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Digital Sex was formed in Nebraska in the early 80s. The central members were Stephen Sheehan, Dereck Higgins, and John Tingle. All three played guitar and keyboards. Stephen did most of the singing, while Dereck performed most of the drumming and the majority of the music on the Essence album; he also sang "Done My Time" and backup on "I Can't Wait".

The band also periodically recruited the talents of Greg Tsichlis (drums), John Miller (guitar), Maureen Evans-Hansen (keyboards), Kevin Kennedy (drums), Jeff Runnings (bass), Dickson Lebron (guitar), Steve Warsocki (bass), and Tom Ware (keyboards).

Digital Sex recorded one full album together (Essence). They later added other songs they had recorded to this album for two different CD compilations: Essence & Charm and Essence & Rarities. Digital Sex ended up disbanding and reforming several times during the 80s and early 90s.

Writing credits for music and lyrics are on the Lyrics page.

Life After Sex:

Stephen Sheehan started another band (The World), and released an album: Eyes of the Wilderness. Eyes was recorded in 1990 by Sheehan, Maureen Evans-Hansen (keyboard and musical direction), John Tingle (guitar), Scott Miller(drums), and Craig Crawford (bass), with help from Jeff Runnings (bass), Tom Ware (keyboards, drums, piano), Bart Wolfe (guitar), Jerry Smith (bass, keyboards), and Sandy Aquila (percussion). As you can see, there were a lot of familiar faces, and the album indeed sounds a lot like Digital Sex (see the Discography for more details).

Dereck Higgins has remained musically active; he discusses his various sundry projects in his memoir.

John Tingle has also continued in music. He contributed a song to Power in the House, a compilation CD on which Digital Sex and For Against are featured.

Maureen Evans-Hansen released a solo album called Out of the Blue through Ultramarine Blue Productions. RealAudio clips are forthcoming on their web site. Check out Maureen's memoir.

Time Line

Here's some Digital Sex related chronology:

Date Event
1982 Digital Sex formed.
1982 Weezul Wecords releases Dereck Higgins' Dereck 7" EP
1983 Luminescent Records releases Dereck's Dereck 2 7" EP
1983 Post-Ambient Motion releases Digital Sex's Dervish Dance 7"
1984 Private release of Stephen Sheehan's Recovery 7" EP
1984 Digital Sex breaks up for the first time.
1985 Post-Ambient Motion releases Digital Sex's Essence LP
1986 Digital Sex regroups to promote Essence and Charm, adding Kevin Kennedy and Maureen Evans-Hansen.
1986 Sordide Sentimental releases Digital Sex's Essence and Charm CD
1987 Stephen leaves Digital Sex; he is replaced with singer Dave Nordin.
1987 Digital Sex breaks up again.
1988 Post-Ambient Motion releases Power in the House CD/tape
1990 New Rose releases Stephen's Eyes of the Wilderness CD
1994 Digital Sex reforms for one concert (at Sokol Hall), then breaks up.
1994 Randy's Alternative Music releases Digital Sex's Essence and Rarities CD
1990 Emigre releases Stephen's Innocence At Will CD
1997 Randy's Alternative Music re-releases Stephen's Eyes of the Wilderness CD
1998 Jan 20 Kevin Kennedy dies, apparently by suicide.
1998 July 9 Travis starts the web site; see the News page for the update history.
1998 October Ultramarine Blue releases Maureen Evans Hansen's Out of the Blue CD
1999 October Travis visits Stephen and Dereck in Omaha (see his memoir).
200? Bliss Repair full-length released.
2005 January Travis overhauls website.

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