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  • Title: Daffy Day
  • Artist: Trex
  • Timespan: 2003
  • Theme: piano practice on Daffy's birthday
  • Length: 79:25
  • Tracks: 28
  • Lyrics: 21
  • MP3s: 28 play all locally
  • Rating: rate this album

Track List

# title lyrics time download listen started recorded rating
1 The Huntress Awakes lyrics 2:14 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
2 Tour de Yard - 9:35 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
3 Twitching Tail - 3:10 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
4 Treed - 1:40 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
5 Waiting for the Pinnacle lyrics 2:02 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
6 Little Bit at Least lyrics 0:15 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
7 Certain Baby lyrics 0:11 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
8 Storm Ducking lyrics 1:54 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
9 Introde lyrics 0:19 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
10 Ode to Daffy - 7:23 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
11 Sleepmeter lyrics 0:08 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
12 Catnap lyrics 6:54 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
13 That Was Cheesy lyrics 0:07 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
14 Rainbow Glimpse - 1:00 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
15 Pinky Intro lyrics 0:11 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
16 Pinky Jam - 0:55 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
17 Catnip lyrics 6:15 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
18 Painful Intro lyrics 0:12 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
19 Painful Numbness lyrics 11:04 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
20 Painful Analysis lyrics 8:06 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
21 Just Noodle lyrics 4:55 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
22 Vanilla Chat lyrics 0:23 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
23 All Black Keys lyrics 0:52 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
24 This Is Bad lyrics 1:26 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
25 Side Analysis lyrics 1:13 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
26 Frisky to the Max - 3:02 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
27 Not Much Brilliance lyrics 1:15 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
28 Goodbye Outside lyrics 2:44 download listen locally - 2003-01-04
Total 79:25 play all locally album rating:


I recorded these piano ditties in Bellingham on 2003-01-04, which was the birthday of Daffy, the [late] family cat.

I decided to dedicate some songs to Daffy by making a musical "story" about her. On the day I recorded this, however, I was so tired that I found it hard to focus on the music, let alone keeping it Daffy-specific. So I rambled a bit.

Musically, it's okay. There are some listenable moments, but none of the songs really stand out. The most interesting song (to me) is the final one; the a cappella tracks are the most cringe-worthly.

Oh well. Meow.


The Huntress Awakes

Picture a cat waking up from a nap, wandering outside, sniffing flowers, trotting along a railing, and then suddenly spotting movement in the grass. She instinctly stalks it... And eventually pounces, stunning her prey. She plays with it for several minutes, gnaws on it for a few minutes more, and then proudly brings back the remains to her owner, who recoils in disgust. The disgust is the "ooh" at the end of the song.

Lyrics to "The Huntress Awakes":


Tour de Yard

The cat resumes her inspection of the yard...

The music is trancy, with a slightly tribal or martial flavor, especially near the end.

Twitching Tail

This slightly "uneasy" reminds me of the twitching of a cat's tail. The bad notes near the beginning cause irritation, and the reactive playing is jerky. But then it smoothes out more. It never becomes flowing, though. Always slightly irritable.


The cat is minding her own business but then is suddenly chased up a tree by dogs. They keep barking at her ominously for a while, but then take their racket elsewhere. At the very end she jumps (or tumbles) down.

Waiting for the Pinnacle

Huh? Gentle singing, then whistling, then distorted heavy metal vocals? Huh???

I guess I was getting bored of the gentle piano. It sounds like I actually recorded this and the next two a cappella tracks over the piano jam. That's a shame, because I like the piano a lot better.

Lyrics to "Waiting for the Pinnacle":

waiting for the pinnacle
  [repeats several times]

Little Bit at Least

Another "huh?" song. What's this about pinnacles again?

Lyrics to "Little Bit at Least":

for a little bit at least i feel okay
for a little bit at least i know i can make it
for a little bit at least it feels okay
for a little bit at least i know we can make it
for a little bit at least i'm waiting for the pinnacle

Certain Baby

I guess I was having problems? What does this have to do with Daffy? Umm...

Lyrics to "Certain Baby":

feeling pretty fine
wish i had some time
with a certain baby of mine

feeling pretty good
in a so-so mood
'cause of a certain baby of mine

Storm Ducking

Clouds darken, thunder rumbles, it starts to drizzle. The cat ducks out of the rain, hiding under the porch, shivering, starting to become miserable.

The music starts okay but gets weird. At the end I mentioned something about being tired. I guess that kinda fits the cat story.

Lyrics to "Storm Ducking":

my tiredness rating is extremely extremely high


This is the spoken intro to "Ode to Daffy". Intro. Ode. Introde. Get it?

Lyrics to "Introde":

all right today is...
january 4th is the day my mom's cat was born
but the cat's dead now
so, this next one is: ode to daffy
daffy was the name of the cat
ode to daffy
so i'm gonna try to represent daffy
representing her personality
here's daffy

Ode to Daffy

This is long and sloppy but kinda heartfelt without sounding cheese. The lack of cheese is pleasant surprise, given the subject matter.

Towards the end, it gets choppy, which isn't as pretty and flowing as the early bits, but I guess that's kinda like her life. When she got older, she got chunky and stiff.


Apparently, I was pretty tired.

Lyrics to "Sleepmeter":

the sleep meter now is at very extremely
very very extremely very high


The kitty makes a dash for the house. Once inside, she finds her favorite perch and settles down for a nap. She dreams about eating and exploring, chasing and being chased.

The music is slow and mysterious. What is going on in a cat's head when she sleeps? (Or even when she's awake, for that matter?)

I can't understand most of what I was saying while I was playing. Probably something about the chords, or being tired.

Lyrics to "Catnap":

actually i think i'm only going to be able to do one side
because i'm so falling asleep

That Was Cheesy

Mumble mumble, huh? I can't understand myself...

Lyrics to "That Was Cheesy":

that was cheesy and ???
and i have one last idea
and ???

Rainbow Glimpse

The rain finally stops and the cat catches a glimpse of a rainbow.

Or at least that's what the music would sound like if it weren't so clunky.

Pinky Intro

This is the intro to "Pinky Jam". I was really tired and barrel scraping at this point.

Lyrics to "Pinky Intro":

that wasn't going anywhere
and i'm really tired
and so i'm just going to...
i know - i will play with pinkies only
this is a pinky jam
pinky fingers only

Pinky Jam

I played this with two fingers: my pinkies. This really has nothing to do with the cat story. Or good music. Oh well. At least it's short.


The cat finds some catnip and gets hyper.

This starts as a faster version of "Pinky Jam" but then turns into its own semi-frantic drone. If I was "so tired", then how did I have the energy to come up with this? Not that it's a gem or anything, but it's got pep. Faked pep perhaps? Or a second wind?

Towards the end this turns into "Numb". I don't know why. Perhaps we can pretend that Daffy had so much catnip that she's numb?

Lyrics to "Catnip":

i am so tired, i am so tired
but i am ok, i will still play

i am so tired, but i am so tired
but i will still play, i will still play

Painful Intro

I decided to tackle an old song. Good luck!

Lyrics to "Painful Intro":

that's actually from a song i wrote a long time ago in 1988
15 years ago, gee wiz
it's called: numb
i'll see if i can remember some lyrics

Painful Numbness

What a bad idea. This is the most painful version of "Numb" ever. I couldn't remember most of the lyrics. Purely awful.

It's really sad that I cannot play my own songs.

After a while, I gave up on the lyrics and jammed instrumentally. It was rushed, sloppy, and, at first, insincere, since I was frustrated. But then it turned kinda punky and almost cool. Where did all that energy come from? I thought I was supposed to be tired...

Lyrics to "Painful Numbness":

all right
this is gonna be very bad
but here we go
1 2 3 4
trying to remember the first lyrics

there was a girl
there was a girl
oh you're numb

i don't know the first lyrics
what are the first lyrics?
i don't remember the first lyrics
1 1 [scat]

there was this girl you liked so much
you tried so hard that she left you
you grew a shell about yourself
to shield you from the world and the women

you don't want to feel the world around you
you'd rather be numb than feel the pain
you don't want to take the blows you're given
you'd rather just slippin' away

your heart became broken so you froze it
immobilized your blood to numb the hurt
and now that your heart is hardened
you try to set yourself from the [jibberish]

here we go
god, that's pathetic
all right
i've gotta do it again
try, try again
1 2 3

there was this girl you liked so much
you tried so hard that she left you
another guy came to take your place
and shield you, whatever [jibberish]

your heart became broken so you froze it
immobilized your blood to numb the hurt
and now that your heart is hardened
you try to set yourself from the world

grew ???
this is a real struggle
what is the second
what is the second verse
this is really bad
well, it's been 15 years but, um
sleep deprivation
all right let me just sing the -
somewhere a pin drops
just imagine if this were a real performance on stage
i'd be like: um um
'cause in a way this is kinda a real performance
i'll get it, i'll get it
talk amongst yourselves
well, i'll just have to hum the first line
'cause i know the second one

i don't know the second line, though
what's the second line?
eek, eek, eek
entertain me, travis
entertain me, travis
entertain me, travis

you're numb
blood frozen
afraid to let your feelings show

you're numb
a turtle

this really sucks

you're numb
blood frozen
afraid to let your feelings show

you're numb
a turtle

something something


i'm just gonna


Painful Analysis

This is a chatty analysis of sloppiness, tranciness, and musical direction. I played the piano to illustrate in parts. But then I got transfixed by the piano and forgot to talk. Oh well, no big loss.

Lyrics to "Painful Analysis":

sort of train wreck
because there's no actual content
there's no very smooth soloing, soloing
it's all just kinda
cars hitting each other like:
boom boom boom boom boom boom...
there's no melody
i don't know
i think with technique over time
technique begets melodic thoughts
it also could be sleep deprivation
prevents an ability to maintain sort of a continuous stream of notes
so what you end up with are small, repetitive, just notches
it's like the ability to create a sentence is hampered
and you end up with just a bunch of sentence fragments like

that's a sentence fragment
something like this would be more melodic

that's more melodic
because it, it tells more of a story [scat]
whatever i can't sing
and this is more

it's more repetitive
it's easier to play, of course
when i'm improvising
i guess whatever's easiest to play is what comes out
so my guess is that technique and sleep
will result in an ability to communicate
and come up with more complex and long, sophisticated patterns
and also be able to repeat them
so interesting, interesting, interesting
the ability to play any sort of ability is utterly destroyed
and you end up with um kind of just textural stuff like

that's a bad example
let me try something more like this
that's more like

that's kind like of a stoner jam
except i don't know
sometimes it would be even simpler like this

i'm sorry
this is really bad
one of the piano keys is stuck
i'm gonna have to change the, the, um
change the key, ok
it'll be more like this

it actually wouldn't be like this
i'm just getting more into the mood of playing


see even now it's as --
i can't
i can't construct the melody 'cause i can't remember it
and i think it has something to do with the ???
the tiredness, the extreme tired--
i don't think i've ever in my life been this sleepy tired
i am so tired
??? keep my eyes open

all i can do is noodle
i'll just noodle

Just Noodle

So much for the music lesson. Fortunately, this piano diversion is kinda nice.

Lyrics to "Just Noodle":

so cheesy
so predictable

Vanilla Chat

More babbling.

Lyrics to "Vanilla Chat":

oh god
i'm sorry but that really sucks
it might sound pretty but it's -
that's as vanilla as you can get
that's all white keys
and that's called vanilla
vanilla, of course, is white
and these are all the white keys
??? and these the black keys
maybe i'll play all black keys
it'll sound asian
it's interesting in asia
i guess the tuning of the ancient instruments
it'll sound pretty asian
but i'll just play black keys now

All Black Keys

I wanted to demonstrate a song that's 100% black keys. I couldn't sustain it.

Lyrics to "All Black Keys":

this is bad

This Is Bad

Improv with simple, self-deprecating, self-descriptive lyrics. Sloppy, with not much going for it.

Lyrics to "This Is Bad":

this is bad
don't let anyone tell you otherwise
this is - this is bad
don't let anyone tell you otherwise

this is bad
this is pathetic

this is bad

this is bad
don't let anyone tell you otherwise
this is bad
don't let anyone tell you otherwise

this is pathetic
this is pathetic
this is called crap

this is bad

Side Analysis

More talking.

Lyrics to "Side Analysis":

so the first side actually had some good moments
the second side is poo poo
so maybe
it could just be you know
it's been a few weeks since i played the piano
there is a chance that with sleep deprevation
idea fatigue occurs sooner
although you know
the next thing i do might sound good
but it's, i can't, we'll see
i'm gonna pick a key
oh god
it's always so hard to do this
picking a key
because if i pick one i've already played today
my fingers will tend to fall into the same old ruts
but if i pick one i haven't, well
usually there's only a couple left
and those are like the hardest keys to play
but i'll try this one

i don't want to play anything that sounds slow
i don't want to play anything slow and boring

Frisky to the Max

The title is a pun on the name of the neighbord's cat (Max) and the fact that the music is very hyper ("frisky").

Not Much Brilliance

Final burst of talking and piano, plus a little singing.

Lyrics to "Not Much Brilliance":

ok that was an endurance test
??? forearms
um what else
how much time do we have left?
we've got 3 or 4 minutes left
um so uh uh

not much brilliance in my mind
not much brilliance in my mind right now
not much brilliance in my mind right now
where did it go
where did it go
not much brilliance in my mind right now, right now
not much brilliance in my mind right now

oh distortion
so this is how ???
actually i don't know ???
slightly buzzing when i hit this note
and that causes actual distortion in the piano
i don't know why but anyway

Goodbye Outside

Final song. Not too bad.

Lyrics to "Goodbye Outside":

when it's time to say goodbye
we play all of the easy notes
when it's time to say goodbye
we sometimes make mistakes
and if you never look around you
you can play it safe

when it's time to say goodbye
we go back to our roots
when it's time to say goodbye
we think of dreamy stuff

and we go outside the next time
it's still scary to us
but we gotta keep going outside
because that's how um yeah that and stuff

'cause we need that stuff
we need to go outside and look around
at the trees and the leaves and the ground
and the clouds in the sky
and then we wonder why
we don't spend more time outside
we don't spend more time outside
we need to practice our singing
and practice on our pride
we need to practice on our singing
and --