The Comsat Fellowship #05

1999-06-24 to 2000-12-27

Trav Thu Jun 24 11:44:02 EDT 1999

Hey guys! I archived the old page and revamped the look of this one. I also re-sorted the first archive so that it reads in the correct order, and improved the navigation within the archives themselves.

If you use Internet Explorer, you can recall your old form entries. Very handy on web-based discussion lists like this!


Trav Thu Jun 24 11:44:47 EDT 1999

By the way, anyone see the new Big Takeover yet?


Michael S Tue Jun 29 07:47:57 EDT 1999

I doubt weather this note will get anywhere, however, might as well try.

Been a Comsat Angels devotee since I first heard sleep back in 1981. Did not hear from the band since the mid eighties and was staggered to learn recently that the band survived into the 90's.

I have only meet three other people who have heard of the band (fellow band members of the day). We were so emersed in the sound of Sleep that it became our bible. We once covered the first five songs of Sleep No More at a gig we were headlining. We chucked in Eye of the lense for good measure.

I brought rmp copy of Sleep the other month and was still shaking by the experince. It made sailent my youthful experinces of growing up in a isolated fibro jungle with not much employment and little to do. The album did not and does not depress me rather expire and reveal. It was the sound track to my youth and every piece of music I have written has had its roots in that album of 81. Thank you Comsat Angels.

michael Angotti Wed Jul 7 20:17:33 EDT 1999

long time fan just got my computer.iwould desperately like to get LAND on cd. Iknow it will be next to impossible. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it! Ihave it on vinyl and most everything else on cd. WILL YOU STAY TONITE is my all-time favorite song. I am totally obbessed with it, and i will not rest until i get it. Ilook foward to hearing from any fan who can help or just wants to talk. thanx!

Michael Angotti-my e-mail address is

anastasia Wed Jul 7 20:58:07 EDT 1999



I have never known ANYONE in the world to a CD copy of 'Land'. I don't think it exists. I could be wrong. NO ONE HAS EVER mentioned it.

I can only suggest that you find someone that owns a CD writer and get him or her to do it for you. I am fortunate to have a copy of 'Land' this way.

Write to me if you wish!?!


Zak Webber Sun Jul 18 12:14:19 EDT 1999

TRACKS CONSIDERED - The lyrics website is back up now I have a new computer and server

It's good to be back!


Hi, Anastasia xxxxx

john mcdonald Thu Jul 29 21:00:33 EDT 1999

Forgive my ignorance but is Mood X the Comsats latest album?

John McCleskey Tue Aug 3 03:50:07 EDT 1999

I NEED "7 Day WEEKEND" SOMEONE PLEASE SELL IT TO ME OR LEMME BORROW IT SO I CAN BURN IT TO CD!!! If I dont get the song "I'm Falling" Soon, i'm gonna go postal!! Heh ehh.. Email me at Thanks Alot..

John McCleskey..

Chris Tue Aug 3 14:24:35 EDT 1999

Jst popping in real quick like to see if anyone knows of a sight where i can get a hold of the rest of the comsats stuff. I already own sleep no more, eye of the lens, red planet, waiting for a miracle, the glamour. Anyone?

Andy Bushrod Fri Aug 6 06:02:11 EDT 1999

Hi ! This is my first visit to the fellowship. I have been a long time disciple of the Comsats. After years of trying, I recently got a cd copy of '7 Day Weekend' from which is a cd store in Holland. Very good price, and shipped in around 2 weeks to the UK. Try them as they may have another copy, or be able to get hold of one. Their website is only in Dutch/Belgian, and for us poor old english speaking people, it takes some navigating ! If you have problems, give them a ring, as they do speak english and are extremely helpful. Bear in mind though, they also list the 'Land' cd as well, but when I tried to get it, they couldn't get hold of it. My hopes wer dashed again ! Another site worth mentioning is you may be able to get some Comsats stuff from them. In fact they list two items I have never seen advertised before, so I have ordered them - but they haven't arrived yet, hopefully they will soon. The Dream Command 'Fire on the Moon' cd is good and certainly worth trying to track down, but even better than that is the 'Chasing Shadows' cd which is certianly one of the Comsats best ever albums. The tracks 'The Cutting Edge' and 'Under the Influence' are outstanding. I wish you well with your cd hunting - good luck. Fri Aug 6 09:50:00 EDT 1999

I wrote to they said,

"I'm very sorry, but we only take orders from the Europese union, because it's to difficult to send them to you."

I gather that this would also apply to the States.


Melbourne Australia

Andy Bushrod Mon Aug 9 06:46:45 EDT 1999

Please note I have changed my e-mail address as follows:-

John McCleskey EightEsMaN@AOL.COM Wed Aug 18 06:07:52 EDT 1999

Hey Andy, Tried that HVH.COM Site Had no luck with it, Didnt seem like a very well constructed site.. However with that other site you sent me I did find alot of Comsat Labels, but no "7 Day Weekend" But I did find another Rare Song i've been looking for by Chaz Jankel so for that I give you much thanks. Its a shame though, all I need is "I'm Falling" and I'm done with the whole Soundtrack. Anyways, i'm not giving up.

~John McCleskey

John McCleskey EightEsMaN@AOL.COM Wed Aug 18 06:11:33 EDT 1999

Just for anyone who comes here and is looking for 2 easily found Comsat Angels Albums on CD, you can go To or and pick up "Fiction" And "Glamour"

~ John McCleskey

Michael Chanv@posnet Thu Aug 19 07:16:58 EDT 1999

If someone could help me gain a copy of Land (tape copy would be more than suffice) I would greatly appreciate it. Been searching for a copy for for eons.


Lynton Wed Sep 1 11:09:47 EDT 1999

[Posted by Travis]

Hello cyberperson

Last week I stumbled across the Fellowship and downloaded all your chatstuff. It made for some interesting reading, and I've only picked up a third of the messages. I had trouble sending my message on your post page (not being too technically astute here).

Like so many aging fans, I really hooked on to CSA during the Peel Sessions during 1979 and 1980, picking up Red Planet and WFAM soon afterwards. Over the next couple of years I managed to see them three times, in the days when groups would regularly gig round the country.

Firstly I believe was the gig at Jenkinsons @ Brighton Sunday 16 November 1980 (still got part of the ticket). We'd travelled from Portsmouth and managed to blag some extra badges off Stephen Fellows during the evening, in the days when badges were everything. We convinced him we'd actually travelled 100 miles, so I think we took pity on us.

They supported Soiuxsie and The Banshees @ Portsmouth Guildhall on 20tH February 1981, and got a real good reception, which is more than I can say for the Southampton gig where they paved the way for the attrocious Yellow Magic Orchestra (one of the musical fashion victim groups of the decade...horrible). We arrived a couple of numbers into the ComSats set as they were obviously 'requested' to start at 7.30 or whatever time was on the ticket, and they played to a seated Gaumont audience in front of the Theatre curtain. The applause was muted, and me and my mate felt we knew what it was like to be lepers in a nudist colony. You could almost feel the group squirming up there, being treated like some kind of 1960s variety act, on and off stage in 30 minutes. You can only applaud so much when the cards are so stacked against you. We left after YMO had completed their third turgid song.

Their big showcase tour of course was supporting U2 which, correct me if I'm wrong October 13 1981 (I have the ticket, without CSA mentioned, a flyer and a recording of the gig somewhere, and a copy of their set with the Banshees which until today I had'nt heard for years). The U2 slot was superb, knocking spots off the headliners' bombast speaking personally, even though I did like the Boy LP. Com Sats really had a great deal of power showcasing the Sleep No More tracks, and with a real good PA system, they showed much more flair, intuition and songwriting skills than Bono's lot at the time. A pity it didnt transfer into commensurate record sales.

Fave Albums probably in this order:

  1. Waiting for a Miracle
  2. Sleep No More
  3. Chasing Shadows
  4. Fiction
  5. My Minds Eye
  6. Land
  7. The Glamour
  8. Seven day weekend

(excluding Time Considered...)

I did pick up a 4 track white label 12" promo of Sleep No More but finding it the collection could prove a bit of a problem. Has anyone got a definitve gig list of the ComSats during their heyday 1979-1982?

I am trying to get a hold of Fire on The Moon, which I have ordered from the States, but this appears to be taking some time.

I also managed to record the 1983 BBC concert show, which as far as I know has not been released publicly yet, unlike the sessions. We obviously await future development on this.

Last thing I heard of Steven Fellows, he was managing Gomez and playing on their debut album. Has anyone any further news, as I seem probably to be years behind everyone else.

I shall continue to read the Fellowship with interest.


John McCleskey Thu Sep 2 09:03:24 EDT 1999

This is for anyone who has a copy of "I'm Falling" or "7 Day Weekend". I Need Either of these Pronto. I've made several attempts to order it from a few Record Companies, but i've heard nothing from any of them. This song is the last song I need to compile the soundtrack for the movie Real Genius 1985. I've made an arrangement with Gadfly Records to release this soundtrack to the Public. I get no financial gain from this. I wanted to see this soundtrack available to the public, it has 12 of the Best 80's Songs i've seen on a soundtrack, including that Beast song "I'm falling" by the comsats. If anyone can help me find this track, you will be credited along with the others who have contributed on the soundtrack booklet and recieve a free copy of the finished soundtrack. Regards~ John McCleskey.

bert Sun Sep 5 08:10:17 EDT 1999


I'm looking for comsat angels' DAY ONE. Someone please send me the mp3 if you have... I only know the number was on 7 DAY WEEKEND....but is no lomger available. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!

kind regards, Bert

Tannis @Mick Fri Sep 17 19:15:32 EDT 1999

We love you guys. Our favourite group ever!! At the moment we are listening to High Tide and now You Move Me and Yes you do!! Brilliant!! What about a concert somewhere . I'm Canadian and my partner is a bloody Englishman. Would Love to send you a picture of us but will have to move to another site. Your lyrics are sensitive , beautiful and mostly human.

mark Wed Sep 29 04:37:21 EDT 1999

fan for a long time. i know steve . we became fathers at the same time. Last saw him march 99. He isbusy with Gomez until mid 2000. ican not believe there are people still into the comsats !Steve has a new 16 track which he has not opened. He hopes to do so very soon .I have watched this site for months but could not pluck the courage to send an e mail. My typing is crap! Help me with e mail etiquitte. Let the responses flow. Mark

mark Thu Sep 30 11:05:04 EDT 1999

sent out some e mail to lynton, anastasia and tony kinson at sleep no more. Please check if it has arrived i have no idea what i am doing! Lets get some debate going.

mark Fri Oct 1 04:56:08 EDT 1999

anatasia tried again with the e mail. sorry everyone about using the fellowship like this but i am knew to this and have not got aclue about net technology or what the jargon means! i wil post more info when ican type ,this took ages. I sent Tony Kinson alitle info about CSA release perhaps he can post it



MARK Mon Oct 4 15:19:50 EDT 1999



Ian Lloyd Sat Oct 16 22:02:33 EDT 1999

Long time no speak!

From past experience, many comsats fans also carry a flag for the Sound - another hugely talented but overlooked band. Sadly, the Sound's songer/songwriter/guitarist/driving force, Adrian Borland, committed suicide earlier this year. This news left me feeling numb. I always found that, exactly like the comsats, the sound's music and lyrics struck a very personal chord, almost becoming a part of me. This is music that has always been there, striking the right note at the right time - it never disappoints.

Anyone remember seeing the Sound and Comsats on tour together in '82 ?

mark Thu Oct 21 14:38:29 EDT 1999

Anastasia check your e mail


Jos Tue Oct 26 08:08:43 EDT 1999


After two years of thinking I finally have a subject for my final papers as a student musicology. I want to look at the careers of the so-called big four (i.e. U2, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Sound, Comsat Angles). The main thing that keeps me busy is why the two least talented (the first two) were far more succesfull, and still are, than the other two. For this I need all kinds of reviews, on concerts and albums/singles, and interviews. I wonder if there's anyone out there who can help me with that. It it very important that I have to be able to date the articles, as well as from what magazine they are (e.g. NME and Melody Maker). If you have something, or know where to get them, please mail me.

Alan Terrill Tue Oct 26 16:43:57 EDT 1999

Hello! First may i recommend the site which has a good list of Comsat Angles CDs including the Shiva Descending and Cutting edge singles at only £1.54. And yes they did arrive within three weeks.

secondly a request - I desparately require only two tracks to complete my collection - these are `Land' from the b-side of `You Move Me" 12" and `Whichever way you want' (that might be slightly incorrect) from the b-side of the Cutting edge 12" or 7". Anyone with these singles to spare or who could tape them for me I'd be very grateful. I'm happy to tape anything else from my collection. (I don't have all the Jive era singles as I didn't like this period at all).

Aln Terrill Thu Oct 28 15:49:27 EDT 1999

Just been to and they list a Comsat's CD called `Don't Stop'. Any idea what this is? They don't have any more info themselves. They are also listing 7-day Weekend for anyone who wants to try..

todd Sat Nov 6 11:31:51 EST 1999

Can anybody help me get any Live/Demo anything of the Comsat Angels. I'll pay or trade for records or what ever we can come up with.

Thanks for your time


todd Sat Nov 6 11:37:33 EST 1999

One last thing, Does the Mood X CD exist and if it does can any body help me get a copy ??? Please Please Please !!!



Paul Thu Nov 18 17:16:10 EST 1999

I'm trying to track down a copy of the Dutch (non UK at any rate) version of Unravelled - have said it is not available - any ideas of a source?



PS. Anyone interesting in trading any rare Comsats stuff (I've got all the commercially available stuff) - I have a reasonable selection of similar era stuff (Bunnymen, New Order etc)

michael Fri Nov 19 20:25:57 EST 1999

If anyone comes across a source for 7 day weekend I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

Thanking you in advance

kind regards


David Sat Nov 20 13:07:44 EST 1999

Hello everyone,

I had no idea there was such a place as this!

Anyway, I stumbled across an old Comsats tape the other day and that inspired me to look on the net.

I have a (possibly) rare Comsats LP. It appears to be called 'enz.' and is a Dutch compilation from 1980.

If anyone wants to record it/convert it to mp3 format, they are welcome, I don't even have a record player!

I was amazed at how good they still sounded...


Phil Sat Nov 27 06:40:11 EST 1999

Hi everyone

Does anyone have any Comsats live cds or videos that I can buy, or know where I can get them? Anywhere in Europe will do.

I live in Madrid, Spain, which has a number of shops that sell good quality bootlegs - there's no other word for them - usually coming in from Italian or Luxembourg origins. However the Comsats don't feature in their stocks (nor do Killing Joke, for whom I'm looking for the same).



Paige Horadam Sat Nov 27 10:44:22 EST 1999

I see several people mention needing 7 Day Weekend ("I'm Falling"). I'm trying like hell to find it also strictly for that song from Real Genius. If anyone had had any luck, write me. I live near Dallas, so I'm constantly checking Bill's and other shops with hard-to-find stock. Likewise, if I have any luck, I'll let you know.

Alan Terrill Wed Dec 1 08:54:03 EST 1999

I've just changed my E-mail address, so anyone who wants to contact me please use the new address.

I've just got a copy of the Dream Command album on CD from and they had three more copies in stock, and they were cheap!

Buddy Tue Dec 14 22:46:35 EST 1999

Is there anywhere that I can download (or even listen partially to) "Independence Day"?

Trav Mon Jan 3 18:01:50 EST 2000

*** TRIBUTE CD ***

If y'all are interested (and it sounds like many of you are!), I'd definitely be willing to put together a Comsat Angels Tribute CD.

I've done two tribute CDs for Julian Cope/The Teardrop Explodes, so it's easy for me to do a CSA one as well (or more!). For production I've got a burner, a printer, a scanner, and a labeler.

The Cope tributes turned out great (IMHO). Fans sent in their cover songs over a period of 4 years for the first one and 1 year for the second one (already they are eager for a 3rd!) I digitized their tapes, converted their MP3s to wavs, extracted audio from their CDs... Just about the only format I can't handle is DAT, since I don't have a DAT player.

All songs came from the bands themselves, who were fellow fans like me. I made a web page for each CD, where I put bios, links, and contact info for the different bands. Instant exposure! To cover materials costs, I distributed the Cope tribute CDs for $10 each (postage included), and gave a free CD to each contributor.

Anyway, if this sounds like a neat plan, and no one else is heart- set on doing it, we can give it a go!

People can start thinking of names for the CD! I like the phrase "Comsat Fellowship" but that's already been done. :)


Dennis Sat Jan 15 17:19:44 EST 2000

Does anyone have an MP3 of I'm Falling on the 7 Day Weekend Album? It was on the MOVIE Real Genius.

Alan Terrill Mon Jan 17 14:53:54 EST 2000

For anyone considering answering my plea from 26th Oct for the last couple of b-sides I hadn't got, my wish has now been fulfilled thanks to Paul from Nottingham. Every Comsats track at last! But why does everyone seem to want `I'm Falling' - it must be one of the worse songs they've ever done! (well maybe `Intelligence' is even more crass). Field of Tall Flowers and Postcard are probably my two favourite tracks should anybody be interested.

Paul Mon Jan 17 16:09:10 EST 2000

Hi Trav and all other Comsat Fellows,

In the early eighties there was a radio show in Holland wich featured a cover competition each year. You voted for the best cover released that year. No wonder that the only cover The CSA recorded, Citadel, did win the competion. They even performed an acoustic version in the radio studio's. The competition was simply called "The Cover Story" Mayby there's your suggestion for a title.

Since I found this site when I was looking for CSA lyrics of songs we wanted to cover, I hope to contribute to your CD initiative.

Will be back for the "official" intake and share some CSA memories.


DAVE DAVE-BROWN@CWCOM.NET Fri Feb 4 18:26:42 EST 2000


Trav Tue Feb 8 18:23:53 EST 2000

The Comsat Angels Tribute CD is now officially underway!

I just received the first batch of songs from Jeff Lewis:

They sound great!!! Now that I have some tunes on hand I'm getting really psyched!


If you want to contribute to the CD, contact me

Also, if you want, please include a couple paragraphs (or more!) of biographical info, including:

Cool, cool, cool!!!


Chris Merchant Tue Feb 15 00:08:08 EST 2000

I was browsing the record stores today and saw an LP copy of Fiction in good condition at this store:


Cheers, Chris

Bob Sacco Mon Feb 21 00:34:53 EST 2000

Here is a response to Jos-

Jos writes:

Jos Tue Oct 26 08:08:43 EDT 1999


After two years of thinking I finally have a subject for my final papers as a student musicology. I want to look at the careers of the so-called big four (i.e. U2, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Sound, Comsat Angles). The main thing that keeps me busy is why the two least talented (the first two) were far more succesfull, and still are, than the other two. For this I need all kinds of reviews, on concerts and albums/singles, and interviews. I wonder if there's anyone out there who can help me with that. It it very important that I have to be able to date the articles, as well as from what magazine they are (e.g. NME and Melody Maker). If you have something, or know where to get them, please mail me.


Dear Jos-

Good instincts. Many musicians whom have better ears than "rock critics" will tell you that your selection of the big four is very astute.

Perhaps, Joy division and Gang of four could tag along but overall it is a good list to describe post-punk (the birth of alternative rock). Many believe that the Comsats influenced U2 when they toured together in 1980. The Comsats "Sleep No More" defined dark melodic gothic that U2 benefitted from later. I tend to gage a band's greatness by how long their music is listenable as the years go by. I still find the Comsats on certain lps fascinating ala "Sleep", "Fiction", and "Chasing Shadows". Also U2 has their moments on early lps like Boy, War, and Fire. Echo and Bunnymen don't grab me as much. The Sound is another animal. The Sound is very deep and personal. I think it sounds best if you are depressed. And I bet Mr. Borland definetly was. My favs were Hearts, and Lions. Ther was something about the Sound that was so 80's but so honest. Great songwriting and interesting arrangements.

Reflecting I'd have to say that the Comsats do make a case for inventing alternative rock as we have come to know it today. Their release of Miracle in late '78 was so ahead of its time. Miracle had 50% post-punk sound (Monkey Piolet) and 50% pre-alternative rock songs (The Real Story). It was the begining of what was to be the greatest 3-lp series on one lable ever produced (Polydor). No wonder Polydor locked their original master in their vaults for over 15 years, refusing to re- release them for CD versions.

If you need to research more about the Comsats you should contact Jack Rabid , editor of The Bigtakeover Magazine in New York. You can reach him at their web site at

Good Luck,

Bob Sacco

Dave Sun Feb 27 21:58:52 EST 2000


I am trying to track down a song that used to be played all the time in a local gothic club. From what I remember of the lyrics, it goes "You build me up and you tear me down, .... , I don't believe you/it anymore". Is this a COmsat Angels song (Believe it)? Would you send me an e-mail to let me know.



Laura Heard Thu Mar 2 09:15:53 EST 2000


I am in the first year of my degree and as part of my course I have been asked to compile a multimedia fanzine for this particual band.

Sad to say but I have never heard of the Comsat Angels before and it would be great if someone could Email me with some further information on the band.

louise Fri Mar 3 10:28:12 EST 2000

heeeellllp us!!!! We need to get in touch with someone that knows something or someone in the band. Pleeeeaaasssseee!!!!!!!!! xxLaura's friend - Louise

Jason Barden Sun Mar 19 00:26:42 EST 2000

I too would like the song I'm falling off the 7 day weekend LP. I'm tring, like others too make a Real Genius soundtrack. If any of the others have one I'd love to get a copy. I'd even pay a finders fee. :-)

Thanks for your help!

George Tue Mar 28 23:16:10 EST 2000

Since there seems to be some demand, I have the following available:

You can email me if you want to discuss it further.

todd Mon Apr 3 00:57:33 EDT 2000

I finally got a copy of the Stephen Fellows CD called "Mood X".

It sounds nothing like the Comsat Angels (you don't even get to hear Stephen's voice here). Although it wasn't what I was expecting, I wasn't dissappointed. It turned out to be one of the very best new age-ambiant cd's I've heard. Wonderful to sleep by!! Yet another testament to Stephen Fellows' musical genius!!

Frank Daniels Fri Apr 7 10:40:10 EDT 2000

What would be the easiest way to obtain all lyrics to Comsat Angels albums (Except for "Chasing shadows" where lyrics are on rear sleeve)? Any ideas? Thanks

anastasia Fri Apr 7 10:55:02 EDT 2000

Regarding lyrics check our Zaks site at

Not all are listed, but the majority are...

Micheal Sat Apr 8 10:17:12 EDT 2000

Hey fellow C.S. Fans!

Is there anyone out there who can help me get a fairly good copy of Land on CDR?

Andy Bushrod Thu Apr 13 14:37:30 EDT 2000

Via their website, I just bought a 12" copy of 'Day One' from 'Vinyl Tap' in Huddersfield. Along with the 12", they sent me a list of other Comsat's stuff they have for sale; and although they don't list it on their website, on their list is a CD copy of the 'Chasing Shadows' album for £10! If they really have got it, it's a bargain; and hopefully a Comsat's devotee will snap it up pronto. Best of luck if you want it.

Vinyl Tap's site and contact information is at:

Dirk Ruster Thu Apr 13 16:18:53 EDT 2000


Someone posted the following message to the Comsat Angels Mailinglist "Sleep no more" on eGroups and I thought you all apreciate the info. So here it is:

More news, when I will get them!

All the best


John Fri Apr 14 21:44:23 EDT 2000

Hello CSA Fans,

I wanted to comment on a post from some days ago now regarding the talents of Mik Glaisher. One thing straight away, what would 'Sleep No More' have sounded like without him?! There's certainly many examples to site, but I'd say Gone and Our Secret are Mik standouts. But really the entire record speaks volumes about this tasteful and dramatic musical drummer. I'm one of those lads (percussionists) as well, so perhaps I wax rather boisterously, but one should have no doubts about Mik's wonderful playing. Others-Total War, Now I know - I mean one could go on and on, but I'll spare everyone, except to say that as part of my personal tip of the hi-hats, a song title from my next cd will be Mik's Glacier, where within I do my humble best to control a Mik style rhythm.

Others to consider if you're intersted: Steve Jansen (David Sylvian's brother) and the drummer for Dif Juz (I'm sorry to say I've forgotten his name)- whose work on their song No Motion from the 4ad Lonely Is An Eyesore compilation is some of the most interesting and exciting I've heard. Oh, and hello to Ana=thanks for the kind words a while back.

Peter Kadelbach Wed Apr 19 13:16:06 EDT 2000

Well done Andy Bushrod, for finding a 12" copy of "day one" it's a great record. It became a big hit in the club I used to D.J. in the 80s in Windermere. I had it stolen though along with the "you move me" 12". I don't think I stand much of a chance of finding one in Canada but I keep looking in that "C" section.

Is "fire on the moon" as bad as it's made out to be? I've never seen a real review. I know a few of you have it. Let me know!

And Hi to Ana! Yes I'm still alive, just have no time to write for real.

By the way you should all get the "longpigs" last album Mobile Home ... More great production from Kevin Bacon and Jonathan Quarmby.

Cheers P.K.

Bratton Fri Apr 21 18:28:48 EDT 2000

Anyone looking for live Comsat material should contact Gary Horn at Gary can only make minidisc copies at this time. He has the following CSA as well as Sound and other cool stuff:

Amsterdam         Melkweg        23.09.79     FM       10     10 mins
Demo's            Outakes        00.00.80     S        -8     30 mins
London            Lyceum         05.10.80     Aud      -9     45 mins
Hammersmith       Odean          16.10.80     Aud      -9     45 mins
Amsterdam         Paradiso       22.04.81     FM       10     25 mins
Rotterdam         New pop Fest   16.08.81     FM       +9     30 mins
Rotterdam         New pop Fest   16.08.81     FM       10     20 mins
Bochum            Zeche          05.12.81     Aud      -9     70 mins
Rotterdam         Parkpop Fest   04.06.82     FM      -10     20 mins
Groningen         Vera           22.08.82     FM       10     20 mins
Rotterdam         Arena          22.10.83     FM       10     65 mins
Hamburg           Markthalle     24.04.84     Aud       8     70 mins
Hamburg           Markthalle     25.04.84     FM       10     55 mins
Bochum            Zeche          27.04.84     Aud      -9     70 mins
Sheffield         University     00.10.84     FM       -9     45 mins
Wageringens       Junushoff      27.11.85     Aud      -9     65 mins
Dutch Radio       Int. & music   27.11.85     FM       +8     15 mins
Hilversham        Vara Studios   27.11.85     FM       10     10 mins
Hamburg           Knopfs Music   25.01.87     TV       10     20 mins
Berlin            Knaack Club    20.02.93     Aud      -9     70 mins
London            Mean Fiddler   30.06.95     MX       -9     55 mins
scott Mon May 1 08:17:29 EDT 2000

anyone who wants chaz jankel/number one, and comsat angels/i'm falling mp3s - email me ""

Andy Bushrod Fri May 5 07:21:07 EDT 2000

I spoke to Cherry Red today about the new forthcomming Comsat's CD and they reckon it will be available in about 2 weeks time. You will be able to order it direct from them (cut out the middle man) via their webite at

Can't wait to hear it!


Alex Wed Jul 26 12:37:57 EDT 2000


Does anyone know where I can order a copy of Mood X cd?


Mhat Wed Jul 26 16:58:25 EDT 2000

Finally finished the Real Genius soundtrack!

It's beautiful. 2 version of "I'm Falling"!

Bill Thu Jul 27 22:43:30 EDT 2000

I'm transfering my cassette tapes of LAND and 7 Day Weekend to CD soon. Please e-mail me if interested in a copy to hold you over till they or if they ever re-release them on CD. How do we send royalties to the band? Also check out my version of "Field Of Tall Flowers" on my website under NEWS. "You Move Me" cover download will be posted soon this weekend.

Chris Sun Aug 20 09:19:17 EDT 2000

Has anyone got a copy of chasing shadows that i can buy?





Mike Fri Sep 1 01:04:58 EDT 2000


I am looking for mp3's of trks from

  1. 7 Day Weekend
  2. Land

I would order the CD if it was available.

Can anyone help? Pls email me at the addy here.

Thanks a lot.

PS I too thought the Comsats and the Sound were far better than those other 2 bands mentioned in the list.

Tony Kinson Tue Sep 19 04:25:39 EDT 2000

I've added some updates to the"Sleep No More" website. Please visit the "Missing In Action" news page for full details of the CD re-issue of "Land" & "7 Day Weekend".

Steve Fellows has also been in touch, and I have put details of his future plans on the "Step Off" pages.

Jens Tue Sep 19 19:30:00 EDT 2000

Hi out there,

just stumbled upon this page while occasionally looking for Com-sat angels info on the web. I am a (ageing *g*) german fan fo the band since their early ("terrific") days, living in the city of hamburg. As I've noticed, there is an awful lot of people who are looking for CSA records.

I have the fortune to have most of their official recordings on vynyl, amongst them:

On CD:

Also I have some live VHS footage from an 80s concert in the Dock's , Hamburg Reeperbahn (being filmed for german TV "Rockpalast" or sth, just quarter of an hr or so ...)

Saw them two times in the Hamburg markthalle: 1981 (?) and 1993, without Kevin Bacon (MarX="Little Markthalle")

They where an integral part of my musical "upbringing" - played bass, later drums in the 80s ...

... today I've ended up earning my money as a senior copywriter.

What can I say? The INTENSE CSA music STILL has an emotional impact on me ... like, GOOD art IS everlasting ...

if everyone is interested in tape copies made from the abovementioned, jsut get in contact via mail.

Tape copies will be in GOOD contition, 'cause I've grown an High-end freak as well.

PLEASE NOTE: My mail-adress will change into from the start of oct. 1st., 2000

Take care everyone,


ken Fri Sep 22 11:30:12 EDT 2000


George A. Goode Wed Oct 4 20:02:16 EDT 2000

Perhaps it's only a cruel joke, but I just received this email from CDZONE in the UK:


You can change your favourites included in this list by visiting the Accounts page on our web site.

The above prices are subject to change and exclude postage and packing which will be calculated after you click OK. Items no longer on sale will not appear on the order page. You will be required to make further confirmation checks before your order is complete. You can use the form as many times as you like to place seperate orders if this is more convenient.


If this is legit, it marks the first ever CD release for LAND, plus an overdue re-issue for 7 day weekend. According to their web page, the release date is scheduled to be October 23, 2000.

At this point I know no more.


anastasia Wed Oct 4 22:02:20 EDT 2000

Hi George

I didn't realise that you weren't on the Sleep No More mail-list... You should join that you know...

Yes it's true apparently, better get your order in.

Check this out: Taken off the Sleep No More site.


September 19th 2000

The two Jive era albums, Land & 7 Day Weekend, are finally being re-released on CD, as part of the Connoisseur Collection. Both CD's contain non-LP bonus cuts, reproductions of the original LP artwork and comprehensive liner notes and illustrations. The CD's are released on 23rd October 2000, and complete the missing links in the Comsat's re-issue series.


  • Will You Stay Tonight?
  • Alicia (Can Your Hear Me?)
  • A World Away
  • Independence Day
  • Nature Trails
  • Mister Memory
  • Island Heart
  • I Know That Feeling
  • As Above So Below

Bonus tracks

  • A World Away (dub)
  • Shining Hour
  • Island Heart (dub)
  • Scissors And The Stone
  • Intelligence

Catalogue Number: VSOP CD 329 Release date: 23/10/2000


  • Believe It
  • Forever Young
  • You Move Me
  • I'm Falling
  • Close Your Eyes
  • Day One
  • You're The Heroine
  • High Tide
  • New Heart & Hand
  • Still It's Not Enough

Bonus tracks

  • Land
  • Citadel

Catalogue Number: VSOP CD 330 Release date: 23/10/2000

Thanks to Claire Higgins at Connoisseur Collection for the above information & CD scans.

Jens Sun Oct 8 09:51:22 EDT 2000

To everyone interested:

Please note my new e-mail address:



Jeroen van Engelenhoven Mon Oct 16 05:10:26 EDT 2000

Anyone knows where to get 'Fiction' on CD? Or can I get the songs as MP3 somewhere? I lost the record in the mid-eighties and just found a tape with 'After the rain' and 'Pictures'. man, I'm dying to hear the record again!!!

mark finnigan Sat Oct 28 11:25:45 EDT 2000


several of us on the sleep nomore list want to write a detailed comsat biography for the love and fun of it . we would like fans to helpplease answer these question s and post on the comsat fellow ship , sleep no more list or to me personally

  1. what introduced to the band? RADIO, GIG ,RECORD ETC
  3. any ancedotes ,meetings with the band you can share?
  4. contacts outside the lists ie. not on the internet eg band members people who have worked with the band etc

any other info suggestions more than welcome!! very early pre comsat bands would be a big help

thanks for your time mark sometimes known as mark a amn called sue!!

George A. Goode Wed Nov 22 13:10:38 EST 2000

Since the release date for 'Land' and '7 Day Weekend' seems to have slipped, I contacted the Connoiseur Collection record label and received this reply:

-------------------------- begin message --------------------------

Unfortunately they are now delayed until the New Year. I will keep your details and let you know a definite release date when I have one.

--------------------------- end message ---------------------------

Again, you people now know everything I do. Time to hang on to my vinyl restores a little longer.



Dominiek Sun Dec 10 16:04:53 EST 2000


Big fan of the early work of the Comsats. One of my favourites "after the rain" doesn't appear on the BBC session series. Since the Fiction cd is unavailable in Belgium can anyone sent me the mp3 version of the song by email? Thanks!

chavent Tue Dec 12 07:23:35 EST 2000

I look for CS fiction cd (original or taped)

I may exchange with records I have (enz, waiting for,sleep no more) on cdr.

thanks for your answers.

charles Thu Dec 21 06:42:03 EST 2000

hello , ardent Angels fan , sadly miss them , anybody there? Thu Dec 21 06:48:32 EST 2000

Hey Charles,

There's a mail-list if you want to join, tons of us there.

Zinger Wed Dec 27 03:10:09 EST 2000

yesterday I listened to ju ju money five times in a row, it just never gets old

The Comsat Fellowship #05

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