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Deception Bay

Deception Bay - Fortune Days thumbnail

Fortune Days ARCHIVE SERIES (1985)


  1. Days of Issue
  2. Lay Down and Wait
  3. My Color Flag
  4. Raven
  5. Watching the Right Fall
  6. Fortune Days
  7. Still This Rival
  8. With Not a Sound
  9. Ride
  10. Straight On
Fourth release in the IPR Archive Series. The first recordings from this intriguing band are raw, subtly powerful snapshots of the emotional vision of Jay Dunn and Carl Boland. Early Factory references again here. Wrapped in letterpress-printed graphite paper in a numbered edition of 2000 copies.
EP $8.00 (06)
Colored vinyl version $11.00 (06) (ltd. stock)
This stuff is great! To me, it sounds like Savage Republic meets Joy Division. Dark, jammy, trancy, guitar-oriented post-punk.

Debut LP (1988)


  1. Since You Followed
  2. Hook This Chain
  3. Not Far From This
  4. Ride
  5. For the Season
First release by this Boston-based trio is raw, screaming guitar stuff and highly recommended. Cassette comes with letterpress printed folding insert.
cassette $3.50 (03)
LP $5.00 (08)
Nice! These intense jams feel like instrumentals, although there are (atonal) vocals thrown in there. The first two songs are probably my favorite Deception Bay songs.

My Color Flag Letterpress edition (1991)


  1. Fortune Days
  2. All My Future
  3. Fence and Flag
  4. On My Side
  5. Where Am I Now
  6. The Place I'm Going
  7. It'll Be My Day
  8. Getting Scared
New studio recordings from this monster bond. This record grabs your attention from the first groove and takes you for a ride you won't soon forget. Eight songs guaranteed to give you your money's worth, and packaged in a unique letterpress-printed silver foil folder. Presently available only in this limited edition vinyl release.
LP $9.00 (09)
More cool jams from this great band. I wish I could find this band on CD!

See also "Posters & Stamps" and "FREEBIES".


Dentists - Charms and the Girl thumbnail


Fifth release in the IPR Archive Series is the first U.S. release for this wonderful British band. Seven songs taken from unreleased demos dating from 1984-1987, this is a perfect introduction to THE DENTISTS' jangly-rockin' 60's-influenced pop psychedelia, and a fine addition for those who are already fans of this band. Edition of 2000 with the usual letterpress die cut sleeve.
10" EP $10.00 (07)

Dressed (1992)

We've gotten in a quantity of this Homestead Records release compiling most of their early recordings on one CD. An excellent compilation, showcasing their more psychedelic early phase of great pop music. A lot of wonderful songs on this album.
CD $12.50 (04)
...a treasure trove of impish wordplay and wall-to-wall hooks, with tunes like "Strawberries are Growing in My Garden (and It's Wintertime)," "She Dazzled Me With Basil," "I Had an Excellent Dream," and "Just Live Oliver Reed" sounding every bit as sharp as their titles.
This has some nice tunes on it, but the production is a little too bright for my tastes.

The Dentists 7" Single Trilogy

A 3-single set of great, catchy songs put out in collaboration by Independent Project Records, Bus Stop Records, and Homestead Records. Each single includes a short poem by a pal of the band as part of the "Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil," concept which ties the three singles together. Purchase the singles individually below or buy the whole trilogy at a special discount. You won't want to own one without the others, trust us!
7" Trilogy $12.00 (07)

Charms And The Girl/Leave Me Alive

Independent Project Records' part of the trilogy. A true gem of a single. Beautiful IPR letterpress cover.
7" single $4.25 (03)

Box of Sun

Homestead Records' part of the trilogy. A great single well worth having
7" single $4.25 (03)

Outside Your Inside

Bus Stop Records' part of the trilogy. Also great, and well worth having.
7" single $4.15 (03)

Powdered Lobster Fiasco LP (1993)

Homestead Records took the three singles in the "Hear No Evil..." series, removed the poetry, and added four more recordings to compile this CD, which is one of the more powerful albums these pop gods have created yet. We've acquired some copies to add to our ever-growing catalogue.
CD $12.50 (04)
The ten-track Powdered Lobster Fiasco is just as tuneful and energetic [as Dressed], with increased lyrical depth that enhances the resonance of tunes like "Charms and the Girl," "Outside Your Inside," and "I Can See Your House From Up Here."

Digital Sex

Digital Sex - Dervish Dance thumbnail Digital Sex - Essence thumbnail Digital Sex - Essence and Charm thumbnail Digital Sex - Essence and Rarities thumbnail

See my Digital Sex web site for reviews, cover scans, sound samples, and availability of each of these releases.

Working at a safe distance form the music world's stylistic hotspots, this Omaha, Nebraska, trio recasts the delicate art-rock of recent English progressives (the Durutti Column and Eyeless in Gaza come to mind) and the gentler side of Ultravox-y techno-pop with unpretentious Midwest sincerity and small-scale forthrightness.

Dervish Dance 7" (1983)


  1. Dervish Dance
  2. How Many More Times
These both appear on the Essence and Charm compilation. "Dervish Dance" is catchy and ska-ish. "How Many More Times" is more typical of their sound, with more active guitar and greater complexity.

Essence (1985)


  1. Whisper Words
  2. Steps Toward Freedom
  3. In Her Smile
  4. Oceans of Space
  5. Second Wind
  6. Sex in the Spring
  7. Roses on Wednesday
  8. Within These Walls
  9. I Can't Wait
Offers nine diverse songs tastefully crafted in shifting instrumental permutations of Dereck Higgins (bass, keyboards, drums, guitar), John Tingle (guitar), and Steve Sheehan (vocals, keyboards). Although colorless at times, the excellently played material is soothing and substantial, and occasionally quite pretty.
These 9 tracks are all on the Essence and Rarities and Essence and Charm CDs. Essence focuses on the group's poppier sound, though without ditching the group's rewarding experimentalism; there are three very pretty instrumentals! A lot of these songs get stuck in your head, and by the time the last one ("I Can't Wait") ends, you inevitably reach over and hit "Play" again. And again and again... This album is addictive!

RealAudio sample: In Her Smile

Essence & Charm (1990)


  1. Dervish Dance
  2. How Many More Times
  3. The Romance Isn't Over
  4. Whisper Words
  5. Steps Toward Freedom
  6. In Her Smile
  7. Oceans of Space
  8. Second Wind
  9. Sex in the Spring
  10. Roses on Wednesday
  11. Within These Walls
  12. I Can't Wait
  13. Sun in My Eyes
  14. When Feelings Change
  15. Without Hesitation
  16. Look for Outstretched Arms
  17. Essence
  18. Tortured Beauty
  19. The Tingler
This double album combines Essence with ten new songs. The first two are from the Dervish Dance single. "Look for Outstretched Arms" is also on Essence and Rarities. Some of the new songs are really cool. "The Romance Isn't Over" is very dark and pretty, and "Tortured Beauty" has a groovy epic feel. The sound doesn't seem as rich as that on Essence and Rarities. This CD was released in France in a batch of 5000, and includes extensive biographical liner notes, in French and English.

Essence & Rarities (1994)


  1. Quiet the Longing
  2. The Days Go
  3. Red Girl
  4. Self Interest
  5. Dream Music
  6. Look for Outstretched Arms
  7. Done My Time (demo)
  8. Thoughts of You (demo)
  9. Theory of Games
  10. Astray
  11. Whisper Words
  12. Steps Toward Freedom
  13. In Her Smile
  14. Oceans of Space
  15. Second Wind
  16. Sex in the Spring
  17. Roses on Wednesday
  18. Within These Walls
  19. I Can't Wait
This combines the Essence album with some of the band's earlier and later songs and demos. Of the new songs, there's a lot of variety here, from sing-along pop ("The Days Go", "Red Girl", "Done My Time") to beautiful instrumentals ("Dream Music"). "Self Interest" has a heavy New Order accent, "Theory of Games" has a bit of Police, Gang of Four, and Primus in it, and "Astray" starts off sounding like Can and then gets into a Genesis/Peter Gabriel groove! This sound quality is also much improved over Essence and Charm, making this album the best Digital Sex starting point. Great fun, great songs; this CD is a classic!

RealAudio sample: Astray

Also see POWER IN THE HOUSE under "Various Artists".

Doubting Thomas

Another Way of Knowing

A 1987 recording by Tom Dolan, the original guitarist/singer with FOURWAYCROSS. Features most of the FOURWAYCROSS members as well, yet this is a bit more spare and 4.A.D.ish. Reminds us of the RED HOUSE PAINTERS in spots. Highly recommended.
LP $6.00 (08)