So you're hooked on Springhouse and want to get your hands on some of their stuff. Here is a list of online and mail order music stores that I've searched for Springhouse merchandise. I have purchased from all of these stores, and trust them. If you know of any other sources, please tell me.

The first place you should check out is their online store at They started off selling From Now to OK but they might add more albums later. After that, try contacting Jack Rabid, who has been managing the Springhouse mail order.

Trusted Stores

Last searched: 2005-04-13

Store Title Format Price
Jack Rabid (Springhouse Mail Order) Menagerie Keeper 7" $8.00
Eskimo EP CD $10.00
Land Falls CD $17.00
Land Falls LP $20.00
Land Falls CASS $13.00
Postcards from the Arctic CD $17.00
Postcards from the Arctic CASS $13.00
T-Shirt w/ blue logo oval on white t-shirt $11.00 Eskimo CD (used)
Land Falls CD (used)
Postcards from the Arctic CD (used) Menagerie Keeper vinyl single $20.60
Eskimo CD $12.50
eyesore / again / open your eyes vinyl single $22.90
Land Falls CD $20.60 Menagerie Keeper vinyl single $3.00

You should also check out EBAY and GEMM.
There's almost always someone selling Springhouse items on them.