Samson Resolv 65a (powered monitors)

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These are powered monitors (studio speakers). I think the "65" means 6.5" woofer and "a" means "active" (powered).

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Tripecac (Travis Emmitt)

I bought my Resolv 65a speakers on 2005-12-15 for $250.

Up until December 2005, I had been using my stereo to monitor my music. When I moved, I found that I couldn't put my office and music studio in the same room. Since I listen to CDs during work, I needed the stereo in the office. That meant I needed a separate monitoring system for the music studio.

After a couple weeks of researching, I decided to get active monitors. I made a few bids on eBay but then got annoyed with all the waiting and uncertainly involved in auction-based buying. So I decided to order speakers from a "real" store.

Long story short, I ended up paying about twice as much as I had planned. I like the speakers, though. They are attractive and sound great. End of story. (Until something goes wrong with them).