1. Digital Sex
  2. Maureen Evans-Hansen
  3. Dereck Higgins
  4. Stephen Sheehan
  5. Casual Sex (side projects)
  6. Various Artists

Digital Sex

dervish dance (single)

  1. dervish dance
  2. how many more times
dervish dance cover

Post-Ambient Motion SEX-1 1983 7"

These are on Essence & Charm. "Dervish Dance" is catchy and ska-ish. "How Many More Times" is more typical of their sound, with more active guitar and greater complexity.


reviews lyrics
  1. whisper words
  2. steps toward freedom
  3. in her smile
  4. oceans of space
  5. second wind
  6. sex in the spring
  7. roses on wednesday
  8. within these walls
  9. i can't wait
Essence cover

Post-Ambient Motion SEX-2 1985 LP

These 9 tracks are all on the Essence & Charm and Essence & Rarities CDs. Essence focuses on the group's poppier sound, though without ditching the group's rewarding experimentalism; there are three very pretty instrumentals! A lot of these songs get stuck in your head, and by the time the last one ("I Can't Wait") ends, you invariably reach over and hit the "play" again. And again and again... This album is addictive!

Essence & Charm

reviews lyrics
  1. dervish dance
  2. how many more times
  3. the romance isn't over
  4. whisper words
  5. steps toward freedom
  6. in her smile
  7. oceans of space
  8. second wind
  9. sex in the spring
  10. roses on wednesday
  11. within these walls
  12. i can't wait
  13. sun in my eyes
  14. when feelings change
  15. without hesitation
  16. look for outstretched arms
  17. essence
  18. tortured beauty
  19. the tingler
Essence & Charm cover

Sordide Sentimental SSCD002 1986 CD

This double album combines Essence with ten new songs. The first two are from the Dervish Dance single. #16 is also on Essence & Rarities. Some of the new songs are really cool; "The Romance Isn't Over" is very dark and pretty, and "Tortured Beauty" has a groovy epic feel. The sound doesn't seem as deep as that on Essence & Rarities. This CD was released in France in a batch of 5000, and includes extensive biographical liner notes, in French and English.

Essence & Rarities

reviews lyrics
  1. quiet the longing
  2. the days go
  3. red girl
  4. self interest
  5. dream music
  6. look for outstretched arms
  7. done my time (demo)
  8. thoughts of you (demo)
  9. theory of games
  10. astray
  11. whisper words
  12. steps toward freedom
  13. in her smile
  14. oceans of space
  15. second wind
  16. sex in the spring
  17. roses on wednesday
  18. within these walls
  19. i can't wait
Essence & Rarities cover

Randy's Alternative Music RAMA001 1994 CD

This combines the Essence album with some of the band's earlier and later songs and demos. Of the new songs, there's a lot of variety here, from sing-along pop ("The Days Go", "Red Girl", "Done My Time") to beautiful instrumentals ("Dream Music"). "Self Interest" has a heavy New Order accent, "Theory of Games" has a bit of Police, Gang of Four, and Primus in it, and "Astray" starts off sounding like Can and then gets into a Genesis/Peter Gabrial groove! Great fun, great songs; this CD is a classic!


Stephen has some live tapes, but there's nothing publicly available... yet...


Digital Sex at McFoster's, June 1994

  1. quiet the longing
  2. look for outstretched arms
  3. the sun in my eyes
  4. second wind
  5. thanks for living
  6. i can't wait
  7. spirit [dead can dance]*
  8. red girl
  9. in her smile

* unreleased or cover song

1994 VHS [44 minutes]

In support of Greenpeace and solar power. This is an unplugged set; the room is small and intimate, with the band seated in front of a handful of devoted fans. Dereck is absent. The sound quality is good, though lacking bass and drums; percussion is limited to bongos. Lots of energy and excellent playing. My favorites are the beautiful "Thanks for Living", "In Her Smile", and the entrancing song #7, which I'd never heard before.

Digital Sex at Sharkey's, June 1994

  1. reluctant rage
  2. red girl
  3. i can't wait
  4. self interest
  5. look for outstretched arms
  6. done my time
  7. how many more times
  8. the days go
  9. heartbeat [king crimson]*
  10. spirit [dead can dance]*
  11. love or lust
  12. several seconds later*
  13. sun in my eyes
  14. thanks for living
  15. in her smile
  16. love will tear us apart [joy div]*
  17. theory of games
  18. quiet the longing
  19. whisper words
  20. mushroom [can]*
  21. when feelings change
  22. second wind
  23. interzone [joy division]*

* unreleased or cover song

1994 VHS [119 minutes]

This is a nice long set with a full band, electric, on stage with multiple cameras. It's a little harried by sound problems, especially early on (mercuric mixes and a sound quality not as crisp as at the McFoster's gig), but is nevertheless a delightful set.

There's tons of energy; these guys love to play and their fire is infectious! Just wait until you see Dereck's head bobs! :)

The band sounds a lot rawer than in the studio; "How Many More Times" and the brilliant "Theory of Games" have an especially brutal post-punk sound and "Love or Lust" recalls Gang of Four. And, of course, there's the songs by Can and Joy Division.

This is great for seeing DS's [tremendously varied] influences and how they fit in with the band's own wide and sizzling range of creations. A must-see.

Maureen Evans-Hansen

Out of the Blue

  1. sway
  2. out of the blue
  3. hallelujah
  4. death valley
  5. into focus
  6. holiday in hell
  7. chant
  8. lives we leave behind
  9. sister
  10. big sur
Out of the Blue cover

Ultramarine Blue 1998 CD

Just released! This is mostly instrumental (two songs have vocals), and is an intriguing blend of 4AD, industrial, and all sorts of styles of jazz from avante guarde to soothing lounge music to pop-fusion. Lots of energy here! More info later...

Dereck Higgins

Dereck (EP)

  1. bright lights
  2. pay phone
  3. this was something
  4. into the mirror
Dereck cover

Weezul Wecords 1982 7" EP

I don't have this yet. Limited run of 250. Dereck played most of the instruments, with help from John Tingle and Tom Ware. Digital Sex played "Bright Lights".

Dereck 2 (EP)

  1. dream music
  2. unfinished sympathy
  3. sky blue
  4. clouds adrift
Dereck 2 (EP) cover

Luminescent Records 1983 7" EP

I don't have this yet. Limited run of 250. Digital Sex played "Dream Music" (on Essence & Rarities) and "Sky Blue" (with Tom Ware on drums).

Dereck - Nice

  1. Greetings
  2. Earth Dream
  3. The Wind at Night
  4. Antelope II
  5. Love From Above
  6. Reflection
  7. This Day
  8. My Soul...
  9. RCC
  10. Meditation
  11. Undying Devotion
  12. Sunlight & Breeze
  13. Rio
  14. Rays of Dawn
  15. Moon
  16. Fiction Landscape
  17. Song for Randy
  18. New Ways
Dereck Nice cover

none DVH-1 2001 CD

Most of these tracks were "written, played, and recorded by Dereck Higgins at home sometime between January 1984 and September 2000". Guest musicians include Tom Ware, Jeff Clayman, Mimi Schneider, and Bill Farber. It's a soothing mix of guitar and keyboards; if you like Digital Sex instrumentals you'll dig this!

Dereck - 2

  1. The Door
  2. Undying Devotion
  3. War Statement
  4. Little Black Dog
  5. M2
  6. In This Room
  7. Jane
  8. Dreaming
  9. What You're Looking For
  10. You Live This Life
  11. Float
Dereck 2 cover

none DVH-2 2004 CD

Dereck says this CD was "completely played and recorded by myself over the last two years". He's very enthusiastic about it, and launched his website (www.dereckhiggins.com) in support of it. Check out the mp3 samples!

Stephen Sheehan

Recovery (EP)

  1. the romance isn't over
  2. quiet the longing
  3. innocence at will
  4. red girl
Recovery cover

(private pressing) 1984 7" EP

I don't have this EP yet; however, I have heard all its songs. "The Romance Isn't Over" is from Charm, "Innocence at Will" is from Innocence at Will, and the other two are from Essence & Rarities.

Eyes of the Wilderness

reviews lyrics
  1. astray
  2. reluctant rage
  3. thanks for living
  4. thoughts of you
  5. neon frontier
  6. odd postures
  7. radium lovers
  8. ocean's warning
  9. controversy clears the air
  10. love or lust
  11. what's gotten into me*
  12. on the beautiful side of a romance (Can)*
  13. news at 5ive*
  14. swayed by sentiment*

* on 1997 re-release

Eyes of the Wilderness cover

New Rose 199 1990 CD, LP

Randy's Alternative Music RAMA002 1997 CD

Stephen Sheehan remade a couple of Digital Sex songs (1,4), a Can song (12), and added a bunch of his own new ones. This is another excellent CD. It shares a lot of the Digital Sex sound, but moves away from 80's post-punk and more towards slower, relaxed, "mature" songs. It's beautiful, exciting, and compulsive, a must-have. As if that weren't enough, the CD's front cover is gorgeous: misty and natural, perfectly suiting the music; it's my favorite album cover!

Innocence at Will

  1. odd postures
  2. roses on wednesday
  3. the romance isn't over
  4. mother's leatherflesh
  5. love or lust
  6. i can't wait
  7. tortured beauty
  8. second wind
  9. thoughts of you
  10. innocence at will
  11. whisper words
Innocence at Will cover


This is a compilation drawn mostly from Essence & Charm and Eyes of the Wilderness. Stephen discusses the two previously unreleased tracks ("Mother's Leatherflesh" and "Innocence at Will") in a memoir. Also, see the liner notes for more info.

Casual Sex:

The members of Digital Sex have also engaged in some side projects, and have assisted other bands, either as supporting musicians or producers. Stephen coined the term "Casual Sex" by the way! :)

Acorns (self-titled LP)

  1. breathless
  2. aquaplaning
  3. she shrugs
  4. eden
  5. the man in the xerox machine
  6. possessed
  7. gary tells me

Post Ambient Motion POST003 1989 LP, tape

This self-titled debut was produced by Stephen Sheehan, who also played melodica on She Shrugs, percussion on "Gary Tells Me," and contributed background vocals on "Possessed." Acorns email: mfratt@aol.com

I'll be listening to this as soon as I find a record player; I'll post a review then, and maybe put a sound sample online.

Atomic Breathing (self-titled LP)

  1. it's all been said
  2. that hamburger song
  3. uncle bart's hares
  4. the bleeding prophet
  5. the curator of transcendence
  6. spit train
  7. (we are) the homeless
  8. the ultimate twist
  9. impervious
  10. moving toward something

1008 Records 1989 LP

Atomic Breathing, one of Stephen's favorite bands, is the "brainchild of Dickson LeBron," who plays guitar and vocals and also contributed a song to Power in the House. Stephen and Dereck have both played in Atomic Breathing, but at different times. Stephen produced "The Bleeding Prophet" and Dereck played bass on "The Ultimate Twist" and "Impervious." Atomic Breathing's email: dickson@nfinity.com

I'll be listening to and reviewing this as soon as I have access to a record player.

Bliss Repair - This is Reality (demo EP)

  1. this is reality
  2. he says it's not for him
  3. saw god and laughed
  4. vigil/devotions*

(* extra track from Pablo's Eye)

self-released 1999 tape

Stephen's new spoken-word project, with Eric Rea on bass and all sorts of electronic sequencing and effects. Wild! and charmingly low budget [I'm a huge Fall fan, so I've always associated "lofi" with "surprises in store"]. On "This is Reality," Stephen's vocals sound like they were recorded with RealAudio, and on the too-short "It's Not For Him" there's a weird echo; "Saw God and Laughed" has him sounding almost like a TV announcer. The underlying music on these three reminds me of Cornershop and of Tatebayashi's track on Power in the House.

The fourth track listed here, "Vigil," was [for me] bundled with the others but was actually recorded in 1990 for a "Pablo's Eye" compilation CD; it has Stephen singing instead of reciting, and is like some of the dreamier DS songs, dark and soothing. I only wish these songs could be longer!

Mimi Schneider - Catasterpiece

  1. just one of those things
  2. date with destiny
  3. sensitive city
  4. everybody knows your name
  5. soul kiss
  6. the thing that words can kill
  7. mister downbeat
  8. the prodigal children
  9. the history of new york
  10. moon river

Indelible Records IRE-003 1991 CD

No overdubs, recorded direct to master. John Tingle plays guitar on each track. Both he and Stephen receive special thanks. The music itself is haunting country and folk with clear, smart vocals by Mimi. To be honest, I've never been a fan of country music or female vocalists, so I'm not the best judge of this type of music. However, a lot of the music on this CD is very pretty and conjures feelings of curling up on a couch on a rainy afternoon. "Just One of Those Things" and "Mister Downbeat" are catchy and clever enough to bring me back for more listens. "The History of New York" is another nice song, reminding me of Aztec Camera. I'll write more after I've given this a few more listens. Mimi's email: mimis@gonix.com

Various Artists

Digital Sex and its members have also appears on several multi-artist compilations. Most of the information here came from the discography on a previous website.

Power in the House

  1. thoughts of you (Stephen Sheehan)
  2. garden of eels (John Tingle)

See cover scans for complete song listing.

Power in the House cover

Post Ambient Motion CD001/Cass002 1988 CD, tape

Stephen writes: "This sampler came packed inside a box with a series of silkscreen serigraphs and a small piece from the demolition of old buildings in downtown Omaha at that time. A cause we ultimately lost in terms of preventing or delaying." The CD is cool; it has a wide variety of artists and genres on it, from For Against to nightclub jazz to techno-ish new age... A nice mix!

Other compilations:

Digital Sex:

  1. Music From Dead Zone 2USA - "Astray" - Dead Man's Curve (DMC DC02) LP (U.K.)
  2. Scream - "Whisper Words" - Thirsty Ear (SCRM-5) LP w/ booklet

Stephen Sheehan:

  1. Rock 'n' Rose - "Radium Lovers" - New Rose (Rose X) 3-CD numbered edition (France)
  2. Wat Kuz - "Controversy Clears the Air" - Stamp Axe cassette (Canada)
  3. Subterranean Cafe - "Red Girl" (acoustic) - private pressing, compiled by Dave Nordin, cassette
  4. The Independent Psychedelic Trip - "Innocence at Will" - Vox Max cassette in plastic box (France)
  5. Psychomania - "Paddywhack" - Etiquette (ER009) LP (Belgium)

The World/Missionary Position (Stephen's bands)

  1. Christmas Tracks - "Carol of the Bells" - Toutensemble (101) cassette