The Comsat Fellowship #06

2000-12-27 to 2006-05-18

Trav Wed Dec 27 10:39:54 2000

Looks like the new location is working! :)

jeff Thu Dec 28 17:49:43 2000

This seems very interesting....been a Comsat Angels fan for years now... First saw them live with Gang of Four at the Hill auditorium in Ann Arbor (Kevin Bacon was not well-think it was his appendix)...after a wonderful set which included some stunning new songs which were eventually released on "Fiction", we (friends and I) went out to the lobby and just as GOF was starting, we saw Steve Fellows just hanging around....had a wonderful chat and then went off to see GOF.... I met them a second time after "The Cutting Edge" was released...they toured with Shriekback...after they opened the show, I made my way to the dressing room and spent the next hour hanging out with Steve, Mik and Andy..(Kevin was in and out)....just me and the Comsats!!!! Talked about everything!!!I'll never forget the experience...

mark finnigan Fri Dec 29 04:15:23 2000



any one new to the fellowship check out the apppeal on the 28th october 2000. help us put the band back to where they belong! join the sleep no more list it has been really rocking recently!! LOTS OF PEOPLE SHARING THEIR COMSAT EXPERIENCES!!


anastasia Sat Dec 30 00:03:06 2000

The CSA covered 'Citadel' by the Rolling Stones... It was apparently the only cover they have ever released. I wonder why it had to be that song, well that band I should say... I hate the Stones, then again I haven't heard their version so as far as I'm concerned I heard the CSA's version first.

Anyway it has prompted me to pose these questions...

1. What track by another band would you have liked the CSA's to have covered and

2. Did they cover anything else that you're aware of that was never released?


Bren Tue Jan 9 19:25:46 2001

In response to Ana's post, The Comsats did a cover of The Soft Boy's "I Wanna Destroy You," which was pretty close to the original but lacked some of the energy.


phil Tue Feb 20 05:55:53 2001

sleep no more.........looks like most of you ,fellow fellowship readers are comatoed .......but to those that aren,t heres some good news I found a few copies of fire on the moon, after a lot of hard searching next on my misson imposible list is a copy of chasing the shadows on cd .......anybody got any clues ? or even a copy of the "driving" cd single any help or even responce will be most appresated

cheers !

Jon Sun Apr 15 17:30:20 2001

Anyone got any Comsats early bootlegs?

Please get in touch


Sven Voigt-Christiansen Tue May 1 09:05:57 2001

Hi Comsat-Fellows,

for a while I am looking for "Fire on the Moon" on CD. Till today I had no success.

A few times I had a little luck in finding some of the titles in limited quality via Napster, but that was a half year ago, and there was never again a "fire on the moon"-mp3.

Has anybody a hint, where I can find a "Fire on the Moon"-CD or at least the titles on mp3?

As far as I know there never will be an official release of the "Fire on the Moon"-CD, so I think noone - even not the Comsats - will have a disadvantage by posting an URL to get the songs on mp3.

What do You think?


guy roggemans Tue Jul 10 05:26:09 2001

I don't know if one of the band is reading sometimes these pages, but if yes, we would like to get contact again (to know whats happened the last years) so guys you get a email for feedback.

I still get a phone number but not shure if it still good.

hope we'll see you soon !

from paty,alice,charly,guy & the bikini

mike Sat Aug 4 04:16:37 2001

try hard these days to pick up a copy of "waiting for a miracle" + extra tracks on cd,ordered it from a place called,but i think like many cd e-tailers they don,t carry anything in stock, and their suppliers never seem to update their catalogues,so if anyone has or knows a shop/contact that carries this title it would be much appreciated.

monkeypilot Thu Nov 1 15:46:54 2001

Anybody want a copy of a bootleg recorded in Germany (Heidelberg) on the mind's eye tour. If yes please let me know (cost =0, just postage !!)

I've also got some photos from a gig where they were supporting Cap'n Beefheart at Cardiff University in Wales in Waiting for a Miracle days. Saw the Comsats in total at least 5 times and every time it was magnifico. Best band ever.

nick nick@cheesypeas.demon Wed Nov 7 09:26:50 2001

Most miffed to read that the CSA cover of "I wanna destroy you" was weak, since I played geetar on it (my only recorded track, sadly) & when I turn the track up loud, it ain't weak!

In fact, I'm jamming with some of the guys tonight, they're not doing anything serious at rpesent, although a SOUP cd (see is a possibility

mark finnigan Sat Nov 10 13:25:58 2001


so when is soup coming out then! we have only been waiting 3 years! but better late than never.hey nick and tim get onto sleepnomore mailing list. it is aweful quiet there we need a kick up the arse! dont do bootlegs though the moderater does not like it which is fair enough as it his ass that would be on the line. however a cryptic message or asking people to contact you privately does the trick.

nick i like i wanna destroy you. i live in sheffield if you fancy contacting. i am a friend of john short who i think you know.

cheers mark

Simon Dell Sun Nov 11 02:57:29 2001

Hi Nick,

It's nice to see someone who was a member of the Comsats (even if only for a short while!) posting here. As regards IWDY, don't take that opinion as the thoughts of us all, I really enjoyed your version, and it's one of the tracks that makes the From Beyond 2 compilation worth buying. I also had the opportunity recently to hear the original played live on the Soft Boys reunion tour and I think the Comsats version compares favourably.

Please impress on the Soup boys that we are out here waiting to hear the results of their labours!



nick nick@cheesypeas.demon Wed Nov 14 14:14:19 2001

The Soup CD is almost done, there's been a errr delay in mixing a final track & when all's said & done,. it won't be a best seller, so has a fairly low priority. Jon Short? I played with him in the 80s - ace musician & all round good guy. Can't be arsed with mailing lists - I'm on about 7 already. Saw the chameleons live recently - another of my fave old bands. First saw the comsats at a pub in Sheffield b4 1st LP came out. Those were the days...

Reimund Tue Dec 4 05:56:29 2001

I'm a Berlin fan of the Comsat Angels and searching for a CD or mps version of "Waiting for a miracle" and for concert dates in Germany. Has anybody an idea? I'd love You...

John Wed Dec 5 23:21:18 2001

Hello? Anybody out there?

I'd like to ask if anyone knows if any of the 12" extended mixes of the CSA songs Independence Day, Day One or You Move Move were released on CD?? Also, looking for the live version of Independence day that was I believe a b-side on the Day One EP. Looking for CDs!

Thanks, John

Simon Sun Dec 9 04:20:51 2001

Hi Reimund,

Are you looking for the Waiting For A Miracle track or album? Either way they are not currently available. If you want to contact me off list I can sort something out for you. Concert dates in Germany? For a list of old dates check out the Sleep No More site and the section 'Gone'. If you can help with any gaps in this list please let me know.

Also hi John, yes we are out there! The things you are looking for are not currently available either but I am arranging for them to be put on CD so again if you want to contact me off list we can sort something out.



Danny Fri Dec 21 16:00:28 2001

Just recently someone on the SNM list was offering the Time considered...CD but according to English Electric website they have it for sale, and so it should be fairly easy to get hold of.

Does anyone here or on SNM list not know about English Electric website?


Fran Sat Dec 29 22:20:40 2001

Hi. I have a tape and I am trying to identify which album it is a tape of. It is an old tape and I'm almost sure it is one of the original albums. Some of the song lyrics are:

The first song starts with "Hello daylight...I don't want to fight today" and has the refrain "What's that sound?" "What's that light?"; another song says "Don't want to have to kill for you."

It also has the song with these lyrics (which someone posted to this list in 1997): "It's Party Time At The Top Of The Hill" "The Air Is Freezing And The Grass Is Like Wire In Between The Trees" "The Room Is Shaking And I Wish I Had More Faith Than This"............

If someone could tell me which album this is I'd be grateful; I just want to label the tape correctly. (And I like the album)

Thanks, Fran

anastasia Sun Dec 30 04:15:29 2001

(Grouse! some action, a question...)


The album is 'Waiting For A Miracle'.


  1. Missing In Action
  2. Baby
  3. Independence Day
  4. Waiting For A Miracle
  5. Total War
  6. On The Beach
  7. Monkey Pilot
  8. Real Story
  9. Map Of The World
  10. Postcard

The first song starts with "Hello daylight...I don't want to fight today" and has the refrain "What's that sound?" "What's that light?"; another song says "Don't want to have to kill for you."

The above lyrics come from the song 'Missing In Action'.

It also has the song with these lyrics (which someone posted to this list in 1997): "It's Party Time At The Top Of The Hill The Air Is Freezing And The Grass Is Like Wire In Between The Trees" The Room Is Shaking And I Wish I Had More Faith Than This"............ "

I think I posted that all those years ago.

The above lyrics are taken from the song 'Waiting For a Miracle'.

I just want to label the tape correctly.


(And I like the album)

You should check out their 2nd album called 'Sleep No More'.

Ever thought of joining the mail-list at we could do with some new blood. There are only 143 members.

Hope to see you there. We would love to know the story behind how you got a copy of this album.


Fran Mon Dec 31 00:40:04 2001


Thanks! I was going through some old tapes. I think that the tape with Waiting for a Miracle (it has Black Sea by XTC on the other side) is part of a bunch of tapes that a friend gave me to listen to back in the 80's, probably around 1985. I gave most of them back ages ago (I haven't seen him in many years), but I seem to still have 3 tapes. (One of the other tapes has 2 albums by Orchestral Maneuvers in Dark, and the other has the Buzzcocks on one side and I'm pretty sure somebody called Cowboy International on the other.) The cases were labelled but they have vanished so I picked out lyric strings and searched on them. The Comsat Angels album was the hardest to identify, I lucked out by typing "like wire in between trees" and that matched a line from the quote and got me to this discussion list. I don't know if it was you, but the person who posted those 5 lines from Waiting for a Miracle was suggesting, in 1997, that a web page be created that would have the lyrics. And we could suggest that again today.

Thanks again, Fran

Danny Wed Jan 9 18:07:05 2002

I've recently been in contact with Zak who set up the CSA lyrics website "Tracks considered...". As I nothing much better to do, for reasons I cannot go into here, I have been sending Zak lyrics to many songs which did not appear on the website, or for songs which were listed but had no lyrics attached, or incomplete lyrics only. I worked especially on the songs and single non-album cuts from the "My mind's eye" period, so I hope Zak will be able to update his site very soon.

"Just thought you'd like to know...."



Danny Fri Jan 18 07:23:02 2002

I know I put this on the SNM list not too long ago but I thought it should also go on this list, i.e. how I got into the music of the Comsat Angels. It was a record review in "Dark Star" magazine, written by a Mr Steve Burgess in 1981 (Dark Star no. 26, vol. 6, issue 1): the last ever issue I'm sorry to say.

What he said that made me follow it up was in his review of the 12" single of "Eye of the lens", as follows:

You know that time before a summer storm when the cows lie down and the air turns tight with ozone? Comsats time. This EP is the Compleat Comsats primer for ignorant infidels with the skeletal tonepoem of "World" and the static swirling of "At sea" coming long-odds second to "Lens" and "Gone", both scalpel-keen excursions to the far corners of isolation and altered states. The Comsats are the masters of biochemical politics and alchemical music, always grasping the thorns to possess the rose, totally primal with the best rhythm section within a dozen light years. Wipe out. Buy or die. Or both; you could leave this behind as a suicide note any day.

I think Mr Burgess caught on to what the Comsats were doing very, very quickly, and I have not seen anyone else capture in a nutshell the flavour of their music, as it was at that time.

Wouldn't you all agree?

Best wishes,


Aitch Jay WEE_YELLAY@POSTMASTER.CO.UK Tue Jan 22 07:29:29 2002


I heard 'Total War' on John Peel, and really thought that this was the freshest, most exciting thing I'd heard. )And remember, in '80 we had Joy Division, Wire, PIL, GO4, Cure, Teardrops .......)

I bought it on 7 inch vinyl (49p) and fell in love. Couldnt believe that they could hide treasures like "Home Is The Range" on the b-side; "what are they saving for us on the album?". I wasnt disapointed.."postcard" still makes my heart stop when I hear it. Saw them live a few times that year, each time a thrill...


John M Wed Jan 23 20:27:18 2002

I'm from Shffild and I used to go out with Mik Glaisher's sister (Caroline) in the mid 70's and I met Mik a few times then and later. Anyone know what Mik is doing now and if he is contactable by e-mail or other means. Also same re Caroline (I understand she lives in Florida now). Thu Jan 24 04:48:09 2002

Dear John,

Nice story. I think you should join the Comsat Angels mail-list at as there might be someone there that can help you, they would love to hear this.

There's a guy called Mark; he also lives in Sheffield maybe the both of you can get together.

I suggest that you write to RPM Records in Sheffield.

Good luck with your quest.


Danny Wed Jan 30 17:44:01 2002

Fan profile:

That should be enough, I hope.

Danny Thu Jan 31 04:21:37 2002

I was on the Gene Clark (ex-Byrds) website just now and clicked on "Music resources" then on "Rockhouse", a Dutch e-mail record store. For some unaccountable reason I typed Comsat Angels into the search box instead of Gene Clark and got a virtually complete discography of CSA for sale at very high prices. I can't afford these prices but they seem to have things which a lot of you still want to obtain. The quick link is

If any of you use this resource I'd like to know if they are reliable and accurate. Thanks

Thu Jan 31 07:02:48 2002

Bloody Hell, They can't be serious; or accurate.

Did you see the price for 'Land' $70 us dollars.

They must be on drugs. It's a dutch store right? :-)


brooks Fri Feb 1 07:58:10 2002

Anyone got guitar tabs, especially from first two albums?

Danny Sun Feb 3 07:00:28 2002

Re guitar tab books for CSA. AS a librarian I was always looking for these but none were published in the UK to the best of my knowledge, unlike Oasis or Radiohead, which are easy to get hold of. The British Library on-line catalogue has no entries for Comsat Angels or SF and as it is a copyright library, collecting a copy of everything published in the UK, I fear you will have to create your own tab book by transcribing from the recordings. Sun Feb 3 08:15:27 2002

You know what Danny, there are many on the mail-list who have done covers of Comsat Angels songs.

I suggest Brooks joins that and asks those there. I am sure they will be willing to help him out, then he could unsubscribe if he didn't want to be a member.


Danny Mon Feb 4 06:32:47 2002

The recent enquiry about guitar tab books made me think also that searching for information about what is published, be it printed or recorded can be made easier. If anyone wishes to check what recordings were made by CSA or anyone else and published in the UK then go to and click on catalogues, then on sound archive. From here you can search by artist or by individual song title. Each song is indexed separately and is linked to the "product" on which it appeared. This is the National Sound Archive of the British Library and in theory a copy of every published recording is held by them, and can be heard (by appointment) if you are in London, UK at any time.

Chance Thu Mar 7 09:28:31 2002

Is anyone interesting in swapping some CD burns? I desperately need a burn of Waiting for a Miracle. I've got some things from the same era, a couple out of print:

Email me private if interested.



Gamelin Sun Mar 10 15:49:17 2002

Hello there, an italian CSA fan here.

I checked out Zac's lyrics site and it gave me a 404... Are there any other lyrics site for CSA's songs?



Sun Mar 10 16:56:11 2002


They are the only lyrics on the internet.

Which are you looking for? You might have to track down the missing albums.


Russell Sun Apr 14 00:16:20 2002

I have been searching for a C.S. Angel song for ten years or more i first heard this song in the early 80's on WLIR on long island ..i believe the title to be Time Slips Away... but it may be incorrect can anyone tell me what song this is what is the actual title is if this is not correct and what album its of of? help?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Anastasia Sun Apr 14 00:33:33 2002

Hello Russell,

Oh goodie a quiz, we love quizzes.

You speak of 'Will You Stay Tonight; it was taken from their album called 'Land'.

Below is information taken from



Will You Stay Tonight?

VINYL SINGLE: Will You Stay Tonight? (UK 1983 7" & 12") Day One (UK 1984 7" & 12" live)

VINYL ALBUM: Land (UK 1983)

Talking round in circles trying to find the perfect words / But they don't come to mind, they don't want to come to mind / Staying away from the subject hoping you might say it first / There's a chance that you won't that I can't afford to take

Seconds turn to minutes and the minutes turn to hours How the time slips away / We've covered everything under the sun and now there's nothing else to say / What do you say?

It's time to go but it's to late to leave so will you stay tonight? / Don't keep me in the dark why spend the after hours on your own

You might spend all your life looking for some ideal / Why not change something vague for something you can feel / And if you were to ask me which choice I would make / I would loose myself tonight, find myself some other day

Seconds turn to minutes and the minutes turn to hours / And the time slips away / We've covered everything under the sun and now there's nothing else to say / What do you say?

It's time to go but it's to late to leave so will you stay tonight? / Don't keep me in the dark why spend the after hours on your own

Danny Mon Apr 15 19:18:50 2002

Are you reading this, Zak? What happened to all those lyrics I sent you for your "Tracks considered" website. I know this is going to sound very obvious, but is it a case of "Such a shame, thing to do, all of the time, all of the time"? I hope no private catastrophe has got in your way.

Trav Tue Apr 16 12:27:44 2002

Don't worry about or be embarrassed by the double-posts. [...which I've since fixed - Trav] I've done it plenty of times too! :) When I next archive the page, I will remove the redundant posts, so our double-posting "mistakes" will be forgotten.

Hey, far more embarassing is the fact that the year has only 3 digits!!!! (200) [also fixed - Trav] heh heh...


Tony Wed Apr 24 12:19:49 2002

I'm looking for a poster of Capt Beefheart with support from the Comsats........any clues.........

mark Sun May 5 09:30:55 2002

hi folks

i have some copies of comsat video promos 'i'm falling' and 'cutting edge' any one got anything they want to trade for a copy?



Danny Thu May 23 15:33:20 2002

Hi Mark,

I have nothing to trade but if you wish to sell for cash a video of "Cutting edge" then contact me privately (off Fellowship and off-list) and I'll see if I can afford to buy from you.

Best wishes,


Rick Thu May 30 23:51:51 2002


I was more than a tad surprised when i stumbled upon this discussion list! I'm yet another postpunk-head who hasn't been able to get enough of the comsats since he discovered them a few years back.

I was able to track down the 2 jive re-issues, as well as My Minds Eye, The Glamour, and *gasp* Fire on the Moon (which admittedly has it's charm!)Unfortunately, I didn't get turned on to the band until after the RPM reissues were long gone...

I'm wondering this: Are the first 3 lp's going to be re-reissued at all in the not-too-distant future. tracking them down has proven itself a daunting task, and it seems absurd that such splendid records could be so difficult to obtain!

Trav Fri May 31 12:35:02 2002 (my favorite store) has all of the most recent reissues of the 1st 3 lps. In fact, here are their prices:

  1. search for: "Comsat Angels"
    Land -- $16.99 [extra tracks] [import]
    7 Day Weekend -- $16.99  [import]
    My Mind's Eye -- $16.98
  2. search for: "waiting for a miracle" (and then click on "The Comsat Angels")
    Waiting for a Miracle -- $22.99 [import]
    Sleep No More -- $23.99 [import]
    Fiction -- $22.99 [import]
    Land -- $16.99 [extra tracks] [import]
    7 Day Weekend -- $16.99  [import]
    My Mind's Eye -- $11.97
    Glamour -- $17.97 [import]
    Vol. 2 - From Beyond 1987-95 -- $15.98

I think the reason for the 2 sets of search results is that mispelled the band's name on some of the CDs ("Comstat instead of Comsat")

I emailed and asked them to correc the typo; we'll see how long it takes for them to respond...


Trav Fri May 31 12:46:16 2002 also has a bunch of CDs, some for better prices than

Waiting for a Miracle -- $21.95
Sleep No More - $21.95
Fiction -- $11.95
Land -- $9.95
7 Day Weekend -- $9.95
My Mind's Eye -- $13.95
Glamour -- $27.95
Time Considered -- $18.95
Unravelled  -- $21.95
From Beyond -- $20.95

Some of these are re-releases; some look like they might be the original releases (w/o extra tracks).

In any case, the albums are out there... It's just a matter of knowing where/how to look.


Rick Sat Jun 1 18:00:17 2002

Wow- many thanks for the suggestions; I was surprised to hear carried the reissues, esp since i used to work for those guys (lol).

I placed an order with the folks at CDeurope; hoping they don't let me down, as i've heard they have limited reliability these days.

Tony Kinson Sun Jun 9 09:07:00 2002

New Steve Fellows Q & A posted at

Danny Mon Jun 24 00:38:52 2002

Re: the first three Polydor albums that Rick was looking for on the RPM CD reissues. After making an enquiry to RPM I was told by Mark Stratford that all had been deleted and that no copies remain but that it might be possible one day to re-license them from Polydor. Still, one should not hold one's breath...


Rick Mon Jun 24 14:59:38 2002

Aye, and what a shame it is.. Such a talented band, completely overlooked and forgotten! I'm surprised the boys at haven't attempted to re-issue the albums, since they seem to be keen on the comsats and similar bands. someone should attempt to get in touch with them. Although the limited demand might not warrant a full blown set of re-issues, it doesn't seem like polydor has much to gain by letting the masters just sit on the shelf collecting dust...

Danny Tue Jul 9 11:30:07 2002


Re your message about I took a look but could not work out from their listings whether the CDs WFAM, SNM and Fiction were the RPM reissues with the extra tracks. Do you think that is what they are? I think I would need to have these CDs as fail-safe back up for that time when the vinyl I have wears out (and it will) if I don't stop playing them!

Heiko Heerssen Thu Jul 11 09:36:21 2002

The Comsat Angels will always remain one of my favourite bands. I'm a member of the Tangerine Dream internet discussion list (500 members), and a couple of days ago someone posted a thread called "which particular song gives you goosebumps" (or something like that) I replied right away and put "Sleep no more" (the title track) at No.1. Just seconds later the manager of Tangerine Dream (who is also a member of the mailing list) posted his email and his No.1 track was "Gone" (from the "Sleep no more" album) Needless to say that we've become friends after this ;-)

I first heard about The Comsat Angels in 1982 when I read a review of their first album "Waiting for a miracle" in a German fanzine called "Musikexpress". The reviewer gave it 6 stars (the highest rating). The same happened to "Sleep no more". I was quite curious to get these two albums but it took me almost 3 (!) years to find them, and then finally I saw them both for sale at a record fair in Hamburg, just 10 Deutschmarks each. I couldn't believe my luck...and I couldn't believe the music which was better than almost anything else I've heard, my (high) expectations were easily surpassed. I must have listened to "Sleep no more" a few dozen times, mostly at night with headphones on (full blast :-) What more can I say that it's a shame that their first three CD releases are already out of print and nearly impossible to find.

Jeff Thu Jul 18 14:52:16 2002

Hello all,

I'm new here, I discovered the list during my fruitless, quixotic search for the WFAM, SNM + Fiction CDs on the Internet.

I just wanted to give you all some good news: I have just guaranteed that these CDs are certain to be re-re-issued by somebody very soon -- I ordered the Waiting for a Miracle and Sleep No More LPs from Britain. I don't own a turntable, I'll have to go to a friend's to make tapes of them for myself, but I'll finally be able to listen to them for the first time. So now you just know the CDs will soon be readily available again.

Believe it or not, since I grew up right at the dawn of the CD age, these are the first LP records I have ever bought in my life.


Rick Thu Jul 18 19:56:42 2002

Howdy Jeff,

Welcome to the list-

Glad to hear the good news; out of curiosity, are the re-issues being done by the guys at Renascent? My understanding has been that they've been considering releasing the albums, but were having trouble dealing with polydor(?) Or are the albums going to be reissued by someone else?


anastasia Fri Jul 19 00:08:02 2002

Hi Jeff,

It's great to hear that you have finally found the albums... congrats. I myself prefer Sleep No More and Fiction. Although Waiting For a Miracle has some great tracks.

How do you know of the Comsat Angels, you mention that it'll be the first time you'll hear their music?

Who has guaranteed that they will be reissued again? More info please.

I hope you all realise there is a Sleep No More mail-list via egroups.

Jeff Mon Jul 22 18:52:53 2002

Hi Rick and Anastasia,

First let me clear up some confusion. I was just making a little joke when I said I "guaranteed" the CDs would be re-issued soon. Kind of like when you don't bring your umbrella, that "guarantees" it's going to rain; so when I bit the bullet and bought the LPs instead of continuing to wait for another CD re-issue, I figured it'll be just my luck that news of the CD re-issue will arrive now that I've already spent the money on the LPs....OK, enough explaining. :)

Anastasia, I actually know one Comsat Angels song, "Eye Of The Lens", because it was included on the compilation CD "Post-Punk Chronicles: Left Of The Dial." I liked the song, so I began trying to learn more about the group. There's this great Internet music review column called The War Against Silence, it's by a guy named Glenn McDonald. If you search his website for Comsat Angels, you'll see he has lots of great things to say about them. So that got me really looking for their albums.


Danny Thu Aug 1 17:03:36 2002

I am trying to find a copy of the band's last single: the CD only release of "Cutting edge" from "Unraveled" album, on Crisis Records (6/94), as listed on "Sleep no more" website discography.

If anyone can point me in right direction, or has a spare copy you would be willing to part with for cash, do let me know.

Many thanks,


Mark Wilkinson Sat Aug 10 17:19:42 2002

I want to do some Comsat's covers and I need to get hold of as many complete sets of lyrics as possible.. Songs I love are (based on chorus main lyrics.. don't know actual titles)

Weren't these gusy just suc great songwriters eh!

Mark Wilkinson

anastasia Sat Aug 10 20:01:33 2002


Check out

Although they do not include those lyrics you are after.

I would love to hear what you decide to cover. Travis is responsible for this site called 'The Comsat Fellowship' for many years now he's been trying to put together a tribute CD. Maybe you could submit your songs. What do you think?

Brian Thu Aug 29 14:24:52 2002

All I want are the Cd's, Waiting for a miracle, Sleep no more and Fiction.

Any ideas ?

Brian Thu Aug 29 15:01:19 2002

Maybe i should have included that they were stolen.

mark finnigan Fri Aug 30 07:23:06 2002


i have got some spare comsat vinyl that i recently obtained from a alocal record shop. i would like it to go to a good home. the stuff is eye of the lens,island heart indep day [jive era] you move me .all on 12 inch plus albums wfam,land and 7 day weekend. so if you have a hole in your collection let me know! i dont want any money just to ensure it goes to a good home and the comsat word is spread! however if you have any stuff you might want to trade i would be well pleased!

dont worry fans i have all this stuff on vinyl already so i am not off loading my treasured collection! mark

Danny Fri Aug 30 10:06:36 2002

Hi Mark,

If there is a copy of "Day one" in the 12" vinyl version, I would give it a home, pay postage etc, so let me know if that is included in the stuff that shop is offloading.


marco Wed Sep 4 08:22:33 2002

Comsat Synchronicity

The other day I was combining two of my favorite internet search queries and there I found on the 'King Crimson News Network' the Andrew Keeling-diary with this little fragment:

"Spent last evening listening to The Comsat Angels. Why wasn't their single, It's History, a mammoth hit? No justice in this world"

The next morning as I cycled to work I found myself humming 'caught like a leaf in the wind' and this guy overtook me sporting a backpack with a logo on it saying 'NatureTrails'!

Strange isn't it, normally I am never overtaken by anyone ;-]

Danny Tue Sep 10 06:18:17 2002

I tried to order the CD single "Cutting edge" from Glitterhouse in Germany but they say it's sold out and won't be back. Can anyone suggest other likely sources for this?


mark finnigan Sat Sep 14 04:29:06 2002

hi comsat fans

i am lucky enough to have met mik glaisher and he would love to do an interview which would then be posted on the sleep no more website. i thought it would be a good idea to ask fans to send questions to ensure all queries could be addressed. so get writing guys! post questions direct to me or via the fellowship. a unique opportunity to quiz the worlds most inventive drummer!



mark finnigan Sun Oct 13 14:56:49 2002

mr robinson are you out there!

i believe i saw you on 'life laundry' a tv show about clutter.

hope the soup tapes didnt go in crusher!


mark f

Danny Tue Oct 22 09:06:29 2002

To those of you in London, UK, or within striking distance of it, you can pick up "My mind's eye" CD album for £5.99 at Tower Records in Piccadilly Circus. There is a sale on now. Hope this might help someone.

Keith Wilson Sat Oct 26 21:43:10 2002

Howdy Comsat fans: Just dropped in for the first time. My love for the band goes way back to the time I saw them at the Kirklevington Country Club with the Sound. I'm from Canada. The guys were dead chuffed that someone from Canada was a fan of their's. I had been into them since the first LP. They were nice enough to take my wife and I backstage and sign some stuff. Steve sent me a copy of " Red Planet " and a nice note ( which I still have ). When they played in Toronto the next year, we drove a 120 miles to see them. They were kind enough to remember us and took us up to their room for a few hours. This was just before Mick got sick and they cancelled the rest of the North American tour. A few years later, I went to see them again. opening for Shreikback. They were promoting the Robert Palmer produced LP and honestly, the spark was missing. I stll loved them though.

They are a wonderful band and I still listen to their great music.

Steve, if you read this and remember us from that long time ago, e-mail me to say hello !

cheers, Keith Wilson in London, Ontario, Canada

Keith Wilson Sun Oct 27 00:34:25 2002

just checked out the gig history and noticed a set list for that Toronto gig I mentioned which might mean it was documented. I sure would like a copy and I have a few gigs on tape. Also, I have tried for years to find a copy of Stephen's Mood X. Anyone out there in Comsatland able to help me with these two requests ? Sun Oct 27 00:46:59 2002


All I know about is the 'Toronto Larry's Hideaway', Canada 20 July 1982?

Here is the set list for that gig.

So what gigs do you have on tape then?

  1. Sleep No More
  2. On The Beach
  3. Ju Ju Money
  4. Real Story
  5. At Sea
  6. After The Rain
  7. Birdman
  8. Total War
  9. Be Brave
  10. What Else!?
  11. Not A Word
  12. Independence Day
  13. Do The Empty House
  14. Waiting For A Miracle
  15. Eye Of The Lens
  16. Zinger


(anonymous) Sun Oct 27 01:48:00 2002


I'm at work right now so I will blow the dust off them tommorrow and get in touch. These are from the 1980 era if you are interested.

see ya, K

Keith Sun Oct 27 01:54:36 2002

Larry's .... that is the first Comsat's gig I saw in Toronto. Man, there were about 75 people in the place. It was a small downstairs club. I saw The Fall there too and they were way cool. That was about in '84. Er, is there any historical documentation of that Larry's gig ?

Danny Thu Oct 31 04:08:27 2002

Re: Red planet single on Junta (red and black vinyl). Whenever I have seen this listed in any discography it is valued at £5, though it must now be very rare in both colours. I paid £5 for the black vinyl version years ago. I think the second version "Red planet revisited" on Polydor is a better rendition of the song.


mark Thu Nov 7 13:42:59 2002

sorry e mail test

dermot Fri Nov 22 14:09:14 2002

hi mate looking for lyrics for 1 st lp. dermot/dublin Fri Nov 22 15:01:27 2002



Did you know there is a Comsat Angels mail-list you could join? Why don't you; it would be great to have you there. We would love to hear your stories as to how you got into the Comsats; it would also entice more conversation.


We are a friendly bunch there aren't many of us.

Hope to see you there.


martin Tue Dec 24 16:30:50 2002

hi everyone, i am martin from Holland, and a long time fan of csa, but never saw on the net csa, and now after 2 minutes looking on the msn search.

i do have a fwe concerts of them, anf i am looking for other concerts or live songs, please help..., also have lot of stuff of police sting simple minds and pearl jam

regrds martin

Simon Anderson Wed Dec 25 10:41:13 2002

looks like me and nick robbinson are the nearest thing to an online band member. interested to hear that there are some concert tapes floating arround. nice website. the perfect antidote to the queens speech.

Danny Sat Dec 28 16:18:48 2002

Welcome to this "list" Simon. It's great to have an on-line band member joining us. I'm sure I'm not the only one hoping that you might have a lot to share with us.


mark finnigan Sun Dec 29 07:42:18 2002

hi simon

great to have you on board.

met you recently at the chicken legs gig. we would love to hear your thoughs on yourtime in the band


mark f

Simon Anderson dudeydudedude@judeyjudejude.fsnet Wed Jan 1 10:32:17 2003

Greetings to all you Fellowship of the Comsats dudes.

Happy new year to one and all.

As I said in a previous letter that does not seem to have reached you (i have been kinda lost in the ether)I have been looking at some of the various Comsat sites. Good to see the party faithful still towing the line. But I am embarresed by the ammount of unanswered messages.

For me, and probably most of you, the Comsats were Steve,Andy, Kevin and Mik but that does not excuse me from showing some responsibility.

I still bump into most of the guys from time to time.

For myself, I divide my time between work, making music on my pc and my family. Baby jude (my fourth) is just three months old.

I mistakenly gave my old e mail address on the last letter which is probably why the others have not reached you. The current address is as above.

Ok so im not SF but I am SA

I will be keeping in touch

Simon Anderson

Stefan Fri Jan 3 16:38:00 2003

Hi, after a year of spotting i decided to be part of the comsat fellowship mainly for two reasons: the first one is my longtime sympathy for the band and their music (starting for ages with sleep no moore), the second one is to inform other comsat fans about the existence of the If you looking for a non-commercial forum to praise bands and their records that site will definitly be satisfy your soul! I've just added comsat's Time Considered-CD, but there is a lot of work to do ...

Greetings from Germany


phil Fri Jan 31 22:16:04 2003


Anyone know where they are selling a copy of the CD "Waiting For A Miracle"?

Will also accept offers from sellers.



brooks Thu Feb 6 10:23:06 2003

Anyone know where I can get copies of "Waiting for a Miracle" and "Time Considered......" on CD. I have recently had my copies stolen, and am keen to replace them.


Paul Tue Feb 25 11:14:39 2003

I first saw the Comsats supporting U2 at the UEA in Norwich - I assume it must have been around 1980 - U2 were flogging October at the time. We were hanging around the Students Union lounge-type-thing and Kevin Bacon was inside sound checking with "Be Brave". I thought the building was going to collapse. I saw them again years later at an anti-heroin gig at the Crystal Palace bowl. Unfortunately they only played a couple of songs. I tried to get to see them again at the Mean Fiddler a few years later but I couldn't persuade the bouncers that my son was 18 - he wasn't.

Phillipa Sun Mar 9 06:42:12 2003

How come I never found this place before? I remember seeing the Comsats for the first time supporting U2 (as many people probably did)in 80 or 81 at some venue in Newcastle. They were so good I didn't even bother to stay for the whole U2 set because it was an anti-climax. I remember going to great lengths to get tickets for the Liverpool gig the following night at The Royal Court (I'd just started Uni in Liverpool at the time so I guess it was early October) and again went home during U2's set. I saw the Comsats many times in Liverpool over the next few years. One gig stands out - it was at The Warehouse and I'm sure it was in summertime and the band were performing songs from Fiction. It was one of the greatest live shows I ever saw. I'm almost certain they opened with 'After the Rain' and I'm equally almost certain the Steve Fellows, despite the summer weather and heat inside the venue, was wearing a chunky aran sweater.

Hello to all fellow enthusiasts out there -


Phillipa Sun Mar 9 15:06:29 2003

I've been asking around for places where you can buy Waiting for a Miracle, Sleep No More and Fiction in CD format. i guess I'm right in thinking that there is nowhere in the UK? I read that there was a CD release in '95 so maybe I'll get lucky if I just keep trying the second hand places. Does anybody know any good ones (apart from Reddingtons in Birmingham which I've tried)?

CHRIS Wed Mar 12 10:32:13 2003

Hi to everyone.I am a Comsat fan from Greece.Do anyone know anything about comsat videos?Did they release anything?

Tony Wed Mar 19 11:11:02 2003

so who`s on here then ? I`m a huge fan of the comsats , have been for years.

Danny Thu Mar 20 08:18:32 2003


Re Comsat videos. No, no official releases but stuff was aired on TV and at least one gig was filmed. If you join "Slep no more" list (link is advertised at top of this page) you can probably find people who may be able to help you out with your search. This "Fellowship" thing acts merely as an introduction; to find out what is going on you must join "Sleep no more" and see what develops.

Danny Thu Mar 20 08:24:58 2003


Sorry, I'm a bit rusty as I have not used "Fellowship" for a long time, so I directed you in error to "Sleep no more" which is the band website and you probably found that already. What I should have said is go to

where you can sign on for the discussion list and see what people can tell you about videos. There is something to tell.

LlamaBoy Tue Apr 15 11:47:59 2003

Hi to all on CSA fans.

The Comsat Angels were and still are one of my favourite all-time bands. I had the pleasure of seeing them supporting U2 at Bracknell Sports Centre back in 19whatever... (and yes I thought U2 were pretty weak after CSA). They inspired me beyond belief and there songs still pop up in my head on a regular basis.

" ...waiting for a miracle, but nothing ever happens..."

Songs that truly moved me and still do today.

Just had to get that out.



Christian Petersohn Sat May 3 16:26:37 2003

Hello Comsat Angels-fans,

there was a great live gig at 24.04.1984 in Köln (Cologne) in "Alter Wartesaal". It was titled "Communication Satelit" and startet at 20:00. I still have the original ticket.

This gig is not listet in the gig-list at CSA-homepage.


Christian Petersohn, Stuttgart, Germany

mark f Mon Jun 2 14:27:29 2003


if you go to the sleep no more website you will find a new interview with comsat drummer mik glaisher. in the interview he gives a great insight into being in the comsats and talks about his new band chicken legs weaver.


mark f

brian catanzaro Sun Jul 6 21:57:04 2003

hi, this is brian from new jersey, usa. for me, the jive era was the zenith of the comsats' career. i first heard them on rutgers' wrsu. matt pinfield used to play them and he played them in the clubs in the new brunswick area. i thought independence day was a killer song, but when i heard you move me i couldn't believe how well crafted and executed it was. land, 7 day weekend and chasing shadows were the soundtrack to my life. though the radio wasn't interested, i think that people in the know-in the industry were aware of the quality pop music that csa was putting out. the hall and oates song "out of touch" (bob clearmountain) starts off like something from the land album. the catholic girls' song "what i want" (evan pace) starts of like "carried away." csa's "forever young" predates rod stewart's hit song of the same name (and sentiment.) then there was a movie called forever young, title again stolen. i thought mike howlett's treatment of the band, guest musicians and all, was a great match to the band's style. i was further impressed by the consistency of 7 day weekend while using several producers. 7dw is the most accessible and hopeful record of the three, which to me are like a trilogy.

chasing shadows (island records) is darker,(closer to the authentic csa sound), but all three of these records are rich in haunting, catchy melodies and arrangements with top flight production. i just want to say that "lost continent" is a wonderful song and would have made a great single. pop music doesn't get any better. have no regrets, guys. sorry to hear you had a falling out with jive. guess they were asking you to remain in a style that you really didn't want to work in.

i was able to get a hold of some of the rare singles and am particularly fond of the 5-track independence day 12-inch, which has a terrific "mister memory" and the ultimate version of "after the rain." i was also fortunate to catch the band at the ritz in a rare usa performance. i am looking forward to purchasing the cds and hearing the bonus tracks. thanks for the great music. all the best, brian c.

Christian Petersohn Thu Jul 10 16:47:51 2003

Hi, CSA-Fans,

here's an article from the Stuttgarter Zeitung dealing with the ups and downs of CSA and a concert review from a CSA gig in 1993 in the Blumenwiese-club which is not existing anymore:

Konzert der Comsat Angels

Sie gehörten Ende der siebziger Jahre zu den Trendbands, prägten New Wave mit und avancierten zu Hätschelkindern der Kritiker. Sie suchten darauf den Erfolg beim breiten Publikum und fanden ihn nicht. Dazu kamen Querelen mit der Plattenfirma. Die Comsat Angels gaben vor sechs Jahren frustriert auf. Doch nun hat sich das Quartett aus Sheffield wieder zusammengerauft und mit dem Album ,,My Minds Eye'' ein viel zu wenig beachtetes Rock-Juwel vorgelegt. Dichte Songs voller Melancholie und Kraft,in denen sich klanglich weiche Pastell-Töne immer wieder an harten Rhythmen brechen: auf das Konzert der Band in der Blumenwiese konnte man gespannt sein.

Doch eine schlechte Klangabmischung und übergroße Lautstärke knüppelten von Anfang an alle Subtilität zu, Gitarrist Steve Fellows Stimme und damit das melodische Element ging im allgemeinen Tohuwabohu unter. Aber auch beim Zusammenspiel haperte es: die drei Ur-Engel haben da mit Bassist Therry Todd, der auf der Bühne Kevin Bacon ersetzen muß, sowie mit Simon Anderson als zweiten Gitarristen keinen glücklichen Griff getan. Wenige inspirierte Momente und ein paar nette New Wave-Reminiszenzen, mehr blieb da leider nicht. ub

Roger, Italy Tue Jul 22 09:16:24 2003

Hi everyone,

anybody can help with the exact lyrics of the CSA song "Driving"?

I've searched a bit on the net but they didn't come out.

Thanks a lot for any help



Danny Sat Jul 26 06:14:53 2003

Hi Roger,

Join the discussion list Comsat_Angels, a Yahoo group list, then click on Files, then on Comsat Angels lyrics.doc. "Driving" and a lot more besides are listed there. If you do this you may as well also join the Yahoo list "Sleep no more", the main discussion list for this band.

See you there, so to speak, perhaps!!


Steve T Tue Jul 29 09:59:06 2003

Hi, I have a couple of Comsat Angels items for sale:

7" x 2, Independence Day, Jive 54, Stickered G/F Sleeve, £1.95

CDs, Shiva Descending, NVX 103007, 4 Track, £2.95

If anyone is interested please e-mail

Many thanks.

yogibear Thu Oct 2 18:36:44 2003

looking for rpm copies of the first three albums, waiting,fictions and sleep..

anyone? help?


Danny Fri Oct 17 09:54:44 2003

Don't know where you live, but it is now likely that you will only find what you seek by looking regularly at ebay auctions. Those items do turn up there, now and then.

allaboutgq Mon Oct 20 22:55:36 2003

Hey guys and girls!

I really want his song by the angels called "im falling" its from the movie real genius with val kilmer (exelent movie BTW) but i cant find it newhere. tried kazaa winmx morpheus etc etc nothing. I was wondering if any of you guys might have it and could help me out. Maybe emailing it to me or letting me knwo where i can get it. Thanks everybody have a great day


Danny Thu Oct 30 17:25:51 2003

To "allaboutgq". You can get it on ebay right now, either the original 12" vinyl single, or the CD album "7 day weekend". There is probably no mp3 version of this song.

Jon Fri Nov 7 11:39:26 2003

On eBay at the moment there are two Comsats bootlegs - including one with previously unreleased tracks. CHECK IT OUT!!!

Rach Sat Nov 22 06:16:17 2003

hi i love the comsat angels never thought to look on the web till i went to my nans funeral yesterday and the music chosen for her was field of tall flowers and after the rain those lyrics make it seem ok xx thankyou

Andy AndrewANelson*nospam* Sun Nov 30 03:31:24 2003


I am reluctantly selling my original copy of Red Planet (Junta records) on ebay at the moment. I remember first hearing it on John Peel and having to write off to some private home in Sheffield to get it!

Anyway, does anyone know how many were printed? I can't imagine it was much more than one thousand - but does anyone know exactly how many?


mark finnigan Mon Dec 1 13:03:05 2003

hi andrew

is your red planet on ebay for £35? if it is i think it is a little high priced. there were 2000 on black vinyl and 2000 on red vinyl with a red /orange/ yellow colour


mark f

Bill Youmans Sun Dec 21 11:24:14 2003

does anyone know if SLEEP NO MORE - 1981 album by Comsat Angels is available on CD? It is one of my favorite albums, and I only have the Polydor cassette, which is 22 years old. Let me know! Cheers, bill youmans (put comsat angels in subject line)

Danny Tue Jan 6 07:04:57 2004

Sleep no more CD on RPM is on ebay right now (for those of you who have asked about this one recently). Be prepared to bid high.

mark Fri Jan 16 10:03:30 2004

hi to you all,i been a fan since i first heard independance day,i then went to see them live,at the VENUE then later at the APPOLLO VICTORIA,both venues in londons victoria,which would have been somewhere between 1978 1981, im currently listening to a live recording by the CSA,which was recorded at the sheffield top rank club 30 june 1981,which could've been part of the same tour,anyways it bought it all back to me,awesome stuff, its got all the early greats on it,starting with "eyedance" and ends with "do the emty house" im still "waiting for a miricle" that one day!...

mark Sat Jan 17 03:23:01 2004

big mistake people.the second gig was'nt the appollo victoria,like i said, it was actually a venue somewhere in camden,not sure which one though........dingwalls maybe?

Simon Sun Jan 18 18:17:50 2004

Hey Mark,

Check out the 'Gone' section of Tony Kinson's website for a fairly comprehensive list of gig dates the Comsats played. I'm sure you'll be able to identify the ones you went to.



Andy Cocker Tue Jan 20 14:53:56 2004

Hi all,

I have placed both my CSA remixes (Total War and Intel Baby) online at along with my most recent song.

All the best,

Andy Cocker

bob sacco Wed Jan 28 21:16:21 2004

VH1 (american TV music show) is currently doing a show called Band Reunitied. They have reunited Flock of Seagulls, Dramarama, Berlin among others for a one night only show.

I'm suggesting that all members of this list go to and register and vote for the Comsat Angels to be featured on this show. If they get enough response, perhaps we could see the Comsats together again (for one night).

Dresden Fri Feb 13 13:52:24 2004

In all honesty i can't see the ComSats performing there "doomsteady" again. Mik is still playing with his band (Chicken Legs Weaver) - I saw them late last year in London. Its the first time i'd seen him playing from the front as he's was always on my left side. (Actually I did go to their first gig with Terry playing ). Steve is still writing and noodling ( probably with crossed legs and a bottle of pop) I gather and Andy looks after his kids. I was in Holland last month for a music festival in Groningen and I did have flashbacks and a 'pang' to go and do it once more.

Trav Tue May 11 12:04:42 2004

Sorry, I think we lost a few posts there... We had a bug in the FTP server. I *think* everything is fixed now.


MDD Sat Sep 18 16:02:04 2004

Does anybody have an mp3 of "I'm Falling"?

hazel Fri Sep 24 10:17:48 2004

Hi Folks What's up?

I'm right now listening to 'Enz' at high speed. Much more cheerful!


Fri Oct 1 17:56:22 2004


Did anyone sort you out with that mp3? Post an e-mail address and I'll sort it out for you.



Benny C Sat Oct 23 00:34:02 2004

looking for a real genius soundtrack compiled by a fanatic like me.

Patrick A. Reed Sat Oct 23 01:21:09 2004

Does anyone have the tracklist for "rome one"? I'd love to know the precise tracks for this thing...


Mon Nov 1 17:05:33 2004

Sleep No More Track Listing Please!!!

SAMURAJ cogax@eunet.yu Tue Nov 2 08:06:44 2004

Eye Dance / Sleep No More / Be Brave / Gone / Dark Parade / Diagram / Restless / Goat Of The West / Light Years / Our Secret / Eye Of The Lens* / Another World* / At Sea* / (Do The) Empty House* / Red Planet Revisited*

* 1995 RPM CD reissue extra tracks

SAMURAJ cogax@eunet.yu Tue Nov 2 08:20:24 2004


I need CSA lyrics.

Tnx! Thu Nov 4 17:40:09 2004


SAMURAJ cogax@eunet.yu Fri Nov 5 06:25:58 2004

Tnx comsat63

casey Thu Dec 16 00:22:32 2004

Wow, last post was in 97, that amazing, im just posting this because its been 7 years since the last post.

Alison Fri Jan 21 06:18:00 2005

would like the lyrics to Alicia Can you hear me? Mik Glaisher, Anyone help?

Banjo Fri Jan 21 11:02:57 2005

Hi All

Good to see the Comsats still have fans! They have to be one of the best bands of all time, I find myself coming back to them time and again, year after year, and their music can't be beaten - they sound just as relevant and listenable today, apart from a few 80s frills here and there :)

If anyone has any live Comsats tapes they want to share/trade, can they let me know



andy carnell Sun Jan 23 18:31:41 2005

hello i have been a fan since independence day .only seen them live once in brighton support was the cherry boys gotlots of vinyl and cds any rare or bootleg stuff wanted send list to EmailAdress.

Danny Fri Jan 28 11:54:31 2005


Just type: tracks considered into Google search box and you get an angelfire website listing most, though not all, CSA song lyrics. Alicia is there.

alison Moore Sat Jan 29 20:15:41 2005

Only just realised just how popular Comsat Angels became. Believe it or not I have never heard any of their music, but was told by an old friend of the one Mik wrote after we split.

My claim to fame (if you can call it that) is, that I believe I am Alicia. I was Mik's lady between 1975 and 1977. What a lovely man he was, and perhaps still is.

I was jealous of the attention he gave to his pearl kit!

So glad he followed his dreams.

Alison (Australia, formerly Rotherham Yorkshire)

Andrew Watertorth Tue Feb 1 07:30:37 2005

Hi I want to share this spell with people.

Put 3 candles in the highest place you have at home, inside a plate with sugar all around the candles. Light the candles. Ask for 3 wishes to your guardian angels St. Rafael, St. Michael, and St Gabriel. Ask one wish for business, one wish for love and one impossible wish. Publish this spell in the third day after you requested the wishes(by mailing it to another person, posting it to a usenet newsgroup, or annnouncing your thanks to the saints in a newspaper classified ad) and see what happens on the fourth day...

Danny Tue Feb 1 08:09:48 2005


I can tell you what will happen on the fourth day: nothing!! Why? Because as you should know by now we are all waiting for a miracle, but nothing ever happens..haha. Go post somewhere else.

Alicia Wed Feb 2 00:39:13 2005


Thanks for sending me the lyrics I requested, thought I"d thank you on this web site. The words rang so true, I was in tears for a few days. I do have regrets, and time has not healed in my case. If there were a time machine, I'd jump on it. Keep in touch. Coincidence we live so near, or syncronicity.


Danny Wed Feb 2 07:21:02 2005

Alison (or Alicia?)

I got your email off list, which I was not expecting. Thanks for the info it contained. I'm glad you got the info you were looking for from a third party. That is a source you can rely upon (and very fine too). I must now get back to my "Private party".

Alison Wed Feb 9 02:20:05 2005

My friends in Sheffield in the UK have e mailed me to tell me they will be seeing Mik's new band in April at the 100 club. We might have some photos!!!

Shivaascending Wed Feb 9 13:53:06 2005

Hi Alison,

Glad you posted here. I can tell you Mik is still a lovely guy! I met him last year in Sheffield along with Andy Peake and some later Comsats members, in the Broadfield pub where they played some of their early gigs (you may remember it?)

Fascinating to hear you are THE Alicia!


Shivaascending Wed Feb 9 17:24:44 2005

Chicken Legs Weaver playing in Sheffield on Saturday 19th Feb for Wave Aid if anyone is interested. See:

There's a picture there too, Alison


grey Fri Feb 18 18:13:32 2005

I know its probably poor to start out my introduction to the fellowship saying my first experience of CSA was "who did the tracks during the two montage sequences in Real Genius?" But that's how I found them and thats how I got hooked. Anyway, nice to see they have a strong, vibrant following and I am elated to be apart of it though I know nothing more than the music I have. Anyway, I am trying to get the lyrics down and one site linked here really helped but I still couldn't locate the lyrics to "You Move me" mainly the third sentence of the first verse. Any help would be welcome, and its good to be apart of CSA in this way.

shivaascending Mon Feb 21 16:23:48 2005

Hi Grey,

Here's first verse of You Move Me:

It's over my head
I don't understand it
Out of my hands
There's no way around it
Like a jigsaw
Where to begin it
If this was a war
I'd never win it

E-mail me if you need the whole song lyrics.


Leslie Wed Mar 2 16:06:02 2005


I've been listening to CSA for a few years now, mostly stuff I've downloaded as it's near impossible to find any of their stuff in the shops. Is it true that the first few albums might be re-released? Because I'm dying to get my hands on the first three... speaking of, if anyone would like to make me copies (preferably on CD, but I'm not picky), perhaps in return for something hard-to-find from my own music collection, that would be great. Just to tide me over til those albums get their much deserved re-release ;-) If you're interested just send me an email.


Erik Fri Mar 4 15:58:09 2005


I am looking for someone to trade CSA live recordings with. I have quite a few but am looking for more, so please email me if interested. Thanks!


grey Mon Mar 7 16:00:25 2005

hey, thanks very much Simon.

I really appreciate your help!

Trav Tue Mar 15 18:29:32 2005

Hi, I've updated the forum. I hope you like the new look!

Ray Christison Tue Mar 15 18:30:47 2005

(posted by Travis)







Grant Wed Mar 16 11:38:55 2005

Hi, I'm new to the group, and relatively new to the CSAs. Even though I spent the 80s listening to the Chameleons, Gang of 4, Church, etc...I never heard of the Comsats until recently. Anyway, thanks to the Internet, not only have I learned of the Comsats, but I've been able to obtain most of their back catalog (though on a budget it hasn't been easy).

So, first of all, thanks to everyone in this forum for maintaining the Comsat Angels' presence on the WWW, without which I would have missed out on so much.

Second, I've got 2 burning questions that I hope someone can help with:
1/Has anyone dealt with English Electric lately? Their website lists several Comsats titles, but I'd like to know something about them before sending them money.
2/Is there a really good recording of "I'm Falling" played live? I really kind of like that song, but I can't handle the cheesy production on the Jive-era albums.

Thanks for the help

CPTG Wed Mar 16 18:34:57 2005

I am soooo pissed!!! I lived through the 80's and never heard of the Comstat Angels? I always associated them with the 'DROSS' they produced in the mid 1990's---but since I HATE GRUNGE, I totally dismissed them. Who would have guessed they were an aging POST PUNK SuperGroup whoring themeselves trying to remain current and hence, hip? You know how I got turned on to the Comstat Angels? I was intregued by their single EYE OF THE LENS which was included in the Rhino Records Release LEFT OF THE DIAL-DISPATCHES FROM THE 80's Underground. If you are new to the 80's college radio POST PUNK/Pre-Grunge scene (1979-1993 or musically, from Joy Division to, but NOT INCLUDING Nirvana), THe Rhino Record release is a good start. That purchase led to my attempted acquiring Rhino Record's out of print Post Punk Chronicals (Left of the Dial, Too Scared to Dance and Going Underground---does anyone have a copy of Going Underground they want to sell?) and a complete CD of the Comstat Angels with Eye of the Lens in it.

Yesterday, I was rummaging through an obscure little record shop near San Francisco when I found an unopened, numbered box set 446/2000 of the Comstat Angels called IT's History. [FYI, It's history combines WAITING FOR A MIRACLE,SLEEP NO MORE AND FICTION plus A BONUS DISC]. I can't stop playing it!!! Check out FOR YOUR INFORMATION (FICTION Unreleased),NEVER GIVE IT UP?, CARRIED AWAY(FICTION Unreleased), EYE OF THE LENS, ITS HISTORY, AFTER THE RAIN, PICTURES, NOW I KNOW AND DARK PARADE and then try, YES, try turning on the radio and listen to the ALT Garage band/(c)Rap music on the radio today (America 2005).

In San Francisco, I dance at several 80s night clubs to include NEW JACK CITY, 1984, Bondage a-go-go, and Death Guild where they play ShoeGazing, JanglePop, New Wave, No Wave, Paisley Underground, DreamPop, 80sCollege Radio. Friday, I am attending a Miami Vice Season One (1984) costume party (no, you can't ware sox with your Sperry Topsiders!!!) and it makes me weep when my 20 something nephew whines "Take me with you, Uncle Monk. The music SUCKS today. I can't relate to it---I have an OLD SOUL!!!". If you like Comstat Angels, check out LOVE LIKE BLOOD, THE HUNT (Killing Joke), Mr. Malcontent, CUT ME DOWN, RATTLESNAKES (Lloyd Cole and the Commotions), INVISABLE STATE, TOMMY & CO., Kenneth Baker (Bill Pritchard) Geburt Eine Nation (Liabach) I'M IN LOVE WITH A GERMAN FILM STAR (Passions)THERE SHE GOES AGAIN (The LA's, not the group that does the version used on the 'panty shields' commercial)and NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE (Spears of Desire). If these songs suck, you have my permission to send me a flame e-mail. CPTG "See ya in Big B, MOFO's!!!" FYI: I'll take Bagdahd at night that walking through Oakland, CA in broad day light with police escort!!!

FYI, If you guys are into Comsat Angels, check out KILLING JOKE

shivaascending Sun Mar 20 03:33:11 2005

Ray, the trilogy of CDs you mentioned are long deleted and only come up on ebay occasionally, but are pricey. Another alternative is the It's History bootleg set which you can also get on ebay, again quite pricey. If you want help with this privately, drop me a line.



Kevin Fri Mar 25 03:14:59 2005

Hey. I say the CS Angels back in Boston in 1988 during the Chasing Shadows tour. It was a strange time for me. I had just graduated from college and fell into the warm bath that is alternative music. Anyway...I bought the CD and played it through the plastic. I took it out recently because the song 'Cutting Edge' really got embedded in my mind during a drive to PTown. It will not play. It just makes a whooshing sound. I can't find the recording anywhere to purchase. I'd like to use it for a mood piece for my writing session. Any chance someone could point me to a download, let me know where I could buy a CD with the song on it (in the USA) or send me an MP3 of it.

Borland Fri Mar 25 07:46:44 2005

I would like to have the lyrics of all Comsat Angels songs.
Is there a link for that?



(anonymous) Fri Mar 25 07:57:54 2005


Try for lyrics.


Ted Sat Mar 26 21:30:14 2005

Hi --

A question for everyone: does the "It's History" box have the RPM versions of the first three CDs (that is, does each disc have the bonus tracks), or do they just include the tracks from the original vinyl LPs?


shivaascending Mon Mar 28 03:48:38 2005

Hi Ted,

The It's History bootleg is copies of the RPM discs, complete with the wrong version of Ju Ju Money on WFAM, however the correct version is on the bonus disc.



Danny Fri Apr 1 04:22:29 2005


I used English Electric to order some stuff a couple of years ago. They were slow, but honest and reliable. I see that they have updated their stock list. If you like their prices I suggest you give them a try.

Jon Tue Apr 19 15:24:46 2005

Hi .. I have a fanzine from Rotherham, published March 1974, which conatins an article about a Rotherham band called 'Mrs Tibbits', of which one of the members is a certain Steve Fellows. Is this the same Steve Fellows I wonder? Can't find any other reference to a band by this name associated with the Comsats on the interweb. Anybody know for sure?

steve Wed Apr 27 00:30:53 2005

Can someone please tell me the name of this Comsat's song that I saw on 'The Tube' mid to late 80's. Some of the lyrics went something like..... (C'mon c'mon up to the top, up where no-one can see...)Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

(anonymous) Wed Apr 27 02:01:41 2005

Hi Steve,
That track is "Flying Dreams" and is on the "Chasing Shadows" album.

steve Thu Apr 28 02:26:47 2005

Thanks (anonymous) much appreciated. : )

michael sell Thu Apr 28 20:10:58 2005

Hello fellow Comsat enthusiasts, I'am desperately seeking a copy of land on cd. I have ordered it from countless places on the web to no avail. I have the first three albums on cd(It's History) if anyone would like to trade, or will send money order for shipping and time to burn a copy. I've been fiending to listen to this disc for awhile now.CAN YOU HELP? I live in Detroit,MI. Thank You

Trav Thu Apr 28 21:27:52 2005

Land CDs:
- has it used for $30
- has it for $19

Phil Wed May 4 09:59:20 2005

There is this very good dutch online shop where you find lots of eighties stuff. Check it out, i bought several comsat angels CD's there, including the It's History box.

They're very reliable.

Rich Wed May 4 16:05:14 2005

are there any plans to make a Comsat Angels dvd?

Tannis Fri May 13 09:54:46 2005

I am always so thrilled to introduce favourite cds of Comsat Angels to new musical friends, especially those who being younger, missed that time , and the reaction is usually consistent - everyone loves them. Time Considered is my all time fav , lyrically, musically,- amazing - timeless ! Thanks to you all for many hours of listening pleasure!!

(anonymous) Sun May 22 04:50:33 2005

Mik was also in Mrs Tibbets. They split and some members later became the Comsat Angels.

mark mfinnigan@blue Mon May 30 04:42:46 2005

why is sleep nomore site off air at the moment any one got any ideas!

mark f

Tony K Thu Jun 2 10:37:28 2005

The SNM site is back online, with details of a new Q & A session re: the 1st 3 albums.

Michael - 'Land' is available for around 7.00 at & at about 8.00 from


Ellen B Sat Jun 18 13:23:45 2005

I'm a late-comer -- 'been humming "I'm Falling" for twenty years -- and never knew, till recently, who performed it.
The albums that seem "most loved" are My Mind's Eye, Time Considered, and 7-Day Weekend. Are these the right three to start with (IF I can find them....)??

Trav Sat Jun 18 13:39:19 2005

My Mind's Eye is great!
Time Considered is a nice intro, but might not have the same production quality as the albums.
7-Day Weekend might be a bit synth-poppy for some people.

If you can find the first three albums, those would also be good starting places. Except IMO they get a little sleepy at times.

Unravelled (unplugged live album) is great, but it's mostly for fans, since the song versions are so different.
The Glamour is a fun, though sometimes forgettable, album.

If I had to reduce my collection to 3 comsats albums i'd pick:

1) my mind's eye
2) time considered
3) unravelled

So, 2 of your 3 choices are right on!

I'd order the rest of the albums like this:

4) sleep no more
5) waiting for a miracle
6) the glamour
7) fiction
8) chasing shadows
9) land
10) 7-day weekend
11) dream command - fire on the moon


Steve Wed Jun 29 19:42:05 2005

You know, I have the complimentary single from the original album of Fiction ('Red planet'), and also an original 7" of 'Do the empty house', my favourite Comsats track. One of these days I might just put them on e-bay.

(anonymous) Thu Jun 30 04:31:30 2005


Why don't you just keep it? It wouldn't be worth much on ebay.


simon Mon Jul 4 02:08:02 2005

Happy "Independence Day"! 25th anniversary to the day of the release of the classic single!



colin bell Wed Jul 6 08:16:25 2005

does anyone have any material by soup after steven fellows left the comsat angels
colin bell

Simon Fri Jul 8 17:35:28 2005

Hi Colin,
The only released Soup track is "We Must Be Mad" on the From Beyond 2 compilation released on Cherry Red in 2000 (CDMRED170). Although it says from the album Soup, this has never been released.

Bill Wed Jul 27 12:16:04 2005

To anybody interested,

check out "Bright Channel" at the CD-Baby website. Do you hear the CSA?

If you follow the link there to Pteranodon, you will find something similar to Mood X.

Keith Thu Jul 28 18:16:11 2005


I was told this song is a Comsat Angels song, but it doesnt sound like them to me. Can anyone identify it for me?


Trav Tue Aug 2 12:18:27 2005

That's a tough one! I don't think it's the comsats.

I looked up "second time around" and "stay" and listened to a bunch of 80s "stay" clips on but couldn't find anything.

Did you have any luck with your own search?


mike Mon Aug 8 20:45:52 2005

I have chasing shadows on LP. We moved house it is the only record that got broke. Im gutted. Anyone got a copy on CD?

In a void........Mike

Erik Sun Aug 14 10:26:47 2005


Anyone interested in trading CSA live shows? I have around 30 but am interested in adding to my collection. Looking forward to hearing from someone!


mark f Sat Aug 20 03:36:26 2005

the song is not the comsat angels although it has touches. its to commercial! even for the jive albums. the harmonies are to obvious. my guess is its the 'Immaculate fool' as the singers sounds a little like richard butler from the p. furs. the Immaculate fools had a singer who did a good impression of butler!

FRANK JOHNSON Fri Aug 26 01:50:47 2005

Good service

Hannu Fri Aug 26 11:19:58 2005

A new interview with Stephen Fellows can be found at
Check out the interviews section for that Q&A as well as other interesting interviews.
Mark Burgess interview coming in the near future!!!

Duff Sat Sep 10 10:21:37 2005

Can anyone help with an MP3 of Pray For Rain?

I just opened the CD case and no disc !!! I'm gonna have to trawl through a million CD cases unless anyone can help.

Jon Wed Sep 28 13:06:01 2005

I got lucky. I was a big fan, aged 15, and ended up recording with their producer Pete Wilson a few years later in the same Polydor studio that the Comsats recorded in off Oxford St. Carlos was our engineer, as he was for the Comsats, and he sent me (bass) and the drummer into the stairwell by the lifts be cause it had better acoustics than the studio.

sean Tue Oct 25 06:26:47 2005

Does anyone have idea where I can find a copy of Comstat Angels: Waiting For A Miracle on vinyl?

Danny Wed Nov 2 11:10:43 2005

Sean: it's on Ebay right now....

Frank Johnson Tue Nov 8 03:06:59 2005

Good Service

John Layton Sat Nov 12 19:49:09 2005


I'm putting together a little compilation and I need an MP3 of I'm falling. Could anyone help me out?

CPTG Tue Nov 22 19:10:08 2005

Hats off for your excellent CSA site (ooops---since this site is an 80's underground hangout, shouldn't I be saying "Like, your post is totally awesome,dude. TOTALLY!!!" I didn't realize the "IT's History" box set is a bootleg until I read this site. Whoever did it, totally 'SGT Peppered' the issue---the quality of the packaging and recordings are top drawer. If I had to list a top ten list of 80's obscure college radio bands, it would be the following:
1. CSA (Fiction)
2. Bill Pritchard (3months 3 weeks and 2 days)
3. Couteau Twins (The Pink Opeque)
4. Echo and the Bunnymen (Songs to Learn and Sing)
5. Liabach (Opus Dei and/or the new box set) God, their SF gig was outrageous!!!
6. The La's, (The La's)
7. The Police (Box Set)
8. Kate Bush (Hounds of Love)
9. Propaganda (Duel)
10. R.E.M. (Murmer or Seven Days in Sammytown)plus
11. Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians (Element of Light. My favorite is Raymond Chandler Evening "There's a body on the railing which I can't identify...and I'd like to re-assure you...but..I'm not that kind of guy!!!"
12. Lets Active (Cypress/Afoot)Sounds like Murmer but with thinner vocals and wretched lyrics by the guy who produced Murmer.
13. Brian Eno (After Science) This is a shock---1973 and its ten years forward.
Finally, I have approximately 100 hrs of a college radio program I recorded in the 80's called Mark Bradley's 'Black Vinyl' At three minutes per song, I have about 2000 songs without titles THAT I WOULD KILL TO GET THEIR FULL VERSIONS. Does anyone have an Idea how I might identify these pieces (some are snippets, some are instrumental pieces)?

Trav Sun Nov 27 11:47:59 2005

Nice list! Thanks!

No idea how to find out which songs are which. Have you googled for setlists from that radio show? Have you tried contacting either Mark Bradley or his station?

I haven't heard of Bill Pritchard before. What type of music is it?


Trav Thu Dec 1 12:09:53 2005

Hi, I moved us over to my new server (

Bill Cohn Tue Dec 27 17:19:56 2005

Dear CSA Fellowship,
Check out Red Card, (available online from CD Baby).
The Comsats gave us 9 albums. Red Card put out 11 songs in 2001. I've heard nothing from them since.

Patrick Thu Dec 29 12:02:58 2005


Does anyone know where I could find the CSA track "I'm Falling" on cd or cd compilation. I'm looking for the one with a playing time of around 3:35. I believe this is the 7" single or "radio version".


Frank Johnson Thu Jan 5 00:44:45 2006

Good Service

John Fri Jan 20 14:47:25 2006

Any one remember hearing " The Comsats, The Comsats Rah, Rah, Rah" at the UK Gigs way back when?

Iain Fri Feb 10 21:42:22 2006

The Comsat angels have always been my true personal band.Iliked the fact that most of the people i knew didn't have what i had.As a bass player to this day after about 25 years i am still influenced by what was going on there.It helped to get me through.Thanks a lot guys but i will not be stuck in any past."to keep the fur at bay".

Colin Bell Sun Mar 5 05:32:23 2006


gerard lehner Sun Mar 12 04:10:02 2006

Hi! I was just following a line of tangent from a 100 dallar bill to a$1000note...G

Gerard lehner Sun Mar 12 04:12:30 2006

Hi! What is the artist link at comsat?....G

Trav Sun Mar 12 08:34:22 2006

Comsat Angels CDs are hard to find these days. Maybe if the band gets back together there will be an effort to reissue the old albums... Until then, though, I'm guessing the best place to get Comsat CDs is going to be used CD sites like or

Right now I just see one CD of "Land" for sale, at for $91. Yikes!


Danny Mon Mar 13 02:16:32 2006

There is also where the prices vary widely but you can choose which currency to view your wants list in. I am certain that there is no need whatever for anyone to pay "$91" or anywhere near that for a record like "Land".


Adrian Wed Mar 15 18:55:36 2006

Does anyone know where I could find a hi-bitrate audio file of "I'm Falling"? If there would be an official CD featuring the song in print, I would buy it, but if I pay for a used CD it's not like the label or the Angels are going to get anything from it.


Danny Thu Mar 16 03:10:28 2006


That track is on "Seven day weekend" album. There is a CD of this at and it is rather a bargain!! Use the advanced search and search by artist.


Adrian Thu Mar 16 08:54:05 2006

Danny, thanks for the heads-up. The site doesn't say, but is there some way to tell what condition the CD is in? Also, do you know if they ship to the USA?

Thanks again.

chas Fri Mar 24 14:09:30 2006

People , were wll into 2006 , any new material from any sources coming out soon?
Also was "Helicopters" ever made available?

John Sun Mar 26 06:41:53 2006

Check out the new CD releases of Waiting For A Miracle, Sleep No More, Fiction & Time considered as a helix of semi-precious stones on the Renascent site, loads of additional tracks, great new sleeve notes - FANTASTIC!

Danny Mon Mar 27 06:32:50 2006


I don't get to a computer as often as I used to but that CD "Seven day weekend" with "I'm falling" is still available and it is new and unplayed and they will ship to the States, or wherever. As I say, a bargain and I saw it on their shelves today.


Trav Tue Mar 28 10:06:16 2006

Awesome, thanks a ton for the Renascent info, John! I ordered all 3 original albums... Too bad they're a bit expensive (although Renascent is cheaper than Amazon or Action). So, it's like $6 or $70 (US) to get those bonus tracks! Oh well, I guess I can always sell the original CDs to make up some of the cost.

Anyway, thanks again!


COLIN BELL Tue Apr 4 10:09:59 2006


Simon Sun Apr 16 00:25:50 2006

Hi Colin,
You can hear I Hear A New World on the compilation CD "From Beyond Vol.2". The others will probably be released as part of a double CD re-issue of The Glamour planned for this autumn.

Derek sumner Wed Apr 19 12:38:20 2006

Hello all you comsat angels fans .
I am the cousin of andy peak the keyboard player in the comsat Angels .
I have not seen Andy for many a year now and would love to get in touch with him some way or another .
Do any of you have any contact's with him such as Email address Etc .
Because I say this because I am also a musician and have been for many years but lost touch with him and I don't really think he knows this .
Would be very grateful for any help regarding this matter .
Thank you everyone .

gerard e. lehner Wed Apr 26 09:51:22 2006

Hello! what did I write about last time. G

Rich Thu May 18 06:11:15 2006

Does anyone know where I can get a cd copy of chashing shadows? I've seen it on ebay a few times but it always gets snapped up at round 30quid which is asking a lot for a single album.Will it get re-released maybe?

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