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The Comsat Fellowship is a discussion list devoted to The Comsat Angels and related artists.
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Archives (from the old forum)
# Start Date Discussion Highlights
01 1997-02-04 Introduction, Mood X, Unravelled, Time Considered, tribute tape, Comsat web pages, Tony's interview.
02 1997-06-09 Fire on the Moon, Comsat mailing list, various CD availability.
03 1997-10-05 Dream Command, Mood X, fan profiles.
04 1997-11-21 More fan profiles, Mood X, other favorite bands, locating Comsat CDs, B-sides CD ideas, Gomez.
05 1999-06-24 Land, 7 Day Weekend CDs, online CD availability, tribute CD plans, where to find lyrics, live recordings.
06 2000-12-27 Track lists, re-releases, mostly looking back.
07 2006-05-20 The posts in this final archive triggered so many complaints that I eventually shut down The Comsat Fellowship. I then switched us to new software which provides more control over the discussion; hopefully the upgrade will result in more focused, Comsat-oriented content. Click the Enter Forum link above to find out! [final post 2006-08-31]