The Comsat Fellowship #03

1997-10-05 to 1997-11-21

Trav Sun Oct 5 14:11:57 EDT 1997

Hey, guys. I added the old page to the archives...

George, I haven't received any recent Comsats mail either.

Who's interested in contributing to the Comsats tribute tape?


Anna Mairs Mon Oct 6 09:50:44 EDT 1997

.........I was in a dream ...

.........You were by my side ...

.........Warmer then the sun ...

.........Then the picture changed began to fade away ...

.........I turned and you were gone, sleepwalking ...

Hey! guys do the above lyrics look familiar to you?

God! you will not believe what I have in my hot little hands, the Dream Command albums, yes I bought two, just in case I wear one out or something awful happens to one, like my husband using it as a football, only kidding, that would be instant divorce if that was the case. I may have to place it in a safety deposit box for safe keeping. Can you believe it was dispatched on the 25 June, finally they arrived on 30 September 1997 and after a few listens I'm already in love. It's not that bad.

I must say when I placed it on the turntable and 'Celestine' played I thought 'Oh! my!'. Its sounded so awful, so daggy so unlike the Comsats I know, as the other songs played I was beginning to appreciate and recognise my beloved Comsats as I know them.

I honestly, don't see anything wrong with 'Fire On The Moon'. It sounds OK to me, that of course is my opinion. I cannot agree with Ian Lloyd, who suggested that it was worth getting just to listen to 'Celestine', I can see why that song was the single, its sounds so commercial. I really like the tracks after that, like Whirlwind, Reach For Me, Sleepwalking and Ice Sculpture.

I wish I had it on CD, I haven't bothered to get up and turn the record over yet, so I've only heard one side, pretty lazy huh?, But I'm enjoying side 1 so much. I want to enjoy that side a bit more before I turn it over to the other side.

I'm now only missing 'Chasing Shadows' CD, I don't care how I get this one, whether it be vinyl or CD, I just want it and I want it now. What is Jive/Island problem anyway? Why don't they just release them, I'm sure that they have so much other CRap or should I say (C)Rap on their label. Its so cruel. I would also like Land on CD I have this on vinyl. I haven't been successful in tracking it down.

Travis :

Thanks for the offer with regards to the Chameleons CD's I was after Script Of The Bridge, WDAMB and their Greatest hits. I ordered them through CDEurope, but I better make sure that order isn't active. Before I do anymore, I just wish they said something to me. The waiting is a killer.


I just don't get it, is the Mail List active or not? I haven't received anything from the list, and subscribed the day we were notified. What could be the problem? If it has been working than I'm really upset that I haven't received anything and I've missed out on all the gossip. Can someone please write to me with regards to this.

Hey guys check out my new email address, impressive isn't it? I always wanted one like that and I finally got it. The other email address is still active.

' What goes through your mind each time you lay between the sheets'........

~ Anna ~

Trav Mon Oct 6 23:45:32 EDT 1997

Hey Anna, nice ~ sig ~! I like it!

Chasing Shadows is a nice CD! I haven't listened to my Dream Command CD yet - maybe I will risk it this weekend (it has a huge notch in it!)

Anna asked about the Comsats Tribute Tape. We brought this up on the old page before we updated it. Basically, I think it would be nice to put together a bunch of our versions of Comsats songs.

I made similar suggestions to the Julian Cope List and the Chameleons list a couple of years ago. The Cope list has so far collected three such songs together (we've a ways to go!) But the Chameleons list latched onto the idea big time and came out with a very professional looking (and sounding) tribute tape last year called "Harmonies Will Make You Cry."

[Ironically, just as things were getting exciting up, I got kicked off of the Chameleons list! So someone else took control of the tribute tape project and hence <sniff> got all the credit... <Waaahhh! Waahhhh!>]

By the way, that was supposed to be sound of an infant crying! :)

And oh yeah, for those of you interested in Julian Cope, For Against, Independent Project Records, or creating your own music, I have some lists devoted to them as well.

Question: if someone interesting comes up on one of the other lists, do you want me to mirror it here (like I'll start doing if we have important info on the Comsats mailing list) or should I just tell you something's interesting over there and let you go check it out for yourself? What's most convenient for you?

Anna, I am curious what other music you listen to.


Anna Mairs Wed Oct 8 11:03:44 EDT 1997

~Travis ~

Be a devil and place 'Fire On The Moon' in your CD player, take the risk. Then you can tell us if it played or not.......we wait in anticipation for your reply.

How could you not have be attempted to play it........Hmmm interesting. If you don't want it, I'll swap you.

I just made enquires into getting a few vinyl records transferred/copied to CD, you will not believe what it would cost. Are you sitting?......... It will cost about $85.00 Australian dollars and that's per hour, that's so expensive. But I might get 'Land',' The Dream Command' and a band called 'Modern Eon' done if I'm unable to get the above named albums on CD, They will also remove any scratches that might be there, I just hope it comes in a gold case.

'Thought that we had all the time in the world... Now the sparkle has gone and the outline is blurred... Ice Sculpture melts....... I won't forget you girl'............

~ Anna ~

Pat Lynch Thu Oct 9 06:03:33 EDT 1997

Hi All,

Just got the Mood X CD. sure what to say about it really! I guess the descriptions we've been reading about it are pretty accurate. It's mood(X!)y! Lots of swirling sounds. No obvious single on it!!! And I doubt if we'll hear the Voice of The Beehive cover anything off it!

If you could imagine the Orb with no beats on it then you might have half a smidgeon of an idea what it sounds like. If any of you are familiar with the sort of things Julian Cope does on his days off eg. Queen Elizabeth, then that might also help as a frame of reference.

Certainly it is unrecognizable from anything from The Comsat Angels have done and it also sounds nothing like my image of a Stephen Fellows solo album. This, of course, can only be a good thing. To start a solo career with something so wholly different from your past is very encouraging.

Do I like it? Well, I don't know. It is very samey in places but I guess that was part of the idea. It is also very beautiful at times. It is not an album to play whilst doing the dishes. It is however an album to play whilst soaking in a luxurious bath, or taking copious amounts of mind altering substances!! It's also probably a good post coital album gbut these things take time to research, you understand!

I couldn't possibly review each individual track at the moment because it's not that sort of record. The tracks aren't segued into each other but it does have a sort of seamless feel. No doubt I'll be able to comment on individual tracks when I've lived with the CD for a little longer.

Should you buy it? Yes! I'm not suggesting you should buy anything with Stephen Fellows name on it but, if you're reading this you are clearly a Comsats fan. Steve was an integral part of that band and, herefore, I think we owe it him to support this first debut offering. DO NOT however expect it to sound like Independance Day!

Anna, I used to be a record dealer and had a number of copies of the Dream Command CD. Alas I haven't got any more, but, the point I'm trying to make is that occassionaly one does see a copy here and there. I am a fairly committed vinyl fan. So if I see one I'll pick it up and perhaps we can do a straight swap..?

Incidentally an artist who is doing fairly well at the moment over here in the UK (I don't know how well he's doing anywhere else) is Finlay Quaye - I think he's Tricky's uncle. Anyway it transpires that Kevin Bacon is credited with co-production on some of the tracks on his LP. I wish I knew what the other ex-members were doing now.

Travis, I think yes, you should mirror any items from the mailing list you think relevant. Especially if some people are having difficulties receiving mails from it.


Bye for now,


Trav Thu Oct 9 19:11:48 EDT 1997

Anna - $85 per hour?!?!? Ouch!!! If you're that desparate, I'll give you my Fire in the Moon CD... Then you can tell me if it works and maybe make me a tape copy of it! :)

Pat - by the way, do you like Queen Elizabeth? I cannot say I am itching to try Mood X any more! ;)

Hey everybody, there's this really cool band named for against. They're from Nebraska, but they sound totally British. Before you shake you head and skip over this, I really suggest you take time to check them out. I heard about them on the Chameleons list a couple years ago and then when I looked them up in Trouser Press Record Guide I saw Jack Rabid's extremely adoring review and I just had to see what the fuss was about. I've got some For Against web pages that can get you started.

The reason I keep bringing them up here is that for against sound like a brighter, shinier version of early Comsats. I got into both bands around the same time, and like them equally (that is to say a LOT) but for different reasons. for against changed the way I think about American music.


Tony Kinson Fri Oct 10 08:01:26 EDT 1997

Re: Annas comments about Modern Eon - I wonder if anyone else here has heard of this group. As far as I know (correct me if I am wrong, Anna) - they released one LP called "Fiction Tales" in 1981. I actually played this album recently, for the first time in many years. It still sounds good - especially "Child's Play" and "Watching The Dancers". Lovely use of atmosphere and harmonics. I saw the band live twice prior to the albums release, supporting The Stranglers. I wish now I had seen them more - since they disappeard from view shortly afterwards.

Anna Mairs Sat Oct 11 11:25:17 EDT 1997

~ Tony ~

Gee! I've just added you to my list of people I know who like or have heard 'Modern Eon', you're number 5. There must be more out there...

What can I say about 'Modern Eon', I love that album ' Fiction Tales' I have two copies and if I come across another I'll buy that also. The album is incredible. The information you gave is correct Tony. The album was released in 1981. For the rest of the Comsat fans that means it was released in the Sleep No More era. Gee...that's 16 years ago. I was only a mere child back then * wink *. I can remember the day clearly. Just like the first time I heard the Comsats, I associated these two bands together, when I heard them back in 1981, I was awe-inspired. I was in heaven I wanted more. It was the best time in my life. I had never heard anything like it before.

I saw a person's name on a Wish List and I started writing to him out of curiosity. He wished that 'Fiction Tales' would one day make it to CD. This person is American, so Modern Eon reached the shores of America and Australia. The Wish List is basically 'What albums from the New Wave era are you still hoping will make an appearance on CD?' The address is as follows for those who are interested:, I don't know who man's it and nor do I know what they'll do with the data that they'll collect.

For those who haven't had the privileged to hear Modern Eon, you don't know what you're missing. I was listening to it a few weeks ago and it still sounds really good even in 1997. The magic and the mystery are still there.

They're a four-piece band. I feel that they experimented with different sounds, instruments and sound effects. You can't really understand the vocals, but that just adds to the mystic of it all. Some lines do come across clearly like ' What's Gone Happen When The Clock Strikes Two'.... The tracks run into one another. So you don't know when one song finishes and the next starts. It's basically a 45-minute song to me. It's one of those dreamy sensual erotic albums. This band affected me just like the Comsats did. Whatever happened to Modern Eon? As quickly as they appeared, they disappeared. Not A Word...from them.

Tony, I feel the whole album is great. I can understand why you like 'Child's Play' it's a cute song with lyrics like these: -

'I'll be the driver... / Just close your eyes... / Make a wish and tell no lies... / I'll be the driver'...Child's Play

The band's use of French horns, Saxophone, Timpani and sound effects like trickling water, slamming doors and footsteps making this a very intriguing album indeed. I wonder if Jack Rabid has heard of this band? I would be interested in reading his review, if he has one.

For those who want to track down 'Fiction Tales' it was released on the Dindisc label (Din61).. Back in 1981 I heard a different version of 'Mechanic', therefore I felt that it was the single but my American friend has said that Euthenics was a single. So who knows, I don't.

In, The Rock Yearbook 1982, there was a summary of reviews given on the band they're as follows: -

MODERN EON: the name alone conjures up calculated confusion; a careful confrontation between momentary flash and lasting memory...their debut album fulfils that promise, instantly seducing and maturing more with time. - Melody Maker

... A bit too clever and devious it's almost too perfect and sterile. - Sounds

...This record buzzes, hums, and pulsates its way into the listener's dream world - creating a mystical place in your subconscious...Each song is an act of love which climaxes and envelopes itself in the oblivion of ecstasy. - Record Mirror

I know they're not related to the Comsats in anyway, but it gives us some thing to talk about for a while. Tony you must feel privileged to have seen this band live. What were they like? I'm living in the wrong country.

Tony, I feel that I haven't been added to the Comsats mail list successful, why isn't it working? I sent a test letter and it was returned with and error message I'm going to do a Travis now (I liked it when you did it Travis * smile *) bottom lip quivering * Waaahhh * *Waaahhh * * sob* *sob *. It's not fair.... Stamping my feet. I'm sure that it will work it's self out. I instigated the mail list and I'm not on it. Damn it! I like to thank Travis for keeping the Fellowship active. Travis could you please mirror most items from the mail list.

I picked up a Comsats single the other day 'Now I Know'/'Do The Empty House', for 70 cents. Sad isn't it?

~ Pat ~

You have a deal, let's shake on it.

~ Travis ~

It's the weekend have you done it yet?

Talking about other bands, who has heard of the Canadian band The Tea Party?

...'Take Of Your Clothes... / ...I Like To See How Much Of You I Know'... Real Hymn - Modern Eon (nice!)

~ Anna ~

Pat Lynch Sun Oct 12 08:37:59 EDT 1997


Sorry Travis! Last thing I wished to do was to put you off the Mood X CD.

As it happens I don't like the Queen Elizabeth CD. Frankly I think it's a bit of an uncontrolled mess (and I love Julian Cope). Sometimes we all, even Julian, need someone to say "Hold on, mate. This might be a lot of fun in the studio, but it's going to be a bit painful to listen to at home." I did like Rite though, not quite so sure about Rite 2, though.

I don't think I've played Queen Elizabeth more than twice since it came out but I've already played Mood X coming on to ten times and I haven't had it a week yet!

It really grows on you. I don't mean you'll be happily whistling the tunes at work, it just isn't that sort of music, but it is SO atmospheric. It really is beautiful. The more I play it, the more I get into it. It's great incidentally for listening to while your typing away on the PC.

It is NOTHING like the Comsats, which is, I think, one of its' strengths. With Queen Elizabeth you kind of knew it was Julian Cope going off on one. At his most extreme, yes, but definitely Julian Cope. You get the feeling with Mr. Cope that he needs sometimes to release the bizarre, off-the-wall material in order to then come up with the classics. Peggy Suicide etc.

Perhaps my comparison to The Orb was a more accurate one, but ultimately it's out there on its' own.

I typing away here like mad because I would be mortified if I thought that I had influenced you not to buy it!

I can't guarantee you'll love it, but, if you buy it and you don't then um...give to someone you really dislike!!

Anyway, Anna, absolutely, it's a deal. I'll probably never see another one now! But I'll have a good look, I promise!

I'm off now, speak to you soon.


BTW I'd be fascinated to hear other people's views on Mood X.

Boudewijn Gelaudie Thu Oct 16 17:39:02 EDT 1997

Hi all,

According to Tony, the mailing list is still 'on the air'. I received a couple of messages today, so I'm convinced he's right.

Best regards, Boudewijn

SLEEP NO MORE Fri Oct 17 13:48:40 EDT 1997

Note: These are mirrored from the Sleep No More list -- Trav

Boudewijn Gelaudie wrote:

Dear Tony, Is it true the mailing list is 'out of order'? I haven't received messages for quite a while now and other members were unsuccesful in their efforts to get messages through. Can you tell me what's wrong at the moment? Best regards, Boudewijn

Tony Kinson responded:

Hi Boudewijn (copied to the list)

The list is still there - though there have been no messages posted (or at least posted "successfully") for about a month. I'm afraid Coolist - who run the server - seem to have had lots of problems (they have stopped taking new lists till they have upgraded their equipment). My other list - for Hugh Cornwell - is running ok - with plenty of messages being sent and delivered daily.

I know a few people have had problems with "bounced back" messages - this has happened to me, too - on the other list - but if this happens - I just re-send it. Sorry all - I know its not ideal - but I think the problems with Coolist may be sorting themselves out. Its out of my hands - though I do what I can to help people with subscribing if they change Service Providers or if their software does not let them subscribe from the CSA page.

Anyway - if you receive this message - all should be ok.

-- Tony Kinson - webmaster for this lot

Anastasia Mairs wrote:

Yeah ! Yeah!, it worked.......

Tony thanks for all the hard work, in getting this up and running I appreciate it and I'm sure the other fans would agree.



bob sacco Sat Oct 18 21:49:58 EDT 1997




Trav Sun Oct 19 18:52:15 EDT 1997

Bob - yes, our own cover versions. What songs are you intersted in doing?


SLEEP NO MORE Thu Nov 6 08:05:55 EST 1997

[Anna started off on interesting thread which resulted in some fan profiles. Feel free to contribute your own! - Trav]

Who's out there anyway? I think some sort of a roll call should be in order here. Name, rank and serial number........... Only kidding. Just name, country, and favourite album will do. Age? it's up to you.

Below is a sample form I suppose, fill it in. Let's get introduced. I wish we would stop hiding in the shadows. Lets get to know everyone out there. There aren't many of us I believe.

Let the talk begin.........


Very glad to know that there are other Comsats fans on this continent! I am actually listening to Sleep No More right now, while I sit here "working" at my 9 to 5 wage slave job. I am also a musician/songwriter, and am in a semi-sucessful local band here in Minneapolis.

It is amazing to listen to the early Comsats stuff and try to remember that it came out over 15 years ago! They were (are) ahead of their time, and have had a profound influence on so many musicians over the years. The feeling and intensity of their music is incredible. It's so sad that they got shafted by lack of support from so many of their labels. They could have easily been on par with many of their "contemporaries" of the early-mid eighties scene (Hey, U2, Steve and the Comsats called, they want their sound back!!!!). At least their stuff is seeing the light of day again on reissue. Anyone happen to know if RPM is planning to reissue any more of their back catalog?

I am also interested in getting copies of any "bootlegs" anyone may have. Or, advice on where I may be able to find them in this part of the world. Thanks!!!!!!!

Dan Ballek (



I'm a musician and songwriter and I really appreciate the imagery Steve F./Comsats created with his lyrics and ambient approach to their music.

It has led me down the path of seeking out other artists that are similar. But music is a personal thing. People listen to their particular favorites for different reasons. It's fun to discover why other fans of the obscure band the Comsats find in common. -bob


Hello there guys,

I have been into the Comsats now for about 5 years and the first time I heard Time Considereds 'Nature Trails' I knew my life calling is to be a bass player (also 'Longest Days' by the Sound inspired me). Without the Comsats, Sound, Chameleons etc I would not be where I am today and that is extremely happy (and insecure for some reason, but are'nt we all). I am attending the Paul McCartney Music school LIPA doing a Sound Tech course and I know I will make it with music. It's great to see that I'm not the only one in the world who the Comsats have inspired. I love you all.





Boudewijn Gelaudie wrote:

I am the proud owner of a tape, containing different parts of live concerts they did in Holland during the early years of their existence, once broadcasted on Dutch radio (1984).

PUT ME ON THE LIST!!! I too am searching for Comsats live material, so I'd be very grateful towards anyone who is willing to share!



Hello folks. I am a long time fan of the Comsats, and after having thought that they were gone, I rediscovered them around the time of "Time Considered", and have immersed myself again. My poor girlfriend has become rather sick of them, but puts up with it well! You see, I had this rather cool aunt who lived in England. She died rather suddenly this summer, much to my grief, but when I was younger she would send me mixed tapes of interesting stuff. One of the first one had Comsats from the first lp, and I have been hooked ever since. I have *most* of the b-sides, except some the later stuff which is incredibly hard to find over here. I finally broke down and just received "The Glamour" via mail order over the net! I haven't really had chance to give it a proper listen yet, but will definately soon! I do have some Comsats live stuff to trade!(insert sound of stampeding fans here). I got them all from a fellow who advertised on the Sleep No More site, but I'm not sure he does regular trades. You can try him, I suppose, he's Brad in the "stuff for sale or trade" section, or you can get them from me! I would prefer to trade for stuff, not necessarily CSA, but I can be cajoled somehow if that is not on for some reason. My entire tape list can be found at Well, let's just hope that this message gets through,and hope to hear from you soon! Paul


Have liked the Comsats since (almost) the very beginning and had thought them defunct for a while . The release of Unravelled was a major surprise and wonderful . Tis a shame they are no more.

I saw them on the Sleep No More tour, once at Salford in 1987 and twice in London in the 90's. I am 33 years old and a Yorkshireman in exile in London


Saw the Sitcoms loads of times from 79 onwards (BB Bacon was sha**ing our singer), did quite a few supports & played with them (once!). I work for RPM records as web-designer.


Tony Kinson - webmaster for this lot

"The Torture Garden" - The official Hugh Cornwell web-site

"The Home Of The Strange" for music,stories & humour

"Sleep No More" - the web-site for The Comsat Angels

Alan Lee Thu Nov 6 13:52:29 EST 1997

I still have no idea what caused me to buy "Sleep No More" in 1981. I had only half heard "Do The Empty House" on the radio and that wasn't even on it. I think because one of my friends kept mentioning obscure groups I wanted one of my own! Nothing since has caused me to believe I might havemade the wrong choice.

Does anyone else have "Mood X" yet? The first time I played it I fell asleep three times, but several plays later I am starting to get into it. It's difficult to just sit down and listen to it, but it makes a great accompaniment to reading, or typing at the keyboard, and probably many other things. This is unlike the Comsats albums, which demand your complete attention.

On first listen it sounds like there are no tunes on it at all, but on repeated listens the melodies start to appear in the background. If there is any disappointment, it is that after a brilliant first half, it doesn't really develop over the last few tracks into the big ending you might hope for. It certainly sounds like no other album and no other music I have ever heard.

Would I recommend it to Comsats fans? Without a doubt - you will recognise the spaciness and ambience, and after all it will probably be the most obscure item you will ever own!

(P.S. I posted the above message to the mailing list a week ago but I have no idea if it got through to anyone)

George A. Goode Sun Nov 9 00:11:43 EST 1997

I recently bought a copy of 'My minds eye' by a band called 'The C.S. Angels. It's curious, it has very similar artwork and layout to a CD I own by the 'Comsat Angels' of the same title, but has 2 extra tracks: 'There is no Enemy' and 'Magonia'. Another curious fact is that the track timings seem to be different, with many tracks being 3 to 6 seconds faster. I now wish I hadn't bought the expensive 'Comsat Angels' version (with the cracked jewel case) from RPM, but as they say, live and learn.

I have been informed by Espirit that the German distributor for the Jive CD '7 day weekend' is no longer supplying the item. It now seems the 2 Jive albums will soon be as rare as the Island CD's, so a word to the wise if you are 'waiting' to acquire these.

Previously Paul Evans said:

  • Name: Paul Evans
  • Country: Canada (Waterloo, Ontario)

Hmm, I didn't know there were any CSA/TCSA fans that close to me. I'm in Kitchener.

I think I'll just give up on trying to post on the mailing list. It seems like it's been flagged read-only for me, as my posts all seem to go: > nul.

Regards to all my fellow(s) CSA fans.

George A. Goode

Ian Lloyd Wed Nov 12 18:09:14 EST 1997

Anna - The closest thing in Welsh to a dag is probably cack but it doessn't have the same ring to it. If you spent too many of your precious waking hours working in Biggleswade you'd appreciate the joy of driving up the A1 with Celestine blasting out ! Hoped you've turned the album over by now.

Does anyone still have any copies of the lyric books 'distributed' by Swingbest in 80-82 ? I can't find mine anywhere and I'm desparate to get old of copies if only to prove to an old friend that they did exist and I've not gone mad !

Keep the Faith

Anna Mairs Fri Nov 14 07:16:55 EST 1997

Hmm...Ian do I sense a bit of animosity in your tone?

Yeah! I have turned the Dream Command album over, thanks for asking. I've now framed the second copy I have. It now hangs on my wall just behind me as I type. I really like 'Phantom Power', 'Transport Of Delight', 'She's Invisible'. 'Mercury' is a little too daggy for me. *smile *

Ian!, you aren't mad, those lyric books did exist. I have one. Mine is No.2 which has the lyrics to 'Eye Of The Lens', ' Home Is The Range', 'At Sea', 'Another World', 'Do The Empty House', 'Red Planet Revisited', 'It's History', and all the tracks from 'Fiction'.

I'm now a proud own of a scanner. I got it today. I'm not too sure how it works at this stage.

Ian!, if you behave and are a good boy I may just scan it for you. *wink*. Would you like that? Are you interested?


Ian Lloyd Mon Nov 17 18:10:26 EST 1997

Anna - definitely no animosity - (White flag flutters gently in the breeze) . I stopped being touchy about whether anyone shared my like or dislike for song a long time ago - it seem to come with the territory !

I'm glad I'm not mad - I seem to remember that the books are packed full of SF's sketches, I'd love a scan - if I'm successful in my hunt for Chasing Shadows CDs I'll get one for you - but there might be a long wait !

What's happening with the mailing list - I've tried to use it several times only to have stuff bounced back ?

Any news of the Comsats minus SF ? Any gigs on the horizon or indeed any news of SF ?

Keep the Faith

Trav Tue Nov 18 00:53:46 EST 1997

The new For Against album is out! I'll post more news and update the web site some time this week!

In the mean time, someone on the Cope list put together a nice Krautrock MB [] you might want to take a look at...


Alan Lee Wed Nov 19 16:29:25 EST 1997

There were three lyric books - the third one came out in 1992 and features all the songs from 'My Mind's Eye' plus 'Magonia', 'Storm of Change' , 'There Is No Enemy' and the unreleased 'Slayer Of The Real'.

It also features a great sprawling list of Steve's influences - everything from Jimi Hendrix and the Beach Boys through to such things as 'peeling paint' and 'rusty metal'. It would be nice to see it reproduced on the Sleep No More site.

Has nobody else got any comments on 'Mood X' yet?

Sleepnomore Fri Nov 21 12:01:19 EST 1997

[forwarded from Sleepnomore mailing list]


I hope this suffices.

Best regards, Boudewijn







Tell us about the concerts.

I'm sure there would be many here that would like to hear about it. I, for one would. *I'm green with envy*

I feel that The Comsat Angels should reform again, for one last time. To do a farewell concert. Did they ever have one? It could be called the "Private Party" concert for there would only be a handful of people there.

We could meet at the concert if that was the case. I'm sure most of you would go. I know I would. I've already informed my husband, wild horses will not be holding me back if that ever happens. What do you all say?

Ok! I know it's a dream...Well!, why not?...All other performers come back one last time...

'I don't want to think about the weather... / I don't want to think at all... / She is like a drug... / She is like a drug... / This is a private party... / Private Party...'

~ Anna ~

second letter:


Not sure whether you have been to the Fellowship page recently, but George B. Goode wrote the following.

George A. Goode Sun Nov 9 00:11:43 EST 1997

I recently bought a copy of 'My Minds Eye' by a band called 'The C.S. Angels. It's curious, it has very similar artwork and layout to a CD I own by the 'Comsat Angels' of the same title, but has 2 extra tracks: 'There is no Enemy' and 'Magonia'. Another curious fact is that the track timings seem to be different, with many tracks being 3 to 6 seconds faster. I now wish I hadn't bought the expensive 'Comsat Angels' version (with the cracked jewel case) from RPM, but as they say, live and learn.

I have to ask, where on earth did George get a copy of that version of 'My Minds Eye', and why hasn't anyone else mentioned it before, especially those extra tracks, how is this possible. I gather its the same Comsats we know and love!?!?!?! I wouldn't mind a copy of it... I would be happy to have all versions George.

Has anyone else got this version of 'My Minds Eye'? and have you been keeping it a secret? Hmm..... naughty!

Could this version be from a German distributor? George can you give us more details? Please.

I have been informed by Espirit that the German distributor for the Jive CD '7 day weekend' is no longer supplying the item. It now seems the 2 Jive albums will soon be as rare as the Island CD's, so a word to the wise if you are 'waiting' to acquire these.

I'm still looking for 'Land' on CD and 'Chasing Shadows'. I must say there is only one last option. I'm looking into it right now So I will let you know what happens and tell you where.......... *wink* *smile*

I think I'll just give up on trying to post on the mailing list. It seems like it's been flagged read-only for me, as my posts all seem to go: > nul.

I have to say that the sleepnomore coolist isn't cool at all. It can be farcical at times. I was sending letters to it in html format and they weren't going through, they just ended up in the Cyber abyss. Can you just imagine how many of our letters are just sitting in the abyss??...

~Ana ~

'Sometime, / 'So soon; / 'What happen to you' / 'What happen to you' / 'You got lost somewhere between', / 'There and here somewhere between' / 'So far, / 'So near you got lost' / 'Somewhere between' / 'What happen to you...'



Does anyone on the list know the whereabouts of Hilmar Kraft?

Hilmar posted on the Red Planet portion of the Comsats web page a few times and I wrote him in August. After exchanging a few e-mails he tracked down a cd for me and said he'd mail it to me when he returned from vacation in one week's time. That was almost 3 months ago.

I'd obviously like the cd he had for me, but more importantly I'm worried about the man. Does anyone have any idea what has become of him?

If you have information please e-mail me privately.

Thank you,

Randy LeMasters

I have to ask, where on earth did George get a copy of that version of 'My Minds Eye', and why hasn't anyone else mentioned it before, especially those extra tracks, how is this possible. I gather its the same Comsats we know and love!?!?!?! I wouldn't mind a copy of it... I would be happy to have all versions George.

That's the version released in the US by Caroline Records. Since the cd was released here later than just about everywhere else in the world Caroline added two bonus songs as a sales incentive for everyone like me who already had purchased the import!

Randy LeMasters

The Comsat Fellowship #03

1997-10-05 to 1997-11-21