The Comsat Fellowship #07

2006-05-20 to 2006-08-31

ian cunningham Sat May 20 09:18:07 2006

HI, This is Ian. I,m flattered to be included in the Comsats Web-site{athe real story). I,m the one playing the red stratocaster on stage with them in gig in Holland in their Jive records era. I had been a fan of the band for a number of years and was delighted to be asked to join them as guest guitarist/backing singer. This was my first big break in the music bizness. It was an exciting time for me and I felt so proud to be on tour and recording with my music heroes. As and extra bonus the raod crew operation turned out to be ran by "Focus" show hire from Holland. I had been a fan of their musiic for a number of years, in particular, their guitarist Jan Akkerman who was and continues to be my all time guitar hero. I tried to inject some extra hard rock edge into the Comsats live act. Please forgive me you comsatees who are especially fond of their earlier 'Waiting for a miricle era. but on the 7 day weekend tours I even played a bit of heavy metal stuff although I,d like to think that i did so in a tasteful and complimentary manner to their music. although I didn.t play on the land and 7 day weekend albums I am pleased to have recorded some things with them, including a BBC radio session and the 12 inch release 'citadel'. I understand this track has since been included on the recent release of 7 day weekend and would like to know if it contains my guitar track or whether it,s a new mix without the track. i would simply be flattered if it does as I was and continue to be a fan of the first 7 day weekend album aswell as all the other albums. In any event, I remain pleased to have been fortunate enough to have played on the first Citadel. Iv,e recently moved to Manchester from Sheffield, England, and got out of touch with the Band. I hope to get in contact with them soon. In the meantime I,m delighted to have this opportunity to be part of the Comsat fellowship. Thankyou, Ian.

ian cunningham Mon May 22 19:08:33 2006

HI. thanks again for the chance to get on-line with the wonderful world of the Comsats. Please will you now do the same. I read Mick Glaishiers new interview and I believe that he was right to think that it would be a good thing for the band to re-unite and tour again. Please let them know your thougths on this as it is clear that they are one of the most brilliant bands the world has ever seen. i know they have a modest attitude towards this fact, so how,s about them just doing a reniun dig to see how it goes. They always were one,s for inovation anyway. Thanks again for letting me be on thia site. Ian.

Trav Tue May 23 15:57:04 2006

I'd love to see the Comsats back together again too! Maybe the recent reissues (which I of course bought) will stir up their interest in making music [together] again. I have no idea what they're up to nowadays.

Ian, it's nice seeing you so enthusiastic and persistant in your posts! Your energy is refreshing! Do you have a website for your music?


ian Tue May 23 20:17:26 2006

Hi trav, you have already heard the sound of my music. i will of course up-date you as and when my new sounds are out there, You are lovely. thank you, Ian,
Hi Trav. you have already seen my sounds. i will of couse up-date you as and when i do some new one,s. i,m just a gypsy who likes sexy music. thankyou for your interest. I,m glad to be a member of the comsats fellowship. ian.

ian iancunningham@amserve Tue May 23 21:03:59 2006


ian Wed May 24 20:59:58 2006

Hi.This is ian. please come on-line and feee fee to talk about whatever you want to in relation to this fascinating band the Comast Angels as we are all freinds here. me, I,m gonna be setting up my own music web-site. ( thanks again Trav) . It will only be a mini music site to reflect the fact I Just do sort of gypsy pop rock songs, bit I Will that I am in fact a former member of the Comsats who is very proud to have been so. I,m just as pleased to be a fan too. i would be grateful if anyone can provide me with any photos of me in action with the band or any live or radio recordings atc. I would still like to know if the re-release of 7 day weekend included my guitar track on Citadel. Anyway, It,s been lovely to be part of your fellowship. You are lovely. Thankyou .Ian.

(anonymous) Thu May 25 00:35:37 2006

Hi Ian,

You seem chatty, have you thought about joining the comsat angels mail-list, all you need to do is send a letter to the following email address.


Moderator of the list

ian http://De Fri May 26 20:59:55 2006

Dear Anastasia, I didn,t mean to kill-off the CSA chat-lines. However it appears that I have done so. This started when I noticed I had been included on the Comsats Real Story site. Can you please fix it for the photo to be removed from the site as I hadn,t realised how much the distress and upset this would cause to "fans' who don,t appreciate the concept of they,re ever having been more than 4 members of the Comsat Angels. As for Citadel, Well, it was only meant to be a fun cover of a Rolling Stones track anyway. Thankyou guys. Your lovely. Ian

Tony K Sat May 27 00:47:48 2006

Hi Ian

I think you are over-reacting a tad! We have had input from an ex-member of the band before, his comments were appreciated and enjoyed, and he was not one of the original 4, so don't feel offended.

This site is very quiet at times, another place where Comsats chat goes on, as Ana mentioned, is the Sleep No More email list. It would be good if you joined there.

PS Ana doesn't maintain the CSA site, I do. The picture was given to me by Steve Fellows, and I don't intend removing it unless he wants me to. Its not as if the web has hundreds of "Jive" period CSA photos that I can afford to lose that one!

And to confuse matters, I don't maintain this message board (Travis does) and the Sleep No More email list is maintained by Ana. We will be testing you on this before you are allowed to speak further. Written & oral exams. ;-)

To summarise, please join the Sleep No More email list, you will be welcome there as you are here - you can join at But don't expect thousands of postings or replies per day!


ian Sat May 27 21:37:29 2006

Hi Tony, As you are aware we have now entered an area of slander and mis-representation. I will go no further with the matter if the Comsats A. remove the said photo from the site. B. Print an appollogy for the way in which I have been represented by your outfit. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Ian.

(anonymous) Sat May 27 23:43:31 2006

Hey Ian,

You don't sound lovely at all. I can't say your comments are welcome here anymore.


(anonymous) Sun May 28 08:54:21 2006


I don't know what on earth you are talking about. How can people not replying to your emails be slander? How cam muy saying "don't be offended" to your offence at no comments be slanderous?

The internet is a place where its easy to be anonymous, anyone can say they are anyone. So I will not remove a photo that does not belong to you. I will remove it if Steve Fellows, who gave me the photo, asks me to. So feel free to contact him and ask him to do so.In the meantime, reading your comments below I actually hope you don't join the SNM mailing list, as your comments are not at all helpful.


Trav Sun May 28 10:29:33 2006

What a confusing thread!


ian Sun May 28 10:35:53 2006

Tony, this is not the olden days. Although the Comsats were a wonderful band this does not entitle you to make seriously maligning comments against my good name and character. Ian.

(anonymous) Sun May 28 10:37:15 2006

Where are those comments then? Quote them.

ian Sun May 28 12:17:25 2006

Hi Trav, I feel that if the Comsat,s want to sell records then they should try and keep things simple instead of confusing the hell out of everyone

Trav Sun May 28 12:22:40 2006

Hey, I am utterly confused by what y'all are talking about. I googled for:

"comsat angels" "ian cunningham"

and only found one link:

On that page, I don't see any references to the words "ian" or "cunningham".


ian Sun May 28 13:16:12 2006

Hi Trav, we are talking about the favt I was musical influence behind tha Comsat Angels but that since they binned me I,m apparently supposed to be invisible forever, except for the photo on the Real Story site.

ian Sun May 28 15:59:32 2006


ian Sun May 28 20:30:17 2006

Hi Comsats, I am apparently noe running the Comsat Angels chat line. I feel like a cross between Jade from Big brouther and Simon Cowell. ezcept I,d much rather be Jade, I am a girly person who would lije to be known as Lian the dirty gypsy girl. I might even wear a skirt and a blonde wig the next time I,m on stage with the Comsats. In the meanyime will you please get on line and talk abour whatever you want to talk about regarding this amasing band etc. Thankyou, Ian.

ian Sun May 28 21:37:38 2006

P.S.please note my name is now Lian the dirty gypsy girl. I look forward to hearing from you sexy Comsat people soon. Thanks, Lian.

Simon Sun May 28 22:30:11 2006

Woah! I haven't checked the Fellowship for about a week as it's usually quiet and all hell has broken loose! Ian, man you need to calm down. No one here has been slanderous or unkind to you in any way! Fact is this list is quiet so you shouldn't read anything into that. No one here has any problem with 'non-core' members of the Comsats, I've met Simon and Terry who were latter day Comsats and they are great people. You originally asked about Citadel - yes it is the original version on the 7 Day Weekend CD so you have been acknowledged by the band. The photo on the website doesn't only show you so why should Tony have to remove it? All that was suggested was that the Sleep No More list would be somewhere where you might get a quicker response as people receive those messages as e-mails rather than having to log on at a website. If you can't handle simple suggestions like that I would suggest you refrain from getting involved with on-line discussion. You are of course welcome here and we appreciate your insights into your days with the Comsats but you need to be able to cope with not getting a reponse as a lot of us are busy people. Cheers Simon

Marco Mon May 29 05:32:48 2006

Any chance of putting Ian - the dirty gypsy girl with the skirt and the blonde wig - and his 'sexy' emails on a blacklist? Would be nice to discuss the Renascent re-issues instead of being harassed online in this manner. Censorship is never a good thing, but nonsense should be going only this far! So what about it people, how do you rate the bonus tracks and other goodies on the re-issues? Should I invest the money (I have the originals on LP as well as the RPM re-issues)? I just wished the extra tracks from the 'It's History' bootleg had also been included...

Trav Mon May 29 07:22:35 2006


Better Ian than spam-bots (which I get on other lists). At least Ian's posts are funny!

Also, they're technically about the Comsats and don't seem destructive, just, um, weird. Finally, even if I wanted to, I would have no way to ban anyone, since this forum is completely open, with no authentication. Someone might be pretending to be Ian, for all we know!

The bonus tracks are okay. I didn't think anything about the reissues screams "must-have". IMO if you already have the RPM reissues, it's probably not worth it. Far more interesting would be B-sides for My Mind's Eye or The Glamour.

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, there's an Au Pairs 2-CD compilation that just came out. It combines all their studio tracks. Highly recommended if you like post-punk, particularly Gang of Four.


ian iancunningham@amserve, Mon May 29 20:06:07 2006

Testin 123. were are my plectrums. How are my written and odal skills.

ian Mon May 29 20:41:58 2006

H i, So I,m officially a Comsat Angel. The WIld gypsy girl. The fallen daughter of the Comsat Angels. As and when they do get back together touring I,d be happy to wear my skirt. It was cool when Davd beckham did it and it,s never done the Scotts pipe brigade any harm. I just thought that I might look prettier with a blonde wig too, as I am actually feminine person. I think the Comsats might have suspected this when they saw me taking too much interest in yhe stage make- up on the 7 Day weekend tour. i now feel like the Big Bro " Oh my god " girl out of finding out I,m on the 7 day weekend album with my music heroes. Thankyou everyone for your comments and encouragement. I hope to hear from you soon and that I come come on-line and chat again. By the way, Anna you have got a beautiful girls name and you are welcome to mderate me anytine. Right i,m off to wax mi legs abd put mi moisturiser on. I might even do a bit of sexy air guitar in front of the mirror. Yours, Ian aka Lian .

ian Wed May 31 18:31:17 2006

Hi, this is Ianaka Lian. " fallen daughter of the Comsat Angels " ( how Gothy is that) Please noe get on-line and talk about the band on any subject which you like, or else I might end up throwing a wobbly again. else I might end up throwing a wobbly again. I look forward to hearing from you soon. thanks.

ian Wed May 31 21:42:43 2006

Trav It seems that my posts arn,t inspiring anyone to come on-line here. Please advise me as to whether I am just waisting my time here. ai look forward to hearing from you soon. Ian.

ian Wed May 31 22:05:34 2006

P.S. How dormant are the fan-base? Can new life bw breathed into the situation?

Trav Thu Jun 1 05:52:11 2006

Ian, if you read the previous posts on this forum, you will see that it's usually days, weeks, or even months between posts on here.

Why does your email address keep changing?


ian Thu Jun 1 06:38:51 2006

Hi Trav, My E-mail address doesn,t keep changing, it,s just me typing the en bit incorrectly as it,s only a little message box and I need to get some reading glasses as i,m no spring chicken you know. I,m looking for some trendy John Lennon style reading glasses to go with my post-grunge hippy look. Thanks for pointing the error out, I will make sure I type the address correctly from now on. There,s been a bit of action on this site recently. Spinal tap lives! I think it,s been a sort of cross between the tap, I,m a celebrity get me out of here, with a bit of pop idol thrown in for good measure. In fact the Web-site states the chat- lines meant for "FUN"! What does it take to get the others to join in? Thanks. Ian.

Danny Fri Jun 2 09:17:20 2006

Dear Ian,

Some of us here are so cool that we no longer talk about anything that really matters to us, like the music of the Comsat Angels. Is there really something that hasn't been covered already? If you think so then of course you can say so. I think that song "Private party" sums things up rather neatly, but that was the pre Jive era.


ian Fri Jun 2 19:11:15 2006

Dear Danny, I think your lot should go out to a real party sometimes, so you can be cool. You might even end up just as daft as me. I feel it,s cool for me to be a related artist of the Comsat Angels who is doing new and different things. They are a highly influential rock band so I,m sure there must be lot,s more to discuss. Please now come on-line and do so, or else I might throw a wobbly again. Yours, Ian aka Lian thr "fallen daughter" of the Comsat Angels. Thanks.

Simon Fri Jun 2 23:43:20 2006

Hey Ian, no wobblies please! I just checked the booklet for 7 Day Weekend and you also get a namecheck in it so your involvement with the Comsats is cemented. I'd like to hear more about your involvement with the group, how you got recruited, what tours you were involved with, any interesting anecdotes from those times? You were unusual to get to record with them, as they had second guitarists on several tours (Paul Robertson, Mick Hercun, Nick Robinson (Headhunters) but none of them became part of the recording set-up until Simon Robinson in the final Comsats line-up. My understanding was it was to take the weight off Steve Fellows having to play all the guitar parts and sing on these tours? And what was the story behind Citadel then? Cheers Simon

ian Sat Jun 17 19:36:12 2006

Hi simon. I,ve been trying to send a Post but it,s been lost in space. Please let me know what,s going on here. Ian.

ian Sun Jun 18 06:22:42 2006

Hi Simon, At the risk of upsetting any fans I feel that one of my best definning moments with the band was when I got them to jam with me on those hard dock classics Smoke on the water and Hocus pocus. Don,t worry follks, It was only at a sound-check. It actually sounded very good. Smoke has since became cool chique on the TV advert and as for Hocus, well, please check out the Chasing shadows song Flying dreams. I was involved in what I call the 7 day weekend tours inclusive of the Breakfast over Europe tour, starting with the Crystal palace show and ending with the Radio Hallam session in Sheffield. 7 day is very special to me. WE,re talking powerful rock songs here, like You move me, High tide and New heart and hand. Has anyone noticed that some of the lyrics to Forever young are telling to our present situation? especially the bit all the time I knew somehow I,d see you again. It,s like back to the future innit! It is in any event a very up to date song. I would like to do a cover version of it. Citadel was like us taking a day off from school to go out on a day trip tp have fun together. It was just a bit of fresh air for us to record this pretty rock song. This might be why it,s popped up a few times. My recruitment into the band involved a link between myself and Kevin Bacon. Wr actually started out at school together in a rock band. he later teamed up with the band which were to be the Comsat Angels. We kkept in touch. I did a lot of demos of my own songs some of which Kev produced. I think my music style was starting to cross-over into theirs and so they recognised that I wouls be right for the job. I became the lead guitarist of the band who doubled on some backing vocals too. I happened to have a similar vocal style to Steve and so our voices blended together well. The band were good in letting me do a few creative guitar solos in the set. In particular, my antics on You move me! I,d like to know if anyone,s got any bootlegs of these live shows. I,,d also loke to know if i can have a complimentory copy of any CD containing Citadel. Please now come on-line and give it large with your take on the story. See you soon. Yours, Ian aka Lian the Fallen daughter of the Comsat Angels.

Ian Tue Jun 20 19:24:40 2006

Hi, So I,m running me own chat-line now innit! Please now come on-line and big it up about your favourite band or artist etc. or else I,ll be back on here and larging it about my being a top muso and a kinky girl again. mmm! I kike the kinky gitl thing though. Please now read the below posts and come on- line, Yours Ian aka Lian the Fallen daughter of the Comsat Angels.

(anonymous) Wed Jun 21 03:42:31 2006

I think you're over doing it a little Ian. Your posts are starting to grate on me as I am sure others, just because you have just discovered this site it doesn't mean we haven't; check the archives and see how far the posts go. We have been here for YEARS. I suggest trying to be more sincere then I/we'll start taking you seriously, but for now life gets in the way, oh and don't forget the World Cup.

Lil comsat

ian Wed Jun 21 15:16:29 2006

hello annon, I take exception to your below comments. I think you,re an ungrateful moron who is unappreciative of all the hard work I,be put into this site. All I recently did was do the post for Simon then I came on-line again to fill-in with a bit of entertainment in the meantime! If you can,t handle a bit of modern comedy and entertainment then I wonder how you hacked it with the England versus Tand T match! Furthermore, I,d like you to remember that the year is 2006 and so it IS "sincere" for people to be open with their sexuality, especially in manchester! You say that your " life gets in the way" but maybe you should go and get one! lastly, I expect to see a positive response to my post about the Comsat Angels history soon, or else now that annon has upset me I might come on here and large it with me S and M gear on! Yours, Ian aka Lian the Fallen daughter of the Comsat Aangels.

ian Thu Jun 22 02:27:14 2006

Dear Annon, Go on then! Bring it on! Let,s large it with your clever reply! So far I have beat off all contenders on this line so don,t be messing me about again! I run this chat-line innit! See you soon. Lian, The fallen daughter of the Comsat Angels.

Danny Thu Jun 22 09:41:49 2006


I've been out to a real party: it's called life. You, however, seem to want to live here, on this electronic ether list. I think that if you could in some way prove that you are who you say you are, then people here might take more kindly to you. As it is, you seem determined to offend people for seemingly no good reason.


Ian Thu Jun 22 16:37:08 2006

Dear Danny, Thing is that your not sure what you,re yalking about here, so i forgive you for your naive comments. You get back to whatever you enjoy doing and let "annon" fight his own battles! Right, who,s next please! Yours, Aunty Lian, the fallen one.

ian Thu Jun 22 19:26:54 2006

Hi Annon, You see it was not only NASA who were confused God was too! However, i am here to try and smooth any problems with thiis so you free to get in touch with me. I hope to hear from you soon. Yours, Aunty Lian.

(anonymous) Thu Jun 22 20:47:08 2006


I agree with the others, can something be done about these drug induced posts by Ian? Your site has been ruined; surely you can moderate all posts before they are posted maybe you should look into that. We have to ensure that this person never has access to our yahoo groups. He's a disgrace to the band.

jan Thu Jun 22 21:49:01 2006

trav. How do you imagine that the Band did all those things without the help of some narcotic drugs. I was brought in to try and clean their act up actually so even dare to make out I,m a junkie or I,ll have you killed! You stupid moron!

ian Thu Jun 22 23:27:25 2006

Hi, i now run chat-line. You old lot can do one as i want to get a younger audience to large it with the music of the Comsat Angels. If the rest of the band dom,t want to to it then i,ll take the name and do so on my own. Yors,lianY

ian Thu Jun 22 23:57:33 2006


8an Fri Jun 23 01:48:16 2006

Hi all. The outcome is I AM THE COMSAT ANGELS! your call!

(anonymous) Fri Jun 23 17:12:17 2006

Ian you are ranting and raving like a lunatic; we don't know what the hell you are on about. By the way death threats aren't welcome here and never were so bugger off.

"Hard work you have put into this site", you are dreaming. I thought the site was owned by Tony; and Travis organized the fellowship. You have ruined all their hard work.

Let me tell you, comedian you ain't so don't give up your day job that's if you have one, your messages haven't been entertaining; in fact I find them rather disturbing. Sorry to say this but you aren't funny at all, in fact boring.

I think you are over stating your involvement with the band, you're still hanging on to your 2-seconds of fame with our favourite band. I had never heard of you before and never want to again. I wouldn't care if you dropped off the face of the earth. Soon we'll be hearing from others telling us they used to make the bands coffee.

I don't want to hear about your involvement with the CSA for me it means nothing. I am sorry Ian you have really blown it with me and I am sure many others, you have missed your chance as we would never surrender the bands details to you, why would we want to subject them to you?

You sound like a sad fool who might need some help. I don't care if you were a session musician for the Comsat Angels, if fact you are representing the band in a very bad light. I'm sure Steve Fellows would be impressed. Your involvement with the CSA means nothing to me.

If you have issues please resolve them offline, Tonight have a little think about all your posts and then ask yourself "Have I represented the band in a positive light"?

This is all I'll say on this matter.

Adios Amigos

ian Fri Jun 23 20:16:46 2006

Hi anios, It,s a good job I like to be used and abused innit! I,m like a slag who just can,t get enough of it! However, I,m a lady too and it would just be nice if one day your lot would say something nice and pleasant about me! Yours Lian. The Fallen.

Trav Sat Jun 24 08:49:29 2006

Ian hasn't ruined my or Tony's hard work. He's just being creative. He's right in that this forum is "his", just like it's "mine" and "yours". We use it to shared our thoughts with other fans.

If band members (and associates) get on here and say hi, then great, but really this is an [optionally] anonymous chat board for fans. We can sign our names if we want, but it's not mandatory. There's not many forums like that on the Internet these days.

Who knows who Ian / Lian really is? How do we know whether someone else is pretending to be him? How do you know that I am actually "Trav", the guy who hosts these pages? We don't really know anything about each other on here, really. There's no proof, just assumptions, and ideas. It's casual.

If you look at the bottom of this page you will see my note: "This fan-based site is for fun, not profit. Its goal is to facilitate correspondence among Comsat Angels fans. That's really important to my philosophy with this forums (and my other forums); I want to make it easy for us to exchange info with each other.

I don't want to moderate or police or protect people on here from other fans. The only time I interfere with communication on these boards is if there's a technical glitch. Examples:

1) duplicate posts
-- sometimes people hit the POST button multiple times, which results in multiple submissions
-- I delete the duplicate posts when I make the archives

2) spam-bots
-- these are automatic scripts/programs which look for anonymous forums
-- when they find an anonymous forum like this one, they post ads (about irrelevant products)

3) inapproach search engine results
-- one of my forums kept getting visited by kids looking for a completely different subject
-- for example, if a movie called "comsat" comes out, we might get lots of posts about that movie here

And that's it. I can't remember even scolding anyone for being bratty or destructive. Lots of people have asked me to step in (on other forums) but I prefer to let the "flame wars" run their course. Eventually people get bored (or leave), and things quiet down again. Then, after a few days/weeks/months of silence, someone will post something relevant constructive again.

The internet is full of much more offensive (and destructive) things than these "Ian" posts, who could really be written by anyone (including me). If "Ian" says things that rub you the wrong way, think about how you'd handle it at a party... Someone comes up and says something that you think is really dumb. Do you debate him? Do you pretend to agree? Do you mock him? Humor him? Punch him? Try to empathize with him? Run away from him? Introduce him to someone else? Ignore him? Laugh at him? Act crazier than him? What do you do???

Same with the Internet. We define ourselves by how we handle the weird stuff that gets thrust in our faces. Like, right now, I am defining myself. Some of you might not like the way I am [not] handling the "Ian thing". But others might feel more comfortable about expressing themselves on here, knowing that I'm not gonna censor them. Maybe a "Big Brother" feeling would discourage some people from posting. I don't want to do that.


p.s. Maybe when I have kids I will take a different attitude to my role on here. Right now, though, I just want to focus on addressing any technological issues and leave the social stuff to others to work out. If there's something technological I can do to help you guys be happy, I'll consider it. Feel free to post your suggestions here.

ian Sun Jun 25 21:24:23 2006

Hi simon, Phew! I,m like the walkin wounded innit! Show-biz hey! You,ve gotta love it! It is known that the Comsat Angels are a band in the course of their career A. Performed on the same bill as Hawkwind and Dame vera Lynne (charity concert) B. Had tour support from Focus show hire services C. Perfomed with the Human League (Steve and Andy) D. Worked with the late Robert Palmer E. recorded and released a cover version of a Rolling Stones song. I therefore feel that I have hardly done anything wrong by mentioning that we once jammed to some songs by the rock bands Focus and Deep Purple! In fact the song "smoke on the water contains a reference to the Rolling Stones. I feel this sgowa us in a positive light as it shows that we were not stuck up about our music and were open-minded about others. Ad for my comment about "Flying dreams" I feel that the guitar track is clearly born out of the famous Jan Akkerman guitar song. However i would not have mentioned this were I not totally confident that it is only an artistic interpretation of the track of which clearly does not amount to being a copy of the original. In relation to the issue of my job title in the band I do noy regard myself as having been a session guitarist in the band. I feel that it does a dis-service to them for their various guitarists to be described in such a way. Although i was not an original member of the band I was however an integral member of the band at the heght of their commercial success in the 80,s. I was a musician/composer in my own right who became their lead guitaist for the live shows. If you check the Real Story photo you,ll see that Sreve is singing into the Microphone i.e no guitar! THis is as on many of the songs he was confident to leave all the guitar work to me while he concentrated on the lead vocal performance. I have worked with many top bands and artists so it,s not as though I HAVE to draw on the Comsat Angels success, in order for me to pursue a music career of my own. I,m just passionate and enthusiatic for this band and their music and I,m proud to be included on their re-relaeases. As and when they do get back together I would of course like to be included on their shortlists. If they don,t get back together or use the name again for touring I still reckon it would be in safe hands here. I hope to hear from Y,all soon. In the meantime i,ll take cover behind me sofa! Yors Lian, the Fallen.

Lianne .ulk Mon Jun 26 19:29:45 2006

Hi all, So the outcome is I am A Comsat Angel so I can promote my musici product as Lianne the fallen Daughter of the Comsat Angels. It will he a spin off ot the band of which I,m sure will compliment their music. I hope we can continue to be friends and keep in touch etc. Yours, Lianne.

Lianne Mon Jun 26 19:47:00 2006

Hi All So the outcome is i am a Comsat Angel so I am entitled to promote my music produst as Lianne the fallen Daughter of the Comsat Angelsl It will be a spin off of the band of which I;m confident will compliment their brand and so I hope we will continue to be friends and keep in touch etc. Yours, Lianne,

Lianne Tue Jun 27 09:23:42 2006

Hi All, Sorry about the glips by the way. I Still need to get me reading glasses and I,ve only got an Amstrad E-mailer so when i get me COMSAT ANGELS on the road I might be able to afford a proper home computer. I,m as nutty as a fruit cake innit! I look forward to hearing from y,all soon. Yours, lianne.

lianne Tue Jun 27 20:07:06 2006

mHi All, I agree with the others. Can something be done about these sensible and caring posts by Trav. Our argument has been ruined. We must make sure he never gets to referee the world wrestling championships. Think about how we would handle it at a real party... Say, someone comes up and says that they,re a Comsat Angel. What do you do? Do you get arty with him? Do you act crazier than him? Punch him in the face? What do you do? We don,t really like each other on this site. We could be anyone and so we feel it,s Ok for us to say horrid things about each other. There aren,t many sites like this on the internet. my philosophy for the site is that we wanna make it easier to throw wobblies with each other so our "Star War" trip can run it,s natural course. If someone wants to come on here and say Oh No! that F....... Lianne,s back again, then that,s great! Trav is right in that it,s open for us to be larging it with one and other here. There are much worse posts than Travis,s on other sites. If we treat it like Big Brother then we might encourage others such as me to cum on here and give it large Too! We define ourselves by how we handle all this Show-Biz stuff. Like I;m as nutty as a fruit-cake and have plans to big it up and large it with team Comsat Angels. I still reckon it will be in pretty safe hands here.( Please read the below series of posts). I look forward to hearing from y,all soon. Yours, Lianne The Fallen daughter of the Comsat Angels. P.S.If there,s anything that i can do technologically to make y,all happy, then please let me know. I;ve already been learning how to operate me nu E-Mailer proper and been learning how to be a bit grown-up and posh too. I might even turn into a proper Lady yet, as I,m a good girl I am!

Danny Wed Jun 28 12:18:52 2006

Ian (or Lianne),

I really should know better but can't resist. The best you could do technologically speaking, is to switch off your computer altogether, but I'm sure you won't be doing that. Do what you like...


Ian Wed Jun 28 17:59:27 2006

Hi Darren, You would have won the title from me as the chat-line champ except you have overlooked the fact computerised communications are the very basis of the site. It,s like we don,t see the Post Office going on their site and larging it for people to stop getting post. Do you see what I mean? I therefore feel that in sporting terms you have delivered an illegal tackle here. Moreover, an own -goal too! It,s good too see you larging it on here, bit I consider I am still the undefeated champion of this chat-line! I,m a good girl too! Right, who,s next please! Uncle Ian aka Lianne.

IAN Thu Jun 29 04:09:06 2006

Hi Danny, I scored an own goal too! as I mistakenly called you Darren. Soz mate! right, who,s me next contestant then! Yours, Tina. Oops! I mean Ian, No Lianne!

IAN Thu Jun 29 04:09:13 2006

Hi Danny, I scored an own goal too! as I mistakenly called you Darren. Soz mate! right, who,s me next contestant then! Yours, Tina. Oops! I mean Ian, No Lianne!

16RPM Fri Jun 30 16:36:35 2006

Good God, Have I entered the twilight zone ?

Lianne Fri Jun 30 20:35:41 2006

Hi RPM, It makes the twilight zone look like mathew Corbet,s Sooty show!

Lianne Sat Jul 1 08:10:21 2006

Be afraid, Be very afraid! We are now entering the dark-side. A surreal world where time aaaaaand space bends and streches into other universes and dimensions. It,s a world in which humanities hopes, despairs, prides and prejudices are explored. A place where the lost and fallen large it with each other and they sometimes switch of their computers altogether coz the World Cups on! It is an entity which makes Sooty and Sweep look like a cross between a UN diplomatic delegation and Metalica! There arn,t many sights like this on the internet! May thy now come on the line and get amongt it large. Bless you my friends and may the force be with you...

Lianne Sat Jul 1 19:48:22 2006


ian Sat Jul 1 20:09:17 2006

THE COMSAT ANGELS. R.I.P. 2nd July 2006!

Lianne Sun Jul 2 18:41:48 2006

Hi All, Welcome to the Fallen Daughter of the Comsat Angels Zone. It,s a surreal world where I get mean sometimes and throw a wobbly at the others! It,s a world in which they know I am as nutty as a fruit-cake so they let me come on here and large it while I gat me band together. It will be a spin off from the Comsat Angels in which we will do a mixture of me own songs and theirs too! Please now come on here and large it with yor thoughts for now that Ive got cultural we should have some good talks. How ladylike and arty,s that! Yours Lianne. P.S. Have you got any ideas for a new name for me project? ...

Ian Lianee Mon Jul 3 18:20:52 2006

Hi, This is me and me "spiritual attatchment" on the Fallen Daughter zone. Coming up soon will be a Q and A interview between me,self and me spiritual companion! I,m like her sex-slave innit! so I can,t ge exorcising her, or I,ll get in even more strife than I have already with the pre-jive fans! When we get us Comsat Angels on the road we,ll make the exorcist look like an out-take from the Tweenies! Yours, Ian for Lianne. P.S. Wots this wally xallinh me Lianne for? It,s him that wants to be Lianne, not me! I,m not the Fallen Daughter either, He Is! I,ll see to him!...

IAN Wed Jul 5 16:56:56 2006

My goodness, Have I entered the Abyss? It is a zone where I send lonely E-mails in the nihjy. It makes Clint Eastwoods film about a lonesome night-time DJ look like Breakfast TV. It is a zone which makes zones, not zones! It is a zone which makes the Abyss look like happy hour on "Cheers". Coming up soon, the CSA related news from zone X. Yours,Ian, the XCOMSAT ANGEL. PS Don,t tell me randy spirit mistress that Ive been on here tonite, or I,ll be...

Ian Wed Jul 5 17:51:20 2006

I am the XCOMSAT ANGEL and I... Right Ian! switch off that computer altogether now! and get back into bed! or else I wiil be...

IAN Wed Jul 5 21:01:28 2006

I am a sex-slave to a woman who,s supposed to be dead ecxept she is more alive than us. I know who she is now and will be her loyal servant until now into eternaty

Marco Wed Jul 5 23:55:52 2006

In these strange times here on the Fellowship, let me give you an interesting link to a Stephen Fellows interview + Renascent re-issues reviews:
Let's all please treat future Cunningham posts as simply not there and move on!

IAN Thu Jul 6 19:01:33 2006

Hi Marco, We,ll be too busy having sex anyway!

Trav Fri Jul 7 10:40:09 2006

Marco -

Thanks for the link ( )


p.s. What Cunningham posts?

Ian Fri Jul 7 17:51:26 2006

Hi All, Thank you for the tip. Yeah, that,s good! "Cunninghams posts"? it makes me sound like a character from a film about the US Cavalry, or the UK Tv series "Sjarpe". although it,s got a good Celtic folk-rock ring about it. Anyway, welcome to the I,m simply not all there zone. It would in fact turn me on to be the only member of the fellowship who,s posts are treated as if they are simply not there. My Mistress approves! Let,s do it! You can all be happy in the knowledge thaat whatever happens here I,ll be OK with it. However, please remember that if I ever use the code-word "OWCH!" on future posts it means you,re not abusing me enough. Please now come on-line and talk about whatever you want in relation to the band. Yours, Lanxe- Corporal Cunningham, the post Division, US cavalry. A.K.A. Lianne the kinky wild-child gypsy girl from Manchester UK. PS Right OK soldier girl! now switch off that computer altogether now! and get back into bed, or else I,ll....

Ian Sun Jul 9 16:35:43 2006

Hi, We,re comsat angels so let,s put it on the road and make metallica look like the osmands ! OK!

Steve Fellows Mon Jul 10 08:31:57 2006

Hiya - our attention has been drawn to a series of posts from Ian Cunningham, or 'Jock' as we used to know him. Personally,I agree with Travis' message of 24th June, particularly as this chat board is not well trafficked and Ian's posts liven things up a bit, but it's been suggested that I say something. I feel a bit rude talking about Ian in the third person so I will address him directly.

For the record - Ian, we bear you no ill-will whatsoever and we were grateful for your help during that short period all those years ago - but, mate, the fact is that you were never actually a member of the band. Yes, we did employ you on a couple of tours to take a bit of the pressure off me, but you were never in the partnership, you were never involved in any decisions, 'creative' or otherwise. You were never a signatory of any contracts etc, etc, all the usual indicators. That we didn't think it was working was clearly illustrated by the fact that we chose not to continue with you. It would be misleading and inapproppriate for you to use the bands name in any advertising or in any way with reference to yourself or to imply that you were ever anything other than a 'hired hand'with regard to the band.

However we wish you the best of luck with any musical projects you may be involved with.

You're welcome to play any of our songs live as long as you pay PRS.

I'm also still a big Jan Akkerman fan though,

Steve Fellows
for and on behalf of the band

Ian Mon Jul 10 16:38:28 2006

Hiya...You wre a brilliant guitarist/singer in the band who did a good an important job for us so we,ve even included you on the re-release od one of our best CD,s. However, the fact is you meant hardly owt to us. You were just some guy who turned up at the sessions so we let you tag along a bit till Stephen thought that you were getting better that him, so we had to bin you or else he,d have thrown a bigger wobbly that you,ve ever done. The band were getting really good but it just wasn,t working out! There arn,t many bands like this on the internet! You must not use the bands name or else we,ll be sued by J.R Hartley coz we want it to be buried in the depths of history. We like entertainment, but the final straw for us was when the Swindon Monkee club laughed! Lastly,It,s OK for us to ripp-off other peoples stuff, but we,ll get shirty if they try to rip-off ours, We wish you all the best in your carreer as a lavatory attentant. Yours, the band. PS Son,t even bother thinking that you,ll gat back on-stage with us coz Stephen still remembers that you had a little tiff with him at the Radio Hallam session 20 years ago...

Ian Mon Jul 10 17:50:25 2006

HI All, So the outcome is I am the COMSAT ANGELS!

Ian Tue Jul 11 03:13:00 2006

Hey, but really I could be anyone - heh, heh, heh

phil Tue Jul 11 12:26:39 2006

ian, get a life mate.....your boring

phil Tue Jul 11 12:32:32 2006

yes you could be anyone, but sadly for you ,your a no one and thats why you,ve got so much time to look back on your "glory days" so hows about crawling back under your rock becuase you really aren,t half as funny or as intresting as you elude your self

Ian Tue Jul 11 15:36:58 2006

Hi Phil, Iv,e already beat-off Stephen Fellows so if you,re supposed to be my mext contender i suggest you find out what you,re on about first. Yours Auntie Ian. Right! who,s next please!...

Trav Tue Jul 11 17:42:09 2006

I just stumbled across this:

It has mp3s for a live gig from 1983. Nice!


Trav Tue Jul 11 17:53:45 2006

Here's that link again; I fixed the logic so that it auto-links now.

And here's the interview link from a few days ago:


Ana Wed Jul 12 01:24:11 2006

A great website is found at

'Independence Day' is listed among other great bands like 'The Chameleons' and 'The Church'.

Now is a great time to advertise the Sleep No More mail-list; for those interested subscribe to for Comsat Angels related conversation.

Tony Kinson Wed Jul 12 01:24:59 2006

Cheers Trav... Nice indeed!

Marco Wed Jul 12 01:52:20 2006

Hey, we're doing alright!

Here's a very sweet 56 seconds from the 'old grey whistle test'

(anonymous) Wed Jul 12 01:57:06 2006


Thanks for the link. Being bogged down with a mortgage and kids I don't get to spend as much re-living my musical youth as I'd like -so a free live gig from a great band goes down a treat!

As for Ian, my experience with my children is that if you ignore them and start doing interesting stuff, they get bored and either join in nicely or go away in a huff. We can only hope!!

Steve Fellows Wed Jul 12 03:20:16 2006

Hey Ian, you haven't beaten me off - I just realised that it's a waste of time trying to communicate with you.You're obviously bitter about something - as illustrated by your attempt to parody my posting. It's also clear that you'll continue to nurse your delusions whatever I or anyone else says,so what's the point.....

over and out,

Ian Wed Jul 12 15:28:22 2006

Hi All, So who,s going to follow -on from Stephen,s latest post then? Any volenteers? Now, you might appreciate what it takes to be a Comsat Angels artist.

(anonymous) Wed Jul 12 15:53:22 2006

Go F U C K yourself Ian, your a loser.

Ian Wed Jul 12 17:01:45 2006

Hey, It,s not as though the other memners of the band are mega-famous either. I,m just trying to do them a favour unlike you, you sad creep!

(anonymous) Wed Jul 12 17:11:52 2006

Do them and us a favour and kill yourself, you nobody.

Ian Wed Jul 12 18:00:00 2006

Hi, I,ve been ther there, Done it , and bought the T-shirt!, unlike you , you sado arnchair critix!

(anonymous) Wed Jul 12 18:26:35 2006

Y a w n, boring! So what, if you were there for 2-seconds, remember you were only a session musician. It's time for a reality check.

We have purchased the tee-shirts. There were two; maybe you missed that while you were in the asylum.

You don't know me, so don't assume you nobody.

Ian Wed Jul 12 18:36:43 2006

Hi all, yeah thats shut the twat up! Now, what we want to do is put a band called the Comsat Angels on the road. You know what i mean so let,s do it!

(anonymous) Wed Jul 12 18:44:28 2006


You have no connections with the band.

How about you take your medication and go to bed.

Ian iancunningham@amserve Wed Jul 12 19:28:34 2006

Oh yeah! the,ll have to keep me stored inside a flight case and ensure I take me pills before they let me out to do a god with them .I,d be a really shy and quiet person who, just be in awe to perform with them again!

(anonymous) Wed Jul 12 19:41:08 2006

I see you are in awe and delusional. Maybe being their session musician is the only highlight in your miserable existence. Your dreaming... you wouldn't be permitted to come within feet of them. Come to terms with it Nobody and move on.

IAN Wed Jul 12 20:32:40 2006

Hi freaks, I,m such a a no-onne thena why do ypu keep going on abouy me! we,re going to put the band back on thr road , but in the meantime, if your feeling frisky, then contact me directly on my E-mail address and we,ll arrange to have a good shag!

(anonymous) Wed Jul 12 21:02:46 2006

You have NO BAND


IAN Thu Jul 13 00:52:49 2006

I'm a loser, I'm a nobody!!

Hey, Ian, See how easy it is to be something/someone you're not on this discussion list!!


Anon Thu Jul 13 00:54:27 2006

Ok, so many of us have probably seen the real band and know anything else would be an inferior copy not worth bothering about. Maybe the guitar lessons in Sheffield aren't paying so well these days?


(anonymous) Thu Jul 13 02:24:38 2006

Bugger off loser

Ian Thu Jul 13 14:07:18 2006

How are your hangovers? (owch!)... We must make sure we never get access to an aftershow party. There arn,t many riots like this on the internet! Take plenty of water and vitimins and we talk again... Yours Auntie Ian.

Ian Thu Jul 13 18:51:51 2006

Hi Steve, it,s been good to see you larging iy on here, but you,ve got to learn to parellel our sutulties!

Ian Thu Jul 13 19:26:59 2006

Hi Steve, it,s been good to see you larging iy on here, but you,ve got to learn to parellel our sutulties!

Autie ian Thu Jul 13 20:14:37 2006

Right! Who,s next please!

(anonymous) Thu Jul 13 20:35:17 2006

Go to bed knucklehead.

Ian(or Jock( Fri Jul 14 09:58:48 2006

Hiya Stephen, I am planning to get back to you, I,m just thinking things thru first, so I don,t bungle it again. I hope your OK. I,ll drop you a post on here soon.

Ian Fri Jul 14 19:16:26 2006

Hi All, What you waiting for me for? Stephens like my 12th dan Music master so it,s not as though I,m just gonna pop on her and say any old twoddle to him! I,ve got to think about this and maybe do a bit of tai- Chi Too! Please keep taking the vitamins and water I,ll be back in touch soon, Yours ian (or Jock).

Ian Sat Jul 15 19:37:39 2006

Hi All. There,s been space- craft expoditions who,ve communicated better than myself and Steve! If it,s just a shit band what,s the point...

Ian Sat Jul 15 20:06:56 2006

Come to think kabout it the Comsat Angels were a shit band, that,s why everyone associated with it,s shit too!! We nust exocise this bad ezorcise this bad experiennce and move on to enjoy our lives with healthy interests, Such as good pop music and health arts etc,

ian Sat Jul 15 20:27:34 2006


ian Sat Jul 15 21:03:22 2006

Dear Auntie ian, I,m a big fan of a band I,m very fond of but we,ve had a lot of up,s and downs so i,m all mixes up and don,t know what to do?

Auntie ian Iancunningham@amserve Sat Jul 15 21:27:20 2006

Dear ian, They,ve pit you thru an emotional roller coaster ride so it,s no wonder your mixed -up, If they were half as fond of you as you are of them they wouldn,t have dane this to you. Your fondness is waisted on their emptiness so you must move on with your life.

phil Sun Jul 16 10:00:04 2006

wow ian,you really are a sad f... , all alone here writing mails to yourself,i,ve actully taken time to read your emails...i bet that makes you feel better, and after some serious thought here are my conclusions
1. you proably have a drink or drug problem, ....get help before its to late may be suffering from a little known psycological syndrom 'pratonthewebb'
this is useally brought on by hours of lonliness and long periods of non personal
the best thing you can do is get professionel help before its too late and oh yeah

we love you ian

ian iancunningham' Tue Jul 18 09:43:03 2006

HI phil,mmm your findings are so near and yet so far off from the truth. Steves first post was a wind-up, wern,t it? i mean the hired-hand rating. he was a bit too clever for me. he always was. i was a "prattintheband" and now iv,e been a stupid naughty slave who,s thrown a wobbly at him. Soz steve. Iv,e been for real on here. Citidel is pretty and sexy. it prettier and sexier than Kate Moss on a picnic with a dildo. i love birds like her so much i wanna be one. i did used to wear make-up and kinky boots..well hi-heel cowboy boots. i,m as nutty as a fruitcake too..doctorsbaffled syndrome. anyway ive bee a naughty slave girl so me mistress aint best pleased with me and so ive got to get off now and make amends. yours ian ps right you come here now and..

Ana Thu Jul 20 19:21:10 2006

IAN Fri Jul 21 01:58:54 2006

HI stephen and band. Thankyou for your posts. it was kind of you to support me as a related artist of the band. I,m not completly sure if your "hired hand" rating was meant to be a comic spin on my slave concept. If it was the I regret that it went totally over my head with the result I mistakenly sent the crazy parody so the joke has backfired better tha the Trotters 3-wheel van on only fools and horses. I,m sincerely sorry for that. I assure you I harbour no bitterness whatsoever in relation to the bands past. I Treasure the times I,ve had with yous and Im just very grateful that yous took me onboard in the first place. I was of course only a non-core member of the band. It is only in that sense that I was a member of the band. I made it clear at the outset of the chat-line talk that I was only a "guest" member of the band. Although I.m not too keen on the catogorizations, if I had to provide a fixed label I would describe myself as having been a Session musician plus, as I feel that I Helped to contribute towards the bands creative drive. Will you please clarify the situation with the "Time considered" Beeb CD. Paul is the only non-core member who is namechecked on the CD. Tracks 15 to 17? However,didn,t I Play on High Tide? what about the lead guitar on Citadel and the lead guitar and backing vocals on You move me? arn,t I in their somehere? Their,s a Jan Akkerman sounding solo on You move me but I think there,s been a bit of Hocus Pocus with the sleeve notes too. No wonder they,ve been calling me " 2 secs". You know how pleased I was to hear I was included on the 7 Day weekend CD So please break it to me gently. Will you also confirm if I am still welcome to cover your songs for my own music projects,{subect to paying PRS of course}. I only have in mind doing some casual unplugged things at fist including some demos to go with my up- coming mini music site. aside from that I would of course like to perform on stage with yous again as and when the band gets back together. I Sill think it might work for a spin off band to tour under the bands name but I wouldnt even drean of going ahead with that without you approval. Much of whats been on here has been for entertainment purposes, however, regarding my real music plans I would be very grateful if youll come on here again and clarify the above, I love you all dearly, yours IAN

andres Tue Jul 25 10:26:38 2006

hello stephen and company...i´m andrés from agentina, i wanna tell you that i hav e a band of rock. i bought your album "sleep no more", the sound of this album is fantastic, terrifying, very powerfull....i like very much the revolutionary tecnic for recording the drums...sorry for my english...tahn you for your music.

(anonymous) Wed Jul 26 17:11:26 2006

Ian, every time I think you can't make yourself seem more pathetic, you prove me wrong...
I darn near feel sorry for your patheticness (is that really a word, hmmm, seems to fit in this case)
WOW !!!

IAN Thu Jul 27 01:51:30 2006

Hi Andres, Thankyou for your post. Never mind the anonymous post. Wer,e a bit of a crazy lot on here and he seems to think I,m you. It, great to see you on here larging it about the band. Yes, "sleep no more" is a powerful and hypnotic sounding album. I Recomend you check out their "TIME CONSIDERED AS A HELIX OF SEMI PRECIOUS STONES" cd too. It,s got a good live studio version of " the eye dance" all in all an energetic album. Hope to hear from you again. Id like to know about your band too. Yours Ian.

Trav Thu Jul 27 06:35:48 2006

Has anyone had any trouble with iTunes lately? I'd like to check out MoodX on there, but whenever I try to buy songs I get Error 5002. I've contacted Apple about it several times but they haven't been able to make the error go away.

Have any of you run into that error (5002) on iTunes? If so, [how] were you able to fix it?

Sleep No More is 25 years old now! Amazing how awesome it still sounds a quarter of a century later! Were the Comsats in love with music from 25 years before that? 1956??? Top songs in 1956 were:

1. Love Me Tender - Elvis Presley
2. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
3. Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino
4. Long Tall Sally - Little Richard
5. Why Do Fools Fall In Love - Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
6. My Prayer - The Platters
7. Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
8. My Blue Heaven - Fats Domino
9. Singing The Blues - Guy Mitchell
10. In The Still of the Night - the Five Satins

(according to

Did the Comsats and their contemporaries think the songs fo 1956 were "awesome"? Were they as in love with the 1956 era as we are with the 1981 era?


IAN Thu Jul 27 11:31:26 2006

Hi Trav, I think the "baby boom" meant that the 60,s were probably the bigger inluence behind the band. However, as a matter of fact myself and Kevin Bacon were in a band in the early 70,s called "Poltygist rock" in which the set indeed included "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suade Shoes". Yours, Ian.

Trav Thu Jul 27 13:40:44 2006

Did your version of "Hound Dog" and "Blue Suede Shoes" sound similar to the original, in terms of production and arrangement? Or was it post-punk-ified?

What's interesting (and pleasing) to me is that so many bands these days seem to be trying to match the early-80s post-punk sound. There doesn't seem to be much effort in "modernizing" it. It's as if the 80s post-punk sound is a goal state in itself, not just a source of inspiration.

I love this recent post-punk retro trend, though, since:

a) some of the new music is pretty good (to my ears) and
b) a lot of the original post-punk is getting reissued now
c) some of the original post-punk bands have reunited

I know it's a couple years old now, but Wire's comeback album (Send) and live CD/DVD (The Scottish Play) completely rock. Ditto for Mission of Burma and (of course) the Fall. It's amazing (and encouraging) to see these "middle-aged geezers" banging out incredibly energetic, focused rock. They're overshadowing the younger generation (at least in my eyes), which gives an aging person like me (and most of us on here) a great deal of pride, encouragement, and genuine enjoyment. It's a great feeling when you've invested so much time following and supporting a band to see that investment paying off again.


Ian Fri Jul 28 11:14:28 2006

Hi Trav. mmm. That,s a fascinating post. I,m pondering on it and I,ll get back to you soon. Yours Ian.

IAN iancunningham@amserve Fri Jul 28 19:15:17 2006

mmm. This is going to take a bit of working out but in the meantime...Does the Band have a burning desire to go on-stage and entertain an audience?... I do! ...If they don,t want to use the name again then can I have it please? Yours, Ian

. Fri Jul 28 19:51:09 2006

Gee, you are one big dreamer I see. No body is interested in anything you want to say apart from Trav.

You have got to be joking. No body would come and see even if you used that name. Your music life is over and you might as well change your real name as well as we would never come to see you ever, get it?

anon Sat Jul 29 05:46:31 2006

Ian - you twat, why not use The Beatles or Led Zeppelin ? They're not doin much these days I hear.And people would have heard of it.

YYou really don't understand anything do you?

If your so good why haven't you done ANYTHING in all these years

Steve Fellows Sat Jul 29 09:04:06 2006

Ian - I've only just seen your post of the 21st. I've got to be honest - I just don't trust you at all. You come on here ranting in an almost unintelligible way, spouting crap about unacknowledged influence, "rip-offs', virtually issuing death threats, etc, etc. When that doesn't achieve whatever it is you want to achieve then you turn "nice' and expect what you wrote before to be perceived as humour. Give me a break.

I don't know why it always seems to fall back on me do deal with stuff from the past but it does and I'm getting very fed up with it. Recently I've had to deal with a difficult situation involving someone else connected to the band. This did my head in to such an extent that I almost gave up completely on the next lot of releases. Fortunately this problem has now been resolved and they are going ahead, though somewhat delayed.

Anyway - none of that is anything to do with you. I'm going to give you straight answers to the questions you raised. You may not like some of them. I don't like a lot of what you have written. I know I'll probably regret this - people like you will never "be said' as we say round here - but here goes:

1. You are welcome to play any of our songs live. Nobody needs anyone else's permission to play any song live, whoever wrote it. PRS payments are made by the venue you play at. Whenever you do a show you fill in a PRS form stating who wrote the songs you played. If the venue does not have a PRS licence they are putting on shows illegally.

2. You MAY NOT use the bands name in connection with yourself. This is the most stupid and unacceptable suggestion I have ever heard. The last poster puts it as well as I could.

3. We've already made it clear that if we are ever to do anything more it will be me, Mik, Andy and Kev. End of story. The reason we stopped working with you was that you began to want a "say' in things and to be on the records. Also we didn't like your ideas. We only ever wanted someone to play extra guitar and do bv's live. A very specific job which lots of people can do - nothing else. As for being some kind of influence"" ? I can only say that I've always been able to play rock guitar but I preferred to try and do something different most of the time. I do "shred' occasionally - but only when no-one is looking.

4. Re "Time Considered"..' . I think you're right. I think it probably is you on the tunes you mention. We did so many sessions, some we were allowed to do a couple of overdubs on, others where we weren't. I just don't remember. If it is you on those tunes then your name should certainly be in the credits and I don't know why it isn't there. Other people did the research and sleeve notes for TC ( apart from the bit about John Peel which I was asked to write ). I can only assume that for some reason your name isn't on the session logs. Paul's obviously is - which is why he is credited. I should add that this is first time this has been mentioned in the 12 or so years since the album first came out - I suppose it's fitting that it's you who brings it up. As for when your name can be added to the credits - I just don't know. TC has just been re-pressed and I have no way of knowing when it will sell through, if ever. I have no idea how much it might cost the label to amend and re-set the sleeve notes. They may decide it would cost too much and not re-press again. I will enquire - but don't hold your breath.

5. Given your apparent lack of knowledge about how things work in the business I bet you're now thinking " Hang on, if I'm on those recordings then surely I'm due some dosh'. You aren't, I'm afraid. The BBC owns the exclusive right to exploit recordings made for it. For the life of me I will never understand why this is so, but that's how it is. The band, as writers, get 8.5% of dealer price on publishing via mechanical payments. You might like to know that, apart from publishing, the band have earned precisely £0.00 from TC in the past 12 years, you're welcome to a share of this - in fact you can have it all. There's a further point, it's academic but worth mentioning anyway. As a session player or hired hand, or however you want to style yourself, you would not be entitled to a royalty anyway. Session players never are unless there is a written, signed, legally binding agreement to the contrary. If you don't understand the preceding or disagree - get yourself a good lawyer who's familiar with the biz and they will take you through it.

Perhaps I'm being over- sensitive. If I am this is probably due to the recent experience I mentioned earlier. Perhaps you won't want a share of money that never existed ( I wish it did ! ) or am I hoping for too much? I don't know why some people who we've worked with in the past want to overstate their contribution - or to claim things that they have no right to. In closing I should mention that, just after we stopped working with you, Kev apologised to the rest of the band for ever getting you "involved' in the first place - he apologised again the other week.

As for me - I'm currently trying to finish an album in fairly difficult circumstances and I could really do without all this. Believe it or not, I really do wish you the best of luck with whatever you're up to musically as long as you do not infringe our rights or make false claims or assertions,


Tony Sat Jul 29 13:59:22 2006

Ian - take the hint and have some dignity man. You are doing nothing positive, and I will certainly never listen to a note of any music you might make available, after the bile you have spewed on these boards. And I will not promote anything you may put out. Any goodwill and interest in your legacy has run dry long ago.

Ian Sat Jul 29 18:43:59 2006

Stephen, Alice in wonderland lives in a mosre real world than you...

Ian Sat Jul 29 18:47:27 2006

Stephem, Alice in wonderland lives in a more real world than you and she,s got better attitude too!

Ian Sat Jul 29 18:56:46 2006

Tony, you could hardly organise a booze-up in a brewery let alone promote acts like the Comsat Angels.

. Sat Jul 29 19:12:20 2006

Hey Knucklehead (Ian),

You're the one living in wonderland.

There is no point talking to you, you seem to have a problem with understanding plain English.

Now move on, you aren't welcome here ok?

Uan iancunningham@amserve Sat Jul 29 20:04:35 2006

I lened to speak english in England not in some mud hut in the bronxs or aouthern italy...

. Sat Jul 29 20:23:37 2006

Really now? You could have fooled me. I've been trying to decipher your messages since you started writing here.

simon Sun Jul 30 00:18:23 2006

Hi Steve,
There does seem to be some slight discrepancies on the sleeve notes to TC now I've looked into it. What I did was to check Ken Garner's book "In Session Tonight (The Complete Radio 1 Recordings)" published by the Beeb which is the most complete record currently available.
The book says Paul Robertson plays on the Richard Jensen session of 23.08.83 [Nature Trails, Mr Memory & Island Heart]. There is no mention of him on the Janice Long Session of 19.11.83 [none of this session is on TC]. The Janice Long session of 19.08.85 reports that Paul is no longer part of the line-up.
If that is the case Paul should be credited to tracks 16, 17 & 19 on TC.
There is no mention of Ian Cunningham at all as being part of any of these sessions.
Oh yeah, and the date for the Janice Long session is way out. TC has it as January 1984 when it was 19.08.85! I remember listening to this on a tiny trannie radio in Dundee at the time.... Graham Bannerman show was also 1985 [11.05.85] not 1984 as shown on TC.
The information for this book is largely compiled from session sheets made at each session recording.
I'm not sure if you care much one way or the other about this, but just thought I'd let you know!
Sorry to hear of difficulties with the next re-issues but I was encouraged to hear that it seems to be sorted now.
Did you see my letter in Record Collector magazine a couple of months ago? I'm sure I also e-mailed you a copy. Not sure it has elicited any response from the mag but you are long overdue recognition there.

Anders Sun Jul 30 02:39:13 2006

Ignore Ian.
He will never be famous, despite how hard he tries to get free rides.
As long as we answer his posts, he will continue to live in his fantasy world and come up with more stupid stuff.


Bris Sun Jul 30 03:51:16 2006


Sit down.You need telling this.

Your 15 minutes has passed.

Your attitude to the band and indeed to the very hand that gave you those 15 minutes is abysmal.

You will never ever amount to anything other than the "Hired Hand"no matter how hard you try to change history.

Your contributions were so minimal that they are not recognised by anyone{not even the cleaner at the BBC Sessions}.

Your self importance that you are some kind of name in the Music Industry is just delusion on a grand scale.


Either grow up and accept what is and what happened and cherish the memories.


Dig an even larger hole for yourself in the Comsat community and alienate yourself from the people who were most likely to listen to any of your own music.


IAN' Sun Jul 30 06:15:28 2006

Bris. What are you running down "Time considered" for? It,s a current release. If you don,t like the album then fair enough, but please don,t try and spoil it for everyone else.

IAN Sun Jul 30 07:44:46 2006

Anders, Youm,e had a "free ride" here, on the back of my hard work so please don,t be so cheeky.

(anonymous) Sun Jul 30 09:00:11 2006

are you really ian cuntingham that once appear with the comsat angels ? i for one am begining to wonder cause normally likewise people tend to gather together, being that the comsats were pretty much a quite restained bunch where did a loud mouth like you fit in,i mean you don,t get mik, kevin,andy or steve in here jumping up down shouting i was a comsat ...i was a comsat...look at me.... sorry mate,i for one find you hard to believe...and really a bit of a weast of good cyberspace...but then again you can somtimes be amusing....espically your writen english....i mean do you read your posts before you press send ? you really should it would so help to hind your obvious insanity,...o and if you really feel a need to ansewer this post do it to the email above as i can guess that most here are already with your presents, so if you need a little attention you can drop me a line
love and keep taking the pills

(anonymous) Sun Jul 30 09:11:34 2006

sory forget too pot my poost on tha last one for you ian...hare it ise..........i used your new form of english to write that cause i know if you write like that thenits on fair that i take the time to ansewer in the same vain...........
love phil
oh and by the way i was in the comsats as well ...i played air guitar on you move.....ask i,m i,m sparticus....

IAN Sun Jul 30 12:59:04 2006

Hi Phil, Innit?..... All gerran E-mail tu yu soon. av just gorra think how a can patch things up wi stephen first. Oh, an am still workin on the post punk retro thingy for trav too. Love ian (or lianne?(

. Sun Jul 30 13:53:05 2006

Hey Pea-brain,

You will never patch anything up nor with Steve or the fans. Understand?????? If you are a musician then start creating some music and stop wasting your time here, with this nonsense. Have you been working on anything. I bet not, I believe you have something wrong with your hands. Did you have an accident, have you lost a digit or two?

If only you used your brain for good instead of evil, maybe you could be a great musician, but we don't see it. All we see is a god damn fool!.

IAN Sun Jul 30 15:41:01 2006

Oh my god...another obsessed bible thumber. What the hell have you got to do with hippy rock music?

. Sun Jul 30 16:38:16 2006

Move on loser, you're talking gibberish again.

IAN Mon Jul 31 02:19:27 2006

This is mass hysteria! what,s it all about?

IAN Mon Jul 31 03:49:36 2006

Hi ALL, Why does that poster keep repeating the same old things? it,s as if he,s a zombie on speed. it,s not that I was talking gibberish it,s that he simply doesnt understand it. I think he,s probably a religious fanatic who doesn,t get out in the real world much. Stephen has provided the incorrect picture of my involvement with the band hence people are misguided about me. I feel that this is damaging all round and so i,d like the situation to be resolved for everyone,s benefit. I,ll put a post on soon. in the meantime please think things over. Ian. PS please don,t take the p... out of my accent. that,s how i really talk innit! Its Mancunian UK

. Mon Jul 31 04:24:16 2006

Wakey Wakey! Better have another coffee. You sound like a bit of a thicko.

We are misguided because of who YOU are, it's not anything Steve has done. You have created your own misery and you were creating it for months before Steve first wrote. You can try to resolve the damage you have done, but I'm sorry we have all made up our minds about you. You will never work in this town again, you hear??

You better think things over.

PS: You have the worse accent on this earth

IAN Tue Aug 1 04:08:05 2006

Your,re deluded obsessed peaople. I think Stephens brainwashed you. It,s like a strange occult on here. I have no "misery" although I feel a little sorry for you lot. The history of the band is one of damage so don,t try and blame me for it. Comsatland can hardly run it,s own affairs properly let alone successfully black-list me from my home town. i,ll let them know you said that MANC is the "worse accent on the earth" you F...... racist. I,ll let OASIS know too!

. Tue Aug 1 04:51:45 2006

I didn't say MANC's have the worse accent only YOU do. I don't see others writing as you do, as if we GET your accent in writing you numb skull.

You will never work again in this town, no body will come and see you.

Why would talented artists like Oasis be associated with you, you are still dreaming I see; better have another cup of coffee.

IAN Tue Aug 1 05:42:39 2006

PS I still think you lot need to get out into the real world more. I can,t say that you will be welcome in Manchester anymore though. Can you remove your CD,s from our record shops too?

IAN Tue Aug 1 07:59:16 2006

OH yes you did! Don,t try and weezle your way out of it you wimp.Why would talented artists like Oasis want anything to do with you lot? Im sorry but youv,e f..... it with me now.

. Tue Aug 1 11:16:57 2006


You are the one that needs to get out into the real world. You are the one that's posted trillions of posts to this board over the past few weeks like a man possessed, what's that tell ya loser?

Wakey wakey you pathetic idiot.

We'll come into Manchester whenever we want right? Your not originally from there anyway. You fool. You want a be Manc, get your our identity.

Oh did I tell you your threats are scaring us to so much. (haha)

IAN Wed Aug 2 09:35:16 2006

Hey Yawn! as a matter of fact I was a Royal Air Force cild who was stationed near the City in the 60,s so your on a losing argument here. I have had strong links with the City since at least the early 80,S . Pre-dating my time with the Comsat Angels, I have now resided in the City for 5 years and am a valued member of the community. Please cut- out your moronic racist and "ethnic cleansing " values. Also just because I,ve put a lot of posts on here doesn,t mean I havn,t been out in the real world too. I have energy for both. If you want to come and large it in the City you,ll probably need to take a course of vitimin supplements first. " oright are kid!" see yu mate!

IAN Wed Aug 2 12:17:14 2006

Hi Trav, Believe it or not I,m still workiing on the " post-punk retro trend" post. soz for the delay. Ive recently been dealing with a very difficult situation involving someone else connected to the band. I,m trying to put the finishing touches to the post in very difficult circumstances so I will up-date you soon. Food for thought though... wern,t " hound dog" and " blue suade shoes" punk- rock songs anyway?...

Trav Wed Aug 2 13:53:41 2006

Maybe back in the 50s "hound dog" and "blue suede shoes" were considered the equivalent of punk. However, today those sounds definitely sound dated and old-fashioned. I'm not saying they're bad songs; they just don't sound anything like what people are making today, or even what the post-punk bands were creating 25 years ago. When punk bands played 50s/60s songs, they tended to "grunge them up" a bit. They didn't play 'em straight.

It seems like nowadays many bands are trying to capture the same vibe/sound as the early 80s post-punk. If one of today's band were to sound just like Joy Division, Wire, or PiL, it'd be considered "cool".

Were Elvis-impersonating bands considered "cool" back in 1981?


(anonymous) Wed Aug 2 22:33:25 2006

Hey, you don't have to justify yourself to me. I don't care where the hell you were born and from whom. You're still pathetic. Larging it here on the fellowship isn't something to be proud of. What you have accomplished is alienating the only people on this earth who would have listened to your music. You have blown it. Your stupidity is unforgivable. Go and 'large it' elsewhere; how about the City!

IAN Thu Aug 3 11:08:46 2006

Hey Yawn, I wonder if your lot are " Aliens"? What,s wrong with Earth people "larging it"too?

IAN Thu Aug 3 11:15:56 2006

Hi Trav, Punk-rock didn,t really hit the UK until the late 70,s so "Poltygist rock" thought we were doing pretty cool versions of the songs as per the originals, We did spice them up a bit though. I,ll do a bit more researcg and get back to you, Thanks, Ian PS I bet Danny knows a lot about this subject too...

IAN Fri Aug 4 10:46:56 2006

Hey Guys, I just realised something. Has anyone else noticed that Yawns latest post sounds like an EMINEM song. You know, the one he did with DIDO. Is that how he sees me? I sincerely hope the Pre-Jive fans arn,t going to hire a bus and crash themselves off of a road-bridge. Not now youv,e started saying " large it"! Lighten up guys. we love the music but it,s OK to laugh at ourselves too. Love Ian { or Jock or Lianne or something}PS Please cum on here and large it again soon especially you Yawn ( or Eminem or Dido). Soz to nickname you that so please tell me how you,d like to be nicknamed. Right Im off to large in the City with me shopping trolley. I,m off me flippin trolley arn,t I ?

(anonymous) Fri Aug 4 16:22:59 2006

You can call me "Sleepy" and we'll call you "Dopey" :-)

dopey Sat Aug 5 06:57:50 2006

Thanks Sleepy, Hi Ho, Hi Ho...

joanna Tue Aug 8 14:24:01 2006

hello ^^ i'm the funny girl from Poland, who can play the guitar but has too long nails :]

dopey Wed Aug 9 02:34:10 2006

Hello joanna, YOU do love and your a very bright girl too. I want to paint my nails the same as yours and if I could be half as good looking as you I,d be very pleased indeed. I hope that we can have another jam sometime with our arrangements of the songs, and that you,ll come on here again and large it with us soon. What do you think about the comsat angels music too? I hope to hear from you soon. Love dopey. PS can you take me back to Poland with you ;-)

DOPEY Wed Aug 9 05:15:07 2006

Hi Danny(comsat 38), I,m so cool these days. Please check the below posts to see if you can help out me and Travis with the post-punk retro trend thing. I hope to hear from you again soon ;-)

Sleepy Wed Aug 9 06:00:20 2006


Have you forgotten about me? :-(

dopey Thu Aug 10 07:39:28 2006

Sorry Sleepy,Will you please help out me and travis with the Post-Punk retro thingy too?
I bet you,re good looking and have lovely nails. You,re a very bright and clever"Sleepy" too. I hope to hear from you again soon. Love dopey.;-)

dopry Thu Aug 10 18:43:18 2006

Sleepy. Are you OK? :-(

dopey Fri Aug 11 04:34:52 2006

..."candy and cathy,hope you both are well"..."you move me you give me one good reasson"..."driving,somehere out of time!. I,m just having a bit of a sing song. I,m off out now to large it in the City with me shopping trollee. I might buy some pretty clothes and get some nail polish too. "Oh, I wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair":-)...

dopey Fri Aug 11 12:57:35 2006

..."how do i,get through a night without you,if i had to live without you what kind of life would that be"..."maybe i never told you, quite as often as i should have"..but"you were always on my mind,you were always on my mind!...

(anonymous) Fri Aug 11 13:01:17 2006

Schizophrenia is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by impairments in the perception or expression of reality and by significant social or occupational dysfunction. A person experiencing untreated schizophrenia is typically characterized as demonstrating disorganized thinking, and as experiencing delusions or auditory hallucinations.

dopey Fri Aug 11 13:35:05 2006

...Sociopathe. an inabulity to experiance others feelings and emations. so it,s you that needs the shrink here,not me!

dopey Fri Aug 11 13:59:32 2006

PS are you gonna have a sing song with me? Please cum on here and large it with whatever songs you like. love dopey.

dopey Fri Aug 11 18:22:35 2006

So, the outcome is I AM the Comsat Angels and i don,t need Steve and Kev to mess the band up again.

dopey Fri Aug 11 18:59:49 2006

Sleepy ,Where are you? i need your sleepy vibes to keep me " dopey". It,s fallen on me to promote the band and so i need your help to do so.

Sleepy Fri Aug 11 19:12:02 2006

Hi Dopey,

Sorry for the late reply, I've been away. Thanks for your concern. However I'm feeling really sleepy and not sure what to say, can I continue this tomorrow?

Keep safe,

dopey Fri Aug 11 19:59:28 2006

thank you Sleepy. I,m reaaly a shy person except if i had a chance to shag Kate moss. Darlin you have a good week and we,ll chat again soon. Love dopey

dopey Sat Aug 12 12:52:25 2006

Hi Annonymous, Thanks for the link. I think having a sing song falls within the normal range of human behavior but thanks for your interest anyway. The schizophrenia link is good. I,ve been reading it and I identify with it. I,m still open=minded as to whether spirit possession is a factor too though. There,s nothing spooky about me spirit mistress though. She,s a friendly spirit. i wonder if you can find anything good on Post Traumatic stress disorder too? plus, why do i think i,m really a girl? We,ll get to the bottom of me doctorsbaffled syndrome yet. We have the tecnology, We can rebuild the budding ex- guest member of the band and maybe even get him fixed up with Kate Moss too. Yours Dopey. PS sorry for bitching at Kev and Steve. I,ll speak with you soon too Sleepy.Hope you OK.

dopey Sun Aug 13 09:34:12 2006

...Where,s Danny?:-(

dopey Mon Aug 14 07:17:53 2006

HI Phil, just tu let yu kno i ant fugot about the "ow did a fit in wiv the band post". its a good question. i fink one luky thing is we didnt put the act tugever on a chatroom then or we,d a probly split up half way thru the first gig. Actuly we got on very good an ill post yu a betta explanaishun soon. Luv can yoo help us out wiv the post punk retro thingy too?

dopey Mon Aug 14 07:50:08 2006

...Hi Phil, i fugot to say your welcum to helpout wiv me kooky SkiTsoFReNiC%*! punk rock chik thing too. i like spellin likethis! and havin a good sing song too! " i wish i was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair". do yoo want to ave a sing song wiv me?...

dopey Mon Aug 14 07:51:38 2006

...Where,s Danny?;-(

dopey Mon Aug 14 12:28:44 2006

Hi Stephen, Wow! this is quite an active chat-line now.I havn,t forgot about your post I,m still trying to work out if it was another wind-up. Thanks for breaking the TC situ to me "gently" but if the rest of it was a wind-up then I,ve got to hand it to you you are a very clever Master and your post has turned me on a bit. I,ll work on it a bit more and get back to you. I hope you will be a regular contributor to the chat-line.I hope you OK. Luv dopey.

dopey Mon Aug 14 12:35:23 2006

...Where,s Danny?:-(

phil Mon Aug 14 12:37:20 2006

ian since the 1/8/06 theres been about 45 posts on here, 31 where from you, 5 where anonymous[which means there proably from you too......2 or 3 where from me cause i generally enjoy whinding you up....but even i,m getting bore of you....i guess your just lonely or somthing,it kind of makes me sad.........aharra... got you that time bet you thought someone cares....nar...wrong again wooden head
love to hate you

p.s your turn danny

Sleepy Mon Aug 14 16:08:57 2006

Hi Dopey

How are you, you have been good lately and today there seems to be an outburst, you have started attacking people for no reason you haven't been provoked, so what has happened?

dopey Tue Aug 15 01:47:27 2006

Hi Phil, No, you,ve confused the hell out of me with that one mate. Would you care to clarify what you mean. Like why have you got a thing about the anount of posts? Surely the comtent or meaning of the posts is the more important thing than the amount and yet you havn,t really highlighted that. I find it amazing that someone (you) have gone to the trouble of actually totting-up the amount of posts without really contributing anything new to the discussion. Talk about "idol hands" eh! are you a train-spotter? Also, what the hell is "5 where anonymous(which means there probably from you)" supposed to mean? New people have gone to the trouble of coming on this line and you seek to alienate them. you can have a go at me but please leave them alone. My posts are identifiable by the fact I always include my E-mail address. I have not at any time sent an anonymous post here, although person or persons unknown have hi-jacked my E-mail address a couple or so times. Now have you got anything interesting to say on here or not? You have already waisted my time enough by asking me to send the post to you (which I will not be doing now) and so I,m frankly fed up with you.

dopey Tue Aug 15 01:57:11 2006

...PS Hang on! I sounded a bit like stephen then?...

dopey Tue Aug 15 02:56:59 2006

Hi Sleepy, If I klick my heels together will I wake up on a farm with Toto. What do you mean? How can good natured Pop/rock entertainment be percieved as an Offence on here? I,ve just been dealing with a backlog of things. I guess it really IS hard to please everyone all the time.

IAN Tue Aug 15 06:15:51 2006

Hi All, You can have the name back. From the flow of the recent conversation I gather that Stephens recent post was not a wind-up but that his comments were meant in ernest. I don,t know why yous bother rallying around him like he,s a queen bee in a hive. Fact is his interviews show he,s destructive and defeatest about the band. He,s always been a lazy so and so and he,s a quitter too. He,s been like a mill- stone round the bands neck and I don,t know why they have let him hold them back so much. He,s not all that talented either. Many of his lyrics are just abstract gobbledee-goo lyrics coz he couldn,t be bothered to finish then off, and after the pre,jive phase he has just relied on that dulsome monotone voice of his. He was worried that I was going to take over as the singer in the band which is why is is insanely jealous of me to-date ans has sought to poison the fans at the bands expense. It was dispicable of him to try and spoil my cherished memorioes of the band by needlessly saying that Kevin "appologised" for my involvement in the band. that,s the sort of creep he is. I freel sorry for geniuine fans who have bought the records only to be met by the bands lack of appreciation for them. For my part, I have thrown the remnants of my "Time Considered" CD in the bin. Howsthat?

phil Tue Aug 15 12:13:48 2006

see what i mean 1 post from anyone,and you post 4 times, you must be really lonly,and on a note, the stuff you,ve put in you posts about the comsats has all been negative,your only here for ian, sad ....cause in the real world no one seems to give a boiled turd what you think,....ok now you can write your 4 posts,and then do us all a real big favour and get back under your rock
love to hate you

(anonymous) Wed Aug 16 03:57:37 2006

F e l l o w s h i p R. I. P

R i g h t t h a t ' s i t, I've tried to help. Travis thanks for trying to sort this mess out, it should have ceased months ago.

I'm out of here.

Ian good luck with all you wish to do, hopefully you can do it elsewhere and not here.

You haven't done yourself any justice these last few months. Frankly, I've had a gutful, I'm bored, you're boring as hell, sadly you seem like a lost cause, maybe you are well liked in the community but sadly all we see is a demented fool. It's all very disturbing.

artist formerly known as dopey Wed Aug 16 10:41:02 2006

Sleepy, Please don,t go just yet. We havn,t had the wake and the show isn,t over till the fat lady sings. I knew the band personally and I resided with a member of the band . Stephen,s selective memory is incredible. I think the band need to brush up on their consumer care skills here. Maybe I have been selfish on here but I have just been someone who has taken the trouble to get in touch as someone who cares. However I am only human and I make mistakes sometimes. sometimes people need to be selfish to get things done too. Im just staring at thr screen and wondering what else to say now. This is our fellowship and we can still get something very positive out of the experience. Thankyou for trying to help. I do have a mental disability and am just doing my best to still be in the music business as a hobby so please don,t expect too much from me. I,ve been a naughty girl who,s binned that Cd by that nasty band, but teir really isn,t anything too disturbing with the stuation so lets just please lighten -up. luv Ian (or dopey)

dopey srtist Wed Aug 16 13:33:51 2006

Phil, it,s called hosting a busy chatroom I provide personel attention to the callers that,s why I tend to send individual posts on here. It is simply not true that my post about the Comsat Angels have all been negative". OK so there,s been a lot of controvertial stuff but that goes with the terrotory and so you have exagerated wildly here.You don,t seem qualified to talk about the real world let alone my real world,and as for your "get back under your rock" comments i,m just bored with your repeated cliches. i don,t have to be nice with you coz your the love to hate me caller but im being nice to you here coz I think your probably just naive.

mc dopey Thu Aug 17 03:04:11 2006

Hi All, I,m Mc Dopey the sChiTsoPhReNIc58! pUNK rOCK chik DJ. i,M back on here by popular demand and yet you,re boycotting the chattroom now, Please make your minds up if you want me to continue. You can think up something interesting to say while I fill in with a few posts.Luv dopey. Ps where are you sleepy;-(

Sleepy Thu Aug 17 04:16:53 2006

Hi Dopey,

I'm here... but just, I don't like how you are acting, there is no need to act the way you do. Just don't do it, just be yourself ok Ian?

phil Thu Aug 17 11:45:08 2006

o look 4 more posts by ian.....take your pills mate...we can see the cracks from here ...not long til they put the jacket with the wrap around arms on ya mate
still not loving you
next 4 posts ian......

dopey Thu Aug 17 12:20:45 2006

Phil,It,s 3 posts not 4...What Pills have you been on?...Holsten pills?...Your cracking me up with your attempts to match my witt. However I see your getting into the S&M thing though...

dopey Thu Aug 17 13:01:16 2006

Hi Sleepy, It,s good to hear from you. I,ve had to large it a bit with Phil coz clearly he provoced me here.However you are so right.I,d like to just be myself om here from now on.I Havn,t got a magic wand on how to put things right about the band again but hopefully things will pan out soon so we can all continue to enjoy it. Stephen is of course a very talented somgwriter and musician and I,m still a fan of TC too. myself and Stephen have upset each other with our comments but hey! Isn,t it great to see us larging it on here? It shows that wer,e real people with passion for what we do who are happy to interact with the fanbase too. I feel we should all be proud of this chatroom and the band and it,s related artists too.Lets hear it for ourselves...hip hip, hooray!hip,hip,hooray!...let,s now go on to make the Fellowship the very best of it,s kind on internetland and hopefully get the band back together again on the world stage where they belong. I promise to be good on here from now on and will continue to host the chatroom just as long as I am welcome to do so. I look forward to chatting with you soon. Warmest regards,dopey:-)

(anonymous) Thu Aug 17 20:05:14 2006

Hi Dopey,

It's true, being yourself will help this forum, let's start fresh. Let's pretend I am waving a

* + * - * + * * + *
+ * * * * +
* *m * a * g * i * c * w * a * n * d *
+ * * * * +
* * + * _ + * * * + *

Ignore what others say, just don't feel provoked. However I can understand why they write what they do.

Trying to make things right with the band can't be done here on the forum for all the world to see, there is a time and place for things like that, sadly it's not here.

Many of us interact with the fan base in other ways, we rarely write much on this forum.

We all want the band to reform, it would be a gas!


phil Fri Aug 18 12:55:58 2006

since when have you been hosting the chatroom ?and how exactly are you gonna put the comsats back together ? i,mean steve must love you ,last week you called him lazy, talentless, and a quiter, i bet he,s just sitting in sheffield, waiting for you to give the order......get the real world.... and if you really want to host a blog, tell us about touring with the comsats,tell us somthing we don,t know, tell us somting intresting, the stage is yours

dopey Sat Aug 19 08:40:53 2006

phil, Stephen is a very experiened music artist who knows that there,s hardly ever been a band in history who havn,t fallen out about things sometimes. Ther,s been worse fall out,s than this one and I,m sure that me and Stephen are capable of reconciliation. I would only actually take charge of the band if this was sanctioned by them. In the meantime i,m just some guy who pushes my shopping trollee round the shops and dreams of doing misic as a hobby while me head gets better.I still have a dream of being with the band, and seeing them on-stage again. It would be a dream cum true. Ther,s lots I could teel you about my time with the band but I respect their Professional privacy and wouldnt want to divulge things the fanbase don,t really need to know about. However I look forward to teeliig yous some interesting things about my time with them soon.

dopey Sat Aug 19 09:08:40 2006

...PS, In case you havn,t noticed I,ve been hosting the forum for ages. Are you still on the Holsten? (sorry Sleepy) am I doing OK?... We are ..--++S**T+*A++R+*D**U+*S**T++.--..

dopey Sat Aug 19 12:45:42 2006

Hi All, By the way, I know i,ve done another post but where IS Danny? Danny I hope you are OK. The Archives show you are a Music Librarian and so I bet you know a good thing or too about the history of Pop music. Please come on here and let us know if you can help us with the post punk retro thingy. I love to hear from you anyway. I note that your a Fairport Convention Fan and so you might be interested to know that I once did a recording session with Dave Pegg at his woodworms studio in Cropredy.It was a demo of my songs which he kindly helped me do. He played bass guitar on it too. I hope to hear from you soon.

Adrian Sun Aug 20 17:36:23 2006

Hello everyone,

Way back in March I made my first post asking for help locating the track "I'm Falling." Danny kindly pointed me to a source, but I never quite got around to ordering the "7 Day Weekend" CD until last week. I'd like to thank Danny again for recommending Selectadisc; they were courteous and helpful, sent the product quickly and in perfect condition, and it was indeed a good bargain!

Yes, "I'm Falling" was my introduction to The Comsat Angels (I heard it while I was watching the movie "Real Genius" earlier in the year). I'm only 21 years old, so I wasn't even around when the Angels were making a name for themselves. Out of genuine curiosity, I've been trying to learn a lot about the band over the past week. I think it's unfortunate that the Angels weren't given proper treatment or the respect they deserve. In many ways, their situation reminds me of another one of my favorite groups, Talk Talk. That is to say, they were (and seemingly still are) fresh, free-thinking, and criminally underappreciated. I was somewhat surprised to learn that many fans and the band themselves weren't too thrilled with the Jive-era work, such as "7 Day Weekend." From what little I've learned thus far, I can imagine that the pressure to produce chart-oriented singles clashed with the band's previous style and sounds. However, in my mind, this does not diminish the effort put forth on "7 Day Weekend." I've listened to the disc several times already and I really enjoy it; the guys should be truly proud of their work.

The labels' penchant for mismanagement of groups like the Comsat Angels, in addition to generally poor consumer taste, is probably why the music industry is wallowing in such utter crap in the present day. The fact that I'm becoming an Angels fan decades after they first appeared on the scene is a testament to that, I think.

Finally, I was absolutely thrilled to learn that Steve Fellows and company grace the board every now and then! I'm sure you have a lot on your plate Steve, but if you're reading this I'd like to throw this out there: if you and the rest of the guys ever decide to reunite and come to the USA, I'd urge you to consider making a stop in my city (Charleston, South Carolina). It won't make you rich, but I think the music fans here would truly appreciate such an independent-minded and original band. OK, that's the end of my shameless appeal. :)

Apologies for the lengthy and meandering nature of this message!

Best regards to all,

dopey Mon Aug 21 02:56:05 2006

Hi Adrian, It,s good to see you flying the flag on here for 7 Day and the Jive era. Clearly the band went thru a bit of an identity crisis but Land and 7 Day are nethertheless 2 strong and exciting albums in their own right.I remember that the band were pleased with it at the time but I think the pressure of trying to please eveyone all the time is probably respnsible for their loss of interest. It was an ambitious and an inovative band which dared to make the transision from post new wave to mainstream AoR Rock via the experimentive Land album. However the musicality and perforfamce is clearly identifiable as that of The Comsat Angels. I recomend you also check out the " Time Considered as a Helix of Semi Precious Stones" CD. if you have not already done so. It includes energetic live studio performances of Citadel and You move me. Thankyou for your post. It,s good to hear from a younger fan too. Lets keep flying the flag for this band. Im sure their a future for them in whatever music style they choose to persue.I hope to hear from you again soon.dopey.

Danny Mon Aug 21 05:01:38 2006

Ian (or Dopey, or whatever),

I'm where I always am, where you always are, i.e. directly above the centre of the earth. Your postings here give no pleasure and are a pain to read. "This is where all talk stops".

dopey Mon Aug 21 05:05:04 2006

...PS Adrian, I,m nu at hosting the forum and so I forgot to mention "High Tide" is on TC too. I,m only the unofficial trainee host and so I hope Ive greeted you OK and have provided you with a satisfactory response to your post. Thanks again.dopey.

dopey Mon Aug 21 12:06:14 2006

Hi Danny,I think your being too clever for me. What is we are"directly above the centre of the earth" meant to mean? It is not true that my postings here "give no pleasure" and as for your claim that they,re a "pain to read" do you mean you need to get some reading glasses? Also,where you have stated"this is where all talk stops" do you mean you are leading a revolt against my input to the forum? I feel that your post takes matters backwards at a time when good progress has been made on here. I am more than happy to continue to contribute to the forum but I feel that my position is comprimised when a long-standing member such as yourself is clearly not prepared to even meet me half-way on the project. I am frankly very dissappointed and upset by your post. Therefore I shall give serious thought to whether I should continue on the forum. In the meantime will you please clarify your postion as a matter of urgency. I hope to hear from you again soon.dopey.

dopey Mon Aug 21 12:33:55 2006

Hi All, As you can see there,s "trouble at the mill". I,ve already been through hell and high water on this forum and just when things were looking up I get Danny making a totally unprovoced attack against my current contributions to the forum. He doesn,t even seem to respect my recent name change. I have tried not to be drawn into an argument with him but I nethertheless feel that he is simply a disgrace to the forum. It,s like old times isn,t it. I understand he is probably a stalwart pre-jive fan and it pains me tto see the bands prospects beind hindered yet again by that old chest-nut the pre-jive post-jive issue at a time when the forum is begginning to attract more open-minded and younger fans who just want to appreciate the fact that the band were a talented cross-over band who rocked. please cum on here and air your views about this crisis. I would like to hear again from Trav and Sleepy too or even Stephen if he wants to talk again on here. If the concensus is for me to resign from the forum then I will respect your wishes and depart from it. Please be clear about what yous want me to do. I look forward to hearing from yous soon.dopey.

phil Mon Aug 21 12:56:36 2006

wow you finally got the message.... the pills must be helping, my vote is for you to resign, as much as i love your tottally weird humour , as a host you suck, any more votes...please,

Danny Tue Aug 22 02:20:56 2006


I meant exactly what I said, no more, no less. It is not for me to interpret it for you.

dopey Tue Aug 22 04:55:27 2006

Danny, That,s just a cop-out answer.Are you goiing to take responsibility for your comments or what? you seem to have an Anti-social attitude towards the new forum. Your post wreaked of laziness and contempt for progress. Now what do you have to say for yourself?...

dopey iancunniingham@amserve,co,uk Tue Aug 22 09:31:04 2006

Phil, Your post wreaks of imaturety and ignorance so justget back to your kintergarten or your mum,s beddroon or wherever it is that you lead your sorry life. I don,t care about you anymore. I don,t want you as a fan. Get it!

dopey Tue Aug 22 12:33:53 2006

Hi Sleepy, Thank you for all your help. Sadly,that miserable old-timer has spoiled a precious opportunity for a fresh start on the forum. I have heeded your advice to ignore these time-waisting posters but I am frankly livid that he sought to spoil a young fans interest in the band. As for the nuisance poster I have never scolded a fan before and it has taken a piece of me to do so. Howver,lets face it, he was just a pain in the back-side. I guess this shows I can be just as mean as Stephen when I want to be, but I just hope I don,t end up as bitter and twisted as he obviously is. If I don,t hear from you again I ,d like you to know that I am very grateful for your support and guidance which I will always carry with me in whatever walk of life I take. I hope this experience will not deter you from your enjoyment of good music and that you,ll continue to be a guiding light in the music world. As for me, I guess I,ll have to see what happens on here, but please be assured that I,m as keen as ever on my music interests and feel sure that something positive can still come out of this experience. Yours, dopey.

Trav Tue Aug 22 12:44:59 2006

Hey I found some Peel Session mp3s:


dopey Tue Aug 22 13:18:35 2006

Phil, Your comments were OK but your timing sucked. When i,m in my Mr Angry mode I make Micheal Barrymore look like a Blue Peter presenter, so I,m sorry I was Harsh with you. Please cum on here and large it again or I,ll miss you. I think I,m a fan of yours. I hope to hear from you soon. dopey.

Trav Wed Aug 23 06:44:57 2006

Okay, I've archived the old page.

For this new one, let's try to keep this discussion friendly and somewhat on-topic (or at least about positive topics). If the conversation gets unfriendly again, I'll probably remove everyone's ability to post. At that point, only I will be able to post, so I'll have to have people email me what they want me to post. That's a real pain for me, so let's try to avoid that, okay?

To get the conversation music (rather than people) related again, here's those links to Comsat Angels mp3s on some cool blogs:

So, do these count as bootlegs?

I'm curious how the band feels about their existence?


anastasia Wed Aug 23 07:04:01 2006

I've just downloaded those Peel Session tracks, they sound so clear/crisp.

My favs off WFAM have always been 'Real Story' and 'Waiting For A Miracle'.

Thanks for the post Travis.

dopey Wed Aug 23 08:48:26 2006

Hi Trav, "I'm curious how the band feels about their existance"?...PS how are my written and oral skills?:-)...

Trav Wed Aug 23 10:37:16 2006

To clarify, I was wondering how the band feels about the existence (sorry for the bad spelling) of those mp3s on the music blogs.

dopey Wed Aug 23 12:29:31 2006

Trav, It was poor spelling not "bad" spelling. Blimey we,re only into day one and wer,e falling out already!...

dopey Thu Aug 24 09:10:04 2006

Hi All, Let,s hear it for the nu forum...Please feel free to cum on here and massive it. I,m a re-formed character now. I,m dopey the(unofficial)trainee forum assistant. I,m interested in doing media and music things and I am working on my spelinng too. Don,t worry Mr.Emmit, if anyone steps out of line on here then I,ll step in and sort it out. It,s just a matter of diplomacy ans sensitivity to peoples needs. I agree with mR. Emitt that the key to the survival of the forum is to focus on the music rather than the personalities behind it...Clearly the Wurzells were an adventurous and inovative band who took the pop world by storm in the 70,s. I was and continue to be a fan of theirs to-date. As an ex- thingy member of the Comsat Angels I am flattered to be associated with my all-time cider-boozing heroes. I rate,"I,ve got a brand new combine harvester"as an all-time classic, I recomend yous also check-out their song "brand new key". Although some might perhaps accuse the band of selling ou to comerciality I nethertheless admire them for their fortitude and courage in the face of pressure to conform with the mainstream pop-scene. Furthermore, their brand of music combines a degree of cheerfullness and moral messaging of which is rare. Although the bands infrustructure has been likened to that of Lynard Skynard the bands performance has always remained identifiable as that of the Wurzalls. I feel that the band has truly earned it,s place in pop-history and are set to have a golden future in the music business. I for one would relish the prospect of being included on the bands audition lists. It would be a dream cum true... I hope i have provided yous with a satisfactory revue and that you,ll let me come on here and do some more revue,s from time to time. I also hope you,ll let me do some meet and greet,s sometimes. I,ve been practicing it. If I hadn,t been a Comsat Angels thingy then I might have worked in a boutique..."Hello Sir...Hello Madam...would you like to try a shirt Sir? ...would you like to try a dress Madam? It,s the same if your on stage. Say a roadie comes up to you and tells you to turn your amp down coz your too loud, what do you do? you turn your amp down? do you throw it at him? do you "shred" at him whle no ones looking? do you turn it up to 11? what do you do?...The secret is to just to be pleasant to each other so that Mr Emitt doesn,t have to switch of his computer altogether. I vote we all be nice from now on. Any more vvotes please? Ive had another idea Mr Emitt. If someone throws a wobbly on here why not have a 3-strikes and your benched rule. Say I said," That Mr Emitt,s OK but he didn,t half goof it with that how the band feel about their existence line, then you could issue me with an on-screen caution symbol, and suspend me from the forum if I don,t behave myself inh the future. In the event that such disciplinary action isn,t heeded by the fanship you could ultimately issue them with copies if the Wurzells greatest hits CD. Thank you for the link. Right I,m off out to large it in the City with my shopping trollee. If I can be of any further service to you then please let me know. I,ll let you know when I,ve done the band and punk_rock retro thingy,s. I hope to hear from you all soon. dopey:-) PS..."I,ve got a brand new combine harvester"...

Trav Thu Aug 24 09:32:22 2006

I've heard the "harvester" song. It's catchy and silly. Completely different music from the Comsats though, right?

Ian, you're gonna scare people away if you keep posting so frequently. How about trying to limit your posts to one a week? That way, when you post, you can focus on the most relevant pieces of info. You can also have all week to compose and proofread your post. That way, when we see it, it'll be polished and relevant. Right now your posts are full of typos and misspellings (like my last name) and stream-of-consciousness ramblings (like I used to do back in the days when I got drunk). Your posts are often hard to read and understand, and sometimes seem to irritate or offend people. If you take time to compose deliberate posts and focus on clarity and relevence, then the forum will improve. We will all be thankful, and more likely to discuss topics of mutual interest with you.


Jasper Thu Aug 24 11:29:47 2006

I have never been on-line before and really don't know what I'm doing. However I really need some positive support at this point in my life. I recently was release from prison. I am an addict and need help.

dopey Thu Aug 24 20:00:03 2006

Jasper, we just have to have a gang-bang with kate moss and we,ll be sorted.

dopey Fri Aug 25 09:34:03 2006

I couldn,t really see the salient point of Jasper,s post. Was it a wind-up? Jasper, how can we help you if you don,t really tell us what your problems are? I have met lots of peole who have been released from prison (including addicts) who are quite happy with their lives. Some even regard it as a normal way of life, an occupational hazard. However, there are of course those who,s lives are turned upside down by the experience and find it hard to re-settle after serving a long prison sentence. For example, people can become institutionalised in the system and then find it testing to adapt to living independently again. I recently resided in a Social Services Hostel. Although the residents were free to come and go, the regime was similar to that of a low security open prison and in fact it also operated as a half-way house for prison probationees. The Hostel provided in-house catering and laundry services etc. It was ran under strict rules including an alcohol ban. I am currently on an community re-settlement program with my own tenancy. When I first moved into the tenancy I found it strange to adjust to living independently. For example,I had almost forgotten how to work a cooker properly. During the first week I even tried to smuggle a bottle of beer into my own home until I realised that I was free to do what I wanted there. Fortunately I havn,t had any drug dependency problems(apart from the beer and my medication) and have made good headway with the program. I suffer with the affects of a head injury and Post Traumatic Stress disorder from an incident in April of last year, and am workiing to re-build my life again. If you identify with my experience then I hope it has been of some comfort to you. There are also agencies such as The Samaritans service, The Probation service, and Drug rehabilitation services who you may wish to discuss the situation with. I would look forward to hearing from you again on here and I hope I have provided a satisfactory response to your post. dopey. PS.I,m sorry about the Kate Moss post but I hope it,s cheered you up a bit anyway.

Trav Fri Aug 25 10:41:58 2006

I'm in the process of switching to completely new forum software. It will be standard forum software, which means we have to register, but it will let us more easily moderate, edit, and delete posts. Perhaps most importantly, it will let us have multiple topics/threads available. This will let us keep the comsat-specific info separate from the stream-of-consciousness posts.


dopey Fri Aug 25 11:50:53 2006

Hi Travis, Thank you for your posts. I hope I,m not in trouble with you for posting on here again. I,m sorry about the Kate Moss post(which I did when I was drunk). After all the excitement with the Wurzalls I just had to have some cider. Kate, if you happen to be reading this then please accept my sincere appologies for the comments. I intend to be more responsible with my comments on here from now on. travis, I felt I needed to deal with Jaspers post pronto. I have had some first hand experience with such issues so I can identify with his situatiuon. Thank you for your guidance and support on how to improve the standard of my posts and forum skills. I am delighted to be accepted as a trainee forum assistant. This is a hobby which will help me to re-build my life and is one of which I hope will benefit the forum. I plan to address my drink problems soon and I am planning to install a new PC computer system too. I am pleased to hear that you are planning to expand the channels. As my mentor you are welcome to moderate or edit my posts at your descretion and I,d welcome any further guidance which might be required. OK I am now going to heed your advice to both the quality and quantity of my contributions to the forum, so I,ll monitor the posts and get on-line here again in about a week or so. Lastly, please let my sing this just this once. I promise to be good on here from then on. check-out this song medley,"where do we look?... where do we look?...Where do we look?.. on this piece of paper,... it,s just a piece of paper...It,s just a piece of paper...I,ve got a brand new combine harvester!"... warm regards. dopey:-)

phil y Fri Aug 25 13:22:49 2006

wow and they say jacko,s wacko,any one heard any more on the next or planned release by renasent, steve hinted about a posible release of polydor period demo,s and rarites and one of the interviews he did in the last year or so....or was it another fantasy of mine ?

;-) Fri Aug 25 19:27:47 2006


Tony Tue Aug 29 10:11:23 2006

For everyones information, I've removed the link to this forum from the 'Sleep No More' website, due to Ian's posts, which in my opinion, have ruined a long-standing discussion forum.

:-( Tue Aug 29 10:25:31 2006

Trav Tue Aug 29 10:33:37 2006

I've got the new forum up and running, but am working on finishing up the styles and internal links. My goal is to have it nicely integrated with the existing site.

If you want a "sneak peak", here it is:

Feedback is welcome.

I'll try to streamline the url (somehow) so don't update your bookmarks to it yet.


IAN Wed Aug 30 01:56:41 2006

It takes two to tango Tony. What are you 2 on? The so-called "Take two" package is just a lot of control freaking. It,s jargon makes my Manchester slang look like the Queen,s English and we,ll need to get a University degree in peoplesbaffled syndrome to engage on it. Maybe it,s not to late for us hire a bus and crash ourselves off of a road-bridgs or alternatively we could set-up an unofficial band site. I might just get Poltygist Rock back together or might even have to get my rival Comsat Angels on the road to bring it,s good name back into repute.

(anonymous) Wed Aug 30 05:57:56 2006

If there's a "freak" trying to "control" the conversation on here, I don't think it's Trav and Tony...

IAN Wed Aug 30 08:31:04 2006

...Travis Show-Cased the new package and invited "feedback" on it. Therfore I have fed back on it. If there is a freak trying to upset this democratic process I don,t think i,ts me...

IAN Wed Aug 30 12:08:56 2006

For the avoidance of further argunent I wish to clarify that Clearly Tony,s recent post indicates that I will not be allowed access to the new forum. I am disappointed with the situation after all the hard work I have put into the forum. I,m aware that Tony and Travis can pull the plug whenever they want to so I,m sure that the side-kicks will probably get the last word in against me on here. However I will walk away from this experience with my head held high in the knowledge that I am an accomplished musician who has made good contributions to the forum too. the situation with the BBC CD release etc. will have to be clarified for the sake of my CV,s etc. I may pursue this via legal action with the band. Regarding Tony,s comments I seek clarification as to whether his comments were meant in ernest and whether there is still a place for me on the new forum. I appreciate that Travis will have put a lot of work into the package and I,d like to be involved in it,s development but I.m upset with Tony,s post. Please clarify the situation. I look forward to hearing from yous soon.

Trav Wed Aug 30 12:40:24 2006

I don't plan to exclude anyone from the new forum. Everyone's free to join. Hopefully the multi-topic structure will keep everyone happy. If not, I'll have to start moderating. If moderating isn't sufficient to keep people happy, I'll consider a blacklist, but that's only a last resort.

I encourage everyone to try out the new forum, even though I haven't added "official" links to it. Here's the link again:

If you have any problems using it, please post your problems there (if you are able to login) or here (if you aren't).


IAN Wed Aug 30 13:56:44 2006

Thanks Travis, I,m nearly happy dopey again:-)...I just wish Tony woulddn,t keep making me paranoid when I,m barmy enough already. I,ll post him soon if that,s OK. Congratulations on the take two package. It,s very exciting and I look forward to joining. I can,t see a Wurzulls section though! Yours dopey the trainee.

dopey Thu Aug 31 11:09:53 2006

Dear Mr. Kinson, You are welcome to come on here and large it but please be a bit more subtle with your opinions. Your recent post was about as subtle as a flying mallet and it made me feel a bit frightened and humiliated in front of the others(it,s a bit of a sexy turn on though). I feel I,ve done a good(ish) job on here and that it isn,t really my fault that the fanship did a runner. I originally came on here just to say HI! and to be pen-friends but I somehow got caught up in an almighty wrangle with my ex-boss Stephen. How can anyone forget turning up to do a recording session at the world famous BBC Broadcasting House studios in London? What am I supposed to put on my CV,s..."performed with a highly inflential band but it,s anyone,s guess what really happened?... We need to encourage the fans to come on here and large it again. I,ve been working on my forum skills and plan to be all cultural and diplomatic on here from now on. I believe that as a hbby trainee I can succesfully work in unison with yourselves and add to the creativity too, such as my idea to form a renagade band site and to form a bogus version of the band? I,ve got it all worked out. We could practice in my neighbours shed and a landlord from my local pub says that he,ll install a PA system(100 watts) so we could gig their when we,re ready. I,m really pleased with the new take two package. I,ve still only got my Amstrad E-mail pc phone but when I get my new Computer system I would like to massive it with the forum. Don,t worry MR. Kinson, Travis has been trying to mentor me so my future posts will all be focused, qualitable and compliant with thw furum, as you can see from my current post. I, ve also managed to reduce my w the amount of my woblies on here and I just don,t feel provoced by situations anymore. I,m so cool these days that I don,t really large it about things that really matter to me , like the "music of the Wurzulls". I hope that the fans will now feel happy to to come on here in the knowledge that it is a friendly and conducive forum of which caters for all tastes and musicall interests, and that they,re not obligated to engage in rows with me if they don,t want to. I shall now go and work on some sensible and constructive ideas for the forum and i,ll pop back on here in about a week or so if that,s OK. I promise not to let you down again Mr. Kinson. I am grateful for you letting me be onboard as an apprentice hobbiest on here, and would welcome any further feedback from you. Right, I,m off to take my pills. Thank again.

dopey Thu Aug 31 13:34:40 2006

...PS Travis,Please put the take two promotion link on here again coz Ive obscured it with my post and I want everyone to see it. Will you also confirm that the Trip-chat room is for general free discussion too? Thanks again, dopey.

The Comsat Fellowship #07

2006-05-20 to 2006-08-31