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Trav Tue Feb 4 18:20:08 EST 1997

Fans of Julian Cope might also want to check out Rail On!, my Julian Cope / Teardrop Explodes Discussion List.

And I also have a discussion list and set of web pages for casual musicians, called UNME.

Enough plugs!

Time for some Comsats babble!


Trav Tue Feb 4 18:22:47 EST 1997

First big question: does anyone know the latest on Stephen Fellow's two post-Comsats CDs, MoodX and the "song based album?"


Trav Tue Feb 4 18:28:09 EST 1997

Hello, everybody. If you can read this then it works! Post away!

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Tony Kinson Wed Feb 5 16:19:32 EST 1997

Steve Fellows told me that "Mood X" was due out at the end of January in the UK - but it hasn't appeared yet. I'll post here and on the "Stephen Fellows" page as soon as I get a confirmed release date.

The more "traditional" album is still at the demo stage, as far as I know - it may include a few cover versions as well as some of the songs premiered on the last live CSA dates in the UK (ie "Baby Elvis" & "Helicopters").

I'll check back in a few days - when hopefully the discussion would have started.

Thanks for the page, Travis.


Mr. Gil Wed Feb 5 18:13:25 EST 1997

Great to see things happening. About 5 years ago I gave up hope that we'd ever hear from Comsat Angels again, or that anyone in the world even cared. I don't feel so alone today. Thanks, all.

oleus Wed Feb 5 20:30:19 EST 1997

who here has "unravelled"? How does it compare to "time considered"?


madeline Wed Feb 5 23:12:31 EST 1997

Hi everyone,

It's great to know that there are more fans out there. Does anyone know where I can obtain a cd copy of Chasing Shadows? I'd love to know!


David Peter Thu Feb 6 02:33:35 EST 1997

In reply to Oleus' posting about Unravelled and Time Considered, both are indispensible IMHO. I think the TC sleeve notes say that the Comsats prefer the versions of many of the tracks on this album to those on the original releases.

Trav Thu Feb 6 08:21:38 EST 1997

Oleus -

Unravelled has, in my opinion, a much brighter, looser feel than Time Considered. I don't think there's any overlap chronologically, and stylistically, Unravelled is quite representative of the Later Comsats sound (melodic, almost "poppy" compared to early dark n' sparse Comsats).

Some of the songs have a definite unplugged sound, others are almost like the album versions. The surprise best song (for me) is "The Cutting Edge," much better here than on the album. As for the other songs, there are occasional moments of "hey, that sounded cool!" but for the most part I wouldn't say Unravelled is a very wowwing album.

Worth the money? Of course! Destined to be your favorite Comsats CD, or even a CD that you'd recommend as a first start to a friend? Probably not.

Of course, that's my opinion, and I tend not to consider live albums "indispensible."

Which brings up a question: are there any live albums by anyone that you would call "essential?" A recorded set that adds as much to a band's portfolio as a brilliant new album, something you absolutely cannot part with? Or even one that is good enough to be considered a "Best Of?"

Madeline -

I've seen Chasing Shadows in cut-out bins a few times, but now it seems to be restricted to used bins. I haven't seen it in any of the online stores.


Trav Thu Feb 6 08:29:47 EST 1997

By the way, are any of you up for doing Comsats covers? Would we have enough to fill a tape? [ If not, I could put them on the same tape as the Julian Cope covers I'm sloooowwwwwllyyy putting together with people on that list. ]


Jacko Jackson Thu Feb 6 15:28:50 EST 1997

In response to critics of UNRAVELLED , I must say that this album reaffirmed my love of the comsats. For me it is one of their best with excellent versions of songs i had missed first time round and showing off the masterful voice of mr Fellows. The Glamour however WAS disappointing !!!

Tony Kinson Sun Feb 9 08:36:05 EST 1997

Re: CSA covers tape - if anyone can provide music - I can add vocals on my 4-track - though nowhere near (like in the same galaxy near) as good as Steve Fellows!

Bill O'Reilly Sun Feb 9 18:42:55 EST 1997

Haven't seen any mention of Mood X on the RPM home page RPM got a bunch of T-Shirts printed for the Comsat Re-issues that they may be coerced into selling if you approached them. I have one and it's pretty groovy.

Chris Merchant Tue Feb 11 08:12:04 EST 1997

G'day folks!

Can someone be as kind as to post a short review of Mood X...

I'm quite curious as to what SF has come up with.


Regards, Chris

Alexander King Wed Feb 12 19:36:42 EST 1997

re: Cover versions

I would be happy to do my cover version of "On The Beach" (and NOT the Chameleons song!). It is an acoustic arrangement, and sounds quite nice, I think.


Ian Lloyd Thu Feb 13 18:50:31 EST 1997

I thought the Comsats died after Chasing Shadows, so far I've only caught up with Unravelled and The Glamour - both soaring works. How about sensitively produced versions of Land and 7 Day weekend without the haircuts !

Tony Kinson Fri Feb 14 14:22:12 EST 1997

Latest news from Steve Fellows - MOOD X should be out in a few weeks - I'll post here when I get the confirmed date - and will post a review - as requested - as well.

My interview for the "Sleep No More" site - with SF - should be happening soon - so if you have any questions you want asked - please email me.

Ian Lloyd Thu Feb 27 15:57:25 EST 1997

Catching up on 10 years discography is costing me a small fortune !

I'm with David - both Unravelled and Time Considered are excellent, but very different and yet so very, very fresh. For me, the version of Ju Ju Money on TC is IMHO the limit of their sparce sound. Perhaps the musical equivalent of closing your eyes and gazing into random neuron patterns.

I after 15 years, I still can't get over the disappointment of Diagram not being included on a Peel session. This song the essence of being 17.

Alexander King Fri Feb 28 10:32:24 EST 1997

Does anyone have any tapes of Comsat Angels live gigs? I would be happy to trade them for Chameleons tapes.

bob sacco Mon Mar 3 02:00:01 EST 1997

Discovered the Comsats in 1986. I asked some musicians in a band that I really liked, "what are you guys listening to these days." They looked at me at gave me only one reference,"TCSA!."

Living in the U.S. it was hard at first getting the Comsats stuff. Slowly I pieced it together. The first LP I bought was "Sleep NO More." Still to this day, It remains a special favorite. People ask me "what LP should I get first?" Wow! Thats like asking what flavor of ice cream do you like? I you like dark, brooding, complex, challenging stuff, go for Sleep No More. I recommend this for musicians. If you like Alternative pop try Fiction, Chasing Shadows, The Glamour. Straight pop, Land, 7 day Weekend, My Mind's Eye, Dream Command. Post punk-Pre-Alternative, try Waiting For a Miracle.

Though the press has ignored this band for actually starting Alternative Rock as we know it today. They were the first band to truly soar to new heights (sonically and texurally) before any other post-punk band. Sleep No More is a stunning work that has gone unsung. U2 was opening up for them in 1981 during this period. And you must believe that the boys from Ireland were in the front row getting a lesson from TCSA on raw power and sonic texture. Many critics have likened TCSA to Joy Division - but the fact remains (from the mouth of Steve Fellows, We didn't know about them until after we recorded and released "Waiting" then all these critics said we were copying them!)

Sleep No More scored #3 on "The Big Takover's (magazine)" all time 200 LP list behind the Buzzcocks (singles) and the Beatles (Revolver). Great magazine, check it out at: [this is the current address as of June 1999 - Trav]

Many contemporary musicians swear by the music of the Comsats. Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and Robert Palmer who actually got them signed to Island because he liked them so much.

Well, I could go on forever about this band because I feel they still are still due for their contribution post punk/alternative music. But I'm sure you'll never see them on MTV or VH1 for that matter. Who knows if they've got any music left in them today. But I really gets me when I see these bands get all this retro coverage about their impact they made during this period. Still the TCSA still remain in obscurity. It's a shame. Shame on music critics for not uncovering this gem of a story.

-bob sacco

Trav Mon Mar 3 12:56:39 EST 1997

I don't so much mind the Comsats not getting universal recognition, unless that is really what they were after. If they simply wanted to create appealing music for themselves, then they succeeded. Album and concert sales would have afforded them more time to spend creating music for themselves, if money was indeed a concern.

Do you think Steve and the rest were into the fame and fortune, or into making music they liked, with fans and dollars secondary? I don't know.

All I can say is that as a(n albeit casual) musician, my highest priority would be to make a CD that I would enjoy playing over and over again. It would be "neat" to have fans, but they are secondary. It is similar for gigging - I would enjoy giving cool performances, but it is my own respect and that of my bandmates that I'd crave rather than that of the audience.

But who knows, maybe it the lack of externally-focused ambition that holds casual musicians back, and the bounty of which drives bands like U2 on to make millions of fans and dollars.


Ian Lloyd Sat Mar 15 04:48:05 EST 1997

Latest from rpm - Mood-X to be released in April on English Electric label and available by mail order thru CeeDee (check out the rpm website).

Tony Kinson Sun Mar 16 06:07:23 EST 1997

As Ian said - "Mood X" is due in April - 21st is the date at the moment - album approx 50 minutes long. "Song" album is put back - as Steve is now working in a different way - more "natural" / acoustic based.

Derek Matthew Fri Mar 28 11:55:49 EST 1997

Could any one tell me which COMSAT ANGELS album had the track GONE. This track was covered by MARTIN GORE of DEPECHE MODE, I have yet to hear the original version.

Anna Mon Mar 31 09:17:07 EST 1997

I would like to hear from any Comsat fans, who would like a chat.

I also would like to know if there were any music videos done on the band and if they are still available to purchase. I have only seen one film clip and it was when they did "Will You Stay Tonight".

I don't know about you guys, but I don't mind that not many people know the band, I enjoy them all to myself, my own little secret like they are singing just for me and it's heaven. I can't believe they didn't get the recognition they deserve when there's bands out there that a hopeless.

Can any one tell me how many records they sold?

What do you think of the" Glamour" CD? I thought it was different, it does grow on you. I don't think they ever did a bad album, then again I did not get to hear Chasing Shadows, so I can't include this cd.



Trav Mon Mar 31 09:38:23 EST 1997

Anna -

Haven't seen any videos, or any bootlegs for that matter. The Glamour is a very listenable record, perhaps the Comsats' most instantly digestible, but it doesn't have as many memorable, run-around-your-brain-for-hours phrases as the earlier albums or even My Mind's Eye. Still, it's very energizing and perfect for getting ready to go out!

I like what you said about the band being your little secret. It is nice having a secret, private place to go to, a piece of the world chisseled just for you.

To me, it's not heaven, though. It's more like a little breather, an afternoon nap. The real heaven is when we realize our dreams. When we in a flurry of activy glimpse ourselves in the mirror and are struck by how energized, how successful, how attractive we have become to ourselves.


David Peter Thu Apr 3 05:41:35 EST 1997

GONE first appeard on Sleep No More (RPM156). A version of it also appeared on Time COnsidered...(RPM106).

DON T. Sat Apr 5 16:31:33 EST 1997

has enz ever been released on cd?

big al Sat Apr 5 16:43:48 EST 1997

..hello all comsat angels fans..i have a list of comsat vinyl for sale, 7" pic sleeve singles (several foreign different sleeves), 12" pic sleeve singles, some lp's for sale..all lovingly collected thru' the years..kindly e-mail me for further info if interested thanks cheers big al

Alexander King Mon Apr 7 07:53:12 EDT 1997


Does anyone know where I can get Comsats posters from? (preferbly in the UK).

Tony Kinson Tue Apr 8 14:41:54 EDT 1997

Enz was never released on CD - Holland only vinyl - the RPM re-issues cover most of the stuff on it, anyway.

Sven Voigt-Christiansen Sun Apr 13 15:13:48 EDT 1997

Great to have found a comsat page. I never thougt, that there is anyone out there, sharing my affection to the comsats. Here in germany it seems as if nobody knows anything about them.

Just one question: If it' s possible to make Reissues on CD of "Waiting for a miracle", "Sleep no more" and "Fiction", why the hell is it not possible to reissue "Enz" on CD? In my opinion it' s on of the best Comsat-LPs.

Sorry, for my bad english...

So long, Sven

Alexander King Thu Apr 17 13:01:11 EDT 1997

I bumped into Steve Fellows yesterday. Actually, although I was on my way to see him (he works in a record shop), he saw me in the street, and it was he who said to me "Oh, hello there!" ...

...well, this makes six years in Sheffield all the more worthwhile!

Anyway, I didn't just come here to brag.... some news from Steve: Steve said that he is still awaiting a date for the release of his new project. The record company originally said it would be the end of April, but now it looks more like May. In fact, there may be two discs coming out - one he calls "Psychadelic Acoustic" and the other "Science Fiction Rock." I asked him if he thinks I will like them, and he said no.


Trav Thu Apr 17 13:38:34 EDT 1997

He said no???

Surely he must have said that jokingly!

Are these two CDs mentioned in addition to Mood X or is one of them Mood X?


Tony Kinson Sun Apr 20 15:43:55 EDT 1997

Latest news on Mood X - there is none! It is not being released on 21st April - but probably sometime in May. Hopefully May this year!!!

Boudewijn Gelaudie Mon Apr 21 16:58:13 EDT 1997

Just want to say hello to all the other Comsat fans. Here in Holland TCSA were and as far as I know still are quite popular. Holland seemed to be the right spot for CSA and related bands like The Sound (f.e.). Always wondered why the Dutch appreciated their music more than other countries did (correct me if you think I'm wrong). Someone out there who has an idea?

Ian Lloyd Mon Apr 21 18:43:04 EDT 1997

Alex - Which Record Shop does Steve work in ?

David Peter Tue Apr 22 03:21:52 EDT 1997

Hi Sven. I must admit that it's a long time since I even had a look at Enz, but as far as I recall, nearly all of the tracks that are on there are also on the Thunderbird/RPM re-releases.

George A. Goode Wed Apr 23 17:00:05 EDT 1997

Can anyone recommend used CD shops in the UK (I'm in Canada) where one might find the "Chasing Shadows" and "7 day weekend" CSA CDs? I've dealt with CMS music in South Croydon, but alas, had no luck in obtaining said CSA material.

It would be great to complete my CSA collection (since I am missing 7 day weekend completely) and end 2 years of frustration in trying to acquire these last 2 items.



Alexander King Thu Apr 24 11:18:56 EDT 1997

Regarding some of the mail (both personal and to the list) from my last posting...

As far as I know, it is "Mood X" that has become two albums. The more conventional song based album has not materialized.

When Steve said to me that I wouldn't like the albums, he was referring to the fact that he knows and I know that I like the more conventional style of TCSAs. I heard the demo of "Mood X" a few months ago, and it basically consisted of filtered guitars. There was no beat and no tune. I mean, a song like "Sleep No More" I really can appreciate, but sadly, not this. Sorry, but that's just the way I see it(!)

It is always nice to see Steve, and he said he would try and get me some old CSA posters before I emigrate to Israel in June. However, I get the impression that he works very hard and that he doesn't like fans dropping in on the record shop where he works (he doesn't own the place) so I have to be a little diplomatic when I visit.


George A. Goode Tue Apr 29 12:59:30 EDT 1997

I hope everyone is as impressed with the latest updates to the 'Sleep no More' website as I am. I followed the link to Steve's page and read the 3 part interview. Although it was all new to me, nothing I read surprised me at all. Steve's commitment to excellence was always there in the music - you just had to listen to hear it.

I'm sorry to read about TCSA being an acrimonious split, I do hope they can get it all patched up eventually.

I'm excited that there is some new upcoming material to sample, it will be great to see where Steve takes us this time.

Thanks Tony for doing such a great job on the web page (even if your calendar seems to be a few days ahead of mine..:))and of course to Trav to providing us a gab page as well.


Trav Tue Apr 29 14:24:45 EDT 1997

1. Holy moly, Tony - that interview was awesome! As I neared the end of each page I started getting sad because I thought it was over and then bam! click to go to next page. Very, very cool. Maybe I'm just a sap, but that was the best damn interview I've read in ages.

(By the way, I've had a Comsats mixed tape running endlessly at work today - great coincidence, perfect background for reading the interviews!)

Anyway, very good job on the interview, and the web site looks great!

2. George, did you ever find Chasing Shadows and 7 Day Weekend? You can get them through for $15.95 and $16.95, respectively. Hope that helps!


Boudewijn Gelaudie Tue Apr 29 17:48:54 EDT 1997

I agree on what the other fans wrote about the interview: It's a masterpiece. Tony, congratulations (again)! Reading the interview was like chatting to a neighbour (I'm referring to Stephen being that neighbour of course). The end of the Comsats was a very sad story, especially the part about that last gig in front of 10 people, after sixteen years of hard work... It almost sounded as if they hadn't achieved anything in all those years (but we know better, don't we, fellow(s)-fans!). Back to zero. It must have been a terrible experience for them. I still can't understand why they did attract so little attention. I can imagine why Stephen didn't want to go on although I understand some of the other members thought different. I wish them all luck and hope that time will heal all wounds.

Best regards from Amsterdam to you all.

Tony Kinson Wed Apr 30 09:56:17 EDT 1997

Re: the updated page (& especially Georges comments about my calendar!)- I was still testing all the links - to see if they were working - so didn't publicise the update until I was sure it was all ok (I'm doing that tomorrow) - hence the May 1st date! I am sane really?!

Don't forget - there are new pictures on all pages except THE RED PLANET.

Glad you liked the interview, by the way.

Patrick O'Donnell Fri May 2 05:01:26 EDT 1997

What can you say about a band who has been with you through 17 years? True, they were the finest group out of the 80's with the exception perhaps of the Chameleons UK. Nonetheless, No band has ever so thoroughly embeded themselves in my psyche. Their music is timeless and truly without peer. I can honestly say the day I first heard "hailing from the Northeast of England are the one and only Comsat Angels" on Made In Britain (compilation) was a day forever seared into my heart mind and soul. Boys, you were and forever will be the best Patrick

George A. Goode Fri May 2 14:01:41 EDT 1997

Well, since I posted that little missive asking for TCSA vendors, I've learned alot. First I should thank Ian Lloyd and Austin Webster for their input and helpful suggestions, and of course I had better thank Trav as well, if I want this post to remain..:)

I just received in my snail mail this morning used CD copies of "Fire on the Moon" and "Chasing Shadows". The operative word is "used" here, so if you decide to go this route, don't set your expectations too high. I found my copy of 'Chasing Shadows' a little beat up, but it plays, and as we all well know 'the play's the thing'. It originally came out of a cut-out bin, but otherwise is as issued.

The reason I was fortunate enough to acquire these items was in no small measure due to the 'Sleep no more' site. I followed the Chameleons link (right after I posted the request) and discovered the url I needed to pull this altogether.

If you are still adding to your collection - either CD or vinyl - here are some places to start:


(this will link you to the gemm site plus start the search for TCSA material)

On GEMM there are new, used, CD's, vinyl 12", 7" and LP's available. Some of the links might be out of date, so caveat emptor. The one advantage to GEMM is that you can deal with an unknown collector and GEMM acts as a broker to the transaction, thus assuring your delivery before your credit card is charged. (At least it worked for me..:)

Also, the following links seem to carry TCSA material in their catalogue _however_ be advised that a catalogue listing is no guarantee of availability. Also, I suggest you look at the terms of sale very carefully - there are large differences in S&H charges among vendors.

German Music Express -

CD Banzai


CD Europe

Don't forget the links contained on the 'What Else' page of 'Sleep no More'.

Thanks to everyone concerned for their help. I'm down to 2 CD's on my want list now.


Bob Sacco Sat May 3 04:50:18 EDT 1997

My email address has changed- please direct all inquiries to:

I hope all you Comsat fans are promoting the Comsats as the "most influential band of the early 80's" to your local music critics so that we can create a grass-roots effort to get this band some well-deserved acclaim, and possibly some cash...

If you have any thoughts regarding this, feel free to email me.

-bob sacco

Bob Sacco Sat May 3 04:56:53 EDT 1997

Interesting Note:

Steve Fellows once stated that the name "Comsat Angels" was inspired by a novel (by the same name) written by J.G. Ballard. A film titled, "Crash" that was written by J.G. Ballard back in 1972. Too controversial back then, the controversial theme of the film won critical and cult status among fans and critics....(sound like a familiar Comsat theme?) But anyhow, it has enjoyed a full distribution release (1997) through a major studio due in part from the grass-roots support it received in small independent art film houses. The Comsats are not DEAD yet!

-bob sacco

Alan Terrill Tue May 6 08:47:23 EDT 1997

Has anybody tried to work out the chords to Comsats songs? My son is a budding drummer has has got his drum teacher to write out the drum part to `Field of Tall Flowers'. He'd now like me to accompany him on guitar - has anybody worked out the chords or could send me the sheet music? Thanks.

Alan Lee Thu May 8 17:16:13 EDT 1997

The chords to 'Field' are quite easy - the verse is C#m/B/C#m/B/F#/E/F#/E, then A/B/A/B leading up to the chorus in C#m.

However, trying to work out the chords for most of the early songs is much more difficult - it sounds like they were written from the bassline upwards, with constantly shifting harmonic patterns above it that bear little relation to conventional chord structures. (does that sound pretentious or what?)

On a different subject, am I the only person who's noticed that the back cover of Radiohead's 'Pablo Honey' album is remarkably similar to the back cover of 'Waiting For A Miracle'. Is it more than coincidence?

Gareth de-Witt Sun May 11 10:10:48 EDT 1997

Hi, I think I've just died and gone to heaven, I didn't think anyone else had heard of the Comsats.

My name is Gareth I'm a bass player / songwriter that owes a lot to the Comsat Angels for joyful listening & insperation. Please be patient with my ramble as I'm new to the Net.

George A. Goode Thu May 29 11:00:34 EDT 1997

I'm not sure whether anyone is aware, but Mind on Music has a fairly large database for music information and our favourite band is listed there of course. I did notice one of our regulars here ( did complete the entry for '7 day weekend' so obviously some of you know about this.

Here is the url:

I just completed the short history of the band, and anyone who wishes to revise what I wrote, or correct any factual innacuracies is free to edit nearly any part of the database.

I was shocked to notice 'Chasing Shadows' missing from the discography, so I corrected that oversight.

Anyone who could complete or correct any portions of the discography would be a welcome contributor. The only way we as fans can help support TCSA is to get the 'word around' and just _maybe_ some income might help repair some of the damage these fine musicians have suffered over the years in their attempt to make the world a much better place to listen to.



The Comsat Fellowship #01

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