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The Other Side of the Fence ARCHIVE SERIES


  1. Beneath the City of the Hedonistic Bohemians
  2. Ghosts
  3. John's Pop
  4. Come Out
  5. Classic
  6. Spaghetti Western
  7. Switch
  8. Where's Karen
  9. Soil
  10. The Other Side of the Fence
  11. Wildflower
  12. They Said Tomorrow
This second release in the IPR archive series is a stunning collection of early demos and other recordings from this unique band. It includes five previously unreleased songs and demo versions of some of their other early material. Perfect for anyone into the 4.A.D. or early Factory groups, this numbered edition of 1750 copies is packaged in a die cast letterpress sleeve. Beautiful and recommended!
Double 10" EP $12.50 (10)
Colored vinyl version $14.00 (10) (ltd. stock)
I just got an Abecedarians tape which has the song "The Other Side of the Fence" on it and several others [listed above]. I'm guessing that this is the album of the same name. I really like the music; it's very pretty, and (for lack of a better adjective), "4ADish". Can anyone verify that I indeed have this album (according to the listed tracks)? It might also be Resin. Thanks!


We've acquired a limited supply of this deleted LP on Caroline Records. Most of these tracks are not to be found on our Archive Series release.
LP $6.00 (09)


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IPR 10th Anniversary 7"

A split single with one track each from INDIAN BINGO and Chico, California's AMBULANCE. The Bingo tune is a real pretty thing and the AMBULANCE track (their only recording) is a garagey instrumental which grows to ever-increasing power. Limited letterpress edition of 1200 with a beautiful sleeve.
7" single $4.50 (03)
In celebration of IPR's 10th anniversary! Numbered, Limited to 1200 copies.
IndependentProject-030 45 $4.00

A. Produce

The Clearing

Mostly instrumental electronics, this has a quite similar feel to BRIAN ENO's Music For Films in spots. It's really a fine, tasteful album, only 500 copies made.
LP $6.50 (08)

Reflect Like A Mirror, Respond Like An Echo

This album on Trance Port features all-instrumental soundscapes very reminiscent of HAROLD BUDD or BRIAN ENO's ambient works. Very nice package, letterpress printed at Independent Project, and featuring a new fold-over design you'll no doubt be seeing more of in the future. Great music for de-stressing out, but not without a bit of an edge. Specify red or black cover.
CD $12.50 (03)

A Smooth Surface EP (1994)

We're calling this a CD ep because it only has three tracks on it, but it actually contains 40 minutes of music! The title track is a 25-minute "deep meditation" version of a piece from his "Reflect Like A Mirror..." CD, one track is an extended mix of a piece from his forthcoming CD (mid-94?) and the third is an otherwise unavailable piece. Packaged in a new CD folder designed and printed at Independent Project Press, you'll be seeing more of these folders on future IPR CD releases.
CD EP $9.00 (03)


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See also SAVAGE REPUBLIC, OCTOBER COUNTRY under "Various Artists," and "FREEBIES."

Glaciers And Gods ARCHIVE SERIES

Third release in the IPR Archive Series, featuring former SAVAGE REPUBLIC member Thorn Fuhrmann and British singer/bassist Val Haller. Six tracks of noisy melodies, reminiscent again of early Factory 4.A.D. bands. Good stuff. Letterpress numbered edition of 2000 copies.
10" EP $8.00 (08)
Colored vinyl version $11.00 (08) (ltd. stock)