Line6 Pod Pro (amp simulator)

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The Pod is probably the most popular amp simulator. It kinda looks like a big red kidney bean. The Pod Pro is a rack version with some extra features. It was discontinued and replaced with the PodXT Pro.

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Tripecac (Travis Emmitt)

I bought my Pod Pro on 2000-09-29 for $550.

I don't remember why I bought it instead of the cheaper Pod. Maybe it's because only the Pod Pro has SPDIF?

I keep my guitar (Ibanez StageStar) eternally connected to the Pod Pro.

One of the coolest things to do with it is setup a long delay with 100% (or 99%) feedback. I can then create loops and play along with them on the fly. I also like to toggle the delay input on and off with a foot pedal. This lets me build a loop and then play along to it without adding to it.

I used MIDI OX to get my Yamaha SY55 (keyboard workstation) to act as a controller for the Pod Pro. I plugged my Yamaha FC7 foot controller and a Yamaha FC5 sustain pedal into the SY55. This lets me control the Pod Pro with my foot pedals.