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Wordpress 2.3

Today I installed yet another version of Wordpress: 2.3. So far so good. What are the benefits of all these updates anyway?

Travart format thoughts

So my ultimate plan is to put all my songs, photos, and writing in one place.  My working title for that project is "Travart" (a palindrome, which implies self-reflection).

I've been thinking about what the format should be.  A web site?  A book?  A movie (like Ken Burns' collages)? A multimedia CD/DVD?

One way to answer that question is to ask myself: what format would I prefer if I'm viewing someone else's life work?

My answer to that is: a combination of books, cds, and dvds.  One format cannot suffice.

A website doesn't cut it.  I hate reading long pages online; I much prefer a book.  And online video (a la youtube) is too lofi and time limited to be immersive.  And mp3 sound quality sucks.

The Fall have books, cds, and dvds (plus websites for discussion, news, and commerce). There's nothing wrong with that model, from my perspective.

So my idea of putting everything in one package is probably not gonna work.  I need to think of partitioning my compilation into multiple formats: book, cd, dvd.  The website should be supplementary only.  Putting every scrap of paper, music, imagery, and video online is probably a bad idea.

I should think in terms of presenting the most interesting bits in a traditional format.

At least, those are my thoughts for today.

Wordpress 2.2.3

No update needed.