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Party Boys

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No Aggro

First LP from these proto-tribal bluesy psychedelic masters is a real low-fi fest, but full of fun times from this L.A. group of artsters. This LP was letterpressed with 100 different color combinations, some of which didn't come out so great, so we dubbed those "ugly covers" and have reduced the price.
LP $4.00 (08)
"ugly cover" LP $2.00 (09) (ltd. stock)

Truckers Strike

We have a few used promo copies of this second LP from this deranged tribal psychedelic band.
LP $4.00 (09) (ltd. stock)


Polvo - Vibracobra thumbnail


Just had to get some copies of this one in as it's so hard to find anywhere. Polvo is one of those new North Carolina bands that mix unconventional guitar noise with pop so effortlessly. Their first double single is sadly out of print, but this. their second release is a solid garage monster. Highly recommended.
7" single $4.25 (03)


Psi-Com thumbnail

Self-titled mini album

The original vinyl of this has for yews been a very high-price collectors item, as this was the only release by this band featuring Perry Farrell, who as we all know has become a big "alternative" rock am. Ibis five-song mini album has recently been re-issued on CD by Triple X Records, and I.P. Press printed some sleeves for a limited edition of 2000, but its also available in a traditional jewel box for the budget-minded. We've got some of both, but the special edition is very limited and we may not be able to get more after we sell out. The music is quite good, actually - dark and a bit gothic-sounding at time, but with a lot of power. A good rhythm section here, and Aaron Sherer, the drummer, ended up being the last drummer for SAVAGE REPUBLIC (but never recorded with the band). PSI-COM played at the first IPR night at the Anticlub with the PARTY BOYS and DROWNING POOL in February 1985, and later that year went up the coast with SAVAGE REPUBLIC to play a few shows in the San Francisco area. We still have some of the letterpress-printed postcards for those shows left, and will include a free copy with any order for the limited letterpress PSI-COM CD while supplies last.
Limited letterpress CD $20.00 (03)
Normal edition CD $13.00 (04)