Note: I will say right off that all of the Springhouse releases I have are excellent! However, I figured newcomers would like some idea of how the releases relate to each other, and for that reason, I have added short, subjective descriptions release. If you would like to contribute your own comments or reviews, please contact me and I'll add them!

Menagerie Keeper (single)

  1. menagerie keeper
  2. soul astray

Singles Only 1990 7"

"Menagerie Keeper" is an utterly brilliant, diabolically infectious single, guaranteed to run around your head for years! "Soul Astray" is a tad mellower, but sticks to the brain nearly as tenaciously as the A-side. This is a stellar debut!

Eskimo (ep)

  1. eskimo (dark mix)
  2. that was before
  3. get it going
  4. angels
  5. layers
Eskimo thumbnail

Caroline CAROL1466-2 1991 vinyl,tape,CD

This CD is non-stop excellence, my favorite EP of all time. "Eskimo" is much denser than "Menagerie Keeper" but retains that sugar-pure energy - it totally kicks!!! The other songs follow the roller-coaster as it loops and twists and finally comes to a rest with the soothing sing-along "Layers".

Springhouse (ep)

  1. eyesore
  2. again
  3. open your eyes

Caroline 1991 7"

I don't have this EP, since all three songs are on Land Falls. It's a collector's item, released in the UK.

Land Falls

reviews lyrics
  1. layers
  2. for nothing
  3. eskimo
  4. alone
  5. eyesore
  6. again
  7. a-ha
  8. open your eyes
  9. landslide
  10. the sound
Land Falls thumbnail

Caroline CAROL1701-2 1991 vinyl,tape,cd

If Eskimo is a brisk winter roller-coaster ride, Land Falls is an afternoon on a dog sled! It's very exploratory, meandering through a beautiful post-punk wilderness. Sometimes the pace is exhilerating breakneck downhill ("Eskimo"), and sometimes it's a slow glide over a frozen lake with no one in sight for miles. Lovely, yet powerful. The CD is digipack (see Correspondence page).

Postcards from the Artic

reviews lyrics
  1. asphalt angels
  2. all about me
  3. enslave me
  4. ghosts
  5. alley park
  6. blue snow
  7. worthless
  8. misjudgement
  9. time to go
  10. shattering cold
  11. the light
Postcards from the Artic thumbnail

Caroline CAROL1728-2 1993 vinyl,tape,cd

Now we hop into a plane and are up in the clouds, looking down at the landscape. This is a very pretty and majestic album. If you are all into post-punk, "shoegazing," or any of that lucid-dreaming music, this album is for you! It's the star on top of the Springhouse Christmas tree.

From Now to OK

  1. passion
  2. moving van
  3. time runs out
  4. no more yesterdays
  5. grateful
  6. pomegranite tree
  7. sea and rain
  8. never impossible
  9. snapshot
  10. 10 count
  11. anew
From Now to OK thumbnail

springhousemusic.net 2008 cd,mp3

This is a dramatic return after 15 years off! The production is intimate, and the underlying music is the most adventurous and tuneful yet, making this my favorite Springhouse release! You can download it in mp3 format or buy it on (limited edition) CD.

Layers (video)

  1. layers

not commercially released January 1991 vhs?

According to Jack, "Layers" is black and white, directed by Jim McKay, Michael Stipe's partner in C00 films. The band is playing in a geodesic dome. See the Correpondence page for more info.

All About Me (video)

  1. all about me

not commercially released January 1993 vhs?

According to Jack, "All About Me" is in color, directed by Mott Hufnel. It takes place in a warehouse and subway station. See the Correpondence page for more info.

Live Releases:

I don't know of any live material. Jack says he has some tapes, and I've asked him a couple of times if he plans to assemble a "Best of Live Springhouse" compilation or two, but no word so far. Cross your fingers!