Frontier WaveCenter (midi/spdif card)

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The WaveCenter is a PCI MIDI/SPDIF interface.

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Tripecac (Travis Emmitt)

I bought my Frontier Wavecenter on 2000-12-04, as part of a DAW (music PC).


It has two MIDI INs, two MIDI OUTs.

I connect one IN and OUT to my Triton, which acts as my main controller and sound module. Most of the time, I get pretty good MIDI sync. Sometimes it's a bit off, though. I'm not sure if this is a limitation of MIDI, the Triton, or the WaveCenter card.

I connect the other IN to my Yamaha SY55 (keyboard workstation), and the other OUT to my Pod Pro. This enables me to use foot controllers (plugged into the SY55) to control the Pod Pro. Currently I have the Yamaha FC7 volume pedal control the Pod Pro's wah-wah, and the Yamaha FC5 sustain pedal control the Pod Pro's delay on/off.


I use the SPDIF to record the Pod Pro, which has SPDIF out. Sonar lets me monitor via the Delta 44.

On my old DAW (an Athlon 1 GHz w/ 256 MB RAM), I never could get SPDIF recording smoothly. I'd always get periodic pops or crackle.

On my current DAW (2.7 GHz Intel w/ 1 GB RAM), SPDIF records fine. The only time I get pops is if I set the Pod Pro to the wrong sampling rate (e.g., 48 KHz instead of 44.1 KHz).

Tech Support

I've called Frontier's tech support many times when I have computer problems. They've always been excellent at helping me out, even if the issues have nothing to do with their card. I'm very impressed.