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Half String

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See also TERRA X.

Eclipse EP

Stunning debut from this Tempe, Arizona band who have absorbed their 4.A.D. and Creation influences well, yet managed to create a sound all their own. 3 songs in a beautiful letterpress sleeve in a numbered edition of 1500, and we've kept the price low to encourage you to pick one up. Highly recommended!
7" single $3.75 (03)
Clear vinyl $4.50 (03) (ltd. stock)

Oval / Sun Less Sea 7"

Second release from this Tempe, Arizona band shows a broadening and maturing of their sound. These two tracks are both airy and full, and the B-side, "Sun Less Sea" is one of the most beautiful things they've done yet. "Oval" appears on the Terra X compilation CD appearing elsewhere in this catalog, but you should buy this as well because it's a beautiful piece of work. Very 4.A.D. sounding, yet definitely carving their own niche, HALF STRING are presently recording a five-song ep to be released later this year. Letterpress fold-over sleeve in a numbered edition of 1200 copies -- a co-release with Terra X records.
7" single $3.75 (03)
Dark dreamy pop in an IPR sleeve. Limited, numbered.
IndependentProject-047 45 $3.00

Tripped Up Breathing EP


Human Hands

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See also COLOR THE REALITY under "Various Artists".

Double LP (1982)

Second edition of this long out-of-print IPR double album. Originally released in 1982, this is a precursor to the Archive Series by some eight years, and includes demos and live tracks by this seminal L.A. band. A somewhat quirky, keyboard-heavy brand of intelligent postpunk pop music, their sound can sometimes be compared to a more carnivalesque MAGAZINE, though with a definite American bent. This second numbered letterpress edition sports a re-designed three-color cover.
Double LP $11.90 (16)
Colored vinyl 2LP $13.50 (16) (ltd. stock)


Compilation of all their out of print singles and EPs, plus extra recordings not before available. One of the best early L.A. artpunk bands, they wrote some great pop songs and were one of those classic seminal bands. Features Dennis Duck, later of DREAM SYNDICATE.
LP $7.50 (10)