IPECAC was a sax/piano duo back in the late 1980s. Jon Friesen and I (Travis Emmitt) recorded several albums of jazz, rock, reggae, and rap. We never performed live, since most of our music was heavily dependent upon overdubs.

This site presents the entire IPECAC catalog. Every song has its own mp3, comments, and whatever metadata I could scrounge up. It's complete overkill for a band that hasn't existed since 1990, but hey, no one listened to us back then either, so it's not like our popularity has waned or anything.

latest site updates

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latest albums


Most of the music is pretty bad. As in "pretty" I mean "horribly". Really, really, really bad.

However, there are some cool moments buried in the muck. I think the best thing we ever did was our last effort: Live at Carnegie Hall. Aside from that, well, click away until you find something cool. Enjoy what you can. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think!

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