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  • Title: Archives
  • Artist: Tripecac
  • Timespan: 1990-1991
  • Theme: first steps on sy55
  • Length: 79:34
  • Tracks: 30
  • Lyrics: 15
  • MP3s: 28 play all locally
  • Rating: (none) rate this album

Track List

# title lyrics time download listen started recorded rating
1 Convo with Kim lyrics 1:35 download listen locally - 1990-05-27 (none)
2 Bang It - 1:35 download listen locally - 1990-05-27 (none)
3 Flippy Floppy lyrics 2:25 download listen locally - 1990-06-0? (none)
4 Maybe lyrics 4:26 download listen locally - 1990-0?-?? (none)
5 Necromusak - 1:37 download listen locally - 1990-0?-?? (none)
6 Sex and Violence lyrics 0:08 download listen locally - 1990-0?-?? (none)
7 Dream Crystal - 1:49 download listen locally - 1990-0?-?? (none)
8 Dream Dance - 1:30 download listen locally - 1990-0?-?? (none)
9 Asphyxiation lyrics 2:53 download listen locally - 1990-07-?? (none)
10 Numb lyrics 3:52 download listen locally - 1990-0?-?? (none)
11 Take Sive - 3:07 download listen locally - 1990-0?-?? (none)
12 Paris Medley - 5:35 download listen locally - 1990-09-0? (none)
13 Thex Intro lyrics 0:06 - - - 1990-09-0? (none)
14 Thing Called Thex lyrics 2:28 - - - 1990-09-0? (none)
15 Psychological lyrics 0:27 download listen locally - 1990-09-?? (none)
16 Soft lyrics 4:31 download listen locally 1990-08-31 1990-09-06 (none)
17 Metalmas - 1:32 download listen locally - 1990-12-?? (none)
18 Chimera - 3:05 download listen locally 1990-05-?? 1990-12-?? (none)
19 Football Solo - 1:38 download listen locally 1990-08-31 1990-12-?? (none)
20 This One Goes Out lyrics 0:05 download listen locally - 1990-12-?? (none)
21 Football Soft lyrics 5:18 download listen locally 1990-08-31 1990-12-?? (none)
22 Organasm - 4:33 download listen locally - 1990-12-?? (none)
23 Guitar Song - 4:31 download listen locally - 1990-12-?? (none)
24 Your Countenance lyrics 4:38 download listen locally - 1991-0?-?? (none)
25 Stompers - 3:21 download listen locally - 1991-0?-?? (none)
26 Spacy Swing - 1:11 download listen locally - 1991-0?-?? (none)
27 Intro to Louis II - 1:43 download listen locally - 1991-0?-?? (none)
28 All My Love lyrics 4:11 download listen locally - 1991-0?-?? (none)
29 JungleJam - 0:56 download listen locally - 1991-0?-?? (none)
30 No No No lyrics 4:48 download listen locally - 1991-11-06 (none)
  Total   79:34 play all locally album rating: (none)


This album documents my "baby steps" with the Yamaha SY55 keyboard workstation, purchased in May 1990. I used the SY55 as my primary composing tool for a entire decade; in May 2000, I finally replaced it with a Korg Triton. The only other instrument on this album is an acoustic guitar, which is featured on "Guitar Song".

I recorded the vocals at the same time as the music, vix a mixer. I didn't have a four-track yet, so all the vocals had to be done in one take. I used cheap microphones and no effects.

The sound quality is pretty rotten. The songs came from two tapes; one was mangled and broken several times, and the other had static (hence the "pops" in the last few songs). Noise reduction didn't work very well either, probably due to the low signal to noise ratio, so there's a bit of hiss.


Name Performed Wrote
Travis Emmitt Yamaha SY55, vocals, acoustic guitar all music and lyrics except where noted


Convo with Kim

I wanted to test my phone-taping microphones, I called up my then-girlfriend Kim. She was Anand's girlfriend before and after me. I managed to "steal" her, but only for a couple weeks. She probably didn't appreciate being treated like a guinea pig!

I wrote a journal entry while I was with Kim; it's dated 1990-05-27. For now, I'll use that as the best-guess date for this recording. In reality, the actual conversation was probably a few days earlier or later.

Lyrics to "Convo with Kim":

[talking on phone]

ok, here we go.
these are the opening lines to tape number 2.
hi kim, what's up?

T: uh, ok right now i cannot hear you, so you can say anything you want,
   and i cannot hear you until i listen to the end of the tape.
   go ahead and say anything you want.

K: you can't hear anything? [laughs]

T: okay.
   if you are done saying anything you want, like,
   beep a button on the phone so i can...
   i think i can hear that...
   just, like, press a button.

K: i just did.
   oh, no, trav, ok...
   You can stop now...
   I have nothing to say...
   you're just too cool.

T: ok, i have to interrupt you at this point, but...

K: good!

T: i have no idea what you are saying

K: okay

T: but, see, there's this little red light on my tape recorder,
   so whenever you stop talking, it sort of... it goes blank
   so that's the way i can tell when you are finished
   but you can talk until you are finished and i won't interrupt you

K: but i don't have anything to say

T: are you done?

K: yeah

T: is that a yes?

K: yes

T: okay, this is interesting!
   all right...
   say yes twice if you're done, or once if you are not done

K: ok

T: uh, just, like "yes yes"

K: yes! yes!

Bang It

I wrote and recorded this when I was dating Kim. I tried to make it hard-rock.

I'm guessing that I recorded this the same day as "Convo with Kim". The closest date I have is 1990-05-27, from a journal entry. I'll use that for now, although I might be off by a few days.

Flippy Floppy

This laments my crumbling relationship with Kim. I'm guessing I recorded it in early June.

"Floppy" is a term Anand used to represent a lack of [male] stamina. This song could be considered to be from Anand's perspective as well. I honestly don't remember whether I wrote it for Anand or me; maybe both.

The tape broke near the end. I've restored some of the ending fragments. They're muffled, chopped up, and slightly out of time with the first section. Unless I find an earlier copy of this song, this will have to be the "definitive" version.

Lyrics to "Flippy Floppy":

  everything it goes flippy floppy
  everything is goin' flippy floppy, hey
  everything is goin' flippy floppy
  oh dear kim, what shall we do?

  it was fine
  it was fine for a while
  but then something changed
  i don't know what it was
  if i did, i'd try to fix it

  everything is goin' flippy floppy
  we had a dream, now it's goin' flippy floppy
  everything is goin' flippy floppy
  mc froopy frop frop flop flop whatever

BRIDGE: (solo)
  that's right
  that's right
  flippy floppy...
  flippy floppy...

CHORUS: (key change)
  i'm singing
  everything it goes flippy floppy
  everything is goin' flippy floppy

  hey, oh yeah, yeah
  come along, kim
  now you sing

  everything is goin' flippy floppy


  so funny at times
  but right now
  it's ??? my stomach

  oh yeah
  flippy floppy
  flippy floppy
  flippy floppy



This opens sounding a lot like "Flippy Floppy". It's actually a remake of a much older song that I wrote for my cousin (also named Kim) in the late 1980s.

The original lyrics mentioned that I had sent my cousin "200 pages" of letters. This 1990 version has the number updated to "500 pages", which is not an exaggeration!

Jon Friesen and I also recorded a version as IPECAC (on Fake Reverb 2).

Lyrics to "Maybe":

  i mail you letters, and you mail me not
  now how much patience have i got?
  i'm writing every single night
  it's just not right

  i pray and i hope against hope
  that you will write me
  oh i know it's been a long time
  but still i trust that


  you say you're too busy to write to me
  now that's one thing i cannot believe
  i probably have as much free time as you
  and i've sent you 500 pages

  i pray and hope against hope
  that you will write me
  oh i know it's in vain
  but still i trust that


  i send you all these notes
  and what do you do?
  you don't even write me back
  what's happening with you?

    (EP solo)

VERSE: (organ solo)
  trav on the keyboards
  trav on the keyboards
  more trav on the keyboards

  now every day when i get home from school
  i'm looking around for a letter from you
  and even after seven months have passed
  i'd think you'd write me at last

  i pray and i hope against hope
  that you will write me
  oh i know it's been a long time
  but still i trust that

  maybe, oh!
  maybe some day, kimmi, you'll write me back
  maybe some day, kimmi, you'll call me back, oh

  maybe, oh!
  maybe some day, kimmi, you'll write me back, oh
  maybe some day, kimmi, you'll write me back!



Sex and Violence

This between-song silliness doesn't have anything to do with either of the songs surrounding it (both easy-listening instrumentals). I'm guessing it was leftover from whatever was on the tape previously.

Lyrics to "Sex and Violence":

there's sex on this tape, too.
yes, violence
here, here's some violence
and sex
here's the sex

Dream Crystal

I was listening to a lot of Andreas Vollenweider (Austrian new-age harpist) at the time. Hence the cheesy new-age title.

Dream Dance

Here's another silly title new-age. This song has the worst audio quality of all the tracks on this album, thanks to tape mangling. On the bright side, this song's production makes the remaining songs sound good. :)


I had recently gotten into reggae. I was reading about Peter Tosh and other troubled Rastafarians. This is half-parody, half-homage.

The tape broke in a few places before I was able to digitize the song. Sorry!

Lyrics to "Asphyxiation":

  rasta is alive
  go travis
  go travis
  go go travis

  oh, i and i be rastafari
  singing my asphyxiation song
  if i ask "would you care to join me?"
  i can teach you how to sing along

  now you might think that the lyrics are shabby
  and possibly, you might be right
  but depth is not something to be measured
  gotta stay away from black and white

  i got dreadlocks to the floor
  goody, could you ask for anything more?
  it's a symbol of my will to
  die of asphyxiation

  while police are knocking at my door
  i say "i ain't who you're looking for"
  you can't take a good man down on suspicion

  now why am i & i so high?
  to me that doesn't really seem all that wrong
  if it's got leaves i will smoke it
  it don't have to be very long

  the people always think i a pot head
  [tape eaten] but they look to me for music and fun
  while my brother is out there in the ghetto
  dying of asphyxiation

  oh, dreadlocks to the floor
  goody, could you ask for anything more?
  it's a symbol of my will to
  die of asphyxiation

  [tape eaten]



This "hard rock" remake is the fourth version of the IPECAC song originally recorded for Catharsis (1988).

This version is my favorite. It's too bad the tape got eaten near the beginning of the song. I've managed to salvage part of the long introductory solo, but it's muffled and still has breaks in it. Sorry!

Lyrics to "Numb":


VERSE: [missing b/c tape got eaten]
  there was this girl you liked so much
  you tried so hard that she left you
  another guy came and took your place
  and you were left to suffer

  your world it seemed to collapse
  and moping in complete and utter ruin
  you grew a shell about yourself
  to shield you from the world (and the women)

  you don't want to feel the world around you
  you'd rather be numb than feel the pain
  you don't want to take the blows you're given
  you'd rather just slippin' away

  your heart became broken so you froze it
  immobilized your blood to numb the hurt
  and now that your heart is hardened
  you try to set yourself from the world

  you're numb
  blood frozen
  afraid to let your feelings show

  you're numb, you're numb
  blood frozen
  you'd rather hide than take the blows

  further and deeper you slipped
  from life's painful reality
  and into the solace and the universe
  of your endless, comforting dreams

  [guitar solo]

  you don't want to feel the world around you
  you'd rather be numb than feel the pain
  you don't want to take the blows you're given
  you'd rather just slippin' away

  your heart became broken so you froze it
  you immobilized your blood to numb the hurt
  and now that your heart is hardened
  you try to set yourself from the world

  you're numb
  a turtle
  hiding safe beneath your shell

  you're numb
  and miserable
  you dug your hole; but it went to hell

  you're numbing your mind
  but deep inside
  you know it's wrong
  you've hidden too long


  you don't wanna feel
  hiding safe beneath your shell

  you're numb
  and miserable
  you dug your hole; but it went to hell

Take Sive

This is of course inspired by Dave Brubeck's 5/4 jazz classic "Take Five".

The word "sive" comes from a story I wrote in high school. "Sive" is supposed to be any number between any other two numbers that are between 4 and 6 (inclusive). Confusing and silly? Yes. Fortunately the song is much simpler.

Paris Medley

I either wrote or was inspired to write this instrumental medley during a trip to Paris in 1990. The opening and closing chord progression is cheese-city but so is Paris. :)

The typewriter-like drum sounds (starting at 1:26) might have been a purposeful reference to the vast amount of time I spent writing stories and plays during that trip, but it could also be accidental. I don't remember.

Thex Intro

This is the intro to "Thing Called Thex".

Lyrics to "Thex Intro":

from rue du foi, paris, france we have:
"a thing called thex"

Thing Called Thex

This is [an edited version of] the most offensive song I've ever recorded. I like the music, but hate the words. It was supposed to be funny, but the subject matter is crude, mean, and juvenile. I wrote it in Paris. Okay, that's all I want to say about this song.

Lyrics to "Thing Called Thex":

  [censored] rap
  take your [censored] booty
  shake it to the rhythm here
  share it
  [censored] rap
  [censored] power
  [censored] power
  [censored] power
  all right

  sex: the final frontier
  of a guy's growing mind
  and his mind's greatest fear

  jelly legs, sweaty palms, gotta vomit
  and the girls they keep coming
  and they just won't stop it

  they're everywhere
  and you just can't avoid them
  you want a thing called thex

  a thing called thex
  a thing called thex
  a thing called thex

  jelly legs, sweaty palms, gotta vomit
  and the girls they keep coming
  and they just won't stop it

  they're everywhere
  and you just can't avoid them
  someday you'll realize
  that they're just not worth it

  oh well
  so leave the girls to the experts
  and let's have a thing called thex

  a thing called thex


I was berating myself between tracks. As with "Sex and Violence", I think this was from a tape I was recording over.

Lyrics to "Psychological":

do you want to get in a psychological discussion?
is that what it's called: psychological?
come on, vocab, trav, vocab!
oh, that wasn't even close!
man, i bombed a word!
i'm sorry
okay, what other kinds of discussion can you have?
a physical?  let's have a physical discussion
pow!  your lip is bleeding
hmm, let me think...
okay, anyways, that wasn't very funny either


I wrote this song's lyrics on a train from Paris to Brussels during my family's trip to Europe in 1990. The words were inspired by a pretty girl on the train. "Mo" refers to Allen Foster's then-girlfriend Michelle.

I wrote the music and recorded the song after I got back to Virginia.

Lyrics to "Soft":

  i'm looking at a girl with mo's sad eyes
  rodin's pupils and egg whites
  velvet cheeks and a pac-man brow
  give it to, give it to me

  soft, so soft
  eyes so soft
  petal soft

  i'm listening to a girl with mo's sad mouth
  happy voice and a kangaroo voice, oh so soft
  and the silent crying that only dogs can hear
  just give it to, give it to me

  soft, so soft
  voice so soft
  petal soft

  who painted the picture?
  who dubbed in the sound?
  who plucked the flower,
  dooming her to wilt, dry and browned?

  i'm turning away from the girl
  with mo's sad eyes and mo's sad mouth
  because a rose my any name is just a flower

  there's nothing more frustrating than a ??? [inaudible]


This is a semi-remake of one of "Ammonia Song", which was on IPECAC's Live at Carnegie Hall album.

The song title implies that this was recorded near Christmas time (1990). I'll set it (and the next few songs) in December as a best-guess.


This was actually the first song I created on my Yamaha SY55. When I sequenced it, I didn't know anything about quantizing or polyphony. I felt it was too sloppy to put onto tape. I postponed recording it until months later, when my sequencer's memory was getting full and I wanted to make room for other songs.

This "house-cleaning" approach reached its peak on South or Southeast (1999), which only had one completed song and tons of house-cleaned ones. Lack of sequencer memory was the main reason I switched to a Korg Triton in May 2000 (exactly a decade after I started this song).

The tape notes say this was started in May 1990. However, my stab at the recording date is a complete guess (based on the name of the previous song, "Metalmas").

An earlier version exists on South or Southeast. I'm not sure what the differences are.

Football Solo

This was a "mindless" groove and solo which I used as filler for the end of the first side of the tape. On the second side, I recorded a second version of it, this time adding vocals and calling it "Football Soft".

This One Goes Out

Brief spoken into to "Football Soft".

Lyrics to "This One Goes Out":

this one goes out to the one

Football Soft

This is a "throwaway" groove over which I chanted the lyrics from "Soft" (twice). I probably recorded it on the same day I recorded "Chimera", to free up some memory on the SY55. I called it "Football" because of its mindless aggression.

The original tape's notes had "May 1990" written down for this song. That can't be the recording date, since the lyrics didn't exist until after the Paris trip (in August). There's a chance that I wrote the music in May, but I really doubt it. So, I'll assume the "May 1990" was a mistake.

I have another note that says the recording date should match that of "Chimera".

Lyrics to "Football Soft":

[same as "Soft", repeated twice]


No comment, other than "weird title".

Guitar Song

The intro and outro are guitar-only. They're pretty rough. The middle has other instruments. I like it the best.

Your Countenance

I wrote this in late 1990 or early 1991 for my then-girlfriend Cathy. The stacatto synth arpeggio is from "Christmas in Cancun", a song I wrote for the Master Anchovies.

Lyrics to "Your Countenance":

  cathy, i want you to know this
  someday, i'll see you in focus
  someday, i'll see you and notice
  your countenance
  soaring up into the air

  you've got the eyes of a bird
  that's been stuck on the beach
  your feathers are mottled
  your wings ache to reach

  way up high above you
  where the other birds fly
  they're happy and free
  and they're kissing the sky

  and here on the ground
  you shuffle your feet
  and scratch at the sand
  with your clattering beak

  i see your anxiety
  and beg you to stay
  i want to be with you
  just one more day

  cathy, i want you near me
  always, i need you to hear me
  as always, i do not have wings so
  so please don't go
  just please don't fly away
  no not yet

  i understand
  your burning need
  to take to your home in the sky
  you must leave

  this beach will never be your home
  so adieu
  your countenance flies
  like the wind into my dreams

  cathy, i want you to stay
  i'll never be able to get over today
  but you must go!
  i'll forever remember
  your countenance
  and i'll remember the smell of your hair

  don't go
  are you gonna turn your back
  and just fly away?
  no, please don't go

  over the ocean
  over the blue
  over the waves
  that's the last i see of you


This might have a silly title and hissy sound quality, but I actually like the guitar and [fake] piano sound.

Spacy Swing

This was on the second tape, which had lots of static. It and the rest of the songs on the album have annoying "popping" sounds.

Intro to Louis II

I wrote a song called "Louis II" for my then-girlfriend Cathy. That was the name of her hermit crab. Unfortunately, all that's left of the song is this (somewhat boring) intro.

All My Love

This is my favorite song on the Archives album. It's very bouncy and sassy (if you listen to the lyrics).

The words came straight from a break-up letter. I thought it'd be funny to put these super-negative words to bright, poppy music, so I did.

Was I right about the dark/light juxtaposition being "funny"? I don't know. It's certainly a theme that stuck with me. I'd take a really dark topic, and make fun of it by adding peppy music. Many of the songs on The Hermit and Aminals are like that. This song was my first "success" with the formula. It encouraged me to keep doing it.

I censored the really bad parts, even though I didn't write them. I'm trying to keep this site [relatively] free of profanity. Enjoy the tune!

Lyrics to "All My Love":

  this is the last letter you will ever get from me so enjoy
  you have become some person that i don't know
  someone that i don't want to know
  look at your last note to be and consider

  you're an [censored], plain and simple
  i feel bad for you; you're a self-centered [censored]
  i never want to see or hear from you again
  that [censored] makes me sick

  all my love and all that i have given
  all my love and all that i have given

  after i talked to you last night
  i scrubbed my body like it had radiation
  i felt like i had been raped
  and in a way i had been

  you've taken all my love and trashed it, baby, trashed it
  you've taken all my love and trashed it, trashed it

  all my love and all that i have given
  all my love and all that i have given

  i hope you have better luck
  with your girlfriends over there
  because you'll never have me again
  as a friend or anything else
  signed [censored]

  i could have signed it "love ya" but i don't mean it
  i could have signed it "love ya" but i don't mean it
  i'm in love with someone here so don't worry about me
  i could have signed it "love ya" but i don't mean it

  all my love and all that i have given
  all my love and all that i have given


Obviously, abstract mood music isn't my thing... The one interesting thing about this song is that it features a "jungle" voice which I created on my SY55. The lameness of this "song" helped convince me to abandon sound synthesis and focus on composing music using the presets.

No No No

This is a fictional song about insecurity and posessiveness. There's a lot of profanity (gosh darn it) but the music is catchy.

Luckily, I have a censored version, which I uploaded for you. The edits are clunky and it's still pretty easy to guess the bad words (since I simply reversed that part of the audio filed), but hey, at least you get a chance to hear the music.

Lyrics to "No No No":

  your love is looking at the window pane
  and my love is staring at an empty drain
  your love is talking to the birds outside
  and my love is wondering why the feelings died

  i drive alone on those dark and dusty country roads
  trying to remember and dying to forget about you
  my heart it still can't take the loss
  i try to call you up and tell you i still love you

  and you say, "no, no, no! that's just not the way to think
  it's a long time over between us.
  no, no, no! you've got to be practical
  you don't mean anything to me now"

  christmas morning - it's got the good god's glory
  got wet eyes and a thick head and the gifts on the floor
  got the insence burning and the kids are sleeping
  it's six a.m. and there's a knock on the door

  it's you! it's you! and you've come for me!
  you're the best christmas present i've ever seen
  god, it's good to see you! is everything okay?
  oh, take me away, darling! let's just f*** my wife and family

  but you say, "no, no, no! that's just not the way to think
  i've only come to visit
  no, no, no! don't get yourself excited
  now here's your christmas present"

  i don't want no f***ing wrapping paper
  and i don't want your f***ing gift
  i want you! i want to have you back again
  so please, baby, try to think it over

  and you say, "no, no, no! just don't bother to ask me nicely
  'cause i never belonged to you and you can't have me"
  and i say, "no, no, no! you're wrong, you b****
  you're a part of me now, baby, and i need to be whole again"

  and you say, "no, no, no! don't be so selfish!
  i've got my own life, and you've got your kids and your wife"
  and i say, "no, no, no! they never counted
  i belong to you, baby, and you belong to me!"

  and you say, "no, no, no! i'm an individual, like you
  i've really got to go and i wish i never met you!"
  and i say, "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!!!"