually signed by the man himself.


belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Mon Jan 31 11:21:06 EST 2000


eleven long months on and my deeply dull job is finally within spitting distance of finishing. And thank the lard for that...

I'll have to try &get another one now, if only to buy the goodies Paul just mentioned. Anyone gotta iMac they wanna sell dead cheap?

Anyhows, my thanks to youse all for helping me survive it, and for all the posts be they interesting/useful/completelybloodywierd, and my apologies to any I insul;ted/bored/confused - but tt.

See some of you on April 1st then.


Derek Mon Jan 31 14:38:16 EST 2000

Trav - ignore my latest e-mail, my technical problems are over. Bloody computers. Just got back fom Wiltshire-walked approx 23 miles in 2 days-now I've got a cold. Highlights - Longstone Cove and Wadan's Hill - the view of Silbury from the top is tooooooo much. The henge itself was soooo packed (Like Sainburys in Ealing on a Saturday) Does the soul good though!

See ya

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue Feb 1 04:07:39 EST 2000

Poor Rich forgot he was off, Oh well, I'll miss ya mate, see you in April...... gone now, but never mind eh!!

Can you actually get on the top of Silbury now? I was always under the impression that as it was National Trust land you couldn't walk on it. Good for you if you did, I expect the view is tremendous...... as good as from the top of Glasto Tor, Golden Cap? Born in Whiltshire I be, sugget the Downs for your next trek, lovely soil.... beautiful plant life... totally unique land lines.

Trav, you certainly did well to write all that whilst intoxicated with liquor, I tend to fall down and talk crap!! Or sing terrible songs and go cross eyed! Ha ha roll on April.... lets hope I'm not in my Puff the Magic Dragon mood....

Nat x

(Anonymous) Tue Feb 1 05:37:15 EST 2000
(Colours of the world)
Spice up your life
(every boy and every girl)
Spice up your life
(people of the world)
Spice up your life
(hold tight)
Izzyizm Tue Feb 1 05:43:24 EST 2000

Ahem, sorry that was me.

Breaking the habit of a PhD I went out last night. Wierd, all those people in one place. Where do they all come from? How will I COPE at the QE hall? Nat and Steve and the Southampton crowd (all of us) may be interested in a little trip to the Dungeon tonight. Yes, I'm fed up with being a hermit, I don't get any more written. The dancin' pants still fit (surprisingly), shall I see you tonight?

The girl on the bicycle...

She took great interest in all the motorcrashes in the area...

She looked quite innocent...

nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue Feb 1 05:50:20 EST 2000

OOOOOO Izzy Wizz mate not mid week for me. Emmerdale Farm tonight!! Perhaps a swift half, but I don't do dancing and such like on a Tuesday!

'have a cup of tea, put a record on'

Why Spice Girls? have you finally lost it BIG TIME..... try Britney, she's the new Geri apparently!

N xx 'oh no no no I'll be Jane Fonda'

IzzBuzz Tue Feb 1 06:01:12 EST 2000

If I coulda fitted


into a Suzie Quatro number I woulda. Any suggestions? I have a 'soother' on my desk waiting to be given to the best contender...extra prizes to anyone who can tell me what a 'soother' is. Its pretty cool (to the numbed mind).

I shall be seeing ya soon though won't I Nat-Lee? I'm up for IanD, and I'll ask the red-heads what they think. Derek's walk sounds lovely don't you think? I have one similar planned for when this is submitted, shall we go? By the way, there's a sponsored walk in aid on Wiltshire Wildlife Trust from Avebury to Stonehenge, if anyone is interested.

Lost what?

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue Feb 1 06:43:57 EST 2000

I'll come on that walk as long as its not the 14th, 15th, 16th July as thats when I'm doing my stewarding bit for the Nuclear Awareness Group (CND) Conference in Reading!! Wooooo (Any takers who want to come e.mail me and I can send you some details when they are completed... accommodation in a posh hotel with Pool Yippeeeeee)

Now as to your soother, is it a Halls Soother sweet type thing or something a baby has when it is ikle! Or a cake hmmmmm cake.....

We'll definately do something soon, I promise, I am still cream crackered from my mad weekend in Brighton - Top DJ or wot!!

Speak soon nat x

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue Feb 1 07:24:39 EST 2000

Izzy Wizzy Fizzy

You can fit it into that blooming awful record that goes 'SELECTOR' E-LAS-TICA (sort of!!)

Ooo by the way B4 I go we can take that sleeping bag type thing, no probs. It can be used in the Homeless Shelter itself. Ta for that you loverly person you.....big hug for you.. ahhh

Nat xx

Annexus Quam bobsyecho@hotmail.com Tue Feb 1 07:43:32 EST 2000

Wow, fraser, touched by the hand of julian cope...great idea! I will start thinking of the different objects I possess which have been blessed in this peculiar way, I wonder what I could do with my left ear...or with my middle finger...

Also, which percentage of the area has been touched? I suppose the price will all depend on this... I reckon it needs to reach at least 36.8% in order to be sold, as this is the rate established by the National Management of Artist Sycopephancy, if I remember well.

Oh yes, Rite and Odin were designed to change our lives? What a queer idea... they are just a couple of flat holed discs.

bless you my cherishers

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 1 13:11:30 EST 2000

Silbury Hill - It is fenced off by the National Trust because it possesses on its summit some wonderful wild flowers or something - a total load of bollocks it was built to climb and climb it you should - once you are on the top you suddenly break out in an uncontrollable urge to dance/prance around like a lunatic - its a wonderful drug and you don't even notice the road at its base. Just because there's a sign telling you not to do it that should just inspire you to have a go.

Elastica - My bruvver saw them in Colchester the other nite and told me that they were excellent - but then again he has pretty crap taste (usually)!

I see that we're back on the subject of signatures/touched by the hand of a god/value etc - As I work for Local Government and have to justify everything in terms of Best Value I would suggest that if you think something is of value then it is all dependent on time - and time = space. If you look at all your possessions that you have accumulated over your lifetime then remember that when you die the majority are just worthless trinkets that will end up on a tip. Everything has a lifespan.

Anyway - just got hold of a Mogwai disc and it is excellent!

Cherish the Panzies


(Anonymous) Tue Feb 1 14:53:57 EST 2000

I meant that the view OF Silbury FROM Waden Hill was fantastisco. I have been up Silbury before and did dance around the top. It is a bit worrying that one day we might wear it away by walking on it-but I think if you respect the place and tread carefully then it should be ok. Stonehenge to Avebury sounds excellent I gotta walk- and I do, around the parks of London-stoned ,of course!

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 1 16:14:32 EST 2000

Derek - I can just imagine you dancing on top of Silbury! - no doubt it would be after the pilgrimage to West Kennett

Happy daze


Maggot Brain bobsyecho@hotmail.com Tue Feb 1 18:09:36 EST 2000

Snowdrops! Newborn lambs! Spring-clean yourselves! Imbolc is here, Mother Hill-hopping in the rain, they are strewn across the Land, find one of your own choice...

Annexus Quam In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

JASON drude@cvfastener.demon.co.uk Wed Feb 2 06:03:35 EST 2000


Due to an unprecidented holiday booking, i can't make the gig, so i'd like to pass these tickets on to a good home at face value £18.50.

Any interest, please e-mail me

Nat Wed Feb 2 07:28:31 EST 2000

I certainly don't think that fences (in come cases)are entirely a bad thing, Shrimp, I don't want Silbury turned to a mud hill or to have parts washed away by rain after dancing people have made their mark, and people will..... I'm not a boring old fart by any means you can dance all that you want too, but I want these sites to remain as they are so that people in the future can see them....

Some fences are a bad thing and should be breached at all costs, (no need to quote the Doors here) Silbury is an ancient site and needs protecting, the grass, the flowers, ikle baby lambs are all important... Its certainly not bollocks...

Respect is due to sites like these.... respect and dance is the key.

Sorry, thats my view, and yours too is respected.....

(I get where you are from now Derek - view of Silbury - read it wrong)


IzzyWizz imjs@soton.ac.uk Wed Feb 2 09:22:42 EST 2000

Here here Nat I'm totally with you on that. When I have been to Silbury I have never climbed. I've felt pretty miffed at the parents dropping their kids over the fence to climb up. Try teaching them some respect, man! The land isn't ours for the taking its ours for the respecting. Was Silbury built to climb, does anyone know?

Sleeping bags yours mate, we'll sort it out by email. Dungeon was great last night, I'm sure you're all fascinated to know. Bopped my sox, I can remember the cheesier stuff they played, Tenpole Tudor, Adam and the Ants and they also played New Model Army TWICE.

4 o'clock in the morning, still we cannot sleep...

Quoyle Wed Feb 2 11:58:01 EST 2000

Iron Butterfly...yeah!

Bud Zard Wed Feb 2 12:51:36 EST 2000

Yes things are getting greener!

Iron Butterfly?

Diamond Head

Steel Pulse

Led Zeppelin

Golden Earring


Iron Maiden

The Stainless Steel Band (ok I made that one up)

thom Busard zbird@ic24.net Wed Feb 2 12:55:52 EST 2000


I will not be clicking his dick until he gets his finger out?!!!

Quoyle Wed Feb 2 13:33:35 EST 2000

Diamond Head...yeah!

Am I Evil?

I've heard Brain Donor and they're like Tygers of Pan Tang.

So at least I'll be rocking in the QE.

¿ Wed Feb 2 13:38:27 EST 2000

Yeah! Come on Copey.

HH is becoming a modern antiquity:)

Annexus Blank bobsyecho@hotmail.com Wed Feb 2 13:48:28 EST 2000

yeah, Buzzy still in the last millenium, there's so many of them...hope they realise nobody's clicking their dick soon.

try sending the diamonds inside a well-wrapped registered envelope if you know what i mean and that might do the trick...

mother hills galore!!!!!! who needs silbury? try the Ur-Ancient-Mother-Hills instead - these WILL freak you out

Waden Hill, yeah!!!! Vincebus Eruptuuuuuuuuuuuummmmm!!!!!!

Annexus Blank-O

Still High in A-Gadda-Da-Vida

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Feb 2 13:51:59 EST 2000

Nat - are you suggesting that the rest of Avebury should be fenced off as well so that it becomes another Stonehenge with everybody bussed in and out? I realise that nobody knows why Silbury was built but I am sure that it wasn't built as a flower bed. The NT signs re endangered flowers etc are just a ploy to stop the majority of daytrippers from scaling the heights and creating a mudpath up the side and therefore damaging the site - I agree wholeheartedly with that stance and it works wonderfully - if the NT wanted to stop people totally from climbing then it would definetely be fortress Silbury and they would already have done it.

Cheers me dears


scaredycat Wed Feb 2 14:46:51 EST 2000

You guys who would party on the mounds like so New-Age-olescents, be aware that Silbury is of The Sun, and I have seen around sunset, on the footpath side, in the trees, a Watcher. The Guardian (Sul)

I know those of you have your reasons, but there is a link to the past here, and it is still very much alive! I hurried on...

j jones Wed Feb 2 18:48:17 EST 2000

Is it the return of the Quoyle? Or is it just Quoyle? Or could it be the anti-Quoyle?

Annexus Blank-O bobsyecho@hotmail.com Wed Feb 2 19:13:34 EST 2000

Exactly, most hills were just NOT necessarily supposed to be climbed on - although you may feel like it because of all the New Age Hype. Most of the times Vision comes from an unexpected spot, usually half-way-to-the-top, or on-the-way-to, or even from down below...this is like wanting fast to reach an orgasm without enjoying sex - a drywank, another corporate trick, a metaphor for the last 2000 WASP years. reach Heaven as fast as you can is what we have long been taught.

that is why some people still ignore albums like Odin.

Sul Rules. Catch Sul In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.

Enjoy the trip and suck it hard.

The Annexus Quam.

Annexus Blank-O bobsyecho@hotmail.com Wed Feb 2 19:20:28 EST 2000

What is the average daily consumption of beer supposed to be safe?Just curious...

(and please don't post countless stories of your own legendary piss-ups. this is of serious scientific interest...)

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 2 19:47:51 EST 2000

This was cool news, don't know if it's a hoax or not! Doesn't have anything to do with Cope, but I know a lot of you guys are Chameleons fans as well...

Hello everyone

Sorry that I haven't been as available as I would have liked. I only have very limited net access these days although I'm working hard to rectify this...

I wanted you all to be the amongst the first to know that The Chameleons reunion, so long mooted in rumour, is now finally going to happen.

It will be the four original members of the band

John Lever - drums, Dave and Reg - guitars and myself Bass - vocals.

The gigs will happen over three days

May 14,15,16 this year.

The chosen venue is The Witchwood in Ashton, Lancs and tickets are already on sale from the venue directly or from Piccadilly box office in central Manchester.

I know that this isn't the ideal venue but there was a very important consideration.

John has a lot of responsibility in his day to day working life that he can't easily leave to play in the band but we all wanted the reunion to feature the original band for obvious reasons. The Witchwood is right in John's backyard and it made the gigs possible, so the three of us agreed to go along with that...

Also we don't have any real idea of the reception the gigs will receive and Reg in particular was very nervous about playing a larger room, one off gig, and walking out to a half empty hall. So all things considered The Witchwood was an option that we could live with.

It is our sincere hope that we will be able to broadcast one of these concerts over the Internet and an internet broadcast company has agreed to consult with us on this.

In addition Dave, Reg and myself will be recording a fresh 'unplugged' acoustic based album which, it is hoped, will also feature some new songs. We want to have this ready for distribution in May.

We will also be setting up a dedicated official web site to keep people informed and will be contacting those who subscribed to the postal mailing lists.

Beyond this recording and the confirmed gigs it is impossible to say at this state what, if anything, will happen beyond this. I can speak for all of us when I say that we'd love the opportunity to come out and play some gigs for you people on the mainland as well as our many friends in the US, but the availability of John makes such plans complicated.

Now that it's all happening we're all very excited about doing it and intend to do our absolute best to ensure that the gigs will be an event to remember.

Thanks for all the support you've shown me throughout the various projects I"ve been involved with and pass on the the thanks of Dave and Reg for the encouragement and support you've shown to them too.

I have to go because I"m in a cyber cafe annd it's rather and expensive one. If you want to email me personally at any time my address is mark.burgess@ukonline.co.uk

It may take a while for me to get back to you but when I can, I will.

In the meantime

love and light always in this life and beyond

mark burgess

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 2 19:49:49 EST 2000

That was posted on the BigTakeover list, by the way...

Nat Thu Feb 3 04:27:22 EST 2000

Look Shrimp, please don't put words into my mouth, course I don't want the whole of Avebury fenced off. Who on earth do you think I am, a conservative voting land owner. I was talking respect, the flowers need respect and having not been to Silbury for a long cannot comment on the NT signs and whether there are flowers on Silbury or not.

You said it yourself about the fact that people make mud trenches and so forth up the side of the hill, which is destruction.

I am talking respect to something that is old and who knows why it is there!!

Please don't put words into my mouth again or I will be forced to slap you with a wet kipper. Or turn you into Shrimp pate (That is a joke as I do actually have a sense of humour and am a Vege incase you all now jump on my back for animal cruelty!) Thank You.

Nat x

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Thu Feb 3 08:45:02 EST 2000

For what I read everyday in the list mostly of the contributors are british or at least english speakers and I was wondering if there is many people in this list (let's say community) whose mother langeage is a different one.

And maybe It would be interesting, reading messages in other languages. Fon instance, I will translate mines into spanish (well, it's rahe opposite).

Por lo que voy leyendo en la lista cada dia la mayoría de los que contribuyen a ella son britanicos o al menos hablan ingles y me preguntaba si hay mucha gente en la lista (llamemosla comunidad) cuya lengua materna es una diferente.

Y quiza seria interesante, leer mensajes en otras lenguas.

Although I'm thinking that some alphabets are different to yours and it would be impossible to understand.


John Thu Feb 3 12:11:45 EST 2000

Haven't been checking all the posts lately and so I don't know if this has been said already, but there's another Cope gig on 2 April at the Royal Festival Hall (which is right next to the Queen Elizabeth Hall). Tickets went on sale yesterday (I think)

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Feb 3 14:22:20 EST 2000

Sorry I'm from Suffolk so I'm unfortuNATely normally tarred with the brush of being a farmer, a sheep shagger and a Tory bastard - we like to live up to the label! Our MP's are renowned for liking a good slapping!

I bet you've all been to Suffolk - done the tour seen the sights - how quaint and backward it is! Lavenham sucks - if you wanna see serious Constable Country then check out his demo paintings they show an artist really at work! The ones everybody knows and sees on the chocolate boxes etc were only done to sell to the adhoring public as he was a bit short of the old readies!

I just luv mud myself - can't get enough of it! Here in Suffolk we don't have many of them things called hills or even hillocks so as soon as I see something a little bit bumpy I just have to climb it. Come to Suffolk its really boring and flatttttt!

As for flowers the best thing you can do with them is eat them and they are jolly good too for the veggies among you!

It's good to talk and make pate


Annexus bobsyecho@hotmail.com Thu Feb 3 15:59:40 EST 2000

Suffolk? Is that still part of the British Isles? Seahenge was eroded by the sea, you know...just a few miles up north.

stern buzzard Thu Feb 3 16:06:52 EST 2000

Yeah eroded, I'd like to erode Tony Robinsons unfunky head alittle further for that escapade. pah!

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Feb 3 17:14:18 EST 2000

Men and woman who averaged one drink a day had a 21 percent lower risk of death than did nondrinkers.

The benefits decreased as people drank more. Among those who averaged four to five drinks a day, the risk of death among men was 10 percent lower, while among women it was 7 percent lower.

Women who consumed at least one drink a day had a 30 percent higher risk of dying from breast cancer than did nondrinkers. Drinkers also faced a higher risk of dying from cirrhosis, alcoholism and cancer of the mouth, throat and liver.

Overall, drinkers had about a 30 percent to 40 percent lower risk of dying of cardiovascular disease than did teetotalers.

So now you know and I hope that that is clear


Beer Monster Thu Feb 3 17:18:54 EST 2000

Age-Appropriate Consumption Levels

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recommends that individuals over the age of 65 drink no more than one alcoholic beverage per day.

This recommendation has been endorsed by the Consensus Panel convened by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), U.S. Public Health Service.

Additional refinements in the NIAAA standard endorsed by SAMHSA include:

No more than one drink per day;

Maximum of two drinks on any drinking occasion (New Year's Eve, weddings);

Somewhat lower limits for women.

A standard drink is one can (12 oz.) of beer or ale; a single shot (1.5 oz) of hard liquor; a glass (5 oz.) of wine or a small glass (4 oz.) of sherry, liqueur or aperitif.

The purpose of these standards is to establish a "safety zone" for healthy older adults who drink. The NIAAA found that older adults who do not have serious or unstable medical problems and are not taking psychoactive medications are unlikely to incur problems with alcohol if they adhere to these guidelines.

The goal, NIAAA said, is "to foster sensible drinking that avoids health risks, while allowing older adults to obtain the beneficial effects that may accrue from alcohol."

Head-on Thu Feb 3 17:20:22 EST 2000

According to the article, recent research from the University of Hull suggests that social drinkers have a longer lifespan because they laugh more, which is good for general wellbeing. A study on 332 social drinkers was carried out by Dr. Geoff Lowe, a psychologist, which found that moderate drinkers are more likely to laugh and engage in humour in their everday lives. Teetotallers had the lowest humour scores, probably because they find it difficult to socialise. Humour ratings for heavy drinkers varied from extremely high to extremely low, but on average, they fell well below the scores of social drinkers.

Todd Thu Feb 3 17:22:33 EST 2000

Ain't I just a wizard a true star!

FBI Thu Feb 3 17:27:43 EST 2000


I find it very interesting that the usual reporting on alcohol use tends to report that 1 to 2 drinks per day is healthy, but going to 2 or 3 is severely harmful. Since it is very unlikely that any substance will have no doses between healthy and harmful, what does the research really say?


You are exactly right. While the optimal level for overall mortality in most U.S. studies is 1-2 drinks daily (although the range worldwide is up to five drinks daily, Poikolainen, 1995-as in the famous Copenhagen study in which Grønbaek et al., 1994, found mortality gains for up to five drinks of wine daily), many studies have flat tails. That is, even while the study claims the optimal level is 1-2 drinks daily, there is no rise in mortality for those who drink more, at least for significant parts of the population. In this sense, the oft-described U- or J- shaped curve said to describe mortality by drinking is simply inaccurate.

To take one example, in a study in the New England Journal of Medicine which found mortality gains for drinking among older Americans, Thun et al. (1997) found no increase in mortality for high CAD-risk seniors up to five drinks/day. What is operating is that reduced risk of coronary artery disease is highly robust. Although other sources of death rise as drinks rise, in the Western world CAD is such an overwhelming source of mortality that it balances the rise in other causes. For high-CAD-risk populations, this conceivably could lead to recommendations of quite high optimal levels of alcohol consumption (up to five drinks daily).

On the other hand, women under age 50 with no CAD risk factors might actually be advised to drink at the very light end of the spectrum, particularly if they have a first degree relative with breast cancer. However, in the major study in this area, three-quarters of the women had at least one CAD-risk factor (Fuchs et al., 1995).

Of course they are talking American drinks and not European which we all know are stronger and better for you!

Archduke Ferdinand Thu Feb 3 17:33:47 EST 2000

Now the real question is how many listens of Odin are beneficial to your health and how many detrimental? - daily consumption figures please

did you know the most interesting fact that in GB over 110 litres of beer is consumed annually per capita - it is the highest in the whole world - so if you live anywhere else you should live longer and be healthier.

Trav has a lot of drinking to catch up on


Adnams and the Ants

Ron drude@mounet Thu Feb 3 18:51:57 EST 2000

jeeesssus h christ... anus quotus barf us tu... I need a fucking drink. Tequila por favor.

Mike cramp667@hotmail.com Thu Feb 3 22:08:37 EST 2000


I wanted to ask if anyone has info on the music festival listed below. (is this the Cornucopia show?) Thanks very much.

Time Machines will be performing live in April at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London as part of Juilian Cope's music fest. They also plan to perform at the Sonar Event in Barcelona coming in June and the Beachy Head event too. Other performances are also in the works around the world in possibly NY and a few other North American locations. Details on all these events will be posted once they're finalized.

Annexus bobsyecho@hotmail.com Fri Feb 4 04:08:07 EST 2000

thanx for all that beer info, chaps, very educational...

jason drude@cvfastener.demon.co.uk Fri Feb 4 04:24:21 EST 2000

Whats all this fuss about recommended safe drinking levels??? Surely you people out there aren't gonna trust any bullshite thrown out by the authorities. They cant decide for you remember.

One minute they tell us 'Drink is bad...O.K., fat is bad....O.K. Drugs are bad... O.K?'

Well anyone with any half a brain will realise that the information given by the authorities is just the information they want to give, for their own selfish reasons.

Drink in moderation.

Eat fatty foods in moderation

and do tons of drugs.

but dont blame me if your head explodes!

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Feb 4 07:01:56 EST 2000

to John : second gig on April 2 ??

QE Hall website doesn't say anything about it.

Where do you know ??

What do you know ??

John Fri Feb 4 08:16:01 EST 2000

It was in Time Out magazine and I happened to be in the area so I went to the Royal Festival Hall and bought some tickets. The gig is with Ash Ra Tempel. If you can get a phone number for the RFH, they should be able to tell you about it. I'm afraid I don't have Time Out on me at the moment and don't have the RFH number. That's about all I can tell you. Except that when I was there on Wednesday evening, I had the pick of the whole theatre. Barely a ticket had been sold. So I imagine there won't be too much problem getting good seats if you call soon.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Feb 4 13:05:22 EST 2000

Cornucopea has been extended to 2 days - April the 1st & 2nd

The Royal Festival Hall Box Office - (0171) 960 4242 This gets you through I think to the South Bank Centre Box Office as it is on the same site, so you can get tickets for both days.

Tickets for the 2nd April are £20 or £17.50 plus the usual £1 for them doing absolutely nothing!

April 1st is at the Queen Elizabeth Hall - includes Brain Donor (doner - chilli sauce anybody?), and special guests - some of them very dear to out hearts!

April 2nd is at the Royal Festival Hall - includes Copey, Ash Ra Tempel, and Quill (one half of Throbbing Gristle.

I've got my ticket puchased and decided to be on the end of row so that I would not be between the two love-birds!

Cheers me dears


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Feb 4 15:25:42 EST 2000

Here's an e-mail message that I received from the Ashra official website -

"It is an unique Re-Union of ASH RA TEMPEL, Manuel GöTTSCHING, and founding member of this band Klaus SCHULZE. The line up is: Göttsching on guitar and probably keyboards, Schulze on keyboards and the "Ritterburg".

Ash Ra Tempel - April 2nd Royal Festival Hall be there or else - this will be the reunion to end all Krautrock reunions! Klaus fucking Schulze as well - The Archdrude will be abosolutely trippppppppppiiiinnngggg!!!

Cherish them Panzies


Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Feb 4 18:28:13 EST 2000

Any more days added and I'm moving back to england, I swear. Just a tad jealous...Andrew

cut buzzard zbird@ic24.net Fri Feb 4 19:47:48 EST 2000

oh woe, can anyone offer placation, advice, good counsel, anything!

The most awful thing happened. An old and dear friend to me, cousin Nez, long standing follower of the Cope, an excellent host, a poet, a walker of the serpentine path, has commited a grave travesty. I kid you not, I ordered him a ticket for the QE Hall on the 1st April, we were going to dance our way down to London and have a wild old time. Well, to cut a long story short-he deafed the gig, opting instead for a meeting to discuss 'Ayson Hannigan' (pre-pubescent looking actress from Bu**y the frickin' Vampire Bollocks). I know this sounds petty, but I am seriosly concerned for the guy. Please people E-Mail him at: nezzington@nezza65.freeserve.co.uk

Use your imaginations, please get him to come, I will be a prolific and poetic contributor forever I promise!

blessed bee X

ps If anyone dares mail him please don't be nasty, he's sensitive (no that wasn't bait) (his name is Nezzington or Nez for short)

Buzzard Fri Feb 4 19:50:53 EST 2000


Plane is in the Sky With Diamonds (ouch!)

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Feb 5 04:36:35 EST 2000

As I'm now gonna make a proper weekend of the 1st and 2nd April in the dear of City does anybody know of a decent but cheap hotel within easy distance of the South Bank Centre? I can therefore get rally pissed and not have to worry about the absurdity of British Railway Networks (Tory Greedy Corporate Bastards!!)not providing proper overnight travel.

If some of us are not coming then so be it - it is their choice and if they really really wanted to be there then they would be.

Other arrangements might get in the way but they are merely another hurdle to overcome.

Cristophe f. Cheers


Verian are you out there somewhere still?

Russ Sat Feb 5 09:20:55 EST 2000



there is a new posthouse or travelodge on Tower Bridge which could be worth a try


Buzy Sat Feb 5 12:04:03 EST 2000

Thank's for the counselling Shrimp,

I'll shut up now! Your probably right.

Terrence terrencelee75@hotmailcom Sat Feb 5 17:14:48 EST 2000

Well, what to say? I am neither drunk, nor planning on being. I am jealous of all these people who have gotten the chance to see Julian. I never hear of him visiting the States, unless it is to see New York. I am lucky to find his CD's and have had to order several from Head Heritage. I live near Wax Trax, in Denver, and spoke to an associate who met Julian when he was touring with the Teardrop Explodes in Boulder and Denver. The associate said that hardly anyone showed up to see him and the owner of the record store gave him a lot of free music. Does anyone know if Julian Cope ever tours America?


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Feb 5 17:51:45 EST 2000

Thanks Russ - I've checked out the Holiday Inn and there is one at the old County Hall just beside the South Bank Centre - although it is currently £62.50 per room per night and doesn't even include breakfast - at least you know what to expect from Holiday Inns.

For anyone coming over etc. check out this site: http://www.london-se1.co.uk/hotels/index.html

How many of us could we get in one of the Holiday Inn rooms? - it would be pretty cheap then!

Steve's Bed and Breakfast sounds more up my street - but I'll probably go for the Holiday Inn as two/three days is a long time in London for checking out a few sights etc. and I'll need a large bed to rest my weary head! Altogether now - AAAAAAAARRRGGHH!

Do ya reckon I could pitch a tent on the grassy banks of the Thames right beside the Festival Hall?

Ducking and diving, Skrimping and Saving


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Feb 5 17:53:37 EST 2000

Sorry that should have been £62.95 per room per night - can't even afford a Mars Bar now!

Ron drude@mounet.com Sat Feb 5 22:34:09 EST 2000

Trav, the check is in the mail for vol II. Plan on being in your neck of the woods next month, bike show in Richmond http://www.ironcross.net/ce2k.html Which means I'll bypass Daytona this year.

Mz Izz didja get those gears and brakes taken care of? If not, post make and model and I'll see if I can come up with something. One of the guys I ride with has a Bicycle shop, carries top shelf stuff. Always remember, lubrication babe, lubrication.

yeah, thanks for the beer info, they cancelled my subscription to the New England Journal of Medicine some time ago. You guys(?) must be a blast at cocktail parti's. J curves and U curves, edge of the seat stuff.

Be careful broaching fencing around a national site. Here in the States the law enforcement types live for that kinda stuff. If you're lucky they'll just bust your skull, worst case, you'll die of massive lead poisoning.

enuff of this pissy banter... Hopefully Sir Chris is hard at work to provide us the gory details of the upcoming events.

Derek left and went to Walden Hill, to a mound near a railway line with canals &a freezing swamp...

he climbs high upabove the countryside and breathes freely, to the south he could see Silbury, ...and to the north he could just make out the ruines of the priory where Joss and I played cricket as children.

peace to all, and to all a good nite...

Derek Sun Feb 6 12:05:50 EST 2000

Yeah, the so called guardians of Silbury are the National Trust, who are into fox hunting. The other guardians of many of our ancient monuments are English Heritage-who raped Seahenge-need I say more!

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Mon Feb 7 08:34:12 EST 2000

Those of you, like me, who are fans of Lupine Howl might be interested to know that in addition to the Gig at the Garage on the 17th of February they will be performing there debut Live gig at the Moles Club in Bath this comming Saturday (12th February)

Tickets are £5.50. Doors open (9pm-2am) The band will be on stage approx. 1030pm.Tickets avaliable from the Moles Club Telephone: (01225) 4o4445/6 Their web site is www.moles.co.uk


paul boyfraser@hotmail.com Mon Feb 7 09:27:16 EST 2000

JULIAN COPE CURIOSITIES. At last, the list. Wanna buy?

To make things clearer for everybody I've split this into five sections which kinda give away how I think how collectible this stuff is:

A lot of these items are working layouts from which the covers were made. Therefore they are 'one-offs' and as such I can't put a price on them. That's why I'm having a kind of auction. You tell me how much you think they're worth and each item goes to the highest bidder. Email me at boyfraser@hotmail.com if you're interested.


1 Mock-up of the Jehovahkill cover from a printer's proof.
Of great interest because IT'S THE WRONG COLOUR. It's light blue. This is extremely rare. Issa weird looking mother with the printer's delivery note attached. It's dated 22/9/92 and is "F.A.O. Graham Mabbott @ Island"

Your face, my art

2 Landscape print of Julian's aerial snap of the Stones of Callanish
as seen on the back cover of the Jehovahkill booklet. Shows a wider view. Worth framing. 22x16cm
3 Cromalin print of the plasticined speaker from 'World Shut Your Mouth' reissue.
Still has the background it was shot on, which was removed for the actual cover. Worth framing . 19x18cm
4 Print of the photograph on the 'Floored Genius' cover.
No type, just picture. Less rare than the other two but still worth framing. 32x32cm

Pieces of history

5 Proof on 3M matchprint of Jehovahkill booklet.
Includes 'Megalithomania' spread, 'Jesus Christ is not the cross...' spread, Ancient monuments' spread and front/back covers in paginated sequence.
Includes art director's comments and Island Art Sign-off sticker.
6 FLOORED GENIUS promo only video cover
Reward, World shut your mouth, Trampolene, Beautiful love, Reynard the fox. Cover for officially unreleased video. Type cut out and stuck down by hand. Art director comments in black pen. Mounted on thick card with car cover. Island art sign-off sticker signed by Marketing Manager.
Type cut out and stuck down by hand. Art director comments in red, blue and black pen. ALSO INCLUDED IS A FAX FROM 'MAGGIE' CONFIRMING LEGAL COPY. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Sign-off sticker signed by Art director and Island Records Head of Design.
Type cut out and stuck down by hand. Art director comments in red, blue and black pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Sign-off sticker signed by Art director and Island Records Head of Design.
Type cut out and stuck down by hand. Art director comments in blue and red pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art Director and Marketing Manager.
Type cut out and stuck down by hand. Art director comments in blue and red pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art Director and Marketing Manager.
11 JEHOVAHKILL CD backtray
'That'll be the deicide', tracklisting. Type cut out and stuck down by hand. Art director comments in blue and red pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art Director.
12 JEHOVAHKILL cassette booklet
Type (including poems) cut out and stuck down by hand. Art director comments in red. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art director and marketing manager.
13 JEHOVAHKILL name board 26x9cm
'Jehovahkill by Julian Cope LP MC CD'. Art Director comments in red pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art director and Marketing manager. Strange 'do not x-ray' sticker included.
14 FEAR LOVES THIS PLACE - 17.5x26cm portrait ad
'No mystical gush - no cheap new age fix' Includes 'A pagan prayer to the goddess' and tour dates. The type is cut out and stuck down. Art director comments in red pen. Mounted on thick card.
15 FEAR LOVES THIS PLACE - SIREN 19x27cm single page ad
'No mystical gush - no cheap new age fix' Includes 'A pagan prayer to the goddess' and tour dates. The type is cut out and stuck down. Art director comments in red pen. Mounted on thick card. Island art sticker signed by Art director.
16 FEAR LOVES THIS PLACE - NME strip ad 26.5x10cm
Cool Copey copy including "SONGS OF THE CRUCI-FICTION". The type is cut out and stuck down. Art director comments in blue pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art Director and Marketing Manager.
17 FEAR LOVES THIS PLACE - Melody Maker strip ad 27.5x11cm
Cool Copey copy including "SONGS OF THE CRUCI-FICTION". The type is flat and complete. Art director comments in blue pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art Director and Marketing Manager.
Looks better than the NME strip ad.
18 WORLD SHUT YOUR MOUTH (REISSUE) half page ad 26.5x19cm landscape
Type cut out and stuck down. Art director comments in black pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Art Director.
19 JEHOVAHKILL Select single page ad 20x27.5cm
'Jesus Christ is not on the cross...' poem included. Standing stones of Callanish. Type cut out and stuck down. Incomplete. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Marketing Manager.
20 FLOORED GENIUS back of trade promotion card
For the back of the trade promotion card for Floored Genius (See 'Not unique..for the finished thing). The type is cut out and stuck down. Art director comments in red pen. Mounted on thick card with card cover.

For anal copeheads only

21 Black and white proof of 'Jehovahkill' tape insert. Slightly ripped.
Island Art sign-off sticker. 28x41cm.
22 Two page print of Great Serpent Mound of Ohio picture from the front of Jehovahkill booklet.
Mounted on paper with Art Director comment.
23 JEHOVAHKILL Vox single page ad 20x27.5cm
No type. Just photocopy of standing stones of Callanish. Mounted on thick card with card cover. Art director comments in blue pen. Island Art sign-off sticker signed by Marketing Manager.
24 FEAR LOVES THIS PLACE point of sale CD holder backing board. 16x26cm
Mounted on thick card.
See 'Not unique...' for the finished article.

Not unique, but still collectible

25 'Floored Genius' trade promotion card 30.5x30.5cm FOUR COPIES
Front is album cover picture. No type.
Back includes release date, trade prices for CD, cassette and vinyl, 7 interesting sales points about Julian's career so far and information of marketing activity.
26 'Jehovahkill' trade promotion card 21x30cm TWO COPIES
Front similar to album cover design.
Back includes release date, trade prices for CD, cassette and vinyl, 5 groovy sales points, Jehovahkill tour details, information of marketing activity.
27 'Fear Loves This Place' point of sale CD holder. FOUR COPIES
Still in flat, unmade form. Dark blue. Includes cover illustration of Magog.
(Anonymous) Mon Feb 7 10:30:55 EST 2000

captalism rules ok

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Feb 7 13:11:52 EST 2000

Paul - How about a straight £1 for the lot which would include you delivering them by securicor with a police escort!

Cheers me dears


Derek Mon Feb 7 14:00:37 EST 2000


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Feb 7 14:43:53 EST 2000

Tell you what Derek - I'll give him £2 and then I'll take it all to Avebury and bury it in a time-capsule and leave you clues as to where it is. Or far better I would place it all in a black bin liner and leave it out for the bin-men!

Have we all become a bunch of trainspotters! It is worthless fodder and has got nothing to do with the music!

Call me an arse


Curt-ney Love Deflowered@Pete.D Mon Feb 7 15:42:43 EST 2000


Rare, one of a kind Julian Cope Artwork.

Says, "Julian Cope, 2000 C.E." in ballpoint pen. Drawn on the notepad in front of me about two seconds ago.

Serious bids only.


Miss Fortune bobsyecho@hotmail.com Mon Feb 7 15:53:02 EST 2000

I am auctioning all my underwear. Anyone interested please contact the Annexus, my Art Director and Marketing Manager, who mounted me on thick card with card cover on his back. His comments are in green pen. Three used items left. Not unique but still collectible. Worth framing too.

Annexus bobsyecho@hotmail.com Mon Feb 7 15:59:52 EST 2000

I am auctioning mine too... serious bids please, as I see you Cope fans are all blokes.

Annexus Quam bobsyecho@hotmail.com Mon Feb 7 16:04:14 EST 2000

Thanks, Francis, that was quick, my undies (last weekend's) are sold to you. Carry on guys...this will pay for the weekend.

Miss Fortune bobsyecho@hotmail.com Mon Feb 7 16:19:14 EST 2000

Buzz-Boy, be a prolific and poetic contributor forever anyway (and keep that line serpentine)- feed the Sun Machine and outshine the worthless blurb.

Nat Tue Feb 8 03:46:41 EST 2000

Boys will be boys hey girls, nothing changes they always talk pants!!

Any mustard with purple trim Y Fronts left?

Nat xx

z-bird zbird@ic24.net Tue Feb 8 03:54:05 EST 2000


off to Taunton today, haven't been down the West Country since New Years Eve. Not majorly Cope related, only I've been a biiiiig cycling fanatic since first bike as a kiddy (Raleigh Tomahawk, remember them? I'm ancient) and today we check out this layed-back recumbent cycling brouhahah. Anyone out there who has any recumbent experience drop me a mail. (sounds like a sexxx ad)

H(uman)PV not MPVs XXXX

Blessed Bee

Verian Tue Feb 8 04:28:23 EST 2000
And in my room, I'm alone in my room
And may be staying here for just awhile
and in my casket, I'm alone in my gloom
and maybe staying here for just awhile
shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 8 06:25:05 EST 2000

Sounds like Verian's got the millenium bug then!

Recumbent - now what a wonderful word! put it together with stoned rather than stone or stones and it sounds even better.

Why are male's known as pants and females knickers?

Rejoicing to Labradford


timESPace71 Tue Feb 8 06:49:28 EST 2000

Hello. I've just been reading the back posts and I noticed some speculation that Flinton Chalk was in Brain Donor. Folks, this isn't the case. Flinton is currently mixing a new TC Lethbridge CD with the legendary Brian Barritt, a man who should be familiar to anyone who's read Krautrocksampler. This new CD, 'Gneiss', was recorded way back during the Modern Antiquarian pilgrimages, some of it recorded in Julian's house, most recorded in the church hall at the end of the garden, and it features Doggen, who is in Brain Donor...

...and from the rough mixes that I've heard it's an INCREDIBLE record, somehow utterly out there and completely accessible at the same time. Nothing at all like any previous TC Lethbridge stuff, a quantum leap upwards. Hopefully http://www.kosmische.com will be up soon and there'll be more news there...

And speaking of Brian Barritt, who's been involved in getting Ash Ra Temple back over with Julian, you should have a nosey at his website http://www.higgs1.demon.co.uk/barritt/ , if only for a fantastic photo of Brian and Julian in makeup during the Reposessed tour.

And also, it's a beautiful morning.

belbin belbinoid @hotmail.com Tue Feb 8 07:00:45 EST 2000


another bloody gig. i'm gonna have to get another bloody job to afford all this. The good thing about leaving the last one was that they gavbe me a load of cd vouchers which allowed me to get theNuggets boxed set of 'Original artyfacts from the original Psychedelic Era' - a flaming stonking 5 hours worth of music (only an hour or so of complete crap) which includes te original version of A Question of Temperature, by the superbly named The Balloon Farm. Slightly slower, somewhat more 'sixties' (shock horror), but pretty damned good nevertheless. Prefer Jules's version, for a change. its also got the original Mr Pharmacist, and one of those two (Temperature, I think) was written by Mike Appel - Bruce Springsteen's manager! Crazy maan.

(Anonymous) Tue Feb 8 07:04:06 EST 2000

Lets see if I can get this right this time. How could I forget the hash??!!

Rob bobsyecho@hotmail.com Tue Feb 8 07:24:44 EST 2000

T.C.Lethbridge Mark II. Hold on to your pants, everyone. A Huge One is about to unfold. Flint's back.

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Tue Feb 8 08:54:54 EST 2000

Time Machines? playing in Sonar fest, Barcelona? does this have anything to do with Julian Cope playing in Barcelona?

Bloomer Bloomer@netscape.net Tue Feb 8 13:23:12 EST 2000

Hi I'm new here. Actually I'm new where ever I haven't been before. Haven't I always never been here before? I need time to think about that one.

Anyway, I'm a huge gigantic big and large fan of JC and I wear trousers. I'm not sure what that makes me but at least I don't wear blooming bloomers. Not that there is anything wrong with bloomers. There's certainly nothing wrong with knickers either. I'm not sure about pants.

I haven't had time to think yet nor to read the RO archives, but I collect anything related to Julian Cope. I am looking specifically for a FAX FROM MAGGIE CONFIRMING LEGAL COPY. I'd like nothing better than to spin WSYM and read legal copy related to it. I'm willing to pay 50p or more. No, I'm not willing to pay more, but I thought I say that because it makes me sound like a serious collector. Sorry, this doesn't have anything to do with Julian playing in Barcelona or in the sandbox in his backyard. Even though I'm a huge fan I don't even know if Julian has a sandbox. If he does I'm willing to pay 50p for a sample. There must be legal copy with it to prove it is Julian's. Once I thought I bought a brick from Julian's old house. But's that a story I don't have time for because I'm too busy being a huge collector of Julian Cope related materials.

Derek Tue Feb 8 14:41:56 EST 2000

Go for it Shrimp! I say £1.75 is enough .I'm sure if we ask him Copey might sell hi old bogeys or summat.(meaning something-I'm a Northerner) I'll buy all the red ones. (they are sold by the gram).Read the "Road of excess" by Brian Barritt. Contains weird things beyond belief, unbelievable LSD consumption! Play more Faust!!!!!

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 8 15:09:45 EST 2000

Derek - I checked out the Barritt web site today and ordered the book straight away - I can't wait now!!!

Come on £2 is my final offer - Going once going twice a day if you are veggie!

Bloomer - I got a fax once!

Faust --- yeeeeesssseeessss

Broselmaschine ------ yeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssss!!!!!

Popol Vuh ------- wswwwwdwdfwdfdfdfwfdfwfdfdffdsdfsdfsww!!!!

Panzies ------ ZZZZZZZZZZZZz when oh when oh when - have I got to wait till April!!!!

changed me pants this afternoon as I ate too much bread yesterday!!


W.CHR chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Tue Feb 8 16:20:11 EST 2000


HH site is updated with [finally] the confirmed line-Up for Cornucopea and news of forthcoming web-plans... - blame the Millennium Flu (and my fractured wrist) for lack of recent updates...

The site may behave erratically tomorrow (09/02) as we are upgrading our servers (in anticipation of the new HH site, amongst other things...), but should be stable by the 10th.

The new site itself is still about a month away but is coming along swimmingly.


W. Chris.

Miss Fortune bobsyecho@hotmail.com Tue Feb 8 16:39:44 EST 2000

Bricks? good description, sums it all up perfectly, Bloomer.

TCLethbridge touched by the hand of Brian will blow our minds for good. Moonequipped (touched by the hand of JC and Doggen) is too far out already to understand what this means. This year is going to be a gas.

Shrimp, auction your bread pants. Also check Brothelmachine's right spelling.

talking about sex ads, has anyone here ever had recumbent sex?

and to which piece of music? or rather, to which 3 minute pop song? was it comfortable? are you a prog?

and why are there no gals on this list?

any more statistics/surveys/lists/comparisons on this?

IzzyBell imjs@soton.ac.uk Tue Feb 8 17:14:20 EST 2000

Oh, if only I could post in another language, you make me so ashamed Santisan! Nat and I can talk KwisPackam, eh Nat? And I have a Klingon dictionary, but I only know two words (Kuch and Kuch - soother still on offer to the clever translater).

Ron, Drude, how kind, but its not even the motorised kind (Oh I wish) don't laugh ... (http://www.soton.ac.uk/~imjs/gifs/bike.gif)

No, stop giggling!

I said stoppit! Lubrication? I squeezed nearly a bottle of 3in1 down them cables when I installed. I guess its just the damp air here in Blighty. Enjoy your show, Richmond is very posh and leafy, I should know.

52 days to go....

(I should mention, as it is Rail On, that I have been drinking)

Bloomer Tue Feb 8 17:58:46 EST 2000

In my haste I forgot to mention that although my brick wasn't from Julian's house, it was signed by a brick layer and an art director so it must worth something.

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 8 18:33:51 EST 2000

Message from Jo-anne on the HH site sorts out the CD situ -One thing Julian failed to mention in his 'Address Drudion' is that every ticket holder will receive a free cd programme. Julian and Lisa have worked really hard to make this look great, and the CD is something like the Head Heritage sampler that we've long been promising. This CD will only be available at Cornucopea.

Cheers to the Archdrude and all at HH


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 8 18:42:36 EST 2000

Howdie! I got some goodies in the mail today: Repossessed and Odin!

I'll try to start reading Repossessed tonight, and will let y'all know what I think of it when I finish.

Meanwhile, I listened to Odin... and... my impression of it is:


Yep, that's it! It's one big long 73 minute "Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...." Every once in a while you can hear throbbing instruments in the background, and slight variations in the vocal tones, but there is no real "song" to it. It's even less dynamic than Queen Elizabeth.

On the other hand, it's also far less irritating than QE. I could see it being used as background music for... ummmmmm.... medidating or something. Yeah, that's it. Or, I guess if you want *something* in the background to cover up the other noises in your house, or to act as white noise so you can sleep.

A warning, though... On both my stereo and my dad's stereo, I was getting severe distortion due to the bass. Whatever frequency the "Ommmmmm" uses is hitting the resonent frequency of both sets of speakers. And it's not like the problem is with one 3 minute song that you can fast foward... it's for the whole CD!

Anyway, bottom line is that Odin is totally nonessential (in my opinion at least). If you're a completist, you'll get it anyway, but if you are waffling like I did when the Anal CD came out (I still haven't gotten then), then it won't hurt you to waffle some more... Put off buying Odin until they finally stop selling it. Then you'll feel better.

You are SERIOUSLY not missing anything by passing on Odin. Buy some other cool Cope stuff instead. If you already have everything Copey, buy some Cope for your friends! Or, if you want, go ahead and buy Odin.

All right, I'm gonna put Odin back on just in case I "get it" this second time. It *does* make for good reading background. So do those Nature Sampler CDs... :)

ha ha ha! I can't take it seriously in the least, and now I understand why everyone was jokingly hyping it earlier. It's like trying to foist Spam on your friends! Well, it doesn't SUCK... it's just, ummmmmmm.... :)

God, Andrew, I need to find some more green CDs!!! ;)


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 8 18:48:27 EST 2000

You know, on second thought, Odin's kind of cool. It's totally not music per se... it's more like aural wallpaper. Definitely unique.

I don't know what to do about the buzzing speakers, though.


buzzard zbird@ic24.net Tue Feb 8 18:49:43 EST 2000

Phew, just got back from Zummerzet, I can't believe it, one incredible Day. The Mother spreads her silver fingers over Crowcombe in the beechy hills, Hinckley point Nuclear Power Station lost in the haze. We played Abraxus and Copey as our Big Screen skimmed by. Wanted to stay but the time is not right yet.

Had lunch in the, wait for it - Lethbridge Arms! Come home to T.C. posts, coincidence or paranoia? I am charmed and raving once again!

Arriving back in the Worcestershire at 7:45pm, saw Reverend Lionel Fanthorpe (Fortean Times) at the local Town Hall, man this guy's seen some weird stuff in his days.

HHis wife gave me a card if anyones interested- WWW.lionel-fanthorpe.com

Thanks Nat... luckily thee sun did shine!

Pizzicato5 F_ALLOFYOUINLONDON.com Tue Feb 8 20:09:20 EST 2000

What's the best offramp to take from the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles to get to the London South Bank Centre??


Green With Envy

P.S. Someone tape BRAINDONOR and make a mint off this fanboy.

Otis C Tue Feb 8 23:45:38 EST 2000

Otiz, scuse me folks, Otis Campbell here. In the spirit of recent postings I've been spiritualizing. Oops! No, to make matterz more clear, I've been drinking spiritz of the moonshine (burp-zcuse me) kind.

I am writing to you kind folkz, hmmm keep mizzing the "s", folks as a fan of Julian Cope. I've got all his LP recordz and even some of his bootloegz. Darn it with that "z". It keeps moving on me! I have many Cope bootleggers although Barney the deputy of law enforcement in town confiscated a lot of them. "Nip it in the bud," he zays about bootlegging. He sayz that about moonshine too but he can't seem to nip it very well.

Andy the sheriff don't care about bootleggers so he lets me listen to Julian when I'm in jail. It makes doing time so much eazier when I can listen to JEhovhakiLL. I lay back on the cot and listen to "Upwards at 45 Degreez" and my mind practically jumps all the way to Mount Pilot. It's a nice ditty, but Aunt Bee don't like it. You can't pleaze everyone.

Thanks for lettin me stop by. I'm going to go order Odin from HH. Sounds like it would be good for a hangover. I wish I could get it by to morrow.

Otis Campbell

Mayberry Jail

Cell #1

Bernard P. Fife Tue Feb 8 23:48:17 EST 2000

Otis says he's sorry everyone. [For posting multiple times, which I've cleaned up -- Trav]

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Wed Feb 9 03:55:22 EST 2000

Izzy Wizzy Fizzy, I have kidnapped thyne neighbour Sir Chris of Packham and locked him in my shed!! Hoorah....... told him we had a rare osprey nesting in the rafters!

Glad a good and dry time was had in Somerset ZBird, I intend to move back to the Vale of A as soon as I can, some little village somewhere where me and my other half can live like Tom and Barbara (also the cats (Molly Moo and Victor) and the Rev Johnny Orange the hamster - ordained and can do Weddings if anyone wants to hire him 50p per hour!!)

I have some rare Julian things too but they are not for sale!! Had a phone call from him too!! Hoorah......

Izz your bike is loverly like Noddys car.....

Anyway back to work....see you soon Izz, oh my loverly bro is down this weekend if you are free for a swift dozen halfs?

Nat xx

Richard Wed Feb 9 06:50:34 EST 2000

The Head Heritage Website has been updated today. It includes details of the upcomming April Gigs

Richard Winchester

Roky E. Wed Feb 9 06:55:39 EST 2000

no need to apologise Otis, we can go for a drink when you come out of jail.

(Anonymous) Wed Feb 9 07:22:38 EST 2000

I have just read the Address Drudion. What a great line up

April 1st

2nd April

The only worry is whether any of the performances on the first night will clash, If so then I will have the difficult decision of decide which performances to watch. Other than those featuring Julian ones not to miss include The Universal Panzies and Skyray, who has already released three stunning Albums two on Ochre and One on Space Age. These are going to be two nights that noone is going to want to miss and Im sure that afterwards they will be talked about for many years.

Richard Hayward 9.2.00 (C.E)

Russ Wed Feb 9 07:37:28 EST 2000

Wow what a night better get some mini disc's socked up. The music scene is getting better all the time over here what with Death In Vegas and The Eels releasing new material and the Cope gig on the way what more could a man ask for.(A Blow up Brittany Spears Doll!!!! how sad the press are going mad over the new dolls and all over a knee op)


(Anonymous) Wed Feb 9 09:57:21 EST 2000

Can anyone explain how all this stuff is going to scope out on the Saturday? Are there going to be two stages running simultaneously (what time does the whole thing kick off/run to). As usual JC is great on the promise, but short on the detail. Does anyone know the place, is it easy to move around? It all sounds kind of weird and a hell of a trick to pull off, though knowing the drude that shouldn't surprise me. Sorry for sounding bitchy, but if I'd known in time about the Sunday I would have booked my non changable flights from Fri pm to Mon midday (instead of Thurs pm til Sun midday, d'oh!!). Also, and I swear this is the last of my yaps I hope the "short solo set from myself" isn't going to be too short, after all it is the Cope that I really want to see.

Ok, enough complaining, a few questions instead. What are the Universal Panzies, Groundhogs,Skyray, Queen Elizabeth, Anal and Kid Strange (nee the Doctors of Madness) actually like? I've heard a lot of you talk about some of them, but I've never actually heard them! Are they all on the drudes record label? Are they the kind of bands you want to know the music in advance or are they the kind you can listen to regardless and buy the CD afterwards? Come on dudes a full run down from those in the know of what to expect. Still can't wait :)


jason jason@cvfastener.demon.co.uk Wed Feb 9 11:15:12 EST 2000


Life sux and you get fucked from every angle.

You wait and wait and wait, then you get a date for a gig- Hoorah!- Buy the tickets, realise the 'missus' has booked a holiday for the same date, find out Copeys doing 3 sets in one nite!!!!!Blimey, can't miss this, have a huge bust up with the missus but manage to postpone the holiday for a week, then Copey adds another date, then copey anounces the line up and well what can i say, theres only one name i'm interested in and he's changed thangs so that he's only PLAYING A SHORT SET on the night i'm going to. Arse!

I never thought that Julian had polititians tendancies, but swinging things around after tickets are sold IS NOT ON! Its like ordering a veggie pizza and getting a Braindoner Kebab with extra blood sauce!

Watch out Copey, next time i see you on the Downs , ah'm gonna ram a BIg Mac and a Bottle o' bliss down thine facial orifice.

Anyways, anyone know anythang about the bands on Saturdays line up (apart from qe2) Maybe it'll save my from throttling the next Christian i meet.

Do the 'Right On' thang Mister Julian ..... at least a 120 minute electro acoustic mellotrone frenzy....and thangs just might be beautiful once again.

IzzBuzz urgh@work.com Wed Feb 9 11:18:43 EST 2000

Nat, you could sell a transcription of the 'phonecall from Hisself. Or post the whole thing here, cos it's tradition. Go on, what did Prince Pointy of Wiltshire say on the 'phone??? Offering up the ransom for Kwis PackhamPants perhaps? You're not gonna let him go are you Tubbs - he's local!

51 days to go...I hope its not going to involve mad dashing about to catch different performances cos I know I'll miss all the best bits whilst waiting in a queue for the gents or something. It always happens to me...

Louise Wed Feb 9 11:28:37 EST 2000

ron - Dunno 'bout Mike & Slap & that, but I only get to look in here on the odd day - I have a bit of a lurk & that's it really. But I'm here in spirit (see - it took 2 weeks to get a reply *lol*)

Talk about here in spirit... Trav - you're a little treasure 'specially when yer drunk! *lol*

Howard Morrison howardmorrison@hotmail.com Wed Feb 9 13:23:27 EST 2000

St. The only ones I know about are the Groundhogs, a late 60's - early 70's British blues trio led by singer, songwriter, guitarist Tony Mcphee. Still gigging apparently. Be seeing you, Howard

Mumpuss Wed Feb 9 13:25:02 EST 2000

This is from the SBC Web Site and provides a little more info. There's also a line up for the Sunday at www.southbankcentre.co.uk.


Julian Cope belongs in the English Radical tradition somewhere between Shelley and The Sex Pistols.

As frontman of The Teardrop Explodes, he seared into the '80s national consciousness with the epic 'Kilimanjaro' and the definitive indie singles 'Reward and Treason'. While many of his contemporaries have since repeated themselves like the poorest Xerox machines, Cope has become the constant re-inventor, soaring with an imaginative spirit that can only be described as poetic.

Cope has taken on psychedelia, garage rock, ambient and krautrock and emerged the winner. From his solo debut, 'World Shut Your Mouth', through the masterpiece 'Peggy Suicide', right up to his smash autobiography, 'Head On', Cope has emerged as a serious visionary, marrying pop's possibilities to the politics of change.

Cornucopea follows in the Mini-Meltdown tradition set by David Thomas's 'Disastodrome' and Daniel Miller's 'Irregular #5' and promises to be no less unforgettable. This festival of Cope's current favourites includes the world premiere of his new band, Brain Donor.

Universal Panzies, Anal, Skyray, Groundhogs, Kid Strange, Queen Elizabeth, Braindonor

Late Finish - approx. midnight


Concessions: £15.00

Also admits to Purcell Room - admittance subject to availability and not guaranteed

Quoyle Wed Feb 9 13:41:19 EST 2000

The Quoyle Auction:

I have a handwritten note from JoAnne Wilder that says "Sorry the mugs have sold out".I think Julian put the letter in the envelope and sealed it - Who will buy?

I want my records back

And that motorcycle gas-tank spray painted black.

IzzTheStudent writingup@computer.ac.uk Wed Feb 9 14:06:25 EST 2000

Oh, so they're offering concessions now! Sod.

Looks like its the milk train home for us Nat...

Drum graak@btinternet.com Wed Feb 9 16:02:12 EST 2000

I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on mailings in the hope someone out there can shed some light on how Saturday is going to work. HAs anyone been to a meltdown before, or is this a confused one cos of Copey's involvement.

Groundhogs. Hells teeth. Back to school days. Split, Cherry Red etc. (Bizarrely my plumber claims to have played bass with them back in the early days) A mate of mine has kept in touch with what TS McPhee (lead geetar)is up to (mainly I suspect because he too has bugger all hair up top) He gigs occasionally but I didn't know the band were still a going concern.

Dr.s of Madness? Glam rock as I recall from seeing them at UEA, but little impression is left (which applies to most gigs of that era) except that Kid Stange wore something shiny in electric blue. Weird thing the memory.

Looking forward to it even more although I thought I detected a lack of similar enthusiasm in the other half after I read the list out. I think the Anal bit put her off.

(By the way, weren't people being a wee bit hard on the chap selling the old artwork)

Keep it coming


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Feb 9 16:47:09 EST 2000

Nobodies stopping nobody buying the bloody artwork!! Right Right I'm Bloody Well Right!! The artwork sounds interesting for those historians amongst us but it annoys me when a touched by the hand of god incident appears to rate it of higher merit. Bid Bid Bid and be merry!!!

Anyway I drink the same water, I breathe the same air but I do not wish to drink out of the same cup except when it is offered in the spirit of freindship.

Doctors of Madness were great when I saw them in some school gymnasium in Ipswich years ago - can't wait.

Tony McPhee has been out and about, off and on in East Anglia for years - too bluesy for me but an excellent guitarist still!! Rory Gallagher RIP.

The UNIVERSAL PANZIES will blow off your cobwebs - I have been raving about them ever since I got the disc from HH - you've got to give it a few plays though! and no Christophe f. does not keep paying me to say it!!!!!!

Skyray - I keep seeing references to them - we need to know a bit more - sounds like an ice lolly to me in lots of jolly colo(u)rs.

Is anybody out there!!

My cup runneth over with the thought of Judge Julian on the mighty Wurlitzer!


Jennifer sunspots@riconnect.com Wed Feb 9 23:25:09 EST 2000

good to see I'm not the only one suffering over the [newly announced]line-up...as my holiday plans are not yet set in stone, I suppose it is always possible for me to try to go to BOTH gigs, as I too, am interested in a prolonged JC set [and what of the "enormous Festival Hall Organ?"]. This is actually what happened the last time I went to see him, at the Astoria gigs, I booked tickets for the Saturday show [Feb 14th?1998] and had such a lovely time that I bought tickets for the Sunday show on my way out Saturday night. But that trip was only to LondonTowne, so there was no worrying about upsetting the flow of a planned vacation....what to do, what to do...

I think I should go the second night as well, after all, he's not coming to the States.

Nat Thu Feb 10 04:34:26 EST 2000

Its o.k Izz Kwiss is in shed with a can of can't and oh yes - He is local.....

Well the conversation went something like:

Brrring Brring Brring (phone - I do sound effects too)


Hello Nat my love its ******** (Famous friend of mine don't want to name drop) Hows your mum.

Oh hello ******** How are you. Mum is fine thanks.

Fine, there's someone here who wants a word.... (clunk clunk - phone is dropped)

Hello Nat it's Julian...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Thought only - I didn't actually scream)

Hello Julian...

Heard you were at the Bristol Gig last night (Jehovahkill Tour) Did you have a good time? We're inthe Studio at the mo, just having a break ******** is playing percussion. On the next album...

Oh yeach, thats nice... etc

And so on an so on, pretty dull really, talked about our mutual friend and the mutual friend got myself and Stephen (My other half) into a few Press Gigs and Charity Do's on the Guest List....

Nowt exciting.... copies of the conversation available for £20,000.....

Hoorah, See you the weekend Izz..

Nat x

(Anonymous) Thu Feb 10 09:11:01 EST 2000

Some of you were asking About Skyray. Well here is the Lowdown. Skyray as some of you will already know is Paul Simpson ex Teardrop Explodes, Wild Swans and Care, Paul has been releasing music under the Name Skyray since October 1996 when he released the excellent Ltd Clear Vinyl 10" Single called Invisible On the Cheltenham based Record Lable called Ochre. The same lable that relesed the debut Records of Glide (Will Seargent). This single is now deleated and highly collectable.

This single was followed by Neptune Variations in 1997, Flourescent Green Vinyl 10" Ltd 500 Copies and still avaliable.) The NME called it "Obscure but Brilliant" And it was Single of the Month in the Record Collector.

In spring 1998 the Debut Album called Tranqulizer was released on CD through Ochre It not included the Two previous single but two new tracks as well. His music style on his releases are very Krautrock Influenced instrumental peaces with a catchy groove running through the tracks. Those of you that went to any of the UK Echo and The Bunnymen shows in April 1998 will have seen him performing live. Live It is usually just Paul Simpson Playing Bass To a backing Tape. Though he is occasionally joined by other Musicians which have included Will Sergent. julian has at least one of his Albums and he even turned up to see the Skyray set At The Ochre 5 Festival, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Since then he has released two Other Albums in 1999 including Womb a Great 70 min PLus one track instrumental called WOMB on Space Age Recordings and His second Album For Ochre Called Mind Lagoons which has to be one of the Best Albums released last year. It includes a vocal contribution from Bill Drummond. It received great reviews Including a 4 out of 5 in the Melody Maker with the reviewer saying that it was "Heaven On Earth". According to Ochre it is his 'most focussed work to date.'

Paul Has plans to release more records under the name Skyray. He has also reformed Industrial Domestic with Will Seargent (a group they had together in the late 1970's which did not get very far. Word is that they have started recording material that is likely to be released through OchreHe is also in the process of finishing his autobiography Magnetic North.

All his releases are highly recommended especially his latest on Ochre. For more info then Visit the Ochre records Website at


Hope this is the sort of info you required regarding Skyray?

Richard Winchester

Derek Thu Feb 10 14:26:38 EST 2000

Only joking about the artwork!

circlingBuzzy zbird@ic24.net Thu Feb 10 19:00:16 EST 2000

How much of Julian Cope can I as a ticket holder expect to see on the Saturday gig? have I been short changed? Is he singing with Brain Donor or are they just a 'pet' band...I may appear a few biscuits short of a picnic but I honestly don't know exactly what I've shelled out for?

plleeeeese anyone?

Blessed Bee X

Nat Fri Feb 11 03:48:56 EST 2000

I have been thinking the same thing as you zbird, oh Izzy what have we done, I knew we should have gone for the 'A1 & '5ive' Boy band Extraveganza' tickets instead!! DOH.......

Oh well if its shite we can all go to the pub instead.....

Nat xx

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Feb 11 03:58:20 EST 2000

St., the same with me, I have also booked a return flight for Sunday afternoon and can't change it either... :(

Doggen in Brain donor ??

Brain donor described as "Ambient - Metal" ??

I suppose they will then sound like "Necropolis" from Jehovahkill - that's the track Doggen was playing "me(n)tal" guitar on.

Would be cool !


Wah - Wah pedals, hundreds of them, all kinds, any colour, any label. Highest offer. Winner takes it all. To be given away on Fool's Day, London, QE Hall, foyer.

Richard, would you mind sending me info about the Lupine Howl gig you wanted to go to ?? I'd appreciate that.


WingeingPomme imjs@soton.ac.uk Fri Feb 11 04:30:06 EST 2000

Nat, you've made me feel better already. The alternatives are not great are they? Oh would that I had the fickle tastes of my youth! I think its gonna be a fine evening, cos we'll all be there. Aaah, lovely.

Hey, that mighty laureat and secretary Sean Hughes could be there...he's a big fan I hear.

And I get to hear the Panzies all the way through without the option of putting an Elastica CD on....

That thing in my cheek - its my tongue.


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Feb 11 05:45:40 EST 2000

Here's some info from a letter I received today from the South Bank Centre:

April 1st - The first gig takes place in the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Purcell Room and Foyer. Proceedings commence at 6pm, and early arrival (by 6.30pm) is heartily advised. (IF IT STARTS AT 6PM SURELY I NEED TO BE THERE AT 6PM NOT 6.30PM - There must be some sort of happening at 6.30pm?)

*Julian Cope is appearing in these bands

Please note that this event will finish late (approximately midnight) - I can't therefore get the train!

April 2nd - in the Royal Festival Hall, starting at 7.00pm

Please note that this event will finish at approximately 11.30pm - no train for me then!

Tickets for this show are now on sale priced at £20 and £17.50 - Box office 020 7960 4242 - fax 020 7921 0821 of online at www.southbankcentre.co.uk

No doubt that has buggered up everyones elses travel times as well!

Cheers me dears


(Anonymous) Fri Feb 11 07:27:09 EST 2000

Hi, Marc you requested info regarding the Lupine Howl Gigs. They are playing two gigs before going into the studio to finish the recording of their debut Album

The two Gigs are as follows

Bath Moles Club 14 George Street Bath Saturday 12th Feb (Tommorrow)Tickets £5.50 Band on Approx 1030 pm to contact the venue for tickets Tel: (01225) 404445.

The Garage, Highbury London 17th Feb My ticket was purchased through Ticket Master. There website Address is as follows www.ticketmaster.co.uk or phone 0171-344-0044 Credit Card Hotline. AlTernatively You can try concating the Garage Direct. The venue places an advert each Week in the NME. Their you will also find ordering details as well as a number for the Garage.

Incidently This Weeks NME Comes with a free CD that includes an exclusive Lupine Howl Demo

Richard Hayward

Winge Winge Winge perky_jean@nme.com Fri Feb 11 07:53:50 EST 2000

Yep Izzy, Shaun probably will be there, hes turned up at every other Julian Gig I've been to, hmmmm maybe he's after me, not Julian!! (I wish)

Iz, do you want me to see if I can sort out some accommodation with my accommodating chums in London? (Well Croydon actually!!)

Sure you don't fancy the Boy Band Extravaganza!! I hear Westlife might play!!

Speak to you later Tubs - stay local


St. Fri Feb 11 08:45:41 EST 2000

Ok who wants to buy me a coopy of this weeks NME to be collected and cash refunded at the Sat Cornucopea. I'm good for the cash guvnor, honestly. Come on I'm starved for good music out here


Ps. It's very disconcerting but whil the cursor is moving i can't see a bloody thing I'm writing, the screen is remaining completely blank. Weirdomundo, anyway i hope this isn't the case and you recieve a blank mail, but i'm going to send this anyway out of curiousity. Excuse any bad spelling, etc.

Pps. I'm not drunk, thids is really happening (or not as the case may be)

St. Fri Feb 11 08:48:42 EST 2000

well it's worked but mytext is still not appearing as i write. Anyone else experienceing this? Maybe I'm just a ghost in the machine

Derek Sat Feb 12 05:49:26 EST 2000

Nat, I met Mark Gatiss from "The League" at a party last year. My mate Matt went to drama college with a couple of "the Gentlemen". Mark was really nice and just happens to be from the same "local" northern town as myself! Unfortunately, I didn't know him whilst I was living there, although the town is very , very "local" -I think you know what I mean!!!! My nose still bleeds even to this day!

Buzard zbird@ic24.net Sat Feb 12 17:01:43 EST 2000

I too have an official Festy Hall itenerare-y...

sorry for appearing doh!.... It's not quite so disappointing to view the Sat line-up, I only wish I could travel to both nights, ho-hum.. At least we're all going to dress up a bit, according to the Drude. My fiancee'll bust my loaf if I drag out that purple wig once more...

Blessed Bee X

PS Did Vybik sort out them stinkin' badges... can I have one John pleeese? I'll mail you in case.

Russ Sun Feb 13 04:38:24 EST 2000

I have been reading the posts and some people are disapointed with the Sat line up why! Its great some of the best british, shall I say underground music going the only thing to moan about is that they might over lap and mean that you will miss out on bits. I'm going to miss sunday as i'm working up scotland so if anyone can record them that would be great

Any news of where to meet or the secret handshake


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Feb 13 06:26:01 EST 2000

Russ - Working on Sunday!

Have you found somewhere to stay on Saturday or are you driving back?

I'm thinking about the Travel Inn next door in the County Hall but its pretty expensive at £62.95 per night! Anyone know of somewhere cheaper close by?

There must be a watering hole close by as well somewhere - anyone got a detailed a-z?

I'm likely to be around at early in the afternoon which would give a good couple of hours supping before the 6 o'clock tick-tock.



Russ Sun Feb 13 07:28:29 EST 2000

Well I was going to drive but, I may come down on the train Saturday afternoon arriving about 1-2pm so we can get some beer and travel back on the 1st train but I will have to see. There is a new travelodge near Towerbridge for £50.00


Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Mon Feb 14 03:43:03 EST 2000

St., go to Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof for the NME.

I normally get the latest issue of the NME at Bochum Hauptbahnhof a few days later than it was published. It is bloody expensive ( 10 DM ) but there is no alternative. Usually, the attached tapes are imported as well.

Go there on Wednesday or Thursday and you will probably be successful !

Nat Mon Feb 14 04:09:52 EST 2000

I'm not disappointed with the line up, I suppose I just would like things to be how they were and see Julian do a three hour set again like he did before.

We shall see eh!!

Sorry about yesterday Izz, I'll speak to you later!

Nat x

Richard Mon Feb 14 06:53:07 EST 2000

I Have just returned from seeing the debut live gig From Lupine Howl at the Moles Club in Bath. They performed a stunning live set which lasted for about 70 mins.

On the flyers I had seen for the gig the band were descibed as "Psychedelic Soul with a Spencer Davis Back beat and a memphis Soul Band attitiude. Their trademark explosiveness is mixed with a more driving Rhythmic feel."

This description was spot on. Definately one of the best live performances I have seen. They are definately a band that are going places. If their their debut album is anything like as good as their live performances then it is sure to be one of the Albums of the year.

I am looking forward to the gig at the Garage even more now. If anybody is still thinking about going to their London gig on Thursday then I suggest you get a ticket, you will not be dissappointed.



St. Mon Feb 14 11:09:58 EST 2000

Lupine Howl - I never quite figured out, is there a Cope connection as such or are they just a top band?


Cheers for the advice Marc, I'll give it a go, though normally I find that tapes/CD's are removed when I buy imports at the HBF here in Heidelberg.

Ron drude@mounet Mon Feb 14 22:33:18 EST 2000

Still desparely searching for cheap airfare, looking in $300 range roundtrip... maybe just maybe. Izzy: Couldn't find anything that suits your application, my Harley uses fluids and belts, so.... I would try graphite, or at the least WD-40. Mostly, I would keep it in outa the weather. But, I do like the bike, old school rigid frame, cool color scheme, but in need of raking the forks to 38 degrees, a set of apehangers, stretch the frame 4+ inches, and chop the fenders. Sweet ride though , has a lot of potential...

Hey Lou, glad your still about, hope you got that cottage in fine shape.

What are chances of ticket's being available day of show? Looks like everything will be last minute if at all...

Well it's a bruising shattering ride / But I cannot deny myself this luxury...

Vybik Jon j.knight@aston.ac.uk Tue Feb 15 12:08:42 EST 2000

Badges - stinkin' or otherwise - are in hand and will be with requestees well before the gigs.


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 15 15:00:18 EST 2000

Something weird is happening to the HH site - Official Banco de Gaia site?!!!!!!!!or is it that I've just been listening to Seven-Up and haven't come down yet!

Keep cherishing the Panzies


Thomas Lel tlol97@sprog.auc.dk Tue Feb 15 15:25:13 EST 2000


Going through my record collection, I recently came across this one:

The Freshies: I Can't get 'Bouncing Babies' by the Teardrop Explodes / Tell Her I'm Ill (Razz/MCA, 1981)

Does anyone know this one?, whats the story. I don't know the band and since my old record player finally broke down recently, I have no idea what it sounds like.

That's all for now.

Steve field Sonic17689@aol.com Tue Feb 15 18:21:52 EST 2000

Hi..have just listened to the fantastic AMBULENCE CDS from 1996...does anybody else rate this fantastic 33 minutes of pure CopeKraut ?.....

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 15 19:48:51 EST 2000

Steve - I agree totally and it comes from another planet BABY! - but no doubt the Yankie bruvvers and sisters who are still swaying and mincing to MNU will disagree - 33 minutes of pure joy - it's a shame that Interpreter wasn't the same - puts it to total shame! Thighpaulsandra in his cosmic vest!

I'll get it out tomorrow, place it in the tray and post you my thoughts

Sorry- but keep cherishing the PAnzies


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Feb 15 19:54:02 EST 2000

Sorry to disappoint all my loyal readers but I will not be listening to Ambulence tomorrow as the first Ash Ra Tempel disc arrived today!!!! oh and Galactic Supermarket as support!!!

Get me an abulence quick!


Nat Wed Feb 16 06:35:23 EST 2000

What makes you think Shrimp that the American Branch of this list listen to MNU and not Ambulance? Is there something that you know about that none of us do? Are you psychically linked to every Americans CD Rack? Never heard of Mail order? Hmmmmmmmmm

Anyway I still listen to MNU, don't think there's anything wrong with it at all.... (Don't worry I'm not going to harp on and on about it as I did previously!!) What about S.P.A.C.E.R.O.C.K etc off Interpreter total classic.....

Somtimes I worry about you.....hmmmmmmmm


Nat x

Oh yeah talking of famous friends, there's a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis....beat that one....

Zub Wed Feb 16 06:42:39 EST 2000

Shit Nat, you know the guy at Elvis's Chippy too? 'salright for a tail, eh? Small world.

Saw two shooting stars last night...

brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail. Wed Feb 16 10:19:55 EST 2000

Well this american was happening to have listened to mnu yesterday,though that is because I work at a cd store and that is the one we have in used so I can play instore. But I do in fact own ambulance.Though I did buy it in england.

though today I see any julian on the my radio sorry....non stop new cure album for me....

Zub imjs@soton.ac.uk Wed Feb 16 10:46:03 EST 2000

Is the new Cure album good then Brian? As good as Pornography? I never really got into Disintegration, but I think I may get parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy. What about the Primal Scream album? Apparently all the vinyl is already sold out, so I may have to succomb to urghspit CD.



Nat Wed Feb 16 10:53:24 EST 2000

You get Chips 'aahuhu, thank you little paperboy' and a nice HUGE FAT BURGER at Elvis Chip Shop.

Izzy Wizzy Woo 'Sooo ring ring why don't you give me a call...' and we'll arrange uno beero for this weekendo. Come and meet Vinnie and Molly Moo....


Kent Sezen turksezen@aol.com Wed Feb 16 12:49:51 EST 2000

I am, of course, a fan of Julian Cope. I am also a fan of Scott Walker (Scott Engle). Julian Cope is (or was) a big fan too. I have a lp compilation of Scott Walker. The compilation was put together by Julian Cope (says so on the sleeve). The lp is titled "Fire in the sky", "The god-like genius of Scott Walker". Does anyone know anything more about this?

Alex alexrom1@yahoo.com Wed Feb 16 13:34:09 EST 2000

This is a post about Kilimanjaro.

A friend of mine keeps going on and on how this is one of the best albums of the 80s, so last night I finally buy a copy. Showing it to him this morning he's all confused, mine has a different tracklist to his. Seems mine is missing two songs but has one his doesn't.

Can anyone give us some info on this? Should I trade my copy in for the other one? or do I have a rarity?

Mine has zebras on the cover, and the 11 songs are: Ha Ha I'm Drowning, Treason, Suffocate, Reward, When I Dream, Went Crazy, Brave Boys Keep their Promises, Sleeping Gas, Books, Thief of Bagdad, Poppies in the Field.

It is on the Skyclad label, out of New Jersey (a division of Polygram). The date on my Cd is 1980. Cat no. LUCKY 7CD.

Thanks for your help,

Alex alexrom1@yahoo.com

brian warren cheesesuede@hotmail.com Wed Feb 16 14:10:23 EST 2000

bad mojo...sorry thta posted 3 times to that I say eekkk...

yes I think the new cure album is great, but I am a huge cure fan.As far as the primal scream, I have never been a big fan of theirs, though I do respect bobby giepspi<sp?> for having worked with the mary chain another of my favorite bands.

brian "you know I really don't care, I going get some sun in my hair" warren

Trav tripalot.com/travis Wed Feb 16 16:06:04 EST 2000

I finished re-reading Head On last night, and am just getting started on Reposessed.

Head On is so cool! It makes me nostalgic for a world in which I never lived. Powerful.

I've been listening to my tape of Piano amd Wilder about 50 billion times today! An endless loop of goodness!


Bobby Pepsi primalscream@hotmail.com Wed Feb 16 17:33:58 EST 2000

zebras on the cover LP? not so rare, matey. I have one. It includes reward too.

firescape in the sky is compiled by cope and includes his fave songs. marc almond released his own compilation too, called No Regrets, where you can get most of those songs too. Cope hasnt been into later Walker recently. Firescape includes stuff from the first 4 albums.

any girls on this list?

Dawn E Brown Wed Feb 16 19:20:39 EST 2000

Yes there're gurls on this list! and....?

Mark mumpuss@yahoo.co.uk Thu Feb 17 04:13:39 EST 2000

XTRMNTR? It's the cat's pyjamas, apart from a rather dodgy attempt at rap by BG. Buy it, insure your speakers, turn the volume to 11 and enjoy.

Anyone know what time the Lupine Howl gig tonight ends?

Nat Thu Feb 17 05:05:54 EST 2000


I have three LP versions of Kilimajaro (all on Vinyl)- one with Zebras on and two with the lovely group scene on the front. These two are also different - One has the same track listing as the Zebra Album. The two covers are also slightly different on the back and are on different record lables.... confused!! I am...... One of the Group Cover albums also has a seperate inner sleeve inside with lots of lovely info on..... One of these albums I brought when it first came out and the other two I brought 2nd hand for about £1.50 each!!! Bargin I think.....

Anyway better dash, girlie things to do....Izzy Wizzy Woo Sunday is cool for lager lager lager lager..... how about usual place usual time?

Nat xx

Russ Thu Feb 17 06:27:17 EST 2000

Right Kilimanjaro

The US version had Suffocate and the long version of Reward no Second Head/Bouncing Babies UK version no Reward and Suffocate but included Second Head/Bouncing Babies. The Zebra sleeve version included the normal version of Reward. The Skycald version is a reissue and includes the original US tracks where the Reissue from Phonogram is the UK reissue version (ie Zebra cover)

Hope that helps

My head hurts


Nat Thu Feb 17 06:37:02 EST 2000

Ta Russ....... still got yer frisbee? Make nice plant pot holders!!

Izz, sold the car mate!! Nice one, top one, sorted.... Anyone going to Wire on 26th @ the South Bank?


Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Thu Feb 17 09:48:13 EST 2000

for everybody who does not know why LUPINE HOWL is mentioned here : LUPINE HOWL features Mike Mooney on guitars. Mike played guitar on Cope's best songs - just think of Safesurfer and Starcar.

The rst of the guys were of Spiritualized, right before the Spaceman axed them all.

Never mind, one more super group... !

(Anonymous) Thu Feb 17 11:58:10 EST 2000

You can't argue with that!

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Feb 17 15:30:27 EST 2000





Short Meg at the Dorchester Thu Feb 17 16:20:02 EST 2000

To any of you looking forward to the April 1 & April 2 dates at the Southbank, and have nowhere to stay, a couple of ideas

  1. YMCA, Salter Road, Rotherhithe, take Jubilee line from Southwark station to Canada walker and then a few minutes walk
  2. Guys Hospital near by, they will sometimes have student rooms available at cheap rate (tel London, UK 0171 9555 000 office hours and ask to speak with accomodation office)

Awl Love & see you there

Short Meg

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Fri Feb 18 05:50:34 EST 2000

Are we all dressing up then in April? I think we should have a theme.....how about vicars &tarts? (don't worry I am kidding!!) Druids, Fairies and mythical beings.....

Don't forget them colouring in pens....

The excitement is brewing in Southampton, a meeting of minds and ideas is being arranged as we speak, anyone else from Soton or surrounding areas is welcome. Date place (probably the pub) is being arranged... get in touch...

Nat x

Eirey Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Fri Feb 18 09:00:50 EST 2000

Yes Nat,

Purple wig and dodgy make up on the cards for yours truly, I might put some tinsel on me walking stick for good luck!

Off to Southern Ireland tonight, so any Stone Heads out there watch this space for my return.

Blessed bee all X

bye bye.

nat Fri Feb 18 09:05:03 EST 2000

Hoooorrrah for fancy dress..... I love it, hmmmmmm Izz maybe we could go as a pantomime horse!! You can be the back bit!! Turn a few heads as we step off the train at Waterloo!!We could go as Dobbin (or whatever it was called) from 'Rentaghost'!! Ahhh those were kids programmes were they not, can't be doing with blooming Pokemon!

Nat xx

(Anonymous) Sat Feb 19 12:02:37 EST 2000


Trav tripalot.com/travis Sat Feb 19 15:51:32 EST 2000

Repossessed is so far (up to page 50) a bit on the depressing side. Certainly not as manic as the first one. I'm anxious to see the turnaround time, when "spirituality" (or whatever Cope's into nowadays: Stonehenge, druids, emitting, flourescing, etc.) overpowers druggidom. I'd also like to read about what was going through his mind and life during the third 7 year "phase": 1990-1996.


Ron Sat Feb 19 19:42:33 EST 2000


Received Interpreters today in good order. I'm not so pissed now... I feel better about what you said, 'best ignored'. Haven't had a chance to give a listen yet, but was disappointed to not see a Triapec cut. Had to move the 'hog' outa the workshop to build some bookshelves this afternoon. Can't just start a Harley motor and shut it off, esp. when it's been dormant for about 6 or 7 weeks. Ran a few laps around the block in shirt sleeves at 45 degrees... yeeeooowwwza. Terrorizing the neighbourhood, and 'breakin the law'. No helmet, or glasses, oooohhh bad boy, if I tried that in Virginny, they'd shoot me for sure. But, the area of Virginia I'm closest to, is much different from where you are.

Talked to a guy from UK early this week, said you could load your bike on Lufthansia as cargo(disconnect battery), fly to Frankfort, then bust ass over to London from there, supposedly not too bad a ride, and less hassle by customs than UK. After all this checking and fretting, looks like I'm gonna be on-call for work for next couple of months anyways, but good info in case Julian does something latter in the summer/fall.

leaving no stone unturned...

Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Mon Feb 21 08:23:44 EST 2000

Well what a day the new EELS cd popped on to my doormat this morning and its stunning 'I Like Birds' , Mr E's Beautiful Blues' &'Its A Motherfucker' stand out on the first 2 plays but its all quite stunning E has done it again. And a package from Amazon Bill Drummonds '45' a suprise to say the least i've started to read it and I can't put it down and i'm supposed to be working!!!!!.

I've added a new wallpaper for 1024x768 res to the multi media section of the site. I know things are a bit slack at the moment but what with work/new books and CD's and i've started teaching 2 nights a week time is short, but i'll get there


Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Feb 21 09:06:27 EST 2000

There was an extremely interesting 4 page colour article on Bill Drummond in last Sunday's Observer Magazine. Knew nothing about '45' until I read about it last Sunday - I'll be buying as soon as pay day arrives. Glad its as good as it sounds.

If per chance anyone wants a copy of the Bill Drummond interview let me know and if I haven't recycled it or used it in the cat litter tray! I'll forward it on. It only mentions the Teardrops et al very briefly, mostly concentrating on the forgotten genius that is Mr Drummond.

Nat x

Derek Mon Feb 21 14:37:49 EST 2000

Visited the Rollright Stones and Belas Knap on Saturday, Awlright!

Anonuevo Amoeba_Amigos@Hotmail.com Mon Feb 21 16:05:44 EST 2000

Hello folks,

I'm an anonymous source who is seeking qualitative data from anonymous sources.

As julian Cope fans I am sure you have a truer understanding of music than your avarage listener, and as potential Krautrock fans, you have in your possession information that I would stop at nothing to encapture.

If you are reading this, and are of a generous disposition, please take a few moments to Email me your answers to these simple questions. Remember, Its your thoughts that I'm after...(sinister laugh).

  1. What types of music do you listen to the most?
  2. What Aesthetic qualities attract you to the music you like?
  3. What do you gain from listening to music (if anything)?
  4. In what environment or situation do you usually listen to music?
  5. Do you go to nightclubs?
  6. Do you take drugs when you listen to music?
  7. If you do, what drugs do you take and with what desired effects?
  8. Do you have any thoughts or insights about music on a deeper level than simply 'Aural Wallpaper'? and finally,
  9. If you like Krautrock, perhaps you could explain why. (that sounds abit like I'm taking the piss, but rest assured I am not)

All answers will be treated with the highest confidentiality, and each respondent will recieve a special mystery gift as a reward.

Thanking you all for any time you may wish to donate to this survey,


Miss Fortune Mon Feb 21 17:04:21 EST 2000

The 20 odd minutes of VUH sounded in my ears as I spiralled up and up. Silence radiating silence all around from this Hill of hills. The only ritual sounds this land has ever received for the first time since the time of the Beaker. News of the Ash Ra Tempel reunion has reached Germany, where more krautrock events are scheduled. The kraut hordes are gathering and I wonder how many will turn up on Fools Day to extinguish the Aztec Camera fans' cries for their pops. Can is the sexiest band on earth, are you still with me? QE Mellotronic excellence will drown out all urban misery and The Panzies will embrace the paganistic in their one huge intense salute. Coil followers waiting in the wings, before they storm into the hall and Odin trippers will take their time which is what shortsighted panickers never have in their rush for a quickie. The tribes are gathering. It's either your glowing apparels or your funny rags.

cacomixl cacomixl@home.com Tue Feb 22 00:33:58 EST 2000

Curse my family* for moving from Liverpool to Canada (the year before I was born)! I've only seen Cope once and had to travel a thousand miles to do it.

Now I'm making the pilgrimage to the Cornucopea. Looking for other CDNs to travel with... or friendly Londoners to stay with (and in return you can stay at my house when you visit Banff).



* No of course not really. Strong sense of karma in this discussion list, wouldn't want to offend the gods...

Purse purse @barclays.net Tue Feb 22 13:23:25 EST 2000

Are you going to the cope festival 1st April 2000?

Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Feb 22 21:06:19 EST 2000

Howdie! Glad you like the CD, Ron! I don't understand what you meant by "best ignored" - did I flub another review???

Odin can probably be ignored, sure, but the Interpreters CDs are really cool. The variety, focus, and passion of them together make them incredibly relistenable. At least for me...

I'll try to contribute at least 2 songs to the next CD, since I didn't have time to get on the 2nd. I've been practicing... (and boy do I need it!)

Anyway, I'm enjoying Repossessed now. He's back into his drug antics again... always good for a laugh! :)


Ron Tue Feb 22 21:42:00 EST 2000

Nay! NO THING Cope related is best ignored... check your inbox....

don't make me come up there young man.

robr65@hotmail.com Wed Feb 23 10:05:12 EST 2000


The new songs are done; what's the deadline? HA HA HA!


Todd J tjohnson@martinwilliams.com Wed Feb 23 11:22:41 EST 2000

Trav, glad to hear that you are going to have some tunes on the upcoming Interpreters. I think I like Volume 1 better than Volume 2 if only for the reason that 2 lacked an "interpretation" from Triapec.

mumpuss@yahoo.co.uk Thu Feb 24 08:32:06 EST 2000

Someone mentioned that XTRMNTR is sold out on vinyl. Not so - they've still got copies in Tower Records, Piccadilly - a snip at £16.49. Not many left, though.

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Small Town England Thu Feb 24 09:04:32 EST 2000

Anyone want to pick me up a vinyl copy of XTRMNTR please??????? I've got the CD and it is blinding, but for posterity's sake the vinyl must be had, if only for the artwork....maybe they didn't think it worth supplying it to Southampton?

Izz Thu Feb 24 09:25:35 EST 2000

Second thoughts, £16:50 is a bit steep

Hmm, reasons not to live in London

Nat mate how are the little ones? An their little ones?

attila attila823@aol.com Thu Feb 24 22:53:07 EST 2000

what the hell is xtrmntr. I'm in Canada and I've never caught a sniff of this. Is it Julian Cope or another name????

Please respond my life hangs by a thread.

Izzy Fri Feb 25 04:38:09 EST 2000

Sorry Attila, its the new PRML SCRM album

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Feb 25 07:58:31 EST 2000

rumour has it that the new SPIRITUALIZED album will be released in April already. ( source : www.no-fi.com/spiritualized )

the cosmic joker Fri Feb 25 14:24:19 EST 2000

Whats the difference between Batman and Robin?

Batman can go out without Robin.

the riddler Fri Feb 25 16:05:20 EST 2000

So! Zwak! Keepow! Blam! Blat! Crack!

Where's he gone then?

the copeman cometh Fri Feb 25 16:13:10 EST 2000

the sun has got his hat on hip hip hip hip hooray

the sun has got his hat on and I'm coming here to play!

Howdy Partdners

big bad bill Fri Feb 25 16:16:56 EST 2000

get off yer horse!

Smokey and the Bandit are coming yer way boy!

rumour Fri Feb 25 16:19:13 EST 2000

rumour is a bad bad thang!

the mac

the interpreter Fri Feb 25 16:20:46 EST 2000

wheres the debate gone?

the forum

Derek Fri Feb 25 16:27:05 EST 2000

Locust Abortion Technician by the Butthole Surfers-every home should have a copy!

dk katangas@hotmail.com Fri Feb 25 20:16:22 EST 2000

ci sono fans italiani di julian? scrivetemi!

i'm an italian fan. magic julian. write me!


Doc pirizzo@split.it http://www.split.it/users/pirizzo Sat Feb 26 20:54:59 EST 2000

hi everybody

I've got a copy of a promotional item from 1984: a 12" with 4 tracks from Fried, for radio stations.

is anybody interested in this?


buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sun Feb 27 09:18:49 EST 2000

flown back from the Emerald Isle too-day.

Shall I buy the Panzies? What is it like?

Spiritual Overload Must Sleeeeepzzzzzzz

Blessed beee X

excellent misfortune!

Miss Fortune aka. Annexus Quam bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sun Feb 27 10:07:35 EST 2000

buzzard, no need to ask about the panzies, they are a spiritual overdose too and very pagan so catch up before the next big thing.

among the best albums of the late 90s. fully charged and well hung.

crosswiring and helldiving. your visionary moments are coming soon as i am right in the middle of it. maybe you will get it after you wake up.

still motherhill circumnavigating but ready for bronze age talk.

agent orange chongdchong@yahoo.com Sun Feb 27 16:18:43 EST 2000

blown away on a sunday evening in vienna that people actually know of mister cope the river jumper and are discussing the dude a mere twenty one years after his arrival on the scene. individuality is king and mr. cope is merely stating that fact at the edge of a fence. Bagged out ken is in my humble opinion julian's most honest moment on recorded hoo haa. 'Live' it has to be sleeping gas or i've got levitation. But we is no fan we is pranksters and julian wants no fans he wants people as big as big can be. The best from mr. cope is yet to come and as can meet ash ra tempel meet Scott Walker, julian don't listen to the skinner guy, scott IS a warrior, so I expect a forver changes for the new millenium at some point but somehow comfort and success rob the artist of the vital spark. arthur lee was never happy and now he is in prison.

com-pro-mise be damned.

love to all

agent orange

Annexus bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sun Feb 27 19:07:58 EST 2000

com-pro-mise sucks.

right on.

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Feb 28 08:14:00 EST 2000

Hello Izz,

The little ones are fine, I left Vinnie chasing Molly up the stairs this morning.... becomes a bit of a squeeze in bed mind you!! (Hope they are not having little ones!!)

Did HMV not have a copy of the Primal Scream album on vinyl? Sometimes they do... managed to get most things on vinyl from there. (Unfortunate really)

We could go to Sister Ray when we go up to London, they are bound to have a vinyl copy (Could order from the NME if you are desperate)

Did the house move go ok? Beer this week sometime? I'm in hospital again on Wednesday so any evening other than Tuesday, don't really want to go into the hospital smelling of alcohol!!!

(I tell you something - its a right laugh being in hospital - never had so much fun!! and I'm being paid £200 for it!!!)

Nat xx

Beastie sucker@hotmail.com Mon Feb 28 12:21:13 EST 2000

hi annexus

yeah things are fine in our garden as the weeds have been dealt with. weather fine. hope to see you soon in Mönchengladbach.



steve field sfield5223@aol.com Mon Feb 28 14:23:50 EST 2000

I hope Shrimp listened to the AMBULENCE CDS....your a bit late catching up with the Cosmic Jokers..however enjoy !!!!

And can ANYONE confirm that Klaus Schulze will be appearing at the QE Hall event on 2nd April with Ash Ra Tempel...surely its gilding the lily expecting it to be like 1970 !!!!

P.S. try Popul Vuh...First 2 albums...Cosmic Magnificence !!

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Feb 28 14:28:55 EST 2000

I found the Jokers back in the 70's but lost them for a too many.

Yes it will be 1970 again at cornplaster april - check out the official www.ashra.com and you will see it confirmed in print.

I haven't listened to the copeman for a whole week now - does that mean that I'm cured?


popol Mon Feb 28 14:30:18 EST 2000

forgot to mention - why stop after the first 2 vuh's?


Annexus Blank-O bobsyecho@hotmail.com Mon Feb 28 18:24:47 EST 2000

cosmic magnificence? sure agree on that. have you tried earthly majestic?

odin rules.

Agent Green Tue Feb 29 07:42:57 EST 2000

Sadly this list is full of mere fans, Agent Orange.

...but Odin rules.

belbin belbinoid@hotmail.com Tue Feb 29 13:50:02 EST 2000

What a flaming A weekend -even with boring boring Leicester's lucky victory (I now promise never to mention football again, honest). Wire were utterly superb (fortunately I was so far back I couldnt tell how old they looked), great show, one new song hell of a lot of early stuff. A stroll down Berwick St also found the first three albums are all out at£7 - with Dot Dash tagged on to the end of Pink Flag - essential purchases for all you Blur/Elastica fans. (there didn't appear to be any vinyl Exterminators left tho).

And the only time anybody asked me for a ticket a the Royal Festival Hall, was when I asked to be shown to my seat - anyone just wanting to catch Cope in the foyer will probably be able to just walk in and do so.

And then there was Mr Wylie. Weird venue for a start - a cabaret bar, with waiter service! And £5 for a bottle of beer! Quite a big bottle mind. Actually it seemed quite appropriate that it was in a cabaret bar considering the knockabout element of the gig. Really surprisingly good show, starting off finely with You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory (a Johnny Thunders tune? Has Wylie recorded a version, I think he has, but cant place it), and then mostly stuff from Wiseguy time. Great version of Come Back, and finished with Story of the Blues (had to really), but sadly no Hope or Seven Minutes to Midnight.

Well worth seeing if you get the chance.

belbin Tue Feb 29 14:09:00 EST 2000

whoops, sorry about that double post. meant to say as well that the Wylie gig was delayed an hour and a half cos the rig was too loud, and would have spoilt that evenings performance of Cats, which was on in the main part of the theatre!

(Anonymous) Tue Feb 29 14:26:20 EST 2000

Antennae's? Not Receiving? Heads doing what?

Agent Green OdinRules Wed Mar 1 02:56:31 EST 2000

Nothing is inside of me

That couldn't be inside of you

belbin Wed Mar 1 06:02:59 EST 2000

news from the enme:

apparently Mike Monney is already releasing a side project album, by 'Applecraft' in May on Ochre - who are also releasing a compilation album featuring Will Sargaent's Glide (a solo project apparently)

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Wed Mar 1 07:29:57 EST 2000

I agree The Mighty WAH gig on Monday was excellent. In Total 12 songs were played they included the following

Never Loved as a Child/Come Back/I Still Love You/Sing all the Saddest Songs/Hey Mona Lisa/DisneyLand Forever/Heart as Big as Liverpool/Better Scream/Sinfull Encore 1:Alone/Story of the Blues Encore 2:Seven Minutes to Midnight.

If you live in the Liverpool area you might be interested to know that The Mighty WAH will be playing at the Lomax tommorrow Thursday

Well worth the effort as pete has got together a great band including a keyboard player, drummer, guitarist, guitar player, a bass player and 2 femail backing vocalists.

Incidently if You like The Mighty WAH then you will love his new Album Heart as Big As Liverpool out Beggining of April. I think it is his Best Album yet. There will also be a single heart As Big as Liverpool released this comming Monday. The Record Lable will also be releasing His entire Back catalogue on CD for the first time.

Richard Winchester

Belbin Wed Mar 1 12:08:30 EST 2000

he DID do & minutes...,bugger, was there a really long break before the second encore, or was I just too drunk to remember it properly?

(Anonymous) Wed Mar 1 12:09:46 EST 2000

'& Minutes'? make that a 7

buzzard zbird@ic24.net Wed Mar 1 18:56:38 EST 2000

Meester Quam,

Ireland was a blast, thee stones did rise from seemingly everywhere, check out Co. Cork &Kerry in your compendium.

Strange, I've kissed the Blarney Stone...and can't think of anything to say these days. Still, us western guys with desires that can't be satisfied.. always got too much to say!

The expectation for fool's day is building like a lovely psyko-pimple!

Blessed Beee XXX

PS How are thee jewels?

Annexus Quam OdinRules Thu Mar 2 06:59:36 EST 2000

The Blarney Stone!!!!! One of the highlights, yeah! Cork! Kerry! They are dense as your brain, stones galore, rain galore, hills galore...

Stone Circle countries.

Jewels ready. Crown yourself next week with a stone crown.

Buzzard Thu Mar 2 15:10:29 EST 2000


Er..as dense as my brain?!!

Blarney Stone Thu Mar 2 18:04:04 EST 2000

The Blarney Stone

Only the Irish could encourage people to exchange money in order to kiss a stone that Norman soldies had pissed on!!

zbird Thu Mar 2 18:42:52 EST 2000

Blar bla bla.. I'm disabled so I get to do silly things for free sometimes. Besides, french piss tastes great. How much piss did the last charming caller lick to remain so sour?

ho hum

blessed bee X

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Mar 3 02:50:38 EST 2000

Thighpaulsandra is releasing a solo CD called "Some head" on Eskaton. It will first be distributed at Cornucopea.

2,000 copies will be available altogether thereafter.

Nat Fri Mar 3 04:10:45 EST 2000

Oh Mr Belbin I have missed thee!!

Glad to have you back, Did you do Wire in the end?

Hospital is horrid, never ever ever agree to do medical trials.... god only knows what poor ikle bunnies must go through, I was in so much bloomin' pain I had to take the day off sick!! :-( Another day to go aswell..... Roll on April 1st thats wot I say a day of fun - have we found a pub yet?......

Izzy Wizzy speak to you later, digging the pond Sunday so I think I'll be shattered in the evening....a beer in the bath for me...


Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Fri Mar 3 04:34:36 EST 2000

Less than 1 month to go. Oh arse, the iron-age one and I were hoping to have had theses submitted come April Fool's. And with the following weekend being All Tomorrow's Parties, when are we ever going to finish? Who's going in fancy dress then? Don't think it will be a problem in Southampton since my fella appears to live in a props wearhouse. I'm thinking of going Duracell for the event, Nat fancy coming over for a hair-dying session? The bath could do with a bit of bleach.

Now got the sterio in the living room. Had the girl next door over last night and subjected her to Love and Rockets and Peter Murphy. Mellow and acceptible I thought. I'll try MNU next time, not too mad to scare folk away. Subtly does it I say.

Lebasi the ex-Goth

PS anyone found the MP3 website yet? www.mp3.com, sign up for my.mp3 and listen away. Fantastic when you live out of range of Greater London Radio.

Live the life you love, use the God you trust and don't take it all too seriously.

Ikle Bunny OdinRules Fri Mar 3 04:51:02 EST 2000

buzz i am sure the last charming caller was simply taking the piss.

they like it so they gave their game away.

reindeer's piss... that has strange effects on you and tastes slightly worse than french pee. i will you all to try. i auction it in flasks... and swear it ain't mine.

Ikle Bunny OdinRules Fri Mar 3 04:56:44 EST 2000

Lebasi, it could be sunshine

...after all.

Express Kundalini Fri Mar 3 05:07:49 EST 2000

Only when the minutes drag...

Nat Fri Mar 3 05:23:47 EST 2000

Izzy Frizzy Hair - already dyed it mate!! I'm brown at the mo - quite fancy going red though so I'm up for it!! Two dyeing is better than one as they say - I think I missed a bit at the back!!

I'll be in touch.....

I quite fancied going as Abba!! Bagsy be Bjorn.... beard needs trimming though....

Nat xxx

spaceship mark Fri Mar 3 07:47:17 EST 2000

word up from les aples francais

gutted cos im in france for cornucopia but merde s'passe

can anyone tell me headheritages e mail adress, i need to thank them for me free odin

its pretty cool innit

love mark

the copeman cometh Fri Mar 3 14:06:39 EST 2000

Bet you're all looking forward to my day of frolics and jollity.

A big dark cope is descending on you all.

Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca/ Fri Mar 3 18:28:20 EST 2000


Odin shines bright for sure! Head Heritage email is:



St. Sat Mar 4 04:25:24 EST 2000

Lots of strange mails going round at the moment, or maybe it's just cause I haven't really had the time to read them all in detail!?! Anyway, I wad just thinking, at 9am without any sleep and no foreseeable sleep coming along, that I'd drop y'awl a mail. So whose all going to the 1st of April (Sat) Cornecopia gig then?

I know we must be boring the arse of you guys that aren't going to be there, but you can't really blame us for that, can you? Were just overly excited.

Anyway, I'll keep this brief, has anyone decided on a venue to meet at pre gig and are we going to do the badges (badges!!) thing? The stuff I got sent from the venue said it doesn't start until 6pm so there should be plenty of time for a pre gig bevy.

Being the nosey bugger I am I wouldn't mind putting some names to faces. But anyway, don't you think it would be great, just once, to sit in a public bar listening to Copey and knowing that the other people in the bar we're actually independantly enjoying it!!!

Not to dwell on the negative, I promise I won't bitch again about how I could've been there for both days, if it had been announced, or even hinted at, before I bought my flight ticket. grrrrrrrrr!

Still it should be a hell of a laugh, I have full faith in the drude that he'll play a proper set.

Just trawling my tape suitcase and I came across some vintage Van Morrison. I know I'm prejudiced, being from Nord Iron, but he's so goddamn good, you just can't dislike him (even despite that duet with Yer man Richards).

Anyway I'll try and write a more interesting mail soon, but bear in mind the three big questions

- naw forget it.....

Love on y'awl, St.

Ps. Whatever all you cynics think, I could say many things but I'll just quote something better instead...

Rave on John Donne, rave on thy Holy fool
Down through the weeks and ages
And the moss borne dark dank pools
Rave on, down through the industrial revolution
Empiricism, atomic and nuclear age
Rave on down through time and space down through the corridors
Rave on words on printed page
Rave on, you left us infinity
And well pressed pages torn to fade
Drive on with wild abandon
Uptempo, frenzied heels
Rave on, Walt Whitman, nose down in wet green grass
Rave on fill the senses
On nature's bright green shady path
Rave on Omar Khayyam, Rave on Kahlil Gibran
Oh, what sweet wine we drinketh
The celebration will be held
We will partake the wine and break the Holy bread
Rave on let a man come out of Ireland
Rave on on Mr. Yeats,
Rave on down through thy Holy Rosy Cross
Rave on down through theosophy, and the Golden Dawn
Rave on through the writing of "A Vision"
Rave on, Rave on, Rave on, Rave on, Rave on, Rave on
Rave on John Donne, rave on thy Holy fool
Down through the weeks and ages
And the moss borne dark dank pools
Rave on, down though the industrial revolution
Empiricism, atomic and nuclear age
Rave on words on printed page

(BTW, I nabbed these of the net and a quick scan already had me doing about fifteen corrections, but I've undoubtedly missed even more, so be gentle with me)

the copeman cometh Sat Mar 4 09:10:44 EST 2000

So you think that dressing up will please me do you?

Games for little girls.

buzzy zbird@ic24.net Sat Mar 4 09:23:54 EST 2000

I ALWAYS dress to please!

Does anyone know of an ol' Cope classic 12" (oo-er), I only have it on tape, it's a version of Head..., I think it was called Heed, or something to do with city dwellers??!! I would be grateful if someone could detail this mantra of dark rave from the past!

Blessed bee X

the copeman cometh Sat Mar 4 09:26:37 EST 2000

but do you dress up to tease?

alvin partridge a_partridge@mailcity.com Sat Mar 4 10:00:04 EST 2000

I just received Repossessed. Not as good as Head On, but quite good nonetheless. I was hoping someone could clue me in as to the origin/definition of the phrase "on-the-One" that Julian uses constantly in the latter half of the book. Thanks.

Annexus Quam bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sat Mar 4 19:01:39 EST 2000

Mantra of dark rave from the past indeed Buzz!

Heed, of Penetration and the City-Dweller.

Yellow Picture Disc 12" with Bring Cherhill Down on B-side.

I once asked the world if the vynil version of Cherhill Down sounded slower than the Rite CD version but no-one knows...I put it down to my record player.

xhol xhol xhol xhol xhol xhol xhol xhol xhol xhol... caravan.

Annexus Quam OdinRules Sat Mar 4 19:08:28 EST 2000

yeah, xhol.

the copeman cometh Sat Mar 4 19:11:13 EST 2000

I am on a caravan of love at this moment in time but never venture too far in the desert without one.

Annexoid OdinRules Sun Mar 5 05:53:14 EST 2000

love is peace, freedom is harmony, copeman muso. take some water.

buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sun Mar 5 07:19:33 EST 2000

Thanks Quamus! Dark rave it is! Yodah right he was.

Also respect to St.for transmitting some fine and chilled Van when he WAS the man verse. Vibes down the wires.


Blessed Bee.

buz Sun Mar 5 07:20:56 EST 2000

'The Courage INvolved In sPENDING oNE'S dAY iNACTIVELY'

(Anonymous) Sun Mar 5 07:28:26 EST 2000
fearfull me
of my idle race
who consume, spread gloom
and sow doom
with every minute
they save.
Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sun Mar 5 07:42:14 EST 2000

Poet's corner finished for a while I promise! But as it's quiet...

I wrote the last onein 1997, not a lot has changed, I cycled into town last week and did spy me a gaggle (what's the collective noun for...) of schoolkids clamouring to see over each others shoulders the shiny new mobile phones in the phone shop!? Ee when I were a lad, a phone was just a phone....now it's a way of life. Yes this has a lot to do with Cope. It is not a post-ironic-post-literate-post-modernist theory, it is a fact that the war against the human spirit is being won, all those paranoid post H-Bomb sci-fi films were MILES off the mark, they never saw that the greatest enemy of our people would be our very own dis-connection from the natural world. When is someone going to realise that the 'Life in 'Lifestyle' is a waste of ink and breath? Dis-connected in the dis-informed age of communication. Oh my head.

Not ranting just sharing.

Blessed-all X

Mothra Sun Mar 5 08:04:55 EST 2000

Where IS Copey these day's, oh we love his serpentine path! but I really thought The Mom was having her nookie with him 10 years back, 10 years after (?)he is seemingly on some Scando-KrautKelt teenage pantomime trip. Shamanism is in no way the sole premise of the Northern Tradition?..I guess he feels at home in some Anglo-Saxon race-memory kinda way though?

Sky-God trippin' he'll take us with him.

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Mar 5 08:12:39 EST 2000

A little video of the Cope is included in this website for your pleasure. http://www.tcgdesign.co.uk/kosmische/home.html



proPAGANda www.higgs1.demon.co.uk/barritt/ Sun Mar 5 10:39:26 EST 2000

The site shrimp just mentioned has recently evolved into http://www.kosmische.com - so if you go to the URL (s)he mentioned you are in fact travelling back in time. Or something. Come back safely.

Bored Buz Sun Mar 5 14:07:35 EST 2000

Can anyone get said movie at'Kosmiche' to work, I've downloaded Flash but it still just clicks away unhappily when I try the movie link?

shrimp Sun Mar 5 14:27:41 EST 2000

The address I gave you should in fact link as I copied it direct from the page (so there mr=mrs pagan! -blah blah) as for the little video its a waste of time and space really (e=tiny tim or something) but you click on it and then have to wait what seems like ages for the grey line to move across and suddenly you are in cope wonderland - for a very brief few seconds anyway.

The page itself doesn't really achieve much in my small brain as it seems to be some sort of corporate plug by aliens from another planet - although it does give you the opportunity to purchase some fine music and books all of which I can thoroughly recommend.

If you haven't already got them then shame on you - get your blankety blank cheques books out now!

By the way,I dunno how they think that they're gonna get the Cosmic Couriers back together again without Tim who as we all know is doing Australian push ups also where is that evil Kaiser? Don't reckon that Klaus or Manni will ever get into the ring again with him!


Buz Sun Mar 5 18:43:38 EST 2000

Nope, still no joy. Arse.

Thanks anyway Shrimpster. Blah indeed!

Blessed Bees

YipeeYupieCoyote@aol.com Sun Mar 5 23:23:32 EST 2000

Cope's current Phase...

Cardinal Giacomo Biffi, 71, the Archbishop of Bologna, said the Antichrist was not the beast with seven heads described in the Book of Revelation but a "fascinating personality" whose outward charm and plausibility had deceived his enemies. Cardinal Biffi said the Antichrist espoused vegetarianism, pacifism, environmentalism and animal rights.


Izzy Mon Mar 6 03:35:44 EST 2000

When I was in Jerusalem I knew a Canadian Christian Biker who swore is father, Terry, was the antichrist...

Long live Tom Jones!


Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Mar 6 08:22:56 EST 2000

Being a complete alcohlic and lager lover, I've put some feelers out for pubs to go to on the 1st April. Are most people coming into Waterloo? (South Bank over the road) I'm looking for pubs in this area.... Are we looking for a pub with food and lager (i.e a Weatherspoons/Ale Cafe/Irish Themed) or is no-one rally bothered.

I'll go for a large branched named pub as it would be pointless trying to arrange for eveyone to meet in a small pub that I only know where it is!!

If anyone has a preference I'll try and take this into account (wheelchair acess etc.) Let me know. Times? say from 3.30 onwards or is that too early? :-)

Nat xx

nat Mon Mar 6 08:31:51 EST 2000

I agree Izz, Horrah for Tom Jones too...... about time someone with class won a Brit Award... crap though they are.

I must say though no disrespect meant - the anti-christ does sound a bit like Paul McCartney (Friend of my mums!!) Hoorah!!!

Nat xx

CHR chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Mon Mar 6 13:06:41 EST 2000

Hi there,

Has anyone got a copy of Julian's "Tales From The Drug Attic" article? I'm sure I've seen it on a site somewhere, but can't remember where...

Any help much appreciated.

Ta, luvs


Shrimp Mon Mar 6 13:35:02 EST 2000

Julian Cope's

Tales From The Drug Attic


"The Dog-star rages! Nay 'tis past a doubt, All Bedlam, or Parnassus, is let out." - Alexander Pope

WHEN I TELL YOU about psychedelia, you can forget all the Peace-Love-Dove shit. You can forget about all the hippies you ever hated. You can forget about the understanding and the answer. Cast your mind back to the question.

Cast you mind back 5-10-20 years to the first time you ever thought about sex. When a penis, a vagina, were new words in a book.

They fit together, you say? One gets hard and one gets soft? That's repulsive, I'm going to be sick. Never think about it. Do my parents do it? Why did they invent it? Will I ever do it? Why did they invent it? I hate everything.

Your first psychedelic experience. The ship goes down with all your sanity.

So here we are - Psychedelia, when the question gets bigger and bigger, and the answer fades out obsolete.

Forget Timothy Leary and forget about the Tom Wolfe stories. When LSD hit the world, the intellectuals thought about it and the rest freaked out.

It's the rest we're interested in.

It's the rest who made the music. Not The Grateful Dead, not Quicksilver Messenger Service, not the Moody Blues. The ones we should be interested in are the 17-year-old kids from Birmingham to Albuquerque who took acid and tried to play old Van Morrison/Stones riffs. Suddenly they were something very new. True they couldn't play very well and the singer didn't know the words, but we all mean it don't we? So we could be bigger than anyone.

"Look out, I'm gonna get my seven Cadillacs, And maybe I'll drive around the World" - The Silver Fleet

THE SINGER in every great psychedelic group was 5' 10". He stooped because his friends were small and he felt like a spaz. He sung about being himself, his ideal self, which was really Mick Jagger.

His real life was a dry-wank.

This is psychedelia.

Garage-music overproduced in four track studios. Musicians who wanted to be so famous. fuck, I'd sell out if I know how to! People who were too nihilistic to ever get it together.

Say yes to - Ed Cobb, Sky Saxon, Syd Barret, Roky Erikson, Eddie Phillips, Arthur Lee, Moulty, Mouse, Dave Agular, and all the others who never could.

In their hunchbacked Twilight Zone, they made the best, most formidable sound ever. Rock powered emotion in all kinds of music. Arthur Lee? you say. Wimp music! Sky Saxon? A spoilt rat-faced child!

Then fuck you I say. Fuck your lack of compassion, your world concern, and for forgetting the individual, the small want-to-be-big individual who tore out great handfuls of his soul for a promise of a no-meaning 15 minutes of fame.

I love them. I love their misery. I see their parallels strewn out in front of me: Patti Smith, with baby, in some Midwest Hicksville, thinking she is at peace. Marc Almond hysterical and praying for fame with an on-off switch. John Cale's waking dream of one daytime radio play. Peter Hammill seeing his reflection in Mega-Bowie, Mega-Gabriel, Mega-Marillion. They are many. And I love them too.

So forget the Hippy.

We're talking of pre-Hippy, when even the quietest music had an intent that could not be ruffled.

A three chord riff, delicate voice and; "Oh, the snot has caked against my pants," - Arthur Lee 1967

THIS IS psychedelia. One album, almost alone, inspired new love and attitude to the music.

"I just hope you have as much fun letting it spin as I did putting it together." - Lenny Kaye, on 'Nuggets', 1972.

For the time being, I shall presume that everyone has a copy of 'Nuggets'. If you know nothing else about psychedelia, you should know this. If not, put the paper down and go and listen to all the basics: The first Pink Floyd, 'Revolver', Traffic, The 13th Floor Elevators, 'Sgt. Pepper', 'A Web of Sound', 'Forever Changes', etc.

'Nuggets' was and still is the basic introduction. It gave us groups that were then so obscure but now, to a mass of people, are favourite listening. It introduced us to The Seeds, Chocolate Watchband, Elevators, Remains, Standells, Electric Prunes and so many others who had classic but unknown songs released. By now we know that had also recorded classic LP's.

But during the '70's, these LP's were sold next to garbage like Strawberry Alarm Clock, Josephus, Blue Cheer, Bubble Puppy, anything on International Artists. You had to listen to all the I.A. catalogue to find out that the only things necessary were the 13th Floor Elevators LP's.

Psychedelia was being sold as hippy music by charlatans who thought any journey-thru-my-inner-mind-man nonsense was hip.

But the influence of 'Nuggets' was deep-rooted. This supposed 2nd Division music was the real psychedelia.

"Between thought and expression lies a lifetime" - Lou Reed

SO HERE we are in 1967. The Beatles have already previewed what's going to happen with 'Revolver'. The Rolling Stones are about to give psychedelia a bad name with a piece of 90% trash called 'Their Satanic Majesties Request'. The Yardbirds are featured in Blow-Up, a far-out forerunner of Zabriskie Point where Jeff Beck destroys his guitar during 'Train Kept A Rollin'.

In the US the vanguard was being led by Grace Slick, Jerry Garcia, John Cipollina and more mid-twenties graduates intent on rationalising the scene. The Doors had signed to Elektra, successfully promoting previous Elektra biggie Arthur Lee into Total Paranoiac.

And then came the group who drew the line between the hippies and the rest.

They were The Mothers of Invention. They had been signed as a blues band by an acid raving A&R man who committed suicide by self-immolation when the bill for their first masterpiece, 'Freak Out', came to over $20,000. The Mothers were unsafe and unsanitary; unhealthy leaders of the real underground.

Frank Zappa was shrewd enough (and old enough) to laugh at the very scene which bought his records. His songs were anything but the anthems-of-togetherness adored in Haight Ashbury. They were vile attacks on both straights and weirdos. Songs like 'Plastic People', 'Flower Punk' and 'Trouble Every Day' were vicious. Yes, you could laugh, but how did we know he wasn't laughing at you?

The Mothers sound even influenced the suburban punk groups. Teddy and His Patches, from San Jose, did a mind-blowing cover of 'Suzy Creamcheese', available on 'Pebbles III'. Psychedelia Piss-takes continued with 'I'm Allergic To Flowers' by Jefferson Handkerchief. The punks were becoming yippies, long haired peace-haters. It even swept to Britain with the Mothers-influenced Deviants.

In 1967, Frank Zappa produced 'Loose Lip Sync Ship', an instrumental 45 by The Hogs. The Hogs were really The Chocolate Watchband, a collage of musicians like by Ed Cobb, writer of 'Tainted Love' and producer of millions. Until 'Nuggets', The Chocolate Watchband were unrecognised. Now three LP's are re-released and there is even a new 'Best Of' compilation.

A raw diverse R&B group, they were the true psychedelic incarnation of The Rolling Stones. Clattering Bo Diddley beats, zinging guitars, their singer Dave Agular genuinely believed that Mick Jagger was ripping him off. At a time when the right place at the right time counted for so much, The Chocolate Watchband were horrendously mistimed.

Their only hit, 'Let's Talk About Girls', was recorded in such a rush that Dave Agular was not even there to sing it. Don Bennett, a writer and a friend of Ed Cobb, was asked to sing and it started a long relationship. Bennett also wrote some Standells songs and created a precedent for Ed Cobb: the producer used The Chocolate Watchband as a pallet for weird ideas. On the first and second albums the group playing is often utterly different from the supposed line-up. 'Gone And Passes By', the very best song they ever recorded, is a subterranean Stones, played like Brian Jones was actually getting his own way for once. Zing, electric sitar over zombie bone dance, cavernous recording and voodoo-Dr John, 'Walk On Gilded Splinters' into Beefheart's 'Kandykorn'.

Yes they hit low, but when they were up, they left everyone else wanking.

Richard Marsh was an image weasel, sucking on lemons and waiting for fame. In early 1966 as Sky Saxon, 'Pushing Too Hard' made his group The Seeds massive. On front covers of teen mags all over the US, Sky Saxon and his three suede cohorts stared out, eyes wrinkled and blinking, anxious to get back to their nocturnal two-chord world. The follow-up to 'Pushing Too Hard' was 'No Escape'. In all ways, it was the same song. Sky Saxon felt his one emotion very intensely.

You can make a commercial success of almost anybody. Lassie was massive and even Noele Gordon had her day. But in Sky Saxon, we have to draw the line. His ideas imploded and whole albums were devoted to the worship of the E and D chords. The other Seeds were his wanton disciples. Organist Daryl Hooper used the same solo in at least 10 songs. In one uncharacteristically different song, 'Nobody Spoil My Fun', the group has to shift completely during Hooper's solo, so intent is he on playing his regular part.

For the Seeds , success was an uncomfortable bonus. How could Sky Saxon maintain his role as the world's whipping post when they sold records? Titles like 'You Can't Be Trusted', 'It's A Hard Life', 'Can't Seem To Make You Mine'. 'Two Fingers Pointing At You', all sung by a 10-year-old hysterical brat, were to have limited appeal. Their LPs became primeval classics and Saxon held the banner for all punk singers. After three studio and one brilliantly fake live album, his focus became hazier and hazier. A change of style for a terrible blues LP and later a change of name to Sky Sunlight. The backyard and the world became one place. A bit like Roky Erikson.

The 13th Floor Elevators were the Texas group. On International Artists of Austin/Dallas/Houston, they had a massive hit with Erikson's 'You're Gonna Miss Me'. This had already been a local hit for Roky's early group, The Spades, in 1965. By 1967 he was eating peyote, the psychedelic desert drug, and turning on all the local groups who spent the previous months lamenting Texas' lack of surf.

There is now a brilliant six LP set called 'Flashbacks' available which includes covers of such Elevators classics as 'Splash 1' and 'Reverberation'. Tom Verlaine talked wildly of Televisions debt to the Elevators and songs like 'See No Evil' from 'Marquee Moon' are inspiring proof. Television even opened with a cover of 'Fire Engine' from the 'Psychedelic Sound of...' album and their live 'Arrow' LP includes a brilliant version.

Groups like Rising Storm and Mystic Tide took the brutal sound for themselves and even Iggy Pop was enmeshed for a while. 'Flashbacks III' includes an unsafe and magnificent 'I Can Only Give You Everything' by the Iguanas. With a young Jimmy Osterberg on drums and singing, the song nightmares along over cattle crossings and iron bridges. With a familiar Elevators screech-siren sound, the whole song begins and ends in the tunnel.

"I am from Mars," claimed Roky Erikson in an interview. The journalist wondered, had he any proof?

"I call my mother Ma," he replied.

After the first LP Erikson went into an asylum. The second album was written mainly by the other , more coherent members of the group. The only other weirdo was John St. Powell who changed his name to Powell St. John. Erikson repaired, came out of the asylum to record 'Easter Everywhere', the new album. After that he freaked out again and went back to the asylum.

There were no real weirdos in The Electric Prunes. They formed one maniac intent on destruction. All their early recordings are so raw, they are almost unplayable. On 'You've Never Had It Better', from the 'Everywhere Chainsaw' compilation, they are singing from purgatory to a world with no ears. Their manager, a TV personality called Ben Willow, was intent on making them huge. A deal with Reprise and a tab of acid for the in-house writers.

In Hey Presto time, Nancy Tucker and Mary Mantz gave them 'I Had Too Much Too Dream Last Night' plus a follow-up 'Get Me To The World On Time'. Both singles were classically produced psychedelic punk, fake far-eastern organ and ratty vocals. The songs were hits but the LP was a real bore. They didn't seem to have much control and it was mainly wimpish slush.

'Underground was their second LP and is still available. It was their classic. More in control, they start with the brilliant 45 'Great Banana Hoax', Bo Diddley rhythm and squealing Farfisa. The whole LP was massive with its scythe guitar sound and Pete De Freitas clatter. On 'Hideaway', the drums go crazy and the guitar shrieks. On 'Children Of Rain' the organ phases in a familiar funfair avalanche. On 'Antique Doll' the bass is treacherous, the voices sweeter than need. It's their only consistently great moment. After this they gave over power to a writer/arranger called Dave Axelrod. He is guilty of producing two of the weakest ever albums; 'Mass In F Minor' and 'Kyrie Eylson'. These are bogies up the nose of a great group. Amen.

THE BASICS of British psychedelia are far better known. We've all heard 'See Emily Play', 'All You Need Is Love', 'Paper Sun', 'Hole In My Shoe', but it's hard to separate the good from the shit. Psychedelia here became as style. Every group had a rainbow-abstract-world-in-my-head sleeve. Even Vince Hill and Noel Harrison had 'weird' hits. If they were noticing it, it must be selling.

But what about the others? What about the failures?

The biggest losers were The Creation. They were so close to making it. Pete Townshend asked their guitarist, Eddie Phillips, to join The Who. He wouldn't so Townshend joined The Creation fan club.

Because of their lack of success, Creation fans tend to over-rate them now, so intent on telling us what should have been. True their songs are pretty great. 'Painter Man' and 'Life Is Just Beginning' are so like nursery rhymes, so hummable. When Boney M had a hit with 'Painter Man', it was no shock.

Onstage The Creation were pop-art; Kenny Pickett would stop singing and spray-paint a canvas behind him. Eddie Phillips used a violin bow before anyone, and on all their records, his guitar is so barely controlled that it often feeds back during verses. Edsel have released 'How Does It Feel To Feel'. It's a put together LP and it's great.

But even more manic were The Misunderstood. Like some blues version of the Pop Group, plundering both The Yardbirds and Bo Diddley, and ending up like Captain Beefheart; all crescendos and screeching steel guitar.

Until last year their recordings were rare, rare. Then Cherry Red put out the 'Before The Dream Faded' LP. Get it, it's good. I used to hate 'Who Do You Love', but their version made me rethink, it's like a different song, even delicate in parts. Of course they weren't successful, but they did leave California and live on chips for a year while they tried to make it.

For most of the American groups the major influence was obviously The Rolling Stones. But look further and you'll see the other main groups were The Pretty Things and Van Morrison's early group. Them.

Listen to any US compilation and Them feature everywhere in both songs and attitude. Versions of 'Gloria', 'I Can Only Give You Everything' and 'Baby Please Don't Go' are found throughout. Other songs such as 'Mystic Eyes' were a perfect blue-print for the plundering US garage groups. Listen to The Rising Storm, the Mystic Tide duo, and The Moonrakers.

The Shadows of Knight hit big with their version of 'Gloria' and took Them's style for 'Oh Yeah' and 'Light Bulb Blues'.

Ironically, early Them singles featured session men backing Van Morrison. Decca, in their usual three-piece suit attitude, had no faith in the group.

Eventually, Them split from Morrison and went to Texas, the place which had always loved them so much. They recorded some of their best songs there, such as 'Dirty Old Man' on the 'Moxie' no. 2 EP.

'NUGGETS' INSTIGATED a whole new genre: The Psychedelic Compilation. In 1979, two sets of these albums appeared called 'Pebbles' and 'Boulders'. Both were influenced by Lenny Kaye's 'Nuggets' idea but on a far more wanton and amateur scale. Tracks were often so obscure that no tapes were available and the original scratchy single had to be used as the master.

For a while, these two were essential. They gave a glimpse of previously unknown groups. They have also built into hefty sets. 'Pebbles' now has twelve LPs and 'Boulders' nine.

I've never been a fan of the 'Boulders' series. The sound quality is poor and the tracks are available on many of the newer compilations. But 'Pebbles' still has many essential volumes in Numbers 1,2,3 and 5.

Volume 3 is pure garbled garage psychedelia. Some of it is just plain terrifying.

On 'Spider And The Fly' by The Monocles, the singer is a ten-year-old whose body is turning into a spider. He cries "Help me, help me" as he devours his mother, thinking she's a fly.

Of 'Flight Reaction' by The Calico Wall, it is impossible to print a description. If you don't have this album then buy it. Is it essential? Is the moon made of cheese? Songs with titles like 'Horror Asparagus Stories', 'The Reality Of (Air) Fried Borsk' and 'Suicidal Flowers' are essential to any collection.

The volume you have to have is No. 5, the Punk Masterpiece. Every song has the same theme:

singer meets girl, girl bogs off

singer loves girl, girl screws singer's arch rival

singer loves girl, girl is unaware of singer's existence

On 'No Good Woman' by The Tree, the singer berates his girlfriend, "You're ugly and you're fat, and you've got no teeth". Why does he stay? He sings the whole song with his finger pointed at her throat. "I bought you two Mustangs, and a Cadillac".

The album treats women as though they were a tank regiment, to be beaten down into submission.

Unfortunately the latest compilations now make 'Pebbles' and 'Boulders' seem pale in comparison. While these two have wandered into boring areas, the new US and British albums are getting rawer and more far out than ever.

THE HEIR to the 'Pebbles' throne must be the 'Psychedelic Unknowns' LPs. At first just a two EP set, five albums have now been issued. These include real classics: most obviously 'In The Past' by We The People. 'In The Past' also covered by The Chocolate Watchband, is one of the most beautiful psychedelic songs ever, with a high balalaika guitar sound and raga rhythm. At the time, We The People were complete unknowns but the Eva label, from Paris, has issued their 'Declaration Of Independence' album which is raw and beautiful.

The Calico Wall, refugees from 'Pebbles', turn up with a death wail called 'I'm A Living Sickness', a kind of walking pace Doors. Other names from 'Pebbles' included The Squires and The Split Ends, and there's a double speed cover of Love's 'My Flash On You' by The Sixpence.

I've talked about the 'Texas Flashback' series before. They really are necessary but are now very hard to get. Easier to find is the 'Mindrocker' series, again on Eva. You may find you have doubles of certain songs but it's justified because they are all so good. Volume 4 is easily the best. Based on an old bootleg called 'Acid Visions', Eva has added four Moving Sidewalks tracks and created a new LP. The sound is better than the earlier album and cheaper, but you don't get the wonderful one-off sleeve.

I won't spend vast amounts of time on each compilation, but there are certain vital ones and 'Back From The Grave' is a biggie. The guy who has released its two volumes is a maniac. Into the music at 12, he is now 25 and spends his time driving a hired car the mid-west of America in search of gems. These albums are worth it for the sleeve notes alone.

The groups on these albums are true danger. Long hair? No Faggot Way!! The Malibus, The Brigands, Ralph Neilson & The Chancellors. You'd never get names like that in a psychedelic revival. And at the top of the pile is The Nova's version of 'The Crusher'. Sung by a 200lb. redneck, it devours the Bananmen version.

The same attitude reigns for 'What A Way To Die', a new US compilation and probably the best so far. Subtitled "Forgotten Losers From The Mid-60's", it is incredible, so violent and fucked-up.

From Chicago, and probably with Lou Reed writing, are The Beechnuts with 'My Iconoclastic Life'. As the sleeve says, it is one of the scariest records ever.

"My life is nil, I just take pills

sit for hours just watching the flowers".

Richard And The Young Lions are another one-off classic with the amassed guitars and tubular bells on the start of 'You Can Make It'. They're featured on the sleeve and look like members of five different groups. Other big features are the Human Beinz before they wimped-out and the first ever Standells recording. Whoopee!

Others to look out for are 'Psychedelic Sixties' volumes and the two 'Off The Wall' albums. These are very much garage psychedelia.

For out and out wierdos, look for 'Mindblowers'. The sleeve is a bit cosmic in orange and yellow swirls but the music is faultless, with an early 13th Floor Elevators recording of 'Tried To Hide'.

But the true find is 'Go Insane' by The Doors. It's one of three acetates left and is a blues-rant of song later to become 'Celebration Of The Lizard'. I love it. Morrison sounds so young, unformed voice and no chest beating. For Doors freaks , it's on White Rabbit Records.

The final US essential is 'Psychedelic Moose And The Soul Searchers', an album of magnum opuses ranging from Mouse and The Traps wail of Jeremiah's 'No Sense Nonsense' to The Blue Things 'Orange Rooftop Of Your Mind', a kind of Yardbirds thing, Actually, The Blue Things appear on about seven different compilations and each track is incredible. And there we leave America.

THE BRITISH COMPILATION scene is very restrained compared with its US partner. Albums like 'Not Just Beat Music' have been around for a while but the brain damage was only really started with 'Chocolate Soup For Diabetics'. Now running at three volumes, 'Chocolate Soup' is out-and-out classic.

Volume 1 opens with 'Train To Disaster' by The Voice. Like waiting for a late night tube, it comes screaming out of a tunnel and pummels you in the head. Typical end-of-the-world lyrics and snotty, sneering vocals. It ends in a pandemonium of guitars and treads your face into the ground.

The Misunderstood are featured but even they are upstaged by the mania of The Craigs' 'I Must Be Mad'. It's 'I Can See For Miles' at breakout speed, a commando raid of guitars, the drummer frantically over-playing to make up for his lack of time-keeping.

On The Tickle's 'Smokey Pokey World', the melodies are bright and the acid-guitar line is so pure and simple. One real weird-out is a group called One In A Million. Both of their featured songs are The Jam if they hadn't "Souled-Out". Gruff Weller voice, identical Foxton harmonies, how I wished they'd gone in this direction.

Chocolate Soup has a companion album of psychotic R&B called 'The Demention Of Sound'. Far more raw, it features The Bow Street Runners and The Sorrows, both raw and unmanageable. If you like Cherry Red's Misunderstood LP then you'll love this. Syn, who are on 'Chocolate Soup', are featured here as their blues incarnation, The Syndicates. 'Crawdaddy Simone' is a blues 'European Son', surging across the Russian Steppes.

The man behind Chocolate Soup is Sean Gregory. I've no idea who he is but I love him for his records and for his sleevenotes.

Chocolate Soup also has a two-volume brother in 'Electric Sugar Cube Flashback'. Pressed in the US it features many of the Chocolate Soup bands plus other oddities such as ' Jabberwocky' by Boeing Duveen &the Beautiful Soup and 'Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens', an early Family song when Roger Chapman still sounded like Fergal Sharkey. Best track is 'Gong With The Luminous Nose' by the ubiquitous Fleur De Lys. They have tracks on many compilations, each one a Who/Yardbirds dream of a song.

"Nine times the colour red

Explodes like heated blood" - The Zodiac

That colourful piece of doggerel is included to warn you. There may be many great new LPs around but some of the compilers are obviously intent on flooding a brilliant market with Hippy crap.

For example, if you buy 'Perfume Garden I' you get a brilliant shot of charged punk psychedelia. You get The Eyes, The Birds, and a whole load of riches. But beware if you buy Volume II, you get a whole bunch of hippy and pre-heavy metal with a couple of classics thrown in. I read a 4_ star review in Sounds and smelled an incense burner reviewing it.

The Psycho label which releases 'Perfumed Garden' is a weird conglomerate of classic and bad. Similarly, 'Endless Journey I' on Psycho is dirty and brilliantly fucked up whilst 'Volume II' is failed Mellotron groups who would have killed for a Roger Dean sleeve.

Anyway, enough slagging good intentions. The final album deserving of a mention should really go in a "miscellaneous" category. It's 'Ugly Things', a compilation of Australian psychedelia. I included it here because of its British sound; very Yardbirds, very Pretty Things. They promised Volume II about three years ago. But while that has never surfaced, the rest just keep coming.

IF ANYONE is wondering "where's the Byrds section?" and "what about Buffalo Springfield?" forget it. Yes, they were great too, but everybody knows about them. Everybody should know about these groups, too. I hope in 1996, there are articles about Aztec Camera, Flipper, The Undertones, Alan Vega, Pere Ubu. Everyone remembers them now. But everyone should remember them always.

If anyone is wondering where to buy these albums, them you'll just have to look. The best shops are Vinyl Solution in London, Midnight and Venus Records in New York and maybe G.I. Records in Edinburgh. You can find them everywhere if you try.

I hate revivals of any kind so I hope the Psychedelic Revival has finally died down. But one group that has to be mentioned is The Chesterfield Kinds. Their LP could be from 1967, so close is it to the original. They only record the most obscure classics and are pure Chocolate Watchband.

I hope loads of people can be moved by this music but I have one savage plea:

Don't Turn Hippy On Me.

DISCOGRAPHY (Some have no record label)

  • Nuggets (Elektra)
  • Chocolate Soup For Diabetics, Vols. 1, 2, 3. (Relics Records)
  • Pebbles Vols. 1-12 (BFD)
  • Boulders 1-9 (Moxie)
  • Electric Sugar Cube Flashbacks 1 &2 (A.I.P.)
  • Back From The Grave 1 &2 (Crypt)
  • What A Way To Die (Satan)
  • Mindblowers (White Rabbit)
  • Psychotic Moose &The Soul Searchers (P. Moose)
  • Texas Flashbacks 1-6 (Flashback)
  • Ugly Things (Raven)
  • Off The Wall 1 &2 (Wreckord Wrack)
  • Psychedelic Sixties 1 &2 (Cicadelic)
  • Acid Dreams
  • A Gathering of the Tribes (and Son of...) (Bona Fide)
  • Mindrocker 1-8 (Line)
  • Demention of Sound (Feedback)
  • Perfumed Garden I (Psycho)
  • Endless Journey I (Psycho)
  • Glimpses 1 &2 (Wellington)
  • The Chosen Few (A Go Go)
  • Psychedelic Unknowns 105 (Calico)
  • Magic Cube (10")
  • New England Teen Scene (Moulty)
  • Everywhere Chainsaw
  • Relics (dB)
  • Oil Stains (dB)
  • Burghers
  • Texas Punk Groups (Eva)
  • Sound of the Sixties (Eva)
  • High in the Mid-Sixties
  • Hipsville 29 B.C.


  • Perfumed Garden II
  • Endless Journey II
  • Glimpses III
  • Pennsylvania Unknowns
  • Houston Hallucinations
  • Echoes In Time

This article originally appeared in the New Musical Express on 3rd December, 1983.

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Trav- Vol II -Everything Playing At Once 'Sour Krauts' is a must for the listening booth. Killer track, I think I hear a single (sorry T.Petty). Nice efforts by Marc and Rob Ross also, as well as the Ortel family and friends. Well worth the money, enjoyed everyone's contributions, and am looking forward to Vol III.


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Anyone who spends a great deal of time and trouble over our more elderly population deserves all out respect, after all we will all get there soon and me probably quicker than most - RESPECT!

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Check out http://www.travelinn.co.uk/find/inn.jsp?id=128 for a map of where it is and note the little icon which says Potters Restaurant &Bar inside.


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Personally I like to get fuked out of my head on psilocybe and explore the depths of my infinite arse on a regular basis.

Love and psychic hypos.

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Shrimp Wed Mar 8 13:28:38 EST 2000

Sorry Nat my old brain got confused as I thought that you said that you were grumpy cause you had to deal with the elderly who weren't much fun - my mistake and my error - you actually said the homeless! Still much Respect goes to those who help those misfortunate enough to be in such a predicament and no disrespect was meant to yourself or to the homeless. Grovel Grovel

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Is there anyone in London who can check out this Potters Bar restaurant at the Travel Inn County Hall next to the Southbank to see if it is plausible for a get together or find us an alternative?

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belbin mr.belbin@virgin.net Wed Mar 8 19:21:12 EST 2000

mmmTravel Lodges. Nice, spacious rooms (we've had six in them before), well set up - considering what it is. I've never been to that one, but considering they aim to make them all exactly the same, then there probably will be enough room in the bar type place for a fair sized group. They're kind of anaemic tho, and not cheap, tho as I cant think of anywhere better, and am probably only going to turn up for a quick pint beforehand, what the hell.

The nme has a fair-sized puff piece on the events online today (http://www.nme.com/newsdesk/20000308122941.html) , it'll probably be in next weeks paper. I can never understand it, they've been advertising the gigs in the back for the last two or three weeks, but the news section has only just noticed. It happens all the time, you would have thought that the news team would read their own newspapers ads, but apparently not.

Who else is going to the Sunday?

Mothra Thu Mar 9 11:10:55 EST 2000

Stand a sheep on his hind legs and you will never make a man.

Stand a lot of men in a field....Hey presto, a flock of sheep.


Spring alert.

Mark mumpuss@yahoo.co.uk Thu Mar 9 13:02:46 EST 2000

If you want a real pub rather than the dodgily titled "Potters Bar", try The Fire Station near the Old Vic theatre (right outside Waterloo) or for Thames-side drinking try the Founders Arms on the river, east of the SBC, just past Blackfriars Bridge (c 20 minute walk from SBC??)


Shrimp Thu Mar 9 13:52:08 EST 2000

That sounds more like it Mark proper pubs but which one do we choose?


thom Bosarde zbird@ic24.net Thu Mar 9 13:53:06 EST 2000

Does anyone know if there is wheelchair access to the pertinent rooms at Cornucopea? I might not need it but it's safe to know!


blessed bee X.

Izz'n'Nat Thu Mar 9 14:38:55 EST 2000

We've been asking ALL our many friends (Nat's got to know lots and lots of people in her time on this fair planet - sorry Nat!) about pubs around Waterloo and several have mentioned the Fire Station. Don't know what access is like there though, I'm afraid, their number is 020 7620 2226 (http://www.london-se1.co.uk/pubs/firestation.html).

As far as access to Royal Festival Hall goes, according to the www.ticketweb.co.uk website:

"Wheelchair access: Please Call 0171 921 0926 to make arrangments."

Sorry, I can't 'phone from here, they don't trust us to have outside lines after 6pm. Duh! But hope it helps, Bee.

Cheerio folks

Izzy Thu Mar 9 14:42:54 EST 2000

By the way


Phwarr, I wish I had a bigger version of that picture!

pablito attila832@aol.com Fri Mar 10 01:18:36 EST 2000

can anyone find me a copy (prefer CD) of everyone wants to shag...???

Mine was stolen from my car (with the stereo), though they did leave me the case (small victory for me)

I live in Canada and this stuff can be hard to come by for us isolated igloo dwellers, any help wopuld be greatly appreciated. Perhaps I can return the favor with some authentic Canadian Maple syrup or Moosehead beer, yum yum.

IZzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Fri Mar 10 02:46:58 EST 2000

Thank you Shrimp, a pleasant surprise at this time of day, but its still piddly.

Mark Fri Mar 10 04:08:06 EST 2000

The Fire Station is quite literally an old fire station - you can fit a fire engine through the doors so a wheel chair shouldn't be a problem.


Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Fri Mar 10 04:18:01 EST 2000


There is a CD copy of the Teardrop Explodes Everyone wants to shag on e-bay at the moment at $3.99


work is progressing on the site and i've just recieved some ne photo's for the followers page so i'll put up some updated pages this sunday!

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Fri Mar 10 14:18:46 EST 2000

Thanx you beautiful people for the advice, I got back from the blood suckers today and the blood tests shows NO nasty arthro-inflammo bollox any more, so hopefully I'll be more rehabilitatitatieeyd by the 1st (touchwood).

Thanks again, yes Nat, I'll fone the buggers!

Blessed bee X

Paul Browne Fri Mar 10 15:47:35 EST 2000

Back again after a long, long series of diversions of various sorts...

That long awaited Screaming Secrets website update is finally approaching completion. I'll be posting up details shortly (along with the new URL). BTW - it looks fabulous ;-)

Screaming Secrets will, of course, be going to the South Bank do along with the usual team (they need a weekend to let their hair down after the work....).

Stay tuned....

Paul B

Mothra Sat Mar 11 08:22:04 EST 2000

Whisky makes you sick when you're well.

Whisky when you're sick makes you well.

Try saying that when you're even half-hammered!

julian indica ccobaltbluelight@aol.com http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=280795641 Sat Mar 11 14:38:51 EST 2000

Click here: eBay item 280795641 (Ends Mar-20-00 18:16:11 PST) - SEMI-RARE Julian Cope 1987 NME magazine


Semi-rare 1987 NME English music newspaper interview,
colour cover and article.
Cover features Julian dewy eyed and crazy looking.
Very nice large format colour photo sized 12" x 17".
Suitable for framing for your Cope obsessed relatives.


Ken Buckley kenmbuckley@hotmail.com Sun Mar 12 11:39:05 EST 2000


Can anyone make copies, in any format, of The Groundhogs albums that I am missing. I live in Bangkok, Thailand and they are next to impossible to find here. I am missing everything after Rough Diamond. Thanks in advance. I have a few radio concers from the early seventies if anyone is interested. Very good quality.

Your friend,


Trav tripalot.com/travis Mon Mar 13 19:07:18 EST 2000

The computer was down for a while today. Sorry about that! It's back up now.

I had a nice ski trip in Colorado last week. My sister played her newly acquired MY NATION UNDERGROUND tape in the car. I told her she should get SAINT JULIAN if she likes the poppy side of Cope. Later, she played a PJ Harvey tape, "Dry" I think. It rocked! The music was very garagey, and reminded me of Cope. Does anyone else have that album? If so, does it bear up well after repeated listens?

My sister's roommate just got back from a trip to the UK. She spent some time in the Stonehenge area. I wish I had read THE MODERN ANTIQUARIAN first so I could ask intelligent questions! Well, that's next up on my To-Read pile...

Hope things are going well for everybody!


Mothra Mon Mar 13 19:34:21 EST 2000

Teardrop explodes? What was all that about then? Dancing with the elbows, repeated 2 chord riffs found by fortunate mishap, ad-infinatum? Dodgy headgear and self-conscious neo-narcissistic jerky-posturing? Flat pretentious lyrics and farty-sounding instruments? Ah, what wonderful and simple times?!

It may have been crap, but I miss the whole feeling of wanting to be something, but not knowing what, so you looked like a tosser!

Nowadays we are soooo strung-out that we are terrified of appearing 'different', yet still conscious of wanting to appear cool (fashion sport/casuals vaguely linked to extreme sports Pepsi Max types, or city gent- sixties gangster hep-cat with a turtle neck).

A dillemmium for the Millennium.

Buy the magazines, for men and ladies who don't know better.

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Tue Mar 14 03:59:31 EST 2000

Mothra mate you sound depressed, I too would like to go back to 80's.... ahhhhhh puff ball skirts, leg warmers and those very thin ties with piano keys on....fashion. (Mrs Thatcher Milk Snatcher - over indulgency, lots of Porsche 911, complete twats)

I think dancing in your bedroom to some 80's classics and singing into your hairbrush is called for!!! Get out your Now 4 compilation (Has Madam Butterfly - Malcolm MacClaren and Electric Dreams by whatsizname on!!) and boogie away.....

Live the dream, live for pure cheese.

Nat x

nat Tue Mar 14 06:35:05 EST 2000

Two messages both full of rubbish but here we go!!

I know that some of you scoff in the face of Time Team (Tony Robinson - TV Programme about archaeological digs for those who don't have the pleasure of this hour)BUT on Sunday they were doing a Roman dig in Greenwich Park and happened to mention that there are around 50 burial mounds in the grounds of the Park - plus other interesting things.

Has anyone been there (Derek our intrepid London based Drude - have you been there?) Maybe we should go and have a butchers when we are up there on the 1st April!!! Picnic in the park if its sunny!!

Nat x

Derek Tue Mar 14 15:21:35 EST 2000

Right on Nat! Apparantly the 50 mounds are Anglo Saxon. I saw the programme and they looked cool from the arial view. I plan to visit the place very soon. There are other burial mounds in London, there are some on Wimbledon Common and in Richmond Park. There is a large megalith in Hyde park reputed to be from an ancient monument, but, my favourite ancient site in London is in Trent Country park and it is called Camlet Moat. It is a very beautiful and powerful place, an ancient moat - green with lichen with supposed King Authur connections(hence the name "Camlet") Even under the city there are powerful places, London's sacred sites are laid out in giant star patterns, according to this book I'm reading, and the same is said about the ancient sites of Glasgow.

I'm ranting! But I could talk about this stuff all night and well into tomorrow! I got Megalithamania!!!! Oh yeah, I love the idea of being "our intrepid London-based Drude" Awlright! xx

Derek Tue Mar 14 15:23:56 EST 2000

....I'm off to Dorset at the weekend... thought I might check out some stones.....

Shrimp Tue Mar 14 16:58:21 EST 2000

I'm off to Belgium this weekend and thought that I'd check out a few beers!

cheers to 'our intrepid London-based Drude' who likes getting stoned!


PS saw Prml Scm on Friday at Norwich UEA and thought that they were crap except for the few Hawkwind references - saw Eels on Sunday and they expected the audience to be seated in a University Hall?! Excellent they were though and reminded me of Randy Newman!? - weird. Lots of encores but do not walk out when the house lights come on as they are likely to come back on again.

April 1st is a long enough day already - how about hanging around for Sunday morning for a visit to some stones?

The bearded one in the colourful sweater!

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Wed Mar 15 10:17:11 EST 2000

Anyone want a ticket, Ive got one going spare! howabout 17 quid?

Blessed bee, just come back from Wych-bu-ry! The home of the Hwicce tribe in ye old country of Mercia! Ode to the South Winds...

"It's bloody cold, And I'm feeling old!"

(Anonymous) Wed Mar 15 13:59:46 EST 2000

Wimbledon Common. The barrow(s)there are in due care of that moronic race of pseudo-humans called golfers and so is that huge hillfort called Caesar's Camp. I was chased by club-branding old buggers for stepping into their view when I was there. I never knew they could lead such miserable lives.

The ones in Greenwich are still see-able but you will find them all wired. However, I have trespassed many times and the feeling is hobbit-like. Anglo-Saxon mounds are bad late copies of the Ancients. All late cultures built them long after the wisdom had vanished.

The Hampstead Heath one is a dubious one but to me the place is full of lines and beauty.

Bearded one, sounds like a good one.

80s? suck.

OdinRules Wed Mar 15 14:50:26 EST 2000

that was Miss Fortune by the way

Dry is good, travisssssssssssssssssss...


Derek Wed Mar 15 15:39:31 EST 2000

Yeah, I got hassled on Wimbledon Common by golfers and I was tripping out of my head on ganja flapjacks - but again the place had a really powerful vibe and I've visited 4 times. I was really pissed off as this golfer geezer thought he ran 'ting but I was soooooo stoned that I could only smile stupidly and slink off.....only to emerge 5 minutes later when he had buggered off. What a rebel!

Shrimp, enjoy Belgium - the beer is very , very nice! Should we all go to Callanish?!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dream on!

Write soon xx

CHR chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Wed Mar 15 15:53:36 EST 2000

New Head Heritage Site.

Available now.


Your feedback is much appreciated!

CHR. xx

Shrimp Wed Mar 15 16:43:14 EST 2000

Ssssssssuuuuuupppppppeeeeeeerrrrr update to the HH site!!

Coronation Street will follow later!


christoph.fk neuchristophe@hotmail.com Wed Mar 15 20:54:06 EST 2000

wow...off to belgium then...we toured there in the summer.Very flat and not as much fun as france... hope all is well for everyone... we're back on line after weeks of computer problems... we have lost our address and mail book so get in touch if you're expecting stuff from us...good things to you. hope you all have a vibe at the London shows. christophe.f. xxxxx

ellen wellyellen@netscape.net.com Thu Mar 16 08:10:52 EST 2000

I like the pink and yellow colours on the interpreter cover, China doll is my favourite song in the world, Jehovakill is my favourite T-shirt- but what does it all mean and whAt about C.G.Jung

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Thu Mar 16 11:14:45 EST 2000

Sorry folks, I fogot to mention, the ticket for sale is for Sat 1st, and it's No. K21. I,m selling it minus the booking fee basically 'cos my wimpy friend pulled out last minute.

Any takers? mail me.

Blessed All..

p.s. Thanks Drude for an AWESOME new site, check out thee ugly radio page folks, Supernautiiiiiiccccc!

belbin mr.belbin@virgin.net Thu Mar 16 13:55:25 EST 2000

mm, what about cg jung - wsn't he a just a rather reactionary geezer lacking the insight of freud, or even willhelm reich? Whatever.

HH site is much much improved, well worth spending a while in - tho thighpaulsandra's playlists seem scarily like what my brothersused to listen to in the seventies (and then sold them on to me in my stupidity - anyone want to buy 7 (SEVEN!) be bop deluxe albums?

btw, saw Prml Scrm in Sheff the other week, and they truly rocked, best gig in yonks, especially the Hawkwind bits (admittedly various substances helped, but I'm sure it would have been great anyway)


Miss Fortune OdinRules Thu Mar 16 15:47:53 EST 2000

golfers...bah! derelict wrecks branding clubs smearing the whole planet with their uncool vibes. that minority should be locked in small netted cages like they do in Japan where they could play their esoteric game and stop bothering the rest of the world.

nick faldo Odin does indeed rule Thu Mar 16 15:50:36 EST 2000

I have very small balls


Miss Fortune OdinRules Thu Mar 16 16:25:55 EST 2000

yeah, lightweights indeed, Faldo, you must have been hitting the wrong ones, like our other celebrity on this list, Becker.

Boris Beeeker Token Kraut Thu Mar 16 17:03:54 EST 2000

I have larger balls than zat Faldo Geezer! but I fallz over a lot and sometimz do notz shaves!

BMW my Rover

Nike Woods Tiger Thu Mar 16 17:07:05 EST 2000

I play a lot of golf and am very good but please do not try to put me in a cage as I get very angry!


Toni the Tiger Blair Thu Mar 16 17:10:03 EST 2000

Hi, I just spent a lot of money on a toy car factory!

Please can I come round to Julian's to play?


belbin mr.belbin@virgin.net Fri Mar 17 05:18:59 EST 2000

mm, what is all this balls? I think cg jung would have found it all most illuminating.

but, - trav - dry improves with every listen, astounding woman. if you liked that check out Rid of Me as well, a bruising, caustic album album that'll blow you away. The others are good, but those two are just astounding.

lick my lips, i'm on fire

christophe.fk neuchristophe@hotmail.com Fri Mar 17 21:25:21 EST 2000

...the amount of ancient sites that have been ripped up for golf courses in the north east is getting to be silly silly silly... isn't golf just another masonic ritual for lazy sheeps...up here we take golfers up to the Cheviots and sacrifce them atop of the Schill along with politicians,clerics, taxi drivers and the miserable woman who works in the off licence on Tuesdays...

Anyone who has missed Carl Jung &Sigmund Freud has missed bigtime...as far as battles go it's more worthy of airtime than Robbie and Oasis...the student outstripped the teacher...as it should be !!! I think the Daily Sport does a cartoon strip but Freud looks more like Albert Steptoe...

Anyone after a bit of the Neuthern Vibe shoud check out Clear White Lite by Lindsfarne...Geordie(s) go to Avebury and freak out big time...the now deceased Alan Hulls finest moment...Lady Elanor is also the best northern love song ever with the most kosmiche gtrs and keys... we have lift off...Makes Stings patronising renta Geordie crap shrivel in shame (nb...sting recorded his unplugged MTV special in the venue next door to this studio and taught here as a student teacher when it was a school and not an arts centre/recording studio)...the best of Lindisfarne available on Virgin budget price (or in the bargain bins...)

Anyone seing Geri Spice on Richard and Judy trying to explain the "goddess/cunt" symbolism of her Brit Award stage show must have felt shortchanged when she almost said cunt but didn't...Girl power my Ass...Richard to Geri "are those hair extensions???" ha!!! simpering fools...where is Bill Hicks when you need him...

Sorry for the delay with the next panzies Lp...Along with the A/drude were re-aligning the tracks(?) and generally trying not to be poor and in the gutter..believe me its freaked...and Julians sleeve looks really cool xxx we're working on a deal to re-release the best of the 5 PVC EPs as a double CD(each ep was 45 mins long)...we're slow but were sincere...ha!

Ieun from the theatre company next door has left the costumes for the childrens shows unlocked...so i now have the option of running down Wallsend High street at 2.30am dressed as either a mermaid, a 6ft high penguin or a dayglo pink policeman with pink helmet and pig mask...decisions decisions... good things and smiles to you all.

christophe.fk. xxx

Buzzzzzz Sun Mar 19 04:50:23 EST 2000

Hello, hello?... I guess everyones either cramming up on Jungian vibes or busy at the new HHQ!

Blessed All X

Joy from the new lambs, and I don't mean mint sauce. Nor that, you twisted bunch.

Agent Green OdinRules Sun Mar 19 17:37:14 EST 2000

New lambs, mint sauce, jungian balls and dayglo pink policeman with pink helmet and pig mask.

Good ones for a Sunday night comeback.

Rid of Me, yep.

Finally a good pop sidecheck apart from super-kraut.


Maggotbraining, Motherhillbickering and Golfersacrificing.

christophe.f Sun Mar 19 18:48:02 EST 2000

love the bill hicks anagram xxx

Ron drude@mounet.com Sun Mar 19 23:30:32 EST 2000

Mothra it's monday, beware of the bus numbered 9!

it's a rainy day, Sunshine Girl

it's a rainy day, Sunshine Baby

Shrimp Mon Mar 20 14:45:31 EST 2000

I always found Rid Of Me to be rather dark and dismal with wining vocals, but quite liked it at the same time, although if I had it I would never play it. Give me Patti Smith any day or night.

Belgium was rather inspiring and reminded me again how un-European that we are - simple, colourful and superb beers although that creamy stuff on their frites is a bit suspect!

Why do we pay so much money for the same goods and still get ripped off by conversion rates?

Hick Bills

St. Tue Mar 21 00:41:27 EST 2000

Back from an ill afforded weekend in NYC (from dear old Deutschland, that's how ill afforded it was). Top place, first time in ten years, really had a good St. P's. Bit behind the time over here, so I just picked up the "Moby" CD, really shit hot stuff. Haven't had time to read most of the mails yet, but Buzzard I'll check out a mate about the ticket if it's still going (another ill afforded weekend for me). Has any decision been reached yet about hooking up before the gig? The Fire Station, or whatever it was called, sounded good. Though as a late suggestion (not a better one) we could always just meet in The Hole in the Wall in the arches below Waterloo. Six-thirty am over here, doncha just love jet-lag.

Love peace and hair grease, St.

Ps. what's the story with those badges (badges, we don't need no .....)

St. Tue Mar 21 00:45:15 EST 2000

Just read a bit more, Jung is the only Philosopher that I subscribe to, but wasn't Karl with a K??? Anyway, all Swans are not white, nuff said.

too many complexes, St.

(Anonymous) Tue Mar 21 01:10:25 EST 2000

Nope, a quick search shows it was C. I'm big, but I'm not smart and not ashamed to admit it. Ho hum!

Mark mumpuss@yahoo.co.uk Tue Mar 21 08:43:02 EST 2000

Does anyone know where I can track down a copy of Rite on CD or vinyl??



christophe.fk Tue Mar 21 10:44:20 EST 2000

Jung used to have a workspace close to,but seperate from his home. When he didnt want to be disturbed by family, he'd run a little flag up a pole and lock himself away...so much for better communications...

"if Freud and Jung could not agree, then what hope is there for you or me..."

Shrimp Tue Mar 21 13:49:29 EST 2000

Rite is available from Opal Music but at a price of £29.99 http://nme@opalmusic.com/home.htm

Thought we agreed the Fire Station due to its easy wheelchair access?


Andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Mar 21 13:58:20 EST 2000

Rite was only ever available as a cd or on cassette. Head Heritage did have some cassettes left but no cds, if I recall. Also try GEMM.com, thats a good resource for new and used cds etc.


Agent Green OdinRules Tue Mar 21 14:40:17 EST 2000


belbin mr.belbin@virgin.net Tue Mar 21 16:37:41 EST 2000

I was ordered into Fopp - the scary local record shop - today to pick up a copy of 'Plan Nine From Outer Space' for £3 (this is why the shops scary - loads of good shit for a fiver or less, always spend far more than I intend to in there). Whilst there I noticced that they'd started doing books n all, one of which was Repossessed for £5! Now normally there cheap cd's only come in a couple of years after release, and once they've sold almost all they're going to - &the other books in there seem to fit in with that strategy.

So what's Repossessed doing in there? I thought it had sold fairly well. Has it stopped selling? Sold badly?

Anyone any idea?


(Anonymous) Wed Mar 22 06:45:42 EST 2000

Odinheads beware of its Ur-Kosmic antecedents:

excellent when played all four in a row in one of your most hallucinating post-midnight trips. only drug needed is the Night. get back to ancient wisdom and see the nightsky in a new way.

OdinRules Wed Mar 22 06:58:12 EST 2000

and dont ever think you are no longer receiving.

Mothra Wed Mar 22 20:15:51 EST 2000

Martha and Me spent a whole month making fun of the term 'pea-water'. We hung out, as friends do. We laughed incessantly at little quips. Crap ones. The pea-water thing happened one day when I was cooking dinner for us. later we would be watching teevee, and then Martha would answer the Quiz question on the show 'what is the main ingredient used for making Port?' with 'peawater' I swear, we laughed and laughed until Martha wet herself onto my sofa. A little bit went on the carpet. I called it 'pea-water', Martha was all red on her ears and cheeks, but she was making a shrieky noise, so I too fell helpless. I didn't mention it later. I went to buy some newspapers, as I knew she would clean up while I was gone. I saw Ron driving the number 9, but I didn't board, it was a nice day for walking.

Mark Thu Mar 23 04:28:39 EST 2000


Thanks for the tip on Rite but it looks like someone else got there before me. Probably just as well at £30!!


johnny john.w.smith@expro.shell.co.uk Thu Mar 23 04:50:19 EST 2000


Might just have a spare copy of 'Rite' on CD at home, I'll check tonight. If I have, I'm quite willing to sell it. Anybody tell me what it's really worth? £30 seems a bit heavy....


Jesper jp@visioncs.dk www.visioncs.dk Thu Mar 23 05:14:10 EST 2000

Does anyone know anything about Julian's new group Briandonor?

Maggot Brain OdinRules Thu Mar 23 06:37:16 EST 2000

why do some humans still fail to see we are all para-divine?

bathe yourself in Odinesque breath.

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Thu Mar 23 10:07:00 EST 2000

My Grandad was in the paras.

(Having a good scrub with some Odin just now o-nnexus!)

agentorange chongdchong@yahoo.com Thu Mar 23 12:25:13 EST 2000

anybody know anything about julian recording in bethesda in north wales? apparently so, but what, new album, skellington 3, citizen caned or something furthur out than ever before. cousin of mine has been turning up guitar in hand regularly offering up as a new dr skinner role.

rumblings of something in corn-you-cope-yeah

springtime greetings to all.

and whats all this odin stuff about you wizards, who is he or ahe or it?

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Mar 23 13:37:02 EST 2000

Hi peeps, What a wonderful day its been.

I trust that you will all arrive early next week to ensure that you catch Christophe f. and the glorius Panzies.


Universal Shrimp

Sven Upp Temple of Gods Thu Mar 23 17:42:35 EST 2000

I am Addicted.

I am Addicted.

I am Addicted.

A am Addicted to Krautrock!

Sven Upp In der Garten de Gods Thu Mar 23 17:51:47 EST 2000

The Road to Ultima Thule -Our first stop was at Hrossaborg, where Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir left a giant hoof-mark. From there we looked across the stony desert towards Herðubreið, the Queen of the Mountains, standing on the horizon.

Odin Roads

The Goddess Bless You OdinRules Fri Mar 24 06:29:11 EST 2000


Richard Hyward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Fri Mar 24 08:01:35 EST 2000


There is a smal article on the Groundhogs written by Julian Cope In todays Review section of the Guardian 24.03.00.

In response to Julian recording in bethesda in North Wales?

I have heard from JoAnne that Brain Donor have recently made some recordings. "Ive now heard new brain donor stuff and i've got to say it's the most exciting music i've heard for a long time...from julian or anybody else!" So perhaps it was brain donor who were recording in Wales?

On another note I have been told that Floored Genius 3 will contain "rarities-(acouple of real surprises!), songs recorded "in between record deals" that no one has ever heard before, as well as a few brand new songs. Exciting stuff!"

Richard Winchester

nat perky_jean@nme.com Fri Mar 24 08:18:29 EST 2000

Is someone really talking about Gong as in Steve Hillage as in 'Lost his eye in a Fruit Cake'

Oh you 'pot head pixies'... I am you are we are Crazy....

Nat xx

St. Fri Mar 24 08:33:38 EST 2000

....wot as in magic teapot?

Sven Upp I want More Fri Mar 24 13:30:26 EST 2000

Groundhog day

Julian Cope explains why he (along with Vic Reeves, Spiritualized and the Fall) is fanatical about the Groundhogs

Friday March 24, 2000

In the very early 70s, the Groundhogs were an ultra-hip, Utopian musical force playing on Top of the Pops and recording alongside Can, Hawkwind and Amon Duul II for Andrew Lauder's groundbreaking Liberty/United Artists record label. And, like the above mentioned groups, the Groundhogs' albums were housed in supercool gatefolds or triple-gatefolds or even comic books that portrayed the individual group members as superheroes.

The Groundhogs referred to themselves as "Men of destiny with secret thoughts of saving the world", and gave their albums titles such as Thank Christ for the Bomb, Split and (best of all) Who Will Save the World?

Their music was something else entirely. It was a frantic and unresolved blues played with a hard, non-hippy idealism and drumming that sounded as though the god Thor was using the gasworks as tom-toms. At a time when the likes of Eric Clapton were brown-nosing the blues with galleon-sized ensembles of horns and extra percussionists, the Groundhogs were taking it into the same uncharted territory as the MC5, the Stooges and the Krautrock groups. Their frantic songs of alienation would piledrive along only to disintegrate into whoops of feedback and wah distortion.

Most white blues-based groups were latecomers straitjacketed by their need to cop what they saw as "the formula", but the Groundhogs' experience with John Lee Hooker in the early 60s had shown them that the real bluesmen adhered to no formula. Subsequent work with free-form freaks 60s Hapshash &the Coloured Coat opened the doors still further until the Groundhogs refused even to boogie. Indeed, to call them the blues is to call Ash Ra Tempel the blues. The Groundhogs surfed the hinterlands between California's The Misunderstood and George Clinton's epic early-Funkadelic guitar histrionics.

But who were these Groundhogs? And why are they not household names now? They were led by an underground legend of the British music scene called Tony (TS) McPhee, a man with no apparent desire for self-promotion and certainly no time for the powers that had to be placated during the early 1970s.

At a time when rock'n'roll was calling itself Progressive Rock, McPhee was the real thing. At a time when his labelmates Hawkwind were stagnating to the point of un-ironically naming their greatest hits album Stasis, McPhee was evolving as any true Utopian should.

Like contemporaries such as Todd Rundgren, McPhee did not burn out on the one riff but hurled himself into experiment. He played with Amon Duul II, he bought Mellotrons and synthesizers, and took his music off into the reaches where even his fans and the rest of his band could not follow. I for one bore the brunt of his commitment to experiment during the punk era, when, as a member of Liverpool failures A Shallow Madness, I bought a copy of McPhee's solo album from a second-hand shop in Belmont Road. Our singer, the pre-Bunnyman Ian McCulloch, jeered me all the way back to rehearsals and, from that moment on, the cracks in our relationship began to show.

Though McPhee has done nothing at all to advertise the fact, the Groundhogs have often played together since their early 70s peak. But since I've begun to tell others that they are playing at this April's Cornucopea festival, I've been amazed to discover that there are still loads of Groundhogs fans waiting to see them again. The members of Wire and Spiritualized, even the comedian Vic Reeves - they're all proclaimed fanatics. The Fall have even recorded a version of Junkman' from the Hogs' legendary Split LP - apparently Mark Smith credited it to McPhee!

Those looking for an easy way into the Groundhogs could do no better than buying a copy of Split. It reveals all the headlong rush and roar of the band whilst simultaneously demonstrating McPhee's singular approach to the mysterious rock'n'roll muse. For example, the four songs on side one were known simply as Split 1, Split 2, Split 3 and Split 4. On side two is Cherry Red, the song they played on Top of the Pops, which became the name of one of punk's most famous record-labels. Oh, and of course there's the Groundhogs' own version of Junkman. As a 15-year-old, I'd sit in the living room of local axe hero Trevor Mugglestone and watch him mime ecstatically to the guitar freakout in which TS makes his Stratocaster sound like the flushing of an electric toilet. Hey, who else could do that?

- Julian Cope's festival, Cornucopea, takes place at London's South Bank on April 1 and 2. The Groundhogs play the Festival Hall on Saturday.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Mar 24 13:31:59 EST 2000

Gong - Radio Gnome Trilogy

Buy them they are excellent!


Agent Green In Odinistic Rage OdinRules Fri Mar 24 17:06:22 EST 2000

Who is Odin? Odin is the god of krautrock.

Be forgiven.

Buzzard Sat Mar 25 07:23:18 EST 2000

You know,when you're soooo tired?, but you're hair looks so good you just HAVE to go out

Bob Monkhouse.

Shrimp Sat Mar 25 08:51:06 EST 2000

Just thought that I'd be the first to tell you how wonderful I thought Cornucoplasterd was! You all missed a treat.

And weren't the Panzies just outrageously excellent!

Cherish and catch you at Cornplasta 2

Frock on

christophe.fk Sat Mar 25 11:19:13 EST 2000

shit? have we played and I missed it ? thought I heard a loud noise as we were eating our way through the backstage buffet...

Jennifer sunspots@riconnect.com Sun Mar 26 21:58:25 EST 2000

Packing the bags for the trip to Cornucopea!

We leave Tuesday, arrive in 'Merry Olde' on Wednesday. We haven't got badges, but we'll look out for others who are wearing them.

Can't wait to get my copy of Repossessed as well.

See you there.

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Mon Mar 27 02:57:02 EST 2000

Where's 'Merry Olde'? You want to come to the UK for Cornucopea!

Just off to Cornwall to talk to some farmers, so if I don't get lynched under suspicion of being a government official (which I am not!) see you on Saturday. Send my badge to Nat, Vybik, if they exist (do I doubt?)

Phew, just found me Jehovakill and Thunder and Consolation tapes...

I'm heading [west] I'm heading home
Doing 125
I close my eyes and count to ten
Ha ha yeah I'm still alive
Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Mon Mar 27 05:35:57 EST 2000

I was at the 7th Alpha Centauri festival on Saturday, which took place in Huizen, the Netherlands.

The bill included Patrick Kosmos, Radio Massacre International ( UK - with two Mellotrons on stage ) and Robert Rich ( USA - on steel guitar and various flutes ).

Quite a good appetizer for next Saturday...

I'll leave on Thursday, apparently without a badge.

Anyway, I'll try and find my way to the inn.

See you then,


P.S. I'll post some first hand - info here next week, or via e - mail to some of you as I'll be seated in the first row:-)

(Anonymous) Mon Mar 27 05:38:32 EST 2000

Uh, I almost forgot :

they were some really cool record stalls at the festival.

I saw some old Pilz, Brain and Ohr - compilations on vinyl, but horribly expensive ! Too expensive, if you ask me...

get your pedals fixed, Julian.

RUFUS ZUPHALL! OdinRules Mon Mar 27 05:52:24 EST 2000


Miss Fortune OdinRules Mon Mar 27 06:46:02 EST 2000

Universal Panzies: Kosmische Prank (2000 C.E.)

More manic, deranged and EVEN incredibly more intense.

If you liked Transcendental Floss, this will burn your heads.

Stooges comes to mind which cannot be a bad thing.

Pagan. Pagan. Pagan. Pagan. Pagan...........

Jonathan Mon Mar 27 09:22:26 EST 2000

Re: Floored Genius 3

Oh when?

And anyone got any idea what will be in the new Kakalog? I can't help longing for some more Julian solo stuff.

Where is Citizen Caned?


Shrimp Mon Mar 27 13:10:15 EST 2000

Checked out Doves (ex Sub Sub) and Echoboy last night in Colchester. A well spent £5 but my ears are hurting.

Told everyone at work today how great Corndolly was. They hadn't a clue what I was talking about!


Floored 3 will be released shortly and I also advise you to get the new Universal Panzies album Kosmiche Prank which will be available as well.

(Anonymous) Mon Mar 27 13:18:32 EST 2000

ian dury lives forever

Blockhead Mon Mar 27 15:09:53 EST 2000

Sex and boots and rock and roll.

Hit me slowly kiss me quick.

Clever Trevor, Cortina Drugs.

Panties Stick.

New Part 2 is very good.



Modfather Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Mon Mar 27 16:11:18 EST 2000

God bless you, Ian Dury...

Many smiles for many years...

Lord Upminster lives

YATHA SIDRA O Mon Mar 27 16:14:29 EST 2000


YATHA SIDRA!!!!!!!!!! OdinRules Mon Mar 27 16:14:53 EST 2000


Pope John Paul A Meditation Mass Mon Mar 27 16:19:54 EST 2000

Shake Shake Shake Shake Your Bootie!

Kiss my arse

Annexus Quam O Mon Mar 27 16:26:27 EST 2000

top of the popes.

why don't you eat carrots, Father?

burger off.

The Pope To Take On All Popes Mon Mar 27 16:34:05 EST 2000

I like a good smoke myself - but I prefer to roll thine own!

An ouce of shag is better than a carrot any day.

Anyone know how I keep my silly hat on?

Joey Pinhead Mon Mar 27 16:44:05 EST 2000

If I had a hat pin then I would pin it to your head.

belbin mr.belbin@virgin.net Mon Mar 27 18:45:39 EST 2000

mm, yes, that was entertaining.

Anyone any idea if any of the meltdowns are being recorded? i know they have been in the past (fine tapes of Spiritualized &Sonic Youth), and as the last two gigs I've been to (Primals & Beck) have been on Lamacq the next week, I live in hope.

St. Tue Mar 28 09:34:20 EST 2000

So have we decided a time to meet at the Fire Station? I'm thinking of making my very own "Hung up and hanging out to dry" t-shirt for the gig, so I'll be the one being beaten to a pulp by the christian right. So one last time,

I confirm that once I know a time I'll be at the pub - so that's a starter for one.


Buzzard Zbird@ic24.net Tue Mar 28 11:30:19 EST 2000

Me and my girl might be there, but I'm a big scaredy cat, and London is a scary place for country boys like me!

What time people?

Bee Blest.X

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Mar 28 12:13:03 EST 2000

I'm getting the train which is timetabled to get to Liverpool Street at 12:50 so allowing for delays and getting mugged across London to Waterloo I hopefully will get to the Firestation when I can find it for about 14:00 - 14:30. Aiming to stay there for at least a couple of beers and maybe some food before I need to log in to the hotel then up to the gig for the early session of the Panzies.

I hate cities as I'm a bumkin myself.

I'll be the straight boring looking one with glasses and I definetely will not be wearing my Cope Tshirt!

Cherish till Slaterday


shrimp Tue Mar 28 17:44:01 EST 2000

Anything happening Sunday lunchtime?

Happiness after the Panzies set

Deemo HelpMe@earthquake.net Tue Mar 28 19:48:48 EST 2000


oh wait, I live in los angeles......nevermind.

20:66 AND THEN????????? O Wed Mar 29 05:05:16 EST 2000

Joey, can you tell everyone where the Firestation is for the last time in case some of us might decide to drop in there on Saturday?

Ron drude@mounet.com Wed Mar 29 06:41:39 EST 2000

Truth crushed to Earth will rise again, truth...

Sorry I missed you on monday Mothra, I was under the back wheels... yep, that damn'd old number 9 ran straight up over me.

Here's wishing all a glorious weekend at the meltdown. Good Karma, and positive vibes be the vogue.

Mothra Wed Mar 29 07:26:55 EST 2000

Earth crushed by lies will rise again. But that's no excuse for us to be lax. Positivitington is a village in which we all should live! Yes Ron!

Marijuana smoking llamas.

aaron badpennyclub@hotmail.com Wed Mar 29 10:36:25 EST 2000

ummmm hi,

this solo traveller just arrived in London from Sydney Australia, eager to wander the cobbled byways of this greyish town with only a wee map, a friendly attitude and a copy of Iain Sinclair's "Lights Out for the Territory" to guide me.

Amazed to read the lineup for the Sunday Cornucopia gig, never seen Julian C or Coil in action before and i'm guessing damn few of us have ever seen Ash Ra Tempel? Bought a ticket but would love to catch up with like minded souls to make the day that much more memorable.

so i did a search, found this chatlist and noticed there's a bunch of you meeting up when you get to London? Is this a closed shindig @ the Fire Station or are other travellers welcome? Even without this mysterious badge that some of you mentioned?

Hope to hear back from you, roll on Sunday hey!

Alison alisonleahy@yahoo.com Wed Mar 29 11:58:54 EST 2000

Just found myself with a spare ticket for this Saturday. 17 quid. Mail me.

Shrimp Wed Mar 29 12:18:13 EST 2000

Here's the Fire Station info - Come on down the more the merrier especially our oversees cousins! See you there.


This site includes the address 150 Waterloo Road and a little map.

London SE1 | Pubs & Bars | The Fire Station

It's been open for five years and has won the bar of the year award too - so expectations should be high for this converted fire station. It's what they call a gastro-pub. Just make sure they don't seat you right next to the kitchen - I was and it felt like a scene from a Japanese game show. Having said that, I would have sweated out most of the calories so it might have been a good thing. One thing you have to know, the selection is huge - but the restaurant is not keen to change the menu, so you could end up torching the place with anger when the waiters refuse to give you mash instead of chips. I found that quite annoying. All said and done the food is good - as long as you don't break the rules! My colleague had 'excellent' oysters followed by a pasta dish, I had a chorizo salad, which was good, followed by a lamb hock with jus and beans. A little heavy - but that's more to do with me than the restaurant. The bar is a great place to hang out - but appearances are misleading - there aren't so many seats at 10pm on a Saturday night. Great live jazz on a Sunday afternoon. Moderate prices, that casual look can be deceptive!

Jonathan Sanchez
Address 150 Waterloo Road, SE1 8SB
Web site
Telephone 020 7620 2226
Opening Hours
Transport Rail, bus, Underground to Waterloo


Shrimp Wed Mar 29 12:27:18 EST 2000

After reading the gumpf on the Fire Station it sounds more like a Restaurant than a pub - can anyone clarify the position before we all descend and request a table for 50?


EMTIDI !!!!!!!!! O Wed Mar 29 14:15:53 EST 2000

and can anyone clarify when the place will be plagued by copeheads?

Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Wed Mar 29 14:58:10 EST 2000


The new Screaming Secrets website address is: www.arc23.com/ss/

Nothing much to see just yet, but we're working away on the site in the background and getting it j-u-s-t right.

Uh - Look out!

Paul B

PS Is there something going on this weekend?

Miss Fortune O Wed Mar 29 17:39:52 EST 2000

Is there something going on this weekend? bloody hell, man! I like your sense of humour...

Thom Bosarde zbird@ic24.net Wed Mar 29 20:45:10 EST 2000

Happy Birthday To me.


on turd of a century and two more innings in this life left. Joy.

paranoia and panic sets in, what must I do in order not to waste time?!!!! Sell/smash/melt/liberate/bury/give away this unfunkin' computer and reclaim a life!


Bee Blest all X

Richard R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Thu Mar 30 05:41:23 EST 2000

What time is everyone meeting up at the Fire Station? I will probably be there between 1 and 2pm

Richard Hayward

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Thu Mar 30 07:40:25 EST 2000

I was recommended the Firestation by my best friend who is a PR lovie!! so I'll blame her if its Posh and un pub like. Also Izzy's brother recommended it too, he's in the entertainment business or something!!!!

I think it will be hunky dory as long as we don't all turn up dressed as fairies!!

Izzy, her bloke, Sharon and me will be there on Saturday at around 3.00 ish. (Leaving my other half at home to paint the windows and re plaster the window frames!! Nice aren't I!!) If we don't like the look of you we'll run away!!

If the worst comes to the worst I'm sure we can find somewhere else.....

You won't get mugged in London as long as you don't look at anybody!! Woooooo........

Nat xx

St. Thu Mar 30 07:46:14 EST 2000

Me and my mate Mark will see y'awl in Ye Olde Fire Station around 2.30/3.00 then - I just hope it's not to packed so I have to wander round a bunch of tables going "Cope? Sorry ..... oh nothing never mind".

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Thu Mar 30 08:02:00 EST 2000

Is anybody going to tape the gig of Brain Donor?

A little bit expensive going from Spain to London for a concert, even if it's Julian Cope, and I can't wait longer to know haow it sounds like.

I hope he will surprise me, as he has always done.

Waiting for your news of the concert. I'm VERY JEALOUS.

El Santi.Besos.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Mar 30 12:18:29 EST 2000

See ya all in the Fire Station - do not be shy to show your face as we all have one and are problably a lot more normal than you imagine!

Thought you were dressing up Perky?


Stormgirl tairey@telia.co.uk Thu Mar 30 13:08:56 EST 2000

Anyone know where I could get a copy of Copeulation?

Annexus Quam OdinRules Thu Mar 30 14:18:04 EST 2000

I'm on my way drudes. See you there.

Nat Fri Mar 31 03:11:05 EST 2000

Might still do - who knows eh!!!

See you there!

nat xx

Mark mumpuss@yahoo.co.uk Fri Mar 31 03:19:34 EST 2000

Relax, Shrimp. The Fire Station is fa-fa-fa-fine. It's a pub which serves food not a restaurant which serves beer.

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Fri Mar 31 07:52:11 EST 2000

Nat, I'll wear the purple hair, but I can't fit into my size 16 frock these day's, it'll have to wait till G-bury. Oh woe and diets.All the people right there right-on, ...allRIGHT.

On the Silverline to Euston....singing a song.(?)

Blessed All X

Russ russ@julian-cope.com Fri Mar 31 10:01:38 EST 2000


See you all in the fire Station around 1.15 i'm charging my mini disc for action. I've still not found a room for the night but who cares!


andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Fri Mar 31 10:12:53 EST 2000

Wishing you all a truly blessed weekend. Whether you're in London physically or not, may our Cornucopeas overflow with love and spring time celebrations. Me, I'm going to kick back in the warm spring sunshine and smoke an extra big fatty and get toasted, nicely toasted. With you in spirit - Andrew.

belbin mr.belbin@virgin.net Fri Mar 31 12:12:54 EST 2000

Areet dudes, about to be off

Must wish the best to every one going on the demo against the Rover selloff in Birmingham but....

See you at 4ish


(ooh, what t-shirt to wear...decisions decisions)

PaulB ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Fri Mar 31 18:30:29 EST 2000

Stop press news: Apparently, the word through the grapevine is that Julian has something special lined up for Sunday night's performance. The Teardrop Explodes will reform for one night only reuniting Julian with Gary Dwyer on drums, Troy Tate on bass and Paul Simpson on keyboards. The added surprise is Donald Ross Skinner making his debut as part of this one-off Teardrops outing on lead guitar.

Sounds like a cracking evening's entertainment - you'd be a fool to miss it!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Apr 1 03:32:15 EST 2000

See you all there!

If you see someone with a wide grin on their face wearing glasses dresses in a Spriritualized t shirt and leather jacket then that problably will not be me!

Cherish the 1st April

By the way did you know that Neu! have just reformed and are now called the Neu! Neu!!

Quolas Sat Apr 1 11:33:55 EST 2000


Does anyone know if the lyric sleeve I have to the group shot Kilamanjaro UK release is really valuable?

What about the one for Wilder?

And lastly, are Fried lyrics availible anywhere?


Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Sat Apr 1 22:06:56 EST 2000

Well what can I say? Day one of Cornucopea was a cracking good evening's entertainment.

Bruce and meself did some mooching around in a big record fair in Olympia to begin with (if any other astute Copey fans were there they would have snapped up a copy of the Zoo Scott Walker compilation for £12). We popped into the Fire Station on the way back. Mmm - nice. Typical London bar: small, loud, beer monster sport on big telly and no food during the day. We ran away quite quickly in desperate need of food. Then we were chased after by two girls who seemed to be holding the fort for the Rail On people. Then they disappeared like the characters in a Dan Clowes comic strip (remind me at some point to explain the 2 girls enigma which haunts Screaming Secrets...).

Anyway. On to the Queen Elizabeth Hall where we meet up with some of the usual suspects, such as Richard (aka Copius Freakus part II) and Russ Sanders (aka Copius Shopping Listus). Typical conversation:

Paul: Yes, the Ha Ha I'm Drowning original sleeve is pretty rare, but you'll be able to see the thing for the first time on the new website discography we're working on.

Russ: Great! Then I can whip a copy of the sleeve from your site!

Paul: Er.....

Anyway. Great looking CD programme/ticket/thing when you enter the venue with sample tracks from Queen Elizabeth, Skyray, Groundhogs and Copey himself amongst others. Lots of lovey merchandise including a reissue of the Propheteering single, a rejigged Skellington and a glimpse of Floored Genius 3 (Rabbi Joseph Gordan, Propheteering and a "pre-Autogeddon workout" called Mighty Carl Jung).

Sean Hughes took the role of host for the evening, introducing Copey in the foyer for a quick solo set. Julian was wearing those uber-platforms and knocking out some cracking renditions of Sunspots, Upwards At 45 Degrees and even (gasp!) The Great Dominions.

Next up was the Universal Panzies. The Panzies live seemed to mix this completey untogether attitude with totally together tunes. It occured to me that this band were so crap they were brilliant.

Into the much larger Queen Elizabeth hall for Skyray performing more grooving tunes, including live versions of material from the Mind Lagoons album. Paul Simpson kicks ass.

We remained in the big hall for the debut of Queen Elizabeth which Julian had told us would feature no less than three Thighpaulsandras. He's having a laugh, you might think. Or it's done with mirrors. The lights go down and, indeed, 3 Thighpaulsandras take their places behind various instrument stacks. Spooky. Copey busies himself behind his mellotron and iMac and the set consists of one song inspired by Princess Diana and delivered in that mixture of ambience and effects that Queen Elizabeth do so well. Very good indeed, although a tad over long.

The big event was, of course, the debut of Brain Donor.

They blew everything else away in a performance that defys description.

It defys description because there's nothing else you can really compare them to. Imagine a three piece band kitted out in the same outfits and mock-KISS facepaint with the guitarists sporting double neck instruments. Doggen (old Copey collegue) handles the guitar like he's born to it and counts down to launch Brain Donor on a blistering fuel-injected fusion of glamrock/metal. Straight away people jump down the front and start dancing and the atmosphere is incredible.

Copey paraphrases Heavy Metal outfit Man O War (a story in itself) in decribing Brain Donor as "false metal". But... This band have to be experienced to really be appreciated. Julian states the band will only do gigs and not put out any records. Oh but in the future their first album will be called 'Brain Donor' and their second album will be simply 'Donor'. That's fine, then.

On then, to Sunday's Cornucopea...

Paul B

Screaming Secrets

Derek Sun Apr 2 06:58:12 EDT 2000

A good night , but Brain Donor were absolute shite! Sorry.....!

Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Sun Apr 2 07:54:55 EDT 2000

Hello to Nat & Isobel - the only Railers I found in the firestation!

What a wild night...........got trapped in the foyer & unable to see Skyray or Groundhogs...........but saw most of QE and all of Braindonor. Heavy.

See some of you there tonight?


Drum Sun Apr 2 07:59:58 EDT 2000

Now wide awake (ish) after the first night of Cornucopea. Some views for those of you unfortunate enough not to have attended.

Julian in the foyer was great. Typically rambling, amusing and multisyllabic word stuffed chats with some grand songs, Las Vegas Basement a stand-out for me at least.

Queen Elizabeth I might have enjoyed more had I not been fretting about time overrunning and so having to leave before the end of Briandonor. It seems better in retrospect listening to Temple of Diana on the Programme/CD this morning.

Braindonor. What can I say? I was embarrassed. If this was irony or satire it missed me. Thinking that it was so poor just made the backprojection of the band in rehearsal more cringe-making with Julian smiling at you while I'm thinking "what are you playing at mate? Are you taking the piss?" It was rather like watching a friend make a fool of himself when out of his skull. I had to leave by 12.25 - tell me it improved. There was only one number that seemed to have any vestige of a Cope song in there. Having seen Copey a good few times now I may decide to call it a day if that's what's in prospect for the future. I know artists have to reinvent themselves from time to time but this seems the wrong way to go.

I love Copeys music for the words and his voice and the variety. Banal lyrics shouted over a basic noise like this (however well played) isn't playing to his strengths. I know I've seen Julian in print as saying that there is a hardcore of people who will buy anything that Cope produces - is he trying to find out what people's level of tolerance is?

A lot of work must have gone into writing and rehearsing these songs - but was it worth it? If there had only been Braindonor on offer I'd have felt cheated having come from Reading let alone some of the distances others travelled.

However, I have to say that, taken altogether, I still thought that the whole thing was a brilliant evening. A bit of U Panzies and Groundhogs (missed Skyray - drat) gave a great mix to the evening and the general atmosphere was good I thought. Always something going on. (Designers should have been disqualified from the colouring competition - only joking)

I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much if not more than me and my partner. She, it has to be said, was less critical of Braindonor than I have been and had tears runnng down her face at some of Julian's banter in the foyer.

Looking forward to hearing about Day 2 and whether the rumoured TTE reunion materialises.

(All the above personal opinions only. Don't slag me off if you disagree!)


Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sun Apr 2 13:33:41 EDT 2000

I fly home to the roost too soon methinks, what with the rumours of tonight and all! Dangnabbit.

Interesting reading you guy's who thought such different things abot Brian Donor! I thought they were both amusing and pants. For two songs. Then I remembered how good QE sounded 20 minutes before, so we promptly headed back to the hotel for a fat one. Sorry Julian. And I didn't really mean it when I called you a lanky puff much! I still love you. Yuk. Is Monsieur le Cope dissapearing up his cosmic jacksie, or was that post-post-irony!

Annexus skidaddled even before me, or was that my train travel induced B.O.? Thanks Izzy, Nat, Sharon and Rich for saying hello.

Did ye' get back safe now? Something hit our train and sounded like a gamelan. aaaaaAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Great night, even if Candy Mandy's hair looked better than mine.


Blessed All.

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Sun Apr 2 17:40:09 EDT 2000

Hi there,

a few additions to what is written below :

QE were cool.

Thighp 1 : ARP 2600 (x2)
           Theremin ( probably plus Ringmodulator )
           Clavia Nordlead ( oops, a digital one )
           K 2000 ( sampling )
           various rack synths
           gong ( cool )
Thighp 2 : ??? couldn't see it
Thighp 3 : Arp Axxe
           Apple Computer
           various other things
and anybody else on stage ?
aah, Julian Cope : Mellotron M 400
                   Moog Rogue ( see Repossessed )
                   Casio Keyboard

the last bit was based on the Superstar vibrations from QE 1.


Weird sounding Theremin. Absolutely.

Even drum and bass !

Gig of the night.

Brain donor ??

If you are into Glamrock, it could be sth for YOU, but I'm not...

But Doggen is a great guitarist, so watch out for the new Spiritualized stuff !

Copey acoustic : always cool. Great choice of songs ! ( Upwards, Pristeen, land of fear, LV Basement... )

I was at the fire station, too, along with St.,Shrimp, Russ and Richard. We were sitting on the very first table after entering.

Who was the bloke sporting a black Moog teeshirt who I saw there and then later in the foyer ??

First person to answer that question will get Julian's glamourous wah - wah pedal, which I was able to steal after the show... ;-)

Definitely a night to remember.

And watch out for Citizen caned and the next QE album.

He does lots of things, some of which are crap, but as long as others are still brilliant...


Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Sun Apr 2 20:09:43 EDT 2000

Hello y'all.

Second night was excellent - nice of Julian to make us all sit down in a dark room and listen to music which we possibly otherwise wouldn't.......for me anyway... never heard Coil before, and was mightily impressed - I think maybe they're one of those bands that have such a hardcore following you think you're a bit late to witness, but they were great. No tunes or beats, just frequencies. LOUD frequencies. They all looked great in what Julian called their 'ambient panto' get-up.

Julian's set was in some ways similiar to the previous night's, but he added a few songs - Soul Desert, and a brilliantly long and rambling 20 minute version of '...Silbury Moon' (all star cast indeed!). He was joined by Paul Simpson on the RFH organ for a casio-led 'Sleeping Gas' - hardly a TX reunion but enjoyable all the same.

Ash Ra - I reckon that in their day they must have been seriously Out There, but in the current musical climate they were merely brilliant. Not quite as good looking as the photos in the CD guide suggest (but hey, that was 30 years ago!).

And on that note, I have a spare Cornucopea CD programme (as I'm sure many do)........ which I'd love to trade (+ some money) for a copy of QE2 (as Webmaster I was promised one but never got one and now there's not even a spare copy in the Cope household...). Last night's set has made listening to QE in my leisure time a wholly more appealing prospect.

Ta luvs,

CHR xx

CHR chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Sun Apr 2 20:12:10 EDT 2000

PS just to clear it up I meant I'd pay money plus Cornucopea CD for a copy of QE2.



TC tc@tc.com Sun Apr 2 20:32:13 EDT 2000

Just back from Cornucopea day 2.

In summary:

The audience voted with their feet - we watched the big wheel go round during coil (far more entertaining). Ash ra Temple were a poor Pink Floyd - wish you were here (only we weren't because we left).

Julian - awesome / soul desert (but no Robert Mitchum). Why not a longer set?


Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Sun Apr 2 21:26:03 EDT 2000

Nice to see more comments on Cornucopia - following on from Screaming Secrets' lead ;-)

Day two saw us locate to the Royal Festival Hall for the final 3 acts of the weekend. Coil have always been on my list of Bands To Check Out and this was really my first real exposure to them. The band (featuring Thighpaulsandra) appeared all kitted out in spooky white outfits. The set was pure performance with band members hugging each other and engaging in what looked like a science experiment with a glass shrapnel soundtrack - all burbling synth effects and aural assault noises. Weird and wonderful.

Coil, I guess, are going to divide opinion pretty sharply, like Brain Donor. We were sitting in front of some characters who were discussing the previous night as being great "apart from Brain Donor. They were a joke - I think". Is it just me or all these people from London? Post 80's Lahndahn cynicism - doncha love it? I liked Brain Donor because I'm a "True Cope Fan". Everyone who criticised the band is a "False Cope Fan" (who have all Man O War's albums). I hope your tongue cleaves to the roof of your mouth and your pants fall down in a public place.

Anyway. Copey's solo set was a retread of the previous days, kicking off with Conspiracist Blues and throwing in a great Great Dominions. But it just seemed a lot tighter and geared for a better atmosphere inside the venue. Nice Jelly Pop Perky Jean and very urgent Double Vegetation. Interesting items on the set list as well. Did you know there were 23 songs originally listed? Mmm, now where I have heard that number before... What I'd really like to know is what kind of songs have titles like 'Everything Blows Me Away' and 'That's The Way Love Is'. Julian didn't actually play them and there were at least another 4 new songs listed.

The end of the set was well worth waiting for though. Copey didn't actually play the Festy organ as previously suggested - he got Paul Simpson to do it for a blinding version of Sleeping Gas. Now I know some characters read a bit too much into my previous posting on the Teardrops reunion (I suggest you look at the date and then clock forward one day - damn that EST!) but even I was surprised by this reunion.

Ash Ra Tempel's first British performance, and their first live outing since the late Jurassic period, was an intriguing experience (Now I now where The Orb got all their ideas from..). The set was an odd mix of lengthy trance and ambient electronic fronted by Manuel Gottsching's guitar work. A die hard fan told me that this wasn't their best stuff though and that the first three albums are definitely Ash Ra's finest moments.

Sum up that weekend in 3 words:

The weekend was certainly no disappointment and I was mightly impressed by the whole setup. Roll on Cornucopea 2!

Paul B

A more in-depth article on Cornucopea complete with photos, diagrams and spreadsheets will be appearing on the Screaming Secrets website shortly.

Mr tripleneck Mon Apr 3 02:17:43 EDT 2000

by the way, what the hell did the sweetie from the Panzies do on her keyboards ?? Nothing ?? Anything ?? Something ??

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Apr 3 04:17:52 EDT 2000

Just before I sign off forever and ever and ever, can I just say what a fab Saturday I had....

Thanks to Izzy for making it really really really really special For those of you I didn't meet and mumble at - oh that poor poor usherette who thought she was there to see Michael Crawford and was confronted a) by Squabsy and then b) by me rambling on and on at her for about 20 minutes!!- Julian hugged me, kissed me, signed my CD and gave me a joss stick all thanks to Izzy, made my life time.... I am one of those pretty shy people when it comes to Julian and Izz made my night....

Also Mr Belbin Oh what can I say.....Hows yer head mate!!!!! You are quite possibly the funniest person I have ever met ever, when do you want to come to tea!!! Hows Barbara? Bet you had an earfull the next morning!!!

Can I say that It was the best evening I have ever spent....Laugh or what...

Anyway, I'm off to buy some fish.... thanks to Skyray...


I'll pop in now and again.


Nat xx

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Mon Apr 3 04:40:15 EDT 2000

Good morning all, had a good weekend?

Nat where are ya going? Hi Chris, Buzzard and Belbin, great to meet you, hope to see you again somewhen. Keep up the good work with the website, Chris, you got real talent, and Buzz - love the hair. Belbin, big hangover else there ain't no justice! I was just very pleased to discover that the Rail On! folk were not wierdos, like those Screaming Trees folk (only joking ... no really!).

Such as excellent night, haven't giggled so much in ages. No, Brain Doner can't have been serious, and those musos infront of us who left early - I hope it was to catch a train, cos you may have missed the point. Very funny projections all the way through. An early highpoint was when one of the fish behind skyray poohed - oh yes, how childish am I?

Us girls were very impressed by Dorian, she's beautiful isn't she? Must have to put up with so much! And was Dexter Fletcher really spotted? Swooned over Sean Hughes ...

All in all, music generally OK, but probably wouldn't buy to listen. Liked the deep bass notes of the 3 thighpaulsandras, made my fuzzy head buzz and the whole Sci-Fi look of it. But the best moments were in the Foyer...

Can we do it all again next year?

Izzy Mon Apr 3 04:42:09 EDT 2000

Meant to say - we thought we spotted the rest of you just inside the door of the Fire Station - a group of lads looking like the didn't know each other too well - sorry we were too shy to say hello. You'd gone by the time we'd had some beers...

Mark mumpuss@yahoo.co.uk Mon Apr 3 04:53:23 EDT 2000

Brain Doner were fantastic - simply because they proved that whatever shit Cope plays, there will always be someone dancing at the front in fairy wings. It put a smile on my face but I could only handle it for about 20 minutes before leaving - not because I had to catch a train.

QE made the night worthwhile though (apart from a couple of dodgy Dr Who inspired noises). I'm also on the look-out for QE2 if anyone has a spare copy to sell!


Izzy must get on with some work Mon Apr 3 05:23:03 EDT 2000

As an ex art student, I wondered if QE was like Luigi Russolo's Art of Noises (L'arte dei Rumori). Or am I just being pretentious?

Oh and I meant 'those screaming secrets folk', before anyone complains...

Nat Mon Apr 3 05:23:34 EDT 2000


I don't have time really (she says 2nd e.mail of the morning) to keep checking the old e.mail and the rail on just builds up and up... so I'm signing off, but I'll still pop in and make a crap comment now and again.....

Hows your Gary? I stank of keebab when I got in Steve even noticed it when I got back at 3.00!!! 'Hmmmmmm keeeebbbbaaabbb' he went in his best Homer Simpson Drool!!!

Anyway, Saturday was great... Skyray the best I've seen, Dorian beautiful as always, baby Cope running around.... lovely people from the Screaming Secrets!! I accidently washed your yellow card thing in my trousers on Sunday - did it say anything interesting?!!!! I tell you I don't often chase strange men down the pavements in London!!

No sign of Shrimp - unless you were the muso with the curly wurly hair!!?

Nat xx

Izzy Work? Its nearly lunch time Mon Apr 3 05:27:17 EDT 2000

Know what you mean about lack of time, Nat. Don't know what the yellow card is. Man with the curly wurly hair and the itsy bitsy plait, come on down!

Nat I've nearly gone, honest guv.. Mon Apr 3 08:21:47 EDT 2000

Sorry Izzy,

The yellow card was given to us on the way out, by that bloke we chased down the pavement thinking he was someone else - also with the bloke with the ponytail (nice geezers and all that) weren't they the Screaming Secrets people......?

Oh no I am so overwhelmed by being touched by Julian that I've lost my mind........ hmmmmmmmmmm (Madness, madness, they call it madness....)

Right thats it.... bye...

Nat xx

(Ooo nice to have met you too Thom and Chris - lovely blokes..)

rich mr.belbin@virgin.net Mon Apr 3 09:07:37 EDT 2000

Random thoughts on a bloody funky weekend

The South Bank Centre makes for a crap rock n roll venue

The place was really full right from thje beginning, which was really nice

Very groovy programmes (funnily enuf, as I've now got three of em, ~I was wondering about QE2 trades n all)

Proper festy antics - ie spend the first day talking to people, getting off me head, and missing half the bands I wanted to see. Second day, sitting largely in one place - moving only to drink &smoke (no izzy, no hangover - still drunk I suspect)

Worlds Smallest Disco - loved it!

Groundhogs - bloody good actually, sounded a lot like Rory Gallagher at his best to me - bad hair tho'

Skyray seemed pretty good, shame to have missed most of the set by watching the Groundhogs

QE most enjoyable, somewhat surprisingly, could well have been that little white thing that found its way into my system, may have to try that again

Brain Donor - bloody good fun, silly, and Doggen looks bloomin cute.

The Queen Elizabeth Hall is a shite rock n roll venue

Second night audience seemed distinctly older & more 'middle-class' looking (tho that could have been because we were at the back)

Couldnt get into Coil cos of all the bored people around us yabbering away - time to go and look at the really pretty view across the Thames

The Royal Festival Hall is a crap rock n roll venue

Copey was as Copey is

Brilliant Silbury Moon, really good to see Cope taking the piss out of himself

RFH as spaceship - Philip Larkin said the same thing when it was first built

The RFH organ looks bloody gorgeous - and sounded alright too

Sleeping Gas needs bass to really kick ass

Ash Ra - good, but not that exciting, as others have said Orb, Pink Floyd spring to mind (that is the good bits of Pink Floyd tho). Stage looked great. Did like them saying that they only went off stage to have a fag, shame they then played something with Spanish guitar - god i hate Spanish guitar

Only bummers, missing the Panzies, and feeling just a little too drunk to use the aftershow passes I'd been given (Dreadful feeling I'd make a complete arse of meself) and the crapness of London transport (why cant they run the tube allnight? &our bus driver on the replacement bus service had to stop and ask if anyone knew where we were!!)

Aye up nat, Izzy, & Buzzard, jolly tops to meet you all, if you're in Sheff n all that...

Must do it again sometime

Oh, did I say that I think the Queen 'Elizabeth & Royal Festival Halls are really crap rock n roll venues?

Thought so


(who cant be bothered to go to work today)

St. Mon Apr 3 09:46:53 EDT 2000

Ahh, back in dear old Deutschland. Screwed up my flight on Sunday and had to leave this morning instead, so I could have made yesterdays gig as well, d'oh!! Oh well, it was certainly worth it for the Saturday show anyway. Met Shrimp, Russ, Marc and Richard at about three or so in the firestation, but was only there for about half an hour, what time were the rest of you there. Also saw the guy with the moog t-shirt, Marc, he was with a girl with purple hair and an interesting outfit, they came over to The Hole in the Wall between the firestation and the gig, further info I can not supply.

Had one of my mates home made cookies pre gig, so I was very up for the ambient sounds which started of the evening, Copey's set was excellent, I really like his rantings. Only complaint was that we wanted more of the drude in all his glory.

The Miniscule of Sound was extremely good and the perfect facility for making funny cigarettes (as long as the DJ got a puff).

Also had one of those little white things in time to kick in for Brain Donor, so I'm probably not the most objective critic of it, but I thought it was funking good, fun stuff and a perfect ending to the evening. I certainly got up and shook my booty (no I wasn't the one in the angel wings).

Overall, a fine fine evening. I doubt that I'd bother to go and see any of the other bands indiviually but it all worked together really well, it felt more like an installation art piece than a concert at some points (I mean that in a good way). What other highlights - good to see Sqwubbsy alive and well and those boots are truly a site to see.

Laters, S.

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Mon Apr 3 10:25:01 EDT 2000

Thanks to everybody for your comments on the gigs. I'm still a bit jealous of all of you who have enjoyed this Julian Cope weekend. For me, i had to make do with "Le cirque du soleil" now showing in my hometown (Valencia), not a bad alternative to spend a night, eh?

keep informing, and if any of you have a spare copy of the Cornucopea cd, i'm interested in trade...


Paul B pbrowne@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Mon Apr 3 10:46:23 EDT 2000

Nat: Mail me your address and I'll post you new flyer. You can chase me down the street any day of the week ;-)

If anyone else wants a flyer then mail me yer address also.

Reviews of Cornucopea have cropped up in the Evening Standard and The Independent tdoay.

Skyray come off best. As for the rest of the reviews: rearrange these popular words/phrases for your own review:

Paul B

Screaming Secrets - The Brain Donor Magazine

Mr Quadrupleneck Mon Apr 3 10:47:58 EDT 2000

true metal is metallica

false metal is Brain donor

I want Julian to get focused again

now that he is gone

so where did Sqwubbsy go ???

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Apr 3 13:33:58 EDT 2000

Hi peeps!

All I can say to most of you is 'What were you expecting?' all the bands apart from Brain have all been around for ages so you should at least have checked them out pre-gig!


  1. The Panzies were fucking ace and I was droolin in the front row.
  2. Mandy is an absolute babe, better tights than Julian's in my book and obviously you weren't listening.
  3. The Boy Fried kicks arse and
  4. Christophe f. is a star!

I apologise to anyone who has a cold as I felt like shit yesterday and sneezed the whole time.

My thanks go to everyone whom I met and especially to all those who kept me thoroughly entertained with your train spotter antics.

Last but not least to Marc - a krautrock star in the making.

Now where did I put those stupid wings!


That wheel thing has been renamed the third eye.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Apr 3 13:39:34 EDT 2000

Forgot to mention that I also have a spare Freebie Cd and it will be free to any of you good peoples from across the world who couldn't make it! E-mail me and tell me why you couldn't make it and the best excuse will be sent the disc this week.


Also forgot to mention Dorian and the kids who were so nice and polite to me. The little nipper has still probably got her hands over her ears!

AuntIzz hurrah for dinner! Mon Apr 3 13:46:56 EDT 2000

Shrimp, honey, as I've said before please don't be insulted if others don't share exactly your music taste, so long as everyone is happy - is everybody happy??

Shrimp Mon Apr 3 14:03:10 EDT 2000

Blessed be my mother gods! My horn of plenty overflows!

I will tell you truthfully that I thought that Julian was ace meeting us as we walked in and actually having a proper natter when prompted. The acoustic rant set on Saturday was playing to the masses in a very quaint way that only the British can do. Queen Elizabeth didn't quite get there after a really good start and Brain Tumor were exactly as billed and as expected - totally laughable and the audience's reaction was even better to behold - hope you caught Dorian rolling in the aisles.

Sunday's set was however Julian at his best and the Mother Ship 20 minute opus was Cope at his very very best and worth the whole trip in itself!

Can't wait for the NME review totally shagging him off!


Nice NME Mon Apr 3 14:07:55 EDT 2000


JULIAN COPE made a typically eccentric return to music at the weekend, after two years concentrating on his writing at the two-day Cornucopea festival at London's South Bank Centre.

The event featured four performances by Cope in various guises, as well as rare appearances by Krautrock legends Ash Ra Tempel, electronic extremists Coil and blues rock veterans The Groundhogs.

"It's a chance to see all my favourite groups - and I'm in most of them," explained Cope, as he played an introductory solo set in the foyer of the Queen Elizabeth Hall. A second solo set, on Sunday night, ended with him being joined onstage by Paul Simpson, his fellow founder of The Teardrop Explodes, for a version of 'Sleeping Gas'. It was the first time Cope and Simpson had performed together for nearly 20 years. Simpson's band Skyray also appeared.

Cope meanwhile featured in two other bands. He donned psychedelic Kiss-style facepaint to lead the hilarious stoner metal trio Brain Donor - "less Ozzy Osbourne, more Ozzy Osmond" - which also featured new Spiritualized guitarist Doggen. And he joined Spiritualized keyboardist Thighpaulsandra as part of their ongoing ambient project Queen Elizabeth. With two extra members dressed identically to the mohawked, foppish Thighpaulsandra, they performed an hour-long, "post-ironic" piece dedicated to the memory of Princess Diana.

Other attractions at Corncucopea - described by organiser David Sefton as "what it's like inside Julian's head" - included The Minuscule Of Sound, the world's smallest disco, and a Krautrock Colouring Competition judged by long-term Cope aficionado, television personality, comedian and radio presenter Sean Hughes.

Anonuevo amoeba_Amigos Mon Apr 3 14:21:25 EDT 2000

I'm not very happy.

I was definately the first person to leave the brain donor set. This wasn't by choice. I'd endured the late start of the band. I even sat through Sean Hughes unexpected and tedious competition results. But, at twenty to twelve, a mere minute into the set, I left to catch the last train back, which was at ten past twelve. I arrived at marylebone at twelve past twelve. I was stuck in london homeless for the night.

I missed Brain and Train.

Then, when I finally return home, I find that the Queen Elizabeth track on the CD is actually an old one off one of the previous albums, the one that was incorporated into the show on saturday (havent had the time or effort to wade through and find which one)not the track that made up the bulk of the performance, indeed, not the temple of diana.

Anyway, on a happier note, I suppose I enjoyed the main part of the evening although I must say that the Groundhogs were lost on me, I swear I've seen those guys playing down my local. Dull pub rock methinks.

Oh well bye-bye.

Man of Kent Mon Apr 3 15:51:51 EDT 2000

Brain Donor - lord how poor. But we fell for it, and it was way past bedtime, so who're the suckers amigos?

QE - ever since I lost my head, it's alright

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Mon Apr 3 16:18:40 EDT 2000

Did anybody else buy the Thighpaulsandra solo ep ??

Two tracks, some great moments, others suck the total shite - that is the way it seems to be.

Thanx, Shrimp ! I'll appreciate that.

Could you please give me your URL so that I can write down a few thoughts about the most brilliant Krautrock moments from this side of Europe ?

Man, was I so pissed that I saw Thighpaulsandra three times ??

Anyway, let's vote for Cornucopea weekly.

Bis bald,


rich Mon Apr 3 17:46:30 EDT 2000

in what way has Skellington been rejigged?

are the reviews available online - i looked at the sites but couldnt find anything (other than the nme's)

My mate Colin who accompanied us on the evening said he was a bit scared at one point as the last time he'd seen anyone using a double neck or a mellotron was barclay james harvest.shudder

Skellington Chronicles Mon Apr 3 17:48:38 EDT 2000

Did you know that this now contains some extra bonus tracks? 28 tracks instead of the usual 25 - they were on sale as well over the weekend - didn't bother meself though.

BJH Mon Apr 3 17:51:10 EDT 2000

WE USED TO Rock and sold a lot of records!

Secret Mon Apr 3 17:52:50 EDT 2000

Something to do with the anti poll tax stuff I imagine - no longer a sreeeeeeemmmmmiiinnnnnggggggg sekret!

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Mon Apr 3 18:30:41 EDT 2000

So Doggen is the new Spiritualized guitarist? Man, Julian must be getting well pissed with the Spaceman by now, nicking all the musicians he seems to work with!

It may just be me, but no one seems to be completely extatically enthralled by the weekend so far (apart from the "real" JC sets).

Annexus OdinRules Mon Apr 3 19:09:25 EDT 2000

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Limping across the Sky.

Flying back over white cotton clouds was worth a million cornucopeas... also my new blue teapot from the Tea House in Neal Street. What a winner. And I have emerged Afresh, Awash with Clear Love once again, and will finally sleep tonight amidst healthy Mother Hill Sexual Ecstasy again.

Blisssssssssssssssss, New Millenium, what a cool vibrant feeling. Boys and Girls, the fun was not in appreciating the bands or even listening to them - it was in the vibes, in the anti-intellectual flow of regurgitations and sonic farts, in the Fraternity... Perhaps a bit marred by the mixture of sticky jelly poppies + bearded beer bellies + the usual bundle of out-of-place gothic-punk pseudo-nothing Adamants, all kept moving in and out which made the performance look like Plato's treatise on True Reality. I could only see Shadows walking away aimlessly as soon as their Thing ended. Bloody hell, look for our similarities not our differences, plankheads. But of course we were not inside this Trinity, were we? And we were so beautiful that the rest of the British pop scene of the last 3 decades paled in comparison, no wonder I haven't listened to anything Un-Righteous for the last 6 years. There is no space no more for anything else which sounds remotely Corporate. The Light Troubadour Rules.

The Panzies glittered in white satin cool, all beautiful and pale in an aura which reminded me of early Krautrock. Sublime manifestation of intensity and endless trippiness. It ended much too soon but such passion cannot be kept for long.

Ash Ra Tempel are an All Time Legend but even the youngest of the young would realise they are now in their New Age 50s so no-one expected Krautrock, babies. And then the roaring Kraut tribes that invaded the South Bank. If it hadn't been for them, Ash Ra Tempel would have been left playing to Myself and the old ladies at the doors.

Yes, Buzzing Wondercouple Daren and Karen, I am sorry, I left after three songs and never returned as I ended up somewhere else cos I felt a still unexplainable Urge to do so before the 4th number, the slower one. I still feel I would have listened to the whole of Brain Donor but the weekend wasssssssssstrange indeed and I do need to make things happen. In fact, I hate ANY music inside four walls, it just doesn't make it for me.

On arriving at 4 pm, I literally stumbled into Cope in his Polite uniform and platform boots down below transporting what seemed like a mattress into the back door. Weird Scene. Then the sight of the Beautiful People outside the grey Purcell Gloom standing for what seemed like hours... I saw you all there though I couldn't tell who was Izz or Shrimp or Rudolf but I have gone past YOU and YOU have seen me. That was the point of the evening. To Live the Trip. Boy Anal in his Easyjet costume, orange-haired and red-eyed in rage for not being allowed to get on with his third and last performance. Christophe FK all frail and still shaking after shedding his skin for you. The funny old Germans queueing with me who were in fact Gottsching and Schulze. Mmm? Quite. And Albany in her leopard skin dress tugging her mummy's arm while her father played the usual array of songs, from Upwards to Land of Fear. Usual also is still the huge amount of blokes, atcheee! Bless me.

T.C.Lethbridge 2 and 3 are ready. Good news. After all, they were none other than Brain Donor in disguise... but much much more far-ooooout. I fell in love with Doggen's guitar playing in The Cove way back then. And they only released the legendary Moon-Equipped recorded in one session in 1991. Flinton Chalk has put on weight, nothing wrong with that, Flint. Nice goaty. Thanks for your kind words, I presume London was burning my brain and every time I go back there I realise how lucky I am to have moved to the Iberian countryside though I really can't stand the extreme cold dry / scorching hot weather and people being so rude. The silent Mother Hills and the space and the remoteness of it all makes it worthwhile.

QE was megalomaniac and amethysterical. I can't believe such a disc of Wisdom has gone un-noticed by so many of you for so long. You MUST get it ASAP. I can make it into tapes and send it to you if you send me nuggets or other cool stuff. The big white dots at the end of the QE set sent shivers up my brain.

Sean, if you are still reading, check my email address bobsyecho@hotmail.com

Dr Robert (Blink). Dizzy Dizzy.

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Tue Apr 4 03:35:14 EDT 2000

Shame on all of us !!

We were too shy to ask around in the Firestation if people belonged to Rail - On.

Next time, we DO have to wear stinking badges !

No ba - ba - ba songs any longer - only wah - wah - wah songs ;-)

Nat PLEASE RELEASE ME LET ME GO..... Tue Apr 4 04:20:44 EDT 2000

What have I done to deserve this... I'm still on the Rail on... Help me....

Blimey Shrimp you don't half go on.... I didn't particularly like Universal Panzies but as Izz said its all down TO PERSONAL TASTE!!!

(Found Queen Elizabeth boring too... anyone want to slag me down, gets a slap in the chops....)



Coil OdinRules Tue Apr 4 05:12:43 EDT 2000

The industrial use of semen will revolutionise the human race

St. Tue Apr 4 05:16:36 EDT 2000


Guardian review (four stars out of five - recommended, if you will)anyone?


or perhaps the unexpurgated NME is more your spaceship.

More to follow as I trawl the nether regions, but so far a big thumbs up. Lurve on ya, St.

Richard Hayward R.P.F.Hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue Apr 4 07:52:44 EDT 2000

I Have Just returned from London and what was a great two days of Cornucopea.

Day 1

Universal Panzies:They performed an excellent set which was highly enjoyable. Definately a band worth seeing again

Julian Cope:His performance in the foyer which lasted 60 mins consisted of a few songs and plenty of talking. It was a great set though I would of liked to have seen Julian perform a few more songs.

Skyray:This was the fourth time that I had seen Skyray live and this time Paul Simpson was joined by two extra musicians Henry Priestman on Mini Moog and Keyboards and David Wrench on Piano and Vocals. The songs that were played included Neptune Variations and Invisible as well as songs from his latest LP Mind lagoons. the 45 Mins set was Skyray at thier best.

Queen Elizabeth:For me this was my second favourite performance of the night. The set was centered around a song inspired by Diana which consisted of 3 Thighpaulsandras as well as Julian Cope who through out the set sang the words "All the days are stray and gay with love Diana."

Brain Donor: For mer personally they were the highlight of Cornucopea. Their 45 min set was something totaly different that the 3 musicians managed to pull of really well on stage. I was listening to their set on my hi-fi last night and the music still sounds great two days later. It was a great way to end what was a Great event at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Day 2

Coil:This was the first time that I had seen Coil live and I was mightily impressed. Thier performance was a great visual experience that worked really well on the Royal Festival Hall Stage. If you get the chance you should check out some of thier records. Over the years they have released some great stuff.

Julian Cope: Of the two Solo performances this was the better of the two. Of the songs he performed my favourites were the long version of Silbury Moon ande a stunning Version of Sleeping Gas which featured Julian Cope on Guitar, a drum Box and Paul Sinpson playing the festival Hall Organ.

Ash Ra Temple:Before tonights performance I had not heard any music released by them, but by the end of their performance I new that I had seen them perform something unique that could not have been captured on record.

So the final verdict on Cornucopea "f****** excellent" The most enjoyable two days I have had for a long while.

Richard Hayward (Copius Freakus part II)

Richard Hayward R.P.F.hayward@wkac.ac.uk Tue Apr 4 08:18:17 EDT 2000

News From the official Lupine Howl Website: www.lupinehowl.co.uk

Those of you like me who are fans of Lupine Howl Mike Mooney et al) might be interested in knowing that:

Lupine Howl will feature on John Peels' late night session tonight Tuesday 4th April.

The next single titled "Bronzage" should be out by late April / early May.

More live gigs to be announced for May and June soon!

Richard Hayward

Buzzard Beyond the Thundering SkyDome Zbird@ic24.net Tue Apr 4 11:17:51 EDT 2000

Yes, charged, oh yes soooo charged. The green green grass is all I've been able to do since Saturday, if only to keep a tenuous link with the very funny and wonderful vibes of Cornycopea.

I have not been moved to write a hasty review of my personal experience of the night. I HAVE been moved by the POSSIBILITY of the future of music in a spiritual and very real sense. Thighpaulsandra is a visionary knob-twiddler that's for sure, as a knob-twiddler myself, I can feel his twiddling. I'll shut up now.

Everyone, though, no really... wasn't the whole thing so chilled and friendly, and didn't you feel time gently drift along, and couldn't you talk to not nearly enough people?

Let's take it all home, and fly in regal candour over the ungreat-dominions of post-capitalist-neo-labourite-whatever bloody Britain, and sustaiiiin sussstaiiinnnn, suuuuuuussssssstttttaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

We all wanted a bigger helping of brain-salad, yet were forced to chew on stinky stodgy donor meat. hahahahahahah. The Joke's on us all!

Mr Belbin, fancy going to see Michael Crawford?, we could play Autogeddon on mini-discs while watching his Middle - English sin-ceri-teee!

Yes Annexus. Went to Neale Street ourselves, Karen got ripped off with an odd-sized pair of boots. Doh. Blue teapots rule. Glad you got back safe. Speak soon, I'm off on a mission!

Where are you going Nat? You cannot let go, oh no, you will be sucked back in to the maelstrom, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhggghhhh.

Blessed Bees and Kosmic wasps. X

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Apr 4 13:40:06 EDT 2000

I've had only 3 responses to my competition for my spare CD programme - So Far

Just email me with your excuse for not being there and it could be winging its way to your door totally free by the end of the week.

Overseas Copeheads most welcome!


Shrimp Tue Apr 4 13:43:30 EDT 2000

Forgot to mention, I think, how good the Panzies were - I actually wore Christophe's skin on Sunday!!


Cold - ba

Papa Lazarous papalazarous@yahoo.co.uk Tue Apr 4 13:49:00 EDT 2000

Hello Folks! Just a quick post to say how much I enjoyed Cornucopea. What a weekend! And Julian welcoming people in with joss-sticks! High point(s) - Queen Elizabeth, The Groundhogs and Julian's extended version of Silbury..., low point(s) - having to leave before the end of both nights cos of travel :(, Ash Ra Tepel being kidnapped and replaced by Tangerine Dream! and my wife being VERY un-impressed with Coil! If anyone has tapes of any of the bands from the weekend I'd love to hear from them. Love to you all, Papa

Miss Fortune Odd-in Rules Tue Apr 4 15:30:10 EDT 2000

I thought I got the name wrong, Neal Street has now changed its name to Shrimp Street and he can tell you why. Answers on a postcard please. You can win my Droolian autographed pink 10" vynil copy if you get the right answer.

I love Brain Salads, yeah!

Thanks for taking part, Sycopephants.

Miss Fortune rainpissingxholcaravanning Tue Apr 4 15:42:11 EDT 2000

The guy who shouts Robert Mitchum in all Cope gigs is my new hero from now on. He positively instills gleaming hope every time and makes me realise life goes on and on and on...

Some things never change. Head Heritage did because nobody was clicking their dick any more.

The guy who slagged Ash Ra Tempel was also my hero for being so clever and so very brave. What a man! As if none of us had the guts to do the same thing. I wouldn't ever dare do that!!!

Some things are better left unsaid.

My favourite phrase is now Get On With It. What great group of words, always come at the right time in every Cope gig and makes it all so memorable. Please do not faulter boy, you are excellent.

Write to me, boys, I love you. Blokes, blokes, blokes...always so many blokes in all Cope gigs. You made my day. Who needs a girl wearing wings? Isn't that all ridiculous and wimpish?

Bravo, Macho.

bleeding ears Tue Apr 4 17:01:17 EDT 2000

did anyone else experience bleeding ears during coil, they did wear lovely clothes, but i do prefer thighpaulsandra in mock fur. does anybody have any news on Rooster?

awl ze best

bleeding ears

Buzzard Tue Apr 4 17:01:24 EDT 2000

? Who needs blokes wearing wigs for that matter!

Let us all swerve unfalteringly onwards and on and on.


First person to spot the above track and artist wins my eternal respect, should you want it of course!

Neal Street Tue Apr 4 18:46:35 EDT 2000

Anyone parks in my street gets clamped!!

So far I have only the blue vinyl Droolian wanna swap/trade? It comes with a slice of tomato, cucumber and a bit of green lettuce!

I once saw it in Vanish Tips for $46.73 but only had a packet of green papers in me pocket so had to make do with a freddie metrenome Boeing 747 instead. It plays ok but does not do my new carpet much justice.


Trav tripalot.com/travis Tue Apr 4 18:53:41 EDT 2000

There's a great For Against song named "Get On With It"... Not only that, but I'm currently wearing a For Against T-shirt, and have a For Against CD in my changer... :)

( http://tripalot.com/for-against/ )

I'm enjoying reading all the Cornucopea (sp?) experiences. I am wondering... did Cope sound like he's getting rusty musically? Do you think he has been practicing regularly or has has creative momentum shifted away from music and towards writing?

Not that his writing isn't enjoyable, informative, and a trip at times... but I think I prefer his musical ideas. Maybe it's because they are re-listenable, and in that sense more timeless, more value-adding.


3 Travs Tue Apr 4 19:11:46 EDT 2000

The mother ship rant was priceless and the highlight of Cope during the weekend. It encompassed the music and the writing within a simplistic delivery which was spellbinding. He can still do it!

Nat I see ya baby... Wed Apr 5 05:17:35 EDT 2000

(This may be a reapeated message so I apologise)

I'm not gone for good Buzzard!! I'll pop in everyday and have a squiz at whats going on! Were you really wearing a wig?!! :-)

To the blokey Izz and me chased down the pavement in the leather jacket and the long hair - were you at the Eatb gig in Feb at Bristol University?

I'm up for Michael Crawford - I happen to think that he is a very talented man and should be appreciated for his musical genius.....

Nat xxx


Izzy bollox to it, I spent half the day chatting to the neighbours anyway.com Wed Apr 5 05:30:04 EDT 2000

Hi all, hi NattyNoo

On this CanUCopea CD I've become rather fond of the Limping Across the Sky bit. I see planets and meteors and whoooshing comets and aliens. Though I was terribly distressed when one of the aliens got squizzed about 5 minutes in....

Gino Padula pete@saturn7.freeserve.co.uk Wed Apr 5 05:38:50 EDT 2000

Hi to all

Just a quick note to agree with everyone on the site about that fantastic weekend.

Too many highlights to mention all of them, but they include being met by Julian as we entered the QE Hall, where he blessed our second child (in utero). (He also did our first child Eleanor Lucy in utero also way back in Sep 95 when he climbed the Balcony at Wolverhampton Civic and she's turned out wonderful, mad, and a Copehead already - faves include Trampolene &Beautiful Love which she used to respond to before she was born - honestly).

Also thought that Ash Ra Tempel were mighty fine, along with Skyray, QE, and Brain Donor.

It was a real event, and one which you can say 'Yeah, i Was There' (sorry if that pisses off people who couldn't make it, this isn't Me Gloating, just trying to express what a great weekend it was.)

If anyone can help, I am in desperate need of QE II, and am prepared to part with some serious top dollar. Can anyone Be My Man / Woman and end this so far fruitless chase of mine?

Love To All

Gino Padula.

Ben solpadeine@hotmail.com Wed Apr 5 10:09:10 EDT 2000

I guess I'm just yearning for someone's respect. That would be Mr. Kevin Ayers doing it again and again (and again), either with the Softies or his other crew of wine-addled musicians.

champagne and valium for all


Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Wed Apr 5 12:12:18 EDT 2000


Is that splet write?

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Wed Apr 5 12:13:20 EDT 2000


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Apr 5 13:24:59 EDT 2000

8 entries so far and a few good excuses. Keep them coming - you have till Friday.

Free CD Programme to the best excuse for not attending - just e-mail me.



rich mr.belbin@virgin.net Wed Apr 5 14:41:53 EDT 2000

Mmm, I close my eyes and see Michael Crawford singing The Music of the Night to the tune of Paranormal In the West Country - you know if he grew his hair a bit, lost a bit of weight , he'd look a bit like ...

okay, no he wouldnt

Everyone seems to have had a good time at various markets over the weekend - Spitalfields in my case, where I chanced upon a rewardless copy of Kilimjaro for a tenner - and then got it knocked down to a fiver cos of it's lack of inner sleeve (I wasn't sure if it had had one originally, but it had to be worth a go).

Andrew - I dunno, I think most people think they had a pretty damned groovy time over the weekend, even if they didn't think all the bands were brilliant. It was a brilliant event, in many ways much better than most people expected I think (just think back to all the complaining posts once the bill was changed from that originally announced). I may have mentioned once or twice that I didnt particularly rate the SBC for that sort of thing, the weekend may have been better held somewhere else, but that didn't stop me from going completely ape all over the show (and it was kinda groovy to have been moshing at the front of the RFH).

According to the Guardian everyone there ws either 'misfits or musicologists' - which we all were. Dd like their description of the man as not " anall out rock god [nor] a bumbling fool who deludes himself into thinking he's a rock god. Rather he's a bumbling fool who knows he is deluding himself into thinking he's arock god, and precisely because of that, ends up making a rather good one" Quite.

(Anonymous) Wed Apr 5 14:43:55 EDT 2000

which we all were?? methinks me means 'which were we all'


Shrimp Wed Apr 5 14:47:57 EDT 2000

I am certain that Cornucopea has caused me a problem with me piles!

All that sitting down all weekend!

Bloody brilliant!


Bumbling False Rock God Wed Apr 5 14:56:48 EDT 2000

Bumbling rock god

Julian Cope

Royal Festival Hall, London


Tom Cox

Tuesday April 4, 2000

It has been a long time since Julian Cope could be described merely as a singing psychedelic mystic eco-warrior. His channels of interest are so endlessly forking and vigorous these days, that you can't pigeonhole him as just another pop polymath, stretching his canvas only because a leg-up from his music career allows him to (a la Jarvis Cocker). Following his guide to neolithic Britain and the second instalment of his autobiography, Cope's latest project is Cornucopia, which packs the electronic burps of Coil, the inclement blues of the Groundhogs, the Krautedelia of Ash Ra Temple and the bubblegum metal of Braindonor into one weekend. The event would have Cope's intergalactic-pastoral aura all over it even if he wasn't performing.

Playing to an audience equally divided between misfits and musicologists, Cope proves over two solo sets that his literary and neolithic hobbies haven't taken the edge off his showmanship. He's unique in that he manages to sit somewhere between self-effacing, self-righteous and self-mocking without being egoless and bland.

When he "rocks out" on Sleeping Gas, accompanied by a drum machine and the Royal Festival Hall's ancient organ, the song - sinister and dangerous on record - is suddenly absurd, but to describe it as pure novelty would be ignoring the heart that Cope wears on the sleeve of his big girl's blouse. Similarly, a Mellotron and voice-only Great Dominions loses its mandatory spongy ambience, yet it doesn't matter.

What we're really here to see is what Sounds writer Mark Cooper once momentously described as "the aesthetics of embarrassment". Unlike his old mate, Echo and the Bunnymen's Ian McCulloch, Cope isn't an all-out rock god. Neither is he a bumbling fool who deludes himself into thinking he's a rock god. Rather, he's a bumbling fool who knows he is deluding himself into thinking he's a rock god, and, precisely because of that, ends up making a good one.

He treats photographers to a "smile solo", prances around in his enormous boots, leads us on a trip to Wessex in a spaceship (Silbury Moon), and threatens to feel us up. There's still no one who has a better sense of the audience-performer threshold, and no one who makes metaphorical nudity such a comfortable thing to watch.

***** Unmissable **** Recommended *** Enjoyable ** Mediocre * Terrible

Modfather Rob modfatherrob@yahoo.com Wed Apr 5 16:09:54 EDT 2000

What the hell is everyone talking about Michael Crawford? I'm confused...he's on the record label I work for...




rich Wed Apr 5 16:52:37 EDT 2000

it's all that buzzards fault!

that danged bird!

Papa Lazarous papalazarous@yahoo.co.uk Wed Apr 5 18:01:05 EDT 2000

Like Shrimp - cos I went to both nights with the wife I have 4 cornucopea cd's. If you would like one let me know.

Russ Thu Apr 6 03:42:07 EDT 2000

Well its been nearly a week and i've not posted anything about the weekend, untill now as i've been really ill.

Had a great time although i've had some skyray stuff for ages its the first time i've seen them live and for me they were the best and the mini disc proves it!. Copes little get together was as always very entertaining and has come out the best of all now QE and Brain Donor what can I say well they were just as good as I thought they would be QE what talent Thigh your the man! a synth god 62 mins of pleasure I hate to see people walk out but all I can say no taste or to much beer. Brain Donor i've listened to what has been said and all I can say to the people who thought it was crap or Julian that he has lost it again all I can say is the jokes on you Julian is just Julian and it was just a way for him to have a good time and make me and shrimp piss our selves. I looked around at the people leaving they were either older than me or student music types who think the only bands worth listening to are the ones that will give them street cred!. I can remember a time when most bands sounded like that it was great to hear a piss take. It is like Nat said everyones own personal taste but Cope is a man for all seasons and after 20 years you can start to take the piss....................

Russ the arch twat of worksop

Johnny john.w.smith@expro.shell.co.uk Thu Apr 6 04:41:16 EDT 2000


Checked last night and I have a spare copy of both Rite and Skellington Chronicles. Anybody interested in buying either of these or swopping one for a Cornucopea CD? I'm based in Scotland but don't mind dealing with anyone overseas.



Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Thu Apr 6 12:25:06 EDT 2000


Address Drudion has been updated @ the HH site.

Ta, luvs

CHR xx

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Thu Apr 6 13:33:06 EDT 2000

Thanks Chris,

What a petal eh? Lets hope all the Copes are now chillin' on the happy sofa in Wiltshire. Ahem.

Finally got around to trying the WSYM-all ugly radio - woooa! This is almighty! Death to CDs and guff - long live my job chained to the computer....

Izzy Talking to myself Thu Apr 6 13:38:04 EDT 2000

Occurred to me, in my mumsy way, anyone heard from Vybik for a while? He's been very quiet. Promise we don't hold the badge thing against you, Jon, well not much...

Cheerio, Izz

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Apr 6 13:52:28 EDT 2000

11 entries so far and a still only a few good excuses. Keep them coming - you have till Friday. (one day) I will post the winner tomorrow night at 10pm GMT.

Free CD Programme to the best excuse for not attending - just e-mail me.



Shrimp the two posts Thu Apr 6 13:55:50 EDT 2000

This will make the third!

Russ any chance you can copy your mini-disc stuff on CD's for me?

I'm gonna have to get one of them machines!


Shrimp (still laughing)

Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Thu Apr 6 14:29:08 EDT 2000

Hello - me again

We've just put up some FANTASTIC photos of Brain Donor @ Cornucopea... linked from JoAnne's Head Guide.

Ta Luvs,

Chris. xx

PS Hello Izzy!

Paul B ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Thu Apr 6 18:10:24 EDT 2000

The new Screaming Secrets Website is finally up and running. Point your browsers at www.arc23.com/ss/ for news, photos, articles, features and an in-depth feature on Cornucopia.Brain Donor! Queen Elizabeth!

Take a wander over and see what you think. There's still a few glitches that we're ironing out, as well as loads more articles and features that are still in development, but there's enough there to keep you entertained (I hope!).

Following on from Screaming Secrets is a brand new project titled Livearc. This will take the form of a website covering the bands, the records, the labels and the characters of the Liverpool music scene of the 70's/80's. This website is still in development, but bookmark this URL:


Now, when's that Floored Genius 3 coming out?

Paul B

Screaming Secrets

Nat Anyone know anything about cars? Fri Apr 7 03:53:18 EDT 2000

My exhaust pipe went bang and black smoke came out this morning!!! DO I have a problem... anyone know Quentin Wilson (hmmmmmm Quentin Wilson......drool...)

Anyway back to all things Copey does anyone know what flavour those joss sticks were?

Ta to the Screaming Secrets gang, the envelope arrived yesterday morning. Oh and by the way... one of you (sorry don't know names) with the long hair and leather jacket were you at the Echo &the Bunnymen gig in Bristol earlier this year, the one where there was only about 10 people there!!!!!

Anyway go to dash.. poor car I think its dead.... :-(

Nat xx

Peggy S. Fri Apr 7 06:27:39 EDT 2000

Kill All Cars. They are rude.

Paul B ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Fri Apr 7 06:57:45 EDT 2000

Nat: That would be the ubiquitous Bruce who would indeed have been at the Bunnymen gig.Only 10 people?? Surely not. Mind you, the last tour wasn't a patch on the previous one (probably due to the fact that the last album was utter pants compared to the brilliant Evergreen).

Paul B

Carpediem mark_silver@cyphergroup.com Fri Apr 7 07:03:29 EDT 2000

Evergreen tour was better I agree.

Thos e photos on the HH site are making me quite jealous for not having gone last weekend...


nat Hmmmmm Quentin Wilson....... Fri Apr 7 08:33:38 EDT 2000

If you want to come and kill my car I'd be very grateful as at the moment I have to pay to get someone to take it away!! Anyone know of a group of vile young lads who can steal it for me!!

HELLO MARK MY ANGEL PUFF miss you.... Hows Gerard? Long time no hear (apart from the two e.mail on my machine - sad day for your brother today? Hope he wasn't in Turkey? :-(

Hello Bruce!! Well I lied about the 10 people, but it was a mighty mighty poor turn out, felt very sad for poor old Ian - its about time he gave up and moved on to pastures new - maybe cooking or something!! Or lip care... Agree with you about the album, very poor...

Anyway better dash, things to do, homeless to feed...

Take care all.

Nat xxx

carpediem mark_silver@cyphergroup.com Fri Apr 7 08:43:15 EDT 2000

Oh Gerard's got lost somewhere on the internet I think. Not sure if I will ever see him again, but who knows.

Brother fortunately isn't in Turkey, though he does work for Leeds Utd down at Elland Road. He said it was such a strange day yesterday. The place is covered with flowers and stuff...there's not alot you can say really is there?

Speak to you soon Nat!


Trav tripalot.com/travis Fri Apr 7 08:49:58 EDT 2000

Holy moly! I'm listening to 3WK (an internet radio station) and the second song that came on this morning is "Dancing Heads"!!!



Paul B ss@arc23.com http://www.arc23.com/ss/ Fri Apr 7 09:09:40 EDT 2000

I have to agree about the Brain Donor photos on the HH site, they're brilliant (esp the one showing Copey doing a scary face on the back projection).

Why, there'll almost as good as the Brain Donor photos on the Screaming Secrets website (hee hee!).

BTW who else spotted Psychedelic Paul in his shiny pants?

Not-Psychedelic Paul B

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Apr 7 15:23:37 EDT 2000

Must say I am a trite disappointed with the competition response - only 11 entries - although two or three are rather good.

09:45pm GMT closing time for entries for a Cornucopea Programme Cd which will be sent totally free by post in the morning.

What was your excuse for not attending Cornucopea? e-mail me.

I will also post the e-mail address's of those who don't win so that anyone else with spare copies can contact you. After all we were all provided with them free - and that is how they should remain. Sod the capitalist pigs!

Cherish till 10:00 pm

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Apr 7 17:04:58 EDT 2000

Competition results: Sorry no prizes

Equal Second

Cherish to both of you and I hope that someone else contacts you who also has a spare CD.


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Apr 7 17:07:50 EDT 2000

And the winner is...........

Cherish to you Ben


Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Fri Apr 7 17:12:56 EDT 2000

Here are the other Competition entrants - anyone with a spare Cornucopea Cd Programme please contact them.

Graham Johnston / rhubub@btinternet.com

Cherish to you all


Paul B ss@www.arc23.com Fri Apr 7 21:12:00 EDT 2000

Yes, but we're all dying to hear his excuse about why he couldn't attend ;-)


shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Apr 8 06:18:21 EDT 2000

I could post the excuses but that was not the point of the competition - the whole point was to give the spare copy of the Cd programme away to someone who would appreciate it - I am not interested in material gain or sitting on spare copies just so that some day someone will pay me large amounts of money for it when I advertise it on e-bay! I just hope that the rest of the spares go to deserving causes and there must be a lot of spares as I saw a great many people there for both days.

If Julian was good enough to give it to you then you should be good enough to give it to somebody else.

The Mother Ship is boarding now!



Hermione Sat Apr 8 09:07:15 EDT 2000

I hurt my finger in a door.

shrimp Rastakraut Pasta Sat Apr 8 09:28:59 EDT 2000

Here's a late entrant from Australia.


Moebius &Plank Excellent Sat Apr 8 09:36:11 EDT 2000

sorry the e-mail for pbatey@do_rain@hotmail.com

go on make all these peoples day.


Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sat Apr 8 10:47:06 EDT 2000

Let's hear it for Shrimp, it sounds like he's out there doing it for the Heads!

I've passed my spare one on....

Bee Blest X

Shrimp Sat Apr 8 14:10:33 EDT 2000

Blest bee to the buzzard! - head on


(Anonymous) Sat Apr 8 20:20:57 EDT 2000

shrimp ...yeah!!! top man. light generates perspective... xxxx

One Crunchy Misfit Sun Apr 9 16:32:12 EDT 2000

Should I take part in Head To Head or here? Mmm, not a very tough choice to make.

Papa Lazarous papalazarous@yahoo.co.uk Sun Apr 9 18:15:09 EDT 2000

Well there is one definite recipient of a Cornucopea cd from me - but I will have to take a tip from Shrimp and ask ppl to give me a good reason for getting one. I can't decide from the various requests I have had and need a bit of assistance in choosing! Please get in touch so I can get them sent to deserving souls ASAP.

Love 'n' light


Jeff burningwheel@home.com Sun Apr 9 18:49:06 EDT 2000

If anyone has an extra Cornucopea cd and programme please let me know your price!



Nat 'Boring old grumpy Fart' Burn Baby Burn Disco Inferno...... Mon Apr 10 09:29:55 EDT 2000

Blimey - go away for a weekend ('A lost weekend, In a hotel in Amsterdam' - Hey Mr Belbin... major Clue there hmmmm...) log back on and its all praise to Shrimp!! Whats happened, a new messiah or just a blooming good egg... Why the competition, why not just give it to the first person who asked for it!!!... has the cult of the TV Quiz show - don't get anything unless you phone a friend or enter a phone in/e.mail competition hit everyone, including the Rail on... Why not do a word search!!

Oh well, back to Take a Break, moan moan moan... Izzy Wizzy got friends down this weekend, are you and the Gazzer and the Iron Age one free on Saturday Night....

Nat :-(

Shrimp is an arsehole (official) Mon Apr 10 09:41:00 EDT 2000

Lets here it for all the arseholes of the world!

I would rather be an arsehole than a fucking new messiah or booming boucing good egg anyday so therefore I have officially decided that today is official Shrimp is an arsehole day and therefore we can have a competition for the best bit of abuse/advice! the winner will receive my signed copy of Krautrocksampler. It is signed Shrimp the arsehole 2000CE.



Nat perky_jean@nme.com Mon Apr 10 10:46:02 EDT 2000

Blimey chill out will ya!! Didn't realise you took things so seriously.... HUMOUR DOESN'T WORK ON THE RAIL ON OBVIOUSLY......

I certainly will not refer to you or anyone else for that matter as an a'hole and I don't think there was any need for you to use the F Word... got a problem then mail me, don't use that language on a website..... some of us don't like it... Thank you....

Natx :-)

Shrimp the official arsehole Mon Apr 10 11:54:07 EDT 2000

Humour? Germans and krautrock gods do not do humour!



Mothra Mon Apr 10 13:15:00 EDT 2000

"Where be your gibes now? your gambols? your songs? your flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar?"

Papa Lazarous papalazarous@yahoo.co.uk Mon Apr 10 13:37:57 EDT 2000

I've just been catching up with favourite websites and have received some unfortunate news - Terence McKenna passed over on April 3rd 2000CE.

See http://www.levity.com/eschaton/index.html

Paul B ss@arc23.com/ss/ Mon Apr 10 15:09:44 EDT 2000

Bad news indeed. Terence McKenna was an amazing character who put forward some intriguing ideas. 2012 will be an empty year without him.

Shrimp: you *seriously* need to lighten up ;-)

Shrimp Heavy-up Mon Apr 10 17:20:05 EDT 2000

You want light do you - Right!

I have decided to go on a diet for charity - I believe that I need to lose at least 3 stone before I can lighten-up.

I think it must have been my wandering around Leicester Cheese and Picalily Circuit and ending up in Macdonuts which has destroyed my small intestine, so much so that I have been constipated for the last week and have put on a bit of weight. I get really nasty when I have eaten a bit of dead cow, but mixing it with a nice slice of pig has got my hormones all mixed up as well. Must be that new shampoo which nourishes and feeds my roots - Julian must have been using it as well as he is rather grey like me. me me me me me me me me and Julian me sitting with julian me photo of julian... whoops there I go again - just had some non vegi cheese with a bit of added colouring - lighten up - lighten up.

Time to get serious - I am fed up with this site and am going to sign off now - Goodbye and I bet you do not miss me!



Shrimp Mon Apr 10 17:22:24 EDT 2000

The new Universal Panzies album is an absolute cracker!



Ron drude@mounet.com Mon Apr 10 20:45:55 EDT 2000

'people, people let's just cool it...' yeah, that's what Mick was saying at Altamont. Put on 20 Mothers and groove to some shamanic tunes! Instantly my mood was elevated this dreary afternoon upon hearing 'wheelbarrow man' yeah, yeah, yeah.

Are you kidding me? Massive overhaul by HeadHeritage, with way cool graphics, content and shamanic ramblings...(by the way Joan, I loved ya in Romancing the Stone ;)... a Massive overhaul of Screaming Secrets pages, with unbelievable content. Massive overhaul at the Soul Desert... thanks Patrick.

And... and... my personal fave, Trampoline http://www.trampolene.ca/ Way to go Andrew! Check out the cornucopia section for the articles, which I am just seeing for the first time. Did I miss this before? You need to visit/see these sites again, and if that doesn't do it, go thru the archives of Rail On and check the posting dates... recall the annual updates to HeadHeritage...

Never has so much Cope-y-ness been available, and you waste time with this pissing contest? rejoice the moment, positive vibes and good karma. It's all of us, or none of us, please pay attention! Battle ye not with monsters...

Jonathan Tue Apr 11 04:17:42 EDT 2000

Just been browsing the Headheritage site - looking for a release date for Floored Genius 3 and Citizen Caned... not yet.

Followed up someone's hint that Skellington had had a new track added and found this on the discography, after track 24;

Skellington Anti-Polltax Live In Lambeth, England (Medley) May '90

Anyone heard this/know what it is?


One Crunchy Misfit Tue Apr 11 04:20:21 EDT 2000

Mmmm...another one has left the list? Great, now, let's discuss the size of Julian's boots then, syckcopephants. Head to Head is too esoteric for me.

PaulB ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Tue Apr 11 07:25:47 EDT 2000

Re: That expanded Skellington.

There's 2 extra tracks recorded live at the Anti-Poll Tax gig in Brixton Fridge, May 1990: Sleeping Gas and Trampolene (which could be renamed Rambolene!).

Copey turns up in this month's Q as part of (oh surprise) an article on bonkers things pop stars do. Can you guess which anecdote they've gone for?

Paul B

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca/ Tue Apr 11 10:05:25 EDT 2000

Way to go Ron! My sentiments entirely :-)

I'm intrigued about this Skellington thing. Is this something that is going to be only available through Head Heritage? Does anyone out there know more? I think someone mentioned that it ws on sale at the weekend extravaganza. More info please... Andrew

Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Tue Apr 11 11:03:38 EDT 2000


Yeah, we KNOW the HH site was infrequently updated at first.... but it wasn't a high priority for the Copes back then - and of course Julian was deep in his writing...

But the new HH site will be regularly updated (and it already has been a good few times in it's short life) and will keep getting better and better with more and more being added regularly. Bear with us!

PS Julian didn't want to make a big fuss about the re-jigged "Skellington" - he just wanted to take "Grimreaper..." off. He didn't announce it because he didn't want anybody to buy it again just because it was a bit different...

PPS What can we do to make "Head To Head" less-esoteric? Does the 'registration' put you off?

All comments gratefully received.

Ta, luvs

Chris xx

PaulB ss@arc23.com Tue Apr 11 11:19:34 EDT 2000

Actually, the reissued Skellington has been available since January(!). Julian wanted to keep it all low profile in case it was perceived as some dubious marketing ploy.

Copies were available at Cornucopea. They also had copies of the Propheteering single on sale. God alone knows where they came from - perhaps the same place the Sunspots cars were hidden away in. Maybe the Zoo masters are in there as well ;-)

Paul B

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Tue Apr 11 13:17:42 EDT 2000


What makes the HH site 'esoteric'? why, the cosmic rays of course.

Any discussion content a la 'Head to Head is surely a changeable beast much like Rail On.

Soak up some rays everyone, we need to chill out in this post-millennial-post-Cornucopea-post-winter thing that's going down and making people strung out.

Monster Salmon NO THANKS.

Bee Blest X

Chilled Out Tue Apr 11 13:33:47 EDT 2000

Another competition?

One Crunchy Misfit Tue Apr 11 18:29:49 EDT 2000

The Cornucopea CD is so Krautrock even though the bands are NOT krautrock that I am beginning to think I am a Real Misfit being a New Wave dude. Ho hum.

Craig Earlie Wed Apr 12 01:21:26 EDT 2000

I have heard of a BBC recording of the Teardrop Explodes. Does anyone on this list know how hard it is to find and what a reasonible price is in dollars? Is it worth the search?

thanks. Craig

Izzy imjs@soton.ac.uk Wed Apr 12 04:19:23 EDT 2000

Coooey luvs! Glad to see all is sweetness and light in my absence. Just sneaked into an anonymous computer cluster to do essentials (check email and the like). Can I just say AGAIN how chuffed I am with this all ugly radio thing. Course I forgot all but my 'Y2K Backup' CD, which is not very exciting to listen to, but here I sit entertained in the peaceful hours. Cool. Only, can any tech-heads out there explain why this realplayer keeps shouting at me?

Done my Maiden Castle review for the gazetteer, but left it at home, sorry Sir (cat ate it, etc).

Nat, Sat will have to see. I am officially on "leave", (speech marks added by one of my bosses who thinks being on leave means working at home, grrr) and it depends how the writing up goes cos its my last big chance. Let you know, be great to see thee.


Ha Ha I'm Drowning Wed Apr 12 10:42:27 EDT 2000


London SE1 Royal Festival Hall

'Brain donor, brain donor, brain donor!' goes the chorus to metal mickey-takers Braindonor's second best tune, 'Braindonor'. It's a tempting thought. By the end of Cornucopea, this two-night April Fools' trip inside Julian Cope's brain, we anticipate with gusto the relief that a lack of pesky senses and higher motor functions might bring.

If we went into Cornucopea on Saturday loving the Drude, we exit on Sunday broken people. It's meant to be really good, this weird shit Cope pushes; outsider art that by sheer force of personality (Cope's) has made it to the Royal Festival Hall.

It's really not. It's dreadful.

Julian's on form, of course, lighting up the lobby on Saturday evening with guitar and Mellotron versions of 'Pristeen' and 'Upwards at 45 degrees', playing the holy fool. There's a Krautrock colouring competition in the corner and the smell of sonic adventure in the air.

It proves to be the smell of old men pissing around. THE GROUNDHOGS are revealed to be hoary pub-rock choresmen, rather than the proto-metal underdogs of repute. SKYRAY's wishy-washy ambience palls quickly. And as for QUEEN ELIZABETH - aka Cope ad Spiritualized's Thighpaulsandra - their 45-minute paean to Dead Di, 'She Diana', basically amounts to swathes of pointless oscillating.

Bloopy bores COIL plumb even greater depths of arseholery on Sunday, their excellent camp yeti outfits excepted. By mid-Sunday evening, even Cope's scattergun charisma begins to resemble the most wrongheaded of ego trips. He lazily reprises his Saturday set, talks extended hippy giblets, and saves a rendition of 'Sleeping Gas' with ex-Teardrop Paul Simpson for a welcome finale. It's the first - and best - of the weekend's much-vaunted reunions, the second being Kosmische titans ASH RA TEMPEL.

The young Cope loved Ash Ra's wigged-out psychedelics, the way they took the MC5's proto-punk into orbit. The two nice German men and their onstage NASA pod, however, have other intentions tonight. Namely, noodling proggily like toad-licking maths teachers on a dozen keyboards. And then noodling some more.

This shitshow's saving grace comes late on Saturday, in lurid face-paint, platform boots and armed with two double-necked guitars.

BRAINDONOR are Cope, new Spiritualized axeman Doggen and drummer Kev's 'bubblegum metal' incarnation, and their Sabbaf-goes-motorik riffery utterly justifies all Cope's big, daft ideas. They are a cosmic Kiss on a budget, pillaging garage and glam for divine madness, 'false metal' their gonzoid aim. But even taken straight, it's terrific.

You almost forgive him for ten hours of unadultarated twaddle surrounding it. But not quite.

Kitty Empire - NME 15/04/00

don bosco donniebosco@iname.com Wed Apr 12 10:56:16 EDT 2000

okay i can't take it anymore,

does anybody have a recording of brain donor ???

i have to hear them !


Paul B ss@arc23.com Wed Apr 12 11:16:36 EDT 2000

And what, we wonder, does Izzy do for a living?

Izzy Wed Apr 12 12:07:16 EDT 2000

well i certainly do....

Paul B ss@arc23.com Wed Apr 12 13:22:52 EDT 2000

Like anyone regards the NME as having a clue about music these days. They lost the plot just before the last ice age ;-)

As indeed, the muso press in general has. Mojo magazine interviews Bill Drummond: "What does KLF stand for?" Perhaps this question was voiced in an ironic Ali G-type way (perhaps not).

They'd be better off doing a 3 page 'Why Oasis Are Still Brilliant' article (except, of course, in Manchester where even small children take the piss).


Paul B

Bill Drummond not arf! Wed Apr 12 13:29:33 EDT 2000

Screeching Secrets will be changing into an Oasis homepage.

wah! Wed Apr 12 14:52:14 EDT 2000

Mighty Wah! new album a must!!!!

Any one read Bill Drummond's 45 ?

Man of Kent Wed Apr 12 15:04:14 EDT 2000

45 - blooming genius. Just watch out for the cows on the pylon and the interstellar ley lines

Me (not singing) Wed Apr 12 18:05:53 EDT 2000

(Time to archive this page...)

rich Wed Apr 12 18:12:30 EDT 2000

The Wah! album is amust indeed!

Only Wylie could rhyme Je T'Aime, with game and claim, and make it sound utterly great. Not so sure about Hey! Mona Lisa tho.

The Almighty Wed Apr 12 18:37:56 EDT 2000

shouldn't that read only willy?

Brain Salad Surgery Wed Apr 12 18:40:50 EDT 2000

I think that Brain Donor require a lead vocalist - bet you are dying to know who?

Mothra Wed Apr 12 18:50:02 EDT 2000


Essentially experience.

Modern Life? Linear post-modernists. If we define our worth in terms of character and deeds, then surely we can define our character by the worth we see in our experience.

Subjective objects? Or objective subjects?

I love Julian Cope for his experience. Sometimes for his application.

Open In A New Window Wed Apr 12 18:52:59 EDT 2000

I think that Mr Cope sucks.

Mothra Wed Apr 12 18:58:00 EDT 2000

Hyuk Hyuk, Quick Draw-McGraw!

Does he?

Courtney Love Wed Apr 12 18:59:52 EDT 2000

Well he did a fine job on me.

Sexx Laws Wed Apr 12 19:04:05 EDT 2000

It's getting late and you are failing a screen test with second hand innuendo! What is the abstract equivalent of the difference between a duck?

Miss Fortune Odd-In Rules Wed Apr 12 19:08:43 EDT 2000

Up until the winter of 1814, approximately 140 metres (150 yards) to the north of the Standing Stones of Stenness stood a single, holed monolith that occupied a special place in the customs, traditions and lore of the Orcadian people.

Thought to have been cut and dragged from the beds of the Stromness flags around 3000BC, to its final location by the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Harray Loch, the Odin Stone is said to have stood approximately 2.5 metres (8 feet) high with a breadth of about one metre (3.5 feet).

Although it had stood resolutely in the same position for thousands of years, the final destruction of the Odin Stone took less than a day.

December 1814 saw the farmer on whose land the stones stood - an incomer by the name of Captain Mackay - waging an attack on the Stenness megaliths, claiming that his land was being ruined by the people visiting the stones. He began with the Odin Stone which he destroyed, the stone being used to construct a cow-shed.

This misguided "ferrylouper" (the dialect word used to describe non-Orcadians living in the isles) was already not particularly well-liked and his wanton destruction of the fabled stone did nothing to help. His actions stirred up so much anger among the locals that various attempts were made to burn his house and holdings about his ears. He was finally stopped while attempting to destroy the Standing Stones of Stenness, but not before managing to topple one stone and destroying another

As can be gathered from the reaction to its destruction, as far as the Orcadians of yesteryear were concerned the potency of the Odin Stone was unparalleled. It was the focus of a number of "magical" rites and was said to possess miraculous healing powers. When visiting the stone it was customary to leave offerings of food or ale at the stone and it was common for young people to pass their heads through the stone to acquire immunity from certain diseases. Along the same lines, new-born infants were passed through the hole to ensure a healthy future and crippled limbs were passed through in the hope of some supernatural cure.

"It was said that a child passed through the hole when young would never shake with palsy in old age. Up to the time of its destruction, it was customary to leave some offering on visiting the stone, such as a piece of bread, or cheese, or a rag, or even a stone."

G H Black

The Stone's healing powers were often combined with the magical waters of the well at Bigswell a short distance away. For more information on this sacred well, click here.

The Odin Stone was also apparently able to bestow some of its magic onto mortals. One old story tells how a farmer from Turriedale in the parish of Evie:

"for nine moons at midnight, when the moon was full, went nine times on his bare knees around the Odin Stone of Stainness. And for nine moons, at full moon, he looked through the hole of the Odin Stone and wished he might get the power of seeing Hildaland."

Later in the tale his wish is granted and he drives the finfolk away from their magical island, claims it for the Christian God and renames it Eynhallow - Holy Island. For a full version of this tale, click here.

Aside from its healing and magical powers, the Odin Stone was most renowned for the part it played sealing agreements and binding marriages and unions. People from every corner of Orkney, in particular young lovers, would visit the stone to make their vows absolute by clasping hands through the hole and swearing the Odin Oath. For more information on the Odin Oath click here.

The exact whereabouts of the Odin Stone remained unclear until May 1988 when archaeologists armed with the latest detection equipment surveyed over 8,000 metres of ground surrounding the Stenness stones. They uncovered the socket holes for several stones and finally the socket of the Odin Stone itself.

Though tradition has it that the remnants of the Odin Stone were used for building material, local antiquarian Ernest Marwick could find no evidence to prove that this was actually the case. He did however discover that the main portion of the stone - the holed section - survived into the 1940s before it too was destroyed. This portion of the stone had been used as an anchor for a horse-powered mill shaft and was shifted around the parish of Stenness as the mill changed hands.

It remained on the same spot for some time until it was finally decided to replace the horse-drawn mill with an engine driven threshing machine. The mill was uprooted and lay around with the surviving segment of the Odin Stone gathering moss until one day the farmer's son decided to clean up the area and remove the old machinery. Unable to move the stone, and ignorant of its history, he smashed the fabled remains to pieces. His unwitting destruction of the stone finally closed a chapter of Orkney history and roused the considerable wrath of his father who exclaimed: "You had no damned business to break that stone: that was the Stone of Odin that came from Barnhouse!"

It's Getting Late Wed Apr 12 19:09:42 EDT 2000


Mothra Wed Apr 12 19:11:43 EDT 2000

Too late! The answer is - One of it's legs is both the same.

Brain Salad Surgery Wed Apr 12 19:14:05 EDT 2000

Why Mr Greg Lake of course and he might still have the odd double-neck.

Who wants to be a millionaire Wed Apr 12 19:16:01 EDT 2000

OOOOOH another competition - please can I take the photographs and post them on my webshite.

It's Me Wed Apr 12 19:17:02 EDT 2000


It is is said, that once you have passed the buttocks of your best friend's wife through the holed stone at Men-an-Tol, Cornwall, you will never shake with pasties in middle-age.

Karen says hi.

It;s not me Wed Apr 12 19:19:21 EDT 2000

I would rather shake with Pastis on a secluded beach in France?

Ooh you Cosmo Wed Apr 12 19:23:52 EDT 2000

How very neu-citizen of you K-O-S-M-O-P-O-L-I-T-A-N!

Hi Karen Wed Apr 12 19:24:09 EDT 2000

So its down the doggen duck on Saturday then? Have a bit of a chinwag and back to yours via the Doner shop?

Neu! Age Wed Apr 12 19:26:13 EDT 2000


Its in bed with booze. Wed Apr 12 19:27:52 EDT 2000

There's only us stone-pilots left, and my lawn mowers has been rolling too readily. More shit than wit am I!

'Be true to thou self. As thou be not false to others'

Bacon: Essays.

Sleep Tight Wed Apr 12 19:30:15 EDT 2000
Nightie Night
Sleepy Tight
Dreamy Dreams
Dawn Breaks
Another Neu! day.
A Better Poet Thu Apr 13 01:44:08 EDT 2000
Early to rise,
and early to bed
Makes a man healthy & wealthy
But socially dead.
Russ Thu Apr 13 03:08:55 EDT 2000

I've read 45 its OK you get the idea that he hated Julian and whould kiss Mac's feet. There is another packet of the famous PEGGY SUICIDE PROMO SEEDS on eBay at the moment and thier are 20 hours left


Annexus Odd-in Rules Thu Apr 13 04:20:07 EDT 2000

Thanks for your contributions, guys. That is the why I like this list to be. Mmmm...

Carpediem mark_silver@cyphergroup.com Thu Apr 13 05:41:21 EDT 2000

I have read 45 and, indeed, it is a must


Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Thu Apr 13 06:47:11 EDT 2000

Re: 45 - Review coming up on the Screaming Secrets site (as soon as the Culture Bunker section is finished) as well as a passing nod to Drummond's other books, such as From The Shores Of Lake Placid.

I never got the impression that Bill D hated Copey. I think Drummond was disappointed that the Teardrops just seemed to be such a mess compared to the Bunnymen. There's also a lot of the mystical/mythical in Drummond's relationship with the Bunnymen. That stuff about the Crocodiles sleeve was spooky stuff.

Paul B

elizabeth LAMANTIAE@.NOACSC.ORG/ Thu Apr 13 09:56:22 EDT 2000

what do you have to say about people using their cell phones while driving????? liz

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Thu Apr 13 11:28:03 EDT 2000

For all its worth..

I don't think that Bill Drummond hates Julian at all, when I went to see Julian at a Press/Charity thing in Bath about 6 years ago (ish - my minds not what it used to be when it comes to times...)Bill was there and so was Dave Balfe... (and Rooster - all getting along quite merrily)...

I think its all been hyped and blown out of all porportion to make a good story...... (Maybe Ian and Julian still don't - but who knows apart from themselves)..

Let us know about Sat Izzy - probably go to the Rising Sun....

Nat xx

Annexus Odd-in Rules Thu Apr 13 16:11:12 EDT 2000


45 Thu Apr 13 18:59:48 EDT 2000

Does drummond mention anything about the jumper he wore on the sleeve of his solo album in 45?

rich Thu Apr 13 19:08:02 EDT 2000

talking of bill drummond - I finally got to hear 'julian cope is dead' as it's one of only two tracks pulled up by searchi for JC on Macster (guess what the other one is). Quite an amusing little tune, except that he doesnt really finish it properly,. And why does he sing it in that silly voice

Santisan- is santiago Mozas your name or part of the address?? sorry for asking such a silly question, but....umm..it is isnt it. Okey

Paul B ss@arc23.com Thu Apr 13 20:47:20 EDT 2000

Silly voices?

Haven't you heard Cindy And The Barbi Dolls by Big In Japan?

Now I mention it, ANYTHING by Big In Japan ;-)

Paul B

..and they were still brilliant!

78 Fri Apr 14 08:29:45 EDT 2000

I've got some jumpers but most of them have no sleeves - are they worth anything?

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Fri Apr 14 08:31:03 EDT 2000


Santiago Mozas is my name.

Not a silly question for spanish non-speakers.

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Fri Apr 14 08:56:22 EDT 2000

I've seen the photos of Brain Donor in the head heritage web site, and they look great, but i can't imagine how they sound.

What about that bootleg tape it always comes out? Does any of you have an audio document of the gig?

I can' believe it.

33 1/3 Fri Apr 14 09:13:48 EDT 2000

Dear 78

I have some sleeves, now if someone has some spare wool & a needle we colud get a clancy brothers revival going.

I'm also try try try(ing)to get hold of brain doner is there anybody out there that could help.

Nat Man I feel like a wombat..... Fri Apr 14 09:36:06 EDT 2000

Someone please help me, I can't stop singing Shinia Twain AHHHHHHHH

According to the NME (www.nme.com) Ian MacCulloch will soon be gracing us with yet another solo album.... woo hooooo can't wait... and for those interested the names Julian Cope and Bill Drummond are mentioned in the article..... (Also some solo stuff from Wiilllllll too...)

Yippeeeeee.... Thank Crunchie its Friday.......


Carpediem Man I feel like a Drummond Fri Apr 14 09:42:41 EDT 2000

Some bunny activity at last Nat. There's supposed to be a 6-track ep comping out by the bunnies as well later on in the year.

Mac's supposed to be in America doing stuff with FLC

I just want to see 'em play live...missed 'em at Leeds 99 last year. Hope Mac has got a new top...that white thing didn't suit it...

I'm bored. Can you tell?


Pedro I write here because I once thought it was cool Fri Apr 14 11:17:01 EDT 2000

I know Julian but who are these Ian or Bill?

13 Fri Apr 14 13:44:33 EDT 2000

I have some nice pattern that you could look at.

Russ Takes The Biscuit Fri Apr 14 13:47:06 EDT 2000

e-mail Russ via julian-cope.com for your donor cards.

Nobody Fri Apr 14 17:51:03 EDT 2000

But I have arms so I need those sleeves.

Nobody new Rail On! entry Fri Apr 14 17:58:22 EDT 2000

I have calculated that Julian boots are 2 ft 7 1/2 inches in height, with a platform of 8 1/4 inches. Now that means that he is now taller than me by 1/2 inch. When I stand against the wall I mark a line and everyday I grow a little bit taller, standing in my stocking feet that is. By Tuesday I will be taller that Julian by 1/4 inch.

Gino Padula pete@saturn7.freeserve.co.uk Fri Apr 14 18:03:49 EDT 2000

If anyone is interested in QE2, check out the Head to Head pages on the HH site, as we're trying to pester HH into a re-issue. Down With Elitism!

Having said that, whoever is willing to sell me an original copy of QE2 can name their price!

Anyone got any tapes/mini-discs/CDs of Cornucopea ? I heard some are circulating, so I'd love a copy of Copey's sets, Brain Donor, QE, Skyray, Ash Ra.

I've also got a spare copy of Cornucopea CD Programme, which I'll send to the (non-owning Cornucopea CD Programme) person who tells me the funniest joke.

Love To All

Gino Padula

Bill Drummond Fri Apr 14 18:13:04 EDT 2000

I have laid my greedy hands on a million pounds of used bank notes that are about to be destroyed by the bank. They are therefore worthless. What do I do with them?

malt eser Fri Apr 14 18:17:13 EDT 2000

don't you just love doing that with a straw and a mouth and a willing partner.

I write here because I saw someone do it once Fri Apr 14 18:38:28 EDT 2000

Dear Nobody

Julian's boots, yeepee! At last someone has decided to write about it. I have been waiting for the answer for ages.

How about Bill's horn? And Ian's bedbugs? I love these men though I do not know who they are.

See you

Tinky Winky

(Anonymous) Fri Apr 14 19:01:07 EDT 2000

Dear Tinky

I really liked Texas the other day. They are brilliant live, aren't they?

Take care at the pool. Beware of goggles underwater. Wear thick a swimming suit.



Boots Are made for walking Fri Apr 14 19:11:16 EDT 2000

Julian's are made for smile solos! ((((;:: x,kd-----df((( .com

what is all that american crap?

Swimming Hats Fri Apr 14 19:16:45 EDT 2000

When you go swimming remember to wear a hat as the plughole gets clogged up with all your dirty filthy stinking hair which falls out due to all the chemicals that are either in the water/sewage or are added to keep it nice and kleen.

Doggen thee_doggen@hotmail.com Fri Apr 14 20:05:49 EDT 2000

The message about the new TC Lethbridge stuff is inconsistent with facts. The real members of the band (who wrote and performed and recorded all the music) have already released some of it under the name of Earthworm on Earworm Records. The material referred to in the message in question belongs to Kev Bales and Doggen (the actual people who wrote and recorded the mentioned music) and rights vested in such material in terms of songs and recordings belong exclusively to them. Any unauthorised use of this material is in breach of copyright under the 1988 Copyright, Design and Patents Act.

The Wrong Facts bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sat Apr 15 04:59:24 EDT 2000

So is Flint getting into trouble once more? In any case, I am happy as long as there is lots of Doggen guitar.

Nobody Sat Apr 15 05:14:32 EDT 2000

And lots of those anarchic face pulling poses.

rich Sat Apr 15 05:59:33 EDT 2000


cd now deffo on its way - with your name attached. Even without being Spanish I'm peeved at not realising for sure that Santiago is a name - how could I forget about Santiago Durango!! Major Pixie hero. D'oh.


The Wrong Facts bobsyecho@hotmail.com Sat Apr 15 06:26:05 EDT 2000

Point taken. How can we get Earthworm?

Paul B ss@arc23.com Sat Apr 15 07:41:38 EDT 2000

Screaming Secrets is still waiting on that copy of Moon Equipped we were promised, well - moons ago;-)

Paul Gifford psgifford@aol.com Sat Apr 15 13:02:22 EDT 2000

Wow...This is a cool site...Been listening to Julian for twenty years...seen him life many years...even opening for Queen with Joan jet!!! Huge fan!! Now I life in California...things are much harder.Perhaps one day he will head this direction.

Anyone have some news email me please........

The bouncing baby..................Paul

Nobody Sat Apr 15 14:03:40 EDT 2000

How come the postings re 'HH vs Rail-On' are all on the HH site - now doesn't that tell you something?

Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Sat Apr 15 19:02:42 EDT 2000

I luv Rail On

Neu! Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Apr 15 19:05:16 EDT 2000

Hello friends, fiends and new(old) Rail-Off-Roaders.

Now that its been two weeks since the event of the year, so far, what are your recollections - Stupid? Stupendous? good ? or maybe undecided ? or then again overrated? crap even? - any thoughts?

I cannot believe how quiet you've all been - what has happened? There must have been at least 50% of us there, then we spent about 3 days talking about it and then....................!? (*.*)



Neu! Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Apr 16 07:09:11 EDT 2000

I have been asked 'what is on the Cornucopea Programme CD?':

Remember everyone this CD was free and therefore it has no value and should never have, so all spare copies should be sent to whoever and wherever.

Gennaro is still on the look out for anyone to send him a copy: balubaa@tiscalinet.it

phase one
Queen Elizabeth - Temple of Diana 12:20
Julian Cope - Ver 10:30
Universal Panzies - Krautrock Lovesong 7:55
Skyray - Neptune Variations 5:55
Kid Strange & the Doctors of Madness - The Noises of the Evening 8:37
phase two
The Groundhogs - Split Part 1  4:21
Stone Circle - Reef On 5:07
Anal - The Star-shaped Individual in Society 2:51
Thighpaulsandra - Limping Across the Sky 8:05
Coil - Time Machines (Excerpt) 5:20

All quiet on the western front!


Shrimp (*.*)

Paul B ss@arc23.com www.arc23.com/ss/ Sun Apr 16 09:02:18 EDT 2000

Info and pics on the Cornucopea CD are available on the Screaming Secrets website (address above) as well as an extensive review of the event itself (and with nice piccies of Brain Donor etc).

Paul B

PS: A confession: I sold a spare copy of my CD on E-Bay for a "3-figure sum". I subsequently used the money on a mixture of drugs, alcohol, and wild living. I now realise this was neither big nor clever and that this is exactly the sort of crazed debauchery that makes Baby Jesus cry. I can only pray for forgiveness and strength - especially as I have *another* spare copy and next weekend is coming up fast...

Buzzard zbird@ic24.net Sun Apr 16 16:45:27 EDT 2000

Hello, even you drug fuelled capitalists!

Just freshly squeezed by the Rollright Stones, oh joy. Some kind soul left a tiny little folding and rusty bike there so's (presumably) I could visit the Whispering Knights stones, a field away, without resorting to my crip-sticks! A great and big buzzard was hovering as we approached. I am the Universe. And so are you. So there.

Bee Blest X

PS Also saw Ettington Park, where they filmed the original 'Haunting', it doesn't look anywhere near as scary in full colour with 20 Lifestyler 4X4's parked outside.

Wish you were here

Prudish Charmers.

Neu! Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sun Apr 16 18:01:10 EDT 2000

And pretty much quiet on the eastern front as well.

It will be all over by christmas(CE)!


Shrimp (*.*)

c30c60c90 Sun Apr 16 18:51:35 EDT 2000

To go back to this jumper of Bill Drummonds and the debate on sleeves, I say sleevless as I have no arms, do you think Paul McCartney would go out with me?

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't win Mon Apr 17 08:41:11 EDT 2000

K2 Plant hire STILL have unfinished business. Lock up your Rollright Stones, seal off your Men-an-tol, and anoint your own genius.

P.S. What have you learnt? ... anything is possible. Don't forget to sign on.

carpediem make mine a 99 Mon Apr 17 08:52:59 EDT 2000

Interesting feature in Q magazine this month. Big article on Drummond being a bit of a nutter really. Nice photo of him branding some book or other...presumably 45.

Anyone read Bad Wisdom...I'm near the end...but don't seem to be getting any closer...

Here's another Drummond book that I've ordered. Not sure what it's about...


Nat Mon Apr 17 09:35:25 EDT 2000

Hello carpediem my angelcake.... Decided where you be camping yet? Need a place to draw you a map!!

Nice naked photo of Iggy Iggy Iggy oi oi oi in 'Rolling Stone' (I think - was too overcome by the cover to take much notice of the title) this month....drooolll iggy Pop.....hmmmmm

I've read Bad Wisdom - very funny, very funny ho ho ho..... tell me more about this new one...

Speak to you soon...

N xxx (Love to Pristeen)

Nat Mon Apr 17 10:32:26 EDT 2000

Sorry, that made me sound really shallow.. I actually respect Iggy for his brains, talent and his ability to match accessories (shoes, bags and earings)... also the way he handles leather clad bikers in a moment of crisis, not just for his body....

I am a woman of the new millenium...

Nat xx ;-)

ron Mon Apr 17 14:15:14 EDT 2000

Hmmm, so how does Mr. Pop handle leather clad bikers? Could come in handy in my case.

By the by, Mr. Postman has twice rejected my package. Hope to get it right next try, can you say third time is a charm?


rich Mon Apr 17 14:49:29 EDT 2000

A three figure sum for Cornucopea??!! Ogh lor, and, being an incompetent bum, I still haven't posted the one I promised to Santisan. No no I couldnt, could I.

A three figure sum...

NO. I'll go to the Post Office now. Damn its shut. mmm temptation....


Borrowed the best of the Groundhogs from the library this week -damnedly fine,except for Amazing Grace. Good old dirty blues, like Rory Gallagher at his best. The only (very slightly) odd thing is that it has Splitm parts 1 2 &4 - but not 3, which just seems a little odd. Anyone now if there's a good reason, like its really long? non-existent? crap?

btw - anyone know where I could get some pics from the Seattle riots? much needed to annoy people at work - tho the way things are going, I'll be able to get some awfully similar ones in the next few days.

rich Mon Apr 17 16:09:24 EDT 2000

Oh yeah - forgot to mention. The latest Record Collector lists the top 500 'most collectable' artists, and there's Jules at 197 - up from 256 whenever the last survey was done. Tragically, this is more than a hundred places below Marillion. Ooh, shudder, scary.

A three figure sum? God I hope he means $3.99

Nobody new Rail On! entry Mon Apr 17 16:28:34 EDT 2000

three fingers up his bum more like.

Non-Expectant Idiot http://www.it.ubc.ca/accounts/interchange.html Mon Apr 17 16:48:05 EDT 2000

All Hail the mighty Annexus Quam, whom progresses the discussion thru finding out how many cells there are in our brains... not by getting to know more & more who we are.

Neu! Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Mon Apr 17 17:31:41 EDT 2000

A big welcome to Lynn if she made it.


ZiggyPopGun. Mon Apr 17 23:16:53 EDT 2000

Just got a tape of the Panzies playing in a big hall.It's not the Corny Gig... One huge 60 min track "Steifen", the introduction says there are 14(!!!!) people on stage.Sounds like FAUST circa 1972/73. Anyone any clues as to where and when it is.

ZPG :-|

Santisan sicigia@correo.cop.es Tue Apr 18 10:08:35 EDT 2000


resist the temptation... probably Paul B is referrring to 3 figures in a figurative way.

 _ _ |
 o o |
  L  D
  ~ |
rich Tue Apr 18 13:13:53 EDT 2000

Well yes - you'd have to refer to three 'figures' figuratively wouldnt you?

Brain cells did kick into place tho when I was in the Post Office, cd on its way - if I'm ever in Valencia, I expect serious hospitality. Enjoy. A lot.

Groundhogs playing in Nottingham on thursday, tempting...

(Anonymous) Tue Apr 18 16:13:52 EDT 2000

if anyones interested theres a copy of cornucopea on ebay right now


andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Tue Apr 18 18:29:33 EDT 2000

The opening price is £25 for god's sake! Obviously a lot of us couldn't make it to the meltdown and would dearly love a copy but that is just crazy! A quick visit to the universal currency converter site tells me that that is $39.40US, and even worse for us here in the great white north it is $58.36Canadian - and the auction hasn't really started yet.

I know someone will buy it as there are lots of us, as I said, who want it, and there are a lot of folk out there with more money than me, but come on! This makes me sad.

Mothra Tue Apr 18 19:08:59 EDT 2000

The march of the human mind is slow.


The waltz of human greed is both dizzying and precise in its progress.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Apr 18 19:24:09 EDT 2000

I just might bid to get the price as high as possible and then not go through with the transaction - capitalist pig.

shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Tue Apr 18 19:28:34 EDT 2000

Sod it lets go for it everyone I will start the bidding!

justin jncoboy6559 www.rules.southpark.com Tue Apr 18 19:56:11 EDT 2000

I won,t to add a page

Paul Rangecroft paul@prangecroft.freeserve.co.uk Wed Apr 19 02:22:19 EDT 2000

Poet is Priest ... re-directed e-male, if you please.

(Anonymous) Wed Apr 19 05:31:27 EDT 2000
  . \ ' ' / .
 ._' __^__ '_.
andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Wed Apr 19 10:16:38 EDT 2000


The thought entered my mind about bidding to make the price ridiculous and then not following through, but you have to watch it as there have been quite a few cases of this happening and they are on the look out for it. It can screw you up too if you ever do buy anything for real, as I do occaisionally. I think we should all email the person directly and diplomatically let them know how we feel, or better still email the people who are bidding, especially the person who wins the final bidding, and then if anyone has a spare copy of the cd, perhaps we could send it to them for free as long as they don't buy the eBay one. - Andrew

andrew again Wed Apr 19 10:44:18 EDT 2000

I also think that the person selling the cd, whoever they are, made a bit of an error as they would have been way better off selling the cd on the US based eBay site and not the UK one, as it doesn't show up on the US site. Afterall there are a lot more folk over here that didn't make it to the weekend. (I guess this is the greedhead part of me thinking too, so I apologise). - Andrew

Nat Wed Apr 19 11:25:18 EDT 2000

I've got a cunning plan....

Why don't you give the three figure sum you've just sold your CD for to the Charity I work for! We've just re-housed some of our lovely homeless in some of our move-on flats and they need some furniture!! I promise it will make you feel good.....

Actually if anyone has anything spare, please let me know (serious plea)

Nat xxx ;-)

Nat perky_jean@nme.com Wed Apr 19 11:30:19 EDT 2000

Sorry I should have said - spare furniture, crockery, bedding etc.

Though thousands of pounds in cash would be gratefully received - maybe I should contact Bill Drummond!!! ;-)

Any serious offers mail me and I'll give you my phone number, collection available if local to Hampshire/Somerset/Wiltshire/Dorset area...(oh how I love Dorset so lots of stuff from Dorset please!!) oh sod it anywhere I could do with a holiday....

Nat xxx

(You don't ask you don't get!!)

(Anonymous) Wed Apr 19 11:49:50 EDT 2000
 . \ ' ' / .
._' __^__ '_.
Izzy mumu@soton.ac.uk Wed Apr 19 12:10:18 EDT 2000

I had to log on to find out what that previous message said - cos it looks stupid in ascii all those &nbsp s ... so I'm here now. No Cope news though, no nothing. Did buy Select this week which has free CD with another version of SWSTK YS on it. Perhaps I could sell that for a 3 figure sum on Ebay. Belbin, you are a model citizen and should be proud of your self control.

Chris, you hit my website 58 times last week, was it the photos of me in dungerees????



Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Wed Apr 19 12:30:42 EDT 2000


I was once the proud owner of a set of University homepages, and I got all nostalgic, what can I say? But... 58 times? 58 hits in total maybe, but... certainly not 58 seperate visits! I'm all embarrassed. "HH Webmaster stalking CopeFan..." ...surely some confusion?!! I've emptied my disk-cache like the noble person I might be...

Chris xx

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Apr 19 13:10:57 EDT 2000

If you wish to e-mail bob and tell him what you think then try bob@pixeljuice.co.uk

Thanks for the support.



karen jehovah23@hotmail.com Wed Apr 19 14:13:38 EDT 2000

i stumbled upon this site recently , and i've noticed that someone called bob is selling their cornucopea cd. this seems to have upset some people . I went to the event on the saturday night- cope was superb, queen elizabeth and sky ray were phenomenal.i got a cd too. I'll sell mine if anyone wants it , I liked the idea of it but the music for the most part is a bit dire(groundhogs, kid strange , coil, and pansies).

I could keep the cover and get shot of the disc for a reduced fee! oh and i thought that the venue was amazing, an inspired choice.

dont be so hard on bob- we dont know him maybe he needs the money.

andrew common.era@hotbot.com Wed Apr 19 14:59:17 EDT 2000


I hear what you are saying and I agree, to an extent. I too have a few Cope items that I intend at some date to try and sell on eBay. Perhaps Bob does need the money, although it looks like he works for a UK based media company, Pixeljuice, so he's probably doing ok. If he was on welfare then I applaud him for being able to afford a computer and internet access etc.

My point is more to do with the starting price of the auction, £25. OK so it would probably go higher than that but please start it at a reasonable price to at least give us the cheapo thrill of bidding on eBay.

I frequent eBay more than I probably should (especially as I am at work) and in my experience those items that are initially priced low tend to end up the highest as people get caught up in the bidding. When the price is initially high then I think people are put off getting into it.

As you can see there are many Cope fans all around the world who could not make it to the weekend. We all would have loved to have been there and got our free cd souvenir. those who were able to go, especially to both days walked away with 2 copies, and in some cases where a couple went together then they now have 4 copies and there are so many of out here that would love to see and hear just one.

I think it peeved us simply because the cd was a freebie initially and any money he makes is pure profit. My advice to those looking to sell their copy is wait a while, at least six months. There are going to be quite a few copies flying around initially so wait until it settles down and there are non up for grabs anywhere.

With love - Andrew

ZiggyPopGun Wed Apr 19 15:41:42 EDT 2000

About as dire as your punctuation and grammar bonny lass.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Apr 19 16:00:32 EDT 2000

As I understand it Cornucopea was originally planned as a one day event with the CD being issued as you purchased tickets via the box office. Once the extra day was added this then must have caused HH and Julian some rethink over the Cd its content etc. Therefore it seems perfectly likely that this meant a delay in the production of the CD and it was then decided to give it to punters as they arrived. Obviously the extra day being added means that there are as Andrew rightly says a lot of surplus Cd's out there which over time will surface on the likes of e-bay. My problem is that there are so many surplus CD's out there that there should not be a shortage at this current time and hence the Cd's should in theory currently be worthless to those fortunate enough to have spares. We all know that there are a lot of Copehead's around the world who could not attend for varying reasons and it seem perfectly right and proper that at least some of those spares find there way to those unfortunate individuals at a very low cost.

As part of the glorius institution of global copeness all those contributing to spreading the world of cope should partake in this activity.

There will always be greedheads, but there are limits on their greed.



Izzy what the hell am I doing thinking anyway? Wed Apr 19 16:17:59 EDT 2000

Good on ya Chris, don't want to see you going the way of G*ry Gl*tter now, do we?

Hello Karen, welcome on board. Call me anal but, even though I can't see that I'll be listening to the CD very much, I can't face parting with it. Like all those mud-encrusted festival programmes...


bob dobbs bob@pixeljuice.co.uk Wed Apr 19 18:47:52 EDT 2000


my name is bob, although it may actually be mud on this list.

i have read with interest the thoughts of those who do not like the idea of me parting with my free cd for cash.

now i have to be honest, like karen, i dont quite like the tunes on the cd and my girlfriend has one i can always listen too.

so i thought i recoup some cash that had gone towards the most excellent evening put on by copey et al.

believe me it was superb, i shall never be able to go to some dark and dank rock venue again without thinking of the warm welcome by jc, the quality surroundings, and sublime music (groundhogs &kid strange excepted.)

anyhow, to the point - i have cancelled the auction. (although i do believe that i did not cancel mr shrimps bid of £25 squids.)

so shrimp - heres the plan. i propose that you do not follow through this bid, and i shall put the cd on US Ebay (for as Andrew states I did cock it up) and i shall forward the cash to Nats charity - who knows it could get a 3 figure sum from someone who wants it, who can afford it and everybodies hunkydory.

my word is my bond.

ps - Andrew, Pixeljuice is just a free email account although it would be nice to have a job there !!

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Wed Apr 19 18:53:05 EDT 2000

If you really do that mate then I will add some cash myself to the charity coffers..... and my word is my bond as well!

All cherish to Bob and apologies for any offence that I probably caused.

Shrimp (*.*)

Chris chris@kleber.net http://www.headheritage.co.uk Wed Apr 19 20:03:37 EDT 2000

Don't worry Izz,

I assume you're over 18 (having met you), and those dungarees left plenty to the imagination (and you'll be relieved to hear that my stinking cold has left me with very little of that...), so I think my (not-so-secret) secret is still safe...

Everyone else - big 'ups' to the charity thing! Now I feel really bad for my post-Cornucopea offer to trade my Cornucopea CD as part/exchange towards a copy of QE2. But... is there ANYONE out there that wants to part with their copy?

Ta, luvs

Chris xx

Russ russ@julian-cope.com http://www.julian-cope.com Thu Apr 20 03:08:59 EDT 2000


Well done Bob what a guy!!! Well i've not posted for a while i've been ill and I'm trying to clear the backlog of work before I go on holiday!!! 2 weeks in LA/Las Vegas.....I'm sorry for not getting in touch about the CD's I should have them ready to burn over the weekend but I don't think i'll have them ready before I go away so if you could just wait a little longer. They are worth the wait............


Russ russ@julian-cope.com Thu Apr 20 03:15:41 EDT 2000

Its also my birthday today which I share with a guy called A. Hitler! and yes i'm 36. I leave to go on holiday on the 28th and my brother is going to stop at our house to look after the place and grab my e-mails. Well could you post some weird e-mails for him after the 28th because he has never used the internet before and I want to get my own back his name is Rod

Thanks hope you can help


Nat perky_jean@nme.com Thu Apr 20 03:36:13 EDT 2000

Ahhhhh how lovely, you don't have to part with your cash Bob/Shrimp/anyone, if you don't want too!! But 'ta' for the offer, let me know if you are serious and you get a free Annual Report in exchange for the cash!! Can't say fairer than that!!! No worries if your not....

Oh its my birthday on 2nd May and I share mine with Alan Titchmarsh!!! Woo hoooo....

Izzy Beer Izzy Beer New Pub open Shirley High Street Now Hmmmmmm beer - phone me.. I'm in all weekend mending the lawnmower and doing amateur mechanics on my car!!!! Why do you always get a bit left over!!? ;-)

Oh Mr Belbin - what a wibbley wobbley world we live in eh!! ;-) Speak to you soon...

Nat xx

Santisan sicigia@correo.cope.es Thu Apr 20 09:29:31 EDT 2000

Rich, of course, you'll have serous hospitality.


Reynard the Fox Thu Apr 20 09:56:23 EDT 2000


You're a complete twat.

Everybody hates you .

Sqwubbsy Thu Apr 20 10:24:40 EDT 2000

No. Rubbish. I love Shrimp. I DO ;-)

a wing-ed girl

andrew common.era@hotbot.com http://www.trampolene.ca Thu Apr 20 10:43:59 EDT 2000

Who wrote that last posting? Sounds like a classic case of projection to me (what you see in other people is what you don't own about yourself). Come on, grow up a bit please. Anyway, on to better things...


You are a gentleman dude for sure. If I too offended you in any way then I do apologise, it was not my intention to offend you. My heart is warmed by the solution you came up with. The pixeljuice thing was just me trying to be clever. Thankfully my arrogance back fired and get to see that and learn from it.

In reflection to what I have already said about this, I now hope it does go for a 3 figure sum, with the decimal at the end, although I still think you'd be better off waiting until all the fuss dies down and all the multiple copies that people got have been distributed around and there are no more to be had (plus sell it on the US eBay). Just a thought. Anyway, I wish you the very best and now that you've found your way here, why not stick around? Your presence certainly brightened up the conversation round here and at HH. - Andrew

andrew Thu Apr 20 10:47:48 EDT 2000

Sqwubbsy got in there before me, I was refering to the Reynard post.

(Anonymous) Thu Apr 20 11:01:14 EDT 2000

see y'all after the break

Mothra Thu Apr 20 11:05:54 EDT 2000

Eastrogen and Tonics all round please bardman.

Ziggy PopGun Thu Apr 20 11:38:14 EDT 2000

ok then the price of the Corny CD... it wasnt technically a freebie as it was part of the admission price, instead of getting a Programme you got a wonderful CD. SO!!!!!! work out the percentage of ticket price dedicated to the production of the programme and then you'll maybe have a fair price to sell it at...better still ...GIVE IT AWAY.

Ps Shrimp is not a twat !!!!!!

the person who wrote that was probably the same dullard twat who heckled AshRaTempel. ZPG :-X

(Anonymous) Thu Apr 20 15:04:48 EDT 2000

I love this site.

But I would like it even better when there was nobody fooling around.

Or am I just too serious ???

Please stop posting crap, if you ask me !!

sorry to be anonymous, drudes

BUZZARD ZBIRD@IC24.NET Thu Apr 20 15:57:32 EDT 2000

Is not 'crap' subjective in itself? I own to writing none of course! Although I agree that insults are directed at oneself in a roundabout-fashion-karma-type. Rail on is great A.NOneemus! The internet is a place for sad and lonely people. The internet is a place for sociable forward-thinkers. The internet is an interesting sideline. Walking is better. Without Red Socks.

Nat, if you don't ask...! I've done some cribbing in my time (for Autistic children and another time for Cerebral Palsy), but I take off my hat to you, young lady! Why does a compliment sound like creeping in this ir(mor)onic age? Bee Blest

Has everyone visited HH and read about Mayday 2000 anti-capitalist brouha-ha...oh yes.

pugwash pugwash@dircon.co.uk Thu Apr 20 16:11:47 EDT 2000

I agree some people are getting silly, that's okay by me but some are just getting nasty and viscious.

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Thu Apr 20 19:35:05 EDT 2000

Today I feel good about a lot of things so I have decided to not post any crap - for a change!

That is crap though and also not anon-e-mouse.

Nat - My word is still my honour. That is not crap.

Cherish to all the good people of the world and especially to all those lovely people who call me a twat! Today I just do not care as there are far more important issues that need a resolution, but tommorrow is another day - something to do with a Bank Holiday (now what is all that about) and it being Good Friday (I like the sound of that one!)

Shrimp (*.*)

Marc marcraude@yahoo.de Fri Apr 21 03:52:34 EDT 2000

For fans of Michael Moon - Eye ( and we are all, aren't we ? ) :

Along with some other guy, he is releasing a new album under the name "Applecraft", which is coming out very soon. I have already ordered it and will post a review here as soon as I have it.

I don't know anything about this project, but I am optimistic that it will be good...

If you want more information, check out www.ochre.co.uk


...Easty rising

The Elephant kevindg@freenetname.co.uk Fri Apr 21 04:18:10 EDT 2000

Help - Doctors of Madness - Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

Anyone got a tape of Kid Strange at the Corny?? Will swap for Cope at the Pink Toothbrush, Rayleigh 11/8/86.

At the very least can someone tell me the Kid's set list?

Why has the Kid not been mentioned much - one of the best things there? Is he going to come out agian?


(Anonymous) Fri Apr 21 06:15:01 EDT 2000

I don't know about Kid Stange coming out again. I'm sure that I saw an article in the paper that he had been done for shoplifting in (I think) Swansea of all places


(Anonymous) Fri Apr 21 07:14:39 EDT 2000

I'm pretty sure that it was Steve Strange who was caught shoplifting in Swansea - or are they the same person (not that up on my 80's type ex-pop stars!)

Buzzard Fri Apr 21 19:21:58 EDT 2000

All promise and life to the Mom, I think I'm moving back to the bosom of nature.

Please let it be, the ratmosphere is killing me here...

Blessed all X

Annexus Quam OdinRules Sat Apr 22 11:15:46 EDT 2000

Just back from Marrakesh and see anonymous posts galore. A bitter unknown is lurking in the shadows. Me and Miss Fortune seem to get all the blame but we are the most conspicuous ones, we always blush in odinistic bliss.

What is this charitable business? My copy of Cornucopea goes to the person in charge then, I cancel the HH free offer giveaway. Who do I send it to?

Earthworm, Applecraft...

Shrimp midsuffolk@unisonfree.net Sat Apr 22 14:44:47 EDT 2000

Welcome back my fried to the show that never ends I'm so glad you could attend come inside in all your guises!

Cherish and especially Malesch.

Shrimp (*.*)

Burro Boy Odd-in Rules Sat Apr 22 17:07:42 EDT 2000

Fried indeed, Shrimp, especially when the temperature was in the 90s and the little donkeys circulated freely everywhere where automobiles are expected to circulate in "civilised" countries. Ever-smiling people up and down hills and never losing their sense of irony or of the moment. Some very serious tourists got mugged too.


Mugged? The Tourist Trap Sat Apr 22 19:32:49 EDT 2000

I am glad that I am not serious then old boy.

Gennaro nexus6@infinito.it Sun Apr 23 06:13:53 EDT 2000

MALESCH : are you the one who posted the Wyatt tribute concert on alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.bootlegs ?


BUZZARD MORFEFOREST Sun Apr 23 06:37:01 EDT 2000

Welcome back O sunshine!

Lots of Quam Odd-in Rules Sun Apr 23 07:45:40 EDT 2000

Aha! Anonymous speaks again! Mugged tea every morning, love it.

Sunshine speaks in tongues in the countryside, Buzz-boy. Midlands traffic jams and grand prix paranoia is hopefully not reaching you.

Gennaro, I wish I had, cos I like Wyatt. He always had an otherworldly aura. Glad to know there are connaissants of Agitation Free around...or is Malesch part of a different esoteric scene?

Thom Sun Apr 23 08:35:03 EDT 2000

Not jammin, theta-cruisin', we leave the rest to the not-so-grand-pricks.

Does anyone think Brain Donor should be available on disc or tape? I am eating my words. Mmmmm. Give me love.

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