The Comsat Fellowship #04

1997-11-21 to 1999-06-23

Trav Fri Nov 21 12:16:41 EST 1997

Hi! I archived the last batch, after forwarding some of the recent Sleepnomore posts to it.

Post away! :)


Ian Lloyd Sun Nov 23 15:49:32 EST 1997

The fan profile thing....

Trav Wed Nov 26 20:45:25 EST 1997

Hey guys! I've been noticing more and more similarities between the Comsats and For Against recently - you might want to check out the For Against web site if you haven't yet.

Here's my quick profile to be a completist:

Tony Kinson Sun Nov 30 09:03:07 EST 1997

The SNM mail list is back (for now!). Post away before Coollist messes it up gain!!!

George A. Goode Tue Dec 2 16:27:03 EST 1997


If the format looks somewhat familiar to Trav's well all I can say is "isn't cut and paste wonderful?"


The quest for the 2 Jive CD's is back on, as I found yet another source in the Netherlands. My fingers are crossed.

The field of tall flowers poster is a little disappointing, but it's better than the alternatives. Now if RPM would only learn to package mdse so that it wouldn't arrive damaged...:(

BTW, if you use the words "read only" in a coolist subject header, it takes the subject literally.

regards to all,


Trav Sat Dec 6 18:45:07 EST 1997

Hey guys, Quick hello.

I just finished up a set of Springhouse web pages. They are in the same style as the For Against pages, but look a little better and are simplified. If you're a Springhouse fan, enjoy!

Also, I haven't been mirroring the Sleep No More posts here for a whlie - anyone want me to continue doing that or are things fine as they are?


Anna Mairs Sun Dec 21 21:37:43 EST 1997


I was just wondering, have you heard 'Fire On The Moon' yet? :)

What do you think of it?

What are your favourite tracks?


George A. Goode Tue Dec 30 11:59:22 EST 1997

Greetings fellow TCSA'ers. Best wishes for the upcoming new year.

If you are a DREAM COMMAND fan, and would like a copy of the rare and out of print CD used for about 10 bucks US, then head to the following URL:

I don't guarantee the item is in stock since their last update was Dec. 26, 1997, but happy hunting.

regards to all,


Allan Morris Thu Jan 1 06:47:13 EST 1998

Hi everyone, and happy new year!

Great news discovering the CSA Fellowship page (catchy name!).

I'd loce to contribute to the discussion and I'm new to doing this stuff on the Net, so advice and directions would be great.

I look forward to hearing fromyou all and exchanging views on my favourite band.



Alexander King Thu Jan 1 10:49:07 EST 1998

Happy New Year, and hello again, to all who might remember me!

I stopped being active on the internet 6 months ago when I was finishing my Medical Degree at Sheffield University. It was there that I was priveleged to become aquainted with Steve Fellows in person.

Anyway, I have now started working as a doctor at Hadassah University Hospital in Jerusalem, and as I now have an e-mail account, I wanted become involved again.

I am having trouble subscribing to the mailing list from the Web page. Could someone tell me an e-mail based way to do it.

Before I leave, here is some Hot breaking CSA news from the United kingdom.

...From my friend Dan Tancer, who now works at the BBC (and who interviewed Steve Fellows for local radio when we were at University together):- ....

"I was listening to a special on Radio 1 last week featuring Blur playing a gig in John Peel's back garden. I'm not making this up. Apparently from time to time John Peel invites bands to play for the locals in his garden. One part of the programme featured Peel showing a highly impressed Damon Albarn around his massive record collection. So Peel says something like "let's pick one out at random and play it". And guess what the random recort was? - "Sleep No More" by none other than The Comsat Angels! The Comsat's got a prime time play on Radio 1. I wonder if Steve Fellows was aware of this? I wonder if the play provoked anyone to find out more about the band?"

Trav Fri Jan 2 11:33:36 EST 1998

Welcome back, Alex!

The mailing list has been pretty flaky recently. Instructions on how to subscribe are in the backissues of The Comsat Fellowships (go back to the main page and then to the last archives issue, I think).

Anyway, people have been very quiet about Mood X recently... I wonder how many people have it?


Tony Kinson Sat Jan 17 05:40:17 EST 1998

Hi all

In the absence of any CSA related activity / news, I have had my annual "spring-clean" of the Sleep No More Site. I have re-scanned most of the pictures / sleeves etc - they look a lot clearer now. Because I have more web-space available now, some of the pictures are slightly larger than before. Better quality - but slightly longer to download, I'm afraid.

I have added a separate page for people to sign-up to the (dreaded) Coollist SNM mailing list.

The only new page is "Unravelled" - an interviews / press page. At the moment, it contains some interviews from "Sounds" and "Q". If anyone has any other articles that could go on this part of the site, please get in touch.

No news (yet) on Steve's latest activities - or of the other band members progress.

I hope you like the new look of the site.

Anastasia Mairs Sun Jan 18 06:18:48 EST 1998


I like the look of the new Sleep No More site, good job.

I've just looked at my new Dream Command CD and noticed that the words are included, they weren't in the LP, what a bonus.


Dave G. Mon Jan 19 14:33:22 EST 1998

I had no idea about the Mood X CD before I read about it on Step Off. Any idea what kind of distribution it's getting? Is it commonly available in the big chains? Washington DC is a pretty lame record-buying town and if it ain't in Tower, you're out of luck.

James Bennett Wed Jan 21 09:50:02 EST 1998
Ben de Kam Thu Jan 22 18:12:24 EST 1998

I,ve got no time to read everything now, but talking about good music, especially the comsats is always a good idea. Please subscribe.

Stephen Barnes Sat Jan 31 12:58:31 EST 1998

Great to know the flame is being kept alive. Surprised that no-one has mentioned Adorable in relation to The Comsats. If anyone out there does make the link you'll be delighted to learn that Piotr's new band Polak are playing at the Monarch in Camden (that's in London for all you geographically challenged Yanks) on Tuesday February 3rd.

Anyone got any news on rereleases of the Sound albums?

Ian Lloyd Wed Feb 4 15:24:59 EST 1998

After 74 million attempts (well it feels like it!) to post to the mailing list, I 've given up and gone back to communicating via the good ol' Fellowship - Thanks Trav.

Do you think coolist is run by the same prats reasonable for the hiatus in supplies of Sleep No More, thus preventing the Comsats from becoming huge stars in the early eighties, hence stiffling the development of popular music in the Western World and prompting the inevitable decline in European Civilisation - do I sound frustrated at all ?

Belated Best wishes for the New Year......

Latest discussion topics......... (They were when this was written)

Comsats Tribute Album

Sadly all I could come up with was probably very obvious but anyway .......

Baby has to be Bill Wyman

Forever Young Charlie Harper or The Poison Girls

Penultimate track on the album should be Abba's 'Thank you For the Music' performed by U2, The Cure and Curve. Promo Video could include Crap haircuts courtesy of Mike Howlett and would hopefully be lost for 6 weeks or so by Polydor's Distribution network (do I sound bitter?)

The last track would have to be an acoustic version of Waiting for a Miracle with backing vocals by the combined choirs of Polydor and Jive's Marketing Departments.


Fiction is isn't but it's not intended nor was it ever going to be. It is an entity separate from the Comsats . Mood-X will probably not become an integral part of my life in the way that say WFAM or SNM & Fiction are but who knows - time may change my view. My hope is that it's a waypoint in SF's work - perhaps Steve feels the need to 'clear the decks' before releasing more conventional song-based material. Tony's comments about the demo's he's heard have really whetted my appetite for the next album.


Is there anything going on ? Even a Pub session on a Sunday lunchtime ? Are any of the band still involved with Axis ?

Keep the Faith


David Whiting Wed Feb 4 18:53:37 EST 1998

I have been a huge fan of the Chameleons, Bunnymen and Psy Furs for as long as they've been around. In my travels around the net, I have encountered the name Comsat Angels in this genre of influence. I didn't miss much during this time period, but somehow this band got by me. I was familiar with the band name, but never got introduced to their music. I'm very hungry now to get my hands on a Comsat CD and check them out. Given the favorites that I have listed above, could anyone recommend the best disc for me to start with? I would also appreciate it if someone could direct me to the best place on the net to pick up a fairly priced copy. If someone could leave a message here for me, I will checking back in for any responses. Thank you.

Jay Francis Wed Feb 4 19:54:47 EST 1998

Well, I have carried this passion for the Comsats going on 18 years since I saw them on a Sunday afternoon at a multiband concert in London. For those who might be interested, several years ago I saw this French film at a Film Festival which blew me away in the same way that the Comsats did musically. I don't even know if it is available in the UK ( it isn't available here in the U.S.) but if you ever have an opportunity to see " Simple Mortel ".

Trust me.

Anna Mairs Thu Feb 5 06:41:16 EST 1998


I feel that the cheapest I found was AB-CD. Here is the address.;;4

Prices start from $7.97US. What a bargain! I've bought from them, they seem OK.

Don't delay, they are advertising them as "Last Copies" If you can afford it, I recommend that you buy them all, before you regret not buying them when you had the chance.

You will be kicking yourself later if you don't.....


Hi! You must admit that we did have a good run on the Sleep No More mail list. Maybe it plays up, to give us all a break from each other : )

Maybe not.....

Bye for now


Tony Kinson Fri Feb 6 10:17:07 EST 1998

Yes - Coollist is playing up again - so back to Trav's pages we all go! The following picture sleeves have been added to the Discography page of the Sleep No More site:

Thanks for the scans Keith!

James Bond Sun Feb 15 15:14:12 EST 1998

(Posted by Travis)

I'm looking for the song "I'm falling" by the Comsat Angels, and I was wondering if you knew where to find it (preferably in RealAudio format, but not necessary)? Thanks.

Anastasia Mairs Fri Mar 6 21:40:20 EST 1998

Hello All,

Can someone please tell me where on Earth Travis is?

I haven't heard from him since 22 Feb and I'm really worried. I just hope that his computer is playing up and nothing has happened to him.

If anyone knows anything please can I ask you to write to me.


mark Sun Mar 15 12:43:31 EST 1998

Hi everybody!

what a beautiful band the Comsat Angels are. Anyone who has the lyrics of the Dream Command CD for me?

Is's very difficult to get this CD in Holland, but just the lyrics could bring me in a different state of being.



Trav Sun Mar 15 15:34:57 EST 1998

Travis is right here! Just got back from Spring break.

Hmm, looks like the HTML at the bottom of this page went haywire. I'll try to fix it when I have a free second. if anyone's having trouble posting, please email me!


David L. Richard Thu Mar 26 00:41:41 EST 1998

I'm building a soundtrack album for the movie "Real Genius" -- for my own personal use. I've been able to get all the song's except Tonio K's "The Tuff Do What?" (which was never released on any record) and The C.S. Angel's "I'm Falling" from the album "7 Day Weekend" [although everyone here probably already knew which album...

Anyway, I've not been able to hunt down "7 Day Weekend" anywhere. Could someone please e-mail me an MP3 or WAV of the song, "I'm Falling"? I promise not to do illegal things with it. Or, point me to someplace that will help me get my own copy?

Pretty please?



Fri Mar 27 20:57:33 EST 1998


The song "I'm falling" (extended version), "I'm falling" (7" version) and also included the 'New heart and hand' song. Plus blue vinyl 12" of 'citadel'.

anyone interested?

let me know!



Mark Sat Mar 28 10:13:12 EST 1998

sorry, forgot to mention my e-mail adress!

it's about the i'm falling EP!

Edgar Driesen Fri Apr 3 09:42:37 EST 1998

Still one of my favorite Bands (the other one being The Cocteau Twins). I saw them after they released the "My mind's Eye-album" First at "Willem I" in Arnhem and a few weeks later at "De nieuwe pul" in Uden. Both are very small clubs, there were enough people but not that you could say a crowd. I made some pictures in Uden and after the gig helped the bass-player to look for his contact-lens (we didn't find it)

Cheers Edgar.

Pat Lynch Fri May 1 14:17:39 EDT 1998

'Tis appallingly quiet here these days. This is just a note to inform those who don't know that Steve Fellows plays guitar on a track on the new Gomez album. I haven't heard it so I can't comment.

By the way anyone know when the rest of the Comsats are going to put something together?



Trav Sat May 2 12:09:07 EDT 1998

I am curious... How many people have Mood X?


Trav Sat May 2 12:13:48 EDT 1998

I plan to give this page a face-lift once the summer starts (in a couple of weeks). I'll also advertise it a bit on the various newsgroups and other mailing lists.

Right now it's studying time, though... Exams next week!


Mark Wed May 6 17:00:05 EDT 1998

How about Mood X?

I think it's a brave step into the future. though i'm looking forward to the new rock-a-like album.

Sun May 10 18:10:49 EDT 1998

I've just got a copy of the Dream Command LP and its stickered "Includes the hit Celestine". Was there ever a single from this album? If so what was on the b side?

Also anyone looking for Chasing Shadows on Cd might try Music Web on from where I've just bought a cut-out copy at a reasonable price.

Trav Tue May 12 15:40:05 EDT 1998

Here's a direct link to the Music Web site:

(remember to type the full URL)


Trav Tue May 12 15:55:23 EDT 1998

I decided to subscribe Sleep No More (the CSA email list) to The Comsat Fellowship's email mirror. This means, any messages posted on here (including this one) will be automatically sent to the Sleep No More list as well.

Just remember that this is a one-way mirror; messages posted directly on Sleep No More will not be automatically be posted to The Comsat Fellowship.

However, if you guys want, I can periodically post Sleep No More messages on here by hand. I used to do that before, but my semester got really busy and there didn't seem to be much interest in my mirroring of everything.

Later, guys!


Trav Wed May 13 10:12:41 EDT 1998

Looks like you have to actually be subscribed to the Sleep No More mailing list in order to post to it. So I subscribed the dummy account that The Comsat Fellowship uses to send out mail ( to Sleep No More.

Hopefully this message will go through, i.e., will be seen on Sleep No More as well as The Comsat Fellowship.

One downside of SNM's "have-to-subscribe-to-post" feature is that SNM will mail all the SNM messages to the dummy account? The account doesn't really exist, as far as I know...

We'll see!


Pat Lynch Sat May 16 03:25:56 EDT 1998

Hi All,

Travis, the new email formula is a great idea. Let's face it, Coollist on its own never really took off. I hope everyone realises that Coollist is absolutely nothing to do with Tony Kinson, whose brilliant Sleep No More site was the very first web-site I ever visited.

Mood X I very rarely play. It just doesn't go anywhere. I haven't got a problem with that sort of chill out ambient stuff but sadly I don't think Mood X cuts it. Hats off, though, to Steve Fellows for trying something different, but I do crave a more song based offering from him.

Has anyone heard the Gomez LP yet? Anyone wanna comment on it?

I had a very weird experience yesterday. I'm a bit of a vinyl fan. With a decent turntable you can't beat the warmth of a vinyl pressing. So, with that in mind, I wasn't too concerned about purchasing the re-issues of the three Polydor album. Having said that I did buy the CD issue of 'Waiting For A Miracle'. I'm glad the stuff came out. Anything that might introduce people to the Comsats, or even, let's face it, earn the guys some more money, is clearly a groovy thing!! Yesterday, however, whilst I was in my local library I couldn't think of anything to take out when my eyes fell on a copy of the 'Fiction' CD. I remembered the sleeve notes on 'Waiting For A Miracle' being pretty essential reading so I took the 'Fiction' CD out.

Now those of you with the CD will know what I'm talking about now. There's a bit on the inlay card, you know, a, what would you call it, Lonely Hearts ad...

Well.... that was me! It was! It was! Now, should I be proud to have something I WROTE in the sleeve notes, or...should I be mortified and totally shame-faced? It was 17 years ago.

Proud or mortified? You decide. One thing it did make me feel was very, very old....


Pat (who, at the age of 17 only had time for the essential dreams)

Me Sat May 16 12:38:19 EDT 1998

Haha!!! Pat that ad is cute!!!!

Hey! Feel proud! You're in a Comsat CD inlay, pity your name wasn't on it.

Today I met a Fellow Comsat fan the first one I have ever met in my life. The first person I have met from the Internet. We went for coffee and guess what we talked about? Hee Hee! I guess you guessed right.

I had a really great time, it was like I knew him for years, and maybe it was just the Comsats that brought us closer.

I will not name him so I don't embarrass him and nor will I add my name. He knows who he is and he knows who is writing this. I like to thank you for a lovely afternoon and thanks for the company. We will have to do it again in the future if I didn't bore you!

I truly believe that there is something really special about a Comsat fan. Have you ever met a Comsat fan? I want to meet more of us. I feel that we are unique. Today's meeting was great. So how about the Comsats forming again and we can all meet there? What do you say guys?

Bye from


: )

Trav Sat May 16 13:45:03 EDT 1998

Pat -

I saw it! "Lonely Boy 17..." What a trip! :)


Anastasia Sun May 17 09:20:55 EDT 1998


There's life on the Fellowship Pages. See Travis it gets used and you were worried! I will write to YOU soon. I've been "So Busy Doing Nothing And It's Gone Take All Day" I love that song, do you guys know it?

The reason I write today is to tell you a saw a video clip of the band 'Gomez' on the music show we have here called 'Rage'. The song was called - '78 Stone Wobble'.

Pat is this the song Stephen Fellows plays on?

What did I think of it? Well this song was weird although it wasn't awful.

Oh! Thanks to Alan Lee for giving me a copy of the following songs 'Land' and 'Something's Got To Give'. I have never heard these songs before. Have you guys? I loved them on first listen. The instrumental 'Land' made me cry. I like both songs very much and wished that someone would place all the B-sides on a CD... Hint! Hint! RPM!!!! : )

How much would it cost to buy the rights to all their music? Just curious!


Ok! It's about time for a song...

'Luminous and star like... / Translated into light... / There's meaning in the way she moves... / The radiance of her... / The blackness of her hair... / I reach out and my hand passes through - / Can you imagine? / My dreams Anjelica sometimes --- Anjelica!

Pat Lynch Wed May 20 15:55:02 EDT 1998

Hi All,

Anastasia, that particular track isn't the one that Steve's supposed to be on. I'm afraid I don't remember the name of it, but it mentions his involvement on the back of the album.

Land is a beautiful track and is frankly wasted on a b-side. I always loved Shining Hour as well. I saw them live once when they sort of segued the track Land with the track Sleep No More...excellent.

A b-side LP is a great idea, but what about a live LP, yummy!



Alan Lee Mon Jun 8 13:51:13 EDT 1998

(also sent to the Coollist but failed first time)

Hi all

Does anybody else have a copy of the Comsats newsletter no. 5 which came out at the same time as 'The Glamour'?. This lists several tracks from the Glamour sessions which were not included on the album. The titles include "I Hear A New World", "Goddess" and "Hyperprism". Will these tracks ever see the light of day in any form? I presume RPM would still own the rights to them.

I wonder if any acoustic or rehearsal versions exist on tape of "Slayer Of The Real", which is in the lyric booklet for My Minds Eye, or of the three new songs played on the final tour: "Baby Elvis", "Helicopters" and "All Is Cool"

Also, the sleeve notes for Time Considered suggest that there are four unreleased Dream Command tracks, one of which is called "White Hotel"

Does anybody else know of any other unreleased material from other periods of the bands career?

George A. Goode Wed Jun 10 13:37:18 EDT 1998

Greetings fellow TCSA supply challenged people. I just wanted to let everyone know where to find *shrink sealed* copies of TCSA and a derivative band item as follows:

Both located at:

Their service is slow (about a month to deliver) but so far I have received every item I ordered - each one quite rare even on the used market. Their catalogue contains about 40,000 items so if you look very closely, you just *might* find something you like - I sure did :)



Tony Kinson Sat Jun 13 10:02:22 EDT 1998

Also posted to the Sleep No More Mailing List...



R&B AMB 8945

Sheffield backroom duo, one a former Comsat Angel, take trip hop down really dark avenues.

Kevin Bacon and Jonathan Quarmby have, over the years, produced everyone From Finley Quaye to David Bowie, but, perhaps now weary of their perennial backroom status - not least in the light of the success enjoyed by Massive Attack and Portishead they have decided to tip toe towards the limelight themselves in the Form of Manna. 5:1 is the year's most inactive record. Even New Age relaxation tapes boast more action than this.

It's narcotic mood music for insomniacs in which even guest vocalists Audioweb's Martin Merchant, Longpigs' Crispin Hunt, Quaye - refrain from injecting a pulse and bpms? What are bpms? The result is, by turns exquisite, sublime. dull and duller, but for one listen at least, consistently intriguing. ***

Nick Duerden

Tony Kinson Sat Jun 13 16:59:09 EDT 1998

Sorry, forgot to mention - review of Manna below is from the July "Q" magazine...

Pat Lynch Sat Jun 20 14:11:47 EDT 1998

Hi All

For those of you interested in such trivia (and I am!!!) Kevin Bacon along with Jonathan Quarmby have re-mixed the excellent Ian Brown's current single 'Can't See Me'.



Tony Kinson Sat Jun 27 04:24:12 EDT 1998

Hi all

You probably all know, but for those who don't - I am closing down the Coollist version of the mailing list. ALL e-mails to the Coollist service bounce (even to support)- please see the website (Chasing Shadows page) for details of the new, faster, more reliable service.

Marianne Mon Jun 29 16:39:09 EDT 1998

I can't find a copy of the album 7 Day Weekend. Can anyone tell me where and how I can purchase? Tape is best; I doubt it was produced as CD.



David L. Richard Thu Jul 2 00:19:07 EDT 1998

First off, thanks, Anastasia! The "Real Genius" soundtrack CD is now complete. I couldn't have done it without you.

Second, the AMAZON.COM music section ( has several of TCSA records. I noticed "Fiction", "Glamour", "Sleep No More", "Time Considered", "Unravelled", and "Waiting for a Miracle" listed there.

Finally, after poking, proding, and prying in nooks and crannies for the record "7 Day Weekend", I now own 6 CD's of TSCA. I'm hooked!

Anastasia Fri Jul 3 04:17:13 EDT 1998


Please enlighten us about the 'Real Genius' soundtrack album you have made. I know you have said it's for your own personal use, but why are you doing it? Can anyone buy it?

What type of a movie? Who will eventually get to see this movie? Tell, Tell all?


Benito Trevino Mon Jul 6 16:54:46 EDT 1998

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a hold of the CSA album: 7-day Weekend. There is one song, I'm falling which I really like. I live in Texas, and go to school in NY, but I haven't been able to find the song anywhere. Can anyone help me?

c.calvo Sat Jul 11 17:48:27 EDT 1998

I have followed the band for years and have 90% of all material if you have any comments plse respond

Im from Oxford UK

George A. Goode Tue Jul 21 15:35:24 EDT 1998

Just thought I would mention that I located a source of long boxed shrink sealed cut out copies of 'Chasing Shadows' on CD (Island #90545-2). The cost is 8.99 USD+ S&H and I had my copy about 8 days after I ordered. Point your browser to for details.



Tim Clayton Mon Jul 27 12:57:25 EDT 1998

Sorry about before. I'm only just getting used to this thing. [fixed - Trav]

On Time Considered it mentioned that there may be future out-takes/live track releases. What happened?

My heart's desire is a live recording of "What Else!?"

Any news, please?

Stephen Saunders Tue Jul 28 23:52:31 EDT 1998

can anyone help with sets of the comsat angels lyrics? particularly would like mind's eye and the glamour, but also the earlier albums. the only ones i have are chasing shadows (on liner notes) and fiction (from a band newsletter of the time).

my mail address is steve saunders, 33 dumaresq st, dickson act 2602, australia.

29 july 1998.

graham henderson Thu Jul 30 09:15:25 EDT 1998

Im just looking to talk to anybody about this great band. How could the rock roll world ever ignore one of britain finest? Maybe inform me of fanclubs, conventions? etc?

Cheers Graham

Trav Thu Jul 30 11:38:44 EDT 1998

Digital Sex cites the Angels as one of their influences. So they weren't completely ignored. Too bad they've split, though.

You might wanna check out the Digital Sex web site:


By the way, I remember giving Unravelled some flack a ways back. But I've relaxed my opinion - I think it's an excellent intro to the late Comsats sound. "The Cutting Edge" totally kicks on that version.

Anyone know of any Comsats live albums on CD (either official or unofficial)? I'm getting a burner next week, and am getting CD Fever.

Speaking of CDs, I'm still interesting in putting together a Comsats tribute CD. Right now I am finishing up a Julian Cope tribute; I have all the songs from people and when I get my burner and new computer I'll be churning it out. I'd like to do the same for the Comsats.


Zak Webber Tue Aug 4 18:21:55 EDT 1998

Hi folks!

Jeepers these posts are (mostly) dull! So un-ComSat Angle-like. How about some interesting threads such as:


Zak Webber Tue Aug 4 21:24:07 EDT 1998

Hey gang!

Just thought of some more:




- Anastasia: GREAT idea about a CD of B-sides. I love the track 'Land' and I don't know why

- labanMark - yes, they're beautiful & fantastic. I love the way that, although over the years all their work has a familiar feel to it, it is nevertheless very varied. How many other artistes can you say that about?

- Edgar: Cocteau Twins! Yeah yeah yeah! (that means 'I approve')

- 'Me': I'll meet you (if you're cute)

- Ian: ComSat tributes album: howbout Bruce Springsteen for 'Independence Day'?

David L. Richard Mon Aug 10 13:07:06 EDT 1998

In 1985, Tr-Star released a Martha Coolidge film, "Real Genius" - starring Val Kilmer. An above-average teen flick, it boasted a song selection that impressed me then (and now). However, a soundtrack album for the movie was never released.

After a gestation period in my brain, all the elements needed for me to make a soundtrack finally coalesed: the Internet (with "old" music sites), a turntable, a cassette player, a PC, a CD "ripper", a CD-ROM burner, and (most importantly) help from nice folks like Anatasia!

I spent several weeks finding, ordering, and then recording almost every song from the movie. I say "almost" because Tonio K.'s "The Tuff Do What?" was never released.

Several of the numbers are from Rock/Pop favorites like: Tears for Fears, Don Henley, Bryan Adams, Y&T. But for me, part of the movie's magic came from groups I'd never really listened to before: Comsat Angels, The System, The Call, and Paul Hyde.

As to purchasing the CD: I have no idea of the legality. I don't own any of the rights to the music, and I've not contacted any copyright holders about "sharing" the music. However, since I now own vinyl, cassette, and CD's of almost all the titles, I'm hoping there's no harm in my re-recording the music onto a more convenient format.

I guess if someone else could "prove" he or she had also purchased the songs on another format, then I could "share" the CD.

Finally, if you want to see a clever, non-stupid teen flick about supergeeks in college, check out "Real Genius" at the video store, and check out the website: to get more info about the movie, the songs, and the actors.

Zak Webber Tracks Considered: Sun Aug 16 04:39:12 EDT 1998

New Comsat Website

Here's my humble offering, folks:

Tracks Considered:

It's a track-by-track review of the music of the Comsat Angels - HIGHLY subjective!

It may be a bit slow downloading, but there's no pics, so don't wait for backgrounds or logos. I'm hoping it will grow. Contributions are very welcome!

Susanna Mon Aug 31 18:49:50 EDT 1998

Yippeee!!! I can't believe this! After all these years...I finally find others who share a passion for this quirky little (that's a joke, by the way) band from the UK. Barely knew they existed until their tour with SHRIEKBACK here in Los Angeles a decade ago and I remember suddenly forgetting who the mainlining act was! I have since collected most all of TCSA material. What made me finally decide to dredge the depths of the Internet was me listening to MY MIND'S EYE on a very long, but nice, car trip yesterday.

I have always contended that if I ever caught a magic fish and was granted three wishes, one of those wishes (maybe not the first, per se!) would be to be able to contact Stephen Fellows and tell him how much his talent and art means to me.

Does anyone know if emailing to the Sleep No More site maintainer would help? All I want is an outlet for my words of praise to the Angels, and Stephen in particular.

ANy information would indeed be a help. BTW, I will have to get to the discussion later with my top 5 fave CSA songs. It's not an easy choice, you know!

Yours effervescently,

Susanna...always waiting for a miracle...

Zak Webber Sun Sep 13 05:53:59 EDT 1998


SLEEP NO MORE lyrics added

many thanks to Anastasia for her help

Trav Mon Sep 21 11:07:15 EDT 1998

Hey guys!

Zak, your web site seems a little sluggish. Took forever to load the first page. Is it just me?


Ian Lloyd Mon Oct 5 19:51:19 EDT 1998

Greetings 'Fellows Angels' (?!*)

The Gomez Album when the Mercury Prize in the UK (sort of album of the year) against competition from The Verve, Massive Attack, Pulp, Catatonia and others. Some reflected glory for our hero at last.

Managed to find a copy of 'Chasing Shadows' on CD in a second hand record shop for £4 last week - the best £4 I've spent since Fiction was released !

Keep the Faith Ian

Brian Bean Thu Nov 12 21:18:16 EST 1998


i have the above on 12" single for sale. interested parties make offers to

George A. Goode Wed Nov 25 12:21:00 EST 1998

CDZone in the UK is selling new 12" vinyl of 'I'm falling' (both versions) and the added bonus blue vinyl citadel for about 7.55 GBP postpaid to North America.

I just received mine today and the packaging appears original, so I suspect this is not a reissue but some old stock floating about.

Hope this helps someone



chris matthews Tue Dec 22 20:50:12 EST 1998

wow,i finally got hooked up to the net and thought i'd look up one of my favourite bands and there's a whole lot of other people who love'em,too! zak,the line in 'at sea' is 'it's such a shame how the times have changed'.when i was in england last,about 5 years ago [i'm from new zealand],i looked in every record shop i could find for c.d.s of the comsats but i could not find any and their c.d.s don't seem to have been released in n.z.-i haven't perused this [and other]web sites properly yet but can anyone tell me where to find 'em? also,if anyone has lyric sheets that would be nice,too.big thanks. y'all have a nice day.

Trav Wed Dec 30 15:29:49 EST 1998

What's Steve up to these days?

Eek the bottom of the page looks gross. Gotta fix it one of these days.


A leaf blows across the street.


See, this is what happens when bands break up!


Melvin Little Mon Feb 15 19:24:47 EST 1999


My name is Melvin Little. Of course, I am 29 years old, and I'm into old school punk rock, new wave, and 80s post punk. Some of the bands that I like to listen to are the Comsat Angels, the Chameleons, Joy Division, the Smiths, REM, the Go-Betweens, the Noise, Bauhaus, the Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the Jesus and Mary Chain, the Buzzcocks, Modern English, and tons of other predominantly British moody bands.

My other interests are politics. Check out the best political party around, the Socialist Party USA.

Jon Salisbury Thu Apr 8 09:38:28 EDT 1999


Andy Jackson Fri Apr 9 06:48:21 EDT 1999

Have people on here considered lobbying to get 'Land' and 'Seven Day Weekend' re-released? I presume RPM haven't re-released them because the rights to the material from this era rest with whoever Jive were part of. I mailed Dotmusic (UK Music trade website) to see if they could tell me what became of the Jive back catalogue but no reply as yet. Have people emailed/written to RPM?

Despite the Jive years being a less creative era in the CSA evolution, songs like 'High Tide', 'Nature Trails' and B-sides like 'Shining Hour' and 'Land' *need* to see the light of day once again...

Trav Fri Apr 9 13:22:38 EDT 1999

Are there a lot of B-sides from that era? I loved what they did with the first three reissues. Awesome liner notes, photos, collages, and the bonus tracks. If they redo Land and Seven Day Weekend I'd like to see the same effort put into it. Maybe we should ask Jack Rabid for advice on where to put pressure to that it gets done "right". Does that make sense?

[Today's one of those "day after" days...]

I am curious what's become of Mood X. How many people have bought it? Is it cool? Or is it like Julian Cope's Queen Elizabeth? I still haven't checked it out. That the Comsats broke up is still depressing.


anastasia Sat Apr 10 08:34:12 EDT 1999

Travis asked, "I am curious what's become of Mood X. How many people have bought it? Is it cool? "

Travis I have a copy thanks to Ian Lloyd!

Not sure what to make of it at this stage! I heard it once, but I couldn't go again. I will though, not sure when! I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone to get it. It's obviously a album that must grow on you, not sure when. :-) I'm not being nasty either. I'm the type that really gives music a go too. I really didn't have the desire to hear it again.

Is Mr Fellows up to anything these days? Does anyone know of an e-mail or snail-mail address as I would really like to write him a letter. Would those at R.P.M forward mail on to Stephen?

Travis since you are in the good books with Jack Rabid I think you should be the one to get on the case of asking him for some advise. Make sure you take around a box of chocolates! :-) I would love to have 'Land' and all those B' sides on CD. I am fortunate to have 'Seven Day Weekend' on CD.

It's definitely sad that the Comsats have broken up. Although they did well to record all the records that they have considering they weren't famous and didn't receive the recognition they deserved. Now that is more depressing Travis. (How are you by the way? I miss our correspondence :-) We are all fortunate that we have about 17 years of material they were around for a long time.

I really loved their last record 'The Glamour' what did the rest of you think? I know some of you hated it. That album really means so much to me. I love 'Oblivion', 'Spaced', 'Valley Of The Nile', unlike me I really love 'Sailor' and many other tracks off that CD. Oh! that album brings back so many memories of my life. Just thinking of it wells tears in my eyes. It was Autumn 1997 (April). The atmosphere was all so special. The glow and position of the Sun. I remember it all. Even a smell triggers off a memory! The fig-tree still had fruit and the birds sung as they had a feast, the leaves fell amongst me. The Autumn sun warmed my bones as I sat out in the garden writing letters to someone who was so special to me. Even little white butterflies flew around me as I wrote to him. It was breathtaking, it was truly a beautiful sight. I called them "my little white butterflies of hope". This man was so special to me and I'll never forget how I was feeling. It's brought about each time I hear 'The Glamour'. It was the first time I allowed my new cat outdoors. It brings a smile to my face to recall this story. You should have seen him, he was so happy eating blades of grass for the first time, trying to catch butterflies, honestly a sight for sore eyes. He rolled around in the grass and dirt. Naughty thing! I know exactly what I was feeling and doing back then. It was the first time my eyes opened and I knew what I wanted in life. I was finally growing up. What a time in my life! 'The Glamour' was my soundtrack. When I hear that CD today I actually cry. Just like I am right now. Sailor plays... When I hear it, it takes me back to April 1997 and I know exactly what I was thinking, feeling and doing. My heart was so happy back then. I had never belonged anywhere before then and I doubt whether I will belong anywhere ever again. I do not think I ever existed before Autumn 1997. I was alive for the first time in my life.

"But you're still on my mind; So beautiful and so lost in time" ~ Pacific Ocean Blues

Sorry I got a little carried away. I didn't intend this letter to be so revealing. I felt really good as I wrote it though. I didn't mean to reveal all...

... Anyone else what to share a Comsat experience? Please feel free to do so. It would be great to hear peoples treasured moments.


Ryan Hilles Mon Apr 19 02:06:23 EDT 1999

Desparately searching for a CD copy of "Seven Day Weekend". Will pay well for it or any CDR of it. If you can help me out let me know.


Ryan Hilles

anastasia Mon Apr 19 02:42:24 EDT 1999

I know this will not help Ryan, but I have an original copy of '7 Day Weekend' and Ryan's letter has just triggered off a bad memory.

The worse thing that can happen has. I have misplaced the actual disc! I just do not recall where on earth I've placed it. I've checked most of my other CD cases to no avail!. Why couldn't it be 'Sleep No More' or something like that. A CD that is still available. I know it's here somewhere, but where I really do not know.

Just thought I'll share this with you.

Ryan just curious, does that mean you have an original copy of 'Land'? Does anyone have an original copy of 'Land'? I know we have discussed this 100 times. But I'm starting to assume that it was never released on CD. I've never heard anyone say that they have it. Who does? I'm curious. Write to me privately please.


Tony Kinson Mon Apr 26 16:58:25 EDT 1999

Message received today...

On the 26st of april the sad news reached us that Adrian passed away on the 25th.

An official statement and a book of condolences will follow soon on the redsun homepage:

Martin Bosker (REDSUN RECORDS)

Thought people who visit here might like to know this info...


bernard guidos Wed May 5 17:09:15 EDT 1999

greets -

a long time ago i heard a part of a tape someone made from the radio. I heard a portion of a song that I think was the Comsat Angels. It went something like "don't you was so long ago.. it's history .... i've lost count of the number of times i have apologized to you .... what more can i do... it's history..."

am i remembering correctly? does anyone recognize these lyrics, and where did they come from?

if you could send to, i'd be quite happy. bye.

Andy Cocker Wed May 12 11:48:30 EDT 1999

I only just discovered the Comsat Fellowship, and I thought I'd post a message.

I'm of the opinion that the last great thing the Comsats recorded was the Chasing Shadows CD. The Dream Command CD Fire On The Moon was good, but not great ( I was invited by Steve to see them perform in Sheffield at this time, under the name The Headhunters ). After this, they lost it. They achieved the bland sound of a pub rock band, and lost their introspective, bleak beauty.

I was lucky enough to be mentioned in the sleevenotes of the 3 RPM reissue CD's....I provided them with the original sleeves so that they could be scanned. This contact with RPM led to me working on some music for an offshoot from the label, assisted by a guitarist who played live with Comsats during the late eighties.

Steve Fellows, after giving us Mood X ( unlistenable! )is now managing the band Gomez ( unlistenable! ). The rest of the Comsats apparently were not very happy ( I'm using understatement here :-)).

They have recruited another vocalist and have recorded under the name SOUP. I have yet to hear the tape, but apparently it's not 'song-based', more grooves.

I have a cassette of unrealesed demos that Steve once gave me. Would anyone be interested in Real Audio versions of these tracks. If someone would like to host them on their website. They are as follows:

All the best,

Andy Cocker

Andy Cocker Wed May 12 17:52:02 EDT 1999

Hmm..just thought, perhaps it would be wrong of me to consider making these tracks available. They were given to me for my own personal use. What do you think? I don't want any trouble.


Lewis Tue Jun 1 16:24:18 EDT 1999

What's the latest?

Swingbest (?) used to send me gig fliers a week after the gigs

Heard nothing after Chasing Shadows then I met another drummer in a record shop in Hinckley who introduced me to the Dream Command, followed by My Mind's Eye, a Dutch Radio Unravelled thing and The Glamour (which I thoroughly enjoyed)

Then I heard you'd been gigging again (98ish)

Too late, as per usual

Can you put me in touch with someone in touch?

I'm no computer whizzkid, just an ageing drummer who really liked the Polydor albums and "I get Excited"

Thought maybe you'd met Allah, ditched the music, and disappeared into the ether

Hope not

Lewis Wed Jun 2 18:31:21 EDT 1999

Ok, so I found the scroll-down and got the main hang of this.

What happened to the record shop in Sheffield?

And remind me why we can't order Mood X from the RPM site?

p.s. have I missed any other albums since Chasing Shadows (see below)?

This page is cool

Trav Wed Jun 2 18:54:15 EDT 1999

There's Time Considered, which is a best-of the radio sessions CD which covers the early albums, and Unravelled, which covers the later albums [up through The Glamour] and is a bunch of "unplugged" sessions. Both CDs are around 70 minutes long, come with excellent liner notes, and are super musically.

I'm glad you like the page. What other music groups are you into?


Anastasia Wed Jun 2 18:58:05 EDT 1999



Not sure what happened to the Record shop in Sheffield, but you do know that Stephen now managers the new band 'Gomez'? They are not to my liking and I'm sure not to other fans.

Stephen is apparently enjoying his time with the band and on some occasions is asked to play with them.

:And remind me why we can't order Mood X from the RPM site?

Not sure about this but REDSUN in Germany has a website and has Mr. Fellows listed; check up out

If I were you I won't bother about it. Apparently Stephen is working on a new album with songs,although his commitements with Gomez, doesn't give him much time to work on this new project, so there you go... Is that a scoop or what?

No you haven't missed any other albums since Chasing Shadows. The band has split up if you hadn't realised.

Yes this is cool


Anastasia Wed Jun 2 18:58:53 EDT 1999



Not sure what happened to the Record shop in Sheffield, but you do know that Stephen now managers the new band 'Gomez'? They are not to my liking and I'm sure not to other fans.

Stephen is apparently enjoying his time with the band and on some occasions is asked to play with them.

:And remind me why we can't order Mood X from the RPM site?

Not sure about this but REDSUN in Germany has a website and has Mr. Fellows listed; check up out

If I were you I won't bother about it. Apparently Stephen is working on a new album with songs,although his commitements with Gomez, doesn't give him much time to work on this new project, so there you go... Is that a scoop or what?

No you haven't missed any other albums since Chasing Shadows. The band has split up if you hadn't realised.

Yes this is cool


Lewis Sat Jun 5 16:13:00 EDT 1999

Me again.

Thanks to Travis & Anastasia for getting in touch

So where do I find Time Considered?

Finding music too diverse these days to be into anything in particular. When I first listened to CSA I was into a lot of gothic stuff. Then I disappeared up my own bottom listening to music of my own. When I reappeared the world had changed. I'm off downstairs now to find a tape of The Dream Command that someone kindly recorded for me (Gordon from Nervous Records).

Does anyone here use minidiscs?

Andy Jackson Tue Jun 8 09:16:49 EDT 1999

This is a copy of an email conversation between myself and a guy at RPM records. It may not be news to any of you but I thought it might be good to let people know about possible future Comsats reissues...

I wrote:

Sorry to bother you, but I guess I'm here to lobby you!

Fans of the Comsat Angels were really thrilled to have their first three albums re-released - with loving care by someone at RPM, witnessed by the fact that many extra tracks were included from B-sides and 12" singles.

We hope you'll complete the job by tracking down the 'lost' albums 'Land' and 'Seven Day Weekend'. I realise that the rights to these may be harder to find (given that Jive Records, the Comsats' label, no longer exist in their 80s form) but it would be a dream come true to see these LPs once again.

The unofficial Comsats website has a 'sales and wants' section. I have pasted in a selection of the 'wants' to show that I'm not alone in wanting to see these two classic albums re-released...

RPM replied:

Latterday fan though I am the releases were put together by Simon Robinson my ex partner in RPM and I have a tacit agreement with him to let him reissue Unravelled & Time Considered on one of his new labels English Electric . This is the label we put out the Steve Fellows solo guitar instrumental album on . So I think Land & Seven Day Weekend will eventually appear on that label with Simons usual attention to detail in the packaging . Fire On The Moon could also appear . We know where the rights to all these albums lie its just a question of time to produce the reissues and assessing the right moment to release.


Mark Stratford

Gilkey Wed Jun 23 19:29:02 EDT 1999

I'm looking for a particulary song called "I'm Falling" from about 1985 from the Album 7 Day Weekend.

The Comsat Fellowship #04

1997-11-21 to 1999-06-23