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See also PARTY BOYS and VIVA LA II under "Various Artists".

Woman With Bass CD

Her second release, on CD only, continues in the vein she established on her first LP, but is a bit more full in sound. Nice handpainted jewel box with photo insert. We also have a couple of copies left of her special collage box edition; she made 100 copies, each a hand-painted collage box about 9" x 12". Described by MARNIE as "acquatic-erotic", they're a nice art piece. Write us if interested in this.
CD $12.50 (04)

Mc Carthy

MC CARTHY have been one of our favorite U.K. groups for several years, though their releases were always hard to find here in the States, and all are now out of print. Now that guitarist Tim Gane has formed STEREOLAB and is producing some of the most intriguingly brilliant music on the planet, we're doubly pleased to have been able to acquire a supply of the following MC CARTHY titles from a cut-out dealer. These are all the original import releases on Midnight Music (who went bankrupt last year) and are all in limited supply. We've gotten a good quantity of all of these in stock, but we may not be able to replenish them when sold out, so we recommend picking up copies now if you want them. These are highly recommended for fans of THE DENTISTS as quite often singer Malcolm Eden reminds us of early Mick Murphy without the harmonies. MC CARTHY produced some of the most infectious jangle pop on the left side of the water, but instead of singing about love and things like that they managed to pull off some of the most politically sarcastic lyrics ever. His wit along with the infectious tunes make for a very unusual combination. By their third and last LP they had managed to create a masterpiece, one of our top ten favorite albums of all time.

I am a Wallet (1989)

Their first full LP after a string of brilliant 12" releases, this came out in 1989, featuring several of their fast jangle pop classics like "The Way of The World" and "The Well of Loneliness," along with our favorite slower one "An MP Speaks."
LP $6.00 (08)
CD $10.00 (04)

The Enraged Will Inherit the Earth (1989)

Their second LP, also from 1989, finds them slowing things down a bit, and includes the brillaint "Keep An Open Mind or Else" and features a nice gatefold sleeve with song lyrics printed in English, French and German! Available in 12" vinyl only.
LP $6.00 (08)

At War EP (1989)

A four-song EP featuring one song from their second LP, "Boy Meets Girl So What" and three others that are not available on any other release.
CD EP $6.00 (04)

Banking, Violence and the Inner Life Today (1990)


  1. I'm On the Side of Mankind as Much as the Next Man
  2. And Tomorrow the Stock Exchange Will Be the Human Race
  3. Now is the Time for an Iron Hand
  4. The Drinking Songs of the Merchant Bankers
  5. Write to Your M.P. Today
  6. Use a Bank I'd Rather Die
  7. I Worked Myself Up from Nothing
  8. The Well-Fed Point of View
  9. Get a Knife Between Your Teeth
  10. Take the Shortest Way with the Men of Violence
  11. You'll Have to Put an End to Them

Release: Midnight Music CHIME 01.05 CD

This is their masterpiece, the third album released in 1990, and with the addition of Laetitia Sadler (now vocalist in STEREOLAB) on keyboards and background vocals (on 2 songs) they hit their prime. It's too bad they broke up before recording more, but we!re certainly not sorry that they left us this album. Every track on it is just great, and the lyrics are their best yet. This is the album where they start to spread out and explore a wider sound pallette, with various percussion added to "I'm On The Side of Mankind as Much As The Next Man" (brilliant lyrics!), a hypnotic backwards guitar on the moody "Use A Bank I'd Rather Die" and they once again show off their Britishness with "Write To Your M.P. Today." If there's any of these releases we recommend you get, this is it.
LP $6.00 (08)
CD $10.00 (04)
The music is bright and gaudy, like the album cover, but the lyrics [which you can't avoid hearing] are negative and political; take a look at the song titles. I keep picturing a bright yellow, cartoony version of the Smiths singing on the street through big bright orange plastic megaphones about injustices in late 80s Britain. Some of the tones are sing-along catchy, with decent musical texture, and will probably appeal to pop and Morrissey fans, but I personally prefer darker, less vocal-oriented music. This stuff is a little too soapy (and soap-boxy) for me to really get into. [2-2]

Get A Knife Between Your Teeth 7" (1990)

An upbeat gem of a pop song from the limited edition one-sided 7" series Midnight Music was doing. If you want an economical way to check out what MC CARTHY sound like, here's your chance.
7" single $1.50 (03)
This is my favorite track on the Banking... album; it's catchy. I don't have this single so don't know if this differs from the album version or whether this single has a B-side (the low price and IPR's "one-sided" comment implies it might not).

Keep An Open Mind or Else (1989)

This is a double-sided single featuring a brilliant song from "The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth" LP along with another track on the b-side.
7" single $2.50 (03)

Ministry of Love


Wide Awake and Dreaming

Featuring MARK NINE (who appears on the Viva Los Angeles compilation) and BILLY FAIRCLOTH of RED TEMPLE SPIRITS on vocals, this was recorded prior to RTS' formation. While similar in sound due to Billy's distinctive vocals, it does have a more melodic alternative rock sound. While they last...
LP $7.50 (09)


Limited edition one-sided 7"

Interesting percussive track from this respected "industrial" band, with an engraved B-side. We partially printed the covers for this release and have a limited supply available.
7" single $5.00 (03) (ltd. stock)