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  • Title: The Walking Dad
  • Artist: Tripecac
  • Timespan: 2017
  • Theme: underway
  • Length: 45:40
  • Tracks: 7
  • Lyrics: 3
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Track List

# title lyrics time download listen started recorded rating
1 False Tart - 2:17 download listen locally 2017-01-12 2017-02-20 (none)
2 Pramnation lyrics 7:50 download listen locally 2017-02-21 2017-03-29 (none)
3 Dedgehog - 7:30 download listen locally 2017-03-30 2017-05-02 (none)
4 YaYa - 7:30 download listen locally 2017-05-04 2017-05-16 (none)
5 Freetimeless - 8:03 download listen locally 2017-05-23 2017-06-13 (none)
6 Lesstimefree lyrics 8:12 download listen locally 2017-06-14 2017-07-04 (none)
7 Coughy lyrics 4:18 download listen locally 2017-07-07 2017-08-01 (none)
  Total   45:40 play all locally album rating: (none)


This is my current project.


False Tart

I was testing some new Cuban sounds. But my test ended up sound like cheese city. Do Cubans use a lot of cheese in their food? I didn't think so.

Anyway, this sounded so generic and lame that I decided to end it early rather than prolonging the aural agony for another 5 minutes or so. This makes it one of the shortest songs I've recorded in years!


This song is really really stupid, and really really long. To make it worse, I had really really bad audio problems in Sonar: pops and clicks galore. I think the fault lay mostly with the cheesy drum sound, which was piped through a very aggressive compressor. Also, there were some arpeggios on the organ patch which caused lots of popping. It was a painful experience to edit this song, so listening to it is not much better. Misery loves company!

Anyway, at least it's done. "Finishing" it felt like euthanasia. And on the positive side, since it eats up quite a bit of time, I guess that means I (hopefully) won't feel as rushed to finish the album later on this year.

Lyrics to "Pramnation":

i've got a thing to say about pushing a stroller up the hill
i've got a thing to say about prams



This song took forever to finish, thanks in part to school holidays. And tons of work. And an increasingly feeble mind.

But at least I finished.

So... not so feeble after all, eh?


The last part is deliberately off-kilter and grating. The hedgehog has been smooshed.

But it keeps trying to walk, like it's coming back from the dead.

Like Tripecac.


As always, I had to pick a name first, so I chose "Yet Another Yet Another" (or YaYa for short).

But then I decided I wanted to create something very different from what I'd done before on this album. So I started with a very echo-y drum kit, and a very sparse rhythmic pattern.

I then added a melodic bass part, and then piped it through Guitar Rig 5 to give it a really grungy sound. For the first time ever, I figured out how to preserve the stereo input of the bass part with Guitar Rig, and that sounded a lot cooler than the mono version. It was nice to learn something!

As for the rest of the parts, well, their instruments were not that unusual (clav and kora), but what was unusual is the arpeggiated feel of them. Usually I just sort of bang away (thud thud thud) but this time I tried to add some delicacy. Without sounding too wimpy.

Then I added some out-of-tune vocals. Oh boy.


When I started this song I was feeling starved for free time, and getting impatient with everything, including music making. I was tired of spending so much time trying to get the instruments and mix sounding "right" when I knew by the time the song was done, they wouldn't sound nearly as "right" as I wanted.

I decided to switch things up a bit, to try to break the "rules" in terms of what constitutes a good recording (according to the audiophile forums I'd been frequenting).

So instead of trying to sound like a "real" band, I chose intentially fake-sounding synths and drums. I overcompressed everything, to simulate the "loudness war". Instead of adding master reverb to give the instruments a sense of unity, I left everything dry, except for a dated-sounding gate reverb on a snare drum towards the end. In other words, I was trying to see how much worse this "lazy" approach would sound relative to my more careful habits.

The net effect is pretty synthetic, artificial, and harsh. But is it worse? I don't know. It certainly is different.

Kinda like a new spice to add to the rack.

Which sits in the corner of the garage.


Silly, crude, repetitive but catchy in parts. The vocals were mostly improvised. Can you tell?

Lyrics to "Lesstimefree":

i got less time free
got hardly any time for me
i got less time free
got hardly any time for me


got hardly any time for moi
  so why waste it doing this stuff
a full time job and being pa
  another minute here another minute there
got hardly any time with ma
we're 2 subs in the night so far ha ha ha ha

that's not funny, that's just a cliche
well that's all i can afford today
i can't write out the lyrics 'cause i've got no time
well just be thankful that they kinda rhyme

  well kind of
ba ba ba ba ba ba da ba da...

we're on a really tight creative budget
and it really sounds like poo

really really creative budget
and it really sounds like poo

  a really tight creative budget
  not just a creative budget
  it's a non-existant budget
  we're in the red
  we're in the black
  we're in the black red
  we're in the diarrhea brown red

we're on a really tight creative budget
and it really sounds like poo

who wrote these lyrics anyway
i found them on the street
stuck to the bottom of my shoe

we're on a creative budget
and it really sounds like caca

really really really creative 
really really really creative 
really really really creative 
really really really creative 


oh boy that's about what you get when you open a crackerjack box these days

crackerjack box cheap cheap
crackerjack box cheap cheap
crackerjack box cheap cheap
crackerjack box cheap cheap

chicken goes bock bock
and chick goes cheep cheep
chicken goes bock bock
and chick goes cheep cheep
where's eveyrone
where's eveyrone gone
what happened?
i'm all by myself
i've got some free time now



I had a persistent cough for a few weeks. Since Tripecac is functioning like a monthly musical blog, I decided to sing about it. Badly.

This project was plagued with its own technical difficulty. The audio kept disappearing every few minutes, forcing me to restart Sonar. I finally tracked the problem to Drumlab, which is a Kontakt instrument I was using for the first time. It was somehow overloading the sound card and/or Sonar.

Lyrics to "Coughy":

one day i would like to drink an excellent coffee
one night i would like to drift to sleep without coughing

we all like the sound of coffee
but we sure hate the smell of coughing

with a cough cough here and a cough cough there
here a cough there a cough everywhere a cough cough

with a cough cough here and a cough cough there
here a cough there a cough every night a cough cough