Interpreters Volume 1 - Tiny Children (1998)

Tiny Children was the first Julian Cope tribute album. We started collecting songs for a tribute tape back in 1994. Over the next few years, during which CD burners became affordable, we gradually accumulated enough songs to fill a CD, which I assembled and distributed in 1998. I think we ended up sending out about 30 CDs, mostly to contributors. Tiny Children's release seemed to inspire fans to send in more songs, because it took less than a year to collect enough songs to complete the sequel, Second Heads.

Of all the "Cope" CDs, this is probably the one I've heard the most (partly because I previewed each CD before mailing it). I've never gotten tired of listening to it, and prefer it to any other tribute project I've heard. The credit goes to the contributors and (of course) Cope, for writing and performing such inspiring songs.


# Artist Song Length MP3
1 Billy and Mickey Julian H. Cope 2:13 listen download
2 Tripecac Sleeping Gas 4:31 listen download
3 Billy and Mickey Sealink 3:43 listen download
4 Spaceship Mark w/ Go Speed Racer Wayland's Smithy Has Wings 1:26 listen download
5 Billy and Mickey s.t.a.r.c.a.r. 2:16 listen download
6 Britt Daniel Cut My Friend Down 3:26 listen download
7 Billy and Mickey Double Vegetation 3:29 listen download
8 Billy and Mickey Paranormal in the West Country 3:16 listen download
9 Rob Ross Books 3:08 listen download
10 Billy and Mickey MadMax 2:24 listen download
11 Spaceship Mark Great White Wonder 2:21 listen download
12 Billy and Mickey Autogeddon Blues 3:52 listen download
13 The Crayon Theatrical Bill Drummond Said 2:08 listen download
14 Billy and Mickey Promised Land 2:18 listen download
15 Spaceship Mark Pulsar 2:26 listen download
16 Billy and Mickey Soul Desert 3:16 listen download
17 Billy and Mickey If You Loved Me At All 3:22 listen download
18 Billy and Mickey No Hard Shoulder to Cry On 3:06 listen download
19 Spaceship Mark w/ Go Speed Racer Paranormal in the West Country 2:34 listen download
20 Paul Wykes Sunspots 4:31 listen download
21 Spaceship Mark Pulsar Reprise 0:50 listen download
22 Billy and Mickey Fear Loves This Place 3:13 listen download
23 Billy and Mickey Ain't But the One Way 3:04 listen download
24 Billy and Mickey Upwards at 45 Degrees 5:10 listen download
Total: 72:07 listen all

Cover Art

Interpreters 1 album cover

I plan to move the cover art to a separate page so that it's easy to print for CDR labels.