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Digital Sex was recommended to me by Randy LeMasters, a fellow For Against fan. When he first mentioned the name "Digital Sex", I thought "huh? that sounds like a rap group." I was hesitant at first, but Randy raved about them so much that I said "what the heck" and purchased Randy's two highest recommendations: Digital Sex's Essence & Rarities and Stephen Sheehan's Eyes of the Wilderness.

When the CDs arrived, I took one look at the beautiful covers and all my skepticism vanished. Then I listened to the music and was instantly hooked! I played the CDs repeatedly for several days, and kept them in heavy rotations for months afterwards.

So what does it sound like? Well, for one thing, it's very un-digital, and non-sexual. It's kind of like Springhouse, For Against, and Scenic: swirling, melodic post-punk. But don't take my word for it: listen for yourself!