Current UNME Artists

Rob Staples

Graduate student at the University of Virginia
Charlottesville, Va.
No current organized musical endeavors

12 sporadic years and three cover bands worth of rock drumming experience. 8 years of self teaching on guitar, a deeper passion, but not much performance experience on guitar, or vocals, which is another aspect of performance I would like to aspire more towards. Influences are many, but mainly rock oriented. John Bonham was my original drumming inspiration, but over the years I have come to view jazz music as the likely "highest form" of the medium. The Grateful Dead remain the band closest to my heart. I find nothing comparable to Robert Hunter's lyrics and Jerry Garcia's touch and soul vocally, and particularly on guitar. My preferred performance format is loose improvisational with the emphasis on freshness and exploration rather than precision.

Spiral Theory

Industrial Punk Acid Rock Ambiance: Spiral Theory Bio

Spiral Theory was formed gradually out of some dim perspective following the breakup of its only member's (Me, Alecto Orange) former three-piece band, "Head Farm", who broke up one night due to me experiencing an unfortunate acid-freakout on stage. Head Farm never really accomplished anything other than opening up for a few pseudo-punk rock bands and appearing in a 45-second bit on the local news.. Having been at work on creating and recording solo material on a 4-track for the past year, I mainly use a Casio Chee-Zee 101 synth, acoustic and electric guitar, a Mac (SoundHack, SoundEffects), and my voice. I also occasionally break out the shortwave radio, for some interesting effects. I like to think of listening to my music as having "a thousand tiny fingers gently massaging your pineal gland." But you can think of it whatever you want- I prefer to let the music speak for itself. You can hear it RIGHT NOW (!) on the Spiral Theory homepage at: Thanks for your interest in my music!

Peace, love, and what not..

Alecto Orange



Travis Emmitt
Location: New Zealand
Instruments: keyboard, guitar, vocals

I've been writing and recording since 1980. Most of my music is an instrumental mix of jazz, reggae, and funk. I use computers and synths, and do everything myself, but strive to sound like a live band. My goal is to "record lots of music, at least some of it good". If you like my songs there's hundreds more at

When I started UNME, I was in a musical slump. I wanted to increase my and other people's motivation through mutual attention. UNME may have helped a little, but what ended up really working for me was hermiting and buying myself a modern keyboard (a Triton). Computers have made it easy to churn out several dozen songs each year. Although I don't need UNME to be productive, it'd be nice to get stylistic tips, like how to make post-punk!

Example Songs:

Title MP3 Recorded Description
Millions of Monkeys listen download 1993-05-14 Keyboard punk with vocals.
Trail Running listen download 2001-12-02 Electronic, dancy.
Config Sissy listen download 2002-10-08 Long, funky, with guitar.
Practice listen download 2003-07-12 Long, piano-based jam.