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Track List

# title lyrics time download listen started recorded rating
1 Beso Beso lyrics 2:53 download listen locally 2001-05-01 2003-07-10
2 Piano Jam Plus - 4:45 download listen locally 2001-03-27 2003-07-13
3 Sneak with Guitar - 3:54 download listen locally 2000-12-29 2003-06-05
4 Longer Groove - 10:39 download listen locally 2001-01-13 2003-06-17
5 Last Bit Long - 7:51 download listen locally 2001-04-27 2003-07-08
6 Tracking Mud Long - 14:05 download listen locally 2001-04-28 2003-07-10
7 Practice - 25:46 download listen locally 2001-05-12 2003-07-12
Total 69:53 play all locally album rating:


These songs are alternate versions of songs that appeared on In the Margins (2001), So So (2003), and So On (2003). Most are either long, sloppy, or "half-baked", so this CD is more for archival purposes than pure entertainment. However, you might get a kick out of the "warts and all", "live", and "human" feel of these jams (especially the 25-minute "Practice").

Gear: I used a Korg Triton as a controller, sound module, and effects module, sequenced using Sonar, and included electric guitar (via a Pod Pro) on "Sneak with Guitar" and "Tracking Mud Long".

User Comments:

  1. "Great album" - Giovanna (2010-08-07)


Beso Beso

This is a shorter but denser vocal version of "Beso". It adds a reggae piano part, a couple solos, and adlibbed vocals. I did most of the "new" work on it back in 2001 and 2002, and arranged/mixed it in 2003.

I have no idea what the lyrics mean. What's all that stuff about wondering? I have no idea! Read into it whatever you want, because I'm stumped! (of course, maybe that's the answer; maybe the song is self-referential)

Lyrics to "Beso Beso":

  this is a test of beso beso

  and you're won,
  and you're wondering
  betcha really wondering
  and you're wondering
  so betcha really wondering

  beso beso
  b-b-b-b-b-b beso
  b-b-b-b beso
  b-b-b-b-b-b beso
  betcha really wondering

  and you're won,
  and you're won,
  and you're wondering
  betcha really wondering

  and you're won,
  and you're won,
  and you're wondering
  can you hear that metronome?

  and you're won,
  and you're won,
  and you're wondering
  and you're wondering

  beso beso
  be, be, be, be, be, be, be, be...
  beso beso

  betcha wondering
  well, that was pretty bad

Piano Jam Plus

This is similar to "Beso Beso" in that it takes a section from an extremely repetitive early song (in this case, "Piano Jam (part 2)"), and then fleshes it out a bit. I added flange piano and drums in May 2000, and then mixed it in 2003.

Sneak with Guitar

This is the original version of "Sneak". It has a guitar part which I felt didn't fit the rest of the music; I was worried about turning "Sneak" into another "Audia". In retrospect, though, I don't think the guitar bit was either bad enough or good enough to warrant two versions of this song.

Longer Groove

This is the longer, original version of "Long Groove". It's very relaxing, but gets boring towards the end, which is probably why I shortened it for So So.

Last Bit Long

This is the most recent "complete" version of the song I originally entitled "The Last Bit is the Best". Other versions are: "Last Bit", "Last Bit Intro", and "Last Bit Outtro". This full version has two parts: a boring jazzy part in the beginning, and an even more boring trancy part at the end. There's also an mp3 of a very early "complete" version floating around. I have no idea why I created so many versions of something so dull!

Tracking Mud Long

This is the original, super-long version of "Tracking Mud". Here it is, in all its three-guitar, heavy metal drumming glory. Good luck sitting through the whole thing!

User Comments:

  1. "I like the middle part the best. I think the discordant notes detract from the melody." - Giovanna (2010-08-07)


What this song lacks in polish, it makes up for in length! :) It's a really long practice recorded in May 2001, while I was finishing In the Margins. The first five minutes are the most melodic and "rich"; I spent about 10-15 hours cleaning them up. The rest is a little sparse, sloppy, and has occasionally annoying drum sounds. Enjoy the bits you can!

At first, I regarded this as an overindulgent mess, but gradually came to love it. To me, it's great background music, with some really cool moments. Of all my "epic" jams, it's my favorite, and is probably my favorite song from 2003!

User Comments:

  1. "This song has a nice feel." - Giovanna (2010-08-07)