Casio CT-310 (keyboard)

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The Casio CT-310 is 1980s-era consumer keyboard. By "consumer" I mean "cheap". No synth, sequencing, or sampling options. No MIDI. Just full-sized (non-weighted) keys and preset rhythms.

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Tripecac (Travis Emmitt)

I got my Casio CT-310 in 1986 for around $150.

This was my first keyboard. I got it in 1986 and used it until 1990. It was cheap; I think my parents bought it at a local department store.

Its keys were full-sized, and it didn't sound that bad. As a matter of fact, I've since heard it (or a similar Casio) in several popular lo-fi songs since then. It seems like decades later, the Casio sound is still semi-popular; maybe it's hip to sound cheap and retro?

On the downside, this keyboard was very limited. There were only about a dozen sounds, and you couldn't create your own rhythms; everything was preset. For performing and practice, it was fine, but for creating my own songs it became confining.