trav's exercises, experiments, and excursions


Name Performed Wrote
Travis Emmitt Casio CT-310, Yamaha PSS-470, Yamaha SY55, Korg Triton, mellophone, cornet, piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, percussion, drums, vocals, talking music, lyrics
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Trex is what I'm calling my non-Tripecac solo recordings. These consist of early songs and then later practice tapes.


My earliest recordings are from 1980. I was 7. I improvised some stuff on piano. My parents might have earlier recordings but I have yet to bug them about it.

A couple years later, I recorded myself talking and singing some song ideas. These feature my earliest known lyrics.

In 1986 I got my first keyboard (Casio CT-310), and started making "real" songs. I also helped form IPECAC in 1988 and the Anchovies in 1989. Playing in these bands gave me a lot of experience, but I still continued to record solo material.


In 1990 I got a keyboard workstation (Yamaha SY55) and a four-track, both of which I used throughout the decade. These tools let me edit my music, and I started taking my creations more seriously. I organized my tapes better and settled on the name Tripecac.

Meanwhile, I continued to record practices, usually with acoustic instruments (e.g., piano, acoustic guitar). I never bothered to edit these songs, although I did remake a few as Tripecac.


In 2001 I got a new keyboard workstation (Korg Triton), and connected it to a computer. That's the setup I use for Tripecac.

Trex is still mostly recorded "live". It consists of piano, electric gutiar, and any other instruments I happen to encounter. I usually don't bother to edit or mix the recordings, so they are very rough-sounding.

Right now, Trex is free, cathartic exercise, while Tripecac is deliberate, rule based polishing.