Cakewalk Project 5 (software studio)

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This is Cakewalk's "software studio". It lets you do a lot of the same stuff as Sonar but seems heavily tailored to electronic, loop- and pattern-based music.

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Tripecac (Travis Emmitt)

I bought Project 5 on 2005-05-11 for $209. I was already a registered Sonar user, so I probably got a discount.

My intention was to use it with my laptop, which would be a secondary "music station". The laptap wasn't connected to my Triton or any other external sound module, so I needed to use soft synths. Although Sonar came with some simple soft synths (e.g., TTS-1), I figured that Project 5's synths would sound better because they were one of its main "selling points".

Well, so much for that idea.

When I got Project 5, I tried very hard to like it and learn it. However, I found myself getting irritated at the way its interface pushed me towards creating short loops and patterns rather than letting me perform and easily edit long jams, which is what I often did with Sonar. I also wished Project 5 could let me create more keymaps.

I found myself wishing over and over that Project 5 could be more like Sonar. So I eventually gave up and switched to using Sonar on the laptop. Bye bye, Project 5.

Maybe some day I'll try Project 5 again. I don't know. I'll update this page if I do.